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    Avet Mxj single speed new

    Reformed tackle ho here. Free bump for an outstanding deal.
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    Accurate conversion penn 4/0

    Also has spool bearings, upgrade over factory bushings.
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    Penn Peerless No. 9 Brand New- $45

    Free bump for a classic. Great reel for light bottom fishing.
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    AVET JX 6.0 SILVER $215.00 NIB

    Recovering tackle ho gives a free bump to what looks like a good deal.
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    Bump for nice gear. (I'm on the wagon.)
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    Avet sx 6/4 2 speed (Neptune’s heart)

    You're right, that color is only G2. In fact, it is only Avet. So, by your logic, the title does not need to specify "Avet."
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    Recovering tackle ho says this looks like a great deal.
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    Avet sx 6/4 2 speed (Neptune’s heart)

    You might want to mention in the title that the reel is a G2.
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    Release (Seigler) SG Reel

    Great reel, but as a recovering tackle ho I will just point out that the lifetime warranty on this reel will follow the reel to a new owner. GLWS.
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    Rainy Day reel cleanout

    Still dreaming :->. (Free bump)
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    Silver Avet MXJ single speed

    Free bump for a great, basic Avet for inshore (can't go wrong with an MXJ or an SX) at a great price. It's the right color, too; hides scratches well. And it's spooled with a smart choice of line. If I didn't already have one, I would be all over this like a cheap suit.
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    Seigler SG reel

    Free bump pointing out that the lifetime warranty on this reel mean lifetime, and will go with the reel to the new buyer. Nice deal, but I am on the wagon.
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    Lots of inexpensive older reels in great shape.

    A 200 is a SurfMaster (free bump).
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    MXL knob

    The rivet that goes through the arm has to be drilled out. Use a drill press and a self-centering bit.
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    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    Both are great reels. Both fall short of perfection, because that's the world. I will admit to liking Avets in part because they are great eye candy.
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    Avet Durability/Reliability

    Used as intended, Avet reels are among the most rugged on the market. Most criticisms of Avet reels are about their tendency to ruin pinion bearings, which happens almost always only if the reel is fished at heavier drags than Avet recommends. Patient: Doc, it hurts when I do this. Doctor...
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    G2 or Raptor?

    I tend to agree, except that the regular avets have been eclipsed by the competition over the years. For that reason, I expect that the G2 in time will turn out to be the replacement for the regular avets, despite contrary statements by avet. They at least want to sell off their old inventory.
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    So, what is G2

    Sure, but there's a big price difference there. I think competition has forced Avet to the G2. I have no crystal ball, but would not be surprised to see the old product line dropped in time.
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    22 foot Baja bayrunner cuddy cabin

    GLWS, but your ad is very hard to read. Punctuation would help.
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    T-Bar Handles

    That's helpful. What's your gripe? I have four Avet reels, and they are tanks if fished within their specified drag limits. As for exceeding those limits: Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this. Doctor: Don't do that.
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    Torque 5.4:1 Gears

    Yup. Sometimes the happy medium really is the right choice.
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    Silver Avet SX - Used 1x - San Diego - $175

    Free bump for a nice reel in the right color, if you care. The natural aluminum finish hides boat rash and minor scratches better than any other.
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    FS - BRAND NEW penn torque 12 star drag

    Free bump for a great deal on a great reel. I already have too many reels in this line class, or would be all over it.
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    42' Chriscraft Convertible

    Cool battle wagon. GLWS.
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    Will a Avet HXJ work for the bigger BFT

    Thanks for correcting me on the bearings. Having them symmetrical makes sense with the dual-sided drag.
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    Penn Fathom 15 capacity

    Unless you are an Olympic weightlifter, or strapped into a fighting chair and wearing a fighting harness, you are not holding 40 lbs. of drag. If fishing 50 lb. line, you would normally not use more than about 15 lbs of drag, and even then that's a huge amount to stand up to. The reel might be...
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    Penn Torque Free spool

    The bigger spool in the 25 will be a more effective flywheel, and so longer free spool might be expected. But you paid for the warranty. Send the reel in if you think there's a problem.
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    Brake disk/ Pinion gear stuck?

