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    Zombie fish ID/SF beach

    Not my pic but from a local. Kinda trippy-maybe a mammal?
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    How big!?

    My nephew just sent me a pic of a fatso he got on the 181 today. They found 5 terns & then saw sonar marks-he jumped in & they greeted him at 25’. Took 1.5 hrs & 3 shafts to get it in. Guesstimates? He’s going to get measurements when he gets it to his place to process-he’ll be up late! Haha.
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    Anyone hear how Shogun’s 2 day that just returned did?

    Was anyone on this trip or hear how it went? Thx
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    Got phished!

    Got this in response to a WTB in classifieds.
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    Seeking SSR Seeker 7660

    Spear or rod submitted a new listing: Seeking SSR Seeker 7660 - Seeking SSR Seeker 7660 Learn more about this listing...
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    Safety caps for trebles on surface irons

    Anyone have a clue what size & where to order caps for jigs? Thx
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    Fish ID

    Came across this dead mofo during beach walk on Ocean Beach in SF just now. Anyone have a clue?
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    Sumo rod belt

    Spear or rod submitted a new listing: Sumo rod belt - Sumo rod belt Learn more about this listing...
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    Slammer III 5500 & 7’6”CARB 40-80lb Braid set up

    Going to use this for a popper/stick bait rig for upcoming 5 day Vag trip in Sept. for the first time. What is the max test braid w/mono top shot I can get away with for this combo? Thinking will use it for schoolie & kelp paddy stuff for shits & giggles. Have all the other rigs covered. Thx.
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    WTB steak knives

    Spear or rod submitted a new listing: WTB steak knives - WTB steak knives Learn more about this listing...
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    CA Sheephead mounts

    A buddy is making these mounts. I like the bottom one’s coloring. Thoughts? Not sure what’s up w/the fresh strawberries. Maybe for scale-kinda funny. Thx guys.
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    Anyone recognize this hook keeper?

    Saw this set up but couldn’t quite tell the brand. Thx for any intel.
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    Feed poppers need hooks

    Just got these from Samuri Tackle w/o treble hooks. What brand/size treble should I get. Thx for any ideas fellas. Will be tossing them during 5 day Vag trip in Sept.
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    LB 6480H question

    Hey Guys- thought I’d ask the rod builders this question. So, scored a lb 6480H & wondering what material to rewrap with or if I even need to. Rod is pristine. appreciate any ideas & feedback. Thx guys. Tommy Planning on putting Fthm 25N on it.
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    Looking for this jig bag

    A member has jigs listed for sale w/this bag. Know if anyone makes something similar?Assume this is an older jig bag. Thx
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    Pairing rod w/Fthm 40LD2

    Going on a 5 day Sept Vag trip & need some advice. Have 2 converted older rods (swapped out roller tips/strippers) & a Seeker I picked up from a BD member. Whatcha think? For blueprinted Fthm 40LD2 w/80lb braid- •Seeker Black Steel G 660H-6’ •Seeker A 660H-6’ •Calstar WC 660XH (a tad under 6’)...
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    Upgraded fish bag

    Finally broke down & picked up a new fish bag. Actually got it for my Kaboat after getting rid of my Cobra. Disclaimer-I spearfish too so have known Dano at Mako Spearguns for a long time & am a cash paying customer. Great crew over there. Anyway, was pleased w/how beefy everything is on this...
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    Dirty rejected pots wanted!

    Decided to put this here because NORCAL location. If you have any crab pots sitting around growing weeds I can use a couple. Any condition-I’ll come get them...socially distanced of course. Let me know what you want $s wise. Thx. Tommy I’m in SF so anywhere within an hour +- all good. Need any...
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    It is what it is

    No long range trip for me this year so was able to score four 15-18lb Albacore from the boat Story Time at Pillar Point Harbor. $4 a pound. 25 minutes left on this batch. Going to smoke the rest tomorrow. Glad I had a case of half pints stashed & was able to scrounge up enough pints to make a...
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    Landings selling albacore

    Anyone know of any landings or commercial boats selling albacore? Whole popsicles are fine. Range would be Monterey to Fort Bragg. Eureka would be a stretch but it’d be a good excuse to get outta Dodge for a minute. Thx guys
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    Battle III 4000 knob swap

    Is there a round knob swap available? Thx
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    Should I fill this?

