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  1. Eye Problem

    What's the record time to get pulled over in Baja?

    We almost made it to the second stop light in Mexicali last week on a trip to BOLA, a whopping 7 minutes south of the border. Beat that :D :indabutt:
  2. Eye Problem

    Lefty makes history

    Surprised no one has posted this. History has been made by SD's own native son.
  3. Eye Problem

    Calstar Black West Coast BWC 655XH-RS/RT

    Calstar Black West Coast BWC 655XH-RS/RT 5 1/2' | Fast Action Bait/Trolling Rod Roller Stripper Guide & Tip | 40-100lb line. Very nice condition rod, 100$ Prefer pick up between Los Alamitos and Lake Forest. Factory wrapped with reel seat.
  4. Eye Problem

    Accurate FX400XGS 6:1

    This reel is essentially new, one boat ride last year. spooled with 60 lb spectra. 180$ and will ship on your dime.
  5. Eye Problem

    Trinidad 16 DC

    Pristine condition, casts like a dream. Hate to sell this one but circumstances dictate letting some of my stuff go. First 400$ takes this rare gem. Going to try here before ebay. Lake Forest 714-686-1337 Shimano Trinidad DC Reels are the latest to feature Shimano's Digital Control, allowing...
  6. Eye Problem

    Talica 12 II

    Taken on 1 boat ride, never had the reel cover off. Pristine condition with box and filled with 65 lb spectra. Posting it here until this afternoon then it goes on ebay. First 400$ takes it, located in Lake Forest 714-686-1337
  7. Eye Problem

    Bamboo gaff

    Approximately 5'9" long bamboo gaff. No longer have a boat , so no real need for this in my garage. Pick up south OC. 25$ ???
  8. Eye Problem

    TLD 25 Trolling rig

    Used this when I had my boat for tuna trolling. TLD 25 on a Daiwa 50-130 meat stick. Nothing fancy, killed lots of tuna with this but need to clean out the garage. 75$ rod and reel ??? Prefer pick up in south OC. 714-686-1337
  9. Eye Problem

    Cousins Tackle CLB 80 CT Rod FS

    Brand new 8ft 20-30lb deckhand style rod for sale. Very nice stick, I just have too many and need to thin my stock. Never used, 150$ and would prefer pickup in OC.
  10. Eye Problem

    Bait situation from Dana Point to Point Loma

    I am taking another shot Thursday and launch location isnt so much an issue as is the bait. You folks who have been out in the last few days, what do we have to work with and where?
  11. Eye Problem

    Offshore 6/7 went long on Miss Fitz

    About Tuesday or Wednesday last week bluefin fever started to take hold of me. Vince, Gary and I had planned to run short on Sunday as alot of the fish were in close. Well as time went on, Saturday came around and reports werent too promising locally. So we decide to run west, south of SCI...
  12. Eye Problem

    Kona fishing?

    I will be kicking it on the big island in August. Any preferred charters you can recommend or BD sponsors out there?
  13. Eye Problem

    Talica 12 2 speed

    Near perfect. Bought this last winter and job has not allowed me to use. Filled with spectra, 65lb I would assume. Probably been on 1 boat ride from former owner. 380$ takes it.
  14. Eye Problem

    TLD 20, TLD 25 trolling rigs

    Used TLD 20 and TLD 25. Used these for trolling rigs on the local banks. I like the fact you dont have to worry about scratching the TLD series when you get into a ripper bite, wind em in, put in the corner and grab your bait stick. Factory serviced by Shimano last year with little to no use...
  15. Eye Problem

    NCAA tournament Saluki Style

    WTF? did anyone listen to Brittany Griner post game interview on ESPN? No wonder Baylor womens team is still winning LOL . I know, I know, Saluki would and probably has already hit it. OMG!!
  16. Eye Problem

    School Board refused to accept the Cougar :rofl:
  17. Eye Problem

    Epic Fail 2011

    Some of this hurts to watch, but its a good laugh!
  18. Eye Problem

    Got Ice???

    Follett remote ice maker. 120volt and hooks up to a garden hose. 400lb machine (16lbs/hr) and a compact size of 15x16x24. Dispensing hose makes easy fill for large coolers.1400$ machine. Easily fits dockside. 200$ obo I also have another Scotsman cuber if you are in the restaurant business...
  19. Eye Problem

    Tekota 500 or 600

    I have one of each full with 50lb spectra. SOLD
  20. Eye Problem

    Seeker 6465H Custom Rod 30-80

    Rarely used Custom wrapped by Performance tackle. 75$ In lake Forest (south OC)
  21. Eye Problem

    Jim Daniells Memorial Service

  22. Eye Problem

    NBA draft LOL

    quote of the day; "The last three NBA draft picks were Chukwudiebere Maduabum, Targuy Ngombo, Ater Majok. I'm positive these are all Star Wars characters." :rofl:
  23. Eye Problem

    From the Saluki family tree?

    :shithappens: WTF?
  24. Eye Problem

    Is it just me?

    Is it just me, or does everyone run into this shit everytime you turn around? I have been working like a slave for a year and a half, the last 2 months I can count my days off from work on one hand. So finally, I am free, take a nice weather week off and I am ready to run, except for a little...
  25. Eye Problem

    Beer thower

    I may have to remove the port seat on the Grady LOL
  26. Eye Problem

    Power Trim fluid

    What do you use? I have been replacing bilge pumps, wiring, switches, etc... and this is no easy task on a Seafarer 228, you have to hang upside down and be a gawd damn contortionist. While busting my ribs hanging upside down, I noticed the trim fluid at half full, and its an easy fix with all...
  27. Eye Problem

    So, at what age

    was it no longer safe for you to throw batting practice to your son? I have had many eye openers throwing BP, but took a fricken shot just below the ribs tonight ( I couldnt cry because too many 13 year olds would call me a pussy) and I was even behind a screen. It wasnt even a straight shot, a...
  28. Eye Problem

    Saltist 40 4.9:1

    80$ obo I have new factory drag washers in this reel, as I didnt like the feel of the carbontex. I also have an extra set of carbontex drags as well as another new factory set. Sorry about the pic, I used my crappy phone. Normal scratches on the exterior, probably a 7/10 appearance. sold.
  29. Eye Problem

    Cabo San Lucas

    I have a friend who won round trip airfare and accomodations in Cabo for the end of March. Any insight for a reputable captain I can send him to for a fishing trip for him and his lady during their stay?
  30. Eye Problem

    Full time Maintenance position

    Looking for maintenance person. Full time with benefits. Hospital in Westminster. Specifics will be posted on this website in a few days. I am looking for a high energy person who can deal with a...
  31. Eye Problem

    New in Box HP OfficeJet Pro K550dtn

    New in box, never opened. 75$ or ? HP OfficeJet Pro K550dtn Review - Inkjet Printers - CNET Reviews
  32. Eye Problem

    Dana Point 10/28

    Work has been trying to test my limits of endurance, so with a nice weather window and me being friggen exhausted from work, it was a clear message I needed some downtime. Late start this morning only to have a flat on the suburban half way to dana. WTF? first time that has happened. I can...
  33. Eye Problem

    Honeywell 4 stroke 1000w generator

    Never used other than being started twice. 120/12 volt outputs. Probably 6-9 months old. 200$ obo. Nice portable generator for squid lights etc... SOLD.
  34. Eye Problem

    Brent's coming back, again?

