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  1. PENN

    Penn 300 LP goes KA-Boom.

    Hi Reel 007, Sorry to hear the side plate and spool went overboard. No need to send the reel in for repair. I will send you a message about replacement parts. Jim
  2. PENN

    Fathom free spool/max drag

    Yes correct the Torque's LD's do not have the washers, I believe the issue you are having is unrelated with the reel being 3 years old. I can still send you a washer if you want to attempt to add it. tony
  3. PENN

    Fathom free spool/max drag

    Other Fathoms aside from the 40’s share a similar setup, but the majority of the complaints (if not all) are from the 40, which is also our most popular size. tony
  4. PENN

    Fathom free spool/max drag

    You can PM me your address and your sticker number from the foot along with address if you would like the washer mailed out.
  5. PENN

    Fathom free spool/max drag

    We have been receiving and seeing complaints in service regarding Fathom LD max drag before losing free spool. We identified a concern a couple years back with too much grease in the reel causing sluggish free spool regardless of drag setting, we corrected this issue with our factory. Recently...
  6. PENN

    Penn 40 2/ drag disengaging spring

    Hello REK, Sorry to hear your Fathom is giving you trouble. I have never seen the 41 spring cause an issue on the Fathoms. This is a difficult one to diag as it could be a combination of things. I suggest sending the reel in for repair. I will send you a message on the repair process. Jim
  7. PENN

    Penn Torque 40NLD2 Authenticity

    Guys, Nothing fake about the reel. We make “running changes” on all products including on internal and external parts. artwork, boxes, schematics, UPC’s etc. The preset was one of them, looks better in my opinion then the sticker! doesn’t exist anymore. is correct...
  8. PENN

    New fathom 400 lphs Synchronized Drag and Level Wind system

    Macky - most levelwinds are driven off of the gears/handle turning only, which then does not move when casting or when drag is being pulled. The 400 levelwind will move in either direction any time the spool is rotating except when disengaged to cast. The purpose is exactly what Steve posted...
  9. PENN

    Torque 15ld2

    :jig:tony I would always recommend sending the reel in for warranty repair than attempting to work on the reel yourself, but I believe FISHY was confident.
  10. PENN

    Status of the repair shop

    Hello, We are busier then ever in both Service and Parts, turn-around for service would be approx. 2 + weeks once we receive it. tony
  11. PENN

    Any news when Penns repair department will reopen?

    Cooper, Based on your Username, if you name is Damon we are working on your reel today. If I have you confused with someone else just pm me your correct info. Warranty work will be honored so you won't hear from us, it'll just ship once complete. Thanks and sorry for the delay. tony
  12. PENN

    penn website not working

    Make sure you are using and not has been disabled. tony
  13. PENN

    Any news when Penns repair department will reopen?

    Thank you for understanding! tony
  14. PENN

    Any news when Penns repair department will reopen?

    Hey Randy, Forgive us as we try and catch up, I will try and have someone reach out to you today. tony
  15. PENN


    Lou, After speaking with our Manufacturing Team it appears some reels were sent out with the wrong handle assembly on the TRQLD2 15-30 size reels. The handle with the larger knob should only be on the 40 and 60 size. If you could provide me a serial number and address we can send out the...
  16. PENN

    Trq40nld2 handle shaft play

    The list is here: If you sent it to us in Philadelphia, turn-around will be within 1 business day of us receiving it. The play should be minimal, but can't be fully tight or it could bind or cause extra resistance. tony
  17. PENN

    Trq40nld2 handle shaft play

    Fishnfst, If you feel your reel is not right I would recommend sending it in to us for warranty repair or taking it to one of our Authorized Warranty Center's, we have 3 in California.. tony
  18. PENN

    Fathom Star Drag...loose lever

    If you are not comfortable replacing the lever yourself or can't find a shop near you then you can also send it to us in Philadelphia. tony
  19. PENN

    Fathom Star Drag...loose lever

    We have 3 authorized centers in CA who can work on the reel, Ken's Custom in Oceanside can also provide service. See link for locations. tony
  20. PENN

    Fathom Star Drag...loose lever

    Guys, Sorry for the miscommunication here. To the OP, forcing the lever into free spool without "back pedaling" the spool slightly can cause the lever to roll and become loose where it connects to the screw along with other potential issues. If you PM us an address we can send out a...
  21. PENN

    20 VISX Max Drag at Strike

    Beez - Max drag at strike on a 20VISX is 34lbs, with the full drag of 50. Ben
  22. PENN

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    Thanks for sharing!
  23. PENN

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    Ken's Custom in Oceanside will be stocking the 50VI handle assembly, they are on the way to his shop. tony
  24. PENN

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    Retail cost is $39.05 + tax and shipping. I have a call in to Ken's Custom to see he would like to stock and sell some out of his shop but feel free to reach out to your local Dealer's and tell them to stock and sell the handle it will save you guy's the shipping costs. tony
  25. PENN

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    Very easy Guys, mush easier than our previous gen. Check out Alan Tani's tutorial, he picks up the handle assembly about 1/2 way through. He uses a strap wrench to remove the collar but you can use the provided multi-tool wrench as well. Once you remove the handle nut swap handles and...
  26. PENN

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    Yes it will fit the 16VISX and yes the 20/30 handle assembly is the same as the 50. Here is what it will look like. tony
  27. PENN

