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  1. huukup!

    Truline lm9 blank

    She gone
  2. huukup!

    Surface iron identification

    Sick thanks. Can't wait to ring it up
  3. huukup!

    Surface iron identification

    Wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of surface iron this is. It's a little heavy it had really old rusty split rings and a beat up hook. Thanks
  4. huukup!

    Need an id on these jigs

    I thought leadmaster made those a while back 🤔
  5. huukup!

    Keeping after all

    Keeping it
  6. huukup!

    Ss 6480 wanted

    Just like the title says 6480 wanted. Not the 6480h. Also looking for a 1x3located in sd
  7. huukup!

    Conolon skipper special $80

    Hey how heavy in weight is that rod?
  8. huukup!

    Super Seeker CJBF80H Blank 30-50lb

    Fuuuuck to far away I'd take it
  9. huukup!

    What kind of blank is this

    Sweet!! Thanks guys its mean
  10. huukup!

    Long Beach lobsters

    hit the break wall. Drop a line of nets and wait 40 mins
  11. huukup!

    What kind of blank is this

    I got this blank at the swap meet for $5 and had it wrapped. Its 7ft and I would rate it 40-60lb. Sweet stick have no idea what it is.
  12. huukup!

    Old seekers wanted

    cash in hand OG cherry glass and green glass wanted. Lmk what u got thanks. Located in sd
  13. huukup!

    Trini 12a or 14a wanted

    Lookng for a used not abused trini 12a or 14a. Local located in ocean beach san diego
  14. huukup!

    Wtb trini 14a or trni 20a

    Looking for a used not abused 14a sd area thanks
  15. huukup!

    Truline green Lm8

    green lm8 in great condition. originally wrapped by moon many years ago from what I was told in a trade.. Hasn't been fished since wrapped. I took off the cork grip and varmac reel seat it originally came with to make it lighter. Located in ocean beach sd thanks $260
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  17. huukup!

    Tranx 400 looking

    Looking for a tranx 400a or hg .used not abused please. Someone in sd county please. Cash money in hand.Let me know what you have thanks
  18. huukup!

    Seeker 2x4 wanted

    Anyone have a seeker 2x4 they are willing to sell? Something used not abused please. Local in San Diego county please thanks
  19. huukup!

    Need some jigs soldered

    I have about 10 jigs that I want the hooks to be replaced. If someone has done this before and wants to make $20 let me know thanks
  20. huukup!

    Trini 14a wanted

    Looking for a used not abused 14a. I don't mind a "few" scratches. Internals are more important. If someone has one in San Diego county let me know thanks
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  22. huukup!

    Tady 3/0 light

    Local pickup I'm not shipping
  23. huukup!

    Bye felicia

    Local pickup thanks
  24. huukup!

    Bye felicia

  25. huukup!

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    Too many dumb fucks on the phone
  26. huukup!

    Seeker 908 custom new

    Thanks not green glass
  27. huukup!

    Seeker 908 custom new

    Selling my brand new wrapped 908. 9ft 15-25lb.Never been fished. $160 firm located in ocean beach sd
  28. huukup!

    Sabre 540 cut

    The ulua is 10ft 2. So I would say 9'7
  29. huukup!

    Sabre 540 cut

    I have a 540 that was cut from the tip. I put it next to my skinny butt ulua that is full length for comparison. Bitchin rod just corona times $160 located in ocean beach sd thanks
  30. huukup!

    She goń

    Full 10ft. there just has been one guy to see it.And that's when it was $400 . Very little interest from others.but One trade pending hopefully
  31. huukup!

    Calstar bt220

    Selling this calstar bt 220. Its 8'6 15-30lb. Nice light tip for casting live bait. I paired it with a trini 14 for the smaller yellowfin. Needs a butt cap and new cork tape. $120 located in ocean beach
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  33. huukup!

    She goń

    Looking for uc cx80 raptor
  34. huukup!

    She goń

  35. huukup!


    Still available
  36. huukup!

