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    Excel bunk layouts

    Their are no singles on the Excel. State room #9 in the bow has two bunks but they normally only put one person in it as it is a very small room without a sink. If they sell all 33 spots don’t expect a single. The other small room in the bow is occupied by the cooks.
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    Evaluating LR trip in mid June or early Dec

    If you can squeeze your time frame out to an 11 day, I would suggest the Nov. 19 eleven day on the Excel. Guadalupe, the rocks, the ridge, upper end of the lower banks (Mag Bay area) off shore blue fin. Fishing for wahoo, medium size tuna, Larger yellow tail, and grouper are all in the mix...
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    Old school wahoo lure

    Fish n Fools in Granada Hills has them in stock (Gold),
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    Booking a summer trip?

    The June 5, 2021 Intrepid 7 day in question has 16 openings as of Friday so they only have eight people booked so far. The trips after this one are sold out into late summer early fall. Don't know what the deal is with JRI or why this trip, despite it's advantages isn't being jumped on. I do...
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    Booking a summer trip?

    Checking the schedules for a spring/summer 7 or 8 day trip and not finding much that wouldn't require me to be the last guy aboard. Finnaly did find one that is wide open and is on one of the better boats. It's a 7 day limited load (24) departing June 5 and on a great moon cycle. June 7 is...
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    April Okuma Trip on the Excel

    Generally speaking, April is a great month for tuna of all sizes in the 16 day range. It all changed three tears ago and the tuna have just not shown up down there. In the event this is the year they come back, take your big stuff. The Lupe is not an option due to covid in Mexico. As for...
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    Nov 27th Fins-N-Feathers Thanksgiving Classic on the Indy

    I booked an unsponsored 11 day trip dparting Nov. 27, 2021 on the Excel in August 2020. I was the first person to sign up (I think) for that trip and it has been slow to fill untill last week when I noticed on their web site in has picked up a sponsor and a whole bunch of passengers. Is this...
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    372 on XL

    Congrats to T.T. two over 300 and still fishing! This trip next year has many openings. $500. down and you reserve a boarding spot. I get my shot on the Big X on February 2.
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    planning ahead

    Yes, in fact some will book as much as 3 years in advance. So you can lose your boarding number but you keep your stateroom. One year I went from #1 to #17. A large group had booked 3 years in advance. Most of the time that is not the case. The 11 day I mentioned is full for this year, but...
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    planning ahead

    For those looking for a L.R. trip later this fall, there isn't much to chose from. 10/11 day trips are sold out at this point or at best have 1 or 2 spots available. Rest assured the regulars have not left the better staterooms wide open for the last guy aboard. Ditto for tackle box spots...
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    Looking for cooler water

    Wind causes upwelling of inshore waters and will reduce water surface temperature. Unfortunately, it also makes the water green and off color. Not good for fishing. I wouldn’t worry about it this far in advance of your trip.
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    Royal Polaris 5-Day November.

    Don't mean to be argumentative, with the other posters, but their is another side to the wisdom of a 5 day trip in Nov. There is a reason why L.R. boats schedule mainly 10 and 11 day trips in the 11th. month. November is a transition month between Fall and Winter. You might get lucky and find...
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    Rigging Spectra ? Help I'm to old to remember 😂

    Lots of way's to do this. What I do is feed the mono or fluorocarbon 4 to 5 feet into the hollow spectra, then dribble on enough Tac Glue to cover 7 or 8 inches where the mono enters the spectra. It doesn't take much glue to do this, be careful not to over apply. Also you MUST use Tac Glue...
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    Parking at Fisherman's, Point Loma & H & M

    Sorry I wasn't clear. I parked in the street in front of fisherman's Landing. There were no signs. Found out later there is a three day limit everywhere in the harbor area. As I remember the fine was about $30. which was less then half of what the lot would have charged at that time...
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    Parking at Fisherman's, Point Loma & H & M

    Parked in front of fishermans landing for a 16 day trip. The ticket on my window when iI got back indicated a 3 day limit on curb parking. The fine was less then the parking fee in the lot. Just lucky I didn't get towed.
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    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    You’re right Jeff, I decided long ago to go from 3 summer trips to 2 and put that saved money on one lite load trip and make the other trip an early June 8 day. Those trips on the Excel almost always fail to sell out and end up going out lite.
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    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    I’m doing a 7 day on the Intrepid in late July w/ no lupe permits. Trip is limited to 15 and is sold out. $5000. Ticket. A hell of a lot for 7 days but I did the math and the price is fair. My experience is most guys aren’t willing or can’t pay for the lite load.
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    It depends, if your fishing a short top shot and have a lot of spectra in the water, your going to have a wear and tear issue as spectra tangles are common. When the deck hands pick out these tangles, they can damage the line by breaking one of the threads. So I would change it every 3 or 4...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I know they are doing their best to run the trips, but this is a little bit crazy. You can't wear a mask all day without getting sick because when you exhale you breath back in a portion of your own C02. For older guys this will not work. There have already been a number of auto accidents...
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    Kite fishing on LR boats

    130# spectra is strong enough to land any tuna, but there's more to it than that. Tuna have a way of going ape shit when they get close to the boat, especially when the deck hands wave their gaffs over them as they come up. When this happens they often shoot under the boat and before you can...
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    Kite fishing on LR boats

    Long Range boats that run trips 15 to 16 days generally like to fill their kite outfits with 200# hollow and ether a 4 to 5 foot mono or fluorocarbon leader or a 20 to 30 foot 200# mono leader topped by a 100 to 200# fluoro. leader to the hook. As you can see there are lots of ways to do in, ...
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    Avet serial number

    Serial numbers go in sequence starting with 00001 and go from there. My MXJ was purchased in November 2008 with a serial number 00038, fresh off the press as it were. You could call Avet and ask but I doubt the girl who answers the phone would have any idea.
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    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    I'll drive to the dock in my 1953 Studebaker pickup.
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    Long Range Travel Insurance

    Been using evac. insurance from Bob Dawson for years and fortunately have never needed it. Recommended it to a friend with a bad heart who was going on a 7 day. His evac. bill from Cedros after he had the big one, was $130,000. Paid for by the insurance, and that was 10 years ago. I'm...
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    FG vs RP

    RP knot with a drop of Tac glue on 100 and up. As a side note, the strongest knot may not be the best “ fishing knot “.
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    Yellowtail hooks?

    I use owner flyliner 3/0 or 4/0 depending on bait size. For surface fishing and eagle claw circle hooks in the 8/0 size for dropper loop.
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    Corona Virus Therapy

    Well the Intrepid is doing something to address the C.V. go to their web sight and click on fish reports and their notice will pop up. Interesting and worth a look.
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    Now what?

    No prablemo
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    Now what?

    Can’t speak for Tom but as far as I know the answer is yes.
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    Now what?

    I was on that trip, there was very rough weather off shore going north so we spent the night on anchor in calm in shore waters. We got in a day late with no damage to boat, passengers or gear and for the record there was no leak.
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    Now what?

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    Now what?

    Cheap boats are cheap for a reason. Leaken Leana is a little harmless hyperbole just for the fun of it. As for which ones to avoid, you know that only after they've run up on the rocks of their island destination in the dead of night or started to come apart in rough weather, or even lost a...
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    Feel question

    Both the HX3 & the HXW3 will give you the gear ratio you need to easily land a big fish. I landed a 225 last year on my HXW3. I would get the HXW3.
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    Now what?

    Too good to pass up! So yes i’m going.
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    Now what?

    Lots of shiny new can’t miss stuff from the Fred Hall Show. Time to look for a good (stress good) Spring/Summer trip, you know, a nice 7 or 8 day. Theirs two ways to go on this, you can give your fishing budget a break and opt for a 2 for 1 on the Leakin leena, or do it right and go on one of...
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    cow tuna sardine hooks

    owner and tokar don't use the X system. Mustad does so if your fishing in cow country be sure your using 4X. With owner the super mutu is what you want.
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    02 Feb - 18 Feb Excel Ultra 16 Day

    A few thoughts from another passenger on the Feb. trip. We did well on wahoo as noted above. Tuna was a different story. It wasn't that they weren't there. Capt. metered them throughout the day, they just would not bite, all methods were tried. Early in the trip the smaller (under 40#) fish...
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    Cow jig reel?

    For every down side there's an up side somewhere. I like the noise on my Avet 30, that way I know when i'm turning the handle.
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    Cow jig reel?

    Avet EX50 3spd. 4 to 1 high offers very fast pick up due to the diameter of the spool. 2 to 1 mid gear makes turning the handle easy on the 80/120 size fish and the 1 to 1 low gear is a winch.
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    Avet Stardrag

    Haven't bought a single speed reel in years. This seems too good to pass up.
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    Limited Load on the RP

    So does that mean their doing well, or is it a group of tired old guy's?
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    REEL to BUY

    All are good choices, really hard today to find a bad reel. If you want something to tackle the big boys consider the Avet 50 EX 3 speed. Not saying it’s a better reel, but the 1to1 low gear allows you to keep cranking on a circling fish without waiting for the fish to come toward you. When...
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Going out on the next trip so appreciate these update. Can you tell us what the bait is like. thanks for the report Soda, are the sardines big, medium, small? I’m on the next trip.
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    williamson lure for troll wahoo

    Tried the Williamson on two trips last year and they got bit every time. I used the pink&white but don’t think color mattered. Yes they are made by Papala . The finish is not as pretty as the rapalas but the fish don’t seem to mind. I changed the hooks to 7/0 owner Jobu J hooks. Also used...
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Been fishing the Excel since 1995 and have fished all the others too. All things considered, for me the Excel is an easy choice. That having been said, the food has slipped in recent years. That's not a shot at the cooks as they must stay within the food budget.
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    I would say the only base you don't have covered is a 50 for big tuna, also comes in handy for big grouper. I would rent one from the landing. Good luck on your trip.
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    Blue jb hollow braid

    Have been using some blue for a few years now and haven’t noticed any difference. Any colored line other then yellow is harder for the deck hands to see at night. When I bought my thread lock it was on sale and really cheap. Makes me think they aren’t selling much of it.
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    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    Heading south on the Excel Feb.2nd. 16 day. Good luck on your trip. Looking forward to your report.
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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    In defense of the fore mentioned Art Green: I've fished with Art on quite a few trips and will admit he can be a hand full. He is and has been for some years about 80% deaf. So when your going down the rail with the fish and he doesn't move it's because he didn't here you. As for the rest...
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    100lb+ fish?

    You can go to the rocks the ridge the Lupe or the lower banks on a 10 day and you might get a 100# fish. But if you want to maximize your chances try the HCI 16 day on the Excel departing May 12. They have ten openings and only take 22 passengers. You’ll get your big fish and a lot more. Good...
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    Clothing for January 16 day

    Have done many of these trips and am doing a 16 day on the Excel. Agree with the other posters however as warm and nice as it usually is down south. That time of year you will freeze on the first 2 days going down and again coming back. So take some long pants and a jacket.
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    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    yes they all have boat gear with lures that are appropriate for whatever they are trolling for, on 10 day trips that is usually wahoo. They don't charge for this. Good Luck
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    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    They will, but bear in mind there are four other guys trolling and spreader bars tend to move side to side a bit. Just tell the crew what you have in mind and they will probably let you try it.
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    Avet HX 5/2 for 150# yft?

    Standard Hx is a great reel for Yellowtail or smaller tuna in the 40/ 50 pound range. Not suitable for tuna in the 100# range. That's not to say it can't be done. If you think you might be fishing in cow country and want an HX that will cover all basses, then I suggest the HXRaptor 3 speed...
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    Could it be? 2005 Lower Banks fishing again!

    I'm on the 11/29 Excel trip and hoping for the best. The H. Bank hasn't produced much the last two years, but every year is different. Unfortunately the Intrepid cancelled their Oct. 14 day which could have provided a preview, so we'll be taking our chances. On the plus side this trip is likely...
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    SOA 4 Day Report - 8/16 - 8/20

    Offshore tuna fishing is almost always on the drift. You drop your nose hooked bait off the wind in your face side of the boat and the drifting of the boat will get you out there. Anchor fishing sometimes requires casting, but not always.
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    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    I have all Avets from SX to 80w so I like Avets. Their chief advantage for me is the three speed option on everything from the HX to the 130. In my experience, this is very helpful on even the smaller 90 to 120’s that are the typical catch in 15 day range.
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    How to crimp a long sleeve

    I do it three times and start at the tag end. It's an easier way to make sure the tag end is tight against the crimp as shown in the photo.
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    Questions about future trip to Guadalupe Island

    For the lupe, I would use 60# fluoro. and a 5/0 or larger circle hook. You are using large chunks of tuna so you can use a larger hook than you would use for fly lining. The crew will show you the technique.
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    Questions about future trip to Guadalupe Island

    Royal Star is recommending 50# to 60# fluorocarbon for the Lupe. Usually seven day trips don’t go to Guadalupe. Check with the AA office to see if they have pulled permits.
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    Sea Adventure 80

    If it's not a dedicated tuna trip, bring your rock cod gear.
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    Avet went overboard

    And take or send it to Avet .
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    6 day on the shogun 8-2-19

    A great deal for some lucky bd’er!!
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    Summer Trips - Tuna or bust!

    I think your best bet for 80# or larger YFT is a dedicated six day Lupe. trip. Most Guadalupe tuna are under 50# but on any given trip some will range 80 to 100. Another option is go every other year and do a 14 - 16 day. Those trips focus in on the YFT and Wahoo. The Excel has a 16 day in...
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    Music on deck

    I think loud music on deck is a terrible idea. Even if it's the kind of music I like because I know half (or more) of the passengers don't want to hear it. For those who think it's just fine, try playing your favorite hip hop rap rock at full blast on an airplane and see how long you last.
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    First time with the 13 year old on the intrepid

    Make him feel part of the group, buy him an Intrepid tee shirt&cap at the landing office. Put a limit on the soda fountain, and remember, you can’t make him have a good time. Be patient.
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    At what point?

    I guess time flies when you’re having fun. I wasn’t on that trip but I was there. Just next door on the Indy. We also had a great trip, but nothing over 300. Lots over 200. Jeff told us the XL scale was broke but taped around 470# . 445 at the dock and probably over 450 when caught, that’s...
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    At what point?

    Here's a opportunity to fish an ultra limited 16 day trip on the biggest and many believe the best boat in the fleet The Excel has 12 openings on their Nov. 29th. 16 day. They've been stuck on 12 since the Fred Hall show, and it doesn't look like their going to get close to 25. They will...
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    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    If you’re an older gent, as many on this board are and not much into jumping up on the upper bunk. Let Judy know you need a lower, also the Indy preassigns tackle box spots based on deposit date. So there is no need to get there at the crack of dawn. Unlike the other boats you mention, the...
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    Wahoo fishermen

    Position on the stern can matter depending on what your trolling. Heavy lures like the cow bell or hookers are best fished on one of the corner spots as those are fished closest to the boat, in the prop wash. Regular Marauders and DTX can be fished anywhere. On my last trip in Feb. I used a...
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    Which processor arranges shipping

    Probably Fisherman's Process if anyone. Call them and ask.
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    Replacing HX Raptor ergo handle with Avet 30 power handle

    If your going to be fishing for average size tuna/wahoo that you would expect on an 8 day or shorter trip, your better off with the stock handle. Reason is you can turn it much faster then you can turn the big power handle. Very important with Wahoo & yo-yo yellow tail. If your going cow...
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    I understand Bob Muller is looking for a new gig, a fish capper should be right up his alley.
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    RR3 Trip Cancelled

    For RR3 folks who still want to go long this year, the Excel has 12 openings on their Nov 29 sixteen day.
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    Looking for a medium wt two speed reel..

