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  1. GaffnLaff

    "HOO Nation" INDEPENDENCE 7 Day July 10-17

    Great report, keeping me stoked, thanks for taking the time!
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    Blufin BluBallz

    Too funny, been there many times, I call it bluefin watching not fishing
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    Fishing glasses for the blind

    These are a great value
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    Local San Diego shops selling ALPS guides?

    Fishermans Landing Tackle would be likely to stock them
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    Big Bear Late Report - Flylining Chovy for Big Rainbows

    I caught a 3# bow full of shad at BBL
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    Offshore 1.5 Day On the Polaris Supreme 4/5 - the “Unicorn” Trip

    Wow, you write a great report! Really sounds like a fine boat captain and crew operation. I can't wait till June 26 trip on this boat
  7. GaffnLaff

    Electric Bikes? Do they suck?

    3k? To ride on the beach? The salt is gonna destroy it. Just get a beach cruiser with gears and a stainless chain. I rode one surf fishing on the beach with 3 rocket launchers for years. Use one flip flop for the kickstand
  8. GaffnLaff

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    Fucking flat falls! Based on what I have read I have amassed a whole collection, 3 different styles terminal tackle, tons of extra assist hooks, most all of it has been fished hard, but never gotten a fucking bite, and I have never seen anyone get a bite on one of these infernal fucked-up...
  9. GaffnLaff

    need advice - need to locate my freezer outside - shaded spot - upright or chest?

    Frost buildup happens when you open the door. With an upright freezer the door is open much less time, so they have less frost buildup. Get an alarm. Mine (about $20) has remote sensors, you can set the temp that the alarm sounds.
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    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    Booked June 26 4 day with my best friend
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    need advice - need to locate my freezer outside - shaded spot - upright or chest?

    Upright is the only way to go if you ask me. You can see and find everything in it. Nothing gets buried at the bottom.
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    San Quintin Estuary Fishing

    I've read about Halibut and Bonefish on BD
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    Intrepid food porn

  14. GaffnLaff

    Intrepid food porn

    I believe he spells his name Bryan. Biggest most consistent smile I have ever seen in the kitchen Intrepid, what's not to like. The food is just incredible, the service is top drawer non-stop, quiet boat with the cleanest fit and finish, and a very fishy.
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    Takinng suggestions recipe for trout

    cut trout into steaks dry rub and blacken on both sides in hot pan dump 1/4 cup Girard's champagne dressing on the fish and cover for 3 minutes fork the 4 loins from the bones and the skin falls right off
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    Garage Chest Freezer - Looking for Recommendations

    I just got an Insignia 7 cf upright at Best Buy for $280
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    PV Report 11/19-11/23

    Amazing, Love those huge sickles!!!
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    FG Knot Performance

    [ I do the same, practice practice practice. And I thought my trash can full of spectra and mono knot tying practice was got me on this!
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    Done buying any other rod other than Okuma.

    I just bought the 801xh for half the cost of my last Rainshadow blank+ Alps components. It is a great product and price point. A few years ago I swore I'm only using rods I built. The math convinced me to stop wrapping. Alps....I hope you're fucking listening.
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    What is the smallest conventional?

    Valiant 300 narrow spool
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    it's getting close now. Intrepid Nov 30 - Dec 10

    Looks like we are going to share a rail DMcD :cheers: I'm really looking forward to this, my first long range trip. My friend Don is the instigator, this will be his second LR trip. I live near the landing, let me know if you need anything.
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    Calcutta Explorer 5 tray bag

    Ill take her Cash in hand in San Diego dave (619) 572-4584
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    Anyone fished Big Bear lately?

    Bob, there haven't been any plants so the shore fishing is really slow. I went to red house at dawn on the 18th for no bites, none seen. I saw a report someone caught 3 trout by red house tuesday am. Boats do better I hear.
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    Independence try out...

    These type of pics and tips are really helpful. Wish they were up on all of the LR boats websites, but they just aren't. Anyone have pic like these for the Intrepid tackle storage?
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Walt Sorry I gave you homework. My guess was 100% knot, not another bullard at the scale, but I see the logic and I'm sure it will work. When my new scale gets here I will have a new hobby, real confidence in my connections, and the ability to prove other connections inferior. Thanks for taking...
  26. GaffnLaff

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Walt, I cant take objective info on my connections, and curiosity just made me build a knot breaker. Thanks for all of the info. I could use a couple of small suggestions. Testing knots looks straight forward. I dont understand how you test for ABS if a knot is required to connect to the...
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    Heavier surface iron...

    Deadhead 4 oz
  28. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    I was MOB at the 425 Fishing last Friday on the Legend I was leaning on the rail, at the gate section. The screws in the hinge were loose and the rail fell apart and I hit the sub-rail, then went directly overboard. It was daylight, there were plenty of eyes on me, I wasn't injured bad or...
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    Intrepid 10 day December

    My first time on Intrepid Nov 30 to 12/10 Ill let you know how it goes.
  30. GaffnLaff

    Big Bear Lake Summer Trout Fishing

    I read that here was a plant last thursday Its really slow lately, especially shorefishing bc the water is so warm, abundance of carp, and algae bloom Best opportunity for trout is from the boat with slip bobber and worms or power bait, or troll needlefish with lead core line. I pass on fishing...
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    Offshore Check out this guy!

    I dont give a shit about his life, he doesnt obviously Sucks one of us private boaters or Coast Guard will have to rescue his dumb ass, or carcass
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    Offshore Offshore Yellowwfin

    my bent sniper is the only one that gets bit thanks for the report
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    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    When my boss's truck was stolen, the parking lot attendant said never leave the ticket in the car, especially not on the dash, that's what they look for. The thief will just pay and leave. Super sorry for your loss.
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    Ive done halibut jaws they came out pretty cool
  35. GaffnLaff

    Long Range shutdown?

    I dont think Ill be going on my first 10 day in november unless there is a vaccine or cure-all by then I vote dont close them down, there is not enough information yet.
  36. GaffnLaff


    Go ahead and call it the Wuhan virus, if you cant' handle Covid 19. The only reason the entire GOP started calling it China or Chinese virus on the same day is to take attention off of orange shitlers terrible handling of this pandemic. He wants his racist fucking base riled-up and make more...
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    Thank you BD!

    Shout-out to Michael for prompt no bullshit service. Minutes after payment was made he contacted me and let me know my Mak 20 would ship next day, then sent a pic of UPS label just now.
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    Thank you BD!

    The Mak 20 is going in my cart!
  39. GaffnLaff

    New Montana house

    Dunno if youre a builder. A few tips: Read the installation instructions on everything then make sure it gets done right. You paid for it to be done right! Select tyvek or similar exterior wrap. Make the crew "Balloon Wrap" the house before windows go in. Make the crew use the right tape and...
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    Ill take it if harry doesnt!
  41. GaffnLaff

    Floating Bait Receiver for my slip

    LP Fishing Supply in oceanside makes nice ones
  42. GaffnLaff

    Where to buy Elmer's rubber cement 1 qt.?

    I just buy the little bottles at home depot bc nobody has quart
  43. GaffnLaff

    238 pound swordfish on PENN International 50SW

    Great catch. Cookie cutter shark got a piece of the fish.
  44. GaffnLaff

    1st Thresher

    Great memories, and some great eats!
  45. GaffnLaff

    Offshore WFO YFT 10/24 - 3 Miles North East of 226

    Good as it get right there! Thanks for the report and pics :)
  46. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Awesome fish, caught on kite? I got one about 60# last week
  47. GaffnLaff

    Donnmar Pliers – Its All About Owning The Right Tools

    Everyone needs $300 pliers...sign me up?
  48. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Oct 16/17 on the Constitution

    We were on the Poseidon. The guys that did best were using #4 hooks and 17# or 25# flouro on yf and bluefin to 60#
  49. GaffnLaff

    Redemption on the Poseidon

    Good writeup Jack. It was a damn good trip, and nice to meet you. Dave
  50. GaffnLaff

    Another connection

    Thats an RP knot, only inverted....interesting
  51. GaffnLaff

    Quick change clip

    They're money! Change jigs as fast as you change baits. Bigger jigs and rings can distort the clip a bit, but I just put the pliers on em.
  52. GaffnLaff

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    Thanks to whoever put up the bridle rig, great idea. I decided to add the quick clip at the jig...for obvious reasons :git:
  53. GaffnLaff

    Got my 50

    Big Jurel, very nice catch!
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    Offshore 10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    Great report and pics! Thanks for taking the time
  55. GaffnLaff

    NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    I can see your great memories....posting those pics would've made me keep her.
  56. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Ranger 85 currently on the west side less than half way up.
  57. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Dan, my good friend Audi on the Sail em will be heading out to Sci tomorrow (I need my job) and wants to work with you if possible. Hope you all find biting bluefin. Thanks, Dave
  58. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9/29 NEW LO-AN 1.5 day

    I felt like I was there. This has happened so many times. I stopped reading fish and weather reports getting all fucking worked up prior to my depart = less grief. Good on you for not bitching, even a little bit.
  59. GaffnLaff

    Rigging Flyers for BFT

    My friend Don says a case of 75 frozen flying fish is $102 in Florida. Considering having him bring some out.
  60. GaffnLaff

    JT rubber cement foam grip installation method

    Yes it works for both of those Saba. I love this method but I was lucky enough to find it right when I started building my own rods thanks to this library of tips. Cleanup tip WD40 removes rubber cement
  61. GaffnLaff

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    I hope my upcoming 5 day will do exactly that! :smoking33:
  62. GaffnLaff

    How far out for bluefin

    First, buy Fishdope=knowledge Second, buy Marine Traffic
  63. GaffnLaff

    RP Accurate 7 day 9/13-9/20

    Great report thanks for taking the time :appl:
  64. GaffnLaff

    Offshore I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Awesome fish Ali! You set a tough goal, and now you attained it :appl: Now what are you gonna do?
  65. GaffnLaff

    Fattie raibows at the dam, Big Bear Lake

    I got the skunk saturday pm
  66. GaffnLaff

    Credit card fraud and GetBit Outdoors

    Our host??? WTF? This is fucking weak
  67. GaffnLaff

    Fattie raibows at the dam, Big Bear Lake

    Damn nice fish! I fish by the Red House pretty regular, I haven't tried by the dam, but maybe I should. Heading up tonight. Thanks for the report.
  68. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Skippies

    Sounds like our saturday....except the skippies. Thanks for taking the time to put up a report :appl:
  69. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9/14 bluefin

    Thanks for the report :appl:
  70. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    And he is looking for someone to build him a rod so he can trash them too. What a fucking douche :fighting0061:
  71. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Tribute 9/11, My son’s first tuna

    Such a happy face! You gave him the disease dad.
  72. GaffnLaff

    I have to let this out, R.I.P. Divers on the Conception

    Sucks to wonder. It is a terrible fact, but its much better to know. I'm still waiting to hear if that was the common denominator on Prowler and Pacifica.
  73. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Anybody Fishing Blue Fin This Saturday?

    Step 1 you must master Bluefin watching: Take several trips just to watch spot after spot of bluefin boiling all around the boat eating bait like fucking crazy, throw everything you can think of, downsize your line, wish for a fish, pray for a bite if you want, only to have them ignore...
  74. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Nuthin But FREEDOM- 1.5 Tuna 9/09/19

    Such good fishin Thanks for the pics and praise for the good crew
  75. GaffnLaff

    Big Tuna Success In Cabo 9/10 With Jaime

    Outstanding! Was that cow or super? Looks close.
  76. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Outstanding tuna bite

    Thanks, it is really good to see a Poseidon post and blood on their decks! Great pics! I'm booked for 4.5d Oct 11th.
  77. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    Hey keyboard whiners, If you aint willing to say it to the faces of the captain and crew like a fucking man, then dont bring it to BD :_diarrhea_:
  78. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    Someone went fishing and didnt catch a fish and went on BD to whine about it..... Dont look at fish reports just before (or after) going it only sets you up for heartbreak.
  79. GaffnLaff

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Mike I appreciate where you are coming from. Im got punched by these tragedies where we wonder if there really was someone on watch, or that person was asleep. We all want this tragedy to result in safer boats. Your idea is kinda taking this in the same direction as self driving cars....put in...
  80. GaffnLaff

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Bluefin's what I do! Thanks for the cool video
  81. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Tuna processing at home?

    Sportboat cut=pay for less meat, that still needs a trim My cut at home=max quality meat right into vac sealer Avoid cutting into the gut=clean meat with little/no rinse.
  82. GaffnLaff

    Help with grip materials

    Im a beginner too EVA is almost same as hypalon and easy to install and reshape on the lathe Watch the salty dog grip install tutorial video and you wont have to worry about reaming to fit Never done cork tape or cord
  83. GaffnLaff

    Tactical / Offshore Angler Quick Clip

    These clips rock I had no 15# rig last saturday so I gave up on 20# and bait and grabbed my 9 rod and went to the bow. First time using the clips, I went thru about 9 jigs with no bites, then hung a 25# YFT on the DS Minnow saving my day. The bigger jig rings are tough to get clipped and do bend...
  84. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    Great report Way to get the price of tuna down to $4.00 a pound? 600lbs tuna divide $90 fuel, $50 bait, $10 ice
  85. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    "My goal here is to prevent a future injury or fatality for all of us sharing this wonderful fishery. I implore you to film any transgression by the Sportsfishing Fleet as they are held to a higher standard and have legal responsibilities." Thanks Mr Geo-fish! I will try harder to not to drift...
  86. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    It's been real ugly out there, on both sides. I've had a hard time forgiving the bad driving and verbal assault, but like you, I refuse to let those expected transgressions ruin my day. If the crew threw a jig at you, then the captain "allowed" it by not stopping his employee. That is assault...
  87. GaffnLaff

    How many miles is the 230 from Mission landing (SD)

    Mr O.P. Go get yourself the paper chart called "San Diego Offshore Banks" at any boat or tackle store, and you'll never have to ask such a question again.
  88. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    Thx for the report and rundown of what was working Next trip try putting your phone in airplane mode and the battery will last much longer.
  89. GaffnLaff

    Offshore My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    I mostly do bluefin watching. Thanks for all the photos. It's good to see you succeed and share the knowledge Billy!
  90. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BAIT, BAIT, AND MORE BAIT!!! 8/17/19

    Thanks for the great pics and report! And just what was with that fucked up ugly brown water that stains white spectra?
  91. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    This video is awesome thanks I pretend I'm reeling my phone and I'm almost there! I think theres some blood on me
  92. GaffnLaff

    Offshore The San Diego - 8.14.2019 +200 yellowfin tuna

    It is incredible when you first see tuna that want to die!
  93. GaffnLaff

    Intrepid - Berutich 8 Day

    Nice skin to say the trip :)
  94. GaffnLaff

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    Its gonna take a guy an hour or more just to make tool to hold that vertical so they can put it in a bandsaw or other machine and not scratch it. The black line of 4200 is your friend, you can be out a little. Id just do some careful layout and go at it with the mini grinder Bring them over I'll...
  95. GaffnLaff

    Who can make this?

