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    Marking spectra

    Marked mine similar to others with sharpie. One mark for 100’, two marks for 200’ up to 500’. I got a buddy to hold a rod n reel with no line on it. Had him stand 100’ away and reeled up the line 100’ feet at a time. Then had him free spool the reel with some added thumb tension so I could get...
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    Marking spectra

    Jigs and sinker rigs only
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    Pacific Queen...what's the skinny?

    Just got off a 3 day trip this morning. One of the hottest jigs was the Mustad Katie perry with glow strip 300 gram
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    Penn Fathom 40NLD - drags stuttering issue?

    Hmmm...Maybe there’s a twisted up paper staple inside of your reel. That’s what the tackle shop discovered in my brand new out of the box Penn Fathom 15nld2 after I brought it to him complaining about the drag being sticky.
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    Fathom freespool - beating a dead horse :)

    Hmmm...Maybe there’s a twisted up paper staple inside of your reel. That’s what the tackle shop discovered in my brand new out of the box Penn Fathom 15nld2 after I brought it to him complaining about the drag being sticky.
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    Offshore What worked BFT Searcher 3Day...........

    Awesome catch! Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for taking the time to write up a report. What weight are those jigs? Did you fish different weighted lures daytime from nighttime?
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    Stolen gear

    Sorry for your loss. Fishing gear is sentimental. I probably spend more time in n my garage reminiscing looking at my gear than actually fishing it. Makes me sick to think of my gear getting ripped off.
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/30

    What an amazing time to be a fisherman. The fishing we’ve had for the past handful of years are going down in the record books.
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    Islands 5/28 Amigo SCI

    LA/OC overnight reports had been slow for a week or so. The weather forecast for Friday was looking better than the previous week so I figured this time of year with good weather the fishing had a good chance of improving. Boarded the Amigo Thursday night. Boat’s open party load is 18...
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    From the stomach of a tuna…

    That would have been so cool to catch one on a recycled sunfish. Last year I cleaned a 15lb dodo with a 15” baby dodo in it’s belly. Guy I was fishing with said “they don’t get big by playing nice”
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    Rock fishing rod. What do you guys recommend?

    I love rockfishing. I bring 2 rods. A UC wahoo 900 with a tranx 500. I use this for small jigs and swim baits for depths to 300’. Tranx is such a badass reel for rockfishing! Second outfit is a calstar 875xh paired with a Baja special.I use the second outfit for heavier jigs and big baits for...
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    Islands Fishing SD 5/23

    I’d say neither had enough balls. Rod didn’t have the backbone and the reel didn’t have the torque but it did cast those baits great. Next time I’m bringing a taller reel with a higher IPT and a sturdier rod meant for 30lb.
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    Islands Fishing SD 5/23

    First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone that post their fishing reports. There are some guys on here that do an exceptional job and I really appreciate all the information. My writing skills suck but I’ll try my best to return the favor from all the helpful members. Boarded the SD 5/23...
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    Super Seeker 6490 for jig stick?

    I’ve got both rods,ulua is 10’3”. Tady 45 is my standard jig and the ulua wins the casting contest but when it comes to fighting the fish 6490 takes the W. I bring the 6490 with me more often than the ulua
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    How to build a rod/grip for a wide frame reel

    Hi, I’m curious on if y’all build your grips/handles or reel seats differently to accommodate wider frames reels? I’ve got a fathom 30ld that just doesn’t feel balanced on my rods. Post pics if you got them please! Thanks, Mike
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    Things got bad QUICK: Report

    Florida looks so rad!
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    Taking ideas

    I feel like any all one color will give it that classic jigstick look
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    Inshore Almost...

    Awesome day! Sounds like so much fun!
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    Surface Iron - all spectra

    I guess I’m old school because I really don’t like fishing braid to short leaders unless for rockfish. Casting braid isn’t an issue for me and didn’t take much time to get used to but when fighting fish I lose far too many fish due to pulled hooks. I prefer a cast and a half length of mono when...
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    Islands 3/22. The San Diego

    Great report. Thanks
  21. J

    Anyone been fishing yellows on the SD this year?