    Avet LX Raptor or the HX Raptor. These reels will not break the bank, will last a lifetime and are made in Calif.
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    possibility of coastal islands opening

    Not a word.
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    Soft Steel dealers

    Call Tony Garza at 714-336-1668. Tony is the Soft Steel rep for the USA
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    What else?

    6 grand seems like a lot for a 10 day, even coming from Texas. Some boats will loan you gear for just the cost of the line you use, which shouldn't be much. Buy some fluorocarbon and hooks at Fisherman's Landing Tackle shop. They are more expensive then many other shops but they know exactly...
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    2 openings on Excel 16 day

    For those who find 4-25 too soon to plan a L R trip (i.e. to soon to talk the wife into it) consider the Nov 29 16 day. Historically a great time to go, and with 11 openings it will probably go light. Last Nov. trip was a bust so not many re-ups. Check it out.
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    extra efforts re wahoo?

    Sounds like one of the old Braid trips. I fish the Excel 3 or 4 times a year and have never seen that, other then one LR trip on the aforementioned charter.
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    extra efforts re wahoo?

    All boats that fish wahoo water will have a wahoo seminar on the way down. If they don't mention their slide policy, by all means ASK that way all passengers get the same message.
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    RP - on a BFT bite...

    May 25th. 8 day on the Intrepid looking really good right now. Plenty of time for a Yellowtail limit from the rocks or the ridge and 3 or 4 days on the Bluefin grounds. With only 4 booked the trip should go light.
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    Manual Drag Override

    I would say about 5 pounds for the average guy. The way to find out for sure is to mount reel on rod then tie off end of line to something that weighs 20 or 30 pounds, put the reel in free spool with your fingers on the spool and lift.
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    Roller guides, death knell to selling a rod?

    Like many others, I started buying LR rods in the mid 1990's and bought into the notion that you had to have roller guides. This idea was heavlly promoted by the roller guide makers, and seemed to make a lot of sense at the time. As time went by guys began to worry that the spectra would get...
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    The lower banks???

    Lower banks are spotty at best. The 10 day boats will usually give it a 2 day shot. Not because they really expect anything other then some nice Grouper, but after visits to the Rocks and spots along the Ridge (which is the upper part of the lower banks) You have your Yellow Tail limits and...
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    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    I understand Jeff is crewing on the R.P. I have no information as to why the change.
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    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Did a 15 day twp years ago on the RP, nobody does a better job of putting the anglers on fish then Roy, you should have a great trip. Just one word of caution. Bring your own cups. As we used to say in Brooklyn, they don't got some.
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    The Fred Hall show .... Long Beach

    When you get there, don't forget to ask Sal where the Bob Sands booth is!
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    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    Yes, 8 or 9 turns then a drop of tac glue
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    Processing question

    Fisherman’s process charges $1.10 a pound you can call the processors and ask their prices. They are fisherman’s process, five star and sportsman’s seafood. All are located in San Diego close to the landing. Normally all three are at the landing when the boats get in. Its a good idea to make...
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    Are there any 6-8 day late spring trips targeting BFT?

    If your going to the Fred Hall show in March, go to the Intrepid booth and talk to Capt. Bill about their May 25th. 8 day. If the big B.F.are around they may spend some time on them. In any case it's limited to 24 passengers and will probably go light. Should be a good trip.
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    A trip worth looking at

    A lot to like about a late Spring 8 day on one of the bigger boats with a light passenger load that won't empty your wallet. Such a trip is the May 25th 8 day on the Intrepid. They are taking 24 instead of the usual 26 with no increase in price. At this point they only have 3 takers and the...
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    A very nice set up. Stuff like this is all over the deck of the R.P. owing to their lack of tackle box storage. Would loved to have had it my last trip on fore rmentioned boat.
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    10 day Intrepid December 2019

    On a 10 day Dec. trip big tuna on the lower banks are a possibility, I would take or rent a 100# outfit.
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    2017 braid marauders

    I bought one of their marauder's last year. Seems to work fine.
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    How to store your glow in the dark jig?

    Their ability to hold a "g;ow" will degrade over time. But it takes about 10 years for that to happen. If you haven't lost it by then, your not really trying. Seriously though, I don't think it matters how you store them.
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    Pink and Purple Ds

    Will be at Fishermans Landing 2/1 for the Excel 16 day departing 2/2. If they still have them in stock I'll pick up a couple and give them a try at the H. Bank.
  98. B

    Pink and Purple Ds

    They look great! How fast will they troll?
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    Looking for a reel to handle 200lb.+ fish.

    Right. Both the 80/3 and the 50/3 are 1 to 1 in low But the 50 is a smaller diameter spool so it has more torque that the 80.
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    Looking for a reel to handle 200lb.+ fish.

    Ya Bill I do, 2 speeds do the job most of the time but 2 speeds are a compromise. High gear can't be too high or you can't turn the handle on a 110/120#class fish and low can't be too low because it's too slow, and you can't move the fish fast enough. With the 3 speed you have a very fast 4 to...
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    Looking for a reel to handle 200lb.+ fish.

    Everyone has their opinion on this subject. Fact is, it is really hard to find a bad 50. All the manufactures make good reels. Avet is the only reel maker offering 3 speed technology.
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    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    Sounds like business as usual at the H. Bank. As for the can exchange situation, IMO that has a negative impact on these trips. I know some tuna fishermen who love the cans.
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    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    With 8 openings is this trip a go?
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    How sharkey is Guadalupe in September?

    August, Sept. and October are prime time for the Lupe. You never really know about the sharks. When their active you can usually get most of your fish to the boat. The key I think, is to keep them coming, keep turning the handle. The G.W. sharks like to roll over and grab a hunk of neat in...
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    Spectra brand weights

    Don't know what the weight of any specific brand/size of spectra is, but it stands to reason that the lighter pound size should weigh less than the heaver pound size. You could for example take your next spool of spectra and weigh it on a postage scale with the line still on then weigh the...
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    Kite Reel line question

    Yea, I've never needed 1200 yds. of spectra and that big reel is a bit of a pain, but I only use it for the kite,and if I do hook a really big one I'm good without the skiff we don't have anymore...Maybe?
  107. B

    Kite Reel line question

    The R.P. fishes the kite short so you'll have no problems there. They also like to connect the 2 or 3 foot leader directly to the spectra. There are few anglers who can hang onto a rod and stay in the boat when hit with 30lbs. of drag with no stretch in the line. To make matters worse, the...
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    Time to change fish processor

    It's your $ you have every right to take your business elsewhere for your next trip. But since your asking, I would skip the disputed charge.
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    Avet EX50/2 or EX50/3?

    If your fishing for tuna over 180 and especially the big BF that can run well over 200 and even over 300 the 1 to 1 low gear is a big help. It allows you to keep turning the handle as opposed to pulling and then turning the handle. The 50W is a good idea too IMO.
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    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    About 8:30 last night the Prowler out of San Diego collided with a 332' private yacht and sustained considerable damage. One passenger was air lifted out in critical condition. 17 passengers transferred to other vessels.
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    GloJRI8 or PL68 squid conversion??

    Never hurts to think about what the fish see's in deep water, and not what we see in daylight.
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    Flat falls, let’s see your photos.

    What, no spinner blade?
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    Loading bait for our first long trip of the year. Catchy Tackle 15-day.

    Good luck on your trip Soda! How's the bait size?
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    Spirit of Adventure 8 day report (Oct 1st - Oct 9th)

    Nice report Tom, and nice to read that the sardines are a little bigger than they have been.
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    Avet LX two speed

    This happens often with these reels, all you need to do is run some very hot water over the push button and at the same time work the button up and down, the hot water will free up any gunk that may have collected in the shift mechanism.
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    Anyone know what these are just got 4 of them

    Hooker trolling jigs. These don't look like the original hooker 's, but should work fine.
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    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    When I started doing multi day trips in the eatly 90's green and yellow was a very hot yo-yo yellowtail color at Cedros, but it wasn't long before all the fish were coming in on blue/white or scrambled egg, and green/yellow became a dud. Never the less I continued to keep one in my box "just...
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    Where’s the Excel?

    This is their 3rd. day of fishing and still no report other then one big Rooster Fish the first day. Could mean things are really bad down there or really really good. Going on the Nov 16 day so hopping for the latter.
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    Hollow Spectra to Swivel Connection

    I tie a 10 turn double San Diego knot going swivel to spectra. Its very easy to tie in spectra.
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    Squid for bluefin?

    Why use a free squid when you can use a $40.00 customized flat fall? Shimano wants to know!
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    mono as leader for bft???

    When big tuna hit a lure they open their mouth and it goes straight to their stomach. If the hooks grab on deep down you need about 3 feet.
  122. B

    Angler Choice 8 Day Intrepid 8-27 - 9/4

    If I ever find myself on death row, I'll take my last meal on an intrepid 18 day.
  123. B

    mono as leader for bft???

    Fluorocarbon is much denser than mono and therefore offers more bite off protection. It's not a visibility thing.
  124. B

    Avet HXJ 3-Speed

    Nice reel for sure, but realistically speaking, any fish big enough to require a 3 spd.. reel will also require more line than the HXJ can hold.
  125. B

    Vagabond CRUSHES the BFT

    Had this been an 18 day at the H. Bank, 29 cows would be a trip they would talk about for years. But on a five day? All I can say is WOW!!!!
  126. B

    A question about the staterooms on the Excel

    Pretty sure its more that 101/2 inches. You should be fine.
  127. B

    Hxw raptor with 100lb braid

    Love the reel, caught a 220 this year on the H. Bank with 100# spectra and about 30" of 80# P-Line at mid day when the bite was really slow. Crew was ready to throw it over the side when the fish stopped. No way would I use this reel on the big Blue Fin. You get bit 2 or 300 feet deep, not...
  128. B

    Difference Tiagra 80 VS. 80A

    The 130 is a much larger reel. It gets 80lbs. at strike and 100 lbs. in full and is used mainly for big game bill fishing in a chair. Not suitable for L.R. stand up fishing. The 80 Tiagra 80W is a good kite reel however it does have a very high low gear at 1.3 to 1 So if you get it, plan on...
  129. B

    Best and worst months for 15 day trip.

    The yellowfin are there year around, due to frequent hurricanes in the June to October time frame most boats will avoid those months.. The wahoo are best from January thru May.
  130. B

    Best Casting reel for 8' casting rod

    JX or LX 2 speed.
  131. B

    130 lb reel

    If your going for the big boys down south, I would suggest you take advantage of the most significant advance in big game reel technology since the advent of the two speed. That would be the Avet three speed. 4 to 1 high 2 to 1 mid gear and 1 to 1 in low. 2 speed reels are a compromise, fine...
  132. B

    wahoo fly?

    A few years ago while fishing off the stern of the Excel at the Hurricane Bank I noticed a bird flying by about 30' off the water and in their usual pattern looking for fish. As the bird went by I saw a wahoo rocket out of the water in an obvious attempt at intercepting the bird. He missed...
  133. B

    Irrespective of Captain and Crew, Which boat is the fishiest?

    Aside from the fact that the 105 is no longer fishing, the notion that some boats attract fish is a myth. If it were true that some boats do, then every commercial boat in the world would look the same. As for our L.R. boats, the boat that can throw the most chum will be the one with the most...
  134. B

    Opah on 2 day

    If they stop on a kelp paddy, forget the firecracker yellowtail and drop a jig or heavy flat fall down deep.
  135. B

    Double trouble rigging

    Yea, what he said. Every boat has their own preferred way. They would rather do it than have you do it in a way that to them ,is wrong.
  136. B

    RP 18 day JB Line One leaving 1-20-19.

    Chopa is a much maligned rock fish that's much better eating than it's appearance would suggest, similar in taste and texture to yellowtail.
  137. B

    RP 18 day JB Line One leaving 1-20-19.

    Did a 15 day this year on the R.P., my first time on the boat. As i've done many such tripes on other boats I wasn't ecpecting any suprises, but got one anyway. Turns out they have no cups on the boat. They gave us each a plastic cup the first day upon which we were to write our name and were...
  138. B

    Kite set ups

  139. B

    Flat falls with circle hooks trials

    I've been doing this for a few years now on the LR trips. Before the Flat Fall craze I used a glow in the dark 6X & 6XJR. with a 12 to 14 1nch 150# fluorocarbon leader to a 8/0 4x Mustad circle hook and a sardine. At times it's worked well at the Bank and Clarion. Now I'm using flat falls...
  140. B

    80# Reel Advice

    All are good, but I would go with the Avet HXW Raptor as it is the only one with 3 speed technology. A big help on bigger fish.
  141. B

    Spectra to swivel/ring knot

    Because of the small diameter of spectra it is very easy to tie a double S.D. knot 9,10,or even more turns. Try it at home, you'll see.
  142. B

    Spectra to swivel/ring knot

    yes, with 9 or 10 turns.
  143. B

    30EXW vs. HXW Raptor for Trolling

    Before the small 2spd. reels guys would fish Penn 4/0 or 6/0 and that worked fine for Albacore and yellowtail. Now there is a chance of a big tuna in local waters so I would go with the 30W.
  144. B

    Shelves on the RP

    I did a 15 day trip last April on the R.P. which was my first trip on that boat. The R.P. office called all the passengers about 3 days before the trip and told us we could board the day before and put our personal stuff in our state rooms and fishing gear in the stern area, not on the racks...
  145. B

    Extended summer trips

    Their getting bigger Bluefin in day and a half range.
  146. B

    Advice/Experience - Avet HX Raptor

    Not only are they made in U.S.A. they are made locally (Chatsworth). Unfortunatilly that carries little weight with many.
  147. B

    Fly Home

    If they ever figure out a way to fly us back directly from the H. Bank, I'm all in. Other wise, going to Cabo is way too out of the way.
  148. B

    Wahoo trollers

    Braid went out of business a couple years ago. Their products are now being sold by a company in Florida at they still sell the Marauders and they claim they are built better than the old version. Belly hook pulling out is an old story with the Braid Marauder, due to very...
  149. B


    Rough it up with sand paper and it will be fine.
  150. B

    Pro EXW

    I would call Avet at 818-497-6019 The 4/02 has been out of production for a long time but they may be able to help. If not I would turn to Dave Rocchi at 562-547-5877. Allan Tanni ( ?spelling) does work on the 4/02 but I don't have a contact #.
  151. B

    Fighting Harness on Guadalupe tuna

    When I started doing the long trips in the mid 1990's everybody used a harness, if you didn't you got laughed off the boat or reminded that "were not after rock cod you know". Now it's just the opposite. The truth is there is a place for both. Agree with Cubeye
  152. B

    HXW raptor vs HXW raptor 3 speed?

    Just returned from the Excel 16 day and was lucky enough to land a 218 on my new HXW Raptor 3spd. The super low first gear made it doable for me. I must admit however, the 500 yds. of spectra goes down really fast. Bottom line is this is a reel for a guy who already has a 30 and a 50.
  153. B

    Newbie here

  154. B

    Signed up Indy trip #1815 Rusty Hook open, what to expect?

