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  1. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Kite fish question

    why would you even want a kite fish at that point. its a hook and hand + from what ive seen on my trips and photos the deckhands usually have their hand(s) on the rod the whole time feeding line in/ help positioning, moving it over/under other passengers. kite fish (from a sport boat, ill...
  2. stripedbizzle

    What’s up with the Seeker D8?

    I’m a seeker guy and hate the d8; there are some variations of the seeker d8 that are better than others but the rod in general just sucks. It’s a noodle - barely heavy enough to fish 30. If you enjoy getting your ass kicked and seeing your rod bend in half then that’s good for you. if you want...
  3. stripedbizzle

    Super Seeker Deck Hand SS 6480-8’ CT 20-40 Lb.

    Calstar 6480's are either all glass (wcdh/bwcdh models) or glass over graphite (GG 6480) whereas this seeker 6480 is a composite ( transitions from graphite to glass tip; comparable to a calstar grafighter). calstar rates their 6480's 30-60 while seeker rates their's 20-40. Calstar 6480's are...
  4. stripedbizzle

    San Diego offshore weather

    Right now swell 10ft @ 10 seconds ; imagine swell the height of a driveway basketball hoop rolling towards you every 10 seconds
  5. stripedbizzle

    Have the tides turned on coffee grinders?

    I believe the want/ability to be able to cast conventional gear has to come within - it takes practice, i would go into my backyard and practice all the time from age 11-13 so i could be one of the cool guys in the bow . I know and have observed guys that try to figure it out as they go on...
  6. stripedbizzle

    Limits question

    You fish for boat limits, people will say they caught ‘x’ amount but everyone goes him with 2/5/whatever - best personal policy is to read the room in my opinion; on a boat full of killers or a private charter ? Sure stop once you got your fill and allow the other paying customers to have their...
  7. stripedbizzle

    LB 6480H question

    Looks like it could use a new grip, never been a fan of cork tape
  8. stripedbizzle


    I flew on American Airlines last summer and took with me a custom 9’ surf rod I had built for me out here for stripers. One piece, checked luggage in a Plano jumbo airliner. Just barely fit in when the Plano was extended to its max of 9feet and remarkably (to my somewhat surprise, I was fully...
  9. stripedbizzle

    Seeker and Shimano Display Rod Racks

    I’d do some despicable things to get that seeker rack for the garage . WTB time machine
  10. stripedbizzle

    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    Penn or shimano should make high-end 40/40n star drags again with the latest technology so we don’t need to waste money on 2 speed/lever drags to fish 40# and up
  11. stripedbizzle

    Couple heavy Lb seeker(s)

    Bump. Narrowed search a little. May be able to trade for factory 6470xh or custom/blank 80xh. Looking for cash deal on factory 2x4
  12. stripedbizzle

    Couple heavy Lb seeker(s)

    bump sell me your rod take my money and invest it in gamestop
  13. stripedbizzle

    Couple heavy Lb seeker(s)

    Want to add 1 or 2 off my hit list if possible before my money disappears again. Those who know me know I’m a sucker who overpays ;). Long Beach wrap Factory rods ; - ss 6470xh - ss 2x4 Blank/customs; - ss cjbf80xh; 6480xh Thanks
  14. stripedbizzle

    Gold Trinidad tn12 or tn14

    Wtb a gold tn12 or tn14. I’m incredibly vain, so reel needs to be at least a 8/10 cosmetically. will pay $250-$300 dependent upon cosmetic condition. Also need reel shipped; I’ll cover the cost. missed the last few nice ones posted here either due to timing or shipping being unavailable...
  15. stripedbizzle

    LB 2x4 In LA/OC

    Wtb a Long Beach ss 2x4 Prefer a blank or a rewrap candidate but suppose a beggar can’t be a chooser .. Might also consider other heavy (80-130 lb) LB ss/ex/cex blanks if rod length gets within a few inches of 7 feet. LA/oc area meetups only Not looking to trade at the moment. Thanks ...
  16. stripedbizzle

    SSR 810 or SS 270H

    Ss 270h is too light for 30#
  17. stripedbizzle

    Couple of LB seekers

    500 obo for d8? 450 obo for baby ulua? Both for ..? I want a new a computer
  18. stripedbizzle

    Couple of LB seekers

    1. Original S-D8. The blank is an original black s-glass S-D8, the wrap is new and was made to match the original seeker red/white/blue factory wrap. Alps hxn guides. Very solid 30# rod, little more stout than green glass/other d8’s , don’t think it would fish 40 very well. $550 OBO. 2. Factory...
  19. stripedbizzle

    2006 Parker 2520 XLD with Twin Yamaha F250TXR and Tuna Tower

    That railing is sick. Always wondered why you don’t see more set up like that
  20. stripedbizzle

    Factory seeker 7x - $375

    3rd gen is translucent/almost see through white glass that only starts in the last 1/4 of rod towards tip
  21. stripedbizzle

    mexico series seeker m270h

    oh man thats the mexico series everyone wants.
  22. stripedbizzle

    2 never used Cousins Factory 95mags

    I pray this is bajabills and he’s back
  23. stripedbizzle

    2 never used Cousins Factory 95mags

    I’d pay 1k if it was GREEN S-GLASS
  24. stripedbizzle

    Seeker Rods - 6480 and 6480H

    if its march-may those puppies sell in a minute. either everyone is out of money like i am or too busy fishing to buy more gear. Besides 80h one of the most popular seeker model (outside of ulua's) these babies going to the moon next few years.
  25. stripedbizzle

    Parking at the San Diego Landings

    Just sit in one of the back lanes adjacent to the landing you’re leaving from, put your car in park, and wait for someone to leave. Never takes that long. I imagine most of the people that complain about parking are the ones driving around the lot in circles hoping to get lucky.
  26. stripedbizzle

    No-Show on a boat

    Usually if you cancel, and your spots get sold-again you get a full refund regardless of how early/late you cancel. I canceled a trip with ~3 days notice last week but luckily my 2 spots sold within an hour and I got a full refund At least that’s what H&M does, I know Newport/22nd street...
  27. stripedbizzle

    Sd fishing ?

