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  1. Flying Arima

    Scotty downriggers for sale

    I have two Scotty 1106’s for sale used one time this last summer. I will include the electrical plugs for the boat also. $325 a piece or $600 for the pair.
  2. Flying Arima

    Westport tuna 10-5-19

    Congrats mark, I had a feeling you were up to something. Enjoy the new boat!
  3. Flying Arima

    Freezer thermometer alarms with WiFi connection?

    I lost my freezer last season and didn’t catch it in time. I had no idea there was such a thing as a freezer alarm. I definitely will be picking one up for my freezer. It sure would have been nice to have known my compressor had died as I probably walked past my freezer many times not knowing...
  4. Flying Arima

    Black Cod recipe?

    We had some tonight for dinner coated in Panko, and cooked in a cast iron pan. It was delicious!
  5. Flying Arima

    Alcohol and boating

    I think he lost the transom straps bouncing in the ditch prior to the boat coming off the trailer.
  6. Flying Arima

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    That sucks, RIP Jay Radtke.
  7. Flying Arima

    “Fully Involved” on it’s side

    I’m glad nobody was hurt, I hope your back on the water soon.
  8. Flying Arima

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Wow wdfw isn’t sure why the numbers are so low! It isn’t rocket science.
  9. Flying Arima

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    Admins please make this thread disappear like some of the other boat threads. The rules in Canada are always changing so be careful just when you think you have figured it out you get a surprise visit. Most on BD don’t want the Canada fishery talked about here so let kill this thread as the...
  10. Flying Arima

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

    So Sad, RIp Brother.
  11. Flying Arima

    31ft Motorhome triple slide

    New price $81,700
  12. Flying Arima

    31ft Motorhome triple slide

    Looking to go back to a truck camper.
  13. Flying Arima

    31ft Motorhome triple slide

    2016 Jayco Precept 31UL that looks like new inside and out. 12 c.f. Norcold w/Ice MakerSlide-out CounterConvection/Microwave,Three burner cook top,fantastic Fan roof vent 40" HDTV on Televator,2 A/Cs,Mcd day and night Shades, CruiseTri-View Camera, power Visor, Am/FM/CD/Nav/Bluetooth/SiriusPower...
  14. Flying Arima

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    And probably no camping!
  15. Flying Arima

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Rip Olson’s resort! Another great place to be ruined by wdfw.
  16. Flying Arima

    Chine Protection?

    I beach my Arima a few times a year. Mine has a keel guard I pull up until the keel touches. I get out attach a dock line to the front push it back out into the water and anchor it to the beach. I don't see a need to protect the chines for a quick beaching. If you get your boat that far onto...
  17. Flying Arima

    RayMarine help

    Not sure what happened but everything just came back.
  18. Flying Arima

    RayMarine help

    Yes I have to pick if I want to use nautical or lighthouse charts.
  19. Flying Arima

    RayMarine help

    my chart plotter is showing no detail. I'm using lighthouse charts and just did a factory reset which did nothing. Any ideas or suggestions?
  20. Flying Arima

    Halibut Meeting

    How long do you think it will be before wdfw says you only get two lingcod a season? Like I said before all this talk about tags is a bad bad idea! If this happens it won't be long and you will get tags for all species.
  21. Flying Arima

    Halibut Meeting

    I don't see why anyone would want halibut tags. To be honest every time I hear halibut and tags in the same sentence it makes my blood boil. We have been bent over enough by wdfw! our season has been cut down to nothing. Now we're talking about getting 2 days with a 1 fish possession limit. That...
  22. Flying Arima

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    Wdfw states "Canada no longer provides U.S. anglers with a way to document their legally caught salmon in Canadian waters" well isn't that what a Canadian fishing license with punch card accomplishes? I just sent the wdfw director another email I'm sure it will go straight to the junk folder...
  23. Flying Arima

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    So let me get this straight wdfw Is gonna give me a ticket for not letting them know in advance that I'm fishing for salmon in Canada? This is all bull shit! there is some kind of hidden agenda. If I get stopped by wdfw all they should need to see is my Canadian fishing license. You watch bend...
  24. Flying Arima

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    Shhh you're gonna piss off the gate keeper :finger:
  25. Flying Arima

    My greatest day as a captain.

    Nice job Norm, you did great!
  26. Flying Arima

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    I new eventually someone would replace trackerputnam :lux: carry on I've got my popcorn.
  27. Flying Arima

    canvas top question

    I trailer with mine up keeping my speed limited to 55mph. I have to have my drop curtain on or the side panels flap extremely bad. When my boat was new I trailered it down rolled up in the boot, but found I was scratching the eisenglass rolling it up and got sick of taking it up and down all...
  28. Flying Arima

    WP tuna 7/29-- in a word -- nooope

    Bummer I hope they show back up soon!
  29. Flying Arima

    Kicker troubles...

    Pull the carburetor and clean it Sounds like a plugged main jet. If that doesn't do it I would suspect spark plugs and or coils and if all else fails do a compression test .
  30. Flying Arima

    Tuna Patience, Dead Bait Seminar Notes

    Email sent thanks for sharing!
  31. Flying Arima

    7-15-17 Tuna

    It was about 40 miles each way and we trolled for three hours. Just guessing I would say it was all of a 100miles.
  32. Flying Arima

    7-15-17 Tuna

    We picked up a few albies sw of Westport this morning. Weather was perfect very flat ocean.
  33. Flying Arima


    Nice Catch! Good to see you found some. We are gonna give it a try in the morning.
  34. Flying Arima

    Active shooter Eagle Harbor
  35. Flying Arima

    Tuna, tuna, tuna

    I hear there was a guy in a 17 foot aluminum boat a few years ago plugging his boat in June out of Westport. He went by the name of Mark always talking about the weather. Bwahaha don't be a bottom feeder get out there and find the fish.
  36. Flying Arima


