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  1. Spear or rod

    How big!?

    Ok, he taped it out to 170ish. You guys nailed it!
  2. Spear or rod

    Zombie fish ID/SF beach

    Not my pic but from a local. Kinda trippy-maybe a mammal?
  3. Spear or rod

    How big!?

    My nephew just sent me a pic of a fatso he got on the 181 today. They found 5 terns & then saw sonar marks-he jumped in & they greeted him at 25’. Took 1.5 hrs & 3 shafts to get it in. Guesstimates? He’s going to get measurements when he gets it to his place to process-he’ll be up late! Haha.
  4. Spear or rod

    Penn Fathom

    My wife thought I was having a mental breakdown ( I was!🤪) buying all those fthms during the dark days of the pandemic w/no fishing in sight. Fucking OCD paid off!! 5 day Vag in sept creeping closer & closer 😎
  5. Spear or rod

    SEEKER Composite Blue Glass 7480H

    Sooo pretty!!😍 GLWS
  6. Spear or rod

    Night time view

    Hookers! Sick pic
  7. Spear or rod

    San Quintin in late July

    K&M all day everyday! See if Bird is available-too much fun club!! Good luck & make sure to post a report.
  8. Spear or rod

    Sumo Tackle Rod Butt Belt

    PM sent
  9. Spear or rod

    Multiple Lots: Poppers, Flat Fall and Slow Pitch Jigs, Vertical Jigs, and Hardware items. FCL LABO,

    If anyone wants to split the poppers let me know. I want one of the flying fish & either of the lowers. I’ll cover my shipping. Thx guys
  10. Spear or rod

    Anyone hear how Shogun’s 2 day that just returned did?

    Congrats! Pic says it all. Thx for report.
  11. Spear or rod

    Anyone hear how Shogun’s 2 day that just returned did?

    Was anyone on this trip or hear how it went? Thx
  12. Spear or rod

    Got phished!

  13. Spear or rod

    Got phished!

    Got this in response to a WTB in classifieds.
  14. Spear or rod

    Dana point, august, let’s fish!

    You have dive gear/spearguns…I do :) Heading south for a few weeks for mid august-sept. Let me know if you wanna jump on some kelps or reefs. Been doing it a long time. Only set dates are sept 8-13 Vagabond trip. Planning on bringing along dive & tackle shop! Haha. Great post-good luck this...
  15. Spear or rod

    Classified adds

    Will you take $162?😉
  16. Spear or rod

    Classified adds

    Just scored the exact Seeker I was looking for after posting WTB in classifieds-Christmas miracles can happen in June! I’m always amazed by human nature though-good point OP. I’m out
  17. Spear or rod

    Northern California Seeking SSR Seeker 7660

    Looking for a factory Seeker 7660. This will round out my Seeker quiver…for now! Thx guys. Tommy
  18. Spear or rod

    Seeking SSR Seeker 7660

    Spear or rod submitted a new listing: Seeking SSR Seeker 7660 - Seeking SSR Seeker 7660 Learn more about this listing...
  19. Spear or rod

    Vagabond 1 1/2 day. SMASHING BFT 6/7-9

    5 day Vag Sept 8th-like a mirage but getting closer!! Thx for phenomenal report.
  20. Spear or rod

    Safety caps for trebles on surface irons

    Anyone have a clue what size & where to order caps for jigs? Thx
  21. Spear or rod

    Cobra Fish n Dive

    Killer friggin deal!! Wish I lived closer. GLWS-should go fast
  22. Spear or rod

    Offshore The Liberty gave it a shot 6/12/21

    Look on the face of dude in the hoodie says it all!! Perfect sashimi fish-congrats.
  23. Spear or rod

    Ensenada Charter Recommendations

    Louie’s wife (4Reels) used to cook up a mess of fish at his cantina after a trip-ask if he’s still doing that. Good luck & have fun.
  24. Spear or rod

    Nighttime bait options for BFT?

    Any way to find one now & vac seal/preserve/freeze for Sept trip? Will start lurking around SF fish markets looking for a bigun.Thx for the idea OP. Look forward to chill’n at 3am drinking coffee dangling a big ass squidly down there! Good luck
  25. Spear or rod

    REPORT: Vagabond 2.5 day June 4-7, 2021

    Can you talk about the leaders you used for the jigs-also, we’re you straight tying smaller jigs to mono/floro mainline? That schoolie tuna looks like it must have been a blast on that 20# set up. Fthm 15? Thx Steve. Tommy
  26. Spear or rod

    Fish ID

    Seagull was crushing it!!
  27. Spear or rod

    Fish ID

    Came across this dead mofo during beach walk on Ocean Beach in SF just now. Anyone have a clue?
  28. Spear or rod

    Brand new calstar GG 270h-8

    10, 9, 8... beauty. Should go fast. GLWS!
  29. Spear or rod

    Northern California Sumo rod belt

    Anyone have one that’s stuck in a dark corner & needs a new home? Thx guys. Tommy
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    Sumo rod belt

    Spear or rod submitted a new listing: Sumo rod belt - Sumo rod belt Learn more about this listing...
  31. Spear or rod

    Slammer III 5500 & 7’6”CARB 40-80lb Braid set up

    Perfect. Thx guys. Should be a fun rig. Will report back.
  32. Spear or rod

    Slammer III 5500 & 7’6”CARB 40-80lb Braid set up

    Ok to put 150’ of 40lb mono on top of that? Thx
  33. Spear or rod

    Slammer III 5500 & 7’6”CARB 40-80lb Braid set up

    Going to use this for a popper/stick bait rig for upcoming 5 day Vag trip in Sept. for the first time. What is the max test braid w/mono top shot I can get away with for this combo? Thinking will use it for schoolie & kelp paddy stuff for shits & giggles. Have all the other rigs covered. Thx.
  34. Spear or rod

    Calcutta rolling tackle bag

    Where does the bag currently reside? Thx.
  35. Spear or rod

    Split Rings and their uses...

    Just got some of the figure 8s from PB. This is a pic from their site. On the lighter 60# floro leaders for FF can you tie straight to the top of the 8 w/o crimp? Which knot would you use? Thx.
  36. Spear or rod

    Northern California WTB steak knives

    Anyone have a nice set (antler/hardwood handles) of steak knives they want to part with? Need it shipped to SF 94110. Thx.
  37. Spear or rod

    WTB steak knives

    Spear or rod submitted a new listing: WTB steak knives - WTB steak knives Learn more about this listing...
  38. Spear or rod

    Horizon goin to Guadalupe

    This would work fine, no!? ;-)
  39. Spear or rod

    CA Sheephead mounts

    Cool. Will let him know. Thx
  40. Spear or rod

    CA Sheephead mounts

    Not sure what he’s up to but I will let you know as soon as I hear something.
  41. Spear or rod

    CA Sheephead mounts

    A buddy is making these mounts. I like the bottom one’s coloring. Thoughts? Not sure what’s up w/the fresh strawberries. Maybe for scale-kinda funny. Thx guys.
  42. Spear or rod

    Looking for 2 Older Shimano 30/50's with graphite frame.

