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  1. kallitype

    Squid jigging

    does "clean" include skinning the mantle???
  2. kallitype

    More Squid

    Do you skin them???
  3. kallitype

    Squid jigging

    No squid at Vashon dock. Move along, nothing to see...
  4. kallitype

    Santorini Greece, 10-7-2019

    Nice report and pics, truly a different experience!
  5. kallitype

    Where is the hotspot for Silvers and Humpies in Area 10 & 11

    Picked up a nice pink at 60 feet in 540 feet of water between Maury Isl and Fed Way, on a little trolled spinner. No silvers in south MA11~~~are they just late? Dock fishers in Tramp Harbor are getting about 1/day, usually on the PM high tide, herring below a bobber.
  6. kallitype

    Chasing 2019’s summer!

    Apex predators!! Green with envy....
  7. kallitype

    MA-11 King

    nice fish, nice boat!!!
  8. kallitype

    1st Salmon

    Dang! Nice fish, Bud!
  9. kallitype

    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem use 3 loops uni instead of 2 as given in the link. Faster and easier and better than the Palomar.
  10. kallitype

    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem

    Interesting knot on that plug—-looks like thru the ring twice, then a 3-turn Uni??
  11. kallitype

    MA11 7/20

    The seals key on a waving net, and the clicker on your reel. Turn that clicker off, stay seated while netting. Even then it may just follow your boat. Slingshots help keep them away.
  12. kallitype

    Neah Bay for newbies

    Terrific report, thanks. Great pics, too, that crab molt pic was super.
  13. kallitype

    Sekiu Neah Inaugural Trip

    You really know how to write a great report, and super pics!! I was that queasy guy in Hawaii a couple years back, chummed over the side for 4 hours, an awful feeling to be puking, watching the other guys hauling in the wahoo! Now use the wristbands with the little buttons, no problem.
  14. kallitype

    I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    add 30 #. Waitin for Dave to tell us about the fight!
  15. kallitype

    I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    My friend Dave B. got a 180 last weekend at NB.
  16. kallitype

    A good day by canada

    Wowie! Nice job!
  17. kallitype

    Freshwater Bay

    Gonna try, Erik!!
  18. kallitype

    Freshwater Bay

    Better to fish Sekiu----more protected, and you get 1st crack at the fish coming down the Strait. As for running to FWB from Ediz hook----in a 12 footer? No way, you gotta get back! Screw up, and it's a long way to Yokohama Harbor. The local kayak rental puts yaks in at FWB, but they stay...
  19. kallitype

    Canada clamps down

    Looks like it will be ok after 15 July. Not sure where “inshore waters” cover—-perhaps something like Alberni Inlet? And dates not specified. Suggest you contact BC fisheries for clarification. If you do, please post their response on this thread.
  20. kallitype

    Canada clamps down

    • Commercial fishing: Commercial troll fisheries for Chinook will be closed until August 20 in Northern BC, and August 1st on the West Coast of Vancouver Island to avoid impacting Fraser Chinook stocks and to support conservation priorities. • Recreational fishing: The...
  21. kallitype

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    ANd don't let the toilet seat hit you in the neck....
  22. kallitype

    Lings in the sound

    Probably good thing you did not take them for granite...
  23. kallitype

    8-2 eats

    Good work!! Weight? (Of the fish, not you!!! ;-)
  24. kallitype

    Area 7 Love

    Dang! Some good eatin there —-way to go!
  25. kallitype

    A9 Magic

    #2 Abe & Al in Chrome with Doc Thoke herring color polar bear fly!
  26. kallitype

    A9 Magic

    Nice flat water, too!!!
  27. kallitype

    Oregon introduces bill to ban derbies

    Don't know if this is the proper forum, but could not find mention of this elsewhere. SENATE BILL 723 Prohibits person from organizing, sponsoring, promoting, conducting or participating in contest, competition, tournament or derby that has objective of taking wildlife for prizes or other...
  28. kallitype


