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  1. scubasteve2989

    WTB two trout leadcore reel setups levelwind with or without line

    scubasteve2989 submitted a new listing: WTB two trout leadcore reel setups levelwind with or without line - WTB two trout leadcore reel setups levelwind with or without line Learn more about this listing...
  2. scubasteve2989

    sold sold sold Gear cleanout sale popper jigs marlin lures lot for 150

    Cleaning out my garage and have this for sale for 160. 7 surface iron 5 heavys 3 poppers all with upgraded hooks and rings hoochie kit in box 2 rangers 1 yo zuri troller 6 marlin trolling lures 4 bottom fishing lures probably fullish at least 40 in each mustad 1/0 , 2/0 all in good shape if...
  3. scubasteve2989

    Truline Octagon 6'6 blank and 6'6 finished rod and LM7 x2 green and black glass

    Truline 6'6 Octagon red glass blank with dynamo butt cap unsure of blank not written under the eva but it is a lighter rod prob 10-15 lb test - 80.00 Truline red glass finished rod has fuji sic guides eva handle and dynamo cap. unsure of model without removing grips . 15-20 lb rod. and 6'6 -...
  4. scubasteve2989

    Okuma Azores 80s reel and cedros surf csx 11' 2 piece mh rod

    Selling a combo i bought for cabo and used one trip maybe 3 times. Reel is in great shape loaded with 50lb braid. it is an okuma Azores 80s Rod is a csx-s-1102mh 11' mh rod. There are some surface paint scratches and wear from travel but it works fine only superficial. Has nice alps guides...
  5. scubasteve2989

    3 Jays Kennedy Fisher spinning rod 5500e br project rod 9 foot

    Needs tip and stripper guide is slightly bent but not bad . Would make a cool project re store rod. The butt is detachable with cork and good shape for the age. blank itself is over 7 feet before attached to handle so one could strip it and make a 7 foot rod. feels like about 25 pound rod to...
  6. scubasteve2989

    wts Super Seeker ulua factory rod 10' 93h-10' wtt for iphone SOLD SOLD SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Have a Super seeker ulua factory wrapped with the titanium turbo guides. model 93h-10' All guides solid. blank is solid. Some scratches and such from use but all in all ready to fish for years to come. will have pics up tomorrow . Just broke my phone and need to...
  7. scubasteve2989

    seeker black steel 270h-8

    Seeker black steel 270h 8 foot rod. This is a perfect rod for fishing 25 pound . Some rust under guides but functionally fine solid wraps. This is a model with the reel seat and hypalon. 120.00 - sold sold sold
  8. scubasteve2989

    Sabre Nypoxy Chocolate glass feels like 196 / 270 7'

    Sabre Nypoxy Chocolate glass. 7' rod. Feels like a 270 or 196 but does not have the blank number. It says it was custom wrapped by Ce's custom rods. It has some flaking finish but blank guides and wraps are in good shape and no issues with the reel seat or grips. Would make a great live bait...
  9. scubasteve2989

    Long range tackle set mostly wahoo oriented lots o stuff

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOld This is some gear from a buddy getting out of fishing. Lets get this gear into someones hands that will use it. There is enough to share with buddies as well. some. -40+ bait hook rigs . mostly wired up wahoo bait rigs and most unused. - 15 brand new bombs - -18 heavy...
  10. scubasteve2989

    Newell reels for sale g235 g338 g447

    Reels are well taken care of. All in good shape and operate well. Selling for a buddy who meticulously took care of his gear. If you are looking for a classic reel that wasn't abused then this is for you. If you want additional pictures , or have any other questions let me know Newell 447 -...
  11. scubasteve2989

    Penn 30sw 30tw 50tw international II (Cals 2 speed conversions )

    Penn international II 50tw converted to a 2 speed by cal with aftermarket clamp and 600 yards braid- $300.00 Penn International II 30 sw 2 speed 600 yards 135 braid handle slightly bent aftermarket clamp- $250.00 Penn international II 30 TW cal 2 speed conversion aftermarket clamp 600 yards 135...
  12. scubasteve2989

    5 Shimano Triton trolling reels (cals 2 speed) excellent shape 50w 50 30

    Selling these reels for a friend. All have had bearings and sleeves done by cals 2 speed at one time. All reels were originally single speed, but then converted to 2 speed. All but one has a upgraded offset aluminum handle. The owner of reels is a long time long range fisherman and really took...
  13. scubasteve2989

    Older glass jig stick 9'1 Roddy Silaflex or ?