    Have a couple 30s & a 50 2speeds in classifieds
  43. Spear or rod

    Trolling with lures for sea bass - Sailing Adventure Island

    That’s not the guy who wanted to catch Makos on his yak was it? OP-nice rig!
  44. Spear or rod

    Is Penn making more HD Line spoolers??

    I have one new in box sitting around collecting dust. Send me a PM if you’re interested.
  45. Spear or rod

    Top Five Salmon Lures?

    When you say “straight hoochie” that’s w/o any cut anchovies hooked onto it, yes? I will dig out a couple of old Tomic plugs I’ve had forever but never got around to fishing. Thx for great breakdown. T
  46. Spear or rod

    You can’t buy this one ☝️

    How’d you get that black paint stipple effect? Digging out some old irons to give it a shot. X2 on the painted rings!👍🏻
  47. Spear or rod

    Anyone recognize this hook keeper?

    Thx. Will ask CBait when they’ll get some. Yeah, saw those ones with the junky rubber bands too. Thx guys
  48. Spear or rod

    Anyone recognize this hook keeper?

    Saw this set up but couldn’t quite tell the brand. Thx for any intel.
  49. Spear or rod

    Is 73 rods to much?

  50. Spear or rod

    How do you guys finish off a Turk's head knot

    Need to put finish on them? Thx
  51. Spear or rod

    Salmon mooching rig?

    Outstanding boat! I’ll check in w/them. Thx
  52. Spear or rod

    Salmon mooching rig?

    Which boat? Might have to cruise down there-mooching for salmon is a blast. Good luck.
  53. Spear or rod

    Starter Rod Combos For Multi Day Trips

    There was/is a 113 BS in classifieds. All I could do to not buy another one!! Check the Vagabond’s schedule. Mike loans out Fathoms so you can pull on them during a trip. Oh man, welcome to the gear rabbit hole! Have fun.
  54. Spear or rod

    La Paz boat Rec'mds

    This. Can I go!? Doh. Have fun
  55. OG Penn reel 113H YT Special

    OG Penn reel 113H YT Special

    ALL REELS SOLD EXCEPT #2 113HN YT Special ss 5:1 gears black Tib frame $110 All reels in good condition No reasonable offers scoffed at as low ballers will be PayPal friends family or add 3% Will ship
  56. Buncha Shimano reels

    Buncha Shimano reels

    #1 TLD 50LRS 2 speed super clean loaded w/spectra $200 #2 & #3 TLD 30 2 speed loaded w/braid $150 each #4 TLD 15 loaded w/40# braid & Tani power handle $65 #5 TLD 25 SOLD Shipping at cost PayPal friends family or add 3%
  57. Spear or rod

    Do I Need a Bait Tank in Monterey?

    You need a “live bait catcher” Mike! Let me know when you want me to bring lunch👍🏻 Good luck w/the move.
  58. Spear or rod

    MLPA - Huge Success

    “Shut the fuck up Donny!”
  59. REELAPOLOOZA  Batch#1


    Selling a bunch of reels for a friend. 1st batch are all Penn Internationals. All reels in excellent condition mechanically & cosmetically (except 30 has a couple of blems from small spots of corrosion) All reels blueprinted by Cal Sheets (except 975LD) Have paperwork/receipts. #1 & SOLD#2Penn...
  60. Spear or rod

    Custom Long Range Style Rods

    Man, looks like he’s fallen off the map. Old school guy from Marin-haven’t talked to him in awhile. Too bad. Good luck-will keep my ears open. T
  61. Spear or rod

    Custom Long Range Style Rods

    Might have a guy. Let me check in w/him. I’m in SF
  62. Spear or rod

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

    Neither yet. Have to order one of your clamps & already have a Duran med clamp sitting around forever. Haven’t set the rig up yet as I recently scored the jig stick-just noticed long studs from using on a reel seat. Will put an order in this morning! Thx Jon
  63. Spear or rod

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

    Hey Jon- Jon-the bottom part is a DFP clamp w/yours on top, yes? I have a Fthm 25N on a deckhand 6480. Those penn studs are long-can I get shorter versions from you when I order? Thx. Tommy
  64. Spear or rod

    Feed poppers need hooks

    Yeah, didn’t trip after they showed up. Just an excuse to head down to my local tackle store!
  65. Spear or rod

    Feed poppers need hooks

    That’s what that info is! Thx for deciphering that for me guys. Yeah, may do one of them inline too for c&r. Hope it gets that nutty! Thx again guys. Tommy
  66. Spear or rod

    Feed poppers need hooks

    Just got these from Samuri Tackle w/o treble hooks. What brand/size treble should I get. Thx for any ideas fellas. Will be tossing them during 5 day Vag trip in Sept.
  67. Spear or rod

    What's 18 feet divided by 3?

    Shit, now I have to get a 25nld2! I can stop anytime...🤪
  68. Spear or rod

    Looking for a dedicated yo-yo reel

    Yep. Been some deals here lately. Keep your eyes open. Good luck
  69. Spear or rod

    Calico fishing near Ensenada. Panga/Guide?

    Spearfished/fished w/Louie a few times. Sweet Parker & set up. More of a comfy charter plus you can hit Todos in style. Not sure if he still offers to cook up a mess of fish at his bar after. Nice way to end the day.
  70. Spear or rod

    Calico fishing near Ensenada. Panga/Guide?