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    For those of you wanting to add the 50VIS handle assembly on the smaller reels we now have them in stock for purchase. Part # 1379677 (024 050VIS) Parts Customer Service Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. EST Phone: (800) 892-5444 tony
  28. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    Agree Steve, we're here on BD to have a real conversation, real anglers talking to one another about gear, respectfully, politely, truthfully. I thought that would be more beneficial than the standard Social Media politically correct answers....nobody on my team has time for that. Sometimes you...
  29. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    Sorry you feel that way. If someone comes into the PENN forum and spreads fake news, rumors, or opinions that are simply not true....they should be prepared for a polite discussion until we get the facts straight. I'm not sure how that's misrepresenting anything? We've acknowledged there is a...
  30. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    This is true, I see it every day. They are typically not successful and would certainly never last in our business. But good point nonetheless. Mike
  31. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    First off.....this response was about a claim that PENN was "hanging on by a thread".....not about Silver Torques specifically. If you're going to make a claim like this in the PENN Forum, you should have some facts, otherwise it's an opinion, and in this case an opinion that couldn't be...
  32. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    No screaming for gold or silver in Fathom.....which is to be expected given the diecast construction. Mike
  33. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    Wear and tear....battle scars...they tell a story and give each reel it’s own character. Same thing goes for shotguns, pick up trucks, and any other manly thing you can think of. It’s not all bad. Mike
  34. PENN

    Does Penn make a spinning Bait Runner?

    We make Live Liner reels in both the Fierce and Spinfisher V product families.
  35. PENN

    PENN SSVi: First Look

    Drag Material (HT-100 vs Dura Drag) Drag Design (higher max on Slammer) Rotor material (nylon on smaller Spinfishers) Gear material (all Brass machined on Slammers) Weight (Spinfisher is lighter) Handle arm/knob (machined on Slammer). Mike
  36. PENN

    PENN SSVi: First Look

    Yes. Will interchange. Mike
  37. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    The longevity of Ford and PENN is not a's just a simple fact....that's how long those brands have existed in N. America. But make no mistake....looking backwards is important....nobody wants to make the same mistake twice. PENN is looking forward, we've come a long way in the...
  38. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    You sound angry.....let it out brother....let it out. Mike
  39. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    No offense taken. We've added Silver into our better selling lines (Internationals and Torque spinners), I just wanted to make it clear (with those examples) that we're not stuck to our roots too tight. We've discussed the Torque conventionals in silver before. It's not as easy as it sounds, but...
  40. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    Do you have market share numbers on PENN to back up your assumption? We have a forum here on BD and a couple other sites for the sole intention of listening to our consumers...and to offer customer service of course. A lot of our recent (since 2008) new product success is due to listening to...
  41. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    Ford and PENN are still in business today (Ford 115 years, PENN 86 years)....I would venture to guess that in our respective industries we're probably 2 of the oldest/trusted brands and have weathered many storms. Mike
  42. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    Assuming you like your sliver 16, and knowing that we offer the 30 in silver as well, why did you decide to purchase another brand (I'm guessing you're referring to a Makira 30?). Just say "PENN's loss" like we didn't give you the option? Mike
  43. PENN

    Torque Silver ?

    This almost reads like an oxymoron? PENN stuck to it's roots a little too tight because we won't give up the gold....but you really like your Silver International. Hmmmm.... Mike
  44. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Thanks for the support fellas, hope everyone is satisfied, I’m calling this project done and won’t be checking back on this thread. If you want to reach us please do so through the PENN sponsored forum, where Tunanorth is always available to help. Catchem up with those new Torques! Mike
  45. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Just an update....the 25N is out of stock. Doesn't look like we'll have more in the next couple weeks. Coupon expires on 8/15.
  46. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Bingo! Stand by fellas....I’ll be in touch with the rest of you by 5:00EST today.
  47. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Hopefully Coweyes doesn't sleep in this morning.....
  48. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    No good deed goes unpunished. Mike
  49. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Coweyes was first to PM....he will be test driving this for us....if everything works out I'll reply to the individual PMs with coupon codes. Mike
  50. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Take off the tin foil hats boys and girls! This hasn't been swept under the rug, it’s not a conspiracy, and there was no Russia collusion. I certainly haven't forgotten about our situation, and I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to help. I told you it would take time......I was giving another...
  51. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I understand Penn still working on this, but what I can't beleive is that a Penn rep is suggesting we "try what e-rack did" and go with another brand! I guess when you find a deal that is too good to be true...dissapointing to say the least You’re reading waaaayyyy too much into it....such is...
  52. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I am very much looking forward to an update from Mike. I contacted Penn customer service last week and the response copied directly from their e-mail was "We are sorry we are not able to assist you with your issues with Cabela’s as the order was placed with Cabela’s and cancelled by Cabela’s."...
  53. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Sorry fellas. I tried. No approval to post the update. I believe it will happen, hopefully will have some details by end of the week. Enjoy the holiday. Mike
  54. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    The 4.8:1 versa gear is discontinued, not coming back. The TRQ25 on the other hand is not discontinued....despite what I've read in this thread.
  55. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I don't think I mentioned that I would respond to the PMs....I got yours along with 19 others. I got the head count I was looking for. I can only provide information when I get it, and it's approved to share. Pushing for info isn't going to make it happen faster. Mike
  56. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I'm trying to provide an update in the next 24hrs....and keep in mind I'm only relaying the information I get, so I can't update as often as I'd like. Everything is in process, but it's still going to take time for the details to get worked out. Mike
  57. PENN

