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    Which compass and where to mount it?

    Thank God you’re installing a compass.
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    New tech

    Hiring Goat? I hope you have taken on extra insurance for the impending sexual harassment lawsuits.
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    I'm sure it runs flawlessly on 87 octane.

    Very cool. Love seeing new tech and innovation pushing new boundaries.
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    Westport's newest Captin on Float 12

    Good looking pup. My guess is she won’t Hewescraft the rest of the fleet too.
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    Any LEO's on BD

    The word Accountability should be removed from the dictionary. You’re lucky nowadays if you haven’t been through multiple events of this kind. Amazing how much the world has changed in such a short time. Had the same thing happen to the wife. Lady admitted fault, gave her contact info, sad...
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    Winter boat projects...

    Did you forget the transmitter repeater for Hawks games?
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    He is correct.
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Nice. Is too late to twist your arm for the Port house door?
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    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Ahh the turtle is back at it. Open your mind to the possibilities of difference and don’t make the mistake and assume everyone can follow a compass heading. It’s shocking how many can’t. Hewescraft has become a verb in Westport. WD is correct., I was trying to be 1/2 way PC. Thanks for...
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    Garmin customer service... WTF

    I’d be happy if half the sport boats around here could simply follow a compass heading.
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    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    Yep. Including a couple of 6 packs.
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    Another joining the 30' club

    Thruster? Absolutely. Embrace technology. They are great jog sticks in the harbor and slow speeds, quick turn of the boat when a fish runs north under the bow on the other side of the boat when you’re not on a walk around. I could keep going for practical uses. I used to have Patrick’s opinion...
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    You could run it up the river to Howard’s shop and get a proper haul-out and put eyes on everything. Anybody have any Suzuki diagnostic software or scan tool that could be hooked up to these motors? As for octane boost, they have their issues. I’d buy some VP114 or Aviation fuel to get the...
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    The Paragon

    Nice. Congratulations Kim.
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Congratulations Sir. Will be a sick fishing platform.
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    Etiquette of selling a boat

    My dad used to have a saying. If someone is trying to give you money for something, take it. They may die tomorrow.
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    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Ilwaco boats can now return the favor
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    Is it okay for another man to have as a screensaver, the pic of Mark in the Cap chair? Asking for a friend.
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    Nice work Mark and crew. Thanks for taking one for the team to go scouting.
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    I got railed in ballard

    Given its 2020, I’d like to point out the homophobia.
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    Damn, I don’t even know what to say Mark. Absolutely Beautiful.
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    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Nice bait tank. I bought that Greg‘s boat.
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    Electronics @ boat show

    That sounds very interesting.
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    Coast Guard boat capsizes on Columbia River

    Anybody hear or have anymore info? Is this one of the Safe Boats?
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    Prior to the lengthening, this boat with triple 250 Verados’s would easily do 41-44 knots with 6 guys and 60 plus Albacore iced down when Gregg took the rare turn at the wheel on the ride to the barn. 1:10 minutes from outside the 125 line to bouy 8 was an impressive sight. The walls of water...
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    Correct, the original build, finished by Hodge at DMI in 2007-2008. Then went back to Fibercraft offseason of 2014-2015 for lengthening, repower, lift the deck, etc.
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    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    They’re blowboat people.
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    Something wicked this way comes

    Wow, congratulations. What a bad ass vessel. Nice wide beam, big bow flare, dee-seal inboards....
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    According to my notes, this pic here was taken at Delta Marine in April 2016 after Gregg had pulled the boat out of Fibercraft unfinished. Lengthening was finished but transom and deck was not. This is was as the transom around the motors with custom molded bleed boxes was being fabricated and...
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    I have pics scattered all over. Old computer must have tons more and a few vid's. These here are some of the pics when it was at Fibercraft being lengthened in 2015. This was before the center of the house was lifted. 250 Verado's removed. Gen set, fuel tanks.
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    I had the keys to the boat between 2008 - 2014 in Westport on Float 3.
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    Yes it does. And produces a wild sound when you drop off the front end of a steep breaker in a following sea at 40 knots.
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    Pacific Marine Expo

    Wow Kim excellent and detailed post. I read it twice. I am excited to see the new stuff.
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    42' defiance?

    I thought the boat and the companies involved deserved the respect of the actual facts to be out there. It’s Mark’s money and Defiance’s business to take this project on. They should be able to call it whatever they want. I hope this project does help Defiance get into bigger vessels. A 34’...
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    42' defiance?

    John I think it is a very fair label given the boat was/is nowhere near finished, is as custom as a boat can get, has had (will have) 3 boat builders hands in it, and will be finished by Defiance. There is a ton of work that needs to be done to make it ready.
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    42' defiance?

    Mostly correct. It was a 36' Fibercraft hull and house that was finished by one of Delta's craftsman named Hodge in 2007-2008 at DMI. in 2014, Gregg wanted to lengthen the boat, repower, add more fuel, and had Dick Johnson at Fibercraft take on the project. Dick was in the middle of adding 6'...
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    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    I hope this wasn't another case of unintended micro command controls striking to a boat near you since 1989...
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    Safe Boats

    Who gets time to pee in a WO tuna bite? Just sweat it out like a dogfish.
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    Small boat builder recommendations?

    As always Eric, a very nice and eloquent presentation. Thank you.
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    Small boat builder recommendations?

    I don't know....I'm afraid reading anymore of this will have me drinking.
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    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Haha. I was indirectly replying to the post above mine regarding the wrap making the boat hard to see in case of needed assistance. The Sat phone was an assumption of mine or what I would do if I had a boat like that and it would be a handheld so I could use it snowmobiling in the winter.
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    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Radar, radios, and a sat phone. Bad ass vessel
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    2002 Rampage

    Meet us in westport. Live bait and jumpin’ Jetty’s
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    Sorrry Vance I forgot about this and wasn’t down there last weekend. I will be there this weekend. If that doesn’t work for you can you drop it off at the mail box on the 125 line?
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    Anyone Savvy with CG Documented Vessels?

    Kim Marine Documentation in Seattle
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    Show me your blackman boat

    Bawhahahahaha…... If I had seen more pics, or one of the bow corkscrewing into the water and the boat flipping on it's side or some sort of a broach with the boat surfing sideways (and not the internet definition of a broach with a 20 degree twist of the stern), then I could agree with pilot...
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    2002 Rampage

    What’s this thing governed at John?
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    I’ll take one.
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    2002 Rampage

    I think John ought to bring it up to Westport and I’ll test drive it out to the 125 line.
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    2002 Rampage

    Hahahaha. Not sure I’ve ever seen an array that was damn near as wide as the house. That’s awesome!!!!
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    2002 Rampage

    Twin inboard diesels....YES!! Good lookin' little boat. Need fuel $ for the Detroit's?
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    Diversity....Checked: Deckhand in Training 2019

    Not usually a big picture taker during fishing mayhem as it’s crucial time to collect. But she’s only 12 and watching her take the deck over and grab the gaff with the instant “head on a swivel” really proved its in the genes. She even had bird shit in her pony tail from the first bait stop...
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    Saltwater Just another shit show

    Nice grade of fish Vance.
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    This year's tuna lures

    And the frilly shiny bullshit will spook the normal later season fish.
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    This year's tuna lures

    YES!!!! Exactly.
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    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Does the wife need any attention? Good luck to you and be safe. Interviewed a fire control tech from there today.
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    Saltwater Selling Tuna

    Bingo. Everything changes. And I don’t care who he talked to at WDFW, it is illegal to sell sport caught fish.
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    Speeding Boat Crashes into Another Near Edmonds, Injuring 3

    Hmmm...prior to the crash, this was simply hypothetical.
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    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    Saw a pic today on FB that shows at least one culprit. I was the Safety rat last month, I'll let you guys figure it out this month.
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    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    Made the run many times. I can ride.
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    Dive Boat "Conception" Fire
  62. Dave's Delta

    Any current salmon reports for Westport?

  63. Dave's Delta

    Any current salmon reports for Westport?

    If you don’t want a boat ride, There are a few fish down off the Willipa 39/16 down to 37 and up to 42 but it take the day to scratch em out.
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    Yamaha OX-66 Work

    Sure can see where the gasket was leaking. What were/was your symptoms other thing the spark plug burn?
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    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    Was it hypothetical when you capsized your boat while offshore? Or were you expecting to do that?
  66. Dave's Delta

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    Has anybody ever had their electronic throttles malfunction? Stick? How about a loss of steering? Guess not. When a boat is coming at you directly starboard and makes a 90° Hard turn while on step and I’m at 5 knots and I could touch the boat with a long gaff, in the Groin, that’s dangerous...
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    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    Great glad to see you diagnosed and fixed it. The symptoms you reported are exactly what you would see with a boost leak. But the symptoms you reporting are from a boost leak. Not from an overworking turbo. If I am wrong, then please teach me and answer my questions about quantifying an...
  68. Dave's Delta

    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    First how do you quantify that the turbo is “overworking” with a boost leak? What symptom does an overworking turbo produce? How does this happen? What normally drives a turbo? What’s driving the turbo to make it overwork? How does the turbo know there’s a boost leak and begin overworking? How...
  69. Dave's Delta

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    You make a great point about learning from great captains. I learned from some great ones and some not so great. Nothing outweighs being as unsafe as this move was. Had he had a medical emergency (he didn’t I watched him unload no paramedics) a simple quick call on 16, shout out on the hailer...
  70. Dave's Delta

    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    John you keep saying the turbo overworks when there is a boost leak. This is false and not “Seblantics”.
  71. Dave's Delta

