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  1. eric perez

    Offshore Bongos Biting Bluefin Boils 07/24/21

    yeah Chris! way to get em Buddy!
  2. eric perez

    Offshore A good day on the Bight

    way to get em Sam! congrats
  3. eric perez

    Boat Burgers

    Dana Pride and the Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf... a double with bacon and grilled onions... so good when it hits your lips... LOL massive too... Im a pig and I could barely finish...
  4. eric perez

    Who else wears sandals on boats ?

    I wear em on the way home usually... cant wait to take boots off... Ive had a pair of Olukai "Ohanas" for a few years... non-skid... they work great...
  5. eric perez

    How big!?

    Def right at Cow Class... monster...
  6. eric perez

    Seeker Inshore LB 709-T

    appreciate the tips Gents... yeah it looks like it was downwind from someone sprayin... rough white haze only on the back... all good... maybe Ill just leave it... still kills just fine... Sunday carcass...
  7. eric perez

    Seeker Inshore LB 709-T

    found this Seeker Inshore at the Swap Meet for a whopping $30!!! I love finding old random gear... it was soooo dirty and crusty you almost couldnt tell what it was... it was in a barrel with old cane poles and such... I did a re-furb on it but it still has some type white over spray on it...
  8. eric perez

    Green glass seeker**

    I have one of these blanks as well... with the crazy patterned graphite... was told they also call it "mackerel" pattern? mines a custom wrap... not factory... any history on these? year(s) they made them? rare now? I love mine...
  9. eric perez

    Best rod for accurate tern 500

    I fish 80lb braid... 40-50lb leader on mine... Calstar WC6480c 30-60...
  10. eric perez

    What's so special about the lil guy?

    Purely Nostalgic...
  11. eric perez

    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    I think i heard 56 miles from PH? Its far... and once you're there... it is what it is... I hadn't been out there since albacore was a thing... I was on the Vagabond for 3-4 day... and we got 40-50lb Albies... my dad got a weighed 62lber... but it was so Fing rough... the whole time... only time...
  12. eric perez

    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    Creeps me out bigtime!! The deckhand told him to grab it by the eyes! My kid was squirmin.. he doesn't like Goats to begin with LOL
  13. eric perez

    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    Yeah thats a goat... it was a crazy brick brown color... gonna be in my belly in about 8 minutes LOL
  14. eric perez

    Mixed branded quiver...loyal to fishing not brands

    Nhan Bui is my Boy! Hes rewrapping an old Long Beach 809T for me right now. Thats good on ya Man... I gave up long ago worrying what people thought of my gear... I could care less... if it works for me... and I know how to use it well... all that matters. Trying to instill this in my Son... hes...
  15. eric perez

    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    wow... very nice!! thats what we were hoping for... we just could NOT get them to go... we had shitty bait and alot of inexperienced anglers pretty sure those were the deciding factor on no hot bite for us...
  16. eric perez

    Islands Pacific Islander - San Nicholas Island 7/18

    Drove up to CISCOs Landing in Oxnard Saturday afternoon to jump on the Pacific Islander for an overnight freelance trip... They had been getting some good runs on White Seabass - Halibut - Yellowtail out at the Channel Islands... and my son hasnt caught a WSB yet so we thought we give it a try...
  17. eric perez

    Who trolls while fishing offshore and why?

    thats how we used to determine if the fish were gonna bite or not... alot of boats wouldnt even take it out of gear for a single troll fish... just keep going... but you hang triples... and it was go time... and fish on the slide with the Worm King plastics... aaaahhh the good ole days... LOL
  18. eric perez

    Silaflex Magnum

    Yeah its a beauty... I couldn't pass it up... although I'd trade it for something heavier in the same vain... 30 40 50lb rod... conolon truline silaflex...
  19. eric perez

    Silaflex Magnum

    This weeks swap meet find is a Silaflex Magnum... im assuming that says PT70 even though the rod is 8'0" full?? Soft fast action... super nice bend... 15lb-20lb max... rod is in almost new condition... im assuming it's been rewrapped / refurbished?? The label print has been glassed over... Sweet...
  20. eric perez

    It's about to get interesting...

    Western Pride 1/2 Day is on them right now 2 miles off Newport!!
  21. eric perez

    Local 3/4 BFT

    Also yesterday the 3/4 day out of Dana Point was on a huge breezer... they have video on their IG page... says they were straight off the Point... hooked (4)... landed (0)...
  22. eric perez

    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    Well they got an Albie on the NLA yesterday!! First one... see what happens .. its on their IG... nice one too!
  23. eric perez

    Vintage Rod ID

    Thank you Tom!! Did not see that one... they made a nice rod...
  24. eric perez

    Vintage Rod ID

    Swap meet purchase... $5... I couldn't resist! Got it home and cleaned it up... looks like it was maybe a nicer rod for its time?? Nice wood... bright yellow wraps... sick looking glass in the blank... looks like tiger stripes... two piece... 7'8"... 30lb rod or so... but I can't make out the label?
  25. eric perez

    Inshore Premier AM Half Day - 6/20 Fathers Day

    took my son out on the Premier yesterday for the AM half day run... fished right out front Point Loma Kelp and it started out slow... then went wide open on the short Cudas... till Mr Seal started his breakfast passes... LOL Set up on the anchor Stop #2 and I dont think Ive ever seen such good...
  26. eric perez

    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    Seaguar Blue Label...
  27. eric perez

    Calstar grafighter 196-7

    I have a GG 196-7 for sale if interested?
  28. Calstar GG 196-7

    Southern California Calstar GG 196-7

    Calstar Composite GG 196-7 7'0" 10-25 10/10 condition... sold
  29. eric perez

    Calstar GG 196-7 WTT WTS

    eric perez submitted a new listing: Calstar GG 196-7 WTT WTS - Calstar GG 196-7 WTT WTS Learn more about this listing...
  30. eric perez

    ProGear Yellowtail Special Silver $220

    eric perez submitted a new listing: ProGear Yellowtail Special Silver $220 - ProGear Yellowtail Special Silver $220 Learn more about this listing...
  31. ProGear Yellowtail Special Silver

    Southern California ProGear Yellowtail Special Silver

    ProGear Yellowtail Special - Narrow - Silver... w/ a clicker... excellent condition... smooth cranking... great free spool... 4:1 Gears - 450yds NEW 80lb Power Pro... went on a boat ride... great YoYo reels for YT... SOLD THX
  32. eric perez

    Xtratuf M10 Black $50

    Nice to meet you Chris! Enjoy the boots...
  33. Xtratuf M10 Black

    Southern California Xtratuf M10 Black

    Black Xtratufs size 10... My kid outgrew another pair... perfect condition... scrubbed clean... $50 SOLD THX
  34. eric perez

    Xtratuf M10 Black $50

    eric perez submitted a new listing: Xtratuf M10 Black $50 - Xtratuf M10 Black $50 Learn more about this listing...
  35. eric perez

    Tern 400x 6:1 Silver $230

  36. eric perez

    Tern 400x 6:1 Silver $230

    eric perez submitted a new listing: Tern 400x 6:1 Silver $230 - Tern 400x 6:1 Silver $230 Learn more about this listing...
  37. Tern 400x 6:1 Silver SOLD

    Southern California Tern 400x 6:1 Silver SOLD

    Tern 400x 6:1 gears 3/4 spool of white 50lb PP... 30lb Pline shot... in great shape... no scratches... these lit I have 2 of them... letting one go... Sold THX
  38. eric perez

    Lexa / Axeon Inshore Combo

    Price drop $160
  39. eric perez

    Phenix M1 SMX-82ML

    eric perez submitted a new listing: Phenix M1 SMX-82ML - Phenix M1 SMX-82ML Learn more about this listing...
  40. Phenix M1 SMX-82ML

    Southern California Phenix M1 SMX-82ML

    Phenix M1 SMX-82ML 8'2" 10-25 Used on one half day... 10/10 condition... just dont need it... SOLD
  41. eric perez

    Offshore Sashimi for Mom 5/9

    Truth be told I fell asleep after bait and a burrito on the way out... and I was only awake for 3/4 of an American Spirit before I was stumbling to the rack as it went down LOL I saw about a 20lber get air... so I stupidly grabbed my paddy rig... and it was all too late... TN12 / Seeker ISP 809T...
  42. eric perez

    Offshore Sashimi for Mom 5/9

    40lb _ 50lb for sure Mike... capt yelled 10 times no line in the water less than 40 50... most of the fish past the first blowout bite were first guy in on the slide biters... and then drift for one fish... then on to the next... gotta chum heavy heavy... they were dumping bait...
  43. eric perez

    Offshore Sashimi for Mom 5/9

    Went out on the Grande Sunday with my son,... loaded 105 scoops of the most Primo sardines Ive seen this year so far... worked down into that zone outside the Coronados with the San Diego and Liberty on our flanks... as soon as we hit the zone Capt Alec gets on the horn "HERE THEM COME... START...
  44. eric perez

    Lexa / Axeon Inshore Combo

    price drop $200
  45. eric perez

    Old photo. Anybody fish out of here?

    pretty cool newspaper clip... only one Ive heard of these is Norm's...
  46. eric perez

    Best bait for spotties

    even a bucket would work I guess... dead might even work... as far as swimbaits go... the hot ticket in Newport... so I hear from my kid and his Buddies... is the Megabass Dark Sleeper... they kill it dock hoppin...
  47. eric perez

    Best bait for spotties

    if you have a bait tank... anchovies are the ticket... run out to the receiver and grab a $20 sack... spottys and halibut love them in he Bay...
  48. eric perez

    Direct to spectra.... WHO's hooked a fish on a direct tie to braid....?

    Ive caught sculpin and sand bass on the direct tie... I was at a BBQ one time and after a few cocktails me and a buddy somehow decided to jump on a twilight run... grabbed a bait caster but no line... fished straight 40lb green PP... in the dark... hooks kept sliding off... total shit show...
  49. eric perez

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    RIP Leon Russell... true American classic...
  50. eric perez

    Lexa / Axeon Inshore Combo

    eric perez submitted a new listing: Lexa / Axeon Inshore Combo - Lexa / Axeon Inshore Combo Learn more about this listing...
  51. Lexa / Axeon Inshore Combo

    Southern California Lexa / Axeon Inshore Combo

    Lexa 300 Winn 6.3_1 just filled with new 40lb PP Reels about a year old... great condition... I have the box... Okuma Axeon Swimbait Rod New without tags SOLD
  52. ProGear YellowTail Special w/ Clicker   $180

    ProGear YellowTail Special w/ Clicker $180

    ProGear Yellowtail Special w clicker - 40lb Izor - really clean I hear new carbon drags in there... maybe HT-100s... sound fuzzy... $180 OBO Calstars are SOLD text is best (949) 929-6153 THX Eric picked up in Costa Mesa or meet for delivery...
  53. eric perez

    Catalina 4/10 and 4/17 Bonito & Seals

    Im reading the "seal bombs" are still legal... but they are regulated... theyde rather you use a less aggressive method obviously... yell... bang on your hull... etc... LOL NOAA PDF attached...
  54. eric perez

    Catalina 4/10 and 4/17 Bonito & Seals

    been out on 2 trips to Catalina the last two weeks... all front side... basically same area as well... 33*21'54"N - 118*20'2"W 4/11 - Ahra Ahn - Long Beach Sportfishing Full Day - great bait - great weather the boat and crew were very friendly and worked hard all day... bonita would go wide...
  55. eric perez

    Searched for a thread on mono brands preferred

    Izor XXX clear or smoke Momoi Hi Catch (stiffer but clearer)
  56. eric perez

    200 or 300 Reel for SD Bay Bass

    I just use freshwater bass gear... something that casts very easily... so I can just hit spots bang bang... been using an old rig lately... Lews Speed Spool on a Fenwick HMG 7'0"... 10lb test... I actually use it in the surf as well as the Bay... all you need... 200 Series should be plenty...
  57. eric perez

    Pelagic Sale

    they intermittantly have parking lot sales at the Costa Mesa location on Saturdays as well... overstock type stuff... some good deals...
  58. eric perez


  59. Sabre 610 Custom

    Sabre 610 Custom

    Original Sabre 610 custom 7'2" 25lb - 60lb heavy guides... perfect 40lb rod... SOLD Penn 4/0 Senator with Tiburon T4N Topless Narrow Kit... SOLD Picked up in Costa Mesa or meet for transaction... no shipping sorry... Text is best (949) 929-6153 THX
  60. eric perez

    Leopards Like Tadys?

    I like em... I have (2) of the 400s now... ones a little rougher than the other but the drags are smooth and strong... freespools great on both... I had a 500 and it fished well... holds about the same amount of line as a 20 size reel... but theyre ALOT lighter than a Shimano or Diawa... Ive...
  61. eric perez

    Leopards Like Tadys?

    We were out practicing throwing some surface iron Sunday afternoon @ 56th Street... watchin some of my sons friends surf... Ive set him up a Tern 400 with a Gen 1 Graftech 80M rod I refurbished... Itll HUCK Tady Cs and 4/0s... Just as I call out OK LETS GO!! He freakin yells IM BIT!! WTF...
  62. eric perez

    Full Tackle Bag Misc Stuff

    Sold thx... im not able to change the header status on posts any longer sorry...
  63. eric perez

    Full Tackle Bag Misc Stuff

    WFO 4 Tray Soft Tackle Box Zippers are pretty stuck but makes good storage bag... everything included... weighs about 40lbs as it sits... prob a couple hundred $$$ just in heads alone in there considering lead prices these days... big hammers tuna tamers Jax UFO sumo iron man salas fire diamond...
  64. eric perez

    What can/should I do

    put those bad boys in a bowl filled with Coca Cola overnight... wire brush... theyll be good as new... I let my kid experiment and do my dikes and needle nose that Ive had for probably 20 years... pretty hammered... the steel came out like brand new after a wire brush... actually couldnt believe...
  65. eric perez

    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    looks like Shes out gettin pretty for Yall right now!
  66. eric perez

    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    my son started on the ocean when he was 7... and now hes 12 yo... hes never had the tendency to feel seasick thank God... except one time. We got on the Dana Pride and he went and sat in the galley while we were getting bait... he stayed down there as we took off and they started cookin...
  67. eric perez

    Diawa Saltist 35H $220

    SOLD... thanks Brian! Not able to change the title or status anymore?? Not from my phone anyway...
  68. eric perez

    Penn 4/0 Rings and Lug Mods

    Thanks... ill check it out!
  69. eric perez

    Penn 4/0 Rings and Lug Mods

    Been working on a project Penn 4/0 Yellowtail Special Topless and I want to take the harness lugs out... Has anyone ever made blank lugs without the loop? Or inner flat plates without the notch in them? Guess I could grind the loops off the lugs haw?
  70. eric perez

    Diawa Saltist 35H $220

    No thanks... I already have one... love it... no trades on this one... thx
  71. eric perez

    Diawa Saltist 35H $220

    Diawa Satish 35H star drag 300yds 65lb PowerPro clamps in the box These reels are really nice... I think they blow a Torium away... but what do I know... SOLD
  72. eric perez

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    yeeeeaaahhh... The Bent Rod... I remember going in there... barely... tiny little place haw? old town Tustin? Used to go to Yo's and Art's as well... Art's had one of those fish fighting machines... theyde hook me to it as a kid and just laugh as I got worked...
  73. eric perez

    G Shock GG-1000 Master of G

    price drop $250... thx
  74. eric perez

    TX500x / 900L Combo

    Tuesday Bump price drop T3RN 500 - $260
  75. eric perez

    Drag setting for drifting blue runners.

