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  1. bullshooter

    Not loving my trolling reels (PS, A10)

    Shimano tekota. Just my 2 cents. There’s better reels but the tekotas have proven well. Nice drag and they take a licking and keep on ticking.
  2. bullshooter

    Saltwater Kicker on 30+ft

    What Ducky said. I have a yamaha t25 on my 24 seahawk os. It is a little noisy at wot great for salmon trolling. It is carbureted and quite cold blooded but once warmed up shes good for the day. permanently tied to the main. An EZ steer wont cut it.
  3. bullshooter

    A little bit of good news regarding boat thefts

    Having grown up and working on a cattle ranch, I have a very useful and productive idea for these fellas, The neighbors ran a registered herd of black angus and also sold "DNA" (bull semen) to other breeders. Getting the semen out of the bull was the job of a very special steer that gave off...
  4. bullshooter

    boaters safety card replacement

    So, I lost my wallet and in it was my boaters safety card. Before I tear up the internet I thought I would ask the pros how I would go about getting a replacement. I do not remember or have record of the service I went through to get it. Any way, losing a wallet sucks. Thanks guys.
  5. bullshooter

    Shrimp info

    I am thinking about going to MA4 for some shrimping. I have never been shrimping up there before and am just looking for a little insight. like if i need to rig my pots differently for the current, general vicinity to go, is it a waste of time, and a little info on shrimping on the outside(big...
  6. bullshooter

    Browning 30-06 A-Bolt II with scope

    Pm replied to. And thanks Aggro. I considered that but all in all the rifle is built for an adult. My boy is still kinda compact. Arms aren’t very long yet. I just don’t fit him. I was also considering getting rid of a few handguns also and maybe an ar15 or two but with the way things are I...
  7. bullshooter

    Fuck inslee swag

    My wife refused to take me to Costco because I said the only way I’m wearing a mask is as a pair of underwear over my clothes. Nice gear btw😉
  8. bullshooter

    Browning 30-06 A-Bolt II with scope

    Im selling a Browning A-bolt 2 in 30-06 i got in trade a while back. It is in super nice shape. comes as pictured with a hard plastic case. Mainly moving this one to find a Remington Model 7 in 7mm-08 for my youngest, the 30-06 is a bit much for a first year hunter. It has a Sightron SII 3-9x...
  9. bullshooter


    They are best smoked with 31gr of H110 behind a 300gr HP projectile using a Ruger Alaskan "smoker"
  10. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport salmon 7/9

    Same results here. 1 king and 11 ho's. 35mi. NW in 250 270 ft. lost 2 kings at the boat. White uv hootchies and whole herring.
  11. bullshooter

    3 shrimp pots for sale

    3 pots. they're in good shape. 75$ takes them home. The first pm takes it.
  12. bullshooter

    is your phone broke? give me a buzz

    is your phone broke? give me a buzz
  13. bullshooter

    Ram 2500 tires and wheels

    Oops... I posted on the wrong topic. Waterdog got the cookers, tires and wheels still available.
  14. bullshooter

    Ram 2500 tires and wheels

    I have a set of take off wheels and tires. 18" alloy wheels off of 2017 2500 ram. Tires have less than 15k on them. have lug nuts, no tpms sensors. $400 for the set.
  15. bullshooter

    Free Deep Fryer, 3 basket, restaurant quality

    I need this gone asap. Came out of a working restaurant that closed its doors. needs a good cleaning and I will lend my hot pressure washer to clean it. Set up for gas but can be converted to propane I am told. pm me please. The unit next to it is a broiler or something like that. it is...
  16. bullshooter

    My 2018 Montana Whitetail

    nice buck. where abouts were you? the background looks amazingly like central Mt.
  17. bullshooter

    Marine service

    What boat????:D:D:D:D
  18. bullshooter

    Fresh comercial caught CoHo salmon $4.00 lb in Ballard another one. Not even proper advertising.
  19. bullshooter

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    I'm in saturday. Planning on the SW thing.
  20. bullshooter

    Rebuild begins

    pm jay, fin addict on this board, about the weld on hatches. he got one for me but i have yet to have him put it on.
  21. bullshooter

    Yamaha Kicker Wanted - 8hp - 9.9 hp Electric Tilt/start

    Not sure how dead set you are on a grey one but theres a black one thats same as new in the classifieds.
  22. bullshooter

    9.9 Mercury Pro Kicker

    Price drop. 2400$. used for half hour in a lake on a drift boat. 1 year of warrenty left. was not the right motor for the application. perfect condition.
  23. bullshooter

    Where to Buy Pipe Jigs

    You will want to bring more than a couple. I just got back from there last saturday. I lost 4 pipe jigs down south in front of lawn point. Lotsa rocks around there. Did quite well on the Lings and Salmon. Usually not fishing any deeper than 150 ft. 200ft max. Look for humps and there should be...
  24. bullshooter

    9.9 Mercury Pro Kicker

    Posting this for a friend. He only used it one time and it didnt work out for his application. Not used in salt. PM me and I will put you in touch with him.
  25. bullshooter

    My Shoes

    I talked with becu about 5 years ago and they would finance up to 25 years old. cant remember the terms. like 20% down and 7years max.
  26. bullshooter

    My Shoes

    ask Jay(Finatic) how much he has into his boat.
  27. bullshooter

    6 Robbles

    I took an old brake hose to williams filter in tacoma and they made new ones(4) while I waited. Cant remember how much but it was fair. All the pieces were priced out individually.
  28. bullshooter

    WTB Progessive Reloader

    I have the hornady lnl. It came with the free 500 bullets, I am setup to load 45. I havnt bee able to justify loading 9mm, just paid $55.00 for 250rds of range ammo. As often as I use it I have to go through the tutorial every time. Get the powder cop die for it. It insures that each case gets...
  29. bullshooter

    What’s next.

    They're not the smartest either, just plain fuckin mean. I tried to run one over in a hay field with a service truck, couldnt hit him but he tried to attack the tires. Had no gun.
  30. bullshooter

    New Truck Detailing

    About how much is it for this treatment?
  31. bullshooter

    New Yamaha 9.9

    If it doesn't match your main, makes sure it is counter rotating to offset the paint clash. Like Tony said, the T25 is great on a boat that size. But she is a cold blooded SOB.
  32. bullshooter

    31' Silversteak on Craigslist

    I think that would pull your 1500 just fine
  33. bullshooter

    is anyone missing a t8?

    not saying its stolen but the ad looks a little fishy.
  34. bullshooter

    Recommendation for Lodge in CAN or AK

    Not to hijack the thread, but, how is the crabbing in nootka sound? There are no crab in or around winter harbor that I know of. Apparently the sea otters wiped them out.
  35. bullshooter

    Any Reports of Tuna North of 47.5?

    That's how date night works....
  36. bullshooter

    Raymarine 18" 4kw Digital Raydome w/cable

    if I could liquidate some shit I will be very interested. hope it last a little while longer.
  37. bullshooter

    Saltwater Queens Meat

    Nice fish. I recently returned from there myself. Fished 10th thru the 13th. Lotsa nice kings. some silvers. some ling cod and rockfish. Struck out on halibut though. Fished with a pod of Orcas for a while. Ill put up a video when I figure out how to post it. Which place did you stay at? we were...
  38. bullshooter

    Shrimp "Date" announced for Area 10, 11

    Id sell my pots but they probly aint worth a shit.
  39. bullshooter

    163 mph boat ride

    This Is what I see happening, action starts about 2 minutes in <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  40. bullshooter

    Diesel heater this got my attention, I texted back an forth with him a little. These dont come with a tank but he said he had some small half gallon tanks on hand. A very compact system. not sure how long a half gallon would last but I understand these...
  41. bullshooter

    Raymarine dsm300 sounder module and b744v transducer

    I bought an older raymarine system just for the radar and the display, it came with a DSM300 and a B744v in a fairing block. Itwas only removed for upgrade. Both units appear used as expected. $300. I plan to hook everything up tonight to verify operation and will add pics.
  42. bullshooter

    AS NEW - 2003 27' Forest River 5th-wheel

    Do you know whether it is aluminum or wood framed? Good looking trailer.
  43. bullshooter

    Dan Wesson CCO 45acp

    Well, gonna give this another go. Nothing has changed since the original posting.
  44. bullshooter

    Any furnace techs?

    NW climate controls.. problem solved replaced my system 6 years ago. it was spendy but i want that shit done right. bought a lennox. happy as hell with it, even gave up on the silly pellet stove thing.
  45. bullshooter

    Cat fight at Centurylink

    Those WBR tanks look pretty cool. nice boat too
  46. bullshooter

    2017 license fees

    I'll bet it's #3 on his to do list... right after the wall and the pipeline. And goddamit Vance, whatever you did to earn that avatar, un-fuckin-do-it!!!
  47. bullshooter

    Pay more for less???

    Maybe this year I wont buy a license. I will just drive the boat for my 2 boys who only need a catch record. Eat shit wdfw.
  48. bullshooter

    Saltwater Copalis Razors.

    We hit it Friday night(1/13) in the dark. The beach was almost empty. My son and I limited in 20 minutes. Hope it's this good the rest of the season.
  49. bullshooter

    Saltwater Big fish, little kid.

    Right on Floyd
  50. bullshooter

    Hornady AP Reloader with Supplies $900

    I have the same press. I really love the lock and load collets. Get your dies setup one time and then you can switch back and forth between calibers without having to set them up again. Good luck with sale.
  51. bullshooter

    This is what you get when you hire a professional

    OMG!!! your right Lawrence...Theres more... I clearly see where a fly shit on the back sliding glass door on the upper left corner. If you zoom in really closely it sticks out like a sore thumb. JFA(Just Fucking Around) Looks great. Merry Holidays
  52. bullshooter

    Montana whitetail

    Thanks. Been a fun season. I wound up shooting a little whitetail morning of the last day of the season. cut steaks out of what we could and the rest went out to be made into summer sausage and pepperoni. Just got the whitetails back from the butcher.
  53. bullshooter

    Montana whitetail

    It's been a great hunting season. Successfully hunted Nevada for mule deer in early October. My son shot a spike. I got lucky and shot a 5x5 bull during modern rifle season here in washington. Then just yesterday my son connected with this. And I still have a deer tag to fill tomorrow. Been a...
  54. bullshooter

    Garage butcher

    pm sent
  55. bullshooter

    My buddy and I might be able to help you out. He has all the equipment. Between the two of us we...

    My buddy and I might be able to help you out. He has all the equipment. Between the two of us we could probably do it up in two nights. Is it still whole or is it quartered? You would have to get it down to the Puyallup area too. Feel free to call me at 253 370 1095
  56. bullshooter

    Vehicles from up north

    New or used? Not sure on the paperwork but look over used trucks closely. See a lot of rusty trucks from Canada.
  57. bullshooter

    Razor Clam Opener Rollcall

    Might want to narrow down the search criteria, you just described myself and half the clam digging fleet.:D:D:D PLanning on going saturday after work. not sure about accommodations. 4 limits for the family to fill.
  58. bullshooter


    My favorite highlight was that their attention whore QB wasn't mentioned or put on camera the whole game. If they did mention him, I missed it.
  59. bullshooter

    Tokeland boat ramp

    I've been launching my 24ft os there all summer. Never an issue.
  60. bullshooter

    Saltwater Tuna blood stains

    Hot pressure washer. Melts that tuna grease right off
  61. bullshooter

    Saltwater First tuna trip

    I have been tuna fishing 6 years now and no 2 trips were the same. Can't count on anything. Adapt and overcome. It's been a pretty fun learning curve.
  62. bullshooter

    Who will be out Saturday?