    Favre tells teammates he's back; flying back to Minn. - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN :rofl:
  35. Eye Problem

    I want to be like Mike

    Good god, will the hype never end? I cant wait until the next 6 NBA seasons are over and this ringless shmuck remains ringless and goes broke. And a quick shout out to Galaxsea, you're Pads finally grew some hair on their nads. Congrats! ESPN permanently axes LeBron James Vegas story - NBA...
  36. Eye Problem

    That was a nice one

    any guess as to the magnitude?
  37. Eye Problem

    It didnt hit me until it was too late

    So I am heading out sharking with the kids, I stop at the Dana Point landing to pick up some squid to make bait. When I walk down from the landing, some dude asks me to program his handheld GPS so he and his family can go to Catalina. I say "sure, let me see it and I'll give you a hand". I set...
  38. Eye Problem

    Trinidad Tn 20

    Excellent condition. Regularly serviced at Shimano. Includes 65lb spectra, clamp, and reel cover. 230$, will ship from south OC at your expense. I also have a TN 16 with clamp for the same deal. Just purging a couple items to make room for some new stuff I bought. Paypal accepted.
  39. Eye Problem

    Offshore 302, 43 and west of the 182

    Quick rundown for you heading out manana. Fished in search of paddy yellows at the 302 along that temp break in the morning. 3-4 ft swell at a short duration made it bumpy heading out. Bumpy because I like to run at 24+ knots at the local banks, easily doable and soft at 15knots. 302, not much...
  40. Eye Problem

    Go to rod

    I bailed from work early and pulled my 12 year old fishing sidekick from school today and went to the Fred Hall show. Said hello to lots of people I havent seen in a very long time due to numerous reasons :confused: After getting home, and loading my reels with all the new line I purchased, I...
  41. Eye Problem

    HVAC mechanic needed

    Hospital setting. Need a self motivated, self starter without an ego. Prefer a college student willing to learn, and willing to run. Hospital experience a plus. Full time with insurance, vacation, etc... central OC. P.M. me with a reply if you have the right stuff.
  42. Eye Problem

    New fish/game smoker

    I cant find the ignitor?
  43. Eye Problem

    5 1/2 ft bamboo gaff

    used, 25$ ???
  44. Eye Problem

    Daiwa Sealine X 40HV

    Rare usage, very clean reel. 45$
  45. Eye Problem

    11/20 bouncing off Laguna

    Late start, early success,early ride home. 70 ft off Laguna after 30 minutes, 15 lber in the box. 1:00 ride home and anticipating a nice halibut dinner. Fished with the Gooses awesome set up , beautiful day on the water, it doesnt get any better than today on the water,flat calm, shorts, cold...
  46. Eye Problem

    50 mph Warship

    50-mph warships being tested by Navy - Military-
  47. Eye Problem

    What a Maroon.

    For Cabrera, one bad scratch deserves another - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN <SCRIPT type=text/javascript> //document.getElementById('number_of_comments').innerHTML = commentCount+" Comments"; </SCRIPT><!-- // Story Content // --><SCRIPT> if(fanid.length > 0 &&...
  48. Eye Problem

    How about those Angels!

    :urno1::appl: 11-0 rout to take the division!
  49. Eye Problem

    Tuna Season is over.

    Tore my bicep completely off from my right forearm Monday. Surgery to repair the elbow is scheduled a week from Monday (Sept 21) Anybody else ever pull this same stunt? :1041677399:
  50. Eye Problem

    Saluki's new squeeze?

    Report: Semenya has male, female sex organs - More Sports News - FOX Sports on MSN
  51. Eye Problem

    HVAC tech needed

    605 fwy and 91 fwy area, PM me your info and I will forward it to the Hospital in need.
  52. Eye Problem

    Ok, who's f**king with me?

    WTF???? Got this in the mail today, I figured it was just a sick joke from an old bloodydecker like Seadawg or Mikeylikesit. My girlfriend is laughing :rofl: , the kids are fucking with me :nutkick: , but what I really want to...
  53. Eye Problem

    Nice landing?

    I dont know if this is a repeat, but its pretty amazing control of a small plane.
  54. Eye Problem

    My reason for not posting a fish report

    Some of you know Brian, my 11 year old fishing partner. We have been off the water for quite sometime now due to his young baseball career. His team at one point was 2-3 early on. They kept getting better, and they kept winning. They destroyed all opponents in the Lake Forest championship...
  55. Eye Problem

    Parking Lot sealing & striping

    Anyone licensed and in the business? I have some work that needs to be done in OC.
  56. Eye Problem

    Trailer nightmare!

    About two months or so back, I was preparing to go to San Quintin with Seadawg and company. I installed new hubs, bearings, and disc brakes on my trailer in preparation for the trip. I could not make thr trip due to work at the time although I was glad to get this work completed for the season...
  57. Eye Problem

    Repairing Boat Propellers?

    Anyone happen to know any vendors who would be interested in bidding on repairing Boat Propellers? There is a a bid out and no one has replied, and it closes in two days. I was asked this question today, just passing on an opportunity. Send me a PM if you do this type of work.
  58. Eye Problem

    Dont like march Madness,are you kidding me?

    6th OT Syracuse and Uconn, they're running out of kids to finish this. Good god I love this shit! :gaygroup:
  59. Eye Problem

    River2sea jigs

    Anyone know where I can order some of these searock jigs? I have 2 left from last season and would like to replentish early on so I can replace the stock hooks (already had many straightened ) and go on a bluefin killing spree, again. These cast a country mile, swim awesome, and they work...
  60. Eye Problem

    Cooter joining the AARP?