    I used to fish Wahoo annually down in San Jose Del Cabo... and they love to slow troll Rainbow Runners... and you get the same thing... lots of short bites... wahoo have a knack for picking up a bait and somehow avoiding the hooks all together! even seen wahoo fly out of the water and land on...
  76. eric perez

    Another great build

    siiiiiiiiiick... those were the original colors for the Contender "Ranger" rods no? First off the rack salt stick I ever bought... triggered a flash back... LOL
  77. eric perez

    Calstar GF 900M

    Ya Hal! I slayed with it too... its still fish killer... good luck with your sale Bruce!
  78. eric perez

    TX500x / 900L Combo

    900L is gone... Minty Tern still available... Purdy reel... really smooth cranking and lightning freespool for such a new one... my 300 and 400 were stiff outta the box... this a good one...
  79. eric perez

    TX500x / 900L Combo

    Tern TX-500x 6:1 Black Tan Letting Full of 65lb white maxcuartro ÷/- 50yds 30lb Izor XXX on top +9/10... SOLD Calstar Grafighter 900L. SOLD THX
  80. eric perez

    Nice combo/ testing waters

    I can go an extra $10 if you can hold it for me until next Friday??
  81. eric perez

    Reel for Seeker Black Steel 270-8?

    Ive go a Diawa Saltist 20 in mine...
  82. eric perez

    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    my kid caught a Trigger down by San Clemente pier last week... he says theyre DEFINITELY ALIENS... LOL
  83. eric perez

    G Shock GG-1000 Master of G

    Top of the line G Shock GG1000 Mud Master... insane amount of features including digital compass and air temp. I bought it at Christmas for myself on sale for $300 @ Sieko Time Center in Orange... normal retail is $350. Didnt know my son had taken my broken Invicta Ranger Edition watch to be...
  84. eric perez

    Xtratuf Boots Sz 8 & 9

    Yes Sir... John took both pairs... THX
  85. eric perez

    Xtratuf Boots Sz 8 & 9

    Two pairs of Xtratufs... they're scrubbed clean... insides are 100%... no funk... my kid outgrew em before he could put any wear on them... ill have a pair of Sz 10s at the end of this season... LOL $40 pair... Sz 8 blue Sz 9 black Picked up in Costa Mesa Text me (949) 929 6153
  86. eric perez

    Name That Boat

    South Coast Shipyards was full the other night doing Winter face lifts... I see the old Redondo Special in there... theres some serious fishing room on that boat... Can you name the other two? I think I know...
  87. eric perez

    Okuma PCH Custom PCHi-C-801H $140

    Okuma PCH Custom PCHi-C-801H 8'0" 20-40lb 9/10 condition... purchase from another BD'er about a year ago... rod had ALOT of backbone... I fished a heavy drag with 30lb.. and the rod still had more to give... $140 picked up in Costa Mesa or meet for transaction... text me (949) 929-6153 Eric
  88. eric perez

    Inside LA Harbor and the Catch of a Lifetime

    I remember those times well... nothing like Proud Papa moments in life for me... before you know it hell be in the bow slangin iron! Mines 12 now... thats all he thinks about... Ive created a Monster!
  89. eric perez

    Okuma PCH 801H

    This the one you're looking for? 9/10 condition... $140... text me if interested 949 929 6153 thx Eric
  90. eric perez

    Newell 229F Blackie / Calstar 220 Combo

    price drop $250 $125 for the rod $125 for the reel
  91. eric perez

    Newell 229F Blackie / Calstar 220 Combo

    Newell 229F Vintage "Blackie"... really clean... fishes great... I fished it last week. I serviced it 2 weeks ago... new Carbontex washers... 20lb gray P Line... Calstar BT220 8'6" 20lb... old rod... still in great shape... paracord handle... SOLD
  92. eric perez

    Penn Fathom 15 / Calico Special Combo

    Penn Fathom 15 star drag with 25lb XXX smoke - some battle scars... fishes perfect... Californian Calico Special CS90M 9'0" 15-30 very clean guides no corrosion... paracord handle... Ive had the rod for a long time... just never fished it much... SOLD THX
  93. eric perez

    If you had to pick one calstar jigstick

    current go to is a 900M...
  94. eric perez

    Factory Seeker PH D8-8' CT PRICE DROP

    MLK bump... price drop $250
  95. eric perez

    Factory Seeker PH D8-8' CT PRICE DROP

    Factory Seeker Pinhead D8 PH D8-8` CT #25-50 Beautiful build... black on black all glass... pulls heavier than the original green model... Purchased new around Christmas... unused... hasn't left the house... $300 $250 Picked up in Costa Mesa or I can deliver locally... text is best (949)...
  96. eric perez

    Old yellow glass blank ?

    Fenwick Pacificstik?
  97. eric perez

    Who here rolls their own joints?

    Ive always heard the Hippie Legend of the dudes that can roll with one hand... but Ive never seen it... kinda like Bigfoot... LOL
  98. eric perez

    Calstar / Calfornian Rods for Sale

    Calstar Grafighter 900M - 9'0" 20-40 Custom Triple Wrap - Parachord Handle - well used - scratches - Guides are not perfectly straight... but it still kills just like a $400 newbie... $175 Californian Calico Special - CS90M 9'0" 20-30... parachord is wrapped high over numbers... rod originally...
  99. eric perez


    I dont know shit about cigars... just not a fan. but when I was a young buck I used to get into my Pops stash and take one once in a while... burn one with my buddys... wed get all loopy. Until I took one that had a gold embossed ring on it that said "I LOVE CUBA"... I just thought it was cool...
  100. eric perez

    Casting practice w/out license

    I got asked for my license one time on Newport Beach... teaching my son to throw iron... we both had Tady 45s tied on... not like we were "fishing" for anything from the beach with 45s... but The Man still insisted on seeing my license... we had no intention of catching anything... I pressed the...
  101. eric perez

    Sabre1 GSC 1208

    GSC Golden Sabre Conventional maybe? look like this one? except a 1208...
  102. eric perez

    UC RCE Monster 800

    Monday bump UC Monster $250 OBO
  103. eric perez

    UC RCE Monster 800

    Tranx sold... UC Monster800 dropped to $260
  104. eric perez

    UC RCE Monster 800

    Tranx 400HG added w Tiburon Clamp $220
  105. eric perez

    UC RCE Monster 800

    United Composites Challenger Elite RCE800 MONSTER-C 8'0" 30-50 Graphite reel seat with EVA grips... Alps guides... 10/10 unfished condition... $250 Tranx 400HG good condition... Tiburon clamp included... SOLD Pick up in Newport Beach or meet for delivery... text me if interested (949) 929-6153...
  106. eric perez

    Tranx 500HG w/ Accurate Cover

    Tranx 500HG with 65lb white braid... about an 1/8" from the top with 30lb XXX Smoke... Accurate reel cover included... kick ass reel... just not my cup of tea... actually found an old tiburon clamp for a tranx 500 in my closet... kinda rough... needs 2 screws but ill throw it in the box n/c...
  107. eric perez

    Salty Crew Super Seeker 6480H-8 CT

    thank you Guys... sale is pending delivery this evening...
  108. eric perez

    Salty Crew Super Seeker 6480H-8 CT

    Factory Salty Crew Super Seeker 6480H-8 CT 8'0" 30-50 Beautiful rod... super nice build... chrome Fujis... two small nicks in the clear coat underside of the first guide... other than that the rod is mint... SOLD THX
  109. eric perez

    Newell 338 & Penn Fathom 15

    newell 322 sold... thanks Dave! nice meeting you... Newel 338 and Penn Fathom 15 also sold THX
  110. eric perez

    Newell 338 & Penn Fathom 15

    some reels added... super clean newells...
  111. eric perez

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    about 25 years ago I went on a friend of a friends center console for the first time to the Coronados... hadnt ever met the guy. We hauled ass the whole way... stopped and started fishing... before we knew it we were standing in gasoline on the deck... talk about a PUCKER situation... It was a...
  112. eric perez

    torium 30HG - black diamond jigstick combo

    Rod is sold... Torium still available... $180...
  113. eric perez

    Saltiga 35h with box

    man thats a beauty... GLWS
  114. eric perez

    torium 30HG - black diamond jigstick combo

    received this beautiful rod as part of a trade... feather light... just not my style... reel was fished a couple times... no fish... both are 9+/10... no marks... all light reflections in the pics... absolutely launches a 45 once you get dialed with the rod... so light! Shimano Torium 30HG...
  115. eric perez


    It could be very soon from whats floating around out there... I hit most of the tackle shops in OC this weekend that sell Calstar... and noone had anything good to say... theyre hearing Calstar is already spinning in limbo... and what they have on their floors might be it... and its SUPER slim...
  116. eric perez

    Okuma Mak 20seaii / PCH 741XXH COMBO

    you as well Tom... best of luck to you and your boys!
  117. eric perez

    Okuma Mak 20seaii / PCH 741XXH COMBO

    pending... delivering this evening... thx
  118. eric perez

    Okuma Mak 20seaii / PCH 741XXH COMBO

    Okuma Mak 20 Seaii with 600 yards of 100lb Izor braid... Okuma PCH Custom C741XXH 7'4" 60 - 100 Rail Rod... Has gone on 2 boat rides with the reel cover on it but has not been fished... tiny 1/4" hairline scratch on left side plate (bottom) other than that everything is Mint... SOLD THX
  119. eric perez

    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    just a sign of the times... all the captains and crews are getting younger and younger by the year... and kids these days dont have respect for shit in my opinion... they all just want to be the Hot Dog... so they can blow up their Social Media... morals and values are low on their Totem Poles...
  120. eric perez


    Super Seeker 6480H with a Trinidad 30A... 80lb braid...
  121. eric perez

    Calstar 90j 100$

    2nd in line if it doesnt go... THX
  122. eric perez

    Yellowtail Fishing. Mono-flouro or Braid-Flouro?

    I just use braid as a backer on my local / paddy gear... Izor XXX smoke mono... and short 4' Blue Label leader if needed... Izor has really come a long way with their line... back in the day it was the cheapest junk there was... Penguin style...
  123. eric perez

    Mono top shot

    Izor XXX smoke or Momoi HC clear...
  124. eric perez

    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    I was always told by my elders that life is about the choices you make. I think that most of the crews working today didnt get in the industry to make money to begin with. As the cost of everything has gone up over the years, the age of the "deckhand" has very much decreased. Do they want to be...
  125. eric perez

    Newell 338 & Penn Fathom 15

    Newell C338-5 very clean inside and out 1/2 spool of 65lb white braid and 40lb clear XXX shot $120 Newell 322-5 even cleaner than the 338... like new... aluminum spool... 3/4 spool 50lb white braid 20lb XXX smoke shot SOLD Penn Fathom 15 1st Gen have caught a boat load of fish on this little...
  126. eric perez

    Drag curve for komodo and CDX

    have the same issue with my 463... the star has too many revolutions... and once you back it down it takes a bunch of turns forward of the star and some revolutions of the spool to ramp back up... my Tranx drag goes from loose to lock down in 2-3 turns... komodo has about 10 turns... maybe a...
  127. eric perez

    Cat on The Patriot - Fathers Day

    yeah... for the money... those Fathoms are amazing... theres so much torque in them... I just keep the rod buried and crank... no pumping required to gain line...
  128. eric perez

    Cat on The Patriot - Fathers Day

    Had a great day on Sunday aboard the Patriot out of Newport Landing... my 11 year old had a blast... he graduated 6th grade on Friday! 28 passengers... plenty of room for everyone... Picked up mixed bait... a ton of pinner anchovies and BIG sardines... Started on the front side... sail boats /...
  129. eric perez

    San Diego 6 packs

    Call Duane... Pinnacle Sportfishing... one of the best in the Biz... hes been slayin fish... But he might only take 4 people max though... might be a deal breaker for ya...
  130. eric perez

    Is this Bad Luck?

    been going to Cabo San Lucas for many years with the Fam... wed go Thanksgiving week every year... and the marlin / sailfish are typically stupid wide open... almost cant get away from them trolling... look up the Gaviota Fleet or Minervas SF... I dont think we ever had a bad trip. weve...
  131. eric perez

    Face Mask Options

    was on a party boat Sunday... the pull up is the way to go in my opinion... saw more than a couple medical masks blow off while traveling in heavy wind...
  132. eric perez

    Vintage Stuff Looking for SI expert

    My pops is a big time collector of sports memorabilia... mostly baseball... he hangs out with the Guys from Past Times Collectables in Fullerton... those Guys know their shtuff... maybe give em a call... cool little shop too... Old Town Fullerton...
  133. eric perez

    Offshore How and where the [email protected]&$ can i catch halibut in Newport??

    The only place weve ever caught halibut in Newps is in the surf... both caught between 32 / 36 jetties... throw in right over the wave breaks... when the waves crash the fish follow them in and hunt... start about an hour before sunset... until you cant see anymore... BIG BSPs right now too...
  134. eric perez

    Catalina 06/07/20

    No... last year their full day limited load (30) trips were either $105 - $110... so a $35.00 add isnt that bad I guess... and now all their trips are LL (30) max... the Freelance next door at Daveys Locker is charging $120... but they are putting (40) max now on that boat... they used to take...
  135. eric perez

    Catalina 06/07/20

    Took my kid to Catalina yesterday on the Patriot out of Newport Landing... $140 each - 30 passengers maximum... There was plenty of room on the boat with 30 passengers... everyone was very cordial and chomping at the bit to fish... Left the harbor with really nice bait and as soon as we got...
  136. eric perez

    BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Party Boats have the green light to run NOW!

    Im just curious about the "pre-screening" part before you board... it this only for multi day trips? I went out yesterday up here in OC... and by the time I got my backpacks, bundle of rods, and a 100lb tackle box to the dock I was sweating bullets @ 5:00am... do we have to arrive extra early...
  137. eric perez

    Fishing Captain Needed

    yeah check out his IG... hes putting a "team" of boats together... networking... hell run your boat for $2000 a day... he and his Guys he give his numbers to have been slayin cows everyday for the last couple weeks... even supers... 300+...
  138. eric perez

    Window caulking question

    is there a flat surface where the glass lays in flush? I work for an aluminum window manufacture... we use 3M VHB tape to hang glass... once its down though... its not coming off. But it will be air tight / water tight. And it isolates the glass from touching any fiberglass or metal so you wont...
  139. eric perez

    Kennedy fisher rods

    Was that one of the original Turners stores? After a divorce Shirley Andrews sold the stores to Jesse Turner in the early 80's from what I read...
  140. eric perez

    Ignoring Members

    Why dont they just create a "political" forum on the site? Competing websites have them. Isolate the random posters... if you want to talk politics with your fellow BD's you do it there... if you dont like it... dont go there. Block that Forum. If you break the rules then penalties ensue (well...
  141. eric perez

    Tito Ortiz vs Mike Tyson

    I love Iron Mike but I dont think he has the mental capacity to fight anymore... ever seen his podcast? LOL you almost cant see the guests through the smoke...
  142. eric perez

    30 plus foot rental boats? looks like Dana is already running 4 packs if you are in the same household... and opening Monday for full business... Ive seen both The Boardroom and Boardroom II have been running local and to Cat... theyve been posting on the IG... new rules and passenger...
  143. eric perez

    Coronado Islands Casino?

    pretty cool read... L Ron Hubbard was in command of US Navy gunnery exercises at the islands... this article says it never opened as a casino... only to house the Mexican Navy after the fact... pretty weird story...
  144. eric perez

    Buying tackle in 1960's

    I grew up down the street from Wissors Sporting Goods in Anaheim... loved riding my bike to that store downtown... the old man would give me free stuff all the time because my dad and my uncles would buy so much stuff from him... I remember getting ZEKES there... I was not allowed to bring the...
  145. eric perez

    What is this fish called

    in a Mexican restaurant they are called "Mojarras Fritas"...
  146. eric perez

    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    1988 YFT... had been fishin tuna for 4 years... hung #135...
  147. eric perez

    Long Range Reopening Plan SD County Supervisor is saying the numbers are completely inflated... it doesnt matter the cause of death... they are being lumped into the same CV group...
  148. eric perez

    Grande Ready to Rock

    looks like the Grande is ready to roll... new deck and bait tank... glassing work... I think it needs some blood on it... LOL Whos ready???
  149. eric perez

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I think the face covering / mask issue is gonna be big. You get down south in the that high heat / high humidity... and its gonna be a serious bitch... how many big fish are you gonna be able to huff through with a mask on before you stroke out? Heat exhaustion is a real thing already. How bout...
  150. eric perez

    Help with rod ID, Again!