    So which cattle boat has strippers and a brass pole?
  63. bullshooter

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    Saw you on the water yesterday. SHe is a badass macine. I'm pretty sure my boat would fit inside your boat. You have got to change the boat field in your profile though.
  64. bullshooter

    Saltwater First Tuna Trip for the Ragin Cajun

    I'm Jealuos what time you were at the dock. We loaded the boat at 9:30. We had 6 fish at 2:00 and were gonna call it in another hour. Heard some numbers close by on the radio and hit it. It was like eating potato chips, just couldnt quit. Just one more... And job well done!!!
  65. bullshooter

    What is wrong with this?

    It's at a lot. Hard to say without putting an eyeball on it. There's a reason they're not bragging about the mileage though. I'm sure it needs something. Trucks like that usually come in as trades at the new car dealers and are then sold wholesale to the small used car lots.
  66. bullshooter

    We Killed'em of Westport Yesterday

    How much are you asking?
  67. bullshooter

    Who will be out Saturday?

    I hope they plant enough tunas.
  68. bullshooter

    Who will be out Saturday?

    I cant go till sunday. Anyone down for sunday?
  69. bullshooter

    Saltwater Found these fish 1 hour from Westport

    Good info, thanks Mark. Gonna give it a go next weekend. This damn work thing keeps getting in the way.
  70. bullshooter

    Saltwater Willapa 8/12 & 13

    I fished it hard on monday. Started at 9 out on washaway, hooked 1 small one and lost it at the boat. move into the bay at 2 and between 3and 5 pm hit 4 fish. only 1 native. largest was 28.
  71. bullshooter

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    My buddy just picked up a pair of xtra tuff shoes from sportco during their last tent sale. they are just slightly taller than a pair of Vans.
  72. bullshooter

    Rod holder Radar tower How much do these co$t

    A boat heater, beer, chemicals, a couple fishing trips, trex board, etc...:D I bought one from river for my old boat back before they went bankrupt years ago an it was $1100
  73. bullshooter

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    You should have no problem selling for that price. I sold my 06 21ft seahawk last year for 34k. First phone call took it home. Made me think I was asking too little. Good luck with the sale and congrats on the fine new ride.
  74. bullshooter

    Dan Wesson CCO 45acp

    My gun... I might add, it has Trijicon night sights, three mags. The only thing missing from when it was purchased is its hymen:-).
  75. bullshooter

    Dan Wesson CCO 45acp

    Selling to fund bad fishing habit. Picture is not actual gun. Just a reference pic. I'll get some up tomorrow. I am second owner. I shot it once right after I had surgery on my hand last winter. I put 4mags through it, no issues. There is not a mark on it. Comes with two or three mags, i cant...
  76. bullshooter

    A Shout Out to FINATIC21

    trolling, mainly divers
  77. bullshooter

    A Shout Out to FINATIC21

    I worked out a deal with Jason and this is what he made me. I can only remember a handful of the features designed into it but one thing is for sure, it is stout. Kinda pretty too. Thanks Jason
  78. bullshooter

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Just got my 10 orange balls, I was thinking they were fenders. I'll figure out a us for them.
  79. bullshooter

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    I ordered Tuesday, they billed me but i got no email. I'll give it a couple more days before I get too excited. Not sure what I'm gonna do with 10 small orange fenders but I'll have'em.
  80. bullshooter

    Shit fuck damn it........

    you should have a little compression with stuck rings, if it just happened from sitting my guess would be a valve stuck open. Valve stem siezed in the guide. 0 compression is usually a catastrophic failure. can only compare to the automotive world but a head gasket always gives you compression...
  81. bullshooter

    Just for the Washi-Googs

    Of course its a Cali dog, Those boys down in Cali would never be able to fit a Lab or a Retriever in their purse:gay:
  82. bullshooter

    I saw a picture of one of your bait tanks on member Manbat's boat. I really like the looks of...

    I saw a picture of one of your bait tanks on member Manbat's boat. I really like the looks of it. I was wondering the size and cost of that one is and what other sizes and pricing you have to offer. thanks.
  83. bullshooter


  84. bullshooter

    It not nice to steel bikes!

    Oh my, I have access to lots of used air bags. My luck the fuckers would sue me or I'd get shot.
  85. bullshooter

    Duramax LMM emissions equipment

    The EGR valve actually creates soot. The purpose of an EGR valv is to recirculate raw exhaust through the the engine reducing Nox. another harmful byproduct of internal combustion engines. Among the manufacturers there are different strategies and programming to proper EGR operation while...
  86. bullshooter

    Railing height?

    Plus, if you are a little topheavy, like most fishermen, there a lot less chance of making a big splash. Fished on a couple boats that hit right above the knee and felt a little vulnerable
  87. bullshooter

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    Holy shit. The father looks like he was crossed with an Angus bull. He's a big boy.
  88. bullshooter

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Can I get a Hallelujah brotha.... Not being a dick, just a smartass.
  89. bullshooter

    Duramax LMM emissions equipment

    Well, comparing apples to oranges here.. I know my way around a Dodge and you cant do so much as unplug the egr valve before setting a light. No pass emissions at that point. unplug a 02 sensor, same thing. Certain things will actually derate the engine. Without a aftermarket tuner youll be...
  90. bullshooter


    Spend a couple years drift fishing the local snaggerys and you will be able to cast a downrigger with a pink worm.
  91. bullshooter

    Yamaha f250 cowl/hood

    Off to ebay. No reserve bidding...
  92. bullshooter

    Just an "Ordinary" Boat Build thread......

    Sweet boat Mike. I love the color ;) . Do you have shots of the inside?
  93. bullshooter

    WTB SEASTAR 5271 Helm

    Saw this on CL last night.
  94. bullshooter

    4 tab light bar for 3/4 Dodge

    The link says 2006-2009 but it shows a picture of a 2003-2005. could be interested if it will fit earlier models. I'll check into it.
  95. bullshooter

    Trailer Brake Help

    I had the same actuator on my old trailer. I had access to a forklift. We lifted the tongue of the trailer as high as it would go. Then opened the bleeders at the calipers and gravity bled the system. Onse we were getting fluid out of the calipers we rigged up a lever of sorts with a trailer...
  96. bullshooter

    Soaked up some rays

    Not to mention, you had the whole place to yourself.
  97. bullshooter

    Smart Phones: Offshore Fisherman's Choice?

    Last summer my buddy was using a motorola turbo and was getting service way past what my samsung was. I cant remember how far out of wp but am guessing 15-20 miles out. My samsung was only good for about 10. Both Verizon. Obviously, alot will depend on cell tower location and signal strength...
  98. bullshooter

    QCove Flashers - Any ideas on fabricating release pins?

    A while back somebody posted up a fix for them. Cant remember who but i'll try to search it. He was also repairing the broken flasher itself. Been two or years ago.
  99. bullshooter

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    I'm following this thread like a crackhead looking for his next fix.
  100. bullshooter

    2004 Wellcraft 252 Coastal with new 300hp Suzuki $49,999

    Cheaper to keep'er..... Least thats what ive always heard. Good luck with sale
  101. bullshooter

    This is the way to get them tuna

    Had to break out the calculator, 627x4=2508hp. Thats alot of ponies. looks fun
  102. bullshooter

    Crap happens

    As stated above. Glad everyone is ok. I know 15 min. in the water may seem like a lifetime but that is was a great rescue by the coast guard.
  103. bullshooter

    Last year's Tuna rods

    On the roller trolling rods, is the pricefor the pair or for each? And I must know, What are Thrashers?
  104. bullshooter

    North River Build completed

    I want some troughs too... Who ya gotta to get that done?
  105. bullshooter

    2008/2014 Proline 26 XP Pilothouse - $97000

    Not to mention, the biggest reason he upgraded to 225's is that boat will plane easily on one. I've seen her in action. She can move.
  106. bullshooter

    2016 Defiance Guadalupe/Raymarine/Honda flagship boat build

    You sir, have one fine collection of boats. Congrats.
  107. bullshooter

    2008/2014 Proline 26 XP Pilothouse - $97000

    NEW PRICE $84,500 Posting this for a friend: Condition: Excellent Overall Length: 26'8" Top Speed: 52 mph Efficient Cruise: 32 mph @ 16 gph Year: Boat 2008 Boat/2014 Engines This blue water boat was purchased new in March 2010. Engines were upgraded to Mercury Verado 225hp in January 2015...
  108. bullshooter

    Tackle spreadsheet

    Yeah, like goat said. Its gotten to the point that I can reach into almost any drawer, box, storage container or crevice in the house, garage or any of my vehicles and pull out some sort of tackle. And I'm sure I'm just a beginner compared to some of the guys here. P.S. On that note, Sportsmans...
  109. bullshooter

    North River Build completed

    Sweet boat. I'm betting you still got that big'ol grin on your face.
  110. bullshooter

    A little bit of "WTF?" for mid winter

    Texas... pretty much 'splains it I better not have that stupid fuckin' song stuck in my head all day. :devil:
  111. bullshooter

    Fucking Tuna!

    My mates are gonna hate you. They just got a rate hike.:D I also make them bring all the food and drink.
  112. bullshooter

    Fucking Tuna!

    That part is easy. $75 per person fishing covers fuel for truck and boat. Seems like buying gear never ends. carries bait boy said: " I need ideas for live bait tank for a 26 foot Duckworth. We will have to mount it on the step by the transom door. Saw a great setup in Westport last year on...
  113. bullshooter

    Deer gun suggestion

    I glanced through this and saw no mention of the 7mm-08. I bought one for my son and couldnt be happier. Mild mannered with plenty of horespower for critters up to elk with the right bullets.
  114. bullshooter

    Helm Chair Replacement

    Those are badass for sure but for $3k+ they are out of my league. I have Bostroms in my boat. They are ok but they still bottom out on hard hits. Maybe thats a sign I need to drop a few pounds.
  115. bullshooter

    WTB 30 gallon steel drum

    I'll look around work. We go through quite a few of them. Try a local dealership. They sell bulk gear lube in them. They usually get thrown out.
  116. bullshooter

    A video my daughter made...

    What's a facebook? Where do I buy one?:D
  117. bullshooter

    F/S wallas 1300 kerosene heater

    Nope. no bracket. The best place I could find is right next to the driver but there is no where to put the tank. My other issue is that the lines would be exposed and someone would inevitably throw something on them and break them. For the amount of use it will see I dont want to have it that...
  118. bullshooter

    Fillet Table for mounting to boat

    I'm really digging that Miller Marine table. Sticks in my head that 3Rivers wants about $1200 for theirs. Although it does come with custom aluminum mounts.
  119. bullshooter

    Its a great time to fill the boat fuel tanks in Seattle.