    Haven't fished the Indy in a few years. Great boat and the best food in the fleet IMO. There is one thing you might need to know that is different then most boats. They assign bunk Numbers. So if you need a lower bunk you should let Judy know.
  155. B

    Thinking about getting 600 size reel

    I would suggest the Avet LX Raptor 2spd. Will give you enough line capacity, gear ratio and drag to do what you describe. These reels are easy to work on and are manufactured locally. In fact you can take or UPS them to the factory in Chatsworth and they will repair or service them while you...
  156. B

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Putting a bend in the rod to set the drag is a technique that was started by the East Coast yacht set. They fish their rods in a vertical "rocket launcher" so when they get a strike the rod bends. We fish rods in the horizontal position so when we get a strike the pull goes directly to the...
  157. B

    My problem, please help me

    The Ulua is too big for an SX. I fish an HX on my Ulua. The 6490 would be a good choice, as well as the Cal Star 800 light.
  158. B

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    A great set up, but only if you have the body weight to handle the 3x5.
  159. B

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    Every boat is different. The Excel starts at one and goes from there. An incentive to book early. The Indy does the same unless they've changed it. As an aside, on a 15 day trip a few years ago the trip sponsor decided we should draw from a hat. Not for the starting number, but for every...
  160. B

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    Every boat has their own policy. On the Excel, if the kite fishing is producing, they make it about an hour and a half, or until you catch a tagable fish, or have 3 misses. If the kite fishing is not producing they will leave you up till you rot. On last years February trip we had 6 days...
  161. B

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

    It's kind of a two part question. The measurables are boat size and hold capacity. The winners there are the Excel, Independence and the Intrepid. All L.R. boats have good crews. Friendliness and food quality is a matter of personal opinion. As for modern amenities, I don't know what you...
  162. B

    Best Raptor for yo-yo: HX or HXJ?

    Because the HX holds more line than the HXJ your spool diameter will not decrease as much as you drop down so as you begin your retrieve you have a larger spool diameter, thus more speed. As you say, the HXJ has stacking advantages, however that will not kick in to a noticeable degree until you...
  163. B

    No more canned Albacore at the docks???

    From talking to the landing's brain trust, it's my understanding that the impetus for this is a longstanding complaint from the Mexican authorities relating to the can trade operation. It's their position that we are selling sport caught fish, as the tuna end up in cans that are sold. While...
  164. B

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    If your O.K. spending 5to7 thousand dollars for a 14 to 17 day trip and only bring back 2 fish then more power to you. Nothing wrong with that, it's your $ and your trip. But I really don't think it's fair to characterize a 15 fish limit as greedy.
  165. B

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Sounds like a good idea. Do they bring a refer. truck to the dock to pick them up? If not, how do you get them there? I'm talking 1000lbs. plus of fish.
  166. B

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Yes it was alive enough to catch a sardine suspended under a bobber balloon, but not live enough to catch their natural pray.
  167. B

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    The royal Star did many hook tag and release trips where no fish were gaffed. The tags were very expensive so they were selective about the size of fish they used them on. As I remember, they were looking for 60 - 80 lb. class tuna as they would be likely to survive the process. On the long...
  168. B

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    This is a good idea if you have a few smaller fish that you can put in the back of a truck. There are exceptions I know but most guys who go on these 14 to 16 day trips are older and in no position to load several 100# plus tuna in the back of the family suv and then try to deal with them when...
  169. B

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Yes there are some food bank type organizations that will take fish and send a receipt, and this works fine if only a few people are doing it. They have a very limited budget to spend on fish processing and when its spent they are done for the year, unless you are willing to pay the processor...
  170. B

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    C&R is fine for smaller fish but foes not work well on large tuna. Yes they swim away, but a couple days later they are dead. Fished the Hurricane bank a few years ago after another L.R. boat had left the day before. Their last 2 days were 200# cut off. I caught one of those fish. It had a...
  171. B

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Just returned from an S.O.A. 5 day on Friday, with plenty of schoolie YFT and a few yejjowtail All went to the processor, no problem. Then BIG problem. I found out that the landings will no longer offer can exchange tor YFT. It's all over. No problem with the summer catch of smaller fish...
  172. B

    Maintenance question

    I had the same problem with my Avet reels until I stopped following Avets suggestion to dunk my reels in a bucket of fresh water at the end of a fishing trip to remove the salt. Now I use a spray bottle of water, no more dunking and no more problems with bearings.
  173. B

    Just One More Reel is All I Need

    All good suggestions, here's mine. For the kite the Avet 80 narrow 3 speed or 50W 3 speed. Gives you a 4 to 1 high that will take up loose kite line or move a jig much faster than any 2 spd. reel. The 2 to 1 mid. gear is perfect for the average tuna i.e. 90 to 120 lbs. gets them to the boat...
  174. B

    How long before they get back to me?

    Call them back and see if you can talk to Robert. You won't get much done with the girl who answers the phone. Robert may be able to work with you on this.
  175. B

    How long before they get back to me?

    So ups it to Avet and have them do a complete service. They will replace all the bearings which your "hard fished reel no doubt needs" as well as the drag washer.
  176. B

    How long before they get back to me?

    Avet is very good with walk-in service but not so good with e-mail requests. If you live too far away to go there you should call them. I would ask for Robert or any available service rep. Their # is 818-576-9895
  177. B

    Guadalupe in August

    My 8/13 Lupe 5 day on the S.O.A. is a go. So I'm thinking fishing won't be much different than in the past. August is always a good month. If you haven't fished it, water is very clear there, so start off with 40# on a 2spd. Night fishing is usually dropper lope so it's 80 or 100#. Two...
  178. B

    Question on Seeker A 655XH-5 1/2 RS/RT Trolling Rod

    A perfect trolling rod if the albacore ever come back. As for the reel, any 50# reel with good drags will be fine.
  179. B

    A Sight To Behold

    A very old story, California lawmakers hate fishing and fishermen. Were lucky they let us own fishing gear.
  180. B

    Heres something you don't see every day....

    Every trip on the Independence is sold out thru April 2018.
  181. B

    Potential new LR boat, needs visionary benefactor

    Sweet boat, but it's a pipe dream to think something like this could ever be an open party LR boat. The most any boat can fish at our LR spots is less then 30 passengers, And a boat like this is too high off the water to flyline. With high operating costs a 15 day trip would cost about...
  182. B

    avet 80 exw reel covers

    I have one from Charkbait.....It fits.
  183. B

    Interesting report from the Royal Star

    Could be kelp paddy yellows.
  184. B

    EXCEL fathers day 5 day JUNE 16

    Just got back from an 8 day Excel trip. We checked out the 5 day area on the way back and their isn't much. Huge amounts of Blue Fin that seem to have lock jaw. We did find a few Yellow tail on kelps. Most of them were not holding. You can't fish the Mexican coast. That means Cedros,San...
  185. B

    Avet Lx raptor

    It depends a lot on the application, if your using 80# to fish for big yellowtail or 50 to 100# class tuna at the lupe or the rocks, then its good. But if your fishing for the big boys at the buffer zone or the hurricane bank, then no.
  186. B

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    Over the years I have been on trips that fished in every month from October to May and have learned that sharks can be a problem in any month. It's a chance you take. Year in and year out it's hard to beat the March thru April time frame for both tuna,wahoo and usually good weather.
  187. B

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    This speaks to the point I was trying to make in the original post, For those not willing or able to wait many years to move up to a good room or boarding number. Go on a trip that doesn't have a list of regulars that came over on the Mayflower. For those interested in a LR trip ( 14 to 16...
  188. B

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    Some years ago before they started loading by booking date I arrived at the dock at 3:00pm the day before the 18 day trip departed, prepared to stay there the night like some idiot lined up for black friday. I boarded # 13.
  189. B

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    As the author of this post, there was no intent to point a finger at any one boat. I only mentioned the Indy because they are the only boat I know of that makes an effort to have as many spots as passengers, but even then it can be problematic if your 20 something or god help you 30 something...
  190. B

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    you get your boarding number and it's 20 something and no, they don't board in reverse order. But you figure what the heck, how bad can it be? Then trip day comes and you find out pretty quick, it can be real bad. If your on the Indy. you will at least have a spot on a real tackle rack...
  191. B

    My Introduction and a Question, re: June LR Fishing

    I'm also on the 6-1 excel 8 day and have been doing that trip for many years. It's always fun and usually low key. We have had good YFT fishing at the rocks but it doesn't happen often. Wahoo are not impossible so bring some wahoo gear, In the last 10 or 12 years I can only remember one...
  192. B

    Trokar hooks on big tuna?

    They are super sharp and in theory they might open a hole in the tunas mouth, however they offer an advantage that maybe some have not considered. When inserting a hook into the "shoulder" area of a sardine these super sharp hooks will do less damage as they go in. As a side note, these...
  193. B

    Avet Reels Vs Giant Bluefin Tuna

    Don't know about the T-REX but the 80W is available in 3-speed. I have one that I use for the kite and it is a monster, gotta use a harness.
  194. B

    RP knot

    For what it's worth, I use the RP knot for 130 and 200lbs. hollow spectra. The key with the heavy line is one drop of Tac glue on the spectra coils. The knot is not strong enough for the big boys without it. Also when you jerk it tight, you only get one chance, so if it doesn't look good, cut...
  195. B

    Invicta sinks

    The Invicta, a 70 foot sportfisher out of H&M Landing has run aground on the rocks at the Coronados and sunk tonight. 26 passengers and crew rescued.
  196. B

    Strength training for fishing

    Nothing wrong with being in top shape, but if your trying to find a way to out muscle the tuna, your going down a road that few can travel. After doing this for many years the best advice I can give anyone in doing battle with the big tuna we hunt for at The Hurricane Bank and Clarion is to...
  197. B

    LR question -- kind of

    Early in my LR career I had problems with ankle swelling, I thought it was due to standing on a steel deck all day. I mentioned this to one of my fellow passengers who had many years of experience in LR fishing and was a retired physician. His take was that it wasn't the steel deck but rather...
  198. B

    LR question -- kind of

    The boat water has a high salt content. You can't taste it but it's there. Try bringing your own water and I bet your problem goes away.
  199. B

    Need advice booking first ever LR trip!

    I went on the Excel 8 day this year that left May 30. The trip didn't sell well for reasons I don't understand, and I was sure they would cancel it. They decided to run it despite the light load and we left the dock with 16 pleasantly surprised anglers who all had private staterooms. Don't...
  200. B

    HX Raptor Capacity - Maxcuatro

    I just put 500yds. of power pro solid 100# on my HXWRaptor, feft enough room for about 30 to 50 feet of 100# fluorocarbon or mono. MC should get you another 100 yds. of spectra.
  201. B

    Day after Thanksgiving Trips?

    The day after TG trips are a great time to go. I've done many such trips and found them to be very productive. The 445# YFT they caught on the Excel a couple years ago was on a TG trip. Typically November thru February are light on Wahoo, but you never know. Weather in that early time frame...
  202. B

    RP Knot

    The RP aka John Collins knot is not recommended for line over 60# test. That being said, I use it successfully for 100# and 130# for big fish. The little known secrete is putting one drop of tac glue on the knot after tying it. This makes the knot rock hard and will not move. If it doesn't...
  203. B

    Tac Glue, Sato, or both

    I insert mono or fluorocarbon about 5 inches into the hollow spectra and tac glue the length of the insertion, Be careful not to over apply the glue. With the sato crimp it's important to match spectra to mono/fluorocarbon i.e. 130 to 130. Not so important with the glue. You can put 100 into...
  204. B

    Leaving on Shogun 8 day 6/11

    It's your money, but I wouldn't spend a lot on a popper outfit unless your fishing off a skiff. I just returned from an 8 day and can report that the big boats cannot get on top of these fish. The deck hands were in the bow and throwing poppers about as far as is possible, and they weren't...
  205. B

    Avet 50 high speed gear?

    Correction on above post. The 3.2:1 is the standard gear on both the 2 and 3spd EX50SDS The 4:1 is available on both as an option. I think the price is the same.
  206. B

    Avet 50 high speed gear?

    Yes, the 4:1 high is standard on the 2spd. and the 3spd. 50 SDS.
  207. B

    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 16 Day - 3/29/16 to 4/14/16

    The Avet 3speeds seem to be the hot ticket for the big fish. 2 speeds are o.k. but why buy old technology? JMHO
  208. B

    What to know about the Royal Star

    The Royal Star is a good boat with very experienced Capt.'s & crew. You'll catch fish eat good food and make some new friends. All that being said, they are very short on tackle storage and you will board last so bring a box that can be set on the deck without being ruined. Rod storage spots...
  209. B

    Yellowtail at Alijos versus Cedros and Benitos

    Alijos Rocks are famed for their big Yellowtail, especially at night on the dropper loop. About 15 years ago an 80#er. was caught their on an 8 day Shogun trip that was approved by the IGFA as a world record. It only lasted about a year after a 90#er was landed on the 105 at the lupe. Both...
  210. B

    First overnight trip on the Excel, what to bring?

    If you don't plan on taking your fish home whole, then make a reservation with one of the 3 fish processor's. I recommend Fisherman's Process but all three are good.
  211. B

    Xtream Braid

    It's the manufactures responsibility to find a way to introduce new products to the fishing public. A good way to do that is a booth at the Fred Hall Show, or reps. going to tackle shops. Braid Prod.'s did not attend the show this year and as far as I know they no longer have reps.
  212. B

    kite reel

    I use an Avet 80W 3spd. with 200# JB to 30' of 400# Soft Steel and a 200# fluorocarbon bait leader. I've never really needed all that line but the boats don't have skiff's anymore so you never know. As another poster said, you can have an unbelievable amount of line in the air before you get...
  213. B

    Suprise deal at the show...

    We are used to great deals on hooks, fluorocarbon, and sometimes rods and reels, but free 2spd. reels? Not so much. The Excel has announced today that they will give away an Okuma M5 2spd. reel for each new 8 day or longer 2016 trip sold at the Long Beach show. The May 30 eight day trip has...
  214. B

    Fisherman's Canning

    Be a smart idea to call Fisherman's Landing before your trip to make sure. As of this month they have a new agreement with Bumble Bee. You should be O.K.
  215. B

    3-Speed HXW Raptor... When?

    Avet says yes!
  216. B

    3-Speed HXW Raptor... When?

    They are in production now, but not in the tackle shops quite yet. Contact any Avet dealer and put in an order. It might take a few more weeks to get it but at least you'll have one. Low gear on this reel will not be 1:1 given the diameter of the HX spool that would be overkill. In any...
  217. B

    The Long Range Character thread.

    Hope to see you tues. Andre. The boat will be open as many are spending the night aboard, so come on down!
  218. B

    The Long Range Character thread.

    I was on that trip and remember Gadget as a real nice guy who was a hoot to fish with. As I remember it was Soda Pop that had to talk him off the ledge when the Clarion crew should up. He really seemed to think we were under attack. If it hadn't been for Dave we might have all ended up in a...
  219. B

    How I Plan to Rig and Fish...

    Yes Balloon Bob will be there. He was on the Dec. 27th. trip and the bobber balloon was Not what Charlie Tuna wanted. The hot bite was on the fly line sardine's. Of course that was Clarion buffer zone. The Feb. trip will either be there or the Bank and who knows what the hot set up will...
  220. B

    Big Fish, Lower Banks

    Unless the wife shoots me!
  221. B

    Big Fish, Lower Banks

    Going on an Excel 17 day De. 27, Wonder if they will pass the short range cows and go all the way south?
  222. B

    RP gets a Super-Moo

    Lower Banks going crazy.....WOW
  223. B

    What do you think of this as a Wahoo Bomb?

    Looks great, but 8.5 inches is too long for a bomb and too light to troll with.
  224. B

    Excel Ultra Limited II

    See you there Jim. This time I bring the dark chocolate!
  225. B

    Convert LX Raptor to JX Raptor??