    She goń

    $400 takes it
  37. huukup!

    She goń

    Thanks Billy yeah definitely a 542
  38. huukup!

    She goń

    That's what I told it was when I baught it. I'm no expert but I have handled other "542"s and they seem reel whippy ,more of a 30lb stick. I fish 40lb on mine it with confidence
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    Still available
  40. huukup!

    She goń

    Send it
  41. huukup!

    She goń

    For sale
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    She gone
  43. huukup!

    Trini 16a $300

    16a Still available
  44. huukup!

    Trini 16a $300

    Selling my Trinidad 16a. Has 3/4 of the spool with 65lb power pro .minor scratches. Star does not click when adjusting drag. Good freespool and smooth rotations of the handle. $300 located in ocean beach
  45. huukup!

    CUI blank or wrapped

    Looking to pick one up in San Diego. I live in o.b. let me know thanks
  46. huukup!

    Tranx 300 or 400

    Looking for a used 300 or 400. In decent condition. Looking for someone local in San diego. I live in ocean beach thank you
  47. huukup!

    She goń

    She gone
  48. huukup!

    Possible scammers....

    Good to know thanks
  49. huukup!

    Tranx 500hg

    Looking for a used tranx 500 hg. Not beat up. Located in sd o.b area. I deck at hm landing if that works too. Thanks let me know
  50. huukup!

    used spottie rod

    looking for a 7-7"11 ft rod. like a 10-17lb rated rod located in sd
  51. huukup!


    She gone
  52. huukup!

    warbaits plastics momentums

    selling some plastics and lead. 3inch to 7inch plastics momentum warbaits coolbaits. $25 local pickup San Diego ocean beach area not shipping
  53. huukup!

    open water tackle bag nice

    selling my open water tackle bag. u can fit 4 large size trays .plenty of storage space. comes with carrying strap not pictured. tackle not included.$25 located in San Diego ocean beach area not shipping local pickup
  54. huukup!

    m1 inshore $60

    feed the crew!
  55. huukup!

    soldy moldy

  56. huukup!

    m1 inshore $60

    selling my m1 inshore series 82ml rated 10-25lb test. it's been used for sure.missing 3 guides from the top. easy fix for those who know what's up. the rest of the rod is fine.$60 firm located in San Diego local pickup only
  57. huukup!

    trini 20a shimano

    selling my trini 20a. great condition ready for the season. comes with 300 yards of 55lb samurai braid and a top shot of used 40lb. $360 firm Don't bother with a lower price. located in San Diego ocean beach area. not shipping thanks
  58. huukup!

    tranx 400 shimano

    got a line of people interested. you come to me no shipping. I live in ocean beach,who wants the reel?
  59. huukup!

    tranx 400 shimano

  60. huukup!

    clean talica 10ii

  61. huukup!

    phenix black diamond,axis

    I have my axis 10ft 30-60lb factory 8/10 $160 located in sd
  62. huukup!

    Mahilini is back

    It's bendo right now!
  63. huukup!

    Malihini sd

    The yellowtail action is full speed at the islands right now. We have plenty of space available book at
  64. huukup!

    Shikari SW909

    Is his last name martinez?
  65. huukup!

    Old school starman jigs for my super seeker

    Im looking for 150s,200,115s single or treble
  66. huukup!

    Old school starman jigs for my super seeker

    Hello i recently had some gear stolen from me and im looking to replace. I have a pretty clean super seeker rod. 7'6ft 30-50lb rating. I would and did fish 80lb on looking for old school starman jigs. Let me know what you have. Located in sd
  67. huukup!

    Wtt talica 10 ii for trini 20 A

    I have a clean talica 10 ii loaded with 330 yds of j braid.want a clean 20a in similar condition. I work at hm landing . let me know thanks $400.00
  68. huukup!

    Wtb trini 20a

    Sup lookin for a used 20a.let me know what you have. Located at hm landing and rancho cucamonga.
  69. huukup!