    I had a full glass BR80 that had that mixed burnt pattern to the glass... looks bitchen... but the wall thickness was more like the other two... not so thick... the only Cololons Ive ever had were painted brown... but you Guys would know better than I... could it be some version of a 36?? Seen...
  151. eric perez

    Conditioning on Rods?

    I wipe all my rods with DW40 at the end... been doing it for 30 years... itll even remove oxidation from old clear coats if you work it hard enough with a good silicone cloth. Comes out like you ran a new coat of clear. Seems to keep guide feet from corroding as well. Has served me well for many...
  152. eric perez

    New Saltiga clamp and hardware

    Charkbait is a Diawa Distributor... they are still open for online orders to ship... they might have a set hangin out?
  153. eric perez

    Cool Videos (to watch while stuck at home)

    run and gun foamer fishin...
  154. eric perez

    Governor Targets Orange County

    swell has changed to summer south... and I have to be a law breaker to get in the water? this was last week and I hear theres another one comin... just sit in it and enjoy the ride...
  155. eric perez

    Governor Targets Orange County

    Live shot... its goin down...
  156. eric perez

    Governor Targets Orange County

    Poor Newsie... she must like guns... wonder if she still votes Democrat?
  157. eric perez

    Governor Targets Orange County

    We gotta get rid of this Guy... hes spending $1 BILLION of California taxpayer money to purchase 500 million masks FROM CHINA??? WTF??? And they prepaid almost $500 million already?? here are as of now 3 million masks here from China... would you wear a fucking mask from China at this point if...
  158. eric perez

    Governor Targets Orange County

    headline this morning... looks like this could get interesting... SHOWDOWN: OC Sheriff Will Not Enforce Order After Crazed Dem Governor Newsome Announces “Hard Close” of All Orange County Beaches
  159. eric perez

    Governor Targets Orange County

    I live in Newport down on the beach... and it wasnt nealy as bad as they are making it out to be... it wasnt as crowded as a normal Saturday / Sunday for this time of year. And I think the city counsel realized that. 90% of the people that come to Newport pack into one area... from the pier to...
  160. eric perez

    Governor Targets Orange County

    The Newport Beach City Counsel voted yesterday evening to keep the beaches open... going against Newsomes decree... they rejected his proposal... voted 5-2 to NOT close the beaches... someones got their middle finger between his eye balls...
  161. eric perez

    Calstar series review

    I rotate around depending on the trip... but Ive fished a Talica 12 on it with 40lb / 50lb for bait... also a TN40 with 50lb... throwing iron and sticks into foamers... perfect for those mid grade fish... 50lb - 90lb fish... to my knowledge its the only 6480 rated @ 30lb - 60lb...
  162. eric perez

    Calstar series review

    Ive always been a Calstar Guy... those rods have never let me down. Wrapped my first one in the late 80's... and 70% of my quiver is still Calstar. My favorite newer model is the GG6480. That rod has some serious balls. Might be the heaviest 6480 Ive ever fished...
  163. eric perez

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Looks like more BD Bretheren are waking up to what really going on!! If you really listen to the propaganda ads... especially on the radio... they tell your things... you just have to listen... Heard a Douche Bag actor do a radio commercial... HE SAID... ALL WE NEED TO DO IS STAY HOME AND COMPLY...
  164. eric perez

    Refund Policies On Trips COVID-19? Lets have the conversation and not radio silence.

    theyre already telling you that they would prefer to NOT give you your money back... in a nice PC way of course... but the risk has always been there... more for chartermasters on 1 - 2 day trips I think... Ive lost deposits before... had trips cancel after gear was loaded... and its always a...
  165. eric perez

    First Impression on Accurate Valiant 300

    I really like my Tern 400... but Im so glad I went to a tackle shop to purchase it... Honestly... I had to look through 5 reels to find a choice one... the first one had no click to the star drag... the second one we couldnt turn the spool tensioner cap... must have been cross-threaded badly or...
  166. eric perez

    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    Hopefully they open up the Harbor soon... so these boats can start running "crew trips" or something? What are they gonna fish for? where they gonna go? If no ones been out... youre gonna go on an expensive search mission... unless they use commercial intel or something else to get you in a...
  167. eric perez

    Surfing Beginner

    never surf without a top on if youre hairy chested... you will wish you hadnt... o_OLOL
  168. eric perez

    Another Filet Knife thread

    Been using the same Forschner for many years... but last year I bought a Bubba Blade... 9" Flex... felt good in the hand... actually had a really nice edge on it... but it dulled out about halfway through a pile of fish... just doesnt seem to keep an edge very long... cheap foreign steel is my...
  169. eric perez

    Toni Cornell For all Chris Cornell fans

    very cool... CC is one of my favorites of all time... pure talent...
  170. eric perez

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    Im thinkin theres gonna be alot of Guys gettin their own boats when the dust settles. I said I would never again... but Im seriously considering it... avoid the bullshit all together...
  171. eric perez

    Surfing Beginner

    when I learned to surf my Buddys took me out probably 4-5 times before I ever even tried to stand up. Learning to sit on your board and maneuver it around is really important. Sliding back to the tail to swing a big board around takes some time to learn. Just give yourself some room... that...
  172. eric perez

    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    Yeah for some reason some people have an adverse reaction to it. I have a friend that works for a dispensary thats been in the business pretty much since its inception here in CA... and she tries a large portion of all flowers that come in to their shop... and when she smokes high CBD flower...
  173. eric perez

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    your title is coming to life Walt! Money Money Money... Faucci has been doing parrallel testing of his own not under FDA guidelines for many years... he paid the Wuhan Labs to do the transfection... Bats to Pigs... So who handled the Pigs to Humans part? This virus is completely engineered. Cant...
  174. eric perez

    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    CBD is legal in Mexico... they have also decriminalized MMJ up to 5 grams for personal use. CBD can affect individuals in different ways... some people get really paranoid. But more so when you smoke a high CBD flower versus injesting drops. Unless its built up in your body for a period of time...
  175. eric perez

    Single hook surface iron?

    A2 chrome / blue with a fixed hook... BBB killer... my favorite bonito / barry jig of all time... just grab the jig and shake them off...
  176. eric perez

    San Diego Beaches Reopen Today Your SD beaches reopen today... shouldnt be long before the harbor goes... It says you are allowed to surf and fish!! Go get em boys and girls!! Newport was definitely a sight to behold this weekend...
  177. eric perez

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    Have never been a big braid guy... but tried using #40 PP once on a bass reel... short leader. took it off after one session... if I didnt use heavy enough of a lure it would backlash... every cast. Standard crankbaits. and it wasnt a rats nest... it would just roll over itself because it was...
  178. eric perez

    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    clear nail polishing my Squidder spool right now... LOL
  179. eric perez

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    surface iron or LC flash from the bow... if youre foamer fishin you gotta be in quick typically... alot of times the first or second guys into the jacuzzi are the ones to get bit...
  180. eric perez

    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    and no braid... mono only... Id be down for a venture...
  181. eric perez

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    newport isnt closed... I surf fished yesterday... got to my usual starting spot and there was noone around... lifeguard came by after an hour or so... gave him a shaka... and he took off... BSPs are chewing... was a beautiful morning to be out...
  182. eric perez

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Turners is open... I was there yesterday... they walk you in though... you have to wait outside... I dont know about ammo? Id call.. BUT they are closed on Monday... I think that new...
  183. eric perez

    Offshore a little birdie told me......

    its posted... commercial Guys have them on the lines... looks like theyre way out still though... Posted by Poseidon on 04/17/20 11:44 AM Long Lines boats out to the west are reporting Albacore in the 6 to 15-pound class on the lines.
  184. eric perez

    Looking for weird old surface irons

    i have a few old molded jigs? the white and green ones feel like a plastic material... the brown one feels different... like fiberglass?? edges are really sharp... weird crazing. All have suspended lead strips in them... one white has blue chips suspended in it. Ive thrown this one... heavier...
  185. eric perez

    Looking for weird old surface irons

    a pre-cursor to the Y2?? one of the favorites...
  186. eric perez

    Corvina in the Salton Sea?

    used to go there when I was a kid... hated it... hottest place Ive ever been in my life. Just saw an article saying theres only a small population of Mutant Tilapia left... high heat, high salinity, and poor water quality killed everything else over the years...
  187. eric perez

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    aaaaaahhh... that makes sense now... thx
  188. eric perez

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    Whats up with these Classy Lady Series rods? Anyone fished one of these? They remind me of the Ocean Master from K Mart... Glass? Comp?
  189. eric perez

    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    there was another "crew only" trip run a couple days ago... pics were posted on another platform... good for them... Im jealous!
  190. eric perez

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    newport harbor is open... so is newport dunes resort and launch ramp... theyre just asking for everyone to practice social distancing and all the other bologna. Beaches are open as well. I just dont get it? I work in LA and live in Newport and its like 2 different planets. theres poeple out...
  191. eric perez

    So who's hoarding all the black Torque SD's?

    Last time I was in Ketchum Tackle in Costa Mesa... the owner was selling some used gear for a friend of his... there were (4) black Torques for sale... all star drags... I believe there were two 25Ns and two 30s... he only wanted $325.00 each for them and they were in mint condition. Full of...
  192. eric perez

    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    been going back to some classics lately...
  193. eric perez

    Good News: Expert Says Whiskey Can Protect You From Covid 19

    growing up in a Mexican American household in the 70's / 80's I quickly learned the medicinal benefits of Blackberry Brandy... Toothache at 12 years old?? Here... just take a shot... 10 minutes youll feel better! LOL
  194. eric perez

    SUP fisherman arrested

    looks like a lifeguard with a hard on to me... they either need to close everything and enforce it or open it back up... the beaches in Newport arent closed... only the parking lots... and only portions at that. Go on Surfline... look at the live cams... there are people all over the beach...
  195. eric perez

    red rooster boat work

    IG POSTS from Reedsport... high and dry...
  196. eric perez

    Inshore or Offshore Forum?

    Havent heard these in a looong time... "ILL JUST GO AHEAD AND SHOW UP TOMORROW WITH MY FUCKIN TOOLS... OK SIZZLE CHEST!!!???"... hahahahha
  197. eric perez

    Sea lions in king harbor

    last summer there was a big mo fo hanging out in front of my house in the evenings for about a week... Id go out for a paddle or surf after work usually by myself... and I was sitting there on my board and I saw something slash through out of the corner of my eye... WTF??? and he popped up right...
  198. eric perez

    Long Range shutdown?

    Will the beloved BUFFET be a thing of the past??? Im thinkin so... sad days...
  199. eric perez

    Clint Eastwood weave

    Wow... that is bad ass... BLOONNDIE!!!
  200. eric perez

    can ya feel it ?

    OOOOOFFFF... time to break out the Dremel...
  201. eric perez

    Reel & Rod Weight Rating Question

    So you fish 50lb on the UC Tilefish... which is rated at 30 - 60... guess I was in the right ballpark... was just trying to keep it simple... Average Joe isnt fishing 17lb of drag... pretty sure most people would be shocked to feel what 17lbs of drag really feels like...
  202. eric perez

    Reel & Rod Weight Rating Question

    Just depends... youre fishing 30lb? 40lb? 50lb? I only think about what pound test line I want to fish. and then choose rod accordingly. you would most want to stay in the middle range of the rod rating. Rod rating of 15-40... you wanna fish 25 or 30... 20-50 rating... fish 30 or 40... 30-80...
  203. eric perez

    Newell Lot For Sale On CL maybe a BD member? 9 reels for sale... Pretty sweet deal for $1000... got (2) 600 Series in there... havent seen those in a looooong time...
  204. eric perez

    Jig Lot - Surface & Yoyo $80

    some extra iron for sale... 10 pieces... only newer pieces are the Caivo and the Tady 45 chrome / blue... Caivo 6X mint... Tady 14A mint green choco... Tady 45 sardine bird poop... Tady 45 chrome blue... Tady 4/0 Heavy blue white... Tady 4/0 Heavy white... glow back... red yoyo s... Tady A2...
  205. eric perez

    Chovie Chucker

    Buyer backed out after confirming delivery last night... returned PMs to everyone I told it was sold... back up $200... can delivery tonight or this weekend...
  206. eric perez

    Seeker Pinhead PH ULUA 9'3" CT

    No thanks... got one last year... thx
  207. eric perez

    Finding Some Cool Jigs Lately

    Im always on the lookout for jigs and lures... older the better... found a few this weekend... pretty cool... Sea Strike #21 Blue Mack Tady A2 Green Yellow (prob not older) Tady 9 Red and White (prob not older) (3) Hopkins Spoons Scampi Coaster Spoon Fire 3 green & yellow?? never heard of this...
  208. eric perez

    SOLD - Seeker PINHEAD ULUA 9'3" Original 25-40

    thats a deal right there! mama...
  209. eric perez

    Accurate Tern 400 Minty

    super clean fish killer $240
  210. eric perez

    Chovie Chucker

    last bump $200... if it doesnt go for this Ill just keep it... thx
  211. eric perez

    Wahoo Jig Lot $80

    Wahoo iron for sale (3) Raider 7.5oz in brass (2) Raider 4.5oz in chrome (2) Catchy Tackle Sea Strike 33 7.5oz in brass (1) Large Mega Bait Style 6oz in Green Mack Raiders have Siwash singles... the Sea Strikes and MB have forged singles... All jigs have no scratches... look new... no teeth...
  212. eric perez

    Newell S-200 series reel

    same here... S229-5... already posted... really good one... $120...
  213. eric perez

    Accurate Tern 400 Minty

    Accurate Tern 400... 6:1 gears... 340yds of 50lb PP... box and clamp included SOLD picked up in Newport Beach or Ill deliver locally...
  214. eric perez

    Honest Mistake

    Damn this herb tastes funny LOL a new definition for smoked fish...
  215. eric perez

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    looks like Seekers sending some factory customs to Anglers Choice next week... Hot Rail! Do they allow pre-sale line ups??? LOL
  216. eric perez

    Chovie Chucker

    Ding Ding... thats where this rod came from...
  217. eric perez

    Chovie Chucker

    I havent pulled the cork back to see... I purchased it from a fellow BDer we all know that deals in alot of vintage rods... trusted seller on here...
  218. eric perez

    Chovie Chucker

    $120.00 for the rod only...
  219. eric perez

    Chovie Chucker

    Hump Day Bump $230
  220. eric perez

    Chovie Chucker

    Up for grabs today... Vintage Roddy BR80 8'4"... full length... all glass no pipe... triple wrap... Newell S229-5... no corrosion... smooth drags... lightning free spool... 3/4 spool of white 50lb PP... 20lb Izor XXX topshot... $OLD
  221. eric perez

    Calstar. Thank you delete

    LOL... still a badass blank... havent seen one of those in a minute...
  222. eric perez

    Calstar Grafighter 900L Mint

    supposedly had the rod sold... meeting today... but now the buyer isnt returning texts... drop to $220.00... I have the rod with me... can deliver after 4:00pm...
  223. eric perez

    Calstar Grafighter 900L Mint

    Calstar Grafighter GFDH 900L 9'0" 15-30... mint condition... had a reel on it for a couple days... but hasnt left the house... SOLD
  224. eric perez

    Tiny lever drags

    Id say the BV-300 is the smallest LD...
  225. eric perez

    Shimano Trinidad 20A New

    Shimano Trinidad 20A... still new... only out of the box for line... 40lb Momoi HC... $400.00 picked up in Newport Beach or meet for delivery... text (949) 929-6153 Eric THX
  226. eric perez

    Xtra Tuff Size 8 $40

    Xtra Tuff short boots Size 8 One season old... kid out grew them... A couple faint blood stains i couldn't get out but clean overall... no stank... $40 Picked up in newport bch Text (949) 929 6153 Thx
  227. eric perez

    What has Fishing Done to You?

