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  1. castone001

    Calstar GFGR 775H XXH - Used two times!

    LOL!! Good eyeballs! actually I do not do it, we have a guy doing it for us. replacing all the shit paperlike siding that was on there with the hardibacker siding and trim :) Very happy so far.
  2. castone001

    Makaira 20II SEa - Silver - EXCELLENT Cond. $475.00

    ********* ********* SOLD!!!! $475.00 obo Please, no LOWBALLERS Used twice no scratches 500yards 125lb braid Includes box and all material Will ship on your dime plus my time to pack and take it to shipper Local Pickup Temecula/Murrieta area Chris 951-348-07fivefive
  3. castone001

    Calstar GFGR 775H XXH - Used two times!

    PENDING PICKUP :) in Near New condition: used twice, no scratches! 375.00 local pickup in Murrieta area. Chris 951-348-07fivefive
  4. castone001

    31" Magma bait/filet table with Levelock mount. Mounts in rod holder - LOWER PRICE $125.00

    NEW PRICE!!! *** $125.00 *** I have a near new, only used a couple times. 31” Magma bait/filet table with Levelock mount to place in rod holder. Local Pickup in Murrieta/Temecula area - Prefer not too ship. Chris 951-three48-075five
  5. castone001

    **** SOLD!!! ***** Thank you BD!!1973 Chaparral 24’ Fishing Cuddy Solid Deep V Fishing Machine $7,500.00 obo - PRICE DROP!!

    Sorry eMan I missed this alert!! im not really sure but it being an older "hand layed" glass boat its a bit on the heavy side. My f250 pulls it and stops with no problems at all. I would think that a 1/2 could pull it but I never tried it. You would want to fix the brakes for sure if plan on...
  6. castone001

    Loreto Fish Report - Oct 2020

    WOW!! OK I want to go with you all next trip!! :)
  7. castone001

    **** SOLD!!! ***** Thank you BD!!1973 Chaparral 24’ Fishing Cuddy Solid Deep V Fishing Machine $7,500.00 obo - PRICE DROP!!

    Thank you for Catching that "Obvious" Typo that I didn't catch after numerous prrof reads HJAHAHAHAH!! It should read!! :) I can run offshore with a combo of 26mph and a lot of trolling, run and gun style fishing and cover "60 miles and it will take 25 gallons" to fill back up. "Your...
  8. castone001

    San Quintin 9/20 Report with Cap'n Juan!

    Yes it was a fun fight for sure....bitch to get em out of the rocks! Then a long slow wind in lol Glad you got there as well!
  9. castone001

    San Quintin 9/20 Report with Cap'n Juan!

    Wow! What a great day of "catching" with Cap'n Juan. There are a good number of awesome captains here in San Quintin but if you have a chance book a day with him and you can thank me after :) He Never disappoints! On the boat by 6:15am and headed out into the bay to make bait. After loading up...
  10. castone001

    Camping/Baja Crew: Pre-Sales for my buddies campground in Loreto

    its so difficult to help everyone but I am moved by your story and want to help out. I doubt ill be hauling my toy hauler down there but I hope my offering will transfer over to the Island and fishing tours. May be headed to Loreto in November! Wish him well for us!
  11. castone001

    BOLA video

    great video and awesome "Catching" trip! What software do you use to edit?
  12. castone001

    San Quintin 9/5&6

    Thanks for the report! Heading down in two weeks to fish with Juan as well! Can't wait!!
  13. castone001

    Any recent reports from SQ?

    September 19 for us. I hear the Sea Bass are already there.
  14. castone001

    San Quintin 8/24/20 - K&M Sportfishing w/ George Catian

    any reason you crossed at Tecate rather than San Ysidro? We are heading there in two weeks. I usually just go through San Ysidro and down the 1.
  15. castone001

    **** SOLD!!! ***** Thank you BD!!1973 Chaparral 24’ Fishing Cuddy Solid Deep V Fishing Machine $7,500.00 obo - PRICE DROP!!