    You guys have some spendy liquids up there. I recall paying 145.00$ for 3cases of kokanee a few years ago.
  120. bullshooter

    F/S wallas 1300 kerosene heater

    You're #3 right behind Offshore Ryan.
  121. bullshooter

    F/S wallas 1300 kerosene heater

    Finnatic was first to sayy he'd take it. We'll work out the logistics.
  122. bullshooter

    F/S wallas 1300 kerosene heater

    I bought this a couple months ago not knowing much about heaters. It works great and as designed but for the life o me I can't find a convenient and out of the way place o put it. I really throws some heat, uses very little fuel and electricity. I have the mounting hardware. It appears...
  123. bullshooter

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    That's the ultimate NR OS. That engine is the same block used in dodge ram trucks. That will be a great power plant minus DPF,DEF,EGR. I hope to see it in person someday. :cheers:
  124. bullshooter

    Not really any of my business but...

    Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! So many horrible comments and jokes come to mind but I just cant bring myself to say them. That's beyond bad parenting, that's disgusting parenting. My guess is her kids were not surprised by her behavior. Just another day.
  125. bullshooter

    Raymarine SmartPilot X-5R SPX5R

    Stil for sale? I would love to have it but the timing ccouldn't be worse. Christmas and all.
  126. bullshooter

    Another year in Montana

    The last photo was definitely a local. Not too many locals hang their spare tire under the vehicle.:D NIce bucks
  127. bullshooter

    Good gunsmith

    I'll second that. A super accurate coyote rifle is right up his alley. He has done some mil. and LE contracts so he knows his stuff. You can probably find him at the Puyallup gunshow if you want to see some of his work. I had a couple rifles built by him and some work done on others. Always happy.
  128. bullshooter

    craigsslist scam.. this is good

    Go to a porn site and sign up for a free trial using his email address. He will get several hundred spam e-mails a day.
  129. bullshooter

    Looking for crew cab

    I know, I was being a smartass. couldn't find the smiley. I have a beatup old 2003 diesel I could dump for that money.
  130. bullshooter

    Looking for crew cab

    Im lookin for one too. Anybody got a line on a 2010-2013 dodge 3500 under 60k with a cummins for less than 15k$
  131. bullshooter

    Lawnmower, string trimmer, backpack leaf blower, oil change ramps, jack stands and more to come

    Still interested in the mower. I bought the same one a few years back and it was the toro ever. I sent you a PM a while back, still interested. you don't have to bring it to Tacoma, we'll work it out.
  132. bullshooter

    Bayliner Top

    Nice. The kids got skillz. First Bayliner I've seen with an exo-skeleton.
  133. bullshooter

    Hate to be a litterbug......but I left it there anyway.

    I have no scientific research or education to back this up but, probly less of an impact on the ocean than losing a downrigger ball in a crab pot at Westport. Sounds like you don't feel guilty enough to retrieve it.
  134. bullshooter

    2006 wells cargo enclosed snowmobile trailer

    with or without the sleds?:frehya2: sounds like a great deal either way. she'd be great at the dunes too! ! !!
  135. bullshooter

    Dock Cart

    its just missing an RBW logo. Nice cart
  136. bullshooter

    New Style of Crab and Shrimp Pots

    I really like the looks of them. price is nice too.
  137. bullshooter

    Bottom fish reels and rods

    This is on my must have list for next year. I had a shimano mooching rod with a shimano mooching reel, 4000gt if I remember right. It was kinda like the fat girl/moped joke. It made for some of the funnest salmon fishing.
  138. bullshooter

    Bottom fish reels and rods

    I like to use lighter gear. I don't like using huge reels. I have an okuma titus 30 gold that is huge. I never use it but other guys in my boat often will. I like my avet mxl or my shimano torium 30hg with 50lb braid. both have plenty of line capacity. When the water turns to shit and running...
  139. bullshooter

    Saltwater Squid everywhere

    Money shot!!!! :D
  140. bullshooter

    I married right.. but I bought a Ford - doh!

    Good on the wife. Sorry bout the 6.0. I at times wish I were a Ford tech instead of a Dodge tech. There was a lot of money to be made on them 6.0's.
  141. bullshooter

    Funny Vid

    OK. So I guess embedding is tougher than I thought. How bout a link. Maybe some one else can throw it up there WTF!!! I suck at the internet
  142. bullshooter

    Funny Vid

    So this is what happens when a sunfish shows up in Beantown. Funniest thing I've seen on the internet in a while. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  143. bullshooter

    New Raider 2484 Cuddy

    I'm setup to steer both engines from either station, Main throttle is up front and kicker throttle is out back. Edit: the main steers from both stations, it is tied to the kicker.
  144. bullshooter

    New Raider 2484 Cuddy

    Owning a boat similar in size. Go with the yammie 25 HT. It will troll Tuna speeds and get you home in a reasonable amount of time if shit hits the fan. Congrats on the new boat. They are a blank canvas.
  145. bullshooter

    Yamaha f250 cowl/hood

    Bump. Price is getting pretty flexible. Shes taking up valuable real estate. I'm sure I could find a neon rose or a set of old truck wheels to sweeten the deal. Might work out a trade, needing rods and reels, tuna type stuff.
  146. bullshooter

    New engine has landed

    We really need a smiley thingy that is a huge woody. fucker looks awesome. I am like a pervert when I look at cool diesels.
  147. bullshooter

    Westport Launch Improvements

    No Shit!! I had enough shit hanging off my trailer to make a round bale or two last time I went out.
  148. bullshooter

    1909.9 horsepower

    A boat that size should have 3x the deck space. kinda diggin the yellow cat in the background.
  149. bullshooter

    Pot Puller Motor Needed

    You might try Grainger. They have everything. Quality shit too.
  150. bullshooter

    Anyone down for some derby action?

    I have never heard of yeagers. Not sure where it is. It does sound exactly like the hoodsport hatchery zone. That too is a sight to behold.
  151. bullshooter

    Hydraulic or Electric Trim Tabs?

    Had lencos on my last boat. Went 8 years without issue. Then the port trimtab quit. I believe it needed a new actuator. Not sure, the boat sold before I could fix it. New boat has them too. As stated above, the auto retract feature is nice.
  152. bullshooter

    Saltwater Scratched 3

    Ran to 46.36 125.08. And started trolling in. Got 1troll and 1 bait. Couple others come undone. Was pretty rough till noon or one then settled down some. Tough day. Is it over or just a lull in the action? Im prepared to hit it again when the opportunity arises.
  153. bullshooter

    Yamaha f250 cowl/hood

    LOL!!!!! That came free with the purchase of a new boat. It was thrown in at no extra charge. Yes, very good friends. It was a corporate thing. Long story.
  154. bullshooter

    Yamaha f250 cowl/hood

    This came off of my 2014 F250 Yamaha. This is the 3.3l engine. Should fit engines way back to 2006 or so. There is a small scrape that was put in it by a friend of mine and he insisted on replacing it. Other than that it is in perfect condition. Pictures show the mark which is about the size of...
  155. bullshooter

    Marine Power Inverter

    $55.00 shipping.... OUCH!!!!!
  156. bullshooter

    Saturday is looking good

    If I could talk about the weather and have a slight effect on it... I would wear that crown of thorns and make a billion dollars. I'd give Cali some rain, give the east coast an easy winter, Iraq and the rest of Jabalabab -30F for a year.:D:cheers:
  157. bullshooter

    Marine Power Inverter

    Well, I have two house batteries and 1 starting battery. Probly not enough. Chtuckers advice is sounding a lot more feasible. I have a small Honda gen/inverter that I could drag along when I felt the need. Leaves me looking for a heater. I did a little looking around but cant come up with much...
  158. bullshooter

    Marine Power Inverter

    I want to put an inverter in the boat. I have been looking around the web and found anything from $50-skys the limit/100watt-1,000,000watt. I intend to use it for running a small electric heater, food saver, charging electronics, etc.... This one has caught my eye...(1800w model)...
  159. bullshooter

    Saltwater Wormy salmon??

    Read about it before. Never caught a fish that had it. Cysts of some sort. Consider them flavor crystals. A flavor burst in every bite.barf
  160. bullshooter

    Awesome video from a customer.

    Awesome vid. I love the end
  161. bullshooter

    Where do you buy your pellets for smoking/grilling?

    Was in a pinch the other day and picked up 2 bags of Traeger pellets(Pecan and Maple) at Ace hardware in Graham. Didn't look at the price. Jaw hit the floor when the clerk said $46 and change please.
  162. bullshooter

    Where do you buy your pellets for smoking/grilling?

    The swimming pool store here in Puyallup sells another brand, cant remember the name but I like them. They have a blend that is really good. Tambs is right, Hard to beat a dedicated smoker. I used a Weber Smoky Mountain cooker for years and the Traeger cant hold a candle to it.
  163. bullshooter

    Boat trailer wheels

    Last year on the way home from our last tuna trip I had a blowout on the right front. 10 miles from home without a spare. Yanked the flat off without a jack. busted off three of the five lug nuts. Drove a mile to the nearest gas station and pumped the one tire on the right side to 50 psi. made...
  164. bullshooter

    Dad update - bad

    Sorry for your loss Lawrence. Prayers sent.
  165. bullshooter

    New boat

    Butterface. Shes ugly alright, in an erotic sexy sort of way.
  166. bullshooter

    Anybody lose a flasher fishing the straits?

    probly gonna have to write that one off.
  167. bullshooter

    Saltwater Neah Bay, 6 days and so many ways

    nice..... fine choice of booze!!! nice report
  168. bullshooter

    Yamaha Command Link Plus LCD Guage

    Just to sweeten the deal I'll throw in the lime green place mats. :D
  169. bullshooter

    Anyone one heard from Jailer1

    His boat was for sale at 3RM when I bought mine back in march.
  170. bullshooter

    Converting 20' North River Rubber Plug to Threaded Plug

    When mooring with my 21ft seahawk I would plug it from both sides. I never had any issues but a couple of the t handle plugs stripped out when n installing them. And they werent over tightened.
  171. bullshooter

    Yamaha Command Link Plus LCD Guage

    Bump. I am very flexible and accommodating in regards to moving this item.
  172. bullshooter

    Tracker sighting in Oregon ?

    My apologies to the guys down south. After the effects of Pendleton and heat have worn off I realize what an ass I am. I shall refrain from posting under the influence in the future. Once again, my apologies.
  173. bullshooter

    Tracker sighting in Oregon ?

