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  1. GregE

    Saltwater Halibut Open Aug 19

    July 21, 2021 Contact: WDFW Fish Program, 360-902-2700 Media Contact: Eryn Couch, 360-890-6604 North coast and Puget Sound halibut fishing to re-open Aug. 19 OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed today that sport halibut fishing will re-open along the north...
  2. GregE

    Saltwater Safety Warning Newer Cannon DRs

    A friend posted his hazordous experience getting his shirt caught in the newer rubberized knob on his Cannon downrigger. He was unable to pull it free fromthe knob and had to wiggle out of his shirt after the DR fuse blew. Caution to the newer Cannon owners - keep loose clothing, hair etc...
  3. GregE

    Print WA Fishing Regs Delayed

    Get your App copy . G June 29, 2021 Contact: WDFW Fish Program, 360-902-2700 2021-22 Washington fishing regulations now available online; physical pamphlet delivery delayed OLYMPIA The annual Washington Fishing Rules Pamphlet is now available online for the coming year, detailing fishing...
  4. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak first Salmon Trip

    For this season, that is. Friends Mike and Hank went with me Friday to launch the boat and get ready for the next day. That's what I selected when checking the tides and currents on the Garmin plotter. Near full moon and max ebb flow for 13' tide differental was a concern but crossing the bar...
  5. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak WP 6-17

    Buddy Mike joined me for another scouting trip- trying to find a couple halibut and a location to take the family Sunday. Took the boat over Weds about 5 and launched then set up the truck camper. There were only about 25 boat trailers in the parking area. Up at 4 and at the boat a little...
  6. GregE

    Drew Early Archery E Side Over 65

    I should have started applying for the Over 65 tags 11 years ago...... but finally did as a group with my hunting / fishing buddy and see that we are selected. Always wanted to be selected. :) WE had 10 and 11 pref pts and figured we ought to use them while we are able. There are 5 units...
  7. GregE

    Saltwater Additional Shrimp Day Jun 2

    G May 28, 2021 Contact: Don Velasquez 425-775-1311, ext. 112; Jason Wettstein (360) 704-0258 WDFW announces additional opportunities for shrimp fishing on June 2 OLYMPIA The quota count is in and more shrimp fishing is on the way for many marine areas in northern and southern Puget Sound in...
  8. GregE

    Additional Halibut Days???

    Per the WDFW regs Hali in area 2 ended Thursday May 27- good thing I checked. Hoping to get out Sunday but haven't seen anything about additional days- other than the 'maybe days in June. Any fresh intel?
  9. GregE

    WA Funds for Covid Affected Fishers

    May 27, 2021 Contact: Fish Program, 360-902-2700 Media Contact: Eryn Couch, 360-890-6604 WDFW seeks feedback on plan to distribute $40 million in relief funding to commercial fishing, charter fishing, seafood processing and shellfish aquaculture industry members Industry members invited to...
  10. GregE

    Area 13 Salmon reopens

    May 19, 2021 Marine Area 13 open to salmon fishing Action: Re-opens salmon seasons under permanent rules as listed in the 2020/2021 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet. Effective date: Immediately. Species affected: Salmon. Location: Marine Area 13. Reason for action: Federal...
  11. GregE

    Razor Clam opens Mocrocks

    May 13, 2021 Contacts: Dan Ayres, 360-470-3557; Jason Wettstein (360) 704-0258 WDFW approves Saturday and Monday razor clam digging at Mocrocks Beach only OLYMPIA For the first time in 2021, shellfish managers have approved two days of razor clam digging on Saturday and Monday, after marine...
  12. GregE

    Auto Pilot install Woes

    I've been shopping for a Auto Helm for the 22' Arima, single Honda 225 with SeaStar Hydraulic steering. Got in line to wait for delivery in 3-4 weeks of a Garmin Reactor 40, 1.2 liter pump and dash control. Then talking to Garmin I find out it Has to have a return to helm hyd line in...
  13. GregE

    New Bottom fishing info

    I may need help deciphering this.... G March 9, 2021 Contact: Heather Hall, Intergovernmental Fisheries Policy Coordinator, 360-902-2487 Public Affairs Contact: Eryn Couch, 360-890-6604 State announces new bottomfish regulations for 2021 with expanded angling opportunity OLYMPIA-Fishery...
  14. GregE

    Saltwater WA posts New Bottom Fishing Info

    I may need help deciphering this.... G March 9, 2021 Contact: Heather Hall, Intergovernmental Fisheries Policy Coordinator, 360-902-2487 Public Affairs Contact: Eryn Couch, 360-890-6604 State announces new bottomfish regulations for 2021 with expanded angling opportunity OLYMPIA-Fishery...
  15. GregE

    Razor Clams closed due to Toxins

    October 27, 2020 Contacts: Zachary Forster 360-214-0555; Jason Wettstein (360) 704-0258 Oct. 31-Nov. 3 razor clam digs cancelled due to marine toxins OLYMPIA--Washington's ocean beaches will remain closed to razor clam harvest through at least Nov. 12 after test results on razor clams dug at...
  16. GregE

    TUNA Optimists ??

    Anybody else still watching for a weather window and active TUNA reports?
  17. GregE

    Garmin Time Zone Glitch ??

    Fishing off shore PST zone I notice my Garmin Plotter changes time about 24 miles off shore ( shows one hour earlier ) then changes back on the way in. The GPS location is nowhere near the time zone change line that's W of Vancouver Island's NW tip. It happens a couple miles E of the...
  18. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak TUNA Trip 9 21

    I'd been watching for a weather window that corresponded with no boat projects. The weekend was good but I wasn't ready so Monday was the target. Long time fishing buddy Hank and Hemi GTX - Dannan were crew. Hank and I loaded up ice and launched Sun afternoon to be serenaded all night by the...
  19. GregE

    Monday, Monday.... So good to me??

    Anybody else heading out?? Crew and Kodak getting prepped for Sun evening launch after icing. Maybe I can get a slip closer to where the good guys hang out- unless that's where the sea lions set up choir practice. Hoping the weekend TUNA experts will herd some up this way a bit!! :)
  20. GregE


    Good news here in the Shelton/ Olympia area- it's knocking the smoke particles down and hopefully will help douse the fires. Bad news- if your boat is outside it's covered in gray
  21. GregE

    Columbia R Salmon update

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 September 10, 2020 Lower Columbia River salmon fishery update Action: Opens Chinook salmon retention. Species affected: Salmon. Locations, dates, and rules...
  22. GregE

    Saltwater Not a Quick Saturday Tuna Report

    This started out to be short but Kodak tales seldom are...... Spent a lot of time looking at SST and finally Chlorophyll satellite shots to see if and where we should go. Plan was to take Judy and daughter Kim ( first Tuna trip ) on a fairly smooth, short run to tuna water and get back early...
  23. GregE

    Shark ID ??

