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  1. WaveDancer

    Photo Radar?

    I had a friend ask me a question the other day that I have read some things about but don't have solid info as to what's correct. Are Photo Radar Tickets that are mailed to you enforceable? I tried finding info on the net but its all over the place and there are tons of Lawyers that will...
  2. WaveDancer

    Primo SST & Chloro Charts 8/15/2020

    Don't get to much better than these two charts for SST and Chloro for 8/15/2020. SST Chloro Straight west from the GH Buoy sure looks good to me and much closer than going SW to good water. Have fun and be safe out there! WD
  3. WaveDancer

    New SST & Chloro Charts 7/14/2020

    Some good images from July 14. SST Chloro Have fun and be safe, Charlie is out there waiting for you!!! WD
  4. WaveDancer

    6/22 & 6/23/2020 SST & Chloro Charts

    Some good stuff here, it's not going to be very long if the weather and longfin hunters line up! Chloro 6/22/2020 SST 6/22/2020 6/23/2020 Here are a couple of early AM SST Charts, zero sun effect on temps, these are reliable almost 100% of the time Wide Angle SST...
  5. WaveDancer

    Buying A New Chest Freezer Question

    I am sure some of you have done this recently so I hope to learn from your experiences about this subject. I need to buy a new Chest Freezer, smaller one 7-10ft, and am looking for info on manufactures to focus on or to avoid. I prefer made in the USA and will pay more if its quality if I can...
  6. WaveDancer

    SST & Chloro Charts 6/16 & 6/17/2020

    Things are pretty warm right now out there in places so I thought I would see what's going on on Coastwatch. Not to bad, shouldn't be to long it looks like. Has anyone even tried yet? Chloro 6/16/2020 SST 6/17/2020 Hopefully lots of good charts to come! WD
  7. WaveDancer

    Crabbing In Marina Questions

    I have some friends coming to the coast later this month that want to clam and crab while they are here. Clamming I got covered but crabbing in the WP Marina I have no hands on experience so I am looking for some input from some of you here in BD WA that have been there and done that here in...
  8. WaveDancer

    Boot Dryer's, What's Good & What's Not

    Just like the thread title says, what's they skinny on boot dryers? Amazon has a ton of different choices with a wide price range. Am I correct to assume a forced air version is hands down the best? Any must have or must avoid options on any of them? I saw a couple that had boot/shoe posts...
  9. WaveDancer

    Awesome 9/30/2019 SST & Chloro Charts

    Here ya go: Chloro #1 Chloro #2 Tweaked to show sharp color breaks SST For anyone going out, it should be awesome, weather permitting. WD
  10. WaveDancer

    Covered Boat/RV Storage In WP Available

    Just like the title says, there is some new Boat/RV storage now available in Westport right next door to the new Englunds Marine. Holand Center Storage Facility just finished a 17 stall covered, open on one end, Boat/RV storage building. 10 of the 17 stalls are already rented, the remaining 7...
  11. WaveDancer

    Good SST & Chloro Charts 9/28/19

    Finally some good charts to post, looks like weather permitting lots of fish still to the WAY west or a normal run to the SW. SST Chloro I will post more as good ones come up. Looks like it's time to get tuned up for Irons, Swimbaits and Chumming! WD
  12. WaveDancer

    Bad News For Westport Fishing To Save Orca's???

    I just saw this and if they do what they have done in other areas where they restrict what boaters can do and go, it's gonna be ugly. Depth restrictions cover 20-650 feet depths from the north jedi of the GH Channel to the Hoh River. Link to article...
  13. WaveDancer

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    With a whole lotta Razor Clam dig dates announced for this winter coming up, I have some friends wanting to come down and dig during the PM dark tides but they have no clue as to what kind of lighting works best for seeing and digging Razor's in the dark. A quick look to Amazon unveils a huge...
  14. WaveDancer

    You Know It's A Crazy Year In The Pacific When You See Things Like This

    The title says it all. Landed in Sekiu on 9/1/2019 Crazy shit this year. WD
  15. WaveDancer

    The Summer of 2019, A Year We Won't Soon Forget

    There have been many Chloro and SST Charts just like this this summer, will it ever be this good again so close to home? Chloro Chart from 8/26/2019 SST Chart from 8/26/2019 Get out and get some while the getting is good because it really doesn't get much better than it is right...
  16. WaveDancer

    2019 PNW Lake Pacific Big Fish & Exotic Pics

    Now that we are well into the 2019 summer fishing season here off the coasts of Washington & Oregon, I thought there should be a thread to put pictures of all the really outstanding fish that are being caught. I will start with the recent landings of some really big Bluefin Tuna, (at least for...
  17. WaveDancer

    2019-2020 WDFW Regs Are Out

    The 2019-2020 WDFW regulations pamphlet has been released, subject to many corrections of course, can be found here: Link:: Have fun. WD.
  18. WaveDancer