    Slow in MA11. Gotta fish deeper!!!
  29. kallitype

    MA 7, Saturday

    Would bet that finning blackmouth was a chum, they do that.
  30. kallitype

    8-2 Fishies

    Speaking of tartar sauce, try this: 1/3 horseradish, 1/3 mayo. 1/3 sweet pickle relish. Awesome!
  31. kallitype

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Good for you, John!! I almost never see guys in MA11 with PFDs on, but am beginning to see a few wearing the inflatables. I am a lifetime expedition kayaker, and thus wearing a PFD is second nature, would not think of going on any boat without one. And when I'm alone, I have a VHF in the vest...
  32. kallitype

    Puget Sound Coho Reports

    still....those are mighty nice fish!! Way to go!
  33. kallitype

    Mukilteo coho

    They are coming thru MA11 now. Point Robinson hot hot hot last Weds-Thurs.
  34. kallitype

    MA-13 report

    Ran from Dockton to Pt Gibson, trolled about 3 hours for one shaker blackmouth, pal Gary caught 8# silver at 55 feet in front of concrete dock. 4 or 5 other boats, no nets out. Long damn way for a skunking!! Lots of bait between Fosdick and Fox Island, none on west side of Fox.
  35. kallitype

    Kingston 8-12

    and a pretty smooth drag. Caught LOTS of kings 15-25# pn my 209, never had it fail, unlike the Okuma Coldwater, which lost its freespool in only 6 months. Bet the 209 is still catching fish!
  36. kallitype

    The good, the bad, the ugly

    Atenolol, the most common drug for hypertension, can be effective to stop SVT, at a dose of 12.5 mg, best paired with the "Valsalva maneuver", bearing down like making a bowel movement. Without actually passing anything, of course. Many seniors use Atenolol for their blood pressure. Not trying...
  37. kallitype

    SOLD Set of 10 tuna lures in rig bag, pristine

    10 lures, nice roll-up rigging bag with clear pockets. Lures look unused, all have 100# leaders. $50 or trade for salmon gear.
  38. kallitype

    Neah Bay 6/23-6/24

    Friend Dave got a 17 and a 19 Friday in MA13.
  39. kallitype

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Yeah, getting bored with time on my hands with this lousy set of tides!! THink I should run to POint Robinson and see whassup kingwise.
  40. kallitype

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    -------------------------- The guy who launched you on the trolley was named Vic. Sure was good jigging back in the 1980's!!!
  41. kallitype

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    --Yeah! Big John and Little John, smoking themselves to death. The camping was not first rate, the toilets were a horror, but you could moor at a dock in the little "basin" and get out at first light for some decent kings along the kelp. And it was cheap,! Just a hop skip and a jump to...
  42. kallitype

    Mason's (Olsons) Sekiu Resort---sold to WDFW??

    Saw this, does anybody know what's shakin at Mason's for the summer??? The owner of Mason’s Resort (formerly Olson’s Resort) has indicated interest in selling the facility, which provides the only public boat ramp between Port Angeles and Neah Bay not dependent on the tides. WDFW has proposed...
  43. kallitype

    Pretty long odds

    Pound sand, turkey
  44. kallitype

    Pretty long odds

    spelling? Nothing on Google for it
  45. kallitype

    Pretty long odds

    MA11 has been on fire this week---easy limits. Biggest one I've seen the past 3 days was taken by a meat-liner on a 6" white plug!!! I lost my only 1950's Lucky Louie 5inch plug today, snagged on the bottom in 140feet, it was a killer. RIP!! Will go back to a 602 pearl white. The 109 is good too.
  46. kallitype

    WTB Point Defiance spoons, size 5 or 6, any color

    Will swap current spoons or plugs for vintage PD spoons. Or pay cash. Lemme know what you have, and what you need.
  47. kallitype

    They didn't get this one!

