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    Offshore War Heroes

    This is how the owners, crews and the guests of some of the finest SoCal sportfishing yachts spent last week end. Their guest were 50 severely disabled US Veterans. Known as War Heroes on Water, this event was founded and hosted, without any public fanfare or publicity, by Anthony Hsieh, local...
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    Just finished watching a series on Netflix called "Battlefish". It is about a recent season fishing commercial albacore out of Ilwaco WA. This series started off pretty weak but got progressively better. Believe there were about 8 episodes. It tells the story of about 5 boats and how they dealt...
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    Offshore Gary Nordbye

    Gary Nordbye passed away on July15 in Las Vegas from lung cancer. Gary was a long standing member of the So Cal sportfishing industry. Believe Gary got his start on the Hurricane with Cookie Cook out of Pierpoint Landing. For those of us who knew Gary, he will always be remembered as a good...
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    So Cal Exotics

    Just a fantastic year: Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and Wahoo. Has there ever been a Pacific Sailfish or Amberjack caught in So Cal waters ?
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    Godzilla El Nino

    Well, we may have a wet winter. And that's good. And it may be followed by cooler ocean temps. There are likely few who can recall the really great Albacore years. 63 degree water was ideal. 5 guys fishing straight live anchovies on a 44 SF would catch 100 Albacore, return to trade their fish...