    October usually pretty stellar
  28. stripedbizzle

    top gun 80 2.5 this fri 8/14

    my uncle can't make it due to an emergency ; i'm not gonna run solo for 2.5 days with all the covid nonsense going on so 2 spots just opened up. Trip has been sold out since may great boat, prime weekend dates, allbeit not a lot of notice but get on out there. thanks - and also i want my...
  29. stripedbizzle

    Super Seeker CJBF85 greenie

    theres a picture missing ; we need the rod's asshole sir.
  30. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    I have a 2.5 day on Friday (booked way back in February) that has staterooms but I’m still shitting bricks and haven’t been able to fully commit in my brain yet
  31. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph 36 factory no boy new

    only 36 left - $25 price reduction.
  32. stripedbizzle

    Offshore WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    usually it works out that the fishing is hot before a trip and then dies as soon as you get out there. you should be hopeful - can only go up from the last few days. i have a 2.5 leaving friday and im mostly worried about the crowds, its been sounding like a total shit show out there.
  33. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    Bump would really like a phd8 or ulua with little homie on it
  34. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph 36 factory no boy new

    Ph 36 new w tags. Darker green glass no boy $200 Ph 1580 blank. Darker green glass. $140. (sold) Ph lm9 (sold) and bh89 (sold) new black blanks; $100 each. Pick up local in San Fernando valley 8182055130 Will trade all of these for a callaway mavrik driver 9 degree stiff shaft. Thanks
  35. stripedbizzle

    Truline bo36

    will be at sd landings next fri btw
  36. stripedbizzle

    Truline bo36

    Local pickup sfv (San Fernando valley) Full length bo36 ; see pics. ‘Splotchy’ glass. Butt cap is ripped and needs replacing $200 8182055130 (text)
  37. stripedbizzle

    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    yeh dont want them necessarily for party boat/on-the-water application just want to be able to stack my current rods on top of each other (store them horizontally in a loft) without having to be too careful.
  38. stripedbizzle

    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    Anyone know where i can buy some sort of cloth fishing rod sock. not really into the plastic condom-like ones that have been popular last few years. something nice, thick, and soft to insert my rod into. Thanks
  39. stripedbizzle

    Gold Shimano Trinidad TN16 TN16N Narrow Special Fishing Reel. Brand New in the box.

    kind of interesting how the gold trini's were considered one of the best/the best star drags of their time and now its almost an every trip experience to see one get totally smoked by a medium->big bluefin. That said the 12/14 are still awesome 15-25# reels.
  40. stripedbizzle

    seeking 9' rod for kelp paddy

    Seeker g6490 or ss6490 (cjbf90 blank) or LM9 (would be my choice personally) - all glass 9’ 20-40 perfect long 30lb rod. Calstar 900m I’m sure UC has a rod or several in that range.
  41. stripedbizzle

    Super Seeker 1x3 vs. Seeker OSP 1x3 for 80#?

    If building from a blank I’d go super seeker (uncut theyll be 7’2-7’4). If you’re looking for a factory rod probably osp just because it’s cheaper and I hate the current Ss factory wraps.
  42. stripedbizzle

    Custom Seeker Pinhead BHPH89

    what have you guys done? in times like these we need bajabills the rod aficionado and now gone forever.
  43. stripedbizzle

    Rip currents in lake piru

    I used to go jet skiing there all the time. Lake can be deceptively shallow because water isn’t clear + there’s a lot of underwater brush/trees like big ass trees. Like no joke 6foot tall trees coming out of the ground (sometimes in late summers the lake is drained/lower and you can see where...
  44. stripedbizzle

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    I’ve been avoiding these kite trips for 3 years now. Get handed a fish on piano wire slap it on the railand pretend you did something great - whatever I don’t know where I’m going with this but kite fishing is lame especially on sport boats.
  45. stripedbizzle

    Seeker SS CSB 907

    Looking for a green glass or a new SS CSB 907 ; need it by next thursday. Need a finished rod or a blank that can wrapped (simply) fast. Thanks
  46. stripedbizzle

    Schoolie 20-80lb popper setup....local SD waters

    I would just try to buy heavier poppers that can cast well with a conventional surface iron set up. Having a whole set up dedicated to fishing poppers just sounds like a pain in the ass - just one extra set up you have to put together, strip down, haul on the sporties
  47. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    70xh? You don’t need em, Let’s get you booked on another trip
  48. stripedbizzle

    Ocean odyssey or Sea Adventure 1.5 day?

    Old glory one of the most underrated operations out there - think they get unfairly lumped in at times with other turn and burn touristy etc overnight operations even though for 2-3+ seasons straight they’ve been putting out a primo operation.
  49. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph d8 (no little man)

    bump obo; new cork handle/turks
  50. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph d8 (no little man)

    Green seeker ph d8 - no little man; slightly darker glass than a ones that have a little man. Cord handle overall great condition. $300 obo picked up in San Fernando Valley; will be in Oxnard early Saturday (around 8am).
  51. stripedbizzle

    Chocholate Sabres

    sounds like @sealskinner territory
  52. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    bump want a 70xh blank preferred but not picky.
  53. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph1580 + bs806 green

    ill get some pics in the sun later. both rods, even the darker ones, really glow up in the sun. youll feel like a fucking jedi on the party boats when these things light up. $25 price cut across the board. , both for $350 seent one of these 806 built before - split grip between butt and reel...
  54. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph1580 + bs806 green

    1. Green seeker ph1580 blank. All s-glass. Darker green Oxnard rolled (most likely). Have 2 of them, come take your pick of which one you want. $200 2. Green seeker bs806 blank. 8’ 10-20lb (15lb bass stick). All s-glass (Long Beach). Have 2 of them, come take your pick. $175 Both blanks are...
  55. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    bump really want a 70xh
  56. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    bump - casting a wider net. girlfriend moving in in 1.5 months help me buy more shit before its too late
  57. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    Bump - let’s pay for that next trip of yours =)
  58. stripedbizzle

    Cousins 80H Rootbeer Red Blank

    if you know you know. unreal bend. unparalleled class. the cousins 80h - a fisherman’s dream /s ;) 😉
  59. stripedbizzle

    Truline D8 GG2 $300

    You’re doing it all wrong. If you want to take cash offers and circumvent the classified rules you’re supposed to list your item for TRADE. That way you’re TRADING your rod for cash and not SELLING for a highest offer. glws
  60. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    bump added a couple more things to trade offerings.
  61. stripedbizzle

    SOLD Trinidad 20DC 🦄 $900 SOLD

    I might be wrong but reading the marketplace I think this means 95jmags go for $1,600 now
  62. stripedbizzle

    SOLD Trinidad 20DC 🦄 $900 SOLD

    tough scene now for the 95mag/dc combo guy. GLWS
  63. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    Ttt ; see og post for trade offerings.
  64. stripedbizzle

    Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    @padsfan *Slight disclaimer, the phone number i got these messages from is different than the one OP has posted in prior ads - but nonetheless this whole thing stinks like shit.
  65. stripedbizzle

    LB Super Seeker Project X CJBF85 Cherry blank

    you could always cash out and try your chances with that archivetraders clown in n. SD.
  66. stripedbizzle

    Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    This story is fake. i have the same pictures of this rod in my text messages from 3 months ago from some guy asking $2,500. So if it was the helpless inheritor then he somehow knew this rod in particular was special and worth a shit load - but why would he give it away then? Or a more likely...
  67. stripedbizzle

    Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    So was it you or the original guy who jumped in my texts to try to sell this same rod to me for $2.5k in February. ;)
  68. stripedbizzle

    Some Seekers

    All 3 pending
  69. stripedbizzle

    Some Seekers

    1. Virgin green ph 1580 blank. The color of the glass is green, “ph 1580” is written on felt pen by the sticker near the butt of the blank. The blank has a gold label. These are the facts I know about the rod. Please draw your own conclusions on s vs e glass and make an educated...
  70. stripedbizzle

    Bushido bass rod

    Do the tiny guides on these rods impact anything ? I.e. casting distance or technique, do u have to use certain line or lures?? Always been curious.
  71. stripedbizzle

    United Healthcare Pop Up

    While That ads are a minor inconvenience and fairly annoying - the site is free and offers access to very active classifieds forums and up to date fishing information/reports/etc. so if I have to click out of a few ads here and there to continue finding great used gear at good value and great...
  72. stripedbizzle

    Trinidad 16NA with 30LB MONO

    The regular 16a is already pretty narrow (been forever since I’ve held a gold 16n but the new 16a does feel like the old 16n) - don’t fully understand the need for the 16na. Think the 16na really puts you in a niche/specialty application hole (I.e. can’t run longer mono top shots, not very...
  73. stripedbizzle

    PENN fathom 25N 2spd

    Not a mathematician but 224 + ~$20 CA taxes + $$ for braid .. probably not much short of $290. Let the guy sell his reel. (If were only talking amazon)
  74. stripedbizzle

    Super Seeker Ulua 93H rolled in LB

    Full length, all glass, decent price, I can’t believe this is still here, if i didn’t hate driving to SD I would be taking this rod out to dinner and movie tonight
  75. stripedbizzle

    Found a 95j Mag. Moderator Please Delete.

    How do you even fish a rod that isn’t GREEN S-GLASS. I don’t understand
  76. stripedbizzle

    Seeker 7x blue glass blank and green glass factory SS 270-8

    that butt pic didnt do it for me not gonna lie to you. not very hot. gotta cut that cover out. its like a porn star wearing granny panties.
  77. stripedbizzle

    Acceptable sport boat scenario

    I hope something relatively feasible can be accomplished that allows the operations to make money .. that being said if it comes to wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart at the rail, dealing with Other passengers getting all agro and defensive over their space in a environment where it isnt really...
  78. stripedbizzle

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Don’t know how im not broke yet , set of penn torques lever drags (15x, 25n x2, 40n) set of 90f’s back from the wrapper this winter (clb90f + cjb90f) traded an old ssd8 for a cjbf90 picked up a old school black and honey seeker d8 blank that’s getting wrapped composite ulua 100h getting...
  79. stripedbizzle


    It’ll fish them both fine. Usually a seeker a 270H is rated 20-30 - probably just a label mishap.
  80. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    up ; got cash, blanks, finished rods for trade hit me up
  81. stripedbizzle

    Super Seeker Baby Ulua Reel Clamp

    the duran clamps are next level
  82. stripedbizzle

    Seeker following

    either way conversely, I will say many of the seeker 'HATERS' are the ones throwing temper tantrums in the classifieds when they get beat to a sale on a good deal or their trade/offer doesnt get accepted.
  83. stripedbizzle

    Seeker following

    *non seeker boys with their pocket watching and graphite sticks* dont need no rods with the overpricing and shenanigans!!
  84. stripedbizzle

    Seeker rod blank recommendation.

    based purely on my own experiences (maybe biased) of owning all S-glass rods, all e-glass rods and composites made with both ; when dealing with an all glass rod its personal preference. S-glass feels more spongey/bouncy/ and bends really smooth (these characteristics imo cause a rod built with...
  85. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    Bump for some edits
  86. stripedbizzle

    Need help with Seeker blank!

    6'8 (probably) because it hasn't been trimmed/cut. @jrs66vette
  87. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    little bored and have a little cash - Looking for 1 or 2 of following rods/factory rods/blanks to add to complement the arsenal. (LB glass; red/green/honey SS/composite) SS CJBF70xh/6470xh factory ph d8 w little man factory ph ulua w little man Factory ss ulua 93h 9'3 cjbf80xh / 6480xh all...
  88. stripedbizzle

    PH 93h Uluas

    I’m a pinhead e glass vs s glass denier. I believe (perhaps wrongly) that If it’s green it’s S glass. I think most of the belief that some green pinheads are e-glass is based off an old seeker catalog ad on their website that hasn’t been updated probably since multiple ownership changes ago. I...
  89. stripedbizzle

    Lamiglas 528 and 529

    I had someone try to sell me a bright yellow glass 528 beef stick for $2k..
  90. stripedbizzle

    Lamiglas 528 and 529

    Seeker pinhead d8 or lm9 (true 30# all glass 8 and 9 foot blanks respectively) I guess, maybe a Calstar 270-8h. Idk who even still makes all glass rods anymore other than those two. Seeker blanks, even the new ones, might be harder/hardish to get with all this covid stuff going on.
  91. stripedbizzle

    Looking for cex or ex ulua @Jsin1192 would take it with a grain of salt, the way the ad reads it would seems its more of an open auction then a for-sale post. + ontario is way the fuck out there Offerup is either someone selling a rod way below its value and having no idea how...
  92. stripedbizzle

    Seeker rod blank recommendation.

    yeh seeker doesnt really make many 7'6 blanks. great 30lb sticks from seeker would be ph 36 (little on lighter side of 30) or the ph d8 (heavier side of 30) -both of which are all glass and have soft tips which are great for casting. for composite blanks you have the mentioned cjbf70m (~7'3...
  93. stripedbizzle

    Gold Trinidad 16.

    ebay usually a good stop for the gold trini's
  94. stripedbizzle

    Seeker PH 36 vs Seeker 270h

    While I think overall there’s a soft spot for the American series, I’ve seen more than a couple snap like twigs in hot tuna bites (for many years they were the go to rental rods for most so cal landings)
  95. stripedbizzle

    Seeker PH 36 vs Seeker 270h

    I also have an older ph 36. It’s definitely all glass (‘s’ glass). Never fished it but feels stiff/fast for a 25lb stick. Don’t think I would use it over other rods I have in that line class (got it in a bundle). Either way if you decide you the like 270 more you could prob get somewhere in the...
  96. stripedbizzle


    surprised that seeker hasnt disappeared/sold
  97. stripedbizzle

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Based on prior experience selling airjordans/nikes/etc on ebay (lot more toxic of a community so dont believe theres a 1:1 here) paypal sides with buyer 99% of the time often even in the face of damning/undeniable evidence. Ive been 'returned' a shoe box with a textbook in it (same weight as the...
  98. stripedbizzle

    Seekers Rods!!