    Chingon metal fab Phone: (619) 880-3746
  96. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    Nicely done skipper! That Bluefin smile is awesome :)
  97. GaffnLaff

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin. Whiteseabass!!

    Beauty that! Rough weather and great WSB :)
  98. GaffnLaff

    Salt Fever

    Oh my, what an awesome boat!
  99. GaffnLaff

    Coronados 7/15

    We were there Sunday with 150+ boats, and fucking everyone was close, but everybody got their fish, we never tangled with anyone, and nobody was a dick except one sporty cunt
  100. GaffnLaff

    Pacific Voyager 3 day Opening

    Wish I could get out of work! Can I be on your waiting list?
  101. GaffnLaff

    Big Bear 6/23/19

    A great trout day at Big Bear lake with a 17", [email protected]" and a 13", then when I packed-up, I pulled in a monster Crayfish! Tasty soup
  102. GaffnLaff

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    If this was who I think it was....I rode with him once with a few other ho's. Leaving from San Pedro to Catalina he fell asleep at the wheel. I woke him a few times, he thought nothing of it??? I then told him to go to bed and took the helm the rest of the night. Couldn't wait till we landed and...
  103. GaffnLaff

    the biggest leopard grouper i've ever seen,bola,6/18/19.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful fish and for putting it back!
  104. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pacific Queen overnight 6/14

    This is a great informative report, thanks for taking the time!
  105. GaffnLaff

    BOLA with Capt Juan 6/1-3

    I love catching Cabrilla, like calicos on steroids! Beautiful pics Thanks
  106. GaffnLaff


    Nice grande yellows
  107. GaffnLaff

    Goto Knife Sharpener

    Worksharp Ken Onion Put on a good bevel on with coarse, then work thru all the belts, and that bevel is polished to a shine, and super sharp Did all of the terribly dull knives at my house and cabin with one set of belts (barely). A set of belts (or 5 coarse belts) on amazon apx. $15. 20...
  108. GaffnLaff

    Tuna survival on release.....

    Release tuna? Nope Fillet & release!
  109. GaffnLaff

    Terez rod and rusty wrapping

    I say not enough finish on the eyes/feet. Water enters any gaps and remains, resulting in the rust (on cheap parts). After you use something for rust conversion, apply CP Extra to penetrate/seal around the eyes/feet, then apply finish.
  110. GaffnLaff

    Offshore PQ Heartbreaker

    I HATE the un-buttoning part...but it is part of fishin!
  111. GaffnLaff

    why do people put 150# braid on a cow reel if #30 drag is all a person able to handle

    BC abrasion resistance is greater in bigger diameter line
  112. GaffnLaff

    Offshore The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Thats huge on 30# ! Good job man
  113. GaffnLaff

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    Thanks for posting this Mike. Done in 2.5 minutes, both numbers, and passed this info around the jobsite so hopefully a few more anglers call in.
  114. GaffnLaff

    Stocked Trout Fishing

    Hatchery Dust on the powerbait. Instinct says cast far, sometimes they are real shallow....try different depths, try other spots, ask those that are catching. I fish straight 4# because I cant tie shit in line I can't see, 1/2 oz lead with a carolina keeper, #8 Mosquito Hooks, no trebles for me...
  115. GaffnLaff

    San Diego Fish ID

    From a couple years ago. FullSizeRender_picmonkeyed by GaffnLaff posted Aug 17, 2015 at 1:33 PMIMG_0133_picmonkeyed by GaffnLaff posted Aug 17, 2015 at 1:33 PM
  116. GaffnLaff

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Thats how you lead! Watch other operations follow now. WTG Excel!
  117. GaffnLaff

    Need family camping ideas for Spring Break

    Mid coast try Julia Pfieffer Burns state beach near Big Sur. Dry camping. Great beach nearby waterfall. Lots of Deer hunters there.
  118. GaffnLaff

    Need family camping ideas for Spring Break

    Refugio Jalama Beach
  119. GaffnLaff

    Snow with FWD.

    Subaru plus all weather tires and drive with care I never chain up and zero problems in Big Bear
  120. GaffnLaff

    Independence home with Bluefin

    .I met a friend on the dock arriving from a ten day. The Indy found a spot of Blue fin coming back up the line about 130 miles south on their last day. They got about 18 fish mostly 80 to 100# and one at 260# I believe on the kite rig.
  121. GaffnLaff

    Spectra brand weights

    All lines weight seems negligible. Aren't all lines nearly buoyant? To me the bait's ability to pull line is limited largely due to friction. Freespool, guides, and water a little weight. Spectra works better due to less diameter and slack effect. Mono is larger diameter and...
  122. GaffnLaff

    Excel 16 day

    Great pics and awesome report!
  123. GaffnLaff

    DIY Power Wrapper with Assorted Parts- Need a good Rod Stands

    I made my lathe except for the chuck with parts laying around in the shop . Wheels were hard to find.
  124. GaffnLaff

    What do you like for a tackle box on public boats trips?

    I can measure later, but I'll say it fits anywhere, and it's small enough to take on private boats-they usually thank me for bringing extra rod holders. It's not tall, and almost never gets tippy with rods (unlike ALL cloth cloth tackle boxes with rod holders). Its just an old cooler I added a...
  125. GaffnLaff

    What do you like for a tackle box on public boats trips?

    This little box plus a backpack is a perfect fit for me.
  126. GaffnLaff

    Drone with release clip for fishing line.

    I saw a young man fish with a drone at Big Bear Lake. He hung his line on a hook on the drone, flew it out to the channel, and yanked the rod, the line and bait fell in the water. I proceeded to catch 3 fish to his none. He asked what bait I was using? I said common sense, the fish are 15' from...
  127. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Thanksgiving Yellowfin 11/19

    awesome grade thx for the porn
  128. GaffnLaff

    I wish I would have stayed in bed. DP 11.17.18

    My former boat owner friend insisted I unhook his Shamrock before backing down at Shelter Island and age ago....the boat slid partway off the trailer, landing on its solid keel, barely any damage. This left much of the weight on the very back of the aluminum trailer, and sprung the side members...
  129. GaffnLaff

    Big Bear Lake - 11/9-11/10

    I fished red house saturday eve and watched the guy in my fav spot right next to me whack 5 fish while I got one bite and LDR. Ill have to try other spots. Thanks for the intel. I own a cabin and find it difficult to get any shore reports from the lake.
  130. GaffnLaff

  131. GaffnLaff

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Still available, I'm interested
  132. GaffnLaff

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Still available, I'm interested
  133. GaffnLaff

    Anyone know a place to flush your motor close to shelter island San Diego?

    I live right by MB Info center. You could use my driveway cleaning table and hose anytime for a seat once in a while.
  134. GaffnLaff

    75 lb Yellowtail

    One helluva Jurel!
  135. GaffnLaff

    New record BFT 269.7

    Holy crap. Kevin is an old friend. Ill have to catch up with him soon.
  136. GaffnLaff

    Back to Basics - DP BUTT

    That doesnt suck. Nice flatty!
  137. GaffnLaff

    Fiesty Big Bear Trout

    Thanks I sure had alot of fun :-) Pretty sure that shot of Gramps is Convict.
  138. GaffnLaff

    Fiesty Big Bear Trout

    I'm looking for that hat!
  139. GaffnLaff

    Fiesty Big Bear Trout

    Fishing turned into catching today :-) I got 4 nice holdover trout with 2 successfully released in a 2 hr session. North shore by the dam, 4# test chartreuse garlic powerbait carolina rig. While trying to de-hook the 4.5# fish,i(my biggest in 20 years or so) i was shaking with excitement, he...
  140. GaffnLaff

    Lucky Craft Combo

    I want to wrap my own long stickbait rod for the Lexa300. Can someone suggest a good Rainshadow 9 or 10' blank?
  141. GaffnLaff

    Furbag Population in Trouble

    If they were tasty, the population would be in trouble:lux:
  142. GaffnLaff

    Beautifying an old rod? Paint or????

    Some great info is in the "rod building tutorials" section This shit works great there is also one on painting your blank somewhere
  143. GaffnLaff

    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    Congrats on a great trip. I really enjoyed your pics, I have never seen a more infectious smile than the one you had with the tuna. My wife loved this post and said youre a sporty chick of the highest order. Thanks for posting.
  144. GaffnLaff

    Having a Bad Day?

    Idiot....driving like an ass. Opens-up one more parking spot!
  145. GaffnLaff

    Pacific Voyager Post

    Mr Block should move on to a more fitting career.
  146. GaffnLaff

    Pacific Voyager Post

    A SMART captain and crew woulda rigged a bait on a rod and handed it to a paying customer and been a hero. Anything else is just wrong.
  147. GaffnLaff

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    I said it is illegal based on this from an earlier post: Sec 28.65: GENERAL. Except as provided in this article, fin fish may be taken only on hook and line or by hand.
  148. GaffnLaff

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    No Chris it is not legal. This is one of the dumbest fucking asshat moves, I've ever seen, and it brings us all down....this is what the world will take away. Thanks a fucking lot Pacific Poacher, you just erased any benefit sportfishing advocacy has made for years. When I posted this, I too...
  149. GaffnLaff

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    This just hit the Finbomb Instagram page. Said it is 500# caught on a two day. The pecs look kinda rigid....discuss LOL
  150. GaffnLaff

    Mid 50's Retired looking for Ride Along$ to fish and share expenses

    Im looking for a new ho opportunity. Im self sufficient, know the ropes, $, care for safety and your boat, gaff, fillet, clean up, back a trailer, etc. Mostly weekends.
  151. GaffnLaff

    Offshore CONDOR Cortez blood, sweat, tears fun time 10/22

    Sounds fun and a good write up. I like that boat and crew. Thanks for the report.
  152. GaffnLaff

    Police recover stolen boat

    That's the BD network working. Hope your boat is ok
  153. GaffnLaff


    Good advice above. You will never get all of the mold, the water intrusion can be fixed but humidity can reactivate the mold How to kill it and keep it form coming back with out harsh chemicals I treat newly framed houses with this, for termites and mold
  154. GaffnLaff

    2015 is it over

    Do yourself a favor, try not to look at fish counts or weather few days before going on cattle boat. Saves a bunch of BS emotions...either you expect too much or fear not catching anything. Doesn't really matter, because you're going anyway.
  155. GaffnLaff

    Yellow belly sea snake in Oxnard?

    Dangerous and rare to see, and going viral, but the yellow bellied sea snake is a native species in Cali.
  156. GaffnLaff

    Dragon scales - presented by Jim Trelikes

    Jim, a huge thanks for your continued support of this forum. The story above is a bit disconcerting and Im glad you are over it. I just started rod building. These tutorials are a huge asset when we try something new and nudge us to raise our game. Im trying to do my first tiger right now.
  157. GaffnLaff

    Mucho Take it Easy -- LB to BOLA (pic heavy)

    Damn incredible trip and great pics
  158. GaffnLaff

    5 year old Swordfish video, but still cool

    The video is on H&M Landings Facebook page. Really green fish, they nearly loose it with 6+ gaffs in it.
  159. GaffnLaff

    5 year old Swordfish video, but still cool

    Wish they woulda put the fish down before boating it but one lucky rent rodder
  160. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Determination paid off congrats Mike
  161. GaffnLaff

    Boat Motor Stolen

    Thieves suck ass, sorry for your loss. Try a post on maybe a neighbor saw something. Join and you'll see how many neighbors are on.
  162. GaffnLaff

    yellowtail popping in Korea 2015

    Catching yellows from the rocks, sure looks like so much fun.
  163. GaffnLaff

    Okuma Metaloid setting drag

    Thanks, ordered
  164. GaffnLaff

    First work posted!

    Very nice work
  165. GaffnLaff

    Offshore A skinny that wasn't so...

    Such a fuckin pig of a hoo, definitely not skinny. Thanks for letting me use your maruader, wish I had your luck. C ya around Ron.
  166. GaffnLaff

    Milestone catch for me!

    Congrats on the striper Jelly...I hope to catch one someday
  167. GaffnLaff

    Offshore FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Congratulations on the unprecedented awesome local catch! You guys made history. Thanks for sharing. Some of us can just appreciate the fine catch and not say a buncha shit :appl:
  168. GaffnLaff

    Limit fishing on Yt. ""Who did it"""???? PATHETIC!!!

    Fucking idiots....need their license revoked. Pic is from Five Star......someone wanted these processed? Sarah is pissed The captain needs to bear some responsibility for this shit too!
  169. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    What a great day with your dad! Congrats. You get to tell this story forever.
  170. GaffnLaff

    "Dorado'd" out GF800L for Wes

    Gorgeous work. I would say you have mastered your craft.
  171. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9/9 Overnight FAIL on the Freedom

    To be fair....SHUT THE FUCK UP! Dont post whiner boy didn't catch tons of fish on a fishing trip reports here!
  172. GaffnLaff

    Just for fun, dorado jaw

    Pretty cool. I preserve halibut jaws, their teeth are incredible. I wanna get all sizes.
  173. GaffnLaff

    Incredible edit - Get Pumped

    Those guys are straight-up serial killers...and releasers. RESPECT!
  174. GaffnLaff

    Fish ID?