    To answer your question, there is no conversion kit available to convert an lx to a jx
  226. B

    80w and 130's

    I have an 80W 3speed that I use for the kite only. 95% of the time a 50 is all you need but there are times when the wind is up and the kite is very high and far out so you can have a lot of line off your reel and in the air before you even get bit, and if that bite comes from a larger fish you...
  227. B

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    It's the THAT GUY factor, don't let it ruin your trip.
  228. B

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    On trips I've been on, guy's who stand around and watch others do the work sometimes find themselves a few fish short. It seems that some of their fish end up on other piles with the tag down. Don't know how that happens.
  229. B

    Indy 11/1-11/11

    Blaine, you said you used a large squid on the kite. Was it live, and are the larger humbolt squid being seen/caught on the lower bank?
  230. B

    Things starting to happen on the lower banks

    Indy just returned with a yellowfin that taped at 290# but actually weighed 304# at the dock. Numerous other big fish were caught. Sounded like they only spent a day or so on the (?) Bank. Not enough time to really check things out, but they still did very well for a 10 day.
  231. B

    Shogun 5 day opinions?

    I fish Cedros/Benitos in early May just about every year on the Excel as we return north from the April 17 day trip. The Yellowtail fishing is rarely good. This I think is due to colder water in May. This being an El Ninio year things could be different. You'll catch fish and have a good time.
  232. B

    Shogun/Bob Sands Tackle 8 day report

    Thanks for the write up Jamie, looking forward to my 15 day 13 passenger trip in Nov. 2016 on the Shogun. For those who might be interested in an ultra low load trip on a boat and operation that is every bit as professional as Jamie described, there is more than a year to save!
  233. B

    You Avet Critics Crack Me Up#

    I have everything from SX to 80W and am more then satisfied. Now that they have the 3spd. technology they are in a class by themselves when it comes to fighting big fish.
  234. B

    Help Me Enter the 21st Century

    If your going to be doing trips of five to ten days then I agree with the above posters. However if you think you might like to try the deep end of the pool and do a 14-17 day trip were cows or near cows are caught on almost a daily basis, then you might want to consider the Avet HXW 3 spd...
  235. B

    new avet owner

    Don't grease the drags, and don't worry about the reels performance. Your good to go!
  236. B


    I would suggest the MXL, same as the MXJ but a wider spool allowing more line on the reel that you will need on those long bait soaks when drifting for Blue Fin. There is no down side to the wider spool in MHO. The Raptor version might be handy to have on those 1.5 day tuna trips. It will...
  237. B

    RP knot question

    John Collins invented the knot that bears his name. John worked on the Royal Polaris at the time and they use the knot extensively, so the knot is also known as the RP knot. Every knot in the book has some similarities with other knots, that's not to say they are the same. The JC/RP knot is a...
  238. B

    RP knot question

    I use the RP/John Collins knot on 100# and 130# with a drop of Tac glue on the spectra coils. Try it at home and you will see you can't break it, at least I can't. Without the glue I can break it.
  239. B

    "Wobbly" drag after service.

    No way it should do that. If Avet did the service take it back to them and show them the problem. If someone else did the service take or UPS it to Avet. Call them first.
  240. B

    Dedicated Wahoo Reel

    My dedicated Wahoo reel is an Avet JX Raptor filled with 80# spectra. This gives me over 20# of drag at strike with no stretch in the line, stops them dead in the water and drives the hook into their jaw. These same charcteristics make the reel unsuitable for other fishing except shallow...
  241. B

    trading for cans

    Fisherman's Landing exchange cans are a good grade albacore but they are not packed by Fisherman's Landing. F.L. does offer a custom pack Jar that is great but not part of the free tuna exchange program. You will get 1 5oz. can for each 5lbs of whole yellowfin tuna (not bluefin). If your tuna...
  242. B

    Exciting news from Avet

    If you know how to handle the clutch you don"t need no syncro-mesh. But believe it or not, this reel will have built-in Wi-Fi so you can keep "connected" while fishing!
  243. B

    best 15 day for a novice who doesnt have gear

    Don't know about the expert part, but have done many such trips. All the LR boats have loner gear. Some charge a rental fee, and some charge only for the line you use. In any case it's usually very reasonable. As for picking a boat, we all have our fav. You really can't go wrong with any of...
  244. B

    EXW50 Clanking sound...

    I've had several exw 50 in both 2spd. and 3spd. and have never experienced what you describe. I would take or UPS the reel to Avet with a note of explanation. They will fix what is wrong and give it a good cleaning/servicing. As a used reel with an unknown past that would be a good idea even...
  245. B

    Haven't seen

    Brandon is no longer on the boat. New guy Jake is doing a great job. They still don't have a third bait tray to work out of.
  246. B

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    This trip has been on the Shogun web site for a couple of weeks now and is starting to sell. Like the 13 passenger trip on the Intrepid it could go fast and once it does it will become just another great trip that you can't get on because every year the same guys are back. I know you could...
  247. B

    Excel Merritt Trip

    Not going on this trip myself but I have fished with the merritt group and can report that you will not find a nicer bunch to fish with, and Brad is always happy to help out a newbie. That being said, Brad does run a tight charter. If your buddy doesn't smoke or drink to excess there will be...
  248. B

    Trip/Vacation Insurance

    Bob Dawson of Dawson @ Assoc. is an experienced long ranger himself so he knows what the LR guy's need in terms of trip ins. Have been using him for several years and while I've never had a claim, a friend did and they paid off like a slot machine.
  249. B

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    Your not off topic Spanky. It's typical of the long range fleet to overbook by one, some will over book by two or even three. These overbooking policies are usually stated in their booking info. section. As for the 1-2 day fleet anything goes. The 15 day 13 passenger trip that started this...
  250. B

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    Sure it's not cheap, but there seems to be a market for these ultra limited load trips. The Excel Dec. 19 passenger 17 day has been sold out all year and don't even think about the 2016 trip, it's been sold out for quite some time. Their 2017 Dec. trip MIGHT have some openings. Their Feb 1...
  251. B

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    Well a great new trip has been posted on the Shogun schedule. 15 day 12 passenger long range! A little pricey at just under 7 grand but it's not scheduled to go until 11-5-2016. So plenty of time to save up. I talked to Frank and he has committed to making this trip a go with as few as 8 sign...
  252. B

    Advice on Long Range Trip

    One spool each of 40 and 50 # fluorocarbon, (Seaguar is a reliable brand) would be a good idea. Other terminal tackle can be purchased on the boat. After boarding advise the Capt. you'll need hooks/sinkers/bait rigs from them. In the unlikely event they don't have it on the boat you'll have...
  253. B

    John Collins Knot question.

    According to John Collins it's fine up to 60#. I use it for up to 130#. I've found that if you put a drop of Tac glue on the spectra coils it holds fine, Never put it on a machine to see where it breaks but I've caught tuna in the 250# class using heavy drag and no problem.
  254. B

    Exciting news from Avet

    Probably a couple months yet. An exclusive dorado color format may be available on this reel if there is enough demand to justify a run. Give Avet a call for update.
  255. B

    Man w/o a boat Question ;)

    Their is an Oceanside rod and reel club, don't remember their exact name or who the contact person would be, but I know they do a lot of club charters out of Oceanside, and no need to pay more then your share. I would think the Oceanside landing could give you the info. you need. Also , you...
  256. B

    Berkley Big Game, Momoi, P-Line, Ande or Jinkai leader material

    All the brands you mention are fine, Big Game is probably the least expensive of the bunch, and they do make it in 150#.
  257. B

    Which avet for yo yo

    I have the JX Raptor as well as the standard JX . The standard JX is fine for yo-yo yellowtail. That's not to say the extra $100. for the Raptor isn't worth it, it is, but only if you need that extra drag. I use my JX Raptor for wahoo.
  258. B

    which spectra??

    Congrats on your purchase. That topless 3 spd. is an incredible reel. I put 130# Seaguar thread lock on mine to maximize line cap. JB, Tuff Line, Power Pro are all good stuff.
  259. B

    RP Knot?

    Directly on the spectra coils. Because it's a very small knot, the one drop will wick around and cover the whole knot, Dries in about 5 seconds.
  260. B

    RP Knot?

    Yes. I use it on 130#. It's unbelievable how strong that knot is with a single drop of Tac glue. Just don't over apply the glue.
  261. B

    Long range gear setup question

    I have 200#JB hollow on my 50W Avet You have plenty of spool room on that reel so why not go heaver on that reel. That way if you get a bad spot you have more room for error.
  262. B

    What have you caught on a JX raptor

    Tons of wahoo.....80# Spectra tied to the wire.
  263. B

    Simple top shot question

    I agree with Andre, short topshots are needed when fishing heavy line from an anchored boat. 8 day offshore fishing for tuna is always on the drift so the current will pull the bait out, also you are using 30 to 50" line, not 100 or 130. All short topshots are going to do is get you in big...
  264. B

    RP Knot?

    The JC (RP) knot is not recommended for line over 60# test. It's fine for the lighter stuff, easy to tie and very low profile. Here's something maybe even John Collins himself doesn't know about the JC knot...A single drop of Tac glue on the JC knot and you can use it on the heavy stuff.
  265. B

    Open Spot 5 day on the Shogun tomorrow! CHEAP!

    I don';t think the Shogun charges extra for a single room. As far as I know the Excel is the only boat doing that. In any case there is no reason not to call the Shogun office and ask.
  266. B

    8 day trip the first week of June?

    Rocks, Ridge, Cedros, and offshore tuna (Yellowfin for sure and probably Bluefin) Lots a Yellowtail at all locations.
  267. B

    Was EL NINO last year or this year??

    One long weather prognosticator is predicting a major El Nino event this fall......So maybe.
  268. B

    Mxj raptor or jx 2speed

    The JX is the appropriate reel for yellowtail Jigging as it's pickup is much faster then the MXJ.
  269. B

    What Avet reel for BIG BFT???????

    Sure you can get lucky with a small reel for big fish but why ask for trouble, you don't get that many chances at a big tuna. Avet 50 SDS 3 speed or a 50W 3 speed and you won't be under gunned.
  270. B

    Can't Help It...

    Ditto on the Trader Joe dark chocolate.
  271. B

    Tac Glue Followup

    Ditch the training wheels, you don't need the crimps when using Tac glue. I've been using it for over a year now on big fish and can assure you a 4 or 5 inch glued section will hold forever. Tac glue has other use's that maybe you are unaware of. When connecting spectra to spectra, the John...
  272. B

    I finally got approval for a long trip!!!!!!

    Have been fishing the Excel long range for many years and I can tell you, having fished all the others, the Excel is hard to beat IMO. Have fished the Excel for many years and can tell you it is a hard boat to beat. Unfortunately, it's also hard to get on, especially for the much in demand...
  273. B

    Avet JX Raptor lever drag button problem

    Call Avet, for some reason they don't do well with e-mail. In fact your best bet might be to just UPS the reel to Avet and let them service and repair your reel and send it back. This is something they do well.
  274. B

    Small reels vs big Reels

    Lot's of good advise from the above posters, but to your concern about being prepared for the unlikely but possible appearance of big BF on your 4 day. Arrange ahead of time to rent a 30wide or a 50.
  275. B

    What Avet reel for BIG BFT???????

    If your intent is to be prepared for big BF that can run 200#, then don't go half way and rely on a reel that's made for smaller tuna and yellowtail. Big tuna like to go deep and dog it. We land them on the H. bank because they can only go 200 to 300 feet. In open water Bluefin can go a...
  276. B

    Avet MXL Raptor vs Saltist 50LD 2 Speed

    You won't get to the bottom at 1,000' with a JX or a MXL. You could do it with an HXW loaded with 100# spectra. That reel will hold something over 600yds. of 100# which is 1800'. That should be enough even after you allow an extra 30% to account for drift. You won't need the Raptor version...
  277. B

    Exciting news from Avet

    The 3speeds are designed for the big tuna on the long range trips, by that I mean 150# and up. Yes you can land them on a 2spd. or even a single speed but it's kind of like going to the east coast on a Cushman motor scooter when there is an easier way. There is a long standing trend to smaller...
  278. B

    Exciting news from Avet

    Yes it's on the raptor only. By standard I meant size as opposed to the narrow or the wide.
  279. B

    Exciting news from Avet

    Will work the same as the current 3spd. reels. It just elevates small reel fishing to a new level. Once again Avet is going where no reel maker has gone before.
  280. B

    Exciting news from Avet

    At least it's exciting to me, just learned Axet is bringing their 3 speed technology to the popular HX line. I believe the gear ratios will be 5.2 to 1, 3 to 1 mid gear and a 1.3 to 1 in low. This reel will be available in the standard HX as well as the HX wide and will be named the Super Cow...
  281. B

    graphite vs aluminum body

    Graphite reel bodies are a cheaper way to go. So you can expect that everything else in the reel i.e. gears, drag, bearings will be on the cheap side. All that may be o.k. if your fishing up to 12 to 14 lbs. of drag max. not 20#. As for that big tiger, you can bet that it was caught on a boat...
  282. B

    LR Wahoo Trolling Lures

    If you can make it to the Fred Hall show in L.B. Fisherman's Landing usually has good show prices on Marauders.
  283. B

    Any suggestions or advice for a fly down/ fly back - verses a ride down trip?

    When all the islands were open prior to 2002 the fly/fly or ride/fly tripe made a lot of sense. They could motor out to the H. bank or Clarion then fish Roca Partida, Socorro and finish the trip at the Lunker Hole at San Benedicto. Then one day of travel to Cabo and your home late that same...
  284. B

    recent problem with IPAD on long range boat

    I was on the Excel Dec. 17 day and my Ipad worked fine when everybody was in bed or fishing. When they were all in the galley using their pad's, phone's ext. nothing would download.
  285. B

    UC Cow rod preference - Viper, Invictus or Gladiator?

    I have the 700XXX that I won on an Indy raffle a few years ago. It's a good cow rod when harness fishing, but for the rail 4X would probably be better.
  286. B

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    It's the JX Raptor w/cast control hands down and here's why. This reel will get over 20# of drag (mine gets 22) with free spool at strike. When you fill it with spectra and tie the spectra directly to the wire on your jig/bomb there is zero stretch. The advantage to this is when bit you can...
  287. B

    Roll call..... Excel... 16 day.... Jan. 31

    Have a great trip Dave. This sounds like a rare opportunity to fish the big boat with a low passenger load without the big bucks such trips usually require. Most other LR boats would cancel a trip that is this undersold.
  288. B

    JX Acting "Stiff"

    Yes you can do all of the above and your problem MIGHT go away. To really fix the problem UPS it to Avet with a short note and they will service the reel and replace all the bearing's as well as any parts that have been updated. They charge very little for this service and UPS for a JX can't...
  289. B

    Rod/Reel/Rigging recommendations - 1st LR Trip

    I've fished that 17 day X trip the last two years and am booked on it next year. There are always several anglers who are going long for the first time so you won't be alone. The best advice I can give you is if you don't know what your doing in terms of line prep. you are almost guaranteed to...
  290. B

    Excel Coming in Early on Jan 11th

    No, but the Capt. did.
  291. B

    Excel Coming in Early on Jan 11th

    Just returned from the Excel 17 day, two days early due to an ill angler ( not Gary) he was in really bad shape for three days (I wasn't sure he was going to make it) then yesterday, after taking some antibiotics he seemed as good as new and walked off the boat this a.m. unaided. There is no...
  292. B

    Opinions: rail rod rear grip

    I put cord on my rail rods, it was a big mistake. When fighting a big fish in the bow I put the rear grip under my arm. And rest the fore grip on the rail. Sounds easy enough until you jack up the drag to 35 - 40# plus. Boy does it hurt. Use hypo.
  293. B

    Excel Ultra limited 17 Day - One Spot Just opened up!

