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  1. copenhagenchild

    Offshore What’s going on? Any news/info/conditions/what’s biting. New Lo Ann 6/14

    Fished NLA on the 1.5 day trip that returned the 10th. Hot ticket was the sinker rig to a size 1 or 2 circle hook your choice but of good quality. I personally fished 2 oz torpedo sinkers about five feet up from the hook and just let the bait out fast and slow it down once you start getting into...
  2. copenhagenchild

    Offshore Quality on the Pac Queen - 1/9 Punta Colonet

    Great write up Don. Glad we could share the rail with you on this trip.
  3. copenhagenchild

    Commander Out of Fisherman's Landing

    Steve has a top notch program and will work hard to put you on fish
  4. copenhagenchild

    Pacific Star

    Great Boat, Great Crew, Great Food and one hell of a fishy Captain. Never had any issues with bait wells. They often have lots of charters booked up so try and find a last minute slot and jump on with a charter. Usually they offer one or two spots left to fill a limited load trip and thats the...
  5. copenhagenchild

    Penn Fathom

    I fish the 12 exclusively for WSB. Killed plenty of schoolie yellowfin this year aswell. I originally picked it up as a smaller reel with decent drag to fish chovies this year and believe it or not it's had more deans and squid than chovies. It gets my vote. First reel I've bought in five years...
  6. copenhagenchild

    Pressure Cooker

    All American should say it all. Finished canning 24 cases Thursday. The worst part is I can't keep my wife and kids away from the stuff. Hands down the best way to preserve your catch. 921 meets my needs. I recommend wide mouth half pints by Ball.
  7. copenhagenchild

    Accurate vs Avet: Which do you prefer?

    MXL Raptor you will not be let down!
  8. copenhagenchild

    Cooking tuna

    Can it
  9. copenhagenchild

    Offshore Great Trip On Pacific Dawn!

    Fished with them this year out of SD and had a blast. Great crew and stellar Capt. That boat is fishy
  10. copenhagenchild

    Avet lefty for Dad

    Contact charkbait at fred hall show. They hooked it up huge last year on leftys for me. You might have to wait for them to order it but believe me they will hook it up at the show.
  11. copenhagenchild

    Abu Garcia Reels Record RCN60HC and 5600C4

    50lb string with 3ft of flouro. Everything from bassin to 20lb bluefin this year on that reel. Sadly the drag is now burned out. Who woulda thunk that?
  12. copenhagenchild

    3 amigo trip on ocean odyssey

    Great report glad I could fish along side of you guys. As far as pictures go I don't think anyone but Sergio was taking pictures we were all to busy fishing. It was non stop all dam day. As far as the bocaccio being endangered ha yeah those fish are nowhere near endangered. They were coming up...
  13. copenhagenchild

    3 Amigos - Ocean Odyessy - San Clemente Island

    Lingcod opener sounds much better. This one was more like the ling closer with only a handful being landed. Lots were lost at color. I was just thankful to get one to the boat. We missed you Jim next time hopefully you can join us on the rail.
  14. copenhagenchild

    3 Amigos - Ocean Odyessy - San Clemente Island

    Was a great 1.5 day. By far the best customer service I've experienced yet. Thanks to the amigos for rounding up this trip and thank you Capt. Rick and the entire crew of the O.O. Look forward to catching with you all in the future.
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  16. copenhagenchild

    3 AMIGO'S San Clemente Island 1.5 Day 12/7/12

    Yes that will do fine. Maybe something you can flip for calicos aswell. Boat Leaves at 6PM I Plan on getting down there early. 3-4 ish grab some chow and a drinkski
  17. copenhagenchild

    3 AMIGO'S San Clemente Island 1.5 Day 12/7/12

    Looking Forward to this trip alot. I have a week to recruit a few more slots.
  18. copenhagenchild

    3 AMIGO'S San Clemente Island 1.5 Day 12/7/12

    Booked Two spots for the trip this AM. LETS DO THIS!!!!!!
  19. copenhagenchild

    ? Fish Dope ?

    Worth your money. You feel free to spend your money on gas trying to find the fins while I use FD to fill the sacks.
  20. copenhagenchild

    First WSB Sat 8/4

    Congrats on the first croaker.
  21. copenhagenchild

    Jx 2 speed MC question?

