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  1. Fishybuzz

    New Pit Bull Tool for my kit

    I have been a fan of Pit Bull spectra cutters for years they are IMO the best I have ever when Blind Luck sent me a pair of the regular Pit Bull split ring pliers I was optimistic...I have tried several other brands of split ring pliers with mixed results on smaller split rings...
  2. Fishybuzz

    Great BFT night bite on Intrepid

    The Intrepid got into a great night bite last night on BFT 39 fish from 50# to a couple of cows.....they are on a 3 day.....If Iived in California I would jump on a trip right now...there are a couple openings on their next trip April 25.....the bite was in one day range .....
  3. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid and Capt Sam 5 day report

    Intrepid returned with 43 over 100# and 3 over 200#...Capt Sam whacked them again....
  4. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid Bluefin report

    Just saw the Intrepid bluefin report from the 5 day that just returned 38 over 100# and 3 over 200#.....limits for everyone ...sounds like a good trip.
  5. Fishybuzz

    Salas 6x6

    Does anyone know when this jig was made?
  6. Fishybuzz

    Short SOA report

    Got a call from my buddies on the SOA 10 day returns Friday.... close to limits on wahoo...limits of YFT to fish YT and maybe BFT....great weather and good people....JMO but heck with the Lupe...LOL
  7. Fishybuzz

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    OK don't kill the messenger but I just read a article about certain drugs in the class called anticholinergics if used regularly for several years could increase the likelihood of one developing dementia as they age......scopolamine and Benadryl are in this classification ....just a FYI.....some...
  8. Fishybuzz

    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Got a call from Titan05 aka Jim Hall this morning.......some of you may know he has had two heart attacks in the past three days.....he has asked me to tell you he cannot answer your calls or texts for the next few days and is scheduled for bypass surgery as soon as he is a little stronger, so...
  9. Fishybuzz

    313# on the Intrepid

    Richard Cha got a 313# today on the Intrepid...... nice fish!
  10. Fishybuzz

    Vagabond 5 day crushes the BFT

    Just read the report....29 over 200# largest 275#....
  11. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid weights in....

    The Intrepid weighed in with 17 over 200# with 5 over 300# the largest was 360.4# Game on!!!!!
  12. Fishybuzz

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    The Gumba Lounge will soon be open for business .....who's ready for a week of fun....July 8-July 16
  13. Fishybuzz

    5 Star doesn't miss a beat

    I was a little nervous having my fish processed by the "new" 5 Star after my trip last month....but it was absolutely perfect...I have my fish airfreighted to Tucson and it was delivered in perfect condition and on time... 3 boxes of smoked tuna, wahoo and tuna steaks. Thank you 5 Star.....
  14. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid is on them

    .They got 7 over 200 largest 257.....
  15. Fishybuzz


    Does anyone know what happened to the Tracer????
  16. Fishybuzz

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Picked up my wahoo and yellowtail from Southwest Air cargo today and it was in perfect condition, frozen rock hard....if you do not live in the San Diego area I highly recommend having 5 Star shipping your fish to you via air freight. Thanks 5 Star.
  17. Fishybuzz

    American Angler cuts trip short???

    Does anyone know why the Angler came back early? They were due back January 9 but read on their report they were back.
  18. Fishybuzz

    We lost another good one......

    Just learned Mike McElravy "Muskie Mike" has passed away. He was a great human being and I will miss him on our annual July 8 day. RIP Muskie Mike.
  19. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid getting em....

    According to their latest report this morning they already had 36 tuna from 120#-180# with a couple cows......sounds like a nice bite.
  20. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid killing it…….wahoo!!

    Sorry double post
  21. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid killing it…….wahoo!!

    Just read on Facebook the Intrepid is into the wahoo……. Up date….they started fishing at 2pm and ended up with 70……nicely done.
  22. Fishybuzz

    2 openings 4th of July Intrepid

    I just saw where there are 2 openings on the 3 day 4th of July Special on the Intrepid….here's your chance to fish the U.S. bluefin in Long Range luxury…..
  23. Fishybuzz

    New 5 and 4 day trips in August Intrepid

    Just noticed the Intrepid is now running a 5 day trip leaving August 22 and a 4 day leaving August 27…….these are newly posted trips trips for those looking for a shorter trip that still give you a good shot at the offshore stuff…..
  24. Fishybuzz

    Moving on……Nick… on the Rooster Red Rooster….