    Heading a new direction now with retirement looming closer and closer 😊 Time for Dos Viejos to go to someone who can enjoy heading offshore!! I tried to list all the features/upgrades and good/bad as I know it. PRICE REDUCTION!! 8K OBO. I am sure that I missed something so just ask. 1973...
  16. castone001

    Offshore 8/8 - 209 from O'side

    I am pretty sure you aren't alone in the Skunk world this year in US waters. I did this trip couple weeks back. Lots of trolling, no paddies, no fish........sure was great to be on the water though! 52 miles round trip.
  17. castone001

    Erendira 8/1 8/2

    last time I was pulled over in Mexicali and after the cop thoroughly went through my truck and all he could come up with was a leatherman tool that he insisted was over the 3" limit LOL! I asked what can we do he told me 80.00 now or go to the judge. I told him OK fine ill follow you lets go...
  18. castone001

    Bahia de Los Angeles first trip of the year 7/10-7/13

    Look at that water!!! Great pics and great fishing for sure! Any questions at the checkpoints? I assume you crossed at Mexicali and took the 5 down. or?
  19. castone001

    Dos Viejos

    Dos Viejos
  20. castone001

    Buddy boat 7-16. Big bft

    Ill be headed out tomorrow but ........ not going that far out although I'd love to my 53 gallon tank won't get me back :) Go Get Um!
  21. castone001

    6/21 tru 26/20 denis quesnel,dead head lures

    Damn Juan!! You are killing it and as always your pics are fantastic! :) Wish I was there. Why do I need an electric bill if Im staying with you LOL! :) Hope to fish with you soon my friend!
  22. castone001

    Offshore YFT 12 mi inside the 181 - June 15

    heading out tomorrow!!! Hope they are biting!
  23. castone001

    Cortez Cartopper

    be awesome to sit around the fire and hear your stories!! Bet you have some good ones! Good luck with the sale!
  24. castone001

    60 gal fiberglass Bluewater oval bait tank

    that's purty!! I could sure use it!
  25. castone001

    Offshore Bad idea fighting these bigger bluefin on lighter line

    Congrats!!! What a fun read!! I was there with you as I was reading!
  26. castone001

    Classic 1971 Ski Boat 17'

    Very Nice!!! I have ski'd behind a boat very similar!
  27. castone001

    Charter Sport Fishing in San Diego Still A No Go

    any idea on how that will last? Is there a date for the next review/update?
  28. castone001

    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    I have BoatUS/Seatow through Geico. My boat/trailer is insured through Geico and with them I get the supplemental towing plan. Be sure to get the "Unlimited Gold" plan. That will get a 100 mile radius two. So if you launch out of San Diego they will come get you 100 miles from there. Straight...
  29. castone001

    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    when in Mexican waters you can have them come tow you??
  30. castone001

    La Salina trip planning? Thinking of towing the boat down and launching at the marina?

    Yea I was thinking as soon as the government relaxes the rules etc with COVID maybe in a month than I wanna head down.
  31. castone001

    La Salina trip planning? Thinking of towing the boat down and launching at the marina?

    Soon as Covid lets up and we can safely get down there, I would like to launch and day fish out of there. Anyone have experience with the area? Both Land and Sea? I know ill need to get all the documentation/TIP etc and insurance for the boat. What do folks use down there in place of...
  32. castone001

    Offshore 5-16 Catalina

    Brudda!! Are you really using 9.43 gallons per hour @3500 RPM?? CRAP I wonder what mine does? LOL! How did the trim tabs work out? I did get a chance to talk to Joe. Now I just need to find the time!
  33. castone001

    Garmin GXM 53.

    Hey just wondering....what are the upgrades in the 54? I have the 53 as well.
  34. castone001

    Random Boat Parts

    Id like the bow roller!! Can you ship on my dime?
  35. castone001

    Tips locating Rockfish

    What do the Green Lines represent?.............. Never mind :)
  36. castone001

    Garmin Electronics in working condition except for one.

    I'm interested. Can you ship on my dime?
  37. castone001

    Garmin ActiveCapt and Tablet for Deck and Tower

    I use the locking RAM mount for Galaxy Tab on the dashboard of my Rino. Love it!
  38. castone001

    Garmin Inreach Explorer+ Satellite Communicator

    Bump for a great reliable device! Use mine very often, excellent for peace of mind and also sending and receiving text messages when off shore, hiking whenever! Also really good Price! GLWS
  39. castone001

    Offshore 43 Area, Clemente, Catalina 5-8 thru 5-10

    Suweeeeet report and great pics!!
  40. castone001

    Trim tab system complete

    DAMN!!! im actually looking at Trim Tabs now for mine and unfortunately I need a bit bigger UGH!! GLWS good deal!
  41. castone001

    Boat insurance for 50+ year old boats??

    I called Geico direct couple years ago. Mine is a 1973, not a problem, just renewed. Call them direct.
  42. castone001

    Question on Wave height and Period vs comfort.

    Thank you for the reply!! Makes sense and yes sorry I should have added the afternoon picture. Here is 2pm for Saturday. looks like the wind picks up but waves stay about the same.
  43. castone001

    Question on Wave height and Period vs comfort.