    I come from a long line of hardcore fishermen and hunters. My grandfather was 50-50 Mex / Apache and his hunting - fishing Buddys were full blooded Apache trackers. They showed me things that I would have never "seen" on my own. I remember hand lining trout on bobbin thread with worms we dug out...
  228. eric perez

    Gunpowder Point - Chula Vista Bay History

    pretty cool history read about Gunpowder Point... the SD shipyards... RP was built there...
  229. eric perez

    Calstar GF700L

    Buyer backed out before delivery bump! Nice Grafighter for a Benji!
  230. eric perez

    Yo's Calstar / Anchovy Express Combos

    sold pending delivery tomorrow... thanks Medy...
  231. eric perez

    Yo's Calstar / Anchovy Express Combos

    On the block today are two rigs from the 80's... super clean... ready for duty... I start to daydream every time I pick them up... LOL Theres some wear and greening on the chrome seats... other than that they are purdy purdy... Calstar T87 20-30lb finished out at 6'11"... Yo's Custom... wrapped...
  232. eric perez

    Calstar GF700L

    Clean Calstar Grafighter 700L 7'0" 15-30... Wrapped by Big Fish Bait & Tackle... Seal Beach... I just dont use it anymore... $100 picked up in Newport Beach or Id deliver in the OC... Text me if interested... (949) 929-6153 Eric THX
  233. eric perez

    Calstar rods

    see ya in the mornin Hal!
  234. eric perez

    Cal Star 800MH DH

    PMd my Brutha...
  235. eric perez

    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    Ravens... Lamar Jackson is a beast...
  236. eric perez

    Rod detectives weigh in

    Definitely Chocolate Sabres.. I sold a mint IGFA 50 a few months ago for like $50... couldnt get any more than that...
  237. eric perez

    Fishing Syndicate

    All Fishing Syndicate blanks are Rainshadow?
  238. eric perez

    SX on 700L

    Id run 50lb braid... I think an SX holds like 275 - 300 yards of 50... and you could fish 20lb - 25lb - 30lb top shots... pretty versatile little rig imo...
  239. eric perez

    Calstar 610 and 670h

    two of my all time favorite blanks... those are beauties... GLWS
  240. eric perez

    Accurate tern 300 vs Avet jx 4.6 mc

    Oh for sure... you can still pack a boat load of 30lb-40lb braid on it... Ive seen Guys take YT / YFT with them no problem.
  241. eric perez

    Accurate tern 300 vs Avet jx 4.6 mc

    The Avet JX is at least twice the size and weight of that Tern. If not more. I was surprised how small the Tern 300 was when I first saw it. Tiny... Im sure it would destroy Stripers though.
  242. eric perez

    Okuma Komodo

    I really like my Komodos... but I did notice theres is a HUGE drag curve in the 400s. Maybe thats what youre speaking of? You can probably turn the star 10 times from fully backed off to heavy drag. Most reels dont turn that many times. If you went willy nilly and backed the star all the way...
  243. eric perez

    Fish 3 times the line test

    Had a friend that worked for Santa Ana River Lakes back in the day... they have a staging pond that's not open for fishing. They used to keep the the trophies in there. We got to row a boat on the thing for a few hours. We caught 4 or 5 steroid Rainbows from 10 - 12 pounds. They didn't fight...
  244. eric perez

    nice... appreciate the offer... Ill keep you in mind... Im gettin ready to "pull the trigger"...

    nice... appreciate the offer... Ill keep you in mind... Im gettin ready to "pull the trigger" here in the next few weeks... just deciding what I want to do. thx
  245. eric perez

    Deciding on a new Penn Fathom for 25lb bait

    I fish the 15 star with 50lb braid... about 100yds of 25lb mono... on a Seeker glass 270H-8. The 15 holds a crap ton of 50lb. My go to 25lb rig last few seasons. I like the way these small fathoms crank under heavy loads... you can actually gain line where on some other reels youre just slipping...
  246. eric perez

    white unicorn

    you giving free Disco lessons with the trade?? LOL Do the Hustle Bro...
  247. eric perez

    2015 SE Racing Big Ripper 29"

    2015 SE Racing Big Ripper 29" BMX cruiser... All original... has some rust on the bars and chain... other than that very clean and fun to ride... Superslick tires... very smooth ride with no tread... SOLD
  248. eric perez

    Newell Rod Clamp problem

    maybe Loctite #496?? Ive used it on RC trucks to bond inserts and threaded rods into plastic. Havent had anything come apart... and my kids beats the crap out of em... LOL
  249. eric perez

    Best tool for the job?

    Im in the aluminum business Guy... unfinished or cut aluminum extrusion... T5 or T6 will corrode... Ive got about 200,000lbs of unfinished mill in my yard now... if we dont cover it all before a rain its basically trash. Even if its epoxy painted... and you cut it... the raw end will corrode...
  250. eric perez

    Best tool for the job?

    Sawz All... the grind smooth... theyre aluminum correct? some times after you cut aluminum it will rust... you might want to clear them after your done...
  251. eric perez

    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    yeah the 1/2 and 3/4 day here in the Newport got Bluefin on Monday... they must be close because they rock fished before and after the bluefin foamers... and its only a 5 hour 1/2 day...
  252. eric perez

    Info on 80% Lowers

    Niiiice Dave... I like it...
  253. eric perez

    Info on 80% Lowers

    So its the barrel length that would make that illegal in CA?? If the barrel was extended like this one it would fly? Anything else? Certain stocks not legal in CA?
  254. eric perez

    Info on 80% Lowers

    Thanks J... yeah... kinda like playing "dress up" with fire power... LOL
  255. eric perez

    Offshore Fishing in Orange County

    I think we are just far enough North that OC boats still have to fish South... last year we slayed skipjack and huge bonito off of Dana / Newport around this time. Thunderbirds been running 80+ miles to Mex on overnights to get to the yellowfin this week. But they dont really push up this far in...
  256. eric perez

    Info on 80% Lowers

    yeah most of the website Ive looked at have a "footnote" about California sale. if its not approved they say this particular mod is needed for sale... and some come with a CA approved gun lock.
  257. eric perez

    Info on 80% Lowers

    appreciate the offer... then I would need a jig and all that right? I think Im just gonna purchase complete. THX
  258. eric perez

    Info on 80% Lowers

    gotcha... thanks for the replies... the more I look at it you Guys are right... I guess it might make sense if you are really into it and you want to build high tech trick stuff on your own... full customs with every part that you want. But Im just getting back into it to have some fun. there...
  259. eric perez

    Info on 80% Lowers

    Im contemplating building an AR for recreational fun. I shot and hunted alot when i was young but it was shotguns and .22's for the most part. Deer hunted with a Ruger .270 bolt my grandfather gave me. Ive got a buddy thats got some custom AR pieces... and they are really fun to shoot. gonna do...
  260. eric perez

    Looking for review of the Fury.

    I like the Fury... Captain Mijo is a great skipper... tries hard... operates right. The boat feels cramped though. Not alot of deck space. Their RSW is a big blue plastic tub thats plumbed... but its on deck. Takes up ALOT of room. bunks are standard stacks in 2 rows. Its definitely not the...
  261. eric perez

    Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    All it takes is one person on here that everyone kisses their ass to say that thats the coolest rod ever... the best... unicorn... and 100 people go running for an ATM like Sheep. Trulines... EX / CEX rods... BLUE rods... Cousins 95J Mag... whats the next Dangle gonna be??
  262. eric perez

    Berkley pro spec braid

    Ive used it... as Shooter21 says... its VERY soft... but also very slippery... its the only "braid" that Ive have a hard time tying a good confident knot with. So I round filed it after 2 trips.
  263. eric perez

    Reel seat question for big butt rods.

    Ill fish 40lb max on a DH style rod typically... rarely 50lb... unless were throwin heavy foamer iron or something. But 60lb 80lb on up always a real seat and clamp.
  264. eric perez


    very cool... love that pic of the breakers at The Rocks... I miss that place... I gotta get back there...
  265. eric perez

    Captain/crew fishing during a bite

    Id rather fish next to a Captain than a crew member any day of the week. I respect any Captain until he gives me a reason not to. And VERY few have in the 40 years Ive been riding sport boats. Crew members? not so much. They are hired hands. They are on the boat because they gets paid to WORK...
  266. eric perez

    Reel Clamp - how tight is too tight?

    I most have issues with certain types of cord wraps... not so much on cork tape where you can get compression. Lessons learned... I ALWAYS check my clamps after getting on board and after the chord gets wet. I think certain cords soften up when they get wet... thus leaving your clamp not tight...
  267. eric perez


    El Chingon Guey!! LOL son clasicos... Christmas is comin early for somebody. Id rather stand at the rail with one of these than any new shiny blue blank. But thats probably just me. Although I probably should have bought that blue CEX 6480H you had a ways back... that was a thumper baby...
  268. eric perez

    Needlefish invasion

    I would love to hook some from the surf. Used to catch monster toads in Cabo. Have never seen any in the Newport area... and have been fishin it quite a bit this year... surprisingly we got 2 halibut the other evening... a 20" and a 25"... on Caivo 2" / 28g stick... white refl / glow back. good...
  269. eric perez

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    you guys see the post from FP the other day? They found an avocado size tumor in a YT... even they freaked out... theyde never seen something of this magnitude before. So stated in the post... Grody To The Max!!
  270. eric perez

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    seems to me that unless youre only targeting Cows were they could physically inhale the whole rig... that youde get short bit alot more on this type of setup no? they grab the jig... you put it in gear... and it pulls... rather than a trailing hook sliding into place when you set...
  271. eric perez

    Come on in. Join the party.

    its all about what style you like I think... Moons wraps are beautiful... in a "minimalist" style. Then you have other Guys that will go Hog Wild with it. I have a friend wrap my customs... I didnt even know he wrapped for about a year after meeting him. and had to convince him to wrap for me...
  272. eric perez

    Copolymer rigs

    I personally really like the Izor XXX Copolymer... been fishing it for a few seasons now. Seems to be a little "clearer" than standard clear mono... and its strong. I got caught up in the kelp at Cat fishing a Big Hammer on 30lb... the deckhand sees me hung up and walks over... he starts pulling...
  273. eric perez

    Newell S332-5 / Choco Sabre

    Hump Day Bump... buyer changed is mind... still up!
  274. eric perez

    Newell S332-5 / Choco Sabre

    Newell S332-5... super clean... free spool is amazing and drags are in perfect shape... 30lb Izor XXX over 1/2 spool of 65lb PP Blue Slick... extra long clamp screws to fit the big butts included. And Ill throw in a Vintage Chocolate Sabre IGFA 50 #SM50 GB 6'8"... Rod doesnt look like its been...
  275. eric perez

    8ooL I took extreme pleasure in building

    PC is out... the truth is in...
  276. eric perez

    Small smoker for beginners

    we use an old refrigerator... just cut a hole in the top for exhaust... works awesome... theres always people giving away free frig'es... doesnt need to work obviously... but you DO need the racks...
  277. eric perez

    Komoto SS rod clamp

    I use the Tranx 400 Tiburon clamp for the 463... no issues... #TCU-T-400
  278. eric perez

    How long before your 100# BF

    first ride on a sport boat was 1980... my PB is still only 55-60lbs... gotta be at the right place at the right time I guess...
  279. eric perez

    Offshore Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    First rule of Fight Club... NEVER... EVER... speak an unkind word about an SD captain or crew. It is not your prerogative to ride one of their boats and second guess anything they do. Or youll get 3 pages of "youre a pussy... get your own boat..." as a punishment. Rule #2... see Rule #1...
  280. eric perez

    Fishing is not a crime is it....I may need help

    Id bet you a million dollars that "water Guy" was with the Irvine Company... and they are ruthless. Back when I was a young buck we used to fish any and every golf course / reservoir we knew of in North OC. We got video taped by the Irvine Co up at El Serrano reservoir top of Anaheim Hills. He...
  281. eric perez

    What would you change about fishing charters?

    Confidence and friendliness. Both under your control. If a captain shows me that hes got it wired... and hes cool in his approach with his passengers. I would be a return customer regardless if we catch or not. Ive been on some 6 packs before where we slayed fish... but theres no way in hell Id...
  282. eric perez

    Blast from the past!

    17 days for a grand... 3 - 4 day now...
  283. eric perez

    Issue with braid and casting - brand or carrier possibly?

    Correct... I only use the Fluoro if the bite is showing me that its really needed... easy add at any time...
  284. eric perez

    Issue with braid and casting - brand or carrier possibly?

    Ive experienced all those issues with any braided line Ive ever used fished straight to a fluoro leader. And the lighter the braid test... the worse it is. I fish casting length mono on all my rigs before the fluoro. Problems solved. Had the most problems with the Phenix 8x. Raw thumb and...
  285. eric perez

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    This is just all too much... I swore up and down that Id never buy a boat again, but after something like this happens... AGAIN... who do you trust with you and your family's life? I trust ME to keep me and my family alive... no one else. Is that not my job? My sons mother saw this and is...
  286. eric perez

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    I dont keep fish in my freezer much anymore... I just give it away. Everyone that taught me how to fish in my family is now pretty much too along in years to fish hard anymore. But when we had an abundance we would can it in Mason jars using a pressure cooker. My dad would put a sliver of...
  287. eric perez

    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    One trip I remember in particular being on the PQ in 1983... I was 13 years old... I woke up and came out on deck and most people were still sleeping... in the dark to a bright full moon ducking in and out of the swells... boat was stopped... After I got my bearings... I turned and saw Eddie...
  288. eric perez

    Tactical / Offshore Angler Quick Clip

    Been thinkin bout trying one of these Quick Clips for quick change on the surface iron. Im probably behind in the times... but how do they work? I see they have a LB rating... is that to match line weight or is that a max failure number? Or you just fish the 175lber?? They arent that big. One of...
  289. eric perez

    Newell C338 / Calstar 670-8

    C338 / 670-8 still available on this fine Thursday... $200 come get it!
  290. eric perez

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    gonna be a Cattle Pier this weekend... do they take reservations?? LOL
  291. eric perez

    Oil rigs

    we used to back right in... within a boat length at times. The tricky part is gettin a nice fish out... as soon as they go through the down tubes its over. Used to ride the Sport King out of SP back in the day... we would literally lock down 4/0s and 6/0s... when you hooked a YT theyde tell you...
  292. eric perez

    Newport's Patriot

    its not so much the 45 heads... its the 35 rental rods that make it tough. We fished on the Native Sun the other day with 54 heads... 0 rental rods... and it wasnt bad at all. Its a different ballgame when everybody has a clue...
  293. eric perez

    Newell C338 / Calstar 670-8

    Wednesday Bump!! Great inexpensive Paddy rigs... ready to fish...
  294. eric perez

    Newell C338 / Calstar 670-8

    Newell C338-5 with 40lb Izor XXX... on a Calstar black glass 670-8... SOLD Newell S332-5.5 with 40lb Izor XXX... on a Calstar Grafighter 800M... SOLD Text me if interested... THX EP
  295. eric perez

    Phenix / Shimano Combo $220

    Phenix PSW760MLXF 7'6" 10-30lb Black Diamond Inshore Shimano Calcutta 400 w/ 50lb Power Pro Everything works perfect... flylines a bait really well... casts great... Ready to rock! $220 Text me for meet up / delivery if interested... (949) 929-6153 THX
  296. eric perez

    Yellowfin US waters????

    aaaaahhhh... gotcha... didnt know those stips... THX
  297. eric perez

    Yellowfin US waters????

    The Thunderbird has had limits of yellowfin for the last few days... I dont have numbers... but I dont think they are too far from SCI. Theyve been running back and forth island / offshore... Also... alot of the trips online now show "no passport required" so I would assume non of those trips...
  298. eric perez

    LB Super Seeker 70h Sabre 540 10

    Hey Guey... you got the rod! I told him it was a Sabre... he kept telling me it was a Kencor... I think because of the black and yellow wraps... nice rod... pulls niiiiiiice... GLWS
  299. eric perez

    Jackpot nightmare.

    maybe a Bullet Tuna... they have Mackerel markings... they were around back in the 80s 90s...
  300. eric perez

    If you could only troll 1

    Id run the Mean Joe Green...
  301. eric perez

    Backlash on Strong Casts?