    Went on this trip last year. A great bunch of guys, many with little or no experience on the big fish which was a surprise to me as I expected a lot of gray beards on a trip like this. Tons of room at the rail. Everyone with their own stateroom. If you have the scratch it beats the hell out...
  294. B

    Avet Reel Technical Question.....???

    Older Internationals had a build date as part of the serial#. Don't know if they still do that. Don't know of any other reels on the market that have build dates.
  295. B

    HXW Power handle on an MXL Raptor

    Don't think the power handle will fit on the MXL. If it does, it will slow down your rate of retrieve and put to much pressure on the gears.
  296. B

    Tac glue

    I tape a piece of wahoo wire to the Tac glue bottle, just the ticket to open up the clogged tip.
  297. B

    Shimano TLD 30 II

    I've hooked yellowfin as big as 150# trolling for wahoo on the Hurricane Bank and on another trip a guy hooked a 250#er on the troll so you never know. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Sure you can put on an aluminum frame but that doesn't make the reel any stronger inside...
  298. B

    Report for the 14 day Bob Sands/Davis Boats/R.P. Moo time Daqaritas adventure

    Thanks for the report Jamie and dido's on F.P.
  299. B

    Connecting hollow to solid spectra

    I love the Tacglue but don't think it does much on spectra to spectra. I would use an Albright to connect the two.
  300. B

    Reel for jigging large tuna and amber jack

    Don't know about Amberjack, but if you are jigging for cow size yellowfin you need a 30 or 50 size reel. If it's in your budget I would recommend the Avet 30W-3spd. This reel has a 4.3 high gear which gives you the same line pickup as the 50 4.0 high gear. If you do get a big tuna you'll have...
  301. B

    Lower Banks

    Shogun trip was an 8 day. Their may have been bigger tuna at the lower end of the lower banks, that was way out of our range.
  302. B

    Lower Banks

    Returned today (10-26) from a Shogun trip that included the spud bank and the Lusitania bank. We were their 10-22, 10-23. Water temp was 76 to 81 degrees. We had good Grouper fishing on the spud bank and that was it. No Tuna big or small were seen by us in that region. They were all farther...
  303. B

    American Angler 8 - Day 11/2-11/10

    A 60/80# rig would be nice for if you do encounter 100# class tuna (unlikely but possible) at the ridge or the rocks. Your TLD 30 will fish 60#. That should be enough.
  304. B


    Great report! THANKS
  305. B


    Don't know of any availability of these hooks from Yo-Zuri but I think you can get the same thing from Braid Prod. Their hooks seem to be the same size.
  306. B

    How to rig kite connections??

    Jerry, if you don't know how your boat likes to have the kite gear set up DON'T GUESS, one boat will want some mono ( 30 to 50') while other boats will have a heart attack if you show up with mono on your kite reel. They much prefer you to just hand them the kite outfit and let them finish it...
  307. B

    So how is the fishing really?...

    This time of year 10 day trips fish the same range as 7/8 day trips, you just have a couple extra days to look around. If you are going on a code group boat you will have the advantage of info. coming in from all the other LR boats that are also looking around.
  308. B

    Is it o so true? Banned from bloodydecks? O YESSSSSSSS

    One would think that a 50W couldn't be spooled by anything short of Moby Dick but such is not the case. I've seen it happen many times on 200# class tuna. I use an 80W on the kite and have never needed to put it in the water, but I have seen 80's go in. 95% of the time you can get away with a...
  309. B

    Avet Pro EX 30 / 3

    I have three of the 50/3 and two 30/3 and they are all noisey. Talked to Harry at Avet about it, he assured me there is nothing wrong, just the way it is. The nice thing about the noise is I always know when I'm turning the handle.
  310. B

    Avet Pro EX 30 / 3

    Trolling on the shorter trips (3 days or less) rarely produces fish over 25#, for that you don't need a 30 size reel. I would suggest an Avet HX 2speed. That reel will be more than adequate for the kind of trolling you describe and has the advantage of being a great jig or bait reel for...
  311. B

    Avet Pro EX 30 / 3

    The Avet 30W is no larger than any other 30W. It has excellent free spool and can flyline a sardine quite well as can the 50SDS. If your fishing for smaller tuna on the short trips, then yes it is over kill.
  312. B

    tac glue

    Yes, insert the mono/fluorocarbon 5 or 6 inches into the hollow spectra then apply the glue 1 drop at a time starting at the top and let it wick down to the end of the spectra. Try not to get an overrun onto the mono. If you do don't worry about it as it doesn't seem to hurt anything, just...
  313. B

    tac glue
  314. B

    Wahoo iron/bomb setups

    Cal Star 800XH, Avet JX Raptor, filled with 80 or 100# spectra tied directly to the bomb wire or 130# Fluorocarbon.
  315. B

    Anyone familiar with the Ranger 85?

    You should be fine with that. The tuna you are most likely to catch are in the 20# range. Fish that size yield about 15% meat in the form of well trimmed fillets.
  316. B

    AA 8 day Nov2-10

    If you have a 100# outfit, bring it. Even if you don't get into the bigger tuna, you'll need it for big Grouper on the Ridge as well as trolling for Wahoo. If you don't have it don't worry about it, you can always have the crew put 100# on your 80# outfit.
  317. B

    LX 6/3

    15# at strike will produce some load on the handle but not binding. If yours does then take or send it to Avet, if your sending it call them first, don't email them. They will change all bearings (there 6 or 7 of them) and clean the reel for very little $. This is the best and cheapest way to...
  318. B

    Jig Reel Recommendations

    I needed a 500yd. spool. It didn't take near that much but the 300 yd. spool was not enough. It's good to have some extra because the top 100ft. or so gets beat up. I just cut it off and splice a new piece.
  319. B

    Jig Reel Recommendations

    I use a JX Raptor filled with 80# spectra on my 800XH. I tie the spectra directly to the wired wahoo bomb and when they grab the bomb I hit them with 24 lbs. of drag. With no stretch in the line the hook sets really good. My wahoo hook to land ratio has gone from 40/50% to 90% . If you get...
  320. B

    What else do I need?

    Agree with posters except for the 2spd. part. If you have the wampum go state of the art and get the Avet30W 3spd. I would fill it with 130 seagur thread lock leaving enough room for 30 to 50 feet of mono. As for a rod a Seaker 2X4 or a Calstar 770xxx if your a rail guy or XX if you use a...
  321. B

    Shogun 8-Day Oct. 18th. - 26th. Openings

    Booked this trip several months ago and was hoping for a lighter load, but not so light the trip gets cancelled. Never fished with the Tuna Time guy's but looking forward to it. In any case it's shaping up to be a great opportunity for guy's to get in on some great fishing on a great boat...
  322. B

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    I've been on LR trips when they gaffed Striped Marlin. A few years ago a guy was trolling coming back from Cabo and hooked one about 100#. We had it for dinner, you could eat it but nobody asked for seconds. On other trips I've seen them gaffed for chunking. They are beautiful fish but the...
  323. B

    8 Day on Sept. 11th

    Unless the local tuna bite is going off big time, and I don't mean the 10/15#r's expect to go long. Passengers expect that and the Captain's know it which makes them reluctant to fish local even when that might be the better bite. Alijos Rocks , the Ridge, and the upper end of the lower...
  324. B

    Straight mono applications.

    Nothing wrong with fishing straight mono for the shorter trips. I think what made spectra a "must have" in the minds of many is the popularity of fishing small reels for big fish. In this application spectra is a must. Your chance of being spooled on the shorter trips with mono are about 1 in...
  325. B

    Shogun 10 dayer

    One of these days guys will realize the Shogun of today is not the run down Slogun of the past. Always had plenty of room but now it's in great shape. New engines, and meals that are IMHO second only to the Indy. When they do, trips like this will go fast. But for now it's a great...
  326. B

    Bait for Long Range

    The long range boats get better bait than the day boats because they need to last longer. The big boats have been getting sardine's lately but you never know. I would take a few pack's of Owner flyliner hooks in #1 and 1/0. If albacore ever show up again you can always use them.
  327. B

    7 day early November

    Don't know if you have a specific boat/trip in mind or if your asking in a general kind of way. Assuming the latter, most LR boats are doing 8 to 10 days that time of year. Those trips usually go long, the Alijos Rocks, The Ridge, lower banks, and the usual stops at Cedros and some rock fish...
  328. B

    6 day Sept vs. 8 day November trip - pros and cons?

    Shorter trips are scheduled in the summer because the tuna (usually the little guys) are in local waters and hurricane's can be a problem farther down. As I write this their is a cat.1 blowing somewhere around the Rocks. In October the water cools off some and the summer fish go south for the...
  329. B

    Reel bags???

    Showing up dockside with reels mounted, line thru the guide's, hook and sinker (be sure it's pyramid type) already tied on will mark you as a newbe for all time. Get a nice reel bag.
  330. B

    Late Intrepid 5 day report Aug 9th-14th

    The Code of Ethics that all LR boats signed on to some years ago (before the Intrepid launch) is not the same as the "code group"
  331. B

    New JX seems to be not right..............

    Your drag preset may be set to high. Put the lever in free spool and back off the preset all the way so you are in complete free spool and have no drag at all when pushing the drag lever forward. Now increase the preset to the point where you get 14 to 15# of drag at strike. You should have...
  332. B

    Late Intrepid 5 day report Aug 9th-14th

    Boats in the code group wish to keep their information private, so only those in the group have the current code to access the information on the radio. When the boats leave San Diego for offshore trips they fan out so each boats cover a different slice of ocean in search of moving tuna...
  333. B

    Late Intrepid 5 day report Aug 9th-14th

    A lot of bad feelings have developed between the Intrepid and the other boats in the code group. Don't know why or who's at fault just seems to be the way it is. By the way, all the long range boats except the Intrepid are in the group and it seems to be a general opinion to keep them out, not...
  334. B

    5 day trip turned into a 3 day

    Sounds like a smart move on the part of the RP. If you load up in 3 days the next 2 would have been wasted.
  335. B

    Late Intrepid 5 day report Aug 9th-14th

    Both The Rocks and the Lupe are famous for great night time Yellowtail bites on the droperloop Cedros is different, the best bites there are always after the sun comes up, usually 7 to 8:00AM. As for the Intrepids ability to find offshore Tuna, they continue to pay the price for not being...
  336. B

    Late report: Shogun 8/2 - 8/5

    Full remission of this curse may only occur with a 15 to 17 day ultra limited load trip....see Excel and Shogun sched.
  337. B

    Avet SXJ - Need MC

    If you'll be casting mono you don't need it. But if your casting spectra you need it for sure.
  338. B

    ? Thoughts and opinions

    It's a little early for cows on the lower banks but this year is different so who knows. Justin will want to check it out and on a 10 day you have the time. Be prepared.
  339. B

    Intrepid build question

    They were told by the coast guard that they could, so they did. Unfortunately it didn't help with their tackle storage situation as the extra space is behind the bait tank but it does give extra hold space and helps the boat ride smother.
  340. B

    I can't sleep!

    Expect small yellowfin/bluefin 10# to 25# Maybe some larger if you get lucky. Also kelp paddy yellowtail and who knows what 200ft. below said kelp paddy. Most of this will be in U.S. waters.
  341. B

    HOOICIDE BOMB version 2.0

    They look great. Where are they sold?
  342. B


    IGFA All-Tackle record is 163.0oz.caught off San Luis Obispo in 1998. So yes, could be a new record providing they followed IGFA procedures.
  343. B


    Thanks for the link.....Done
  344. B

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    You can't take Bluefin into Mexican waters, that's why boats are hitting the Bluefin spots at the end of their trips. By the way, the U.S. Reps. are meeting now regarding Bluefin stocks and may well declare a no take in U.S. waters.
  345. B

    Jig Stick Recommendations

    I have an CS800XH that I use for Wahoo with a JX Raptor. This makes a great wahoo combo. The rod has a strong tip which makes casting bombs very easy. Although you really don't need an 8' rod for casting to wahoo. The length comes in handy when the fish is close to the boat as you can lay it...
  346. B

    Preserving Jigs

    I wash off my jigs with soap and fresh water at the end of the day, then hang them on my box to dry. Never any rust. If you wait over night, it's too late.
  347. B

    John Collins knot

    I used the J.C. knot with 135# Izor mono to 130 Seaguar braid on my last 17 day, it worked fine. I bench tested it at home, pulled as hard as I could with leather gloves on ( probably about 80# ) than gave it a hard jerk, nothing broke. With lighter line i.e. 40#/50# the same test will break...
  348. B

    On the INDY, 7 Day – July 26. WestCoast/Avet

    Good luck Mike....Let us know how you do.
  349. B

    Looking for the "Go To" 40 & 50 lb Outfit.First Long Range 10 day Help!

    Looks like your good to go except a 100# rig for 100# class YF that could be encountered on a 10 day. Suggest you cover that base by renting one from the Excel. They will have either Accurate or Ocuma.
  350. B

    Lower Banks Opinions

    National weather service now states there is a 70% chance of a mild to moderate El Nino condition in late fall to early winter. So maybe some cows in the pasture in late Oct. thru December or early Jan.
  351. B

    Independence July 5th 5 day report

    Thanks for the report, great pics. Guy's going out on 5/6 day trips this month will know what gear to bring.
  352. B

    My First 5 day

    Fishing in 5 day range is very tough at the present. A fishing bud. just returned from an Intrepid 8 day and their only good fishing was on the ridge for wide open yellowtail and dorado on kelp paddies in that same range. Offshore and Cedros, the usual 5 day spots were very poor except for...
  353. B

    Your thoughts, Seeker Classic Trolling Rod

    When trolling in 10 day or shorter range just about any rod will do. In 14+ day range it's a different story. Cow tuna, even over 300# sometimes hit the trolling gear. Be prepared.
  354. B

    Which harness for HX raptor reels

    I use an AFTCO harness that has hooks that will fit the HX, it's tight but it does fit.
  355. B

    tackle questions

    Used it on my April 17 day,unfortunately I never hooked a big fish on it, got all my bigger fish ( 180 - 222 ) on the 50 and 80 3spd. However I have caught bigger fish on my Avet 30W 2spd. with a Call Sheets 1.5 low gear. That low gear turns very easy even against 40# of drag. The new Avet...
  356. B

    Spectra Adhesive

    No need to keep the fluoro/mono under tension as you would if you were serving. Keep in mind the finger puzzle aspect does not apply with the glue. With just 4 to 6 inches the spectra cannot constrict around the mono. It's only the glue holding it in place. For this reason it is no problem...
  357. B

    at what drag lb does the jx 2spd starts binding the handle?