    Unknown blank but looks to be either a Roddy or a Silaflex. 9'1 in length. It is on the stiffer side in the tip and is heavy in weight. Could have been cut from a 10 foot blank. Has new grip and butt. Ive yet to fish it and am looking to fund a different rod Im getting built. Sold sold sold sold...
  14. scubasteve2989

    For Trade : My best surface iron jigs

    With the current demand on ebay and other sources for old jigs, I figure its time for me to cash in. What im offering is my tried and tested irreplaceable blue bag pick of the litter jigs. You just simply can't get these. I figure a 4/0 on ebay is 40 bucks now. Im offering my best 4/0 with 3bf...
  15. scubasteve2989

    wtb surface iron 45 4/0 7x etc

    Im looking to buy a bunch of older surface iron. Don't care if they need rings hooks etc. Mainly looking for tady 45's 4/0 , and salas 7x. Will consider baby 5x or candybars as well. willing to pay cash or trade for rods older penn reels etc. Can also trade heavy jigs , older collectible jigs ...
  16. scubasteve2989

    Kencor Breakwater Magnaglas 7' All roller bw70lr 12-25

    This is an rare rod from Kencor. Would make a good calico bass stick while fishing chovies, or even a nice troller for trout . All light weight aftco rollers. Its in about 9/10 condion $100.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  17. scubasteve2989

    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    Added a pair of 13s they dont have the size on them but are bigger than my 12 and seem 13 " in length for 50.00 They have one small hole. They dont fit my dad anymore Up for Sale is a pair of used Xtratuf made in USA used pair of 11 boots. They are in great shape. SOLD SOLD SOLD Looking to...
  18. scubasteve2989

    WTT or WTS Seeker BSC 6465h 6-1/2 '

    This is a seeker black classic rod model 6465h 6 foot 6 inches in length. It is in great shape with minor rub marks. This is a good rod for yo yo / flatfalls / dropper loop. Can work for bait or light troller as well. rating is 30 (40) 80 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD THANKs
  19. scubasteve2989

    WTT Seeker BSC 6465h 6-1/2 '

    This is a seeker black classic rod model 6465h 6 foot 6 inches in length. It is in great shape with minor rub marks. This is a good rod for yo yo / flatfalls / dropper loop. Can work for bait as well. rating is 30 (40) 80 Looking to trade for the following and can add cash to make a fair trade...
  20. scubasteve2989

    Last nights swap meet find ( Schnabel orca 1,2,3 3n1 etc ) 11 total

    This has to be my best swap meet find yet. Until last night, all i've found at the swap meet are the typical Salas and Tadys. Can't wait to see how these swim. Does anyone have any info about the Orca jigs? 2- Orca 3 3- Orca 2 1- Orca 1 1- 3n1 1- Straggler 1- Schnabel 2 1- smaller Schnabel...
  21. scubasteve2989

    Information on this Old " Flat fall" style jig S-14

    I was organizing gear today and went through a jig box that has a bunch of spoons and older chrome type sardine and anchovy shaped lures. I came across this one labeled S-14 with a picture of a lighthouse. It has a keel type shape to it and seems like it would work similar to the flat fall jig...
  22. scubasteve2989

    Gear cleanup sale Heavy jigs Fishtraps Braid belt + more

    Cleaning up the garage and selling extras. Im listing these as lots more to come. LOT 1 40.00 PENDING SOLD SOLD SOLD Still have box First up is a lot of 13 jigs with a jig box. Box is in bad shape but will work fine for storing jigs at home. Jigs are all used with scratches corrosion etc...
  23. scubasteve2989

    13 jigs for sale surface and heavy iron mostly salas

    13 jigs for sale the top row is all heavies the bottom row is lights 50.00 40.00 takes them all
  24. scubasteve2989

    Wtt Wts saltiga 15 reel for talica

    Want to trade saltiga 15 for talica 10 or 12 . Will also sell for 375. I have the box and may or may not be able to find the bag SOLD SOLD SOLD
  25. scubasteve2989

    Wts tn14 Trinidad 14 gold with tiburon clamp

    Tn 14 gold has boat rash. Needs service to Freespool better. Old clamp stud is corroded and broke off in hole. Tiburon clamp is included 235.00
  26. scubasteve2989

