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  1. mahi

    Sport Fishing Charter. Kauai end of April

    Hi Guys. Looking for Charter recommendations for Kauai. Last week of April. I usually fish out of Kona and my kid is going to Kauai. Not sure which harbor the boats leave from and if they fish the trade winds.
  2. mahi

    28 Uniflite Salty Dog

    Looking for info on the 28 Uniflite hull. Was it a blister hull?
  3. mahi

    Pelican Micro Cases. $10 - $15

    Pelican Cases. 1060. $15. 8" x 4" 1040. $12. 6" x 3.5" 1020. $10. 5" x 3.5" $30 for all. You pick up in South Orange County. No Pay Pal. Cash only. Contact. [email protected] I do not check Bloodydecks every day. PM will be checked when I check back in.
  4. mahi

    Marlin Lures. Seven Strand- Zukers. $10 - $15 each

    Lures, left to right. 1- Seven Strand. MJG. $10 2- Seven Strand. Goat fish. $10 3- Rainbow Lures. Orange/Yellow. $10. 4- Marlin Man. Panama City. Black/Green. $10 5- KIS Lures. From Hawaii. Purple/Pink. $15. 6- Zuker 3.5 Black/Green MJG. $15 each. 7- Zuker. 3.5 Petrolero. $15 8- Zuker Grass...
  5. mahi

    Marlin Lures, Bart Miller

    Bart lures. Left to right. 1- Rum Cay Candy. Stays down up to 15 knots. $20 2- Eluthra Plunger. Black/Orange/Green. $20 3- Costa Rica Plunger. Purple/Black. $20 4- Costa Rica Plunger. Purple/Black. $20 5- Peligic Breakfast. Purple/Black. $20 6- El Squid SR. Blue/Gold/Silver. $20 7- Super Pro...
  6. mahi

    Marine Electrical Parts, Wire and Tools

    1- AWG #1 wire, Red. 10'3" feet. no ends 2- AWG #1 Wire, Black, 36". no ends 3- AWG 1/0 Wire, Black, 32 1/2", 1- 3/8" lug. 4- AWG 1/0 Wire. Black. 11". no ends 5- AWG 1/0 Wire. Red. 13". No ends. 6- AWG 2/0 Wire. Red. 37". 3/8" lugs on both ends. 7- AWG. #1X 3/8" battery Lugs. quantity- 7. 8-...
  7. mahi

    Seven Strand EAL Lures

    3 EAL lures for sale. 2 are the smaller standard Marlin size and 1 is the EAL 3 or larger size. They do work and I have 1 battery for each. The #3 is still in box. $35 each or $100 for all 3. Pick up in Dana Point. For those in San Diego- I will drive to San Clemente. No Pay Pal or shipping.
  8. mahi

    Penn 80 2 Speed

    I have a Penn 80 that had a two speed added by cal sheets. Reel has backing+ 100 lb spectra, rigged for kite fishing. Rod is Kunan, graphite, 5'6'' XHW 50-130 rating. (HR59130FR) I used it for Thresher fishing and then Cow Tuna. It is a rod holder rod. It can be converted to a bent butt very...
  9. mahi

    Batting Cage $350

    I have a 35 foot Fortress Trapezoid Batting Cage. L-38 feet. W-16 feet. H-9.5 feet. It has a medium heavy net material with UV protection. The poles are 1 1/4". It comes with a heavy duty L screen, 2 turf mats for the L screen, bought at Costco for $200 each. Batting turf mat. Mat to protect...
  10. mahi

    4 Blade Propeller Puller. $125. OBO

    Pro Pull Propeller Puller. Model HP-1.This a professional model used by dive service to remove inboard propellers. Only used a few times. Designed for up to 1.5" shafts. Cost was $379. Dana Point area. I will travel a reasonable distance depends on price. Contact me at [email protected] I...
  11. mahi

    Prop Puller- Inboard- 4 Blade. 1.5"

    Inboard Propeller Puller for 4 blade, up to 1.5" shaft. Good condition. The all thread has been protected with water proof grease. Retail is up to $379. Price $150 OBO. Dana Point. Contact me by email. [email protected] Bob I do not check into BD everyday.
  12. mahi