    You should be able to get 13 to 14 lbs of drag at strike on the JX/LX without load on the handle. This will give you around 17lbs. at full. You can crank it up higher, but that may cause bearing damage in full. Double these figures for the Raptor version.
  358. B

    Spectra Adhesive

    I used it on both JB and some new Thread Lock. If you apply too much it will leave a nib on the end of the spectra. The trick is to just apply a drop or two and let it wick down then apply more if needed.
  359. B

    Spectra Adhesive

    I purchased some Tacglue at the Fred Hall show in March and used it on my April 17 day trip on the Excel. I inserted the mono 5 or 6 inches ( didn't bother to measure ) into the hollow spectra then held the connection in a downward position so the glue, which flows like water, would wick down...
  360. B

    Avet Maketing

    I don't know if there is a bigger Avet fan on this board than myself. I have them all and two or three of most of them including several 3 speeds. They are great reels designed and built locally by great people. All that being said, they just don't understand marketing and do a poor job of...
  361. B

    Best Kite Rig

    My vote goes to the Avet 80 topless 3 speed. Gives you 4 to 1 in high which, given the diameter of the spool puts loose kite line back on the reel much faster than any 2 speed 50. The 2 to 1 is perfect for the average 120/140 lb. you'll hook on the kite, brings em right to the boat. For the...
  362. B

    Goin on the "X". Deck boots

    Your feet will not stay dry for long with ankle boots on the Excel. Your main enemy will be the deck hose that runs day and night and often pops out of the scupper.
  363. B

    Exel 7 day August 16-23rd AVET trip

    You can call Jason at the Excel office and find out who is going to represent Avet on your trip. Call that person and get some idea what he's bringing. Don't assume there will be a lot of outfits to use, that may or may not happen. Sponsors usually go free when trips are sold out and as such...
  364. B

    El Nino What's the deal....

    Don't know, but it could mean a concentration of big fish on the lower banks. With a 17 day trip in late Dec. on my sched. I can only pray.
  365. B

    Shogun, or American Angler 5 day?

    Yes, the line usually starts around midnight.
  366. B

    Shogun, or American Angler 5 day?

    Fished the Shogun last year on a 6 day and I can tell you the boat has really changed from the last time I fished it, and very much for the better. The Shogun is one of those boats that for whatever reason had been allowed to deteriorate over a number of years and had acquired a rep. for being...
  367. B

    HXW 4.2 for casting?

    The Avet Mag. Cast Control is not available on the wide version of the HX, if that matters to you.
  368. B

    HX Power handle

    The bigger knob is a big help when applying heavy drag. If you won't be using more than 20/25 lbs. of drag than you might be better off with the standard knob as you can crank faster with that one.
  369. B

    Avet at Del Mar

    The show ended 3-9. Be patient, Avet is behind in their production, especially the 3spd.
  370. B

    MAK 20 or new EX30/3 speed

    I have the 50/3 and it's an amazing reel, makes a bigger difference than you might think. To have this same technology in the 30 is off the charts good. Can't wait!
  371. B

    Favorite 100lb reel?

    If you can, wait a few months and get the Avet EXwide 30 topless 3 Speed. Not available just yet. But soon!
  372. B

    Avet Pro EX 30 / 3

    The EX30/3 should be available at some point later this year. I was hoping by the Fred Hall show but that may not be realistic. In any case this will be a must have reel for any long ranger. It will have the same gear ratio as the EX50/3. 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 4 to 1. Personally, I would like to...
  373. B

    Advice on Trolling Outfit

    Wahoo in July are possible but unlikely. A TLD30 makes an excellent summer trolling reel, with or without the Tib. frame. The Penn Senator is adequate.
  374. B

    Thoughts/Questions on Big Bait Strategy

    With big baits I fish 4 or 5' of 150# fluorocarbon in daylight and 200# fluoro. at night.
  375. B

    avet hx raptor

    The 50size power handle that is available for that reel is a worthwhile investment for the larger tuna.
  376. B

    avet mxl raptor

    If your in water that holds 100# class Bluefin, that same water could hold fish to 200#, then what? Your planning to fail, not succeed.
  377. B

    Avet LX 6/3 Grinding

    UPS your reel to Avet and they will service it and replace all bearings for way less then you could buy bearings. This is what your reel needs.
  378. B

    avet reel

    They do have plans for a star drag reel. Unfortunately it's very much on the back burner. Best thing to do is bug Harry about it at the Fred Hall show. When he's in that booth he can run but he can't hide.
  379. B

    How Can I Get a Pink SXJ for My Wife?

    Avet's reel catalog states that pink is available on special request. Call them at 877-487-4476
  380. B

    Avet JX Raptor

    I have mine on an GF800XH maybe over kill for yellowtail but a great rod for Wahoo.
  381. B

    Avet Reel sizes for Short Range trips...???

    SX & MX are good 30# reels IMO. If you get the Raptor version of these reels than you can go to 50#. If your going to try and do it all with one reel than you need something with enough line cap. for a long offshore sardine soak. With that in mind I would suggest the LX or JX in the Raptor...
  382. B

    Question on circle hooks...

    Your on the right track with the MAPP gas but not silver solder. Get a pack of brazing rods, the type that are flux coated. I get mine at Lowe's, if you have never brazed you can find tutorial's online. I think bernzomatic has one.
  383. B

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Been fishing the 3 speed for 2 years now, you can't believe how much better it is. The 4 to 1 high gives super fast jig retrieval, 2 to 1 mid gear is perfect for fish to 140#, it brings them right to the boat with no sweat, and the 1 to 1 for the big boys makes all the difference in the world...
  384. B

    Old School Avet LX...Worth Buying?

    If you can get it for less then $100. it's a good buy IMO. By all means take or UPS it to Avet. They will service the reel and replace all bearings and do necessary updates at a very reasonable price. When this is done you should get 11 to 13 pounds of drag at strike with free spool, which...
  385. B

    predicting Bluefin and Albacore bite

    Last year we saw the return of Blue Fin in a very big way, the bite started in June and continued well into Oct. with some being caught in early Nov. The sea conditions were not much different than any other year. The difference seemed to be due to the commercial fleet backing off, and not...
  386. B

    HX Raptor vs Talica II

    Just in case you need one more opinion. I have all the Avet's from 80W3spd to the sx Raotor. My HXwide Raptor was one of the first produced so I've been fishing it for quite a while. It is a fine reel but is not without it's limitations. Imo it isn't suitable for 150 lb. size tuna. The...
  387. B

    Will the lower banks turn on this year? (pure curiosity)

    We've seen great fishing on the lower banks in October/November but more often it's best in Dec., Jan. and into early Feb. at this point it's too early to tell. Also, when the 10 day trips visit the lower banks it's usually the upper portion of the lower banks. Taking a shot at the Finger Bank...
  388. B

    Looking to buy a avet pro ex 4/02

    It's true that the 30 came out after the 4/0 was dropped and before the HX, however the 30 was not meant to be a replacement for the 4/0 it was just the next step in the Avet line of big game reels. Realizing there was a hole in their lineup of reels with the 4/0 gone and nothing between the LX...
  389. B

    Looking to buy a avet pro ex 4/02

    When the 4/0 was dropped from production several years ago it was replaced by the HX. The HX is about the same size as the 4/0 but has better drag. The HX Raptor in turn is a step up from the standard HX. Unless you really want the 4/0 you might consider one of these or the 30.
  390. B

    Lookin' for advice: Any Phenix PHD700X4H users out there?

    As a general rule you never trim off from the top. If you do it will completely change the dynamics of the rod, almost always for the worst. Cut from the but end only. That being said, if you are fishing this rod in the harness as I do, then there is no need to worry about leverage. You are...
  391. B

    Knot's for 100lb + topshot

    A uni Knot tied with a loped over double line is a 90% knot. A Single uni is about the same. Why? Glad you asked, when the double uni tightens up, only one leg of it tightens going thru the eye of the hook the other does not tighten. Try it yourself at home on 40# test. Pull until it's...
  392. B

    Need Help!! Calstar Rail Rod 770/775XXXH

    I fish my 770XX in the harness and have never bottomed the rod out, even with 40# of drag it still pulls. Fishing it on the rail is a different story, it will bottom out. So it all depends on how a guy is going to fish it.
  393. B

    Ball Bearing Snap Swivels for Kit Rig

    Agree, but some boats want the snap swivel. The RP uses the mamoi swivel sometimes called a crane swivel so they can quickly change a kite leader.
  394. B


    Simply a series of high spots that parallel the Baja coast line starting I believe, about 200 mi. south east of Cedros and extending in a broken line all the way to the Finger Bank near Cabo, and even then it continues with the well known Gordo Bank out of Cabo. The upper portion of all of...
  395. B

    SX 5.1

    Most likely a bad bearing. UPS it to Avet and they will service and replace all bearings. Call or email them for details.
  396. B

    Custom Sushi for your Catch

    It wouldn't hurt to ask. Like any start up business, you need to put a lot more into it during the early stages of development than you get out of it. Kenji could go on a LR tuna trip as a volunteer sushi chef as a way to become known.
  397. B


    Yes and some boats do exactly that.
  398. B


    The point I was trying to make is that there is a significant difference between a Charter Master and a Trip Sponsor. Charter Masters don't get a free spot and can do what they want, that is usually understood by their friends who go with them, there may or may not be swag. Trip Sponsors are...
  399. B


    This is an issue that should be discussed more because it is confusing and poorly understood by anglers who are new to multiday fishing. Each boat has it's own policy regarding Charter Master/Sponsored trips. Generally a person who charters a boat for a specific trip will pay the entire cost up...
  400. B

    First 14 Dayer Questions

    If you've done at least a 4 day than you know what to expect. The only real difference is the fish are bigger and so is the gear. Just let the crew know it's your first shot at the biggies and you would appreciate their advice during the trip. Don't worry about bringing too much tackle...
  401. B

    Does Anyone Else Do This?

    You might get lucky and all will work out, but as a wise man once said "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail".
  402. B


    This is an interesting question. A short fluorocarbon top shot on top of spectra will work for chunking but it doesn't work well. Chunking is the one fishing condition when you DON'T keep in contact with your bait, you let it drift down on it's own in the chunk line. Trouble is spectra...
  403. B

    color exchange?

    Tell me this is a joke post.
  404. B

    Fighting a cow tuna

    Frank... If you find yourself in this situation, just let the crew member coach you through it. When you've done it a few times you'll get the hang of it.
  405. B

    Kite rigs-- double-trouble rigs

    Every LR boat in the fleet have been making kite leaders for many years, and they all have their own way of making them for the various baits that can be fished on the kites. If you haven't gone long on the Rooster and don't know what they want in a kite leader then do yourself and the Capt. a...
  406. B

    SDS 4:1 Gear

    The 4:1 gear can be added to the 50W but it's not cheap. A lot more is involved than just a gear change.
  407. B

    New avet 50 3 speed

    Avet is to saltwater reels what Apple is to computers. I've fished the Avet80-3spd. and the technology is remarkable. Of course the 80 is a little bigger than most guys want to carry all day. To have this in a 50 narrow topless, all I can say is WOW. Can't wait to get my hands on one!
  408. B

    Intrepid is well

    June is the beginning of the hurricane season, but May especially late May can be trouble too. Kevin is a good skipper and will make the right move at the time as he did on this last trip. The decision I question is the decision to schedule a trip in potentially dangerous waters. About 4 or 5...
  409. B

    Intrepid is well

    Recognizing that an Oct. 4th. departure date might be might be a little risky for a Hurricane bank trip, the Intrepid brain trust has shown great wisdom, foresight and commitment to passenger safety by moving up next years trip to Oct. 6th. well out of the Hurricane season. Next years Catchy...
  410. B

    Wahoo survey

    The trouble with dynamite is, some Capt.'s in the LR fleet just can't take a joke.
  411. B

    Lowest to Water Long Range Vessel?

    The Blackjack is now the Ocean Odyssey, a 1 to 2 day boat.
  412. B

    Lowest to Water Long Range Vessel?

    Fished both the Indie and the Excel many times, I think the Excel is lower in the stern, but I haven't actually measured it at the dock. I know the Indie rail is higher off the deck than the Excel rail thus making the Indie easier to rail fish.
  413. B

    Jigging / Yoyoing...same thing?

    Sherm pretty well nailed it. As for your question about wahoo bombs, you can go to charkbait / Melton or any such web site and see what wahoo bombs look like. They are typically 4 to 6 oz. head with a mylar type skirt and a blade attached to a single J hook. Usually they are rigged with an...
  414. B

    LevelWind Reels ? PLease....

    Avet has been considering a level wind for some time but haven't built one mainly because their production capacity is pretty much maxed out with their current lineup. The demand for these reels come mainly from the rental rod buyers from No. Cal. to Alaska as well as the East Coast. Best bet...
  415. B

    Xtra Tuffs gone to crap

    Went on a LR trip in April and a deck hand had a near new pair of ET that were falling apart. The seam between the sole and the upper was coming unglued. Bad news for me because I needed a new pair myself. Fish'in Fools in Granada Hills still has some of the old stock made in the US. Cost me...
  416. B

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Not much during Jan, Feb, April. I need another LR trip in Late Oct. Intrepid goes too early and the Rooster fills up too fast.
  417. B

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Excel Dec 27th. 17 day. Hoping for cows on the lower banks, area is loaded with squid. Excel Feb 18th. 15 day. Probably too late for the lower banks but not for Clarion/H.B. Excel April 18th. 17 day. Clarion/H.B. Lots of Wahoo. Tuna can be crazy good or stink, April is full of surprises.
  418. B

    Problem with the Excel

    I've been fishing the Excel for many years now and this has always been a problem, mainly on the summer trips when the boat does a lot of offshore drifting. Not much they can do about water splashing into the stern area but they could address the bait tank issue. A little re-engineering would...
  419. B

    AVet bummer or deal with it?

    Wicky, you are the only one who will ever notice this small variation.
  420. B

    Can an Avet LX left hand be converted in right hand?

    You really don't need to do any of the above. Just fish the reel upside down like a spinner. See how easy it is if you think outside the box.
  421. B

    avet mx.

    Don't know what you mean exactly but the answer is no.
  422. B


    A great operation, there may not be a more knowledgeable captain in the fleet than Mike K. Their food is first rate as is the crew. The best thing I can say about the boat is that their is adequate seating in the salon.
  423. B

    avet reel

    A fair question Thang, I understand they are going to put the 3spd in the 50narrow topless. But beyond that I haven't heard a word. I've been after them for some time to offer a lower low gear in the 30. The Okuma's are eating their lunch over this issue but so far the answer is no.
  424. B

    Is there a good wahoo reel with 60+ inches retrieve?