    Just got this 2 piece spinning rod & noticed the lower section was left open/unsealed. Is there something or someway to fill this? Thx.
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    Slammer 3 3500

    Looking to buy a 3500. Need it shipped to SF 94110. Thx.
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    Fthm15LD2 question

    Just picked up a NIB 15LD2 & was surprised how much resistance there is when turning/cranking handle w/o any load on it (own a 40LD2 so know how to set drag) in high gear. Is this typical? Own the 15SD & that thing is just butter when turning the handle when engaged. Figured there were just more...
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    Fathom rod clamp

    Is the rod clamp on the Fthm25nsd 1st gen okay for Deckhand style rod (Seeker 6480H)or should I upgrade to after market clamp? Thx.
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    Rod for Fthm30LD2

    Found this Carnage online & was wondering if it’s a good match for a new Fathom30LD 2speed that I picked up. Thinking 65lb Braid & 40lb topshot of mono. Going to be mainly live bait when they will bite the heavier stuff & jigging/flat fall on a future Vagabond trip. Thx for any & all advice.
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    Surf session storage question

    What set-up (fanny pack, backpack,etc)are you salty surf dogs using for mobile beach sessions & where did ya get it? Thx! Tommy
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    Any Slammers -4500/ 5500

    Would need it shipped if outside of Bay Area. 2x piece Carnage or other spinning rod would be gladly welcomed too! Thx guys. Tommy
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    Slammer lll/Penn line winder

    Noob question here but will the PLW load up mono on Slammer lll 5500? Thx guys
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    CA PC sucks! East Coast attitude rules

    I’ll let these signs do the talking...
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    Allowed on LR boats?

    Hoping skippers allow these on their boats when we are finally able to fish again. Hang in there fellas.
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    Slammer 4500

    Please PM if you have one you’re willing to part with. Thx guys. Tommy
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    Not clear on concept....

    Fucking Amazon-ordered Carnage 2 Piece rod! Too funny
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    Chicago May 2020 trip

    Visiting son at college in May & hoping there is a BD member who can point me in the right direction to get in on some local action. Thx. Tommy
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    Penn Ftm15 star drag

    Looking for a first gen reel. Need to be able to ship to SF 94110. Thx. Tommy
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    Penn Squidder, TLD 25

    Both in great condition. Not sure what # Braid on TLD. Squidder loaded w/fresh 20#mono. Direct drive lever thingy disconnected. $80 each. Can ship. Thx for looking
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    Accurate 870 Boss Magnum, Penn Sabre P880CHT 20-50lb

    Got off the Vagabond 4 day & staying at the Vagabond Inn for the night until flt tomorrow. Thought I’d see if anyone needs some gear/Have to pick up tonight in Pt Loma. Priced to sell. -Accurate has a couple of scratches but is 9/10 mech & condition. Just loaded it w/new 65# power pro SOLD -Take...
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    Sheath pliers/spike

    Sheath only. Needs to hold pliers/cutter/spike.New or used/any color. Thx
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    2-4hp 4stroke outboard advice

    Bought a 13’ Kaboat & want to power it w/a small 4stroke. The question is (since I know zero about these types of OB motors) what, where, type/brand to buy. Saw 3.5hp advertised but not sure if there is that big of a diff between it & 2hp power wise to justify cost. Integrated gas tank fine as...
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    Beach launch cart ideas for Kaboat

    Just picked up a 13’ Kaboat & was wondering if anyone has any ideas on a decent beach launch cart. I can mod a kayak launch thingy but was hoping for something a bit sturdier. Thx for any ideas. T
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    This washed up today...

    Found this washed up on Ocean Beach SF. Was still alive. Belly colorations are cool. Sea gulls were having a heck of a time penetrating its skin. Any ideas?
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    Penn 6/0 Tib Frame

    Serviced(Alan Tani)/new drags/fresh 80# mono & not fished since. Clean reel w/Alan Tani handle. $100
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    113H w/Tib frame

    Serviced, new drags & 50lb mono from Alan Tani. Haven’t fished it since service. Clean. Reel Colors handle. No gears/dogs upgrade. $90
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    Mount FTHM 25N to deckhand style rod

    Anyone have an idea of how much to cut down screws to mount on cork wrapped handle w/cork puppy or have a link to a post on this please. Thx
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    Used deckhand style jig stick

    Flying down to San Diego for a 3 day in Oct. Need to pick up a used 8-9’ jig stick locally. Family member can pick up for me before trip. Nothing fancy/#40 glass stick for iron all good. Thx guys. T
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    Albacore recommendation for Bodega or Fort Bragg