    Beto is most definitely the man! Such a blast to fish w/him. Saw him sight one of those 10lb Calicos & cast/hook it w/one of his aluminum surface irons. The whole time I just couldn’t see what he was pointing at! This was a few Junes ago-he was all smiles-like a 10yr old kid w/a trout. Good...
  71. Spear or rod

    LB 6480H question

    Hey Guys- thought I’d ask the rod builders this question. So, scored a lb 6480H & wondering what material to rewrap with or if I even need to. Rod is pristine. appreciate any ideas & feedback. Thx guys. Tommy Planning on putting Fthm 25N on it.
  72. Spear or rod

    Looking for this jig bag

    A member has jigs listed for sale w/this bag. Know if anyone makes something similar?Assume this is an older jig bag. Thx
  73. Spear or rod

    Pairing rod w/Fthm 40LD2

    Yeah, I think this is what I’m going to hunt down-thx again guys.
  74. Spear or rod

    Pairing rod w/Fthm 40LD2

    Outstanding. Looks like I’m spending tax refund on new stick! Will start doing homework & check out FH sales. Thx guys
  75. Spear or rod

    Pairing rod w/Fthm 40LD2

    How about 60# live bait duty too? Thx
  76. Spear or rod

    Pairing rod w/Fthm 40LD2

    Going on a 5 day Sept Vag trip & need some advice. Have 2 converted older rods (swapped out roller tips/strippers) & a Seeker I picked up from a BD member. Whatcha think? For blueprinted Fthm 40LD2 w/80lb braid- •Seeker Black Steel G 660H-6’ •Seeker A 660H-6’ •Calstar WC 660XH (a tad under 6’)...
  77. Spear or rod

    Custom Calstar Honey/Tan T270-8H

    Faak-beautiful work. GLWS
  78. Spear or rod

    Off Shore Angler Tackle Bag same as Marpack Hippo Ranger

    Pix 415-516-0361 if still available. Thx. Tommy
  79. Spear or rod

    365-Day State Fishing License Bill Introduced – Again

    Pix or it didn’t happen🤪
  80. Spear or rod

    Upgraded fish bag

    Finally broke down & picked up a new fish bag. Actually got it for my Kaboat after getting rid of my Cobra. Disclaimer-I spearfish too so have known Dano at Mako Spearguns for a long time & am a cash paying customer. Great crew over there. Anyway, was pleased w/how beefy everything is on this...
  81. Spear or rod

    Ed's Jigs 2 ways

    Could you put me on the list for a combo 2,4,6oz set please. Need shipped to SF 94110 Thx
  82. Spear or rod

    Black FISHWORKS 2XL Outer wear jacket

    Put me 2nd in line if it’s for sale & you can ship to SF👍🏻
  83. Spear or rod

    Lots of great Grundens gear - new

    Bump for great seller-ordered Sunday & got here by Thur for Xmas gift for my kid. Thx TJ!
  84. Spear or rod

    Dirty rejected pots wanted!

    Nah, all good! Actually enjoying other posts for info & reports. Gotta couple responses for used pots. Thx guys.
  85. Spear or rod

    Dirty rejected pots wanted!

    Oh man, saw the replies & thought I’d scored! Not...doh.
  86. Spear or rod

    Dirty rejected pots wanted!

    Decided to put this here because NORCAL location. If you have any crab pots sitting around growing weeds I can use a couple. Any condition-I’ll come get them...socially distanced of course. Let me know what you want $s wise. Thx. Tommy I’m in SF so anywhere within an hour +- all good. Need any...
  87. Spear or rod

    Yellowtail puttin on the pounds in Bahia Asuncion!

    Wait, that grouper has a hole in it! So jealous...
  88. Spear or rod

    Dungeness Crab Season 2020 Crab Pot Set Up

    Yeah, I thought that was you. I always got great advice from you...the good old days! Take care
  89. Spear or rod

    Dungeness Crab Season 2020 Crab Pot Set Up

    Did you work at the SSF west marine!? I miss that place. Thx for link. T
  90. Spear or rod

    Crabbing Nov 21-23 (potentially)

    It’s a looong season! We grab them shallow by hand while spearfishing through the end of June. Shoot me a PM when you’re up this way. Happy TDay brother.
  91. Spear or rod

    Crabbing Nov 21-23 (potentially)

    My kid & his buddies have gone a few times to try off of Ocean Beach/Great Highway area of SF w/snares for nada. He said no one around them has gotten any. Local kayakers are scratching a few out of Pacifica but it’s kinda slim pick’ns at the moment. PM me if you need specific spots. Good luck &...
  92. Spear or rod

    It is what it is

    Pretty straight forward. Overnight brine using salt (non iodized & only 1/2 cup), white & brown sugar & water (8 cups to 4cups brown/2cups white sugar). I don’t rinse fillets before loading on the smoker (old Brinkman electric water smoker that smokes at *225) I set up fan over the top pointed...
  93. Spear or rod

    Stick baits and poppers

    This the one?
  94. Spear or rod

    It is what it is

    Ok, just pulled the mesquite smoked off the smoker. Unreal how good this stuff is! Hang in there fellas
  95. Spear or rod

    It is what it is

    Yeah, he said he was up off Eureka for 3 1/2 weeks. He said he’s keeping an eye on the Fort Bragg bite-said he was going to jam up there if it goes WFO.
  96. Spear or rod

    It is what it is

    No long range trip for me this year so was able to score four 15-18lb Albacore from the boat Story Time at Pillar Point Harbor. $4 a pound. 25 minutes left on this batch. Going to smoke the rest tomorrow. Glad I had a case of half pints stashed & was able to scrounge up enough pints to make a...
  97. Spear or rod

    BlackHole 86N and Penn Slammer III 6500

    Bump for great seller. That Bruce Lee rod is badass! GLWS
  98. Spear or rod

    Offshore Fish smoking service recommendations?

    Hey Tom- did you trim that layer of membrane off of the bellies before drying? I’ll try that olive oil trick. Thx
  99. Spear or rod

    Landings selling albacore

    Outstanding. Thx guys. Looks like a road trip to Humboldt!
  100. Spear or rod

    Landings selling albacore

    Anyone know of any landings or commercial boats selling albacore? Whole popsicles are fine. Range would be Monterey to Fort Bragg. Eureka would be a stretch but it’d be a good excuse to get outta Dodge for a minute. Thx guys
  101. Spear or rod

    Offshore Fish smoking service recommendations?

    Thx Grandpa! Looks awesome. I have some YFT bellies from 5 Star in the freezer that I’ll run through this brine. Appreciate it. Tommy
  102. Spear or rod

    Offshore Fish smoking service recommendations?

    Do you have a link to fishermen’s belly brine? OP-DIY home smoked fish is just too easy especially w/access to affordable electric smokers at Lowes, etc & all the great recipes/techniques available. Have fun
  103. Spear or rod

    Battle III 4000 knob swap

    Is there a round knob swap available? Thx
  104. Spear or rod

    Should I fill this?

    Also, being a whipper salmon/steelhead rod can I reinforce this section? Rod is 8’4” 8-12lb test
  105. Spear or rod

    Should I fill this?