    Is the jx the only one you have with MC? The MC slows it down a little. Is the MC nob on 5?
  22. copenhagenchild

    bluefin cooking

    Smoke that shit. Brine 1 1/2 - 2 hours remove from brine let dry for 30 mins smoke at 270-300 for 1 1/2 hours or until meat stops sweating. Remove and enjoy
  23. copenhagenchild

    Big Game 90

    Very fishy boat. I believe the two rooms on the deck level are 3 man. I've never stayed below so no help there. BG has great prices listed but the food plan is where you pay. Mike and the crew are awesome. I haven't fished with Irv but have heard a few horror stories. Good luck man.
  24. copenhagenchild

    Offshore Apollo August 01-02 report

    very rad. Glad you guys found fish.
  25. copenhagenchild

    Leopard sharks on an SUP

    Looks bad ass. Way to get some paddle boarding in
  26. copenhagenchild

    Surface Jig Casting Reel Question

    I'm right there with you Matt I've owned a 6/3 for two years and have yet to find a true home rod for it. Good luck
  27. copenhagenchild

    2010 SAC/NOAA Biological Sampling Program

    Owyn are you able to meet up at the sd landings after trips?
  28. copenhagenchild

    Offshore 7/28 on the Legend 1.5 day trip

    Sweet report man. That rail looks wide open how many did u guys go with? Thanks for the report
  29. copenhagenchild

    Offshore Can someone tell me the Specs on The Outer Limits?

    Sportfishingreport states 65/20 with 24 bunks. Hope this helps PQ 88/22
  30. copenhagenchild

    Offshore 1.5 Day on The Cortez 7/22/12 Jerry's Charter

    @Scott I'm sure we've all had epic trips were not many fish were brought home or the ratio wasn't limits for everyone at the end of the day. Epic isn't always great numbers in the counts it's who your with, memories you gain and story's you can pass along. Glad you guys got out and thanks for...
  31. copenhagenchild

    Offshore CONDOR goes the extra miles!!!

    Cheers to a awesome Crew and a dam fishy boat. Good job fingers crossed the water keeps bringing them north. Thanks for the report.
  32. copenhagenchild

    Live squid on the long beach carnage

    we got it in lb and were grateful due to the fact we were unable to raise either squid boat at the island good luck knock em dead
  33. copenhagenchild

    Live squid on the long beach carnage

    Anyone know if carnage is out at avalon area? were unable to get ahold of them.
  34. copenhagenchild

    stripper in the surf

    Stripper haha you had me at that. Nice socal striper
  35. copenhagenchild

    California State Record Sculpin?

    Did you give it a hair cut?
  36. copenhagenchild

    6-2-2012 Coastal WSB

    Props on the fish.
  37. copenhagenchild

    Offshore Michael Fowlkes

    For updates on Michaels status and progress go to type in Michaelfowlkes With no spaces. Get well soon and look forward to tight lines in the future for you.
  38. copenhagenchild

    Fishing was good

    Thanks for the report killer fish right there
  39. copenhagenchild

    catalina weather for the weekend

    Bouyweather check there site out. There's a few other websites out there but that one is my go to when last minute. Good luck out there.
  40. copenhagenchild

    GoPro Hero2 video from 4-30-12

    Nice edit thanks for sharing with us
  41. copenhagenchild

    2012 Eastern Sierra Opener: Roll Call

    Loading up right now enroute to mammoth see you guys on the water early. Good luck to all.
  42. copenhagenchild

    FREEDOM San Nic Photo 4-22-12

    quality lings right there.
  43. copenhagenchild

    04.22.12 - Aloha Spirit - Full Speed Rockfishing

    Way to go. Capt shawn runs a dam good boat.
  44. copenhagenchild

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    Pretty rad fish. Congrats
  45. copenhagenchild

    Big Game 90 Morning Report

    Thank you guys for the report. I'm sure the great trip has only just begun.
  46. copenhagenchild

    Corbina hunting and catching with BankRobber 4-18

    He'll yeah nice fish all around. Thanks for the report
  47. copenhagenchild

    Late Mirage Report

    Dam that's a cow of a whitefish. Thanks for the report
  48. copenhagenchild

    skinner 4-1-12

    Very nice
  49. copenhagenchild

    DVL march 31st

    If you are referencing my update that would be a yes. ***silverwood***
  50. copenhagenchild

    DVL march 31st

    Storms and castaic swim baits. 4-10 inch anything that resembles a rainbow. Go ultra light line with 3/4-1oz kastmasters in the deep water and you will catch lots. Fish really slow and take your time. Kits of large mouth on drop shots aswell pre spawn fish up to 8 ft of water. I will be on the...
  51. copenhagenchild

    DVL march 31st

    Nice. Hit silverwood for 7 fish to 12lb today. ALL ON SWIMBAITS. Starting to come around with the warm weather...
  52. copenhagenchild

    What is a Good all around kelp reel

    SX+ spectra you will never be disappointed
  53. copenhagenchild

    Avet left in pink

    Just ordered my wife one through Charkbait. Takes a little more due to the lefty and pink but they will hook you up. MC Two speed pink lefty took almost a month to get to my door.
  54. copenhagenchild

    Noobie to the conventional reels

    Sx+ spectra = giant slayer. You made a good choice bro. Good luck.
  55. copenhagenchild

    Like new Gold Avet LX and Seeker Rod&Reel

    Talked to you earlier in the week. Im ready to head over and pick up today if you are free.
  56. copenhagenchild

    Accurate Boss 870 2 speed $375 delivered

    If not lets up for a 870