    Talica 10 II

    Talica 10II used 3 times no fish. 330 yards of 65lb daiwa braid. And a squidco reel cover.$400 firm. No shipping.located at hm landing 619 496 381seven
  70. huukup!

    Seeker blue lightning 8588 ft

    $100 located in sd hm landing
  71. huukup!

    Talica 10 II

    I have a talica 10 II for sale.i used it twice and prefer my trini's. Its loaded with330yrds of 65lb daiwa braid and not a visible scratch scratch on it. Located at hm landing.$420 firm thanks
  72. huukup!

    Seeker blue lightning 8588 ft

    Looking to trade my seeker for a 10ft jig stick or sell for $140.the rod is 8.5ft 15-25lb test. Cord handle and turks head. Great rod for the kelp line.located in sd
  73. huukup!

    revo premier gen 3 $40

    Pm or text if your serious thanks
  74. huukup!

    Wtb trini 14a or trni 20a

    Looking for a used 14a or 20a let me know thanks
  75. huukup!

    Wtb 14a and or abyss 1009

    Sup looking for a new or used trini 14a ,20a and a new or used 1009 abyss. Staying in long beach for the moment thanks
  76. huukup!

    Daiwa sealine SL30SH

    Missing screw cap
  77. huukup!

    newport harbor/ newport jetty

    Nothing gets throwned back over there . Good luck
  78. huukup!

    Bx2 400 for trade

    Looking to trade my bx2 400. Its pretty clean barely used loaded with 380 yards of samirai has a black wiffle ball looking for a talica 10 ii or a 14a. I work at hm landing let me know thanks
  79. huukup!

    Black jx 2 speed clean

    It's either you want it or don't I DGAF about your 2 cents
  80. huukup!

    Black jx 2 speed clean

    I payed 400 with tax at the longfin . I haven't even fished it hard besides a couple rockfish. I can go 320 no spectra
  81. huukup!

    Flouro leader Question

    It's all about the bait
  82. huukup!

    US passport required to go to Coronado islands

    Shit happeneds instantly with mexico
  83. huukup!

    Ideal 30lb Rig for New Angler

    Black diamond 809h x saltist bg20
  84. huukup!

    Phenix M1 Question

    I fish mine with 40lb to
  85. huukup!

    deckhand job

    Ahahah haters gonna hate
  86. huukup!

    deckhand job

    that's cool bro
  87. huukup!

    deckhand job

    Any boats looking to hire a deckhand?I've been fishing since straight out the womb. THANKS
  88. huukup!

    proxy site for the fight??

    Ahhh it didn't work for me thanks though
  89. huukup!

    proxy site for the fight??

    Any sites to watch the fight please!!
  90. huukup!

    Who's down to fish silverwood with me

    Sup bro I'm down to catch some bass. U blaze it?
  91. huukup!

    Calstar 800h

    I have a 800h paired with my bx2 400 loaded with 70lb samurai to the brim
  92. huukup!

    Can we fight back???

    The Purge for sea lions anyone?
  93. huukup!

    Spotty Newport Boat docks

    I tried hard no spotties but a baby sandbass and 14 inch flatty
  94. huukup!

    Spotty Newport Boat docks

    I'm going tomorrow to explore
  95. huukup!

    Marlin up north

    Too many dabs
  96. huukup!

    Newport, 3-22-15

    Hahaha landwhale sounds like a fat Indians name
  97. huukup!

    wtb black Jx 2 speed

    Or a trinidad 16a
  98. huukup!

    Long beach yellows?

    Nice yeller bruhh
  99. huukup!

    wtb black Jx 2 speed

    doesn't have to be new . Pm me if you have one for sale And your price. Or a 16a
  100. huukup!

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Pale ale and sculpin
  101. huukup!

    Box Caynon 1.10.15 - 1st Hand Report

    Nice fish it's 2015 not 14
  102. huukup!

    Sunday @ Cat

    Nice baaaaaaaaaass
  103. huukup!


  104. huukup!

    Rigs I Need for Cedros 6dayer

    Inshore 858 aND a nacl 60 fishing a sledge
  105. huukup!