    Another vote for the arlo system! Very user friendly easy setup and decent quality video.
  37. Flying Arima

    You were warned! WDFW pushes 2 fish limit

    QUOTE="WSU, post: 4354533, member: 154041"]Put the heat on and talk to your state representatives and senators. WDFW is on the ropes with the legislature already and is going to have to start making changes. Keep the pressure on. Don't fool yourself it's not a conspiracy our government is...
  38. Flying Arima

    You were warned! WDFW pushes 2 fish limit

    Soon there will be nothing left to take!
  39. Flying Arima

    Something for the notebook if you fish Westport

    Thanks for the good info you guys are awesome!
  40. Flying Arima

    Lowrance Elite-5X-DSI

    I will take it
  41. Flying Arima

    Get off your Damn phone!

    I frequent that area it could have been me except my truck is more of a silver.
  42. Flying Arima

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    Thanks for the work you do Ron! I have to agree wdfw works for us and they need to stand there ground. The system is broken the tribes hold all the cards and they know it. This mentality its our way or the highway doesnt work for me.
  43. Flying Arima

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    This is exactly what needs to happen! If it takes 2 years so be it.
  44. Flying Arima

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    I agree 100%
  45. Flying Arima

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    It sounds like the Nof process will be business as usual for this next season. I hope in the coming years we can get a fair shake.
  46. Flying Arima

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    REGIONS FISHING REPORTS HOW TO RESOURCES GUIDES/CHARTERS STORE ABOUT WDFW to Anglers: Drop Dead By Salmon University Staff on March 11, 2017 State Vows to Continue Secret Meetings State fisheries managers have rebuffed efforts to open state-tribal negotiations to the public, instead...
  47. Flying Arima

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!
  48. Flying Arima

    Radar overlay question from Fng!

    Ok sounds like the verdict is just to split the screen. More people than not are saying the overlay hides targets. I don't want to find out the hard way. So I will make do with my split screen until I can get a second screen and dedicate one unit for my radar.
  49. Flying Arima

    Radar overlay question from Fng!

    Thanks for all the info! I've updated my mfd, hopefully this works. If not I will have to run a split screen for the time being. I'm rethinking the heading sensor maybe adding the new Raymarine axiom 9" is what is needed.:cheers:
  50. Flying Arima

    Radar overlay question from Fng!

    Ok sounds like I will be doing a software update and give it another try thanks guys!
  51. Flying Arima

    Radar overlay question from Fng!

    Thanks I will try the update and see what happens.
  52. Flying Arima

    Radar overlay question from Fng!

    I just installed a Raymarine 18" Hd radar in my Arima. it appears I don't have the ability to overlay on my A78 chart. I was under the impression it would overlay without a heading sensor using speed over ground? So will a heading sensor fix this issue? What sensor do I buy and how do I wire it...
  53. Flying Arima

    Post op check in

    Get well soon and I hope for a speedy recovery
  54. Flying Arima

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    I personally haven't been on a boat 22ft or under that didn't pound in less than favorable conditions. My suggestion would be go out on a shitty day in a few of the boats mentioned. You may find out that the ride is only a little better than what you already have.
  55. Flying Arima

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    My vote is powerstroke but I'm bias and a diehard Ford guy.
  56. Flying Arima

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    I sure wish Psa or cca would start a petition for a vote of no confidence against the Wfdw Director.
  57. Flying Arima

    Saltboss gone?

    Yes he is no longer in business.
  58. Flying Arima

    Please be on the look out.

    Great news, I'm happy to hear she's home safe
  59. Flying Arima

    Trailer part help

    I'm not sure but It looks like a piece of galvanized threaded rod would work.
  60. Flying Arima

    Please be on the look out.

    Keeping my eye out
  61. Flying Arima

    Does WDFW purposely Fuck us?

    Maybe it's time for a new screen name for Vance! Ask Jason he will make it happen.
  62. Flying Arima

    Does WDFW purposely Fuck us?

    There just getting warmed up for Nof meetings is all! Wdfw is corrupt. Maybe when there is nothing left we can get some lawyers involved and have all the minutes and emails requested thru a public records request. Fire this shitty ass director who took a brave stand and get back to managing...
  63. Flying Arima

    Does WDFW purposely Fuck us?

    I beleive it's intentional! It won't be long and there won't be anything left to take.
  64. Flying Arima

    2017 license

    Same here I won't buy my license until after Nof and seasons are released.
  65. Flying Arima

    Mom and Pop stores

    Nice find Mike!
  66. Flying Arima

    Winter boat projects.

    Added raymarine Hd radar and a who dat towers arch
  67. Flying Arima

    Passport Card = NEXUS ??

    I thought we weren't allowed to talk about Canada? Nexus or enhanced drivers license will get you into Canada and, a I68 will get you home. This fishery will be short lived with these posts. It won't be long before Canada catches on and shuts the door.
  68. Flying Arima

    Never thought this would happen

    Sorry for your loss
  69. Flying Arima

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    I remember this and it wasn't that long ago, I don't buy into the bs that there's a shortage of fish, and if there is why aren't commercial and tribals being told they have to give up half there season?
  70. Flying Arima

    HALIBUT 2017

    Rip halibut fishery! We get screwed once again
  71. Flying Arima

    Pulled the trigger...