    More important than inches per crank is the actual speed thru the water. My AvetJX with a spool about 3/16" short of full picks up 44" per crank. I can turn the handle at least 30% faster than a reel that would get 55-60 inches a crank because that reel would have a taller spool and a longer...
  425. B

    !0 day trip Nov3rd -nov 13th question

    Typical Nov. is Wahoo,Yellowtail,Dorado at the Rocks&Ridge plus all three off kelp patties. Mid size Yellowfin at the Rocks and if their are tuna on the lower banks anything is possible. The Vag. landed a then world record 400#+ on a 10 day a few years ago. The average fish on a 10 day are...
  426. B

    What's the weather like down the Rocks/ Ridge in Oct

    Usually very nice but hot that time of year. The big wild card is the weather from the south. I was down there in early Oct. a few years ago when up came the largest hurricane ever recorded in the Eastern Pacific, a cat. 5 Boy did that screw up fishing!
  427. B


    Go to any Sports store and check out pool shoes. They are made to be worn in water and dry very fast. You can try them on in the store.
  428. B

    Long Range Drag Settings

    It's the initial strike that correct drag setting is most critical. Too much drag and you pop the fish off or in the case of circle hooks you pull it out before it has a chance to seat in the corner of the fishes mouth. Too little drag and you don't get a good hook set. In any case, in that...
  429. B

    Long Range Drag Settings

    This business of loading up the rod to set drag comes to us from the yacht crowd. They troll with their rods in rod holders in the vertical position. So when they get a strike the rods load up first before the drag slips. We on the other hand troll and bait fish with our rods in a horizontal...
  430. B

    YFT versus BFT

  431. B

    YFT versus BFT

    Tuna have individual personalities like most animals. Some just fight harder than others. Yellowfin have larger tails then Bluefin which gives them a little extra horsepower. Also the larger Yellowfin are almost always caught on an anchored boat which makes it tougher on the angler as opposed...
  432. B

    Reel seat -60-80# rod

    I had a Fuji graphite reel seat sleeve crack on a 30/40# rod. To replace it I had to have the rod stripped in order to put on a new reel seat. Major expense. Now I go with aluminum even on my light rods.
  433. B

    coral star

    Last I heard it was a total loss, but with boats you never know.
  434. B

    Soon it will be Cow season

    Excel Feb. 18
  435. B

    Wahoo Wire

    I've used 130 fluorocarbon leader (about 2') for bait and jigs. It works but I can't say it works any better than light wire. - - - Updated - - - I've used 130 fluorocarbon leader (about 2') for bait and jigs. It works but I can't say it works any better than light wire.
  436. B

    Wahoo Wire

    I've used K2K and don't think it's worth the extra $. In my opinion stretch is not a good thing in wahoo wire. Yes you can tie it. They recommend a clench knot which works well if you tie it perfect. If you get a kink in it as you tighten the coils that becomes a weak spot and the leader will...
  437. B

    Opinions on Rod for HX Raptor

    Claude, this is just my opinion, but I have been fishing the 765L and the 765M since the 1990's when they came out. I also have all the HX reels and have been fishing them since they came out. To me the 765L is a great 40# to 50# bait rod. I mainly use it for wahoo fishing when using...
  438. B

    Trip Insurance for a Long Range Fishing Reservation

    I pay about $120.00 per year for GeoBlue. That covers all evacuation expense for unlimited trips plus $50,000. med. if it is determined you must see a doctor, even though it's a non-life threatening emergency. You know, the kind the Coast Guard tells the Capt. to just bring the boat in, your...
  439. B

    Avet HX 5/2 Bearings

    Assuming your real is not new, I suggest you take or UPS it to Avet for service. They will clean and lube it and replace all the bearing's. I think they charge something like $20. or $30.
  440. B

    October Excel Colonello 10-Day Advice: Not a Report!

    Fishermans Landing is an authorized repair center for Accurate reels. You can UPS all your reels there now and they will be ready for you when you arrive at the landing. They aren't the cheapest tackle shop around but they will do a good job and if your coming from Vegas you can't beat the...
  441. B

    October 5-Day Recommendations

    It's tough to find a good 5/6 day Oct. trip because of the hoops the boats must jump through to fish the loop. Two trips to Ensenada then the U.S. Customs Dock. I booked the Shogun Oct. 6 trip, a six day that has the Loop as it's first choice. They assured me that they will go to the Loop if...
  442. B

    XHW Handle for my XH

    Call Avet, they have them.
  443. B

    MXL Raptor or Jx 2 Speed?

    Depends on how you define better. The JX isn't better, but it gives you more options. This year they are getting big Bluefin in 3 day range. With the JX Raptor 2spd. you can fish a 20# top shot for the average fish you'll encounter on 2 or 3 day and still be able to change up to an 80# top...
  444. B

    MXL Raptor or Jx 2 Speed?

    If your going to yo yo for yellowtail get the JX preferably the Raptor version. The JX has faster line pick up due to it's larger spool diameter. If your just going to fly line baits then the MXL or MXJ is fine with or without Raptor drags.
  445. B

    Help me choose a reel

    The Avet SX is suitable for line as low as 10 lbs. If you are fishing line of less weight than that you would be better off with a fresh water bait caster or a light spinning reel. All Avet reels are built for salt water use and will handle large fish. If you don't want the Magnetic Cast...
  446. B

    Wahoo--What worked for me

    Used the Cap. Jimmy b**b's for the first time in November at the H. Bank. I was very impressed not only with their production but also the quality of construction. JMO
  447. B

    Ok , Whose hiding the YFT?

    Don't know, but their is a lot of squid in the lower zones that could be holding them at home. The bigger fish may not show up until Fall.
  448. B

    Crimps / Swager

    I've been using Jinkai crimps for many years, along with a Jinkai swager tool. Just make sure they fit snug on the line before you tighten them.
  449. B

    Med or Med Hvy Rod?

    If your fishing offshore for Bluefin than you really don't need to cast much. You'll be drift fishing off the windy side and the drift will pull the bait away from the boat. With this in mind, a shorter rod 6' to 6.5' will be more comfortable. Example's would be 6460, 6460H, 6465, 760M. On...
  450. B

    Leader help needed

    Big Game will be less expensive and will probably be a little larger diameter. All three are good.
  451. B

    100lb outfit for 7 day trip?

    Yes seriously. Though not so much in the last 4 or 5 years because of the absence of albacore. So whats the connection between albies and swordfish? typically, when we are blessed with an albacore run the day and a half - 3 day fleet will motor out to the albie grounds at night, meter some...
  452. B

    100lb outfit for 7 day trip?

    80# is all you need for trolling on a 7 day. The Bluefin don't require 100# and probably wouldn't eat it anyway. It would come in handy if either of the following should occur: 1. On the sea anchor at night, drop a live squid down 200-300' on a 20/0 circle hook and a glow stick. First of...
  453. B

    Excel and big fish

    An advantage the Excel has over other boats in offshore fishing is their 124' length. The more you can spread people out the better chance of avoiding tangles and burn off's.
  454. B

    50 lb. Live Bait Reel

    A great 50#-80# reel that hasn't been mentioned is the Avet LX Raptor. For those that don't know it's the wider version of the JX. I have 500yds. of J.B. 100# solid upon which I put 50# to 80# fluorocarbon. It's smaller and lighter than the HX. As for the penn 4/0, a good reel in it's day...
  455. B

    Dropper, Surgeon's or three way swivel

    The 3 way swivel sounds good but in practice the bait leader will wrap around the main line on the way down. Speaking of going down, an 8oz. sinker is the most expensive part of your terminal tackle, why would want to break it off?
  456. B

    Albacores on there way???

    Their are always a few strays around. One fish doesn't make a run. If their was any concentration the multi day fleet would have found them.
  457. B

    Fishermans Parking

    You were lucky RPSPP. More often than not you'll get a ticket after 72hrs. My ticket was $40.00 but 8 days in the lot is $56.00 so maybe it's worth taking a chance.
  458. B

    Incredibly Steep Drag Curves!

    This isn't a drag curve problem, it's a damaged parts problem, probably bearings. Send it to Avet and they will service the reels and replace all bearings.
  459. B

    Are long range bass fishing charters a thing of the past?

    The Islander does some kayak trips to Cedros. They will provide and instruct if you don't have one. Haven't done it myself but am told its mucho fun.
  460. B

    Help Me Match CalStar Grafighter With Avet HXJ 2 Speed

    745M is great for 50-60# also 800H or XH if 8' is not too long.
  461. B

    The Qualifier 105 in her new home.

    It's hard to believe a boat that sits as low to the water as the 105 does could make it in those big seas.
  462. B

    Fishermans Parking

    Street parking in San Diego has a 72 hour max. unless posted at less. On a 3 day trip you should be back in time to use this free option. Try Harbor Blvd. in front of Pizza Nova.
  463. B

    Avet 80 3 Speed Thoughts ???

    Misspoke on my earlier post. The low gear is 1 to 1. High gear is 4 to 1 and the mid gear is 2 to 1. A different set of gear ratio's are available from Avet with a lower high and a higher low. To me that spread is too close. I've had my old Avet 80W 3 speeded so now I have two 3spds...
  464. B

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    Had this happen some years ago on the Bird. We plugged the boat with 3 fishing days left on a 14 day trip. The last morning went wide open on 40-60# wahoo so that took care of every last crack in the hold. The galley had all they could handle. Andy let us vote on going in early but we had to...
  465. B

    Options...WHat would you do???

    Option 2 will give you a better chance of wahoo on the ridge on a 7 day. Also more dorado. Good yellowfin. Less chance of bluefin in that time frame. Option 1 bluefin may or may not be around in mid August, wahoo and yellowfin at the rocks and ridge, just not as many as later.
  466. B

    Splicing spectra with different ratings

    A case can be made either way. If you put the 100 on top and are using a short fluorocarbon top shot then you make it easier for a sardine to pull it all thru the water. Putting it on the bottom gives you more line on your reel. I don't agree that normal wear will turn 130 to 100 after a...
  467. B


    Shock at the dock syndrome, or as it's known medically S.A.D. no longer a problem for Excel fishermen. Starting with their 2014 schedule a separate fuel charge will no longer be charged. This makes them, as far as I know, the second LR boat to go out on a limb and hope their published trip...
  468. B

    cash on hand?

    Jeff is right, but only for the main lot in front of the landing. If you must use the overflow lot on Harbor, there is no attendant, it takes electronic payment only.
  469. B

    issue with new MXL raptor

    I know Avet recommends dunking the reels, but after years of following that advice and having to take them in for bearing replacement every time I turned around, I started just using a spray bottle with water on the outside. This has reduced my trips to Avet by 90%.
  470. B

    October recommendation.. 3.5a 2.5, 3 or go for more and which boats rock it

    I thought the Tribute was formally the Holiday, no?
  471. B

    Rod for Avet EX 50

    Agree with Steve K but would add that the 3X5 is a monster rod. It is also an unforgiving rod if you make a mistake. I have one and like it very much but most guy's I know don't like it. They all say the same thing, it pulls hooks. So you really have to watch your drag. Bottom line is...
  472. B

    Rod for Avet EXW 30

    I fish 100# on my 6463XXX and 100 - 130 on the 2X4 so it all depends on line size and the type of fishing your doing. The main difference between them is that the 2X4 is stronger and longer.
  473. B

    Need some opinions/help for upcoming 3.5 day Top Gun 80

    Be sure to take at least 1 outfit that is rigged in a way you are used to. That way if you find the spectra to fluorocarbon is more trouble that it is worth, you have another option. Also worth noting, a 3.5 day trip will be mainly offshore drifting. In that case spectra loses some of it's...
  474. B


    S Swordfish are caught with this same technique so use heavy 2spd. gear and you might get lucky.
  475. B

    Wanting to buy an Avet pro ex 4/02 or 4/02 wide.

    Don't mean to be argumentative but I stand by my post. Yes you can land a big fish on the 4/0, guy's have, but it's not what the reel was designed for. If you set the reel for max drag at strike and by that I mean without compromising free spool or putting load on the handle you'll see it gets...
  476. B

    Wanting to buy an Avet pro ex 4/02 or 4/02 wide.

    With all due respect, you should reconsider your choice. Of all the Avet reels the 4/0 is the only one they've dropped from production and that was several years ago. It was a fishing failure and really hurt Avet's reputation at a time when they were trying to establish themselves as big game...
  477. B

    Reel clamps w/ eye ring

    Avet used to make them but I haven't seen one on the newer reels. Call them.
  478. B

    That guy!

    Yes they do get banned, but when "that guy" is a charter master who brings a group of "followers" it can take a very long time. So begins another THAT GUY story, I'll just call him "D". In 1998, early in my LR career a Spring 16 day trip found me on D's sponsored trip. Guy's at my local...
  479. B

    Kite rod,80 or 50wide

    The Avet 80 has a 4 to 1 high, a 2 to 1 middle gear and a 1 to 1 low. High gear will take up over 60 inches per crank so when the kite line drops the line comes tight really fast. I thought it would be just a big fish reel but that 2 to 1 mid gear is perfect for the average 120/140 tuna that...
  480. B

    Kite rod,80 or 50wide

    For all the talk about 50W's having more than enough line for the kite, hardly a LR trip to the bank or Clarion goes by without an outfit going into the water with a back-up, and these aren't always kite fish. Sometimes it's a chunk fish hooked right next to the boat and 800yds. of braid peel's...
  481. B

    Alijos Rocks

    The rocks have always been hit or miss in early summer and the last couple of years sharks have been a problem. But at least you can keep rolling south to the ridge.
  482. B

    Super customer service.

    I've had the same experience from Avet, they do a great job.
  483. B

    The latest Sad Diego parking headache

    Good news. Sounds like they made an adjustment.
  484. B

    The latest Sad Diego parking headache

    If you are going on an 8day or longer trip and need to use the overflow parking lot on Harbor be advised something new has been added. They now have a credit card machine on the lot property. You punch in the number of days you need along with your parking spot number, insert credit card and...
  485. B

    LR tackle bag help

    Take a look at the XPS bag from Bass Pro Shop. The Stalker is not their largest bag, I do LR and need a big bag, this is the largest capacity tackle box/bag I've ever seen and I've seen them all. I don't know what it's called other than XPS. You can look it up on their wed site. It's olive...
  486. B

    That guy!

    I didn't mean this as a knock on the Indie. we could have said no. Just the way things work out sometimes.
  487. B

    That guy!

    Your right. We knew the math didn't work, but nobody wanted to be the guy to say no. So nobody did and we paid the price. Next time no more Mr. nice guy!
  488. B

    That guy!

    Some years ago on an Independence 5 day that was sold out, one guy who wasn't on the trip showed up in hopes that their would be a last minute cancellation, there wasn't. After all the passengers boarded the boat Judy came down and asked every passenger if we would mind if we took 1 person...
  489. B

    Question on Processing

    Fisherman's Process will process and vac. pack Fish that have been filleted on the boat. They do this at the dock for the 1 or 2 day trips. Call them at 619-255-3128
  490. B

    8 day trips

    Wahoo gear is the same as yellowtail gear, just add a couple of Wahoo b**bs and a couple of raiders. I even take them on June 7 day trips. Never caught one then but it does happen. Just in case your wondering, it's no longer a good idea to include the B word in internet posts.
  491. B

    Used Rental Rigs?

    Try the big retailers like Turners at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach. Not top of the line gear but fine for 1 day fishing. Some of that stuff is so cheap it's almost free.
  492. B

    Royal Star passenger rescued

    I also have "comeandgetme". ins. from cost is $120. per year. At 69 years I probably pay a little more. The great thing about this is they will come for you if the Captain says you need a hospital now. The Coast Guard will only come if your life is threatened...
  493. B

    Rail Rods...which one?

    General consensus among rail guy's is a 7' rod with a real seat placed well forward of the butt end, heavy duty ring guides, double wrap cord grips or shrink tubing. The 6463xxxx is a great rod, I have 3 of them, but I fish the harness not the rail. The 2X4 is a great rail rod as well as the...
  494. B

    Tribute sportfishing

  495. B


    If your QA 30 is a 2spd. you should be o.k. Bear in mind 100# spectra is very thin and when it is stretched out and will burn off easily. The 4/0 is o.k. for yellow tail or wahoo when fishing bait. Not a big tuna reel. Considering what you'll pay for this trip, spend a few bucks more and...
  496. B

    Spring Break 2014 Trip Recommendations

    If your looking for a 4 to 8 day you'll find the long range fleet is either doing annual maint. or 14 day and up LR trips. If your looking for day or day and a half than any of the smaller boats will work. Maybe consider flying down to the East Cape.
  497. B

    Release Reels SG

    2 Speed ?
  498. B


    The Seaguar knot is reasonably strong and will work on anything up to 100#. It needs to be pulled really tight and that's hard to do on 100# unless its a soft line like Soft Steel Ultra.
  499. B

    How fat is too fat?

    Unless your going with a Bud you'll share a room with a stranger. Some boats will let you reserve a lower bunk with others it's first come first serve. If you are on that kind of boat, can you get into an upper bunk? Other than that and showers, I don't see why it would bee a problem.
  500. B

    How do you guys transport the fish (Whole) to your house from a 8 dayer?