    Unknown fish caught pre-dawn on saturday with glow in the dark jig on 2-day aboard the Pacific Quest.
  175. IMG_0133_picmonkeyed


  176. FullSizeRender_picmonkeyed


  177. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  178. GaffnLaff

    Offshore trip of a lifetime on the Pacific Quest

    That sounds like an insane trip, thanks for the great report. Paragraphs???? For real? Fuck that fucking guy... :indabutt: I can fish any boat, a killer crew is what I want. Your report just made me book a 2 day 081415 on Pacific Quest, maybe they should give you a discount !
  179. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Team Encounter 9/29/14....10 SoCal Marlin day!

    Nice that the billfish are biting so well. Ken is the master!
  180. GaffnLaff

    050214 MB Zebra

    Mission Beach....clear weedless water, no wind? .....get out the Lucky Craft ! First ever Zebra for me and a couple of nice perch Great day to be fishing
  181. GaffnLaff

    Bizarre foods starring tommy gomes

    Interesting, I saw Tommy fillet and cook a Leopard shark on a Sportsman Channel hunting/cooking show Sunday.
  182. GaffnLaff


    Thanks for posting this Mike, I had no idea you were ??. John was a really good friend of mine too. You said it right, he was a hell of a waterman and a fireball of energy! Saw you speak at the service, you sure did a friend proud. The showing was a testament to John's wonderful nature...
  183. GaffnLaff

    Dusting off the winter dust

    Awesome report and nice Ghost, Pics of Yellow-he looks fucking huge?
  184. GaffnLaff

    MB 031713 St Flatty Day

    Quick LC session while wifey walked. I thought I had zero chance. Arrived at ebb low, windy, cold, big shorepound, uphill current, eelgrass. Connected once, thought he was a piggy BSP cause he hit soooo close to shore, about 5" short :)
  185. GaffnLaff

    The Elusive Big Reds

    Ed's homemade jigs-you dont need no stinkin bait.
  186. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Season just keeps goin....and goin....and goin...

    Marlin, dodo's, and YT in November. Thanks, never heard anyone post a report from Ken's boat.
  187. GaffnLaff

    Stolen Bicycle

    Fucking douchebag crystalhead thieves! Ill keep an eye out Charles. I wear spandex and ride about 150m a week also.
  188. GaffnLaff

    Dorado mouth infectious??

    I got bit on the heel by a dorado in WFO bite years ago. Icleaned it when I got home, it still got infected and after being reluctant ($100 copay), I ended up at the emergency room. Ever since then I carry and use triple antibiotic cream while I am OTW for all cuts (even tiny ones). Dont...
  189. GaffnLaff

    OTW signs of stroke

    Useful post and good move OP. Warning Signs of Stroke Sudden numbness, tingling, weakness, or loss of movement in your face, arm, or leg, especially on only one side of your body. Sudden vision changes. Sudden trouble speaking. Sudden confusion or trouble understanding simple statements...
  190. GaffnLaff

    080212 MB Shortfins

    I realllllly wanted it to be a WSB Still was an awesome day, not to be equalled for a while. I went back a few times for no more shortfin love. Stripes on side = Junior WSB Orange mouth + fangs = shortfin corvina
  191. GaffnLaff

    080212 MB Shortfins

    Yes Ernie, all fish on the minnow. Daiwa made the DB minnow for a while, dont know if they're still around. Corvina make tasty ceviche, but I had no way to keep them at work...I strolled-in late :)
  192. GaffnLaff

    080212 MB Shortfins

    I had a short pre-work sesh No SC's with tide out, low surf, no weeds First cast zing-pow on the c-rig, bail pretended to open Put on the DB Minnow-good thing Hookup on 10th cast, good fighter Thought I had a WSB till I slid him onto the sand! Orange mouth/fangs 24 ish shortfin...
  193. GaffnLaff

    Reel Viking in Cabo

    Steve does look like he's taking a dump....LOL I'm gonna have to tease him when I see him again. Fuck the haters
  194. GaffnLaff

    dead whale off Point Loma

    I rode my bike out there yesterday to the tidepool area, and couldn't see where the whale was. I didn't look around much. There were alot of people.. It stunk, but that was over by the treatment plant.
  195. GaffnLaff


    Dammit Missed it yesterday. Standing by...
  196. GaffnLaff

    SD City Enviro Collections Dept, WTF?

    My neighbor watched the trash truck pick up his can, drop it into the trash truck, and drive away. He called to complain, they said tough shit, go buy a new one. We are so fuckin lucky to not pay for trash. Most of us are also lucky to have received the first can free, new HO's have to buy their...
  197. GaffnLaff

    Thanks Simon and Otto

    Quite a nice haul. Thanks for the report!
  198. GaffnLaff

    Back bay bonefish and fish ID please

    They are plentiful in San Quintin bay as well, and alot of fun. Thanks for the report.
  199. GaffnLaff

    Jigmaster spool-line-plate fix

    The solution is called a better reel, one from this century:)
  200. GaffnLaff

    More fun with the sd harbor patrol

    Sorry Mark Their job is to help and educate boaters, and these clowns just build resentment, and should be held accountable. I know that on the water enforcement needs to be done, has saved many lives, and have no prob with it being done right. Just why is there so much more enforcement per...
  201. GaffnLaff

    Fishing New Caledonia w/ L.P.B.

    The photos are just incredible. Love your posts, thanks for taking the time to share the stoke.
  202. GaffnLaff

    TP Nice Corbina 070511

    Arrived around 6:30 to low tide, medium surf, low kelp No action on the SC's after a while so I switched to gulp new penny shrimp Got a few YFC, and one at 14"+ that took drag, good fighter Then I hooked a bigger fish and immediately fouled in a big kelp Worked it for a bit, the kelp freed...
  203. GaffnLaff

    WSB Fishing At Its Best on the "Ready to Assemble"

    Good for you Jeff. You worked hard for a day like that. Thanks for the report.
  204. GaffnLaff

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    Yep all that stuff on top of her was added, and she was top-heavy. I rode that boat in '07 and had a great trip, posted a report on here. I got a call from News 8 last night wanting info, they saw my report. I didn't want to add to the hype of this tragedy so I didn't call them back. As I...
  205. GaffnLaff

    Catalina - Giant Black Seabass

    Big black, and good release. Kinda makes that board or yak? look small.
  206. GaffnLaff

    The Tony Reyes June 3-17th 2011

    I love those trips and you put me right fucking there,thanks for the nice report and pics. I gotta save my $ and go again.Still the best trips ever. I can still hear our panguero Alex say "Ranchero # 1" when you lost a fish, and "reel, reel, reel" as soon as you set the hook. I hate it when...
  207. GaffnLaff

    Chubasco Friday Yellows

    That was a real nice handoff Spike. Classy move. Nice to meet you.
  208. GaffnLaff

    rockpile 5/25 chubasco 2

    Thanks for the report. Best ride in the fleet IMHO. I am riding with them tomorrow, been counting the days all week as I coulda gone with them yesterday, but my friends gotta go friday. I hope the fish continue to bite.
  209. GaffnLaff

    SR-12 for surf fishing??

    Most guys use 4-6# test line, and light 7-9' pole for plastics and dont sit, but move up/down the beach to find a hole. Lots of the fish are in real close to shore so you dont need to cast far. Majority will be perch 4"-14", some croakers, corbina, shovel nose, etc and can be easily handled on...
  210. GaffnLaff


    Good job Raul. Totally within your rights, and you eat it all. You trolled them up again. Every report you make them whiny bitches type so much:rofl:
  211. GaffnLaff

    Boat Ho List

    Name: Dave Cairncross Age: 47 Boat: Ho Days Available: Weekends mostly, with planning weekdays References: MrJJWiley, AaronJ, Jack Hammer, Fishwiz Experience: I am excellent crew. I bring respect, care for your craft and our safety, skills, equipment, some cash, and a serious bust a move...
  212. GaffnLaff

    Sculpin rigging

    Spectra to short mono single dropper. Big hunk of squid. Feel the hit and set the hook.
  213. GaffnLaff

    Tropic Star Lodge Pinas Bay, Panama-January 8-15 , 2011

    Amazing, that corvina took that bait.
  214. GaffnLaff

    Heads up on a fishing license problem...

    Ahhhh, progress... The brain surgeons that brought us the bad paper and sensitive ink had to buy a bunch of great new printers for all of their vendors, and I am sure that was cheap. It's likely gonna be around for a while.
  215. GaffnLaff

    soft drinks for cleaning tools

    Stairman is right. Bacon grease works, and keeps them working for a long time.
  216. GaffnLaff

    Rolling Over

    Gnar Rolling over on purpose with people on the fly bridge, and they didnt fall off, must be strapped-in. I'd crap my pants. Holy shit!
  217. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9/16 Wide open afternoon fishing West of 302

    Fuck I knew we shoulda gone west further... Glad you got em.
  218. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 425 One Bush...with Best Kinda Seal 9-5

    One bush, one fish. We ran over 425 @ grey, it was fucking rough out there, wet and cold ride, our bait rolled bad...set out trollers, found no takers below, outside, or above, no birds/bush/marks, a few mammals here and there, lots of bait around, but not much life, worked some temp breaks...
  219. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 2.5 day 8/28 - 8/31

    Nice writeup, twas fish porn for sure. I love that boat and crew, enjoyed every word as I have yet to get any tuna this year.
  220. GaffnLaff

    surf combo

    Turners had some decent Mitchell combos for $19 the other day.
  221. GaffnLaff


    Great write-up, very interesting read. Thanks for taking the time to share this unique experience. Great effort-on stand up gear! Sorry the swordfish won, but it sounds like it was worth it. Just the take would have made my day. Curious, who still makes linen line and why?
  222. GaffnLaff

    Nutsack with BSB @ Flat Rock

    They aren't gone in mexico-yet. I have kept BSB when I catch them in mexico, because it is legal. If I caught a totuava in mexico I would release it. I make sure I know and obey the laws where I am fishing, that is being a good steward, and that is what we would like all fishermen to do. That...
  223. GaffnLaff

    BSB caught at torrey pines sb

    Fucking sweet-couldn't have happened to a better guy. Classic tale of someone who truly loves and enjoys this paradise we call home.
  224. GaffnLaff

    Nutsack with BSB @ Flat Rock

    Heres a crappy cell pic of the guy about to put it back.
  225. GaffnLaff

    Nutsack with BSB @ Flat Rock

    I fished torrey pines yesterday am, wonderful conditions, didnt catch anything worthy of a report. I found myself passing flatrock when I notice the 4 people fishing the longrod up on the rock have something swimming in the tidal pool on top the rock. Being curious I look closer and spy a black...
  226. GaffnLaff

    081010 - Local Twilight Trifecta + 1

    Fucking killer calico, and nice night ops. Free surgery too funny.
  227. GaffnLaff

    Squidco kicks ass

    I took in a torium, Joey said 2 weeks. I called in 2 weeks they said uh, it will be soon, sorry (translate=we forgot to order the parts). I called at 3 weeks they said tomorrow. The next day I went in and Joey said so sorry, took the $60 repair bill and the $10 of merch I was gonna buy, and...
  228. GaffnLaff

    La Jolla Kelp on Sundat 8/8/10

    Really, this much typing because a guy wants to go fishing???? WTF. Too much hating, not enough fishing around here lately, I really cant wait for this season to turn on. Andy Woerner is a great guy who shares his boat, asks for little, pays the lions share of the expenses, fishes his ass off...
  229. GaffnLaff

    NEW fighting chair for sportboats!

    Cool engineering. Great, more lazy people getting around without any of their energy.
  230. GaffnLaff

    Chubasco Rescues Boat at the Coronados

    Not too surprised, Trevor's the shit, you can always count on him. Thanks for giving the man props for the rescue. Pretty dumb situation as far as no radio...or backup radio. Did they have an anchor out? Glad no one's hurt.
  231. GaffnLaff

    Stung through the boot

    Ouch! Been waiting for my turn all my life-fishing, surfing, swimming barefoot for 40+ years. Not looking forward to it. Good to hear you report again Mr Fish-been awhile.
  232. GaffnLaff

    A day at Coro-nada

    "longer soaks is when we got the tails." I either keep feeding the dogs (butthook em and the smart dogs will bite the heads off) or start blind casting/yoyo a jig. Thanks for report, I'm going tomorrow, willing to fly the stripe.
  233. GaffnLaff

    Leopards, Leopards, Leopards!!

    Wow, nice job sharking. Thanks for sharing that intel. There'll be a few more fishermen there soon.
  234. GaffnLaff

    San Diego 7.10.2010

    So John, Where do we pick up one of them shiny new Alumina reels. I cant find them except in the Okuma 2011 catalog.
  235. GaffnLaff

    Nados 8JUL10 First Jack Pot/nados trip/bft

    Nice yob on that BFT, thanks for the report. Last time I rode with them I caught a nice yellow first thing in the am and it sat out all day long. Too bad that boat has no icebox, RSW or anything to keep that fish cold. Not a bad boat or crew, they fished hard for us.
  236. GaffnLaff

    Punta Chivato Dorado are here!!!

    I didnt see any fish??
  237. GaffnLaff

    MB 070910 Drug Bust

    Went to MB at 5:30 this am for a little pre-work sesh. Low tide so no crabs available, cold, windy, plenty o seaweed, smallish surf. I caught 3 palm size Walleye and 4 BSP on crack in 40 mins. Saw one flyflinger down the beach. Came back to my car and I was in the middle of a DEA bust. Unmarked...
  238. GaffnLaff

    7-1-2010, La Jolla, Nados report

    That's why all the boats off PB/south corner of kelp! I was wondering.
  239. GaffnLaff

    Anyone fished Erendria BC lately?

    Castro's. Went last year and killed the bottom fish and couldn't find anything else. Shrimp fly rigs tipped with squid, plastics, anything tipped with squid. Some other guys went miles south (?) and took whole fresh dead and always kept one soaking on the dropper loop and one flylined. They got...
  240. GaffnLaff

    I'm in hog heaven.

    Its alot of fun when the pigs eat the stick bait. Pretty rare to have water clean enough in SD to throw the trebles. Nothing bigger than palm size in MB. Might have to try south of point loma some day...
  241. GaffnLaff

    Cool Swordfish stuff with PICS

    Congrats on the nice fish, thanks for the report. It brings back memories of the sword boat I used to ride on as a kid. Did a few 8-12 day trips to Clemente and I loved it. We fried the fresh hearts and made sandwiches with it once. I never knew they'd dig in the mud but I have seen worn swords...
  242. GaffnLaff

    Prostate Cancer - Get tested.