    Just read where Nick on the Rooster is moving on……great person and a fantastic deckhand….had many good memories fishing with him…. Good luck Nick in whatever future endeavors you decide to take up…..
  25. Fishybuzz

    More Maxmus 4.5 day fish porn photos

    Some more photos from the Jim Hart trip……..
  26. Fishybuzz

    Maximus 4.5 day report Nov 30-Dec 4

    Jim Hart put together this charter about 9 months ago……all of us had fished together on Long Range cow trips trips on the Intrepid the group consisted of Jim Hart, David Rouse "Soda Pop", Russel Grieves, Mike Stiny "Shooter", Bill Messer "Storm Trooper" and me "Fishybuzz"….. We decided to go...
  27. Fishybuzz

    318# on the Intrepid

    The Intrepid reports that Jimmy Wilson got a 318# today......congratulations....
  28. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid got em good today

    Just read the report......they crushed the BFT today ......from 30# to 65#.......drifted on them from 10 AM to 8 PM......
  29. Fishybuzz

    JRI jigs=precision made fish killers....... not all iron is created equal

    Last year I read a post here on BD by Poncharello who said he was starting to make some surface iron and brass jigs.....I was fascinated because the photos of the jigs he had made were beautiful and he described the care he used in every step of producing them from the material used for the jigs...
  30. Fishybuzz

    Christmas in July

    Just got back from a 8 day trip and I had a package waiting for me...... My 2 new Makaria 50SEa's......they are really really beautiful reels......Thanks Santa.
  31. Fishybuzz

    Butt cap question

    Where can I get a straight butt Cap with a inside diameter to fit 1.39 inche rod diameter... No knob on end needs to be straight. Thanks.
  32. Fishybuzz

    Tough fishing down South

    Just read the reports from the Indy and Excel........seems there is a shark issue at both the Hurricane Bank and Buffer if you are heading out take plenty of topshots or topshot making materials and lots of hooks just in case the sharks are still there..... Saw a photo seems they...
  33. Fishybuzz

    Update Mak 16 line capacity

    Just received another prototype Mak 16 for my upcoming trip.... I spooled it up with white 100# JB holds 500 yards with room for a 15 yard topshot of 100#/80# hollow and 25' mono or FC leader.....just a FYI... This reel is sweet.......
  34. Fishybuzz

    Thanks Captjimy...hoo bombs

    Just received some CaptJimy wahoo bombs....these things are killer, almost too pretty to let a wahoo tear well made and great colors...... Everyone should have a couple in their box....:2gunsfiring_v1: Thanks Jimmy.
  35. Fishybuzz

    prototype Mak 16 performance report

    Okuma sent me a Prototype Mak 16 to test on my trip on the Maximus out of is just about the same size as a Penn 16 but lighter.... the reel came with a 1:3 low gear and a 4:1 high gear it was spooled up with 600 yards of 80# JB will get over 35# of drag with...
  36. Fishybuzz

    Maximus Salty Dawg trip report

    About 6 months ago Salty called and asked I wanted to go on a Maximus tuna trip....I didn't even look at my calender and instantly said "YES"...... One of the best quick decisions I've made. There were 7 of of us on the trip...David Rouse. Billy Messler, Cory Burak, Jim Hart, Jon Bakos, Bill...
  37. Fishybuzz

    intrepid/ray-Ray find the wahoo

    just read the report from the Intrepid....they got to the Rocks at 2 pm and got 51 hoo...and for the friends of Iron Thrower..Ray Ray's Marauder accounted for many of them.....:hali_olutta: looks great for the guys leaving the next couple weeks....make em pay...
  38. Fishybuzz

    Accurate Dawg reels

    Any reports or experiences on how the Accurate reels with the new Dawgs systems are holding up??????
  39. Fishybuzz

    Weather forecast???