    Looking For Advise On Dealing With Insurance Company

    Thanks in advance to any who respond. Last summer I had a local beverage company truck sideswipe my truck and it did several thousand dollars in damage to it. Police got involved, pics taken, Information exchanged, etc. The problem I have run into and I am sure some of you out there have run...
  19. WaveDancer

    RIP Paul Allen

    Paul Allen passes away today. RIP He will be sorely missed by many. WD
  20. WaveDancer

    Need Some Help In Westport

    I hate to have to ask this, but I need a couple of people to help me move some recliners up and down some stairs. Any takers? I need two people at the same time just to be clear. Nothing very heavy, just awkward and with some medical issues I have going on currently it's just somethi9ng I...
  21. WaveDancer

    How Do I Contact A BD Administrator

    HELP PLEASE! The support link doesn't work and I have tried every way I know including FB, (YUCK), to track down a BD ADMIN. I am trying to help a friend get signed up for BD and every username we try is either in use already, even though it's not in the member lookup, or we get a message...
  22. WaveDancer

    Why Trailer Tiedown Straps Or Cables Can Be Important To Most

    Found this picture on a FB news thread and hadn't seen it here yet so I thought it would be good to talk about why using safety tie down straps or cables between your boat and trailer, even on short runs, can be a pretty good thing to have installed while the boat is under tow. Best words I can...
  23. WaveDancer

    285/75R16 Tires For Sale

    PRICE REDUCED, I WANT THESE GONE, NOW $350 I have a set of four nearly new Dunlop A/T Radial Rover tires for sale. Size is LT 285/75R16 , Rating 122/119 R M&S Load Range "D", 8 Ply Tires. Tread left is 11-12/32's on all four tires. If you are looking to replace some LT 265/75R16 tires...
  24. WaveDancer

    Cataracts Surgery, What Do You Know About It?

    Like the Thread Title says, what does any one here on the BD nation know about Cataracts Surgery? Had my annual eye exam yesterday and Doc said it's time to start getting serious about this subject. He highly recommended Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute, lots of good referrals in the past...
  25. WaveDancer

    Halibut Catch Record Card Hearing 2/14/2018 in Olympia

    I just saw this posted on the PSA-SNO King Facebook page and if you want a say in this now is your time to show up or comment via on-line comment form to the politicians involved. If you can get there, it's at 8am in the John L. O'Brien Building Wednesday February 14, 2018. Copied from PSA...
  26. WaveDancer

    A Good Article About The Value of Recreational Fishing to the USA

    I just had this e-mailed to me and it is a very good read about the economic value of Recreational Fishing to the US economy. It was put together by the CCA. link: To put this into some perspective Canada did a study back in the early 90's to see what was...
  27. WaveDancer

    Anybody Know What's Up With The Charterboat "Rampage"

    Anybody have any idea what's going on with Randy and his charter boat, the Rampage? I ask because the boat is gone and there have been U-Haul trucks and trailers loading up stuff from the office in Westport over the last week or so. The website still functions but I am assuming Randy is...
  28. WaveDancer

    Some Words About Depression

    I had to attend the funeral yesterday for a VERY good friend of mine that I have known since Jr High. He was in his mid 50's. He was an outstanding man in every way I could ever describe, family, father, friend, etc. but it turns out he was suffering from depression enough that he needed to...
  29. WaveDancer

    Blue Friday Double D Special

    I just got this little gift from a friend of mine in an e-mail and I thought that the BD Nation might like one of these Blue Friday Double D Specials at the Candy Girls Espresso Stand in Everett. Looks like a great deal for any of you coffee drinkers out there in the North Sound area...
  30. WaveDancer

    Coastwatch Charts 10-3-2017

    Another day of very good charts. SST with Bathy overlay: Chloro with Bathy overlay: Chloro with Temp overlay: Good luck, there is sure some nice blue water NW of Westport right now and it's not very far away compared to normal distances. WD.
  31. WaveDancer

    Coastwatch Charts 10-2-2017

    Some good images were posted today, here ya go: SST Day & Night Shot with Bathy overlay SST Night Shot with Bathy overlay Chloro with Bathy overlay Chloro with Temp overlay Sure looks like the best water and shortest trip is NW to the Quinault Canyon. If you want to go West or...
  32. WaveDancer

    Killer Coastwatch Charts 9-27-2017

    Some great charts posted today. First one is Temp with Bathy overlay Next one is Chloro with Bathy overlay Last one is Chloro with with Temp overlay. Assuming the weather does what the forecast is, there should be some good conditions out there this weekend. Good luck and be safe...
  33. WaveDancer

    Coastwatch Friday 9-22-2017 Charts

    Here is some decent temp charts from Friday 9/22/2017 shot early in the AM, no sun effect. First one has Bathy contours on it: Second one has temp lines, one degree apart: There has been almost no wind the last two days on the beach in Westport so the water should not be to...
  34. WaveDancer

    Coastwatch 9/14/2017 good Charts

    For your viewing pleasure. Temp with Bathy overlay: Chloro with Bathy overlay: Chloro with Temp overlay: Good luck everyone, be safe out there. WD.
  35. WaveDancer