    We hooked a blue dog shark and had a visit earlier from a 7-8' brown shark with a sharply tapered snout. It made 5 passes and each time it went along the side of the boat slapped us with its tail. It's not dark enough or with a super long tail like a Thresher ( and no it wasn't trailing a...
  24. GregE

    Yellow spots under Albie skin ??

    Found something new today while carking tuna. Yellow spots about the diameter of a pencil eraser under the skin mainly near the tail 1/2. Scraping them off there is a little ball surrounded by yellow fluid and some make an indentation into the fillet section but appear to come off cleanly...
  25. GregE

    WP 7 day Salmon

    Finally WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 September 2, 2020 Westport to open for salmon fishing 7 days per week, Chinook limit increasing Action: Opens salmon fishery seven days per week...
  26. GregE

    Saltwater Tuna Trip Kodak 8 27

    Optimism is good and we were definatley optimistic while planning on our first TUNA effort this year. Got every thing loaded, drove to Westport and iced up filling 3 kill bags and 1 165 qt cooler on the boat and 2 coolers in the truck. Launched and set up gear and talked with several...
  27. GregE

    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    2nd hand reports - guide boat running thru other boats ran over one and the guide boat ended up sinking stern first. Several things wrong with this picture...
  28. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak Hali 8 16

    Took Judy and daughter Kim fishing Sunday hoping for some Halibut and salmon. We launched the boat Sat eve and due to Kim's hiking, mountain climbing and camping experience were able to sleep 3 on the SL 22 - no camper back either. 4:30 alarm and the launch ramp at Westport was busy as we...
  29. GregE

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Judy is looking at vacuum sealers- actually one arrived recently but it's not working so getting ready to ship 80# back to VacMaster......... She saw the ones in Costco - and I told her there were some problems discussed last year on that model. Not having any luck searching. Anybody have a...
  30. GregE

    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    This year I have been struggling with my Garmin Fantom 18 and on the advice of their support section after going thru a bunch of checks ordered a new data cord. It came yesterday and I plugged it in just running thru the window to the radome- Nada. Called Garmin this AM and after reviewing...
  31. GregE

    Saltwater Salmon Trip WP Thursday 23

    They say confession is good for the soul......... I talked to buddy Mooch, who had fished Weds, while driving to WP with buddy Mike- he reported the bar was rough and most of the way out to the 200' area- said he got a nice one We launched Weds night and after setting up gear slept in the...
  32. GregE

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Hmmmmm I did an edit and deleted the rumor but .... doing it again. I'm trying to schedule some trips for friends and family next month and wondering how long the season may last. Any insight? G
  33. GregE

    Saltwater Westport July 10, 11 and 12

    After months of fiddling, designing and redoing we had Kodak 'close enough' to take family fishing out of Westport. This was the first trip with the truck camper and Arima SL 22 so we anticipated some backing down the ramp challenges. Judy's daughter married a Wyoming cowboy and this would be...
  34. GregE

    Sand Dabs Area 2 ??

    I have a son in law coming from Wyoming for his first Ocean trip on Kodak from Westport Friday. He's a Tough cowboy, but prairies don't have waves..... so I'm trying to make it a shorter trip. Hoping to get him on some lings and salmon on the first trip in our boat this year ( loooong story )...
  35. GregE

    Need Tanecom 750 Power Cord

    Found the cord....... Will delete this when I find out how Judy's shoulder surgeries didn't help her strength so I got a Tanecom 750 for her which works great. ( she lets me borrow it :) ) We had some work done on the boat and unloaded stuff- and I can't find the power cord. I have a spare...
  36. GregE

    Fishing on Integrity Sat. Camper stay?

    We are going for deep water lings Saturday on the newly refurbished 42. This is our third day scheduled, weather last week and completion timing postponed the other two. My back and Judy's shoulders and hip are looking forward to the suspension seats and larger ride. Fishing on the 4th- not...
  37. GregE

    Area 4 open June 20, but ......

    June 12, 2020 Contact: Region 6, 360-249-4628 Public Affairs contact: Ben Anderson Saltwater recreational fishing to reopen in Marine Area 4; ocean salmon fishing dates and proposed halibut seasons announced OLYMPIA – The waters where the Pacific Ocean meets the Strait of Juan de Fuca will...
  38. GregE

    Back up Camera ??

    Too old and getting tired of hopping out multiple time trying to hook up the boat- especially with the camper on the truck. Looking for an after market set up and figured someone on here has some good recommendations or warnings. Got any info to share? :) G
  39. GregE

    Columbia R to open

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 May 1, 2020 Contact: Fish Program, 360-902-2700 Media inquiries: Ben Anderson, 360-902-0045 Columbia River scheduled to open for spring Chinook on select days beginning...
  40. GregE

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    Working on the Arima 22 soon to be name Kodak (II) in hopes we'll get to use it.... Old helicopter back is not my friend. My lumbar spine has been fused ribs to hips, makes it tough picking a chovie off the deck and really gets tough slapping off a steep wave. So I'm trying to come up with a...
  41. GregE

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    OLYMPIA – Razor clam diggers can round up their shovels, clam guns and tubes for a four-day dig beginning March 20. Razor clamming at MocrocksCameron Lefler State shellfish managers with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) approved a dig on evening low tides after recent...
  42. GregE

    Approved March Clam Days

    MARCH March 6, Friday, 4:11 pm, -0.2 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks March 7, Saturday, 4:59 pm, -0.7 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis March 8, Sunday, 6:43 pm, -1.0 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks March 9, Monday, 7:25 pm, -1.0 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis...
  43. GregE

    One Day SMELT Feb 14

    Want to impress your sweetie for Valentines?? One-day smelt opening announced for Cowlitz River OLYMPIA – Fishery managers with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) approved a limited-opening recreational smelt fishery for Friday, Feb. 14. A portion of the Cowlitz River will...
  44. GregE

    ELK Quest

    Hunting with Heroes Wyoming is sponsoring my ELK tag again this year. Heard a rumor one might want a ride in my truck....... Got some good practice in yesterday shooting from a variety of positions after tweaking my 200 yard zero Hit 4 of 4 at 285 yards on a 8" steel plate gong. 3 in a 4 "...
  45. GregE

    Share Ice Friday 4 PM ??

    Looks like our schedule has Tuna chasing Sat now. Again looking for someone who can share a tote of ice from WP Seafood about 4 PM Friday. 1/2 tote was almost too much last trip. Kodak Arima 22 skip top PM or text 360 791 4517 Greg
  46. GregE

    Saltwater Tuna Run Friday

    What a week, Had to replace the brake assembly on the boat trailer, My 1 T Dodge has a camper on it that is at the RV shop for repairs, Buddies Dodge has issues, and Tides didn't want to cooperate earlier in the week. So with great forecasts for Friday buddy Mike brought his Tahoe over to...
  47. GregE

    Thursday PM Ice Share WP ??