    40nld2 lever stuck

    Carter, I am not sure if you loosened the preset too much but the cam and follower came out of place. Remove the preset completely and the cam and cam follower will fall out, they need to be lined back up and placed into the lever. tony
  58. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Guys - rest assured we are still working on this, both Cabela's and PENN want to make sure we bring a solution that works for all. As you can imagine working a solution out with 2 large companies takes some time...and this issue extends beyond Bloody Decks. In the mean time, if you placed an...
  59. PENN

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I hope to have some information to report tomorrow, I just learned about this issue last night from our good friend Steve/Tunanorth. Stay tuned. Mike
  60. PENN

    Employment opportunities at PENN

    Ready for a change? Check out our openings at the PENN facility located at 3028 W. Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19132
  61. PENN

    Fathom 25NLD2 Retainer shift button

    We expect to be back in stock within a few weeks. The silver 110C from the 12VSX will fit as a temporary replacement. part # 1230442 tony
  62. PENN

    Backordered VISX

    Lake - We should be back in stock on the 16VISXS by the end of January. Depending on where your order lays in there is could come slightly before or after. Account for a little extra transit time if you ordered through a dealer. Ben
  63. PENN

    Part for Penn 875LC?

    Part # 306 875 is still available. Sorry for the late reply. Parts Customer Service Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. EST Phone: (800) 892-5444 tony
  64. PENN

    Post your best PENN-related photo here

    Pic taken in Ocean City MD a day before the White Marlin Open. tony
  65. PENN

    Penn fathom 15-2speed

    Mickey, The Fathom LD does not use a A/R bearing system, it used a finger spring double dog system. Most likely all you will need to do is remove the right side plate and "pinch" the springs in some. If the reel is under 1 year or if you are not comfortable taking the RS plate off you can...
  66. PENN

    16VSX silver clamp

    Craig, The rod clamp for a 16VSX is stainless and electro-polished. The 16vs clamp is graphite. You should be receiving your replacement shortly. tony
  67. PENN

    Penn Warfare Star Drag it. It was early on the East Coast and I missed the fault. We're kinda like Mr. can have black, gold, or black and gold. Enjoy the weekend fellas. Mike
  68. PENN

    Penn Warfare Star Drag

    Guys - you'll see new product posts from Tunanorth starting this afternoon.....Warfare will be later in the roll out so I'll answer a couple of your questions.....but then we're going to wait for Steve to formally roll out the rest of the info. It's basically a modern style Jigmaster, 5:1...
  69. PENN

    PENN's Chase the Big Game sweepstakes

    Announcing PENN's Chase the Big Game sweepstakes!! Enter for your chance to win a Squall 50 VSW. Just for entering you'll receive a FREE one year gift subscription to Marlin Magazine - while supplies last! Entries must be received by Thursday 10/31/14 at 11:59pm EST. Enter the contest here...
  70. PENN

    BajaSpecial VS New US Senator

    Surfgoose - We assembly gear box forward because the majority of anglers prefer it that guess is it's because they are used to seeing it that way on other reels. Baja fits in the same box with the gear box in either position....always has....not sure where you heard that it...
  71. PENN

    New Fathom Lever Drags Comin Soon?

    Guys - Fathom 2 speeds are shipping and have been shipping for a week, single speeds will be by the end of the month. I can't tell you when you're specific dealer will have them...sorry. Thanks, Mike
  72. PENN

    Free Penn Dry Bag

    Rapchizzle and CMY SIX - email me your shipping addresses along with photo of receipt and we'll take care of you. Mike
  73. PENN

    Free Penn Dry Bag

    maxpowers - yours is in the queue but we're still waiting on the next shipment of bags to hit the warehouse. Because your situation is time sensitive, we're shipping you our last bag direct from the office here in Columbia SC....when I say the last....I mean the very last bag until the next...
  74. PENN


    John, Look for a phone call from me today. tony
  75. PENN

    Free Penn Dry Bag

    Guys - we are sorry about all the issues with this redemption. Steve is right that we did not forecast enough. Unfortunately the bags come from overseas so reaction time is not immediate, lead times are causing more pain. Steve's also right that the customer service team has nothing to do with...
  76. PENN

    Torque 2-speed TRQ25NLD2 inside view

    TOTW, Take the dogs out, re-assemble and check the handle resistance again. My early thoughts based on your description is your "finger springs" on the dogs are pinched too tight, rubbing too hard againts the ratchet. If this is the case open them up slightly, opening them too much will...
  77. PENN

    Reel feet on newer Penn reels: rivets versus screws

    Falconer - everyone is welcome to their is ours. We do not consider riveting to be a cost cutting measure. It requires machinery (operators, upkeep, etc) to rivet, whereas screws require no start up capital. When manufactured correctly rivets are actually stronger than screws...
  78. PENN

    Fierce 6000 anti reverse

    Pedro, PM sent with my contact info. tony
  79. PENN

    Fierce 6000 anti reverse

    Ol Pedro, The clutch assembly (98C-5000SG) is the part needed to fix anti reverse slippage. You can order directly from us, or you can send it in for repair. It is hard to find a perfect phillips screwdriver to fit the screws, usually I end up using a medium size slotted screwdriver. Being you...
  80. PENN

    12vsx clicking noise in freespool

    Gary, You are welcome, glad I could help. tony
  81. PENN

    12vsx clicking noise in freespool

    Gary, Sounds like the noise is the metal drag washer rattling around. Open the spool back up and add grease to the 3 tabs on the metal drag washer. Adding grease to the top and bottom of the tabs on will stop the rattling noise. Let me know if this helps. tony
  82. PENN

