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    2017 Parker 2320 w/trailer. Price drop 2k

    Just the numbers on the gps are worth that !! good luck with sale Todd
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    Winchester Mod 94 30-30

    Interested of sale falls thru
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    2009 2520 parker sld

    I have a 85qt cooler that goes behind bait tank making additional seating and you still have a ton of back deck still My catch goes in a reliable kill bag either on bow or up tight to engines Flares life jackets exc have storage holds under Vee berth cushions BBQ I keep behind helm chair...
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    trailer $450

    Where are you located ??
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    2009 2520 parker sld

    The bench seat was 3500-4000 all in
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    2009 2520 parker sld

    The boat is a deep Vee Excellent riding boat for SoCal and NorCal
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    Parker 2520 w twin outboard
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    2009 2520 parker sld

    I made it Box is fiberglass with starboard insert
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    2009 2520 parker sld

    Boise area It will be hard to be away from ocean but I lived in mountains fir many years and love it I’m just done with California
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    2009 2520 parker sld

    Thanks Mike We are buying in Idaho, I’ll be doing work here and there
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    2009 2520 parker sld

    I take extreme pride and enjoyment in maintaining and upgrading every boat I have owned and this parker I’m not Exception My family and I have decided to leave California and where we are going I have no use for a boat and I hope to see it go to a person who values how well it is set up for...
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    Rods, reels, fly setups

    Can you send me pic of the remaining fly set ups
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    2005 Parker 2520

    Best parker made glws
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    Seat slider 2 7/8

    Need seat slider for 2 7/8” post ASAP Please let me know what you got Chad (949)394-8203
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    All I will Say is I spend a lot of time fishing at cat and the heavy hitter locals are in small rigs like that far from the harbor put in work The boat does not make you a kook The guy that commented is a kook Be safe and get it done how ever you can also pangas are no different then your...
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    Two Deck Hatches For Sale

    I’ll take the fiberglass hatch
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    Parker 2120 SC vs Cabo Cuddycon. (Yes I know this is a Parker thread)

    I own the notched transom Parker I have been in the worst weather we get on west coast o am not a fair weather fisherman And I’ll say I have never felt unsafe with the notched transom These Are self bailing boats and they get rid of water off deck quick Only time I have had a lot of water on...
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    boat extras

    Grab rails are gone
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    Dometic Toilet and Holding Tank

    What are width and height dimensions
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    Dick head scammer

    That same guy hit me up on bd and Hull truth
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    boat extras

    Bump Grab rails pending
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    Electric Down Riggers

    Will you take 100 for both the big jons
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    Sold thank you!! Please remove

    Great tank have same on my boat
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    boat extras

    -Starboard drawer box $75.00 -stainless grab rails from parker pilot house 48” long $100 for pair - two sets of 30’ dock-lines brand new $25 per or $40 for both - Alcohol tank for boat stove $20 - trailer wheel buddies $10 per pack -bait net $5
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    Honda 2000 generator

    Honda eu2000 runs great had Carburetor gone thru a couple month ago Selling because I set up inverter system and do not need any more Missing one foot $550.00
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    Magma grill Catalina

    magma Catalina gas grill In great shape works perfect and looks great This unit is just alittle to big for my needs It comes with the -prep tray that hooks on front With starboard insert - Folding rod holder mount - newer gas attachment $225.00 new this unit was $549.00 Chad Text (949)394-8203
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    F150 Harmonic balancer

    Are you a Yamaha mech
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    12' outriggers SOLD, SOLD , SOLD

    I believe these are 15’ not 12’ their 12’ version is one piece
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    Hi I’m interested What’s the number to text?
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    Parker Deluxe Helm Seat

    I’ll take it pick up tomorrow ?
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    Misc boat gear( lights, autopilot, vhf, etc.)

    How much for ICOM and the two mounts shipped to San Juan Capistrano 92675
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    SPRINGFIELD–Twin 46 Flip-Up Seat

    I’m interested do you come to oc Santa Ana area
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    TODD Miami Helm chair. Folding

    Looks weathered can you get the dark lines off it
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    Parker Coaming pads

    I’ll send when I get home
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    Parker Coaming pads

    I have a new set of parker 2320 coming pads They are in great condition No clips $200.00 Chad (949)394-8203
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    Parker rail

    I have a good condition bow rail from a parker 2520 The pulpit was cut and capped First to bring a 18 pack of beer gets it would makegreat cc rail 1 1/4 stainless chad (949)394-8203
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    2005 F250 Superduty $13k

    Do you have more pics of interior
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    Pompanette captains seats (reduced)

    Helm I tried fixing but couldn’t figure it out
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    Pompanette captains seats (reduced)

    I am changing things inside my pilot house so my helm seats are forsale Two pompanette ladder back helm chairs these are the narrower ones They are in great condition They come with One 30” base and 24” base I’m asking $700 for the pair of $350 each Text Chad 949 384 8203
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    Or trade, Stainless Rocket launcher

    If it had another row I would buy this
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    SPRINGFIELD–Twin 46 Flip-Up Seat

    What size parker do you have What’s width on seat
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    OUTRIGGERS Precision 16 foot fiberglass with Maximizers $1600

    Can I trade my 12’ precision’s in for discount on these
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    Brand new 15" trailer wheels with tires

    I’ll take them send me your number
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    ****PARKER 2520 XL CROWS NEST***

    I’ll buy just the console from you
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    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    I have a 2520 notched transom IMO the ride is significantly better There is a reason it’s referred to as the wisch model Parker’s are all great boats Here is what I was explained by Parker why they removed that model east coast drives their market and the east coast is a wind driven swell not...
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    Parker 2520 XLD

    I’m sorry some of the comments are so wrong I have this boat with twin 150s I cruise at 27 getting 1.8 with 4 guys 20 rods tackle 150lbs ice and full off 200 gallons of ice And a 100 gallon blue water tank full Boat gets on plane without an effort and will top out at 39knots I know a single...
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    Simrad Sales Bulletin: $500 cash back on NSS evo3

    How much for a ap44 complete system installed with tower control
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    Fiberglass Tower Control Box

    I’m having one made by west coast bait tanks You can find Craig on here
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    Here we go again.........