    I can't get out until Friday ( who set three appts this week ?!?!? ) We usually go over the afternoon before to pick up ice at WP Seafood but the smaller Arima will barely handle a 1/2 tote. Anybody with similar schedule want to share a tote about 4:30? G
  48. GregE

    X Rap Hook Change

    Trebles can be a hazard and tough to remove when things are hopping. I modified a couple X Raps to see if less is better. Whatcha think? G
  49. GregE

    I Need Ice Tuesday- Share??

    I don't have room on the Arima 22 for a a half tote- let alone the 800# I took on Kodak. Hoping to find someone to share a tote that morning at Westport Seafood or ?? . I need a large cooler and two kill bags partially filled and hate to not have a plan in place PM works or call 360 506 9312...
  50. GregE

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    I met Hank in 1985 when I was stationed at Ft Lewis. He invited me to join him in his Grandpa's home built wooden 12' boat for sea run cuts along the Kitsap Peninsula. We flogged a lot of water since then and he and Patty have been dear friends with my late wife and now with Judy. Hank hasn't...
  51. GregE

    Saltwater Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    watch this space - trip report to follow- can't find a delete Posted to WA Fishing before I got called a rookie G
  52. GregE

    2 Chinook at Westport Aug 10

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 August 7, 2019 Westport anglers may retain two Chinook as part of salmon daily limit beginning Saturday, Aug. 10 Action: Anglers may retain up to two...
  53. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Talk about bad timing- just got back from a 5 day trip for a wedding in Wyoming Sold Kodak last week Haven't figured out the plumbing to connect the bait tank in the Arima 22 (soon to be Kodak II ) The honey do list and WA Tuna Classic are going to keep me off the water for a while. Tuna are...
  54. GregE

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    July 30, 2019 Chinook salmon retention to reopen in Marine Area 9 Action: Reopens Marine Area 9 (Admiralty Inlet) will to hatchery Chinook retention. Effective dates: Wednesday, July 31 through Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019. Species affected: Hatchery Chinook salmon. Location: Marine Area 9...
  55. GregE

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    I've been dragging feet but it's time to find a a buyer that will use this set up more than I have. 2004 Osprey 26 Long Cabin with factory off shore bracket Suzuki (2011? ) 300 with 484 hours Suzuki 14 kicker on hydraulic lift Shorelander aluminum rail trailer tandem with power winch Furuno...
  56. GregE

    Deck Repair Help

    Part of the deck over the fuel tank in front of the door is spongy- the fiber glass isn't bonded to the teak plywood from water around the access ports. I'm getting an estimate from Puget Marina in Oly, and was wondering if there is another shop or person in S Sound area I should check with...
  57. GregE

    Saltwater Neah Bay 27-30 June

    Had some last minute delays getting up to Neah Bay and lost a side curtain on the way. Always something. Got the boat launched at last light and we were boat # 5 in a 70 ' slip on A dock. A helpful boater caught the bow so we could make a 90 turn in a tight space with boats on either side...
  58. GregE

    Lost Side Curtain Hwy 3

    Yep noticed flapping just S of Poulsbo on Hwy 3 and the side curtain From our skip top Arima departed earlier. Maybe I 5 from Olympia Hwy 16 across Narrows.... Blue canvas trim Greg ever hopeful Will be on A 8 dock in Neah Bay thru Sunday with the blue tarp on starboard side ;)
  59. GregE

    Marine areas 1-10 to open for halibut fishing Friday, June 28

    Hard to keep up with all the changes..... g WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 June 24, 2019 Marine areas 1-10 to open for halibut fishing Friday, June 28 Action: In addition to days...
  60. GregE

    Ocean Salmon opens June 22

    Looking forward to finding some salmon- we didn't do much last year. Recreational salmon fishing opens June 22 in Washington’s ocean waters OLYMPIA – Sport anglers will have the opportunity to reel in salmon off the Washington coast starting Saturday, June 22. That’s when all four marine...
  61. GregE

    WA License $$ Donation for Vets

    Getting old isn't great but every now and then........ I went to Verle's to get my 2019/ 20 License and was greatly surprised when it showed $0.0 for my fishing and hunting licenses and tags. Endorsements were charged but Wow!! They had not seen this before either but I am disabled and...
  62. GregE

    Early June salmon Seward or ??

    Judy has been after me to cruise to AK and we are finalizing plans for a one way cruise with a day or two for fishing before flying back. Standard Vancouver BC inland passage route stops Ketchican, Juneau Skagway etc My last cruise about 15 years ago I had a 1/2 salmon trip in Ketchican- good...
  63. GregE

    Heading to Wyoming

    Still sorting and packing this AM but will be on the road about noon arriving at Big Piney WY tomorrow for some ELK. May not have access to the web thru the end of the month- so you folks play nice - and save some TUNA for us. 11 years ago I asked if she could skin ELK and she said, "I can...
  64. GregE

    Bowhunting in WY this year

    WA ELK season usually starts Sep 8 but I've been approved to hunt with Hunting with Heroes in Wyoming this year. Vets and active duty with VA approved disabilities of 50% or more. That's great for me as I do well getting one down- but need Lots of help getting one out...
  65. GregE

    Saltwater CQ Thursday, Good, Bad and Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger/ smarter .... I had to take 49 yo son Jeff in for dental surgery Weds at 750 so made arrangements for buddy Mike to meet me at 1 to load his stuff then head to CQ to launch then meet buddy Rocky. That was the...
  66. GregE

    CQ Thursday ??

    Planning to take the Arima 22 to Seiku Wednesday afternoon to chase some 'buts and bottom fish Thursday- assuming they haven't closed that day already. Anybody else heading that way? Wondering about the highway situation along Crescent Lk, launch at Van Rippers and Olsons, Helpful hints or...
  67. GregE

    Mail Box Theft

    I was expecting three packages Monday and I checked at 12:15 and envelopes and catalogs were there but no boxes. About 2 I checked Amazon USPS tracking showed they were left in the mailbox at 11:36. About 4 a neighbor that lives a couple miles away drove up with one box that he found in the...
  68. GregE

    Razor Clams Jan 28 - Feb 3

    Next dig dates January 24, 2018 Contact: Dan Ayres, (360) 249-4628 WDFW approves 7 days of razor clam digging OLYMPIA – Seven days of razor clam digging will get underway beginning Sunday, Jan. 28, on various coastal beaches. State shellfish managers with the Washington Department of Fish...
  69. GregE

    Wireless MOB at Fisheries

    Looks like another option to help with overboard boaters.
  70. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak's Last Trip

    Hunting and fishing buddy MikeC came Tuesday AM and we worked hard to fix a few things, new Wema fuel level probe and pick up probe. Adjustments to the DFF box ... to be ready for a Wednesday TUNA trip. Buddy Danan brought a Dodge pick up to tow us over as my truck is in Wyoming getting ready...
  71. GregE

    TUNA Trip Weds??