    Question to you all the skilled boaters......if you saw this forecast and your in a deep vee 24' cuddy would you say its a rough time or a roll roll time? Wind is coming up frmo the south at that time as well around 6knotts. I am still trying to figure out the wave Height vs Wave Period =...
  44. castone001

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    How will they know if its Family members or not?
  45. castone001

    Do You Use your Slipped Boat More Than Your Trailer Boat?

    Kirk951 ..... not to hi-jack your thread but...... Guess I owe you a beer :) If I was to slip my 24' Cuddy what are the minimum suggested things I need? Auto Bilge pump - one or two? Trickle charger to maintain batteries and ensure Bilge Pumps work :) Bottom Paint? vs Regular Cleaning...
  46. castone001

    Do You Use your Slipped Boat More Than Your Trailer Boat?

    Which marina did you get? KonaKai?
  47. castone001

    65 gal bait tank

    Dimensions? Do you have a lid/top?
  48. castone001

    Mercruiser mechanic pre alpha

    Chris, sorry I spoke to soon, checked with him and he only worked on mine as a friend deal. Doesn't like to or want to work on others :( I tried to convince him but I guess they are busy as heck in Havasu with all the Californian's headed out to take their boats out. Does you drive look like...
  49. castone001

    Mercruiser mechanic pre alpha

    I know one BUT he is based in a shop out in Havasu :( Lucky enough to have him come out to my place (food and beer provided) to rebuild my Pre Alpha. If for some chance your headed that way ill pass on his contact info. Good luck!
  50. castone001

    *PRICE DROP*- Stabicraft fishing machine!- Turn Key

    Never seen one of those!! Neat looking boat!
  51. castone001

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    heading out tomorrow!! :)
  52. castone001

    Long Beach/San Pedro Rockfish Late Opener 3.3.2020

    WOW!! That plate looks amazing!!! Recipe por favor!!
  53. castone001

    Adding windlass to older boat?

    Awesome!! Thank you!
  54. castone001

    Adding windlass to older boat?

    I have a 1973 24' Chaparral Cuddy. The anchor is currently mounted in place on the bow and is manually deployed and hauled back up. I have had this boat 2 years now and have yet needed the anchor but I know the time will come and I will probably NOT want to do it old school manual! Im an old...
  55. castone001

    Lewmar windlass vertical

    Let me know if for some falls through :)
  56. castone001

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    Is this a weekly thing you do?
  57. castone001

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    Yeah, going to be watching it each day till Sunday am. If it looks at all sketchy will just go another day. I already have Thursday the 5th locked in.
  58. castone001

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    sorta what I was thinking. Which area you thinking. I usually launch in MB. was thinking of hitting the area about 5-10 miles off.
  59. castone001

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    Looking forward to getting out for the opener this Sunday forecasts are not looking that good :(
  60. castone001

    Sold - Drotto automatic boat latch

    cool! Lastly........You say its a Large model? When I look on Drotto web site they refer to measurements only? I think its the width of the roller on the trailer.
  61. castone001

    Sold - Drotto automatic boat latch you ship??
  62. castone001

    Sold - Drotto automatic boat latch

    I have seen this! Why are you not using it? Is the size you have good for a 24' ? I am interested. Located in Murrieta. you??
  63. castone001

    Gas tanks bait tank

    What are the dimensions for the 26gallon tank?
  64. castone001

    Swimstep with bait tank.

    Can you give the dimensions of the tank and the swimstep for that matter? Could be interested.
  65. castone001

    Bug rider for for rent *Video added!*

    Was that Mac N Cheese?! Damn looked good!!
  66. castone001

    Looking for friends in lake elsinore

    im in Murrieta. (La Cresta)
  67. castone001

    Looking for friends in lake elsinore

    Whoa!! Im in La Cresta...have several tips that need replacing! Been looking for someone local!! ill shoot you a PM
  68. castone001

    Really late Sea of Cortez cruising report

    Loved the read!! Great trip!
  69. castone001

    Not Sword Fishing Report

    20 mins to Mission Bay at 40kts!!! DAMN!!
  70. castone001

    Lewmar Windless

    Can I get the model #? I have a 24' cuddy would be nice to have an auto anchor :)
  71. castone001

    Hand Water Pump

    damn!! wish i was closer!
  72. castone001

    Cheap Calm Water Kayak $150

    can I pick it up fist thing Saturday AM?
  73. castone001

    Cheap Calm Water Kayak $150

    Free? really? ill be in San Ysidro this Saturday around 7am. Can I come pick it up then??
  74. castone001

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    I have a 24' Chaparral Cuddy solid transom but I assume a good swell could easily come over the bad in bad weather. Is there a recommended size for the sea anchor?
  75. castone001