    Jeff is right, dont be that ignorant guy, go get your prostate checked you homophobes. My uncle had open removal 5 years ago, down for months. Dad had the robotic removal in September and quick as hell recovery. I decided right then (age 46) I am not gonna be that ignorant guy, I scheduled a...
  243. GaffnLaff

    Buy Mexican fishing licenses directly?

    Some sport boats will now allow you to use your annual permit and save the cost of the daily permits. Chubasco 2 does, they held my permit in the wheelhouse and returned it at the dock, saved me $15 a day. Best check with the landing before purchase.
  244. GaffnLaff

    Law Enforcement Weapons

    Sick fucks. Stoopid useless fucking parents, raising kids who are even dumber, with no respect for life. Such a rampant problem. So sorry for the pain the LEO families have to endure.
  245. GaffnLaff info wins White Sea Bass Tournament

    Nice job using the Fish Dope, and catching that money fish!
  246. GaffnLaff

    Fishin on the "Chubasco II" 5.19.10

    Gotta love the Chubasco 2, they work hard to put you on fish. Glad they found the yellows again! Thanks for the report.
  247. GaffnLaff

    Can Cows Really Fly ?????

    Awesome shots, woulda been better video, incredible sight in person.
  248. GaffnLaff


    Fucker, heli then hali. Tough life. Thats one happy killbox. Thanks for the report.
  249. GaffnLaff


    Thanks for the report Raul. Way to go Trevor and crew! Excellent boat and great crew that work hard to put you on fish.
  250. GaffnLaff

    Jumping halibut

    I have seen them jump out of the surf at MB PB TP and Del Mar.
  251. GaffnLaff

    Junking a Hull and Trailer

    I got lucky and sold mine for $500 on craigslist to a guy that just wanted the galvanized trailer. I was ready to go to the dump.
  252. GaffnLaff

    Tied in Knots

    this site is good Best fishing knots and rope knots
  253. GaffnLaff

    Albino deer

    There used to be and albino deer that lived in mission valley. When I was a kid my grandparents back yard was frequently visited by a pretty tame albino deer that would eat snacks we'd leave for it. One day some do-gooders decided it was in harms way so they tranquilized it with plans to move it...
  254. GaffnLaff

    Video from Seaworld killer whale attack

    I dont think this is the right footage. Scary though, and no response=unprepared dumbasses not helping. Bangstick=good idea. I read they had to dope the whale, put it in a sling, and pry the dead trainer out its jaws.
  255. GaffnLaff

    Another Overnight Sucess

    Thats a damn nice couple hoo's. Thanks for the report.
  256. GaffnLaff

    Is Fishing and Catching the same??????

    Thanks for the incredible photos. Beautiful. I think you know catching better than fishing...
  257. GaffnLaff


    Looks like somebody did a lot of shoveling. Musta been nice after the storm, did you get any first tracks? I sure miss our Comstock condo on club view, sold a couple years back. We sure had an epic day last friday at Baldy, best ever in SoCal.
  258. GaffnLaff

    Venice Offshore-Pelagic Charters-Winter Fatty's

    What a wonderful fishery you have there captain. Some really nice tuna you put them on. Damn nice read, got me needing to turn the handle. Thanks for the report.
  259. GaffnLaff


    Put back the big breeders. The small ones are good ceviche, tacos, and they are good sashimi.
  260. GaffnLaff

    Yep, another plumbing question!!

    One cause is that because of Home Depot and their mass marketing tactics naturally evolved to "value-engineering" products to the point that they are crap. This has caused an overall decline in the "quality" of products on the market due to competitors trying to match pricing. Cheaper brass...
  261. GaffnLaff

    trip wed 16 th.

    Try 32 02.87 117 28.88
  262. GaffnLaff

    Best MirrOLure 111MR Color for BAJA???

    Erik midriff trip 2 years ago late May. Our panguero fast trolled em till they bounced bottom. B&P, pink, firetiger in that order. Never caught a YT with em, just tons of Cabrilla and a few groupers. When everyone was trolling em for yellows, we threw iron and caught plenty.
  263. GaffnLaff

    Offshore "Ready to Assemble" Finds The Tuna Close to Home

    Way to go Jeff. Way to kill some tuna!
  264. GaffnLaff

    Stan, yes you can!!!! curado 300 offshore review

    I've been wanting a curado for a long time for exactly that, when the YF will only eat 15#. Great inshore reel as well. Gotta save some $ somehow. Tried a friends curado once and loved it...WOOD, ha!
  265. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Boner heaven

    I rode the Chubasco 2 and the bonito bite was alot of fun, WFO, they had some size, and ate the iron.
  266. GaffnLaff

    Offshore limits of albies for aaronj

    Aaron Glad you got some, aint heard from you lately. Thanks for the report.
  267. GaffnLaff

    Mexican license for 7 year old?

    Everyone on board has to have one whether their fishing or not. They will not argue, they will take you and your boat to port then sort it out, and you will lose. Now, I used to have one kid license, and alternate taking my matter which one I took, his name was always Jack.
  268. GaffnLaff

    who wants to go fishing tomorrow, sunday out of mission bay

    Im all-in Chris. See you in a little while. Thanks for having me.
  269. GaffnLaff

    How many of you guy`s follow the Tour De France

    Two guys got shot with pellet gun yesterday? One nicked his finger and thought a rock was thrown up, the other had a pellet embedded in his thigh. Lance slipped to 4th today.
  270. GaffnLaff

    Offshore CHUNKY CHICKENS 7-16-09

    Right on Hidden. Nice job! Thanks for the report and pics.
  271. GaffnLaff

    7/17 Catalina Sea Bass-GREAT TRIP

    Nice haul of fish and done at 7:30. Way to go. That sand bass is a pig, looks like a grouper. Thanks for the report and pics.
  272. GaffnLaff

    Answer to Tuna questions: Youre doing it wrong.

    Sporties cant run bars or daisy chains well, but they work great on privates. We mostly fish mex waters with mex limits, US waters have no limits on tuna. Not to piss off the norcal boys, but they can take more and that may be part of their better numbers, surely they take just what they can...
  273. GaffnLaff

    Shimano Curado 300 and 200

    I'd like to find a good deal on a 300 also.
  274. GaffnLaff

    Unchain the colors

    Thanks for all the reports, photos, and the great baits.
  275. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Upper 500

    sounds like a tough day but thanks for the report. 4 fish is a good reward. Lucky Eddie dont sound so lucky?
  276. GaffnLaff

    Erics beast 7/9/09

    Thats a pig! Fuckin scary when they go apeshit-hard to get outta the way. Thanks for the report.
  277. GaffnLaff

    Jose Andres/San Felipe

    George rocked the trip! Nice fish, all of em, thanks for putting up the pics.
  278. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Fished 7/09/09 to the 371 and Hidden Bank Areas

    Vengeance was yours. You hammered the asshats on the water, in the water, and again on line. Oh, and you got some nice yellows. Thanks for the report.
  279. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Lots Of Dorado and Yellows On The Finger

    Thanks for the nice report. Where'd you get the candy bait? Ran into my neighbor yesterday with a 68 and 55# WSB caught inside above Salsipuedes. Got a couple slabs and had a great dinner last night. Nice Grady, that you on Garfield?
  280. GaffnLaff

    Jose Andres/San Felipe

    Fucking beautiful fish, bet the captian was jealous. I know I am. Did you get her at the golden reef? On bait? Mothership trips are so much fun, I did one 3 years ago and cant wait to go again. On my trip at golden reef, the captain stayed on the mothership and fished all day, hogged all the...
  281. GaffnLaff

    Where to find mussels in San Diego?

    Information center dock.
  282. GaffnLaff

    Lemon Blows Grove

    i cant believe how quick asshat neighbors come out to complain about our illegal fireworks. I taught my sons some lessons bout reading between the lines tonight
  283. GaffnLaff

    Fishin on the Chubasco II 6.25.09

    Hary thanks for putting this up. It was nice having some ladies on the rail yesterday, kinda made everyone behave better.
  284. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Albacore,yellows,Yellowfin tuna and Bonita.

    That beautiful Ahi sure lit my crackpipe. Thanks for the report. Penetrator looks to be a nice 6 pack.
  285. GaffnLaff


    And "all the food went really fast". I dont understand it either? I didnt hear about it last year. Tommy wouldn't have put it up if it sucked-ass last year. I'm still trying it this year, prolly worth it just for the stop at Tommy's, and it's gotta be good for the businesses right in my hood.
  286. GaffnLaff


    Sherwin Williams doesnt have any. I just talked to Coles and they still have some. I dont know how to answer your question Mike. Try calling the organizer?
  287. GaffnLaff


    Sherwin williams, coles carpets etc. if theres any left. im gonna go buy some tix tonight on the way home A Taste of Morena Showcases Morena Restaurants and Entertainment
  288. GaffnLaff

    1/2 day trip scores limits of Seabass

    My buddy Chris called me yesterday at 1:30 after getting off the Nautilus with 70# of WSB in his trunk. thought they were in for a slow pick on the sculpin/bass. Absolutely fucking ruined me when he got done bragging. He's on again this morning and I hope he gets to call me and brag again...
  289. GaffnLaff


    It's just north of the mexican border
  290. GaffnLaff

    Corvina Surprise

    Corvina, not corbina. Two different species. Corbina live in the surf and eat off the bottom, and have a downward sucker type mouth. Corvina are carnivores and have orange mouth and teeth/fangs
  291. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 8-17-08 Phat Alberts et al on the Reel Deal

    Careful, I got bit on the ankle by a dorado 3 years ago. I washed the wound and didn't think much of it. It turned into a staph infection a couple days later. That resulted in a doctor visit and a full course of antibiotics. The doc said it could have got much worse, quickly. Thanks for the...
  292. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Venice, La.

    Thats some good fishing right there. Thanks for the report.
  293. GaffnLaff


    Awesome fishery you have there, incredible kings and bass. Thanks for the stellar report
  294. GaffnLaff

    Burnt thumb

    get a star drag reel and use the casting control
  295. GaffnLaff

    Rockpile 6-8

    We left the slip at 6:30 expecting wind but headed to the rockpile anyways and found ourselves alone in decent conditions on saturday at the Rockpile??? We started with some nice sculpin on the first few drifts and kept them. Later drifts we started finding small lings, and one 24 model and a...
  296. GaffnLaff

    Catch the Truck Stealin Thief

    It's totally stock, I have no pics, and the tank is of-course full. Thanks for the sympathy, and for looking guys. I realized at 6:15 this morning that it's likely already in Mexico.
  297. GaffnLaff

    Catch the Truck Stealin Thief

    Woke up to an empty driveway a few minutes ago White 97 F-150 5P83108 with blue Malibu Mini X yak in back Bloodydecks sticker in rear window does not belong to the douchebag driving it:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv please look
  298. GaffnLaff

    Erik mothership trip Question

    We took the big chests with us on the Erik last year, and our own beer, and they never whined. I think they hoisted them out while I was getting the truck.
  299. GaffnLaff

    My 1sT LJ YT

    First La Jolla tail??? Really? It's tough in LJ nowadays. S'alright, I dont a WSB anywhere, ever. Nice job Aaron, thanks for the report.
  300. GaffnLaff

    Wraping um up in Sitka

    Isnt the white shit in the photos milt or sperm? I remember seeing one of these herring sets on TV. 30 minute season, fucking amazing.
  301. GaffnLaff

    Jalama Info

    Take a beach cruiser, install a beer holder and rod holder and you're in business. Miles of beach to explore, tons odf perch, and little else. Gulp 2" swimming mullet camo color.
  302. GaffnLaff

    O'Side 12/23

    We've been catching quite a few of them while drifting for flatties in Oside lately. Thanks for the report.
  303. GaffnLaff

    Saturday 11-17 near Torrey Pines

    Great season for weeds and dirty water.:imdumb: I haven't targeted perch, like you I prefer the halibut/corb/spot. Thanks for the report, nice to know it's not happening. Took up mountain biking instead.
  304. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Fish and Rough water on the BigGame 90

    Thats a damn nice YFT for this year. Seems you got a good trip for such weather. Thanks for the report
  305. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 76 lb. Opah

    Nice catch to remember...forever. Interesting how many were caught this year, and mostly on iron at about 75'? I think I'll drop more iron on patties in the future. How was it to fillet? What color is the meat? How did it taste?
  306. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pac Voyager 9-27 & 28

    Fish chowder...or shrimp bisque? Tough choice. He made a prime rib this trip. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good!
  307. GaffnLaff

    Does size really matter?

    Worst season in my memory... "Nekid euro dudes"-last one I saw there was shaving his nutsack in the surf as I rode by trying not to notice.
  308. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pac Voyager 9-27 & 28

    Left late wed night with some excellent bait and only 19 anglers-Seaforth parking lot was empty? Ran 85 mi to 317 area started trolling after 8 in the morning in good weather. Spotty bait fishing ensued all day for the nicer grade alberts 30#. Plenty of spots of fish on whales and birds, but...
  309. GaffnLaff

    Offshore FOR WHAT ITS WORTH!!!!!