    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    Your turbo doesn’t “get boost” it generates boost. And you can dump the wastegate or create a boost leak and not cause the turbo to overwork or spin faster. In fact, the opposite effect will occur (slightly less work generated) by the turbo will happen if you dump boost via the wastegate or have...
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    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    This is not how a turbo operates nor what it does when there’s a boost leak.
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    60’ Egg Harbor convertible for sale

    Nice boat. I would bet his listed speeds are pretty close with those J&T 8V92’s. Weight is not always the main factor when predicting speed. Those are the bumped up version LOL. A 56’ Blanchard/Westport and a 55’ Uniflite with much less HP would make 24 knots.
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    Saltwater Mayhem WFO Tuna

    Ladders and ankles. Not a good combination
  75. Dave's Delta

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    I have to say I was shocked. I’ve been licensed for 30 years and have never seen anything like this in Westport. Just as we were in the middle of making the 180 into the Westport Boat Basin yesterday at approximately 3pm, we were overtaken on the inside by one of the 6 man boats. Not nearly...
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    Saltwater 4 Day 575nm Longfin Trip

    Epic report and epic vessel. Nice work.
  77. Dave's Delta

    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    Are these mechanical or electronic?
  78. Dave's Delta

    Bad news for WestPort we know who caused the Blow....
  79. Dave's Delta

    Overnighter Roll Call

    Pretty cool thing to wake up and begin a massive bait stop before the sun comes up. Before you’ve even fired up the mains.
  80. Dave's Delta

    Any Toyota/transmission experts

    Sorry to see this. I sold out of the transmission business a few years ago as it was my off season gig. Being responsible for things like this and bailing unqualified techs out of jail to come to work along with Continuous IRS audits every year repeatedly with these kinds of changes was enough...
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    Saltwater CR tuna fishing is pretty good.

    Nice work Mike and thanks for the report.
  82. Dave's Delta

    Yes sir. How you been Chris?

    Yes sir. How you been Chris?
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    Saltwater Good Times on the High Seas

    Very cool boat. What's she got for power? Love inboards
  84. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today. Great fishing.

    Nice work Mike, impressive only 124.3. How was water color? Amazing, in the past, I've seen green water all the way to the outer dump this time of the year.
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    Boat insurance

  86. Dave's Delta

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Very cool and very nice...
  87. Dave's Delta


    Good points....back in the 80's and 90's, our first scout trip of the year wouldn't have been until at least the middle of or the last week of July at the outer dumping grounds. We have been spoiled over the past 20 years.
  88. Dave's Delta

    Florida refit

    Nice... gotta love inboard deeseals...
  89. Dave's Delta

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Order one moon roof, my '18 has been incredible. Try it out if you want. But yeah $80k is about $30k over what they should cost. You're not a Chrysler man.
  90. Dave's Delta

    Lift in Westport?

    Used to have one in Westport. But nope, Hoquiam or Ilwaco
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    Saltwater 6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    Nice job cap. Didn't look your fine vessel minded too much.
  92. Dave's Delta

    Splashed the North River 29

    Nice vessel Sir...
  93. Dave's Delta

    New earrings for your significant other !!

    I can relate...just spent $2,800 yesterday at Tom Shane....What a racket!!!
  94. Dave's Delta

    Show me your blackman boat

    Could you be more specific as to what exactly the pilot has errored on in this event?
  95. Dave's Delta

    More Illegal Fishing Charters

    Total bullshit. Anybody familiar with the boat? Have a pic?
  96. Dave's Delta

    Boat Sinks

    I feel cheated...the link doesn't work for me.
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    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I now have an answer to a question that’s been on my mind. It’s no wonder why there are so many married women on Ashley Madison begging for a man to give them the attention they are desperately missing in their lives.
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    Battlefish on Netflix

    Mine gave me a blowjob. Winning.
  99. Dave's Delta

    Deck Boot Reviews

    Yeah no kidding.
  100. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    We know who’s isn’t getting used!!!
  101. Dave's Delta

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    Mine had a swim step (before extensions) and everybody thought the same thing. It ended up being a positive for many reasons and I never had one issue with it. We jackpoled off it a few times on commercial trips. The other big positive was the saving of acrobatic coho that spit the hook and...
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    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    Dave’s Delta. 50’ with Flybridge and radar arch. Now the Glacier Bear.
  103. Dave's Delta

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    Weight sure does make a difference although I have to think the Legend probably doesn’t lose much speed with his choice of power. Mine had lost about 3 knots after 27 knot sea trials 3-4 years later. But those were junk 3208/425 with repower to 435’s after 3 seasons.
  104. Dave's Delta

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    He also added a spray cap to make it a much dryer ride. They tend to get a little wet when you get in the mid 20’s plus and a light chop.
  105. Dave's Delta

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    I know that boat well. I watched it get built when mine was at the Delta yard working on mine.
  106. Dave's Delta

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    Thank you. I’ll check em out.
  107. Dave's Delta

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    Sure is tits. It’s actually more than tits, it’s tits and all 3 holes. This has been the only boat to excite me other than a 43’ or 50’ Delta. Not many of these out there. How well does that exhaust system work on diesel fumes tacking around the ocean all day? They don’t bother me but they do...
  108. Dave's Delta

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    I see the ad has been removed
  109. Dave's Delta

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    Why do you say? Not clean or??? I got really excited last year about a 34’ BW Defiance with twin Yanmars but missed the offer by 2 days. It might have been the same boat that ran aground in Ilwaco about 3-4 months after. I’m having a hard time finding my boat but that one did get me excited...
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    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Drugs, alcohol, and a prostitute are sorely needed for this guy.
  111. Dave's Delta

    Feds Determine West Coast Salmon Fisheries a Disaster

    It’s only going to get worse with this Administration. They are pushing for fish farms. Farmers got $12 billion after the Tariffs. $20 million will get eaten up in administration costs.
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    Saltwater Battlefish review

    Nice work Aaron. First class. You guys did that boat right. Wife and I had tears in our eyes for you and your beautiful wife. Our 12 year old daughter came over and gave us both a big hug. Pretty amazing emotion change when you guys parked on the jumpers a little later. Good luck to you and...
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    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Too bad. The guy that actually has the boat and could possibly answer all of this speculation and give more definite answers that would help everybody was run off by a Weekend Warrior that can’t tell a fiberglass boat from a wooden boat. And now he knows why the boat took on water.
  114. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Exactly how is Luke/Todd full of shit? Because he didn’t call the CG when all of you Perfect Assholes would have? Give me a break. The arm chair Monday morning quarterbacking is making many of you look really bad. Giving Sporties a bad name. No lives were lost, no persons were injured. Be...
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    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Once again you’re pointing out how little you know and how closed minded you are. What’s worse is spouting off when it’s obvious you know so little. That’s a fiberglass boat not wood. And you’re assuming a boat turtled floating 1-2 miles offshore will beach itself within 2 hours. I guess...
  116. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Hopefully this G-Spot fella can learn what happens to a fiberglass boat when it actually drifts aground in a rocky area like Pt. Grenville. I think there was a fairly decent, recent blow? Tide comes in. Tide goes out. Repeat. Pics are August 2018 California. I want to say thank you to the...
  117. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Dude you’re not good. You need some serious help.
  118. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I am willing to throw $100 in the pot for a prostitution to get this G-Spot dude laid. He’s obviously way to pent up an needs some release. Good grief.
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    Saltwater WP Tuna is WFO

    Haha. No kidding. Didn’t use to be that way. They may be borrowed. But were always returned.
  120. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I can certainly see no problem with this thing drifting from where it went down at 35 miles S.W of Westport to Pt. Grenville over the course of 3-4 days.
  121. Dave's Delta

    Guess what fish

    Yep. Starry Flounder for sure. Has anybody ever filleted one right out of the water and thrown it back overboard and watched it swim away?
  122. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Zufish Tuna run 9/15

    Not knowing the gear you were using, Probably a mid 40’s plus albacore or foul hooked in some way.
  123. Dave's Delta

    Bouy 8 is back

    Rhett Weber on the Slammer took a sweet pic of my favorite bouy in the world today.
  124. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Anybody hear if the life raft popped up? Anybody hear how long it may have floated?
  125. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Nice job. That sounds as if that was the best possible outcome for bad shit happening.
  126. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater WP Tuna is WFO

    Such a beautiful boat. Twin inboard deeseals, so nice. Nice work getting on the fish. My wife was admiring your fine vessel Labor Day morning and remembered your trip around the big island last month. Winning.
  127. Dave's Delta

    Sekiu Angler Busted

    Nice work.
  128. Dave's Delta

    MA 2 Westport, salmon news

    I expected to see more 6, 8, 10, or 12 fish “Smiley” Pics.
  129. Dave's Delta

    Buoy 8 Sunken Jetty

    Kim is right. Bouy 8 is the most critical bouy in Grays Harbor for so many reasons. Wow. This is not acceptable.
  130. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    Not Close? Sure beats the years I had to run 100 plus miles. Amazing how spoiled we have gotten over the last 20 years.
  131. Dave's Delta

    Safeway hiring

    You can practically walk in at Boeing right now
  132. Dave's Delta

    6 Pack Salmon charter

    Rich on the Temptation out of Deep Sea Charters. 360-268-9300
  133. Dave's Delta

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    Because if fishing were to go wide open (which can happen), retention rates would go through the roof. Then the word gets out and the pressure from the number of anglers goes through the roof and now retentention rates have gone up exponentially. Don’t think it can’t happen as we’ve seen it...
  134. Dave's Delta

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    I think you’ll see 7 days a week It’s never cut back. Once a change is made mid-season (like 2 Chinook or 7 days a week) it stays and never goes back to previous rules in season. I think this is why WCA is always a week or two late with a recommendation. I think 7 days a week will happen...
  135. Dave's Delta

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    BTW, the town is empty because the charter boats are not punching out...
  136. Dave's Delta

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Okay, first are wrong and you know it. This is your emotions speaking and not reality. I don't need to waste everyone's time citing other examples. The June fishery....we had gotten spoiled when those started coming back a few years ago because we hadn't had one for years. You...
  137. Dave's Delta

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Yep. You were on one side or the other back then. But both sides don’t like outsiders.
  138. Dave's Delta

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    By the way, does anybody know where Paul’s Bait used to be?
  139. Dave's Delta

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Wow such hostility. Haven’t you guys all switched over to tuna anyway? Lol. Do you guys honestly think the WCA wants a 5 day a week season? The 5 days a week has been going on since The mid 80’s after a 13 day season around 83/84. We have had the 5 day a week stuff for years. In some of those...
  140. Dave's Delta

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    The old school chocolate Hostess donuts were always the good luck charm. New style don’t taste right so not sure they have the same luck.
  141. Dave's Delta

    Who woulda thought???