    Very nice boat, Congrats
  72. Flying Arima

    Lacey area Electrician

    My money is on a bad circuit breaker.
  73. Flying Arima

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    Best boat for the pacific north west broke down into categories for sea worthiness and fuel efficiency, ease of towing and launching. 1st Place goes to Arima
  74. Flying Arima

    Marine Surveyor Recommendations

    I agree with Patrick walker focus on the engine and make sure it's got a clean bill of health. I know which boat your buying and I will say it is a cherry turn key boat from what I've seen. The Arima hulls are bullet proof not much to worry about on them.
  75. Flying Arima

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Welcome back Howard!
  76. Flying Arima

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Travis have you considered bringing one of your boats up to fish Lapush halibut in May? I think if you brought a boat up for halibut season that would be the best advertising that you could do. People could see first hand how you're boat performs.
  77. Flying Arima

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    I saw it in Westport last month so who bought it ? Sorry if it's a crappy picture I was afraid to get to close in fear of being ran over.
  78. Flying Arima

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    I say they bring back Howard's post let everyone see it and we will be the jury on who's banned. We can even set up a Poll to make it fair.
  79. Flying Arima

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Bring back Howard! He's the real victim, a paid advertiser threatens to sue him, have him served at work. He spoke up about something he felt wasn't right and now he is banned that's some bull shit.
  80. Flying Arima

    BD Threads Disappearing

    Bring back Howard! He's not the one who was doing the attacking.
  81. Flying Arima

    BD Threads Disappearing

    He's been spending a lot of time in the woods and isn't on BD much anymore.
  82. Flying Arima

    BD Threads Disappearing

    He's the mushroom whisperer
  83. Flying Arima

    BD Threads Disappearing

    Yesterday I saw his new thread for 7 minutes! :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::gayfight:
  84. Flying Arima

    BD Threads Disappearing

    There was a thread yesterday about a boat manufacturer that disappeared 7min after it was posted. So yes they have been disappearing I have seen it first hand.
  85. Flying Arima

    WDFW data breach update.

    Got mine today, what a sweet deal.
  86. Flying Arima

    Brand New Trailer and a Problem Already!

    on most trailers the 5th pin everyone is talking about is a blue wire. My trailer has a flat 5 and also has a manual override on top of the solenoid to back up in the event the electrical fails.
  87. Flying Arima

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    If they are checking for coded wire tags and taking scale samples. Why are they dip netting the locks? Shouldn't they be scanning the fish and taking scale samples from the fish the tribes have caught in there nets? They do the same process when our boats hit the dock! I call bullshit we are...
  88. Flying Arima

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    Every year we seem to be losing more and more opportunities. I wonder what the tribes have in store for us this coming season. Oh and the concept of 50% of zero is zero only works for law abiding citizens.
  89. Flying Arima

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    That sucks John, I hope you can get it fixed quick, seeing this just pisses me off what is wrong with people. If you hit someone's boat be a man and take responsibility!
  90. Flying Arima

    A simple poll.

    Government corruption if the tribes didn't have them in there back pocket we might have a chance. My vote is FUCK NO I DONT HAVE CONFIDENCE IN WDFW!
  91. Flying Arima

    16ft wood drift boat

    custom built 16ft wood drift boat 5yrs old and has never been used or seen water. Price includes the trailer, oars, oar locks and 35lb pyramid anchor. Priced to sell $1700
  92. Flying Arima

    Doesn't sound good Oregon capsize

    Praying for the family
  93. Flying Arima

    Hewescraft goes down at La Push

    That sucks! I'm not a fan of auto inflatable pfd's I only have manual pfd's on my boat. There has been to many tragedies where people weren't able to get out of there vessel.
  94. Flying Arima

    Hewescraft goes down at La Push

    I hope they make it back, Praying for them!
  95. Flying Arima

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    I've made it a ritual to start out my season with the halibut opener puke and rally style! After that I'm usually good to go for the remainder of the season. My drug of choice is two Bonine pills 1-2 hours prior to launching.
  96. Flying Arima

    Boat launch carnage!

    +1 I would be running a dory that is designed for beaching.
  97. Flying Arima

    Life gave you lemons?

    I can show you my 19ft sea chaser its probably not what your looking for. My boat is a soft top and doesn't have much of a cuddy. I'm located out on the key Penninsula so it's a bit of a drive. Another suggestion would be to contact Defiance Marine in Bremerton, Defiance is the builder and...
  98. Flying Arima

    Yamaha 9.9 tilt/ trim switch

    Ok so I just got home and took apart the switch And there was piece broke off inside preventing the contacts from connecting. I think maybe the handle fell forward and hit my downrigger. It's working now but I will need to order a new switch to make it right.
  99. Flying Arima

    Yamaha 9.9 tilt/ trim switch

    No it's not the locking pin although I have done the same thing in the past. It doesn't make any noise like there's no power.
  100. Flying Arima

    Yamaha 9.9 tilt/ trim switch

    Went out salmon fishing this morning raised my kicker motor no problem. Got out to the fishing grounds and the motor wouldn't tilt down. Tried the start button and it turns over so don't think a fuse would have blown. I'm guessing that my trim switch bit the dust. Has anybody else had issues...
  101. Flying Arima

    Whose into juicing?

    I use that same setup with mikes " lunker lotion" Herring. It's just a matter of personal preference all the scents seem to work.
  102. Flying Arima

    Homeowner Reply to Oregon DFW Request

    priceless and very well written! :cheers::appl::lux:
  103. Flying Arima

    I became a statistic, and big thanks to Sportco.