    LOL Happy Birthday dude, I just saw you are over the hill tomorrow.
  61. Eye Problem

    Fiesta Bowl

    Texas or Ohio State? I personally think Texas is going to lay "an ass whooping like no other" on the Buckeyes. Its not just because the Buckeyes play in the whimpy Big 10 either, Texas is going to be out for blood in this one, just to make a mockery of the BCS. Just my 2cents.
  62. Eye Problem

    I could use some BD help

    I need to get a heating circuit board down to another BD member who needs this badly tomorrow, is any one driving from OC towards temecula in the afternoon? PM please if this is feasable for you.
  63. Eye Problem

    Jayhawks ???

    WTF, take one on the chin from a 2-7 UMass team? Gotta have more heart than that, you realize your playing in the Big 12 right?
  64. Eye Problem

    11/29 LB ling hunt

    Ling season is almost over for So Cal, so Swazi, Brian, and myself went fishing local from LB on a ling hunt. We succeeded in bagging a couple nice ones on an absolutely stellar weather day.
  65. Eye Problem

    Ohh those little ones!

    Probably a repeat, but I got a good chuckle out of these. LOL YouTube - SERIOUS Cuda as child? YouTube - Kassie Kicks Monsters Ass YouTube - Charlie bit my finger - again !
  66. Eye Problem

    Only two questions remain

    will the Angels win 100, and will the Padres lose 100? :nutkick:
  67. Eye Problem

    Life is good

    Angels not only won the AL West today, the stuck the dagger deep into the heart of the hated Yankees chances for a playoff birth. I went fishing today, killed many tuna, but the real joy is watching the Yankees freefall while the good guys in red, run the tables in the division. Your welcome...
  68. Eye Problem

    Started Cleaning my boat today........

    Started with a sparkling clean new 60 gallon Pacific Edge bait tank.......:rolleyes: These new 08 models had the right footprint I have been looking for and are absolutely bitchen. I will start (again) washing the boat and cabin cleaning tomorrow LOL
  69. Eye Problem

    Yo Chris...

    Your boys took one smack in the grill tonight, whats that about? :Pelvic_Thrust:
  70. Eye Problem

    Good News!

    Dear Mr. Watt: Since you previously wrote to me in support of the Clean Boating Act of 2007 (S.2766), I wanted to share some good news with you about this legislation. I am pleased to inform you that Congress has passed the Clean Boating Act, and it was sig ned into law on July 29, 2008. As I...
  71. Eye Problem

    Kotch fot Texiera??

    I personally dont like trading next years success for todays, but damn, this is going to be a tough team to beat in October!
  72. Eye Problem

    Yo Corb....

    Whats that, like six straight now? Whats up with your boys? :Pelvic_Thrust:
  73. Eye Problem

    4th of July at Anahiem stadium

    At last minute I purchased some killer tickets to see the Angel game and watch the following fireworks show with the family for some good juju with the other half. It was killing me to hear alberts are being destoyed by a good friend down south, but I did take one for the team today and was glad...
  74. Eye Problem

    The Cowboy and the Indian (Cooter)

    Cowboy: 'That your dog?' Indian: 'Yep.'<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comCowboy: 'Mind if I speak to him?'</B></B><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Indian: 'Dog no talk.' <o:p></o:p> Cowboy: 'Hey dog, how's it going?' <o:p></o:p> Dog: 'Doin' all right.' <o:p></o:p> Indian: (Look...
  75. Eye Problem

    The Universe is back in balance (NBA)

    Celtics and Lakers are back in the finals as it was meant to be, life is good in the NBA once again. I love what the crybaby (Ainge) did with the chowds, but...................... I foresee a major disappointment in the beantown future. Youth, athleticism, and experience will prevail in six. Go...
  76. Eye Problem

    Lefty's miracle on Sunday

    Anybody watch that SD native???? I was in Palm Springs kicking it this past weekend checking out the pool scenery etc... and watched Lefty have a meltdown on the final hole of the Colonial. He gets himself handcuffed , surrounded by trees, with the anouncers already writing him off. He crushes a...
  77. Eye Problem


    both starting pitchers are 5-0 for a decent start. Life is good for Angel fans. Suicide squeeze tonight to rub salt in the A's wounds, gotta love Scosia calling the shots!:Pelvic_Thrust:
  78. Eye Problem

    Local ling hunt Sunday 4-6

    Its been since December when I last had my boat on the water. I decided to do a local run out of Long Beach just to shake the cobwebs and hopefully obtain a ling or two. I had success with both and managed to get a couple of nice keeper lings and some misc rockfish. Nice day on the water, H2o...
  79. Eye Problem

    NCAA Brackets are out, bitches

    who's your pick and why? :doh: 4 regions and not all 4 #1's will make it IMHO, who do you like?
  80. Eye Problem

    Just when you want to stick a fork in them

    Ucla turns the defensive heat on and runs Stanford in a clash of the titans last night. Freaking awesome game! K. Love, R. Westbrooke, and D. Collison were studs as usual. Side note: if my team is a number 1 seed (KU, Memphis, Carolina, Duke, Texas,etc...) in the dance, I would be terrified to...
  81. Eye Problem

    Two quick roundball observations

    Yo Chris, WTF is up with coach K talking smack and subsequently getting bitch slapped by the Canes????? :slap: Is it just me or did the Lakers look like they are "for real" last night?:notworthy
  82. Eye Problem

    NCAA roundball tonight

    Going to be some barn burners tonight, any predictions; Maryland at Duke Wisconsin at Indiana Notre Dame at Conneticut Houston at Memphis
  83. Eye Problem

    Thank You BD.....

    and BD sponsors! I just wanted to give some credit where credit is due. A big thank you to Ali, Jason, Avet (Harry) for jumping through hoops and getting Brians Avet contest reel to him before his birthday. I also wanted to thank Noahs (Kevan, and Don/ Orca) for making this happen, building...
  84. Eye Problem

    bi-focal sunglasses

    I had a gift certificate to Sport Chalet left from christmas, while browsing the store I came across these in the fishing dept. Nice product for us old farts. Fisherman Eyewear Polar View Polarized Bifocal Fis ... at Dick's Sporting Goods Westfield Connecticut Post in Milford, CT 06460 I...
  85. Eye Problem

    NCAA roundball is about to begin

    KU and Memphis are undefeated, Cooters boys have a scheduling disadvantage, Memphis will ride the gravy train into the tourney, most likely with the top seed. Who do like down the stretch, Duke, Ucla, NC, Wash, IU, ?????????? Its almost bracket time, are you tourney fans paying attention?
  86. Eye Problem