    And that was the only thing worthy of a pic that day. Oh Lord I apologize…..
  142. Dave's Delta

    Who woulda thought???

    Haha, no way brother. Saw those pics yesterday morning and remembered I forgot to post. Impossible for me to get butt hurt about those Billy Boys. They are bad, very bad people. Hard for me to get butt hurt about anything. Except when I don't get to go fishing.
  143. Dave's Delta

    Selling tuna bellies off charter/sport caught fish.. legal?

    The answer is NO!! In the state of Washington, you cannot sell any sport caught fish. And the last year of buyers of eggs in Westport for me was 1981.
  144. Dave's Delta

    Who woulda thought???

    He pisses standing up.
  145. Dave's Delta

    Hot Bite, better gas up though

    Funny Kim. I was in Maui for 2 weeks when you posted this and watched this fleet grow bigtime. As was posted, a local fisherman in Lahaina confirmed it was a longline tuna fleet.
  146. Dave's Delta

    King County Marine Interior Recommendations?

    Dave...know anyone good w marine interiors...headliner; cushions; carpet ?... SeaRay Pachanga 27
  147. Dave's Delta

    King County Marine Interior Recommendations?

    Dave...know anyone good w marine interiors...headliner; cushions; carpet ?... SeaRay Pachanga 27
  148. Dave's Delta

    Coyote's and Pets

    It’s just not the same.
  149. Dave's Delta

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    Last years rules did allow them time to set up a sting operation in Ilwaco.
  150. Dave's Delta

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    Last years rules did allow them time to set up a sting operation in Ilwaco.
  151. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater WP Cold Water Tuna 9/27

    That's good news. Not many have been biting in the green water this year.
  152. Dave's Delta

    Beautiful Boat

    Yeah I stood in complete astonishment of this beauty a few weeks ago. I was on a plan for my next boat but seeing this completely derailed that plan.
  153. Dave's Delta

    Beautiful Boat

    This is very sexy
  154. Dave's Delta

    Looking for an old friend.

    Very cool. Make sure you tell him that I/we thank him for his service.
  155. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport 4 sept

    Nice work...gotta love radio fishing on earlier area...
  156. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Be safe out there.

    Uh-oh. You snowmobile also? I use the same device also for the backcountry.
  157. Dave's Delta

    Lots of tuna teamwork

    Very cool stuff
  158. Dave's Delta

    Croziercraft 28.5' x 9.5' Walkaround build

    Very nice..I'd love to get a chance to ride and bloody up that vessel.
  159. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 8/16 WP tuna run

    The inside is full of mackerel. I still have nightmares. We need a big blow.
  160. Dave's Delta

    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    We need a big 2-3 day blow.
  161. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater WTC Weekend 2017

    Nice work, nice boat...
  162. Dave's Delta

    Washington Tuna Invitational

    Read my sig John...last time I got my bait stop corked, I diligently landed 6oz. of lead on the back deck.
  163. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport in 772 Nautical Miles

    Nice boat. What are you running for mains?
  164. Dave's Delta

    Arizona Angler sets new Washington State Record out of Westport

    This is sad. I can remember in the late 80's early 90's, WDF didn't care or even record how many albacore we caught.
  165. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 8/6 tuna report, WP

    Ouch....really? I didn't think marriage was a requirement for that?
  166. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 8/6 tuna report, WP

    We need a really good 2 day blow.
  167. Dave's Delta

    Verado problems..

    I agree with John. Sounds like a fuel issue.
  168. Dave's Delta

    Vance and Mikey....the Ambiguously Gay Duo

    The Port let you have the first slip? Damn..must be hard up.
  169. Dave's Delta


    Not good.
  170. Dave's Delta

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    How did the Sea Critters in the Harbor not jump on this?
  171. Dave's Delta

    WTF???? NOAA Buoy 46100 51/58

    That's the new US postal mailbox and cell phone repeater for the guys without sat phones.
  172. Dave's Delta


    Mackerel? Oh no!! I still have nightmares of the invasion of those bastards.
  173. Dave's Delta

    Westport roll call this weekend

    There's a law on Float 8 that you cannot remove your T-shirt.
  174. Dave's Delta

    Westport Nostalgia

    That incident (Fox Island grounding) was shortly after Captain Midnight smashed into a rock in the San Juan's (at night with 14 family members aboard) during an attempted excursion of hiding the boat in International waters. Christmas 1982.
  175. Dave's Delta

    BD forum computer issue

    Yeah really slow with major issues. No back button, scrolling down the page it freezes up and gets the run around circle for about 5 seconds for each readable page. Sometimes, pressing the keys to type don't work making typing almost impossible. Brand new computer. Edit: It's to the point where...
  176. Dave's Delta

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    Beautiful dogs...we had 2 males. Both got carsick (except when they rode in the camper) and 1 would get seasick but were the most loyal dogs. I wish I had video'd all of the hilarious things they would do.
  177. Dave's Delta

    2016 Defiance Guadalupe/Raymarine/Honda flagship boat build

    Funny...I remember having this exact conversation with you last summer... Nice package brother...
  178. Dave's Delta

    What to do??

    My phone doesn't have any missed calls?
  179. Dave's Delta

    What is it!

    Hake. Aka Imitation Crab.
  180. Dave's Delta

    Help me find a flatbed for my 2015 Chevy 3500 Dually

    Give my buddy Brett a call at dieselwerx in Cle Elum. He will have exactly what you are looking for.
  181. Dave's Delta

    ***SOLD***1976 GMC Motorhome***SOLD*** you got me thinking...
  182. Dave's Delta

    ***SOLD***1976 GMC Motorhome***SOLD***

    Goat's right. 1977-1978 Oldsmobile Tornado Engine and Powertrains. They were so over built for their time. I used to own and operate a transmission/auto repair shop and worked on alot of these rigs. Believe it or not, these rigs drive and handle much better than the conventional, same sized...
  183. Dave's Delta

    Center Cut full story

    Nice to hear you're back in the game brother.
  184. Dave's Delta

    Some video!

    Agree!! Sometimes I have to use the bow thruster on Greggs boat for those Albies that act like other species and head for the bow. It's nice to follow and spread out.
  185. Dave's Delta

    Westport Wash Down

    I figured this was going to be a story about one boat washing down another on a day with an 8 ft swell at 8 sec.
  186. Dave's Delta

    New engine has landed

    Purdy kitty cat. Remember check on those after coolers. Have you painted the engine room 1/2?
  187. Dave's Delta

    Swordfish caught off Newport OR

    In October 1990 when my charter season wrapped up I ran down to Newport to commercial tuna fish about 70 miles out. Every morning at 9:15am for 3 days in a row, we had a swordy come up and break off every jig in our spread. At the time, there were only 2 other tuna trollers in the area and...
  188. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Sun 10/4 Tuna

    We aren't going to have your wife posting about you being disrespectful like that chick did last month? Great pic though
  189. Dave's Delta

    Harbor Marine... Men of Action !!

    Is that why I saw the diver checking things out Sunday? We lost a lower unit and had to come back in on one. Saw the diver when I was trying to park the boat.
  190. Dave's Delta

    FCC License Class

    Correct Kim. It has always been required for the captain of charter and commerical boats. It's not for Ham or Amateur radio.
  191. Dave's Delta

    There's good news and bad news honey

    Wife is canning all of the fish as of now...while I play on here.
  192. Dave's Delta

    FCC License Class

    Highly recommended...over the years, "Dennis" used to show up unannounced and give tickets to boats/cap's for not using call signs, no licenses, not having amp meters on your engines (volt meters weren't enough) and a few other things...
  193. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Legit Yellowtail bite off Westport, Ablies, and the Opah report!

    Save your money....We don't catch albacore and these other species in Washington. Nice work Mark...and thanks for the help...
  194. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Not1Not2Not3But4 Yellow Tail today

    Nice work...beautiful fish...and 4 in one day?? Heaven..
  195. Dave's Delta

    Surface Drive propulsion?

    IMO a no-go for the coast. Inland waters then go for it.
  196. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Wormy salmon??

  197. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Great fish porn from the Ms Magoo last Saturday

    And limit on yellow eye at 15 per person...
  198. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Great fish porn from the Ms Magoo last Saturday

    Plugging that fish hold and being back in by 4:30 Saturday is incredible...Nice work
  199. Dave's Delta

    How bout them Broncos!!!!!!!!