    Old glass blanks Silaflex Sabre etc

    4 old blanks for sale ranging from 6 to just under 8 feet. All were finished rods at one time except the lighter splotchy tan colored one. Two have graphite over the blank to build up for a reel seat. the one is a sabre nypoxy and has the ferrule partially removed. the other is chocolate...
  27. scubasteve2989

    Old glass blanks Silaflex Sabre etc

    4 old blanks for sale ranging from 6 to just under 8 feet. Two have graphite over the blank to build up for a reel seat. One was partially removed. All were finished rods at one time except the lighter splotchy tan colored one. The rod labled 3291 yellowtail I believe is a Silaflex it is the...
  28. scubasteve2989

    Penn 505hs (accuframe progear handle) For sale or trade

    Penn 505hs with Accurate Accuframe, and progear handle. Works great. I would like to trade for a newell 220. Preferably a P or G series. will also take 100 cash
  29. scubasteve2989

    WTT Penn 505hs (accuframe progear handle) for newell 220

    Penn 505hs with Accurate Accuframe, and progear handle. It works nicely, just looking for something a bit smaller. I would like to trade for a newell 220. Preferably a P or G series.
  30. scubasteve2989

    WTT WTS Seeker 655xh trolling rod and Penn 505hs accurate frame reel

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Seeker 655xh rod in great shape a solid 9 out of 10. Guides are in great shape and spin nicely. It is rated 40 - 100 lb but idealy would be best for 60 or 80 as a roller. It is all roller. The rollers were disassembled and regreased and re assembled I am asking $120.00 or trade...
  31. scubasteve2989

    WTT AVET HXJ 5/2 for Tac12II or mak 10

    I have a Gold Avet HXJ 5/2. Re packed the bearings with grease. new bearings added. Reel is in great shape. It is not a raptor, but has the larger raptor handle with 3 BB inside. Set it at 16lbs at strike with 21 full from a straight pull (drag will be slightly higher with a rod) Would like to...
  32. scubasteve2989

    Blank ID says " 3291 Yellowtail " older glass

    I was wondering if anyone knows the make of this older glass blank. I searched the internet , but have come up empty. it says " 3291 yellowtail"
  33. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Torium 16 upgraded drag dog clamp bearings

    Selling to buy some heavier gear. Reel is a Shimano Torium 16. Is in good shape but does have a few nicks on the top of the frame (shown in the pictures) This reel has the Shimano Trinidad gold clamp, carbontex drags, a spring loaded dog , bearing instead of bushing under the gear shaft, and a...
  34. scubasteve2989

    June Big Bear Trout Derby

    Is anyone considering fishing it? Anyone with a boat who is fishing it have an extra spot? It has been a while since I have fished in one of these. I used to fish with my uncle, but he sold his boat and no longer comes up. I have 3 set ups with lead core for trolling and a good array of lures...
  35. scubasteve2989

    WTB WTT 4 Penn 113h 4/0 for parts have 501 narrow / 500 jigmaster for trade

    I have a project Penn 4/0 I put together with parts Ive had sitting around. I realized I didnt quite have what I thought I had to finish the reel. I need a Donor Penn 113h reel to finish mine. The donor reel can have broken side plates corroded frame etc . It can look like it was dropped dragged...
  36. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on Newell reels vs newer reels

    I went through a phase when I absolutely had to have Newell reels. They get a lot of attention, and lately I am slightly curious as to what really drives people to pay top dollar and fish them. I understand the nostalgia purposes, but cannot justify paying 150 bucks used for a reel that is...
  37. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on rebuilding this Graphite USA rod

    I am hoping this rod isnt a lost cause. It has about a .810 butt diameter , and a .205 tip diameter coming in at about 6'6 . The tip is missing, the first guide is damaged, and third guide is popped loose. There is no rating or model number sticker. I am guessing it is a predator missing 6...
  38. scubasteve2989

    Mostly vintage surface and heavy iron / jigs

    1st up is the surface iron I am accepting the best reasonable offers on them and would prefer to sell individually unless the price is right. Not letting them go cheap. Have a powerhouse 102, a Holiday special Jr, a 6xjr light, and a Salas 6X6 Next is the heavies all are 6xjr with siwash hooks...
  39. scubasteve2989