    Chris I'm so sorry to hear this happened, I hope the Insurance company comes thru for you.
  104. Flying Arima

    Glad I stayed home

    I don't think halibut tags is the answer to our problems. I don't know about you guys but I actually look forward to halibut fishing every year. The answer is to get wdfw to start working for the sportsman. Instead they screw us with the worst tides and currents of the month. Then there's the...
  105. Flying Arima


    04 Roadking custom
  106. Flying Arima

    Washington lingcod and rockfish (from a small boat)

    Well done congratulations And thank you for serving! Patrick walker is a top notch charter operation. Take him up on his offer if you can he will put you on the fish! What a mighty fine offer kudos to Tailwalker charters! :appl:
  107. Flying Arima

    Not a but virgin anymore

    Nice fish congrats!!
  108. Flying Arima

    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    Oh and if you don't have a pic of that fuggin butt it didn't happen
  109. Flying Arima

    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    I'm here at sekiu, seems like a real slow opener I didn't see many Butts coming in this afternoon. We banged bottom all day out at pillar and couldn't even get a bite. I'm pretty sure this place hates me!
  110. Flying Arima

    Westport Halibut Quota

    I was thinking the same thing last Sunday as we loaded the boat around 1pm. Do they just count the boats and assume everyone go there fish? Because we were never checked or asked how we did.
  111. Flying Arima

    BD BRUTHA HOOD ...Rocks

    Good job everyone! Breakdowns suck its great to know that the BD Brotherhood is alive and well. I hope you get your boat up and running soon Paul.
  112. Flying Arima

    Near Bay Arima Story

    Thanks for sharing the story!
  113. Flying Arima

    Halibut area for little kids

    Pulling the kid card may work at your employer but not here at BD were not all that sensitive. Have you considered going to a halibut fishing seminar ?
  114. Flying Arima

    Tactical Strike update

    Your boat looks great, nice work goat!
  115. Flying Arima

    NOF process

    Thanks Tom for the clarity!
  116. Flying Arima

    We did some work on the boat this winter

    very nice Andy I will have to stop by and check it out next time I'm at Westport.
  117. Flying Arima

    Man catches 400 pound fish with wrench

    I'm going to hit up some garage sales for my wrenches LOL
  118. Flying Arima

    Man catches 400 pound fish with wrench
  119. Flying Arima

    Boat capsized Strawberry Rock Neah Bay

    not sure of the location post just says it washed up on shore
  120. Flying Arima

    Boat capsized Strawberry Rock Neah Bay

    The boat looks to be a 21 Arima skip tower someone that lives in Neah Bay posted this pic on the coast guards face book page
  121. Flying Arima

    Boat capsized Strawberry Rock Neah Bay

    Thanks US Coast Guard!
  122. Flying Arima

    Final Ocean Fishery

    Thank you Kevin, and all involved you're hard work is very appreciated
  123. Flying Arima

    Any NOF updates

    I'm in Patrick if they fish we fish
  124. Flying Arima

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Thanks what a deal I ordered 10
  125. Flying Arima

    Beware Westport Crab Pots

    There's definitely a abundance of crab pots out right now. I sure hope that there isn't that many come salmon season could make trolling on the north beach very challenging.
  126. Flying Arima

    Native netting video

    The sad part is that people who don't know any better will see this video and beleive it.
  127. Flying Arima

    Boldt Petition

  128. Flying Arima

    Stimulate the economy

    The electric start 9.9 Yamaha kickers come with a emergency pull cord. The cowling has to be removed to use it. Sincerely, Elmer Fudd
  129. Flying Arima

    KIRO 7 Had a Decent Story On Westport 11pm Last Night

    I have sent several emails, the more people that get involved the better!
  130. Flying Arima

    Wdfw elected official

    Thank you Tambs for the Info I will be working on my email today!
  131. Flying Arima

    Wdfw elected official

    I would like to know who our elected officials that represent Wdfw are? I would like a list with names and email addresses to send my concerns to before we lose our salmon season and possibly more. Any help would be greatly appreciated. James
  132. Flying Arima

    Ocean options posted on WDFW.

    Yep same here I wish I could say how I really feel!!
  133. Flying Arima

    Ocean options posted on WDFW.

    Tribes just do what they want . It's just really sad how they operate! I haven't forgotten about the last go round with the fish and wildlife tribal director.
  134. Flying Arima

    Offshore LingCod Saturday anyone planning to go ?

    Yep bar will be shutdown for sure, Mike have fun storm watching from your truck camper!
  135. Flying Arima


    Welcome back Todd!!
  136. Flying Arima

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    I'm glad to hear everybody made it out OK
  137. Flying Arima

    Crap happens

    I'm glad to hear that everyone involved made it back ok.
  138. Flying Arima

    Weather is nice but it sucks to be here

    Nice view I hope your dad gets better!
  139. Flying Arima

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Thanks for speaking up John (G Spot) it's nice to hear it from the boat owner and not second hand information.
  140. Flying Arima

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    The issue with G spots boat being bow heavy is this still a current problem with the new 25ers or has it been resolved if so what changes were made?
  141. Flying Arima

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Alot of post missing out of this thread?
  142. Flying Arima

    Satirical Coast Guard study.

    Wtf speechless!
  143. Flying Arima

    Soooo, Mr. Fishinut, you ready

    Here it is eight days
  144. Flying Arima

    Soooo, Mr. Fishinut, you ready

    Well did anyone go?
  145. Flying Arima

    Halibut pictures wanted

    Here's a few chickens
  146. Flying Arima

    Local Knowledge TV Show starring ALI

    Awesome thanks for providing a link to watch online!
  147. Flying Arima

    Tulalips At it again.

    Fuck the tulalip tribe! Remove there right to harvest indefinitely problem solved.
  148. Flying Arima

    Halibut Date Rumors

    Bummer only 3 days and right on top of the hood canal shrimping season
  149. Flying Arima

    You fucking whiners

    I would like this but I don't like the heart and my eyes fucking hurt
  150. Flying Arima


    And what's with the hearts when you hit like wtf this shit is getting weird :gaygroup:
  151. Flying Arima


    i hate the new format it's hard on the eyes and everyone liked the old format.
  152. Flying Arima


    Because it's winter and people are bored!
  153. Flying Arima

    What's this thing worth

    Nice drift boat if you can find the right buyer that boat should sell for 5-7k.
  154. Flying Arima

    New Year's Resolutions ??