    Marine Electrician Contact

    Need contact info for a qualified marine electrician. Job: Install inverter to microwave. boat in Dana Point harbor
  13. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    2003 Henriques Express, full tower. 28.2 length X 10.2 beam. EDIT. 1715 hours on engines Yanmar 4HLA-DTE, 200 Hp, twin Diesel. ZF/Hurth 450 A hydraulic gears, 2.03:1 ratio. Propped for 20 know cruise, fully loaded. WOT is 26 knots. 1.8 MPG at cruise. I have gotten 3 MPG fishing the Masters for...
  14. mahi

    Tiburon TLD 30 II speed on Melton IGFA 30 Rods. $550 each or 2 for $1,000

    The Melton IGFA rods have Aftco Unibuts. Aftco heavy duty roller guides on Eglass blanks. The Rods are listed as IGFA 30, but pull like 50 pound rods, very stiff. A buyer could put bent butts on and have a perfect setup for the big Bluefin The Tiburon TLD II speeds are in great condition. They...
  15. mahi

    Outrigger rod holders, SS. $90 for the pair

    These are SS outrigger rod holders. Great to use when Biscuit fishing. A few little shallow scratches, but in very good condition. Meet in Dana Point
  16. mahi

    Egg and Torpedo Sinker packs. $25 each or $40 for both

    Selling lead sinkers. Local pickup near Dana Point.
  17. mahi

    Aftco Gaffs, Aftco Flying Gaff and Aftco Bait net

    1- Aftco. Gold- 6 ft X 6" flying gaff w rope. $ 175 2- Aftco. Gold 6 ft X 3" stick gaff. $ 50 3- Aftco. Black 6 ft X 4" stick gaff $ 60. Used 1 season. Retail $110. 4- Aftco Gold 4 ft X 2" stick gaff $ 30. 5- Aftco Gold 2 ft X 3" stick gaff $ 25 6- Aftco Gold 18" X 10" Bait Net. $ 25. Used 1...
  18. mahi

    Shimano Tranx 500 HG. Phenix Axis HAX 780 MH. $550

    Selling Boat. Tackle has to go. Tranx 500 HG. used a few times. Not lucky enough to hook a BFT with it. Reel has a small blem, but is 90% condition. 80 Lb braid. Rod is Phenix AXIX. HAX 780 MH. 7"8' and is prefect condition. Location. Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  19. mahi

    Shimano Saragosa 20000, Phenix Black Diamond PSW-S 760 H. $400

    Selling my boat, so fishing gear has to go. I used this outfit a few times and did not get lucky to hook a BFT. 2 small blems on reel, otherwise it is 90%. It has 80 Lb Braid. Rod is Phenix Black Diamond PSW-S 760 H. The rod is in prefect condition. Location. Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  20. mahi

    NIB Shimano Tiagra 12. $400. Reduced to $375 OBO

    Perfect reel for super braids. Never used, line never installed. Location Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  21. mahi

    ICOM HM-157B Command Mic II. $85

    Command Mic II. Complete. Compatible with the following ICOM Fixed Mount VHF: M422, M502, M504, M602 and M604 Location. Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  22. mahi

    Icom Hand Held VHF. $ 140

    ICOM IC-M73. Includes charger. In perfect condition Bought at WM on 5/28/2016 Location. Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  23. mahi

    Chart card for TZT2 that has MLPA boundaries

    I just got the system fired up and the C-MAP card I bought and had unlocked does not have the MLPA boundaries. I know C-Map can do it. I had a card made for Nav Net 1 and the boundaries were on it. The chart I bought is: Z14R8Y7Q. It is a 2012 chart with no revisions. BTW. This is a Fish Map.
  24. mahi

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    Price 1,500. Big Price Drop. Must Sell. If you need a part, send PM. Cash Talks. The boat is in Dana Point. See them before I remove. 1- RDP 139 10.4 " Color radar display with cover. The RDP 139 is sold.- Thanks 1- RDP 131 7" Color radar display with cover. Price for RDP 131 + Radar Dome. $300...
  25. mahi

    Reel for Swordy Casting Rod

    I have always kept a swordy casting rod on the boat. I have not seen a swordy on the surface for the last 6 years. I have a Tiagra 20 on the rod now and I want to replace that with a start drag reel and use the Tiagra for a trolling reel. I will have Spectra and Mono topshot. Whats should I use?
  26. mahi

