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  1. Alaska4me

    PENN "2016" 8-Day trip aboard the American Angler, October 10-18, 2016

    Steve, I have been on a number of the Penn trips, some very fond memories. I will not be on this years trip, Ken and I will be going to Alaska for a week or so. Will miss you all.
  2. Alaska4me

    Fished Grays Harbor last Friday, hooked and released 4 nice Kings, damn it. Was fishing the...

    Fished Grays Harbor last Friday, hooked and released 4 nice Kings, damn it. Was fishing the South Channel. Going to try again on Tuesday. Lots of kings caught from what we saw. Did see a few coho caught as well but not the ones I want, the big hook nosed ones we see in Oct.
  3. Alaska4me

    FAVORITE 10 DAY TRIP (Boat/Date/Why)

    My favorite is Oct. trip, 10 day is preferred but will take an 8 day, I like the Penn trip. Some years ago on a 10 day trip we filled the boat and came home 2 days early. Wahoo were crazy good, tuna and yellows as well. Was a great trip.
  4. Alaska4me

    Willipa Bay short strikes

    I only tie my own leaders, don't trust pre tied rigs. I am heading down again on Tuesday and Wednesday, if you see me say hello, 20 foot thunderjet off shore model in maroon, radom on top. Going to give all the suggestions a try, thanks again to all.
  5. Alaska4me

    50#, 65# or 80# braid on fathom 25n 2 speed?

    I'll let you know about the toro tamer braid when I get back from my 8 day trip in Oct. Used a 25 last year and it is a great reel, now have 2 in the tackle box.
  6. Alaska4me

    Willipa Bay short strikes

    thanks for all your help, appreciate it very much. I do run big river hooks and they are sharp as hell. I guess I will experiment with length between hooks and see what happens. No need to run to QFC. Tim I did tighten my drag but unfortunately I did not get a hit to see what that would do. Had...
  7. Alaska4me

    Willipa Bay short strikes

    Been fishing Willipa Bay as often as I can and have had some luck; a few kings and silvers. My issue is all the short strikes I have been getting. The other day I had 8 take downs and missed them all. Did end up with 2 kings but the ration of hook ups to boated fish sucks. Can any of you...
  8. Alaska4me

    Hay Steve about those new 2016 rods

    Steve I would love to see carnage rods in our store up here. I am selling a lot of Penn reels this year and unfortunately we do not always have them in stock. Perhaps you can arrange or mention it to those who can make it happen, my comments seem to fall on deaf ears. See you next month.
  9. Alaska4me

    American Angler 5 day, Salas Trip, 7/5-10

    seems Steve is always in the jackpot pictures. I wish I was there fishing now, well not right now, our salmon fishing is off the hook crazy now. Took my boat out 2 days aga and ran maybe 5 miles from launch in some nasty water but we managed to limit in 1 hour on silver (coho) salmon. That...
  10. Alaska4me

    Tuna Technique

    I watched one of those events on the AA and it was a fish slaughter for sure, the guys were having a blast. I fish that boat every year and have for past 13 years, going again this Oct on an 8 day trip. I work at Basspro here in Tacoma, stop in and see me, lets talk tuna.
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    I'm entered and expect to win it.
  12. Alaska4me

    next shipment of penn fathom 2 speed?

    Steve I am not sure how our system works but I will pass the info on to my manager.
  13. Alaska4me

    Favorite Long Range boats for 8-10 days or longer.

    In the 13 years I have been doing long range tuna out of San Diego I have only been on 2 boats. Spirit of Adventure was my first trip. I loved it. 7 day trip with 14 people. We loaded up on albacore, yellowtail and a few bluefin. Next year I took the American Angler on a friends suggestion...
  14. Alaska4me

    next shipment of penn fathom 2 speed?

    I work at Bass Pro here in Tacoma, in the fishing department. We are out of Fathom reels currently, wish I had some 40 size reels.
  15. Alaska4me

    PENN "2015" 8-Day trip aboard American Angler October 14-22, 2015

    Steve, I am going crazy here in anticapation of our trip. Working full time here at Bass Pro Shops in Tacoma in the fishing department does nothing but get me pumped up about fishing. Selling a lot of squall reels as well as Fathom reels for halibut season which opens up next month. Going to...
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    Steve, do you ever sleep? 5;47 AM reply time. I always tell my wife sleep is for when your dead. Looking forward to our trip.
  17. Alaska4me

    PENN "2015" 8-Day trip aboard American Angler October 14-22, 2015

    Steve I am now the owner of 2 FTH25NLD2 reels. Can't wait to use them on our trip. Charkbait did me good on these, loaded with 50 pound braid for free, I love those guys there, and love the reels. I am also the pround new owner of a 20 foot offshore Thunderjet, got all the whistles and beels I...
  18. Alaska4me

    PENN "2015" 8-Day trip aboard American Angler October 14-22, 2015

    hi ya Steve. Ken and I are signed up for next year! I also reserved 2 additional sports, trying to get a couple of others from Bass Pro Shop here in Tacoma to come along. Was the Fathom reel I was using a 20 size? I think it was and it was a great reel. I am going to get 2 of them for...
  19. Alaska4me

    BFT Ban back on in Mexico???

    I hope we get to target Bluefin, not that they are going to cooperate, but we can hope. Heaven knows I love Bluefin belly strips very much!
  20. Alaska4me

    I tried to email you but it came back as undeliverable, hence my contacting you here...

    I tried to email you but it came back as undeliverable, hence my contacting you here. Recommendations for hook size for our trip? We have the lines covered but was wondering about hooks.
  21. Alaska4me

    Westport friday thru sunday

    Hey guys, I would very much appreciate it if someone had an open seat for Westport Kings, I am off on Wed and Thur. I work at the Point Defience Marina currently working the boat ramp. I am not sure this week works but perhaps next week. Message me and lets talk.
  22. Alaska4me

    Top Gun 80 into big Bluefin

    All I can say is I take it all with me because, as I was told years back by a very smart skipper on the AA: " bring it with you cause we aren't going back to get it." Nothing would upset me more that watching others fish and me wishing I had brought it along. Hurry up Oct!
  23. Alaska4me

    I wish I was going on that trip. This year my brother and I are on the 8 day Penn trip in Oct...

    I wish I was going on that trip. This year my brother and I are on the 8 day Penn trip in Oct. Signed up an on standby list for a 14 day in 2016 if you can believe it. Good luck and hope you get a cow and maybe more.
  24. Alaska4me

    What's up with the Vagabond Inn, or is it just me?

    I've only stayed at the Vag two times and the first time was FINE. The second time was a bit of a mess. We were not let into our room for 3 hours, after getting back from a 14 day trip I wanted to check in, soak in the tub and then go get a good dinner. They were doing construction on the...
  25. Alaska4me

    Super seeker

    Super seekers are great rods, I have a 2x4 made by Monty at M and M rods. His place is located very close to the landings and across the street from the donut shop by fishermans landing. I love my SS rod
  26. Alaska4me

    Which trip would you choose of these for your very first long long range trip?