    Thanks for the f85 been looking for one for a looooong time
  99. stripedbizzle

    Tn16 Tn 14 Gold Gold Gold

    damn that 14 is unbelievably clean
  100. stripedbizzle

    Seeker PH D8-8’ CT s-glass

  101. stripedbizzle

    Seeker Ulua blankIdentification

    that is a LONG BEACH seeker
  102. stripedbizzle

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    silver lining is global economy sucks so much ass right now the exchange rate between US dollar and AUS dollar is 1 : 0.61... cough*cough* steep discounts on fishing gear *cough*cough
  103. stripedbizzle

    Shimano Talica 10ii or 12ii?

    for the type of fishing you just described you would need/want a talica 12 or penn trq25n or 30. talica 10 wont get it done.
  104. stripedbizzle

    Trinidad 12 jog stick

    shiiit thats a clean 12
  105. stripedbizzle

    Torque 25 uses

    personally I would limit its uses to surface jigs w/ a jigstick and/or 30# live bait.
  106. stripedbizzle

    Attn. Ali causes a 60% drop in BD traffic

    i honestly have no idea what changed other than the colors
  107. stripedbizzle

    Penn Fathom 2 speeds [25, 25, 30]

    Have three fathom 2 speeds for sale; - a 30 and a 25n for $100/each obo. NO CLAMPS AVAILABLE. bought Duran clamps and don’t know where I put the original ones (keeping Duran clamps for myself). Used but not abused. - a 25n with a clamp, used on 3 trips maximum. $150 obo. Pretty spotless. All...
  108. stripedbizzle

    S glass seeker bs706 green

    706's i believe are 7 feet - so blank is probably anywhere from 7'-7'3''
  109. stripedbizzle

    Thoughts on the UC Reeper?

    Seeker gang
  110. stripedbizzle

    SS seeker 6480

    yes how dare he not write a novel about how green the glass is. you know what the rod is, he put a price, if you were serious about buying and contact him im sure he would provide photos, what else is needed.
  111. stripedbizzle

    good jigs for Baby Ulua

    have had baby ulua for a year or so. originally thought i would use it to throw poppers and then i discovered that i hate fishing poppers. what other light jigs (from your own experiences of fising a baby ulua ideally) should i be checking out? do not know what to do with this rod. thanks
  112. stripedbizzle

    United Composites Reaper madness continues!!

    bob sands in van nuys has them already i believe
  113. stripedbizzle

    truline D8 40#

    I would say my budget was on par with several models (~1k range). However i never received an offer along the lines of "hey i have a (insert glass type) glass (insert type of d8) d8 that is (insert length)". everything was this rod could be this or that; if you pull on it it will feel like this...
  114. stripedbizzle

    truline D8 40#

    ending the search - too much ambiguity for how much money is involved. thanks for the offers if you sent me some, but yeah back to the drawing board.
  115. stripedbizzle

    Newbie here and need some advice.

    i mean to me it just looks like a lot of 40#+ gear. a 30# and even a 20/25# is pretty essential imo especially considering a 5-6 day trip may stay relatively local. something like a trinidad 16/talica 10/penn15xnld2 w calstar 800m/seeker 6480/UC equivalent 8' 20-40 rated rod. and/or trinidad...
  116. stripedbizzle

    truline D8 40#

    Got a couple nibbles which im thankful for but nothing quite hitting the mark, gonna bump next few days as will be available this weekend for a meetup/deal then back into my hole i'll crawl.
  117. stripedbizzle

    Super Seeker Ulua green

    Smh too far .. GLWS should move quickly
  118. stripedbizzle

    truline D8 40#

    weekly bump still trying to get rid of my money
  119. stripedbizzle

    SOLD - Seeker PINHEAD ULUA 9'3" Original 25-40

    i will buy this - but i will not use it as it is a 9'3 noodle. however, i will be able to trade this for something much more useable. 420-696-6969
  120. stripedbizzle


    when some heat drops in the classifieds
  121. stripedbizzle

    Set of LB 90f’s

    Usually like lurking in here ; hope to be able to build some of my own stuff some day but for now I’ll keep dumping money at Steve (twinfin1000). just wanted simple builds(idea was red ss blank + navy/silver for NE patriots colors) - Steve delivered. Almost kind of looks like the salty crew...
  122. stripedbizzle

    Seeker SS CJB90F

    (If it’s a Long Beach blank) If you don’t know a price or don’t feel comfortable putting a price you’re supposed to post pics to generate interest in the blank and list it as for trade only. Then you should get a barrage of backdoor cash offers in your dm’s and you simply take the highest one...
  123. stripedbizzle

    If You Only Had One Jig

    If I was going ONLY off my last two or threee offshore seasons it would be a 100g colt sniper.
  124. stripedbizzle

    20# 25# Setup Q??

    I just believe talica 8/10's are not a good value. They have too much performance and cost too much to be justified as 20-25# reels (id rather go with a star drag trinidad/fathom/torque etc at that line class). But they cannot really fish 40 or heavier as their drags max at 13 strike and 20 full...
  125. stripedbizzle

    20# 25# Setup Q??

    Talica 10 kinda seems like overkill
  126. stripedbizzle


    i would be hesitant to use them when fishing over 30lb line. I bent a few just by taking my pliers to them while trying to unhook fish. idk how much force i was exerting on them while doing that but i just wouldnt trust them with medium to heavy lines.
  127. stripedbizzle

    LB Factory Super Seekers (6485,6490,6470xh etc, tn40n up for trade)

    Have some walking around $ after selling some gear and want to add one of these beautiful uglies to my arsenal. Models I will buy (looking for 1 or 2 out of these models with the aforementioned factory wrap): SS 670-8ct SS 6470xh SS 6485 SS 6490 SS 270h-8ct (deckhand only) SS 2x4 only really...
  128. stripedbizzle

    3 Factory Calstars; 800l, gg6480, 875h

    Answering pm's in order in which i received them
  129. stripedbizzle


    yes it has rsw
  130. stripedbizzle

    Blue SB Ulua

    Last night from seeker
  131. stripedbizzle

    Rare sabre ulua 10ft

    That’s a real nice guide. Glws
  132. stripedbizzle

    Calstar 775h

    have an xh if youre interested (60-120) (sfv/los angeles)
  133. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    Bump again, added a new reel for trade Adding FOR TRADE ONLY via a factory LB SS 6480h, 6480xh, 6470, 6470h, 6490, D8 A NEW old stock Trinidad 40n gold. Trade only for the aforementioned rod(s). Pics in original post/description. Offers for cash or gear outside of what is listed will be...
  134. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    been a while, bump again - see og post or previous comment for trade offerings and as always am also trading $$
  135. stripedbizzle

    mak 20ii sea gunmetal

    bump $500 or highest offer
  136. stripedbizzle

    mak 20ii sea gunmetal

    bump. get it for these bluefins
  137. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Salty Dream does it again!!

    Wow can’t believe you kept it. Swordfish, great whites and makos are some of the only things that eat seals and sea lions in SoCal. If you want the seal/seal lion population to go down you need to release the swords. Smh.
  138. stripedbizzle

    She Gone.

  139. stripedbizzle

    Possible guide DIY repair?

    Update Found these little guys on a Chinese website And one of the rings was a perfect fit. Super glued and ready to go! No need to buy new guides or rewrap or anything.
  140. stripedbizzle

    mak 20ii sea gunmetal

    Pics up.. buy this. $500 shipped firm.
  141. stripedbizzle

    Overnighter and fish processing?

    lot of overnighters offer fillet on the boat via the crew. unless youre trying to actively avoid that
  142. stripedbizzle

    mak 20ii sea gunmetal

    bump ... forgot to take my pics but seriously this thing is (basically) new. $525 SHIPPED OBO
  143. stripedbizzle

    Super Seeker Ulua 93H LB

    i'll trade you money
  144. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    last or next to last bump before i put my search back into hibernation. looking for 6480h or a ss D8 or any other LB factory solid 40# rod. blanks would be ok too but would be more restricted to 8 foot sticks. Up for trade if you hate money (all in impeccable condition): Calstars (all factory...
  145. stripedbizzle

    Virgin Cousins 95Mag

    me trying to keep track of 95j mag prices.. GLWS someone will score
  146. stripedbizzle

    Calcutta TE 700 levelwind reel $175

    Used to have one of these years ago.. great real for small to medium game fish - yft, sea bass, albacore (way back when), bones, etc. GLWS
  147. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    Bump - updated description, lots for trade if cash isnt your thing; looking for a 6480h, preferred meetups in LA/OC. I dont mess around if you want to sell ill make it happen
  148. stripedbizzle

    Lot of big reels

    northeast/east coast guys love those giant penns - could probably sell on ebay for decent $$
  149. stripedbizzle

    United Composites Glow DelMar 1000

    People take this marketplace too seriously - No need to keep bashing each other because things didn't go your way.
  150. stripedbizzle

    Possible guide DIY repair?

    Thanks for the input fellas - really appreciate it.
  151. stripedbizzle

    Possible guide DIY repair?

    hey everybody, Had the ring insert in this guide pop out. Is there anyway to fix this without blowing up the wrap and replacing the entire guide? Would rather not alter/mess with the factory wrap (old factory wrap ss d8) but understand I may have to. Thought I’d ask here first. Looked online...
  152. stripedbizzle

    Original Seeker Blank $250

    this should disappear quickly
  153. stripedbizzle

    Long Beach Seeker Blanks

    oh my god
  154. stripedbizzle

    Long Beach Seeker Blanks

    where the pics
  155. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Pacifica Sportfishing

    great report.. but oh lord if im *picking* at 10lb yellowfin and skipjack next week on my 2.5 day i may have to jump overboard.
  156. stripedbizzle

    LB Super Seekers Blanks and Finished rod value Q's

    well good thing is that, if anything, all the new lb seeker hysteria IS increasing interest in the current seeker line. this is a good thing because more competition in the marketplace is good for us as customers and yadda yadda. if my only viable rod options were calstar and United composites...
  157. stripedbizzle


    found one. thanks bd.
  158. stripedbizzle


    Looking for a ss CLB90f blank or any other ss that is 9ft and fishes 10-25/15-25lb line (ratings @ 20-30 are likely too heavy and 10-20 is likely a bit too light. I know im being picky but 15lb and 20lb is the sweet spot im looking for. ) will be shipping it back east with another ss CLB90f i...
  159. stripedbizzle

    Pegasus bunks

    first come first served when i rode it
  160. stripedbizzle

    Calstars (gg90j Mag, 875h, 700h)

    Hey guys added some pictures.. gonna jump back in the pm’s and try to get everything sorted. Thanks
  161. stripedbizzle

    Calstars (gg90j Mag, 875h, 700h)

    Has a reel seat. Updated ad : all are factory wrapped.
  162. stripedbizzle

    Calstars (gg90j Mag, 875h, 700h)

    Hey got some calstars for sale (all factory wraps): GG 90j-MAG - $250 OBO 875h - $200 OBO - w reel seat 700h - $old pm first for offers/inquiries and ill try to get to them asap. will post some pictures tonight but for those who cannot wait and are ready for an impulse buy I will say they...
  163. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    Update: More or less a complete set found!! (Know where a d8 is hiding but need to get my finances back in order) Thanks to the bd community - all the gear is in immaculate condition. Best online community out there. Cheers
  164. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    last and final bump - updated title/description. now paying a finders fee to anyone who can connect me to a seller or have direct involvement w me acquiring 6470/6480 seeker in these wraps. 2.5 day coming up fast don't make me take some calstars.
  165. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    Hunting has been good for these ugly beauties Got a 93h 10ct Baby ulua w tags 270h-8 NEED that 6480 and or 6470 - cough em up I have been paying more than I should. You don’t need em lemme get the set
  166. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Epic 2 Day on the Outer Limits. WFO BFT 9/4-9/6

    looks like an awesome trip! but also yeesh lotta guys using the rail these days for anything. pump those fuckers in and get a sweat going!
  167. stripedbizzle

    best bang for buck polarized sunglasses

    nordstrom rack sells costa del mars for $75-$100 clearance. some models are polarized and the costa overall is quality. you shouldnt fuck around when protecting your eyes imo
  168. stripedbizzle

    Mak 10 SEa on Amazon for $390

    on the product page there are 2 videos (just above q&A) section that show unboxing of a 10ii - in both videos the reels inside the box were cheap level winds
  169. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    Yeah I was not trying to stir anything up - perhaps motivate people to try to get better at worst. On these trips i almost always see people getting frustrated about "bait not swimming away from the boat" and you're also (rightly so) told by crew and so forth to change bait immediately if the...
  170. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    Didnt see anyone else post so thought I would hook these guys up with a good report/review; not really like they need it since they're mostly booked up all the time anyway. Friday was a collection of mostly 3-4 drifts where we picked up the majority of our yellowfin and a handful of bluefin...
  171. stripedbizzle

    Choice of 4 boats for my first time.

    tribute or old glory out of that list. just rent your gear; the landing offices will get you squared away with everything you need and deckhands could/will help you rig up if needed.
  172. stripedbizzle

    2 day trip Tribute $300.00

    might get a biter if u also post in sport boat trip planning forum
  173. stripedbizzle

    Please delete

    location? - interested at asking price (pending location) 818-205-5130
  174. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Ocean Odyssey 9/18-9/20...Need Tackle Advice

    You wont use all of them - the way the fishing has been though it kind of forces you to be prepared for anything. Youre just as likely to run into a school of 80+lb bluefin as you are to run into a school of 15-30lb yellowfin. IMO you could cover most bases with a 30/40/(60 or 80) but most like...
  175. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    last or next to last bump before i put my search back into hibernation. looking for LB SS 6480h, 6480xh, 6470, 6470h, 6490, D8 or any other LB factory solid 30#-50# rod. blanks would be ok too but would be more restricted to 8 foot sticks. Up for trade if you hate money (all in impeccable...
  176. stripedbizzle

    GG 6480 Rod

    i would just got to/call bob sands tackle in van nuys and ask them to put a order in from the factory as they can be a little hard to find- i did that for a gg 6480 last year and it took probably 3+ weeks or so. Unless you wanted one now or a used one - then ignore what i just said.
  177. stripedbizzle

    FS/FT - Seeker, Calstar, Okuma

    damn the 8' honey calstars always fly
  178. stripedbizzle

    Top Gun 80 trip tips and bunk info request?