    Looking forward to my trip on the San Diego next week. Has anyone been out fishing with them this year? I’m just looking for some tips or reports of what’s going on down there. Any specific yo yo jigs working better than others? Any tips on fishing spring time yellows at the Coronado’s would be...
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    My Newest Reel

    Bitchin setup!
  23. J

    Built new rod, not sure its use?

    It’d probably be good rod to throw those XL Salas surface iron, think they’re called Super 7X. I’ve killed some large YT with those things. A stout rod is a must for such a large jig.
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    “Luxury” 3 day 6-pack options

    Invader with Capt Sam Patella. He’s a former owner and operator of the American Angler.
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    Feeder Popper availability

    So where did you find them?
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    Calstar GFGR 875xh - 50# or 60#

    I fish my 875xh with a fathom 40 with 50lb and the 875h with a fathom 25 or 30 with 40lb
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    Tranx 500HG - now what?!?!?

    Got mine on a wahoo 9’
  28. J

    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    Is that a juvenile Black Sea bass?
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    March 1.5 day trips

    You’re an awesome dad!
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    Best 9 Foot Bait Stick for a Trinidad 20a

    I’ve seen some damage done with a 6490 and 35lb blackwater floro
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    Use for Tranx 500PG

    Tranx PG is a badass rockfish reel.
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    Daiwa SK jig Zebra glow 250g x 7 !!!!!!!!!!

    If you let me borrow a couple of them jigs for my 3 day trip tomorrow I’ll be glad to return them with new leaders and a few BFT steaks.
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    life jacket rig

    Are y’all using the same rigging as being used for the kite/flyer technique?
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    Surfing News

    I can only dream of a day where everyone is ripping in the clean, warm, sharkless and perfect wave pools while the local line-ups are empty.
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    Grundens Bibs water issje

    Curious as to what model of grundens bibs you have? I had a pair of Neptune bibs and would always get wet wearing them, couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from.
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    Sold gone .

    Oh that butt pic!!!!
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    They bit @ the Tanner

    Awesome report! Thanks
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    Seeker SSR 7660 VS UC RU80 Terminator

    That 7660 is a solid 50/60lb rod. I use mine with a penn 40nld2. IMHO way to much rod for 40lb. I’m not too familiar with the UC line up of rods but I do have predator that is a great 40lb fly line bait rod. Hope this helps
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    Tranx 500 on Calstar GG90JMag

    Damn $600 for a badass setup. Great deal. Wish I needed this, good thing I’m outta town for the next month because I’d be really tempted to pick this one up. GLWS
  40. J

    BOLA with Captain Juan Cook 10/4-10/5

    Sounds like a great time fishing with family. Glad y’all had a successful trip.
  41. J

    Stick baits and poppers

    I’ve got no experience with the stickbaits yet, but for poppers I’ve seen guys killing yft on feed poppers in the clear 150 size.
  42. J

    Tackle house clear feed poppers

    Sorry can’t post pics,I’m outta town for the next month or so. I googled how to buff out plastic and they had a plethora of ideas. I went with the toothpaste and scotch brite pad idea as that’s what I had on hand.
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    Panga Fishing Los Cabos - Cow Tuna

    Thanks for the report. That’s a great fish story. Congratulations on the cow. Captain Jaime sounds like a die hard fisherman, so cool!
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    Tackle house clear feed poppers

    Got a great tip from BD member to use acetone and a scotch brite pad to remove paint from painted feed poppers. I then used toothpaste to buff them out. They came out bitchin. I saw another member on here selling new feed poppers on sale for $6. I believe his website was strikertackle. Hope this...
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    New Captain on the Tomahawk

    Jeff Walker was captain on the Tomahawk a couple weeks ago.
  46. J

    Popper suggestion

    Just did this. Great advice. Thanks
  47. J

    Eureka Albacore Sunday 9/13/20

    Cool pics. Thanks for the report.
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    What stickbaits are y’all using?

    Is anyone using the Daiwa SP Minnows? Also what size stickbaits are y’all using? Difference between floating, sinking and fast sinking? When do you decide to use them?
  49. J

    What stickbaits are y’all using?

    Thanks, this is what I was looking for.
  50. J

    What stickbaits are y’all using?