    Penn Custom Shop

    Dwayne, So we can better our processes, could you tell me how or who you sent the email to? Thanks! tony
  83. PENN


    Gary - no difference between US and UK versions.....12VSX has option of either lugs or plugs. So Yes, the 12VSX has removable lugs. Thanks, Mike
  84. PENN

    Drag washer for under main gear

    Hi Sal, Not a problem. I visit Alan's site frequently also (don't post though) to see what aftermarket parts / upgrades / improvements are being done to our reels. We will have customers call and and ask questions like, "I just bought a Senator reel on Ebay and it has a stainless gear sleeve...
  85. PENN

    Drag washer for under main gear

    Grayson / Sal, we recommend keeping the stocked plastic washer under the gear. This was pulled from Alan's site, his explanation is spot on: "thin penn drag washers - many of the penn ht-100 drag washer are a single sheet with a relatively loose weave. these drag washers include the wahsers...
  86. PENN

    Drag washer for under main gear

    Grayson, We do not recommend an HT-100 washer under the main gear, as others stated your best bet is to check out Alan Tani's site. tony
  87. PENN

    What the Hell... no parts!

    North - tell Ken that we're shipping 1 Baja Bridge today....just for you and your last remaining PENN reel. It's shipping next day air from Philly...please let your contact at Ken's know if you don't mind.Thanks,Mike
  88. PENN

    Any Update on Fathom Gear Possibilities???

    AKSalmon - we will not be launching our own versa-gears for the Fathom. What I've learned (from experience with the Torque Versa-Gear program) is that these specialty/niche items are better left to the smaller machine shops. Also not a bad way to support smaller businesses here in the US, that's...
  89. PENN


    Jigging for fish is one of the very first techniques ever derived and today’s angler has evolved the presentation to an art form. PENN® understands vertical jigging and has added a complete category of jigging rods to the Rampage™ family. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> The tubular graphite composite...
  90. PENN


    Serious Rods for Serious Offshore Situations</SPAN></SPAN> Don&#8217;t let tackle cause you to lose that fish of a lifetime. PENN&#8217;s Ally rods are packed with features and all the right actions to help you land that next trophy. </SPAN></SPAN> All Ally rods begin with a one-piece tubular...
  91. PENN


    Big Game Fishing Just Got a Lot Lighter.</SPAN> In addition to the Quick-Shift™ 2-speed system, the Squall Lever Drag offers great fish fighting features. The lightweight graphite frame and sideplates house tough, machined stainless steel main and pinion gears that are drilled out for weight...
  92. PENN

    PENN Digital Content Survey - you could win $250

    If you could take 5 minutes out of your day (anytime before Aug 31) to take our digital survey we would appreciate it. It will help us learn how we are doing here on BD Outdoors, and what you would like to see different. There will be a...
  93. PENN

    Need a gear sleeve for a Penn squidder

    You can order parts directly from PENN if you like. The contact information is on our website here: Service |
  94. PENN


    Squall Level Winds will be launched as successors to the proven GT reels, with a few upgrades of course. We’ve added an Infinite Anti Reverse bearing, Line Capacity Rings, and our Versa-Handle. A machined brass main gear mates to a high strength stainless steel pinion gear, giving the reel a...
  95. PENN

    Need help from Penn rep

    Binky - Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry to hear about the rod breakage. Since the rods were out of warranty (1 year) I'm not going to say that our Consumer Service team did anything out of line, rules are rules. That being said, we can always bend the rules in certain circumstances, and...
  96. PENN

    NEW for 2014 - PENN's Conflict Spinning Reel

    Falconer - the Conflict uses a diecast Zn/Aluminum alloy drive gear and a machined brass pinion gear. Mike
  97. PENN


    Not just a fresh new look. New materials, new technology and new features make PENN’s Pursuit II spinning reel one of the top spinning reels in its class. Built for durability like all PENN reels, the body i...s made of lightweight, yet tough and corrosion-resistant graphite. Durable metal...
  98. PENN


    Introducing the SSV6500 Bail Less reel. It's the ICAST Award winning SSV6500, with manual pick-up. Water Tight Design protects gear box and drag system from salt and sand. Slammer Drag System uses 2 large HT-100 drag washers under the spool. Available in September, 2013, MSRP $159.95. Watch the...
  99. PENN

    NEW for 2014 - PENN's Conflict Spinning Reel

    We would recommned the Spinfisher V for the surf....the water tight system uses seals to keep salt and sand out of the gear box and drag system. Thanks, PENN
  100. PENN

    NEW for 2014 - PENN's Conflict Spinning Reel

    Here is a link to the product video.</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN> Conflict is an addition, AK Salmon, it differs from the Battle in terms of weight, max drag, sealed bearings and bearing count, spool lip design for cast ability. Those things and EVA handle knob are some...
  101. PENN

    Looking for where I could purchase a Penn Conquer 8000 & 7000 spare spool

    LongShot_Scott, Please reach out to our parts department directly. Just checked with them and they have plenty of spools in both sizes in stock. Service | Part Ordering Email: [email protected] Thanks for fishing PENN, we appreciate your support.
  102. PENN

    NEW for 2014 - PENN's Conflict Spinning Reel

    Conflict is not American made but the Torque and Z Series spinning reels are.
  103. PENN

    NEW for 2014 - PENN's Conflict Spinning Reel

    New in our 2014 line-up - PENN's CONFLICT SPINNING REEL Lightweight, Smooth, Sleek, and Powerful. Designed for the technical inshore angler who is looking for top-line performance, PENN's new Conflict Spinning Reel delivers a light weight ...and smooth casting reel capable of big drag pressure...
  104. PENN

    Return of the.....