    Hey Nate Chad cammack When you get ready to do house let me know we can cnc all parts
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    Volvo D3 160 HP and SX outdrive

    Do they come with controls
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    Repower Question for 1998 2510DV

    On the positive those 350s are badass engines es and the dual prob is amazing
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    Repower Question for 1998 2510DV

    FYI Maurer we had an issue with Maurer not wanting to adjust or reproduce one of our engines on our last boat after we bought it even tho they told us what it should run at rpm Once they get you out the door your basically on ur own West coast does a better customer service job
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    Parker MPG on 2520

    09 2520 sld twin 150s no bracket with full weight averages 1.5
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    Looking for a Parker 2110 2 or 4 stroke

    Oh my bad did not see the 10 just paid attention to the 21
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    Looking for a Parker 2110 2 or 4 stroke Reasonable
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    Offshore BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    There are three fish in this picture FYI
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    Parker 2320 Livewell

    Insulate it and make it a freezer
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    Fish storage

    There is room to add a fish box
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    2005 Parker DVSC

    Great boat!! I have same boat super fast and great ride
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    New 3 rod rack and more

    I have been working up a few off the shelf rod racks This one is 17.5” wide holds three rods knives and pliers Rod holders are polished aluminum $250 Also we have a few small things that can go anywhere 1) tool/ bait net holder $20 2)tool/bait net holder square $20 3) tool/ lure holder $20...
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    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    I don’t know if this is too late But there is a great spot in back bay of Newport called Pearson’s Great for the fresh stuff if your looking to cook at home
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    Custom starboard

    Boardroom charters captain and owner showing everyone how it’s done!!! And he loves the board for the slobs !!
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    Starboard parts for your Parker

    we make a ton useful parts and a few that were dpacificlly designed for the Parker(being that I own one it makes it easy to work them out!!!) -We have a cup holder storage that mounts by helm chair -A tackle center that goes on back wall of pilot house -And a double cup holder that holds 2...
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    Custom starboard

    Here is a sweet option for fish ability storage This is on the back of a Parker 2520 door
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    coaming bolsters pads

    I have a pair of coming pads for a 2017/18 2320 Parker Hit me up for them
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    23' Blackman Billfisher

    I called and texted owner about it with no answer
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    X2 6v battery trojan

    If u were closer I would take them
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    Custom starboard

    Hi guys here is some pics of a offshore tank we dialed in Also we have cup holder/pliers holders in stock ready to ship $55 per plus shipping
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    Custom starboard

    Hi guys I Dropped phone in the water having issues with that one please contact me at 949-293-7789 I have lost all numbers and tax for anyone that has not contacted me through this for
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    2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    Truck weight
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    2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    New laws start at 14000 pounds This 250 falls far short of that
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    Custom starboard

    Prices vary there are multiple options to everything in the picture If your interested please pm me with what you need and I will give you exact pricing Thank you
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    Swim step for Blackman

    If you cannot find one we can custom build in 1 inch starboard
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    Custom starboard

    Steve I pm’ed you
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    Custom starboard

    Well it’s that time, fish are on way!!! Now is time to get some custom stuff done to maximize the comfort and fish ability of your boat I make customs starboard parts from filet boards to rod holders -rod holders - filet boards any size - cup holders - bait tank tops -tackle centers - custom...
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    Wtb tuna tower

    If it does not work for him I’m interested
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    RayMarine Autopilot system.

    What size boat is this for Is it used
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    New Bluewater Bait Tank for sale

    I have same tank on my Parker it’s badass
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    Garmin 110 VHF - used 1 year $175

    Just a heads up you can buy this unit for 220 new with warranty
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    New filet boards

    As of now I’m not sure We are so new I lucked out at Long Beach for a spot I may have a board or two with blue water tanks
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    Get the tape measure

    I’m confused why pacific punisher is so irate about this, is his Parker having a problem because I know mine is Exceptionally done I’m a finish carpenter and work in mm and I think these boats are built very well I have owned multiple boats from twin bee to Boston whaler and a Blackman...
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    New filet boards

    Every tank has a different application We would work that out with you
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    New filet boards

    Hi guys I am now making tons of starboard stuff from tackle centers to cup holders We have a few filet boards left we had at the Fred hall Long Beach that we want to put up for sale The one shown is designed for a Parker it goes from tank to gunnel and the legs can be trimmed To fit you...
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    USED PARKER 2520
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    2009 Parker 2520sld

    Yes there is a combiner, I have two standard batteries 1 for start 1 for house Fuel consumption is 1.8 at cruise and the cruise is anywhere between 20-27 same all the way thru I fish island hard for two days no problem
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    Set of Fish Mounts

    I would like just the sailfish of you choose to break them up
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    2009 Parker 2520sld

    Seat came on boat was replaced with 100 gallon blue water tank
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    2009 Parker 2520sld

    Better ride Better weight distribution I like fishing around engines this way better
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    Blue Fin Tuna Mount 38 inch long

    I’m interested but I cannot see pic tho
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    2009 Parker 2520sld

    Thx fixed it I hate spell check
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    2009 Parker 2520sld

    hi all I am considering selling my Parker due to new baby and no time to use Here is info 2009 2520sld deep vee notch transom Twin 150 Yamahas 450hrs Garmin 5212 ff,radar,gps combo 100 gallon blue water bait tank Lewmar profish windless 350’ rope 50’ chain Salt water wash down Boat cruises...
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    Wanted rod holder fillet table

    I Am in process of opening a company that makes custom semi custom and off the shelf star board parts for boats Anything from Cup holders,filet boards Bait boards rod holders tackle centers and many more Let me know if you are interested
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    Pompenette helm chair

    These are almost brand new looking and new just the seat is 1200
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    Pompenette helm chair

    FOR SALE IS A POMPENETTE HELM CHAIR FROM MY PARKER THE SEAT COMES WITH PEDESTAL AND SLIDER COMPLETE THE SEAT IS IN GREAT CONDITION $550 There is two on my boat and I may sell as pair for right price Please text me 949 394 8203
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    New to me 2010 2520

    My Parker tank is drained same way and it drained great
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    18'boston whaler outrage

    Awesome Glad to see it’s being used right
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    Parker Seat: Complete Set up

    I have a full set up Pompenette Seat with slider and pedestal $450 It’s coming out of my Parker 2520
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    Release Marine 6 Rod Teak Rocket Launcher and Stainless Steel base with drawe

    I can custom build one exactly like this to your personal specs for under 2k
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    Parker boat cushions for 2320

    I’m interested in a single square too
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    New to me 2010 2520

    Balancer is only issue but only $500 per engine fix
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    New to me 2010 2520

    I own exact same boat, in my opinion this is best riding Parker by far Enjoy
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    2012 2320SL parker 43 original hours

    What kind of bait do you use in Ohio rare to see east coast boat with 65 gallon tank
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    quality stuff wts/wtt

    Is bladder for diesel or gasoline
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    Parker video?