    Good advice from AKSalmon. If you need to escalate, try alternating heat and cold. The end game may be something like heating the gear to about 300 F in a toaster oven, then hitting the pinion with a cold blast from an aerosol keyboard duster.
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    Will a Avet HXJ work for the bigger BFT

    Except for the drag, raptor and non-raptor internals are pretty much the same. The gears are identical, and I'm pretty sure the bearings are the same, too. The dual-surface drag does not increase the side load on the pinion bearing, which is the big weakness in the avet design. The gears in...
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    Saltist vanity

    Why did you have black nail polish? Why does ANYBODY?
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    Okuma Makaira Problem. Help?

    Is it possible that you set the drag too high?
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    What would I use an Fathom 25nLD for?

    Off-topic, but that's a great way to break a rod tip.
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    LX Raptor Noisy Bearings after only 3 months

    That's not a reel I'm familiar with. Maybe a Santiago?
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    LX Raptor Noisy Bearings after only 3 months

    Are your Fin Nors lever drags?
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    I need longer reel clamp screws for a25n

    Try your local Ace Hardware for stainless screws of the right size. Ace has a surprisingly big selection of fasteners.
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    torque 40N side plate without the "MADE IN THE USA" logo

    Very interesting thread. Given the realities of modern manufacturing, the CA state legislature has, in effect, outlawed the "Made in USA" label. Sheesh.
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    Anything NEW at ICAST..???

    "Baitcasters have within the last few years exploded as far as popularity because of not only how well they are built..." Sorry, but I've got to take exception to the notion that modern baitcasters are well built. Are there any of them that don't have plastic pinion yokes and such?
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    SOLD 2008 Boston Whaler Montauk 150 SOLD

    Nice boat. Kudos for not overpowering it. GLWS.
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    Older lx 4:1 shark side plate

    My experience with Avet has been that when the first line of support has issues (like getting over-saturated with parts orders), a phone call gets good results.
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    Anything NEW at ICAST..???

    Like maybe a 4 speed reel?
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    Odd size spool bearing on HX 5/2

    I have been using Avet reels for about six years, have five of them, and have never seen a rusty bearing. It would be interesting to know why you are seeing them. AFAIK, the Avet bearings are stainless, so yours must be taking some kind of beating. And even "ceramic" bearings have stainless...
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    LX Raptor Noisy Bearings after only 3 months

    Not soak, but dunk and swish around for a few seconds (with the drag closed). That's what the Avet FAQ recommends.
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    New Ethanol Amounts in our Gas?

    The corn lobby is the mover behind this.
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    Buy a boat they said...It will be fun they said...

    Epic tale well told. Good luck with her.
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    Odd size spool bearing on HX 5/2

    You frustration is understandable, and you have a point, but Avet is a small company.
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    LX Raptor Noisy Bearings after only 3 months

    Even in freespool,, don't button down the drag too tight. The Raptor can put out more drag than non-Raptor, but it's not infinite, and if you are not careful, you WILL crush the pinion bearing.
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    Avet sx mc rubbing spool

    The magnets are prone to rust, which could cause the problem, but that would be a big coincidence with the fact that the reel was just serviced. My money says that it was reassembled incorrectly. Take it back to the shop that serviced it if you still trust them. In the end you might send it...
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    SXJ Clicker Problem

    My SXJ clicker is practically nonexistent. All of my Avets have had really quiet clickers... until now. I was given a new MXJ for Father's Day, and that clicker is loud, almost as loud as the clickers on my old Penns. So, is this Avet waking up and smelling the coffee, or just a chance occurence?
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    AVET JX 6/3 2sp binding again.