    Show me your BASS...

    On a megabait
  106. huukup!

    Offshore 2 Day on the El Capitan

    It was Good fishing indeed. THINKING about The Trip On The 17
  107. huukup!

    .....somebody said the word...........!!!!

    Fuck yah! 2 day on friday
  108. huukup!

    Offshore El Capitan 1.5 Day trip 9/10

    What kind of beer did they have?
  109. huukup!

    fighting on the radio

    They all do
  110. huukup!

    Offshore Wahoo on the 267

    2 day in a couple weeks!!
  111. huukup!

    Catalina 8.13 Son's first Yellowtail

    Dope way to catch a halibut I seen one come to the surface when chumming
  112. huukup!

    CATALINA YT 8-15

    Surface iron?
  113. huukup!

    Offshore Fishtrap Dodo

    tacos y cerveza
  114. huukup!

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    "Should of had a V8!"
  115. huukup!

    want deckhand work

    im ready to work in the sd area. overnighters and up.dont know whos hiring capts are busiy
  116. huukup!

    Please keep eye out for stolen gear!

    i get pissed when people take the jig right off your rod.i couldn't imagine a rod or reel.
  117. huukup!

    LB Harbor

    doing work
  118. huukup!

    Offshore PB'er 3 for 3 on YFT 6/23

    there will be blood
  119. huukup!

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day Need Gear Advice

    bluefin will put your gear to the TEST.... remember that
  120. huukup!


    hell yah sculpin on my pan tonight
  121. huukup!

    WaveWalker limits with a Leo bonus 6/14/2014

    what kind of bread crumbs do you use?
  122. huukup!

    Offshore Pac Voy!

    albino bluefin
  123. huukup!

    No luck today

    fishing is skill not luck
  124. huukup!

    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    so im guessing 280yds of spectra isnt enough
  125. huukup!

    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    hell yah the toro is the shit!
  126. huukup!

    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    tooooo dam stoked to see this kind of fishing right now!
  127. huukup!

    wsb and halibut

    fuck yah
  128. huukup!

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    no angles tangles
  129. huukup!

    Offshore Thieves on long range boats?

    there will be blood..... what boat?
  130. huukup!

    Offshore Yellowfin in May? Eclipse report

    get ready and hold on to your shit!
  131. huukup!

    WTB black JX 6/3

    going to be looking into buying one within the next couple weeks. seeing if anybody had a black one for grabs
  132. huukup!

    SMB Calicos, etc 5/10 Wind 5/11

    is that beer good?
  133. huukup!

    Legal Halibut on the Fools Bait...Almost!

    you didnt want it
  134. huukup!

    saltist 30th

    no clamp pm replied
  135. huukup!

    Freelance Newport 3/4 day advice?

    ahahahah the line for the head
  136. huukup!

    saltist 30th

    Used works great new ht-100 drags and 160 yards of 100lb brand new power pro. $120located in rancho cucamonga
  137. huukup!

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    better boats in LB
  138. huukup!


    picky bastards
  139. huukup!

    Beware of the Post Office

    I'd go Chris dorner
  140. huukup!


    ready to paint the deck red
  141. huukup!


    next to fresh pussy
  142. huukup!

    SMB 3/23 Variety

    nice sculpin
  143. huukup!

    CALSTAR 800 H

    9/10. fuji reel seat 160$ if u meet me at bps asking 170$ text me for pic and info 909549458four
  144. huukup!

    El Nino in 2014???? Maybe!!

    2009 was fucking insane
  145. huukup!

    Big Bear Lake trout?

    are the trout biting? any tips would be cool thanks
  146. huukup!

    Sea Lions Being Shot in Malibu :)

    fuck yah
  147. huukup!

    Offshore Dominator didn't dominate

    i remember my first skunk....
  148. huukup!

    Offshore 2 Day Gear on Pac Dawn

    sharp hooks and plenty of flouro
  149. huukup!