    Very much depends on the Parker There are multiple Hull styles Deep vee Deep vee with bracket Motified vee Mv with bracket New hull style is closer to deep vee but not fully you can still get a deep vee as a option
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    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    If you don’t mind me asking what is tower running you
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    My side yard
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    Pre-Owned SKB 7100 Tackle Box

    Where in oc you available to meet if so
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    i have a couple seats that need to go to someone that needs them 1)swing back Todd bench seat $75 will clean up pretty well 2)custom bench/storage box built pretty well came of my Parker $225 exact dimensions I can get But somewhere around 40”x30” Text me 949 394-8203 Chad
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    passenger seat upgrade on a 18 2320sc?

    I’ll buy your bench if you are getting rid of it
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    2009 68' Little Hoquiam Long Range Yachtfisher - Sold in Just 53 Days

    This is the most perfect yacht fisher ,it is capable to do anything !!!
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    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    I’m 70 into a 2520 with twins after tower and misc I’ll be 80 tops This boat is 170k new
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    Garmin GT30-THP

    Just a heads up you can get theses for 950 now
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    Tower/hoop/rocket launcher

    hi guys I’m looking for tuna tower or belly hoop and a rocket launcher for Parker 2520
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    Parker bench

    looking for Parker bench seat Thanks Chad
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    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    Here’s the shit yellow boat on Father’s Day doing what I guess cheap boats do
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    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    I got an 09 tan 2520 Parker with twin 150 Yamaha’s with 400 hrs not ever repowered in cherry condition for a fraction of what I would get it for here and that was from a broker I like the white aswell as the tan both are the same exact boat color does nothing for how you fish or how the boat...
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    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    Do you realize there are people who actually like the tan your view on the color is not necessarily always the right view Also for people who spend more the 20 days a year on the water know the off colors like tan or grey on decks reflect less sunlight which helps with not causing fatigue,as...
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    2320 vs 2520

    That’s with twin 150s
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    Torium 30 hg

    Where are you located
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    New to me Parker

    So finished up the first two projects and took her fishing Super stoked on this boat so stable,fast and rides beautiful First installed the 100 gallon blue water tank, it’s a lot of tank but the bait loves it and it did not affect performance much but did help forward ride Second put a lewmar...
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    True World Marine TF242 $50KOBO

    I have always liked this boat
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    2320 vs 2520

    You are correct newer the 07 all 23 have a 21 degree deadrise My understanding and correct me if I’m wrong is on the deep vee over the motified it’s the Hull all he way thru My boat still has a vee at stearn where to me it seems the 21 and 23 models flatten out a bit more
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    2320 vs 2520

    I can start with I recently purchased a 2520sld this is the version with the notched transom and the deep vee Myself and my father have owned Blackman 26 bill fisher Boston whaler 25 frontier 18 whaler outrage and a twin vee 26 Every boat has their trade offs I have fished on a 23 a few...
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    Cooler Storage on the 2320

    Billy if you do that I’ll buy your bench
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    Thoughts for/against SeaDek Inside 2320 Pilothouse

    I’m thinking I’m going to do snap in carpet it’s cheaper and easy to change out
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    Jabsco cyclone bait pump

    Haha wow sorry to bust your bubble you were asking for two enjoy Boss I can buy from a store like a normal person And you can keep your paddy I’m sure it’s the only time you catch anything
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    seaway This was originally listed as a seaway not sure why it’s changed but looks like a seaway It’s s cool boat
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    Jabsco cyclone bait pump

    Where you located what do you want for pump
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    1994 Jeep yj

    well we are not using the Jeep enough anymore so it’s got to go 1994 Jeep yj on 33” tires Front and rear bumpers with tire mount and front winch There are also side sliders Jeep has 160k on it and runs great Perfect for camping $8800
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    Is this unit fish finder capable
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    New to me Parker

    Thanks guys I’m not going to lie for the longest time I was anti Parker I thought it was a fad but now I know how wrong I was And the best part is the hold their value well
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    New to me Parker

    The frontier was my pops me him and my bro all use this user name He sold it To A commercial fisherman in the Bay Area I believe
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    Bait Receiver/ Pen

    Wish you were closer
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    New to me Parker

    Thanks everyone the family and I are very happy with new rig it will suit us we’ll Billy I will be doing propedestal for sure As for tank mark makes a beautiful tank but for me I’m partial to Randy’s tanks I have purchased 4 tanks from him and his customer service is unmatched I have never...
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    New to me Parker

    So after looking long and hard for the exact Parker that suited my type of fishing needs and wants I finally had it pop up and I was ready to goexcept it was in newyork but I made it happen and the dealer was very flexible with me and my time schedule due to fact my wife gave birth to our...
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    king starboard manf

    I may be able to help you I own a cabinet shop and am about to build starboard cabinets for my Parker All cnc work Generally starboard Os 350 a sheet plus time to cut
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    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    How much was the Parker seat you have
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    Mackerel tubes

    I have a set of mackerel tubes built by offshore bait tanks they are a white with blue pin stripe Set up to be transom or swim step mounted $300 obo Chad (949)394-8203
  139. C

    Used Tuna tubes

    I have an offshore bait tanks set they are more for mackerel tho If that’s what your looking for let me now
  140. C

    Calstar/seeker super cheap

    Would you take 300 for the two
  141. C

    Pump 1 a/p pump

    Do you have the whole autopilot for sale
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    Torium20hg and cedros12

    San Juan capistrano 92675
  143. C

    Torium20hg and cedros12

    I’ll take the torium how much to ship
  144. C

    Tower/belly hoop

    I’m also looking if it doesn’t work
  145. C

    Les Baer Custom Carry no fcs

    What are you looking to trade for
  146. C

    Pro Pedestal Seat Post

    Got it I’ll call you in am
  147. C

    Pro Pedestal Seat Post

    I’ll take it Will you send me your Phone number please
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    18’ outrage $16k