    I'm not Bill, but: That's true of all of the MX reels, as they share the same mechanicals. The JX can put out some more drag; I'm not sure what the safe limit is offhand, but Read The Fine Manual from Avet (on the web if you don't have a copy) and follow the advice there. *ANY* LD reel will...
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    Newell C220-5

    PM sent on squidders.
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    Longer screw for talica 10ii

    Ace Hardware has a much better selection of stainless fasteners than any HD or Lowes that I've seen. (Not a stockholder or anything; just a satisfied customer.)
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    Conventional reel issues with braid

    What do you guys use to protect your thumb that does not shred after a few casts?
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    1962 14' Glastron Aqualift w/1982 Johnson 90hp 2 stroke and trailer

    14' Glastron with a 90? How is the tax man going to catch you? GLWS.
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    Dropper loop set up

    The surgeon's loop (spider hitch) is not a good knot for droppers. Just look at the way the lines pull across the structure of the knot, cutting into it. As a matter of fact, the traditional dropper loop is a weak knot, too. None of this may matter if you're using disproportionately heavy...
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    Avet SXJ

    Free bump for a great reel with no colored anodizing to scratch and fade.
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    SXJ Clicker Problem

    Avets have clickers?
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    What would be on your "wish list" from PENN?

    I think the fathom 12 is essentially a fathom 15N, same diameter but narrower.
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    Braid line test "On the fake Power Pro the product barcodes are the same for all the lines, and they should differ, the power pro multi colour is 4 colour the fake is a 5 colour. the standard original power pro they say is a 4 strand (not sure if most PP people...
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    Penn Squal 40 free spool not free

    Really, you do want to read the fine manual.
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    Which model would be best to paired with PHD-760XH

    I bought some 30 lb TT from Chark a couple of years ago, and they were candid that its diameter is greater than the big name spectras. The 30 lb is about the same diameter as 50 lb power pro. So unless this situation has changed, will there really be more capacity with the 60 lb TT? (30 lb TT...
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    Testing Knots, Knot Pullers & I’ll Test Your Knots

    Nice line pullers. I use a couple of lengths of 3/4 in. dowel wrapped with electrical tape.
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    Braid line test

    Where did you buy the line? There is a lot of counterfeit PowerPro around, some eBay sellers among the offenders.
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    Shimano Trevala FS

    Free bump for a super-versatile rod.
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    Need help with a reel

    Some flavor of Avet SX or a Penn Fathom 12 SD. Or, if you like to spend money, a Saltiga 12.
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    Casting a lever drag?

    Lots of informed opinions here. I will just add that a spool with a flange (think Squidder) really is much easier to manage then one without (think SX).
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    Wtb rod tube for 6' rod

    PVC tube is a good answer, but it could be interesting to see how TSA copes with it.
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    2016 23 Steiger craft Chesapeake

    Beautiful boat. Congratulations.
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    1/0 Senator, Baby Baja?

    A 12NLD would be a cool reel, definite alternative to the Avet SX or SXJ, but would not be comparable to a 1/0, which is a Jigmaster size reel. That's covered by the 25NLD.
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    Looking for a saltiga either the old ones or brand new style (not the 2speed)

    By your description, do you mean only star drag reels?
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    I have to agree. If you want to upgrade the JM for fun, as a hobby, that's one thing, and you can put together a nice reel. But if you just want to fish the thing, and have a reel that is superior in almost every way, get a Fathom 24N.
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    Original Avet LX

    Looks like LX4.6-007 and LX4;6-014
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    1996 Clebrity (Firestar) open Bow

    You may want to look at the pictures you posted. They are a little on the small size. Better pictures would probably improve the chances of a sale.
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    How long is Specta good for?