    As Bill Parcells once said, you can't call 1-800-Quarterback....Well better. I bledd orange until the John Fox hire...worst mistake JE has made. At least he fixed it. He should have let Peyton go too. Last year was it. He can't play in the cold. Remember that fantasy owners. It's all...
  200. Dave's Delta

    It now illegal to own a stove

    I don't know...I live in South King County (The Hood) and my neighbor burns the nastiest smelling stuff you have ever smelt (LOL) even during burn bans. He has been doing it for 20 years. 24 hours a day for about 5 months a year. 10 days of fog in the winter, it gets pretty bad around here with...
  201. Dave's Delta

    The pink Ande is contained!

    No...not every trip. Only when a few get low enough from breaking hooks off (when they're too deep to remove and/or quicker to grab another rod and retie at the appropriate time) OR when it has been damaged from rubbing the bottom of the boat from a banzai fish) I prefer using mono myself and...
  202. Dave's Delta

    Westport area capsize

    Has there been any update on this?
  203. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 2015: The Summer of Tiny Puget Sound Silvers and Pinks

    I noticed the same thing out in the ocean (area 2) this year. The hatchery coho (before we could club nates) were the smallest I've ever seen. Even the nates released were a little smaller than normal (up until the last week). Now if we could have landed the (4) 35 lbs'er that we broke off this...
  204. Dave's Delta

    Opinions onboard generator keep or remove?

    Btw a proper refrigeration system will not freeze your fish even in 24-36 hours. It sure beats dealing with ice and the fish are easier to fillet.
  205. Dave's Delta

    Westport area capsize

    Not good
  206. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Lots of fish but no love at chambers!!

    Those are the "built in fish finder" type of fish.
  207. Dave's Delta

    Opinions onboard generator keep or remove?

    Don't forgot the $1,000 espresso maker Lights. Idle out at night on fish at daybreak Redundant 110volt bait pump Refrigeration
  208. Dave's Delta

    Opinions onboard generator keep or remove?

    Safety first. After being on a boat years ago that had not one but both alt's go out 90 miles off shore, I can tell you it would have been nice to get the other main going so we could have come back in a storm at faster than 5 knots and zero electronics. Had to take a dump in a bucket. No 12...
  209. Dave's Delta

    Wild Coho Rentention in Westport

    Sweet. Thanks for the update
  210. Dave's Delta

    Blown engine on the Kelli Ann

    Was there any mention of an after-cooler condensation issue? I believe Cat updated these just not sure when. Looks identical to our 3208's (425's) except it was always number 3 ... 800 hours on the port and blew the starboard idling out of the Duwamish at 1,200 hours. Repowered to 435's after...
  211. Dave's Delta


    I might need a generous offer this weekend to put a hurtin on the albacore also Eric.
  212. Dave's Delta


    Is that a C7 or 3126?? Been there done that with 3208's both 425's and a 435.
  213. Dave's Delta

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    It's amazing the difference over the last 10 years around the 125 line.
  214. Dave's Delta

    Holy crap them some outboards.

    Nevermind race motor only no warranty. Probably running c-12 or above.
  215. Dave's Delta

    Holy crap them some outboards.

    Couldn't hear the video way too noisy where I am at but does anybody know if those will only run on premium 91 octane only?
  216. Dave's Delta

    Eggs anyone?

    Fed way for me too
  217. Dave's Delta

    Eggs anyone?

    Me too...
  218. Dave's Delta

    Weather Tech floor mat-Ford Super Duty

    Ill be glad to take it...
  219. Dave's Delta

    Dad update - bad

    My stomach about sank to my ass reading this. Definitely a very sad event and even worse trying to come up with answers to this type of scenario. You and your family will be in our thoughts.
  220. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Tournament Time! The good with the bad!

    Glad to hear the people were picked up. Do we know what happened? Might be beneficial and educational to know? Nice report btw. It's awesome when your daughter loves to fish as much as you do.
  221. Dave's Delta

    Playin Hooky Comes home

    Nice boat man...having run inboard diesels since i was a kid, I was glad to see you go this route. No disrespect to the outboard guys but harbor manuverability is so much easier not to mention snotty water. Any idea how many iced 20-25lb avg. albacore you can put in the fish boxes? What are you...
  222. Dave's Delta

    westport launch ramp

    Troy-Only a federal officer could board you without a warrant. Dave-Only if the boat is federally documented. I thought you were on Float 12.
  223. Dave's Delta

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, July 11

    David has been running the Magoo in WP every summer since 1978.
  224. Dave's Delta

    Guess who is.....

    Love hearing kitties purr. Hate blowing them up but for some reason, still love em...
  225. Dave's Delta

    Please hold you course especially when crossing the Bar

    Friendly reminder....Safety should be always be #1 and crossing someones bow while they are underway and holding course is a No-No and is unsafe. Since we have more private boats fishing Westport than I can ever remember, there is less area when crossing the bar at 6am. Please abide by the rules...
  226. Dave's Delta

    What days are the comm guys fishing?

    Yep somewhat. Easy to do by theft, Federal govt cash, and casino cash. Should have seen the scow that trolled through and tangled our halibut gear (10 out of 12 rods) at 125 fathoms no more than 25 feet off our stern last year.
  227. Dave's Delta

    Boatless at present

    Boatless at present
  228. Dave's Delta

    Pray for Goatram

    Damn that sucks ma The pain killers can be fun but I'd recommend trying toto get off of them asap if you can handle the pain. The "physical" addiction to opiates can begin as soon as 7-12 days. They can be a bitch /when your body becomes addicted and you need them just to function normally...
  229. Dave's Delta

    State deputy wildlife director arrested for rape Just a swangin...
  230. Dave's Delta

    Washington Help

    Bring your Dramamine...our water is not near as calm as the Atlantic...
  231. Dave's Delta

    Will the 'Warm Blob' mean more exotics this year?

    The 2nd part isn't exactly wasn't until much, much later (years) that you had to have a "WA. state charter salmon license" to charter albacore fish. This was a concession to help rockfish. I ran charter albacore trips in the Salmon closed summers of '94 and '95 without a salmon...
  232. Dave's Delta

    Break-IN & ADT Security Systems

    We went with Vivit....much cheaper than ADT.
  233. Dave's Delta

    can i get my name back?

    You change your number Troy? Tried calling you a while back.
  234. Dave's Delta

    Southwest Washington builder

  235. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Thursday's tuna

    Sounds like with these crews, you guys need to give me a call.
  236. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Thursday's tuna

    How do you get the real degree's to show up? is that an apple thing?
  237. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Thursday's tuna

    It's gotta be 46.50 125.10
  238. Dave's Delta

    Westport Nostalgia again.... BTW....anybody know where my Dad's first 43' Delta/Delta "Lady Dianna" ended up? I think Doc sold it around 93-94?? And I was also wondering if anybody remembered the "Miss Margie" Louis Savage's boat? A 50' Delta but I can't remember whose house it had? It was renamed...
  239. Dave's Delta

    Chehalis river fishing

    Has anybody seen what the Non-Native Gillnetters have been doing on the Willapa?
  240. Dave's Delta

    Diesel Mechanic in the Puget Sound area?

    What's your time frame this needs to be done by?
  241. Dave's Delta

    New Deviant?

    Nice job. If I'm not still working 7 days a week, I might be able to help with the linkage.
  242. Dave's Delta

    Albacore by fly?

    That's all? One run huh.... I didn't realize those death spirals were happening that fast.
  243. Dave's Delta

    Westport (A2) closes Friday night

    Love fishing down off Ledbetter...
  244. Dave's Delta

    Custom 23' uniflite sportfish diesel ***sold***

    Which Detroit is in there? When was it installed? How much fuel does it hold?
  245. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater OR or WA tuna Monday 9/15

    I love the pics when the fluids go from mouth to water. Mill pond pacific.... And 1.3 mpg @ 42 mph? That's not fair. The Black One uses 42 gph times 3 at that speed.
  246. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Waco Tunage 9/14

    Nice on the quality.
  247. Dave's Delta

    Charter boats up and down coast operate illegally?!?

    Along with a stability test.
  248. Dave's Delta

    Spendy Albacore

    Sorry but I can't put a cost on tuna fishing...
  249. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Heard some of the charters had a tough time finding the long fins!

    And that is why it is called fishing and not catching. Sooner or later, the Karma Fish Gods will call for your dues.
  250. Dave's Delta

    Tuna Buddy Boat...Ilwaco...Sat. 9/6

    You guys made the right decision. An easterly can make for some confusing seas. As for me, stuck on mandatory OT this weekend.
  251. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater weather/bar crossing

    Not to mention the guy that blew out his port side gel-coat and had to throw his boat on a gil net trailer. Couldn't load it on his own trailer because he had too much water in the bilge. 100's if not 1000's of boats damaged crossing that thing over the years. Go ahead, cross it. Keep the...
  252. Dave's Delta

    Tuna deckhand needed...

    Are you able to fillet on the way in?
  253. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Why didn't I catch tuna

    What was your up and down number 46. ??? This time of year, I leave the jig rods home and look for birds and jumpers. Then slide up drift of them and begin a bait stop. Over the years a few times I have seen tuna boil around the boat in fact swimming into the chine and not be hungry for our...
  254. Dave's Delta

    End of Summer Bash at CynCity in Westport...........