    It&#8217;s here &#8211; the official PENN product video for the Z Series relaunch. Again, we&#8217;ll be bringing back two models, the 704Z and the bail-less 706Z. They&#8217;ll be shipping to retail in September and spare parts will be available in December. This is not a limited run, the...
  105. PENN

    New to penn reels. Question about my 500.

    The 500 jigmaster does have a spool tension knob, it is on the left side plate. Looks like the picture only show the right side. tony
  106. PENN

    Fathom 25N question

    Good evening....We can get the parts out to problem. Please PM your mailing information or just send your information off to me at...... [email protected] Take care......Tom
  107. PENN

    Return of the.....

    More info on the re-release of the Z series.....same design and same parts as they were made when we stopped production years back. To be clear we are only building 2 models 704Z (with bail) 706Z (bail-less), retail pricing will be $200 for both reels. Cosmetics will be black and gold as...
  108. PENN

    penn 112h2

    Willymakeit, As your picture shows, the incorrect drag washers were installed in your reel. The drag washers that were installed in your reel is the same material that the 4-60 washer is under the main gear. We passed this info on to our Factory. Your reel was expedited back to you, you...
  109. PENN

    Return of the.....

    Progress continues at the PENN factory....704/706Z are being brought back due to popular demand. No changes will be made to the design of the reels....we want to have complete consistency between new and old reels so that parts interchange. More details to follow next week.
  110. PENN

    Return of the.....

    Noticed some activity in the machining area of our PENN Philadelphia facility yesterday.....more to follow.....
  111. PENN

    Changing Versa drag in a torque 100

    Luke, This may help for the lever drag Torque. tony
  112. PENN

    Penn Fathom LW Failure

    Good evening.....Tom Blecker here. I manage the Penn Service and Parts Department in Philadelphia. It seems like you have some concerns and maybe need some questions answered. I'm more than willing to help in any manner that I can.Feel free to contact me anytime. My contact points are...
  113. PENN

    Penn Fathom LW Failure

    Good afternoon.....I've been talking with QA this morning and they have updated the pawl cap which may have been causing your problem.Let us know if you'd like to receive one of the caps when we get them in. Take care........Tom
  114. PENN

    Penn Fathom LW Failure

    Good afternoon....Steve's right.Any service center should have those parts on hand to service the reel for you. If not, we should be able to get the parts out to you to replace the ones that are bad. If it's just the level wind system you would change out the worm and pawl as a set. By chance...
  115. PENN

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    2nd row up from the bottom right, the whole row is all Internationals. Previous Generation and current Generation, also a 75th Anniversary and a 50th Anniversary tony
  116. PENN

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    Not officially, but if you give me a heads up a few days in advance I can show you around. I work Mon-Thurs 6:00-4:30pm, ask for Tony :) tony Priceless :)
  117. PENN

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    Since many of you never made to the Penn plant in Philly, here are a few pics of "our reels" on display. One of these days I will get a full list together. tony :)
  118. PENN

    209 levelwind

    Hi, Thanks for the question. Soft grip or rubber handle knobs first started to be used on the 209 Levelwind reels along with many others in the early 1990&#8217;s. Almost everything prior to 1993 had a hard plastic handle knob.
  119. PENN

    We Want YOUR Opinion! Versa-Gear option for Fathom Star Drags.

    Hi All, Thanks for all the great insight. We appreciate you all taking the time out of your day to assist us with this matter. Keep all the great ideas coming! PENN Fishing
  120. PENN

    Quick Tip: Slow Trolling for Rooster Fish in Costa Rica!

    jSY8hnk3ZfQ Here is a quick tip we shot while fishing the new Spinfisher in Costa Rica! This technique has proven successful for many anglers targeting rooster fish is slow trolling bridled live baits with spinning tackle and one of the most important choices you can make is the proper...
  121. PENN

    We Want YOUR Opinion! Versa-Gear option for Fathom Star Drags. PART TWO)

    Greetings Bloody Deckers, First, we would like to thank everybody for their support and participation. It means a great deal to us to have such a large group of loyal PENN customers and fans. To show our appreciation, we would like to invite you to become a critical part in the new product...
  122. PENN

    We Want YOUR Opinion! Versa-Gear option for Fathom Star Drags.

    Greetings Bloody Deckers, First, we would like to thank everybody for their support and participation. It means a great deal to us to have such a large group of loyal PENN customers and fans. To show our appreciation, we would like to invite you to become a critical part in the new product...
  123. PENN

    Penn Fluorocarbon

    Correct, we haven't made line or fluro in over 5 years, however you may still find it stocked at your local tackleshops, auction sites, etc. tony
  124. PENN

    Penn Fluorocarbon

    JL, Our 2008 catalog (which was the last time we had line and fluoro in a Penn catalog) states the diameter is 0.046 inches, which equals 1.17mm. We don't have any here to confirm the diameter but my guess would be it is correct. tony
  125. PENN

    Fathom 25N anti rev bearing

    Hi. Thanks for the question. The Fathom Star Drags are rated for 25lbs of Max Drag pressure, which should be plenty in most situations. Generally, with a fish of that size I back off the drag a bit and let it do the work. (Unless your about to get spooled) I'm happy to hear that everything is...
  126. PENN

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    Congrats, we are sure you will enjoy it and thanks to everyone for posting!
  127. PENN

    Penn 115l2 gears

    Pinon gear = stainless steel (303) Main gear = bronze
  128. PENN

    Penn guys; when are you going to bring back the reels we need most???