    Just got this 2 piece spinning rod & noticed the lower section was left open/unsealed. Is there something or someway to fill this? Thx.
  106. Spear or rod

    New: PENN Battle III Spinning Reel

    I saw on the Penn site that a Battle III DX is coming out this Fall. Any idea when/where these might be available & what are the added features besides color? Thx
  107. Spear or rod

    Slammer 3 3500

    Looking to buy a 3500. Need it shipped to SF 94110. Thx.
  108. Spear or rod

    wide open yellow tail bite in SQ

    Ahhhh-gotta fish/spear with Bird again someday!!! God damn but I do miss SQ-Kelly & the fam are class act. K&M all day. Seeing Ben’s Rock underwater is mind boggling. Thx for report.
  109. Spear or rod


    Yes sir! Thx for info-made in USA? Just kidding. Thx brother. T
  110. Spear or rod

    Fthm15LD2 question

    Outstanding. Appreciate the feedback. Thx
  111. Spear or rod


    Are those TRQ33 alum clamps an after market item? If so, where did you get them. Thx
  112. Spear or rod

    Fthm15LD2 question

    Just picked up a NIB 15LD2 & was surprised how much resistance there is when turning/cranking handle w/o any load on it (own a 40LD2 so know how to set drag) in high gear. Is this typical? Own the 15SD & that thing is just butter when turning the handle when engaged. Figured there were just more...
  113. Spear or rod

    52 Swimbait lot $30. PM if Interested

    Bump to a “new bait maker”-I have some of the new products & they are great. GLWS
  114. Spear or rod

    Offshore SA 80 Cortez bank

    Hey Marlyn-is that pic of Mike Kanzler! Kid Jurel rocked some huge YT! Wow, great pic.
  115. Spear or rod

    Or Trade NIB Penn Fathom 15LD2

    Cool. That’s what I thought. Thx. GLWS/trade
  116. Spear or rod

    Or Trade NIB Penn Fathom 15LD2

    Is this a model that has a 1st gen/2nd gen thing like the 25n or are 15ld2 models all the same? Thx.
  117. Spear or rod

    Fathom rod clamp

    Good deal. Just order from Penn? Thx
  118. Spear or rod

    Fathom rod clamp

    Is the rod clamp on the Fthm25nsd 1st gen okay for Deckhand style rod (Seeker 6480H)or should I upgrade to after market clamp? Thx.
  119. Spear or rod

    Rod for Fthm30LD2

    Thx Steve. Yeah, that 7’ might be the ticket. Have a good one. T
  120. Spear or rod

    Rod for Fthm30LD2

    Found this Carnage online & was wondering if it’s a good match for a new Fathom30LD 2speed that I picked up. Thinking 65lb Braid & 40lb topshot of mono. Going to be mainly live bait when they will bite the heavier stuff & jigging/flat fall on a future Vagabond trip. Thx for any & all advice.
  121. Spear or rod

    Seeker 270 Black Steel Graphite

    Would you trade for cash? Where you at!? Thx
  122. Spear or rod


    Just got my reel. Bump for a great seller. Thx Jim.
  123. Spear or rod

    Surf session storage question

    Yeah, just stumbled across one in my shed that’d be perfect. Thx. T
  124. Spear or rod

    Surf session storage question

    I like the pvc touch. Thx!
  125. Spear or rod

    Surf session storage question

    What set-up (fanny pack, backpack,etc)are you salty surf dogs using for mobile beach sessions & where did ya get it? Thx! Tommy
  126. Spear or rod

    Any Slammers -4500/ 5500

    Would need it shipped if outside of Bay Area. 2x piece Carnage or other spinning rod would be gladly welcomed too! Thx guys. Tommy
  127. Spear or rod

    Slammer lll/Penn line winder

    Noob question here but will the PLW load up mono on Slammer lll 5500? Thx guys
  128. Spear or rod

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Fuck it....just rolled my Sept 5 day Vag over to 2021. I want to take a nap on the top deck in the sun w/o a mask on...hopefully! Thx for everyone’s input.
  129. Spear or rod

    Offshore Stripper schooling Los Cerritos channel?

    Was on a Zoom mtg while reading this just cracking my shit up & realized my video was on...knew this one was going to be a good one by the thread title. Thx boys-I needed that.
  130. Spear or rod

    CA PC sucks! East Coast attitude rules

    I’ll let these signs do the talking...
  131. Spear or rod

    Calstar 700xh .......price drop

    Reel seat or deckhand? Length/shipping? Pic of vette!?
  132. Spear or rod

    Allowed on LR boats?

    Works too...
  133. Spear or rod

    Allowed on LR boats?

    Hoping skippers allow these on their boats when we are finally able to fish again. Hang in there fellas.
  134. Spear or rod

    Slammer 4500

    Please PM if you have one you’re willing to part with. Thx guys. Tommy
  135. Spear or rod

    Rockfish candy ..News

    Got mine yesterday. Thx Jan
  136. Spear or rod

    Dual plier sheath with spike holder. I picked up one here last time I was down that way.
  137. Spear or rod

    single hooks for snipers

    That jig looks downright abused. Thx for pic.
  138. Spear or rod

    single hooks for snipers

    Got a pic of set up? Thx.
  139. Spear or rod

    Not clear on concept....

    Fucking Amazon-ordered Carnage 2 Piece rod! Too funny
  140. Spear or rod

    Various reel covers

    Sorry. PayPal & a few bucks to ship to SF cool? Thx. Tommy 415-515-0361
  141. Spear or rod

    CAPTAIN'S SUMMIT: Pre-Show seminar at Fred Hall Long Beach

    Any chance it might be posted online after event for folks who can’t make it there in person?
  142. Spear or rod

    Chicago May 2020 trip

    Aha, spearing is an option!? Have to do that on another trip. Hook & line for May trip. Shorefishing or 6 pac. Whatever gets it done. Thx
  143. Spear or rod

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Would really like to see a pic of this rig if you ever get bored enough to dig one out & take a pic. Thx for awesome idea.
  144. Spear or rod

    Chicago May 2020 trip

    Visiting son at college in May & hoping there is a BD member who can point me in the right direction to get in on some local action. Thx. Tommy
  145. Spear or rod

    Shimano Trinidad 20 and calstar 90j -$550

    Count me in on the rod if you split.
  146. Spear or rod

    Penn Ftm15 star drag

    Looking for a first gen reel. Need to be able to ship to SF 94110. Thx. Tommy
  147. Spear or rod

    Fish processing

    Just pulled some 5 Star YFT out of the freezer from a Sept Vag trip to smoke for TDay appetizer. Slow thawed still sashimi grade quality. Glad they threw in the bellies w/o asking for them-figured it is a way to verify that you got your own fish. Just a great operation.
  148. Spear or rod

    NIB Penn Fathom 12SD

    Bumpski for a great seller
  149. Spear or rod

    Got my 50

    Looks like that beast is still giving you the WTF hairy eyeball. Congrats
  150. Spear or rod

    Penn Squidder, TLD 25

    Bump...make reasonable offer
  151. Spear or rod

    Offshore Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    How did I miss this 1 year old gem! Wow
  152. Spear or rod