    Anybody got the weather info for the guys heading out the next couple days???? It has been a long tough month out there.....
  40. Fishybuzz

    Kudos Baja Fish Gear

    Baja Fish Gear wanted to honor Ray Jarvis "Iron Thrower" who passed away last summer, long ranger extraordinaire, and donated a bunch of BFG swag and lots of BFG gift certificates for the up coming Ray Jarvis Memorial 8 day. Thank you Ed T, Stevie and Steve.... Also a big thank you to 5 Star...
  41. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid heads for Alijos

    looks like Kevin is headed to the Rocks.....guess he figured that someone had to check it out.....hope they find them there.
  42. Fishybuzz

    I screwed up Catchy Tackle is alive and well

    On a pervious thread asking about wahoo lures and techniques I screwed up based on bad information and indicated that Catchy Tackle was no longer......wrong!!! Catchy Tackle is alive and well (thank God) and IMO the best wahoo jigs and bombs on the market.....I as afraid that they would no...
  43. Fishybuzz

    Ray Javis Memorial/Intrepid list of suspects

    WOW! What a great group of anglers have who signed up for the 1st Ray Jarvis (Iron Thrower) Memorial trip.....lots of old friends and some new ones....for the first timers fishing with these folks welcome to the family. Don't forget we leave July 14......remember your passports......and welcome...
  44. Fishybuzz

    Missing boat Erik found in Sea of Cortez

    just read that the fishing boat that sank last year in the Sea of Cortez and has been missing has been found....apparently a shrimp boat 's net got tangled with the wreckage and divers confirmed it was the Erik.....
  45. Fishybuzz

    More Soft Steel line testing results

    Fishordie sent in a batch of the "new" Soft Steel for testing and the results for the 100# were 100# New Soft Steel Ultra breaking strength 119.35# diameter .913...
  46. Fishybuzz

    accurate reels no longer supported....

    could Accurate please lists those reels which they will no longer carry AR bearings for.....thank you
  47. Fishybuzz

    Happy Mothers Day!!!

    Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women who tolerate and if we are lucky support our fishing addictions and do the hard work of raising and nurturing our children.
  48. Fishybuzz

    sight recommendations??

    I recently picked up a Ruger MK II 22/45 with a 5.5 bull barrel in has the Ruger adjustable sights ......they are "ok" any recommendation on some other sight options... Don't want a scope...I came to the conclusion this gun is way more accurate than me so I'm thinking maybe a...
  49. Fishybuzz

    5 Star delivers again!!

    I shouldn't be surprised as it is how it always is perfect....... I received 155# of perfectly packaged RSW yellowfin tuna frozen rock hard, airfreighted right on schedule...the real treat was the 25# of smoked tuna.....perfect Super Bowl fare. Delicious !!! Kudos to a operation that simply...
  50. Fishybuzz

    Cutting trips short....???

    I have read and seen where a boat on a trip decides to cut the trip short and come home a day or two early because several they have plugged the boat issues.....medical emergencies.....passenger issues. I can understand all of them but the plugged the...
  51. Fishybuzz

    Wahoodad Intrepid Nov 12 roll call

    OK folks who's going???..... Wahoodad Fishybuzz Skipjack Joe Birdnest Bill Silent Jim or Jim Again Tunadwr-Knucklehead Strictly1 Greg Wood-feeder Chad Ede Jimbo Bill Jamison Bob Douglas Bud Marilyn Bob from AZ Don from AZ Nuclieye Mischief1 Nick17yz of BX50 fame Fishdoggary Sweet Lu...
  52. Fishybuzz

    Bluefin bite WFO for Intrepid

    Just read the report from yesterday...limits of bluefin on one stop......go get them guys......looks like they may have gotten hungry....
  53. Fishybuzz

    excel 10% deal

    Well the new owners are offering 10% off on all trips between July 21 and December....that's pretty cool.
  54. Fishybuzz

    Salas super 7x lite ????