    My crew wants to catch some albies and I'm coordinating with Sea Sport Chuck for Excaliber to buddy with Kodak. Looking at Weds After the SCAs expire how long until the bait and tuna settle down? We don't need another looooooong boat ride ( he says optimistically ;) ) Ice and bait still...
  72. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    OK, it's in Wyoming but wife and daughter are from W WA.... ;) I think the Fishing w Vets/ Warriors supporters will appreciate this. Judy and daughter Kim left Friday eve for Wyoming near Bridger Wilderness and the continental Divide for a Moose hunt. The ride share she was going to use has...
  73. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak's First Trip of 2017

    After many hours of repairing/ expanding the deck for the boss things finally came together to make a trip for TUNA on Saturday Sep 17. I contacted some of my usual crew and one new guy that had impressed me with his fishing ability. We made the trip SW aiming at 30 20 to start and spotted some...
  74. GregE

    Saturday TUNA Run ??

    Prepping boat and gear to take Kodak our for TUNA Saturday. Looking for a few boat names to listen for out on the big blue.... Who else is heading out? G
  75. GregE

    W WA Deer

    I concentrate on getting an ELK for the freezer- really like ELK. ELK season opened Saturday ( deer Sep 1 ) and I'm not going after ELK...... Yet Several factors, It's Hot and I sweat a Lot, Deck remodel continues and the builder is coming back tomorrow to finish up, Judy has some hip and wrist...
  76. GregE

    TUNA Gear Upgrade Needed ??

    Wow! Looking at the size of TUNA caught lately I'm concerned my terminal gear may not be sturdy enough. Poles, reels and 65# braid will be fine but I have 30# leader and # 4 ringed live bait hooks ( with a few 40# leaders tied up) Beef it up or ....??
  77. GregE

    Saltwater Buoy 10 Report

    I had not fished buoy 10 in nearly 30 years and wanted to learn about this unique fishery where salt flooding tides collided with the mighty Columbia. We got a message from Hydroman Jim about fishing with him at buoy 10 this week and quickly arranged to meet him Thurs AM at the Chinook marina...
  78. GregE

    Buoy 10 Info ??

    A buddy has invited us to fish out of Chinook with him Thursday. He's been out once this year and I haven't fished the Columbia in 30 years..... Low tide is around 9, high about 4 PM I've been reading reports but not a lot of CR info. Any tips on gear, bait etc. ? G
  79. GregE

    PSA Ocean Meeting ??

    I have it on my calendar for today, Aug 19 but haven't seen any posts about it. Did I get it wrong?
  80. GregE

    New Electronics ???

    Short version- I may be setting up a different boat for off shore. It has older/ '05 FF/ plotter x 2 and no radar. I see several folks setting up with Raymarine. Looking for digital radar and 10 or 12 " MFD with chirp and suggestions to help find something within 2- 4K budget. Suggestions...
  81. GregE

    Electric Reel for Salmon??

    Bandaid had shoulder surgery ( both) and wrist problems. She has been reluctant to fish off shore- reeling larger fish. Lots of folks use the Daiwa electrics for Hali and bottom fish so I am considering using on for salmon so she can participate. Any thoughts, legal issues...
  82. GregE

    Saltwater Neah Bay- I like Big Butts

    We launched the Arima Wednesday and prepped gear for the Halibut opener Thursday. We spent the next morning on the 'Garbage Dump" but had no luck so we headed further out. Mike caught a Pacific Cod and nice Ling Cod - no pics, sorry. I hooked a fish and after cranking him up about 1/4 of the...
  83. GregE

    Shrimp "Date" announced for Area 10, 11

    Buddy just emailed me. I'm looking for the announcement to confirm and post a link Hey a whole 5 days to adjust plans.......... :shrug9: He phoned one of the WDFW managers - web site still not updated.
  84. GregE

    Neah Bay Power ??

    I'm in B- 26 and Big Salmon said there was 50 amp power on the dock. I have 30 amp shore power cables but no 50 amp adapter and I just need 15 amp- regular extension cord stuff. Anybody know if there are regular exterior wall outlets on B dock? Just need to power a light and tickle charger.....
  85. GregE

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    I've been watching for a storage shed for Kodak nearer Westport. I'm looking at a completed 34 x 20 boat shed that has a 13' door and is 33' 10 door to back wall-- but the boat is 36' 5" prop to hitch. Angling the boat in the 19' interior width will help but I'd still need 2' shorter...
  86. GregE

    John Deere on Portland CL

    Yep, We've been looking for a tractor and I'm overjoyed at my good fortune- and I get to help an Army Sergeant too. :) G Hello, The 2007 JD 3203 tractor has many extras is in perfect working condition, garage kept, with nothing mechanically wrong - like new! This tractor has only 635 hours...
  87. GregE

    Saltwater Monday TUNA Quest

    Buddy Mike and grandson Nicolas helped take the boat to Westport Monday. We had to wait until 5 AM to get our 800# of shaved ice so slept in the boat on the trailer. Nice to be further away from the sea lions and no squeaking dock lines to contend with. The table made into a kid size bunk...
  88. GregE

    Monday TUNA Run in Kodak

    After watching from land for several weeks due o 'other priorities' we are going to make a Tuna run Monday. As always we try to stay in contact with others for safety and sharing info. Who else is heading out Monday? We'll be watching for reports from those running Sat/ Sun :)
  89. GregE

    ELK or TUNA Friday?

    Love them both but need to prioritize.... Not confident the Tuna will be around thru Oct like previous years, Early archery Elk season ends Sep 22 and I don't have a hot spot IDd so am still map hunting Looks like Friday may be an opportunity to run Kodak SW. There sure is a lack of...
  90. GregE

    Saltwater KODAK TUNA Aug 31

    and long overdue......... I've been watching for weeks for the tides, crew and schedule to align to make a TUNA trip on Kodak. Thought I had it set for last Friday but postponed until Weds, the last day in August. Buddy Mike and I towed her to Westport Tue PM, loaded the ice and launched...
  91. GregE

    Kodak is getting wet Friday

    Finally going to launch the Osprey and chase some TUNA. Probably launch Thurs and ice the boat and stay on board. Going to join the 'seekers of Albies' group heading SW. But a blob seems to be growing near Grays canyon hopefully connected to the main warm water area. Wouldn't that be nice...
  92. GregE

    Kodak jr launching at Westport Sat

    Taking the Arima out tomorrow to find a couple Kings to play catch with. Here's the yet un named Kodak jr. next to her uncle. :) Say Howdy if you spot us. We'll have a late start- it's a long story......
  93. GregE

    EZ Loader 17-20' Trailer $1750

    Sale Pending :) Posted on Craig's List @ $1750 but I'd rather deal with fellow BD members. Let's talk. 2005 EZ Loader for 17-20' boat, single axle, bunks, galvanized, 3100# load rating, 102" wide Torsion bar suspension, newer drum...
  94. GregE

    Saltwater Halibut Areas 5 and 4

    WA state announced another day was available to catch Halibut in area 4, the northwest corner of the contiguous states Friend Danan messaged me and we met at his place early Friday then launched and Sekiu to fish area 5. We caught and released several small halibut before I kept along with...
  95. GregE

    Saltwater Found Vashon Shrimp, Lost Pot...