    My resolution is simple work less fish more! Maybe I will catch that hundred pound halibut this year :cheers:
  155. Flying Arima

    I'm a Granpa

    Congrats Kevin!
  156. Flying Arima

    Official BD South Sound Get Together- Dec 12th 1600 hours

    When's the voting done I want to Wrap this up while the tides is in first place.:finger: I will be attending as long as my work schedule allows. I also plan to fish that day.
  157. Flying Arima

    It now illegal to own a stove

    It really depends on if your smart enough too know how to properly use a wood stove. Yes you're gonna piss off the neighbors if you put your nasty ass green wet wood you picked out of the ditch the week before. If you actually shutdown your stove and burn good wood your neighbors shouldn't see...
  158. Flying Arima

    It now illegal to own a stove

    This is the most bull shit law ever! How about they pay my fucking power bill. Last year the Epa was targeting certain neighborhoods in pierce county using infared guns looking for hot smoke stacks and issuing tickets for stoves that weren't registered. Luckily my house is far enough off the...
  159. Flying Arima

    Westport area capsize

    I hate to hear of tragic events like this I feel for all those affected by the loss of these two. I can't count how many times we hear about these tragedy and then find they weren't wearing pfd's is it really worth the risk? I have a rule on my boat we don't leave the dock unless everyone is...
  160. Flying Arima

    TEAM F24

    Welcome glen and Cami I'm happy to see you on the board. I will warn you we are a little rowdier over here on Bd :cheers:
  161. Flying Arima

    Dad update - bad

    So sorry to hear you and your family are in our prayers. Thank you for reminding everyone of the importance of wearing pfd's
  162. Flying Arima

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    Todd I'm glad you and you're crew are safe! You gained experience and knowledge thanks for sharing.
  163. Flying Arima

    All blown up

    Bummer I'm glad you made it in safe!
  164. Flying Arima

    Tulalip Tribe fish and wildlife director arrested in poaching investigation

    Indians always seem to get a slap on the wrist. If I was to pull some shit like this they would take everything and lock my ass up.
  165. Flying Arima

    Breakin' in the Hewescraft in Neah Bay

    Great report, and nice boat congrats
  166. Flying Arima

    Great story

    Very cool story, thanks for sharing!
  167. Flying Arima

    Electric reels

    Ok guys sounds like the tanacom bull 750 will do the job. Thanks again I can't wait to go pickup a couple of these reels for next season.
  168. Flying Arima

    Electric reels

    I have been looking into buying a couple electric reels for next halibut season. I like the price of the tanacom but don't have any experience with these reels are they as good as the Seaborg? Would I be better off spending the extra money on the seaborg? Anyways any info you guys could give me...
  169. Flying Arima

    WTF MA 11?

    Been there done that see you bitches in Westport! :finger::finger:
  170. Flying Arima


    Shared and done!
  171. Flying Arima

    BD Salute

    Anytime I see a bd sticker on the freeway I salute. I don't give a shit if they welcome the gester or not.
  172. Flying Arima

    New boat and first blood

    Nice fish and congrats on the new boat.
  173. Flying Arima

    Pray for Goatram

    Get well soon John!
  174. Flying Arima

    Bottom fish westport

    I hear you can catch em right inside the marina. All you need is a pink Barbie rod and some night crawlers. :720icon:
  175. Flying Arima

    Alaska fishing boat sinks CG rescue

    Nice video thanks for sharing mike!
  176. Flying Arima

    Help Freezing / Storing Spot Prawns

    Wrap them in butcher paper before sealing.
  177. Flying Arima

    Gas Warning

    4 gallons is a lot of water I'm gonna stick with what I said earlier. I would pull your fill hose off and pour water around the cap to be sure the cap hasn't failed. I had a similar experience with a brand new boat and the cap was the culprit.
  178. Flying Arima

    Gas Warning

    I would check your fuel cap and or fuel vent to make sure that nothing has failed on the boat. I had a bad fuel cap before and ended up with the same issue you are going thru.
  179. Flying Arima

    Memorial Hali Fishing Up In Smoke

    Rellis, I'm always glad to help I hope you can get your boat back up and running soon.
  180. Flying Arima

    Welcome to Neah Bay! Now give me you credit card and go fuck yourself!

    Unfortunately all the wardens look at it as you breaking the law. It has nothing to do with having common sense. I gurantee if you get caught by a game warden you will be cited. If you were checked and not cited that's because the fish checker has no authority and all they can do is educate you.
  181. Flying Arima


    Nice work Steve it looks great!!!
  182. Flying Arima

    Welcome to Neah Bay! Now give me you credit card and go fuck yourself!

    Im gonna sit back with a bottle of fireball and watch the shit show it is starting to get good. Neah bay isn't all that bad if you don't like the prices don't go someone's gotta pay for those nice docks. I had a great time up there in April everyone was friendly and we caught fish.LOL LOL
  183. Flying Arima

    Lapush boat accident 30 miles west

    Holy shit Ryan this sounds like much more than a bump. I sure would like to find out what caused this to happen.
  184. Flying Arima

    Lapush boat accident 30 miles west

    I'm glad to hear everyone is ok!!
  185. Flying Arima

    Area 5 Butts

    I will be fishing at CQ May 21 through the 24th. We are camping at olsen's resort. I can't wait to get out of here and go fishing see you bitches up there!!
  186. Flying Arima

    PA butts

    Nice meeting you to Chris, I'm sure we will run into each other at Westport this summer.
  187. Flying Arima

    PA butts

    Halibut fishing in port Angeles today treated us well we managed to find a couple butts. Friday was super slow we fished hard and couldn't seem to make it happen. All in all it was a great weekend with beautiful weather and flat water.
  188. Flying Arima

    PA Halibut this Friday-Sat?