    I have fished the AA for the past 8 years, every thing from an 8 day to a 14 day. I am going again this year on the Penn trip and have my name on the standby list for the 14 day Kens trip in 2016...yes you need to put your reservations in that far in advance. The AA is a popular boat for sure...
  27. Alaska4me

    Seaguar Threadlock

    anyone want to send me a 600 yard spool so I can try it out? LOL, I will just use some of Steve K's on our next trip
  28. Alaska4me

    Penn "2014" 8-day aboard the American Angler, October 15-23, 2014

    Steve I sure do. Always love fishing Cedros, and yes we sure did get into the Yellows didn't we, my personal best on that trip as well. We have both come a long way as far as personal best YFT since then haven't we!
  29. Alaska4me

    Penn "2014" 8-day aboard the American Angler, October 15-23, 2014

    I guess I should mention that Sailor jack likes it when people crowd up around him while he is fishing, LOL. Seriously Steve is correct, Jack is always in the running for jackpot fish. Steve I will be looking to use the Spinfisher SSV as I have a few poppers I will be using. I am going to...
  30. Alaska4me

    Penn "2014" 8-day aboard the American Angler, October 15-23, 2014

    This trip will be a lot of fun for sure. I have been fortunate enough to have gone of 3 other Penn trips. Indeed Steve does bring a lot of gear and he likes to share it and of course he knows all about the features of the new stuff. His give aways are always so generous and my brother and I...
  31. Alaska4me

    Sportsmans Warehouse, to buy-back their former stores

    well I guess I will put my 2 cents in on this subject. I work at what was wholesale sports in federal way in the fishing section. I will tell you that I enjoy working there for the interactionI have with the customers. What is fustrating is the lack of product we carried, gets fustrating to...
  32. Alaska4me

    Weather is awsome in Long beach right now

    keep some of the nice weather happening. I am going to be flying down to LB for the Fred Hall show for 1 day.
  33. Alaska4me

    Long Rangers?

    I really hope you do catch that cow. I really love fishing big tuna and can't wait to go again. My brother and I will not be going on a trip together in 2013, unless you count the week we will spend in Alaska
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    Looking forward to reading any and all you post Tommy.
  35. Alaska4me

    Long Rangers?

    I fished an 11 day trip late Oct into early November on the AA. We fished down where Capt Ray had been in previous trips. It was not fast and furious but there were some big'uns around. I had a 252 and a 191 plus handed off to my bro a 97. I am going on a 14 day on april 27, 2013 as always...
  36. Alaska4me

    Tuna out of San Diego

    Anyone taking a trip on the American Angler this year or next? I have an 11 day trip leaving end of Oct. and a 14 day next April. I am driving down for Oct trip and willing to share costs if your needing a ride.
  37. Alaska4me

    Grays Harbor Area 2-2 is now Closed to Chinook Retention.

    Did pretty good in 2-2. 3 kings and a 4 coho.
  38. Alaska4me

    DownRigger Pole Line

    I run a very similiar set up as yours. I use 65 pound Sufix braid with 35 feet of 50 pound mono connected via a 12 turn albright knot. I always stick the mono in the release 5 inches from the braid. Like Stryker said you can get it to stick real well in the releases. One word of caution I...
  39. Alaska4me

    Ripped off in Tacoma

    I am in Tacoma and have my shit ripped off before as well. I had my 15 evenrude on my 16" lund, some scum bag was in process of busting it to hell when I heard and called the cops, they caught him on a neighbors roof a few houses down. That asshole paid for everything damaged on my boat. Then...
  40. Alaska4me

    Annual Defiance Marine Spring kickoff THANK YOU!!!

    Dis away! I agree and have asked for more Northwest type fishing supplies, almost on a daily basis. What do we get....a shit pot full of more plastic worms. We have crap that has been on our shelves for years. Guess that is why I do visit sportco often to buy some of my salmon gear. Heck anyone...
  41. Alaska4me

    Annual Defiance Marine Spring kickoff THANK YOU!!!

    I really wish I could have attended the Spring Kickoff, damn it! Seems my wife feels helping pack her mothers house up and move it to a storage place was more important. I work at Wholesale Sports in Federal Way, seems I am constantly referring people to your store for gear we do not carry...
  42. Alaska4me

    RIP Jose Webe

    Like so many of you I loved his show and will miss seeing him. I do not know much about his personal life but I do believe he was involved in a lot of charity events for kids. What a tragic loss this is for his familyand the fishing community.
  43. Alaska4me

    Prayers for a BD Family Member

    I am sad to hear of your loss Tommy. My heart felt condolences to you and your family.
  44. Alaska4me

    First Springer of the Year

    Very nice! Springers of any size are sure nice!
  45. Alaska4me

    ANOTHER big East Cape surfcast yellowtail!

    I want one! I know when and where they can be used to the.
  46. Alaska4me

    15 Day Royal Star Braid trip

    Outstanding trip Todd. Hats off to the Royal Star group for getting you on the boat like they did. Look forward to talking to you more and discussing in depth what worked, what didn't work etc.
  47. Alaska4me

    Todd and Jeff

    I can't wait for my trips this year, 11 day in late Oct and a 14 day in early Apr '13
  48. Alaska4me

    American Angler 1/6 - 1/18/12 Report

    I fish the American Angler as well. My trip is usually in Oct and is a 10 or 11 day, in '11 on the Penn trip it was only an 8 day run, but we caught a lot of fish, bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail, a few hoos and some grouper. It was, as always a great trip. In 2012 I am on an 11 day trip. I...
  49. Alaska4me


    I tried to convince Steve Carson, Penn West Coast Rep to come up and do tuna seminars in conjunction with the AA being here. I was refered to Steve's boss. Sent him an email asking about it and never heard back. You are definately correct in that Sam or Cameron could do one. Ask at their booth...
  50. Alaska4me


    I have been talking to the American Angler for years, trying to convince them that the show is worth their time to attend. I am glad they are doing it. By all means stop off and say hello the the best. BTW, keep your hands off my custom 2X4 rod and Penn 50 VSX outfit that will be on display...
  51. Alaska4me

    grilled with Olive Tapenade

    Looks yummy as can be. I am always looking for a new way to prepar my tuna/yellowtail/wahoo or mahi mahi. Was on an 8 day in Oct on the American Angler, limits of yellowtail, some bluefin tuna, nice mahi and a bonus was 2 groupers I boated. Good times and a nice trip.
  52. Alaska4me

    Penn 12/0 Senator

    I will do that. Was my next stop.
  53. Alaska4me

    Penn 12/0 Senator

    I bought this new reel from a guy who was hurting for money and I have no need of it and want to sell it. It is new and never been on a rod, has all the rod mounts and is loaded with 80 pound mono. asking $200.00 obo.
  54. Alaska4me

    Layed up until Winter Kings

    I wish you a quick and speedy recovery. My wife is 2 weeks out from her knee replacement. So far the PT is what hurts the most but she is doing it and it seems to be getting better. Since it is just us two at home and she is sort of down and out, my fishing season is a hit and miss affair as...
  55. Alaska4me

    Keeping sucked!

    I do not for one second believe the fish are all wild ones. I definately believe they are non clipped fish! I will, of course keep at it. I want to catch a few nice ones so I can take with me to San Diego and give to Paul, the chef on the American Angler, so he can prepare them for all of us...
  56. Alaska4me

    Keeping sucked!

    I have been out 8 times in area 11. 8 kings caught and all had the extra fin on them. I have seen and heard of more "wild salmon" caught this year then ever before. What gives, I want one thats clipped! I have been using a purple haze flasher,white UV hoochie and herring scent squirted in...
  57. Alaska4me

    Drano Lake Spring Chinook 2011

    I'm with you Scott. Always wanted to go fish that place just never got around to doing it...yet.
  58. Alaska4me

    Halibut Seminar

    There is a halibut seminar going on this Sat at 11 AM in the Federal Way Wholesale Sports. It will be featuring Jambos Sportfishing. The address for Wholesale Sports is 1495 South 348th Street, Federal Way WA. 98003 Hope to see you there. Stop in the fishing department and say hello.
  59. Alaska4me

    Expectations: Crews/Captain.

    I only have a 16' Lund but the same rules apply. What I have done in the past and will do again if I take anyone along for the day is this. Say I am driving from Tacoma to Hoquim to fish the river. I have a general idea how much gas is going to be used on my truck as well as the boat, the cost...
  60. Alaska4me


    Sorry I missed the get together and BBQ. Glad everyone liked the wahoo, it is one of my favorites. I think I only have about 300 pounds of it left from my trip last Oct. For being retired I seem to be working a lot, too much it seems. Hope this type of party will happen again soon.
  61. Alaska4me

    How important is TV on a trip?

    I do not watch TV on my trips. Bring a good book, a fold up chair and go out back and relax. If you go on a 10 day trip you still have 355 days back home to watch it.
  62. Alaska4me

    Roll Call, Defiance Grand Opening April 9th

    I will do my best to attend. If Tommy brings YFT I will bring the wahoo
  63. Alaska4me


    Brings back memories of the shops I grew up around in S. Calif. Please tell me they do not have $19.99 combo sets. Bo are you hiring anyone to work in the shop? LOL I like working at Wholesale Sports, but damn I get tired of people wanting one rod and reel combo to catch steelhead, salmon...
  64. Alaska4me

    It's official

    It's official, congrats to Mike Livingston on the official All Tackle World Record Yellowfin Tuna! Nice job to Mike and the crew of the vagabond.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  65. Alaska4me

    Long Range room-mate from hell

    Pictures? YIKES! Guess this is why I go each year with my brother.
  66. Alaska4me

    Checking in after a rough few months....

    Sorry for the bad things that you are dealing with. Those pirates need to go away and fast! Earthquakes are bad news as well. Your family has had it's share and I hope your doing well. Stay strong.
  67. Alaska4me

    Qcove hits Another Home's Called the Killer Crush

    Just what I need to do, buy 2 of each of those flashers. Hell I already have a boat full of 'em.
  68. Alaska4me

    New Ride from the Seattle Boat Show

    That is one beautiful boat! I am jealous as hell. Any time you need someone to fill a spot and kick in for gas and clean up I woudl love to go along. My wife and I have been wanting to get a boat large enough to cruise up to the San Juans for a few days, she is just afraid I will buy just a...
  69. Alaska4me

    Who's going to the Fred Hall Show Wednesday? Thursday?

    I will be flying down from Seattle for the opening day and then back the next morning. Wouldn't miss it for anything.
  70. Alaska4me

    Penn 12 VSX

    I fished a Penn 12 VSX on my 10 day trip in Oct. on the American Angler. I was on what was estimated to be a YFT of 140-150 for around 55 minutes. The reel had 65 braid and 50 top shot. First run was about 400 yards. The drag was smooth, did not fade or get jerky at all. Lost the fish at...
  71. Alaska4me


    Finally some of our leaders got their head out of their asses! United States Air Force planes should never have been considered by a foreign builder. That, in my opinion is a slap in the face. I worked on the old KC-135 tankers when I entered the Air Force in 1967, they were in sad shape then...
  72. Alaska4me

    Tip Amount

    YOU HAVE TO BE FUC*ING KIDDING ME! That guy needs to have a serious talking to!
  73. Alaska4me

    American Angler home a day early

    Excellent report and nice job with the cows. I agree with the others, the AA operation is a great experience and the crew are really good at helping out on deck. Sam growing a beard? Sailor Jack got himself a good one, congratulations Jack. Always enjoy fishing with him.
  74. Alaska4me

    Deterring Seals and SeaLions

    I am just fishing out of my 16' Lund and usually in area 11. I carry a wrist rocket and a bag of marbles for ammo, (only cause Scott will not give me any armor piercing stuff). Those smelly SOB's can see that marble coming from a long way off and head for other parts. I did thump one in the...
  75. Alaska4me

    Hoochie Hooker

    Good info guys, much appreciated. I have made some of my own combinations in the past and had some success, but think the current silver hordes and hoochie combos look the most promising. I definately will give them a try this year. All I can hope for is at least some success like last year...
  76. Alaska4me

    Hoochie Hooker

    I was looking at the instructions on Salmon University for making your own Hoochie Hookers. I managed to get some of the cookies and cream silver horde lures. Still have not found the strawberries and cream or the Irish cream ones. I noticed that when the mini hoochies are attached to the...
  77. Alaska4me

    Lake Washington Cutts

    Thanks for the info guys. We started close to the Boeing hangers and moved off in the direction of Mercer Island and sort of did figure 8s out there. I hope to get out again on Monday and will defiantely put all your info to use. Are you talking about fishing the Cedar River by the Renton...
  78. Alaska4me

    Lake Washington Cutts

    My partner and I fished the Lake on Wed for about 5 hours. Managed to get 1 rainbow of about 15 inches. Had a few other bait stealers but that was all. Never done the cutt fishing there and was wondering if there is a best month to do it, fishing that is. We used cut plug herring, fished 35...
  79. Alaska4me

    How to kill a Sunday afternoon

    Very nice work. I worked my 1/2 day at wholesale sports. Went to dinner with the wife after work. Very enjoyable day, thank you.
  80. Alaska4me

    Q-Cove Breakaway Rigging Do's and Don'ts

    Met Ken at the sportsman show. Talked to him awhile, hell of a nice guy! I bought 6 of the flashers, just so I could get the flasher bad free. He turned me on to the colors that have seemed to work best in past years or year. Looking forward to using them' the other reasons are exactly whaty...
  81. Alaska4me

    Power-pro from last year?

    Exactly! My spectra is on my tuna rods and I have some that are coming up on 8 years use. Take it off at end of season, wipe it clean, dry and reverse the ends. What I used last year is now on the bottom of the reel. Some of my 2 speeds have 700 to 900 yards of the stuff. Way too spendy to...
  82. Alaska4me

    Stripers near Washington area

    I vote for strippers
  83. Alaska4me

    Popped My Q-Cove Breakaway cherry!

    Thanks Troy. Taking notes as I type.
  84. Alaska4me

    Popped My Q-Cove Breakaway cherry!

    I have always wanted to try one of the break away frashers and after hearing all that has been said here in BD I think I will go for it. Are these going to be for sale at the sportsman show this week? If so, I definately will spring for 6 to get the bad free. Any recommendations on colors that...
  85. Alaska4me

    My first long range tuna trip!