    Has anyone fished these????? tuna??? yellowtail???? Got a bunch of them.....just never fished them
  55. Fishybuzz

    Skinny Bombs=wahoo

    Well most folks know I'm pretty much game to try any thing new and they also know I really like fishing wahoo.... Well a couple months ago I saw a post pimping another "new" wahoo was the Skinny Bomb and I decided I needed to have one...well I got ahold of SteveK and asked him if he...
  56. Fishybuzz

    5 Star perfect.....again!!

    I just amazes me how 5 Star Processing never misses a fish was delivered airfreight today in PERFECT condition.....85# of wahoo and 100#of tuna in 1 # packages as requested......185# of perfectly sealed and frozen a follow up call just to be sure everything was delivered...
  57. Fishybuzz

    Thanks Salty Dawg....3x5 report

    Just wanted to thank Salty Dawg for finishing my 3x5 in time for my 15 day....the rod is a monster and the Rail Dawg grip worked great with zero wear...the rod accounted for 6 large kite fish and everyone who used it loved the lifting power at color..... Your unusual spacing of the first 4...
  58. Fishybuzz

    Talica 16II capacity

    Anyone know how much 60# JB hollow a Talica 16 will hold with a short 25' topshot....
  59. Fishybuzz

    Adios Rancho Buena Vista

    Well after more 50 years Rancho Buena Vista is shutting down...tomorrow is the last day of operation....spent many many fun days at the Rancho.... been going there almost every year for 25 years......sad to see it all end... Thanks for the memories.
  60. Fishybuzz

    Change of drag pressure in ATD 12

    Last trip I set my drags on my atd12 to 32# at strike and at a point about 3/4 to strike 25#this was with the preset at "J" ..... I caught a nice fish (222#) on it and it took some good runs morning I checked my drags ....the drag had dropped off to 22# at strike and 14# at the 3/4...
  61. Fishybuzz

    Intrepid weights in 9 cows...

    Check out the Intrepid report on their website.....what a great catch for this was almost 300#.. Man this could be a season to remember........
  62. Fishybuzz

    Low ball???

    What constitutes a low ball offer???? If some one asks $300 for something is a offer of $200 a lowball offer.....$275?? 10% less??? 20% less???......what is the guideine????? Just wondering....:evilimu:
  63. Fishybuzz

    The red headed step child found them

    Just got a report that the Intrepid got some cows today on the lower banks.......things are looking good:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: Can't wait till my 11 day........
  64. Fishybuzz

    canceled trips....

    Is it just me but it seems like there are quite q few of cancelled trips the past month or two.....and one next week.... are folks burned out....lousy fishing? money?...bad weather?......
  65. Fishybuzz

    Gordo Banks fishing

    I just got back from a week at Cabo but I wanted to try fishing out of the "new" marina out of San Jose del Cabo.......I got ahold of Eric who runs Gordo Banks Pangas and arranged to go out on the Killer II a 26' super's a little tricky getting to the marina the first time so I...
  66. Fishybuzz

    Gordo Banks Pangas???

    Good ??Bad??other recommendations???? Want to spend a day fishing the Banks out of San Jose del Cabo for tuna or whatever for one day with my wife.. Thanks
  67. Fishybuzz

    Moreau Swimbait review

    Well I just got back from a 8 day and had a chance to test the Moreau swim baits... I never doubted that the swimbait would get bit... my concern was their durability....well we got in to a good yt bite at the Ridge, the fish ranged from 12# to 20#....the fish were all over the bait and I...
  68. Fishybuzz

    Gear change in atd 30

    Just read that the 30 atd's are available with 1.2 low that true??? and if so how much will it cost to change out the old higher gears????
  69. Fishybuzz

    Freespool issues on 870 2- speed

    I have 12 Accurates, 5 ATD's 7-2 speed boss reels but one reel continues to give me 870 2-speed will not go into freespool sometimes after Fighting a fish this has happened before and I sent it in and paid for repair and was ok for one trip but last trip after one...
  70. Fishybuzz

