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  1. Smiler1958

    RR3 trip #21 report

    Good report. The RR3 is a beautiful boat and well run.
  2. Smiler1958

    Drone Video of Tuna Following Guadalupe Great White

    What an amazing video. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. Smiler1958

    Vagabond JRI 8 Day

    Sounds like a very good trip!
  4. Smiler1958

    Oct 12-19 Searcher trip report

    Really nice write up. Thank you!
  5. Smiler1958

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    Beautiful picture Bob
  6. Smiler1958

    Seabass video

    Great video!
  7. Smiler1958

    Offshore San Clemente

    Incredible trip. Thanks for posting!
  8. Smiler1958

    If you could only troll 1

    Excellent advice.
  9. Smiler1958

    Saltwater 9-1 tuna

    Yes what is that Squid Nation “ flipply floppy thing”?
  10. Smiler1958

    Found one on the 152.

    Great story and very well done.
  11. Smiler1958

    Boat Ramp in Lopez Mateos BCS

    Very nice boat there. Should work out well!
  12. Smiler1958

    whiteseabass in san quintin,8/29/19.

    Very nice Juan! Send some of those fish up our way OK!
  13. Smiler1958

    Offshore Around the 226 8-28. Only got two, but one was a biggun5#

    Good report and congratulations on the nice BFT.
  14. Smiler1958

    Vagabond Bluefin...another lesson learned

    Awesome report. Congratulations!
  15. Smiler1958

    What I have learned at Guadalupe

    Information report. Good to know the Owners worked so well.
  16. Smiler1958

    Royal Star Guadalupe Report Aug17-24

    Sounds like a great trip. Tuna hearts of all things.
  17. Smiler1958

    Saltwater 8/25 CR tuna report. Awesome.

    Send some of that biomass down this way! I really miss albacore fishing. Good for you guys.
  18. Smiler1958

    Part one

    Excellent advice here Dave.
  19. Smiler1958

    Offshore Offshore 8/24/19

    Congratulations on the successful trip!
  20. Smiler1958

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    This is very true and excellent advice.
  21. Smiler1958

    Offshore Crushing it on the Polaris Supreme! (8/22 - 8/25)

    Nice write up on what sounds like a great trip!
  22. Smiler1958

    Intrepid - Berutich 8 Day

    Giant wahoo. Well done!
  23. Smiler1958

    What Lures do you run?

    Thank you a Bob for the prompt response. The evolution to the chains and dredges here in the SoCal marlin world has been interesting to watch. I find myself kind of missing it (marlin). We’ll see what happens with the BFT this fall but thinking about taking a week or two and focusing on em...
  24. Smiler1958

    What Lures do you run?

    I’m very curious about the squid chains. I’m assuming you’re fishing Ballyhoo?
  25. Smiler1958

    Offshore 7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    Very nice job. Two beautiful fish.
  26. Smiler1958

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    No that actually is no longer the case. With the legalization of marijuana here, the cartels principle source of cash has largely disappeared and with it the crews, infrastructure and political influence it purchased needed to grow the fairly labor intensive crop and ship it here. Much of the...
  27. Smiler1958

    Offshore Little G has The Big D!

    Very well done. Beautiful boat too!
  28. Smiler1958

    Offshore White sea bass out of Point Loma

    That’s a welcome surprise. Well done.
  29. Smiler1958

    Offshore 28JULY-Water Temp Report. Loong Loop

    Nice job on the reds and that thanks for the report.
  30. Smiler1958

    Saltwater Loaded the boat.

    Great report
  31. Smiler1958

    Offshore Ranger 85 2.5 day trip 7/16-7/19

    Thanks for the report and particularly the info on the Snipers.
  32. Smiler1958

    One looking for any one who neess a extra hand chaising BF

    Lip ripper I’m still four to six weeks out with regards to be “fishing ready”. Neck deep in boat work. I am though looking for guys to fish with me later this year. Let me know if you’re interested and if so let’s talk.
  33. Smiler1958

    Offshore 1.5 day trip on the Endeavor

    Interesting about the iron fish. You don’t hear as much about these days. Still works.
  34. Smiler1958

    Offshore SA80 2.5 July 12-15, 2019

    Just wow. Beautiful fish.
  35. Smiler1958

    Offshore Watching big tuna..Video..Reel Hard

    Really enjoy your video. Always very well done.
  36. Smiler1958

    Offshore Better Late than Never

    Just a great story. Thank you for sharing!
  37. Smiler1958

    Offshore Tomahawk Tomahawk Extended 1.5 day 7/9-7/11

    Great boat. Well done on the nice BFT.
  38. Smiler1958

    Offshore Wednesday 10th

    Better times ahead. Keep going!
  39. Smiler1958

    Offshore Epic solo half day 7/8

    Very well done. Congratulations!
  40. Smiler1958

    Offshore SW of islands

    Sounds like good fishing. Well done.
  41. Smiler1958

    Tuna Congo Line to SCI?

    Interesting about the albacore. That “seems” like a more traditional tack for them.
  42. Smiler1958

    Offshore Kite flying on the 4th

    Well done Chad. Happy 4th of July!
  43. Smiler1958

    Offshore WFO Foamer YFT 7/3

    Huge props on your video. Really liked the swordfish portion of it.
  44. Smiler1958

    Offshore July 4th of yellowfin madness!

    Compliments on both your catch and the pictures. Really well done.
  45. Smiler1958

    Offshore Between the Banks

    Good news about YT. With so much focus on the offshore scene that is probably being overlooked.
  46. Smiler1958

    Offshore Aztec 6/18

    Sounds like good fishing. Congratulations!
  47. Smiler1958

    Offshore Pacific Queen overnight 6/14

    What an informative report. Thank you!
  48. Smiler1958

    Offshore Liberty 6/18/19

    Really informative report. Thank you!
  49. Smiler1958

    Birdschool Local Yellowtail. 6/12

    Favorite way to catch them!
  50. Smiler1958

    Offshore El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    Alan is a very, and I mean very, talented fisherman. He missed that day. It happens to everyone
  51. Smiler1958

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 ay returning 6/11

    Congratulations on the very nice day. I’ve several friends have that same surgery and without exceptions marveled at how much better they feel. Best of luck!
  52. Smiler1958

    Shogun Guadalupe Dec 9 - 16 - Penn Reels trip

    The presents are just to cool. What a wonderful idea.
  53. Smiler1958


    Absolutely great report
  54. Smiler1958

    Offshore The 302

    Beautiful picture!
  55. Smiler1958

    Random Drone footage from 8-day trip on excel

    That is a great video
  56. Smiler1958

    Offshore Opah SW of 302

    I real trophy!
  57. Smiler1958

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 day 7-9-18

    Good trip and even better report!
  58. Smiler1958

    Bola July 1st-3rd

    Thanks for the report. Continued progress on the road. Good to hear. I’ll be down there in September.
  59. Smiler1958

    Offshore 6/27 on the Tribute

    That was a great report