    Yamaha 4-Stroke Parts, TR-1 parts and other Boat/Marine stuff

    There is a Craigslist ad for all for this with pictures, search the Seattle CL and search for "Yamaha 4-Stroke Parts" and you should find all the pictures. (BD doesn't want CL links) I have some brand new, Yamaha OEM parts for sale that fit 2005 225hp (3.3litre) and T-8 four stroke engines...
  36. WaveDancer

    August 15 2017 SST & Chloro Charts

    Found some fresh meat on Coastwatch just now. SST Chloro Good luck out there. WD.
  37. WaveDancer

    Tuna and Other Fishing Gear For Sale

    Summer cleaning turned up some things I don't need any longer so here is a list of what I have to sell, copied from my CL ads: I have several different things for sale that can be used for Albacore Tuna, Salmon or most any kind of fishing. First are some Rapala CD Mag Lures, NUDE in color...
  38. WaveDancer

    SST and Chloro Charts for 7-31-17

    Here are SST and Chloro charts for 7/31/2017, both are pretty good. If you take the time to learn Coastwatch, it's pretty neat and FREE, but I still like the tools that come with Terrafin and some of the other paid chart sites. WD.
  39. WaveDancer

    Somebody Caught A Bluefin Today 7/22/2017

    I'll let him post later but this crazy summer weather we have been having recently on the coast of WA is starting to turn out some Pelagics. Coleman and Crew caught a couple Mako's a week or so ago and today, 7/22/2017, someone landed a Bluefin. Better hope one of those is still around for the...
  40. WaveDancer

    Halibut Fishing In MA's 3, 4 & More Open Sunday 6/4/2017

    Just announced on WDFW's website an additional day of deep water and inland halibut fishing in Marine Areas 3, 4 & more. More here: Have fun and be safe. WD.
  41. WaveDancer

    Anyone Fishing Halibut On 5/21/17 See Any Blue Water

    A question for any of you fishing offshore today, (5/21/17), for halibut, did you find yourself in any Blue Water? It's close to that time of year that the Blue Water and all the marine life that comes with it starts to show up so I'm looking for some offshore first hand reports. Anybody catch...
  42. WaveDancer

    Boat Launch Happenings

    Just saw this on Youtube. Big fat learning lesson here, important to watch it to the end with the volume on if you don't see it yourself. Link: Wonder what his insurance coverage did for him. WD.
  43. WaveDancer

    This Sucks

    Just saw this on KOMO's website, best wishes to his family and friends. Ax Men star Gabe Rygaard killed in head on car wreck near Port Angeles. Link to KOMO story: WD.
  44. WaveDancer

    Mini Tsunami At The WA Coast

    I just found this on King 5's website, pretty good reason to always keep an eye on the water side of the beach when you are at the ocean. Links to more info:
  45. WaveDancer

    2015 WTC Photos Now Available

    The first of the 2015 WTC Event Photos have been posted to the WTC website, you can find them here: There are more coming, be patient, we are still wrapping up from this years event. WD.
  46. WaveDancer

    2015 WTC Initial Results

    The link below will take you to the 2015 WTC preliminary results. Final results with a complete event wrap-up will follow in a few days Link: A big thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make this years event...
  47. WaveDancer

    Attention 2015 WTC Team Captains

    2015 WTC Team Captains, Below, you will find a copy of the e-mail that was sent to all of the Captains e-mail addresses early Monday Morning. As less than half of you have opened this e-mail as of the writing of this post, I figured more of you may see it here. To anyone reading this, Big...
  48. WaveDancer

    Anyone Here Using Boost Mobile On Sprints Network

    I am looking at getting away from the Verizon mothership, to many funny and unexplainable taxes etc. and have looked at a lot of the newer plans out there and these guys seem to have a good program. I am specifically looking at this phone because it has WiFi hotspot abilities and it appears to...
  49. WaveDancer

    Another amazing tuna feeding frenzy caught on camera

    Came across this video this morning and had never seen it before so I thought I would post it here for your enjoyment. Enjoy: Can't wait, there going to be here before you know...
  50. WaveDancer

    Need Some Stuff Moved In Westport Later This Week

    I am looking for a couple of young strong backs to help move some small furniture, (small desk, bookcase, bed, etc.), out of a storage unit, then to a trailer and finally up a single flight of stairs later this week in Westport, ( Tues-Thurs, don't have an exact day set in stone). Cash job...
  51. WaveDancer

    Where's a good place to buy a 12 to 110 Inverter

    Any suggestions were I can buy, should buy, a 12 volt to 110 volt inverter I can carry in my truck? Looking on line, tons of choices and manufactures, anything to avoid or look for when buying one of these things. I am looking for something 1000 to 2500 watts, clean power for electronics, etc...
  52. WaveDancer

    Direct TV Dish Installer Needed

    Does anyone do or know of an installer for Directv dishes in the Westport area? I may need a dish installed and am trying to line something up in advance. I will supply the HD dish, (I will make sure it will work for you first before buying it), I am already a registered Directv subscriber so...
  53. WaveDancer