    Make an offer this is the most reliable well equipped 18 on market
  149. C

    18’ outrage $16k

    The boat is a 85 Boston whaler outrage 18' Motor is a 06 Yamaha 150 4stroke with 400 hrs averages 3mpg at 25knots Tops out at 40 Replaced 55 gallon aluminum fuel tank new one is rhino lined Boat has 38 gallon blue water tank matching gel coat to boat Seadek decking T top Fusion radio Hdsx5...
  150. C

    Parker 2120 SC and Sea Trail Wanted

    Best deal to upgrade to west coast bow rail is to contact your local Parker dealer and have them ship one out from Parker with there next load I had a quote to do so for 1800 so that’s what I’m doing
  151. C

    Furuno Navnet and Radar package

    I’m interested in the autopilot does it come with pump Please send pics Thank you
  152. C

    Best place to re power boat

    Mauer marine in Newport is good
  153. C

    18' outrage reduced to $17000

    Bump Make offer I have a new boat in the pipeline This one has to go This boat is set up
  154. C

    2320sl 05 parker

    What is cruise speed and fuel burn at that What is total range
  155. C

    for sale 24 g moeller fuel tank

    Hi I'm interested can you send me pic and demensions or model so I can make sure it fits
  156. C

    18' outrage reduced to $17000

    Whalers are not self bailing any water that accumulates on deck has no where to go must go to a bilge to be pumped out Self bailing is a boat that can extract water without pumps
  157. C

    18' outrage reduced to $17000

    Ya that works too I just wanted to have more room on stern for fishing and it helps it makes it so I can carry that 38 gallons and have no issue with too much weight back
  158. C

    18' outrage reduced to $17000

    It's only way to correctly get outflow with a boat that is not self bailing
  159. C

    18' outrage reduced to $17000

    The boat is a 85 Boston whaler outrage 18' Motor is a 06 Yamaha 150 4stroke with 400 hrs averages 3mpg at 25knots Tops out at 40 Replaced 55 gallon aluminum fuel tank new one is rhino lined Boat has 38 gallon blue water tank matching gel coat to boat Seadek decking T top Fusion radio Hdsx5...
  160. C

    18' custom whaler

    The boat is a 85 Boston whaler outrage 18' Motor is a 06 Yamaha 150 4stroke with 400 hrs averages 3mpg at 25knots Tops out at 40 Replaced 55 gallon aluminum fuel tank new one is rhino lined Boat has 38 gallon blue water tank matching gel coat to boat Seadek decking T top Fusion radio Hdsx5...
  161. C

    Ruger American Predator

    Does this have the heavy barrel
  162. C

    22 foot Seaway for was sold October 19th

    Talked to owner nice older man said he has a serious buyer and told me to contact next week
  163. C

    WTB 17’ - 19’ CC Boston Whaler or 1801 Parker
  164. C

    blackman cc ,,

    Yes 1.5 thick Armstrong bracket bolt on no prob smart upgrade
  165. C

    18'boston whaler outrage

    These things are the little boat that could There are few 18' skiffs I'll feel comfortable fishing sci on or as far offshore as I have with this but even in bigger seas then I would have liked to be in it got me home
  166. C

    18'boston whaler outrage

    Ok not a feeler anymore want to sell quick bring offers (real offers) The boat is a 85 Boston whaler outrage 18' Motor is a 06 Yamaha 150 4stroke with 400 hrs averages 3mpg at 25knots Tops out at 40 Replaced 55 gallon fuel tank new one is rhino lined Boat has 38 gallon blue water tank matching...
  167. C

    18' outrage custom (feeler)

    Weekend bump Also forgot boat comes with brand new precision outriggers
  168. C

    18' outrage custom (feeler)

    Thank you it's a fantastic fishing boat I have caught everything from seabass at cat to 100lb bluefin at desperation reef And she always gets me home cheap
  169. C

    18' outrage custom (feeler)

    For the Thru hull transducer what we did is take 6" hole saw drill thru foam to main layer of hull the glass in a sub straight may in be a hardwood or something like coosa board then lay a few layers of glass over that Bait out flow goes out the side of boat yes And yes I took and made...
  170. C

    18' outrage custom (feeler)

    I'm thinking of selling my whaler to get a bigger boat (open to trade for something bigger I have cash to include ) The boat is a 85 Boston whaler outrage 18' Motor is a 06 Yamaha 150 4stroke with 400 hrs averages 3mpg at 25knots Tops out at 40 Replaced 55 gallon fuel tank new one is rhino...
  171. C

    Esky 85 cooler-like new

    I texted you about let me know when I can come grab it
  172. C

    Enclosed console

    I'll take it if still available
  173. C

    Bait tanks/ boat seat and pedistole / fuel tank /

    West marine bait tank and fuel tank are sold
  174. C

    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    Bump for a bad ass boat had some of my best memory's on this boat fish killing machine
  175. C

    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    I have fished this boat numerous times it's perfect you could not buy a better boat off the lot for this price it's worth every dime
  176. C

    Taco outriggers

    Which taco outriggers are these
  177. C

    Hi would you consider 350 for hds5 all I need is unit and power cable

    Hi would you consider 350 for hds5 all I need is unit and power cable
  178. C

    Furuno 582l

    This is color lcd furuno it's a really good ff depth depends on transducer if you get a good 600w transducer it will achieve plenty depth for any west coast fishing
  179. C

    Bait tanks/ boat seat and pedistole / fuel tank /

    Also have this moeller 40 gallon bait tank for sale almost new 180$
  180. C

    Bait tanks/ boat seat and pedistole / fuel tank /

    Yes seats and tank are still available please call me 9494120791 Cody
  181. C

    Leaning posts ,bait tank, and misc boat stuff

    4 works 949 394 8203 34291 via Lopez capo beach
  182. C

    Leaning posts ,bait tank, and misc boat stuff

    Hi guys here area few things I'm not using so they should go to someone that will use them SOLD Leaning post and backrest with under seat storage foot print is 38"x19"x34"tall $300 obo Has oxidation and cushions have sun cracks Pacific yacht towers Leaning post $300 obo 6 out of 10 condition...
  183. C