    Trade all or most of the yellowfin in for cans. You should have plenty of room in your bed for the smaller fish i.e. yellowtail, dorado, rock fish.
  501. B

    Changing Salas 6X trebles or making it a Single hook

    Dave, I've done this a lot and it's really pretty easy. I braze using map gas. Home depot/Lowes type store sell map gas in a 14 oz. bottle Benzomatic is the brand name. You'll also need a nozzle that is sold separately. The last thing you need is brazing rods. They are flux coated and...
  502. B

    Avet dissapointments

    Just wash the reel off with a spray bottle. A little salt away or similar product will help. But never dunk the reel in water, it will ruin the barrings.
  503. B

    Avet HX 5/2 for yoyoing

    I have all the HX reels including the HXW Raptor. The standard HX was the first in the HX series and that was my go to reel for jigging yellowtail and for wahoo. Later they came out with the JX Raptor, so now the HX stays at home. A shame because it is a fine reel. Just a little heavy. You...
  504. B

    Long Range trip info/recommendation?

    Jim, if your not sure you'll be doing this again don't spend a lot of money on tackle. All the boats that do 7 day and longer trips have very good loaner tackle that you can reserve in advance. Some charge, some don't so check around. Also the boats all provide trolling gear and kite gear...
  505. B

    jx 2 speed or sx raptor?

    The JX will have a much faster pickup due to it's larger spool. You need this when jigging for yellowtail. Also that 450yds. on the SX is with 30# not 65.
  506. B

    Past results are no guarantee of future results.

    Here's something to keep in mind John that doesn't relate to your market experience, or maybe it does. On a five day trip you can expect to spend three days offshore looking for tuna if they are around, which they seem to be. Unless you are crazy lucky, you'll spend 3 to 5 hours a day stopped...
  507. B

    Avet JX with Jigging rod

    The JX is an excellent jigging reel. As I said earlier the reel foot is thicker then it needs to be making a too tight fit on some reel seats. I have 3 of these JX reels including one Raptor. They are great for yellowtail and the Raptor is great for wahoo.
  508. B

    Avet JX with Jigging rod

    Take the reel seat off, than grind it down using a bench grinder until it fits. Avet reel seats are way thicker than they need to be. It won't look great but it will work.
  509. B

    An interesting read about one persons observation of sharks....

    After 40+ trips to Clarion/H.B. over the last 16 years I don't really see any shark change. Now as then, some trips you fish clean, other trips it's shark city. One thing I have noticed is that the warmer the water the more sharks we seem to have.
  510. B

    LR totals

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned is is the canned albacore trade option. You trade five lbs. yellow fin tuna whole weight for one 5oz. can of albacore, no $ involved. Not as bad a deal as it sounds considering you lose 50% in cleaning. By the way, they don't except bluefin for cans.
  511. B

    Any Albies Yet?

    A stray Albie here and there gives us hope, but really means nothing. If they are going to show up this year we should see the first schools in the 200 mile range in late June. If the first reports of good catches are north of S.F. than they have passed us by again. In which case we can...
  512. B

    Shimano Trinidad 20a reel seat

    Shimano's are strong on cosmetics and week in quality imo. Although they generally perform well, they could do better in terms of quality construction. An example would be their use of stamped reel seats. Avet uses machined reel seats and even their clamps are machined.
  513. B

    Ideal line size for AVET MX Raptor

    Your well equiped for a 7/8 day trip. Your 700MH is fine for 40/50 lb. GOOD LUCK
  514. B

    Ideal line size for AVET MX Raptor

    The MX Raptor will get 18 lbs. of drag + at strike so the short answer is yes. Suggest you get the MXL for more line cap. In fact, if you haven't purchased your reel yet, you might consider the JX Raptor. Fine as a 40# reel, and with 22lbs drag at strike you can fish 80 on it if you need to...
  515. B

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    A little long, but I like it.
  516. B

    Tropical Storm Alvin

    30kt. wind is border line fishable, hope they come down. At least this will be good practice for their Oct.4 trip.
  517. B

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  518. B

    8 or 10 dayer?? Differences

    Your o.k. with the one 30w. Use the boat trolling gear and the boat kite gear. You would only need a 50 for the cows which you will see none of in the late Sept. early Oct. time frame. If your still concerned, reserve a loner 50 from the R.P.
  519. B

    Avet or accurate???

    Recently, I took my JX Raptor in for service as the free spool was not what it should be. While I waited they cleaned it and replaced all the bearings. I asked Harry why all the bearings and not just the one that needed relpacing. Harry told me he didn't want employees deciding what bearings...
  520. B

    OK knot guys: solid to solid splice?

    I use the albright for such connections. Makes a low profile knot in spectra and is easy to tie. Do yourself a favor. Whatever you decide to go with, do this test. Using a double San Diego knot, tie a length of spectra off onto something solid Like a ring attached to a vice. Then with a...
  521. B

    hercules and avet raptor

    The JX Raptor has a much larger diameter spool that the MXJ Raptor and will therefore move a jig faster thru the water. An important consideration if your target is Yellowtail or Wahoo. The best application for the MXJ is plastics, surface (light) iron or live bait. Strongly recommend cast...
  522. B

    HXJ or JX(raptor)

    I have the HXJ and the JX Raptor. For wahoo or yellowtail, theirs no question. JX Raptor (with cast control) all the way.
  523. B

    Procedure for Clarion camp check-in?

    Might as well put in my 2 cents worth. I've been going to Clarion 3 times a year on the Excel, Indie and Intrepid. The Mexican army (it is an army base not navy) changes comanders about every 6 months so the proceedures will change based on the whim of the comander. Most don't make a big deal...
  524. B

    Avet 50 EX lever drag ratchet

    If your lever is so loose it moves on it's own, take or send it to Avet for repair.
  525. B

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Sorry, wrong thread
  526. B

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    From the boat's perspective, giving those who book the eary the first at bat, is an insentive to book early. Also it's a fairness issue, a way of getting in line. Don't think so? Well try going to WallMart On black friday 5 minutes before they open and tell those who have been in line for...
  527. B

    Wahoo Reel

    My who. fav. is the Avet JX Raptor with cast control. Filled with 80# spectra to the wire leader it has the drag power to stop them dead in the water and with no streach the hook jams into their jaw every time. The 6 to 1 is fast enough to draw a strike And here is something you will get from...
  528. B

    Wahoo on an Avet SX

    Their seems to be some confusion about appropriate drag for wahoo. When bomb or jig fishing heavy drag is needed. I use a JX Raptor that gets 22 lbs. at strike with straight spectra to the wire. It stops the's dead in the water and jams the hook into their jaws. The bigger hoo's will...
  529. B

    Excel April 13th 17-day

    Nice to have you aboard Jim. I've been doing this trip yearly since 1997 so I guess that makes me a regular. It's a great group of guys, you'll have no trouble fitting in. There are lots of group participation games during travel time. No requirement to participate if you'd rather not. See...
  530. B

    Wahoo on an Avet SX

    You didn't say if your using it for bait or bombs. If you are going to fish bombs, than no. The SX is way too slow for that. If however you will use it as a wahoo bait reel (sardine's) than the answer is yes. You don't need a lot of line cap. for wahoo. They go very fast, but not very far...
  531. B

    30 wide

    Thats enough line. The real question to answer is can you turn the handle in low gear with 40# of drag? Most 30's have too high a gear ratio to make that doable. Try puting 40# of lead in a bucket and see if you can lift it off the ground by turning the handle. You'll quickly discover how...
  532. B

    Looking to book a first time long range trip

    Agree with the others, but here are a couple questions you might want to ask before you book. Can your boat seat the number of passengers they book? i.e. if they take 28 passengers on the trip you want, will the galley seat 28? That answer is no more often than you might think. May not seem...
  533. B

    Will I be Ok using loaner gear on my first 14 day trip?

    Reminded of an Excel Clipperton trip some years ago. Their was a young fellow from Boston who bought all his cow gear from the local tackle shop in Boston area. He didn't know what he needed and neither did they. But ofcourse they didn't let that stop them. The boy spent around $4,000. on...
  534. B

    I want to catch some Albacore!

    It hasn't been hit or miss in our So. Cal/Mexican waters the last 4 or 5 years. It's been miss period. Last year you needed to go at least as far north as Fort Bragg to have any luck on the long fin's. Even if the Albie's do show up this year down here, Oct. is a little late. An Oct. 8 day...
  535. B

    50 vs 30 cranking test

    Interesting post Dave. Your right, it's not the same but it is very close. Sometimes on a big fish that is straight up and down, you need to bump the drag way beyond 25# to move the fish. I've had to go as high as 40#. So try it at 40# and see how your reel does.
  536. B

    JOAB or Yo-Zuri Bonita to Troll for Wahoo?

    I have fished the Johab. It looks great in the water and gets bit. My first one (an orange/black) broke when it hit the deck on a gaffed wahoo. Not good, but the owner sent me a new one and said they are wired now. The new one is green and also got bit. I was worried about the small hooks...
  537. B

    Avet 5.3 sx for albacore live bait

    The short answer is YES. But there is something else to consider. The standard SX will get 9 or 10 lbs . of drag at strike with freespoll. If your target fish can run over 40# you might consider the SX Raptor. Gets a lot more drag, and for casting the Mag. Cast Control is worth the price. If...
  538. B

    Dorado Skin Color

    Lite the new color or not, there is no reel mfg. co. as creative as Avet.
  539. B

    Avet 80 3 Speed Thoughts ???

    Yes, I have this reel and I love it. Fished it on a 17 day last April and two 15 day trips this year. The 3spd technology is as big a step up as the 2spd. was years ago. The 4 to 1 high takes up line like it's on a machine. Very useful for picking up loose kite line after a strike (60 inches...
  540. B

    Hayabusa Circle Hooks?

    Been using the Hayabusa circle hooks for years. They are more round than the mutu's and have more space between the point and the shank, whereas the owners are more angular. The heavier wire Magnum series starts at 5/0 and is a great sardine hook for big fish. 6/0 or 8/0 is best on the kite...
  541. B

    TRX 80?

    How much drag did you actually use on your 700# marlin? and was it stand up? As for needing the 80-3, I've used a 80w 2 for a long time on the kite. Sometimes when there is a lot of wind and the kite is very high up, you can have a great deal of line out before your bait gets picked up. That...
  542. B

    TRX 80?

    I have the 80-3 and I can't imagine using more drag than that reel can muster for stand up fishing. It bottoms out my 60# scale at strike and I still have more adjustment room. God knows what it gets in full. And all this at less then $1,000. The TRX was made for the billfish guys who fish for...
  543. B

    Credit card surcharge for LR trips?

    Many c.c.'s offer rewards. My Am. Ex. Pay's 2% for travel. A $4800. trip pays back $96. Over a year it adds up.
  544. B

    First LR trip - Indy 6/9-6/15

    Even in the good years albacore don't show up in any numbers until late June or as is usually the case, the first week of July. These haven't been the good years. As for Bluefin or Yellowfin in 6 day range, forget it. There is an off chance you could go to Alijos Rocks in which case you could...
  545. B

    New bluefin setup

    JX is fine for those fish, I assume you mean the 2spd. The magnitic cast control and the Raptor upgrade are more than worth the price. This will make it a great yo-yo reel for yellowtail. As for the rod, 610 is a good 30# rod if you want to go old school. GF700M would be better, as would be...
  546. B

    Excel to Clipperton

    I've been to clipperton 3 times and if I were going again the only thing I would do different than a normal 15 day trip is to take more artificials. The water down there can be very warm which can kill the sardines. If the bait does die, you need a plan B. The last time I was there on the...
  547. B


    Dan, I've been doing 3 or more of these 15 to 17 day trips a year on the big boats (Excel, Indy, Intrepid, RR3) for about the last 13 years so I have a pretty good idea of what a guy needs in terms of gear. What you have is all good and will probably be enough. That being said, you are at the...
  548. B

    Cow reel service

    Send Avets to Avet. They will do a better job and do it cheaper. As for the others, I don't know. Sounds like you have one of everything.
  549. B

    Intrepid gets WIFI

    Heads up for Mark & Paul. The Indy. is officially behind the curve!
  550. B

    Avet Lineup Wish List

    I have an avet 80 narrow, topless 3spd. that i've fished on an April 17 day and two 15 day trips in Nov. and Jan. You can take it from me this is a wonderfull tuna reel. I really don't know what it weighs but it is a good deal lighter than my EX80 wide. The middle gear is 2 to 1 and is...
  551. B

    Guadalupe Trip Suggestions 2013

    Shogun has a six day trip 10-5-13 that will go to the lupe. Or so they tell me. They are taking 23 and only 2 are signed up at this time so they will probably go a little lite. This trip has no sponsor (a good thing). As for check in time at Ensenada, don't know. But during the years we had...
  552. B


    Been fishing the GF800XH for three years now, It's my fav. wahoo rod. I match it to a Avet JX Raptor filled with 65# spectra which I tie directly to the wire. The strong tip really helps in casting a bomb also keeps good pressure on the fish. When the fish is near the boat just lay the rod on...
  553. B

    Avet question

    My fav. wahoo reel (and i've fished them all) is the JX Raptor with straight spectra to the wire leader. The JX Raptor will give you 20# at strike. With no streach in the line it jerks the hook into the wahoo's jaw. Be sure to get the Cast Control to prevent those super nasty spectra...
  554. B

    What changed between versions of Avet 50's

    I don't think so. But it wouldn't hurt to ask. ( If you can get him on the phone, ask Harry)
  555. B

    Glow Iron at the lower banks?

    Agree with the above regarding the PL68, but will add something most don't know. A salis 7X glow in the dark will get bit just as well and is a lot easier to pull thru the water. Just put on a 7691 9/0 on simular hook.
  556. B

    What changed between versions of Avet 50's

    Nothing else changed. The new handle is about a $50.00 upgrade. Well worth it IMO. If you are buying used, take or send it to Avet and they will go thru it, clean and replace bearings for very little $. Your used Avet will preform as good as a new one.
  557. B

    1/22 Excel Roll call

    Bob.....Good luck on the jig&pop trip! When you get back please post and let us know how many actual fishing days you had on this fly/fly trip.
  558. B

    How are the sleeping cushions on the Excel?

    I do around 40 days a year on the Excel, mainly long range. The Excel pads are as good (or bad) as most of the other boats. I bring an air mattress. Not the self inflating kind, they are just too thin to do much good, same with the pads. If you decide to get one, get a narrow one (32 or 33...
  559. B

    Avet HX2 changing a gear ratio question

    Avet makes a wide variety of reels to meet the demands of just about any type of salt water fishing. The HX2 reel was built for Wahoo, Yellowtail and tuna to 60#. The high gear is for moving a jig fast. Not cranking up an Alaska size Halibut from 200'. A better reel for this would be the 30N.
  560. B

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    I am going on this same Savon Tackle trip. I've done it for several years and know the routine. Lower bank cows are always first choice as that is 2 day range, if they are there. The last few years they haven't been, or at least not in enough numbers to attract the LR boats. So it will be...
  561. B

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    I am going on this same Savon Tackle trip. I've done it for several years and know the routine. Lower bank cows are always first choice as that is 2 day range, if they are there. The last few years they haven't been, or at least not in enough numbers to attract the LR boats. So it will be...
  562. B

    Any Decent Processors Near RPV?

    Danny Contact "World Famous Smoked Fish" @ 619-459-5564. Mike Burns is the owner. He is the processer who takes care of H&M Landing. Mike charges .25 cents per pound for filleting. His smoked & jerkey IMO is the best down there. He vacum packs in small units (2 pounds) and is the only...