    I had the same issues on some smaller baitcasters... if you really watched it... on a limited cast you were fine... but as soon as I really let'er rip... I would get horrendous backlashes. I took the braid off... and went back to regular mono... and my problem was solved. For me... braid seems...
  302. eric perez


    A Toda Madre
  303. eric perez

    How to Treat Seasickness

    Ive never heard of anyone taking Zofran for motion sickness. My exwife took it when she was pregnant with my son. She had the worst morning sickness in the history of the world with that kid. It did work. But it was not covered under insurance and was about $30.00 per pill if I remember...
  304. eric perez

    Seeker Hysteria?

    I think glass is just more forgiving and definitely more durable. Ive got 30 year old "RAT" rods... that I pull just as hard on now as the day they were made. Ive legitimately broken (1) rod in my life pulling on a fish. Was a Sabre 660H with 50lb... actually my Avatar fish... about a 140lb YFT...
  305. eric perez

    Looking for Cabo San Lucas charter recommendations

    For cruisers we fish the Gaviota Fleet... those 33 foot Crystliners are the bomb rides. Really cool captains. For pangas we always fish @ La Playita... on the San Jose side.. now that Victors is gone.
  306. eric perez

    Boat friendly restaurants in DP and Newport

    Woodys Wharf will even bring your food out to the dock.. to go. Sunday afternoons in that area are ragin... party central...
  307. eric perez

    Yellowtail/ Tuna Reel Recommendations Under $200

    Okuma Cortez are nice too for the $$$...
  308. eric perez

    Irvine Lake..........

    sounds like they are still fighting it out... Serrano Water District controls the incoming water... so if they dont get their cut they just turn the water off... and its a mud hole again. The Irvine Company owns most of Orange County... so they could care less if the Lake is open or not. To them...
  309. eric perez


    I dont buy anything over $8.00 without pictures...
  310. eric perez

    Okuma Komodo 463P Combo

    Okuma Komodo 463P with 3/4 spool white 50lb PP and the top is 25lb Izor XXX... Okuma Shadow Stalker 8'0" 20-40 model # in pics... Very versatile rig... flylines really nice... and launches smalls stick baits / FFs... have caught small yellows on it no problem... a few nicks here and there...
  311. eric perez

    Spray paint for old irons?

    hydro dipping is pretty fun... done a few jigs this way...
  312. eric perez

    COUSINS RODS old post from Salty Dawg shows it a 15 - 30lb... only thing I could find for ya...
  313. eric perez

    Chocolate Sabre C197-7

    Chocolate Sabre C197-7 spinning model... Super clean... no rust or corrosion... grips are like new.. SOLD
  314. eric perez

    New Old Stock Vintage Tadys & Penn 4500 SS

    we should combo up the 450SS with my 197-7 Chocolate Sabre... gonna post it today... GLWS!
  315. eric perez

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    Ive known Eric @ The Longfin since we worked together @ Turner Orange in 1988 - 1989... He been there since the original location about 1990... he absolutely knows his shit...
  316. eric perez

    Your Knot Lucky

    4 Turn Uni Knot... been using it for 30 years... Ive never had an issue... 2lb to 100lb... So easy even a Caveman can do it...
  317. eric perez

    Newell P322F. Trade

    man that is a cleeaann P Series... lemme think about it... LOL
  318. eric perez

    Good Luck Rituals

    wear your boots on the wrong feet... youll be distracted from thinking too hard about getting bit. I also eat fish before an overnight... just one of those things Ive been doing forever.
  319. eric perez

    TranX 500 Tiburon Clamps Screws

    Definitely grease... Ive got a Tib Clamp stuck on a reel right now... gonna have to "easy out the screw"... feels like its Loctited already... cant break it loose...
  320. eric perez

    Surf Perch Troubleshooting

    Sure... I personally wouldnt waste the money on them for the surf... I just get Lazer Sharps... #6... plenty good...
  321. eric perez

    Surf Perch Troubleshooting

    I have the best luck with the 2" sandworms... but I use #6 freshwater bass worm hooks... feed that worm all the way on the hook so the point is all the way back at the end of the tail... hook way more fish that way...
  322. eric perez

    Calstar Grafighter 700ML

    My pleasure Evin... nice to meet you! Have fun...
  323. eric perez

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    1983... Helgrens... fishing with Joey on the Sea Trek... double half days... wide open YFT... about 10 minutes from the harbor. I think it was like $50.00 for both trips combined... aaaaaahhhh memories...
  324. eric perez

    removing sardine scales from Avet rubber handles

    I have mega OCD when it come to this... I scratch every scale off after every stop. And then checked again when wrapping up my rods at the end of the trip. I may need an intervention. True story...
  325. eric perez

    true meaning of he farmed his fish

    Agreed... swing and a miss!!!
  326. eric perez

    String . . .

    used to use Ande pink and clear... but the real poop was the dark green 20lb Maxima... I think it broke at about 40 LOL I use Izor XXX or Momoi Hi Catch now... smoke or clear...
  327. eric perez

    Thoughts on the Producer out of H&M landing???

    Back in the day it was one of the hot boat in SD like the Prowler, NLA, PQ, etc... but I dont know the operators now.
  328. eric perez

    The Double D Getting a Face Lift

    Saw the Daily Double in dry dock @ South Coast Shipyards... shes gettin a new transom put in. Was still bare wood when I went by... just in case fans were wondering what happened to their ride...
  329. eric perez

    UC monster for 90j

    I've got a 100J... but black glass if you're interested...
  330. eric perez

    Seeker Rods

    now you decide to sell the Tactic 9'0"??? Bastard!!! LOL you fish 30lb on this one no problem? Or just 25?
  331. eric perez

    Need boat suggestion - 12 yo niece from AZ wants to go fishing

    Its a drive for ya but the 12:45 half day out of Dana Wharf on Sundays is free for riders under 14... and they do a little seminar on the boat before they depart... pretty cool for first timers. Any LA landing will be COMBAT... LOL
  332. eric perez

    Choosing the right dean

    best post of the thread... I do exactly the same thing... I cast out just in front of the bait tank... ish... if Im not bit by the time my bait is 45 degrees to the corner... its history... start over. If you let your bait soak for longer into the pack of lines out the back... youre leaving it...
  333. eric perez

    7-16-19 A.M. half day

    Seems easy and logical doesnt it?? Ive been on local trips where they will say "dont throw your rockfish back in the water... we have a bin right here to put them in...", and they ask passengers if they want any more fish if they see a particular rider doesnt have many fish during the fish...
  334. eric perez

    Anyone throw small jigs?

    A2 in chrome / blue... with the glow back... one of my favorites of all time. A1 with a fixed hook as well...
  335. eric perez

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    not a rail Guy either... unless its absolutely necessary... give me a stand up Baby Boomer or Baja Boomer over a rail rod any day...
  336. eric perez

    Inshore mako

    pray for no jumps Brah... I couldnt imagine this over my head in a Yak...
  337. eric perez

    bluefin hook

    Before the coming out of sheshe hooks... I used to use nothing but Eagle Claw #118 Magnums... theyre bronze... but never had an issue with these. Were always my go to.
  338. eric perez

    Cousins 6480 and F90J....questions

    I fish 40lb on a 6480... but Ive even fished 50lb on a GG. Its a 30-60 rating... but I seem to fish more in the mid to upper ranges on rods more so than alot of Guys on here. Grafighters even more so. Ill throw iron with 40lb on a 900M... suits me just fine...
  339. eric perez

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Taking my ass to the store to buy more cans of corn that I thought I stealthed out of the house to fish the Santa Ana River bed with. My mom started hiding the cans. LOL Riding my bike in the summers hitting as many tackle shops as we could in Anaheim in one day. Am I crazy or there was a...
  340. eric perez

    SE Racing So Cal Flyer

  341. eric perez

    Barn Kelp??

    Pretty sure thats Dana Wharfs go to right now for Calicos... watch their counts... theyve been slayin the bass...
  342. eric perez

    What Fluoro do you use?

    I've used the pink yo zuri... got bit... it's really wirey... last few trips I used the Berkeley fluoro... worked fine... but when you break it or dyke it... the end frays into strands... thought that was strange?
  343. eric perez

    SE Racing So Cal Flyer

    2018 SE Racing So Cal Flyer 24" Cruiser Limited Edition yellow & black... still in really good shape... no digs or heavy scratches... just moving up to a 26"... only reason we are selling... was $475.00 new... Asking $275.00 OBO... pretty rare now... doubtful you'll see another one in these...
  344. eric perez

    Rod nomenclature ?

    Dont forget the gaskets... gaskets are a key... especially on a TROLLING rod...
  345. eric perez

    Rod nomenclature ?

  346. eric perez

    OK for "kids" to out-fish you, or not?

    It makes you feel better when a young angler is the the hot stick because? In your mind you can chalk it up to "beginners luck"... and they really arent "out fishing" you? Or? I dont think about such things so Im just asking. But I can tell you... I have seen grown men turn into little...
  347. eric perez

    Seven Marine - HydraSport Custom 42

    I love boats... as long as Im not flippin the bill anymore... LOL I saw online that the (3) motor package alone is $270,000.00 $700,000.00 for the complete rig... Oh... but they include the throttles and linkage! hahahaha about 2 minutes into the vid... this boat is absolutely gettin it...
  348. eric perez

    What is your Catalina YT set up?

    weve gotten a few better grade yellows this year at Cat.. 20-25lb class. I just use 30lb - 40lb mono on everything... and then Ill tack on a 4"0" piece of 25lb flourocarbon IF ITS NEEDED. I fish a really tight drag. Always have... always will. I have no fear of pulling hooks. IMO once you start...
  349. eric perez

    Choosing The Right Hook

    hahahaha... so true... the way I look at it is would you rather run full speed with a hook in your ass or a hook in your nose??? I think the Dines' feel the same way... LOL
  350. eric perez

    Vintage Molded Jigs?

    found a few more jigs last week... the (2) white ones feel like the same "plastic" material as the original ones I posted here... but the brown and mint ones are some other type of material? I think they might be fiberglass or? They have that weird tinny glass sound when you tap them together...
  351. eric perez

    Choosing The Right Hook

    I too butt hook alot of baits... I like a short shank J hook for that... I prefer Owner Gorillas... or Gorilla Lights. I tend to have issues butt hooking a bigger bait with a ringed circle hook. Sometimes you almost have to wedge the bait into the hook gap before going through. Or you miss your...
  352. eric perez

    Braid on a Newell

    I have 40lb mono over 80lb braid... I keep enough mono on mine to make full casts without getting into the braid. I cant stand when the splice comes through the guides mid cast...
  353. eric perez

    Crew Members Fishing

    My sentiments exactly... the % thing was just a phrase... not a hard number! But whatever. I get 10 times more elated when my son decks a fish than when I do. When he got his first YT I was so happy for him. Youve never seen a 6'3" 275lb tattooed Ugly be so giddy. Beers on me!! Tight lines to...
  354. eric perez

    Turners Corona

    Nice... I was in Turners Fountain Valley a few weeks ago and they had a clearance rack with SS6480 and SS6480H for $259.00, Calstar Grafighters for $219.00. More L and XL in the GG's. Some Black Steels as well. I asked if they were phasing them out of the store and the Guy said he didnt know...
  355. eric perez

    Crew Members Fishing

    Fair enough Steve... I apologize for the Feminine Hygiene reference. That was un-called for. Im saying now a days hes catching just as many fish as anyone else on the boats, if not more. 3/4 and full days. He fishes right along side me. Hooks his own baits... CASTS them out... follows his line...
  356. eric perez

    Crew Members Fishing

    been posting pics for 3 seasons now... it was a simple comment about how well my son is doing... and you Douches want proof??? Jesus Christ...
  357. eric perez

    Crew Members Fishing

    AM I DELUSIONAL??? how the fuck would you know? Have you stood at the rail with us? Coulda kept that one to yourself you POS... Im sure he can spell better than you as well.
  358. eric perez

    Crew Members Fishing

    I too am amazed these days... but its just a sign of the times. There just arent enough hardcore fishermen with deep pockets to go around anymore. So these trips are filling with vacationers. It is what it is. They dont know any better. They are going on a trip of a lifetime as far as they are...
  359. eric perez

    Crew Members Fishing

    I think moving forward youre going to see alot more of this. As has been stated in other posts about the "new" long range crowd. Back in the day Long Range was for hardcore fishermen that wanted to do their thing and test their skills. If my skills were not up to par that day I would not catch...
  360. eric perez

    Reel for throwing iron???

    Personally the best advice I could give is to pick the reel that YOU like the best. I dont think price dictates a good jig reel. Ill throw iron on a $50 Diawa Sealine SL30SH i dont care. But the one youve been using the longest, and youre most comfortable with. I typically throw iron with a...
  361. eric perez

    Fishing lead ban

    its not new... this is why you pay $5.00 for a freakin torpedo sinker now a days. Its Californias way of doing a slow burn... I mean ban. They wont ban them... theyde rather get their "hazardous materials" tax from the makers and let everything else keep dying.
  362. eric perez

    how to set your drag hands free

    I use my 100lb 10 year old all the time... BUT OUTSIDE ONLY... the ceiling is not your friend... LOL
  363. eric perez

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    I just mounted a Komodo 463P with a Tiburon clamp for made for the Tranx 400... it fit perfectly... no modifications required...
  364. eric perez

    Rod suggestion for low profile reel

    Okuma Shadow Stalker... one of the best inexpensive factory rods Ive ever purchased. Very versatile... lightweight... my kid kills with it all day long... Tranx 400. But a 300 would be good as well.
  365. eric perez

    Newell S338 / Graph 700M Combo

    Thursday Up... price drop $180...
  366. eric perez

    Discounted fishing trips for kids?

    Typically Newport and Dana do give a "kids rate" for half day and 3/4 day... unless the trip is deemed " limited load"... then everyone gets charged the same. Under 14yo fish FREE on the Sunday afternoon half day @ Dana...
  367. eric perez

    Newell S338 / Graph 700M Combo

    Wednesday Bump... quality inexpensive rig!
  368. eric perez

    Newell S338 / Graph 700M Combo

    Newell S338 w 40lb Momoi Hi Catch Clean reel... freespools for days... just serviced... Calstar Graphighter 700M 7'0" 25-50 Double wrap... AFTCO blue anodized seat and gimble... guides are showing some rust @ the feet... I purchased the rod that way... doesn't affect anything... still kills...
  369. eric perez

    Cabo Beer Help

    COSTCO probably has a Stone or somethin...
  370. eric perez

    Rods, reels and tackle to Cabo info needed

    The only issue Ive ever had was coming back with tools in my carry on backpack. I had forgotten I used them in the hotel room and I stuffed them back in my carry on by mistake. They kept all screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Guess they didnt want me doing any work on the plane... LOL
  371. eric perez

    Catalina Island - Ful Day - 06/22/19

    Took off on the Aggressor out of Newport Landing on Saturday morning. Only (30) people on the boat. Looked like there where about (10) fishermen. Stoked on the light load, but I knew it was going to be dicey once we got to the Island. Weather was flat, glassy, black skies... mist and light rain...
  372. eric perez

    Sabre Stroker 530-9

    Grafast... niiiiiiiice...
  373. eric perez

    Best gutting & filleting knife/knives

    Forschner 12" Cimeter... around $60.00...
  374. eric perez

    Any Tribute or Aztec intel ?

    Im partial to Mike on the Tribute... been fishing with him since the International Star days... Dude just knows whats up... one of the best fishermen Ive ever seen as well.
  375. eric perez

    Life Span of Hooks

    I dont reuse hooks... back in the day Owners and Gamakatsus used to break if the deckhands put dyke marks in them getting them out of the fish... so I just made it a habit of changing them out every time. Regular size bait hooks... Ill reuse big 9/0 VMC's and alike... but not chovy / sardine...
  376. eric perez

    I have been a bad person.

    throw em in the gutta... and go buy anutha...
  377. eric perez

    I've never seen any others?