    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    mann people are down to catch a bullet too
  150. huukup!

    Urgent Message!

    i get pissed when i get a jig stolen!! a rod or reel??? its a 187
  151. huukup!

    Dana wharf 3/4 day Goes from shitty to pretty good day.

    FUCCCCK no wonder! i made it with rockfish and got bubble guts
  152. huukup!

    teramar tmc 80h cord wrap ph sale

    <a href= target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=></a> Excellent condition. Put para cord instead of...
  153. huukup!

    Offshore Jumbo Blufin

    nice pheeesh
  154. huukup!

    Which 1.5 day boat out of San Diego

    condor has good food
  155. huukup!

    Offshore Saltist BG star drag vs. Saltist Lever Drag

    their lever drags are shitty and lock up
  156. huukup!

    Offshore Albacore Outlook for 2013

    Looks like the dude from the Goonies. Baby Ruth???
  157. huukup!

    Rpt-Wed-03-27-13 Rockpile Yellowtail Strikeout!

    Sounds like the nados. Fishing Easter hope they go ham
  158. huukup!

    Turners Oxnard

    Walmart shits on turners
  159. huukup!

    Rockfish opener

    fishing fixx
  160. huukup!

    Stolen rods in San Diego

    Grab your fiillet knife and gut a mother!
  161. huukup!

    phenix abyss 806 or 807

    Word might check out the 806. I fished plastics with a seeker 858 with ease
  162. huukup!

    The Legend siezed?

    Shawn is not the owner
  163. huukup!

    phenix abyss 806 or 807

    looking to get one with my future tax money. im going to put a revo stx or revo premier on it and fish plastics and shit. was wondering if anybody had any use of these models
  164. huukup!

    Accurate Reels

    dam wish my tax money would come sooner!
  165. huukup!

    The newest Avet...SXJ!

  166. huukup!

    Offshore Voyager 85lb and 98lb BFT

    Its only gonna get better
  167. huukup!

    quality sandbass

    Hopped on the victory today. Pretty slow day but i got the job done
  168. huukup!

    Mirage Sportfishing 2 day 06.19 to 06.20.2012 Halibut Slayage

    fuck yah got a trip leaving sunday night
  169. huukup!

    Happy Fathers Day To Me!

    This is the best post ive ever read! Wtg
  170. huukup!

    'nother seabass report

    Hell yah on the iron!
  171. huukup!

    Finally On the Board/We Got Em!!/WSB!!!

    Look at that kool aid smile haha wtg
  172. huukup!

    Izors and HB WFO Bass

    Thats what im talking about! Wtg
  173. huukup!

    Who's Fishing Tomorrow??

    Monday is the day to go..... mark thy word
  174. huukup!

    the day after... 3/4 day on the san diego. 5-24-12

    Hopefully monday itll be game on
  175. huukup!

    YT/Open Party, Overnight

    Weather is gonna suck this weekend
  176. huukup!

    slow at the cor. isl.

    6x jr's!!!!!
  177. huukup!

    Any one fishing for Marijuana?

    Fuckn pigs! Try to take my crops
  178. huukup!

    Offshore GRANDE - Bluefin Bite for the Big Boat

    nice job! I go tomorrow night 1.5 on the legend. ima use 30lb premier because of its diameter and a 2/0 ringed flyliner
  179. huukup!

    Offshore LEGEND 9/2-9/5 2 3/4 DAY REPORT

    nice! I go wed night on the legend 1.5. hope they eat 30lb premier
  180. huukup!

    Offshore PACIFIC QUEEN 2 DAY.!

    nice bro! fatty blues..hope my 1.5 wed goes down like that
  181. huukup!


    pp is garbage. cuts in itself when I tied bimini for customers. uni to uni or bob sands for me
  182. huukup!

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    omfg! I can't wait to yoyo a 6x jr
  183. huukup!

    Accurate BX2 400

    dam dont regret it
  184. huukup!

    saltist 30th for 322

    looking to trade. just serviced. new drags. good free spool.well taken care of. looking to trade for a 322 <a href= target=_blank><img...
  185. huukup!