    "What it's worth" Fucking priceless! GOod dope as always, Thanks.
  310. GaffnLaff

    Northeast - Montauk

    Nice striper. Nice to hear some east coast beach reports. Thanks for the report.
  311. GaffnLaff

    Hudson Canyon NY 9/4-9/7

    Great report. I just love hearing about anybody getting a sword, and you got two. Awesome fish. Fucker. Thanks for the report.
  312. GaffnLaff

    Oarfish Isla San Marcos Sea Story 09-01-07

    Another great post Mike. I love all of your posts, but this one takes the cake. Thankfully you had a functional camera and used it well!.
  313. GaffnLaff

    BIG MO - The "LURKER"

    The old lady has nice cans.:imdumb: Nobody'd complain about him draggin her over the rail a few times.
  314. GaffnLaff

    Dorado verus 10\0 Hook

    Tough sonaofabitch, back on the water the next day! I got a rapala hooked dodo on deck once, and of course he went apeshit. The free treble hooked the back of my sneaker and he and I started to do a dance as I didn't want to get hooked. One of my buddies understood and tried grabbing the fish...
  315. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 8-23&24

    He's gonna have to practice in order to be grumpy. He put us on fish, I thought he did great.
  316. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 8-23&24

    We left wednseday night a little late. Capt. Greg waited for the bait boat to arrive and did a kind of direct transfer as he said the bay water was so warm it was killing the deans in the receiver. Bait was an issue this trip. We headed to the mushroom area and awoke with the fleet at about 90...
  317. GaffnLaff

    LJ Yellows y Bones 8-19-07

    Living dead, that's some funny shit. Great report, thanks for taking the time.
  318. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Thu - Pac Voyager 1 day trip

    Sounds like a great trip Aaron. Glad you slayed them. Thanks for the report. Minutes ago I got a call from a really cool subcontractor who wants to take me on a 2day on that boat next thursday, and again late in september. Stoked. See ya.
  319. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7/18/07 Albies

    Nice albies, thanks for the report. Leaving tonight and you just lit my pipe.
  320. GaffnLaff

    Tony Reyes San Felipe Trip

    These mothership trips are a great deal. Thanks for a nice report.
  321. GaffnLaff

    aaronj's cherry popped by Mr. T

    That a nice first thresher Aaron. Kicked your ass? I doubt it, does your pussy hurt?:fighting0061: Put another steak on the barbie.:Smoke_Emoticon: Congrats and thanks for the report.
  322. GaffnLaff

    Midriff trip on the Erik 5-5 to 5-10

    Charles, I remeber your report from last year. When I read it I put a Midriff trip on my must do list.
  323. GaffnLaff

    Midriff trip on the Erik 5-5 to 5-10

    Chris's 55# grouper and gratuitous avet shot My 30# grouper which came 5 minutes before Chris's Ryan's 45# grouper Well, it took me a while to get caught up at work and do a post on this great trip. We 3 scored a complimentary trip from the fine folks at El Camino Rental. We had to go...
  324. GaffnLaff

    Arhnem Land

    Keep em coming Phil, I'm hooked. Incredibly good read and pics.
  325. GaffnLaff

    O'side Flattie...3-19-pm

    Nice, nothing better than a flatty from the surf. Makes for a pretty quick run in to the BBQ. Thanks for the report. NFIO
  326. GaffnLaff

    Arhnem Land

    What a great fishery you have there. Thanks for sharing.
  327. GaffnLaff

    Some of my best captures

    Tailor, that looks like a great fishery you have there. We can't catch anything like that from shore here. Huge yellowtail. Great report and pictures. Thanks for taking the time.
  328. GaffnLaff

    Oside Flattie Report 3/3

    Holy shit, nice haul
  329. GaffnLaff

    Burial / Mid-week halibut fun

    My brother hangs out with the flatties in La Jolla. Good move on the multi-species release today. Thanks for the report.
  330. GaffnLaff

    Surf butts with pic

    Nice surf halibut Mr Fish! Tasty 30" slab, did he put up a hell of a fight or just roll straight in? And you probably did it with 4#? Helluva fish.
  331. GaffnLaff

    Fishing Cabo with Wade Boggs

    Rod, Thanks for taking the time to post an interesting story and pics. I enjoyed it. Dont let the over-opinionated experts that can't shut up and just say thanks ruin the fun. Keep living the good life Dave
  332. GaffnLaff

    Check out Brian's BIG BUTT - La Jolla 12-31

    Wow, David put everyone but himself on big halibut. Nice flatty, and thanks for the post Aaron.
  333. GaffnLaff

    Two Bugs - Pair of Tits - Three Cops

    Thats some funny as shit,. Funny story too.
  334. GaffnLaff

    High side of Oside

    Had a tough time getting the photos up today but here they are. BTW-They were caught in Dana-nothing but shovelnose in Oceanside.
  335. GaffnLaff

    High side of Oside

    Headed out at 7:00 on Leslie Marie. Decent bait, sunny cool mornning and offshore winds. In no rush. First drop got me a hookup in 5 minutes, barely legal, back in no harm. Wind went flat so no drift. Worked the area for no more and moved around for a while, the wind shifted. Finally pushed up a...
  336. GaffnLaff

    South 9 11/18

    Good to hear Ed and Jim still have their spots wired. WTG Dave
  337. GaffnLaff

    Torrey Pines AM 11/6

    I was at TP last night, nd it was all you can eat wall to wall weeds. Thanks for the report.
  338. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pac Voyager 2 day 10/21-23

    Chef Jeff's bisquits and gravy wiil put a few pounds on you. Great crew on that boat. Too bad not much fishing.
  339. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 10-19 YT and a shot at a Sword

    I am in a trance looking at your avatar and cannot stop. Did you post a report? Thanks.
  340. GaffnLaff

    Fishybuzz- 3 Days On Pacifico

    That was a great report, good read and on topic. Thanks for taking the time.
  341. GaffnLaff

    SD bay 10/12/06

    Nice catch and great report. Just to be a smartass, if you were alone, who took all the great pix?
  342. GaffnLaff

    Scripps Canyon Rockfish

    I agree with Mr. Fish. Dont share info with this asshat. He wont share anything but his shitty attitude with you.
  343. GaffnLaff

    Aways Bring a Knife!

    I did that same maneuver with a hawaiian sling at Marine street years ago with a 30" but. When I put my hand under the fish to keep him from coming off, the fucker ripped my thumb/hand to shreds while I swam in. I got even by eating him.
  344. GaffnLaff

    9/15-9-17 Paid dues pays off, SQ K&M

    Mex limit-once in a lifetime fuckin day. WTG Brad.
  345. GaffnLaff

    Costa Rica Sailfish

    Fucking real nice first fish, but it's all downhill from here-LOL
  346. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 8/10: Marlin, Dodos and yellows

    Nice job Charles....oh yeah you fished midweek=no job?-fucker Just jealous of a nice catch.
  347. GaffnLaff

    Are the Grunion here?

    Nothing in Mission beach last night.
  348. GaffnLaff

    fish left in newport

    Chris, welcome. How was Jalama, water temp, surf, wind? Can you tell me what areas and baits were working for you? I am heading up there on 18th. PM me please.
  349. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 302 Wednesday....

    Fucking thieves suck. Sorry you got hit JP.
  350. GaffnLaff


    Divers should be fillet and release
  351. GaffnLaff

    Offshore The good, the bad and the ugly 7-22-06

    Bummer on the wrapped prop. Did they try and get you for rope repair $? Not fun. Been there, done that.
  352. GaffnLaff

    Surf fish report 7/20

    Sounds like a good evening sesh. You tricked a couple beans.Thanks for the report. I 'm gonna find a "stupid" place to fish tonight. Got a hall pass, beer $, and done with work at 4:00.
  353. GaffnLaff

    La Paz 7/14 - 7/17

    Nice fuckin dodo's, and lit-up marlin pics. How many days did you fish? Way to kill the Pacifico's. Thanks for the report
  354. GaffnLaff


    Fuck, never ever seen one that big. Biggest I've ever seen outta the water is 24". Looks yummy. How long did he fight, what line wt, what area-details my man? You set a new bar with that fish. Too bad you didn't claim your record. Thanks for the report.
  355. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Toad tails & Do Do's

    Saw you cutting feesh in the channel last night. You and all the fuckin birds were there for a long time. Knew you had some. WTG
  356. GaffnLaff

    6/12 san clemente halibut w/ pics

    Sweet flatty, there's nothin better from the surf.
  357. GaffnLaff

    She's under construction Part 15..World cup...

    I absolutely love this build. it should be a T.V. show. Deadliest Boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  358. GaffnLaff

    ADDED***PART 3 Blue marlin Videos*** 4 days Aboard Pacifico Parts 1&2

    Fucking awesome post. Thanks for the report.
  359. GaffnLaff

    L J hali, slimersand calicos 7-13

    Nice day on the water. Fucking calico bites amazing right now. Sounds like a nice flattie-hope you put up the pic. Thanks for the report.
  360. GaffnLaff

    SAN BRUNO BCS 06/30-07/09

    Those are some nice pics, and thanks for the good report. Sorry the feesh didnt co-op better.
  361. GaffnLaff

    more from puerto penasco

    Sounds like a great trip. Too bad you only got 1 fishable day. Thanks for the nice report and pics>
  362. GaffnLaff

    6-29 MB corb

    Happy sandman with his new personal best beaner @ 21" I decided to let myself leave work early at 2:30, and hit the beach knowing I only had till 5:00. :_shopping Tossed the gulp shrimp for a while looking for some butt, but ran into Mr. corb. in the skinny so I switched the bait. I lost...
  363. GaffnLaff

    6-27 am report w/pics

    Nice Beta. Good results. for 2 biters. Fucking sweating my ass off at work, and yer out fishing. Thanks for the report.
  364. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 6/23 BFt and albies

    Nice fish, great pics, and thanks for the report
  365. GaffnLaff

    TP 6-23 YFC

    12" YFC I took the family and motorhome to TP tonight. After hanging on the beach for a while I wet a line. I decided not to try the crabs, and pinned on the morf grub, and soon found the YFC hole. I got 5 nice hookups in a row, all good size with some shoulders. Then a furbag came in close and...
  366. GaffnLaff

    Offshore late report 6/22/06

    Nice job on the feesh. Albie limits, I say you did real well. Thanks for the numbers and detailed report.
  367. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Over nighter With the SC Crew!!!

    Dude you're lit up like a fucking billboard :rofl: . I saw ALL the stickers, and had to look in the cab to see who the fucking asshole was with such huge stickers:rofl: . I saw it all. Good shit getting yer first albie!
  368. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Over nighter With the SC Crew!!!

    Too bad the fish didn't co-op better. I saw the Fu on 5 south monday on my way home. It's hard to tell it was you-NOT. You looked like you were on a mission. Thanks for the good report.
  369. GaffnLaff

    Kids fish free 6/18 Big Game 90

    Fucking awesome job by Big Game 90 and Slayer. Big Game 90 (and all party boats) cant buy this kind of publicity, they earned it. This is the kind of stuff that makes this message board great. Great post, thanks for taking the time.
  370. GaffnLaff

    6-19 More spotfin only bigger

    I think he's doin his work, and well. Nice holio you got there Mr. Fish. Thanks for the report and pics.
  371. GaffnLaff

    Big Butts & Tails for Fathers Day

    Nice work with the kids. WTG dad. thanks for the report
  372. GaffnLaff

    North O.C report for 6-18 Corbs!!

    Nope Beta, never used the flouro...too spensive for me. Thanks for the tip, now I might have to splurge and add it to the tacklebox.
  373. GaffnLaff

    North O.C report for 6-18 Corbs!!

    Nice work on the corbs. I tried all morning yesterday and couldnt get any to go.
  374. GaffnLaff

    Lottsa spotfin on the ultralight 6-15

    Nice grip of spotties.
  375. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BFT and Albie On Bravo 6

    Thats a huge bluefin. How stoked are you? Thanks for the report.
  376. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Love on the 43 6-11

    Yeah, you looked like that only older. It was pretty funny watching you get the addiction. Tight lines
  377. GaffnLaff

    26" Birthday Butt

    I get my birthday off paid so I slept in this morning. After coffee my wife suggests I go surf fishing. I hadn't really thought about it as I just did a tuna trip yesterday, but who was I to second guess her. Now she thinks (translate-knows) she controls my luck. I slid down to my new secret...
  378. GaffnLaff


    Baitcast tells the truth!
  379. GaffnLaff

    Santa Barbara area flatties 6/11/06

    Nice double on the swimbaits. You musta been amped when you saw several at once. Thanks for the report.
  380. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Love on the 43 6-11

    BTW- before one of you asshats gives me more shit than a 17 y.o. Coastie, I took the kids vests off while underway meself for the pose, and let them take 'em off when stopped. All of you that still feel the urge to comment can go fuck yourselves.:nutkick:
  381. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Love on the 43 6-11

    Ians first jello-I think he's happy.:appl: I think this pose is much more than a fad.:finger: Joe's first Bluefin, and first BF on the boat. I think Joe is happy. My early B-day present.:finger: We started with firecrackers full speed on our second patty. The kids really loved...
  382. GaffnLaff

    Rosarito Beach Sportfishing

    I think you guys need to move the bachelor party to Cabo or East Cape.
  383. GaffnLaff

    Offshore WFO BFT on Pacific Voyager with Pix

    Goddam Aaron, that's some nice timing you have. ad shirt, but good timing. You lit my BF crack pipe. Thanks.
  384. GaffnLaff

    Del Mar 6-7

    I fished the evening high tide move after work. The weather wasn't nice, the surf was crossed-up, and not many nugs. I found crabs easy, but a good hole in the shorebreak took a while. The hole had plenty of perch, and several real slabs. Then the corb hit in the skinny, and took line on several...
  385. GaffnLaff

    New Strataglass on The Reel One

    Nice Glenn, done right is always a good investment.
  386. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9.5 nm W of 302 yellow limts, and BFT on bait for Richard

    He'll remember that fish for a long time. Nice job
  387. GaffnLaff

    46# WSB

    Go to Vegas Dan, you are very lucky. Nice bass. How'd you get him away from the kelp? Didn' t you have any heavyier line. Fucking unbelievable day on the water.
  388. GaffnLaff

    Del Mar 6-2

    Hey now, this fuckin guy puts up a nice nugget like that and all you can do is bag on it. Nice perv shot Afran! Keep them coming. All we got since splitfin days ended.
  389. GaffnLaff

    Del Mar 6-2

    I got up early and fished for about an hour this morning. Nice crabs, mid low tide, 2' surf and clear water with a couple of holes. Threw the croc for a while for nada, put on the crabs then grub for a slabber and couple of dinks. Then with 20 mins left till I had to race to work, I saw the...
  390. GaffnLaff

    YFC pics 06022006

    Wow Bing-extremely timely report. Nice croaker morning.
  391. GaffnLaff

    You Big Boat Assholes, Yes You!

    I anchored in south mission cove this weekend. The kids jumped in and started swimming around the back of the boat. Fucking lifeguard cruises by at 10 knots with his rail 3' off my port stern. Coulda hit a kid, and he was only patrolling. Yelled at him but he didn't turn back.
  392. GaffnLaff

    She's under construction Part 11...pain and more....