    Thanks for the note. We appreciate any consumer insight regarding our product offerings. Every suggestion/comment are duly noted and put into consideration when we plan future production. Thanks for reaching out to us.
  129. PENN

    Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Video

    If this doesn't get your blood pumping about your next fishing trip, check your pulse. We took a trip to Costa Rica with a representative from BDO Gary Graham. Check out the video from the trip. 2wa1WScb-1Q
  130. PENN

    16 VSX clicking

    Tex, You can remove the left side plate and add extra grease on top of the A/R dogs and dog springs, this will reduce the rathcet sound to almost nothing. tony
  131. PENN

    16 VSX clicking

    Thanks for the question. That is the anti-reverse dog and ratchet you are hearing.
  132. PENN

    How many yards

    Hi Tex. Thanks for the question. The PENN 9/0 or Senator 115 will hold 1200 yards of #130 braided line. Although each type of braid varys as far as diameter, the Cortland's capacity should be fairly close. I would start with 850-1000 yards and see how much room you have left. We appreciate your...
  133. PENN

    Penn Squall lever drag video

    Hi Keven. The Squall 25N will be available in Mid October. Thanks for your question.
  134. PENN

    Penn Squall lever drag video

    Good question. You are correct the sizing does vary. The reference Mike is making to the sizing scale is an approximation in order to make it easier for anglers to size reels. So some models hold a bit less and some hold a bit more. At this time we don't have plans for a 20 size in the lever...
  135. PENN

    Penn Squall lever drag video

    Here are some close ups of the features on the Squall Versa-Handle System Are you bottom fishing or trolling? Are you looking for power or speed? Our Versa-Handle system allows you to choose how long the handle should be in less than a minute (tools are included with each reel). Assemble the...
  136. PENN

    Fathom Gear Question- for Penn

    Hi Bill. Great Question. The Fathom Star Drag and the Fathom Level Wind's gear systems are not interchangeable. The main gears on the two are different dimensions so you wouldn't be able to take the 4.3:1 from the LW and install in the SD. Thanks again for the input. We have documented all the...
  137. PENN

    looking for a surf casting reel and rod combo

    Hi Mike. Thanks for the question. For your application and budget, the Prevail is an excellent surf rod. The 15-30#, 11'0" or the 20-40#, 12'0" would meet your needs. The Prevail retail at $89.95 for the 11'0" and $99.95 MSRP for the 12'0". Since your fishing primarly in the surf, I would...
  138. PENN


    Tommy, Sorry to hear about the sheared screw. Sounded like it was a rough one. However, there are a couple of options to take care of your situation. You can take it to a reel warranty center, Ken's, and they can drill and back the screw out. Or, you can reach out to our customer service...
  139. PENN

    Fathom Gear Question- for Penn

    Thanks for everyone's input. Gaining any insight from you guys on the West Coast is much appreciated and extremely valuable to us. The information you all have provided has been duly noted and will be considered in the future.
  140. PENN

    Fathom Gear Question- for Penn

    Billy, Thanks for your question. At the moment, we do not offer the lower 5.4:1 or 4.8:1 gear ratios for the Fathom Star Drags. We have had several anglers inquire whether we would consider offering the option of lower ratios for the Fathoms and Squall star drags. We are considering extending...
  141. PENN

    Shocked by lack of response

    Truly Sorry for the late reply guys, the 25N uses a XXS reel cover.
  142. PENN

    Penn swag

    Yes PENN stickers will be available online and at retail come this September. You can also go to and find some casual PENN apparel for the time being.
  143. PENN

    Carnage rods?

    The Carnage actions compared to a similar Calstar action are simular but with a little different in the tip section but similar in the butt end of the rod. The actions are well matched to their line rating. The 700M is a great all around medium long range or a local live bait and yo yo jigging...
  144. PENN

    More 25N News

    It never fails. The best days on the water are when you leave your camera on the dock. Thanks again for the update.
  145. PENN

    Penn swag

    Thanks for your question and support. Currently, we do not offer any clothing. However, we are in the midst of developing PENN apparel to complement our product line. The new line will be launched around January of this year. We will keep you posted when we introduce the new products. We...
  146. PENN

    More 25N News

    Nice, it's always great to hear about a successful day on the water. We are glad your Fathoms performed as they should. Next time your out take some good photos and upload so we can see it in action. Thanks for reaching out to us.
  147. PENN

    PENN New 2013 Product Sneak Peek

    Watch Mike Rice, PENN Product Manager, as he give you an exclusive sneak peek at ICAST. njn_TgsOOhA
  148. PENN

    2013 Regiment Inshore Rod Sneak Peek

    Watch as Cameron Hughes, PENN Product Manager, unveils the all new Regiment Inshore Rod. lhbeYT3SqfY&feature
  149. PENN

    PENN West Coast Preview with Tunanorth

    Steve Carson, "Tunanorth" has been in our ICAST booth for the past few days and gave a preview of his favorites for 2013 in an exclusive video for BDO. Check it out. Wy35k80CiFU
  150. PENN