    Fuck off Cali boys, Trackers a good dude. Ive fished with him and he is nothing short of professional. If you haven't done the same the please quit dragging his name through the dirt. He enjoys all the things the rest of us do and wishes the best for us also. You bet your ass if you have a...
  174. bullshooter

    Fucking Dirtbag

    like a Viking: treat him to a blood eagle
  175. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport 6/22

    Good job my friend. I think we were on a collision course at one time but disaster was averted. It was a great day on the water. I get to fish one Monday every five years or so and this one was one for the books. P.S. On a side note. I told my buddy that any day you spend 10 hours on the open...
  176. bullshooter

    sunfish and jelly's

    I am going to google Boston Pancake. I am going to go to bed. I am going to have night mares. I am going to regret googling Boston Pancake. Thanks Fuckers.
  177. bullshooter

    Saltwater Team offshore Northwest WP report 6/19 and 6/20

    Nice. Gonna give it a go tomorrow. forcast is for wind waves less than 1ft and a 3ft [email protected] sec. I sure hope it calms down. :frehya2:
  178. bullshooter

    Yamaha Command Link Plus LCD Guage

    I really screwed up on this deal. I figured brand new engine should work with brand new gauges. I was wrong. I bought this command link plus guage set to monitor my 2014 f250. I opened it up and started piecing stuff together. It appeared there is a cable missing to plug into the engine...
  179. bullshooter

    Everyone needs this

    turns out its a daiwa sealine 900. Its big but not as big as a roll of TP.
  180. bullshooter

    2013 Hewescraft 220 Ocean Pro Hardtop with Bulkhead Door

    Pics are great. Grinning ear to ear. Good luck with sale. that's a sweet looking boat. If im reading you correctly you are upgrading!!????
  181. bullshooter

    Shimano New 2015 Shimano Torium A model

    I have a brand new 30 and two 16's on order. I will say, I heard zero complaints about the 30. Ihope to try it out sometime.:D
  182. bullshooter

    Everyone needs this

    I got a big ass Penn laying around that I will never use. Not sure what size or model. The thing is huge. Considered mounting to the front of my truck as a winch.:D If it will fit a roll of ass wipe I'll let you know?
  183. bullshooter


    Comes in a close second to shooting feral hogs rom a chopper..... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  184. bullshooter

    Shimano bait rod selection

    I have a line on some Shimano gear and would like to add 2-3 more bait rods to the arsenal. A search came up pretty empty on it. What would you Tuna pros recommend for a Shimano/Loomis bait rod and shimano reel combo(line weight rating and length). Looking toward middle of the road as far as...
  185. bullshooter

    Shout Out to Defiance Marine

    I see you also have one of their $1300 cleaning tables. Sooooo jealous.
  186. bullshooter

    Anybody venturing deep out of WP

    I believe they are on their way. Just got back from Winter Harbor. King fishing was lights out. It was really common to hook them on the way down to the bottom fishing halibut. They're on the highway headed south.
  187. bullshooter

    WTB...20# Rigger balls

    Seen them at sportco.
  188. bullshooter

    One too many?

    Why does everybody assume that a male operator did this. I envision a female driver putting on make-up and talking on the cell phone while operating a boat.
  189. bullshooter

    Pray for Goatram

    Prayers and best wishes.
  190. bullshooter

    Need referral to good diesel shop in Skagit Valley area

    LOL!!! I didn't know they had abad rep. I am a Dodge/Chrysler tech and Chrysler used to have us send diesel injectors to them for testing. They were the only ones around with the equipment to test and/or repair injectors. I retract my statement as I have never dealt with them directly.
  191. bullshooter

    Neddie Rose gone from Westport, will be fishing out of Avila Beach!

    Shes the first boat I ever set foot on in the ocean(about 2000-2001). Caught my first ocean salmon from her too. First time I ever got seasick. Sticks in my head she was the biggest charter in the fleet. If I remember right there was 31 fishermen and women on the boat that day. All the other...
  192. bullshooter

    Winter Harbor B.C.

    Has anyone here ever fished winter harbor? I am leaving Friday to fish it for the second time. Went last year and had a great time. Looking for a little intel and maybe a hot spot or two.
  193. bullshooter

    Finally got a MMSI number

    Copy and pasted from another post by Titan. I also sent him my info and am also awaiting a reply. Alright, I will manage the list manually for now as Jason could not find a good way to integrate that into BD and we are running out of time. So, PM me the following. Copy the four lines below...
  194. bullshooter

    Loaned bilge pump saturday

    Good on you. If you don't get it back, something good is coming your way.
  195. bullshooter

    Fleetwood E2 Off Road Tent Trailer with ATV storage platform

    Please call me about your camper. Im trying to figure out how to send a pm from my phone. If you dont see anything from me send me a pm with some contact info. Tha
  196. bullshooter

    Offer of VHF (or any other radio) help

    What an offer!!! I just put a Icom m506 in with a Digital 8ft antenna. I would love to know if it is optimized. If you are in the south sound(Puyallup) area on a sunday I will trade something good for your services.
  197. bullshooter

    Uniflite FrankenPup

    I am in awe!!!!!!!!
  198. bullshooter

    Boat Trailers

    Its really easy to buy parts for ez loaders. Call em up with the trailer vin and they send you what you ask for. From what I know they dont use any off the wall or obscure shit. I rebuilt my last trailer for about 1200$. I didnt get the parts from ez but was able figure out what I needed pretty...
  199. bullshooter

    Looks like new motor needed

    Fixed that for ya
  200. bullshooter

    Trader Joes special salmon

    This thread needs a couple pics. I only eat fresh caught chum or roadkill chum.
  201. bullshooter


    Might take two rigs to tow that outfit. I know theres a law against towing doubles but I saw nothing about two rigs towing one boat.
  202. bullshooter

    Freshwater Opening day 2015

    That hat rocks....... nice report
  203. bullshooter

    Can't back trailer up!

    Disabling the brakes wont do much for you either. They are still there and they will still rot out from under your trailer. Seems like there is still potential problems. On a boat that size(I speak from limited experience), maintain them the best you can, You might get three years of trouble...
  204. bullshooter

    shrimp pots for sale

    I have 3pots for sale. $ 25 each. Two like the one pictured and 1 larger octagon shaped one. They can be picked up in Graham or Puyallup. Having technical difficulties. Text for picture. 253 370 1095
  205. bullshooter

    I need a new (to me) truck

    It lasted till 2007.5:zelfmoord
  206. bullshooter

    I need a new (to me) truck

    03 and early 04 cummins are just fine too. They are just not the HO motors that came out in 04.5. Still the common rail design. My 03 has 218k mi and is still going to beat hell. The non HO motors will get a little bit better mileage but have less hp and torque.
  207. bullshooter

    VHF help. Which antenna/mount

    My chartplotter finally showed up. Its a Raymarine a98. I just ordered an Icom506. It is nmea2000 compatible, Through research and experience of others I have been told there should be no concern with the compatibility with the two. Fingers crossed. Looking for antenna suggestions and a good...
  208. bullshooter

    Downrigger cable or braid? How about both?

    $50? $37 and change + no tax on amazon. free shipping to boot
  209. bullshooter

    And the Darwin Award goes to...

    That had to smell good. On the bright side, someone will wind up with a perfectly good pair of tin snips.
  210. bullshooter

    Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer ??

    It works great for checking the smoker without having to step out in the rain.
  211. bullshooter

    "Cleanup Required"

    congrats:appl: Way more adventerous than my trip from Woodinville.
  212. bullshooter

    Mercury 150 4 stroke review

    My step dad retired from mercury after 30+ years of employment. Service and sales rep and has worked all over the western U.S. including the manufacturing plant in Oklahoma. Back when I bought my last boat I was scared shitless to bring home a couple Yamahas but the only thing Merc had to offer...
  213. bullshooter

    Fin-Nor MA12

    pm sent
  214. bullshooter

    Fin-Nor MA12

    Larry2.. heh..heh..heh...... Perfect nickname Goat.:appl:
  215. bullshooter

    A little project today!!!

    As I was once told by a wise fisherman,"its april, theres always a small craft advisory" You didn't happen to wind up with an extra set of command link gauges did ya?;)
  216. bullshooter

    Tinned wire

    Does anyone know where I can find a decent price on tinned wire. Napa can get it for about a buck a foot in 10 guage, west marine lists it for 13.99 for a 8' spool. Are there better deals to be had? Will also need some lighter wire.
  217. bullshooter

    BOAT SHOPPING Hewescraft,Northriver,Norhwest boats,ALUMAWELD, Allied and River Hawk

    Of the boats mentioned I have fished out of a 21ft seahawk and a 23ft Northwest outboard. I hated fishing from the Northwest. The bottom was very narrow and made it very uncomfortable to lean against the gunnel. my feet were constantly kicking the side of the boat. In rough seas it felt like my...
  218. bullshooter


    That's Badassssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!
  219. bullshooter

    Bait Tank Advice for a 24' NR SEAHAWK OS

    W.H.Y.? Thanks gonzo, 3/4" coming into the boat, then a shutoff valve and then off to the washdown pump. the plumbing and wiring look pretty easy, plenty of access and space to mount a pump. Next question is where to run the overflow.
  220. bullshooter

    Bait Tank Advice for a 24' NR SEAHAWK OS

    Lets resurrect this turd. Took delivery of the boat and got to looking around. The pick up for the washdown pump is straight out the bottom about a foot from the transom. My question is, would it be ok to tee into the washdown pump suction line, add another self priming pump mounted inside the...
  221. bullshooter

    Look at these curves

    That's funny, I have never owned a new truck but I have purchased 2 new boats. BTW, nice boat Eric. How many HP's ya got?
  222. bullshooter

    First pictures of the new boat build.....

    How so? Just curious. I have been in one(28' with twin mercs) and the only complaint I have is the pilot house seemed to be a little low. Had to stand up to see over the bow while running. I also nailed my head on the top of the door many times.
  223. bullshooter

    School me on small gas or electric pressure washers

    I have one similar to this except a little older. It has about half the pressure of my gas washer but when you are applying 195* water and simple green mixed in on the suction line, stuff comes off. My gas washer is about 3000psi. everyone knows how tuna slime sets up, the gas outfit just smears...
  224. bullshooter

    what is the best gun safe?

    Money not an issue... Graffunder... three times the metal and weight of most. other than that, get a safe, make sure your home owners insurance knows about it. Insure everything inside. Keeping your family safe and fire protection are the primary concerns. If an intruder tries to get into...
  225. bullshooter

    Im Baaackkk... :)

    A good friend of mine bought the exact same boat and power last summer. I have only gone out in it 1 time. Four guys, ice and bait, tank full, seas sloppy. I even drove for a bit. I'm not experienced enough to give a detailed opinion but power felt adequate. Its my understanding the new merc...
  226. bullshooter

    Marine electronics - what is needed

    My buddy got popped last year at WP. He is 54 and just got his six-pack charter license. Didn't have his boaters endorsement. Got it dropped but was a hassle. GET IT!!!!
  227. bullshooter

    Bait Tank Advice for a 24' NR SEAHAWK OS

    Oh, I like having a bait tank. Just not sure I want one in the center of the cockpit all of the time. I've been using a home made one the swimstep of my current boat that is marginal at best. Keeps about half the bait alive on the way to the tuna grounds. Its been a constant trial and error...
  228. bullshooter

    Bait Tank Advice for a 24' NR SEAHAWK OS

    Aluminum self bailing deck. I'll probly go with the Kodiak for the upcoming season and if it works well I'll stick with it. If not I will do something a little fancier. I,m not real crazy about doing anything permanent just yet.
  229. bullshooter

    Bait Tank Advice for a 24' NR SEAHAWK OS

    Just pulled the trigger on a new ride. What do you guys recommend for a bait tank and where should it be located. Ideally I would like something that can be removed. If you have any pcs of your bait tanks in similar boats I would love to see them. Thanks
  230. bullshooter

    105ft aluminum w/ twin 3400hp cats $180k obo Anyone up for a project? Sorry bout the link, couldn't figure out copy and paste text. Sweet deal. I'm guessing they forgot a couple 0's in the asking price.
  231. bullshooter

    Seattle boat observations today!