    I thought exactly the same thing...
  378. eric perez

    I've never seen any others?

    Thanks... saw the website... some nice lookin baits... I'd never heard of them before...
  379. eric perez

    I've never seen any others?

    These baits were in some boxes I purchased a while back... I've had them tucked away... beautiful as you can see... I've never seen any others like them? The colored part of the bait is suspended in the clear... soft weighty... anyone know where these were made? By whom?
  380. eric perez

    First 1.5 gear check

    take the 25lb... yellowfin are mixing in now... I learned early on that if youre undecided... TAKE IT... what one more rod right?
  381. eric perez

    Do It For The Kids Combo $100

    right on! If it doesnt sell by tomorrow... I could meet you half way if youre down? Early Saturday mornin? No Ho or so?
  382. eric perez

    Sabre 610 Uncut 7'1" - New ReWrap

    Up for grabs this mornin I have a Vintage Sabre 610 blank with all new components. Blank is factory full length uncut 7'1" Ill let'er go today for SOLD..
  383. eric perez

    Do It For The Kids Combo $100

    TTT... dropped to $100!! come and get it!
  384. eric perez

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 AccuCast $$ Drop

    Thursday Bump... Price Drop $200!!!
  385. eric perez

    Seeker g6490 blank?

    Looks like you are correct... CJBF90M... is the blank for the 6490 rod... have you pulled on one? I had one and it was too stiff for my liking... dumped it. Definitely and real mans rod... LOL cheers..
  386. eric perez

    Cavio Irons

    Yes... GW College...
  387. eric perez

    What The Tady???

    Really? So you could have 7 different variations to a 45? Interesting... ok... Ill take your Guys word for it... just looks defective to me. Not that I wont still fish it... thanks Guys!
  388. eric perez

    Iron Man Lures

    Ive caught yellowfin, skippies, Bones, Cudas with them... but especially Bones and Cudas... kill em...
  389. eric perez

    What The Tady???

    definitely not the same mold... length width weight shape and thickness arent even close to each other... yeah I figured they were either stamped or it part of the mold... but thanks...
  390. eric perez

    What The Tady???

    but its stamped 45... and its definitely not the same width as the real chrome & blue 45 next to it...
  391. eric perez

    Cavio Irons

    anyone throwing Caivo Irons? I threw these two 6X on Sunday for the first time... and they actually swim really good. Bigger sized right in between a 45 and a 14A. Really wide kick pattern... the faster you crank the wider it kicks. Maybe has to do with the second braised ring? Theyre...
  392. eric perez

    The Most Universal Jig Ever Made

    Works great for Trolling...
  393. eric perez

    Do It For The Kids Combo $100

    Wednesday TTT... had a short bite last night... still up...
  394. eric perez

    Iron Man Lures

    Anyone still fishing Iron Man #2's??? One of my all time favorites... How long has it been since they stopped producing these? anyone? THX
  395. eric perez

    What The Tady???

    I have a one off Tady C45 Ill sell for $10000... LOL that was a joke... but check it out... what do I have here? is it a mis-stamped Tady C?? Thats what Ive been throwing it as anyway... The hole stamp on the hook side is pretty thin wall... hope it doesnt break...
  396. eric perez

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 AccuCast $$ Drop

    I receive this reel as part of a trade with a Buddy... Boss Magnum 870 Accucast... really clean... HD pics make the reel look a little more scratched than it looks to the eye. Most of its dust and such or hairline. Decided to go a different route, not really my style... so Im selling. Not sure...
  397. eric perez

    Where at Catalina is off limits?

    Basically a big 180 arch around Avalon I believe... we fished just the other side of the S marker sunday... good spot... YT all over hell... but definitely go to the site for accuracy as Fishead states...
  398. eric perez


    you need an intervention Brah... LOL All super tight! very nice...
  399. eric perez

    Worlds Largest Center Console - Estrella 65

    worlds largest Center Console... 3100hp... rip the seating out... and throw some SS railing on it... and this Jalopy just might be fishable... LOL
  400. eric perez

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    done it more than once... squid on the hands... hard cork handles... set the hook... rig goes bye bye. :nopity:
  401. eric perez

    Only blue allstar rod left

    Love this rod... one of my favorites... bump!! GLW$
  402. eric perez

    SCI - Thunderbird - BIg Bluefin Lost

    San Clemente Island and surrounding area...
  403. eric perez

    STORM Wildeye Sardines

    Saw these @ Sav On Tackle the other day... they look really nice... anyone used these Wildeye Sardines yet? Im gonna have to go back and bag me some I think...
  404. eric perez

    SCI - Thunderbird - BIg Bluefin Lost

    I got an email from the Landing... the Thunderbird hooked their first Bluefin at San Clemente over the weekend... theyre sayin 100+lber... was lost... theyre comin Boyz!
  405. eric perez

    Catalina 6/10 - Patriot 3/4 Day

    All sardine fish... I threw iron a few different times...but nothing... they got 40 YT for 11 Heads yesterday on the Patriot... heard ALOT of jig fish...
  406. eric perez

    Catalina 6/10 - Patriot 3/4 Day

    I dont have a photo but similar to... :gaygroup: LOL
  407. eric perez

    8’ rod for throwing surface irons?

    IF Im throwing iron on an 8'0"er its either a 6480 or an 800M... fished the 800M yesterday... Newell 338... 40lb... launches 45's...
  408. eric perez

    Catalina 6/10 - Patriot 3/4 Day

    Went out on the Patriot... Full Day to Catalina. Beautiful weather across the channel... stayed overcast till we got about 2 miles from the island, and then it was bright hot sunshine the rest of the day. We fished from about a 1/2 mile East of Avalon to Whites Landing... back and forth. And it...
  409. eric perez

    Do It For The Kids Combo $100

    Squall 20... like new... this reel casts really good. As good as my fathoms with out level winds. Has a crap ton of brown 50lb PP on it. Gotta be at least 400 yards. Californian E Glass rod... 20-40lb... 8'0"... great easy fast glass action... very forgiving and easy to fish with... perfect for...
  410. eric perez


    I remember seeing this book when I was a kid... my Grandfather had a copy I believe. He also gave me this one... I read this thing over and over... and over... LOL loved it...
  411. eric perez

    Vintage Molded Jigs?

    I found these @ the swap meet... they look pretty cool... the olive with the gold flake looks really good in the sun... Im gonna fish that one for sure... suspended lead strips... original brass rings... weight feels good. Anyone have an idea of when these would have been made? by whom? I dont...
  412. eric perez

    Fishing rig for youngsters

    my kid kills it with a Tranx 400 on an Okuma Shadow Stalker 80H... but he started with a Penn 975 on a cheap Californian Glass Rod... and a Penn Squall on a beater Calstar. The rod is the most important part IMO... give them something they can put a bend in. Use as heavy a line as you think they...
  413. eric perez

    Who is fishing San Clemente? Is it OC or LA landings only?

    Thunderbird waxed 129 yesterday @ SCI... but they only boated 9 today... Jeff was just live on 976-TUNA...
  414. eric perez

    Trinidad 16 SOLD

    nice reel... your location?
  415. eric perez

    Calstar BT6480 Custom Still Up

    D8 sold... delivered... thx
  416. eric perez

    Calstar BT6480 Custom Still Up

    Never a dull moment... that's for sure... thx
  417. eric perez

    Calstar BT6480 Custom Still Up

    Calstar E Glass BT6480 custom...SOLD Shimano Torium 20... SOLD Shimano Torium 14... SOLD Seeker Pinhead D8... SOLD
  418. eric perez

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help

    No cameras obviously?? Would it have to be someone that knew that maybe?? If I was a robber thats the first thing Id look for. Would take mega balls to blindly break into a business not knowing if there are cams or not. And it was a light ran-sacking for so many specific items taken. That blows...
  419. eric perez

    Tuna for Money

    I gave a bag of yellowfin overflow to a seemingly harmless elderly asian woman one time asking for.. I assumed hand outs... at Fishermans Landing dock. As soon as I handed it to her and started to walk back to my truck a DFG official tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I took money for that...
  420. eric perez

    Looking for advice...

    Sound like youre covered really... IMO... SXJ you can switch out 20-25-30lb leaders... Fathom 30-2 you can run 40-50lb leaders. Unless youre lookin for a better grade BFT rig or something like that... you can catch anything you want with these in local waters.
  421. eric perez

    Catalina Island - 5/25 - Patriot Ext 3/4

    Saw that the Patriot was running a full day trip on Saturday morning touting a freelance / Catalina Island trip. Been lookin like the island has been ready to turn on so we decided to try it. Weather was really nice... layed down on the way out... and when we got to the Island it was shaping up...
  422. eric perez


    I think it just has to do with cost. If we all could afford it we would all go wouldnt we? Long Range trips have become Elitest type trips now. Your average Joe (myself included) in their 20s 30s 40s can no longer afford $3k - $4k - $5k to go fishing once or twice a year, when I can fish all...
  423. eric perez

    Offshore Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    he really likes the Youtube channel by Bryan Timm. Local Guy... SD I think? catches mossy YT from his skiff. Bryan... if you see this my kids gunnin for ya!!!
  424. eric perez

    Offshore Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    he wants to throw the iron but hes not strong enough yet... we go out front of the house and start chuckin... he can fire light A1's and A2's pretty good. But "C's" and "45's" he peters out after about 10 casts... hahahaha... but in a couple years hell be firing them off for sure.
  425. eric perez

    Offshore Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    I know right... he was already asking Steve how old he has to be to work on the boat! then he says... so if i get my drivers license at 16 for my truck... I can drive a skiff too right??? :appl:
  426. eric perez

    Offshore Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    Report from Friday night... Been on a quest lately to get my son his first yellowtail... hes been watching YouTube videos and hes been so pumped up he almost couldnt contain himself anymore. Hes caught bass bonito barracuda skipjack rock fish and surf fish of all kinds, but no YT yet. So we...
  427. eric perez

    Truline 4x-8

    what does a 4X fish? 40lb? 50lb?
  428. eric perez

    Fishing in Newport Bay, CA got Stung by Stingray

    been stung the last 2 seasons surfing... water as hot as you can stand it works somewhat... it hurts like a bitch no matter what you do for about 2 hours... keep a close eye on it... if it doesnt stop hurting or looks narly the next day... go to emergency and clean it out... or youll be sorry...
  429. eric perez

    Long Beach Super Seeker 6480H

    Two weeks ago Turners Fountain Valley had these on clearance for $279.00... 6480XH as well... they had a few of each left... maybe worth a look?
  430. eric perez

    Coronados quatro de mayo, and, name this fish

    we got an odd one last week as well... I assumed it was a Chucklehead at the time... but then I thought about it and Chuckleheads eyes usually dont blow right?
  431. eric perez

    BSP On The Chew

    weve had good luck on Sabikis as well... small Mylar ones with a glow bead. The BSPs hammer those into the darkness until you cant see where youre casting anymore. I cut them down to (2) hooks though... surf fishing with an 8 hook gangion is not very fun, its tangle city. Would it even be legal...
  432. eric perez

    BSP On The Chew

    Yellowfin Croaker are bitin... we got a handful on Saturday and yesterday evening... we just walk the beach throwing 2" Blood color Sand Worms... and youll find little pockets of them. all fish taken 30 minutes before and after sunset. I got a monster Jack Smelt as well... no pic... slid out of...
  433. eric perez

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    For me the Komodo 463SS is a beast... I really like the way this reel performs. But I dont think these two reels are apples to apples. I bought a TranX 500 and found myself always being in between with it. Always felt over gunned or under gunned with it in my hand. But the #1 reason I got rid of...
  434. eric perez

    can you get away with straight mono

    I fish alot of mono only... I think bait picking and presentation are just as important if not more. I typically dont swtich to braid / fluoro until I get to about 50lb bait... I like to fish as small a reel I feel I can get away with on heavier gear. But all my 30lb 40lb 50lb surface iron rigs...
  435. eric perez

    Generic X wrap

    WOW... great deal... that stuff is $1.00 per inch in the tackle shop...
  436. eric perez

    Shimano Teramar TMC80 / 900M Sold

    TGIF bump... Teramar $80
  437. eric perez

    Shimano Calcutta 250s

    Wednesday bump... will trade both reels for a Shimano TranX 400HG or an Okuma Komodo 463...
  438. eric perez

    Shimano Calcutta 250s

    Tuesday Bump... price drop...
  439. eric perez

    Shimano Teramar TMC80 / 900M Sold

    Shimano Teramar TMC-80M 8'0" 12_25lb Clean rod... XWrap deckhand SOLD Calstar Grafighter 900M 9"0" 20_40lb SOLD Picked in Newport Beach or meet for trans...
  440. eric perez

    Shimano Calcutta 250s

    (2) Shimano Calcutta 250s... little beauties... killed skippies, yellowfin, and Bonitosaurus last season... no problems at all... no corrosion inside... 3/4 spools of 40lb green PP... top shots of 15lb Izor XXX... some of the best casting Calcuttas Ive ever had. SOLD
  441. eric perez

    I need a 22 handgun

    how bout some Squirrel Stopper?
  442. eric perez

    East Cape Fishing Trip Reality

    my decisions to fish Mex have always been based around weather and targets. Late summer has always been good for me but its so hot you can only fish for so long or youll cook yourself. But Ive also been to Cabo 4 times in late November... and have slayed YFT WHOS SAILS ROOSTERS... and its much...
  443. eric perez

    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    AHI sashimi... ONO or MAHI on the charcoal... REDS / CHUCKLE HEADS in the fryer... I used to eat alot more sashimi until a buddy of mine got really sick. He was going to lunch @ a high end Sushi Bar 2 3 times a week for a couple years... his heavy metals count got so high he was hospitalized...
  444. eric perez

    The Commander ???

    Saw this online doing some research. Anyone know what ever became of the Commander? Was it saved and recommissioned? Renamed? One article said it was towed back to port...
  445. eric perez

    Virg's Landing 2 day trip? What to expect?

    caught the largest albacore of my life out of Virgs in the mid 90's... 40-50lbers... also the worst weather Ive ever been into in my life... out between Santa Rosa & San Nicholas for 3 days... I think it was the on the Sea Spray... was in SD for many years. boat would go down into the ditch and...
  446. eric perez

    BSP On The Chew

    Barred Surf Perch have been biting pretty good in Newport... off the jetties and the beach... every 4th or 5th cast youll get bit. Best time seems to be starting 2 hours before high tide, but not critical. GULP 2" sandworms in any color... red, natural, camo... doesnt matter... they just like...
  447. eric perez

    Penn Intl 975 - Conolon Glass Combo

    pending to Sealskinner Saturday mornin...
  448. eric perez

    Penn Intl 975 - Conolon Glass Combo

    Hump afternoon bump!! fish tacos are biting!!
  449. eric perez

    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    Trigger is good raw... acid cooked... ceviche etc... Amberjack... not a fan for sure... real dark meat if I remember right? but I wont eat your average bluefin cooked either. Tastes like youre eating bloodline... no thanks...
  450. eric perez

    New jig collection_ DIX brand

    I remember those jigs... they were painted fancy for the times... airbrushed look... scales... dot patterns... kinda how Sea Strike tried to do with their 10 color anchovy pattern! Any other good ones in there? Columbias? Raiders?
  451. eric perez

    Deck boots?

    typical 1/2 & 3/4 day local I do flip flops or Vans... I wear a sold size 14 shoe so Im usually the one doin the steppin on!! Deck boots are a bitch... my big toe goes dead in about 1 hour. If Im goin offshore I wear a pair of Red Wing #405 waterproofs... about $210... but they last forever...
  452. eric perez

    Penn Intl 975 - Conolon Glass Combo

    Clean combo... Perfect for rockfishing - parabolic bend - levelwind... Also a good starter 30lb rig for anything local... Penn Intl 975... normal wear outside... reel fishes really nice... 3/4 spool of white 50lb PP - topped with 30lb Momoi Hi Catch... Vintage Conolon Glass blank - 8'2"...
  453. eric perez

    Trolling for Wahoo - Long Range History

    used to troll the black/orange black/purple Marauders... and we used to build our own lures electrical taping the long Newell skirts on chrome torpedo heads... layer the skirts for color combos... easy on... easy off... when they got sliced in half...
  454. eric perez

    The New Thunderbird

    The new Thunderbird is running its first trip Friday night. Theyve been picking Yellows on the old boat for 2 weeks now... $179 weekends... $149 weekdays... think Im gonna check it out... if anybody can make a new boast fishy its Jeff...
  455. eric perez


    Ive got an USMC MARPAT pack... thing is HD for sure... $75 if you wanted to come to OC and grab it? cheers
  456. eric perez

    How far can you actually throw a Jig???