    12/15 Catalina Chuckles and Bugs

    We finally had some nice weather after suffering a couple of weeks of poor conditions, wind and swell have been horendous lately. After seeng such a nice forecast for the weekend I, decided to take my stepson and a friend to Catalina Island. We started for the island around 6am in absolutely...
  87. Eye Problem

    Happy Holidays from BD

    ElfYourself™ : Brought to you by OfficeMax® :rofl:
  88. Eye Problem

    Trivia Question from class today

    When the bomb squad is deployed and are required to do a facilty search, guess what is the number one noise making device found in a suspicious package thought to be a detonation device???
  89. Eye Problem

    Dec 2nd Pac 10

    <TABLE class=bgBdr cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=2 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR class=bgHdr1><TD colSpan=5>This should separate the men from the boys, Big 12 vs Pac 10 Sunday December 2 </TD></TR><TR class=bgHdr2 vAlign=top><TD>Time (ET)</TD><TD>Visiting Team</TD><TD>Home...
  90. Eye Problem

    Reel Service "Real Service"

    After doing some rockfishing (jigging) with (Harry) aka: Seadawg, I decided to get a couple of rigs to suit my taste for this style of fishing. Being the cheapskate I am, I found a pair of Shimano Tekota's, a 500, and a 600, on for lets say,about half what they cost new. So I make...
  91. Eye Problem


    Didnt see it, but looks like they are staying alive,for now. 2 outs , bottom of the 9th, and a walk off HR to win tonight. I can hear the sigh of relief, all the way up here in Angel country.
  92. Eye Problem

    9/1 - 9/3 Weekend report

    Decided to skip work Friday to beat the crowds at the ramp, me and my girlfriend got a slip at Harbor Island with plans of launching at 6am Sat for Ensenada. Had drinks and food at the Sheraton while watching the Angel game Fri evening. 6 am we head out to calm seas and a very nice morning...
  93. Eye Problem

    3 days down south for the holiday

    Heading south this weekend for some non combat , relaxing fishing, if your in the area and want to share dinner and shots at the Coral this weekend, I will be on 68 or at the bar. I am butt ugly and wearing a waatoosee hat (just kidding about the hat) Heading back up the line when I wake up Mon.
  94. Eye Problem

    OK, now that the MLB pot has been stirred,

    Please dont even post a "Pads rule and Dodgers suck" post without backing up your thoughts. as Romey says, Have a take and dont suck! Ok, here&#8217;s my take on the final run for the pennant: <FONT face="Times New Roman"><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  95. Eye Problem

    Life is good

    Yankees are getting destroyed 10 - 0 by yet another AL contending team.:urno1:
  96. Eye Problem

    So, whatcha think of Wells debut???

    as a Dodger????
  97. Eye Problem

    Wind forecast ?

    Found this link, I think Ali posted a similar one way back, kind of cool pic and choose overlays South California Forecast Choose weather base map (wind forecast time slider) and pic wind on the right menu. Gives a pretty quick 5 day wind forecast
  98. Eye Problem

    Short run with the kids 7/22

    I didnt feel like making the haul down to SD, so I took the kids Mako fishing out of Dana Point. Lookey what we found! Set up a chum slick for nothing, got bored and trolled R&B baito matic, got bit in ten minutes after trolling. Sean (kemosabe) lost one about the same size and got his ass...
  99. Eye Problem

    fishing license

  100. Eye Problem

    Awesome Fishing Machine for Sale, Cheap!!!!!!!!

    This awesome ride was at Shelter Island dock while I was loading my boat after the tourney, all I had was my phone to take this picture, so not the best quality. This boat is one of a kind. But do take notice to the for sale sign and tower manufactured by "Hemet Custom Tuna Towers" LOL
  101. Eye Problem

    Holy Crap! 570 lb "T"

    SDFISH.COM Message Forums - Viewing topic #29668 - Thresher
  102. Eye Problem

    Pacific Trailers parts list

    I dont know how accurate the pricing is,but for noobs, its kind of nice they have an exploded parts breakdown online. And yes they will ship. Especially since I just smoked one set of bearings on my trailer last Thursday.:Smoke_Emoticon::1041677399: I have no affiliation, just passing some good...
  103. Eye Problem

    tee shot,chip shot and a putt

    O'hair lost 747,00$ on three shots on the final two holes at the players championship, fucking ouch. That was brutal to watch. Oh yeah, congrats to lefty.
  104. Eye Problem

    Good deal on tLD 30II

    Web Specials at Anglers Center
  105. Eye Problem

    Bait in the LB area?

    Is there any fin bait in Long Beach anymore, or any live bait at all ? A couple of weeks ago there was nothing available. :confused:
  106. Eye Problem

    Catalina 1/27

    I wanted to run the boat seeing how I havent run since November. Full Tilt was courteous enough to run with me to cat since not much is going on local (thanks Vince). We targeted halibut and succeeded on the first drop, a barely legal 5 lber in the box. Many more drifts for an overall slow day...
  107. Eye Problem

    Nice upgrade

    except for the fact us old fucks cant read it. Can you make it any smaller?????????
  108. Eye Problem

    Redneck timeout

  109. Eye Problem

    Cool stereo for my B-day

    I have been looking for an easy way to play music on my boat without all the baggage of CD's, mp3 adapters etc... While looking around Best Buy I found new in dash combo units that have a USB interface already installed. You can use a flash drive directly or an ipod/ mp3 player without any...
  110. Eye Problem

    Raymarine S1000 preliminary review

    Finally got out of work to set this thing up. I had the ST6000 with nothing but trouble with the rudder sensor. Raymarine sent me (by my request) a new S1000 wireless autopilot. Installation was pretty much a breeze not having to run wires north and south through my boat. Basic operation is...
  111. Eye Problem

    Friday 11/17

    The weather is too nice to work tomorrow, therefore I will be fishing somewhere between the 425 and West end at Catalina. Actually im only running on Friday to piss off wildcat while he is working LOL
  112. Eye Problem

    They walk among us

    Might be a repost, but I got a good laugh out of these: <FONT face="Times New Roman"><FONT size=4>Some guy bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying: "Free to good home. You want it, you take it." For three days the...
  113. Eye Problem

    Catalina report 10/21

    This past week I have had a lot of drama going on in my life, between work and losing a family member this week, I really needed a break from it all. Late Friday night, I asked my daughter if she would like to spend a relaxing day at Catalina fishing for halibut. So we were on our way dropping...
  114. Eye Problem

    Catalina 10/21

    I will be out on the backside of cat in the morning, its been a rough week, and I need a break from life.
  115. Eye Problem

    Is your Autopilot Reliable???