    Quick summary: E-tecs = fugly Beautiful blonds are great boat sales people Silver streak looks to be built like a Sherman tank(they should have had a pilothouse model for the show) Parker is a nice boat(looking for nice used one, 2520) Really liked the NR 23'...
  232. bullshooter

    Halibut/Bottomfish Gear

    I'll take it, we'll have to figure out a way to hook up. PM sent.
  233. bullshooter

    Is this a BD member boat? I am slightly interested in this boat. Does it belong to one of the members? If so shoot me a PM if you don't mind answering a couple questions.
  234. bullshooter

    best deal on pint and 1/2 pint wide mouths??

    Winco was 8$ dozen. Quantities were limited.
  235. bullshooter

    Buddy boat Sunday 28th

    Does anyone have a general vicinity to shoot for? I was at about 46.40 over 124.47 last weekend and did well. Not sure if the big blow has changed things though.
  236. bullshooter

    Saltwater WFO. 30nm.

    124.40- 124.50? Going out in a friend's bigger boat saturday if its doable. Thanks mark.
  237. bullshooter

    leatherback turtle out of wp.

    definitely a leatherback. Had the lines on its back running head to tail. He was a big sucker.
  238. bullshooter

    leatherback turtle out of wp.

    Has anyone ever seen a leatherback turtle? I saw one yesterday coming in from the tuna grounds about 35miles sw of wp. There was no mistaking what it was. It was hard to judge the size but its head was the size of a basketball. I couldnt get a camera on it quick enough before it dived. I didnt...
  239. bullshooter

    Saltwater Fishing Cobo!!

    Ive always heard marlin weren't that great eating. I boated one in cabo a few years ago. Bout 100#. Kcked it loose. Kept the dodo's though. We had fresh fsh at the timeshare for the rest of the stay.
  240. bullshooter

    Saltwater Yesterday (Saturday Tuna) & WP Police evilness

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard the wp pd was going bye bye and the sheriff is to pick up the patrol.
  241. bullshooter

    Winter Harbour B.C SST and Chlor

    I love Winter Harbour. Only 2-3miles offshore and you're in the halibut and salmon. We were there in June. A little early for salmon but but we managed limits. Plenty of hali and lings. Sure would be nice to add Tuna to the menu next year. We're planning a later date next year. Let us know how...
  242. bullshooter

    New Boat

    Or maybe find a ho who has the gear.(hint hint);)
  243. bullshooter

    New Boat

    I want one:drool:
  244. bullshooter

    Learned something on my cummins might save you

    Cummins in a 92 Dodge is direct injected. Strictly a mechanical engine. the only electronics are intake heaters and a ksb valve that adjusts the timing based on engine temp. I believe you may have the cummins and the powerstroke mixed up. I know the older IHC motors used a precombustion chamber...
  245. bullshooter

    Flare Information

    I had a pack of the handhelds that were one year expired. I tried to light them off on the 4th and all three of them failed.
  246. bullshooter

    Scotty Downrigger Maintenance

    Mine have been pretty problem free. Most problems are operator error. Most failures are operator induced. Right now one of them makes a really bad clacking noise when lowering it. when that happens the line counter goes out of whack by about 20-30ft. Happens almost every drop if I am not...
  247. bullshooter

    Rotten Bait @ Hungry Whale

    I stopped going to the HW three years ago. I had 2 incidents. First was someone had left a coffee ringon the counter, the skinny guy with the glasses said at the top of his voice" I didnt know pig's fished". Next time I spilled a whole cup of coffee on the counter, finished filling my cup, went...
  248. bullshooter

    Remington Recall Notice.

    I've not purchased a newer remington. Bought the last one back in 94. It was a7mag stainless synthetic. I loved that gun. Great accuracy, light, and tough as nails. I killed everything from gophers to elk with it. I eazily put 2000rounds through it without the smallest hiccup. Trigger was...
  249. bullshooter

    5 for 5 on cow elk permits in Utah.

    Chainsaw. Stearilize the bar and chain. Fill the reservoir with veggie oil. I know a guuy in Alaska who does his moose that way. If you really want to set it off, get a hockey mask or wrap some of the hide arou d your face. Just like the movies. Congrats on the draw.
  250. bullshooter

    Montana Small Game Hunt 2014

    Central. About 45 miles due east of Great Falls.
  251. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport WOW!

    Quote: I got an email from a guy who went by anonymous.....not from this site, that accused me of exaggerating how good the fishing has been in Westport Looks like it really sucked bad. Nice job
  252. bullshooter

    Remington Recall Notice.

    What a shame. They build the best box rifle under a grand.
  253. bullshooter

    Montana Small Game Hunt 2014

    Just got back from Montana. Took a trip out for the 4th. Kinda a last hurrah. Family just sold the farm. Took the boys out for varmint trip. didn't find a lot to shoot at but got some great memories. Older boy got a nice badger. A bunch of gophers died also. Really gonna miss the place. My boys...
  254. bullshooter

    Time Bandit Fireworks in Buckley

    If anyone is interested. I see the guys from the Time Bandit are selling fireworks in Buckley. I drove past(did not stop) on the way home from work today. Could see at least one of the captains hanging out in the tent. No crowd. I would have stopped and bought some but am flying to Montana tonight.
  255. bullshooter

    sealion in my boat

    Paintball guns and slingshots are legal here. Even non lethal rounds in a shotgun. check into it
  256. bullshooter

    Lenco Marine Trim Tabs NEW

    I have 1 lenco that rocks. The other Lenco does not rock. I you were willing to split it up I would take 1 of the rams off your hands but I really feel silly asking you to break up the set. Its a great deal for your setup. GLWS
  257. bullshooter

    Want to trade: Traeger Wood Pellet Grill

    how bout a treadmill with very low miles.
  258. bullshooter

    Westport Call Before you GO! (lesson learned)

    That's a long drive for breakfast. on the up side, we got a long season ahead of us.
  259. bullshooter

    Westport Thurs?

  260. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP 6-22 Thank YOU

    Sunday was fun. Followed the fleet out due west to 300 ft. Fished for about an hour with a four hookups. All smallish silvers of which we kept 1 hatchery. Decided to leave the fleet and moved south 10 miles due west of willapa. 347ft of water. Not another boat in sight. Dropped the gear to 225'...
  261. bullshooter

    More work on the old Skipjack

    Hard top would be sweet on that boat. Excellent work you have done.
  262. bullshooter

    Tuna Sunday?...and what is up w/

    Sure does. How far do you suppose that would be from WP?
  263. bullshooter

    Big spoon riggin'

    Two weeks ago in Canada(Winter Harbor) we were running something similar off of one of the riggers. 5ft leader behind a flasher trolling dead slow on the bottom caught salmon, halibut and lings. I would have like to try it without a flasher or a q-cove.
  264. bullshooter

    Looking for gunsmith

    A little further south. Bett Evans of North west Armswerkes.
  265. bullshooter

    Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite Smoker

    We bought my mother in laws boyfriend a smoke vault smoker which is very similar. He loves it. easy to regulate and large capacity. He has it hookd to his 500 gal house propane tank. Its a great low maint. setup.
  266. bullshooter

    New Diesel Truck

    I'm sure(but have done no research or even googled it) that Toyota will be introducing a brand new truck on a new platform that is different from anything built over seas. That being said I am sure I will be proven wrong. I believe in the cummins name but it is sometimes soured by the...
  267. bullshooter

    New Diesel Truck

    No shit. I have heard lots of people say "wait till Toyota builds a diesel. It will be the best ever." THere is no way in hell I would want to be that Guinea pig. Also, Is the toyota going to be a 3/4 and 1 ton chassis or is it just going to be based on their half-ton line?
  268. bullshooter

    New Diesel Truck

    Try to shop toward the end of the month. dealers looking to put numbers up to top off the end of the month.
  269. bullshooter

    Sharkhide Unopened Quart $45

    spoken for by chasin tail
  270. bullshooter

    Defiance 220 ex

    What a coincidence(or not). Defiance marine is advertising a 2011 220 ex with a brand new 200 yammie new in the box. I wont link the ad but its pretty easy to find on CL.
  271. bullshooter

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    I'm in for the beach scene. Bringing suntan lotion, swim trunks and lotsa dr balls.
  272. bullshooter

    And for another thing!

    You forgot the most important detail of that story. What was the mileage? Been driving the boss' demo (2014 2500 diesel ram) and its getting 16. But its lifted with big tires.
  273. bullshooter

    Good affordable filet knife?

    I have the work sharp sharpener. It makes a scary sharp blade. But I haven't figured out how to keep from rounding off the tips of the blade. any tips?(no pun intended)
  274. bullshooter

    Good affordable filet knife?

    I like the dexter russel and the victorinox. I honestly cant tell the difference between the two. The price is right. I have a couple of the bubba blades, They are ok but do require a touch up with the steel more often. I do like the Teflon coating on the blade. The trick to keeping them sharp...
  275. bullshooter

    BD in Bad Form

    WTF, LaPush has turned into Blue Creek.
  276. bullshooter

    Sharkhide Unopened Quart $45

    253 370 1095. call or text. I am slow to respond to pm. First guy with $45 gets it.
  277. bullshooter

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    I'm in the same boat. Just happened tonight about 5;30. Was coming up on a 4-way stoplight, Doing about 30. The light turns yellow when I am about 25ft from it. Car in the opposite turn lane tries to beat the red light and nails it. Judging by the skid marks I locked up the brakes about 10ft...
  278. bullshooter

    DEFIANCE BOATS - *Allied Boat Project Update*

    Self bailing decks in the Dominators?
  279. bullshooter

    Only 37,000, F---!

    Fuckin Cali people make me shake my head a lot. Quoted: Biggest T Used to be that the Ford trannies behind the 7.3 lasted around 40K miles. 40K out of a modern clutch is bad. I've done 200K on a clutch in a Honda Accord. Current 2005 Accord just rolled 100K on a 5 spd manual. My '99 Burb with...
  280. bullshooter

    Only 37,000, F---!

    I haven't figured out how to quote on this new fucked up format. In response to Northrivers post about Dodge trannies. the auto tranny's behind any 6.7l diesel are fuckin bullet proof. So are the manuals. the clutch is a bit of a weak point. But show me a single disc clutch that is capable of...
  281. bullshooter

    Only 37,000, F---!

    pm sent
  282. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport Hali good time.

    its not about speed, its all about strategy. At least that's what I tell the wife.
  283. bullshooter

    Halibut Dates, the official release!