    Furuno NavNet Remote Controls

    I have two brand new still in the factory wrappers/bags Furuno Remote Controls model # RMC-100-E, with another number on the bag being 00008988500. They came with a NavNet system I bought new in 2004 but didn't even know I had these until I cleaned out a network adapter box full of manuals and...
  54. WaveDancer

    Penn Long Beach 60

    When cleaning out the garage I found this Penn Long Beach 60 that is still in working order. The drag still works fine and smooth, the release is smooth but the clicker does not work. It basically needs a facelift, (cosmetic cleanup), and fix the clicker and you will have a sweet old school...
  55. WaveDancer


    8120 Berry Ridge Lane, Just Off Newberry Hill Sunday April 12 11AM - 4PM Moving Sale, Everything Must Go. Camping Gear, Crab Cooker/Turkey Fryer-propane powered, Fishing Gear, Salmon, Bottom Fish, Halibut, Tuna, Terminal Tackle Brand New Tackle Boxes RV Supplies, Wheel Blocks, Leveling...
  56. WaveDancer

    Brand New ACR Ditch Bag

    I just found an ACR ditch bag I bought a while ago and forgot all about. It is a model 2273 you can see here: It comes with two strobes, a big flashlight, an inflatable flag and several other...
  57. WaveDancer

    Moving Sale, Silverdale

    Moving Sale, lots of good stuff. Craftsman rider lawnmower w/automatic transmission with grass catcher system Stihl weed-eater pro grade. Lots of gardening & landscaping tools, shovels, pick axes trimmers, etc. Tools, tool carts, jack stands, etc. Fishing gear. Misc salmon, tuna and...
  58. WaveDancer

    Moving sale, Lots of Stuff

    Landlord forced in to bankruptcy, have to move, quick. Here is a partial list, lots more available, will post info on a moving sale later this week in the Silverdale area here and on CL. 7 cubic foot chest freezer. Came from sears, used very little, still cools to -10. $150, you load you...
  59. WaveDancer

    2015 WTC Registration

    Registration for the 2015 WTC is now open. The 2015 event will be held August 7th & 8th. Just like last year the field will be limited to 60 teams and will most likely sell out as it has the last two years so don't delay signing up! As of the writing of this post we already have 12 teams...
  60. WaveDancer

    Summer cleanup, lots of good stuff

    It's that time of the year to do some cleaning up and this is what's up for sale: New in the box foul weather gear. 2XL, red in color $75 OBO Yamaha 225 prop, new in the box, includes mounting hardware and floating prop nut wrench. $210 OBO Grundens commercial grade hooded jacket & bibs...
  61. WaveDancer

    Final 2014 WTC Numbers

    The report is back from the fish processor with a big thumbs up and we have started sending out prize checks so winning WTC Captains, check your e-mail for what you need to do to get paid. You will find all the info here...
  62. WaveDancer

    2014 WTC Event Photos

    We have uploaded a ton of 2014 WTC Event photos to our website and they can be viewed here: A great big thank you to Glen & Cami for coming out to help with this years event and we hope to have you back again soon. WD.
  63. WaveDancer

    2015 WTC Dates

    Just for the many of you that asked this last weekend about the 2015 WTC dates, they are: August 7&8, 2015 See you then! WD.
  64. WaveDancer

    2014 WTC Results

    The 2014 WTC preliminary results are listed here: Final wrap up will be posted once the fish processor gives us the thumbs up. WD.
  65. WaveDancer

    3:30AM Live Westport Weather Report 8/1/14

    As of 3:30AM here at Westport the wind on the beach is 6mph. Off shore buoys have been slowing down all night. Weekend outlook for massive tuna slaughter from Fleet WTC, EXCELLANT!!! Lots of Vets in town getting some serious fishing going on all week and the big banquet at the big tent under...
  66. WaveDancer

    Hull cleaning solution for recently removed boats from the water

    Question, I have seen people pull their boats after being in the water for quite a while that are covered with fuzz, slime, just general ick. I have also seen some of these people use a bug sprayer to apply some kind of solution on the hull just after removal that based on smell contains at the...
  67. WaveDancer

    2014 WTC Starting Lineup

    Some have started asking for this information so I thought I would post the link up here: We already have 14 teams on the books and easily expect to sell out again this year. Remember, just like last year the field is limited to 55...
  68. WaveDancer

    2013 WTC Results

    Preliminary results are in for the 2013 WTC. Final results will be posted once our fish processor clears the tournament fish for signs of tampering and proper bleeding. Link to results: 2013 WTC Results Initial Thanks to all who attended this years event and the volunteers that make every...
  69. WaveDancer

    Columbia River Bar Training Video

    Just saw this somewhere else, pretty intense: To anyone that may know, if you are stuck in huge waves like that video has, is that the preferred angle of attack on the waves or is it just a training technique? Cool...
  70. WaveDancer

    2013 WTC Registration & Starting Lineup Info

    The 2013 Washington Tuna Classic registration is open for on-line registration. You will find links for the registration web-page and the current starting field on the WTC website here: See you in Westport August 2nd & 3rd...
  71. WaveDancer

    Now THIS, is a BIG tuna.