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    Thank you for sharing...I am pretty new at lobstering and certainly appreciate the advice! Especially since all I have are cages :)
  76. castone001

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    and since I have no idea how long the filter has been on there I also ordered a new one :) so now with the new carb I will at least have the base line to go with regularly changes.
  77. castone001

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    this is what came with it......Hope its what I should be using?!?!?
  78. castone001

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    Awesome!! I hadn't thought about ethanol Safe hoses!! Will definitely Just replace them all as I don't know how old they are!
  79. castone001

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    1973 24' Chaparral Cuddy, Ford 351w I/O MR1 Merc Outdrive. Replacing the Carburetor this weekend and the boat came with Fuel Hose from the tank to the Fuel pump on the engine and same Fuel Hose from pump to Carb. The section from pump to Carb has an inline fuel filter and also came with the...
  80. castone001

    Looking for options/advice to upgrade the old points ignition to Electronic on Ford 351W....

    Thank you!! Makes sense....I just upgraded that switch from the old one to the new roller style. I will have to research to see if Pertronix will cause an issue. Thanks!!
  81. castone001

    Capable electrician?

    Yup!! Did the same thing. A little pricey but really well worth it!
  82. castone001

    Looking for options/advice to upgrade the old points ignition to Electronic on Ford 351W....

    as the season slows up and my work travel lessons its on to the next boat upgrades. Been doing some research but there are a TON of options and like most things cost does vary. Would appreciate some feedback, advice from folks who done this upgrade. What I have: 1973 24' Chaparral Cuddy - Love...
  83. castone001

    Onan 4k Generator 40 to 50 hrs only...

    Those are solid Gen's that will go 1000hours before rebuild/work required. If I was still doing box trailer id jump all over it. GLWS
  84. castone001

    Mercury Control W/Cables

    Thank you!!! will check if they will work on my boat.
  85. castone001

    Mercury Control W/Cables

    Interested! are the cables 22' end to end? Can you read/post the info printed on the cables?
  86. castone001

    Fiber glass hard top with rod holders

    any pics of it installed? If not def wanna see the underside.
  87. castone001

    Throttle/Shifter Controller replacement.....

    Sorry about that.... top mount I/o Ford 351 with merc mr out drive. Not sure what you mean by concealed?
  88. castone001

    Throttle/Shifter Controller replacement.....

    I have a 73 Chaparral 24' Cuddy with an at least 50 year old Single lever Throttle/shift controller from Morse. I would like to swap it and the shift/throttle cables at the same time. Any recommendations on which make/model?
  89. castone001

    Offshore My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    They say the proof is in the pudding..... Yours is bluefin pudding! Congrats Billy!
  90. castone001

    Boat Trailer Axles

    is it two complete axles? i'm interested as I need axles big time :) Just need to know if these are complete or what else I need to get.
  91. castone001

    Looking for info: Guided trips around Cabo in July? Roosters?

    I am booked with Wesley for the 8th! Ill let you all know how it goes! Seems like a great guy.
  92. castone001

    Tuna Tower(Aluminum) from 29 Crystaliner

    Hard to tell from the pic....does it lay down at all?
  93. castone001

    Parting out, lots of stuff

    pics of the trailer? im interested in that!!
  94. castone001

    La Jolla YTs

    Now that's a Father Son day for the books!! Good job dad!
  95. castone001

    Looking for info: Guided trips around Cabo in July? Roosters?

    HowDee, going to be in the Cabo area July 7th for a week and have a hall pass to go fishing a couple days. Would love to try my luck at fly fishing for Roosters from shore if they are around that time of year. Open to charters as well just want to see what the options are. any info on guides...
  96. castone001

    Boat trailer tandem galvanized heavy duty 10,000 pound up for grabs

    dang. i have an older 24' chappy dont think it would fit. seems like a pretty dang good deal though!!
  97. castone001

    3/21/19 - 3 hours and 60 ft of vacuum seal

    I love Loreto and don't get down there!! Need to make it a priority! Great write up and pics but it was one sentence that summed up the Baja life and is all I need to know what kind of man/fisherman you are. "Although we are employing him, I insist he fishes with us as the joy of fishing is...
  98. castone001


    Always enjoy your pics and reports compadre!! :) Enjoy fishing with you more though :) Perhaps ill get Mr Reed to get down there with me and fish with you again!
  99. castone001


    nice report there Mr. Juan :) yup I remember you pointing that damn rock out to us couple years ago. It wasnt that high out of the water. Totally understand your pucker factor!! :)
  100. castone001

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    damn...but I agree with the comment that when the road was paved thats the beginning of the end. Well Juan, looks like we need to go somewhere else in March :) :)
  101. castone001