    Spraying a reel can flush oil out of bearings. If you must spray it, use just a gentle, fine mist. BTW, Avet recommends submerging their reels for cleaning (with the drag closed, of course). I do that with my Penns and Abus as well. Works great.
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    Free bump for a little tank of a reel. Good color, too.
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    New life for a old girl. My first attempt at a restoration

    Tough looking boat, and a nice job. Wish I had your skills.
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    Old school Wahoo. Special

    1. People (including me) tend to be lazy, not just here. We are all just carbon-based life forms. 2. I can't prove it, but suspect lots of people here are not too comfortable with or frequent users of technology. They are about at their limits just browsing forums and posting occasionally...
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    Can the knob or whole handle be swapped?

    Good sleuthing.
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    Good reel with line on it, good price. If I didn't have one, I would be all over this.
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    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    Thanks. That was my next guess :->.
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    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    Wow. That dog mechanism is very strong. If you can recall the details, I would be interested in hearing them, and I bet Avet would, too. Thanks. I'm going out on a limb to guess that there was a sudden, violent movement taking up backplay, slamming an AR ratchet tooth into the dog. Mike
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    Clean penn squidder 146

    Next in line. PM sent.
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    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    There's no ARB on that reel, so what was it that blew up?
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    Power handle help

    24-56 definitely works. I've used them on squidders. Here's the full story on Penn handles. Scott's is great.
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    good deal on black Torque 12 on Amazon

    Outstanding deal on a great reel, but how is it no tax? Amazon has facilities in CA, and the state will collect.
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    SX and MX locking plate screws

    2-56. Thanks to Scott Throop at Avet. Length is a little under 3/16 in,, but 3/16 might work, but 1/8 is probably a better choice, or you might end up cutting screws.
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    SX and MX locking plate screws

    Would anyone know the thread on these screws (key 54 on the SX and MX series schematics)? My thread gauges do not go that small. Thanks. Mike
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    about fathom level wind model

    The plastic idler gear will also keep your fingers from begin crushed should they get in the way of the levelwind, which happens easily if you are not used to a levelwind.
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    Is it me or them

    Internet Explorer users, do yourselves a favor and use another browser, almost any other browser. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are good choices. IE is widely acknowledged to be a remarkable combination of several different kinds of garbage. Microsoft is abandoning it in windows 10. The only...
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    Braid to mono or flouro splice nice! The "RG" splice.

    I have no experience with this knot, but wonder if it is more suitable for heavier leaders than lighter ones that would not have enough meat for the braid to grip. Has anybody fished this with, say, 20 lb. fluoro? Thanks.
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    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    My SX and SXJ move about, oh, 3/32 give or take.
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    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    Yeah, if fished within their drag limits, these reels are invincible.
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    AVET MXL 6/4 Spool Diameter Question

    Yes, 100% normal. When you move the drag lever forward, it actuates a cam that pulls the spool to the right, against the drag plate.
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    Komodo 273 series

    Thanks, John.
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    Komodo 273 series

    Does anyone have enough experience with these reels to comment on the durability of the aluminum internal components (gears and shaft)? Thanks.
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    mxl 5.8 issue

    Consider reel oil instead of grease on the dog. Grease is a better protectant than lubricant for small parts like that.
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    WTS Custom Penn Torque 25n

    It says $350 in the ad. Beauty reel. Somebody by this and save me from myself.
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    Penn Fathom 15 LD2 spool

    Well, this discussion may be irrelevant to the OP, but let me give this another shot, in the interest of accuracy. You might want to rethink your claim that the larger spool diameter gives you more cranking power. Basic mechanics will tell you it is the other way around. Other factors may be...
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    Penn Fathom 15 LD2 spool

    Could you please explain what you mean by this? Other things being equal, a smaller spool diameter will effectively give a stronger drag and also a lower (slower, torquier) gear ratio. Thanks.
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    1995 Marine Acquiring Co. 206 CuddyCon

    Sorry that you got burned, but you're picking up all kinds of good karma for that hones presentation. Hats off.
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    Avet SX

    I've been using a trevala tvc66mh with my sx for about four years. Great bang for the buck. Light, fast tip, but with enough backbone for any of the above.
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    The 31 Bertram Build

    Choosing my words carefully here, the work shown in this thread is epic, inspiring, and, yes, awesome.
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    Deckhand Style Grips

    Lots of info here, but I still wonder why we don't see them on the East Coast. Any thoughts?
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    Anyone else having breaking problems with izor xxx ?