    Magnum Rapalas & marlin troll lot

    Vertical jig lot - Bought these used and never used them . All are rigged. all appear to be symetrical jigs. Shimano butterfly 200g one ding some light scratching , Dragonfly not sure of weight great shape, sea rock 200g great shape, profishco power jig 150g some dings and scratches. $25.00 for...
  40. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Crucial 7'6 jig and worm rod Quantum Boca pts 30 Spinning reel

    -Shimano Crucial 7'6 CRS-x76ma 8-17 lb. / PowerPro: 5-30 lb power medium action extra fast 1/4 - 5/8 oz. Jig and worm in great shape. rod is in great shape id say 9/10 - Quantum Boca PTS 30 reel. Reel was not used much It is saltwater approved. Recently serviced . Has 5 ball bearings and a...
  41. scubasteve2989

    WTB WTT Penn 500 jigmaster newel aluminum l clamp

    Want to buy or trade for a a newell aluminum clamp for a penn 500 jigmaster. I have a newell p235 aluminum clamp I can trade, or trade a large rapala, zuker , or something else tackle related Or just pay cash.
  42. scubasteve2989

    Trade Large wood Bowen tacke box for SKB box , or reel

    I got this box, then pondered if I would use it. Decided it was too big for the trips I take, and if I took it it would no longer be as nice as it is. (I have a way with screwing up nice stuff) Designated it as a storage box, and now I decided I want something else. Will sell as well 100 obo...
  43. scubasteve2989

    Trolling lure selection for YT Dorado etc

    My knowledge of what to use trolling is non existent. Never used anything but the boats rods. However like most normal fisherman, I have accumulated a bunch of gear that I have never used. I am attaching a picture of all my trollables (is that a word?) and am hoping you guys can steer me in the...
  44. scubasteve2989

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    I checked my 332 today and noticed a 1/4 spool of mono was not there. I was on a 3/4 day last week, and used it one time then back on the racks it went. At the end of the day we had a pretty hot bite. There was chaos everywhere people being sawed off left and right. i'm guessing someone picked...
  45. scubasteve2989

    Another wood tackle box ID question

    Bought this one to store gear at home in. wood veneer on outside. 17.5 inches in length. Having trouble finding another box will similar inserts and such. Any help is appreciated thanks.
  46. scubasteve2989

    Cleaned and lubed my 113mtl first time checking out the insides 35 sec freespool

    +1 vote to remake this reel. If you have been thinking of getting one somehow, hopefully these pictures help convince you. put new oil and got over 35 seconds of free spool. large bearing had some grease on it probably could have got even more if I completely degreased it. If you have dealt...
  47. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on Kencor Zebras , and Kunnan Rods

    I took a look at a buddies Kencor Zebra 7' think it was 15-40 and was wondering if I could get a little info from someone that either has fished their blanks, or factory rods. I know its old school, but it may be a cool stick to ad to the arsenal. Plus it looks so cool. Also was wondering...
  48. scubasteve2989

    Hoffmans Wood Tackle Box Needs restore

    SOLD This is a Hoffmans wood box. Was used as a makeup box, but Hoffman's was known to make both tackle and slot car boxes. This one appears to have been for slot cars. It needs to be re-surfaced, and have a new leather handle put on. The brass looks good except the handle hardware which is...
  49. scubasteve2989

    Powerhouse 102 triplets surface iron

    Heard these are good for catching mola. Stoked to add two white ones I picked up today.
  50. scubasteve2989

    drop shoting sd bay / mission bay

    Supposed to be pretty effective on a slack tide. I picked up one on a shaker worm, but was wondering proper rigging hook size and weight for this.
  51. scubasteve2989

    WTB WTT two 8' graphite bait sticks 20lb and a 25lb

    I sold my 7' sticks and just recently sold my only 8' stick so a guy could have a complete set of blue and white wrapped glass factory seekers. Now I need to buy some sticks so I am set for my next trip. I am interested in graphite bait sticks 8' and up. 20 and 25lb sticks. would prefer seeker...
  52. scubasteve2989

    9 mile of nothing

    Found one paddy and was dry. Pretty dead today. We covered a lot of water with no signs of life and water in the 66-65 range. Picked up some bass in the thick but no bigens to be spoke of
  53. scubasteve2989

    Graftech GIS80L 8' bass rod

    cork guides and blank in great shape with little use. Reel seat did not fit right with my daiwa lexa 300 Price is 60.00
  54. scubasteve2989