    1st annual Baja trailer boat trip a success!

    nice report! we love baja as well. Let me know next time and maybe we will see you out there!
  102. castone001

    Offshore PQ canceled. Lobsters instead

    WOW!! If that isn't a positive attitude with Karma coming right back at ya I don't know what is!! Congrats!!
  103. castone001

    11/12 SQ Report

    AMEN!! :)
  104. castone001

    Human Bait for Lobster

    DAMN!! That looks mighty tasty!!
  105. castone001

    Bait tank excellent condition

    Interested!!! How many gallons? Scoops?
  106. castone001

    14x40 Fraser Gyro Binoculars

    love to have them!! its almost as much as I paid for my boat :)
  107. castone001

    Great Marine Weather web site..

    Yup! That be Mr Dunn, He used to be local I thought but now lives out east somewhere? Good guy!
  108. castone001

    La Jolla 7/21/18

    Damn fish looks good cooked that way Do you put anything on it
  109. castone001

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Thank you all for the replies !
  110. castone001

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    I guess I need to confirm it but I thought it was the full us tow membership
  111. castone001

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Hey r&r, yes I do live in LA Cresta. Are you up here?
  112. castone001

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Good thought on the harbor shut off/restart. I did get TowBoat US :) AAA on the water right? :)
  113. castone001

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Been going on sport boats for years and finally broke down and picked up a used but in great shape '73 24' Chaparral Cuddy cabin. Replaced most of the wiring under the dash including new rocker switches and all wiring now has heat shrunk connections etc. Replaced the battery switch with a new...
  114. castone001

    Saltwater In Seattle week of July 30th! Looking to get out on the water!

    Hey folks, I will be up in Seattle for a work trip and it looks like Ill have either Monday the 30th or Friday the 3rd off and sure would like to get out on the water. Can you all local's help a socal BD'er out with some intel on local charters and whats in the area? Or anyone need a deck...
  115. castone001


    OMG that was a fun post but I feel like I need a shower now!
  116. castone001

    73 Chaparral 24' Cuddy Bowrail repair....

    couple closer up shots
  117. castone001

    73 Chaparral 24' Cuddy Bowrail repair....

    New to me :) Chap cuddy but the bow rail is missing the front V and needs a couple base feet and couplers replaced. looks like the rail itself was once piece and the original. Do i need to replace the entire piece or can I cut in splice it in? Best place to get replacement parts? Thanks!!
  118. castone001

    Cooler bench seat

    2nd in line Same questions also what are the dimensions?
  119. castone001

    Most stable 25 foot and under boat

    This one :)
  120. castone001

    Looking around tomorrow 5/5

    We are going out tomorrow but more for shake down run. UT I'll pm you my contact info.
  121. castone001

    Magma BNIB filet table

    come with the mounting hardware? can't tell the dimensions? Is this the 31" wide?
  122. castone001

    17' Bayrunner....OffShore Capability??

    HowDee! I am looking at a 17' Valco Bayrunner with a 50hp 4stroke and wondering how many folks have had one similar and what the comfort level is for taking it offshore? Would be primarily used to haul down to Baja. Santo Thomas, San Quintin area, Gonzaga and BoLa etc. But also local SCAL...
  123. castone001

    1990 Mako 23 CUDDY $12,000

    Where are you located?!
  124. castone001

    Tiara pursuit 2550

    Interested! Where can I see it? Inside Pics?
  125. castone001

    fish report at san quitin or cedros?

    I sure do! [email protected] Say hi for me and my son Sam!
  126. castone001

    fish report at san quitin or cedros?

    Looking for same for San Quintin. Im headed there for memorial weekend. Captain Juan is who I go out with.
  127. castone001

    1984 Chris-Craft $9,000 FIRM

    Interior pics. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  128. castone001

    1986 Bayliner Trophy CC $2500

    Hmmmmm how is it in medium seas? fuel tank size ? Range? Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  129. castone001

    1984 Chris-Craft $9,000 FIRM

    want to see the inside pics. how heavy is it? do you know?? Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  130. castone001

    Great Fishing Boat for Sale

    where is it located ? Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  131. castone001

    2005 26ft Striper

    sweet! Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  132. castone001

    1978 Bellboy 25ft Cabin Cruiser(needs some work) free!!!

    Still avail I'll come get it tonight or tomorrow I'm in Murrieta Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  133. castone001

    Cedros/Tortuga - info requested

    Contact Mike at satmoto. He will take care of you. Tell him I sent ya. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  134. castone001

    Bahia Asuncion

    Glad to hear you guys had as much at la bufadora inn as we did. Great meeting you for the chair exchange lol. Juan is an exceptional pangaero and knows his Fishing grounds. Sent from my SM-N930V using Tapatalk
  135. castone001