    Penn Squidder, TLD 25

    Both in great condition. Not sure what # Braid on TLD. Squidder loaded w/fresh 20#mono. Direct drive lever thingy disconnected. $80 each. Can ship. Thx for looking
  153. Spear or rod

    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    Just got off the 4 day Vagabond trip (9/11-9/15) & it was the first trip w/Mike & his crew. Food was great, always somewhere to kick back & heads/lounge were always clean. Crew worked their asses off & I even got to kick back to watch some college football between bites! Really nice operation...
  154. Spear or rod

    Accurate 870 Boss Magnum, Penn Sabre P880CHT 20-50lb

    Got off the Vagabond 4 day & staying at the Vagabond Inn for the night until flt tomorrow. Thought I’d see if anyone needs some gear/Have to pick up tonight in Pt Loma. Priced to sell. -Accurate has a couple of scratches but is 9/10 mech & condition. Just loaded it w/new 65# power pro SOLD -Take...
  155. Spear or rod

    mark pack zip on jig bag

    I’ll take it if you can ship to SF 94110 on my dime. Thx
  156. Spear or rod


    Just talked to Dean & I’m going to order 36” Fish bag off of the site. He mentioned a $20 discount code on shipping/SHIP20 I’m not affiliated w/company-just a stoked new customer.
  157. Spear or rod

    Sheath pliers/spike

    Sheath only. Needs to hold pliers/cutter/spike.New or used/any color. Thx
  158. Spear or rod

    Tiptogrip/pelagicmuse oc tuna spikes

    4” mini delivered as promised. Looking forward to Ike Jiming the spike in a fishy’s cranium soon! Thx Hugo.
  159. Spear or rod

    Huli Cat Salmon 7/14

    Thx for the report Capt Tom! Keep them coming.
  160. Spear or rod

    2-4hp 4stroke outboard advice

    Yeah, beach launches & nearshore stuff up here. No long chugs outta harbors. Glorified kayak. Anything faster than I can paddle (got rid of the kayak) is gravy. Want to stick w/smaller hp. Brands suggestions & any reputable dealers in CA (or outside of state if they ship!) greatly appreciated...
  161. Spear or rod

    2-4hp 4stroke outboard advice

    Bought a 13’ Kaboat & want to power it w/a small 4stroke. The question is (since I know zero about these types of OB motors) what, where, type/brand to buy. Saw 3.5hp advertised but not sure if there is that big of a diff between it & 2hp power wise to justify cost. Integrated gas tank fine as...
  162. Spear or rod

    Inshore mako

    Um, elephant in the for Makos in bare feet! Fearless....
  163. Spear or rod

    Beach launch cart ideas for Kaboat

    Here’s what I found in case anyone else is in the market. Thx for heads up on launch wheels Sueno.
  164. Spear or rod

    Beach launch cart ideas for Kaboat

    Just picked up a 13’ Kaboat & was wondering if anyone has any ideas on a decent beach launch cart. I can mod a kayak launch thingy but was hoping for something a bit sturdier. Thx for any ideas. T
  165. Spear or rod

    This washed up today...

    Found this washed up on Ocean Beach SF. Was still alive. Belly colorations are cool. Sea gulls were having a heck of a time penetrating its skin. Any ideas?
  166. Spear or rod

    Pelagic gear

    PM sent on large shirt Manny. Thx bro. Tommy
  167. Spear or rod

    CUSTOM CALSTAR 700ML in Ojai

    Bump for a great seller! Just got a rod & he included a rod cover too! GLWS
  168. Spear or rod

    Penn 6/0 Tib Frame

    Price drop for summer trolling reel! $90 shipped to CONUS
  169. Spear or rod

    Thank you BD.

    Yep-Second that thought on Parry. Good dude to do biz with!
  170. Spear or rod


    PM sent on BS G660H
  171. Spear or rod

    113H w/Tib frame

    Bump w/shipping to CONUS included
  172. Spear or rod

    Penn 6/0 Tib Frame

    Bump w/shipping to CONUS included
  173. Spear or rod

    Penn 6/0 Tib Frame

    Serviced(Alan Tani)/new drags/fresh 80# mono & not fished since. Clean reel w/Alan Tani handle. $100
  174. Spear or rod

    113H w/Tib frame

    Serviced, new drags & 50lb mono from Alan Tani. Haven’t fished it since service. Clean. Reel Colors handle. No gears/dogs upgrade. $90
  175. Spear or rod

    Mount FTHM 25N to deckhand style rod

    Thx Jeff. That’ll work. T
  176. Spear or rod

    Mount FTHM 25N to deckhand style rod

    Anyone have an idea of how much to cut down screws to mount on cork wrapped handle w/cork puppy or have a link to a post on this please. Thx
  177. Spear or rod

    Shimano thunnus 12000, penn baja special, Penn 4/0 wide accurate frame, shimano Ltd 25

    Tim-what kind of line on the tld 25? $120 whipped to SF 94110? Thx bro. Tommy
  178. Spear or rod

    Used deckhand style jig stick

    Flying down to San Diego for a 3 day in Oct. Need to pick up a used 8-9’ jig stick locally. Family member can pick up for me before trip. Nothing fancy/#40 glass stick for iron all good. Thx guys. T
  179. Spear or rod

    Albacore recommendation for Bodega or Fort Bragg

    Are any of the party boats or 6 packs running for Albacore yet? Thx in advance.
  180. Spear or rod

    SC Butts Saturday

    Curious why you cut around the tail...bleed? Nicely done on being the cool fishing uncle!
  181. Spear or rod


    Just recieved the squidder (pic #6) from Shelton. Well maintained reel & great seller/packed & shipped next day. Thx
  182. Spear or rod

    Diawa Proteus rod question

    Do they make a westcoast style 8-9 footer w/o reel seat for surface irons? 20-40 lb-ish (mono) Thx
  183. Spear or rod

    WTB beater beach cruisers in Mission Bay/PB area

    Found 3 cruisers so need one more. Let me know whatcha got! Thx.
  184. Spear or rod

    WTB beater beach cruisers in Mission Bay/PB area

    Headed to San Diego with the fam 8/13-8/19 (staying at the Catamaran Inn on Mission Bay) & want to buy cruiser. Thx guys/gals. Tommy Email me at [email protected]
  185. Spear or rod

    Trolling rigs for sale

    $50 shipped in conus. Paypal friends/family or check fine. Thx. Tommy OBO
  186. Spear or rod

    Seaguar Threadlock Braid 60lb, Halco Haymakers, Yozuri Bull Pop

    I'll take the bull pops. I'm at 94110. Let me know what I owe you. Thx
  187. Spear or rod

    Trolling for Salmon Golden Gate?

