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    Like new. $300
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    G-Loomis Swr108-30c or similar.

    How much are you willing to pay for one in mint condition
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    Pro flow bait tank

    Model pf-22. Includes cover, 700 gph pump, light and mounting hardware. Never been used. $300
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    1987 18’ hydra sport updated

    Not exactly sure how many hours it has because i bought it used a few years ago. I probably put on less than 100 hours and only used it in freshwater. Dick Sherrer marine checked the compression last month and it was 120 at all three cylinders. It runs strong.
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    1987 18’ hydra sport updated

    Hull is in good condition. 1999 90 hp mercury 2 stroke. Runs great. Recently tuned. See pics. Aluminum trailer Perko switch, hummingbird ff, Bimini top and boat cover. $7000 obo. Pm for questions. Thanks for looking
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    Gone 5.6.20

    The line ratings on the phenix rods is for braided line. I use these rods with a Shimano curado 200 and Lexa 300 30-40 lb braid with 15-25 lb leaders. Good luck. Thanks
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    Gone 5.6.20

    I have a couple of phenix bass rods. One is a m1 7’5 xh rated 17-40 the other is a recon elite 8’ heavy rated 17-30. Lmk thanks
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    1987 18ft hydra sport

    Oldie but goodie. Good condition . 1999 90 hp mercury 2 stroke. Looks great runs great. Recently serviced (major tune up) and dyno tunned by Dick Sherrer marine. $7000 Pm me for questions or offers. Thanks
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    Outboard Props for sale

    Remove the prop and inspect the rubber hub. It might be damaged and is slipping
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    Outboard Props for sale

    Is this a new problem or a problem that you always had? If you always had it, it’s possible that the motor is mounted too high.
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    Outboard Props for sale

    I can’t. Unfortunately it’s a trial and error thing and that’s why I ended up with these props
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    XD50 Evinrude 2 Stroke oil

    Still for sale? If so, location please
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    Outboard Props for sale

    I have the following props for sale. $50-400 or best offer. Possible trades. Props have less than 1 hour on them. Interchangeable hubs.
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    The ferrule is at the handle. So they are 2 piece connection is at the handle.
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    Hi. Can anyone tell me if these have any value. It seems like rods that have wood handles aren’t very desirable and aren’t worth much. One rod is 10’ 5 the other is 7’ Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Old school jig slinger

    Thanks for the interest guys. Set up is SOLD pending pickup and funds.
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    Old school jig slinger

    Seeker 530 and penn jigmaster newelled out. $150
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    Wtb merc prop

    1986 18’ hydrasport. I was told the unmarked prop that’s on now is a 19p and it’s too small. If you would be willing to let me try it I might be interested. Does it require a hub or is it pressed in? How much do you want for the prop. Lmk thanks
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    Wtb merc prop

    Looking for prop for a 1999 90 hp Mercury outboard. 21p 13-14in. Diameter 4.25 housing.
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    14.25” 17 pitch Rapture prop

    Does this prop fit 4.25 or 4.75 lower unit housing?
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    M1 inshore 8.2” okuma scti 8.6 Calstar 270H

    Phenix is in good condition and the kencor is an oldie but goodie. Action is very similar to a 270h but isn’t as heavy. $250 for both.
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    Mercury props

    Detail are in pics. Both in good condition. $75 for black aluminum prop $175 for stainless prop Pm for questions. Thanks
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    Last of the slow jigs

    Might be interested in the 20 colt sniper style jigs if the price and location is right. How much and where are you located.
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    Anyone have old glass rods/blanks and want to trade it for a brand new Phenix of your choice?

    Fenwick 1399 is a 11.5 ft 1 piece convention rod with varmac reel seat. Harnell is 8.5 ft. Was gonna add a 2-3 ft aluminum butt to make a 10-11 jig stick but never did. I’m told the 7 ft blank is a Conolon. LMK if you’re interested. I will be in Sd on Monday
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    Rods for Sale!!!!!!!

    Can you post pics of reel seats or grips
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    Diawa Customer Service.

    Good to hear their customer service is finally catching up to shimanos
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    cheap found

    I have a reddinton rs4 9' 4wt rod and an okuma sierra 4 wt reel with 4 wt scientific anglers line. All in good cond $125. Lmk if interested
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    Vintage jigs?

    found some jigs in my late father in laws tackle box. Should I fish em or are they too valuable. Thanks in advance
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    lucky craft flash minnow 110

    Looking for a couple new or used. Lmk. Thanks
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    2010 skeeter bay boat 2250

    How wide is the boat or trailer at its widest point?
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    Daiwa SL30SH gears?