    Wire leader question

    At my son's bike shop they use 1.5 mm stainless cable rated at 420# breaking strength....they come in sets of 2 and typically there is 3 to 4 feet left from the front brake. They do 20 to 30 brake jobs a week is there any reason I couldn't use this for rigging my wahoo trolling...
  71. Fishybuzz

    Curado 300e

    Want to buy a cur ado 300e in new or excellent condition
  72. Fishybuzz

    BIG tuna basics video on u tube

    There is a excellent series of how to videos on u tube featuring Capt Kevin Osborn and wahoodad...just do a search on u tube for "Long Range Tuna Basics" IMO it is really a good thing to watch for those contemplating going on a cow trip for the first time.
  73. Fishybuzz

    Wtb saltiga 40

    Would like to buy a saltiga 40 in 8.5 or better condition
  74. Fishybuzz

    Kudos Accurate service

    I decided to get another ATD 30 topless for my 15 day coming up next week and it arrived about ten days ago....I noticed that putting it in low it was more difficult than my other 30 topless I called Matt at Accurate he said send it in they'd take care of it ....sent in in next day UPS on Monday...
  75. Fishybuzz

    Vagabond 10 day report

    Just got back from a 10 day trip to the cow pasture....the Vagabond and crew were outstanding as usual and Capt Mike got us on the fish....The Vag may not be the newest fancy dan boat in the fleet but boy oh boy is it fishy. I think there 7 cows over 200# at least 24 fish over 100# lots and...
  76. Fishybuzz

    Trip cancellations due to the fires????

    How many LR trips do you guys think will be effected by trip cancellations due to the fires?????
  77. Fishybuzz

    Difference between a Pro ex 40/2 and a plain ex 40/2????

    I'm sure this has been asked before but does anyone know the difference????
  78. Fishybuzz

    How much 130 hollow on ex40/2

    Need to know how much 130# JB hollow I can get on a ex 40/2. I'll be using a very short top shot...thanks
  79. Fishybuzz

    Fishybuzz- 3 Days On Pacifico

    I went on this trip with no real expectations as I have never fished at Puerto only trip there was many many years ago and the memories are blurred by time and the agave haze I was in the whole time I was there I didn't go fishing just did a tour of the cantinas....LOL ..if you...
  80. Fishybuzz

    Equipment question for PV

    I'm going to be fishing PV for tuna the first time the second week in Oct....Drew told me to bring a skein of 200# and 180# fluoro and gave me a list of style, brand and size hooks, we'll be taking our everything on his list just wondering if any of you have any other...
  81. Fishybuzz

    Zihuatanejo..roosterfish report

    Just got back from Zih.....My wife and I fished for roosters for two days and sails one day......first day for roosters was spectacular, we ran down south about 35 miles, my wife and I landed 13 and I got 5 on surface poppers and fanned on about 6 other surface strikes.....the fish ran from 15#...
  82. Fishybuzz

    8 day Red RoosterIII report 6/22-6/29

    We had great weather the entire trip. This was the annual Bill Casper/Seeker rod/Soft Steel trip skippered by John Grabowski.. Day one we picked away and got 40 bluefin 25# to 40#, Day two great wide open YT bite at Cedros with as good as it gets on the surface iron...excellent grade of...
  83. Fishybuzz

    July trip to ZIH need info Thanks...

    My wife and I are going to Ziuatenejo the firstt part of July for a week....any suggestions on fishing charters, guides and lodging would be appriciated....would like to fish inshore a couple of days and offshore a couple of days...Thanks in advance... Also what gear should I take?????
  84. Fishybuzz

    Yummee flyers?????

    Josh or anyone else have you guys used the Yummee flying fish or the Williamson "Little Tunny" lures in PV for the tuna?????
  85. Fishybuzz

    Need some portable GPS info

    Looking to get a new portable handheld GPS...I gave my two older ones Magellan 4000xl's) to some pangeros in Baja and my wife has laid claim to my newest one(3 years old) a Megellan Meridian Marine for her mapping I'm not getting that back. I'm looking to get a unit that is...