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    Limits question

    A 1.5 day trip is one day limits. Extended 1.5 day or 1.75 day trip equels two days worth of limits (4 Bluefin Per Person). Any trip that departing at 11am or earlier can catch a limit for that day.
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    Cedros Island report

    After airport closure & COVID kept everyone away, we went on a recon trip to Cedros Island & it was a big success. We stayed with Jeff Mariani at his custom built house with Cedros Island Fishing Charters. It was a little early for the season so expectations were just to shake out the gear...
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    Pacific Queen 1.5 May or June

    Either some good bluefin tuna fishing right now. It is not wide open but the Royal Polaris had 54 Bluefin last night, Shogun had 17 Bluefin and Tomahwak had 9 Bluefin and the Supreme had 28. So i would eith month would be good and last year May and June where very good fishing for bluefin.
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    Success Sportfishing or Others?

    Success is a great boat and crew you should also check out the Outrider.
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    5 Star closed until further notice

    They are open but being winter hours leave a message and they will call you back. I picked up some fish early this week.
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    San Diego lockdown

    Fisherman's Landing will be open and boats will be running as long as there is fish to be caught. The Dolphin will be running 1/2 day trips. The Liberty will be shut down and start doing boat work. The Pacific Queen, Condor, Tomahawk and Outrider all have trips schedule this month.
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    Islander saves panga with 18 people

    The Islander crew saving 18 people who were adrift for 5 day without food or water. God bless the crew and the people they saved.
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    Mid 90s 7x and I don't care about color.
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    Seaway Boats...How many?

    Here is the list that I know of. 1 Champ is sunk in the late 2 Cortez 3 Pacifica was the Dominator 4 Relentless was the Og Shogun 5 Daiwa Pacific was the 1 Seaway sportfishing boat 6 Producer 7 Conception 8 Spitfire 9 Endeavor 10 Aztec Every good boats they like to roll and snap. there...
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    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    It is the internet and everyone is an expert. lol
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    Whats going on with Intrepid trips

    If I had to guess I bet they had a 15-day trip and they broke it up into 2 smaller trips.
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    Refund for Trips Cancelled by Operator?

    You can call the office ask them. I am sure they would be more than happy to tell you about their cancellation policy.
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    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    You do realize these guys fish every day and no one wants to catch fish more than the captain and crew. He doesn't want to drive around all day for nothing. The passengers are not happy and he makes no money. The conditions are changing every day lately and yes they are looking for new areas to...
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    Fish Processing, Night Arrivals @ Landing?

    5 Star will come down most nights. They just need to know ahead of time. They have to make sure they have enough help on hand. If you have any question call them.
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    H and M landing - Processing fee

    At Fisherman's Landing, the only time there is a 3.5% service fee is for credit card reservation. You can always pay cash with no service fee.
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    H and M landing - Processing fee

    Not at Fisherman's Landing. the 3.5% is only credit card.
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    Bluefin processing

    Call 5 Star they have a drop off bin with a lock. if you call them they will give you a code and starting July 1st they will be open at night.
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    Tern drag # are wrong.

    I would take them in before your trip so you don't have problems on the trip.
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    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    The Prowler doesn’t have AIS because the is shorter than 65 feet. That is why the Prowler is never on MT.
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    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Boats under 65 feet don’t have to have AIS.
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    Is this the norm now on San Diego 2day boats ?

    I would say most boats charge $3 for your domestic beer and $4 to $6 for your craft beer. Fish cleaning is $5 to $6 for your smaller tuna, yellowtail, and dorado on most boats. Some boats do charge more. Plus now with the new Fish and Wildlife rules, it takes a little longer and more bags. I...
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    Constitution and Legend

    Shawn will be working full time on the Searcher.
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    why penn

    Fisherman's landing has them in stock.
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    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    It is best to let the customer to handle the fish because of all the different thing people can do with fish when they get back. Now with all 3 processing company's handling the fish the last thing needed is extra people touching the fish getting miss places or lost. People complain when the...
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    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    All the boats set their own prices. That is why you see so many different prices.
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    Pacific Queen has limits of bluefin today.