    I like the cyanide idea---a lot! or maybe glass shards?? The seals/sea lions eat way more salmon than all the commecial, Inidan and sport take, annually.
  48. kallitype

    Roche Derby

    Green with envy! Congrats
  49. kallitype

    Rod/Reel Advise

    My fishing buddy and I both bought left-hand retrieve Okuma Coldwater reels, loved them until they both failed within a year---the lever that makes freespool stopped working on both our reels. We replaced them with Daiwa Lexa line-counters, which seem to be MUCH better made, smoother and more...
  50. kallitype

    Pretty long odds

    I'll bet it was one of "Doc" Thoke's wonder flies!!! He's still over in Olalla, still catching kings in area 11....I bought a few of his flies back around 1985. Good for silvers, nor so much for blackmouth.
  51. kallitype

    Knot contest knot

    THe "eye-crosser" (twice thru the eye and a 3-turn Uni) won a big knot contest a few years back, is super easy to tie, and has knot failed me yet! Palomar ain't bad, but there are better knots lately, prolly less easy to tie though.
  52. kallitype

    Port Renrew Report

    UNless the sea lions get first pick....
  53. kallitype

    MA13 8/25

    Knock knock Who's there? Emerson Emerson who? Emerson nice kings!!!
  54. kallitype

    I heard a rumor

    Got a 16# last Thursday at the Claybanks, put it in the smoker at 10 PM< got up the next morning to find that the (%*&(*&%( raccoons had pulled my Little Chief smoker apart and eaten all the fish!!
  55. kallitype

    Sekiu Fun 8/26-8/27

    How far out did you have to go? Beyond kayak range???
  56. kallitype

    Be safe out there.

    When things go bad, they go bad FAST!! Wear your PFD--alla time, not just when your boat is going down!! Friend of mine got hit by a rogue wave coming back from blue dot, 20' Wooldridge went down inside of 30 seconds, they were 14 miles offshore, hanging onto their coolers, erscured by a...
  57. kallitype

    Sekiu Kings end of July

    Was at CQ Weds and Thurs AM< heavy heavy fog! Fog did not lift Weds until about 6 pm, for an hour, then socked back in. Thurs am had 50 feet visibility, could barely see the end of the dock at the launch. Went to FWB Thurs AM, it was a bit foggy but not so you couldn't fish. Nice kings, about...
  58. kallitype

    MA 11 Report

    that fish in your left hand---adipose fin?
  59. kallitype

    MA 11 Report

    Nice nookies!! Glad to see some fish showing up. Last summer I bought an old metal tackle box at a yard sale, there was about 10# of mooching weights, and a few brass/chrome spoons, a couple like the one you used. The brass is very mungy-looking, but I'll bet it'll clean up nice with some...
  60. kallitype

    MA13 has no fish!

    Fished Point Gibson and Concrete dock on Fox---there were about 7 boats when we got there at 7:30, fished through the low tide and into the flood about an hour. Not a bump---saw no nets out. But when the fog lifted at 10, a beautiful day.
  61. kallitype

    MA11 nookies

    Speaking of black bear----there have been 4 or 5 reliable sightings of a cougar on Vashon the past couple weeks. 30# king caught in COlvos Passage this Am. (Not by me, dammit!!)
  62. kallitype

    MA11 nookies

    Nice 16# male noookie yesterday at 5:15 east side of Vashon--actually Maury Island, beginning of Tramp Harbor. 742 hoochie behind green/silver flasher. Fought like a demon, 3 tries to net him, 3rd time;s the charm.
  63. kallitype

    MA11 nookies

    BO, you got it right!! Thanks. Now to rig up some White Lightning 4inch spoons with the same herring /UV stinger. Those things sparkle like hell, and the UV belly just lights up.
  64. kallitype

    MA11 nookies

    Anything from Beals or Pt robinson? Goin' out tomorrow...
  65. kallitype

    MA11 nookies

    It's been slow in MA11, best results have been one 4 oz white Point wilson dart, second best with this spoon and a stinger fly, here's it wet and dry. Damned if I can remember the site where I bought it, I got 3 and one is already chewed up. anybody recognize this lure???
  66. kallitype

    Halibut Areas 5 and 4

    That's a pretty nifty spiral-wrap rod----custom job???
  67. kallitype

    LaPush Lings

    Izzy one of the big Japanese fishing floats?? Way cool, if it is.
  68. kallitype