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    We went out with Captain juan and it was a day of catching. Detailed report to come later.... Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  136. castone001

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  137. castone001

    Bahia Asuncion

    Great report! We are heading g down Thursday but won't be to Sherri and Juan's till Friday. What did you use for the calicos? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  138. castone001


    Great report and pics! See you next Tuesday capt! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  139. castone001

    Fishing the 21st or 22nd

    didn't know you could rent a CC out of there? :) Is it pricey? If I wasnt going to Rosarito for wife's birthday id be there!!
  140. castone001

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    Thanks bud!! :) Great advice/tips!
  141. castone001

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    What size Crocs?
  142. castone001

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    Not yet! Are you available Tuesday Aug 9th? For 2 adults 2 boys.
  143. castone001

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    Juan, any particular color and weight for the 6x Jr's? We will be there Aug 8th. Hope to hook up with you for a day out. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  144. castone001

    FISHED POPOTLA 7/14/16

    Nice Thank you sounds like that's a good deal. Sent from my SM-T520 using Tapatalk
  145. castone001

    FISHED POPOTLA 7/14/16

    Nice catch for sure,! What was the charge for the boat? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  146. castone001

    El Capitan State Beach....anyone been lately?

    Well we got there Wednesday but soon after were kicked out due to the fire!!
  147. castone001

    El Capitan State Beach....anyone been lately?

    going up there this week for a couple days at the state campground. Anyone been lately? going with some sandworms and bait rigs and the trusty LC. Tips tricks and ???
  148. castone001


    I loved how the load and unload ya! Also be sure to negotiate! I paid 140.00 for 8 hours!!! some others were over 200.00.
  149. castone001


    I was staying at the Villa Mexicana last July and hired a panga right off the beach for the day. took me out and we had a blast. It ended up just being me and the captain as my son wasn't feeling well. ended up with a couple needle type fish and a Big Eye? and several smaller Dorado that were a...
  150. castone001

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    Pm sent Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  151. castone001

    REDUCED - 1989 SKIPJACK 25' FLYBRIDGE $17,000

    Wow Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  152. castone001

    Looking for serious anglers for local fishing

    Sounds like a deal. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  153. castone001

    Loreto Feb 12 Guide recommendations....

    Heading down to Loreto Feb 11 till Sunday the 14th. My buddy and I were given hall passes for fishing Friday the 12th :) Need a guide/skipper to take us out for the day. Suggestions??!!
  154. castone001

    Fishing Guadalupe Island

    In awe. Great trip and great report and great on you for giving it up.
  155. castone001

    Private Day and a Half Charter on the Eclipse Tues. Sept 15

    Best of luck! Been on the Eclipse and love it! Going out on 2.5 day on 9/25!! Hello Wahoo!!
  156. castone001

    san quintin split panga cost

    Hmmmmmmmm? Could be interested
  157. castone001

    Bahia Asuncion

    Anxiously waiting to hear more.
  158. castone001

    San Quintin (Pedragal) in home internet service

    be interested in this as well!!
  159. castone001

    San Quintin shore fishing???

    Awesome guys! Thanks.....I'll post a report when I'm back. We have at least 2 capable 4x4's.
  160. castone001

    San Quintin shore fishing???

    Gear? Spinning or lite Tuna setups?
  161. castone001

    San Quintin shore fishing???

    Awesome! thanks for the tip, although im not sure where that is? I know where the Old Mill is and we are staying at the Mission Santa Maria.
  162. castone001

    San Quintin shore fishing???

    Going to be saying in San Quintin for a family weekend over labor day. Might not be able to get out on a panga for the day, which would be ideal. If not is there any decent shore/surf fishing areas to try?
  163. castone001

    Offshore Bluefin with a side of yellowtail!

    you guys killed it!! good going!!
  164. castone001

    F/S Avet HXJ Raptor Sold

    Now thats a bad ass reel!!!!
  165. castone001

    Looking for a used gun safe

    ill go seconds on it if he passes!!
  166. castone001

    Gonzaga 5/14-5/18

    awesome!! I used to camp at Papa's with my brother in the early 90's. Loved that place!! Need to go back.
  167. castone001

    5/21/15 OTW report

    Awesome report and great little Video! Nicely done!
  168. castone001

    Fishing Thursday last min call for Hos

    Hope you guys nailed em!
  169. castone001

    Geno's on the Board for 2015...couple of Corbina

    Awesome. Great report. Love that hike as well.
  170. castone001

    Misc weights and jigs

    Wish you were closer!! Shipping would kill the deal :)
  171. castone001

    WTS Custom 8' Black Diamond**REDUCED**

    Thanks for the response Bill and not making me feel like an idiot :) :) PM SENT!!
  172. castone001

    WTS Custom 8' Black Diamond**REDUCED**

    Wow very tempted. 25-60 would classify this as what #setup.? I know dumb ? :)
  173. castone001


    I had no idea about the knife law. Crap.
  174. castone001

    My Girl's Fish is Bigger Than Yours!