    They do for sure. They are also looking for Yellowtail under paddies.
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    Pacific Queen has limits of bluefin today.

    I remember when people were stoke on catching two bluefin. Remember last year when we could catch any bluefin. There also chance to catch a few yellowtail and a chance to catch a bigger bluefin.
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    Pacific Queen has limits of bluefin today.

    Pacific Queen has LIMITS of Bluefin today. ALL 15 TO 25 pounds.
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    Malihini limits of yellowtail today.

    The Malihini had limits of yellowtail today mostly 20 plus pounds.
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    Santa Claus #2 weave

    How long did that take? That is awesome.
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    Does this party boat look too close? 8-15-2015

    private boats do it to them all the time.
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    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    Have you looked at the counts last 3 days. They have not been very good at all. Mike is a good captain.
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    What Avet reel for BIG BFT???????

    If the BFT are in Mexican water what difference does it make? Can't catch them or keep them. There is a no take of BFt in Mexican water this year.
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    sportboat name changes

    Org. Red Rooster is now the Ranger 85. The Islander is the 2nd Red Rooster. 1st Red Rooster= Ranger 85 2nd Red Rooster = Point Loma=Islander 3rd Red Rooster3
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    Original Candybar surface irons

    Tady makes Starman which is the original candybar jigs. Squidco makes a jig called CandyBar. Squidco owns the name and Tady owns the mold. Long stroy short.
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    Toro Tamer braid?

    I know it is thicker than JB and Izor and PP. I had a friend use it and did not like it. He said it he lost about 50 yards vers PP.
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    Spooling reels at FH show

    fishermans landing tackle.
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    3 Calstar 196-6' kids x-mas sticks!

    Hey Chip I am stoked that kids love the rods. I will need to get them new hats. Carl
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    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    I am on trip, cant wait.
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    Roll Call: Searcher 9 Day Nov.8 - Nov 17

    can't wait. did the trip 3 years ago and got a 212# yft. there is still 2 spot left on the trip if anyone wants to go. it is a fly home trip and airline tickets are around $225 on spirt airlines.
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    Loss of a Rice Bowl friend (George Gross)

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    Baja Fish Gear Weekend Promotion

    on new shimano trinidad a ?
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    penn 6/0

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    Carl Jimmy

    Thanks, Jim i really like the rod it turned out awesome!
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    Name your favorite tackle shop

    fishermans landing tackle fair prices people that know what they r talking about
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    Shimano v series rods

    shimano bought g loomis but keeps the 2 companys seperate. g loomis is still made in the usa in Washington.
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    luhr Jenson krocodile

    fisherman landing tackle
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    Spectra on Avet 50 EX

    almost 500 yards of 130#
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    Shimano Talica

    most of you have even seen this reels or even hold held them yet so what the hell r u guys talking about. and avet reels dont cast at all the spools are to heavy to cast a chovy
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    Best 130/135 Lb Spectra

    if you are not casting into the spectra izorline works just fine and saves you money. if you are casting into the spectra blackwater is the best i think. its a little pricey. i am also starting to like the accurate braid it casts well also.
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    What reel for throwin iron on a 90J?

    a tor20 or a tn20 or saltist 40 top 3 reels for sure.
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    Fisherman's Landing Trip Pass - $75

    Hell of a deal! Thats my Fav. place to fish. Love that Islander!
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    SMB Seabass

    OOOOHHH Yeah! Love to get me some of that! :gayfight: Nice fish also
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    5/15/09 New Seaforth 1/2 AM

    WOW, 12' stick. yo must be crazy. I would love to see that!!!:supergay:
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    My first MC

    had one they suck! couldnt cast as far with a jig or bait.
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    best tackle shopin SD area

    fishermans landing tackle
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    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    color dosent matter one bit. it is all about how the jig swims.
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    paper weight
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    Sea Adventure 80 SOLD>>>>

    still bull shit
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    Sea Adventure 80 SOLD>>>>

    i call bull shit
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    Guadalupe Island

    go on the ISLANDER and go after august
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    Owner 5X strong 5/0 treble hooks?