    My Arima is being worked on so buddy Mike and wife invited us to fish Vashon from their burgundy Maxxum runabout. We had gone to this same area on NE Vashon in front of the radio towers three years ago and soon found 100 of our closest friends including many Arimas. I talked to a couple but...
  96. GregE

    Saltwater CQ First Trip

    This keeps pasting bottom to top- how to fix? I've not had this problem before... Read from bottom to top to follow the sequence........... Greg We stopped at the breakwater and found Rocky, his daughter and son-in-law in the next booth. Great ending of a good day swapping more stories...
  97. GregE

    Trailer Swap Completed

    The bathroom remodel is interfering with the 'fun stuff' but I managed to swap boat trailers after refitting the bunk boards on a used tandem trailer. The previous owner used 8' boards when 9' was needed. Had to Sawz All several of the corroded bolts and Tacoma Screw knows me by name...
  98. GregE

    Adjusting Trailer Bunks??

    Switching from a single axle double bunk trailer to a used tandem four bunk. The PO had used 8' bunk boards with the slick wrap and they didn't reach the back. It has epoxy bottom paint and the slick wrap warned not to use for glass boats. So 9 ' boards, carpet covered and new hardware to...
  99. GregE

    Saltwater Smelt Cowlitz Feb 6

    One day only this year. We went a little south of Castle Rock again this year. We were busy so didn't get any pictures dipping....... Spent the first hour trying to find a good spot. With the high water and heavy silting on the banks we spent the first hour getting unstuck from the mud...
  100. GregE

    SMELT Sat Feb 6 only

    Wow, one (1/2) day for smelt on the Cowlitz this year. We will be S of Castle Rock on the west side. If you spot the Red Dodge 3500 give a wave G
  101. GregE

    Veteran's Day Offerings

    Thanks to all the Veterans out there!! Weds Nov 11 many restaurants ( and other businesses ) are offering discounts for Veterans Here's a partial list and a link: 2015 Veterans Day Restaurant Offerings...
  102. GregE

    Seeking 1/2 Tote, Info

    I've been thinking about getting an insulated 1/2 tote to hold ice in my truck bed for multi day trips etc. I don't think it would leave enough deck space in Kodak I know an individual who is going to sell a couple half totes but thought it wise to check for other sources and determine market...
  103. GregE

    TUNA Run Monday ??

    Hope to take Kodak out for another Tuna run- Monday is the target right now. Working on lining up crew and all the other prep things necessary. As always I'd like to know who else will be going for coordination and safety. Who's planning to go? :)
  104. GregE

    Slide Window Latch ??

    Reading the window rattle thread reminded me ... I am missing a latch on the L side slide window and the sticky tape quit on the other. Anybody got a source? I tooth brush cleaned the tracks and applied some Sil Glide which helped move them but the fuzzy channels gum up easily. Ran the...
  105. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak's TUNA Run 10 5

    We got several things fixed on Kodak and did a complete flush on the hydraulic steering system hoping to find another TUNA opportunity in early October. I initially planned on Tuesday but Monday started looking better so our crew of two experienced and two newbies had to flex. Buddy Mike and...
  106. GregE

    Kodak Monday Tuna run

    Looks like crew and circumstance say Monday is it... Who's heading out?
  107. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak's TUNA Run 9 19

    We took Kodak out to chase Tuna for only the 2nd trip this season. On board were three seasoned fishers, one second timer Danan and newbie Gary. South winds and confused waves made for a long trip out, the rain cleared about 20 out but the chop stayed around all day. After one 'fire drill'...
  108. GregE

    TUNA Buddy Boat Sat?

    Schedule, crew and other factors look favorable to run Kodak to the blue water Saturday. Time to get some boat names listed for contact/ safety coordination. Anybody else planning to run and gun?
  109. GregE

    Caution- Wiper Fire Danger

    On our last Tuna trip fishing buddy Mark may have saved a more serious problem. He noticed the port wiper was quite hot. I turned it off but it remained hot, we tried to remove the wire from the switch but my buddy got the wrong one. We finally cut the wires to the motor as the fuse/ circuit...
  110. GregE

    Bowhunting Season ??

    I've been bowhunting since 1962 and look forward to getting some woods time each year. Bowhunting season opens just after we get from DC and the VN Helicopter Pilots reunion. It comes during the fire danger season and the hills just keep getting steeper... I may just hunt near home this year...
  111. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak's First '15 TUNA Trip

    We finally took KODAK out in pursuit of Albacore Tuna after being delayed for surgery recovery, projects and rough weather. Looking at the satellite coverage the transition from 'green water to blue' was along the 125 longitude line while warm water was widespread and closer to shore. Buddy...
  112. GregE

    KODAKs Chasin Tuna Thurs

    At long last- gonna get Kodak after Albies Thursday. Looking to communicate/ buddy with a couple boats for safety as I always do. Who's up for the 6th? :)
  113. GregE

    Saltwater Got Fish? first TUNA Trip

    Todd posted that he had a seat available and I've been slow getting Kodak setup for Big Water ready this year so it worked out for us to be heading W across the fairly smooth bar We ran across a Huge boil full of feeding dolphins but didn't see tuna so continued toward Guide Canyon and...
  114. GregE

    Saltwater WP 7 19, Whoa Nellie!!

    Waited for the bar to open at 10 for < 30' rec boats to take two WP newbies out for salmon....... Slow, sloppy and silly me we went out S of the casino and hooked three and lost them all. One nice King at least made an appearance so my granddaughter could see it. "A three hour tour" took...
  115. GregE

    WP Salmon Forecast ??

    I'm trying to get some family and friends out for salmon while they are still available. Getting waves and schedules to align is a challenge. Any sense on how long the quotas and fish will last at WP?
  116. GregE

    Saltwater Bandaid's Salmon Trip

    We had planned to take the Arima Sea Ranger 19 out of Westport Saturday but the wind and waves forecasts caused me to postpone until Monday. Being retired and flexible is a good thing. Rather than start at first light we got to the dock at 8 and were motoring across the Gray's Harbor bar at...
  117. GregE

    Saltwater Westport 7 8

    Went out of Westport Wednesday on buddy's Grady White 27 Sailfish- Nice boat with twin engines that cruises at 28 knots, 4k RPM. :) Launched the boat at midnight and 'slept' aboard until 4, heading out about 530. Had ice and bait aboard but started W of Grays Harbor about 30 miles where the...
  118. GregE

    14x 14 x 30' Heavy Enclosure

    We have been looking for a frame tent enclosure tall enough to fit the radar and found one near Shelton. We drove out to look at it yesterday - the 3" supports are stout, and the canvas is also. Timing isn't good for us I told the seller I would let others know - this would be great for...
  119. GregE

    Cabezon ??