    Staterooms are all roughly the same size, except I believe there’s a couple in the front of the boat that are two people rooms instead of the standard 3 people rooms. The 2 rooms closest to the engine are the loudest. And I believe you pick your bunk when checking in at the office. You’ll be...
  179. stripedbizzle

    Mak 10 SEa

  180. stripedbizzle

    Offshore BFT 5/5

    you killed it dude! was on the trip as well - never could get a bite on 40 even when I got good baits away from the boat and the thought of trying to bring in one of those fish on my fathom 25n/800ML (my lone 30lb set up) kept me away from grabbing 30. Gonna be more prepared next time, aka time...
  181. stripedbizzle

    Pac Queen or American Angler BFT

    Dont think you could go wrong concerning boat option. they both kill fish - just one (the AA) would be a lot more comfortable/luxurious and (maybe?) cost more. Flat fall set up: should use a 150+lb (200 probably best) mono/fluro leader, they aren't line shy when theyre on the flat falls and...
  182. stripedbizzle

    60-80# BFT south of Coronados, Pac Queen

    cant imagine size 1 or 2 hooks dragging these fish in. I dont think ill get myself to go below 1/0 this weekend unless all else completely fails.
  183. stripedbizzle

    Saturday's 1.5 Trips -- Aztec and Sea Adventure 80

    pegasus out of fishermans has some booked
  184. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Poseidon 4/19

    could not imagine going tuna fishing in APRIL, proceed to catch your limit of quality fish and then still have something to complain about.
  185. stripedbizzle

    Any insight on bent and tested NEW Graftech rail rods?

    i killed the 132lb bluefin in profile on graftech rod rated 30-50#. and it wasnt that difficult either. graftech's arent fancy and have some cheap components, but theyre killers for sure.
  186. stripedbizzle

    PENN FATHOM 25NLD2 Ebay Deal @ $173.00 Free Shipping...

    15% off on ebay today using "PrimoSale" only for the next hour ,, got a trinidad 20a for $355 from ottos tackle world. tackle ho bump
  187. stripedbizzle

    PENN FATHOM 25NLD2 Ebay Deal @ $173.00 Free Shipping...

    you can get a fathom 40nld2 for $186 if you buy from fishingdiscounts1 and use perfectday for 15% off, ships from australia though so wouldnt arrive for a couple of weeks.
  188. stripedbizzle

    Nados 6.26.18 - Windy Goats

    ive heard that people when wanting to keep mako/thresher jaws, they just bury the head in the backyard and wait some amount of time for worms/insects of some kind to come eat all the meat and cartilage and everything else up, then you dig it back up. maybe something similar? idk.
  189. stripedbizzle

    New calstar WC 90j & Penn fathom 15 IIspd

    wow those honey colored calstar's are awesome, and new to boot, gg to whoever scooped it
  190. stripedbizzle

    Anyone with weekend openings fri 8/17 - fri 9/28?

    ALways my first resort friend, you’d be surprised how little there is, almost zero 1.5 day, a couple of 2 days on the legend/el cap which I’ll book if it comes to it. But no harm in reaching out to the community first. And I usually avoid the 30+ mooooooo trips on anything longer than an...
  191. stripedbizzle

    Anyone with weekend openings fri 8/17 - fri 9/28?

    you wont even know I'm there until the deckhand's start weighing the jackpot ;) . looking for 1.5-2 day trip, could possibly make a 2.5 work as well. certified tackle ho who will be ready for anything. Landings are especially dry this year for us open party weekend loners :/ DM or text...
  192. stripedbizzle

    Going lobstering for first time next week, have a few questions

    Going lobstering next week (12 to 12 action on the gailforce) to try and secure a pre thanksgiving meal. Never done it before so I have a few questions: I’m assuming you take the lobsters home live? How should I prepare my cooler for transport? Anything I need to bring? (I was told I can...
  193. stripedbizzle

    Eldorado from Berth 55

    I was on it last weekend. Fishing sucked but captain and crew were all good guys. Would fish them again
  194. stripedbizzle

    Going to upgrade reels... any opinions?

    Lmao I just graduated in may and am working now too. living at home with the parents currently so all my pay is straight cash flow and I've been buying gear like crazy.
  195. stripedbizzle

    Advice on rigging Makaira 15/20/50 for BFT/YT

    Only have a 20 that I bought last Friday so I wouldn't know. Didn't get to use it on my trip over the weekend but the reel feels great, really stoked on having gear this nice. Pairing it with a 775xh. Btw I would bring a #25-#30 set up. The bluefin at San Clemente island this weekend (15-50...
  196. stripedbizzle

    Advice on rigging Makaira 15/20/50 for BFT/YT

    I got close to 700 yards 100# braid on mak20
  197. stripedbizzle

    Ranger 85

    Unless you're lucky enough to get one of the staterooms, the rangers bunks suck. Nonetheless the rant about the dorados and lay out of the boat is ridiculous as all that information is available beforehand.
  198. stripedbizzle

    I Hate to Do It, but.....

    Top gun. Air conditioned staterooms. Fishiest boat in the fleet
  199. stripedbizzle

    Lexa 300 or Trinidad tn12 (gold) on 800L?

    Don't post very often but thought I would seek some help on this dilemma Have 2 impulse purchases in the form of a lexa 300 and Trinidad 12 (gold). Which would you prefer to put on a 800L for 15-25# mostly bait application? Have had the lexa for months but have only used it once and haven't...
  200. stripedbizzle

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

  201. stripedbizzle

    Fathom vs Touque

    i would imagine the biggest difference is durability. for someone like myself who goes on 4-6 trips a year (1.5-3 days/each) there is no need to splurge on the torque. but for someone who abuses their gear the torque might be worthwhile.
  202. stripedbizzle

    Inside sportfishing gone

    Did Che from stoked on fishing spin off from them or did he start stoked on his own? For some reason I remember Che taking over certain episodes like an albacore trip on the voyager (or some seaforth boat). While Che Mac-a-guy can be pretty kooky, his show puts out good stuff and he puts all his...
  203. stripedbizzle

    Guadalupe was very slow

    :smoking33:On 976 the legend advertised they could charter to Guadalupe?
  204. stripedbizzle

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    If Keith is a smart man and itemizes his deductions he'll find out the FMV of the donated fish and can deduct those values up to 10% of his taxable income before the deduction, and carry the excess forward up to 5 years. Who knows.
  205. stripedbizzle

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    If you had a buddy/family member looking to get into fishing you could get them half way to a starter 1-2 day arsenal.
  206. stripedbizzle

    Constitution 2.5 day leaving fri 9/16

    me and my uncle dropped out this morning; currently should be 3 spots open. Accurate sponsored, go get em' and get me my deposit back
  207. stripedbizzle