    Call daiwa. They're in cypress
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    Crowley....update report

    Hey. Great post and pics. Nice talking to you out there. Dude in the hydra sport with all the kids in the background
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    Let's Post More Fly Fishing Reports
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    Being on the Road

    Awesome! Living the dream...
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    Offshore toronado 8/6-8/7 skunked again

    Thanks for the report. Pokemon freaks! Lol. Saw them last week.
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    Saltist 30TH TLD-II 50 LRS

    You can buy the 4.9 gears from Daiwa for about $30
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    Offshore 7/30 181/182

    Good lookin out
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    Monster 242-pound bluefin off Oceanside on a PENN Fathom FTH30LD2

    Does anyone have first hand experience filling a 25nld2 with either 50 or 65lb braid? If so how much did it hold and what brand did you use. I recently purchased one and have heard different things on how much it holds. Thx
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    1/32oz jig fished with 2lb test. Use a rod that will maximize your casting distance.
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    WTB Calcutta 400B

    Pics as described
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    WTB Calcutta 400B

    I have one that's practically brand new. It's only been used a few times and looks flawless. I might have the box if needed. $150 firm. Lmk
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    130lb braid reccomendation

    Looking at jerry brown, seaguar thread lock, power pro hollow, cortland hollow but open to others. Thanks in advance.
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    saltist gears

    Got mine from Daiwa in Cypress. I think they were about $30 for the set.
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    Saltist 30t clamp , (4.9-1 ratio)

    Good to know.. Thanks for the info
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    Want to buy a fly fishing set up

    I have a couple 9 ft 5wts available.
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    I have a 300ej nib. $200
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    WTB shimano curado 300E or 300EJ

    I have a brand new in the box 300 ej. No line. Not looking to trade. $200
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    Og p220 and p332 both in immaculate condition and hardly used. $150 for the p220 and $175 for...

    Og p220 and p332 both in immaculate condition and hardly used. $150 for the p220 and $175 for the p332. $300 for both. Prices are firm. The only thing I might be interested in is a talica 12 or 16 2 speed and I will add cash depending on the condition.
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    WTB Newell 220 & 229

    I have an original p-series 220 that's in pristine condition. No box. $175.
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    What are the dimensions of the two identical pieces in the first pic top right corner. Thanks

    What are the dimensions of the two identical pieces in the first pic top right corner. Thanks
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    1990-93 4runner hitch

    Anyone need a trailer hitch for a 1990-93 Toyota 4 runner? Also have wiring harness. (4way flat) LMK
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    Irvine lake Fishing

    Good lookin out knotsea
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    WTB Curado 300 EJ

    Have one brand new in the box never used. Will take $200 and willing to meet in BP.
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    WTB Kencor Rod/blank

    Kencor 870 8ft. Cork tape handle used but not abused. Rated 15-40lb. $100obo
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    Wtb sabre 540

    I have an all original sabre classic sc530 stroker. Has the original black and red wraps cork tape handle. Used but not abused condition. Lmk if youre interested. Thanks
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    Cheap fishfinder

    humminbird 570, new in box, $150 obo.
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    saltist v.s. torium why?

    For comfort and for fishing 15-20lb the Torium might get my vote. (it's lighter) However, for fishing heavier (25-65lb) the Saltist T (4.9:1) smokes the Torium.
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    Obtaining a Styrofoam Box

    pharmacy or meat dept at a grocery store.
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    No more on the Toronado

    What day did you fish and did they try to make bait at Catalina? We made bait at Cat. on Sun. night in 15 min. We filled the tanks and a trash can. If they didnt even attempt to make bait I would be pissed too... just sayin
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    want to buy old school fenglass 8 foot or longer rods

    Jackpot, I have a Fenwick su 1399. I dont know much about it but it looks like an old school 11'6" jig stick. Cork handle, varmac reel seat, red and beige wraps and steel guides. lmk
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    why learn to fly fish???

    TWR aka Jason Fritz: Thanks for all of the Mammoth Lakes reports and tips.
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    G Loomis

    Take it or send it to Shimano/Loomis and they'll probably fix it free of charge.
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    Fishing HH From Shore?

    the sherrifs and harbor patrol in HH have always been aholes.
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    Outcast float tubes

    Still available? Where you located?
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    Crowley to Bridgeport Fishing

    Crowley bait fishing ends on Sat. July 31. After that it's artificials and barbless with a limit of two fish 18 inch minimum. Good Luck
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    Offshore i fished the liberty on friday for a day half

    Waiting for a reply from Seaskunk. I'm sure it will be good. Just out of curiosity, what is your connection to the Liberty? Crew member, deadhead, or pinhead?