    Curious on what stickbaits y’all are using. Are you changing the hooks? What species are you targeting? What rods and reels are you using for the stickbaits?
  51. J

    WSB on Sand Crab?

    Whoa! Super cool surprise!!!!
  52. J

    Threshers galore!

    Probably the same day I went for a stroll out there. One of them shark tards told me there was 14 threshers caught.
  53. J

    You are invited to the next fish fry on 9-12-20

    Very cool. Too bad I’m in OC
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    Hard baits

    What hard baits are y’all using and species targeted? Brand, size, floating or sinking, colors, stock or replacement hooks? Also if you want to add the rod, reel and line used I’d love to hear all about it! Thanks, Mike
  55. J

    Offshore Truline Tanner Bank 8-23-2020

    thanks for the report. Very nice of you to do some hook and handing.
  56. J

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 Day 8/21/2020

    Thanks for the report. Glad you had a great birthday!
  57. J

    Yellowtail Fishing. Mono-flouro or Braid-Flouro?

    I should’ve added that the long mono top shots are what I use offshore and when I’m not fishing near kelp beds.I typically use 50-100 yards of mono. Like HighWildFree mentioned there will be a need for setups with different line configurations. Good on ya for doing your research. Part of the fun...
  58. J

    Yellowtail Fishing. Mono-flouro or Braid-Flouro?

    I prefer long mono top shots to fluorocarbon leaders and I usually catch more than my fair share of game fish when on “cattle boats”. I think the advantage over braid to fluorocarbon starts when casting your bait, mono seems to come off the reel better allowing a longer cast. With that ease of...
  59. J

    WTB 60lb rod for my Talica 16

    I just had a Calstar 775H built for my 60lb outfit
  60. J

    Tranx 300 uses?

    Hey all, I’m just wondering what y’all use your tranx 300 for? What rod do you have it paired up to and what size line you’re running? Thanks, Mike
  61. J

    Another Guadalupe Question - YFT on lures?

    Curious to what gear you’re using to throw the iron with at Guadalupe?
  62. J

    Creating new thread once I get organized

    Lining up for the ulua and CJBF 100. I’ll text you later today
  63. J

    Tranx 500pg WTS or Trade

    Sorry I don’t know how to upload pics. The reel doesn’t have a scratch on it, the knob on the handle is a little dirty from my grimy hands. I’ve got the box too. I’ve got a last minute change of plans and will be out of town for the next 10 days. I will offer the reel to the persons who PM’d me...
  64. J

    Tranx 500pg WTS or Trade

    Will post pics tomorrow
  65. J

    Tranx 500pg WTS or Trade

    Hi, I’ve got a tranx 500pg loaded to the brim with 80lb maxquatro. It’s in great condition. I’ve only used it once. Willing to trade for a small Talica 2 speed. Price is $350. Pick up only in either Huntington Beach or Long Beach. Thanks Mike
  66. J

    Shimano Tranx 500 on sale.

    Just ordered one, thanks for the tip
  67. J

    So, I’m going fishing

    Looking forward to the reports as I’m on that 3rd 8 day on the Angler.
  68. J

    Cousins 95j mag Jigstick

    Thanks, I’ll give them a call. I’d prefer to get a used one to replace the beater I broke. Would like to hear what y’all got.
  69. J

    Cousins 95j mag Jigstick

    I broke a buddy’s cousins 95j mag. I would like to replace it for him. If you have one to sell please let me know. Thanks Mike
  70. J

    Cinco de Mayo Yellows

    Way better than my Sunday. Great work!
  71. J

    Custom 16’ CC

    Super cool! Who built this boat?
  72. J

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    I was up there last Sunday fishing on the charter boat Checkmate. I said to the deckhand “it sure looks fishy, if we were 300 miles south there’d be BFT around for sure”. He then told me of four reported yellowtail caught the day before. Sounds like the BFT found those good conditions up...
  73. J

    9’ Bait Stick Suggestions

    Thanks for all the replies. My current 40lb bait stick is a 875h. It’s a fish whooper. I was thinking about the 6490h but have concerns that the tip will not be whippy enough to cast small baits. I’m going to make some tackle shop rounds today to feel a few out.
  74. J