    I will be there Friday morning and launching at ediz hook @ zero dark 30. It should be a lot smoother water than what Westport was last Sunday I kinda got beat up!
  189. Flying Arima

    For those who the forecast scared off the water sunday.

    We ran to the canyon and it was fast easy limits. I'm sure happy for electric reels.
  190. Flying Arima

    Laying Pipe

  191. Flying Arima

    Prawning time

    No crowds in Dabob Bay know that's funny shit :rofl:
  192. Flying Arima

    bottom fish location?

    +1 see you bitches at the PSA meeting Saturday and don't forget BYOB.
  193. Flying Arima

    Marine area 6 Halibut dates

    I did looks like they made a typo its always fri - sat in area 6
  194. Flying Arima

    Marine area 6 Halibut dates

    It's Friday Saturday May 8th - 9th here's a link.
  195. Flying Arima

    Westport Camping

    That sucks sunset is not a great place to tent camp. I had planned on giving them a try this summer.
  196. Flying Arima

    Ugly Stik vs. Tidewater vs. Celilo

    I have a Tidewater with a penn senator Reel. It is a real good set up for a budget rod and reel
  197. Flying Arima

    Corrosion problem on new boat

    +1 and if it wasn't outfitted from the dealer / manufacturer I sure would like to hear why they wouldn't take the time to outfit a boat to protect themselves and or there customers from this kind of issue.
  198. Flying Arima

    Going from glass to tin.

    Another option to help protect the bottom of glass boats is a keel guard. I had defiance install one on my boat it seems to work although I don't beach my boat but a couple times a year.
  199. Flying Arima

    Westport bottomfishing report for April 9th

    Nice report and glad you made it back safe.
  200. Flying Arima

    Watch your kickers

    I put up video surveillance last year along with motion activated flood lights. Its just a detterent though I think the best thing to do is store your boat where it is out Of view. Even though this isn't Always a option for everyone including myself.
  201. Flying Arima


    :fighting0061: I will be there lets try and save some fireball for Texmojo
  202. Flying Arima

    Bilge And Bait Tank Pump Upgrades For A Smaller Boat

    Mark are you upgrading your bait tank if so what did you order? I thought the white garbage can was a upgrade:frehya2:
  203. Flying Arima

    ARTICLE | My Strategy for Seabass

    Tommy, very good article I can't wait to get out bottom fishing.
  204. Flying Arima

    Bilge And Bait Tank Pump Upgrades For A Smaller Boat

    Mark I plan on doing the same thing to my boat soon. I will be adding a transom mount pump for my bait tank. From what I have read online these pumps will do the job.
  205. Flying Arima

    Halibut Loops and Leaders

    +1 to each his own it comes down to personal preference I am a spreader bar guy.
  206. Flying Arima

    Area 11 shrimp

    Yep go to redondo and look for the fleet
  207. Flying Arima

    Look at these curves

    Congrats very nice boat just in time for halibut season.
  208. Flying Arima

    Hali Season Now Official

    So who's fishing where I will be fishing port Angeles may 8-9 and sekiu memorial day weekend. Send me a pm if any of you bitches want to meet up for some bullshit and fireball.
  209. Flying Arima

    Wtb 17 ft arima sea chaser

    Newer arima's arent wet they have larger chine's
  210. Flying Arima

    Wtb 17 ft arima sea chaser

    There are good deals out there set up a account on Craigslist seattle for email notifications so anytime a arima is posted you will get a email notification. Another good source is classified section. What is your budget $$$ let me know and if I find something I will pm you. The...
  211. Flying Arima

    Hubs and brakes

    I guess so far I am odd man out. My vote is electric over hydraulic disc with oil bath hubs
  212. Flying Arima

    Pipe jigs

    Thanks for the pointers guys!! This is my first attempt setting these things up.
  213. Flying Arima

    Pipe jigs

    Here's how i set mine up
  214. Flying Arima

    I need a new fishing partner

    :boobies:Why settle for just one?
  215. Flying Arima

    Important info, read this....

    Very well said thanks for posting Todd James
  216. Flying Arima

    Flu or whatever

    I don't get a flu shot because I am a bitch when it come to needles and I don't trust the government.
  217. Flying Arima

    Trailer tongue weight

    Mike from the info you provided your trailer should be good to go. The real test will be putting the camper on to see how it rides. If you move your axles forward you may end up having issues with swaying. When I had my truck camper on my f-250 I had air bags installed with onboard air...
  218. Flying Arima

    Electronics question

    My parents had a 34ft trawler that the chart plotter ran off a pc. It was a really nice setup it ran off a inverter but like mentioned above boats that pound the computer can't take to much of a beating. You still have to have a external gps or puck to give the software gps cord. You will find...
  219. Flying Arima

    Pleasant Harbor?

    There aren't any tie ups that I know of. You could always take the chance and if it's a bad line on wed pull up to the fuel dock and ask Diana if she has a open slip you could have for a few hours. I just don't want to tell you that it is gonna be a cake walk because that launch is so unpredictable.
  220. Flying Arima

    Pleasant Harbor?

    Tracker that launch is hit and miss. Last year there were no lines after the opener. The year before I bobbed around out there for 3 hours trying to get out of the water. Pleasant harbor is one of my favorite places on the canal. Your best bet would be to call Dianne at pleasant harbor and get...
  221. Flying Arima

    BD dues are late

    Merry Christmas fuckers :finger:
  222. Flying Arima

    Xmas present to myself

    Congratulations very nice boat
  223. Flying Arima

    Thinking Of Moving To The Sticks!