    Been teaching my 10 year old how to throw iron... we go out on the jetty for casting class... last session I set up a Calstar GF 900M / TN20 / 100yds 40lb mono shot / Tady 45... and also an Okuma 80H Shadow Stalker / Tranx 400 / 100yds white spectra over metered colored / and a 2.5oz Mega...
  457. eric perez

    The Gold Trinidad

    True statements... it has a 16N gear side plate... I used to own this reel... its a fish killer... buy with confidence! $200 is a deal... GLWS Steve
  458. eric perez

    PLEASE! Dont sell me any more Newells.

    been a minute since Ive seen a 300 Series Blackie... nice!!
  459. eric perez

    Unmarked Graphite Into Glass 6'6" 40-50lb

    AFTCO sight says the reel seat is 5 3/4" long... so the C/L of the seat would be 13 7/8" up from the bottom of the grip... plus gimble... makin me do math on Friday??? LOL
  460. eric perez

    Unmarked Graphite Into Glass 6'6" 40-50lb

    TGIF bump... lookin like a beautiful weekend!! finally...
  461. eric perez

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    My 10 year old demands I bring jerky and granola bars... on top of his boat built breakfast burrito and double cheeseburger... kid eats like a horse on the boat man...
  462. eric perez

    Holley 0-80457SA 600CFM HP Carburator

    bump!! $100 cash can have it!
  463. eric perez

    Unmarked Graphite Into Glass 6'6" 40-50lb

    good morning... picked up this rod at one of my used gear haunts... it has no marking... and I wasnt able to pull the gimble... 6'6"... triple wrapped... ss perfection guides... AFTCO anodized seat... gimble / cap... front grip 14"... 11" rear... graphite transitions to dark "greenie" glass...
  464. eric perez

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    when I was a kid my Dad and Uncles used to make me eat gravy before an overnight trip... To this day I dont know if they were Fing with me or not? But I never got sick... and I still love gravy... hahahahha
  465. eric perez

    Are these old jigs still usable?

    that Tady A1 with the fixed hook is one of my all time favorites... nice tight rolling action... def a go to for small surface...
  466. eric perez

    Newell P229F - Sabre 220

    SOLD... had about 10 replies all same time... first man with the green got it...
  467. eric perez

    Newell P229F - Sabre 220

    SABRE 220 SOLD Newell P229F still available $100...
  468. eric perez

    Newell P229F - Sabre 220

    Rod Pending to @scruitt this evening... OG Newell still available $100!!
  469. eric perez

    Newell P229F - Sabre 220

    Good mornin BDs... Original Honey Sabre 220 blank... 8'6"... custom wrapped blue white gold... light fuji guides... Super fast action... into lots of backbone... thick booty... ultimate glass flylining blank for flickin small baits IMO... SOLD Early Newell P229F... all aluminum... short...
  470. eric perez

    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    personal preference... Owner Gorillas... no rings... I broke a 5/0 at the shank a couple years ago... but other than that... 100%... I have the "hook setter" Genes in me so I dont use circle hooks or rings...
  471. eric perez

    Recommendations for small private charter out of Newport harbor

    Id look up Seasons Sportfishing... or the El Gato guys out of Seaforth. IMO they are top notch at putting you on fish for 6 pack type charters. I live here in Newport also and have fished most of the boats here now... and Im becoming more and more unimpressed with all the operations. The...
  472. eric perez

    The hate is real

    hahahahahha... crankin with your pinky out like youre holding an espresso?
  473. eric perez

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    Ranger Contender - Newell P322... I worked at Turners in Orange 1987-1988... I dont think I ever brought any money home from that job...
  474. eric perez

    Seeker D8 - Shimano Torium 20

    PENDING to Butcher Boy... have another in waiting... SOLD... thanks Tom
  475. eric perez

    Seeker D8 - Shimano Torium 20

    on the block today... Seeker D8 8'2" 25 - 40... thick wall black Glass blank... Perfection guides... original cord handle... sick diamond wrap... this is the heaviest model D8 I have ever had... pure 40lb rod... not a fast action blank... Was wrapped by Yo's Custom in April 2004... super...
  476. eric perez

    New hobby up my alley

    wrapping is one of those thing where youll end up loving it or youlll do a couple and you will realize its not for you. I used to wrap a ton in the 80's / 90's... mostly personal, family and friends... and I started wrapping again about 6 months ago at the behest of my son...I did 2 1/2 rods and...
  477. eric perez

    XXL Today - NorCal - Central Coast

    looks like Blacks is pumpin right now... you hit it today? Surf height 10-15FT 2-3 times overhead Tide -0.9FT High tide 3.7ft at 08:02pm Wind 5KTS NW (304°) Swells 10.1FT at 16s W 278º 0.4FT at 16s SW 225º 0.3FT at 12s SW 219º 0º45º90º135º180º225º270º315º Water Temp 57 - 60 ºF Weather 61 ºF
  478. eric perez

    Mint unwrapped D-8

    $1000??? wow... I guess theres one born every minute right?? GLWS
  479. eric perez


  480. eric perez

    PRICES REDUCED Calstar, Phenix, Shimano, and Sabre

    is there a blank number to the Sabre? 591?
  481. eric perez


    bump price drop $200...
  482. eric perez


    Calstar 660 6'0" E Glass Custom... triple wrap... heavy Fuji guides and gold anodized seat and gimble... super clean... Penn 113HLW... new Izor XXX 50lb... cross bars have corrosion... but reel operates perfect... feelspools for days... could prob use new drags if youre picky... been usin it...
  483. eric perez

    (2) Calstar T196e-8 Custom Wrapped

    good mornin... On the block today are (2) Calstar T196e-8 rods... 8'0" 10-25 Black E Glass blanks... Rods are NIB... unfished.. wrapped by and purchased from a fellow BD'er... super clear thread work... Larger Fuji Guides... one has cork tape and tiger blend... the other is tuna cord and fancy...
  484. eric perez

    Best level wind reel for 9 year

    my now 10 year old started with older Calcuttas... now hes usin a Fathom level wind and a Tranx 400... we switched to non level wind reels for a while... but the first thing they forget when they hook a fish and get excited is to guide the line... happens every time... next thing you know youre...
  485. eric perez

    Shimano Trinidad TN12 TN14

    SOLD...t think my phone is sizzling... hahahaha... THX
  486. eric perez

    Shimano Trinidad TN12 TN14

    up for grabs today are Shimano Trinidads... reels are in great shape... could probably use a service... both were busy during the summer... lots of fish... Drags and free spools feel fine... but you may want to start fresh... both reels have a half spool of yellow 50lb Maxcuatro... 20lb and 25lb...
  487. eric perez

    XXL Today - NorCal - Central Coast

    NICE LEFT... lookin a little offshore too eehh??? banger...
  488. eric perez

    Rods, Roddy,Silaflex,Truline,Sabre,Seeker&Shikaries

    Nice spread Mijo!! Ill hit you up soon...
  489. eric perez

    XXL Today - NorCal - Central Coast

    just got off Surfline... MAVERICKS area... through 3:00 PST today... Swell Height - WNW 281 - 22.5ft @ 18s Surf Height - 35ft - 50ft peak sets some serious bombs... any BloodyDeckers representing today?? be safe out there... aint no joke...
  490. eric perez

    XXL Today NorCal - Central Coast

    just got off Surfline... MAVERICKS area... through 3:00 PST today... Swell Height - WNW 281 - 22.5ft @ 18s Surf Height - 35ft - 50ft peak sets some serious bombs... any BloodyDeckers representing today?? be safe out there...
  491. eric perez

    Need help figuring out colors.

    brown & yellow... old school Bomb Pop...
  492. eric perez

    Spotty Combo

    yeah for bay or jetty we use Citica 200's and Calcutta 250's... on 13 Black rods... best inexpensive bass / inshore rods Ive found... all models under a Hunski... But DPevin is correct on the Citicas... if you dont wash them out same day you can hear the salt grinding inside... but they perform...
  493. eric perez

    Long Beach SS PX Cherry BH89 Price Drop

    FrIdAy BuMp... still available $200...
  494. eric perez

    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    Im a single Dad so all of my spare time is spent with my little Guy... a few more years and hes gonna be a true Waterman... teaching him to surf, skim, dive, snorkle, fish both fresh and salt... we also mountain bike and skate... so needless to say I really dont have any spare time... hahahaha...
  495. eric perez

    Long Beach SS PX Cherry BH89 Price Drop

    quite a bit actually... the green S Glass ones are smaller diameter blank and much faster tip...
  496. eric perez

    Long Beach SS PX Cherry BH89 Price Drop

    buyer changed his mind... still for sale... $200
  497. eric perez

    What do you like for a tackle box on public boats trips?

    live down the street so we go all the time... no coolers... obvious... any reasonable size box is fine... i see guys roll on all the time.. I just use a Plano soft box with trays... there typically just isnt room on these local boats for big long range style boxes...
  498. eric perez

    International 975 Not Engaging

    Hello... I have an Intl 975... when the reel is in free spool... if you barely bump the handle forward the free spool button pops half way up and the reel starts clicking... and you are unable to put the reel in gear until you re-press the butt all the way down and click the handle over...
  499. eric perez

    Long Beach SS PX Cherry BH89 Price Drop

    LAST PRICE DROP... rewrap price... $200!!
  500. eric perez

    Long Beach SS PX Cherry BH89 Price Drop

    MONDAY PRICE DROP $225.00... for a rare rod!
  501. eric perez

    Holley 0-80457SA 600CFM HP Carburator

    Unopened - BNIB HOlley 0-80457SA 600CFM High Performance Carburator... 4 Barrel... Electric Choke... Polished Finish... Fits GM - Chrysler - Ford Online price ranges from $305.00 - $325.00 SOLD text me if youre interested... THX Eric (949) 929-1608
  502. eric perez

    Holley 0-80457SA 600CFM HP Carburator Polished

    Unopened BNIB Holley Carburator 600CFM High Performance 4 Barrel... Electric Choke... Polished... Fits GM - Chrysler - Ford Online price ranges from $302.00 to $325.00 asking $200.00 OBO text me if youre interested... Eric (949) 929-1608 THX
  503. eric perez

    Long Beach SS PX Cherry BH89 Price Drop

    bump for a clean rare rod! price drop $275...
  504. eric perez

    Honey E Sabre 690J - Newell S332-5

    TN16 SOLD... Sorry I dont have the capability to ship that rod...
  505. eric perez

    Long Beach SS PX Cherry BH89 Price Drop

    Long Beach Super Seeker Project X BH89 Cherry... full 8'9" blank... killer 25lb - 30lb rod... Not sure Ive seen one of these for sale on BD's recently or since Ive been a member?? Condition is 8.5/10 - 9/10... no scrapes or digs on the blank at all... This rod is not really comparable to the...
  506. eric perez

    Honey E Sabre 690J - Newell S332-5

    combo split... consolidated a Newell into post... OBO on the 690J...
  507. eric perez

    Inshore Starter Rig $75

    clean little starter rig for sale this mornin... Shimano Corsair CS200A - 12lb Momoi Hi Catch Shakespeare Ugly Stik Intercoastal 7'0" Medium super clean... 9/10 at least... just sittin around now... was using to fly my sons shark kite... $75 pick up in Newport Beach... text me if youre...
  508. eric perez

    Roddy 2 Pc Spinner

    thanks for all the info Gentlemen... Im gonna fish the rod... its too cool not to use it... just picked up a Penn 700 Spinfisher from one of my Buddys to combo up... should be fun!
  509. eric perez

    Honey E Sabre 690J - Newell S332-5

    My mistake... thank you for the info...
  510. eric perez

    Roddy 2 Pc Spinner

    yeah maybe it does have a varnish... but you can def feel every thread... I was thinking the same thing... if a "Nelson" contacts me and they want it Id give it to them. THX
  511. eric perez

    Honey E Sabre 690J - Newell S332-5

    good mornin... Consolidated 2 posts... Newell added... Shimano TN16 - a few fish deep off a fresh service with carbontex drags this past summer... 1/2 spool of 50lb braid and 1/2 30lb Izor XXX... SOLD 80's Sabre 690J - original Honey E Glass blank... fresh rewrap 2017... new cord and turks...
  512. eric perez

    Roddy 2 Pc Spinner

    mornin Peeps... Thought Id share a pretty cool rod... found this little ditty at one of my haunts for old stuff... Roddy 2 piece spinning rod... rod finishes at 8'8"... the crazy thing is the rod was never flex coated? Its still just bare thread... I took the butt cap off and it has a metal...
  513. eric perez

    Dana Wharf 3/4 Day - 11-10

    Took my 10 year old out on the Clemente 3/4 day on Saturday mornin... 30 passengers... 50/50 rental rods to local regulars. Started out a little chilly and breezy as we got down to the landing, but ended up being a perfect weather day. Loaded up on some choice 4"-6" sardines with a little Mack...
  514. eric perez

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    In the 80's yeah... Yo's in Gardena... or Takas Bait & Tackle as well... Anaheim... Lincoln Ave... been there for ever... still go there from time to time... Used to sit and watch Yo and Taka wrap rods when I was a 14 15 16... they had very similar styles... perfect blends every time... thats...
  515. eric perez

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    8 DAY on the Royal Star... 1988... I just turned 18... worked my ass off and bought myself my own trip... went by myself... caught my first wahoos at Alijos & Uncle Sam... first 100lb Club yellowfins... caught a 100lb broom tail grouper soaking an 8lb yellowfin at 4 fathom... got spooled by a...
  516. eric perez

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Weiser's Sporting Goods in Anaheim... Loved going in there as a kid... they had a bunch of taxidermy... I used to trip out on all the heads on the walls. old man Weiser was a true outdoorsman. It was a hunting and fishing store... kinda like Turners circa 1975... was on Harbor Blvd / Broadway...
  517. eric perez

    Long Beach SS Project X

    I have a LBSS Project X Cherry blank... BH89... Where these blanks only made in one run? What year? or multiple years & runs? just wondering if someone can shed some light? THX
  518. eric perez

    30 lb. older 8 foot deckhand rod

    what up Robert... I have an OLD Calstar... Tan E Glass... probably 25 - 30 years old... the rod is 8'6"... fishes 25lb / 30lb... Im pretty sure its a 270H-8... really nice shape... Ive fished the crap out of it... want some pics?
  519. eric perez

    Newell S332-5 Price Drop $150

    D8 sold... thanks Robert! 332 still up... pics up... $175
  520. eric perez

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    I switched to a rolling bag many years ago... if that tells you anything... my 10 year old cant get it off the ground... weighs more than he does... LOL
  521. eric perez

    Huntington Beach airshow.

    parking in HB on the weekends is dicey even without an Air Show... so go early for sure... I live on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport a couple miles away... the cool thing is that the jets stage just southeast of us... so they drop in just over the Newport Pier really low and rip full speed up...
  522. eric perez

    Newell S332-5 Price Drop $150

    D8 $old... Rode offshore a couple times but I dont think it ever left the rack... I just have too many 30lb / 40lb setups... not gonna get used... Newell S332-5 1/2 spool of white 65lb PP and half 30lb Momoi High Catch on top... $150 Text me if interested... (949) 929-1608 Eric THX
  523. eric perez

    Tady TSP Lures

    Anyone hang a cow this season on the new Tady TSP lures? Their version of the flat fall I see... havent seen any type of report where they were mentioned as being the culprit?
  524. eric perez