    Found this link on a Canadian board. The pipe in the background is four feet accross. That would bust the biggest 100 wide off in a minute, or less. WD.
  72. WaveDancer

    Crazy video of sinking trawler

    Whatch this and make your own opinion: Things happen so fast on the water, be careful out there. WD.
  73. WaveDancer

    Largest Boatlift in History

    I have not seen this posted here before, so I thought I would put it up. Pretty sobering reminder of 9-11, but it really proves how good the people of this country can be when the times get tough. It's 11 minutes long and worth watching every second...
  74. WaveDancer

    2012 WTC Results

    Here is a link to the preliminary 2012 WTC results. Final numbers and a complete wrap-up will be posted later this week. A big thank you goes out to all the sponsors, teams and volunteers that help make the WTC...
  75. WaveDancer

    47 Teams in the hunt for the 2012 WTC!!!

    Dateline, Westport Washington. At 5:40 AM 47 teams of competitors headed to parts West, South and North of Westport to hunt their prey, Albacore Tuna. Good luck to all and have a safe and fun day on the water. WD.
  76. WaveDancer

    Help stop the by-catch waste of halibut in Alaska

    I have not seen this posted yet and I hope that many of you will take the time to fill out the petition and forward it to the Senators listed in the petition. (it's automated, you only have to supply your contact info)...
  77. WaveDancer

    2012 WTC Starting Lineup

    Hey everybody, It's that time of the year to start thinking about tuna and before you know it the Albacore will be swimming off of our coast. (less than two months now if they are on time this year) With that in mind, I have started this thread to keep everyone updated as to the teams that...
  78. WaveDancer

    IGFA Tournament Update

    For those that are not following it, I thought I would post up some information related to this years IGFA Tournament held in Cabo San Lucas. There are two teams from the Northwest at this years event. Team KORA, representing the Washington Tuna Classic. Team Kingfisher representing the...
  79. WaveDancer

    Retrieve your boat, NOT!!! (funny)

    Came across this, a little to much Bud or bud must have been a factor at some point. The very last part of the video is the funniest, IMO. WD.
  80. WaveDancer

    2012 WDFW Regs now out

    I have not seen this here yet, so I thought I would post a link to the new regs. Be sure to check in a couple of weeks for updates or changes as it always seems they have to fix a couple of errors or omissions within a month of release. WD.
  81. WaveDancer

    2011 WTC Results

    Here is a link to the preliminary results of the 2011 WTC. Once all the fish have passed inspection by our fish processor for signs of weight manipulation or non bleeding, we will post FINAL results that will include...
  82. WaveDancer

    Confirmed, MA 3 & 4 Halibut on 6-16-2011

    Just confirmed through WDFW contact that we will get one more deep water halibut day on Thursday, June 16th, 2011 in MA 3 & 4, (La Push Neah Bay) Oh boy, here comes a weekend we can fish for salmon and butt's on the same trip out to the coast! WD.
  83. WaveDancer

    2011 WTC Registration Open

    The 2011 Washington Tuna Classic is proud to announce that this year’s event will again be held in Westport Washington, August 26-27, with the event banquet being held at the Westport Maritime Museum the evening of August 27. The 2011 WTC will have a few new things added this year and we will...
  84. WaveDancer

    New WDFW Regs Link

    I have not seen it posted here yet so I thought I would add a link here on BD. The new WDFW 2011-2012 rule book is out and here is a link to it: If I read it right they have delayed the 20 fathom deep water fishery restriction to not go...
  85. WaveDancer

    The Return of the Bob Rivers Show

    Just a heads up to those of you that are fans of the Bob Rivers Show that they will be back on the air on Friday, April 1, 2011. You will find them on KJR FM, 95.7 with almost the entire cast returning, with the exception of Maura. It's hard to believe it's been six months that they have...
  86. WaveDancer

    New Tsunami Video

    Just saw this posted up on YouTube and it makes me shake just watching it. The water level went nearly up 30 feet in less than six minutes! WOW!!! WD.
  87. WaveDancer

    Tuna Feeding Vid

    I just watched this video on YouTube and it got my blood just boiling, it has got to be one of the best videos I have ever seen short of being there in person. If you have links to other cool tuna videos, paste the...
  88. WaveDancer

    2011 Disco Derby fishing results

    With the derby starting out pretty windy on Saturday, you would expect fishing to be pretty slow. Not so, 80 fish were weighed on Saturday alone. With the wind laying down on Sunday, another 100+ fish were weighed in with the top 40 fish all being over ten pounds. Monday brought out...
  89. WaveDancer

    Lamiglas Factory Sale 11/13/2010

    I haven't seen it posted here yet so I thought I would mention it in case any one needs some fresh gear. Lamiglas is having it's every other year sale this Saturday, 11/13/2010, from 7AM-4PM at their factory in Woodland. More info here: Lamiglas Warehouse Sale | Lamiglas Lots of great...
  90. WaveDancer

    When bad luck is really good luck

    Timeline, Early AM, 9-11-2010 getting ready to head back to Westport for a couple days of tuna fishing to wrap up the season. As I have made several trips to WP this summer with my boat, I have a normal check out routine that I always go through before any major traveling pulling 8,000...
  91. WaveDancer

    Westport Tuna 9/12&13/2010, who's in?