    After my third Pendleton and ice I just a great idea. What if, instead of printing the fishing regs in a format only Johnny fucking Cochran could interpret. They just make a calendar for each marine area. Then mark on each date of that month which species can be harvested. Of course...
  284. bullshooter

    Deck hand free to good home. MONKEY free to good home (Kent) I decided to get a helper monkey (Calvin) to help me do things around my upholstery shop, you know pick up material, sweeps floors,etc. I guess I'm not training him right or what cause he just makes more of a...
  285. bullshooter

    Help for a goat!

    My uncle went through the exact same thing. Infection set in after hip replacement. Medication couldn't kill the infection so they pulled the replacement hip out and started a very aggressive IV/antibiotic treatment. Sticks in my head it was six months before they were able to put the artificial...
  286. bullshooter


    Once this season I had to stuff two envelopes back into the box just to get mine in there. Box was overflowing. Would have been easy for a tweeker with a coat hanger to make a couple hundred bucks.
  287. bullshooter

    Aluminum boat painting

    I hear King Starboard is the shit for floors. Spendy but once in a lifetime purchase.
  288. bullshooter

    8 cougars in one photo?!

    A young fella in his twenties could learn a lot from that pack of cougars.
  289. bullshooter

    Smoker in the $300-500 range

    Get a Weber Smokey mountain. They run charcoal. Easy to operate once you get the hang of it. After about1-2cooks you will be very confident. On a mild day I had mine [email protected] 225for18 hours. Excellent for pork butts. I just cooked my prime rib on it yesterday. Not to mention there is a lot of...
  290. bullshooter

    Volvo repair recommendations

    A friend of mine is buying an Albermarle268 with a 310hp volvo d6. It has a top end power issue. Can someone recommend a volvo repair facility. The closer to Tacoma the better. Thanks
  291. bullshooter

    WTF? No Tuna reports from WP?

    Saturday is shaping up nicely. From the NOAA site: SAT NW WIND 30 TO 40 KT. COMBINED SEAS 14 TO 17 FT. But then again, when is NOAA ever right?
  292. bullshooter

    Tuna processer in WP

    I remember earlier in the season reading about someone carking them for $3 a fish. I dont mind doing it myself but would gladly pay to have someone else doit while we go and re-hydrate at the mermaid. I will keep looking. Thanks Tommy
  293. bullshooter

    Tuna processer in WP

    I remember reading a while back of some place in WP that will cark fish and dispose of the remains. I cant seem to find the post. will someone please direct me in their path. PS: has anybody else received a bill from WP marina? I got one for $80. Seems I got charged for using the docks to clean...
  294. bullshooter

    Tragedy on the Low Seas

    I spit beer from my nose!!!! were you able to see her on the way down with your depth finder?
  295. bullshooter

    WTB: 23 Quart or larger pressure canner

    Boy did I luck out. I found a All American 941 cooker on CL a couple years ago. Paid 150.00 with the burner. I can fit 60 half pints in one load. or 25 pints and 13-14 half pints. It has the older style pressure relief that requires monitoring. PM me if you are interested in borrowing it...
  296. bullshooter

    Overnight Tuna run sunday thru monday--looking for crew

    I'm out this weekend too, I wanna stay alive.
  297. bullshooter

    Repower time... Horse power question.....

    Merc is building a 4-cyl Verado 200hp that comes in at 510# also. I haven't heard much about them though. Specs say they are 100# lighter than a Honda 200. The Merc block is a 1.7L compared to a 3.5L Honda traditional v-6.
  298. bullshooter

    Wheels for sale, Pro Comp 17" x9"

    I gotta get some positive cash flow going by the weekend. $350 takes em. I'm sure some one has an ugly old truck they wanna dress up.
  299. bullshooter

    Wheels for sale, Pro Comp 17" x9"

    They are marked 3420#
  300. bullshooter

    Wheels for sale, Pro Comp 17" x9"

    Ill get back to you on that. I have been home sick with walking pneumonia the last few days and the wheels are at work.
  301. bullshooter

    Building a bait tank

    nice. I made mine out of a 55gal chemical container. Took a piece of electrical conduit and bent it to the inside diameter of the can, cut the top third of the can off. screwed the conduit to the container from the outside. Drilled several holes in the can as an overflow. cut the original top of...
  302. bullshooter

    Blew my motor up again

    I concur
  303. bullshooter

    S&W 4006 w/ 3 mags and some ammo and holster, Gun Safes

    WTS S&W 4006, Comes with 3-11 rd mags, leather paddle holster, about 100rds of target ammo and a box of 180gr Hornady XTP. Carry case. There are some slight marks on the slide, I cant get them to show in the pictures. $550 for what is pictured. also have gun safes for sale, many sizes. call for...
  304. bullshooter

    Wheels for sale, Pro Comp 17" x9"

    I bought these for my truck. was gonna dress it up a little and then my injectors decided to take a shit on me. So I am having a garage sale to help offset the repairs. There are no scratches or dings on them. Full set of 4 with lugnuts and center caps. They came off of a 08 Ram 2500. Will fit...
  305. bullshooter

    Saltwater Saturday WP Tuna 8/24

    Nice job. Heard Saturday rocked and Sunday just died off. What numbers were you fishing?
  306. bullshooter

    FYI. Costco cooler sale.

    I bought two of them about 5-6years from Costco. I still use them for tuna only. They hold ice for 3-4 day ok. 2 is ideal. Friend has an ice maker that came out of taco time. filled both of them to the top and brought 1 home full of processed fish and remaining ice after 4 full days. Mine are...
  307. bullshooter

    Has anyone tried this for tuna?

    I like this one best. You aint fishing unless you need a helmet.
  308. bullshooter

    Help me I.D. a fish

    Sunday we were fishing around 124.55 and 46.45. there was a fish jumped out of the water three times about 75 yards off my bow. At first glance I thought it was a tuna but the second time it jumper it was clearly not. I got two good looks at it. It was flat, kinda like a halibut, very bright...
  309. bullshooter

    My New Tuna Rig

    Bow thruster?
  310. bullshooter

    Found Rod/Reel & Net Puyallup River

    Its mine. An Eagle claw 6ft heavy action with a large spinning reel(handle on the left side so I finesse the fish in with the reel pointed up). Its loaded with 65# power pro so I can feel the bite. probly got a rig tied on like this one. I tie my own. Lookie here, fish cant resist. - - -...
  311. bullshooter

    beer in boat while fishing

    Anyone worried about drunken boaters should fish Canada. At 50-55$ for a case of beer, who can afford to drink.
  312. bullshooter

    8 hp yamaha 4 stroke help

    ditto, similar issue. carb clean fixed.
  313. bullshooter

    Yamaha t-8 carb problems

    I have a 2005 Yamaha T-8 that has never given me a single hiccup till now. I took the boat out for the first time today and went to run the kicker, I squeezed the primer bulb several times and it never got solid like it usually does but did firm up some. pulled the choke and hit the starter...
  314. bullshooter

    If at westport check out the sea lions

    Last summer we were carking our tuna at the dock and that same one-eyed sumbitch shot up out the water nearly took a chunk out of the back of my buddys leg. There were three of us there, two carking tuna and one on watch with a water hose blasting that FB in the face to deter him, seemed to...
  315. bullshooter

    Who sells Parker boats?

    As a matter of fact, their website does not list dealers. I even googled the shit out Parker dealers and the closest I came up with is a SoCal dealer. So I thought I would tap into this valuable resource of knowledge and Elkfins came through like a champion. I found a used Parker I would like to...
  316. bullshooter

    Who sells Parker boats?

    Looking for the dealer that sells Parker's in the PNW.
  317. bullshooter

    Saltwater A7 Straits!

    It is a humpie year. LOL Nice catch and report.
  318. bullshooter

    Another hero passes.

    Thats a cool story. It would have been an honor to meet such a hero and listen to his stories. My stepdads uncle was a Pearl Harbor survivor. He died in the early 90's. I was a teenager at the time. I didnt quite grasp the importance of what it meant back then but wish I had more time listen to...
  319. bullshooter

    Any local BD'rs do Vinyl Graphics??

    Im gonna plug excellent work and a great guy.
  320. bullshooter

    Locking down your kicker?

    I had one of these. they did not hold up too well to saltwater.
  321. bullshooter

    Guns on a boat....

    When I was CG inspected last year I had one in the glove box. When CG asked to see my registration I told them it was in the glove box and that there was a fire arm in there as well. Told them it was ok for if they retrieved it. They removed the mag and cleared the pistol and went on about...
  322. bullshooter

    ULSD, another victim

    I'm not trying to stir any shit here but it sounds like your truck was over repaired. By chance did they put a new valve cover gasket on it? By the symptoms you are describing, it is the most likely cause for losing a bank of injectors. All of the wiring for the injectors is run through the...
  323. bullshooter

    Team fishin' Luhrs Cans

    I think I found the magic Tuna canning recipe. In a clean jar, a splash of olive oil, a1/2-1 tsp of this shit, A dash of Kosher salt, Tuna, a dash of kosher salt, lid, can accordingly. It was kind of an experiment. I did about 2dozen experimental cans and all of these came out amazing. Moist...
  324. bullshooter

    Bad Luck Continues - Property Theft

    Was listening to KISW this morning and a guy called in about what happened this weekend. His kicker was stolen and he found it on CL. He set up a sting to get the kicker back and then called the cops and let them in on it. he met up with thw theif, got his motor back and then when the thief...
  325. bullshooter

    Saltwater C Q still got fish

    What he said. Also, I heard they are keeping it open into October. The pigs are still out there. Just need some rain. Me and my son fished fri-sun. We did well. All fish kept were 5-8 lbs. saw a couple big ones at the dock but most were the same.
  326. bullshooter

    Tuna rods?

    What do you guys think about those green wasabi rods?
  327. bullshooter

    Are the Tuna Moving out?

    As of Saturday ....they're there. NUFF SAID!!!!
  328. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport - 9-7 Tuna w/ a side of marlin

    Nice. Good to see some Montana boys making it out.
  329. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP Salmon 9/9

    Good job, I would have said fuck it too, 4' breaking wind waves. Good on the gal for goin. My wife wouldnt have left the dock.
  330. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport 9/7-8

    Way to go, your report sounds like you copy and pasted mine:D. It was a rough day for sure. Glad we were able to rally at the end. We started at 46.59/125.00 and found a large school 7 miles SE of there. 3 on the troll for the first 4hrs and then plugged the boat on a bait stop. I would post up...
  331. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP tuna 9-18

    Fished WP saturday. Iced the boat the night before, Found that Winco has a very reasonable deal on ice. 91cents for a 10lb bag. I bought 40bags. You have to call ahaead and get it approved by a manager though. Hit WP and baited up, crossed the bar at daylight. we headed straight out to the...
  332. bullshooter

    WP 9-8

    Heading out in the morning. Does anyone have any recent intel or reports. I'll post a report when I get back. Thanks in advance guys.
  333. bullshooter

    Cannot catch a salmon for the life of me..what's wrong with me?