    9’ Bait Stick Suggestions

    *Edited for line size* *This captain was fishing with his buddies who were also SD sportboat captains. He outfished them by 2x. One of his buddies had 5 the other had 3. I had 3 myself.
  75. J

    9’ Bait Stick Suggestions

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone uses a 9’ bait stick for 40lb to get a little extra distance on their cast for these picky BFT bites? If so what rods do you use? I’m aware that fighting fish with longer rods isn’t the easiest task but sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to get a bite. Last...
  76. J

    Crystaliner 21’ $7000

    What year is she?
  77. J

    the 113hn baja special

    Wish mine free spooled that well!
  78. J

    Local YT

  79. J

    tranx500HG for 500PG

    I’ve got one to trade. I’ll send you a PM
  80. J

    22 foot Panga Ymaaha 500 hrs

    Below deck fuel tank?
  81. J

    8’ jigstick wanted

    Great deal on this rod. I just don’t make it out to your area often. By any chance will you be headed to the coast anytime soon?
  82. J

    8’ jigstick wanted

    What blank do you have? Also what kind of handle? If it’s deckhand style I could cut it down to fit.
  83. J

    8’ jigstick wanted

    I’m looking for a beater panga jigstick. Something like a 6480h or just a solid 40-50lb rod. It just can’t be much longer than 8’ so it’ll fit in my rod tube. Thanks Mike
  84. J

    85 crystaliner $2000 or trade

    So much potential! Someone please buy this and post their rebuild story here on BD
  85. J

    Coronado Islands 8/28

    Awesome day and that maritime patriot 23 is such a bitchin boat.
  86. J

    Calstar 6490

    Looks good. It won’t be hard to find that rod in the rack with those colors
  87. J

    The story of the ghost

    Nice fish and good on ya for wearing the PFD
  88. J

    Staterooms on Shogun

    April 2017
  89. J

    Staterooms on Shogun

    The boat is super quiet. You can have a normal conversation on the back deck while underway and hear everything without shouting. Great crew, awesome food and a nice heavy boat for a comfortable ride. But it’s almost too quiet. I was in a stateroom by the engine room and heard a tic tac tic tac...
  90. J

    21 Parker cc

    No affiliation. Wanted to pass it on PARKER, 21' DEEP VEE, CENTER CONSOLE
  91. J

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    WD40, then scrub it with soapy water
  92. J

    Modified 1995 Montauk 17

    Sounds like a good problem to have. Sweet rig. Go get ‘em
  93. J

    UC CE 1000 DEL MAR

    I’ll give you $1 for it
  94. J

    Maritime Defiant

    Check the forum on
  95. J

    Tn20a TRX500 SOLD

    Sent you a PM
  96. J

    PQ (BFT) 1.5 day 11/24

    Sent you a PM
  97. J

    calico bass set up

    Cal star 690j with a Newell 338 40lb string and a tady c
  98. J

    3 day Shogun and Vagabond trips

    Could you imagine being on a 3 day aboard the vagabond these past three days?
  99. J

    Great Barrier Reef Savagery!!

    Was that big grouper caught on a surface lure?
  100. J

    Solo Swordfish

    You’re a badass mofo
  101. J

    San Diego 3/4 reports?

    Has anyone been fishing the 3/4 day trips out of San Diego recently? Any tackle tips? Size of fish being caught? Thanks for any help.
  102. J

    Collapsible iron rod for air travel?

    I saw a 2 piece cal star in charkbait, not sure if it was a 540 or 100
  103. J

    HX or HXW for flat fall on these BFT

    I have the hxw raptor and feel it's too wide. The reel doesn't feel balanced and seems wobbly while winding fast. Wish I had bought the standard HX.
  104. J

    Casting Lures for Dorado...