    Bow Rail Replacement Contact

    Hi Guys, I want to replace the bow rail on my 28 Henriques. It has east coast style, which are low. Looking for contacts. The boat is in the water, so it must be fabricated and installed in the slip or a boat yard. I plan to call FBU. Any other contacts would be appreciated. Bob
  27. mahi

    Catching Macks at Avalon

    I'm staying in Avalon for 4 days and running the bait pump on the mooring is not an option. In the past I have caught macks off casino break wall. Has anyone caught them here recently? Any other spots would be appreciated. Bob on Tunacious Too
  28. mahi

    Popper Rigging

    I'm ready for my first try to catch a Bluefin on the popper. 1- How are the poppers rigged. I have heard to remove the treble and use assist hooks. 2- If using assist hooks, rear only or front and rear? 3- How to connect the popper to main line? I have 80 spectra to 80 pound mono. Straight tie...
  29. mahi

    C-MAP NT Charts

    Do the new cards show the MLPA boundries and how accurate are they. I have a WAAS antenna.
  30. mahi

    Anchor Choice

    I need to replace the chain and rode on my 28 diesel boat. Boat is 12,000 lbs.The current set up is 10 feet of chain and 150 feet of 1/2 inch rode. The rode is worn badly. The anchor is a 14 Lb Danforth. I want to replace the anchor and use the old as a backup. My plan is to get 30 feet of 5/16...
  31. mahi

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank Install

    Hi guys, I bought a Henriques 28 in NJ in October and have been putting the boat back together and making her ready to fish So Cal. I contracted with Pacific Edge to fabricate and install a bait tank. It is a new model that mark cut down to about 75 gallons. It has a blue interior, rod holders...
  32. mahi

    Nav Net 1 to Simrad AP22

    Does anyone know which sentences need to be turned on in the NavNet1 to send Lat/Lon info to a Simrad AP22? The connection is made, I turned them off troubleshooting a GPS sensor issue and did not write them down accurately enough. Thanks
  33. mahi

    Nav Net 1, Navionics Chart Card

    I need to buy a So Cal chart card for Nav Net, DDF1. It is a Navionics version. Thanks. Bob
  34. mahi

    Off Shore Fishing Glasses?

    I broke the frames on my Maui Jim sunglasses. My first reaction is to but another pair as I really like the MJ. I'm looking for other recommendations. I like glass lenses for off shore. The plastic just scratch up too easy.
  35. mahi

    Charter Tipping

    Aloha, What is the best way to tip a charter crew? Do I give money to the Capt and let him pay the Mate or do I give tip to each separately. If I give each a share, how is it spilt, 50-50 or 60-40, 70-30? I'm fishing out on Kona on the 23rd.
  36. mahi

    Kona Charter in July?

    Aloha, I will be in Kona on July 22 and 23. Looking for a Charter for my family. I looked at tournament schedule and this is a busy time. The last time I was in Kona, 2007, I used the charter desk for the reservation. It does not look like that is the same. I could be mistaken. I sent a...
  37. mahi

    Oahu Fishing Charter

    Aloha, I'm taking the family to the Islands in july. We want to visit the Arizona Memorial. I'm not sure if we will go to another island or not. Is there a good charter fleet in Oahu and how about a recommendation. We went to Kone twice and I was lucky both times to get short billed spearfish...
  38. mahi

    2SKB-7500 Rod Transport System

    Brand new. $ 125.00
  39. mahi

    PV Charter

    Hi. My friend is going to Puerto Vallarta in October. Looking for a charter recommendation. Thanks.
  40. mahi

    Offshore Saturday Surprise Trip Report

    My wife had surgery on Tuesday and I was the nurse maid all week. She was feeling so good by Friday night, she said, "Take the kid fishing"! That was all I needed to hear. Packed some gear and made a late start from Dana Point. The bait was awesome. I headed south west to 289. It gave me the...
  41. mahi

    Long Gun Cartridges

    Hi Guys, I inherited a Remington 701 in 30-06. I also got a bunch of old shell casings for 30-06 and .243. There are also a bunch of military rounds in 6 shell clips. The rounds are all solid bullet. Are these rounds still safe to fire? Are the shell casings suitable for re-load and do they...
  42. mahi

    Lobster:Filling out the report card?