    Go to sekiu the last two weeks in Sept. You will catch fish. You have the gear. Pm me and I will arrange to get you a couple of my magic hootchies.
  334. bullshooter

    any recent westport salmon reports

    All I can say is that the kings have been hanging in close. South of the harbor early and north later. Fished in front of the casino within couple miles north and south last Sunday. Two bites two fish. 18 and 30lbs. From 645 to 1100 am. Both caught on green spatter back hootchies. 30ft of water...
  335. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP tuna 8/30

    Shouldn't they be at the mouth of the puyallup mid September?
  336. bullshooter

    21 North River burping fuel

    Mine has done it since new. If I fill up at a gas station I have to unhook the trailer and jack the tongue up about as high as I can. Then I can fill it on the first click on the nozzle. Filling on the water is a whole different story. I've had it shoot a gasoline geyser about a foot and a half...
  337. bullshooter

    youth elk rifle

    I recommend 7-08 or 308, Much better bullet selection over the 270. I'm not sure what is available for the 270 these days but used to be that the biggest bullets available were 150gr round nose. You have a lot more options with the 7's and 30's.
  338. bullshooter

    Saltwater 2 days, 2 guys, 49 tuna died! West port 8/18, 8/19

    Great job.Thanks for the tip Saturday morning.
  339. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP tuna 8-18

    We had plenty of ice but I admit we were probably overloaded on the way back in. In retrospect I wont be putting that many fish in the boat again. I had a hell of a time getting the boat on step on the way back in. as I said earlier, this was my first real attempt at tuna and I learned alot...
  340. bullshooter

    new mercruiser 5.7 engine

    My dad worked for mercury marine 25+ years. He was service and sales rep for the NW for the last 12 years or so before he retired. Greg @ Tacoma marine comes highly recommended.
  341. bullshooter

    almost sank boat

    I was the blue boat that showed and radioed the CG for you. We passed the CG about 25 miles on the way in. There was absolutly no way we were going to leave until we knew you had things under control and had a rescue plan. We finished cleaning up our fish and loaded the boat right when they were...
  342. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP tuna 8-18

    What a trip, it will probably take a couple days to recover. I made plans to go tuna fishing on Saturday. Well, I had some friends from out of town show up friday so I had went out withthem and had a good time, Got home and in bed at midnight. Up at 1;30 to load the boat and on the road at 2:15...
  343. bullshooter

    Tuna Hunter/ New To the NW

    That there is sig worthy :hali_olutta:
  344. bullshooter

    jesus crab

    No, its burger king.
  345. bullshooter

    Stolen Motor

    Sounds a little labor intensive, These fucks don't deserve that much of my precious time. I love the intent and end result but lean a little more toward the three S's(Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up). Oops, did I just say that. I mean, I would try to detain them in a humane manner, insuring their...
  346. bullshooter

    Ruin your day

    I myself have never had a fireworks accident but a good friend of mine was permanently disfigured by bottlerockets. He was not injured nearly as bad as Brandon but will forever have a reminder. He was lighting off bottle rockets in his hand, lighting the fuse and holding the rocket by the very...
  347. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP Wed 6/27: done by 7:15

    how is the crab pot action in front of the casinos?
  348. bullshooter

    Venting; Boater Ed Exam

    Course was pretty simple, You can just turn the sound down and let the timer run on each page while switching back and forth between whatever. I believe anyone that has passed a coastguard inspection and had a few years boating experience can pass the online test. That said, I would like to...
  349. bullshooter

    New Ramp At Neah Bay???

    I dont do face space or my book or whatever the fuck they call it. I logged in on my wifes acct. Do I just have to hit the like button or is there more to it? Figured it out. Voted.
  350. bullshooter

    Westport questions

    This is my first Salmon outing of the year. I'm bringing all the lead I have. I lost four of them bastards last year on opening day, all 15lbers. At last cound I have 4 15 lb balls and 3 12lb balls and a couple caoted 10lb balls. If space were to become an issue I would forego food for lead.
  351. bullshooter

    Sirius Weather

    I cancelled them a couple month ago. put up with the calls, I like to pass the calls off to my 4yr old. I can only imagine the frustration the person on the othe end has to endure. I remember one time I handed him the phone and went into the kitchen, forgot about it. about ten minutes later my...
  352. bullshooter

    The new ride

    Saw this on CL last night, If the v-drive is usable the rest could be parted for a profit. If I had the room I would buy it just to part it out. The trailer has to be worth a grand by itself.
  353. bullshooter

    Any chipped diesel soot problems?

    what kind of mpg's are you guys getting with the Smarty programmers when towing? I have put two of them on a couple 2011 trucks with the diamond eye straight pipe. Tried to do a 2012 but Smarty dont make a programmer yet. Had to go to the H&S. I am doing one tomorrow, removing Smarty and...
  354. bullshooter

    Prayers for a BD Family Member

    Couldn't imagine life without my mom. You have my deepest condolences.
  355. bullshooter

    Straits or Coast?

    I like to stay in sekiu, drive to Neah on offshore days. I have never stayed in Neah. I think Sekiu has a lot more accomodations.
  356. bullshooter

    Die little bastards DIE!

    Quote: Sharon Young, the Humane Society&#8217;s marine issues field director, said she and the group&#8217;s attorneys are wading through NOAA&#8217;s decision. Spring runs are stable or increasing, she said, one sea lion was at the dam at last check and sea lion consumption has dropped...
  357. bullshooter

    Carrying/Storing Tackle??

    Thanks. Great idea.
  358. bullshooter

    Carrying/Storing Tackle??

    I concur. Plano boxes and a 5gal. bucket for Halibut gear. Nothing scientific or groundbreaking. This year I would like to figure out an easy way to deal with pre-tied leaders and hootchies so that they can be unraveled without tangles and knots. Something similar to what steelheaders use only...
  359. bullshooter

    Avet reel advice

    I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about Avet reels. I would like to buy a couple of new rod reel setups for the upcoming season. I would like to be able to use them for Halibut in the spring and tuna in the summer. The rods I have covered for Halibut but would switch the reels over to...
  360. bullshooter

    Pierce County To Buy New Patrol Boat for $700K I'm down with using siezed drug money to fund the boat project. Why cant we come up with such creative funding ideas in our state. Really, why cant more effort be put into battling drug activity to...
  361. bullshooter

    How high of the cost of fuel till ya stop fishing

    Gonna keep fishing. Fuel prices have definately squashed any desire to buy a larger, thirstier boat though. My boat is quite economical and gets the job done. Couldnt imagine feeding and maintaining twins.
  362. bullshooter

    Pierce County To Buy New Patrol Boat for $700K

    Your right.. I was thinkng of the boat the Tacoma PD has.
  363. bullshooter

    Pierce County To Buy New Patrol Boat for $700K

    What was the boat they sank? If it was the one I am thinking of it was either an Almar or a North River. Maybe a 200k boat. Why not replace it with the same. If the emphasis is on quick response then 43mph is not gonna cut it. For $.75 million, there should be no problem hitting triple digits...
  364. bullshooter

    Great Whites in the Sound!!!

    Does anyone remember the greatwhite sighting in ma13 about 7-8yrs ago. I remember reading about it on the PP forum. As I remember, the guy that saw it was a retired marine bio fishing from a 18ft boat and estimated the size of the fish to be 20. The shark bit his flasher in half. The flasher was...
  365. bullshooter

    Anyone missing a kicker

    the phone # is the same as the one from the earlier t-8 listing.
  366. bullshooter

    This is one time we love seals!!!!

    I drive by that reader board everyday on the way to work. he just put this up a couple days ago.
  367. bullshooter

    Anyone missing a kicker

    You're probably right. I'm sure its legit. Its just a coincidence that the motor is not for sale in the portland area but this ad comes up under a search for the same motor. I dropped the guy a line just in case.
  368. bullshooter

    Anyone missing a kicker

    Anyone missing a kicker? this ad looks a little fishy. listed in the seattle tacoma Craigslist with a portland ph#. If its legit, I guess I'm advertising for free.
  369. bullshooter

    local gun smith

    Brett Evans NW armswerkes Bonney Lake. 253 981 9063
  370. bullshooter

    Wife's New Ride

    Hunting? If I put a stinky old dead deer or elk in the back of my wifes rig I would be the hunted..
  371. bullshooter

    Looking for an idea for a light weight diesel engine?

    That is bad ass.....
  372. bullshooter

    I'n not a diesel guy, need help on pros/cons Ford 6.0

    Get a 5.9 cummins. they were available up to the middle of 07. They will run on all diesel. As far as the 6.0 ford goes, I kinda wish I was a ford tech instead of a dodge tech at times. Theres a lot of money to be made on them fords. I have only worked on a handfull of the 6.0 Powerjokes but...
  373. bullshooter

    Destroying my boat!!
  374. bullshooter

    great eats

    You inspired me to try this last night. Came out great. I wanted to add a little tequila but that would have meant one more stop on the way home and I didnt want half a bottle of tequila laying around on a work night. Thanks for the recipe.
  375. bullshooter

    Grandson's first whitetail buck

    That'll eat well. congrats!!
  376. bullshooter


    Well done!!! 0 points deducted for Tuna placement!!! In fact, points given for concern of care of Tuna. Sweet I am going to try to emulate that design with my own punkin' carvin' venture. Nice work.
  377. bullshooter

    Assorted Fishing Gear For Sale

    I am interested in the shrimp pots. do they come with rope and buoys?
  378. bullshooter

    2012 Ocean Salmon options in Area 2 poll

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Save me a lot of typing.
  379. bullshooter

    BAMF boats review

    Sweet boat. Sounds like they did everything right. On the subject of the wipers: I always have my right hand resting on the throttle when running. I am going to install a "mist" button that controls the wipers to make one swipe every time it is pressed. I am going to mount it on the throttle...
  380. bullshooter

    See anything wrong with this picture?

    Not to mention he should be stripped of his man card for towing with what looks like a VW SUV.
  381. bullshooter

    Saltwater 9/3 Double Feature...

    I took mine out last sunday. Tired is a good way to describe it. Its tough keeping a 4yr old occupied when fishing is slow. Looks like the kids had a great time.
  382. bullshooter

    Wounded Warriors

    pm sent
  383. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport Tuna - The Friday Skunk

    sorry bout the skunk, Thanks for the call, saved me a bunch of $. We went to WP regardless and did a little bottom fishing. It was messy on saturday. Hooked and released 3 nice butts in 180ft of water though.
  384. bullshooter

    Saltwater Kings are big at Rivers Inlet!

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! Definately on the bucket list.
  385. bullshooter

    Tuna Charter Referral

    a friend of mine and his group are going with them on sunday. Looks like a blast.
  386. bullshooter

    Westport Tuna Saturda 8/20 Roll Call

    I would like to go. gonna make the call tomorrow. Depends on the crew and the water. Had made plans a couple weeks ago to be there sat and sun for salmon. Will be out sunday salmon fishing for sure.
  387. bullshooter

    Saltwater A day in westport I will never forget.