    Icast 2012

    The SPINFISHER V was awarded the prestigious, Best Saltwater Reel Award, earning the reputation for producing the best saltwater reel on the market. A photo of Cameron Hughes, PENN Associate Product Manager, and Mike Rice, PENN Product Manager, celebrating with a cold one.
  151. PENN

    Icast 2012

    The event everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Icast's annual tradeshow has kicked off its 2012 showcase in sunny Orlando, Florida. We are all set up and ready for a very busy show. If you are at the show, come by and check out our new products and meet the PENN Crew.
  152. PENN

    Hello, I promise you the 113HN baja special is made in the USA. How do I know this? I just helped put them together last week during our latest production run of them... In Philadelphia. I will contact Scott's and let them know of their mistake tony
  153. PENN

    Great Video on the new Spinfisher by PENN

    Here is additional spec information for anyone that would like it. Listed below are the upgrades to the Spinfisher: WATER TIGHT DESIGN A total of 6 seals (9 seals on the live liner models) are used to create the new Water Tight Design used in the Spinfisher V. Whether you dunk the reel in...
  154. PENN

    It's back - The 117L is Coming!

    Falconer - By comparison (to the gulf and east coast markets) the West Coast makes up roughly 50% of the total Baja business. There is no global demand for the Baja, it gets overlooked by Europe, Asia, and Australia probably due to the cosmetics. To be honest the Baja business is not large, we...
  155. PENN

    Baja Special broken screw. Need repair advice

    Good morning.............I'm sorry to hear about the problem you had with your reel.If you like, please forward the reel to the address below and we'll handle the the service at no cost to you. Please address it "Attention: Service Department/Tom Blecker..... Tom Penn Reel Mfg. 3028 West...
  156. PENN

    It's back - The 117L is Coming!

    I see that capt harry's has it in stock tony
  157. PENN

    Rod matching

    Jarhead is correct, the Carnage 700ML or 700M would be the perfect rod to match up with the Fathom 25 and 30.
  158. PENN

    Introduction Message from PENN

    Gary, Steve is on a fishing trip, he will be back later this week tony
  159. PENN

    It's back - The 117L is Coming!

    Falconer, Reviving a dis-continued reel is much more simpler than introducing a new reel. The 113HN baja was a no brainer to bring back once the demand for these reels started flowing in. All the tooling was already made and just sitting on a pallet here at the factory. Same goes for the 117L...
  160. PENN

    It's back - The 117L is Coming!

    I find it interesting that you post this on the 117L thread, which states the 117L reels are being made right here in Philadelphia. Just to clear up your facts, Penn is part of Pure Fishing, which is owned by Jarden, which is based in New York. We make over 30 reels here in the USA, with a few...
  161. PENN

    Tell Us What You Want To See From PENN on BDO

    Thanks for your suggestion. We are committed to keeping many products in our Philly manufacturing center. There are a total of 36 models made in the USA with several PENN Custom Shop options as well. Also as you may have heard we just brought the 14/0 (117L) back to the plant as well. There will...
  162. PENN

    Tell Us What You Want To See From PENN on BDO

    Thanks! We agree Steve is a great member of the PENN team.
  163. PENN

    Tell Us What You Want To See From PENN on BDO

    Hi, Thanks for the question. We do have a question that asks "What changes, if any, would you like to see the the PENN area of this forum?" We are going to take everyone's suggestions and work to improve the way we do things on BDO.
  164. PENN

    Tell Us What You Want To See From PENN on BDO

    We want to know how we are doing on the World of PENN on the BDO forum. Click the link below to take a few minutes, let us know your thoughts and what you'd like to see.
  165. PENN

    20- 20T ????????????????????

    Good afternoon..........All the internal parts are compatible between the two reels. But the side plates on the older 20 International will not fit on a 20T frame. Tom
  166. PENN

    It's back - The 117L is Coming!

    Here is the photo of the reel.
  167. PENN

    A couple of cool pics

    A friend of ours, Ariel Mendiburu, sent us these pics from his latest trip to Costa Rica. Post your best pictures too, we'd love to see them. He landed this sail on a PENN Slammer reel.
  168. PENN

    It's back - The 117L is Coming!

    Hey guys, thanks for the responses. The reason we brought these back is because we received a ton of requests for them. Depending on where you live there may not be a need for this model. As an example land based shark anglers wanted it because it holds high capacities and gets great range of...
  169. PENN

    It's back - The 117L is Coming!

    They will be available on 6/1 and retail is $499.95.
  170. PENN

    It's back - The 117L is Coming!

    The Senator 14/0 117L is coming back. Here are a few pictures of the reel being manufactured in our Philadelphia, PA manufacturing center. It will be available in stores June 1, 2012. The side plate being assembled Philly assembly Putting the reel through its paces. Boxing it up, so...
  171. PENN

    where to get a screw for vsx 12

    Garety I just sent you a PM.
  172. PENN

    Rod for 114H?