    I don't know how you beat that i5 traffic. Left wp at 12:00 still took 3 hours to fed way
  255. Dave's Delta

    Please hold you course especially when crossing the Bar

    Please hold you course when crossing the Westport Bar especially when around other boats. Last Sunday, within a 4 minute window, we had 2 boats cross less than 200 feet from my port bow at a 90' angle to my starboard. This occurred just around the North tip with a little lump. Both incidents...
  256. Dave's Delta

    Wild Coho at Westport

    Up until last week, the nates were WO out in the deep.
  257. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Willapa report 8/24-26

    Not much out at the Whistler bouy??
  258. Dave's Delta

    Help needed Sept 13th

    Email sent
  259. Dave's Delta

    New Deviant?

    Sweet boat. How many hours? Love inboard diesels. I've worked on a few of those ZF gear boxes. Nothing internal really ever goes wrong. I'll bet the trolling valve is installed incorrect or the shift cable linkage isn't adjusted correctly.
  260. Dave's Delta

    westport south jetty bull

    No Kim, they've been poached out.
  261. Dave's Delta

    New Grocery Store coming to Westport

    There goes the neighborhood.
  262. Dave's Delta

    Weird and wacky Craigslist ads

    Good luck with #6 being a requirement when you're a boat owner.
  263. Dave's Delta

    leatherback turtle out of wp.

    I haven't seen one in the last few years but used to see them quite often in the 90's and early 2000's.
  264. Dave's Delta


    Drive by wire?
  265. Dave's Delta

    Duramax the new TT

    Where did you last get fuel?
  266. Dave's Delta

    Salmon Pickling

    Thanks for the replies. Got the wife doing this. She said if you don't feel comfortable airing out an awesome family recipe, that you could pm it to me and she would guard it with her life.
  267. Dave's Delta

    FireSale - Freshwater/River tackle - $40 OBO

    let me know if it doesn't pan out.
  268. Dave's Delta

    Just a note to the guys "Playing" the system by selling their fish or seats

    Back in early 90's, we saw 3 boats get seized for illegal charters in Westport.
  269. Dave's Delta

    Grady White 272 questions

    Yep...years of running inboards makes getting used to twin or tripple outboards a little different. I would take inboards anyday when it comes to tieing up with a 20 kt. Northwesterly.
  270. Dave's Delta

    boarding a vessel?

    U.S.C.G., Customs and Border Patrol, and officers of the U.S. Treasury can board a vessel regardless if it is a federally documented vessel without permission. "Can the local Sheriff, or local cop board without permission" I believe this one gets hazy but (used to be) they were not allowed to...
  271. Dave's Delta

    A Sad Day in our Fisheries

    Yep. Just another one of the guys I always really looked up to all of my life. As a kid, from deckhand to skipper to sport.
  272. Dave's Delta

    Give me my 1/8 !

    I couldn't think of nothing nice to say but my sig says it all...
  273. Dave's Delta

    Salmon Pickling

    Anybody got a damn good Salmon pickling recipe they care to share?
  274. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater WTC report

    Must not care for reach arounds...
  275. Dave's Delta

    Coming soon to the tuna grounds near you....

    Yep, they used a compass, balloons and popcorn. Nice boat deck...
  276. Dave's Delta

    metal shop builders in westport??

    Geez...moving up in the world I see....
  277. Dave's Delta

    No bullshit- Read and heed. Think about your safety gear before leaving port.

    Glad to hear nobody was hurt. As cheap as camera systems are these days, not to mention the quality, my engine room would have them.
  278. Dave's Delta

    Hot rodded Charter Special 1000

    Those are pretty durable for what we used to put them through.....
  279. Dave's Delta

    westport salmon- 7days/wk or sun. thru thurs.?

    Never thought I'd see the day.... It really makes sense nowadays.
  280. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport bottom fishing, had a blast

    Not sure what "years" you are referring to but prior to it being repowered, it was one of the slowest boats. It gets up and moves nowadays though. Back in the late 80's, we nicknamed that boat "The Price is Right". Because if it wasn't punched out and back at the dock by 10am, then...
  281. Dave's Delta

    Lord forgive Me - Bought a Coffee Grinder

    When I'm on the ocean, I always bring my espresso maker (with coffee grinder built in)
  282. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport Today

    Beautiful Ironbitch you got there. Used to average 1 sometimes 2 a season back when I charter fished. They usually fight more like a chinook in the ocean. And they don't count against your 2 fish limit.....with a steelhead punchcard....
  283. Dave's Delta

    How Much Longer for Tuna?

    Especially if these Southerly's continue....
  284. Dave's Delta

    Hitting this would SUCK.

  285. Dave's Delta


    Sorry to hear about this. My entire boat was stolen about a month ago, stripped of main jet, kicker, and all electronics, gear, etc. Had 2 locks on the tounge, 5/8 chain with the biggest hardened lock there is which wrapped around the rear of the trailer. They obviously didn't know about it...
  286. Dave's Delta


    The pre-"smack" is looking a little lame...
  287. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Soup Fin caught on Tuesday at Westport

    Yeah...I must have been hallucinating in those years.
  288. Dave's Delta

    Has anyone seen the Happy Hooker?

    Donnie Rogers old boat. His Dad, Frank had the Bobo. Don was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Was the boat fishing this year?
  289. Dave's Delta

    ****20' Alumaweld Stolen****

    I called Mercury customer service at 920-929-5040. I was on hold for less than 5 seconds. Reported both vin numbers, what an easy, painless process. don't know if it would ever make a difference but the guy on the phone told me that more outboards are stolen in states that do not require a...
  290. Dave's Delta

    ****20' Alumaweld Stolen****

    That was my mistake. I had the removeable tongue, never removed it. I think it just boils down to if somebody wants something bad enough, they are going to take it. Thanks everybody for the replies. I just hope the insurance company comes through somewhat.
  291. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 1 fish and broken shit

    I disagree. Anytime you make it back to the barn is a good day.
  292. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Soup Fin caught on Tuesday at Westport

    And they have no stinger's. You'll notice the difference right away. They also give live birth. Pregnant females will be loaded with 1-2 inch babies. We've hooked many over the years when I fished out of Westport. People always think they have the biggest chinook on they have ever had. They...
  293. Dave's Delta

    Etec losing power at WOT who should I take it to in Seattle Area?

    I was mostly thinking plugged fuel filter. Is there an alarm on your racor filters/water seperator?
  294. Dave's Delta

    ****20' Alumaweld Stolen****

    Thanks for comments guys. I get so nervous just getting pulled over by cops, I couldn't imagine the nuts needed to pull this off. I went and looked at the boat yesterday. It is completely stripped. Even the trailer got F'ed up big time. I had it chained to a tree. They must have gotten a...
  295. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater MA7 North kinda slow, C&R galore

    That's becuase the rockfish were thick and wouldn't leave you alone...back then.
  296. Dave's Delta

    Etec losing power at WOT who should I take it to in Seattle Area?

    Did you check the water seperator/fuel filters??? Hope you get her fixed..
  297. Dave's Delta

    ****20' Alumaweld Stolen****

    Thanks guys, I agree with shooting thieves. I just never seemed to be awake when they strike. Maybe that's a good thing, I don't know. Well the boat was found at 2;00 pm stripped on 80th St East, East Tacoma. The location of the recovery makes me have my suspicions about "who" may have been...
  298. Dave's Delta

    ****20' Alumaweld Stolen****

    I know this is a mainly a salt water forum but my 20' Alumaweld jet-sled with a 150 Merc Jet on the back was stolen last night right out of my driveway. Locks (plural) were cut and bye-bye. Boat was stolen from the Auburn/Federal Way area this morning between 3:00 am-6:00 am. I know it's a shot...
  299. Dave's Delta

    Westport Nostalgia

    Ahhh....the Kulavik finished Delta's. I heard the story about the broom stick glassed in for the drain plug also. There were quite a few of those boats. I didn't quite understand the Detroits being installed in those Delta's due to having to raise the decks/raised engine hatches? There were a...
  300. Dave's Delta


    Yep....nothing like gettin CORKED!!
  301. Dave's Delta

    40 ft SPORT BOAT

    What year was this boat built? Would there be any room to add a generator? Does it ride as wet as all the other Modutech's I've worked on? What's top speed? I would think with 370 HP, cruise would be a little better than 10 kts. These boats with Volvo's are fuel efficient. What kind/size...
  302. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Area 6-7 Mission Impossible/Halibut fishing

    Amen!! Except I don't club em.
  303. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater ISO KALA REPORT: La Push Action & Flasher's 40th Party

    What happened to your truck? And...were you able to figure out what caused all the bad ju-ju??
  304. Dave's Delta


    Seriously? Did the Prozac run out?
  305. Dave's Delta

    Whale Breaches Sailboat off the Columbia
  306. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Near shore Westport Hali

    Last season he chased a guy right off the dock who was holding a 28lb. king for a picture.
  307. Dave's Delta

    Westport Nostalgia

    Lynn was a great guy. I didn't get to know him until I started running my boat but he sure was a neat person.
  308. Dave's Delta

    Mooring at WP this summer

    That harbor is and always has been hotter than a whore in heat. Zinc, Zinc, Zinc.
  309. Dave's Delta

    Westport Nostalgia

    Speaking of pink boats, anybody remember the Apollo?
  310. Dave's Delta

    Westport Nostalgia

    This boat reminds me of the Yankee Doodle or Yankee something (Rose) out of Western Chaters, Pink boat. Wait, the Yankee Doodle was the old High Hopes/Lucky Pierre. There wasn't many of those 4 front window Hoquiam Houses. but I specifically rmember an identical Pink boat to this one...
  311. Dave's Delta

    Westport Nostalgia

    Oh my goodness. My time "fishing career" in Westport began in 1980 at 9 years old deckhanding for Mickey Patterson on the Little Hobo; a 28 ft. Carver with twin Chrysler V-8 Gas engines out of Coley's Charters. Mickey was to cheap to ever fish past 3 or GH didn't want to burn fuel. So we mostly...
  312. Dave's Delta

    Twins want to go fishing

    Oh shit...
  313. Dave's Delta

    Couple pics of the BAMFalon when we were out prop testing on saturday

    Mercky V's are very thirsty buggers. gimme the d-seal anyday.
  314. Dave's Delta

    Sometimes It Just Works Out - Young Guns kill em' again

    Duck hunting....very cool. Nice work.
  315. Dave's Delta

    Where go our Coho? Salmon count at fraction of typical season

    I'd be curious to know if there was a major flood four years ago?
  316. Dave's Delta

    Sea Bass Fishing

    95% of the coastal commercial draggers are targeting Hake, IE Pacific Whiting, IE Imitation Crab. This is most likely what you'll see There are very few commercial longliners left that target Black COD IE Sablefish. These are very deep water fish (100 fathom plus) that may be caught during...
  317. Dave's Delta

    Sea Bass Fishing

    In Westport, a sea bass IS a black rock fish.
  318. Dave's Delta

    BD South End get together at Tides Tavern - Dec 4th

    Bunch of mid-lifers...December? Then Christmas will be the excuse!! To old to party 2 days in a row?
  319. Dave's Delta

    Need to finalize the tuna bag limit opposition NOW!!!!