    I kept a nice size cabe but admit blue meat looks strange. Some commented that they are bony and tough to fix........ Any hints on how to fix one?
  120. GregE

    Saltwater Old Dogs at Neah Bay

    Sometimes we can learn new tricks- with a lot of help from out friends... ;) We took the Osprey out last week and Mike landed a 60# halibut and I got a small one two days later, some bottom fish added to he freezer but it was frustrating not doing as well as we hoped Took the Arima SR 19...
  121. GregE

    Heading to Neah Bay Fri

    Along with 800 of my closest fishing buddies...... ;) Taking the yet unnamed Arima SR 19 hardtop for her first NW big water trip. Radio call - I'll use Kodak and GregE as many are familiar with those. Give us a wave..
  122. GregE

    Saltwater Hood Canal Shrimp

    Took the Arima Sea Ranger out to Hood Canal again last Saturday and managed to bring home 300+ tasty spot shrimp. Mostly due the experience and sharing of Eric shown in his Arima His pots did well and often had 100 + shrimp. Good bait, great location was the key. Our best was 51 but had...
  123. GregE

    Neah Bay Dock and Camper Space Available next Week

    I have Big Salmon dock and Cape camper space reserved thru the second week of Hali but am thinking we may come back Monday the 18th as I don't have anybody scheduled and am not sure we will last ten days. Posting it here so BD folks looking to come to NB but missed the early space rush can...
  124. GregE

    1/2 Tote Source

    Thinking again- and that usually costs me $$ ;) Looking for a source for used insulated totes- probably 1/2 tote size to handle the ice storage /transport duties in the truck. New ones are pricey and shipping is stupid $. I'm hoping there may be some used ones in WP ... Thanks...
  125. GregE

    TUNA Arrival ??

    Buddy is trying to schedule a Tuna trip for early July to match a relative's visit. I'm trying to find when the first Tuna reports showed them off Westport last year. Anybody thinking Tuna yet?!?!?! Looks like Charlie found some July 5...
  126. GregE

    Neah Bay Schedule ??

    Trying to plan for Hali/ Ling this year. What's the best bet for scheduling berth space and / or the Cape? I haven't seen a 'firm' opening date post yet....
  127. GregE

    TUNA Trip ??

    SST shows warm water where it was last week, weather is rainy for the season, checking waves for Tuesday, Thursday. Anybody else thinking there is another opportunity possible? Optimism needed but not overriding common sense....
  128. GregE

    Saltwater EPIC TUNA Trip Oct 9

    It seems, bowhunting season overlaps with some of the best fishing times. Last month TUNA fishing of the Oregon and Washington coastline was hot so I was looking forward to getting out after my trip to Colorado. As often happens, the waves and weather don't care much for my wishes.... but...
  129. GregE

    Westport TUNA Run Thursday

    Herding cats comes to mind trying to get a crew scheduled to match waves and Tuna availablity. Finally got the first two and am buddy boating a GW 27 on his first TUNA excursion Thurs AM. Hope to get him on a couple bait stops. Full moon= ripping ebb tides but we will launch after max ebb...
  130. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak Family Tuna Trip Fri 8- 28

    My buddy Mike wanted to take his sons in law on a TUNA trip and the weather, waves and schedules pointed to Friday Aug 29 ( can't edit the title?). Mike helped me launch Kodak Friday, load 25 scoops of flake ice and check the systems for a 6 AM departure. As often in life schedules change so...
  131. GregE

    Kodak TUNA EXcursion Friday

    Finally off jury duty and heading over Thurs to take my buddy Mike's family out on Friday. Looks like reasonable waves and winds for 3 TUNA newbies. Hoping to hear from some BD folks with too many tuna... ;) SST on Tempbreak looks Hot...
  132. GregE

    Motels in Westport ???

    Have some friends driving up Fri eve rather than a long trip for Sat launch. Lots of little places along the road but I haven't stayed there in many years. Any recommendations?? Or places to avoid?
  133. GregE

    Saltwater Late Report- First TUNA Trip 7-25

    We had been trying to get out after Westport salmon and the wind and waves finally looked good for a trip last week. Friends Hank and Mike along with Mike's grandson made up our crew. The report of TUNA 32 miles west of the bar prompted installing the bait tank and loading up the TUNA gear...
  134. GregE

    KiwiGrip Deck Paint Project

    Our white boat deck is really bright when wet and we decided to paint it with gray non-skid paint made by KiwiGrip. It's water based so must be protected from rain and drizzle which often occur in W WA so extending the tarp shed was first. I prepped the textured fiberglass with a wire...
  135. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak Finally Gets Wet

    What a weekend!! We had planned on fishing Friday and Sat but between the wind/ wave forecast and delays getting every thing ready just launched Kodak at Westport Fri afternoon and moved things back a day. Our neighbors were scheduled to go out with us Sat but called about 510 that she had...
  136. GregE

    2005 Arima Sea Ranger 21

    We decided it's time to bring the 2005 Arima Sea Ranger 21 home and price it to move. Here's an opportunity to get a great fishing boat with a 8' dance floor that is is near new condition. CL Price $28,000 Honda BF 130 four stroke with new prop. This was fully tested and...
  137. GregE

    Fishing Seminars at Defiance/ Arima Apr 26

    I've gone to these several times and always learn something new. Spring Kickoff Event on April 26th featuring seminars from top professionals Tommy Donlin, Ken Lanier and Ron Garner. We will have seminars on Ling Cod, Halibut, Ocean Salmon and Puget...
  138. GregE

    Lings This Week ??

    A fisher neighbor offered to take us out of Westport to get some lings, Bandaid has been after me for a couple years to find some. My problem is I'll be laid up for 4-6 weeks after getting my other knee replaced in 8 days- so the window is limited. I'm getting bunk boards on Kodak so she's...
  139. GregE

    Lings This Week ??

    A fisher neighbor offered to take us out of Westport to get some lings, Bandaid has been after me for a couple years to find some. My problem is I'll be laid up for 4-6 weeks after getting my other knee replaced in 8 days- so the window is limited. I'm getting bunk boards on Kodak so she's...
  140. GregE

    WA Winter Crab Report Due Feb 1

    That's today folks- on line report is easy.
  141. GregE

    Huge Bait Ball off CA Herded by Whales

    Looks like a fishing report to me...... ;) How do you train a whale to push them to you?
  142. GregE

    Laundering Tuna Smell out of Jeans

    I didn't get my rain pants on before we got into them last trip and got tuna blood on them. Soaked and laundered twice, last time with Lysol, and they still stink. Any suggestions?? ( I already got the rain gear on first part ;) )
  143. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak's 10-19 TUNA Trip

    We took Tuna rookies Mark and Lisa from Shoreline out Saturday with high hopes of repeating last weekends success. Mark had been out with me on the earlier skunk trip and was out of state last Sunday so jumped at this chance as they would be in Westport digging clams. Long time hunting buddy...
  144. GregE

    Saltwater Finally, Kodak Does a Bait Stop!!