    LaPush Lings

    "knock knock" :who's there?" "Emerson" "Emerson who?" "Emerson monster lings!!"
  69. kallitype

    WTB Lamiglas G1316-T

    will also swap for some cash.....$100 plus shipping sound OK>>>??
  70. kallitype

    WTB Lamiglas G1316-T

    I have a Kenai Killer in excellent condition, in a sturdy Flambeau adjustable case (suitable for mailing). Will swap for a 9-10 foot mooching rod. Pics on request to your email.
  71. kallitype

    Area 6 help

    Thanks---today would have been a lovely day for fishing the bay...
  72. kallitype

    Area 6 help

    What's the limit in Discovery bay----finclip only??? 2 fish???
  73. kallitype

    Area 6 Report

    IS the limit 2 chinook, must they be fin clipped????
  74. kallitype

    New Hummingbird transducer $50

    Go to YouTUbe, search "Humminbird Quadra Beam Sonar" and you'll see a video demo of quad beam
  75. kallitype

    New Hummingbird transducer $50

    IT's new in package, took it out for taking pics. Never mounted.
  76. kallitype

    New Hummingbird transducer $50

    Here's the list: Quadra Beam, 20/60/90 Degree, 200/83/455 kHz. More secure, especially at high force of waves. Improved running angle and an optional lock down screw to override the kick up. Works with 575, 717, 718, 727, 728, 737, 747c, 755c, 757c, 767, 768, 777c2, 778c HD, 778C, 788C, 788ci...
  77. kallitype

    New Hummingbird transducer $50

    Will ship in the US only.
  78. kallitype

    New Hummingbird transducer $50

    Quadrabeam, XNT 9 OB 90 T xducer, replace your aging transducer---they lose sensitivity after 3 or 4 years of use. 20ft cable. $50 or swap for fishing gear (saltwater).
  79. kallitype

    Accurate BX-400x lefty $350 - San Diego

    Do you take Paypal? Would you ship to seattle ??
  80. kallitype

    2 girls and 3 limits in the sun Labor Day!

    Many years ago, at Silver King "resort" in the Strait, an old guy showed me how to rig the cut head to spin, by itself with a regular 2 hook mooching leader. Really pulled in the silvers. Have not done it for years, wish I could remember how to do it, cause now I'm an old guy (72)!!
  81. kallitype

    Wanted: LH retrieve reel for King Salmon

    what do you have?? Need drag of 15-20#, should hold at least 300yd 40# braid. Accurate?? Avet LH??
  82. kallitype

    Accurate BX 500X Reel For Sale!

    Cost shipped to 98070?
  83. kallitype

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 for Left Hand Use

    Last service was>>???? Cost shipped to Seattle area (ZIP 98070)??
  84. kallitype

    Area 9 Opening Weekend Report

    green----with envy!
  85. kallitype

    MA11 Sunday

    MA11 has sucked this year!! Worse than last which was terrible. Good for you for scoring!
  86. kallitype

    Breakin' in the Hewescraft in Neah Bay

    Sweet boat!!! nice feesh porn, too...
  87. kallitype

    Westport 7/11-13

    Wow, great nookies!!
  88. kallitype

    WP 7-11

    Tyee!! Sweet!
  89. kallitype

    I need help choosing

    +2 on the Accurate Boss Fury---great value, made in USA, high quality.
  90. kallitype

    Neah Bay/Canada Swiftsure

    The Sea Chaser is a wonderful boat, love the samll cuddy and large cockpit. Great pics, by the way!!
  91. kallitype

    A11 Report

    There's decent fish around, just gotta pay your dues. 90-105 ft on the downrigger, even in 225 feet of depth. Troll from dolphin south along the shore at the 20 fathom line on the flood....
  92. kallitype

    MA11 report 6/12-6/14

    Dave B (tidechaser) is at Neah Bay this week, I think. He is indeed the master of the jig, I fished with him last week and he nailed a nice one at the Point in about 10 minutes. My wrist was sore for 2 days from the twitching!
  93. kallitype