    XXX is my go to line, and I have no such problem with it, but I did have a problem with Izor Platinum. It was too soft and slippery to hold either an Albright or Reverse Albright. No matter how many wraps, the braid cut through the mono every time. I contacted Izor; they were puzzled, and...
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    Just purchased an Avet MXL Raptor Pros & Cons?

    You mean the TSI 321 improved the free spool? That's interesting. On my non-Raptor MXL, the free spool bottleneck has been the magnets, not the spool bearings.
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    Christmas in Cancun

    I may be in Cancun for a family vacation at Christmas time, and would like to get in some fishing. What fish species may be running? All of my fishing experience is in the northeastern US, so please speak slowly and distinctly :->. Thanks.
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    Christmas in Cabo

    I may be in Cabo for a family vacation at Christmas time, and would like to get in some fishing. What fish species may be running? All of my fishing experience is in the northeastern US, so please speak slowly and distinctly :->. Thanks.
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    Cabo, Cancun, Christmas

    Makes sense. Thanks.
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    Cabo, Cancun, Christmas

    Thanks for that. What species might I expect to go after in Cabo around the end of the year? Any guides or captains to recommend? Thanks for any and all information.
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    Cabo, Cancun, Christmas

    Hi, all. I'm in NJ, may be taking a family vacation to Cabo or Cancun at the end of the year. What are the fishing opportunities? Thanks.
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    JX pitted drag plate

    I expect that plate might be kind of hard on the drag washer. Avet is your best bet for getting a new plate. Also, the previous owner clearly didn't take first rate care of the reel; it is probably way overdue for a full service. Avet and various independents can do that, if you don't want...
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    Exciting news from Avet

    Some years ago, I wrote the Avet CEO about the need for a quality, US-made star drag reel. I received no reply, but that's okay. They are, as you say, married to the LD, and have other irons in the fire. Having said that, I really would like to see them address their pinion bearing issues...
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    Saltist 20 LD good or bad?

    Fathom LD has great internals, including stainless main and pinion gears like the Avet, and can put out more drag than the Avet without hurting itself. But fished within its limits, the Avet is bulletproof. (And shiny. Seriously, if you have any kind of a fetish for beautiful machinery, the...
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    Fishing with GreenHorns....tell us some of your stories.

    I see two "half baked turds" in this story.
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    Outboard to boat ratio

    30 to 40 knots cruise is hauling. BTW, most seat of the pants estimates of boat speed are wildly on the high side, not that anybody here would make such a mistake.
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    Avet SX Reel Problem..........

    A bad pinion bearing usually produces a grinding noise on retrieve. I don't see how it would be likely to affect free spool. BTW, bearings for the small Avets cost only about $6 as I recall.
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    WTB: Pink/Purp Avet SX

    If you cannot find a pink, get a red; it will be pink soon enough.
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    Penn Fathom 12 vs 15 Star Drag

    The 12 is much closer to the 501 form factor than is the 15. I had a 15 and solid it; wider than I like.
  118. M

    Okuma Metaloids ?

    That's interesting, because most people who know anything about reels will tell you that dogs are more reliable than AR bearings, and the MX and SX series reels use just dogs, not AR bearings. I don't know offhand about the other Avet reels.
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    EXW50 Clanking sound...

    Please update this thread with the resolution when you get it. Thanks.
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    Holy shit parker on th market.

    Nice boat. And props to the seller for spelling "dual" correctly.
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    Line keeps bird nesting no matter how fast or slow line is let out.