    I am just curious about how the different brands of autopilots you guys own compare to each other for quality and reliability.
  116. Eye Problem

    Free diver dies at San Clemente island?

    I heard this on the radio this morning, anybody know what happened? Found the link - News - 20-Year-Old Dies While Free-Diving Off San Clemente Island
  117. Eye Problem

    The maximum time for storage of diesel fuel?

    What is the maximum length of time diesel can be stored before it breaks down and is unuseable? Where can I find this kind of data?
  118. Eye Problem

    Offshore 9/24 Late Dodo Report

    Fished sunday with Mots and Wildcat as crew. We left SI at 3:30 am for an easy ride out in greasy flat conditions and arrived in the zone at graylight. First paddy is huge and nothing would bite. We slow troll way off the paddy. About the time I tell Jim and Mots " I cant believe this huge...
  119. Eye Problem

    New Toy

    After pulling a major bonehead move 2 weeks ago, shes better than new. I cant say enough about Pacific Yacht Towers. Called them with my dilema, and emailed them a picture of the broken tower. Within one hour I had a quote to email my insurance company. Two days later I received the check for...
  120. Eye Problem


    I watched Modern Marvels tonight, afterwards I looked for this link, I immediately thought of Saluki, its very disturbing to me that I actually thought of him after seeing this on tv LOL
  121. Eye Problem

    Home made Lemonade

  122. Eye Problem

    WFH 9/02/06

    Wind fucking howling at Cat by 8am, ducked into long point for lunch(fresh corn on the cob and terriyaki steak kabobs) without the ass kicking. Kicked it and took it easy today, no fish, and not worth trying to fish, stayed on the lee side watching booty. Heard reports from the 295 up, major ass...
  123. Eye Problem

    Offshore Muerte rules! 8/19

    Took my 10 year old out today for some alone time on the water. Left dana point around 5:30 am , just in time to get in the bait line :rolleyes: My plan was to work west to the tempbreak out past the ridge and call it a day early. Got in the zone south of the 277 and nailed a nice bull, 25lbs...
  124. Eye Problem

    Paddie poaching 8/19

    I wasnt going to run this weekend but my 10yr old daughter really wants to fish. So, I will be heading out of Dana Point in the morning looking for stopped boats, as a matter of fact, if you find a paddy, please shoot 2 flares up so I can find you with ease. 1 flare will only draw in the...
  125. Eye Problem

    Offshore WFO EAL lures off Point Loma

    I took today off as I was jonesing for one of those ripper bites we all know exist, but sometimes have difficulty making materialize. Tony, (ahituna) was to crew for me and asked if he could bring his "noob" friend Steve along for some carnage or mayhem. I originally thought shit, a noob? Anyway...
  126. Eye Problem

    8/4 local run

    running local from Dana Point Friday morning.
  127. Eye Problem

    For the fruity football fans

    This was actually on TV...The commentators Paused and didn't say a Word... J Arkansas Razorback players Clarke Moore, Brett Goode and Casey Dick need to stop hanging out on the sidelines!
  128. Eye Problem

    7/8 fishing the secret spot

    Launching from oceanside in the am
  129. Eye Problem

    7/2 Domes/pendelton area

    I let Dana Point around 6:30 am for more of a pleasure cruise than fishing. Headed south at trolling speed, water was 69* and flat. I was going to fish for bass, but the weather was so nice (probably 80* by 7 am) I ended up cruising around the area without a care in the world, dragging a b&p...
  130. Eye Problem

    36/54 yellowfest for team retard

    Fished in my boat alongside Saltydawg Sat 6-3. Foggy conditions until noon. Hit a paddy early in the fog for a ripper bite , we bag 7 nicer grade yellows and loose the paddy at 100 yards in the fog, WTF? we are now self proclaimed retards.Team retard circles the area, follows the track line and...
  131. Eye Problem


    :104167739 :104167739 :104167739 the neverending story <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="BORDER-RIGHT: #e3e1c7 0px solid; BORDER-TOP: #e3e1c7 0px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #e3e1c7 0px solid; BORDER-BOTTOM: #e3e1c7 1px solid" vAlign=center width=290...
  132. Eye Problem

    3/23 local stuff (LB)

    I went solo today as I just couldnt stand it being in the office on yet another beautiful day. I decided to run local, since I was solo, and i normally have a good spot for reds fairly close. I started the day with a half ass attempt for butts along HH breakwall for nada. Picked up and ran out 9...
  133. Eye Problem

    I cant stand it

    77* forcast for tomorrow. I just resigned from my job. I am fishing tomorrow 3/23. No crew, so its a solo run unless things change real fast.
  134. Eye Problem

    Powerwinch Windlass

    Does anyone have any knowledge on these windlass units? They seem to be functional and priced right. Whats the good , bad, and ugly?
  135. Eye Problem

    Valentines poems, BD style

    Valentine Poems THESE ARE ENTRIES TO A WASHINGTON POST COMPETITION ASKING FOR A RHYME WITH THE MOST ROMANTIC FIRST LINE, BUT THE LEAST ROMANTIC SECOND LINE: Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss, But I only slept with you, because I was pissed. I thought that I could love no other...
  136. Eye Problem

    Yamaha 200 HPDI for sale

    2001 Yamaha 200hp HPDI This engine has a brand spanking new power head and has been completely rebuilt through Yamaha warranty,it has 0 hrs. I have the matching oil reservoir and new oil pump which are included. I probably have a wiring harness too, I have to look. PM me for details if...
  137. Eye Problem

    La Paz 5/22-5/29

    I Just booked my 2nd annual get warm, catch fish, and lose touch with reality trip. I am burnt out from work, but pretty stoked for this trip, last year was a wahoo fest, this year????????? :720icon:
  138. Eye Problem

    Anyone notice the fuel prices?

