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  1. CaliJeepHuntr

    Port San Luis Salmon 5/4 & 5/5

    Fished PSL on Saturday and Sunday for limits both days. All fish were 10-15 lbs. On Saturday we started trolling in 250 feet of water south of the lighthouse. Bait was all over the place from big balls to hugging the bottom. Water was really clear though, which is probably why the fish were...
  2. CaliJeepHuntr

    Music for fishing video

    I'm working on an end of year video project with all the fishing videos I got throughout the year am kind of stuck trying to decide what music I want to put with it. If you guys have any suggestions for what you might think would work I'd be interested in seeing if it would work with the video...
  3. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL Salmon May 2nd

    Launched at the hoist and motored our way out past the red light to about 200 ft. Water was pretty clear and cold at 48-49 degrees with lots of kelp debris that we had to dodge. We were seeing some scattered bait marks so we put the lines in and began the troll. About 30 minutes into the troll...
  4. CaliJeepHuntr

    Monterey Salmon - April 14th

    Late report from Saturday. Left Monterey harbor a little after 6am and started making our way towards Mulligans. Stopped short off Marina beach on some bait and started trolling North. Both rods were rods were set about a stop off the bottom in 170 feet, but we were getting some interesting...
  5. CaliJeepHuntr

    Monterey Salmon 7/2 & 7/3

    We decided to give it one more shot at salmon before the season closes on the 15th. Towed the boat up to Monterey on Saturday evening and got it berthed around 1130pm. Woke up at 5 to a nice misty foggy morning. Started motoring out around 530 and found bumpy seas. We had heard the fish were...
  6. CaliJeepHuntr

    Monterey salmon try 6-8

    Took Thursday off to go try salmon out of Monterey. We got the boat in the water around 1am, grabbed a few hours sleep and headed out about 545. Ran towards the point and put the lines in. Water was good color but there wasn't much bait. Commercial boats were scattered around the area, but it...
  7. CaliJeepHuntr

    What fish is it?

    I have my idea on what it is, but thought i'd put it out to the masses here and let you decide and discuss. Never know what you'll see/catch in the ocean!
  8. CaliJeepHuntr

    Port San Luis Salmon 4-30

    Launched around 630 and headed out south of the red light to about 130 feet. Started trolling flasher hoochies and bait on the bottom. In the first 30 minutes we had 6 hook ups and landed only one fish. AARGGG! Fished till about 1015 for one more fish and a few more hits before we decided to...
  9. CaliJeepHuntr

    Santa Rosa Island 7/2 - 7/3

    Left SB harbor a little before 6am with a course to Santa Rosa island to target seabass and halibut. Made it across in good time and as we passed Fraser point on Cruz we saw a squid boat in towards Christies(?). Made the decision to go get squid there before going across the gap to Rosa. Turned...
  10. CaliJeepHuntr

    Fishing Mexican waters from private boat

    My dad and I are thinking of towing down to San Diego to give the bluefin fishing a shot. We've both fished on party boats out SD a few times, but that's been the extent of our fishing down there. If we're going to do it on our boat and we venture into Mexican waters we want to make sure we have...
  11. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL 5/28-5/29 Salmon report

    Fished Port San Luis both Saturday and Sunday for salmon for 1 fish. Saturday we started trolling around 615 by the red light in 130 feet. We weren't marking much bait so we started working in. At 715 just up from the red light in 120 feet both rods took off. Double! Unfortunately, our luck...
  12. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL May 21 & 22 weekend report

    Fished out of PSL both Saturday and Sunday for Salmon. On Saturday we started trolling around 615am, just SE of the red light in about 120 feet. About 20 minutes into the troll we decked our first fish at about 10 lbs. Caught on a flasher and silver croc combo just off the bottom. We lost two...
  13. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL Salmon May 1st

    Finally was able to get out yesterday after all the heavy winds we've had. Launched just before 6 and headed out to the red light and started trolling with about 8 other boats and a few commercials. The radio was talking and a some salmon were beibg caught already, but for the most part it was a...
  14. CaliJeepHuntr

    Fishing around Sacramento?

    I'm heading up to Sacramento this Friday and will be there until Sunday evening. I've been wondering if there are any area's for fishing that might make it worth while to take a fishing pole with me. I've seen some parks along the river that you could drive and walk along the banks. One place...
  15. CaliJeepHuntr

    1998 2150 Striper - $10,000

    My dad recently upgraded to a 23' Parker from a fellow Bloodydecker and now needs to sell his previous boat. It's been a great boat over the years and has been a great salmon catching machine for us. Perfect for inshore fishing. Boat includes: - 305 V8 200 HP Volvo Penta with less than 200...
  16. CaliJeepHuntr

    Underwater salmon video

    Here's some salmon I caught on video back on June 6th out of Avila. We caught limits of salmon that day off of Pismo in 90 feet of water. Thought people might enjoy!
  17. CaliJeepHuntr

    Overnight party boat tuna trip planning

    My dad and I are going on an overnight trip on the Outer Limits next week and had some questions to help prepare for the trip. We have a 5-6 hour drive just to get to San Diego so want to make sure we're as prepared as possible. My dad and I have never been on a party boat out of San Diego, so...