    Heavy & surface jig lot Salas + others

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 25 bucks for the whole lot Salas 6x heavy never fished blue /white salas 7x heavy some wear green black mack pattern salas 7x heavy bluewhite pl68 heavy blue white sumo 6 heavy chrome and mack pattern surface ironman ss lightweight rbx3 the last 2 surface are in iffy...
  55. scubasteve2989

    WTB Rod universal clamp or stock bent clamp for Saltist 30T

    I have a Daiwa Saltist 30T without a clamp. Looking for the stock clamp with the bent bolts, or a universal clamp if you have one laying around.
  56. scubasteve2989

    WTT two Sabre chocolate factory stroker rods and squidder with reel deal 2 speed tran

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Looking to trade or eventually sell the following: 1. Sabre Stroker 6ft ST661C 20-50 chocolate colored blank Chrome Varmac reel seat first guide could use a re -wrap and they all could use a little flex coat to clean it up. all guides are soolid though - 20.00 2. Sabre...
  57. scubasteve2989

    Cal Star GG90j Used one trip 9'0 jig stick

    Cal star GG90j used one trip. 9'0 jig stick. Really nice composite stick (graphite / glass) It is factory wrap. 200 bucks and this stick is yours SOLD SOLD SOLD
  58. scubasteve2989

    Need to put a rear cork split grip on a bass rod with seat attached

    Title pretty much explains it all. I have a tiburon rod that the rear cork grip became loose on. So I pulled it off one night in frustration stripped it and am now contemplating what to do. My thoughts were to do a split grip. How tough would it be to fit a split grip on? If I go to squidco...
  59. scubasteve2989

    Sabre 655h 30 - 80 old school yo-yo rod

    Sabre 655H has a crack on ceramic insert on bottom guide. a little flex coat near the tip would clean it up too. has braced fuji guides with ceramic inserts. it would make a great yo-yo rod 40.00 obo and its yours (now 25.00)
  60. scubasteve2989

    WTB Tackle backpack WFO Shimano Openwater Calcutta etc maybe a skb box

    Sold my bag before buying a new one. That created a mess.Looking to get a tackle backpack. Would prefer the WFO with the drink holder, but also would settle for Shimano, openwater, calcutta , SKB box, or ? . Let me know what you have and your price please. -Steven
  61. scubasteve2989

    wide open cuda bite on the dolphin this am

    Fished all day on the Dolphin . The Am bite was really fun. Ran into a Barracuda school that was really on the chew. Caught them on krocs and basically any iron i could throw at them. Havent been on a wide open cuda bite in years. Got to put my lexa to work on my 858, and man that was a sweet...
  62. scubasteve2989

    Mission beach. Ski beach Good fishing

    tide and wind were not in agreement today. Still managed about 8 spotties and a halibut. All on smaller baits and smaller lead which was a bit difficult with the fast drift. All released. Wish I kept the halibut on second thought but I was in a C&R mood at the time. Showed the family some...
  63. scubasteve2989

    seeker inshor blue lightning 858 with trigger

    would like to try and buy one with a trigger if you have it.
  64. scubasteve2989

    Inshore rod selection help (size and trigger or no trigger)

    Looking for a longer stouter rod for my lexa, and have been considering the blue lightning in 8 1/2 (the 858 ). It will be used for bigger swimbaits from the yak, as well as possibly on a half day boat. It seems that they are no longer available with a trigger. -What are your opinions on...
  65. scubasteve2989

    Sabre IGFA GS6550 rod aftco 6'6

    This is an older Sabre GS6550 IGFA rod. Not sure of the # class as the number is worn out. If I were to guess it would be 80. It is a pretty stout rod. All guides are in great shape. rollers are working fine. little discoloration on the grips. near the butt. No gimbal. Thought I could use this...
  66. scubasteve2989

    Penn 113mtl as a overnight - 1.5 troller

    I was really excited to pick up this 113mtl, and got it for a smoking deal. I was wondering if this reel paired on a 655h sabre would be suitable for trolling on a cattle boat.
  67. scubasteve2989

    yamamoto(phenix wrap loomis blank) spinning rod 7' w/ shimano stradic 2500fh r trade