    Aggresively using the present knob as cast control is a really good way to fry the pinion bearing, as you could easily exceed the reel's max rated drag.
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    E-Bay Spectra/Dyeema - good or junk?

    Charkbait's Toro Tamer solid spectra has been a good compromise for me. It's not as thin or smooth as the first tier products, but it is relatively inexpensive and has the support of a well known seller who monitors its quality. No affiliation, just a happy customer.
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    1966 Evinrude Sportster 19'

    Wow! Flashback! I haven't seen one of these since, oh, maybe 1969. Somebody with a first generation Bronco should buy it.
  124. M

    Smoking Section on Sport Boats

    You doubt it based on what?
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    need side plate for penn 505 hs ballbearing

    If you are interested in new, Scott's has them:
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    Storing fishing rods in garage

    I live in NJ. We have hot summers. I used to store rods in the rafters of my unfinished garage (an outbuilding), but stopped doing that when one of them (a nice, LamiGlas inshore classic) took a set during the summer. Lami suggested that the heat was likely an issue. A related question is...
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    What's your go to knot?

    My surgeon's knots go to 11.
  128. M

    deal on a skippy

    "Leather?" "Bikini top?"
  129. M

    Bad batch of Seaguar

    It depends. Mono for a shock leader (more stretch). Fluoro for abrasion resistance, or for leaders that need to be stiff, if you're fishing a rig with more than one hook.
  130. M

    Avet sx or new Shimano torium 16?

    Agree. And the SX is rugged, bulletproof beyond anything else in its price class, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DRAG NUMBERS.
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    solid spectra to solid spectra

    No doubt these are all good connections, but I'm not sure that it is a good idea to trust as definitive experimental data with a sample size of one. I strongly agree that line products behave differently. It is also true that people make these connections with varying degrees of skill and...
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    help removing stuck side plate

    Just to be clear, is it that the "take apart" side plate won't rotate in the ring? Does the reel work, i.e., is there no indication that things are hung up inside? Assuming that both answers are "yes," I would spray some more WD-40 on the plate where it meets the ring, let it sit overnight...
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    Braid to braid connection

    A couple of biminis and a loop to loop connection. Nothing will be stronger, and this connection is so compact that it will be essentially unnoticeable through the guides.
  134. M

    Calcutta 200d

    What test is the line on the reel?
  135. M

    SXJ does it again!

    Nice. Love the SXJ. Just don't expect to get too much drag out of it.
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    need 146 spool

    Huh. I show a "conversation" started with you in my profile, with my mailing address etc. Still no joy?
  137. M

    need 146 spool

    So Sounds good. PM sent.
  138. M

    need 146 spool

    Keith, what would you want for the spool, shipped to NJ? Mike
  139. M

    114HLW Drag Question

    Also make sure you've got a fiber or delrin washer between the main gear and AR ratchet.
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    need 146 spool

    Please consider me in line for this after fullfrzr, if he doesn't take it. Thanks.
  141. M

    need 146 spool

    Just in case someone hits the mother lode, I would be in for at least one spool. Thanks.
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    Connecting a mono loop knot to fluoro leader

    I use the Bristol knot exclusively for mono or fluoro up to 40 lbs to spectra. It is far superior to the Albright because (1) it is stronger and (2) it is much easier to tie. It is also superior to any improved Albright in that the leader tag end will not hang up on the guides, a potential...
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    Berkley Big Game, Momoi, P-Line, Ande or Jinkai leader material

    He is looking for leader material
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    DIY Rod Racks for the Garage

    Hoping this is not viewed as off-topic: Beware ceiling/rafter racks in uninsulated outbuildings. The heat build-up can ruin rods. Don't ask me how I know.
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    Exciting news from Avet

    Amen to the star drag. There's a real business opportunity for someone to build a high quality, reasonably priced, US-made one. I wrote the CEO of Avet about this a couple of years ago, but never got a reply. Other than the rudeness, it's understandable, though: they would be taking a...
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    How is Avet's service?