    2.05 a gallon for regular four weeks ago, 2.39 a gallon today, did I miss another hurricane hitting the gulf states again in the past few weeks? WTF is the reason for the rising prices now, peak vacation time? Or is everyone just content its less than 3 bucks a gallon.:mad:
  139. Eye Problem

    Hmmm looks fishable today

    I think there may be a slight problem
  140. Eye Problem

    Ali, anyone you know?

    perhaps your cousins? LOL
  141. Eye Problem

    Bait receiver contact #s

    Does anyone have a list of the local bait receivers contact numbers? I was wondering if there was any squid local (Nachos etc...) I used to have a list with the phone contacts from MDR to SD and lost it.
  142. Eye Problem

    Sunday 12/11

    Fishing local, Dana Point or Oceanside areas.
  143. Eye Problem

    Taking a look offshore 11/20

    Since the weather is nice, I will be running from SD Sunday, just scouting around outside a bit. You never know what you will find this time of year :rolleyes:
  144. Eye Problem

    11/13 local stuff part deaux

    Got a late start from alamitos today due to some after party extra curricular activities that kept me up late :rolleyes: . Took the kids out to the area we caught all the critters at on friday. Slow pickins today due to a stiff northwest wind, whitecaps arrived early (or maybe I was just late...
  145. Eye Problem

    11/11/05 Local stuff

    Slept in, stopped at starbucks for a latte, finally got to Alamitos bay ramp around 9ish. Dropped the boat in the water and gave Sean a call, "where the hell are you?" Hes at work and cant sneak out for another hour, :mad: no biggie, I went to get bait and set up for butts inside. Got a 1/2...
  146. Eye Problem

    Terrel Owens WTF to do?

    Do you 1: keep him, accept his apology, and wait for him to blow up the entire team? 2: Release him and be thankful it only cost you a 10 million$ loss to sign this loser. 3: trade him to the Raiders to play catch in the endzone with Randy Moss during pre game warm ups, knowing neither will...
  147. Eye Problem

    11/12 Dana Point

    Fishing 1/2 day from Dana on my boat Saturday before the BD party. Probably just family with me, just hanging out on the water. : farmer :
  148. Eye Problem

    11/5 SD area

    Ill be on the water down in the San Diego area Saturday. No real plan as of yet, except that crew will consist of that Full Turd guy Vince.
  149. Eye Problem

    when is it the right time

    to crap your pants?
  150. Eye Problem

    New look for both my rides

    Well, after all the shit I have gone through in the last month, I am nearly functional with my boat (the HPDI grenaded) and tow vehicle (ford sunk), heres a couple pics of the new modifications. Tow truck is the suburban, Motor is a 225 four stroke Yamaha, that has black paint and a Mercury...
  151. Eye Problem

    How to Dance like a white guy
  152. Eye Problem

    New member to the household

    I really didnt need this , but how can you resist having an 8 year old daughter?
  153. Eye Problem

    8/11 fishing Thursday

    Fishing 8/11 with Curtis on my ride. We will develop a game plan between now and the time we leave. :720icon:
  154. Eye Problem

    Offshore 7/22 firecracker yellows-late report

    Fished Friday 7-22 with Ztunaman and Fulltilt as crew. Slow day overall, fished west of the fleet, with a few jigstops only to unbutton at the boat several times. Troll, troll , troll, bored as hell, and Vince spots a hotel sized paddy. We throw chum on it and I watch the water explode around...
  155. Eye Problem

    EP is finally ready to rock n roll

    I have been going freakin nuts trying to figure this oil problem out. Main oil wont pump from the main reservoir to the engine oil reservoir. Finally, :High_Five I got a newer style tach from Tom (towerfab) and hooked it up, (try running a new harness from the helm to engine by yourself...
  156. Eye Problem

    Fuel filters in series?

    I have a 10 micron fuel filter / separator already on my boat. Can I put a 2 micron filter downstream in series with the current filter or will this create too large of a pressure drop for a 200 HPDI? I am not having a problem, Im just looking to protect the injectors and the filters on the...
  157. Eye Problem

    Fri 7/1 need 1 for local run

    I am running tomorrow primarily to burn some fuel and calibrate the autopilot. I have room and will run to local banks, LaJolla, the islands, doesnt really matter to me. Buy the bait and your on. I will be running long Fri night, so I want to get back at a reasonable hour to get some rest. 1...
  158. Eye Problem

    I cant freakin stand it

    :ranton: My boat is ready to roll, (new autopilot installation this weekend) but its freakin killing me. I have been extremely patient throughout all this work, and the major elimination of greenbacks from my wallet, it all has me on edge. I am going to run next weekend, even if I have to...
  159. Eye Problem

    Auto Pilot Question

    This is what I found looking into the autopilot tonight. This is the J3000X junction unit for the Simrad AP300X autopilot. The circuit board makes this cover look clean. If I cant replace this for a resonable cost, anyone have any suggestions on a reliable autopilot? The Raymarine S1000 is...
  160. Eye Problem

    Wahoo Redemption song 5-30

    After having my ass handed to me Saturday, I chose to target wahoo today, just to keep my own personal universe in balance. A quick note to you heading this way " black and purple" is the color for the hoo. If you no gotti , you no catchi! Anyway, I started the day obsessed for another shot at...
  161. Eye Problem

    Las Arenas 5/28

    Stellar day today on the water, cool breeze and no swell. I was fishing solo today and had a ball. It was a comfy ride out to the island from Las Arenas. Picked up sardines on the south side cerevalos and started slow trolling, within 5 minutes got rocked and cut off by a nice amberjack. Re tie...
  162. Eye Problem

    LaPaz 5/27 -30

    Heading out Friday morning on the early flight. I just caught a cold and feel like shit :mad: hopefully this clears up fast. Ive never been there and have been looking forward to this trip for a while. Clarke (Aleta) I think, is down there this week , so I should get a good heads up on whats...
  163. Eye Problem

    Tennessee striped bass 5/2005

    I met this dude this past weekend for a run on Lake Marion SC. I had a freakin great time, although the whole scene was direct from the movie "Deliverance", kind of a "country" type of place. Lots of turtles , snakes and coons. LOL This photo is my new bud Ryan Barnes, a good guy with little...
  164. Eye Problem

    Lake Marion 5/7

    I will be out on lake Marion early Saturday morning, usual channel. Fishing (actually seatrialing)freshwater because the owner of the boat is a lake fisherman and feels its much too far to run 60 miles for WFO wahoo and dodos. :rolleyes:
  165. Eye Problem

    4/30 Sometimes you tame the beast

    Sometimes you get tamed by the beast. we were tamed today. Sean and I got a late start this morning, we had the kids with us for some Tshark fun. I get a call from Max to bring him breakfast as he and AJ are already on the water and I have no rigs for this kind of fishing. Traded him a box of...
  166. Eye Problem

    My new ride

    Just got off the phone and Eye Problem has been sold. I am purchasing a Grady and will take delivery in a couple of weeks. Frank, I couldnt stand it anymore after I confirmed the sale of my boat LOL
  167. Eye Problem

    Good Ol Boys

    Good ol' Boys Incredible, its a pretty cool video.
  168. Eye Problem


    Im fishing Saturday, I dont know where , I dont know who will crew, if any crew at all. I would have somewhat of an idea as to direction if that useless turd dropping guy would call me back. I just left from getting my boat ready and and have a serious wood to get out on the water. She...
  169. Eye Problem