    Rod is a Yamamoto tournament rod 7' 6-12 lb lure 1/8-3/8 ssm22701mf rod wrapped by phenix and is a loomis blank reel is a Shimano Stradic 2500fh 9/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically Very well balanced combo. Will trade for the following : Super Seeker Ulua Seeker inshore w/ trigger...
  68. scubasteve2989

    or trade Wood Veneer tack box

    Wood veneer tackle box. works great. its smaller but a good size for shorter lr trips $ 25.00 or trade for 40lb 300 yrd braid (powerpro, samurai, jb etc)
  69. scubasteve2989

    OR TRADE 7' Shimano Scimitar rod w/ Abu garcia 6501 c3 lefty reel

    The combo includes: Shimano Scimitar rod SMC-70MH 7' 10-20 lb 1/4-1oz medium heavy fast action some light salt corrosion on guides. Abu Garcia 6501 c3 reel lefty- 10lb line new gear shaft new clicker. thumb plate a little chewed up. Otherwise mechanically smooth with good drags $55.00
  70. scubasteve2989

    Shelter 9/26

    Made it in the water about 7:30 and was on the way home at about 11. 17 total fish 3 being sandies the rest spotties. They were slamming every bait in my bag and shredding them. Had one BH that I lost the tail on, winged it out next cast and it came back with half the body. The drift was really...
  71. scubasteve2989

    Light Spinning Gear Freshwater

    1.Shakespeare Encore combo 5'0 pole light action - $ 12 2.Shimano Sonora 2000 reel with shimano stimula rod - $ 24 5. Quantum Optix 20 with berkley lightning rod lrs601mh titanium guides - $20 The others sold
  72. scubasteve2989

    Big bear 4 wheelin

    Anyone take their 4x4 up to big bear? I go about once a month to wheel. Looking for others to meet up there and help each other if we do something stupid. I dont do diamond trails, but my truck is pretty capable. If you fish up there thats cool as well.
  73. scubasteve2989

    Diawa jigstick and x40ha & lefty abu 6501c3 w/ ugly stick Penn Jigmaster

    Thinning out the gear I have both Salt and Fresh Help me earn some $$$ to get on a boat soon. Prices are OBO so if it seems to steep, make an offer. First combo is a Diawa X40Ha reel has a 4.9-1 retrieve. has some boat scuffs but still in good shape and 10/10 mechanically working. Pole is a...
  74. scubasteve2989

    Bucket-O- Iron jigs Lot of 32 for $ 25

    Basically I have bunch of Iron jigs most are knockoffs and Some look like Helen Keller herself cast them. 32 Iron + two spoons all packed into a handy dandy bucket that required some serious beer-drinkin-thinkin to be made. 20 bucks and it is yours. Sold Will trade for bass swimbaits (big...
  75. scubasteve2989

    CVL 400 Pawl cap - Where to buy?

    Basically need a new Pawl cap about a 2 dollar part. Was wondering if there are any local stores that carry it without going through the online stealer stores that throw on 9.95 for shipping. Thanks in advance.
  76. scubasteve2989

    Shelter was on fire!

    Just got my licence. Picked up a few new plastics and headed out. Woke up super early and managed to get in the water at 9am :) hooked up on a large amount of spotties and sandies. Stopped counting after releasing about 15. Really enjoyed getting in the water, and will definitely keep my yak...
  77. scubasteve2989

    Shelter Island

    Went to shelter island today launched around 8:30 caught a fish on every drift. it was almost too easy they just basically jump in my kayak. caught about 25 spotties and sand bass by 12. towards the end of my trip i hooked something really big and lost it then i drifted the same spot and managed...
  78. scubasteve2989

    juneau or ketchikan?

    which would be a better place to fish in about a month? it will be one of the stops on a cruise im going on. any help is appreciated thanks.
  79. scubasteve2989

    big bear lake 8.5 trout

    went to big bear over the weekend and fished fri-sun. on fri i went out by myself to go fish in the cold for some trout. when i say cold i mean it was snowing. i got my line out and set my truck up to block some of the wind and snow from were i was fishing. spent about 2 hours fishing without...
  80. scubasteve2989

    HO looking to get on any tuna hungry boat

    I work most of the week and i have today and tomorro off and am trying my best to get on any boat thats ready to do work on some tuna. I'm 18 and can take care of some of the expenses and clean the boat/fish upon returning. I have plenty of gear and plenty of knowledge on the water. if anyone...