    That my friend was awesome video to watch. You better marry that girl........she too is a keeper.
  175. castone001

    San Quintin...... Captain Juan 1

    Going to San quintin April 3 thru 5. Any spots open on your boat? Details?
  176. castone001

    Offshore Tribute Halloween Trip of a lifetime (Yellowfin on a Tootsie Roll)

    Hey Johnny, great write up and yes the Tribute is my favorite boat to go out on! I see you are my neighbor! Let me know if you wanna go out sometime before the end of the season. Chris
  177. castone001

    October Sleigh Ride

    That looked so cool when the towing speed picked up!!!! Great job on the video!
  178. castone001

    Offshore Tribute overnight had 2 Wahoo

    Hey Fumio! Great fishing with you and we had some of the wahoo you gifted to me last night! Sesame Oil, Salt, Pepper and grilled!! It was Fantastic!! You didn't piss anyone off running up and down the boat! That was awesome watching you get worked by the hoo but you prevailed in the end...
  179. castone001

    Why wait till Lobster season?

    WOW!! this sounds awesome! "Smoked Bonito is another popular dish at my house. We marinate the cleaned fish fillets in Terrayaki, Ginger and Brown Sugar overnight, then put the fillets on a rack to air dry. I roll the fillets in brown sugar then place them back on the rack and sprinkle some...
  180. castone001


    im Rick James beeeeyatch!!
  181. castone001

    BoLA pics

    WOW!!! I was there last October and planned on going back this April.
  182. castone001

    Bahia de Los Angeles - Odile update

    Carcassdragger.............Awesome Post! Even more awesome reply :) Nicely done!
  183. castone001

    mex 1

    Hope this helps....from a Facebook group ab out Baja......... Road Condition Update We received official confirmation that Highway 1 at Cataviña at km 193 is flooded and damaged. Also several reports of flood damage to Hwy1 south of Guerrero Negro as well as badly flooded and damaged roads off...
  184. castone001

    Anything open for tomorrow for me and my son?

    Thanks guys! Found a ride :) Went out Sunday....ended up with my first dorado!! couple YFT and a couple YT. Nice day!!
  185. castone001

    Anything open for tomorrow for me and my son?

    Looking to take my son out tomorrow for the day. I know it's last minute. Anyone have spots or know of openings. I'll pay for the gas and bait if someone has room for me and my boy tomorrow for tuna chasing!! Chris 951-348-0755
  186. castone001

    Looking for boat mechanic/service center??

    Engine/electrical im afraid UGH!! :) thanks for the tips! i contacted Boatworks in Hemet and taking it there this Saturday!! I'll let you all know how it goes.
  187. castone001

    Looking for boat mechanic/service center??

    Hey all, looking for a reliable/trustworthy Fair! Boat mechanic in the Murrieta area or close to it. Any rec's?
  188. castone001

    open spot for san quintin august 15 &16

    Wow!! great deal!! Let me know when your setting up next trip like this. im already booked those dates
  189. castone001

    20' Century 3000 Cuddy Cabin Boat - Completely dialed for fishing islands --REDUCED $9200 or trade?

    interested in partial trade for a Quad?
  190. castone001

    Offshore Eclipse 6/14 - 6/15

    thanks for the report! I need to check out that app it does look awesome. I hope it changes quick!! I am going out on the Tribute this Friday eve! Yes it is called Fishing not Catching :)
  191. castone001

    Offshore Tribute 1 1/2 day 6/14

    glad you had a great fathers day out! Good to hear about Mike and the Tribute. Im heading out this Friday same trip.
  192. castone001

    fs avet jx raptor.