    Propper Intl USMC MARPAT ILBE Field Pack

    I have an authentic Propper Intl USMC MARPAT ILBE field pack... in very good condition... not new... but high end surplus condition 9/10... Ive been using it to store fishing gear... seriously big heavy duty bag... comes with the internal snap hanging bag as well... found gear in there I didnt...
  525. eric perez

    Propper Intl USMC MARPAT ILBE Rucksack

    I have an authentic Propper Intl USMC MARPAT ILBE field pack... in very good condition... not new... but high end surplus condition 9/10... Ive been using it to store fishing gear... seriously big heavy duty bag... comes with the internal snap hanging bag as well... found gear in there I didnt...
  526. eric perez

    Trolling Lure Lot

    sold to Steveooo pending delivery this evening... thanks!
  527. eric perez

    Trolling Lure Lot

    good morning... I found a bunch of trolling lures socked away that I didnt even know I had... most of it looks new other than the natural cedar plugs... And will never use all of it... perfect starter set for local or schoolie trolling... or just restocking your boat... Pic 1 (53) pieces...
  528. eric perez

    Seeker Inshore Pro and revo toro

    how much for the ISP by itself??
  529. eric perez

    Why am i addicted to fishing

    I come from a long line of outdoorsmen... and women. Started freshwater fishing as soon as I was able to hold a rod... at 10 years old (1980) I started saltwater fishing and mule deer / elk hunting. I didnt enjoy the hunting as much as I loved the fishing. At that age I just couldnt wrap my head...
  530. eric perez

    Rehabbing Old Glass

    thanks Guys... appreciate the responses... Ill check out the video and try some of this stuff out... see how it goes... heres a couple... original Sabre Grafast blanks... custom wrapped... 7'0" 15-40... 30 years old... they still fish perfect... have caught a crap ton of fish on em... just want...
  531. eric perez

    Rehabbing Old Glass

    Hello... I have some old rods... mainly E Glass or S Glass... that Im looking to clean up a littler for my son to use... make em look nice. Is there a product that anyone has used to remove blemishes and haziness from the glass coat and blanks? Maybe something like a car wax or a light...
  532. eric perez

    Shimano TN16 w Tib Mount PENDING

    PRICE DROP $225... Tiburon Mount included... smokin deal here...
  533. eric perez

    Shimano TN16 w Tib Mount PENDING

    good mornin Y'all... On the block today is a Shimano Trindad TN16 with a Tiburon Mount Reel had a full service 2 months ago... lube - oil - filter... including new factory gears, drags, and handle side spool bearing... comes with once fished Momoi Hi Catch 30lb... SOLD
  534. eric perez

    What happened to Malihini?

    I saw it up on blocks @ South Coast Shipyards in Newport Beach a few months back... didnt see any signs of tear down... looked clean though... I caught my first Yellowtail on that boat... 10 years old... 1980... set me for life...
  535. eric perez

    ABU Garcia Revo NaCl 50 Price Drop

    60HS SOLD... NaCl still available $180
  536. eric perez

    ABU Garcia Revo NaCl 50 Price Drop

    what up Bd'ers... On the block today is an ABU Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 50 Reels is at least 9/10 condition... fished a few times... but no dings or scratches... Comes with original box and optional power handle never switched out... Revo Toro NaCl 50 40lb Power Pro to the top SOLD THX
  537. eric perez

    Penn Intl 16s II - Calstar 6455XH Combo

    appreciate that... Monday Bump...
  538. eric perez

    Penn Intl 16s II - Calstar 6455XH Combo

    good mornin... For Sale Today Penn International 16S II Two Speed... Tiburon T-16 Topless Frame... very minimal rash on the outer plate... Blueprinted by Cal Sheets... Still free spools perfectly when fishing 80lb... Has 3/4 spool of 80lb green Power Pro backer... short heavy spectra winder...
  539. eric perez

    Seeker Custom G-6480H

    I think it could handle 50lb... its got a stouter parabolic bend... its not a fast action shut off type blank like glass... its stiff. I usually fish 40lb on a 20-50 rated rod... but this ones 30-50... I have the rod with me... Ill be heading home from LA to Newport in about an hour... 5 / 605 /...
  540. eric perez

    Seeker Custom G-6480H

    Offering up this morning a like new Seeker Custom Black Steel Series Graphite Comp blank G-6480H 8'0" 30-50... this rod is a beast... ALPS Guides and Fuji trigger reel seat... X Wrap... clean simple guide work... pretty rod... Rod is super clean... I received it in a multi-player trade with...
  541. eric perez

    Phenix Ultra Swim Bait Classic 800H

    SOLD to Mr Drew P Balls... thank you Sir
  542. eric perez

    Phenix Ultra Swim Bait Classic 800H

    Offering up today is a Phenix Ultra Swim Bait 800H 8'0" 15-50 Sold the 14A I had on it... now Im sellin the rod... condition is 9.5 / 10 at minimum... a few micro nicks ... cork / wood is perfect... only fished on two 3/4 day trips... This is the nicest rod Phenix makes in my opinion... and you...
  543. eric perez

    calstar 900h $140

    Ill take the TN20 today if your pending doesnt pan out... THX
  544. eric perez

    Power Handle For Shimano Curado 300e

    not anymore... thank you though...
  545. eric perez

    Thinning out the herd Truline, Calstar, Shikari, Jaws

    text pics of Calstar 270-8 please? thanks... (949) 929-1608
  546. eric perez

    Okuma 364SS / PRICE DROP

    My pleasure... thanks again...
  547. eric perez

    Californian XFusion Inshore Rods

    Graftech sold... Californian Inshores still available! Great rods for the $$$
  548. eric perez

    Seeker ISP 709-7'T PRICE DROP

    good mornin... Looking to sell my Seeker Inshore Pro 709-7'T... 7'0" 20-30 Rod is in "new" condition... 10/10... no marks or scuffs... rod has some serious backbone... SOLD picked up in Newport Beach or meet for trans... text me if youre interested (949) 929-1608 Eric THX
  549. eric perez

    Freshwater heavy swimbait rod

    Ive got a Seeker ISP 709'7T 7'0" 20-30... 10/10... would make a serious swim bait rod... $140
  550. eric perez

    Seeker pinhead ulua 9’3

    been looking for one... but this ones different? I thought Pinhead Uluas were Green S Glass blanks 9'3" rated 20-40?? Is this a new model do you know?
  551. eric perez

    Shimano Who Services Trinidad TN Gold reels?

    For sure... Ive done drags on a TN before... but its been a long time... If I remember right everything stays mounted when you pull the plate... so thats a plus... maybe Ill just get the parts... thank you for the numbers. when I was a kid I used to work on Squidders and JIgmasters alot...
  552. eric perez

    Shimano Who Services Trinidad TN Gold reels?

    much appreciated... thank you Guys...
  553. eric perez

    Shimano Who Services Trinidad TN Gold reels?

    whats up Yall? I was out yesterday and I hooked my second yellow of the day... I put my TN16 gold in gear and it just locked up... frozen... luckily I got the fish turned enough to put it back in free spool... and then back in gear... landed the fish. Ive never had this happen before? The reel...
  554. eric perez

    Californian XFusion Inshore Rods

    Seeker ISP SOLD Californians and Graftech still available... great inexpensive rods...
  555. eric perez

    Okuma 364SS / PRICE DROP

    Rod sold... Reel still available $175 OBO
  556. eric perez

    Okuma 364SS / PRICE DROP

    Up for grads today... Okuma 364SS with 50lb Blue Slick... has not been fished... have receipt and box purchased 6/25... $262.90 out the door @ Charkbait HB... SOLD Text me (949) 929-1608 for pick up in Newport Beach or meet for delivery... Thanks Eric
  557. eric perez

    Californian XFusion Inshore Rods

    Calstar GG6480 and Seeker ISP 809T available again...
  558. eric perez

    Shimano Trinidad 14A $300!!!

    sold... fastest sale in history...
  559. eric perez

    Shimano Trinidad 14A $300!!!

    good mornin BD'ers... For Sale today... Shimano Trinidad 14A very good condition... outer side plate has a small nick on top and on the bottom of the plate from clankin around in the rod rack... other than that reel is perfect... has brand new #25 Izor XXX... stock clamp included. Bitchen...
  560. eric perez

    Californian XFusion Inshore Rods

    For Sale - Extra Rods That Need Go... All rods used a few times and are 9/10 minimum condition - retail is $189.99 each... (2) Californian X Fusion Inshore Special - Manufactured By Phenix CTX90H 9'0" 15-40 Rods actually fish really nice... very similar to a M1 90H... BOTH SOLD Picked up in...
  561. eric perez

    ProGear 440 / Calstar GG 6480

    ProGear SOLD Calstar Pending
  562. eric perez

    ProGear 440 / Calstar GG 6480

    good morning... FOR SALE - ProGear 440 / Calstar GG 6480... ProGear 440 with #50 Izor XXX used one trip... just spent $80 @ Fishermans Hardware - lube - oil - filter - new drag - new bearings... you wont find a nice 440 around town I dont think... SOLD Calstar GG6480 8'0" 30-60... mint...
  563. eric perez

    Seeker Pinhead PH ULUA 9'3" CT

    Seeker Pinhead PH ULUA CT 9'3" 25_40... hit me up if youre parting with one... Gracias
  564. eric perez

    Shimano Talica 16 ss PRICE DROP

  565. eric perez

    Shimano Talica 16 ss PRICE DROP

  566. eric perez

    l - All Others Sold

    All reels are sold... thanks Guys
  567. eric perez

    Shimano Talica 16 ss PRICE DROP

    Its goin with me on the Prowler Sunday night if noone scoops it up! Im sure it wont look as pretty when it comes back...
  568. eric perez

    l - All Others Sold

    Curado 300e still available... $150... like new All other reels sold...
  569. eric perez

    Shimano Talica 16 ss PRICE DROP

    Up for sale a new Shimano Talica 16 single speed... I purchased it "used" because of no box... but seller said reel had not been used... and I do alot of business with this Gentleman... I believe him... reel is immaculate... you can see a few TINY pin marks on the outside plate... other than...
  570. eric perez

    l - All Others Sold

    Both Toriums Sold - Thanks Johnny! Price Drop TN12 - $210 Saltist20 - $90 Curado 300e - $150
  571. eric perez

    Shimano Trini 16A NIB #65 J Braid

    no thank you... the only spinning gear I use is ultra lite trout stuff... I just sold it... logging in to mark it SOLD... appreciate the offer though...
  572. eric perez

    Shimano Trini 16A NIB #65 J Braid

    NIB Shimano Trinidad 16A with #65 J Braid full... Reel has only been out of the box for line and pics... $420 picked up in Newport Beach will trade for Tranx 500HG mint cond or NIB (plus a little $$$ on my end for NIB if selling for more than $420) PM me or text Eric (949) 929-1608
  573. eric perez

    l - All Others Sold

    ALLREELS SOLD Diawa Saltist 20 - some rash - insane free spool - new #50 Super Slick - SOLD Shimano Torium 14HG - no scratches - 3/4 spool #65 phenix braid - #25 Izor XXX top - SOLD Shimano Torium 16HG - no scratches - full #25 Izor XXX - SOLD Shimano Curado 300 - no scratches - fished 2 times...
  574. eric perez

    Seeker Tactic Series

    I bought a Super Seeker 90M from a BD'er... and Im not diggin it... its basically brand new... but the freakin thing is a broomstick! bitchin rod... by Youngs Tackle... looks like Moon style... but its an asskicker!! Im gonna repost it... over it... LOL I still have that M1 I traded you for...
  575. eric perez

    Seeker Tactic Series

    yeah I like the flippy tip but transitions into a fat blank... I fished my buddys last weekend with my 14a on it... you can flick a 'chovie like nothin... way different than graphite stuff... see now you got me all worked up... gonna have to bite the bullet and stop off on my way home... hahahaha...
  576. eric perez

    Seeker Tactic Series

    thanks Man... yeah thats the one I want... I found one at Turners... the only one they have... but they want $419.00 for it... some bullshit!! hahahahha
  577. eric perez

    Seeker Tactic Series

    lemme know if anyone has anything... thanks
  578. eric perez

    Shimano TN20 / Project X LBSS CJBF80H Cherry Blank

    Whats up Guys... Letting go a really nice mid jig / bait rig... classic... I just have too much gear now a days... thought someone would like to bloody this one up... Shimano TN20 new drags / service... free spool is incredible... grinds like butta... 3/4 full #80 Green PP and #40 Izor XXX...
  579. eric perez

    Super seeker 90M SOLD!

    thanks Alex... Im stoked on the rod! Gonna load it up this weekend... Clemente bound... thanks again!
  580. eric perez

    Trini 30 a

    interested... are you in So Cal?
  581. eric perez

    Trini 40 trade for

    Sorry Guys... replied wrong... PM sent to you L2F... thx
  582. eric perez

    Trini 40 trade for

    Trade the TN40 for a NIB 16A? PM sent
  583. eric perez

    Cousins Raze (2)

  584. eric perez

    Cousins Raze (2)

    839T SOLD.... 909T PENDING
  585. eric perez

    Cousins Raze (2)

    839T pending... 909T still wide open...
  586. eric perez

    Looking for 20-40 8' or 9' bait stick

    Cousins Raze just posted... 8'0" and 9'0" both 20-40
  587. eric perez

    Cousins Raze (2)

    Cousins Raze Rods Both rods are basically brand new... no rash and hype/corks are 100%... perfect for 400 size baitcasters... way more backbone than your average inshore rod... RSW909T 9'0" 20-40. Ret $230 RSW839T 8'3" 20-40. Ret $220 Asking $155 each... $300 for both... Ill deliver...
  588. eric perez

    LB cherry super seeker

    nice rod... you fish #40 - #50 pound on this rod?
  589. eric perez

    Power Handle For Shimano Curado 300e

    looking to buy a power handle for a Curado 300e... PM me if you have one for Sale... Gracias
  590. eric perez

    Phenix Recon Rod

    Pm sent for califorian
  591. eric perez

    Abu Garcia ORRA 2 Inshore price drop $100

    Hello BD'ers I have a nice 9+/10 Abu Garcia ORRA2 Inshore Saltwater Series for sale... fished once... New #40 green J Braid included... Asking $120 picked up in Newport Beach PM or text me if interested (949) 929-1608
  592. eric perez

    Diawa Lexa 300 $115.00

    Lexa 300 still avail for $115.00?
  593. eric perez

    Phenix PSW807ML Inshore Or Trade

  594. eric perez

    Phenix PSW807ML Inshore Or Trade

    Hello... looking to sell my Phenix Black Diamond Inshore PSW807ML 8'0" asking $180 rod is 9.5 / 10 condition or better... OR Ill trade for Phenix M1 Inshore 82H / 90H or Abyss 908 / 909... same quality... looking for something just a bit heavier than I have... ID kick in $40 cash on trade just...
  595. eric perez

    Nice Shimano Tranx 300

    Selling a Shimano Tranx 300A 5.8:1 ratio... Power handle and new #40 JBraid included... Ill include original paddle handle as well... condition is 9.5 / 10 no rash or scratches... have caught a few calicos with it... drags have not been worked... this is a second Tranx I have... dont use it...
  596. eric perez

    Bay Inshore Combo Shimano Phenix

    Hello BD"ers... selling a clean bay bass / largemouth combo... Shimano Caenan on a Phenix X-11 CrankbaitSeries rod... both are 9.5 / 10 on the scale... no visible scratches on either. Asking $130 for the combo... including new 12lb Pline and a spinnerbait if you want it. Combo $130 Rod only...
  597. eric perez

    Phenix M1 Inshore 8'2H - $100

    Still available? Send pics 949 929-1608 IM down if its not hammered THX
  598. eric perez

    Calcutta 300d or 300te

    Hello... I have a 200D Im lookin to sell in 9.5/10... super clean... no scratches... #30 power pro... asking $170... make me an offer if interested... cheers!