    Your project is the best thread ever. I always look for your next post. It's so interesting how you are just building your ideas, cutting the aluminum and putting it all together. What an amazing build. Thanks
  393. GaffnLaff

    Baby batrays=spotfin croaker

  394. GaffnLaff

    Baby batrays=spotfin croaker

    I didnt ask which spot. I woulda asked which beach if I wanted to know the spot. I meant North County/south county/LA/orange. You put up a post=fair question. All my posts say which beach, but to each his own. It's still a good post.
  395. GaffnLaff

    Baby batrays=spotfin croaker

    Nice spotty, and thanks for sharing some good info. What area were you fishing?
  396. GaffnLaff

    late report for sun. 5/28 - Coronados

    Sounds like another nice day Aaron, thanks for the report. Pics?
  397. GaffnLaff

    SB, DM,TP 5-24

    Tried solana and del mar after work. I bought some new minnows at Bluewater I wanted to try out. Huge surf/shorebreak and salad kept me from being successful, and rather than bust out the bait rig, I took the stripe. Got a beer and stopped at torrey on the way south and drank it while I watched...
  398. GaffnLaff

    Mission Beach BSP 5/23

    Leaving work is way worth it, and thanks for doin the report. Still salad down there? It was real heavy last sunday, so i fished elsewhere.
  399. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 371 Yellows and Bonies 5-20

    Thanks for the nice report. WTG with the kids-I take em all the time. I really like the u/w shots.
  400. GaffnLaff

    05/21 made it out for a few hrs!!!

    Looks like you had a killer day. On what beach?
  401. GaffnLaff

    Carlos Mencia in San Diego

    Dee de dee! One funny motherfucker.
  402. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 371 bluefin

    Dinner looks GOOOOOOD! Nice job on the BFT. I think you caught the whole school?
  403. GaffnLaff

    Home filet table

    That table is way too sweet for only $150 clams. How'd you do that so cheap? You gotta be hooking up to a drain? A faucet would be much better. My friend chris has one that's similar. He got a wall mounted faucet with the overhead handspray that hangs on a spring from somebody in the restaurant...
  404. GaffnLaff

    Pics Choates 17 day

    Fucking incredible post. Thanks for doing all the work!
  405. GaffnLaff

    Rigging Berkely Sand Fleas (Crabs)

    Some like to drop shot (dropper loop). Stick wit da carolina.
  406. GaffnLaff

    Torrey Pines 5-17 w/pics

    13" corgina 13" perch Decided to hit up the beach on the way home when I saw the southbound traffic. Didn't think it was gonna go well when I saw the surf hitting a ledge all the way down the beach, but I walked and walked and found the crabs, and a hole just inside of some boiler rocks...
  407. GaffnLaff

    Non-Thresher Report - The Curse Lives

    Shit! At least you cut it off at noon. Might have to rethink tomorrows boat ride. Sunday we polished our lures all day for no fish. Thanks for the non-report Ali.
  408. GaffnLaff

    Trailer question?

    A few years ago a small swarm landed on the console of a boat at north 9. Being mild allergic it kinda scared the crap out of me. I always have some benadryl in the tackle box now.
  409. GaffnLaff

    B-Rad Scores

    Nice job Brad-cow killer. Makin me hungry.
  410. GaffnLaff

    T-Shark Toad on The Reel One

    Fucking awesome payoff for playin hooky you fucking assholes. ENVY. 30 seconds to hookup, that's fucking bullshit. You happy now? We trolled the wrong color of baitomatics all day sunday for nada pescada.
  411. GaffnLaff

    Pics of the Dominator out of the water...

    OK, I give, what's a rolling chock?
  412. GaffnLaff

    Season/Career ending Injury???

    Dude, you'll be fine. Rub some dirt in it and get back on. I cut three fingers off my left hand with a table saw just to see if the doctors could put it back together. 21 hours of micro surgery team and some stainless hardware to replant em. Went through tons of PT and hard work, and the...
  413. GaffnLaff

    154# thresher may 9th

    Awesome catch, from an awesomew angler
  414. GaffnLaff


    Welcome, we look forward to your reading your reports.
  415. GaffnLaff

    WFO Boners Nados 5/8

    It's a good sign when the boners show. Thanks for thew report Stan, hope ya kill a T tomorrow.
  416. GaffnLaff

    5/6-5/7 PL WSB,Seals,and Cuda

    Tooo fun. I have ane and been thinking about trying that too.
  417. GaffnLaff

    5/7 - LJ Kayak Shark Hunt

    Wasn't that a day and a half yak trip?
  418. GaffnLaff

    T-sharkin 5/7/6

    That was quite a sight. Two guys in a little aluminm boat with a abig ol' shark in it. Shark was bigger than the fuckin boat. Nice job.
  419. GaffnLaff

    Mission Beyatch BSP fiesta- quatro de mayo

    Vince, sounds like a nice morning sesh. 15" slabber is nice anywhere. hanks for the report. Were there any sandcrabs down there yet? When they show is when the Gina's will show.
  420. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 1.5 05/02-05/04

    Katana went on this trip?
  421. GaffnLaff

    Dear Uncle Byeye, From Raider (the pug)

    That's too fucking funny. One day wifey and kids came home with a cute little puppy.I insisted outside dog. I lost. One day I added up all the damage our dog has done-she's not a cute little puppy now. I was counting lazy boys, couches, chairs, shoes, shirts, etc. and I added it all up....I'll...
  422. GaffnLaff

    5-1-06 Morning...

    :rofl: :rofl: :eyepoppin You said that! Not to twist yer words.:bablefish but you set yourself up, ha, ha The job comment was only referring to how much you been fishing lately-envy. The way youre working the beach, I know your halibut will come soon.
  423. GaffnLaff

    Weymouth, UK (Lings, Pollack, Conger & Cod)

    Nice report and pics-very interesting to see how its done in England. Thanks for sharing.
  424. GaffnLaff

    5-1-06 Morning...

    You need a job. Fuck, I wanted to hear that butt story end good. You had me going. You must be scary cause he got one look at you and took off. Real nice corb.
  425. GaffnLaff

    Butt on the beach 4-30

    I love the camo colors when they come into the beach. Thanks guys. He tasted great last night. Ceviche tonight. Johnnyfish-moonlight=end of Encinitas Blvd-WEST end. 3/8 oz. Kastmaster
  426. GaffnLaff

    Bottom Fishing Jigs

    Awesome box Harry. Ed' jigs rock.
  427. GaffnLaff

    not bad at lower 9 saturday

    Cod envy. NICE:appl:
  428. GaffnLaff

    Butt on the beach 4-30

    Got my first legal hali in the surf today-26". Went to Moonlight and got a late start. Worked south, surf contest going on. Waves were small but nice. Started throwing KM, and working down the beach. Got hung up on a reef, and just barely worked it loose. Started to move down the beach, when I...
  429. GaffnLaff

    Ensalada Beach, 4-30AM Went the speed limit....

    Nice work dude. what a week.
  430. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 4-29-06 Epic yellow tail bite @ 238

    Lit my fuckin crack pipe for sure-way to go
  431. GaffnLaff

    LB/San Pedro Area

    Nice job, flatty for dinner.
  432. GaffnLaff

    DM/TP 4-28

    Worked the DM beach south to north and back with Gulp, swimbait & KM this evening for nada. Plenty of shorebreak, no weeds, crabs, or nugs. Moved it down to TP to find less surf, plenty of weeds, no crabs, and no nugs. Made a couple casts and beached salad. Went home for instant hookup with...
  433. GaffnLaff

    Santa Barbara 4/23

    Isla Vista?
  434. GaffnLaff

    4-24...Santa Monica afternoon

    Forget the fish pal, boil on them nugs. That's nice work your doing there.
  435. GaffnLaff

    The Angry Arab Strike again !!!!!!!!

    Nice spotty-where'd you fish? What did he bite on?
  436. GaffnLaff

    4-19 MB Kast

    Squidco has the bigger units, but they looked too big for the perch/corb. The 1/4 oz. is hard to manage even if you can cast it out. If there's any surf at all, and you have an angle at all, the surf will drag it right in for you, and you'll just be trying to keep up with the slack.
  437. GaffnLaff

    Post up all you quitters!!!

    Fucking asshats-learn from others and quit now before the heart attack. Dont wait till a near-death incident to grab a clue. I'll have 4 years in June. Best thing I ever did, just ask my kids.
  438. GaffnLaff

    Spring time in Montana

    Fucking nice up there. We spent 2 weeks at glacier in our motorhome 2 years ago. Drove around flathead lake, that's one big lake. Wifey really liked Whitefish area, and wants property there. Zappa
  439. GaffnLaff

    4/20 varriety

    Nice. Nothin like havin yer spool stress tested and checked out. Haven't caught a smoothound before.
  440. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Tails at the fly

    Right on. Offshore feesh!
  441. GaffnLaff

    4-19 North County morning

    Good work on the nug report.
  442. GaffnLaff

    4-19 MB Kast

    It really is amazing that you can walk right out on the beach in this big city and catch fish...I think it dumbfounds some people. JB they were all BSP-some dinks, a few slabs, and one with shoulders-thought I had a bean. I dont tape 'em, he was just bigger than any before.
  443. GaffnLaff

    4-19 MB Kast

    I was fishing the 1/4 oz. It's pretty light and hard to get it to sink in any surf at all. I had to time my casts for the lull. It was a blast to get picked-up on the sink or retrieve-way more fun than gulp.
  444. GaffnLaff

    4-19 MB Kast

    Hit the MB honey hole again for good fishing. Took a while to find the fish, but the first one was a personal best. C&R plenty of decent size on the camo. Finally tried the Kastmaster and caught 4 nice ones for six casts-works well. Plenty of candy walking the beach tonight. I'm just...
  445. GaffnLaff

    "Croaker Channel"

    Wow Brad, you remembered that? Jack sure did!
  446. GaffnLaff

    "Croaker Channel"

    I've seen this croaker run the last 2 years. The channel is right by my house. It is amazing to see this fishery right in the middle of town. Good size croaker. Too bad these fucktards will just rape it. I went down this year and tried for some C&R fun. Like any fishing, shoulda been there the...
  447. GaffnLaff

    Pismo Beach, CA - BSP

    Yer exactly right Scribby. Less of us will with all this fuckin trash talking.
  448. GaffnLaff

    Pismo Beach, CA - BSP

    Assasin, thats a nice grade of perch you get there. Thanks for the reports, and dot let the assholes stop you from posting. Plenty of us appreciate em.
  449. GaffnLaff

    Mission Beach

    Para, thanks for the tip on circle hooks, Ill try that when I restock. Street, maybe around Nantasket Ct.? Started at El Carmel, and worked north. Good luck
  450. GaffnLaff

    Why I love Mexico

    This is how you do it. Fucking nice fish man. Shove yer opinion.
  451. GaffnLaff

    Mission Beach

    Had a great time at MB this evening. My son decided to join me and it was on. Upcoming tide, decent surf, nice warm sunset. Made my crappy day go away. We had a nice grade of 10" + constant biters as soon as we found a good hole. Didnt have to move, C&R all you want, and took two home. Alot of...
  452. GaffnLaff

    Weekly Care Package

    Full Asner with Rum & Coke-missed the keyboard luckily.
  453. GaffnLaff

    Recent former smokers???

    2-1/2 years and I still have the dream once in a while. They allways smell like shit though. I used an herbal remedy....smoke away or something like that? I couldnt tell if it was that or just pure will power that made me successful. Tried cold turkey and the patch multiple times.
  454. GaffnLaff

    Man, I have a huge butt....

    46 pounds of white flaky meat. Nice one Aaron. First you and David troll up a marlin while looking for albies, now this. When you gettin a yak?
  455. GaffnLaff

    Ideal Plumbing and Heating--Need Advice

    Well written Charles. This write up should go right to their office manager and the argument is over.
  456. GaffnLaff


    Cow killers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to stick it out.
  457. GaffnLaff

    Offshore An update from a deckhand 8/6

    Right on Turd! (did I say that?) Yeah keep the reports comin. I like hearing about the lucky ones, hell I wanna grow up to be one some day. I think the reports of the lucky ones is why I read this board, and I certainly wanna hear about any and all bloofin reports. :lux: I talked to your...
  458. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 8-7 Saved by the peanut

    We heard all the skunk reports from 8-6, but thought that meant good things to come. We started on the 390 at grey light. Trolled and stopped on meter marks till we were below the 60 staying near most of the sporty fleet. Hooked one on bait on a mark and handed it to my 11 yo son who got chewed...
  459. GaffnLaff

    Billfish Bonanza

    You're a 13 yo and put up one of the best reports I've seen in a long time...nice job, I really enjoyed it. Great photos. I can't believe how nice the water was for you guys. I have gotta do a trip like this one some day, my kids would love that. Thanks for the motivation.
  460. GaffnLaff

    KidJurel's Kids go fishing......

    Nice job there Mike. It's always great to get the kids out fishing.
  461. GaffnLaff

    Offshore albacore and marlin

    Aaron, wow, you and David really know how to ruin a NEWB....I hope he understands this dont happen every time. Awesome job on the marlin!! :FU: Welcome to the asylum, nice first post and great pics. Say hi to David and Elaine.
  462. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7/23 Albies and Bluefin on "The Reel One"

    Pass the sashimi plate over here. Sounds like a nice day of fishing with appetizers on the ride home. WTG
  463. GaffnLaff

    7/20 beach fishing+Halibut+Needle fish + pic

    No way Brad, awesome fish, great skinny water action, and bueno read. :High_Five
  464. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Bloody Sunday

    Great video, thanks for lighting my crack pipe.
  465. GaffnLaff

    IB report - saturday

    Kevin, I keep my chum crew in check by giving them bonine at night before bed, and again right when they get up to go to the boat. Works great. Good job dad.
  466. GaffnLaff

    Boat Ho's unite!