    Agree! It's going to take a whole lot more people and fighting when this comes up in 1-2 years. Last weeks turnout at the meeting will NOT suffice the next time this comes up. Thanks to all that showed up and to those who have written letters. Especially to those who were the loudest. To me it...
  320. Dave's Delta

    Tuna Fisherman - Take A Poll - Fish Counts

    14 Private trips zero checks but what fish checker wants to walk all the way down float 3? The fuel bill would make you fall over. In all fairness though, WDF&G really have never really priortized the recording of albacore except for the charter fleet. However, because of this, it's hard...
  321. Dave's Delta

    Outboard Jets in the salt

    Correct a moondoe. ^^^^ Gots to have power when running a jet. My 20 Ft Alumaweld with a 150 MERC JET does fine EXCEPT when crossing the bar during an ebb with 8 ft breakers in the foamy, sloshed around type of water. It almost seems like the pump cavitates a little which requires more fuel...
  322. Dave's Delta

    Invasive Species

    That just happened...
  323. Dave's Delta

    Albacore Tuna limits back on the table?

    When did this happen? My intel still says there is... BTW Troy, got things handled...will be there
  324. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater One last glorious day on the briney. Westport 9/22.

    Nice job...It appeared from my vantage point on float 3 that you guys had a fair year...:hali_olutta:
  325. Dave's Delta

    Open Seat Tuna Sunday!!!

    In the right boat, I'd fish it. Have before many times but need to much Advil to do it nowadays. Looks fun... PZZ170-173-176-232215- COASTAL WATERS FROM CAPE FLATTERY TO JAMES ISLAND 10 TO 60 NM- COASTAL WATERS FROM JAMES ISLAND TO POINT GRENVILLE 10 TO 60 NM- COASTAL WATERS FROM POINT...
  326. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 9/21~~Final Run 2010 ~~

    Well done. Those are some cool pics.
  327. Dave's Delta


    Shouldn't this be in the report section and the poster being bitch slapped???
  328. Dave's Delta

    New boat in the garage: Defiance 220ex

    Congratulations. They definately build a nice boat.
  329. Dave's Delta

    Tuna Sunday 9/19 - Who's going?

    The better quality grade fish have been camping out around the the 00 line give or take 5 miles for most of the summer. Prob not a bad call to go to Ilwaco. Seems the 30 kt southerly has been taken down. My daughter turns 4 this weekened. First one I've had off this summer.
  330. Dave's Delta


    Very cool...
  331. Dave's Delta

    Defiance Marine Store BD Barbecue Sept. 25th

    Beers? I was thinking those mixed drinks I see in your hand at the dock that make you slur your words.
  332. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Tuna 9/14/10 report

    Nice to see they're still hungry. Good job!!
  333. Dave's Delta

    Raymarine c120

    Fishnazzi otta be able to give you the 411. Tick tock tick tock........
  334. Dave's Delta

    Taking the Fishin' luhrs Home

    Westport to the Puget Sound is a beautiful boat ride. Glad to see this time was less eventful. How much fuel does your boat burn on that trip?
  335. Dave's Delta

    One step closer

    Very cool boat Eric.
  336. Dave's Delta

    Albacore Tuna limits back on the table?

    The 2010 Commercial Albacore Fishery is in it's last year of open entry. They will be going to IFQ's in 2011. Sure saw many fishing mid-week this summer. Maybe those same can take 1 day off work for this.
  337. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater WP Tuna/Salmon 9/14

    Don't forget the 6 feet of rope.
  338. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Ilwaco 9/13

    Maybe "real deal" for Ilwaco. The Ms. Magoo has been running RSW and sonar as do a couple other boats in Westport for a while now. Dave has had RSW and sonar for 10 years now. The Sonar only works before the fish go skittish which last year was most of the season.
  339. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 2nd Tuna Trip WP 9/13

    Combo killin...Nice
  340. Dave's Delta

    Bad mojo

    In no way defending that kind of action but I believe Don was one of the boats that had 3 troll lines run over and cut off by a kicker boat earlier that day. Don is a good guy and like you said may not have been driving the boat at the time. It's getting late in the season and everybody is...
  341. Dave's Delta

    Commercial Selective Harvest VIDEO

    I agree completely. Anything done to try and protect the wild fish is a big step in the right direction. Hopefully this becomes the norm and isn't smoke and mirrors.
  342. Dave's Delta

    friday, and saturday tuna my last trip of 2010

    I can promise you won't be alone. Unless it's blowing 35. Actually, NOAA is calling for a 20-30 kt southerly. Ouch
  343. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport 9/11

    It's all good Kevin. Just figured you were busy. I might have called you on 71 anyway.
  344. Dave's Delta

    Bad mojo

    I'm not going to be a nice guy anymore. That was unreal out there Saturday. Anyone corks me again when I have hungry critters hanging, expect to have 5 oz of lead through your window or your troll lines cut off. Diplomacy doesn't work when there's a lack of brains. Ask the guy in the Sea...
  345. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Albies on the Fly

    Are you the Jeff Hostetter that deckhanded on the Dorothy J for old George Parker in the summer of 87 ish??
  346. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport 9/11

    It might not have been although the hull kind of looked like one. There were a few Ilwaco boats up there Saturday. I don't think I've ever seen that many boats in the tuna grounds. The Sea Sport tried to play tag with a couple charter boats. :rofl:
  347. Dave's Delta

    When bad luck is really good luck

    Nice find. As a fellow driver on the highways, thank you.
  348. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport Tuna Report 9-10 & 9-11

    Thanks for dinner Friday night. Nice report. Not only does the "S" screw up the ocean but often the fish can go off the bite.
  349. Dave's Delta

    Bar Crossing Sat 9/11

    We idled out at 6:15 on 9-11. The fog helped make it a little more sporty not to mention the sick lady we had freaking out running around :_diarrhea_::Emoticon_Potty_Time. Made a hard left turn at 8 and when we broke out of the fog, was able to run full cruise on a beautiful flat ocean. Doesn't...
  350. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport 9/11

    We ended up with 38 fish Saturday. If I had experienced people I could've got more. First timers from Arizona. Same area it sounds like...36-39 by 53-55. Most came on bait. I would hook them and let the others real them in. Or lose em. Best bait stop was ended by another boat I didn't...
  351. Dave's Delta

    Just cause

    Why don't we all go fishing and forget about this.
  352. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport Labor day

    Nice work. A problem that simple... never happens on a boat.
  353. Dave's Delta

    Fishnut/PSA President -

    THIEVES...:2gunsfiring_v1:probably meth heads. Hope you get her back. Alot of people are finding their stuff being stripped down on Craigslist, Ebay, etc. I had a truck that was stolen that turned up in South America. There's quite a racket going on for stolen shit in this area. Meth Heads...
  354. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Wind, Waves and Whales

    I'm a mono man...
  355. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Rampage out of Westport - September 2

    Actually...they're running that far due to the better grade and hungrier fish.
  356. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater The next generation of the Beees gets busy in Chinook

    Cool to see the little ones in on the action. Hostess chocolate covered donuts...A MUST on the ocean.
  357. Dave's Delta

    CR Tuna Report

    I've seen 3 so far this year. Does that mean I'm the winner?
  358. Dave's Delta


    Sunday before last, 46:21 124:50 Not once but twice during boils I had going. He trolled by at a distance of 75 feet and it seems he's done it to a couple other charter boats from what I hear.
  359. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport 8/22

    Nice combo trip...
  360. Dave's Delta


    Rules of the road should be read and tested on by all who operate boats on the ocean. Once he parked in front of you it then becomes your responsibility to avoid him at a safe distance. I don't think any of these morons realize they do things like what happen to you. Some don't seem to have...
  361. Dave's Delta

    Tuna Charters from Ilwaco

    The fish are only 35-40 miles out of Westport. The Gold Rush out of Westport Charters does 1 day trips, is fast, and knows how to fish. Plus it's a Delta.
  362. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater WP Tuna. Simply...GO!!!