    Furuno 582l

    I'm selling a furuno 582l works great This unit comes with power cord bracket and screen cover Give me a call $250 obo Chad 949 394 8203
  184. C

    WTB Lowrance Transducer

    I have one it's a transom mount version
  185. C

    Bait tanks/ boat seat and pedistole / fuel tank /

    seats with post 90 $ each Bait tank one is small fiberglass and the other is 14 gallon west marine 100 $ each Large bait tank $ 20 needs fiberglass work Fuel tank 15 gallon 100$ Older icom ic-m600 marine radio 100$ Local pick up only Text with ? 9494120791 Cody
  186. C

    need 50 gallon bait tank

    hey guys I'm looking for a used 50 gallon fiberglass bait tank let me know what you got chad 9493948203
  187. C

    Outriggers precision marine econolines

    How could I mount these to the top of a ttop
  188. C

    Newell s338-5 and Newell s332-5 for sale

    I have a couple of Newell reels for sale 90$ each Text if interested 949 412 0791 Located in Dana point
  189. C

    Need Recommendation - Glass & Canvas near OSide

    I forget company name but he is in riverside but obviously comes to you
  190. C

    Need Recommendation - Glass & Canvas near OSide

    Tom 1 (951) 239-9930 This guy is super legit and very competitive I have used him on multiple boats and referred him many times everyone including myself have been very happy
  191. C

    19 ft custom alum skiff (project)

    Looks like a metal stringari
  192. C

    Want to buy 26 Blackman Billfisher or Outerbanks

    That twin engine straight shaft billfisher on cl is a good rig you loose the outdrive bull and adds the extra weight down low to help with the rolling and the wondering
  193. C

    Yamaha f-115

    Same questions
  194. C

    Free Fuel tank

    I can't open file I'm interested in the 50 gallon tank what are demensions
  195. C

    19 ft custom alum skiff (project)

    Price drop 5500 obo need it go two boats is two many
  196. C

    19 ft custom alum skiff (project)

    hi I'm testing the waters on a skiff I purchased a little while back as a gut and redo but I was recently given a deal I can't refuse so this boat has to go The boat is as follows 19ft full aluminum custom skiff with built in t top and hoop The boat is built very well with 3/16 thick...
  197. C

    FS: SKB 7100

    Does it have rod holders
  198. C

    115-150:-P outboard needed

    I have a 150 johnson all controls and tanks 1300 Obo
  199. C

    Leaning post

    If so I will take it
  200. C

    Leaning post

    Is it still available
  201. C

    bait tank $130

    Where are you located
  202. C

    Wtb bait tank 50gal or larger

    looking for a fiber glass bait tank 50 gal or larger let me no what you have
  203. C

    Wtb bait tank 50gal or larger

    looking for a fiber glass bait tank
  204. C

    Trinidad 14 300$

    Talica sold Trini still available
  205. C

    Trinidad 14 300$

    Talica 8 300 Trinidad 14 for 300
  206. C

    Shimano tranx seeker jig stick

    K will let you no if doesn't sell
  207. C

    Shimano tranx seeker jig stick

    Shimano tranx 500 hg Seeker pinhead 9'3 25-40 450 for set
  208. C

    Chris Craft (uniflight) Flybridge Twin Rebult Diesels- Reduced to 32,000. More picts on page 2

    What is cruising speed and fuel burn When tanks were pressure tested did you polish fuel Why were engines gone thru and if rebuilt did the get cylinders honed Who did the work Pics of engine room When was boat last hauled and was bottom paint done Thanks chad
  209. C

    1990 calibogie skiff Price reduction 4800 SOLD

    19' I have a small garage and I store it in there
  210. C

    1990 calibogie skiff Price reduction 4800 SOLD

    Someone buy this thing it's a great little skiff
  211. C

    1990 calibogie skiff Price reduction 4800 SOLD

    750 don't no if needs new one been getting progressively better prob just run fuel cleaner threw it
  212. C

    1990 calibogie skiff Price reduction 4800 SOLD

    1998 calibogie skiff for sale. $5500 2001 Yamaha f 40. It needs new #2 Carb and has a hick up in mid range. It has all new wiring, new bait tank, new gel coat, new console and new fish finder. It has a 12 gal fuel tank and has never burnt more than 8 gal all day. The boat was rebuilt in 2015...
  213. C

    WTB Volvo penta Prop

    Payed 480 I'll sell for 300 used less then a month
  214. C

    WTB Volvo penta Prop

    I have a set of Solas props that are the equivalent of a5 dual prop
  215. C

    Wtb Volvo penta a4 props

    Like title says let me know what you have Chad 9493948203
  216. C

    what antenna for a 2 meter...?

    Don't know the number but it's a small expensive one west marine has them
  217. C

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    About time .... I'm sure if you advertised it as a 29 Parker it would of sold faster haha
  218. C

    Complete Furuno 1943C System

    How much for one and the sounder modual and all necessary cables
  219. C

    Morse shift control

    I'll take it how much to ship to dp
  220. C

    Newell two s332-5 and one s220-5

    Everything but torium has sold
  221. C

    Newell two s332-5 and one s220-5

    Pending sale on all used newells
  222. C

    Newell two s332-5 and one s220-5

    80$ each s332-5pending 100$ for the s220-5 just servicedpending Since these are such a hot item I dug out a few more these ones are new never used unless stated 1)332-5 new no line $140 1)332-5 used line is shot could use a service $80 1)s220-5 new never used $120 1) torium 16 spooled with 65...
  223. C

    Garmin GPS Map 541S loaded with Blue Chart

    You realize this unit sells new for 500 right
  224. C

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    Best boat on market for that price !
  225. C

    reduced!26 blackman billfisher $51000

    BOAT DOES NOT HAVE A TRAILER FRESH COMPLETE OUTDRIVE REBUILD 9/26/14 rebuilt turbo 10/20/14 Along with valve adjustment Updated k and n air filter system and housing Oil change Boats fresh and ready !!!!!! well its time for my pride and joy to go up for sale,this boat has been meticulously...
  226. C

    Shimano Torium 16HG

    How much to buy it
  227. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Thank you it's been fun keeping this boat up
  228. C

    WTS Raymarine smartpilot x5R "sold"

    Does this come with everything needed or just what's showen
  229. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Just finished her yearly full detail she is all shinny and ready for the season
  230. C

    Hobie Power Skiff restomod...pic heavy.

