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  1. stripedbizzle

    Couple heavy Lb seeker(s)

    Want to add 1 or 2 off my hit list if possible before my money disappears again. Those who know me know I’m a sucker who overpays ;). Long Beach wrap Factory rods ; - ss 6470xh - ss 2x4 Blank/customs; - ss cjbf80xh; 6480xh Thanks
  2. stripedbizzle

    Gold Trinidad tn12 or tn14

    Wtb a gold tn12 or tn14. I’m incredibly vain, so reel needs to be at least a 8/10 cosmetically. will pay $250-$300 dependent upon cosmetic condition. Also need reel shipped; I’ll cover the cost. missed the last few nice ones posted here either due to timing or shipping being unavailable...
  3. stripedbizzle

    LB 2x4 In LA/OC

    Wtb a Long Beach ss 2x4 Prefer a blank or a rewrap candidate but suppose a beggar can’t be a chooser .. Might also consider other heavy (80-130 lb) LB ss/ex/cex blanks if rod length gets within a few inches of 7 feet. LA/oc area meetups only Not looking to trade at the moment. Thanks ...
  4. stripedbizzle

    Couple of LB seekers

    1. Original S-D8. The blank is an original black s-glass S-D8, the wrap is new and was made to match the original seeker red/white/blue factory wrap. Alps hxn guides. Very solid 30# rod, little more stout than green glass/other d8’s , don’t think it would fish 40 very well. $550 OBO. 2. Factory...
  5. stripedbizzle

    top gun 80 2.5 this fri 8/14

    my uncle can't make it due to an emergency ; i'm not gonna run solo for 2.5 days with all the covid nonsense going on so 2 spots just opened up. Trip has been sold out since may great boat, prime weekend dates, allbeit not a lot of notice but get on out there. thanks - and also i want my...
  6. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph 36 factory no boy new

    Ph 36 new w tags. Darker green glass no boy $200 Ph 1580 blank. Darker green glass. $140. (sold) Ph lm9 (sold) and bh89 (sold) new black blanks; $100 each. Pick up local in San Fernando valley 8182055130 Will trade all of these for a callaway mavrik driver 9 degree stiff shaft. Thanks
  7. stripedbizzle

    Truline bo36

    Local pickup sfv (San Fernando valley) Full length bo36 ; see pics. ‘Splotchy’ glass. Butt cap is ripped and needs replacing $200 8182055130 (text)
  8. stripedbizzle

    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    Anyone know where i can buy some sort of cloth fishing rod sock. not really into the plastic condom-like ones that have been popular last few years. something nice, thick, and soft to insert my rod into. Thanks
  9. stripedbizzle

    Seeker SS CSB 907

    Looking for a green glass or a new SS CSB 907 ; need it by next thursday. Need a finished rod or a blank that can wrapped (simply) fast. Thanks
  10. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph d8 (no little man)

    Green seeker ph d8 - no little man; slightly darker glass than a ones that have a little man. Cord handle overall great condition. $300 obo picked up in San Fernando Valley; will be in Oxnard early Saturday (around 8am).
  11. stripedbizzle

    Seeker ph1580 + bs806 green

    1. Green seeker ph1580 blank. All s-glass. Darker green Oxnard rolled (most likely). Have 2 of them, come take your pick of which one you want. $200 2. Green seeker bs806 blank. 8’ 10-20lb (15lb bass stick). All s-glass (Long Beach). Have 2 of them, come take your pick. $175 Both blanks are...
  12. stripedbizzle

    Some Seekers

    1. Virgin green ph 1580 blank. The color of the glass is green, “ph 1580” is written on felt pen by the sticker near the butt of the blank. The blank has a gold label. These are the facts I know about the rod. Please draw your own conclusions on s vs e glass and make an educated...
  13. stripedbizzle

    wtb Some seeker

    little bored and have a little cash - Looking for 1 or 2 of following rods/factory rods/blanks to add to complement the arsenal. (LB glass; red/green/honey SS/composite) SS CJBF70xh/6470xh factory ph d8 w little man factory ph ulua w little man Factory ss ulua 93h 9'3 cjbf80xh / 6480xh all...
  14. stripedbizzle

    Penn Fathom 2 speeds [25, 25, 30]