    Fished Outerlimits (Sausalito) yesterday & was the only guy who had mono-didn't get the memo that Capt Jim wants only braid on his boat since I haven't fished it in a year. Got a couple of douchy comments from deckhand but didn't take it personal. Dig the boat so will load up a trolling rig up...
  188. Spear or rod

    Magnum Divebait cast from boat?

    I've been looking at the Halco 130's. Any particular color(s)?
  189. Spear or rod

    Magnum Divebait cast from boat?

    Just dug this out from storage. Has anyone had experience casting these from boat or just stick w/trolling it? Thx guys.
  190. Spear or rod

    Shimano TLD15 mount upgrade

    Ok, good to know. Thx Baller
  191. Spear or rod

    Shimano TLD15 mount upgrade

    Is there an upgrade for tld15 mounting bracket or are these just fine? Just picked this unit up used from a member. 30# mono & going to use it on a seeker 670 w/ reel seat. Thx guys.
  192. Spear or rod

    Upgrade for flush mount for tib frame

    Is there a way to upgrade hardware for old style tib frames to flush mount w/o buying entire kit? Assume I can use same studs & adjust to new nuts. Thx.
  193. Spear or rod

    Flat fall jigs assist hooks/where to buy

    Great info! Thx guys.
  194. Spear or rod

    Flat fall jigs assist hooks/where to buy

    I picked up a few unrigged Shimano knockoff 150g flat fall jigs & need to buy hooks for them. CharkBait has various sized assist hooks/single hook per rigged dynema leader. Can you just put 2x per rig or does someone sell the double hook per leader rig? Thx guys.
  195. Spear or rod


    Count me in for one of each. Please PM pp info. Thx
  196. Spear or rod

    WTB 25mm Cork puppy

    Thx guys. Found one.
  197. Spear or rod

    WTB 25mm Cork puppy

    Please PM if you have one that you'd sell. Doesn't need to be pretty! Thx.
  198. Spear or rod

    Thinning the Quiver

    Any chance you can ship to SF? Looking at the Tica jig stick. Thx
  199. Spear or rod

    Looking for house/cottage to rent Punta Banda or La Boufadora

    Thx for replys guys. Yeah, thinking my guy might like the whole scene down there ...especially the churros! JDog, I'd be stoked if you have touched bases with your friends.I can PM my email/cell phone. Let me know. I'll check with the La Jolla beach camp too-great idea. We'll do Ivan's trailers...
  200. Spear or rod

    Looking for house/cottage to rent Punta Banda or La Boufadora

    My go to rental at La Bouf got a long term tenant. Trying not to go VRBO etc ( friggin nickle dime you w/fees). Roadie with my 13yr old son end of March for his first taste of Baja so need something reasonably nice. Any ideas or leads greatly appreciated. Looking forward to showing him the Banda...
  201. Spear or rod

    K&M ...a San Quintin RUSH!

    Remodel that float & post a pic! Kelly & Bird rule. The Isla is one of the most amazing places I've ever dove. May go all Gilligan's Island down there someday. Post pix!! Want to see that FOALT
  202. Spear or rod

    Salmon out of the Gate?

    Very cool. Thx for the heads up.
  203. Spear or rod

    Salmon out of the Gate?

    Has anyone heard how the private/party boats have been doing? Thinking about heading out on an open load. Thx. Tommy
  204. Spear or rod

    NORCALer down south next week 20th-25th. Looking for ride

    Staying with the fam at DLand for a week. I can meet up anywhere north or south. 23rd or 24th are wide open. I can bring spear gear in case we come across puddlers that won't cooperate! All the usual applies-split $'s, cleaning, food, driving, don't be a dick! Thx. Tommy 415-515-0361...
  205. Spear or rod

    $200 to enter Mexico??

    Man, I'd pay that in a heartbeat to get through that shit show in TJ!!
  206. Spear or rod


    Not sure if it's cool to post outside sites but these guys are your new neighbors! Good luck.
  207. Spear or rod

    WTB upgrade reel handles for Penns

    I'm checking here first before buying from dealer online. Here's what I need. 2x round knobs for 113 & 1x bar type knob for 114 (with or without blank is fine). Thx. Tommy
  208. Spear or rod

    The Dream Becomes Reality. #BajaSQ BlueMarlin

    Roy's boots are badass. Fucking drooling over those fillets! Awesome job.
  209. Spear or rod

    Best Baja Norte Winter Fishing / Spearfishing?

    John, Let me know if you put a summer 2015 5-6 day spearfishing charter together! OP, depending on the weather all of those places are my favorite! Islas San Martin is damn near as good as it gets. Good luck. T
  210. Spear or rod

    Work in progress...

    Work in progress...
  211. Spear or rod

    Punta Banda/Ivan's contact info

    Does anyone have Ivan Villarino's current contact info? The old email address bounced back. Thx. Tommy
  212. Spear or rod

    Punta Banda house rental needed Oct 1-5

    Anyone have a line on a place (might need 2 places depending on size of home) for a few nights. All mature guys who don't intentionally break shit anymore & are tired of sleeping on floors & chairs! Either along the beach or on the hill is fine. Blowhole side is fine too. Outdoor shower or wash...
  213. Spear or rod

    Recommendations for Ensenada - Fishing this Monday

    It's all Good with Louie @ It's 4 Reels! Hope he has an opening for you guys plus his wife will whip up some killer fish dishes at Tequilas Sports Bar. Man, I'm jealous!! Good luck.
  214. Spear or rod

    WTB: Speargun for 12 Year Old

    Here's what I got for my then 12 year old (two years ago) in the 70cm model. He shot it with both one & two bands. He had a blast for sure. Good luck. T
  215. Spear or rod

    Registering Zodiac w/o title question

    Thanks guys. I will bring docs & hopefully score a helpful DMV worker. I'll post update. T
  216. Spear or rod

    Registering Zodiac w/o title question

    Someone gave me a Zodiac that hasn't been registered since '88 & has no title (has CF numbers & '88 reg sticker). Has anyone dealt with DMV with a situation like this? Trying to save myself a few hours at DMV office. Lost cause or worth following up on? Couldn't find anything on the site. I have...
  217. Spear or rod

    Trek II Fort Brag for tuna

    Has anyone fished with this outfit for tuna recently? He's fishing Sunday for albacore & I was considering going. Pros or cons appreciated. Thx. T
  218. Spear or rod

    What size Rancor separator for a 50hp Mercury EFI?