    Just looking to see who is planning on fishing for tuna out of WP this coming Sunday and Monday. We will be in town early Saturday afternoon to get iced up at WP Seafoods and hopefully meet some of the returning tuna fisherman to see how they did and where they were at. Current forecasts...
  92. WaveDancer

    Westport live bait question 9/10/10

    To those of you that have been buying live bait lately at WP, whats it like? Great cured bait, not cured at all or something in between? The reason I ask is last year about this time it was almost nothing but little tiny guys that were literally impossible to fish with. If the bait they...
  93. WaveDancer

    Open seats for tuna from Westport Monday 8/16/2010

    Two of my Monday crew are having some travel issues that may cause them to not be in town on time so I am looking for some last minute fill ins. If you are interested, the only requirements I have are that you don't have seasickness issues, you can be in Westport the evening before to cover...
  94. WaveDancer

    2010 WTC Results

    Here are the preliminary results for the 2010 WTC: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 335pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=446 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" width=64><COL style="WIDTH: 17pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 841" width=23><COL...
  95. WaveDancer

    Gameday at the 2010 WTC.

    Welcome to the first of several game day reports from this years WTC. First off I want to mention that we had a charter boat full of Wounded Warriors go fishing on Friday, 16 I believe, and they all limited on salmon, with a extra halibut and wild steelhead released thrown in to the mix. We...
  96. WaveDancer

    If I was going to chase tuna this weekend from a WA port.

    With some totally awesome charts coming from Terrafin, etc., if I was going to chase tuna, I think I would actually try La Push on Friday or Saturday, and fish for some big nookie on the way back to port. There is a solid piece of good, blue water approximately 32nm SW of LP, and the water...
  97. WaveDancer

    2010 WTC Starting Lineup

    I have created this years starting lineup in this thread and will update it as teams continue to sign up. Just like last year, team numbers are assigned by the order of PAID entry. If your team is listed and you see an * next to the team number, we are still waiting for your $300.00 minimum...
  98. WaveDancer

    WTC Needs Fish Cart Sponsors

    With our event getting ever closer, we need to start looking for some new sponsorship ideas, and this is going to be one of our first ones. For $250.00 you can become one of the WTC fish cart sponsors. For the $250.00 you will get a fish cart with your companies, club or whatever, name on the...
  99. WaveDancer

    2010 Washington Tuna Classic Registration

    2010 WTC registration is now open at: The event will again be held in Westport Washington, the weekend of August 7, 2010. If you have any questions, please PM me, or refer to our 2010 WTC Q&A thread you will find here...
  100. WaveDancer

    2010 WTC on 710 ESPN 5/2/2010

    If you have the chance, listen to ESPN 710AM this morning as we officially open up registration for this years WTC. Mitch is scheduled to be on with the boys during the 6-7am hour. Get a chance, call them up and help them have a great show. Here is a link to the live stream for the show: 710...
  101. WaveDancer

    East Coast Tuna Boil Pictures

    Found this on another forum and thought many here would love to see these pictures. Link: Cows on Red Bull !!!!! - 360Tuna Reminds me of some of the albacore boils I have seen off the coast but not nearly as big a fish. WD.
  102. WaveDancer

    LaPush roll call halibut week one

    It's 6:30am and the truck is hooked up to the boat and I am off to LaPush for what I hope is a great weather window of fishing. So, who's fishing and where are you fishing? To all of you heading out in MA 3&4 chasing butts, good luck, be safe and enjoy yourselves. O yeah, :finger: :finger...
  103. WaveDancer

    Gorst Pasty Espresso Stand GONE

    I drove through Gorst earlier today and I saw something very very sickening. The Espresso Gone Wild is not just closed down, it's 100% gone. No building, nothing. They have/had a stand in Belfair, but I don't know if it's gone/closed as well. Something fishy going on, because that stand in...
  104. WaveDancer

    MA 13 Salmon fishing questions

    With the ocean fishing season coming up soon, I need to get my boat in the water and make sure everything is working good, so I am planning on hitting MA13, south of the Narrows Bridge, on Sunday and am looking for some suggested fishing areas to target. I have never ventured into this area...
  105. WaveDancer

    Seahawk season tickets

    It looks like I may have a pair of season tickets available this year as one of my regulars just got laid off and it's looking like it's going to be a while before he's getting a job again. The seats are located in section 130, just above the Hawks tunnel and are 24 rows from the field. Very...
  106. WaveDancer