    Wow amazing skiff very jealous
  231. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    I'll take pic of OUTDRIVE this weekend and yes ok outside of water
  232. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Asking price is same but I'm open to serious offers from serious buyers I don't change my asking price because bd has a ton of people that love to comment not act Call me if your interested (949)394 8203 Ps boat is in the middle of her yearly detail she looks amazing there is not a...
  233. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    never measured the interior height but has to be atleast 6'6" and top speed is between 22 and 24 knots depending onhow much gear you have and ocean conditions, these boats are built solid and the feel like a much biger boat when at cruzing speed no slap
  234. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Thank you they are great boats
  235. C

    Jig Lot FS

    Do u have anymore that look like squid
  236. C

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    Call me if you have any ? 9494120791 cody
  237. C

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    Ya I didn't end up selling it . I put a inspection hatch in the bAck deck I don't have foam in the center but on the sides I do I would just put one in the center becaus there is no way for the water to get out and around the side ribs in the hull
  238. C

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    I have a 40hp 4 stroke and it pushes it at about 30
  239. C

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    I have the same boat I did the gel coat on my own it's not hard
  240. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Absolutely ,I pm'ed your my info
  241. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Thank you!come on guys this boat can go further and much more comfortably then pretty much any other boat in its size class
  242. C

    WTB: Small Fiberglass Bait tank for 13' whaler

    I have about a 10 or 15 gallon tank that would be sweet $120
  243. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    boats even more dialed boys i wanna buy a house so lets make a deal
  244. C

    WTB 24' Skipjack Open Fuel Tank , Bait Tank, Seat and some help

    Don't put foam back it you want to raise it off hull alittle so if water gets in compartment it's not sitting in it and then you get tabs welded on new tank that keeps it from sliding back and forth set the tank on very high density rubber and 5200 it down
  245. C

    Volvo alternator

    Will this work on a ad41
  246. C

    Looking for feed back-Glacier Bay 2690 Pilot House

    They are great boats they ride awesome up or down swell you will average 1.5 mpg if you have four strokes they are more comfortable downstairs then the ret of the cats in its class but still lack compared to a mono hull as far as amenities every boat is a trade off
  247. C

    wtb 5 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    pm sent to both of you thanks chad
  248. C

    wtb 5 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    seen a few i know i can have one made by bluewater but just figured i would try
  249. C

    wtb 5 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    title says it all let me know what you got thanks
  250. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Bump With outdrive rebuilt fresh and ready
  251. C

    WTB, Blackman Billfisher or Skipjack 262

    careful what you buy a 26 skippy or blackman below 40k will take 10k to 15k gaurenteed
  252. C

    Techno-stabi image stabilized binoculars

    this is a great deal if i wasnt in middle of boat work i would be all over it
  253. C

    Thetford 550p Porta Potti-never had an ass on it

    I would take this off your hands if you were closer
  254. C

    Looking for some Mounts for lees outriggers

    i belive i have a pair check od of the lees ill check if mine are right
  255. C

    *Wanted* 200 Gallon Split Bait Tank

    Call randy at blue water bait systems best tanks out there
  256. C

    Selling some nice gear!!!

    Do you still have the tranx
  257. C

    Wtb tranx

    Wtb tranx hg
  258. C

    Wtb tranx

    Wtb tranx hg
  259. C

    Offshore BOAT FIRE !!

    Sorry all this happened too you as for fire extinguisher the best to use in a engine room room is a halon fire extinguisher they are drained for grease fires not cheap but niether is a boat glad everyone is safe and great job to the guy who came to your aid right away!
  260. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Well here it is Thanks for the comments she's a great boat
  261. C

    Torium 16 fs

    I'm in San clemente but anywhere near there
  262. C

    Six Nice Kunnan Rods

    If they have not sold I'll take all three of te roller rods
  263. C

    Torium 16 fs

    Do you come to oc at all?
  264. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Tuna are biting someone should pick this baby up
  265. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    Is this still available
  266. C

    Even more free stuff....

    I'll take the hitches
  267. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    fishing season is here guys boat got four big yellows yesterday its not all looks
  268. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    added a few pics of the under rail cockpit lights
  269. C


    I'll take it from you 949 394 8203 text me chad
  270. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Thanks for all the good comments guys!!
  271. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Quite a few of the blackmans I know have made that journey it has been my plan to do it since I have owned the boat but life got in the way
  272. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Cruise is 17 to 18 knots 3350 rpm about 3 mpg 450 mile range
  273. C

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    make offer very motivated to sell FRESH COMPLETE OUTDRIVE REBUILD 9/26/14 rebuilt turbo 10/20/14 Along with valve adjustment Updated k and n air filter system and housing Oil change Boats fresh and ready !!!!!! well its time for my pride and joy to go up for sale,this boat has been...
  274. C

    Good used Floscan 5500

  275. C

    flip down boat seats

    Do you ever get to oc
  276. C

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    It might I'll call mechanic in am
  277. C

    Calibogie 15 rebuild....gonna be a sick one!

    Not yet just a couple loos ends to tie up
  278. C

    Calibogie 15 rebuild....gonna be a sick one!