    i get them at fishermans landing tackle
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    I won't do that again....

    stop crying
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    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    so did u copy the gallilean wheelhouse or what? and with the pilot house big so tall and so much glass used how bad does that thing roll? nice work!!!
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    Best 2 Day Boat??

    islander for sure. great crew and it is set up for long rannge fishing.
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    Royal Polaris New Years 5-day

    it is a regular trip expect yellowtail and rockfishing
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    Ultimate Big Game Spinning Reel?

    there all gay
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    More on "Code Groups", direct from Tim Ekstrom

    who care going fishing they all catch fish enough said
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    NEW! AVET MC Cast Conversion Kits

    they suck the reason u cant backlash is becuase the reel dosent freespool
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    Upgrading penn 500

    buy a new reel
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    Depoe Bay Tuna (Pictures)

    how many guys
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    i will fight
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    i want to see old ten days when we were catching wahoo, yellowtail, grouper and 100 to 150 pound yft and some dodos
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    28,29,30 August

    Carl Likes
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    Great Whites in Southern California

    if there are white sharks in del mar ask the guy that was attacked this year he will tell u there are white sharks in la jolla. i know know the guy didnt surive the attack.
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    fishing guadalupe island.....

    u do need a permit and u have to let mexico know when u are going to be there and leave.
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    Islander 2-day Open August 10-12

    i have fished the islander many times and have done well. all the capts know what they are doing. sometimes the fish just dont bite and the capt on any boat know the fish are not there with the up and down meter or sonar. or can tell the fish are not going to bite.
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    Where to buy Trinidad 16 reel clamp??????

    fishermans landing tackle
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    Offshore Great day!!

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    Offshore 07/27/08 Islander

    I'm on Shark Week!
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    When the wife wont listen...

    that was to funny
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    Tackle shops in SD that are worth it?

    fishermans landing tackle
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    Newb Question: License for Mexican waters?

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    Offshore sherrita

    steve sharp as a bowling ball like all ways
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    No more dead bait (bait watch system)

    I find that mouth to mouth works great:gay:
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    Offshore The Seiners are here!

    I hope they don't wrap up all the albies
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    Offshore Albie video

    Killer Vid! I loved the clicker on the reel (gets me fiered up), aluminum butt rod (way to keep in old school), Love the "booya" (thats what we say also), and also the pink rod w/ HX. It's all good, I hope to get in on this Albi bite before the damn seiners wrap it all up! :urno1:
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    6/27 Where You Weren't

    didn't anyone tell you the albacore were on the chew? looks like you blew it! :smoking33:
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    Offshore Albies on the Parker 6/26 302

    I heard "the boys" caught more fish than you did??? :gayfight:
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    Offshore The Seiners are here!

    I still hate those bastards!!!:fighting0061:
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    You can't catch anything from your driveway.
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    Offshore No Yellows but Marlin will do...

    Don't be jelous :Kick_emoticon:
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    I need a bigger boat

    baby killer ;) nice pescado!!! I wanna get me a piece of that!
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    CATALINA 5-31-08

    welcome to the board draggin bait. Baby killer
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    long beach

    :indabutt:Nice Lingabut
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    More SD Bay action: Bookend Sandies

    Nice Turd Rollers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:gaygroup:
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    SD Bay opens up 5/3 w/pix

    yuk taste like :_diarrhea_:
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    Salmon Shark?

    they are related to the white shark not a mako or a thresher
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    Hey Fishnfool or any other shop owner

    fishermans landing and the fred hall showat least 8
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    Jimmy Kimmel is Fucking Ben Affleck....

    that is some funny shit
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    mother trip

    islander and todos cant beat it
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    5 day trip

    try the islander . rice bowl trips tons of give aways. and great crew
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    Rod for Avet HX??

    6470h for 50#
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    Old "Mystery reel"

    i would say a ocean city 112
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    Accurate B-665NN versus Avet HXJ?

    go with the avet. avet is way more relaiable. accurate has problem with there bearings