    LaPaz 5/27-31

    I just booked a trip to LaPaz for 5/27-31. Im flying down for a few days of fishing and extracurricular activities. :D Thanks for the heads up Frank! Any suggestions for panga charters etc.. would be appreciated.
  170. Eye Problem

    La Paz in May

    Anybody have some insight of the area, where to stay, who to fish with, expected catch in late May? Im considering flying down for a 4-5 trip to La Paz or possibly San Jose del Cabo.
  171. Eye Problem

    Boat Surveyor in SD

    Anybody got a line on a trusted a surveyor down S.D. way?
  172. Eye Problem

    Tsunami relief

    I was walking out of Home Depot and KBIG 104.3 had a booth outside, no line and raining like a mofo, so I thought WTF, I will check it out. I spin their roulette wheel and got free tickets to The House of Blues tonight (tsunami relief fund) at Disney town or what ever you call it. It was pretty...
  173. Eye Problem

    Offshore Isla San Clemente 12/26

    Met up with Wildcat at 4am while I was waiting for Miss Kelly and crew to arrive at Shelter Island. I was helping Jim get his ride ready when Jason and Mots arrived, and Jason (Papa J) shortly after. Jason (Papa J) offered a ride on his boat as he only had himself and one other, I decided to run...
  174. Eye Problem

    Calico hunting LB 10/30

    Ended up running today on my friends 26 ft Shamrock Mackinaw trying to catch and release a minimum of 60 calicos for DNA research (Jeff aka lunchbox) at UCSB. We caught, sampled and released 65+ calicos in about 3 hours today. Fun local trip all paid for by UCSB :) thank you very much...
  175. Eye Problem

    Cabo to PV on Aleta Nov 1

    I paid for my airfare today :jumpin: Clarke (Aleta) offered me a spot on his Cabo 35 for an adventure of a lifetime in which I couldnt pass up. I am flying down to Cabo San Lucas, jumping aboard Aleta and fishing from there to Puerto Vallarta with Clarke and Richard. We will be fishing the...
  176. Eye Problem

    8/20 Deja vu trip

    Going to run again tonight, changed plans 6 times already and I have no fingertips left and I am too tired and after whacking them today to run long (Ill do that Sunday) I will be touring the area we were at today and then some. P.S. Vince (aka Full Tilt), if you hear me hailing you get your...
  177. Eye Problem

    Offshore Local Banks 8/6/04

    Short story -slow day outside, lots of calicos inside After changing my mind about 25 times I decided to run outside of the 302. Max and Vince met me at SI around 2:30am and after further discussion we loaded the boat and headed to EB for a nice scoop and a half of deans. Nice ride all the way...
  178. Eye Problem

    Dana pt. 7-18

    Going out to play from Dana tomorrow, probably will run offshore to the 209 to see if there are any pointy nosed critters out that way, and then see if we cant get some bass going in close. Actually I just want to have some cold beer and be on the water. :beerbang: Max , I will be in the DP...
  179. Eye Problem

    Offshore Yet another 6/19 report

    Fished down south of the 238 today on W/G with Wildcat, Wasabi Boy, Ping and Microfish for all the albies you wanted. Limits for 6 by 7:40 am. Waatoosee and everyone else in the area plugged and headed for the barn , no later than 10 am. Fish were up to 30 # on the spring scale. Thank you again...
  180. Eye Problem

    Any of you San Diegans see the Masters?

    Phil Mickelson (native of San Diego)won in the most dramatic golf event I have witnessed. It was freakin great, birdies the final hole to win his first major by one stroke and first win in 40 events. He was 3 down with 6 holes left in this one, and made a run that will be timeless. :cheers:
  181. Eye Problem

    Welcome Baitball

    I talked to this guy today looking for a generator , shortly after he asked what I needed it for, I explained its for boating and low and behold he is a fisherman with a 21 ft Striper. We talked generators, fishing , internet boards etc and here he is a member after I recommended him to this...
  182. Eye Problem

    3/14 Catalina

    Going to run to Cat early am on Sunday with Kemosabe on my boat, and Sharkstew on with Ahitunas boat. I will be on 72 or 68.
  183. Eye Problem

    Cowboy Chapstick

    A cowboy rode up to the saloon, dismounted from his horse, and dusted himself off. He then walked around to the rear of his horse, lifted the tail and kissed it right on the asshole. As the cowboy walked into the saloon, the shocked barkeeper asked, "Did you just kiss your horse's ass?"...
  184. Eye Problem

    2-29 looking for butts @ LB

    Went for a shakedown run today from LB to check out my new bait tank. Dropped the boat in the water about 6:45 and ready to go after a week and a half of crap weather. I hit the switch for the baitpump and waited in anticipation, and waited , and waited *&^&^%$%$ :mad: Ok , I check it out and...
  185. Eye Problem

    Sunday Feb 8

    Probably going to run to the backside of Catalina Sunday morning. If not Catalina, I will be local somewhere between Dana Pt and Long Beach :confused:
  186. Eye Problem

    12-27 Salsipuedes/lower finger

    Fished today aboard Whippet Good with John, Dan (hattrick) and Dans two sons ages 7 and 12. We fished Salsipuedes area for a steady bite of everything, Lings galore, reds,johnny bass , grouper, etc... Ended up with 50 nice fish for an easy days work. It was a bit snotty for smaller craft, but we...
  187. Eye Problem

    12-17 rocky point/ PV

    Left Davies around 6am on Wednesday 12/17 and went strait out to nachos looking for some squid to chase these early seabass which have been showing up everyday I dont fish :mad: Nacho didnt have any squid so we ran to LA bait off Cabrillo Beach to throw down 40 bones for a half scoop. With...
  188. Eye Problem

    12/17 Wed

    Heading out local, LB and HB area drifting for halibut. I may run to Catalina if Squid is available. I have room for 1 if anyone is interested. I dont care about the cost, would like help launching the boat. :rolleyes:
  189. Eye Problem

    Dec 6 Saturday PV and Rocky Point

    I got someone to crew so I will be out early in the morning at the point. Usual channels :D Sorry, wrong forum, go ahead and punish me. :rolleyes:
  190. Eye Problem

    The Athiest

    An athiest was taking a walk through the woods. What majestic trees! What powerful rivers! What beautiful animals!" he said to himself. As he was walking alongside the river he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look. He saw a 7 foot grizzly charge towards him...
  191. Eye Problem