    On my fourth Tuna trip the goal of getting a bait stop going was finally realized. We had three tuna rookies in the 6 on board Kodak as we crept thru the fog to get a scoop of bait and headed across the nearly flat bar. The sunrise peered thru as we cleared the fog. We didn't have...
  145. GregE

    TUNA SST ?? Friday

    With all the rain I'm guessing the water temps have dropped. Tempbreaks shows warm water west of 125 in the 8 day composite but the 3 and 1 day are concerning. If the weather cooperates Friday...
  146. GregE

    Westport TUNA Hopes

    Where did the fish go? I took a couple TUNA newbies out last Thursday and brought home the skunk. Hoping for another shot and watching the waves and wind direction. Trips with S and SE winds aren't on my smart list as the last two TUNA trips were rougher than these old bones care for. :(...
  147. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak Chasin Tuna Thursday

    Copied from another post posted Wednesday- I've been scrambling on the bait tank redo and missed a wonderful weather day on the Pacific today- weather goes in the dumper Fri- thru Tues with high S winds of 32-40 forecast for Thurs. But a last minute plan to chase TUNA tomorrow popped up and...
  148. GregE

    BAit Tank Pump ReLocated

    I put a Rule 500 bait tank pump in the open "engine well" on our Osprey to supply the Kodiak PF 22 load to anchovies. It filled the tank quickly while motoring over to the dock in Westport but did not do well while on plane the next day resulting in crew having to add buckets of water while...
  149. GregE

    Renew Terrafin??

    I don't make many TUNA trips- but hope to do more next year. My Terrafin subscription is running out soon, but the coverage this time of year is spotty at best. Do I spend the $90 or use other sources like NVS?
  150. GregE

    Bait Tank Thru Hull ??

    I installed a Kodiak PF 22 bait tank and found it had trouble picking up water while on plane. The Rule 500 is rated for this size tank and filled it in a a couple minutes. It has a 'Y' to supply the wash down pump in the intake pipe. The barnacle scars sure are hard to remove. I'm...
  151. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak after TUNA Wednesday

    We took Kodak out of Westport Wednesday on a calm day with 3 'crew' all tuna newbies. After some delays we made our way out of Grays Harbor SW 28 miles to where the water color turned blue, the temp warm and a canyon provides upwelling nutrients. ( and others had reported success recently) the...
  152. GregE

    Grays Harbor Weather Buoy

    Looking on IFishEarth the water temp at the GH water buoy is 62.4.... That sounds like good tuna water... how far out is the buoy? Hopping a ride Monday and looking for some albies. :)
  153. GregE

    Saltwater Area 11 Shrimp- Beginners Luck

    Beginners Luck. I went shrimping with a friend near Brinnon on the last day of Hood Canal season and knew I wanted to do it again. When the Area 11 additional day announcment was made I asked long time hunting buddy Mike it he was interested in going and got an enthusiastic yes! We had found...
  154. GregE

    Wire seal for thru hull ??

    I am replacing the transducer cable and need info on the Blue Sea clam thru deck wire seal. It has a compression plug around the wire that I think will need to be replaced and I need to find out if they are available seperately. Help appreciated as always.
  155. GregE

    Seattle Boat Show Jan 25 - Feb 3

    I see the dates and seminar schedules for 2013 are posted. Todd Schwartz is talking about Albacore Fishing- does he know anything about Tuna? ;)
  156. GregE

    LIve Bait Tank ??

    I cobbled together a small tank using the techniques and design from some here and other sites for the Tuna trip a couple weeks ago. I probably didn't get the holes large enough...
  157. GregE

    Kodak Pulled from Westport

    We took our Osprey from float 7 after having her back in the marina about 5 weeks after the electronics install. 1.5" of grass and a lot of sludge accumulated in that short time. :( I got much of it off with a pressure washer and Hull Cleaner but the spots near the trailer rollers and between...
  158. GregE

    Saltwater First TUNA Trip for Kodak Oct 5

    I reposted the pictures at the end of the thread- Not sure why they don't show here. We've talked about doing a Tuna trip for two years but with our Trip to BC and some other projects it didn't look possible for this year. So I booked a trip with Gold Rush on Sep 27 and caught my first Tuna...
  159. GregE

    Sending ReBait to Alaska

    It is with a feeling of sadness that we dropped ReBait off in Seattle to be barged to Dutch Harbor AK. The new owner works in Fisheries and has an open skiff she uses for fishing. I know the HT AK bulkhead set up will be much more comfortable on the edge of the Bearing Sea and wish them both...
  160. GregE

    Kingston- Edmonds Weds 9-26

    I'm dragging my 15' Arima Sea Hunter ToyBoat to the Kingston ramp in the early AM to meet FinFinn.. Hopefully there are a few Coho that have hung around despite the netting. Watch for us if you're out there. I'll have a handheld VHF so you may have to use smoke signals to get our attention. ;)
  161. GregE

    Saltwater Tuna Trip 9 -21 Gold Rush

    I was hoping to get Kodak out for a TUNA run this year but the BC trip and other fun stuff got in the way of outfitting a bait tank and other prep items. So I made a decision to book with Gold Rush and was able to get a spot on their last run of the year. Owner Cpt Kevin with alt Cpt Scottie...
  162. GregE

    Tuna Trip 9 -21 Gold Rush

  163. GregE

    Saltwater Edmonds 9-18

    Raimo and long time hunting buddy Mike joined us at Wesport earlier this year. We had a good time and both of them had the hot rods- graphite seemed to be the ticket. After trying to get together again we set Tuesday to join him and Mrs FinnFinn on their SR 19 skip tower. We got to Kingston...
  164. GregE

    Salmon Quota Shipwreck ??

    A friend told me the shipwreck Possesion area quota was four- but i don't see that in the regs or on-line updates. Is he confused from a prior year or am I missing it?
  165. GregE

    Saltwater Toy Boat launched at Kingston Friday

    Earlier trip pic of our Arima SH 15 We made it to the launch about an hour before Low tide and I must report the mud incursion is right next to the docks- I missed the green buoy turn and had to use the dock pole. Many boats were returning from Edmonds with limits so we went across to...
  166. GregE

    Fishing in Grays Harbor ??