    Todd, now you've done it! If you think it was hard to get a spot on the American Angler before, just wait till next year. I wish it had worked out for me to ride on that trip, but just couldn't get an open spot, damn it. Seriously, Brian and Sam run a first class operation. I fish the AA and...
  86. Alaska4me

    5 Star with Royal Star Fish

    We used 5 Star this past Oct for our American Angler trip. Could not have asked for a better looking product when we picked it up. Fantastic people who do a fantastic job.
  87. Alaska4me

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    My inputs from about 05 till Oct of '10 Hope I didn't hog this thread, sure brings back a lot of nice memories of trips gone by and the people I have met. Thanks for starting it.
  88. Alaska4me


    I too am on this sight at least once a day, usually more. I come here to get a feeling for what is going on in the fishing world. I don't always post replies either but I am here often. I work at wholesale sports in Federal Way, in the fishing dept., where else, I will have a few people a day...
  89. Alaska4me


    never mind.
  90. Alaska4me

    Thanks American Angler Tiburon 12-8 / 12-19

    The Tiburon trip I went on last year sounds a lot like this one. Good people, lots of fun, and well the shakers didn't hurt either. Missed going this year, was on the 10 day Penn trip in Oct. Couldn't complain about that trip, was fantastic. Barry, Jack and Skip sure make it a fun time.
  91. Alaska4me

    Fighting a tuna

    I use the rail as often as I can. Heck why beat yourself up if you do not have to. When the fish makes that first long run there in no need to high stick it, lower the tip some but keep a bend in it for the shock absorber effect. Once it goes into the death circles I am on the rail, rod...
  92. Alaska4me

    wheres tommy?

    I believe he and some of the other boys from up this way are leaving Jan 6th out of San Diego on the American Angler 10 1/2 day trip, probably on the road as we speak.
  93. Alaska4me

    Happy Holidays

    I too want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. My thoughts and prayers are with all of our fishing brothers and sisters around the world serving in the Armed Forces. Be safe and hurry home.
  94. Alaska4me

    SD Long Range Boat Suggestions

    In my opinion I would opt for a variety trip in Oct. My pick on boats would be the American Angler. Try the 10 day M&M trip in early oct or the 8 day trip with Penn right after that. As others have said, do not worry about going alone, you will make friends of all the anglers on board. Call Lori...
  95. Alaska4me

    It finally happened!

    I hear that Jeff! Hell I have been back now for 1 1/2 months and I am ready to go again. This fish well do more for the long range sportfishing boats than anything. Going to hard to get on a boat next year for sure. I talked to Lori again this afternoon, she has had the phones ringing off...
  96. Alaska4me

    It finally happened!

    I saw the report from the boat while still at sea. I talked to Lori this morning and she told me the weight and how happy everyone is. I called her back to ask if she knows if it will be IGFA legal. Either way one hell of a fish. Never have understood how a fish, fought from a chair, in a...
  97. Alaska4me

    It finally happened!

    The vagabond out of Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego weighed in a yellowfin tuna at 405.2 pounds! You guys heading down for your trip are going to get into the cows for sure. Wish I was going. I am on a 8 day trip in '11 and am planning the 14.5 day trip in early '13 on the Avet run. Go get...
  98. Alaska4me

    BD Tides Tavern Meet

    I had to work Sat at the fishing place so I missed it . Sorry, I missed it as I wanted to see you guys again.
  99. Alaska4me

    American Angler 11 Day - Nov 5 report

    I'll be thinking of you guys on your trip. The AA has been good to me over the years with a fantastic trip in Oct. Loved the Tib trip last year and will miss it to be sure. Barry is a fun guy to fish with, the entire group worked well together. Good luck everyone. Looking forward to seeing you...
  100. Alaska4me

    BD South End get together at Tides Tavern - Dec 4th

    The 4th works for me. Look forward to it and to seeing you guys again.
  101. Alaska4me

    Heeeeeeeeere's Tim

    I fish the American Angler. Great crew and great boat. Not going to bad mouth any other boats since I have not fished any but the AA.
  102. Alaska4me


    If you spend any time on the water, be it tuna or salmon or whatever you will see this kind of crap for sure. When I was in Alaska my partner and I were fishing a bait ball loaded with 15 pound silvers. You could see them just below the surface killing bait. We had been casting small silver...
  103. Alaska4me

    Pics finally

    Thanks to you all. Pics are under American Angler trip
  104. Alaska4me

    American Angler trip was great!

    Here we go with the pics I have. Damn I must be the dumbest person alive. OK this may work so let me start again. Capt Sam gave us the safety briefing and the whatfors about the boat as we sat at the bait barge getting a ton of sardines. The bait we received was very good...
  105. Alaska4me

    American Angler trip was great!

    First off I am sorry about not having pics posted in this report. I do not know how to do that. If some one would let me know I will go back and add them. We left San Diego around 7AM Oct. 14th. Headed to the bait barge and loaded up with about 320 scoops of great looking sardines. While the...
  106. Alaska4me

    American Angler/Penn 10 day, phenomenal!

    I had a chance to fish the Penn 12VSX reel for a day. I had a nice, I mean nice tuna on for around 45 minutes. That beast took 400 yards on his first run. Managed to get him back to the boat and had him at color when...well it was his turn to swim away. Great fish, great fight and I loved every...
  107. Alaska4me

    American Angler/Penn 10 day, phenomenal!

    Our trip was great to say the least! As usual Steve was generous with his giveaways. Looking forward to next year already.
  108. Alaska4me

    10 day trip on American Angler

    Thanks guys and I will do a lot of pics and a report when I return. John what is your friends name? I realize Oct is a bit optimistic for cows but it's all good. Did a Dec trip last year and we got into the cows then. See you around the 28th.
  109. Alaska4me

    10 day trip on American Angler

    I'M OFF! I will be driving out Sunday morning and heading to San Diego for my Oct 14th trip on the AA. New stuff for this trip is 2 Penn torque 200 reels, 2 Penn torque rods and a custom made Super Seeker 2X4. Hope the cows show, been fairly slow down there so far. Sam will be taking us out...
  110. Alaska4me

    Lurkers: Jump In, The Water Is Warm

    Scott, hey bro! Things are going great here, been fishing as much as I can possibly do. I work 3 days a week at Wholesale sports in Federal Way, nice gig, spend my entire check every payday lol. I usually fish the other 4 days in local waters. Been a good year for me on Kings, I have 12 on my...
  111. Alaska4me

    Lurkers: Jump In, The Water Is Warm

    I sort of am a lurker but once in awhile I will post something. Hey South sound BDer's, are we going to have another get together at the Tides this year? Any other locations would be cool.
  112. Alaska4me

    Coming for a week

    OK, trip is on. Wife and I will arrive Sunday Sept 12th late afternoon and depart folling Sat early early. Hope I get a chance to meet some of you guys and wet a line, drink a few beers etc.
  113. Alaska4me

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Not much to add, just wanted my name on the score board. Greetings all you BDers from Tacoma, WA. Seriously I do keep these things in my memory, whats left of it.
  114. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    You guys are killing me! I want to go on next BD tuna killing trip with all of you. Tommy, just an idea. Go to the AA fish reports and look at the archived ones from years past and find the trip you are on. It will show you what you will be chasing, what they caught etc. I'll be watching you...
  115. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    You guys have me going crazy. I wish I was on this trip and was going to be standing next to the famous NW Bloodydeckers. Seriously, if my brother and I had not signed up for our trip last Dec I would have gone on this one. How about we plan a 14.5 day trip next yes? Jeff, Steve is one of...
  116. Alaska4me

    Neah Bay- Whos going?

    I will be in Neah Bay on Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday. Anyone looking for a tag along? I do not care what we fish for, as long as we fish.
  117. Alaska4me

    strictly lr or a little bit of everything?

    I fish any and every time I get a chance. I have my own 16' Lund, 2 down riggers, fish finder and I am 1 mile from Puget Sound. Out on the water fishing salmon every day I can. If no salmon I am on my pontoon boat fly fishing from trout or in the sound for sea run cutthroats. Flew to yakutat...
  118. Alaska4me

    What's the Preferred Rod Length, and why ?

