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  1. SureThing

    2 Kerosene heaters free

    I would be interested in them if you still have them
  2. SureThing

    Best fish sealer

    If you are interested in a quality product then a chamber sealer is the only way to go. The guy you need to call is Thom from ValUpac (206) 280-4650. He has several models to choose from with different price Tags. He is local in Maple valley and stocks what ever size or thickness of bags you...
  3. SureThing

    Any salmon reports for Westport this weekend?

    We landed 4 kings out of 8 on Saturday and 3 out of 4 on Sunday. Fished the south beach from closure to Willipa. If you put your time in there are fish to catch closer than area 3. If you want fast and furious head north.
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    Honda Help Needed

    Tacoma Boat works on and supports Hondas 9316 portland ave East 253-301-4013 I don’t know what his back log is but has treated me well in the past.
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    Paying it forward- bait table project FREE

    I will take it I can pick it up tonight. I live in Enumclaw. 206-423-4364
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    Multi season tags

    It might save you money. Once you figure out the archery thing you will sell your guns. It will ruin gun hunting. You will never get the rush with a gun that you get with a bow and arrow. Something about looking in their eyes and knowing you just out smarted them. I thought buck fever was a...
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    Rods / Reels misc stuff FS (Seeker Loomis Shimano)

    I will take the fetha styx rods pm sent.
  8. SureThing

    Solvkroken Norwegian Cod Jigs

    I will take these if still available pm sent
  9. SureThing

    WTB: gaff

    If no has one, cabelas has some long fiberglass ones with 4” hook for a reasonable price. I have two after I lost my aftco and they have stood the test of time for a fraction of the cost of an aftco.
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    Trouble with trim tabs

    I replied to your pm.
  11. SureThing

    Trouble with trim tabs

    I just replaced my boal leveler pump and actuators with lenco electric actuators. The pump and actuators were working fine. Make me a deal i can’t refuse and they are yours.
  12. SureThing

    pro release clips

    Pm sent
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    Down rigger Repair.

    Here is Larry’s contact info off his buisness card. He does top notch work and is great to work with. Work: ‭(253) 735-6514‬ Cell: ‭(253) 350-2945‬ [email protected] 30505 122nd Pl SE Auburn WA United States
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    Special Hunt results are up

    Archery Quality Bull- Selected Bethel My neck is already starting to swell. I almost feel like rolling in mud and squealling.
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    CQ Thursday ??

    If anyone hasn’t got heir limit of bottomfish and they fish the ocean its because they haven’t gone fishing. Its not because they haven’t had the opportunity. I can’t remember when we have had such a liberal season. The guys in the straights have had their work cut out for them.
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    Fishing stuff garage sale Today 9-4

    I will take both the lamiglass rods and the sealine reel. I will be up your way this weekend will you be available?
  17. SureThing

    AK salmon fishing

    Single hoooks are far better. You will snag less and have a better hook set. Trebles work if that is all you have but you will break off more gear on the bottom, where as the single hook will skip off the bottom. I lose less fish with siwash hooks.
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    Fishing stuff garage sale Today 9-4

    How much for the Daiwa sealine reel? What are the two rods on the left and how much.
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    RIP Patrick

    Him and his stories will be missed. His articles were always my favorite and first to be read when ever i got my hands on outdoor life growing up.
  20. SureThing

    Jury is still out

    The digitrol cannons use magnets on the side of the reel to count the depth down and up. This allows you to use braid with auto up and has a soft stop. I set mine so the ball stops below the water line. They are much nicer than the Mag 5/10 series.
  21. SureThing

    Shotguns for Kids

    I have two daughters that were very small when they started shooting. I bought them both a Weatherby SA08 in youth 20ga. This gun comes with a youth stock and a standard adult stock. It is a semi autimatic with high and low brass recoil bushings. I used the high brass bushing with light field 2...
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    Boat Storage La Push

    Did you try three rivers campground? It is just up the hill from laPush and has good facilities.
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    WP Wind & bottom fish Q's

    I like using manic seaweed for westport Washington for wind and swell reports. I've found it is very accurate. Swede is right this weekend looks good to me. You could also get the windy app or go to,-126.744,7 for...
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    Westport roll call this weekend

    My brother and I will be there on float 20. See you on the water.
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    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    Looks like that surge brake actuator coupler is very long. If it is over two feet you may be able to replace that coupler with a fixed coupler and change your brake actuator to electric over hydraulic. I can't tell what your clearances are from the picture. This solution would also change the...
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    FL day 2

    Those crappie are slabs. Looks fun.
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    Suggestion on how to safely release medium to larger halibut.