    Hmmm, put an R on that... We were planning to take the small boat to Puget Sound to try the Coho stampede but after getting the DR wiring and other tasks done, I realized most of my fishing and safety gear is in Kodak in the Westport marina. So if I need to make a run I'm thinking I should...
  167. GregE

    Saltwater Grandson Fishing WP Thursday

    AS Steve told me Wednesday -Thursday at Westport was going to be Sporty- and then some. Grandson Adam and friend Austin rode with us to launch Kodak and head out. Of course we hit the max ebb crossing the bar ( late start) and had to keep it throttled back. shortly after we rounded the N...
  168. GregE

    Dilema, Marine Grandson Deploying 9/11

    My grandson is home on leave before deploying again on Sep 11. I've been trying to get him out for salmon and TUNA since last year and thought we had the schedule figured out. The new Furuno 3D system wasn't working- I found a disconnected 5 pin cable- and had to wait until today to talk with...
  169. GregE

    Saltwater BC Fishing Report

    We Washingtonians took a 6 day trip to Nootka Sound on the NW coast of Vancouver Island, BC Canada. An on-line friend has reservations for two seperate weeks each year and was unable to go this time- and Bandaid said "Lets go" when I told her about this reduced rate opportunity. WE dicided to...
  170. GregE

    Saltwater Westport Monday Jul 2

    Very flat, smooth water so it was quite comfortable. Met a few folks on the water and at the dock. We werent planning on going fishing Monday but after hearing the salmon are in the harbor mouth we got stuff loaded. Got a later start as 'someone' didn't get the boat tags until the Aberdeen...
  171. GregE

    Saltwater Kodak out of Westport

    WE took KODAK to Westport Thursday night left her at the dock and got back home at midnight to drop the trailer for some maintenance. Back the next AM to meet hunting buddy Mike and Raimo aka Finnfinn. We delayed crossing the bar to avoid high flow - 3.5 :bigshock: and got out to the area S of...
  172. GregE

    Electronics Update/ Upgrade ??

    We bought an '04 Osprey 26 LC with 8 or 9 y/o Furono and Lowrance X 104 installed. the Furono radar works well but the plotter display doesn't update and no sonar returns are displayed. The X104 plotter works with a very basic map display w 2001 Puget sound SD card and the fish finder/ sonar...
  173. GregE

    Hali Ling Seats LaPush or NB??

    We've been working on remodel projects and I thought I'd missed the Hali season. But now that we have more days Thurs and Sat so I'm trying to get my brain and gear 'in gear'. I've never fished for Halibut before and never have been to LaPush sooooooo I'm fishing for dock and refueling info...
  174. GregE

    Checking Drag Saltist LD20 ????

    I got a 'slighly used' Daiwa Saltist LD 20 two speed for TUNA live bait and jigs . It seems sound but I usually check the drag by thumbing the spool and turning the handle. With my star drag reels I have a hard time stopping the spool. Not so with this guy, with the lever on strike and even...
  175. GregE

    Saltwater S Puget MA 13 Saturday

    Finally!! We took the Osprey out on the water yesterday after weeks of ''wanting to '. The kicker motor, sump pump switch, downrigger plug wiring and general clean up projects were done. We'd had Les Schwab in Shelton turn the brake discs and adjust the surge settings as well as put on 4 tires (...
  176. GregE

    Suzuki 15 Kicker Problems

    I took the Osprey out with the repowered Zuki 300 and Suzuki 15 kicker with a rebuilt carb, water impeller etc. both motors are four stroke and the big motor is great. I called Doug at Performance Marine from the Pacific when i could not get the kicker to stay running, I would turn the key-...
  177. GregE

    Saltwater Osprey trips out of Westport

    WE took Kodak Moments out of Westport last Thursday and learned some problems the hard way. The downrigger plugs did not have good contact, the kicker was hard to start, different pole holders/ gear set ups will take some getting used to. The Suzuki 300 runs strong but near WOT sucks 25 gph. :o...
  178. GregE

    Arima Sea Legend 22' w/ Alaska Bulkhead

    We have repriced ReBait to $41000 and it is available for inspection now. We are the second owners and have a clear title. Even with 106 gallons of gas she trailers easily and fishes like Arima is famous for. Engine maintenance performed by Tom&#8217;s Outboard in Olympia WA. Call, PM or email...
  179. GregE

    Saltwater Ilwaco Tuna 8-19

    We finally made it out to hunt the Able Albacore. The Pacific Salmon Charters trip was organized by David and he offered some available seats. Thursday AM the trip was in jeopardy due to forecast bad weather and a poor catch Wednesday, but the Wx looked better later in the day and we drove the...
  180. GregE

    Brought the Osprey Home

    We went to Performance Marine in Everett today to pick up the Osprey with the newly installed repower. With 200 hours ( and a few scratches on the cowling) it was considerably less than new. The kicker motor carburator was totally clogged up with ethynol corrupted fuel residue but...
  181. GregE

    Nissan 18 HP 4 Stroke

    Got a call and email from my hunting buddy. He found a Nissan 18 horse 4 stroke 20" shaft with the sale tags still on it but then found it was too heavy as a kicker on his set up. Electric Start, no power trim. Here's his post: Know anyone that wants this...
  182. GregE

    Saltwater A Last Westport Trip for ReBait

    We made a "last Westport trip" on ReBait Monday with friend Hank. We closed the sale on the Osprey 26 long cabin last week and are waiting on the repower to be completed ( hopefully soon) but wanted to check out the big TWO King action in Area 2 right now. Being retired lets us miss the frantic...
  183. GregE

    Suzuki DF 250 Repower

    Well, here we go again.... Decided against getting the Osprey with the 8.1 Mercruiser- that huge engine sure sucks gas. OTOH we are looking at another Osprey with an Armstong off shore bracket and Suzuki 250 OB that has been diagnosed with two bad cylinders. I have a copy of the engine...
  184. GregE

    EPLIRB and Rescue Raft Sources?

    My wife and I are thinking these would be a wise investment for off shore trips. Any thoughts recommedations / good sources? If I put a plastic raft capsule on the cabin hard top will it totally block the radar?
  185. GregE

    Saltwater A Blind Squirrel ....

    "Every Now and Then ........" the saying goes. Or as someone else said "Persistance pays off". I took a picture of ReBait at Wetport's float six after we got back Wednesday afternoon. The seas were rough and choppy and trying to fish was difficult and uncomfortable and she looked smaller than...
  186. GregE

    Saltwater Wednesday Westport Blender Report

    Man am I sore!!! Not too many ventured out today- probably had better intel than I. Just got back from another trip- launched at 6:30 and the bar wasn&#8217;t bad but the waves were SW 3-5 then 5-8 with NW winds 25+k and little interval so there was no respite. Beat Bandaid up pretty bad even...
  187. GregE

    Saltwater Westport Monday

    I'm still waiting to hear what is wrong with the Honda engine but had planned to buddy boat yesterday with my friend Harley. He went out yesterday and had 4 in the boat by 8 caught another at 10 and finished their limit at 11. The first one hit before he could clip the line in the release and...
  188. GregE

    Westport Engine Problem

    We took ReBait to Westport Thursday to avoid the rush and have everything ready to go. We decided to launch about 9:30 but with all the first day organizing actually pulled out of the boat basin about 10. We had coordinated with the Genie Aye crew to buddy boat and they had left a little earlier...