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    aside from irons you should get a couple shimano flat falls (100g or the next size up). And for poppers I like the 'braid' crystal killers, they're smaller, maybe like 6 inches and they have some weight to them so you can really fling them out there on a 8 to 9 foot rod
  208. stripedbizzle

    best wind-on loop for "The Lupe"

    yeah it kinda sucks but regular avets are junk in drag capacity compared to competitors, wouldn't even consider getting an avet unless it was a raptor with so many other choices out now. penn and okuma are putting out great reels with more drag and better free spool for the same price or even...
  209. stripedbizzle

    Sat 8/6 Quick 3/4 Day Report

    A bunch of other interns from my accounting firm wanted to give ocean fishing a shot and booked 15 spots on the 'Gentleman' out of Channel Islands sporfishing. 11 of us ended up going with a total boat load of 50-55 or so. The plan was to fish Santa Cruz, I believe we fished on the north side...
  210. stripedbizzle

    Old Glory, Producer, or the Grande for overnight?

    producer is not a limited load by any means. It might say that on H&m's site, but 30 people or more on a 60 foot boat is a not a limited load.
  211. stripedbizzle

    Offshore 7/31/16 Offshore down to the SW

    Sounds like my Saturday on the Relentless. Worked by the seiners in the green water for nothing, then moved SW and found beautiful blue and warm water (74 degrees in some areas) and stopped on paddy's that had dorado on them but none would bite, also no tuna schools found in this area sonar or...
  212. stripedbizzle

    El Capitan?

    idk what type of food people expect on these trips, give me a breakfast burrito, a cheeseburger, and something edible for dinner and im good to go. Ive ridden the el capitan 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years and I have always caught fish. Even as far as bunks are concerned I have seen and...
  213. stripedbizzle

    Tuna setups..

    penn fathoms.
  214. stripedbizzle


    My understanding is the SEa is more tailored specifically to SoCal fishing, in what ways I'm not sure, but I remembering hearing about better freespool and things like that. Someone with more knowledge will hopefully chime in
  215. stripedbizzle

    maximus running trips out of Fishermans Landing

    Just got back from this weekend 2 day'er... Trip was rough for 1.5 days and then in the fourth quarter around 230 or so we got put on a magic paddy and it went WFO on 15-35 lbs dorado (deckhands caught some directly on gaff with dead sardine) with some yellowfin mixed in. Saved the trip for...
  216. stripedbizzle

    Overnight boat tipping

    I usually give $15-$20 per deckhand and cook
  217. stripedbizzle

    Old Glory or the Producer out of H&M HELP

    Both take similar loads I might add
  218. stripedbizzle

    Old Glory or the Producer out of H&M HELP

    Old glory just got new owner last week so no one can be sure how the boat/crew will perform in the coming week or so. Producer seems to be doing good this season. Old glory is much larger (85 feet) while the producer is 65 feet or so. Maybe give the new guys a shot?
  219. stripedbizzle

    New to lever drags - Fathom 40NLD2

    every lever drag ive ever owned brought upon more resistance when increasing the drag to full. in the actual process of pushing the lever up and the turning of the handle. realistically, with lever drags, pushing the lever past strike to full or even "sunset" is and should be considered a last...
  220. stripedbizzle

    Getting back in it!!

    Penn Fathom 30LD2 for the win on that #40 rig
  221. stripedbizzle

    Overnight boat between 8/6 - 8/9

    Out of fishermans landing there's the commander, pacific quest, maximus (2 day). Hm has jig strike and old glory and that's it. Whatever you do I would book soon there many not be many 1-1.5 day trips left in that time period by the end of the week. And I've only heard good things about the grande
  222. stripedbizzle

    The Pride 2-day Trip 8/13 - 8/14/2015

    Most limited load in august are 600+, pacific quest 660, Maximus 650, and so on, only exception I could find is el capitan for like 560 which isnt that much better
  223. stripedbizzle

    maximus running trips out of Fishermans Landing

    thinking about a weekend 2day'er on er as well
  224. stripedbizzle

    What trolling lures are hot?

    couple weeks ago on my trip only things that got hit were rapalas and cedar plug
  225. stripedbizzle

    If you don't know, now you know. (Non fish report)

    I also paid 15-something for an 80g one last week at fishermans landing so couldn't resist when I saw the $10 price tag
  226. stripedbizzle

    If you don't know, now you know. (Non fish report)

    Pretty cheap I'd say
  227. stripedbizzle

    Need help deciding witch boat to board... Tribute vs Voyager Overnight Trips

    smaller boats in my opinion dont "slide" as much as the bigger ones when the engines are cut due to sonar schools, trolling hook ups, etc. this translates, in my experiences, to less tangles and more opportunities to get your bait and line in the water quicker which should get you more bites...
  228. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    in college right now and if I win a jackpot you best believe I'm keeping that so I wouldn't be knockin the kid haha
  229. stripedbizzle

    My last 2 days off went like this ...

    Awesome man, this should happen more often. The season(s) we've been experiencing last year and now this year and the exposure they bring to our community is an incredible opportunity to show we don't kill everything in sight to its limit (though this hasn't been happening much to say the...
  230. stripedbizzle

    Interesting video on pacific bluefin tuna
  231. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Late: constitution fishing 10/4

    hopped on the constitution for a quick overnighter leaving 10/3 from what i have heard the boat was purchased 3 weeks ago by the same guy who owns the ranger 85 and coral sea. I figured they were trying to squeeze some trips in on the new boat before the season ends. The boat could use some...
  232. stripedbizzle

    swivels for fluorocarbon leader

    Is there a downside to using a swivel to attach a fluorocarbon leader?? Ive never seen it done before on any of my trips and Id like to know if there is a reason why. thanks
  233. stripedbizzle

    7 Truline Rods for sale. Need help to ID. Make fair offer.

    1. That made me dizzy 2. Maybe not the best to call someone else's property (when they're trying to sell it honestly) worthless (especially when you don't determine the market)
  234. stripedbizzle

    Vagabond 5day June.

    what is the typical load on the Vagabond?
  235. stripedbizzle

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    :Smoke_Emoticon::smoking33:That jig masters heaven stuff got me like :starwarskid5:
  236. stripedbizzle

    Shimano Calcutta 700te for sale/trade

    has been on maybe 7 or 8 trips and still looks really good although does have some boat rash on the side plate though it is pretty insignificant. has a reel cover and clamp. have some carbon fiber drag washers coming in the mail off ebay estimated to arrive fri/sat I would prefer a trade for an...
  237. stripedbizzle

    HX Raptor vs Talica II

    chark bait
  238. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Old glory 1.5 fished sun July 14

    went out on the old glory this Sunday and well there isn't much to report. kelps were few and far between with most of them having nobody home,, according to the crew many of the kelps we stopped at had been getting hammered all week long. the boat caught maybe 3 tuna off jig strikes and I'm...
  239. stripedbizzle

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    you misunderstood again, he was insinuating that as American sportsmen, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than Asia or Mexico or other countries where the harvesting of fish, sharks in particular, is taken lightly. yes the fish were legal, but the majority of people here on this...
  240. stripedbizzle

    kids charity trips

    Im a 17 year old junior in high school and in the next year and half or so I will need to accumulate some "christian-community service hours". I am inquiring as to how one would get involved in such expeditions as the ones I have seen and read on the forums on this site and "976-tuna" regarding...
  241. stripedbizzle

    Offshore BFT 80 miles out of San Diego!!

    what u guys arent understanding is that every two weeks the tuna move north in 80 mile increments (6 weeks ago-240, last week-160, this week 80) so if we all just wait 1.5-2 weeks more the tuna will be 0 miles from San diego. its genius
  242. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Bluefin on the Royalstar

    the whole bluefin scence has me nervous because of how finicky they can become (they have tendencies to virtually stop biting out of nowhere) id feel a lot more confident if they were slaying albacore right now...
  243. stripedbizzle

    Dana Pride 5/31/11
  244. stripedbizzle

    Offshore BFT and ablies at 200 miles

    albies and bft spotted around 200 miles... "and theres still time to book your 2.5 day charter aboard the legend" i dont take 976 seriously, everything is an adverisement more than a report
  245. stripedbizzle

    Fishing in/around Waikiki in mid-April?