    Have three fathom 2 speeds for sale; - a 30 and a 25n for $100/each obo. NO CLAMPS AVAILABLE. bought Duran clamps and don’t know where I put the original ones (keeping Duran clamps for myself). Used but not abused. - a 25n with a clamp, used on 3 trips maximum. $150 obo. Pretty spotless. All...
  15. stripedbizzle

    good jigs for Baby Ulua

    have had baby ulua for a year or so. originally thought i would use it to throw poppers and then i discovered that i hate fishing poppers. what other light jigs (from your own experiences of fising a baby ulua ideally) should i be checking out? do not know what to do with this rod. thanks
  16. stripedbizzle

    Set of LB 90f’s

    Usually like lurking in here ; hope to be able to build some of my own stuff some day but for now I’ll keep dumping money at Steve (twinfin1000). just wanted simple builds(idea was red ss blank + navy/silver for NE patriots colors) - Steve delivered. Almost kind of looks like the salty crew...
  17. stripedbizzle

    LB Factory Super Seekers (6485,6490,6470xh etc, tn40n up for trade)

    Have some walking around $ after selling some gear and want to add one of these beautiful uglies to my arsenal. Models I will buy (looking for 1 or 2 out of these models with the aforementioned factory wrap): SS 670-8ct SS 6470xh SS 6485 SS 6490 SS 270h-8ct (deckhand only) SS 2x4 only really...
  18. stripedbizzle

    Possible guide DIY repair?

    hey everybody, Had the ring insert in this guide pop out. Is there anyway to fix this without blowing up the wrap and replacing the entire guide? Would rather not alter/mess with the factory wrap (old factory wrap ss d8) but understand I may have to. Thought I’d ask here first. Looked online...
  19. stripedbizzle


    Looking for a ss CLB90f blank or any other ss that is 9ft and fishes 10-25/15-25lb line (ratings @ 20-30 are likely too heavy and 10-20 is likely a bit too light. I know im being picky but 15lb and 20lb is the sweet spot im looking for. ) will be shipping it back east with another ss CLB90f i...
  20. stripedbizzle

    Calstars (gg90j Mag, 875h, 700h)

    Hey got some calstars for sale (all factory wraps): GG 90j-MAG - $250 OBO 875h - $200 OBO - w reel seat 700h - $old pm first for offers/inquiries and ill try to get to them asap. will post some pictures tonight but for those who cannot wait and are ready for an impulse buy I will say they...
  21. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    Didnt see anyone else post so thought I would hook these guys up with a good report/review; not really like they need it since they're mostly booked up all the time anyway. Friday was a collection of mostly 3-4 drifts where we picked up the majority of our yellowfin and a handful of bluefin...
  22. stripedbizzle

    /trade (new items added) for factory wrap (LB w Titanium turbo guides) 6480's/6470's etc

    last or next to last bump before i put my search back into hibernation. looking for LB SS 6480h, 6480xh, 6470, 6470h, 6490, D8 or any other LB factory solid 30#-50# rod. blanks would be ok too but would be more restricted to 8 foot sticks. Up for trade if you hate money (all in impeccable...
  23. stripedbizzle

    Mak 10 SEa

  24. stripedbizzle

    Anyone with weekend openings fri 8/17 - fri 9/28?

    you wont even know I'm there until the deckhand's start weighing the jackpot ;) . looking for 1.5-2 day trip, could possibly make a 2.5 work as well. certified tackle ho who will be ready for anything. Landings are especially dry this year for us open party weekend loners :/ DM or text...
  25. stripedbizzle

    Going lobstering for first time next week, have a few questions

    Going lobstering next week (12 to 12 action on the gailforce) to try and secure a pre thanksgiving meal. Never done it before so I have a few questions: I’m assuming you take the lobsters home live? How should I prepare my cooler for transport? Anything I need to bring? (I was told I can...
  26. stripedbizzle

    Lexa 300 or Trinidad tn12 (gold) on 800L?

    Don't post very often but thought I would seek some help on this dilemma Have 2 impulse purchases in the form of a lexa 300 and Trinidad 12 (gold). Which would you prefer to put on a 800L for 15-25# mostly bait application? Have had the lexa for months but have only used it once and haven't...
  27. stripedbizzle

    Constitution 2.5 day leaving fri 9/16

    me and my uncle dropped out this morning; currently should be 3 spots open. Accurate sponsored, go get em' and get me my deposit back
  28. stripedbizzle

    Sat 8/6 Quick 3/4 Day Report

    A bunch of other interns from my accounting firm wanted to give ocean fishing a shot and booked 15 spots on the 'Gentleman' out of Channel Islands sporfishing. 11 of us ended up going with a total boat load of 50-55 or so. The plan was to fish Santa Cruz, I believe we fished on the north side...
  29. stripedbizzle