    I am starting to think I shouldn't have brought up the motocross track. I don't have a problem with motorcycles. I have problem with neighbors who don't think about anyone but themselves. I had a track growing up and my old man would have wooped my ass if he found out i kept the guy up down the...
  224. Flying Arima

    Thinking Of Moving To The Sticks!

    Just be careful feel out the neighbors first. some people move out farther away from the city and then find out there new neighbors are gonna build a motocross track right on the property line next to your house and make noise until 10 o clock during the summer. I know I have first hand...
  225. Flying Arima

    Which FF/GPS?

    Nick, lowrance makes some great products. If it were me I would go to some stores and play around with some of the units on display. I personally like simrad and raymarine's touch screens. I think it all boils down to personal preference and budget.
  226. Flying Arima

    Oil bath hub

    Spoke with Tim at ez loader he thinks it's a bad seal they are gonna take care of it
  227. Flying Arima

    Oil bath hub

    Here's the pic
  228. Flying Arima

    Oil bath hub

    Last night
  229. Flying Arima

    Oil bath hub

    about 3 weeks ago
  230. Flying Arima

    Oil bath hub

    Ok Ok I will post pics tomorrow when it gets light. I just checked the back side of the wheel and it is clean and dry.
  231. Flying Arima

    Oil bath hub

    North river thanks man that's the results I was hoping for when I ordered this trailer. I guess everyone has a little bad luck every once in a while
  232. Flying Arima

    Oil bath hub

    Thanks for the reply two tap. I guess I will have to take it back to the dealer on Saturday.
  233. Flying Arima

    Oil bath hub

    just went out to hook up to my trailer one of my hubs is milky. My trailer is a brand new 2015 ezloader that has probably seen the water 6 times in the last 4 months. I have no experience with oil baths do you think this is condensation? Is it normal? Any info would be appreciated
  234. Flying Arima

    Long Beach Razors

    Very nice report !!! Watch for the digs in the spring they are morning digs makes it nice digging in the daylight.
  235. Flying Arima


    Oops!! thanks for the heads up I am glad you caught it before it was to late.
  236. Flying Arima

    Crab Poachers MA-9

    I had someone check my pots a week ago and I will not soak my pots overnight anymore. I thought where I was crabbing was safe to leave my pots and, I am know convinced there isn't such a place. I don't understand people these days if it's not yours don't touch it. People have balls pulling...
  237. Flying Arima

    larger kicker motor feedback

    Tambs you hit the nail on the head. It is what it is stick with your 9.9. I don't think you will benefit from going to a bigger kicker.
  238. Flying Arima

    Oh no! A recall on FIREBALL?!?!

    Oh well it doesn't have enough de-icer in it to kill anyone and besides you can use it on your windshield :frehya2: fireball bitches
  239. Flying Arima

    Hood canal crab pots

    FYI guys, I was crabbing in hoods canal this weekend by dosewallips with my family. I soaked my pots overnight and someone checked all 4 pots and dumped my bait.
  240. Flying Arima

    Shootings at the Marysville-Pilchuk High School

    This is very sad condolences to the families and everyone affected by this.
  241. Flying Arima

    Strapping boat to trailer

  242. Flying Arima

    Who,left their boat on I5?

    That sucks!!! I am glad no one was hurt.
  243. Flying Arima

    Getting that crispy skin

    Looks good I will have to try it :D
  244. Flying Arima

    Razor clam sign

    the signs are at all beach access points for copalis ocean city and ocean shores I have been digging here all my life and have never seen them. When we left tonight the sighns had black garbage bags over them. Maybe game dept is covering them up right before the digs.
  245. Flying Arima

    Razor clam sign

    It is to early in the day to start digging. I just cant beleive the game department would post signs like that. They are false and misleading we will be digging tonight about 8pm at copalis.
  246. Flying Arima

    Razor clam sign

    Here is the pic
  247. Flying Arima

    Razor clam sign

    Went to copalis beach and game department has signs posted stating beach closed to non tribal harvest. What the fuck do these dipshits think they are doing. This beach is clearly open per wdfw game regs. I then drove to ocean city and ocean shores and found exact same sign which are totally...
  248. Flying Arima

    Defiance Boats newest Allied Boats Project - Check this out 12’s

    Nice boat!! I am sure it will sell fast. :cheers:
  249. Flying Arima

    Westport (A2) closes Friday night

    Thanks, Kevin for fighting for us and I hope you will continue to do so. This season was excellent fishing and being able to fish 7 days a week is a huge bonus.
  250. Flying Arima

    Thank you USCG and Cape Dissapointment

    Glad to hear you and your crew are ok.
  251. Flying Arima

    Westport 9-13-2014

    Fished Westport today in the new Arima. Fished the north beach ended up with five silvers.
  252. Flying Arima

    A different route to Westport

    I can't get around this mess. Iam heading down to Westport Saturday anyways. I can't imagine traffic will be bad on the way down. The afternoon is gonna be a bitch.
  253. Flying Arima

    lets see how long this stays up

    Mike whatever you do don't take pictures. :finger: :rofl:
  254. Flying Arima

    lets see how long this stays up

    I will be fishing Westport next weekend chasing silvers who's going?
  255. Flying Arima

    Kodak TUNA EXcursion Friday

    I will be out at Westport Friday chasing salmon in the new arima good luck Greg.:D
  256. Flying Arima

    Neah Bay labor day weekend

    Have a great time mike. I will be up there September 19th-20th for the wild silvers at Sekiu. Kill lots of fish and don't forget to take pics. :cheers:
  257. Flying Arima

    New boat

    I just took delivery of my 2015 19ft Seachaser. I can't wait to get out fishing. I must say i had a great experience doing business with Defiance Marine. Jon, Terry and the Defiance marine staff did a excellent job.
  258. Flying Arima


    Go big or go home more fireball:hali_olutta:
  259. Flying Arima

    EZ Lube or oil bath trailer bearing system?