    PB Encounter The Hook Rain Warrior Reel One Charlie Parker Sea Hawk Tom Martino's Spooky B
  467. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7-16 Alberts

    Jack and Joe just saw your post...loved it!
  468. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7-16 Alberts

    We put in the trollers at the 1010 at grey light, trolled to the 220 and back, got one jig fish at 10:30 north of 1010. Trolled forever, then heard 55/25 and headed that way and at 1:00 got one troll fish, and 8 nice bait fish on a steady pick. Got my son his first albie :High_Five. He got the...
  469. GaffnLaff

    First time surf fishing

    Try the Berkley "Gulp" sandworms in blood or brown/metalflake colors, or 2" motor oil grubs on carolina rig. You can get them at Noah's.
  470. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7-16 First Blood on Ezlimits

    Bentrods, Thanks for the call in on :food-smil 55/25, we found a great spot and filled-up.
  471. GaffnLaff

    Caption This! NSFW

    She musta swallowed her dentures!
  472. GaffnLaff

    Offshore limits of albies on the fly 41 miles

    I saw you towing the Tuna Kahuna north on 5 yesterday and wondered how you did. Thanks for finding the feesh close, and sharing the #'s. Mighta saved me from overshoooting them tomorrow.
  473. GaffnLaff

    Chum buckets

    Cimmarron bait has em
  474. GaffnLaff

    palmas de cortez 7/28-8/3

    Stop by East Cape Tackle in Los Barrilles before hand and talk to the gringo behind the counter. He can tell you the dope on what fiash are biting and how to get em. I hope the place gets going for you, it was slowwwww last week.
  475. GaffnLaff

    Rancho Buena Vista 6/24-27

    I got invited on a free trip with my electrician and 25 other electrical manufacturers and salespeople. Fun bunch of guys. Great resort and staff. Really great not paying the bill. I fished two days and it was slow. The locals said the water is still too cool, and nothing was on the chew. The...
  476. GaffnLaff

    Finish Carpentry

    FH, it's not for me to like...It's the architect and clients dream and I just have to build it. We seem to be hooked-up with very contemporary architects.
  477. GaffnLaff

    Finish Carpentry

    Nice work-I'm bummed I never get to do trim anymore. I've been a supt. for a company in SD for 10 yrs and I have only had crown molding and traditional trim in one of our projects-all contemporary shit.
  478. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Nasty but we got em

    Nice talking to yoou out there Mike.
  479. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Asses handed to us

    We were down at the washer..I mean dumper. Gotta thank you Papa J. When you called out 23/58, three miles later you saved our day, and put the only three fish on our deck. We thank you. What an ass beating. I have to agree on the Offshore tanks, only two of our baits died the entire day.
  480. GaffnLaff

    Oil changer on Mission Bay

    Does anybody know of a slipside oil changer on Mission Bay
  481. GaffnLaff

    Saturday 6/18 core

    Leaving MB 10:00 friday night, staying on the waterand fishing all weekend :drool: .
  482. GaffnLaff

    6/8 beach fishing

    Happy Boy
  483. GaffnLaff

    6/8 beach fishing

    I was out last night and found ZZZ and saw their flash of spotfins-sure looked fun. I started wayy up the beach and worked my way down for alot of small BSP and YF croakers. Tons of shells around mid stretch. Saw a 3-1/2' shovelnose in shallow water and lots of rays. I had such a blast I may do...
  484. GaffnLaff

    Squid Co price on avet 50 topless???
  485. GaffnLaff

    Not Mine

    My lurker friend Jim just hooked-up a new ride for me to Ho on this summer. :jo: He's gonna get a whole lotta Ho outta me.
  486. GaffnLaff

    Reel One Squidding 2-2

    Didnt they have tons of giant (humbolt) squid down in the gulf of mexico/east cape last year? How did that affect the sport fish population there?
  487. GaffnLaff

    1-22 O Side Dome Pipes.

    It was that kinda day where a raked bait is a highlight-we had one.
  488. GaffnLaff

    1-22 O Side Dome Pipes.

    Yeah we headed out saturday morning, fished everything from Oside to LJ for one bonie and one calico. Tried bait, irons, plastics. It was foggy and the wind came up. Had to punish the beer.
  489. GaffnLaff

    New to BD? How'd you find us?

    I heard watoosie talking on BB about something on "the Other Board". I found it, and never looked back, this board is far superior. I have since turned several other fishermen onto this board that never had heard of it-word of mouth is working.
  490. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Lost my bigeye to the dog 9-28

    I hate the unbuttonning part, and the I cant kill the seal from here part You werent far from the islands? That shit sux How were the yft?
  491. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Tuna trip to Gloucester

    Baby killer...Ha...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! One saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet fish Did you sell all 500# of it? No sashimi/wasabi? D'you eat the heart, I woulda
  492. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 371 Offshore Micro Slam 9-24

    Must be awesome to see the BFT explode like that-better than Sea World. Great report..looks like you covered alot of ground.
  493. GaffnLaff

    thursday- ho needed for small boat

    That reach around is a deal breaker for dis homophobe. Hope you catch fish and pleasure yerself gayz:
  494. GaffnLaff

    Do not pass out

    My buddy is famous for passing out, but I've never marked, or dressed him up-you have to be gay to do that and deserve what you get. 1-Passed out under my car. I looked and looked for him, gave up and drove away. 2-Next time he passed out on top of my van (because he really didn't like...
  495. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9-12 dorado at 390

    I wasnt driving pig:
  496. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9-12 dorado at 390

    The driveway-I hate shooting pics here, but I never get it done on the water Jacks first Dorado Jacks first limit Joes catch I need to learn to turn pics vert first
  497. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9-12 dorado at 390

    YOU SUCK!!!! :FU: :FU: :FU: Thanks Charles, I knew I could count on you. I'll be putting up some pics just for you later
  498. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9-12 dorado at 390

    Got a bloody crappy-ass soon to roll scoop from Mission Bay E-Boys (glad I tipped) and headed to 390 at 2:30 after fixing the steering cable. Trolled through the snot at grey light, and looked for lettuce till 8:30 somewhere NE of 390 when we were waved onto a nice paddy by a hooked-up unknown...
  499. GaffnLaff

    8/29- ~ 9/5 Ensenada/Coral

    It sounds like you guys have a good plan. Enjoy the break, I know you've been working your ass off. Good luck
  500. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7-24 Fishing with Newbies

    Lee, I was staying in my motorhome down by the lifeguard headquarters when you anchored up and started cutting. Good job, that looked like a good haul. Damn, you sure made them shore fishermen jealous with that load of albies and yellows. Did you see the lesbian dance party go by on the skiboat...
  501. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7/24 Mahi Mahi and Yellows

    Good one Rich. Thanks for the report
  502. GaffnLaff

    Coral then South

    Yeah Rik, I sure hope the fish move in and hold till late August-there should be more for ya with me gone-Ha! The mountains will be great, but I dont think trout fishin will hold me over. When I get back I'm gonna need to pull on some salt water species. I hope Glenn will have me out on The Reel...
  503. GaffnLaff

    Mission Belle 7/20

    I wouldnt try to do that. You do have to put a name on it. They will demand picture ID's for adults. I have one my two sons share, but i only take one of them at a time, and they dont have picture Id's. I wouldnt suggest this ploy either, I'm just a cheap fucker.
  504. GaffnLaff

    Coral then South

    Is laffngaff going with ya??????? RikT Yeah, sorry I wont see ya on the water Rik. I didnt know you missed me. We'll hook up one day when my fishing stops getting run over by life. I'm leaving next week for three weeks in Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier :nopity: In the meantime, I...
  505. GaffnLaff

    7/23 - 7/25 Dodo hunting & Ensenada

    Good luck guys fish?:
  506. GaffnLaff

    Get Happy?

    Pull my hair when you tease me...something went on the chew? This ocean's been dead for days.
  507. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7/9 43, SCI and paddies

    Wrist rockets are great. At least you can fire one across the bow! Thanks for the report
  508. GaffnLaff


    Fishermen are like seagulls. Two baits break the surface 60 miles out, and the birds are there in an instant. Where they came from no one knows. When they shit on you you dont like it, but when they show you where the fish are they're great. You have a great website, and the fishermen are...
  509. GaffnLaff

    help me get through my day

    OMG spooker...that shits funny, good one. Hey Nate, how'd you do? Did you use any of these suggestions. Been there many times. Mine would be drink a coke, and go swim/surf in the ocean.
  510. GaffnLaff

    Fishing 7/3

    I'll be leaving SI friday night @ 2am on "Charlie Parker"...pointy end towards?? Wheres this exotics rumor coming from? I wanna know. See ya out there fuckers.
  511. GaffnLaff

    baja pics

    Wow Nate, I didn't look for a while. Awesome trip. That's the kinda shit I dream of doing. I need life to get outta the way of my fishing.
  512. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7/1 390 All you want Albies

    Way to whack em, pack em and give a shout. Thanks for relaying the radio fish too. Same day reports rock..Thanks
  513. GaffnLaff

    photos de baja, parte dos

    Parte Dos..did I miss part one? Looks like an awesome trip, great photos. Details? When were you there? Were the humboldt squid still there?
  514. GaffnLaff

    Offshore SAT 6-26...390 slugfest Albie Limits

    Sounds like it's as good as it's gonna get out there. Thanks for the timely report. I really wish I could get out there.
  515. GaffnLaff

    Procrastanation is like masturbation

    I maturbate cause I can't procrastinate...
  516. GaffnLaff

    Offshore thurs 371/425 area laate report

    I like the beer report-good catch.
  517. GaffnLaff

    I got in an accident today!

    I got into an accident yesterday too. It was just a fender bender. My fault, but the fuck I hit was uninsured, unlicenced from TJ. I gave the no "speaky de english" fuck my phone number, he didn't want my insurance. He had his friend who Habla's just fine call me last night to try and get some $...
  518. GaffnLaff

    6/22 Del Mar beach fishing

    I used to wonder why there were so many hot young girls on that beach. I've built several houses right there, and finally figured it out. They are the offspring of "Trophy Wives", and there's plenty of them in Del Mar. Good surf and fishing...what could be better? Young girls in bikini's!
  519. GaffnLaff

    6/18 - 6/20 Way South and Ensenada

    Splash some blood on them decks and fuck up a few brain cells guys. I'm hoping to hear some good reports.
  520. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 06-17-04

    Fuck da weeekend, I took tomorrow off. I coulda left tomorrow never seeing this report but I didnt. Thanks Steve for the relay and Kep for the forward-I'll try and get a good report out tomorrow evening for everyone leaving on saturday.
  521. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Albies and YT out west

    Wow-thanx for sharing. Thats the info i needed leaving 2nite.
  522. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Trust This report??

    It's hard to know what's up. How to Fish sez 1' swell yesterday. Are you still leaving tomorrow AM Rich?
  523. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 6/16 the 43 and south.

    Man, way to give the blow by blow report-very nice. Sounded like everyone else got blown out.
  524. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BlowMe6-6

    Rich-nice to meet you guys too. Thanks for the ice, and beer at customs :drool: .
  525. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Bloody Slughter Fest WFO - PQ 1.5 - 6/7

    Mannnn, it's always should been here yestyerday...Thanks for the nice report.
  526. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BlowMe6-6

    Heres the best yellow of the day
  527. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BlowMe6-6

    Here's the only photo of my albie-
  528. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BlowMe6-6

    Here's Aaron with his first tuna
  529. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BlowMe6-6

    Thanks for the concern over my hurting pussy after that rough day...'twerent so bad with the following seas till PukeyPt., and coming in the channel. It was rough going out but cleared a bit once outside. I guess it was rough though. On the way in, the Fisherman III was making drifts in the...
  530. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BlowMe6-6

    Went down the 117 line on "Charlie Parker" with David, his mother Elaine, Aaron, and John. We were about to get an upper finger but proceeded anyways. Lots of wind at 3:00am as we cleared the point with some sad dinos. Motored south and made 18kt through big swells and light chop. Found the...
  531. GaffnLaff

    Slaying tuna 6/5/04

    Good luck you guys. I hope you slay some, and leave a few. Hopefully I"ll pick up a ride for sunday.
  532. GaffnLaff

    Good crew available 6-6

    No tourney, just I cant go saturday and he cant go sunday, and I gotta kill some fish this weekend.
  533. GaffnLaff

    Good crew available 6-6

    I bring money, food, beer, permit, equipt.,elbow grease, and good attitude.
  534. GaffnLaff

    Flat Bastard...

    I fucking wish. That's fishing. Went out with Fishwiz, around to Zuniga and points inward for a great buzz, and one nice shortfin croaker/corvina?? I caught sand sharks, Charles gets points for slime stix, and Glenn gets the releaseable flat bastards. It was nice out if you were a legal halibut...
  535. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 390/371 5/08/04

    Sea Dawg, you should get the fastest post award. I just saw you at S.I. Nice bucket of new dead friends.
  536. GaffnLaff

    The full loreto story april 3-11 Lots of pictures!

    Thanks for the great report guys. Excellent pics and timeline. Too funny-even your report gets deleted!!!! It sounds like you had alot of fun. I can take a little crap from them with the guns, and still enjoy Mexico. You know what your facing when you cross the border, and accept it-WTG...
  537. GaffnLaff

    Sb Whackfest!

    I never get photo sevice like that. Put 'em up.
  538. GaffnLaff

    Beer makes you grow a pussy

    According to a lame new study...we are turning ourselves into girls
  539. GaffnLaff

    Interesting Boat

    The Wallypower 118' Watched discovery channel "Extreme Boats" last night Powered by 2 diesels, and 2 turbines, gets 15 gallons per mile at 60kt. Carbon fiber hull.
  540. GaffnLaff

    Indian - Friday

    I think Randall is gonna owe you. You prolly just filled that boat up with this post.
  541. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 4/4/04 Albies, YT & Balloons

    Dont get in a rush brotha. You been workin on your sled for a while, and it's nice to see a guy workin up a good sled. That shit takes time and has to be done right. If you get in a hurry you'll make the wrong decisions. The tuna will be here for a while, in the meantime ho a ride.
  542. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 4/4/04 Albies, YT & Balloons

    Heres the best gaff shot I've ever seen. Nate did this to a firecracker for me.
  543. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 4/4/04 Albies, YT & Balloons

    Did I mention I like the blood? Heres a murder in the corner.
  544. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 4/4/04 Albies, YT & Balloons

    Is it really April? Fuck, that was a great trip Glenn. Thanks for puttin us on fish, I felt like we were really lucky yesterday. I really like photo # 2-what a fuckinng crime scene that was. I miss the blood (I guess its because the new format and I switched from red to Misuse skin). I forgot...
  545. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Report for Tunaslam: 4/3/04-Albie's and a BFT

    Cory and Rob. Heading out tonight with Fishwiz and thankful for the report. Way to go on finding them and passing along the #'s. I hope we can make 'em go tomorrow.
  546. GaffnLaff

    saturday 4-3

    Hope you guys find the fllatties Vince. I heard you'll need an extra bucket for Mike.
  547. GaffnLaff

    Clemente 4-1

    Man I wish SCI wasnt closed this weekend. Nice yellow and thanks for the report!
  548. GaffnLaff

    SCI trip numero 2?