    Lots of good info here. I might add that a good rod builder can help you determine what blank, length and action would work best for you under different situations. My personal choice is Monty at M&M Custom Rods. I have had him build my rods now for about 4 or 5 years. He knows my height and...
  119. Alaska4me


    Tommy, you need to try and get excited about things once in awhile, lol. Seriously, excellent job and great report. Congrats!
  120. Alaska4me


    Your killing me! Good luck and be safe.
  121. Alaska4me

    One time only! Avet Factory Blowout!

    If I didn't have 12 of them already I might consider, but I do not do left handed reels in these styles.
  122. Alaska4me

    Goodbye PNW Bloody Decks

    PC has some great fishing! I fished out of there years back and had a blast. Good luck on your move and have safe trip. Remember you are just a keyboard click away from a visit back here, check in from time to time.
  123. Alaska4me

    Fishing with a bum back?

    Amen to the ibuprofen. Start a few day6s in advance and continue taking them every day, even the days when you are traveling.
  124. Alaska4me

    OTC Theft...need your help..

    I fucking hate to hear this shit!!! Working at Wholesale Sports I hear it daily, guys needing to replace tackle, motor shit and electronics. I am so damn sick of this shit and those fucking meth assholes need to become crab bait! Scott you shoot shit, well these people are as much a piece...
  125. Alaska4me


    Nice job Scott. Always looking for a trip. You still have my number?
  126. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    Tommy, I am going on the 10 day Penn trip in Oct, so very unlikely I will be able to turn around and go on your trip. My brother and I talked about that 10.5 day trip last year but we were invited to go on the 11 day Tiburon trip. I want to do a 14 day trip real bad and maybe consider that...
  127. Alaska4me

    Area 11 Tuesday

    Thanks. It does suck but at least I am confident that I can catch a fish once in awhile.
  128. Alaska4me

    Area 11 Tuesday

    I decided to brave the huge minus tide and go out at first light. Fished the clay banks for 4 hours and had one take down but damn thing didn't stick. Not long after I had one on, a nice looking King, with that damn extra fin. Fishing 100 feet deep in 175 feet of water. Seems the bait was all at...
  129. Alaska4me

    MA 11/13 on July 7. A cautionary tale

    Amen on Six Robblees inc. I went around and around a few years back dealing with my EZ Load trailor hubs. Simple shit, but after I went to see them I had parts in hand and was back in business in 1 day.
  130. Alaska4me

    The Kid Has Been Busted!!!

    I think all or any money made from this clown's movie/book deal should be given to the State to pay for his costs while in jail.
  131. Alaska4me

    Spring Slaughter

    Nice looking mess of fish. I love fishing at the rocks. The variety of fish can be off the charts. My trip on the American Angler is set of Oct, 7th year in a row on that boat.
  132. Alaska4me

    American Angler Sport Chalet 8 Day trip!

    You guys are killing me! I have till Oct before I head out on a 10 day trip with the Penn man himself, Steve Carson. I am so much in need of a long range fix I can't stand it.
  133. Alaska4me

    Offshore 5/29/10 Port Canaveral

    Like to add my thanks for the service she is doing for our country. I too am a military vet, 20 years in the Air Force. I retired in 1987. Not much fan fare back then to the troops, but I am so very happy to see our country finally waking up and appreciating those who serve, families included...
  134. Alaska4me

    Okuma Titus Gold 2 Speed Reels $199.00 at Walmart

    Back some years ago, I think in '05 I bought 5 Okuma 2 spped reels for a long range tuna trip out of San Diego. After that one trip I sold 3 of them and have not fished the others. Was very unhappy with the free spool and drag slipping. Maybe by now they have gotten better. And for what it is...
  135. Alaska4me

    Late Neah report 5-20-22

    Those well sure make the frying pan stink. Great job Jay!
  136. Alaska4me

    Coming for a week

    nice fish guys. I look forward to meeting you.
  137. Alaska4me


    Any word of steelies? Was thinking of driving down on Monday and wetting a line. I am in Tacoma, anyone want to tag along?
  138. Alaska4me

    Coming for a week

    It is guys like you that make me love the bloodydecks. I see this so often, invites to people that are visiting and looking to get out. I will definately stay in touch.
  139. Alaska4me

    Coming for a week

    Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. Bloodydeck member here; I am coming to Orlando in Sept for 5 days, yea Disney World. What kind of fishing is available in the area, Tampa Bay etc.? Should I consider bringing my own gear and if so what kind. I fish salmon, bottom fish, trout and do long...
  140. Alaska4me

    Look like a dumbass while boating a halibut

    What a clown! No one should bring a fish of that size aboard still alive. I was expecting to see that gaff end up in his back or some place else in that video. I lived and fished halibut for 14 years when I lived in Alaska, mostly on charter boats out of Homer. I have been involved in killing 2...
  141. Alaska4me

    Catch my own bait...

    Just a quick tip on sabiki rigs; use a heavy sinker on your line, 6 oz or more. When you get the whole string loaded up those little guys have a tendency to swim around and tangle your rig. My suggestion is to wind up slow when you get a few on and hope to get a few more. Better to drop back...
  142. Alaska4me

    Area 8-2 Blackmouth

    Are you sure she isn't hiding a fin there under her thumb? Nice fish and nice looking lady Jay.
  143. Alaska4me

    The Cowlitz

    thanks for the info, I was planning on going down Monday morning but may pass now. Maybe take my bucks bag boat to a lake and see what I can do there.
  144. Alaska4me

    Team Defiance Seminar Saturday 4/24

    It's a damn shame that the management at our store in Federal Way will not try and get authorization to rope off part of the parking lot in order to do the same thing Bo. I asked about stocking the gear, tackle, hosting seminars, etc, that some of you BDers asked for....was basically told to sit...
  145. Alaska4me

    American Angler - best operation in the fleet

    I too love the AA and all the people associated with the operation. I am on the Penn trip this yea along with my brother. This is our 6th year in a row on the AA, never have had a bad trip. One bit of advice: Do not put any troll gear out unles you get the OK from the. skipper first.
  146. Alaska4me

    BD South end and Peninsula get together!

    On second thought I will pass and just sit in the corner and barf my guts out
  147. Alaska4me

    First But Whispers of the Season

    I fish Jerry Brown hollow spectra on all my long range gear, and neither Jerry nor Tommy paid me to say that. 2 speeds! Avets are my choice. Fish that on a Penn Torque rod and you have the snitzel of an outfit.
  148. Alaska4me

    BD South end and Peninsula get together!

    Hell just roll those babes in flour and go for the wet spots.
  149. Alaska4me


    Huh, and I thought you liked me. Guess I will keep your hat now Jay lol
  150. Alaska4me


    Amen to that shit! Most of my family lives in S. Cal. I hear it a lot, when are you going to get on face book? My reply....heres my face, take a look. But then again, most of my family thinks I am one fucked up, strange individual.
  151. Alaska4me

    BD South end and Peninsula get together!

    I will be there. I might be a bit late since I have to work that day, but I will be there! Pretty much bet my wife will not want to come, she is sick of hearing about fishng from me let alone a bunch of us.
  152. Alaska4me

    Say Hello to my little friend

    I love my Avets. I use them for long range tuna fishing and have 12 of them, no problems with any of them.
  153. Alaska4me

    WTF?!?! Retarded Ebay find.......