    I've found their service to be very good, and don't think it is too expensive. Their techs need to get paid for their time, just like anybody. Also, I called when a preset knob detent separated from the knob on one of my reels (long out of warranty), and they sent a replacement knob gratis.
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    bucktail jig

    Look for John Skinner's fluke fishing videos on youtube.
  148. M

    Blue Water Bait Tank Install

    Getting away with it for a little while seems like the wrong approach. Belt and suspenders for anything under the waterline is SOP.
  149. M

    Lengthening anchor rode

    Regarding the original question, does anybody have experience with long splices in nylon line? I don't think I've ever seen one. They worked okay in hemp.
  150. M

    Any viable options to PayPal for online Purchases?

    I've run into "amazon payment" once or twice, but don't know how strongly it is being pushed. You might do a google search and see what's up.
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    WTB:PENN FATHOM 15 or 12

    Yeah, the fathoms are great if you don't mind a wide reel.
  152. M


    I wish I have a dollar (okay, a hundred of them) for every knot that's been described to me as the modified Albright. There are more than one of them.
  153. M

    Anyone need plastic barrels

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Walter White.
  154. M

    How about police TASSERS?

    Yeah, the spellen is not grate.
  155. M

    Avet Magic Cast Magnet

    Yeah, I had an MXL/MC that I got rid of for two reasons. First, as you say, it is impossible to throw light stuff with the loss of free spool from MC. Second, for the kind of fishing that I do the MXL has a silly amount of line capacity considering its modest drag numbers. I now have an SX...
  156. M


    And pictures documenting the perfect condition.
  157. M

    30 Wellcraft CC Tournament

    Nice boat, but more importantly, that girl has some stems.
  158. M

    Servicing an Avet Sx mc 2 speed?

    Avet clickers are notoriously bad. You may or may not want to bother fixing it. Sounds like you've crunched the pinion bearing, which is a wear item on Avets, but also subject to premature demise if you fish at high drag settings. Check out
  159. M


    Breathe a sigh of relief that it didn't wait until after you handed over a wad of money.
  160. M

    Accuplates and frame for jigmaster 500

    Randy is a great guy to deal with: very knowledgeable, always has great tackle, and is as honest as they come.
  161. M

    Rosie the Riveter RIP

    During WWII my mother built gliders in the Steinway piano factory in Astoria, NY.
  162. M

    WTS Spinning Reel

    What size is that reel?
  163. M

    MXJ on a Trevala or Ugly Stik Rod Seat?

    I would never use an MX or SX series reel on a trigger reel seat without a reel clamp.
  164. M

    The sea lions are bringing in the sharks

    Well, if they be in the sharks, that's better than if they be out of the sharks, right? Once they've been eaten and be inside the sharks, they can do no more harm.
  165. M

    Mono life span

    Another reference point: I found some 30 year old mono that had been stored in the dark, and not in extreme temperatures. It was brittle, definitely not okay.
  166. M

    Shimano Tekota 800 laying line unevenly

    Could be a worn level wind mechanism. I don't know these reels specifically, but if they use the usual worm gear and pawl, I would suspect either or both.
  167. M

    Penn Fathom 25N Freespool Lever Jam

    This is a really funny thread. I don't understand arguments like, "I should never have to learn anything new." Folks that make that argument must have emerged from the womb knowing how to drive, do calculus, and operate machine tools. BTW, try to put your Calcutta or Ambassadeur into free...
  168. M

    Sabre Stroker rod and Penn level wind - great kid's set up...

    Somebody should jump on this. That's a great little reel, not a toy.
  169. M

    avet reel setups

    With the small avets, there is not much point in fishing heavier than 20 or 25 lb mono (or braid equivalent). They have limited drag, and if you exceed those limits, you will crunch the pinion bearing for certain.
  170. M

    Fathom Gears

    I believe those are 4.8:1.