    I have one and have a 40 hp fourstroke yamaha i haven't put on the water yet but should be lighter than your so hope it dose 30
  279. C


    How much for 2 pounds
  280. C

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    No 41 a is not enough horse power I believe I'll check with mechanic anyway
  281. C

    Radar Stand Mount needed WTB
  282. C

    Calibogie 15 rebuild....gonna be a sick one!

    how fast does it go and what size motor do you have on it
  283. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    Call me 9494120791
  284. C

    bait tank/seat combo

    I would like to come take a look
  285. C

    Newell s332-5

    I have three Newell s332-5 for sale in good condition 120 each
  286. C

    WTB Small Center Console

    Ebay ! Got one for cheaper
  287. C

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    1500 cash is cheaper then a rebuild I put a rebuild in my boat now for 2200
  288. C

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    I'll check it out thanks
  289. C

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    This is cheaper then that
  290. C


    have you sold the motor
  291. C

    Wtb fiberglass bait tank 25 gal

    I want to buy a fiberglass 25 or 30 gallon bait tank let me know what you got Thanks
  292. C

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    I have a new never installed injection pump I need to get rid of to pay for a new fuel tank on my boat these run for about 7000 retail I'll let go for $1500 cash
  293. C

    wtb: Twin Vee or Livingston catamaran 14'-20' with 4 stroke
  294. C


    How much to ship to california ? I'm very interested
  295. C

    swim step

    Is this from blackman
  296. C


    i have a few items from winter projects that i want to get rid of everything is obo recor 900ma diesel fuel filter (i painted it to match engine then was told it was too big for my engine-$150 garmin 2010c color gps/fish finder with california chart -$350 older cat head style windless - $150...
  297. C

    Lots of Odds & Ends

    How much do you think it would cost to ship to south oc and is this obo
  298. C

    Lots of Odds & Ends

    I'm interested in the windless does it have the rocket switch is it free fall does it have breaker
  299. C

    Lewmar Pro-Fish Windlass

    Never heard from him
  300. C

    Lewmar Pro-Fish Windlass

    Does it include the breaker and the switch?
  301. C

    anchors , oil pump, and swim step ladder for sale bench seat and splash guard sold

    How well does this clean up and do you have more pictures of the bench seat Thanks chad
  302. C

    Kad42/43 new injection pump

    I have a spare injection pump from a previous boat that I have no use for this pump was never installed it was straight from the factory $3200 obo Any questions feel free to call Thanks chad 949 3948203
  303. C

    Volvo Penta motors parts, and marine electronics

    Do you have a pinof tv and what size is it Thanks chad
  304. C

    Furuno fcv 667 $200 obo

    Title says it all working fcv 667 with power cord and I can throw in a old transducer but it has no temp $200 obo Chad 949 3948203
  305. C

    Wtb furuno 582l

    Looking to buy a furuno 582l in SoCal Thanks chad
  306. C

    Have some items for sale

    Do u still have the furuno
  307. C

    5 gallon Light Grey Epoxy Kits

    i will take it off your hands give me a call 949-412-9445 cory
  308. C

    FS: lewmar windlass pro1000

    If for some reason everyone falls thru I will take it and pick up ASAP Chad 949 3948203
  309. C


    Tom (951) 239-9930 he does a good job
  310. C

    radar arch

    You need one or your selling one ?
  311. C

    Looking for transducer for lowrance 527

    It's for a hds unit will that work for your unit
  312. C

    Furuno FCV-582L and Raytheon RC425

    How far from Santa Barbara are you I will take the 582
  313. C

    Injection pump kad42

    I m selling a brand new injection pump for a kad42 also compatible with a kad43 $4k obo Thanks for looking Chad (949)3948203
  314. C

    Volvo Penta Ad 41d engine

    How much for injection pump
  315. C

    misc boats stuff

    cleaning out my garage -two 15 foot vhf shakespears antenna one in good condition $50 the other kinda beat up $15 -older icom vhf works and has mounting bracket $30 - two smith stainless rail mount rod holders for 1 1/4 rail $25 each -magma filet board with rod holder mount $50 -filet board for...
  316. C

    Calstar / avet Cambo

    The Cambo consists of a avet Mxl 5.8.1 and a calstar dhs 270-8 with the grey rap and cork tape
  317. C

    Calstar / avet Cambo

    Located in San clemente
  318. C

    Calstar / avet Cambo

    Sorry having problems w posting pictures from phone will put pictures up when I'm home
  319. C

    Calstar / avet Cambo

    price drop need this gone $200 also open for trades for a skb 7100 or 7200 tackle box make offers guys the reel and rod have killed many seabass its great for that kind of fishing chad (949)3948203 text or call thanks
  320. C

    9.9 Yamaha OB 4st, Fish finders, gas tanks, Starboard, boat stuff

    What color starboard and is it the none skid or smooth
  321. C

    Wtb torium 20 and 16

    Wtb torium 20 and 16
  322. C

    F5 Volvo Duoprop propellers

    Can you take a pic of the measurement stamp
  323. C

    Furuno 528l with GP32

    couple pms sent not sure if they are going thru let me know chad
  324. C

    WTB New Canvas & Glass - Need recomendation

    Use this guy he does a great job 1 (951) 239-9930 his name is Tom if he asked said chad from Dana point gave you the number
  325. C

    Chemicals for Sale

    I will take it if its still around next week
  326. C


    What unit is this for
  327. C

    2 bait tanks 10 gal and 18 gal

    What model transducer and for what fishfinder
  328. C

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    What are the dementions on the cooler seat
  329. C

    WTB kill bags

    i have a large kill bag 70 x 40 or something right there its been used 3 or 4 times $100
  330. C

    WTB side mount Pompanette outrigger bases!

    I have a pair don't know if there pompanette but they are side mount let me know the size of the base of the outriggers
  331. C

    wtb furuno 600l

    looking for a furuno 600l thanks chad
  332. C

    Raymarine Dual E80 System

    How much for everything
  333. C

    Tackle Center pro built

    if this has not sold do you have pics
  334. C

    Avet MXL or LX

    I know you want a pair but I have a mxl single speed in gold I don't use anymore pm me if interested Chad
  335. C

    calstar 800ml

    looking to buy a used but in good condition calstar 800ml chad 949 394 8203
  336. C

    my loss you're gain

    Great tuna fishing up there don't sell everything
  337. C

    Calstar 800 m or 800ml

    I'm looking for a older calstar 800 m or ml in good condition I also have a single speed avet I will trade for it or for a torium Chad
  338. C

    Mobile boat detailer in San Fernando valley

    Scott 9495996693 I used him the other day much cheaper then other guys and did a great job I kept an eye on him the whole time cuz I wasn't sure because the price but he did good job Tell him chad with the catamaran gave you his number maybe you will get a deal
  339. C

    Yos calstar or sabre rods

    Craigslist sandiego has a great set for a good price
  340. C

    4 Clamp On Rod Holders

    Second if falls thru
  341. C

    Mako Marine Rod Hanger Racks, 4 Racks / 12 Hangers On Starboard, $100

    I want these but I have to convince my self I need them give me time
  342. C

    26 twin vee weekender

    Bump 40000 only twin vee for sale in California guys
  343. C

    26 twin vee weekender

    43900 obo from 48500 I'm trying to get in the next rig so I need it gone boat is getting full color sand and polish on weds so she is going to be looking great for the next owner
  344. C