    Crap I just bought one earlier today! Great deal for sure.
  193. castone001

    Custom Seekers/Calstar - 2 Speed Reels/Penn, Avet - Tackle Box, Braid Belt

    Steve, can you shoot me the details on the Tackle box and contents ......... price? ALSO.........VERY interested in this.... Calstar Custom 665 30-50 LB. NEW / Never Used - Triple Wrapped - by FISHING UNLIMITED in Orange County 6 10" Gold / Black / Red ------------------ $150.00
  194. castone001

    Custom Seekers/Calstar - 2 Speed Reels/Penn, Avet - Tackle Box, Braid Belt

    Interested in the tackle and tackle! And any 8ft rods.
  195. castone001

    custom wrapped calstar 530 for sale

    yea thought about that just after I posted it :) Now if I can figure out a way to get to you :)
  196. castone001

    custom wrapped calstar 530 for sale

    Interested! Where are you located? Shipping?
  197. castone001

    WTS Calstar GG 270-8H

    Still for sale/Available? PM Sent
  198. castone001

    FS: NEWELL S 332-5

    ill take it if still avail?!
  199. castone001

    Gunmetal MXL & Blue SX

    Next in line if that deal goes south :)
  200. castone001

    FS: BNIB Avet MXJ- Blue

    ill take it if its still up for sale!!!
  201. castone001

    Saltist bg 35h for sale

    Still Avail?? PM Sent with contact info!!
  202. castone001

    SOLD ...REDUCED $15,500 : 20' Bayrunner Baja - 2012 Yamaha Four Stroke

    Exactly what I'm looking for! Now to convince the boss! :)
  203. castone001

    Salas irons and other lures

    if still avail i'll take em!
  204. castone001

    Avet MXL 5.8 & Phenix Black Diamond 760M

    If the reel is still available......ill take it :) im local.
  205. castone001

    FS--Penn Baja Special 113HN, Rods

    Interested in the reel and the Phenix Rod!! Pics please :) to [email protected]
  206. castone001

    Humminbird 408120-1 Fishfinder 597ci HD DI Combo 425.00 with covers!!

    Jsut found out its 429.00 from Cabellas. Price Drop to 375.00!!
  207. castone001

    Humminbird 408120-1 Fishfinder 597ci HD DI Combo 425.00 with covers!!

    Bought this for the boat that I no longer have. Mounted it and used it one time only. Basically Brand new but too late too return to Amazon :( Member deal 425.00 original packaging PLUS the mount cover AND the display cover! Local Pickup preferred and can meet from Corona to Escondido. Will...
  208. castone001

    Excellent local winter bite

    So thats what a halibut looks like!! LOL!! :)
  209. castone001

    Stupid Question....line type / test for 2.5day Baja Freezer Special.

    Going out on the Shogun End of Feb for a Baja Freezer special trip. First time for that type of fishing. Me being relatively NEW to this what are the recommended line types/test for this trip? Should I load all three for Rock Fish or set one up for Yellows? If so advice on which rig to set up...
  210. castone001

    Offshore Eclipse 1.5 Lingasourous - Jan 11, 2014 fishing

    I am jealous!! Those are some huge lings! Congrats!
  211. castone001

    More crabbin'

    Wow agree with all thats really cool!!! Can't wait to see the lobster video!!
  212. castone001

    Offshore Chief will not Disappoint. 12-27 to 12-30

    Definitely need to go out on that boat.
  213. castone001

    Panga's in Popotla? .......

    Awesome thanks for all the advice! I'll post up with the results :) any issue bringing fish back across the border? ........ eternally hopeful lol.
  214. castone001

    Panga's in Popotla? .......

    Staying in Calafia for two weeks starting tomorrow and was hoping someone had some updated info on hopping on a panga for a day of rock fishing or whatever.......perhaps out of Popotla or somewhere in the vicinity?
  215. castone001

    Catalina Reds - 12/15

    That, my friend is called LIVING!! :)
  216. castone001

    Great White Caught Off Beach in San Clemente

    Awesome. Used to camp at the rv park there.
  217. castone001

    18.5 ' Center Console Klamath fishing boat

    Still available?? - - - Updated - - - Still available?? PM Sent
  218. castone001

    Offshore Oceanside Yellows

    Nice reaching out to the other boat! Good karma there.
  219. castone001


    Awesome catch. I would have kept it as well for the same reason.
  220. castone001

    IB Surf Fishing Tournament. Sign up Here!

    Wow my old stomping grounds.
  221. castone001

    Which 1.5 day boat out of San Diego

    SHOGUN!!! I did a 1.5 day trip last year and had a BLAST on the baot. Accommodations/crew/food were all great!! Just booked another 1.5 day for August 4th! Can't wait!
  222. castone001

    Offshore Shogun 3 day Aug.1 gear recommendations

    Wish I could do the 3 day!! I am all signed up for the 1.5 trip that leaves right after ya :) ill see you as you depart!
  223. castone001

    CA Fishing License suspension - Because I'm a deadbeat dad

    I paid both for years and although I hated the Spousal support I didn't mind the child support as they are my girls. I never was late nor missed a payment. Your kids will be 18 sooner than you think and you will not want them to think your a bum. Own up to to YOUR responsibility and make it...