    Bet you I will have someone ask me if they could use it for trout too
  154. Alaska4me

    Skunked on the Big C.

    if I have a choice Jay I will do the fish dance, leave the others up to you
  155. Alaska4me

    I'M FREE!!!!!!!! YEAH!

    I wish you the best! If you find a lady who is educated, has a full time job, loves to fish as well or is OK with your fishing addiction, grap her! I am lucky in that I have one who lets me fish any time, anywhere; except for about 4 days a year. Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Anniversary(...
  156. Alaska4me

    Skunked on the Big C.

    I look forward to fishing with Scott, Jay, my friend Mike and Pete as our guide, next week, even if he did call me Roy most of the day lol.
  157. Alaska4me

    Live Baiting Lings

    my largest ling was 58 1/2 pounds, caught it on 15 pound ande after I hooked about a 10 pound black rock fish.
  158. Alaska4me

    Wholesale Sports Federal Way

    Charlie, I will be there next Monday till 8, Tuesday till 6 and Sat till 8. Hope to see you.
  159. Alaska4me

    Refinery blast

    I heard this on the news first thing this morning. Sure puts a dark cloud on your day, my sympathy to all of the families and loved ones.
  160. Alaska4me

    Wholesale Sports Federal Way

    Thanks for the kind words from all of you. I will tell you that I have no doubts you would help anyone in need of info and stuff. Had I thought other wise I would never have mentioned this to anyone. I will tell you that I have been pushing the idea of seminars on fishing, boating and tackle...
  161. Alaska4me

    Wholesale Sports Federal Way

    I have been working part time in the fishing department, like that is a given. I get a lot of people who stop in and are wanting to get into salmon fishng and stuff. I do not hesitate to refer them to for help and information. If you see any of these newbies around in here be...
  162. Alaska4me

    Mazatlan Report and warning

    Loreto is a hot place for fishing, close to yellowtail, dodos and roosterfisihng
  163. Alaska4me

    Grady White delivered late Friday March 25th

    sweet boat. I have been lucky to fish out of a GW sailfish in the past and it is a great riding boat and so fishable!
  164. Alaska4me

    Shrimp Bait & Techniques

    Friskeys fish flavored cat food. Punch a few holes in the cans and let 'em soak
  165. Alaska4me

    Update: Afghanistan

    Did you guys get the magazines we sent you? I hope so. Good luck on your future assignment. Texas has some killer fishing in the gulf area for sure. I echo what Jason says, thank you for your service!
  166. Alaska4me

    Fishing up high...

    My sympathy Ryan. Losing a loved one like that is sad. Fortunately my folks quit smoking many years ago, dad passed on 5 years back and received news my mom is in hospital, nothing serious but still shakes me up. Again I am sorry for your loss.
  167. Alaska4me

    When and where was your first Albacore?

    My first was way way back, I think it was like in 1962, then we could go out of San Pedro and get them. Big break while in Air Force, but in 2004 on the Spirit of Adventure out of SD, killed them. A school got on us and stayed all day. WFO for albies!
  168. Alaska4me


    Yea, way too much rain, way too many people and those of us here; have bad attitudes...other that that, welcome to the land where we do not get older, we just rust away. Make you a deal, you guys can stay if you will agree to transport about 50 of those darn sealions back South.
  169. Alaska4me

    Fly fishing for yellowtail and dodos

    Ok here is the issue. I have been long range fishing for about 6 years and love it. I have been trout fishing with a fly rod in N. Calif and Washington. Caught coho salmon and sockeye in alaska. Now I am considering a try at tails and dodos. I have a cortland Little Tunny WF10 Intermediate...
  170. Alaska4me

    Yoyo at night?

    How deep do you think you have to drop your gear before it is in the dark even durnin the day time? Heck I am up for any thing if I am out on the boat. Never really tried much night time fishing cause after fishing all day, dinner, then making bait my old ass is usually dragging. However one...
  171. Alaska4me

    Chinook Fishing 2010 looks good!!

    It was suppose to be a great banner year for kings last year wasen't it? I was told by the fish biologist that indeed we had a lot of kings come home, but they ran right up the river and didn't stop to play in the sound. I actually had a great year on coho, hope to catch a few more kings this...
  172. Alaska4me

    Canadian Halibut Limit for 2010

    Todd, I agree. If you pull up to the dock at Neah Bay the DFG has no way of knowing where the fish were caught. Example, in an abstract way; in Seward AK, if you fish outside Resurrection bay and keep a longcod, you may not fish inside the bay as long as the LC is in your boat, F and G has no...
  173. Alaska4me

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    As kids we would save our coins, rent a row boat for $5 a day, row out to the bait barge, rent a bait sled for a few bucks, get a scoop of chovies and tie off to a float in the harbor. Spend all day flylining and having a hell of a time. When I am on my long range tuna trips and get to talking...
  174. Alaska4me

    Spirit of Adventure

    no problem steve. You need it and you can use it.
  175. Alaska4me

    Spirit of Adventure

    Steve; if you need any gear just let me know. Ken and I have a lot of stuff. If interested let me know and I will pass phone number on to you
  176. Alaska4me


    I too am up for a trip. Any one have a extra spot I will be glad to pay my way, help clean and whatever it takes. I love being on the water. As fas as squid go, those things are everywhere! On our long range tuna trips you pretty much can stop anywhere at night and catch them. We catch the...
  177. Alaska4me

    MegaBites Springer Special For BD

    I did a springer trip last year about the same time. Froze our asses off! Watch the weather and dress accordingly.
  178. Alaska4me

    Spirit of Adventure

    I fished the Spirit on my very first 7 day trip way back in '04. We plugged the boat and Mike kept us on the fish. Food was great, crew was good and a lot of people like the high sides on the boat.
  179. Alaska4me

    MegaBites Springer Special For BD

    Jay, my friend just told me he is a go for the trip! I can't wait to kill something!
  180. Alaska4me

    Long overdue LR Report AA trip in January

    I think it would be great if we could get together and have lunch and a few beers and talk about, plan and exchange ideas on long range fishing. I am, by no means, an expert and am always looking to pick up new ideas and techniques. On our trip; for example, before first light the ticket was a...
  181. Alaska4me

    Hook Sharpener Idea

    does sharpening hooks cause the points to become brittle or break? Lord knows if I can save a few bucks on hooks I am up for that. Seeing as how I do long range fishing too I usually buy hundreds of hooks a year. I too never use a dull hook
  182. Alaska4me

    Long overdue LR Report AA trip in January

    Jeff, congratulations on a great trip! The AA can sure put it togeather for you can't they. One thing I like about they trips is it is like old home week. The people on the trip are usually regulars and seeing them again is always nice. I am on the Penn University trip in Oct this year. I...
  183. Alaska4me

    Downrigger questions

    I use Jerry Brown spectra in 130 pound class. I just happened to have 300 yds left over and said whet the hell. I like it. No cable hum, the ball tracks better and it is less expensive to change. Been awhile since spectra rusted.
  184. Alaska4me

    Fred Hall Show

    Jeff: I have all my rods built by M & M rods out of Lakeside calif. Close to San Diego. I love his work. He has made 8 others for me. Wish I had one of the rods here to do a pic or two of it for you. Maybe I can get one taken when I go to Calif again. Hope you get a chance to get to the show...
  185. Alaska4me