    Trailer rims and tires

    $200 for set they are in good condition guys
  345. C

    26 twin vee weekender

    REDUCED AGAIN i will prob regret it
  346. C

    Trailer rims and tires

    Price drop 225 need them gone
  347. C

    26 twin vee weekender

    I thought more would be interested in this boat it has insane range speed and a unparalleled ride and you have 28000 sitting on just the back and there is no better engine out there
  348. C

    Trailer rims and tires

    Maybe my trailer guy said 5 on5 cuz my trailer is 5 on 4.5 and they don't fit
  349. C

    Trailer rims and tires

    I have a set of rims and tires for a trailer there's 4 all rims are white with blue and red stripe they are a 5 on 5 lug pattern tires are 205 75 r 15 all in good condition reduced to $200 for the set Chad 949394820three
  350. C

    26 twin vee weekender

    They are amazing boats and if you fish a lot there is none on the market rigged like this
  351. C

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    Haha thanks give me a call if you need help finding one
  352. C

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    nice took long enough what you buying
  353. C

    26 twin vee weekender

    Thanks it's a fun rig
  354. C

    26 twin vee weekender

    REDUCED again and for last time $40,000 for quick sale i need sold so i can buy next boat bring offers also new pic added of back eisenglass put on and a list of extras I'm selling my 26 twin vee weekender this boat has twin 2009 150 yamahas with 190 hrs warranty till 2015 it...
  355. C

    Rod Holder mount for Magna Kettle

    There was one on Craigslist oc a week ago
  356. C

    lowrance hds 8 gen 1 package

    Wanna sell just the head unit?
  357. C

    misc boat stuff (seats,killbag,seat posts,leaning post)

    Dont have a baittank for sale but if you want I can put you in contact with randy a blue water bait systems he does a great job!
  358. C

    misc boat stuff (seats,killbag,seat posts,leaning post)

    I belive it is 36 wide and 33 from deck to cushion
  359. C

    misc boat stuff (seats,killbag,seat posts,leaning post)

    No frame they latch down to open deck holes they came off a built up deck on my stern a previous owner did i belive they are for a 10 by 18 hTch hole
  360. C

    misc boat stuff (seats,killbag,seat posts,leaning post)

    Dont want to ship but i have to come to ontario sometime next wk if you want to meet
  361. C

    Leaning Post

    I have a nice one forsale no storage but it has backrest and rod holders ill let it go for 200. Check it out a few post down labeled come and get it
  362. C

    misc boat stuff (seats,killbag,seat posts,leaning post)

    Its a small roller that came off my boat its. Like ten inchs long by an inch and half wide
  363. C

    misc boat stuff (seats,killbag,seat posts,leaning post)

    275 for the board with the bag the board is in great condition comes with a leash too
  364. C

    misc boat stuff (seats,killbag,seat posts,leaning post)

    im getting rid of a lot of clutter in my garage everything is obo -fold out west marine deck chair-$35.00 sold -ladder back helm chair with seat slider-$150 now $75 -two captain chairs one with base-$25.00 each now $20 -anchor roller-$10 -lowrance transducer extension cord-$25.00 -6rod west...
  365. C

    furuno 600l and transducer

    Pic of the unit and what thru hull do you have?
  366. C

    Pompanette Style Helm Seats

    Ill give you 100 each seat dont want the bases chad
  367. C

    Pacific Yacht Towers...and stuff....boat bling!!

    I need to know if you will be around tomorrow so I can come down and pick the tower up if its available please call me or pm me thanks Chad 9493948203
  368. C

    center Consoles for sale

    Can you send me pic and price on tuna tower i will take it if it fits chad
  369. C

    Various Items

    Pics of calstars ?
  370. C

    Trinidad 20a x2 BNIB

    Interested if sale falls thru
  371. C

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    Somebody buy this boat best center counsel you can buy they fish like a 25 or bigger
  372. C

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    Sounds good there's not one quite as set up for rod and reel as mine
  373. C

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    I'm doing a few things I believe mine deserves and I'm going to put it up for sale going in a different direction with my boat selection but it is a amazing boat twin vees kick ass
  374. C

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    I think this boat is priced low i have a 26 weekender ,there is not a boat in this size including other cats that ride as well. Good luck hold out you will get what you want
  375. C

    leaning post/bench seat

    Price reduced! $200
  376. C

    Radar Arch/Rail off 26' Pilot House

    How much did the tower run you
  377. C

    Sea Star Helm and Steering Wheel

    Im interested in this helm ill call you in the morning thanks chad
  378. C

    leaning post/bench seat

    Sorry phone is nuts. Im not available but i can have some one available
  379. C

    leaning post/bench seat

    Important not available but i can awesome one available
  380. C

    leaning post/bench seat

    Sorry for lagging i have been busy working dimensions for the set up is 30 long 16 deep and 33 tall the back rest is no higher then 18 above that. any ? Pm me please or call 949 394 8203 ill take 350 obo for it if you don't want to trade chad
  381. C

    boat accesories

    Ill take the cutting board
  382. C


    Im interested in the seats pm sent thanks chad
  383. C

    Lean Post

    I have one up for trade but important willing to sale check it out!
  384. C

    leaning post/bench seat

    here are pics sorry for the delay
  385. C

    Calstar and Seeker rods

    SSorry didn't see thelocation was written there
  386. C

    Calstar and Seeker rods

    Where in Oc are you i would like to check out the calstar chad
  387. C

    seeker / calstar

    Can you send me some pics of the calstar rod thanks chad
  388. C

    leaning post/bench seat

    Ill take some tonight!
  389. C

    leaning post/bench seat

    i have a leaning post slash bench seat with removeable back rest and 4 rod holders. im looking to trade plus cash for two seats bucket style with arm rests let me know what you got thanks chad
  390. C

    Boat items for sale

    Can u send me pics of the chairs and 5 rocket launcher for hard top thanks chad
  391. C

    Boating Fishing Stuff

    Doyou have a pic of the inside of the tackle storage and how deep and tall is it thanks chad