    In Case you're wondering where the Cuda are....

    brand new candybar only lasted 6 fish on Saturday! broke from cheap <a href= target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=></a>
  186. huukup!

    what i did with my cuda

    yah its delicious! all white meat on fish no red! get a fork and work it off. good juicy lemons, cucumber for snap, bell peppers, celery and more if u want. letting it marinade is key! I prefer calico bass
  187. huukup!

    what i did with my cuda

    made a nice batch of ceviche yesterday.let it sit overnight in frig open up this morning and it was game on with tapatio and salt! <a href= target=_blank><img...
  188. huukup!


    bomb ass fish tacos!!
  189. huukup!

    MDR Logs 5/12

    yah they wanted that mint! I had a mint and black cb untill they broke it
  190. huukup!

    cuda on the patriot!

    yah I know its a lot easier to remov the blood when its thawing out. gonna make a lot of ceviche!
  191. huukup!

    cuda on the patriot!

    hell yah I got out there today! didn't want to chance missing the bite.went out on the patriot. used a 45 with a 9ftr. yanking and cranking with 30lb such a blast dragging them across the surface!easy limits. great boat and crew! and a nice calico I kept and just ate. <a...
  192. huukup!


    hell yah gonna get me sum tomorrow!
  193. huukup!

    What is the best yellowtail rod and reel setup?

    I spank them with my bx2 400 on a 800h:waglleybooty:
  194. huukup!


    When a giant heat wave comes!!
  195. huukup!

    Fred Hall - Del Mar

    what store can I buy those shirts?
  196. huukup!


    That 220 is sexy
  197. huukup!

    kencor shimano sabre

    Teramar and a kencor sold. Kencor and spheros still pending sale. And sabre still available
  198. huukup!

    kencor shimano sabre

    Pms replied. Teramar spheros and one kencor rod pending .
  199. huukup!

    kencor shimano sabre

    Alright I'm in a bind and need some cash for tuition. . I have 2 kencor magna series rods 7ft used twice $20 bucks each. I also have a shimano spheros 8000 perfect for local fishing $30. Used twice as well. Super smooth and reliable. And last I have a penn sabre rod from big 5. 8ft Used once...
  200. huukup!

    Phenix ISA and Avet SX Problem?????

    Call avet they have excellent service
  201. huukup!

    Nuclear Albacore

    Ill make sure to bust out the glowback tadys!
  202. huukup!

    What should i get?

    Bx 400 or bx2 400
  203. huukup!

    Blood knot to braided line to top shot

    Uni to uni and bob sands all day
  204. huukup!

    Favorite knot for braid to mono or flouro?

    Uni to uni and bob sands never fail me and easy to tie
  205. huukup!

    Best reel for Phenix black diamond 700m?

    Sx raptor with 70lb saltiga braid
  206. huukup!

    Rockfishing 1st time tomorrow(Question)

    Owner mutu light hooks. No need to set the hook. Just add squid strips
  207. huukup!

    Looking for a video showing a guy getting spooled

    That guy took a knife to a gun fight for sure!
  208. huukup!

    samurai braid

    Yah its that kind. My tackle guy says its the shit.
  209. huukup!

    samurai braid

    Ima use that boat braid
  210. huukup!

    samurai braid

    Anyone used this stuff? I heard good and bad
  211. huukup!

    Fred Hall Show - What's on your wishlist?

    Samurai braid, stickers, clothes, food and a good buz
  212. huukup!


    Atleast were on the same page
  213. huukup!

    izorline spectra?

    How many yards of 65lb izor can I get on my sx raptor? Just wondering if anyone knew or has it on theirs? Thanks
  214. huukup!


    That shit pisses me off! Over fishing thumbs down
  215. huukup!

    new rods, regular avet's or raptors??

    I'm pretty sure the raptors will get smoother as they break in just like any other avet
  216. huukup!

    raptor sx spectra???