    Congrats, I heard you a few times on the radio. way to go
  388. bullshooter

    Freshwater SKOK KINGS

    right on. nice report. I havent fished the Skok in a few years. Definately avoid weekends. When walking through the woods, watch your step. Try to stay away from the crowds. That little river gets an awesome run of kings, unfortunately it also deaws a lot of undesireable "fishermen". I was...
  389. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport TUNA 8-5

    way to go, how old is your boy. I took my boy on our first tuna outing. he is 9. wouldn't dream of taking my wife. She would be sick all day and be plain miserable to be around.
  390. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport Tuna Trip 8-3 37 TUNA

    Nice job. I was out the day before. 1 fish. Due mostly from inexperience though. Saw a school of jumpers at 40 miles. Cant wait to get out again though.
  391. bullshooter

    Saltwater Catching not so good

    make the trek to ma2 MA 11 has gotten worse and worse. I heard from my neighbor that only about 40 kings have made it back to the hatchery in Orting as of last weekend. A friend of mine got one this morning over by Gig Harbor
  392. bullshooter

    Tuna run Thursday 7/4 Westport anyone else going to be out there

    Half tote will do. I filled three hugecoolers 2 garbage cans and a waste basket. Only used a half tote. I was about two beers away from filling the back seat of my dodge truck with ice just out of spite.
  393. bullshooter

    old navy tattoo pictures

    Cant help but sorry to hear about grampa, Thank him for his service.
  394. bullshooter

    Repower advice

    nother vote for the f-150 yammie
  395. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP report 7-31 to 8-3

    just pulled the #'s out of my GPS. first spotted a large school at 46.47-124.55. found the com. trollers at 46.35-125.07. this was on tuesday.
  396. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport 8-2-2011

    Thanks, It was a broken rod and reel and the cooler only had ice in it. Thanks for the thought. Everyone at the ramps was really cool this weekend. Good fishin makes everyone not grumpy. I live nearby. we should hook up for a beer sometime. :hali_olutta:
  397. bullshooter

    what's an ok boat for tuna??

    I've had 2 aluminum boats and corrosion is my enemy. The first one I bought used and galvanic corrosion was spreading like cancer. Paint was flaking off, looked like shit. Thought it was just poor maintenance. This boat I bought new in oct 06. It is still in great shape, no issues but have seen...
  398. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport 8-2-2011

    nice!!!!! saw you at the boat ramp tuesday morning. nice boat too
  399. bullshooter

    what's an ok boat for tuna??

    its in the reports forum
  400. bullshooter

    what's an ok boat for tuna??

    All good advice, well, most of it. I just made my first tuna trip yesterday and and was really wanting a bigger boat. The water was perfect(forecast was spot on for once) but the problem I ran into was room. wish I had a lot more of it. Next boat will be a Glass boat in the 22-24 ft range with a...
  401. bullshooter

    Saltwater WP report 7-31 to 8-3

    Started sunday heading west in hopes of tuna. Got about 25 miles out and bagged it. Headed back in to 250ft and started immediately nailing kings. Our first two fish were our biggest. 27lb and 24lb. kept fishing looking for our silvers but kept catching kings. I know we released at minimum 8...
  402. bullshooter

    Your favorite WA Salmon fishery?

    Gotta go with WP. I would love to see a average WP day in the south sound. might change my mind. but WP is the shit
  403. bullshooter

    Westport Tuna Tuesday 7/26

    WOW!!!!!!!!! The words of a real man. I can only aspire to become a trace of what this guy expressed in three short sentances. Salut :beerbang::beerbang: P.S. You should write a bible or something
  404. bullshooter

    X-Raps on sale at Cabelas

    What are these? Are they must-have tuna gear? Do I dare step foot on the ocean without them? Seriously, are they a tuna trolling lure?
  405. bullshooter

    Saltwater Tuna Nuking at Westport!!!

    Onward: PM sent. Let me know if you dont get it. Having computer issues.
  406. bullshooter

    What a sad story!

  407. bullshooter

    Reel question

    This may be a dumb question but I will ask anyway. Why is it that level wind reels are not recommended for tuna fishing? I have 3 Penn 320 gt reels I would like to use for tuna. Thanks for input.
  408. bullshooter

    Yamaha Service Issues part 2- the saga continues

    I was reading through your previous thread. Regarding the water separator probe, I am sure they put a water separator on when doing preventative maint. At this point they should have replaced the sensor free of charge. If they charged you 220, that means the part likely cost them 140 or so. If...
  409. bullshooter

    FS/FT Para Ordnance Carry-9

    I got a sweet little Para ordnance carry 9 1911 style sub-compact 9mm I would like to trade for tuna gear or sell for $650. I bought it a year ago as a carry/truck gun but decided it was way too nice for that. I picked up a Ruger LC9 for that purpose. I bought it used from Bullseye in...
  410. bullshooter

    REMINDER - Check those DR Cables!

    About 3 years ago I switched to braid. I used the original 250lb scotty stuff. lots of blowback. lots of breakoffs too. Went back to cable for a couple years. Worked great for a whole season, started to rust, fray and kink the next season. Hit the WP opener with 1 new spool of cable and 1 old...
  411. bullshooter

    Roll Call for Westport 6/25 and 6/26

    I'm goin saturday and possibly sunday. That is if there are any DR balls left in the pac NW. I lost 4 last saturday. 3 to the crab pot gods and 1 to shitty cable. I wont go out without 6 balls this time. Gotta go. Headed down to the 512/1-5 off ramp with my sign, "Please help, need money for DR...
  412. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport slow today

    sucked to say the least. got a late start, started about 8:00 with the fleet. lost 1 dr ball that never even got wet till it broke off the cable. fished for 2 hrs for 2 shakers. Hit a submerged crab pot buoy. lost another ball. borrow a couple balls from a buddy. Got a good takedown, fish was...
  413. bullshooter

    Check these dumbasses out

    I cant believe they fit that big ling into that little butterfly net.
  414. bullshooter

    4' itis

    I can smell the bacon cooking from here. looks comfy.
  415. bullshooter

    Theft from homes.

    Thanks, gonna get one. Even if it is only the neighbors cat that gets dusted it will be well worth it,
  416. bullshooter

    I am f'ing hiding from my family

    Couple shots of (insert your favorite cocktail here) and its all good. The easter bunny is on its way.
  417. bullshooter

    hooking Main motor to kicker issue

    When I bought my NR they installed a small ball joint on the front of the kicker and the main, Then tied them together with a threaded rod and quick connects on each end. they can easily be attached from inside the boat. I was told I could leave them connected when under main power but I unhook...
  418. bullshooter

    FIN NOR 7500 Offshore Spinng Reel

    I'll take the okumas. I'll PM you my contact info.
  419. bullshooter

    FIN NOR 7500 Offshore Spinng Reel

    I'll take the okumas. I'll PM you my contact info.
  420. bullshooter

    Radar/rocket launcher arch

    Last summer on the ferry ride across to victoria I met a guy with the same boat and it had an awesome looking radar arch. It was setup so that things could be stored on the top such as crab pots and other fairly light,bulky items. He said the guy he had build it for him works in tacoma on the...
  421. bullshooter

    7mm hunting riffle no scope

    I love the rem 700 in 7rem mag. Shot many deer, coyotes, varmints and 1 elk. I had the first model stainless synthetic 700 offered. It was about 8-9 lbs scoped and loaded. I took that thing everywhere. It was and still is the best rifle I ever owned. Bought it at the Puyallup gunshow in 93 for...
  422. bullshooter

    Electric Downriggers

    I've had my 1106's for 7 years. I have replaced belts, lids, pullies, cable, stops, balls. never once have I had to order a part. Parts are available for them everywhere. I tried the braid and was not pleased. It caught fish but lost a lot of stuff. Cable was just as productive for me. Dont use...
  423. bullshooter


    Great report. Tuesday wasnt too bad. wind kicked up in the afternoon. Wed was flat as a pancake. Lost of fog though. cleared up about noon. I left wednesday but my uncle and his crew stayed. Said Thursday was really rough. He broke 1 downrigger and the other one broke off at the base and now...
  424. bullshooter

    Saltwater MA-5 Sekiu Coho

    Work was slow this week. So, on Monday night I hooked up the boat and took my 8yr old out of school for a couple days and hit the road. I met up with my uncle up there late that night. Got a cat nap and hit the water and was fishing by 7am. started hooking fish right off the bat. Got a nice one...
  425. bullshooter

    When you get lonesome for stinky fingers- watch this...

    Get a load of the guy in the WWII Army helmet. Thats combat fishing at its finest.
  426. bullshooter

    How do you split costs?

    I havent tried this yet but maybe next year. I supply the boat and the crew supplies the truck. If there are more than 3 of us they can split all expenses. If only 2 then I will pay boat fuel and they pay tow vehicle fuel. This only works if said crew member(s) have an adequate tow vehicle. I...
  427. bullshooter

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    I never really officially said hello since signing up. Here goes. I live in Graham, fix Dodges for a living, fish whenever work and family allow. I have spent most of my time salmon fishing. I have made a trip to WP every weekend since June and 1 week trip to Bamfield first part of July...
  428. bullshooter

    Saltwater neah bay

    Great report and small world. I am from the same little small town Ryan and Darcy are from. Nice you got those cowboys and gal into some fish.
  429. bullshooter

    Saltwater Neah Bay Fri Sat Sun

    Nice report. That is a bad ass boat.
  430. bullshooter

    Saltwater Westport

    way to go. Thanks for the report. I am headed out in 5 hours. hoping to be in WP at 5:30. I just got a picture from a buddy who got it from another buddy. He nailed a 45lb king yesterday(friday). Obviously a cellphone pic. Hoping to see some real pics soon.
  431. bullshooter

    Saltwater westport 7-24

    These are the three my son and I kept. Thats my younger son and he didnt go, my older son went out but mom took him to the movies. The fish on the top was the 26. Crappy photo but best I could do at the time.
  432. bullshooter

    Saltwater westport 7-24

    My boat is blue. I saw the white seahawk at the ramp in the morning. Sat was a good day in the fact I didnt lose so much as a hook. Went through 0 gear. Hope everyone was ok. Saturday was definately not a day for a pregnant lady to be out on the ocean.
  433. bullshooter

    Saltwater westport 7-24

    Left the dock at 6:15. Took a 2hr beating northwest and dropped the riggers to 80 ft and had the first fish on in 15 min. nice fat 26lb king, caught 2 more in the next 30min. Trolling south was the only option, trolled about 5 miles south hooking a few silvers(released). ran back north to the...
  434. bullshooter

    Saltwater Barkley Sound Offshore Is Red Hot... Pics Included

    Fished Bamfield 11th thru the 15th. salmon fishing was off the hook 5-13 miles out in the open water. silvers were small, kings were medim, dogfish were thick. landed 4or5 kiings in the 20's. Wind kept us close in so no butts. Most fish were caught on white glo or white uv hoochies but I think...
  435. bullshooter

    New BD member (9 month lurker, 1st report with pics)

    Must be first time parents, got the socks on the wrong endLOL. Just kiddin'. Beautiful girl. Glad all went well. Congrats.
  436. bullshooter

    Saltwater another westport hog!

    Were you the guys that caught the Thresher shark on saturday?
  437. bullshooter

    Ocean Selective Chinook opener 6/12.

    Great first report. I'm gonna be there nest weekend come hell or high water, weather pending. Was there a magic depth or bait that seemed to be working?