    MegaBites Springer Special For BD

    I'm up for a springer trip. Let me know a date you are planning to go. Free most every day, well not free, but cheap lol. I caught a springer last year and had it for Easter dinner, everyone remarked how moist and how wonderful it tasted, think it was because it was an upriver fish.
  186. Alaska4me

    Fred Hall Show

    The boys at the bloodydecks booth wanted me to say hello to you all. They noticed how active our board is and appreciate it. The show was great! Only spent 250 bucks in 3 hours. I am having a custom made super seeker 2X4 rod made in my color scheme, can't wait to go mano vs. cow this year.
  187. Alaska4me

    wtf ripped off again

    I hate fucking assholes who take stuff we worked to get. I will keep my eyes and ears open over here near Pt. Defience area. Make crab bait out of them if I had my way. They are worse then those smelly fur bags we get here.
  188. Alaska4me

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Tommy...Fucking A it's going to be a great year!
  189. Alaska4me

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Talk about being a day late and a dollar short. Wonder why I didn't see this thread a long time ago, anyway hello. My name is Rob, I am retired Air Force, retired DoD, retired Alaska Airlines and collecting my SS every month(while it is still available). I grew up in S. Calif. Fished the salt...
  190. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    Tommy, I usually fly down and my brother meets me. All my tuna gear is in S. Calif. We drive to San Diego the morning of the trip. Last year due to logistic issues I drove down. To be honest I do love a good road trip. 2 drivers can make it non stop. As far as a super seeker 2X4, Hell I...
  191. Alaska4me

    El Nino is coming but not that strong

    albie highway to heaven
  192. Alaska4me

    quick question

    Add in the fact that sealions are taking over. Wish those smelly fur bags would get hot on the dogfish and humbolt squids!
  193. Alaska4me

    My Reel Collection

    those are beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to do the pics and show here. As fishermen I know we all appreciate the look of quality gear and the history they represent.
  194. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    Tommy, as I was once told about taking gear on trips.....You can't go back and get it so make sure you have all you need with you. I for sure would take a casting outfit for wahoo, yellowtail and maybe dodos if they show up. The thing that is different on a long range 10 day trip is the...
  195. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    I look forward to it Steve. Your jackpot pic brought back a lot of memories from that trip. Joey was on our Dec trip, was nice to see him again. Your right on about all you said on tackle and shit. If cornfed goes on a AA trip and needs any additional gear I am happy to loan him some of mine.
  196. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    I am going to fly down for the day and visit the Fred Hall show. If any of you have a desire for flyers and pamplets on any subject let me know and I will grab it for you. All the long range landings are represented, the east Cape guys will be there as well as all the tackle reps. Leaving...
  197. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    The later in the year you go the better the chances seem to be for cows. When I started going it was in early Oct. That is a definate variety triup, but cows and be around, never can tell. We had 1 guy hang a 197 on 50# leader, took him a few hours but he got it. The Dec trip I was on was...
  198. Alaska4me

    Any Interest in a 10-15 Day for Vaconas???

    Tommy, I was on the American Angler trip in Dec of 2009. We did good on cows. 3 over 300 pounds, 12 over 200 and everyone on the boat caught one at least 150. I am going again this year in Oct. More of a variety trip, yellowtails, Dodos, Wahoo, bottom fish and of course tuna. In 2011, I am...
  199. Alaska4me

    Area's 9,10 and 11 question

    Tommy, can the pics be of all of those? Wife, g/f, hookers? No daughters, sorry.
  200. Alaska4me

    fish vs drive time

    Amen to what David says. I don't even own a watch! I get on the boat, skipper says where we are going and what rigs to have ready; usually all of them. Travel time is rigging time. Get yourself your favorite beverage, a lawn chair and enjoy the scenery and away time. JMHO
  201. Alaska4me

    Charging people $$ to generate interest in LR fishing?

    Last year the crew of the American Angler gave a presentation on techniques and tackle....for free. If it was me, I would save the money and put it down on a trip and then listen to the crew. Go to the booth and ask Sam or any of his crew any question you want, they will give you the right info.
  202. Alaska4me

    Never wished I was older, until......

    I retired in Aug of last year. 20 years in the Air Force, 7 1/2 years DoD, 11 years at Alaska Airlines. I am fortunate enough to be within 1/2 mile of Puget Sound and fish 5 days a week during salmon season. I get to S. Cal to do day trips with my brother, about every other year I go to Alaska...
  203. Alaska4me

    Hey BD'ers!

    Welcome to BD. Lots of good info posted here as well as a fair amount of BS, lol. A lot of the guys here have been real generous in information and techniques for salt salmon.
  204. Alaska4me


    those pics look my room
  205. Alaska4me

    Protect your kicker

    I can certainly relate to the theft of your kicker! I had some low life fucking bastard steal a 15hp evenrude off my boat years back. After I replaced it with an 8hp long shaft mecr, that was taken too. I had one of those lock bars on it. They broke the mounts off the motor to get to it. Last...
  206. Alaska4me

    Easy limits in Area 9!

    nice limit! Every time I read about someone and a hot flasher/lure/hook, it cost me another 40 bucks! Keep the reports coming. Appreciate the good info.
  207. Alaska4me

    AA 14.5 day trip

    My goal someday is to do this trip. I can't wait for the season to kick in again. I am blessed. I retired last Aug and for the most part fish salmon and other species about 5 times a week. But, in all honesty, I live for my trip on the AA each year.
  208. Alaska4me

    Panama Bound

    I want to go! Need any one to carry your bags? Looking forward to a full report when you guys get back.
  209. Alaska4me

    Any WA BDer's use Avet?

    I currently own a 50 wide, 50 topless, 2, 30 wides, 2 HX wides, 2 HX narrows, 2 LX; all 2 speed reels, additionally I own 2 LX single speeds and 2 LX mag cast reels. I love them and we used them on our 11 day long range trip last month. Once I pay for my 11 day trip for 2010 I am seriously...
  210. Alaska4me

    American Angler-12.8-12.19

    This trip was a memory making event for me. My personal best, 166 was caught. New friends were made and I hope to see you all next year. My thanks to Skip for his generous hand outs, to Barry for his top shots and help in tackle questions, not to mention the shakers. Those shaker shots during...
  211. Alaska4me

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    WOW! Lots of information to be learned from this incident! I am so glad you all survived this ordeal.
  212. Alaska4me

    Happy Thanskgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I enjoy the forums and have been blessed with meeting a few of you, been a great experience. My receipe for Thanksgiving is as follows: Get a large bottle of your favorite booze, mine would be tequila. Put the turkey in the oven, drink the tequila, throw away...
  213. Alaska4me

    Picture of a rubberband Sinker set up

    is there a color that is better then the others? lol
  214. Alaska4me

    Cookies & Cream and Irish Cream spoon picture

    Wheer is the silver horde dealer locally? I am in Tacoma and a road trip sounds like a hell of a good idea.
  215. Alaska4me

    The Cows are biting.