    Summer Salmon Seasons Set

    Saw this on WDFW's web site and thought it should be on our forum. Tommy, can you sticky this please for at least a while. Here is the link to the page: WDFW News Release: Washington's salmon fisheries set for 2010 Here is the text of the document: April 15, 2010 Contact: Pat Pattillo...
  107. WaveDancer

    Seahawk seaon ticket renewal

    Just wanted to post this up as this may affect more than a few here. If you are a Seahawk season ticket holder, your renewal is due this Friday, March 12th. For some reason, the Seahawks did not mail invoices this year to a lot, or all maybe, as every season ticket holder I have talked to...
  108. WaveDancer

    2010 Discovery Bay Derby Cancelled

    I just found this a moment ago and can not believe that this isn't going to happen in 2010, truly a shame that ego's get in the way of this historic derby. Here is the text of what I found: FISHING Gardiner Salmon Derby Canceled GARDINER The February 2010 salmon derby on Discovery Bay...
  109. WaveDancer

    2010 Washington Tuna Classic dates set

    Just wanted to take the time to announce on the Oregon BD site that we have set our dates for 2010. We will hold the 2010 WTC on the weekend of September 11th, 2010. For more information see our WTC sub-section on the BD WA section of BD seen here: Washington Tuna Classic - Looking...
  110. WaveDancer

    Anyone considering one last tuna trip this week?

    With the current weather forecasts looking ever so attractive, I am wondering if any of you are considering one last tuna trip this coming week? Quite a few of the boys down south are going to be hitting them hard and heavy starting Monday and going until the weather kicks them off the water...
  111. WaveDancer

    2009 WTC Final Team Standings

    Good evening everyone. Sorry this is so slow coming up, but I had to make a detour to QWEST Field on the way home from Westport in order to catch the season opener. Anyway, here is the final rundown on the teams that competed in this years WTC. <table x:str="" style="border-collapse...
  112. WaveDancer

    WTC looking for John K

    Hey everyone, I got a check for an entry in the WTC from a John K. but have no paperwork or phone number from him. The team named on his check is Team Reel Broke, but I have no information on that team or a Bloodydecks user Reel Broke. If you are reading this John, please PM me a phone so I...
  113. WaveDancer

    WTC Marina-Boat Launch & Fuel Dock Info

    Here is a link to the Harbor Masters web page with contact information for moorage and rates. <link rel="File-List" href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CKen%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C06%5Cclip_filelist.xml"><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View>...
  114. WaveDancer

    2009 Washington Tuna Classic Q&A thread

    If any of you have any questions concerning the WTC, please post them here and one of us, the board members, will try and answer your questions ASAP. Our website might have answers to some of your questions, you can get to there from here: Thanks. WD.
  115. WaveDancer

    WTC Lodging & Travel Information

    Here is a link to information concerning local lodging in the Westport area: <link rel="File-List" href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CKen%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C04%5Cclip_filelist.xml"><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom>...
  116. WaveDancer

    Official 2009 WTC Starting Lineup, let the smack talk roll!

    Here is the official starting lineup for the 2009 WTC as of 9/7/2009 <table x:str="" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 287pt;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="382"><col style="width: 54pt;" width="72"> <col style="width: 135pt;" width="180"> <col style="width: 98pt;"...
  117. WaveDancer

    Live bait at Westport question

    Following this last weekends boat cleanup, I have some questions for those of you that have been buying bait for a while at Westport. This past Saturday we bought a full scoop, (10 pounds supposedly :rofl: ), and it was almost all little tiny anchovies or big, beat up red nosed anchovies, which...
  118. WaveDancer

    Westport RV information question

    Do any of you have any place that you would recommend for setting up a travel trailer for the next two months in or near Westport? Closer to the docks would be better, but I am assuming most are already booked for the summer. The only requirements I have are it needs to be somewhat secure...
  119. WaveDancer

    Westport bar questions

    Not knowing to much about the bar at Westport I am wondering if any of you locals can give me some advise. The Saturday tides are as follows: Saturday August 8 High 2:37 AM 8.2 Low 8:49 AM -0.5 High 3:29 PM 7.9 Low 9:07 PM 1.5 If I wanted to cross the bar...
  120. WaveDancer

    OTC Ilwaco results

    Just back in from Ilwaco and after seeing this not posted I thought I would give a big thumbs up to the the guys from Defiance Boats as they WON the Ilwaco leg of the OTC. Team WTC team finished in the top ten as well. Not to bad for a bunch of Northerners. OK folks here's the run down on how...
  121. WaveDancer

    Some live/dead bait questions

    Good morning BD nation. I am wondering if any of you that fish with live bait have ever taken on bait in say a five gallon bucket that you know wouldn't make trip out alive, just to use them as chum. I would still have live ones in my live well, but I'm just trying to think of a way to make...
  122. WaveDancer

    How is live bait working so far this year?