    If I was given a choice on a new trailer it would be oil bath. I don't like any style of grease bearing for the simple fact that a lot of people tend to over grease there bearings and blow out the seals. Just my 2 cents
  260. Flying Arima

    What brand mono?

    Maxima chameleon is all I use for salmon. Iam stuck in my ways.:urno1:
  261. Flying Arima

    Who makes hard tops?

    There is a guy in Olympia called " who dat towers" he builds custom hardtops and towers. I Have never done business with him so I don't know how he is to work with or the quality of his work.
  262. Flying Arima

    Please read

    Ok just checking :D
  263. Flying Arima

    Please read

    So you would buy stolen shit on a street corner as long as it was a good deal.
  264. Flying Arima

    Please read

    I just posted on the puyallup Sportsmans Facebook
  265. Flying Arima

    New Boat

    Very nice boat congrats
  266. Flying Arima

    Solo Tuna 7/22/14

    nice haul :appl:I cant wait to get out there and try some tuna fishing.
  267. Flying Arima

    Learned something on my cummins might save you

    Be careful don't jinx yourself, that's a lot of miles.
  268. Flying Arima

    Please read

    Email sent!
  269. Flying Arima

    Please read

    Thanks for sharing, I see a lawsuit coming. I don't shop there anyway they never have what I need. I prefer Sportco Defiance Marine or Auburn Sports.
  270. Flying Arima

    Quan's New Ride

    Nice ride Quan
  271. Flying Arima

    BD etiquette

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Funny shit Iam going to get some fireball
  272. Flying Arima


    I have the nss 7 in my trophy and couldn't be happier with it. Simrads are easy to learn and are very intuitive. Excellent choice simrad in my opinion it is a better unit than lowrance.
  273. Flying Arima

    Rotten Bait @ Hungry Whale

    I agree hungry whale bait sucks. I had the same experience with bad bait last summer.
  274. Flying Arima

    Wp 7/12

    Nice fish well done:D
  275. Flying Arima

    Props to the Port of Ilwaco

    Good job way to be looking out for others:appl::cheers: I would hope if my boat ever had issues while on the dock people like you would take action.
  276. Flying Arima

    The new fish killer

    Nice boat :cheers:
  277. Flying Arima

    Kicker Security Idea?

    I through bolted mine with security bolts that I bought at Auburn Sports but the bolts are just a deterrent. If someone wants my Kickers bad enough they will get it. It would only take seconds with a sawzall to cut the whole bracket off the boat.
  278. Flying Arima

    Time for new truck tires

    It would be hard for me to put anything other than Toyo on my truck but that's just me. I have tried other brands and so far Toyo is a far superior tire to the competition. Just my 2cents.
  279. Flying Arima


  280. Flying Arima

    22' Sea Sport vs. 22' Arima pros and cons

    Another great thing about Arima is the hull has a lifetime warranty. If memory serves me right Seasport has a lot of wood in the hull. Before you make a decision if you haven't talked to Jon Lawrence at defiance give him a call. I have been working with him over the past few weeks on buying a...
  281. Flying Arima

    22' Sea Sport vs. 22' Arima pros and cons

    The Arima will definitely use less fuel and will be a rougher ride than the Seasport. They are both great boats I like that Arima's plane at lower speeds.
  282. Flying Arima

    Automatics and Brakes!

    :appl: :appl::cheers: I agree just use the brakes the way they were intended
  283. Flying Arima

    Guide boats goes down on the Columbia bar.

    My prayers go out to the family and crew.
  284. Flying Arima

    prank caller launches three coast guard searches

    I hope they catch this piece of crap:shithappens:
  285. Flying Arima

    New Diesel Truck

    diesel is a good way to go but keep in mind maintenance and operating costs are much higher. I have a ford F-450 diesel it sits in the driveway most of the time because of the price of diesel. if you arent pulling heavy loads i would stay with gas.
  286. Flying Arima

    cleaning corroded Scotty socket

    great tip on using vinegar to clean corrosion. a little dialectric grease goes a long ways. i clean up all my plugs at the end of every season and then re-apply the grease that seems to do the trick for me.
  287. Flying Arima

    The new ride

    nice ride
  288. Flying Arima

    Scotty Gunnel Mounts

    90 degree mounts worked great on my old glasply
  289. Flying Arima

    Defiance 220 ex

    :rockin::D My trophy has been a great boat for me. It is a reliable dry ride that has put many fish in the box. Plus I always keep a little fireball on board in case of a emergency
  290. Flying Arima

    Defiance 220 ex

    i just might end up with a bigger boat with twins but lets remeber iam on a budget :-)
  291. Flying Arima

    Defiance 220 ex

    ok will do see you tomorrow
  292. Flying Arima

    Suzuki Mechanics

    auburrn sports does great work
  293. Flying Arima

    Defiance 220 ex

    sounds like i need to get pricing for a minimum 200hp. last thing i want to do is end up with a under powered boat
  294. Flying Arima

    Defiance 220 ex

    I am going to defiance marine on Saturday to look at the defiance 220 ex. For those of you who own or have fished out of a 220 ex is the 150hp motor enough power ? what kind of performance does it get?. I will be in the market for a new boat soon and I really like this one so far but I will...
  295. Flying Arima

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    I have been reading posts on this site for a while now. My name is James I live in Graham WA I mostly fish the straights and Westport out of my 21ft trophy. I just got back from halibut fishing in Port Angeles. Where I met another BDer and just thought it was time I introduced my self.