    Are any of the party boats or 6 packs running for Albacore yet? Thx in advance.
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    Diawa Proteus rod question

    Do they make a westcoast style 8-9 footer w/o reel seat for surface irons? 20-40 lb-ish (mono) Thx
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    WTB beater beach cruisers in Mission Bay/PB area

    Headed to San Diego with the fam 8/13-8/19 (staying at the Catamaran Inn on Mission Bay) & want to buy cruiser. Thx guys/gals. Tommy Email me at [email protected]
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    Trolling rigs for sale

    $50 shipped in conus. Paypal friends/family or check fine. Thx. Tommy OBO
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    Magnum Divebait cast from boat?

    Just dug this out from storage. Has anyone had experience casting these from boat or just stick w/trolling it? Thx guys.
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    Shimano TLD15 mount upgrade

    Is there an upgrade for tld15 mounting bracket or are these just fine? Just picked this unit up used from a member. 30# mono & going to use it on a seeker 670 w/ reel seat. Thx guys.
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    Upgrade for flush mount for tib frame

    Is there a way to upgrade hardware for old style tib frames to flush mount w/o buying entire kit? Assume I can use same studs & adjust to new nuts. Thx.
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    Flat fall jigs assist hooks/where to buy

    I picked up a few unrigged Shimano knockoff 150g flat fall jigs & need to buy hooks for them. CharkBait has various sized assist hooks/single hook per rigged dynema leader. Can you just put 2x per rig or does someone sell the double hook per leader rig? Thx guys.
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    WTB 25mm Cork puppy

    Please PM if you have one that you'd sell. Doesn't need to be pretty! Thx.
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    Looking for house/cottage to rent Punta Banda or La Boufadora

    My go to rental at La Bouf got a long term tenant. Trying not to go VRBO etc ( friggin nickle dime you w/fees). Roadie with my 13yr old son end of March for his first taste of Baja so need something reasonably nice. Any ideas or leads greatly appreciated. Looking forward to showing him the Banda...
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    Salmon out of the Gate?

    Has anyone heard how the private/party boats have been doing? Thinking about heading out on an open load. Thx. Tommy
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    NORCALer down south next week 20th-25th. Looking for ride

    Staying with the fam at DLand for a week. I can meet up anywhere north or south. 23rd or 24th are wide open. I can bring spear gear in case we come across puddlers that won't cooperate! All the usual applies-split $'s, cleaning, food, driving, don't be a dick! Thx. Tommy 415-515-0361...
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    WTB upgrade reel handles for Penns

    I'm checking here first before buying from dealer online. Here's what I need. 2x round knobs for 113 & 1x bar type knob for 114 (with or without blank is fine). Thx. Tommy
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    Punta Banda/Ivan's contact info

    Does anyone have Ivan Villarino's current contact info? The old email address bounced back. Thx. Tommy
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    Punta Banda house rental needed Oct 1-5

    Anyone have a line on a place (might need 2 places depending on size of home) for a few nights. All mature guys who don't intentionally break shit anymore & are tired of sleeping on floors & chairs! Either along the beach or on the hill is fine. Blowhole side is fine too. Outdoor shower or wash...
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    Registering Zodiac w/o title question

    Someone gave me a Zodiac that hasn't been registered since '88 & has no title (has CF numbers & '88 reg sticker). Has anyone dealt with DMV with a situation like this? Trying to save myself a few hours at DMV office. Lost cause or worth following up on? Couldn't find anything on the site. I have...
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    Trek II Fort Brag for tuna

    Has anyone fished with this outfit for tuna recently? He's fishing Sunday for albacore & I was considering going. Pros or cons appreciated. Thx. T
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    What size Rancor separator for a 50hp Mercury EFI?

    Anyone know which size I need? I have a ten gallon plastic tank. Thx. Tommy
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    For Sale Trolling Plate for up to 50 HP outboard

    I listed it on SB so take a look if you're interested. Here's the link. For Sale Trolling Plate for up to 50HP outboard - - The World's Largest Spearfishing Diving Boating Social Media Forum
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    For Sale Trolling Plate. Up to 50hp outboard

    I bought this for $50 & never used it. Comes with SS mounting screws. I bought it used but it's in 9/10 condition. My loss your gain. Best offer wins & buyer pays shipping. Thx. Tommy [email protected] is the best way to get in touch with...
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    Kayak paddle, leash, & seat (high backed)

    Looking for something used in decent condition for a Cobra Navigator. Thx. Tommy For faster response e-mail [email protected]
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    Anyone have an open seat for Sunday?

