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    Baker 12 SOLD
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    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    What pole would be recommended for a 15XNLD2? Reel will have solid spectra 50 or 60. Topped with 40,50 mono. I have a 670H I was considering? TIA for answers
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    She Gone!

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    18' Cold Shrink Tubing

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    ~SOLD~ Please Delete Post
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    SOLD Custom Calstar GF 700XH

    Rod Has Been Sold... Up for sale is a good condition custom Calstar GF 700XH for sale, full length purchased from a fellow BD'er. Have used rod only one time since purchase. Has Fuji reel seat, hypalon front and rear, cold shrink tubing over front hypalon, no shipping send PM. Prefer FTF...
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    Rods are SOLD <*> F/S Two Calstar Grafighters 800M & 800H

    SOLD Both rods were cut by previous owner 1. GF 800M > Cut to 7'9" > Has reel seat, Hypalon front and rear with X-Flock Shrink Tubing covering front hypalon. Rated 20-40. NEXT 2. GF 800H CT > Cut to 7'7' > Deckhand with...
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    SOLD Factory Graftech

    Rod has been SOLD...Factory Graftech GOF70H 7' rated 40-50lb. Rod has reel seat, gimbal and hypalon grips front and rear. Price drop $80.00 Send PM. Maybe willing to travel to meet up depending on distance.
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    Seeker Black Steel for sale Model G6470H-7'C in good condition. Rated 40-60 with black guides except tip top which is chrome and Fuji reel seat. Cold shrink covering front hypalon. $160.00. Send PM. Price Drop...
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    Truline Butt Cap

    As the title states looking for a Truline butt cap for a TnT rod build LMK? Thanx
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    WTB Truline Butt Cap

    As the title states looking for a Truline butt cap for a TnT rod build LMK? Thanx
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    Penn just released a Fathom 40 so what about a 40N please? ;)
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    WTB Rings For Lures and Hooks

    Like the title states, I'm looking to purchase between 50-150 rings for lures and to make my own ringed hooks, LMK what you have. Have tried Roscos don't need that many. Send PM's... Thanx
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    Question for Accurate Tech's on Reel Gearing

    Have a Boss Magnum B2-665W 2 speed 5:1 to 2:1, can Accurate change out low gear to say 1.7 to 1 or lower? Is this possible? What would be the cost? Or would this be totally unnecessary? Plan on fishing 65lb spectra spliced to 80lb spectra with a small section of 100lb spectra to a 60lb - 80...
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    Handle for B2-665W

    Would like to change handle on my B2-665-5 from wiffle ball to type that are used on ATD 30 and 50's or the new extreme handles. If I have to change entire handle that's cool. What is price for handle upgrade and how do I go about gettin' this done to reel. I live very close Corona, about...
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    Trolling Lure

    Looking to purchase trolling lure, in any color, as pictured below. Lure is 11 inches in length... Thanks in advance...:jig:
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    Newell Reels and Tournament Outfitters Reel Clamp

    Up for sale two Newell Reels and a Tournament Outfitters Reel Clamp. Newell Graphite C229-5 $90 Newell P Series 447-F has graphite handle $110 Gold Custom Reel Clamp fits Penn 12H and 4/0 Mfr card info states clamp also fits International 30, but doesn't look look it will. Fits reel...
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    Shimano 400s SOLD!!! Shimano 700S SOLD!!!
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    Newell Reels

    Six Newell reels for sale; 1. Newell P220-F $100.SOLD!! . 2. Newell Graphite 220-5 SOLD!!! 3. Newell Graphite C229-5 $90 4. Newell P322-F has red Tiburon topless frame $115. SOLD!!. 5. Newell Graphite G332-F has black Tiburon topless frame $115. SOLD!!. 6. Newell P447-F has...
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    Road Building Classes

    Any Rod Building classes in Orange County or Inland Empire areas.
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    New Avet 50 SDS

    Just purchased new Avet 50 SDS, what lb test Spectra is best suited ie 135 or 200, will be using reel on 15 day for cows? Then next question, what brand Izor or JB? :jig:
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    Erwin Knot

    Would like to know how to tie Erwin Knot, does anyone have any information?
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    If you had a choice...

    If you had a choice between Avet Pro EX 50 2 speed and Accurate BX2 50 2 speed which would it be and why? Cost does not play into this... :jig: