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    San juanito Cows

    Damn capt!!!!! Only with the osunas!!!!!
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    La Marla

    Yes!!! Capt strikes again!
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    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    I love these reports from Danny's trips. Awesome work capt!
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    overdue trip report, sort of...

    TLDR Need link to see epic pics of monsters
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    Osuna's New Fishing Machine

    Epic! Congrats Danny!
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    Snookmafia 31/2 in Jurassic park

    Panama? Panama is the only place I know that refers to their fishing grounds as Jurassic Park.
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    PV at its best... Marla's 3/9-3/13 Short version

    ooowweeee!!!!!!!!! PV still hot!!!
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    Awesome tuna trip ,

    Sick nice work!!!
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    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    I found the video on bestgore and it was the most violent gruesome thing I've ever seen in my life.
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    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    all PA boats are slow as f
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    Difference between San Diego and Houston fishing

    no monster fish here
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    PV Report - 01/14

    fun for a day trip
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    Viva Mexico!!

    the dream, fishing for monsters for a living!
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    Viva Mexico!!

    Holy f that's epic
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    424lb YFT caught in Loreto....

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    the tsutaoka charter on the marla IV, january 2018

    congrats on that monster cow!
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    PV Resturaunts

    Tacon de marlin is a must. Get off the plane and it's a short walk near the airport. Then catch a cab for half the price.
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    Gonna have to send you to google for this one hahaha
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    monsters!!! great job capt!
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    Best time for cubera/rooster

    Trying to plan a trip to target these and scratch them off my fishing list. When is the best time? Going to run with Lora and jog/pop for them.
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    Marlas 2.5

    Great job amigo!!!!
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    Cow cow!!

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    Osuna's backyard

    I hope they come in closer in november!
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    bite is hottt!!!!
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    Looking for one fishermen on 3 1/2 days trip with Capt Danny Osuna in PV

    Tight lines kil. I’ve got one of the Marla’s in November
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    Cows on fire!!

    great job capt! good to see great fishing!
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    Can Panama be done relatively cheap?

    Yes. Stay is cheap but flight is expensive. Charter prices are fairly average. Just find a charter out of boca chica.
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    PEI Today

    maybe im missing something? what are you guys seeing?
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    punta mita

    Awesome! That's what I'm talking about!
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    punta mita

    give us a fishing report! im more interested in catching trophy fish shootin s*** all day
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    Tamarindo Recommendations Please

    I need this info as well
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    punta mita

    I need to make my way back to PV and give Lora a visit
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    Trying to contact Lora and Danny Osuna

    Guys I am trying to contact them to set up a trip. Any info is appreciated. Thanks Rich
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    Keith D. Big fish today ???

    Waiting for pictures of this beast...
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    Keith D. Big fish today ???

    man just wicked the amount of cows caught recently down there!
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    ...and everything in between...

    Man again what awesome pictures! I need to know what gear your taking them with.
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    Who took the pictures?? And with what? They look great
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    Venice Yellowfin - 12/31/07

    i hope theres more of where that came from!