    If you don't know, now you know. (Non fish report)

    Pretty cheap I'd say
  30. stripedbizzle

    Interesting video on pacific bluefin tuna
  31. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Late: constitution fishing 10/4

    hopped on the constitution for a quick overnighter leaving 10/3 from what i have heard the boat was purchased 3 weeks ago by the same guy who owns the ranger 85 and coral sea. I figured they were trying to squeeze some trips in on the new boat before the season ends. The boat could use some...
  32. stripedbizzle

    swivels for fluorocarbon leader

    Is there a downside to using a swivel to attach a fluorocarbon leader?? Ive never seen it done before on any of my trips and Id like to know if there is a reason why. thanks
  33. stripedbizzle

    Shimano Calcutta 700te for sale/trade

    has been on maybe 7 or 8 trips and still looks really good although does have some boat rash on the side plate though it is pretty insignificant. has a reel cover and clamp. have some carbon fiber drag washers coming in the mail off ebay estimated to arrive fri/sat I would prefer a trade for an...
  34. stripedbizzle

    Offshore Old glory 1.5 fished sun July 14

    went out on the old glory this Sunday and well there isn't much to report. kelps were few and far between with most of them having nobody home,, according to the crew many of the kelps we stopped at had been getting hammered all week long. the boat caught maybe 3 tuna off jig strikes and I'm...
  35. stripedbizzle

    kids charity trips

    Im a 17 year old junior in high school and in the next year and half or so I will need to accumulate some "christian-community service hours". I am inquiring as to how one would get involved in such expeditions as the ones I have seen and read on the forums on this site and "976-tuna" regarding...
  36. stripedbizzle

    Fishing in/around Waikiki in mid-April?

    I'm going to Waikiki in mid-april (15-20), and would like to know which species bite around this time period and if a 1/2 day 6 hour trip would be sufficient for a successful day of fishing. Any help or reccomendations you can give me would be greatly appreciated and helpful.
  37. stripedbizzle

    Offshore ocean odyssey 1.5 day

    left 6/25 fished on 6/26 bluefin everywhere but only to biters one stop on albacore for 6 fish Albacore fishing was slow so we moved looking for bluefin and found them but they werent biting (no passengers with any knowledge of this till ride home) the other boats that stuck with the...
  38. stripedbizzle

    1.5 day 6/25

    looking for a 1.5 day this friday 6/25 looking at grande firststring ocean odyssey pac queen thinking first string but they might not have enough to go so if I need a backup which one would be better by bunks, experiences, crew, fishiness?
  39. stripedbizzle

    Offshore top gun 80 2day 7/24-7/26

    went out friday night on the top gun. captain told us what the situation was with the tunas and the paddies. woke up at 530 and started trolling (nothing on the troll either day) hit our first paddy about 10:00 and it went wide open for 20 mins. i went 1 for three ( we had a lot of unexperienced...
  40. stripedbizzle

    looking for 2 day leaving 7/24

    ive been looking for a 2 day leaving the 24th but cant seem to find any on any of the landing's websites. i want to leave from San diego. If there really isnt any 2 days scheduled for the 24th is there a possibility that one will be added as the fishing starts to get better?
  41. stripedbizzle

    What should i spool lx with

    i bought a new lx and want some suggestions on what line to put on it. Im thinking spectra with a top shot but dnt no what # test to use
  42. stripedbizzle

    old mxl being noisy

    I have an old mxl. When you reel it in (even when clicker is off) it make a clicking sound. Its not as loud as the actual clicker but ther is till an annoying noise that occurs and I cant take it anymore. Can anyone help?
  43. stripedbizzle


    where are all the albies.. they arent any in the sport fleet count and not hearing about any BD'ers gettn em
  44. stripedbizzle

    Offshore albies???

    in the counts there are a lot of albies being caught how big are they??
  45. stripedbizzle

    need ya opinion

    might be going out this thursday the 28th should i go on the el capitan, new lo-an, or prowler, and i think the holiday might be going out too if you could help thad be great
  46. stripedbizzle

    calcutta scratches

    i got some scratches on my calcutta from my recent trip wanted to know if tthers a way to take them off there are not that deep its a aluminum body i think so if u can help thad be great!
  47. stripedbizzle

    Offshore pacific quest 8/14-8/15

    went out on a overnight trip on the pacific quest with my uncle. evry1 got to the boat early so we departed around 830 insted of 10. woke up around 530 when a blufin bite in almost pitch black light went off for about 3 or 4 fish then wee started too go on the troll when it got lighter...