    Pauls numbers are completely different than yours...
  363. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport 8/16/10

    Nice work...:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  364. Dave's Delta

    trollers versus baitstops tuna fishing

    Yep... 2 meter works well, pretty common. Sat phones... Radio fishing...
  365. Dave's Delta

    Looking for tuna charter

    Ms. Magoo Sportfishing in Westport. Nicest boat, best bait tank, runs back to back so he always knows where to go to plug the boat. And has never yelled at a customer...
  366. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater My 42 Tuna Report Isn't Working! @*$#%!!!

    I tried to call you on the radio..maybe you were to busy.
  367. Dave's Delta


    Was there any Rap or Hip Hop or whatever it's called these days?
  368. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Ms Magoo

    Who was down on us??
  369. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Ms Magoo

    Who was down on us?
  370. Dave's Delta

    Best bottom Fishing Charter for Black Cod?

    There's also Kenny on the Tequila Too out of Deep Sea Charters. He was bottom fishing when people threw back rock fish.
  371. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Two Pairs, KINGS High...WP 8/7 -8/8

    Nice job kids. Reminds me of the 70's.
  372. Dave's Delta

    Albacore Tuna limits back on the table?

    Thanks for the sanity. In case anyone cares, we did win this (no limits) the last time.
  373. Dave's Delta

    cleaning station in Westport

    In their defense, the charter/commercial fleet is 98% of the business.
  374. Dave's Delta

    Anyone salmon fishing Westport this week?

    There's some excellent fishing up north. GPS wasn't working so I can't tell you where they're at.
  375. Dave's Delta

    Hungry Tuna

    Ed gave us bait last year when I was working for Dave on the Magoo. Worked out well.
  376. Dave's Delta

    Ilwaco Tomorrow (thurs) TUNA!

    When you going?
  377. Dave's Delta

    Seriously, nobody here went out for tuna???

    The answer to your question would be seeing the majority of the west coast jig and bait boats tied up at dock for 4 and 5 days....
  378. Dave's Delta

    Tuna Charter Suggestions?

    If you want to go to Westport, then the guy to go with would be Dave on the Ms. Magoo. First class boat, bait, and crew. And...there's no yelling at passengers. Ms Magoo Sportfishing Charters On Dave's boat, you have the option of having all of your fish filleted 75%,50%, 25%....whatever...
  379. Dave's Delta

    Looking for Experienced Tuna Anglers for This Weekend

    45' 50'' up to 46' 00'' 126 line That was as of yesterday, the few boats that were taking the beating. If this 21 day blow ever lets down, the fish may move into the canyon.
  380. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport 7-21

    Cool...BTW, nice avitar.
  381. Dave's Delta

    Who the hell fucked Mother Nature-

    Did the King need off-season throat surgery???
  382. Dave's Delta

    Swapping whole for canned

    Some boats just go to fricken fast to fillet on the way back in. They don't like to back em down.
  383. Dave's Delta

    New BD member (9 month lurker, 1st report with pics)

    Congratulations...they are life changing. Never realized how much in life i was missing out on before my daughter was born. She'll be 4 in September. I can't keep her out of my tool box, she loves to wrench and enjoys anything with a motor and will be fishing this summer for the first time.
  384. Dave's Delta

    Tuna dead Today!

    That would be the southern school ^^^^
  385. Dave's Delta

    POLL: Net vs Gaff for Tuna

    Bait fishing with 20-25 lb test and going for production.. Wiff... get laughed at Wiff... get yelled at Gaff Repeat until hold is full. After the first trip... Wiff.. get really yelled at. Gaff Repeat until hold is full. After second trip... Gaff Repeat until hold is full...
  386. Dave's Delta

    Westport Opener June 12th Where to start?

    Nice boat. If you doo run out to the charters, just make sure to give them plenty of room and don't troll on the downside of their drift.
  387. Dave's Delta

    Without bottom paint at westport

    And it is the opinion of many that the boat basin is "hot"
  388. Dave's Delta

    Possibly the most unsafe way to subdue a Halibut.

    One of my old Cap's I decked for had that happen in Homer from a 80lb but. Hook went through the Xtra tuff into his foot while the but flopped him around on the deck. Before the hook came out the but flopped enough to tke part of his foot off.
  389. Dave's Delta

    Let's Talk Bar Crossings

    Touche' I however, will never second guess what happens on a boat before it goes down. Business | Coast Guard, Town Grieve -- 3 Crew Members Die As Rescue Boat Capsizes; 1 Survives | Seattle Times Newspaper
  390. Dave's Delta

    Let's Talk Bar Crossings

    Wasn't for the Kip Anderson on the Gambler.
  391. Dave's Delta

    Big Pig Late Coho Caught

    And heavier gear...
  392. Dave's Delta

    Cornfed kills the Calicos...MORE PICS ADDED!

    Nice fish. I need to get down there and do that some day.
  393. Dave's Delta

    Freshwater Welcome To The Real World!

    Nice steelies and brownies...
  394. Dave's Delta

    open seat Saturday

    Savage!! Did you see Westport on the news? Breakers over the jetty at the Islander, a foot of water down the street at high tide? Nice!
  395. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Relaxing day ruined!!! Bank account suffers....

    Sounds like a day in the life of being a boat owner.
  396. Dave's Delta

    Tackle Room Construction By Marlin Mike

    Nice work. Love the wood swivels! PVC can be screwed to a couple 2X4's by drilling holes in the PVC for the screws and then screw the upper and lower 2X4's to the wall if you want cheap and get the rods off the ground. This works for us Non-wood Fags.
  397. Dave's Delta


    Civil, however this quarter is structural (Architectural). The OUPV is a 6 pack, uninspected vessel type license geared for the inland water 6 man boats in SouthEast, Great lakes, Guides, etc.. The 25, 50, 100 ton master is much more, they're two different licenses, ratings. There are...
  398. Dave's Delta


    Naw, had mid-terms. :imdumb:I need engineering help, in lottery amounts. Crawford was the school I went to also. Why not just go for a Masters Tommy?
  399. Dave's Delta


    Good luck, Sounds like they're much easier to get nowadays. I went to sea school in Ballard (F.T), but that was 20 years ago. It was a 2 week school and then go to the CG for the actual tests. If that school is still there, I'd strongly recommend it. i'm surprised there are so many places to...
  400. Dave's Delta

    Anyone considering one last tuna trip this week?

    Thanks for the report Kevin!
  401. Dave's Delta

    Anyone considering one last tuna trip this week?

    Was this a field trip or the pay kind? What was your water temp the Kevin? Gregg was in the same spot on monday with the same score and quality however, his max water temp was indicating 58.9.
  402. Dave's Delta

    Ocean Shores

    There is but it can be very sketchy at low tide.
  403. Dave's Delta


    Or just do what my cheap ass neighbor does to me...hack into my password protected wireless dealie bob.
  404. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Sekiu This Weekend

    You can club natives in Sekiu?
  405. Dave's Delta

    Humboldt squid beaching

    The straits don't have anything to do with those things coming in and dying. They did the same thing last fall in the Westport boat basin. They make excellent crab bait.
  406. Dave's Delta

    coho fight

    Absolutely in my mind from past experience! In the 90's when I'd return our charter boat up from Westport to the Puget Sound every fall (always a blast btw), we'd always salmon fish the open areas. Most noticeable, were the coho around Port Angeles. Very lethargic, No fight!! Club not...
  407. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport Tuna a Bust

    Kevin is correct. The albies are/were feeding (gorging) on the 1.5-2 incher chovies. At least they were prior to last weekend. The ocean is loaded with bait. If you get a chance to run at night with a sodium, you'll see em almost from 100 fathom and out.
  408. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater A couple of BFT

    Nice work, Cap
  409. Dave's Delta

    Grady 265 Express? what do you repower with?

    I guess the couple salesman lied about where they're made?? Shocker...anyway, I think any of todays engines in any kind of endeavour will have issues. A couple buddies of mine who are guides in SE had to ditch the E-tec's for the Merky V's as they were having all sorts of troubles. This was...
  410. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater WTC 2009 Running Down A Dream

    LOL^^^^ Nice gaff jobs!!
  411. Dave's Delta

    Grady 265 Express? what do you repower with?

    Merky V's....also built in USA
  412. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Tuna/Salmon 9/15

    I wouldn't be suprised if some of those fish have moved up the hill a little bit, maybe inside the compass rose? Has anybody heard or talked to the Ilwaco boys for a near the 46 line report? I know there's a few Commercial bait boats still in that area.
  413. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Defiance Boats Team wins AGAIN...This time, The WTC....This is HOW we did it...

    Congratulations on the win!! Your first post basically says it all with a bow on top...
  414. Dave's Delta

    2009 WTC Final Team Standings

    Could you post the amount of winnings of the top placing teams AND the side pot scores and winnings? I'm deaf and couldn't hear, except when I won in the raffle 3 times.
  415. Dave's Delta

    Kudos to Westport's C/V Ms. Magoo!

    Dave and Tony had just departed on their 22nd consecutive albacore trip last night. That's why Dave's the man. Glad to hear the guys got off the Titan safe. Funny thing, they (Titan Crew) had cussed us out (was deck/alternating on the Magoo) at the bait dock a couple weeks ago, they thought...
  416. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater 200-09-08 Westport Tuna Charter

    With all due repsect to the others, that is the boat and crew for albacore.
  417. Dave's Delta

    how far are wp tuners

    Well, the report I got earlier today was actually fish 35-50 miles out. 59.8-60.2 degree water.
  418. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Tuna!!!!!!!

    They're becoming a nuisance for the fleet. All bangers squid, salmon fishing??
  419. Dave's Delta

    tuna run--how far out??