    I use a Tee handled hook remover instead of a gaff. Use the same technique Patrick Walker explained. It will work on all fish. It has an 1 1/2" dia handle with a strong stiff stainless rod about 12-18" long. At the end it is S shaped so yuo can push the hook out of it deep in the throat of a...
  28. SureThing

    Tie Down Engineering Vortex Hub assembly

    Wild Bill have you had a problem or premature failure with the Superlube system or are you looking for a better mouse trap? I only ask since I also have the super lube system and haven't had any problems in 8 years. I do pump a lot of grease through them but have not had to do any Maintenace...
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    rods for sale

    PM sent
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    I do a fair amount of fishing in the rivers and have found that braid is far superior than mono. I used to have to fill my spools every few days. Since I changed to braid I can't remember the last time I added line to my reel. I use standard power pro on my bait casters and super slick on my...
  31. SureThing

    draw results

    Selected for Eniat late archery quality Buck!!! 21 points and still not selected for goat or sheep. Always next year.
  32. SureThing

    Open seat Westport salmon Thursday

    Last call. I will be launching around 5:30-6am.
  33. SureThing

    Open seat Westport salmon Thursday

    Looking to go salmon fishing at Westport on Thursday and lost my fishing partner to a doctor's appointment. Targeting Kings. PM me if interested.
  34. SureThing

    Westport COHO & Lings - 8/22/15

    I went out deep on Friday and Saturday. I started on the 260 line around 03 to 06 but only caught a couple silvers on Friday. I noticed some birds and a temperature break as I came across the 200 foot line on the way out so I decided to head back that way. The birds were still there and we...
  35. SureThing

    Anybody salmon fishing Westport (UPDATE REPORT ADDED)

    I'm with you lucerunner. If running hardware I only run one hook. I find I have a much better hook to land ratio with the side benefit of very very low release mortality rate. If I'm on the beach and running bait I will cut the leader if the hooks are deep or I think I will kill the fish trying...
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    What to do with used Pipe Jigs

    I salt away my gear after every trip and spray the metal with WD-40 then wipe down the excess with a rag just like you would do with your tools after using them in the rain. I don't have any rust or corrosion issues. I use my gear until Someone donates it to davey jones locker.
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    Canning question

    I'm sure you have got the answer by now, but ultimately it's about the amount of btu's going in versus qty of water/food and it's temperature. At sea level I t only takes 1 btu/hr per pound of water to raise the water temperature 1 degree but 977 btu/lb water to change it's state from liquid to...
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    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    NWFishaman-- if the digitrol cannons use magnetic spool sensors to count the number of revolutions you spool turns as it is going up and down for automatic operation whereas the mag 5 and 10 series use the cable to conduct current through the water for automatic operation. The short version is...
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    Wa hunt draw results out

    Not Selected. Sooner or later I will draw my goat or sheep tag. Maybe next year....
  40. SureThing

    bow hunters input wanted

    I would suggest you look for a club near you. I believe there is one in PA. Most archers are willing to assist in any way they can. After the first of the year look up the WSAA tournament calendar and look for some 3-D shoots that work for your schedule. These shoots will attract all levels of...
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    Jet Ski Fishing

    I saw a guy on the cowlitz struggling with his jet ski that wouldn't start and had to tow it to shore with my drift boat. Not really a good idea with no back up power or back up plan.
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    Holy Moley the Special Hunt results are up!

    Archery Bethel bull for me!!!
  43. SureThing

    Looking for gunsmith

    Ken Haugen precision NW in Enumclaw. (206) 999-2303 He does everything. He likes custom builds and is very reasonable.
  44. SureThing

    100lb test for dummy flasher?

    I just tie with a regular fishing knots instead of messing with crimps. In fact, I snell my halibut hooks with 200#. I've had more failures with crimps than I ever have with tying knots.
  45. SureThing

    Any electricians?

    the Kiln is using electric resistance heat. It will draw what it is rated for as soon as it is turned on. If you use too small of conductors your wire will turn into heaters and hopefully the breaker will trip. You run the risk of burning down your shop. Do it right and run the rated wire and...
  46. SureThing

    Halibut season is a wrap?

    Spring fever, why do you like circle hooks during low current flow conditions? I have never used circle hooks and am curious.
  47. SureThing

    DEEP water king in La Push

    how do you lose a salmon on halibut gear?
  48. SureThing

    Braid for downrigger Chinook

    I use 65# power pro and clip it into cannon uni-line DR clips with 100# leaders. I like landing fish not telling fish stories. I typically troll fast and have never experienced hooks ripping out. When fishing braid when the fish is close is the time you need to be more careful. particularly, if...
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    that picture is priceless as is the time spent with those deck hands. Good job.