    Offshore 11/6 at the 14-277

    Took Mots and Kemosabe out for one last hurrah for tuna today. We get to the 14 and paddies are abundant but only holding miniscule yellows :( The first paddy we worked as we were getting ready to roll again, JAWS whacks the sardines by the kelp!! :eek: No kidding , a freaking huge thresher...
  192. Eye Problem


    running to the 267-14 -277 triangle tomorrow, sometimes you just have to say WTF with work, im burnt and need to fish.
  193. Eye Problem

    blonde joke

    Two bored casino dealers are waiting at the crap table. A very attractive blonde woman arrived and bet twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) on a singleroll of the dice. She said, "I hope you don't mind, but I feel much luckier when I'm completely nude." With that, she stripped from the neck down...
  194. Eye Problem

    Emergency Lights

    I saw these at an emergency respose/ bioterrorism seminar I was attending 6 months ago and thought they would be perfect for a boat, no batteries and lasts forever. I just ordered two for my boat, a bit pricey, but how many times have you picked up your flashlight only to have dead batteries...
  195. Eye Problem

    Friday 10 - 17

    Considering running out of SI early tomorrow if I can find 1 for crew, anyone interested? PM me if so.
  196. Eye Problem

    Any VHF experts out there?

    I want to look at upgrading my VHF this winter, in looking at this, in all models 25 watt is the maximum output. Therefore I am assuming the major difference in transmitting and receiving is the antenna? Any comments or suggestions for a poor boat owner wanting a better range on the VHF? My...
  197. Eye Problem

    Offshore 9/25/03 wind ,waves and yellows

    Left shelter Island around 3 am and picked up some bait and were on our way to 390 area. Weather was snotty all the way. Greylight I hear of yellowfin action about 3 miles in front of me, we decided to troll that way as the weather would only allow me to run at 12 mph anyway. Skippy hell again...
  198. Eye Problem

    Make a Wish

    All of you fishing the tournament I want to wish you well and the best luck. I will be on the water thursday and and have very limited time between now and the tournament. I am taking the rest of the week(after wed) and monday off to fish the tournament, paddy hop on my own boat, and just enjoy...
  199. Eye Problem

    Thursday 9-25

    Going to make a run on my boat and look around the local banks with Kemosabe prior to the Make a Wish. Anyone else out there , give me call on 72.
  200. Eye Problem

    Read this on allcoast, ouch!
  201. Eye Problem

    9/12/03 Bluefin Run with WG

    Whippet Good and crew will be running in the morning targeting the larger model Bluefin. We will be working with two other boats.
  202. Eye Problem

    Possible relocation to SD

    There is a very high probability of my trransfering to SD in the very near future. I am looking to purchase a home in the Rancho Bernardo (Westwood) area. Any comments for locations of a home in this general area that wont cut into my fishing funds? I thought OC was expensive untill I started...
  203. Eye Problem

    Sunday 8-31

    Running my boat with Jeff B (biteson) not certain which direction, but I will be out on the water. :D
  204. Eye Problem

    this is killing me

    I have had plans to run to Laughlin this weekend for some time now, for my sons birthday. So of course the the weather lays down, the bigger grade tuna show up local when I cant go. :( I am out of town until Monday morning and cant run until tuesday. :( When I pray they will be thick and...
  205. Eye Problem

    Offshore 8/9/03 WFO foamers

    Fished the spot down about 5 miles southwest of the fleet with John(WG), Jim(Wildcat), Jeff, Sean (Kemosabe) and Dan(Hattrick) for a sick wfo bite about 6:10 in the morning. Dan drops the first feather and it didnt make it to the first wash behind the boat. It gets ripped before the reel is in...
  206. Eye Problem

    8/7 heading south

    Making for the Coral this afternoon, fishing the zone in the morning on my boat (Eye Problem). also running fri night / fishing same area Saturday.:D
  207. Eye Problem

    209 8/3

    Took my boat out to the 209 today to see if I could drag up a marlin. It was pretty much a maiden voyage after the fuel tank modification and installation of a new sportpilot. :D Water temp in the 209 area was as high as 72.4 east of the high spot. Saw lots of porpoise and molas but mr. marlin...
  208. Eye Problem

    2100 Striper range , need some?

    I just got home from having a custom tank installed in my boat. The old only held 65 gallons, I love the boat , but the range was a problem. I originally opted to add custom saddle tanks to replace the side rod holders, you know, the ones we all use sooo frequently . But when we opened up the...
  209. Eye Problem

    6-13 Catalina

    I know you are waiting for a wide open report, this is not it. actually it was very quiet at the island today. I didnt hear much of any thing. I did get bored around 1 pm and and decided to cross the channel and suddenly the sun was blaring about 3 miles east of catalina. Water was soooo blue...
  210. Eye Problem

    Catalina 6-13

    Running to Catalina to see if the seabass are still going off. Weather and circumstances denied myself and Bran from telling you all about all the tuna we caught:D I will post tomorrow afternoon for the weekenders.:D
  211. Eye Problem

    Offshore 6-7 albies

    Made the run to the dumper with WG, Wildcat, Sirfishalot at 11pm. Greylight we dropped them in and hooked up immediately. Triple on 20 lb class albies. Through the morning we had 5 consecutive triples and a few on bait. Long ride in less than desirable conditions. Talked to Framed Out, So Cal...
  212. Eye Problem

    Offshore 238/295

    Long ride today on glass, fishing with Whippet Good, Wildcat, and met Waatoosee and Gato Gordo way down south. Water inside was cold and dirty, warmer the further west we went. Waatoosee found a patty early holding big yellows and landed two and farmed two on the kelp. We found few kelps and...
  213. Eye Problem

    5-10 Catalina

    I know this is late, but Saturday , 5-10, while I was fishing the rockpile a good friend of mine fished out by church rock (catalina)and got into a flurry of white seabass 30-35 lb range. They are finally showing in large numbers. He caught them on frozen squid with white lead heads. He also...
  214. Eye Problem


    Making another run to Catalina in the morning. I will be heading out around 3:00 am to see if the seabass want to play.:confused:
  215. Eye Problem

    Eye Test
  216. Eye Problem

    4-18 Catalina

    Left Long beach(Alamitos Bay) around 4:45 am. Picked up a very nice mix of chovies and deans, ( no squid like the recording said) and was on our way to the Island. Real snotty ride only about 12 mph on the way out, had me second guessing myself on the way . We arrived just after daylight and...
  217. Eye Problem

    4-18 Catalina

    Going to run to Catalina in the morning with my friend Sean and see what kind of fishies we can stir up.