    JAlright I'm a proud owner of a new sx raptor. Now I wanna load it up with spectra. Atleast 50-65lb. I've used izor and power pro. Both work great. Any suggestions... I want something that cast great with iron and bait. Atleast 250yds. Maybe 50yard mono... id rather use 3 foot flouro leader. I...
  217. huukup!

    avet sx 6/4 with acc knob

    Alright sellling one of my sx's... works great caught 4-5 tuna on it. Loaded with new 50lb izor 250yds. Has blue accurate knob. Really gives it that extra power. $180 is the price.also am willing to trade. Offers welcome Let me know guys thanks. Pm's are best...
  218. huukup!

    avet drag break in period????

    Yah idk I thinks its because I had more fish run on me more than the other
  219. huukup!

    avet drag break in period????

    I have 2sx 2speeds and one has more drag power than the long does it take to break in and how long they last?? Thanks
  220. huukup!

    highest pound line on sx 2speed ????

    Sounds good guys thanks
  221. huukup!

    highest pound line on sx 2speed ????

    I saw some guy using an avet sx 2speed with spectra topped with 40lb! It wasn't even the raptor series and that little reel was taking it. Big yellows on that reel. I have 2 of them but the most I would fish on it is 30lb flouro with spectra backing. Would anyone else fish 40lb?
  222. huukup!

    Calstar Rod for my new SX 2sp

    Yes sir I have that exact setup. Perfect 30lb bait stick
  223. huukup!


    If only u lived close
  224. huukup!

    sea lion shirts??

    has anyone seen those sea lion shirts with the sea lion on the back with crosshairs on its head? i want to get a couple but cant find them. let me know if u know what they are thanks
  225. huukup!

    Offshore yellowfin and albies gallore!

    Never bashed the condor just mad because the landing said to come down and there going and when I get there they canceled. So a bad comunication that's all. I spanked fish on that boat to
  226. huukup!

    Offshore yellowfin and albies gallore!

    Bro I don't like breaking people off but when your line is wraped around the boat 3 times. Then wow...
  227. huukup!

    Offshore yellowfin and albies gallore!

    Haha sorry about the pics. No it was the producer. Its a nice boat. It just needs estate rooms
  228. huukup!

    Offshore yellowfin and albies gallore!

    Had hopes of going on the condor but they flaked on me so I hopped on the producer for a 1.5 day it was epic if u had FLOURO! Got the first fish on the boat at grey me albie and picked them off the rest the day. I ended up with 4 albies and 2 Yellow Fin Tuna. Gave the Yellow Fin Tuna away. Hell...
  229. huukup!

    Offshore yft finally!!

    Good reports this morning. Time to jump on a boat
  230. huukup!

    Offshore Fished the San Diego 09/03/10

    Wow for the crew to get sick that's bad
  231. huukup!

    Offshore When was the last time you saw this?

    True... something. Better pop off this weekend I wanna go bad
  232. huukup!

    Offshore the answer to slow fishing ?

    I hate those motherfukers...they should have a show called tuna wars instead of whale
  233. huukup!

    Offshore 9-2 Dodo and YFT

    Nice fish homes
  234. huukup!

    Offshore When was the last time you saw this?

    That was a 2.5day they better catch something
  235. huukup!

    Spining set ups

    I gotta shimano spheros and kencor magna that just sits in the garage
  236. huukup!

    Offshore Finally A Bluefin

    Did u just really post that?ahahah
  237. huukup!

    Emergency at sea..........

    Not the coors!!!!!!! Btw wat is that song called??
  238. huukup!

    Avet reels 4 sale

    I know right ahaha
  239. huukup!

    2 passes for Newport Landing

    I'm sure glad I get free passes also from my JOB
  240. huukup!

    Wanted to buy: Kencor (Panga) Boat Sticks

    Ay bro go to the rancho turners we have a good amount left. We got one zebra rod left and a bunch of nz
  241. huukup!

    calcutta 400

    Looking for a calcutta 400 without levdl wind. Let me know