    OOOOOOOOOOoh! Unreel know how to get us all fired up again. WSB sounds good.
  549. GaffnLaff

    LaJolla Reds 3/27

    John, thanks for the report, sounds like a nice day on the water. Bummer on the lost chum, and bucket. Great goat.
  550. GaffnLaff

    Whistler Bouy/SD Bay 3/27

    Chris, way to work the wood. You did all that and a same day report-that rocks. Nice 27" flatter. Glad you didn't suck a bag up, only a home. Thanks again for the report.
  551. GaffnLaff

    OK for you pussy's

    My pussy hurts
  552. GaffnLaff

    Cunning Gator

    An old farmer in Georgia had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back, fixed up nice; picnic tables, horseshoe courts, basketball court, etc. The pond was properly shaped and fixed up for swimming when it was built. One evening the old farmer decided to go...
  553. GaffnLaff

    DFG limits Lingcod to 1 @ min 30"

    Never caught one bigger than 27" locally. They all seem just under 24". We may never get to keep an american ling.
  554. GaffnLaff

    Albi and Tuna hunting 3/ 28

    Go findem for us Stan!
  555. GaffnLaff

    Puerto Vallarta shore fishing

    Nate, try PM to Captain Josh on Buddy Board. He is an excellent charter captain in Puerto Vallarta and should be able to answer all your questions.
  556. GaffnLaff

    Digicam with movie suggestions

    Kurt, You'll be glad your HP315 broke when you get the new camera. I have one from work and it's the biggest piece of shit I ever used. Try and get a camera that comes with a cable that hooks direct to your TV, instant viewing and big screen.
  557. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 3/22 Tuna 'Striper' Report

    Too bad about the leak Kurt, but at least you get to say those immortal words.... Seee honey, I was right and you were WRONG!!!! :FU: :jo: :)
  558. GaffnLaff

    Well we've upgraded!

    Cough, cough. Yeah I'm sure? Found out about skins, and switched to Misuse-much better.
  559. GaffnLaff

    Well we've upgraded!

    Somethings hurting my eyes when I look at the new screen, and I aint even stoned-yet. I havent checked much else out yet. Whole buncha stuff to re-learn. Hope it's for the b :FU: etter.
  560. GaffnLaff

    SCI trip numero 2?

    FUCK, why do they need our playground. They don't even fish. :jo: I was really looking forward to this trip.
  561. GaffnLaff

    Can't stand it!!!

    Good luck Glenn, I hope you guys nail 'em. I can't go on this run, I'll just be getting back from skiing monday morning. :appl: :drool: :appl: :drool: thefinger:
  562. GaffnLaff


    Hell yeah I'm kidding. I never have problems with my reels. I did want some free service on defects-when I have them??? Never seen defects in mine. 15 yr old with rusted bearings? Go figure. $88 bucks I paid? To The Point The product is still great. Just that the legendary free service I've...
  563. GaffnLaff


    Bassnet-I don't want the beastmaster fixed for free. It would have been nice if it broke earlier and I got at least some discounted service ($88 for one reel-ouch). The beastmaster has been great for fifteen years. I'm pissed cause I got nothing on the service end. Nothing!! I wanted to think...
  564. GaffnLaff


    Charles thanks fer takin your ballbusting in stride. I didn't take you wrong. I was very happy with my Shimano's until a long awaited breakdown. How do you know Avet and Accurate will be there for you when one of their well built reels finally breaks? At this time I (and many others) have...
  565. GaffnLaff


    You're reel funny Charles-:D And helpful too:D We like Shimano We don't like your funny reels that cost too much:D thefinger:
  566. GaffnLaff


    I put my trust in Shimano long ago based on the great service I heard about. It took a long time for anything to break, and when it did, I was told my reel is "Vintage". They gave me a local repair guy, and $88 later and 2 trips to Chula, my Beastmaster 20/40 was fixed with three new bearings...
  567. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Albies & Yellow Tail

    I know all was said except this: Why am I so pussywhipped???????? I have already dedicated all my time this next weekend. I have a partner with boat that can and will go out next weekend, (Stan, look him up, he needs crew), and I won't get to go. Been waiting all winter. I hope all you...
  568. GaffnLaff

    Trip of a Lifetime - OFFSHORE ADVENTURE

    Dude, when scrubbing don't forget to get up in the corners good, and always polish the chrome. 60' yacht is alot of scrubbin. Ho FUCK, If I aint jealous. Don't fuck it up, I wanna see this trip posted well, plus Costa Rica and shit. Nice job Ali-enjoy Sit Here thefinger:
  569. GaffnLaff


    The squid boats are gone today. They have been on the hook off Scripps since 3-1, and when I came back form lunch today, I noticed they are all gone. I hope the squid aren't gone. :jo: :cussing:
  570. GaffnLaff

    Darwin at in again (graphic)

    I watched it 4 times. He sure didn't bounce very high
  571. GaffnLaff

    Late report LaJolla 3/6-3/7

    Them fuckin squirts we bummed off Mots were fun to play with. I've never had live squid. You put em in the tank with the fins and it's dinner time for them. You pick one up and it bites you and grabs you with the tentacles squirtin water everywhere. The ink stains old gelcoat. Gotta be fun to...
  572. GaffnLaff


    Mot's-sorry gotta do it. That musta been one nasty terd-you gotta learn to chew your food. I bet a big sandbass dragged that one home fer dinner-LMFAO Mark don't tell BPFED-he might hurt someone Seriously-the trash in the water really bummed me out this weekend, but it was still a nice day...
  573. GaffnLaff


    Not sure but I think those were mostly reeds washed down outta the streams. I saw several big logs floating, but those were close to Mot's boat????
  574. GaffnLaff


    I guess everyone's gutters get cleaned out in a good rain, and it all ends up in the ocean. I dunno, but my gutters never look like this. This is what I saw on the water this weekend. barf
  575. GaffnLaff

    SCI trip numero 2?

    Glenn, I'm here and I'm in. Main Ho reporting for duty-you fucker! :thefinger: We really towing to Dana Point? Thats gonna save time?? Game on muthafuckah, San Clemente Island is now owned by Bloody Decks Crew. :lux: :beerbang: :rockin: :jumpin: :notworthy:
  576. GaffnLaff

    Here is M.O.W. #40 Iceman

    Took long enough to pick this one. He's an automatic MOW if you ask me. Nobody has ever made us all more jealous than Ice. :cussing: He has made me grab all the fishermen on my job, and drag them into my shed to see the latest homeguard, that was caught TODAY! :daman: Awesome fisherman...
  577. GaffnLaff

    Redondo daytime lobster dive with pics 3/2

    Oh that's rich. Promar hoop nets work so good they needed a diver to go get lobsters fer the show. :monkey: :FU: :jo: Thanks for the report! Nice catch dude:p
  578. GaffnLaff

    Bee infestation

    Just to remind those who are allergic, like me. Put some benadryl in yer tacklebox. People do get stung out on a boat, a llllllong ways from Riteaid. I heard of a guys boat being swarmed last year, as he tried to outrun them.
  579. GaffnLaff

    Alert!! Boats Robbed

    WTG to all who helped the police see that they need to make this a priority.gunz I really hope you all get your stuff back. When you get a chance, please tell us more about these pricks disposition. Hooray, san diego has less dirtbags on the water. gunz gunz gunz
  580. GaffnLaff

    More Battry ??'s

    Good one Good tips too :beerbang:
  581. GaffnLaff

    Canning Partership

    The 930 holds 19 pt/14 qt The 921 holds 19 pt/7 qt I bet the 930 is like 1/2" taller allowing you to stack the quarts. Fuck I like quarts but it might not be worth the $
  582. GaffnLaff

    Canning Partership

    All American 930 Any savings/use tips will be appreciated. #920 is 19 pts. 7 qts. $148 on the net.
  583. GaffnLaff

    Canning Partership

    I'm interested in getting a canner, but they're pretty expensive for something you don't use that much. Best price I've seen is $230. It does 19 pint/14 quart jars at a time. I am interested in splitting the cost (say 4 ways?)-with people living/working in the San Diego area so we can trade it...
  584. GaffnLaff

    Well it's going to be a late night

    DDFish-I had no idea where you were coming from. Glad to see you were just kidding Misuse. Leaks are a sensitive issue to me. When they're found, all the subs are gone and have their money, and they dont lose sleep over it.:rant:
  585. GaffnLaff

    Well it's going to be a late night

    That's fucking cold dude. Waterproofers are great for basements, and decks, and smearing black shit around?? There's millions of other opportunities for leaks to be created. Usually it's from the never ending line of uncaring subs it takes to put a house together.:confused: :p
  586. GaffnLaff

    Bloody Lava!

    Hirize, you give the most interesting reports and great pics. Thanks for all.:p :eek: :D :)
  587. GaffnLaff

    Well it's going to be a late night

    How'd it go. Fixed or fucked? Hope you got it fixed. I'm a builder too and dread rain. I'm doing good on the current project though, last rain showed no leaks. Now I can sleep better.
  588. GaffnLaff

    Contracter(s) needed

    Yes Mike, he is president-and damn good at it. I went to one of the meetings, and was impressed.
  589. GaffnLaff

    Contracter(s) needed

    Kurt, try K-co. They've built for several of my friends, and done fine. 858-274-0005
  590. GaffnLaff

    Ice Coolers @ Costco

    These coolers work alot better with dividers when I'm not just filling them with bloody carcasses. Don't tell Caltrans, but an old road sign worked great. I fill the middle compartment with blocks, the smallest compartment with canned beverages and the outer compartments with everything else. I...
  591. GaffnLaff

    Catch and Release

    gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz
  592. GaffnLaff

    Just a quick.. we're back!

    Just need to say a quick thanks to all the bloody decks guys. Youre all fucked in the right way. I'd never met you guys, and you made team Reel One feel like such a part of your team. I knew if we had any problem, you guys were there to help. That's an awesome feeling when your down in Mex, at...
  593. GaffnLaff

    Burned by "ride sharing"?

    Take that fucker out again and leave him... with a PFD. gunz You must be a nice guy, who got walked on. Respectable Ho's everywhere are pissed.:mad:
  594. GaffnLaff

    I think this dog is lost.

    Stop putting them back in the sea. gunz gunz gunz
  595. GaffnLaff

    Another QVC accident

    Dumbshit. You use the other sword for Hari Kiri (sp?)
  596. GaffnLaff

    Lets try this again

    Drink plenty of Rum to get in the right mood-then I'd be trying these guysFlorida Sporstman Good luck
  597. GaffnLaff

    LJ YT Big MoFos

    I have never seen more life on the inshore water than right now. From my jobsite just south of Black's beach, I noticed giant black clouds moving over the water-what the fuck-that's birds. I ran for my binoc's, and had to watch for 30 minutes. There's so many birds, and dolfins, and the sun...
  598. GaffnLaff

    What's named after you?

    He stole my namegunz
  599. GaffnLaff

    State of the Union Address

    The union's fucked-up Drink heavily Watch porn Do the old lady Go fishing.... Aaaaaaaaaaah....much better now! ;) LOL
  600. GaffnLaff

    I will probably catch some heat for this...

    Stupid fucks are everywhere-just give them an opportunity and they'll demonstrate. Sorry you ran into some of these assholio's Shelly, but we live in a big city and it's gonna happen-more on the water than on the land. Never let your guard down-especially when the kids are on the boat.gunz :( gunz
  601. GaffnLaff

    landings near santa maria, CA????

    Vince 1-Take a kid for a tour of neverland 2-Go to Pea Soup Andersons 3-Tour the shops in the quiant Dutch village of Solvang 4-Tour the vineyards of the area. Why is this area so gay???? Lake Cachuma isn't far, but never heard of any great fishin there. Nuttin to do there-stay...
  602. GaffnLaff

    hot dog

    You cracked me the fuck up-I laughed so loud everyone came running into the shed.:D
  603. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 01/01/2004 Quick report

    If you two turned your fishing energy towards terrorism our boys wouldnt stand a fuckin chance. LOL
  604. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 01/01/2004 Quick report

    No, Shelly was alot of fun on this trip, and really impressed me, but she kept her clothes on-Mot's made me think though. She's as fired up as anyone I know about killing fish. gunz Girl, you're all fucked-up... in a good way. Curt and Saluki-you guys are fucking amazing. I hope you guys...
  605. GaffnLaff

    Ahnold's Plan

    Kahleeforneeea will be fine with this leadership. 850mb-but worth it. Arnies Plan
  606. GaffnLaff

    Guam Report.

    Great report from far off placesgunz awesome-Dude your avatar looks like a crime scene, nice .:p
  607. GaffnLaff

    Oside butt report 12/29

    You musta pounded alotta sand. You got 'em wiredgunz gunz Damn nice butts.:rolleyes:
  608. GaffnLaff

    Music: Best Three Bands Of All Time

    Bob Marley Led Zep Sublimegunz
  609. GaffnLaff

    Fishin Santa

    I was driving through my neighborhood last night, and saw this fisherman's awesome display. I want to meet the fuck that did this.fish2 gunz :D
  610. GaffnLaff

    12/16 extra butter

    Nice haul dude-yer makin me hungry.:cool: :D :p
  611. GaffnLaff

    Offshore RRIII report - (Short version): WOW!

    Sounds like an awesome trip. Releasing tuna under 200#, who ever thought. Bummer you released your cow. At least you got some of this awesome long range season-I can only read about it. Thanks for the report.
  612. GaffnLaff

    12-13 butt's. seymore butts.

    Nice report Leo-nard-o.
  613. GaffnLaff

    Lj Sat 12/6

    are slipped in quivira, and heading out about six am. My partner said he wants to go south, maybe rockpile?? Fucking plans change though. South shores is a great ramp.
  614. GaffnLaff

    Lj Sat 12/6

    Going after the same fish2 on The Reel One. Wher are you heading??