    Anyone know which size I need? I have a ten gallon plastic tank. Thx. Tommy
  219. Spear or rod

    For Sale Trolling Plate for up to 50 HP outboard

    I listed it on SB so take a look if you're interested. Here's the link. For Sale Trolling Plate for up to 50HP outboard - - The World's Largest Spearfishing Diving Boating Social Media Forum
  220. Spear or rod

    For Sale Trolling Plate. Up to 50hp outboard

    I bought this for $50 & never used it. Comes with SS mounting screws. I bought it used but it's in 9/10 condition. My loss your gain. Best offer wins & buyer pays shipping. Thx. Tommy [email protected] is the best way to get in touch with...
  221. Spear or rod

    Not a spearfisherman YET ?

    Hey Kevin, Check these guys out. Good luck with the adventures! T MAKO Spearguns and Spearfishing Gear
  222. Spear or rod

    Mulege Yellows

    Looks like you're on the river @ the trailer park, yes? My sister in-law Nina & her husband Walt should be down @ there place there by now. Say "Hi" to them for me if you cross paths. I'm eating my heart out! Thx for the great report...wish I was there with you guys poking a few with a spear! Tommy
  223. Spear or rod

    Kayak paddle, leash, & seat (high backed)

    Looking for something used in decent condition for a Cobra Navigator. Thx. Tommy For faster response e-mail [email protected]
  224. Spear or rod

    Happy Thanksgiving from K&M Sportfishing

    The smoked BSB stole the show @ T-Day appetizer table! Phat photos bro. Thx. T
  225. Spear or rod

    Hammerhead Proteus Spear gun Here's something else to consider. I am a satisfied customer for sure! Good luck. T
  226. Spear or rod

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    Only 2 things wrong with that pic Kelly- 1) It's not me holding that fish up! 2) There's not a spear sticking out of its head! Unreal bro. Great pic of George's Jurel too! Congrats on an F-ing beast!!! Tommy
  227. Spear or rod

    Amazing Underwater Albacore Video!

    The video wouldn't load for me. Did you have a title I could look up on YouTube? Thx. Tommy
  228. Spear or rod

    Anyone have an open seat for Sunday?

    Looking for a ride Sunday 9/2. I'm in the City so any harbor between Bodega-Monterey is fine. Experienced & have all gear. Launch to wash down-can do it all. No drugs or alcohol. Thx guys. Tommy 415-515-0361 cell Oh yeah, kick in $'s, of course! T
  229. Spear or rod

    Chartering A Boat Out of Ensenada

    I have used/will use both Louie & Vonny's. Never disappointed & Louie's wife is a killer cook! Good luck & have fun. T
  230. Spear or rod

    Puerto Santo Tomas resort

    Thanks for all the feedback. Sam got back to me immediately & we are setting things up. Yeah, I always bring my 5 mil suit when diving the northern part of Baja. Sounds like it's going to be an adventure for sure. Planning on hitting San Q too either before or after ST. I will post a report...
  231. Spear or rod

    Puerto Santo Tomas resort

    Heading down to the area south of Ensenada the first part of August for a few days & was looking @ Santo Tomas as one of the spots to check out. Primarily spearfishing trip but will have a couple rods & reels on hand too. Any feedback on the area & resort would be greatly appreciated. Thx. Tommy
  232. Spear or rod

    Outboard konked out @ launch ramp

    All set for tomorrow. Will yank plugs Monday & start there. Good luck to all this weekend. T
  233. Spear or rod

    Outboard konked out @ launch ramp

    Ready to roll with my 8 year old @ the Pillar Point launch ramp-sandwiches made, bait in the cooler, new FBR's strung except one problem.... Man, it was humming @ the dock warming up & konked out. Thank goodness it was there & not outside Jaws. Buying Vessel Assist Monday! If anyone wants to...
  234. Spear or rod

    Ensenada 12-30-11-End of Year Yellowtail

    Very nice Louie! Looking forward to seeing you sometime this month. Thanks for the me pumped up for sure. Tommy
  235. Spear or rod

    Dec 8 Crabbing still good

    Hey Lambert, How deep are you soaking your pots? I may try & get out Saturday early & get a few pots in for a soak plus bounce the reefs for Lings if the wind stays down. I'll give you a shout if I make it out. Thanks. Tommy
  236. Spear or rod

    Scotty Trap Eeze Anyone have one of these that they want to part with? Thanks. Tommy
  237. Spear or rod

    Ensenada 10-7 & 10-8-11

    Thanks for the report Louie. Hoping to get down there in November to hit the Punta & Todos with you. Hope you get a shot @ the offshore stuff. Try a day of diving & fishing with Louie...It's 4 Reel!! T
  238. Spear or rod

    New To The Game!!

    Erik, Have fun figuring out the spear fishing game. Give Dano @ Mako Spearguns a call & he will take the time to help you figure out what you need to get going. I have been a customer for a couple of years now & have been really happy with my gear & purchases. Great customer service for sure...
  239. Spear or rod

    WSB dead squid rig

    James, How long should the flouro leader be? Thanks bro. Tommy
  240. Spear or rod

    WSB dead squid rig

    Looking to try my hand @ WSB in the Pillar Point & Pacifica area. Anyone have a pic or gear, floro, hook, etc. description for a two hook rig? Thanks for your help. Tommy
  241. Spear or rod

    Hey Nor Cal - Is Anyone Fishing

    Guys, I brought the crappy weather down to the Coronado & Todos Santos Islands last weekend! The F-ing wind & South swell broke our balls down there. Hit the Nados Friday with no pelagics taken (man, thank god the jumbo Calicos are dumber than dirt down there) & made a quick call to Ensenada...
  242. Spear or rod

    Vintage 1930 rods & reels needed

    My buddy is reproducing Ernest Hemingway's boat the Pilar for an HBO movie & needs to rent some of the large game (14/0-16/0) rods & reels. Totally insured & able to pay $'s although I am not sure how all that works. If anyone can help out shoot me an e-mail as I don't check messages on this...
  243. Spear or rod

    California Vacation Suggestions

    Monterey in August sounds like a good call. Tons of stuff to do & both Randy's & Chris' are pretty up front about what is going on fish wise. Wander down there & check it out one afternoon when the boats get back to the docks. Point Lobos is an amazing place to scuba dive as it's a preserve &...
  244. Spear or rod

    Local 11/16/10 Epic night on big crawlers.

