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    Intrepid 3 Day, April 15-18

    Just booked this. Looks like their first trip of the season. I fish an 8 day in July but have never gone out this early in the season. Any idea as to what we would be targeting? BFT? Yellowtail? Starting to get my gear together and not quite sure how much to bring along. Anyone else on this...
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    3 Day Local Bluefin Gear

    I'm usually on a July 8 day but had to delay this year due to the Covid effect on my business. I'm on an 8 Day in October but was able to get away for a 3 day August 4th-7th on the RP. Below is a list of gear I have and was looking for suggestions on how to rig this gear. Any insight on Flouro...
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    Excel mid October 8 day

    God willing things can get back to normal and we can all safely enjoy our sport I love so much!, I am booked on the Pelagic 8 day October 17th-25th on the Excel. I usually fish July which takes us to the rocks/ridge where we generally see a lot of variety of fish caught. Can I expect the same...
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    Excel 8 Day 7/16-7/24

    Anyone else on this trip? Will be watching reports from the Indy, Intrepid and RP who are all returning from 7 or 8 day trips on 7/13. Things seem pretty quiet for now but it's still early. Richard
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    How to Rig for Trolling

    Leaving on an 8 day in 10 days and want to bring my own trolling gear. I normally just use the boats so never really paid too much attention to line/ terminal connections. I plan on using my Mak 20. It's currently spooled with 130 lb, JB Hollow. Not sure how to rig. I have a couple of Marauders...
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    Excel July 5th, 8 Day

    Just under 30 days away so it's time to tune up the gear and restock terminal tackle. It's my 4th year back on this trip on the Big X. This year I have a buddy joining me from the east coast. Looking forward to getting back out on the water. Anyone else on this trip? Richard
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    Phenix PHD-700X4H, or UC Viper ?

    Plan on pairing with a Makaira 20 for flyline, dropperloop, and troll. Any thoughts?
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    Reel Maintenance Recommendations

    Looking to service my Makaira reels for my upcoming July 8 day. Any recommendations on where to send my gear for maintenance? I live in the Phoenix area. Thanks! Richard
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    Royal Polaris "Charkbait" 6 day 9/27-10/3

    First time on the RP! Anyone else on this trip? Richard
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    Excel 8 Day, July 8th -16th quick recap

    Hope this helps those leaving today! We came in a day early due to a passenger injury. Not a big deal as most of us were already at our limits. Some passengers were upset losing a day with no compensation. Internet was down virtually the entire trip which made the travel days seem longer...
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    Excel 8 Day, July 8th -16th

    Anyone else on this trip? It's been a long year and my trip is just under a month away so it's time to assemble and tune up my gear, and of course, add a few new pieces! My 3rd year back, and can only hope the fishing continues to be as good as the previous trips. The boat and crew are...
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    AVET LX G2 or Andros 12 SII

    I'm fishing an early July 8 day on the Excel, and an early Oct. 6 day on the RP hoping to fish Guadalupe. Was looking to add a reel for tossing hoo bombs on the 8 day and was leaning toward the Andros 12 SII. I came across the Avet LX G2 and was thinking this reel could handle tossing bombs in...
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    Team Hoo Excel July 8 Day July 9th

    Excited to be back on this trip and enjoyed fishing with everyone last year. Awesome boat and great crew! Who's back this year? Richard
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    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid w/ Mak 10 sea

    Not sure which way to go. Fishing an 8 day trip in July on the Excel. Mostly 30#-40# bait. Looking at these 2 rods to pair with my makaira 10 sea; PHD-760H 7'6" 20-60 Fast Fuji HBSG SiC Alps Centra Lock/Hypalon $429 PHD-760XH 7'6" 30-80 Fast Fuji HBSG SiC Alps Centra Lock/Hypalon...
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    Hurricane Dolores

    Geez! Weather has looked great for weeks and now Dolores could muck things up! Leaving on an 8 day Thursday morning. Any idea what impact this will have on our trip? Is it far enough off shore that affects are minimalized? Fishing Weatherman are you out there? Would love your analysis! Richard
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    Line Spoolers

    I would like to spool new topshot on my reels for an upcoming 8 day trip. Are there any inexpensive line spoolers on the market that will provide enough tension to get the job done? I have googled a bunch and most have horrible reviews. Richard
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    Best rod to pair with Makaira 16 sea?

    I have an 8 day booked on the Excel in july. I am good on 30# & 40# set ups. I also have 50# covered as well. I am looking for a rod to pair with my Mak 16 sea...
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    Excel 8 day July 16th Anyone else on this trip?

    Traveling solo from Phoenix for this trip. My longest trip prior to this was an Intrepid 5 day last August. It was then I realized after you factor in all of the travel time I wanted more time fishing. 8 days in July seemed like a good fit for my schedule and budget. I am still fairly new to...