    I'm going to Waikiki in mid-april (15-20), and would like to know which species bite around this time period and if a 1/2 day 6 hour trip would be sufficient for a successful day of fishing. Any help or reccomendations you can give me would be greatly appreciated and helpful.
  246. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Indy 1.5 July 6th

    the scouting part sounds like my trip last week on the odyssey
  247. stripedbizzle

    Offshore ocean odyssey 1.5 day

    forgot to mention that the crew was stellar, captain worked very hard fish just didnt want to play
  248. stripedbizzle

    Offshore ocean odyssey 1.5 day

    left 6/25 fished on 6/26 bluefin everywhere but only to biters one stop on albacore for 6 fish Albacore fishing was slow so we moved looking for bluefin and found them but they werent biting (no passengers with any knowledge of this till ride home) the other boats that stuck with the...
  249. stripedbizzle

    1.5 day 6/25

    looking for a 1.5 day this friday 6/25 looking at grande firststring ocean odyssey pac queen thinking first string but they might not have enough to go so if I need a backup which one would be better by bunks, experiences, crew, fishiness?
  250. stripedbizzle

    1.5 day on the PQ 6/25-6/27

    cancel and come with me on the first string!
  251. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Pacific Star on the Albacore!

    my bad 976-tuna said differently
  252. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Pacific Star on the Albacore!

    im pretty sure its a 1.5 day
  253. stripedbizzle

    Offshore 2.5 Day Indian 6-18-20

    does the indian have an open party schedule?
  254. stripedbizzle

    Top Gun 80 ???

    if thers tuna the top gun will find them...
  255. stripedbizzle

    How can I get my avet's raptorized?

    I really dont think its worth your time
  256. stripedbizzle


    ill be sure to avoid "that boat".
  257. stripedbizzle

    Fishing Gear for 2 days

    bring alot of 30# and 40# and bring alot of 2/0 those yellows arent small or line shy
  258. stripedbizzle


    go to big 5
  259. stripedbizzle

    Offshore top gun 80 2day 7/24-7/26

    went out friday night on the top gun. captain told us what the situation was with the tunas and the paddies. woke up at 530 and started trolling (nothing on the troll either day) hit our first paddy about 10:00 and it went wide open for 20 mins. i went 1 for three ( we had a lot of unexperienced...
  260. stripedbizzle

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    i feel retarded by reading this
  261. stripedbizzle

    looking for 2 day leaving 7/24

    ive been looking for a 2 day leaving the 24th but cant seem to find any on any of the landing's websites. i want to leave from San diego. If there really isnt any 2 days scheduled for the 24th is there a possibility that one will be added as the fishing starts to get better?
  262. stripedbizzle

    Double Posting of Boat Counts

    can this really make someone that mad?
  263. stripedbizzle

    Wrong nuts?

    Avet makes fishing rods?
  264. stripedbizzle

    What should i spool lx with

    thanks fellas
  265. stripedbizzle

    What should i spool lx with

    i bought a new lx and want some suggestions on what line to put on it. Im thinking spectra with a top shot but dnt no what # test to use
  266. stripedbizzle

    old mxl being noisy

    do i just walk into the factory and theyll fix it right there
  267. stripedbizzle

    old mxl being noisy

    I have an old mxl. When you reel it in (even when clicker is off) it make a clicking sound. Its not as loud as the actual clicker but ther is till an annoying noise that occurs and I cant take it anymore. Can anyone help?
  268. stripedbizzle

    Have fun with you rock fish guys!!!

    i think that scale is high off its ass
  269. stripedbizzle

    Late Thanksgiving Report in Acapulco

    this whole summer i saw tons of posts in all threads that show 2 people cathching 10-20 tuna all for themselves and no one said a word... I know this guy caught more than he needed but honestly i think we are all guilty
  270. stripedbizzle

    Late Thanksgiving Report in Acapulco

    i dont really reply or post much but i think you guys need to get over it.... whats the difference between taking 20 tuna for 2 peple and a couple of sailfish for about 5 that will probably end up getting eaten instead of getting put in the freezer.
  271. stripedbizzle

    Mission Bay Sportfishing-We're Not Leaving

    where did the other boats go
  272. stripedbizzle

    Offshore A trip to remember

    isnt that one of the guys from "inside sport fishing"
  273. stripedbizzle

    Fun Day

  274. stripedbizzle


    where are all the albies.. they arent any in the sport fleet count and not hearing about any BD'ers gettn em
  275. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Rough Day @ 277,209,181

    that looks like a bluefin
  276. stripedbizzle

    Offshore albies???

    in the counts there are a lot of albies being caught how big are they??
  277. stripedbizzle

    need ya opinion

    might be going out this thursday the 28th should i go on the el capitan, new lo-an, or prowler, and i think the holiday might be going out too if you could help thad be great
  278. stripedbizzle

    calcutta scratches

    okay, ill gut it out its just a new reel wanted to keep it in tip top condition its my new favorite caught me a 35 lb yellowfin
  279. stripedbizzle

    Penn 50vsw wont free spool

    take it into a tackle shop that offers service for reels .. if they cant figure it out then tough luck
  280. stripedbizzle

    calcutta scratches

    i got some scratches on my calcutta from my recent trip wanted to know if tthers a way to take them off there are not that deep its a aluminum body i think so if u can help thad be great!
  281. stripedbizzle

    whats best trip

    the fishing in the fleet kinda slowed down so your best shot at some tuna would be a 2 day
  282. stripedbizzle

    Offshore ?go to trolling reel?

    get an avet.. there cheap and easy
  283. stripedbizzle

    Offshore pacific quest 8/14-8/15

    went out on a overnight trip on the pacific quest with my uncle. evry1 got to the boat early so we departed around 830 insted of 10. woke up around 530 when a blufin bite in almost pitch black light went off for about 3 or 4 fish then wee started too go on the troll when it got lighter...
  284. stripedbizzle

    whats good boat for 1.5 day

    the el capitan (point loma)