    Tunanorth and Lostmans are correct, The Senator rods are a great rod for the money and will match up well with your 114H. As Tunanorth said the 3195RS [rated 50-80] would be a great rod for you to look at and is only $109. Another series to look at is the PENN Mariner standup rods. There are...
  173. PENN

    Drag cover lock pin-12VSX

    “That’s a tough one. You’ll need to pull the pin back up out of the drag cover. Hopefully there is enough of the pin that you can see and pull it up. You could use either a small jewelers flat blade screwdriver or possibly a blade from a utility knife to catch the edge and bring it up. Once you...
  174. PENN

    question on rod for torque 9

    Garety, I would also suggest the CARBW3050S70 (Bluewater Carnage). This rod has plenty of power and matches up well with the TRQ9. This rod can be used for everything from live to artificial bait and will take the pounding from big shark and Tuna. What type of fishing will you be doing and what...
  175. PENN

    Screw for Baja Special

    Hi The part number is # 32-15 Handle Lock Screw 1182708.We'll send you a private message so we can get your contact information offline. Thanks for asking the question. [SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]
  176. PENN

    Problem with Penn Reel Handles

    Hi we recommend soaking it first in fresh water, possibly over night. If there is white corrosion in there, it might soften it up enough to allow the handle to spin freely. If not, add some light oil to the handle and work it back and forth. These two things usually get the handle spinning free...
  177. PENN

    line recommendation for old school 4/0

    Thanks Steve, great info!
  178. PENN

    Jigmaster 500/505 spools

    Hi, Mike is correct. There is no way to make the spool spindle on a 500 spool longer to compensate for what is needed to put it in a 505 reel. Also the diameter of the 500 spindle is smaller which would cause some problems too……You would either find a 505 spool or something after...
  179. PENN

    Penn international 20 weak clicker

    Easiest way would be to change out the assembly as a whole unit (33C)……Or he could go into the reel and strengthen the click tongue (which might need to be replaced) or build up the click plate (which might need to be replaced)……this is just all guessing without actually seeing the reel. If you...
  180. PENN

    Penn Torque

    Thanks for the note. We have left handed models available in the Squall family (SQL40LDLH & SQL60LDLH), the Senator (113H2LH) and the GT Level Wind 321GT2. We have new two new left handed models coming in the fall of 2013 which we will annouce this summer at ICAST. Thank you for your...
  181. PENN

    Rod For 16VSX

    Hi, We would recommend the Bluewater Carnage rod. The CARBW3080C66 would be the best fit. It is 6'6" 30-80lb rod.
  182. PENN

    East Cape Buena Vista surf-caught yellowtail!

    Way to go Esaul!
  183. PENN

    Penn Fathom 25n gear

    Flamekeeper, we have not heard of an issue of this nature anywhere in our service department. If you know the person that is saying that the Fathom has anti-reverse problems, please let him/her know to please reach out us wo we can evaluate the reel and offer a solution. That reel has been on...
  184. PENN

    need a price list and a way to make stickers

    Hi, We just sent you a private message. We think we have a solution and document that should help you.
  185. PENN

    Penn 320LD Right Side plate

    Thanks for answering the question. Please mail the reel to. Penn Reel Mfg. Attention:Service Department/Tom Blecker 3028 West Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19132 Please include a short note referring to this forum post on BDO and your contact/mailing information.
  186. PENN

    Introduction Message from PENN

    Thanks for all the notes everyone! We are excited to be joining the forum as well. Tunanorth and us look forward to answering any questions you have.
  187. PENN

    BD Welcomes PENN Fishing

    Thanks for the introduction guys. We are excited to be partnering with Bloody Decks and the community. We posted a thread link below so you can get to know our team.
  188. PENN

    Introduction Message from PENN

    Hello everyone, We are pleased to be supporting the Bloody Decks forum and are happy to be joining the community. Please feel free to post any new threads on the WORLD OF PENN forum area with product questions, service needs or just to share your experiences on the water. It&#8217;s nice to...
  189. PENN

    Penn Fathom 25n gear

    The VersaGear sets are only available for new Torque Star Drag reels. The sets cannot be used in the old Torque models.
  190. PENN

    Penn Fathom 25n gear

    Hi we don't have any plans for a larger narrow 40 size in either of those families. The reason we are not planning to bring one to the market is because the Baja Special (113HN) is a similar narrow design. Tunanorth fishes the reel often and might want to add a few words.
  191. PENN

    Penn Fathom 25n gear

    Thanks, we've been discussing the possiblility of adding that option to the Fathom and we will provide your feedback to our product development team. Tunanorth is correct, the Torque will move into the custom shop late spring but it is currently not available in the Custom Shop.
  192. PENN

    Penn Fathom 25n gear

    Yes the Torque is made in our Philly facility from machined and anodized aluminum. The Fathom is made from die cast aluminum. The Torque also offers the VersaGear set so you can lower the ratio as tunanorth mentioned.
  193. PENN

    Penn Fathom 25n gear

    Hi bajasurf, Yes they will be the same size. Our new conventional model numbers correlate to the lb test that each reel holds approximately 300yds of monofilament. So the 25N will hold about 290 yds (approx 300yds) of 25lb test mono.
  194. PENN

    Penn Hoodie

    Hi, You can actually find them through our apparel provider by clicking on this link
  195. PENN

    Metal shift button on 16 VSX ???

    Hi Flying Bajan, Thanks for your note, we have joined this forum and partnered with Bloody Decks to help in situations just like this one. In the event you haven't been able to get your button switched out, please PM us with your model information and shipping address so we can get one to...
  196. PENN

    Commemorative Penn reel for Tenacious

    Hi tunanorth, Thanks for posting this. We are happy to be joining the forum. We received word on the design that Ronnie would like to have on his custom PENN International. He selected his name in the top field and YFT 90/62 PV MX (that represents the length/girth of the tuna, and caught in...