    American Angler Dec 8th trip! I am going crazy waiting. Wife wants me out of the house now. Gees that girl has no sense of what is important. See you there Solomon.
  216. Alaska4me

    BHP Fluorocarbon Break Test Data

    Maybe blackwater 130 should be better labeled 150 given the diameter and break strength. Always seems to be an issue. Heck I could make line that I advertise as the stongest 80 pound test on the market, all I have to do is stick a 80 pound label on a 130 spool. Thanks for the great info Basil...
  217. Alaska4me

    Cow fever

    I just have a sore throat, but I do have the cow fever and my remedy is 11 day trip on the American Angler leaving Dec 8th.
  218. Alaska4me

    Puget Sound now Salish Sea

    It will always be Puget Sound to me, call me hard headed or old fashion, but I is what I is.
  219. Alaska4me

    fishing the tides

    I am sorry if I misrepresented myself in the reply I gave, I didn't mean to sound confrontational, not my style. I simply meant if the current is not running and the bait is not getting away from the boat, there are options. Try the kite or ballon if there is wind. Throw the iron and see what...
  220. Alaska4me

    Pick your Top Shot

    I read Charkbait's review of fluorocarbon and based on that and a few conversations with others I have decided to go with Seaguar premier fluorocarbon.
  221. Alaska4me

    Big Saturday at Point Loma

    I think I have my line needs met. I recently bought 3 spools each of 100 and 130 Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon. Thanks for the info on that David. Now all I have to do is get on the boat and enjoy myself, which is a no brainer, always have fun.
  222. Alaska4me

    fishing the tides

    What difference does it make? You going got get off the boat cause the tides are not right? They may cause fishing to be better some days or not but hey your there, so fish
  223. Alaska4me

    Public Launch Facilities?

    Hope this link will help you on a ramp selection. Boating Facilities=
  224. Alaska4me


    OK, a big box full of fishing mags is on the way to you. I think there are about 20 or so in the box. Special thanks to 8ball for the heads up on the "if it fits it ships" info, good savings there, thanks Jimbo
  225. Alaska4me

    My 7 day Intrepid Charter... Fish Report

    I am having to rethink my gear for the 11 day trip leaving Dec 8th. Usually I go in Oct on a 10 day trip and it is a variety of fish type trip. Going this late I think I will scale down my 50-60 pound outfits and go more with the 80-130 gear. Damn, just when I thought I had all the stuff I...
  226. Alaska4me

    Big Saturday at Point Loma

    I bet that will be quite the show! That many boats and people hanging around make for a real zoo. Hope they bring back some nice fish.
  227. Alaska4me


    I have a lot of left over Pacific Coast Sportfishing mags, some fish alaska, salt water sportsman etc. I am looking at a stack of old mags here easily over 16 inches thick. You asked for it and you got it. Like the Goatram said, you may have just opened a can of woop ass on your postal guys...
  228. Alaska4me

    Let the games begin! Royal Polaris gets 1st cow on lower banks

    See you onboard on the 8th! Hope to be frothing. My wife has told me to leave now and not come back till it is over. I guess she is tired of hearing about cows, spectra, knots, reels and rods. Heck just cause I watch Deep Color twice a week is no reason to get pissy lol.
  229. Alaska4me

    Jigging squid from a boat?

    I see no reason why squiding from a boat wouldn't work. Maybe a battery with clips to run a light pointed over the side? Might be able to use a fishdfinder to located them? I too have caught squid while jigging for salmon.
  230. Alaska4me

    Area 10 and Area 9 Nov. 5th

    How about a wrist rocket and a bad of marbles? Those SOB seals can see a marble coming a long way off and it scares the crap out of them.
  231. Alaska4me

    Let the games begin! Royal Polaris gets 1st cow on lower banks

    Thanks for the encouragement Steve. I hope we all hang a cow this coming few month. I defiantely will be watching the trips going out a week or so ahead of ours. Good luck to you all.
  232. Alaska4me

    Let the games begin! Royal Polaris gets 1st cow on lower banks

    Leaving Dec 8th on an 11 day trip aboard the American Angler, I am going crazy waiting for that trip to happen.
  233. Alaska4me

    Relaxing day ruined!!! Bank account suffers....

    Mike, days like that make all of us want to tear our hair out and just give up some times. You made the best out of a bad situation and got your pal out fishing. This stuff happened to me this year and all we can do is fix, learn and press on. Good job dealing with the situation.
  234. Alaska4me

    Big fish rigs in early Novemnber..??

    Well since you can't go back and get the big rigs, take them with you. But that is just my opinion. Good luck, I hope you get the cows. I am on 11 day American Angler trip leaving Dec 8th
  235. Alaska4me

    Some techniques, and things I see go wrong

    When David speaks of tuna and gear one would be wise to listen! As far as printing the info out, amen to that brother! In 2000 David and others (Willy, posted numerous articles covering a huge amount of info on Tuna and wahoo fishing. I was smart enough to print it al out, think it is...
  236. Alaska4me

    American Angler 10/4-14

    nice report. I fished with Monty and Uncle Dee some years ago, was a great trip. I still fish the AA and will be on an 11 day trip in Dec. Monty at MM rods makes all my rods for me. Fantastic work, great prices and besides you get a hug from him every time you see him. See you at the Fred Hall...
  237. Alaska4me

    Thoughts on the Excel...

    I ride the American Angler. This Dec on an 11 day trip. It is my 6th trip in a row with them. Love the entire operation from Lori in the front office to the entire crew. They treat you like royality.
  238. Alaska4me

    10-Day Goals...

    Very interesting comments on this post. Most are very valid ones in MHO. It simply boils down to one thing; if you are on the boat, you fish where it goes. Your choice is to pick a trip that will best suit your desires. I usually have gone in Oct on a 10 day trip, on the American Angler ( I...
  239. Alaska4me

    Chehalis River...Late Report 10/2

    thanks for the update on techniques. I agree, if the water was 20' deep and you were down 5 feet or so I seriously doubt mooching would work. When we fished the Kenai for silvers it was anchor up, tight to bank, sometimes in 3 or 4 feet of water and soak eggs on bottom. I am guessing that...
  240. Alaska4me

    Chehalis River...Late Report 10/2

    Excellent looking fish. I am looking forward to next year and fishing that river. If your trolling slow up river and the fish are going up river faster....seems you put the herring in their face and the results show. Were you dragging the bottom with lead? How deep was the water? Wonder how it...
  241. Alaska4me

    Grays Harbor Mayhem (PICS)

    what set up would be best for fishing below the mill? sinker and cut plug?
  242. Alaska4me

    Grays Harbor Mayhem (PICS)

    Great looking fish! I seriously love salmon in the salt. Quick question please. I fished the Chelalis River many years ago from a freinds boat. Launched at the unemproved ramp near Montesano in his drift boat with a small kicker motor. I have a 16' Lund WS, 30hp long shaft 4 stroke and a 8hp...
  243. Alaska4me

    area 11

    I was pretty much all alone at the point on my trip. One guy did make a few passes but he left early. Have to believe the fish are there, especially when you mark bait on the sounder. Just work it and work it. One of my coho had a fresh herring in her tummy.
  244. Alaska4me

    area 11

    Weather was great, tides were perfect. I arrived at Point Robinson about sunup. Started my troll at 50 feet depth in 125 feet of water, going from the point North. Started marking bait at 75 feet as I got close to the red house with the aqua roof near the water. Dropped the rig down to 70 feet...
  245. Alaska4me

    2009 Captains and Crews - Open Seats

    This maybe a bit late for the '09 season, maybe next years trips? My name is Rob Olson, I live in Tacoma and have fished all my life from Hawaii to Alaska and down to Mexico. I recently retired and try to get on the water as often as I can. I am always interested in learning new techniques, new...
  246. Alaska4me

    Area 11 - Last Hurrah Sat AM

    Did you get out like you wanted? I was thinking of fishing the point this coming week, weather looks good, sunrise and tides are right, who knows what can happen.