    Hey everyone. Just wondering how live bait is doing so far this year for those of you that make sure you don't leave the dock without them. Has the condition of the bait being sold been pretty good? Are the tuna co-operating with live bait stops very well yet or do they scatter at the drop of...
  123. WaveDancer

    BFT caught on Oregon coast

    I saw this earlier today from the boys down south and since no one has posted it here, I thought I would give it a heads up. Link: Bft 7-6-09 - Three bluefin tuna were landed at a location somewhere called the "out of the corners" in 61 degree water. I believe he was fishing...
  124. WaveDancer

    The highways open!!!

    I just saw this image on the board down south, holy crap, the highways looking pretty good. Look at THIS If those temps stay current, whats the chance we find some albies while out fishing for halibut as that image sure looks like its going to be right where a lot of us fish? Can't...
  125. WaveDancer

    LaPush 5/14-5/16-09 Pic heavy

    Wow, what a weekend! My first thank you goes to the weather gods, you rock! After getting in to LaPush on Wednesday afternoon and seeing the wind build to blowing 40 mph from the south, giving us at least 8 foot wind chop, I thought for sure we would be stuck on the beach at least until late...
  126. WaveDancer

    224lb Halibut caught in 17' boat w/PICS

    Hey everyone, this story has been on some other sites and the one of the local TV stations and I thought I would give out a little more information that seems to be lacking. The lucky fisherman that caught this big halibut is Ray Fredericks. He is a retired gentleman that has been an active...
  127. WaveDancer

    Time for suggestions to WDFW

    It is time to make suggestions to the good folks at WDFW for rule changes for the 2010 & 2011 seasons. Link: WDFW News Release: Public invited to propose rule changes for 2010-11 recreational fisheries The suggestions must be turned in by June 1, 2009 to be added to the list of possible...
  128. WaveDancer

    LaPush hali opener-who's fishing

    With all you talking up the halibut opener at Neah Bay, I thought I would ask and see who is planning on coming down to the beach and play at LaPush. I know of at least a couple of BDer's that will be there, so how about you? Weather permitting, my group will arrive at LP Monday the 11th...
  129. WaveDancer

    Kitsap CCA chapter banquet

    Many thanks go out to everyone that helped put this together, it was a great event for all that attended. From the cake auction, (I don't know what the one lady that bought like 7 or 8 cakes is gonna do with them), to the raffle for the custom halibut pole, this was a fun time had by everyone...
  130. WaveDancer

    Anyone interested?

    If any of you have been watching ifish lately, you know they are going to have some "LIVE" M.O.B. drills at their convention at the end of the month. This brings up my question, is anyone in our area up here interested in putting a group together to do something like this? Training like this...
  131. WaveDancer

    2009 Seattle Boat Show

    Wondering who's going to the boat show this weekend and what are you looking for? I myself am going Sunday with a fishing buddy and will be looking at every offshore type of boat they have there along with taking pictures of any good ideas, installations and anything else that looks good. My...
  132. WaveDancer

    Hood Canal Bridge closing May 1, 2009

    With the Hood Canal Bridge closing May 1, 2009 for at least six weeks, I was wondering if any of you reading this will change your plans on fishing the north coast for halibut this year? If you live in the south sound area, this won't mean much to you as it will be very easy to drive around...
  133. WaveDancer

    Disco Derby 2009

    Just wondering if any of the local BD brethren is planning on fishing this years Disco Derby? If the weather cooperates it can be a good day or two for some quality time on the salt. We managed to put a couple of top ten fish on my boat two years ago, so even a cracker like me can get lucky...
  134. WaveDancer

    TUNA Roll call 9/27-9/29

    Well it's that time BD'ers. The weather looks like its really gonna treat us well this weekend and allow us on the water for one last weekend of some longfin hunting. So chime in and give us your day(s) and port. My crew and I are planning to be in WP Saturday afternoon in time to great the...
  135. WaveDancer

    Tuna Tuesday 9/16/08

    With the weather looking like it's going to line up real nice, I'm wondering who's going to try for some tuna Tuesday. There were reports of the commercial fleet heading up off Destruction Island a few days ago, has anyone heard anything more about the fishing west or north of WP? The latest...
  136. WaveDancer

    Some questions about Westport

    After my first visit to Westport in my own boat, I have some questions for some of you that spend a lot more time down there. 1- Is there anyplace I can take my trailered boat to and rinse it off with a hose and fresh water? A car wash some were I didn't see? 2- Live bait sales. I was told...
  137. WaveDancer

    Westport Tuna 9/2/08

    Here is the short report as I am just about ready to hit the sack. Fantastic conditions met quite a few boats that travel 50-55 miles SW of Westport. 210 compass heading. Once there, lots of jumpers and if you tried live bait fishing you had a really great time. Our starting position was...
  138. WaveDancer

    Westport questions

    New member here everyone, HELLO! I have some questions about available services at Westport. With the current forecasts starting to look better and better for fishing on Monday and Tuesday I am wondering who's going to be open, and when. I have read that there is some place at the docks that...