    I got one on a 7x yesterday
  105. J


    I second the crinkle cut. Del taco
  106. J

    Looking for a Perch spot near Huntington

    There's a good hole in front of tower 4 HB state park. Some sand crabs to be made in the area too. Hope you and the boy get 'em!
  107. J

    Mako 20 with Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    Price reduced to $11,000
  108. J

    Garmin 492 gps plotter

    Where are you located?
  109. J

    WTB center console 21-25 ft

    Check out my mako listed here on BD. The outboard is in excellent shape. It'll get you out to the fish and back worry free tomorrow
  110. J

    Mako 20 with Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    Bump for a turnkey boat.
  111. J

    WTB: 16'+ CC

    Check out my mako 20 listed on here
  112. J

    Mako 20 with Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    Sorry forgot to put that in there, 2004
  113. J

    Mako 20 with Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    She's a 1979 mako 20 powered by a 2004 Yamaha 150 four stroke. The engine has very little use with only about 225 hours. With a 44 gallon fuel tank her range is comfortably over 120 miles, more than enough to fish tuna in the past few years. It's equipped with a furuno Fathometer, 2 vhf radios...
  114. J

    Inexpensive boat stoarge wanted... anywhere in so cal

    Sorry the truck is not for sale
  115. J

    Inexpensive boat stoarge wanted... anywhere in so cal

    Gene, I sent you a PM
  116. J

    Inexpensive boat stoarge wanted... anywhere in so cal

    Less than the $200 a month I'm currently paying
  117. J

    Inexpensive boat stoarge wanted... anywhere in so cal

    As the title says I'm looking for cheap but secure storage. I'll be out of the country for the next 6 months+ so I'd like to move the boat and possibly a pickup truck out of the high rent district here in Huntington Beach. The overall length of the trailer to the prop is roughly 25'. The pickup...
  118. J

    First legal Halibut for this year. 03/01/2017

    Bonehead from the beach! Awesome
  119. J

    Fish ID please

  120. J

    WTB - Avet LX 6/3 or Raptor R/H

    I got a silver lx raptor just about loaded with 80lb braid. Good condition. PM me if you're interested
  121. J

    Grundens Bibs?

    Petrus are slimmer than the herkules model.
  122. J

    Stringari/ Blackman compilation?

    Were you going for a row that day?
  123. J

    WTB skiff or Panga

    I've seen an 18' seaway on CL. It's located in Newport beach
  124. J

    23' Blackman..not mine... but a way good start to a project!

    I wish I had the time, space and skills to buy and fix this boat. So much potential. I still see it on CL for sale. Somebody on here should buy this and post their rebuild. Would love to see what you guys would do with it.
  125. J

    JX Raptor Rod Matchup

    Got my LX raptor on a SHS70xh
  126. J

    Captains License

    There's no need to take a course. There's many study guides available from books, CDs and online instruction. This way you can study whenever is practical for you and thoroughly understand the material instead of taking a "cram course on how to pass the test". Good luck. PM me for any help
  127. J

    Dumb Question of the Day!

    I was wondering the same last weekend while cleaning the garage. Threw them all out
  128. J

    Offshore Ella Mae gets her BFT @ the 43

    Way to go! I'm sonjealous
  129. J

    Offshore Slob yellowtail 7/2/16

    Beautiful yellowtail!
  130. J

    Offshore Got them to bite

    Fished out of Oceanside on Friday. Got a scoop of mackerel and sardine mix (mackerel killed most of the sardines) from the receiver. My plans were to head towards to 289. Got to 33*00/118*00 area. Stopped to fish a paddy. Plenty of boats in the area. There was lots of life around, birds and...
  131. J

    LX Raptor Noisy Bearings after only 3 months

    I mailed my jx in last Monday had it back an repaired Thursday. I couldn't believe it.
  132. J

    Fish dope subscription

    Damn it I just signed up
  133. J

    Weather Sites

    Pick your region
  134. J

    Kill Bag for sale

    Sent you a pm
  135. J

    Kill Bag for sale

    Will you mail it?
  136. J

    Offshore BFT Tuesday 6/15

    Awesome. You guys deserved it. Way to put in the time and effort.
  137. J

    Offshore Couldn't get them to bite

    I'm the new owner of a 20' mako purchased from a fellow BD'er. I couldn't have asked for a better guy to buy a boat from. Thank you so much Mike. The boat ran great both days I fished. So now on to the report... We fished the BFT grounds Thursday and Friday. We saw plenty of fish but couldn't...
  138. J

    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    Just consider it well bleed. Tail section sucks anyways. Way to go on getting one to bight.
  139. J

    What's up with Toronado at Pierpoint?