    Nice report...thanks. What are the water bottles in the bottom of the nets for? T
  245. Spear or rod

    Vonny Fleet's e-mail address

    Does anyone have Ivan's e-mail adress? I am heading down next weekend & need to book a couple pangas. Thanks. Tommy
  246. Spear or rod

    WSB Bite

    Thanks for help with the rigs guys. T
  247. Spear or rod

    WSB Bite

    Hey Tomo, Congrats on hanging in there & scoring a couple of nice C-Bass. Any chance you can post a pic of the bobber/flyline rig you use? Also, is that squid rig in the background on your rod a custom job or something you cacn pick up pre-rigged. Thanks. Tommy
  248. Spear or rod

    Bahia San Evaristo

    Has anyone done a land based trip to San Evaristo (above La Paz)? The only info I could find was from people cruising or kayak trips. Thanks for any help. Heading there after flying into San Jose around the end of Sept. Tommy Photos of San Evaristo, Baja California Sur p.s. The island in the...
  249. Spear or rod

    Goatzilla from 3-day Peace freedive trip

    I know, I know...this is the hook & line section but I wanted to share a pic of a hog goat I stuck last week on the Backside of Santa Cruz Island. He was 31 pounds on the boat's digital scale. After I shot him he went into his hole & it took me over 30 min. to drag his ass outta there. Thanks...
  250. Spear or rod

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mex

    Oh man, I so want to get down there Ivan! It's been way too Baja Mamas still open for dinner? Thanks. Tommy
  251. Spear or rod

    Bodega salmon

    Just heard recreational salmon fishing will be open into September & only five days a week. Not sure of details yet. T
  252. Spear or rod

    Bodega salmon

    Welcome to this side Joe. Yeah, don't even get me going on the Coastside site. Good luck & I will keep my fingers crossed that the feds leave it open a bit longer. Look forward to your reports. Tommy
  253. Spear or rod

    New Andre Gold 100 F/S

    Send me an e-mail with your phone number & I will have Andy (owns the gun & shop) call you to arrange payment. Thanks. Tommy [email protected]
  254. Spear or rod

    wanted fins/float/ floatline/ knife

    Just call Dano @ Mako Spearguns & work out a deal with him...he has a 4 payment plan too. Good luck.
  255. Spear or rod

    Poseidonsub Hybrid Pro 60" For Sale

    Justed listed this gun in Member Items on S.B. Poseidonsub Hybrid Pro 60" For Sale - Spearboard Spearfishing Community Dropped price to $600 & I will throw in a new Riffe (9/32) single flopper shaft rigged w/300 lb. Neptonics mono leader.
  256. Spear or rod

    New Andre Gold 100 F/S

    Yeah, no shit! I am selling them for a friend who owns a shop & wants to get them out of there. Tell a friend... T
  257. Spear or rod

    New Spetton Gran Pacific II w/reel F/S

    This is a new 130cm Spetton w/reel. It comes w/o shooting & reel line or bands. Includes a 67"x7mm double flopper Demka shaft. $390 plus $20 shipping.
  258. Spear or rod

    New Andre Gold 100 F/S

    Selling this gun for a friend who owns a shop & wants them (two @ this price) out of his shop. The gun is fully rigged w/shooting line, a 1/4"x50" single flopper shaft, & 2x5/8ths bands. $285 plus $20 shipping.
  259. Spear or rod

    Anyone talk to Mike (Kidjurel) Kanzler lately?

    Thanks Jim. Have a good one. Tommy
  260. Spear or rod

    Anyone talk to Mike (Kidjurel) Kanzler lately?

    Trying to get a message to Mike. I would appreciate it if someone would pass along my e-mail to him or have him PM me here.Thanks. Tommy [email protected]
  261. Spear or rod

    Camping/shore diving info.

    Wassup Leo. Hope the Fred Hall show was good. WSB in Monterey Bay are playing hide & seek again-not worth looking right now. See you Saturday. T
  262. Spear or rod

    Camping/shore diving info.

    Refugio is full...too bad. That place is sweet. Thanks.
  263. Spear or rod

    Camping/shore diving info.

    Has anyone camped @ El Capitan State Park? Thinking of heading down the first part of June. How is the shore diving that time of year? Can you scratch up enough for a cevice lunch? Thanks. Tommy p.s. We will be tent camping. T
  264. Spear or rod

    San Mateo Coast MPA map?

    Thanks Tino. Yeah, I have a sweet little Halibut/grande Black Rock fish hole that's just right outside that 300' limit @ Egg Rock. See you @ the Sea Sniper Rummage sale on the 13th? T
  265. Spear or rod

    Has anyone added these to trailer bunks?

    Yeah, thanks Brian. I saw the slick plastic things for like $38...maybe I'll start there. I have actually seen someone drop there boat on the ramp using the E-Z load trailer...F-ing heart breaker. T
  266. Spear or rod

    Has anyone added these to trailer bunks?

    West Marine: Roller Bunks Product Display I was thinking about using these to make loading my 14' RIB/50 hp easier. Does anyone have experience with this product? Thanks. Tommy
  267. Spear or rod

    San Mateo Coast MPA map?

    Anyone know where to get a map showing closures from Pillar Point north to Pacifica? Thanks. Tommy
  268. Spear or rod

    Vertical jigs

    Are the Goober 80's the 3oz models? They look great. Thanks. Tommy
  269. Spear or rod

    startin out

    Here we go again.....
  270. Spear or rod

    new gun

    Hey Joe, You will get plenty of fish using your 42" Biller. I use an old 36" Biller(I think) Mahogony gun as my rock fish/hole gun. This old boy has taken tons of big Ling Cod, rock fish, Halibut, & even shot a small yellowtail once (flew that bad boy around like a kite until I got it under...
  271. Spear or rod

    The one that got away part II

    Jezz, is there a ball park estimate weight on that beast? Awesome power display...
  272. Spear or rod

    A crabby weekend 11/21-22/09

    Nice report-thanks. Are you clipping the pincher off in a couple of those shots?
  273. Spear or rod

    AB Biller vs JBL

    Tommy-call Dano @ Mako & he'll dial you in. Great bang for your buck! I own a few guns & I'm really happy with my predator pro. T
  274. Spear or rod

    just got back from tony reyes trip 9-20/9-27

    Sweaty, bloody, smelly...Man, I miss those trips! Food is fucking killer & I swear to God that the best siesta I've ever taken in my life has been on one of those boats. Dreaming of the day I can go again & that's even remembering the windy, slow fishing, & hot as sin days too. I am going to...
  275. Spear or rod

    Best reel $250 and under

    Where would someone find one of the 30 or 40 HV's in California?
  276. Spear or rod

    Kona spearfishing report 4/08/09

    Thanks you guys. Paolo is sorely missed by us all. T
  277. Spear or rod

    Kona spearfishing report 4/08/09

    In case you guys haven't heard about the tragic loss of our friend Paolo Dominici here's the article. The incident took place after I returned from Kona. West Hawaii Today - from archives > Local > In Brief - Big Island
  278. Spear or rod

    Kona spearfishing report 4/08/09

    Just back from the Big Island after our first family vacation there. Man, access to the drop off from shore and blue water via boat is too easy! After numerous fruitless attempts at trying to hook up a spearfishing charter with one of the two guys there doing it I was fortunate enough to cross...