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    Penn Fathom 40

    Yea I'll ship it to you. Text me your address. Do you have venmo?
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    Penn Fathom 40

    Where do you live?
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    Penn Fathom 40

    Penn Fathom 40 star drag. Great condition, minor scuffs on the side. 65# braid with 100 yards 40# topshot $160 Located in Sacramento Text Matt 91688zero0five81
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    Bahia de Los Angeles Captian

    Looking for a Captain recommendation for Bay of LA. Heading down some time in May. Thanks!
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    Bahia de Los Angeles CPT

    We're heading down to Bay of LA some time in May and looking for any Boat/Captain recommendations. Thanks!
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    Offshore Right off the Boardwalk - 7/14 PM

    Great report. I had the same thing happen to me 2 weeks ago. Awesome to see but heartbreaking when theyre so close and wont bite
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    Offshore Shoulda been there yesterday

    Thanks for the report. This green water in no bueno
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    Offshore 7/9 North 9

    Left late yesterday for the 9. Long story short, water was 74 but real green. Lots of paddys with nothing on them. More bait, birds diving and dolphins than we've ever seen. Our best guess is the hurricane is pushing up warm water and destroying the viz. Hopefully it will settle down in a...
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    Offshore So close Yet so far

    Made my first solo trip today on our 17ft Invader. It seemed like EVERYONE was on the 43 today but I decided to just hit the 9 for paddies and maybe get lucky to find some boils. I went straight out from mission bay and started to work my way down. Got a late start but the conditions were...