    The first trip is planned. This is my question. I have two adults with salt water license and a 10 year old, that does not require a license. Everyone, including the non-licensed minor, has a report card. Does each card have to be filled out at start of fishing with location code, gear code...
  43. mahi

    Selling a Coast Guard Documented Boat?

    I'm ready to sell my Blackman. The boat is documented with the Coast Guard. The boat was purchased with the guidance of a broker. Any ideas on the procedure to transfer title, collect money in a secure way, handle sea trial, deposit, survey and any other relevant piece to this process...
  44. mahi

    Furuno 1650F

    For Sale. Furuno 1650F, 600 watt FF/Chart Plotter, includes Navionics card for Southern California. Includes power cord, GPS sensor. No transducer. I have left waypoints in for south coast to catalina and off shore. All original manuals included. $400. It takes any 10 pin Airmar transducer...
  45. mahi

    Offshore Zach's YFT

    Hi Guys. I don't post a lot, but this time is different. I took my 7 year old son, Zach out on Sunday to try and catch some fish. He has not caught a YT,YFT, or Dorado yet. He has the inshore stuff down and he battled a 100 lb Mako for 50 minutes before wearing out. We went to the 209 and...
  46. mahi

    Mexican License?

    I live in Laguna Niguel and I need a Mexcian fishing license. It does not matter if I have to pay a extra fee for a local shop. With the price of gas, driving to SD is not the best idea. Where can I get one on Friday? Thanks in advance. Bob
  47. mahi

    Cat YT

    Short Report. Fished on Sunday on my brothers boat, 28 Topaz- 50 50. I caught a 29.7 YT on the bait grounds at 0630. Long Report. Left DP at 4:15. West wind was starting to blow. Not too bad at 15 Kts. Ran to the bait grounds. All the light boats were still asleep. Anchored up behind LBC...
  48. mahi

    Question- 182 from DP

    Hi guys. I have thursday off. Planning a trip to 182, 43 bank from Dana Point. The weather reports don't look that bad. Has anyone been out to verify the forecast? The run back uphill to DP is never fun, but if the game bag is full then its ok. Boat is 26 Blackman. Thanks Bob
  49. mahi

    Reel for Swordy Rod

    I got a dedicated swordy rod. I need advice on a reel. I have a Tiburon SST12, but I'm not sure of line capacity. I bought Momoi Diamond hard 40 to put on the reel- it breaks at 62 lbs. I think I want 2 speed, but it has to cast good too. I don't want to do the braided top shot thing either. Any...
  50. mahi

    Kona - Northern Lights 6-26-07

    Hi Guys. I just got back from Kona and here is my report. I fished on Northern Lights with Capt Steve Epstein on the wheel and his son Tracy in the pit. I had my wife Tina and son Zachary along. The morning tide was 0630 so we got to the boat at 0615 and had lines in just outside the harbor...
  51. mahi

    Kona in june

    Hi guys. I will be on the Big Island the last week of June, 07. I;m not sure if I can afford to jump on a boat, but I would like to. Any recommendations on a good charter and prices. If I go, how does the tip work? Tip Capt and crew together or separate? Bob
  52. mahi

    Help? Can it be done?

    Hi Guys. I had 2 custom rods made at a local shop, for 30 lb trolling. I wanted 7 foot to get around my swim step. The work was good and I'm happy, except the reel seat is mounted, what I consider low. It barely fits in my boats rod holders. I would like to shorten the rod, if possible. I want...
  53. mahi

    Late smorgsborg

    I wasn't going to post this, but what the heel. I took my boat Tunacious out on Saturday with a friend Brian. The plan was to head off 181 - 289 looking for Salad and Porps. A friend called from the 181 and he got a single DoDo of a kelp. we ran in and got a bull, about 15 lbs on a Archer...
  54. mahi

    sunday trip

    I guys. I'm fishing out of Dana Point on sunday early. Does anyone know where the fleet fished on saturday? I heard there were some yellows mixed in with the Cuda. Thanks in advance. Bob