    Looking for a ride Sunday 9/2. I'm in the City so any harbor between Bodega-Monterey is fine. Experienced & have all gear. Launch to wash down-can do it all. No drugs or alcohol. Thx guys. Tommy 415-515-0361 cell Oh yeah, kick in $'s, of course! T
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    Puerto Santo Tomas resort

    Heading down to the area south of Ensenada the first part of August for a few days & was looking @ Santo Tomas as one of the spots to check out. Primarily spearfishing trip but will have a couple rods & reels on hand too. Any feedback on the area & resort would be greatly appreciated. Thx. Tommy
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    Outboard konked out @ launch ramp

    Ready to roll with my 8 year old @ the Pillar Point launch ramp-sandwiches made, bait in the cooler, new FBR's strung except one problem.... Man, it was humming @ the dock warming up & konked out. Thank goodness it was there & not outside Jaws. Buying Vessel Assist Monday! If anyone wants to...
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    Scotty Trap Eeze Anyone have one of these that they want to part with? Thanks. Tommy
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    WSB dead squid rig

    Looking to try my hand @ WSB in the Pillar Point & Pacifica area. Anyone have a pic or gear, floro, hook, etc. description for a two hook rig? Thanks for your help. Tommy
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    Vintage 1930 rods & reels needed

    My buddy is reproducing Ernest Hemingway's boat the Pilar for an HBO movie & needs to rent some of the large game (14/0-16/0) rods & reels. Totally insured & able to pay $'s although I am not sure how all that works. If anyone can help out shoot me an e-mail as I don't check messages on this...
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    Vonny Fleet's e-mail address

    Does anyone have Ivan's e-mail adress? I am heading down next weekend & need to book a couple pangas. Thanks. Tommy
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    Bahia San Evaristo

    Has anyone done a land based trip to San Evaristo (above La Paz)? The only info I could find was from people cruising or kayak trips. Thanks for any help. Heading there after flying into San Jose around the end of Sept. Tommy Photos of San Evaristo, Baja California Sur p.s. The island in the...
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    Goatzilla from 3-day Peace freedive trip

    I know, I know...this is the hook & line section but I wanted to share a pic of a hog goat I stuck last week on the Backside of Santa Cruz Island. He was 31 pounds on the boat's digital scale. After I shot him he went into his hole & it took me over 30 min. to drag his ass outta there. Thanks...
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    Poseidonsub Hybrid Pro 60" For Sale

    Justed listed this gun in Member Items on S.B. Poseidonsub Hybrid Pro 60" For Sale - Spearboard Spearfishing Community Dropped price to $600 & I will throw in a new Riffe (9/32) single flopper shaft rigged w/300 lb. Neptonics mono leader.
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    New Spetton Gran Pacific II w/reel F/S

    This is a new 130cm Spetton w/reel. It comes w/o shooting & reel line or bands. Includes a 67"x7mm double flopper Demka shaft. $390 plus $20 shipping.
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    New Andre Gold 100 F/S

    Selling this gun for a friend who owns a shop & wants them (two @ this price) out of his shop. The gun is fully rigged w/shooting line, a 1/4"x50" single flopper shaft, & 2x5/8ths bands. $285 plus $20 shipping.
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    Anyone talk to Mike (Kidjurel) Kanzler lately?

    Trying to get a message to Mike. I would appreciate it if someone would pass along my e-mail to him or have him PM me here.Thanks. Tommy [email protected]
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    Camping/shore diving info.

    Has anyone camped @ El Capitan State Park? Thinking of heading down the first part of June. How is the shore diving that time of year? Can you scratch up enough for a cevice lunch? Thanks. Tommy p.s. We will be tent camping. T
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    Has anyone added these to trailer bunks?

    West Marine: Roller Bunks Product Display I was thinking about using these to make loading my 14' RIB/50 hp easier. Does anyone have experience with this product? Thanks. Tommy
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    San Mateo Coast MPA map?

    Anyone know where to get a map showing closures from Pillar Point north to Pacifica? Thanks. Tommy
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    Kona spearfishing report 4/08/09

    Just back from the Big Island after our first family vacation there. Man, access to the drop off from shore and blue water via boat is too easy! After numerous fruitless attempts at trying to hook up a spearfishing charter with one of the two guys there doing it I was fortunate enough to cross...