    In school, this is a rush. What happens if you back off the throttle say to 12-15 knots Paul? Any idea if she's easier on the fuel? Call ya latrer today
  420. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Tuna!!!!!!!

    Funny you mention chunking, always saved my herring. I've done this when the fish didn't want to go on live bait. Some will laugh, but an old timer told me to use popcorn before. Throw it right against the transom during the troll. Worked well a few times commercial fishing with jigs.
  421. Dave's Delta

    Which way do I go bait tank direction

    Okay, I just talked to Kenny on the Tequila, this info is per him, since he probably has as much live chovie experience as anyone (he bottom fished when it wasn't cool) 1) Flow of the current in the clockwise direction with the critters swimming counterclockwise (I guess my hemisphere analogy...
  422. Dave's Delta

    Which way do I go bait tank direction

    They swim against the water, and I can't remember for sure which is the best way to go. It's been 15 years plus since I built mine and can't remember. I did put a call into a couple Westport CB caps for the good answer earlier this morning on this very question. For some reason plumbing the...
  423. Dave's Delta

    How to Identify Salmon Gender

    This must be the reason why the hens always seem to give a better fight??
  424. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater C-Q Report 8-31, 9-1

    Yep, all the father/son fishin stories do that. Cherish the time fellas.
  425. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Tuna!!!!!!!

    Hey, I met you guys when you were unloading your fish. Nice job!!
  426. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport Sept. 2

    Those guys are having a pretty tough time getting them going on jigs. One boat cussed us out as he trolled by (????) These fish are bait fish period. They're feeding on dink chovies, no bigger than 2 inches long. I've never seen the amount of bait out there than I've seen this year. Hey...
  427. Dave's Delta

    When do WP tuna charters cancel for weather

    Unfortunately, it sounds like it's going to be a last minute decision. Most of the charter fleet cancelled a couple weeks ago and it turned out to be pretty good, just a large swell with no chop. I know Dave on the Magoo is going to go and try, but he has the same group every Labor Day that can...
  428. Dave's Delta

    Rod Building Class

    I'm not an expert by any means, I've only done about 8 or 9 steelie rods, and a couple trout rods, but it's actually pretty easy. It takes a little patience and smaller hands can make it easier. I bought a video years ago and kind of taught myself. It is a really cool feeling when you land a...
  429. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport Sept. 2

    Yeah, those fish are on bankers hours and a little scittish (sp)!! There was a bait boat down at 46.08 and on the 00 line with 300 fish the other day. For the last 5 days, they've been biting best between 10 am and 5 pm, with the occasional morning bite. If I was running out of Ilwaco, I'd...
  430. Dave's Delta

    Westport BDer's This Weekend.

    Sabs just bent because the 214 fish we caught yesterday came on bait and only 2 of those were jigfish. GF tried to tell him, but... Sab dab, there's just way too much bait out there right now for the jigs. Get out the binoculars. More productive
  431. Dave's Delta


    46.30 -46.20 124.50 It's WO bait and swimbaits Dont waste time with jigs, look for the jumpers. Fish are up and down the line
  432. Dave's Delta

    Westport BDer's This Weekend.

    Geez...instead of fishing/working with Dave on the Magoo for the next two weeks, maybe I otta check this out. I think we could probably get around the no keys (who takes them out anyway), single woman, etc. Is she hot?? BTW, sorry to all I have bugged unrelentlessly (is that a word) for an...
  433. Dave's Delta

    tuna fishing out of Westport this weekend August 28th - 30th

    I wouldn't worry about bringing your own rods. The only rods you're gonna need are already there.
  434. Dave's Delta

    boat upgrade?

    That is an awesome pic in your sig You can never have enough boats, however for me the smaller boats have been the most fun.
  435. Dave's Delta

    2009 Washington Tuna Classic Q&A thread

    It helps to be extra friendly with the bait guys
  436. Dave's Delta

    tuna fishing out of Westport this weekend August 28th - 30th

    Just in case, here are a couple to try Ms Magoo Sportfishing Charters Welcome Aboard the Gold Rush Mike on the Fury, or if you can wait a couple weeks, Kenny on the Tequila Too Deep Sea Charters, Inc. - Welcome Aboard! or Burrel on the Lucky Pierre, Salmon, Tuna & Bottom Fishing in...
  437. Dave's Delta

    boat upgrade?

    Keep the smaller one AND buy the bigger boat. Every man needs multiple boats.
  438. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Trip Report -- Pacific Cherry Poppin'

    Nice Boat. And it catches!!
  439. Dave's Delta

    Protect your kicker

    Crankster Gangsters My Merc 9 was recently ripped off. On mine it looked like the had a battery powered cutoff wheel and went through BOTH snazzy locks.
  440. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Ilwaco Albie's 8/21

    You name the day, and I'll be there!!! 12th it is
  441. Dave's Delta

    fishing out of ucluelet for tuna

    Make sure your bring good heavy duty gear. My biggest Albacore (commercial fishing days) have always been caught off V.I. The big guys (40-50lbs). can break gear and like to hang in the cooler water 59.5-61.0
  442. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Ilwaco Albie's 8/21

    Nice work Paul. It just doesn't get any better than father/son fishin, especially albacore fishing.
  443. Dave's Delta

    Video of boat flying off trailer

    What a shame!! Looks like he should've upgraded; steal a better truck first. Thieves...
  444. Dave's Delta

    I'm heading to Westport or IIwaca area and need some help

    If you're looking to go charter fishing for albacore.. Dave usually is full before the summer starts however, Sometimes spots may open up, so call first Ms Magoo Sportfishing Charters Deep Sea Charters, Inc. - Welcome Aboard! Welcome Aboard the Gold Rush
  445. Dave's Delta


    Agree somewhat. I think we've all seen forecasts go both ways. You can always stay inshore and slammin fish.
  446. Dave's Delta


    There is a pretty good swell offshore that can make it pretty snotty, especially if the winds pick up any at all. The key to that forecast is the swell. Anytime you have a swell 6-8 feet (or higher) with low winds, that's pretty indicative of what may be going on further off-shore. Anytime you...
  447. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Westport

    I think almost anywhere you park out there you'll find fish this year. Last thursday-sunday, there were quite a few fish south of GH down to the Willapa. There's alot of bait down that way and where I'd go for sure. I don't know if the latest little Nw blow did anything to that area today. If...
  448. Dave's Delta

    Wesport 8/17 morning run

    What's up Kevin, Funny how the off-shore flows can upset NWly's.
  449. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Jeff Head still producing!

    Nice job!! Any particular tide you like/prefer to fish or just whenever?
  450. Dave's Delta

    Freshwater for my Anglers in Training

    Great idea!! I've got a just turned 3 going on 14 year old daughter who's dying to go fishing. I never thought about this.
  451. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater Baja 1000 racer fishes westport

    Nice work. It's always cool when a plan comes together!!
  452. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater SLAMMIN fishin Westport

    Due to some of my not-so-good past occurances on float 6, I had to grit my teeth and take it like a scourned man. If it wasn't for my buddies fast reflexes, that critter may've gotten more than salmon carcases. I told him to grab my king for the photo, he declined. Kevin's a great fisherman...
  453. Dave's Delta

    Navionics Gold Charting for iPhone $6.99

    Cool AVI...where is that?
  454. Dave's Delta

    Opah caught out of the columbia River!

    Correct on the El Nino effect. Sure seems to have pushed the salmon into shallower water this year. I had hooked 2 Opah during my Albie charter tenure days. I hooked both casting lures (Silver Blue Spoons) during a circle to a bait stop outside my wheelhouse door. Gotta love auto pilot.
  455. Dave's Delta

    Saltwater SLAMMIN fishin Westport

    Yesterday buddy and I went out salmon fishin on the Tequila Too. 24 people we started at GH with virtually nothing going on. So after about an hour and a half and only 1 hatchery coho (I landed) we ran down to the Whistler (Willapa bouy) with birds, bait, and jumpers every where. Fishing was WO...
  456. Dave's Delta

    Live bait at Westport question

    They used to weigh it but guys complained about deadloss during weigh in. The quality of the bait is timing. But I wouldn't rec ever complaining if you know what I mean.
  457. Dave's Delta

    Bottomfish at Westport

    Truer words can't be spoken than this post. BF'ing in Westport can even frustrate the professionals. I threw away my old numbers (they were in TD's anyway) but basically if you want decent fishing, run up the line in between 70-120 ft of water and start watching your video once you get up around...
  458. Dave's Delta

    Westport RV information question

    I always liked 80 spaces but that's about a mile from the docks. This is Pacific motel, etc.
  459. Dave's Delta

    Aug 7 Westport Salmon

    Exactly...One of my 30 lb. native ironheads never got a "picture" before releasing as I had wasted all the film on my wifes multiple (8) smaller fish that day. Of course, this was before digi cams. The 300' course is correct along with the water depth for WO coho.
  460. Dave's Delta


    Nice fish! What was your water temp?
  461. Dave's Delta

    Riffe Lake info ?

    I used to slam the koke's on Riffe lake. We'd generally limit out by 9 or 10 and then go chase steelies on the Cowlitz. For me, I always had the best luck on the eastern most side of the lake just outside of the point directly across from the state camp ground. Some years fish would average up...
  462. Dave's Delta

    2009 Captains and Crews - Open Seats

    I'd love to hook up with someone and slay the albies this summer. Deckhanded for 9 years and Skippered for 5 years out of Westport and was always one of the first boats to chase the albacore in the early 90's. Have alternated on some of the charter boats since, still hold my license and am...
  463. Dave's Delta


    I'd also put a vote in for Kenny on the Tequila Too out of Deep Sea Charters.