    I saw it hauled out at gambol a few weeks ago. Must've had a long maintenance list this year. I can't wait to go fishing on the toro
  140. J

    Huntington Beach boat storage

    I'm hoping the sea trial will go well this weekend and I'll be a boat owner. I don't have room for a boat at my house, so does anyone have suggestions on boat storage in my area? Haven't measured the total length yet but would assume close to 25'. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  141. J

    White tiger 7x and Torium 20hg

    Can't find the line ratings for this rod. What's it rated for?
  142. J

    wtb 17-18 cc

    Yellowfin I sent you a PM
  143. J

    WTB 20ft-23ft CC, WA or DC

    Bump for OP and for myself as I'm looking for similar
  144. J

    Rogue Waves

    They exist... Read about the recent loss of the El Faro. Instant communication lost in moderate sea conditions during their last transmissions. With all their redundant communication system and distress signals and no survivors, it can only point to one thing.
  145. J

    1990 calibogie skiff Price reduction 4800 SOLD

    What's the length of the whole rig? From the tip of the trailer tongue to the prop. I'd like to know if it'll fit in my garage.
  146. J

    what reel for a 6480 jig stick?

    Baja special
  147. J

    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    Hmm...Isn't this why you're required to have distress signals on board?
  148. J

    Coronado Island Report (4/16) on the San Diego

    Thanks for the great report. What size line was working best with the flylined deens'?
  149. J

    fishing poppers on conventional reels?

    I love fishing the poppers. Always have fished them on conventional gear. The only problem I've had is when retrieving it is there is not consistent pressure on your line while winding up the slack after chugging the popper through the water. You've got to be careful casting after this because...
  150. J

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    Ok so I've cut the 20/25lb bait rig. So I'm down to 8 now. I've eased my worries for a bit for now. I just hope I get to catch fish with all of them now
  151. J

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    Hmm... Maybe I should have tried to get on that trip, then I wouldn't be doubting myself
  152. J

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    I've got a 5 day leaving tomorrow with the following rigs ready to go: 15lb bait rod 20/25lb bait rod 30lb bait rod 40lb bait rod 50/60 bait rod 80lb bait/dropper loop 50lb yo yo 40lb jigs tick Bass rod All of the bait rods are full of spectra and will be fished with short flouro leaders, so I...
  153. J

    Which Grundens?

    I second the vote for Petrus. Much more comfortable than the Herkules.
  154. J

    Recommended fishing charters out of Cabo?

    Sushi time pangas. Fished with them earlier this year. I think the price was around $250. Bait and license were extra. Owner was super cool and easy to deal with. Angel was the panguero. He put in a good effort to put me on fish. I brought my own tackle but their tackle would get the job done.
  155. J

    Looking for a custom Hobie Power Skiff by Anderson

    Anybody know of one of these for sale? I would like to keep the boat in my garage so height will be an issue. I've also seen a few radon 15s with similar houses that I'd be interested in.
  156. J

    Advice on a garage skiff

    That's a sweet bassmaster but it's outside my budget. Has anyone seen this greenough? Any opinions about it? I'm new to the skiff world and don't know what to look at when buying a used boat. Any advice on what I should inspect would be...
  157. J

    Advice on a garage skiff

    I saw hobie power skiff with a 60 hp Suzuki (with 20 hrs) on CL. Any opinions about these boats or motors?
  158. J

    Advice on a garage skiff

    Any advice on purchasing a skiff to be kept in my garage. I've got a 2 car garage with a vertical clearance of 84" and length of 19'. I'd like to keep the rig straight as possible so that I can get a car parked in there too. I've got about a 10k budget. I plan on using the boat for inshore...
  159. J

    AVET PRO EX 4/2

    Is the reel still available?
  160. J


    What type of handle on the 6480? Text me pics 714 580 8303
  161. J

    Shared charter Cabo san Lucas, Apr 28 or 29

    Hey Dennis, My name is Duff. My girlfriend and I will be in CSL in late April. We were planning on doing some inshore panga fishing. I'm an experienced angler and will be bringing my own tackle. My girlfriend on the other hand has never fished. She'd probably just take a hand off or two. Either...