    New boat and first blood

    nice! same boat as the renowned Tide Chaser!
  94. kallitype

    A11 Report

    ditto...lashed Camp Sealth to a froth, nada.
  95. kallitype

    WTS/WTT Pristine Lamiglas Kenai Killer

    Want to trade the Kenai killer for a 9 1/2 or 10/1/2 ft mooching rod, Lamiglas or Loomis or equal quality. The Killer is a 9 ft rod, extra heavy action, perfect for sturgeon, big halibut, or trophy-size salmon (50# class) . You can lift a 100# halibut with no danger of this rod breaking, or turn...
  96. kallitype

    Landing 80 pound halibut from a kayak

    Great work, Bill!! For WA yak site----
  97. kallitype

    Neah and yakutat

    Holy Crap! Strong work, you guys
  98. kallitype

    **PRO GEAR 541.....PRICE REDUCED $125!!SOLD!!!

    Wish it was a lefty......but nie all the same. Bump!
  99. kallitype

    FS Humminbird transducer --new $50 Brand new never installed 90T transducer, good for a variety of HUmmibird sounders, side vision, etc..I had a Matrix 97 and bought this as a spare, but never used it The Humminbird XNT 9 QB 90 T Transom Mount Transducer is a high-speed...
  100. kallitype

    FS Humminbird transducer --new $50 Brand new never installed 90T transducer, good for a variety of HUmmibird sounders, side vision, etc..I had a Matrix 97 and bought this as a spare, but never used it The Humminbird XNT 9 QB 90 T Transom Mount Transducer is a high-speed...
  101. kallitype

    Heating up hali

    Emerson nice buts!!!
  102. kallitype

    Great shrimping in area 12

    knock knock who's there? Emerson Emerson who? Emerson damn nice prawns!!!
  103. kallitype


    And even a black cat!!!
  104. kallitype

    F/S MINT Alutecnos Gorilla 12 REDUCED

    HIgh class reel, but it's a right-hand retrieve....good for 90% of the cats in this sandbox.
  105. kallitype

    bottom fish location?

    Is it true---only one day for shrimp in MA 11?????
  106. kallitype

    Neah Bay Shake-Out 4/25-26

    Ugh, just looked it up---wish I hadn't!!!
  107. kallitype

    MInt Scotty D/rigger Pedestal riser $45

    Here's a link to my Craigslist ad---add shipping to the cost, if not local to Seattle/Tacoma. This is a 12Inch riser.
  108. kallitype

    Raymarine Dragonfly 5

    Good move, it's a great unit, I'd take it at $350.
  109. kallitype

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 left hand use

    PM sent---seller wil not ship to PO box....even with $$ in his hand!!
  110. kallitype

    WTS (4) Alutecnos Albacore Gorilla 12's

    Are they both RH retrieve???
  111. kallitype

    F/S NIB Omoto Predios 14nn reel REDUCED

    I's snap it up in a flash if it was a lefty....
  112. kallitype

    Pro Gear 440 &Penn YTS/Tiburon

    What's the 440 spooled with---80# same as the others?
  113. kallitype

    SOLD FS Accurate B870 2 Speed

    Great price, wish it were a lefty!!!
  114. kallitype

    Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    THe White Lightning CK is the best, most consistent lure I've used since the Pearl Wobbler back in the day.....
  115. kallitype

    Spring Comes to the Parker

    Looks more like Malibu...
  116. kallitype

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 left hand use

    Wonder if it's a different reel pictured?? Apparently he doesn't wwant to ship;..
  117. kallitype

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 left hand use

    Will go $200 IF YOU'LL SHIP TO SEATTLE.....
  118. kallitype

    PSA Blackmouth Derby 2nd place winner

    He puts a Trokar hook on them----watch out, they are SHARP!! Don't ask my index finger ho I know....
  119. kallitype

    Area 11 and an itchy dolphin...

    This guy followed me around at Dalco today, came VERY close to the boat (14ft Livingston). There was a big branch stuck on my DR cable, I pulled up the ball and tossed the branch away---the dolphin played with it for about 10 minutes!! Would come up underneath it, balance it on his fin, etc...
  120. kallitype

    Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    Fished Freshwater Bay yesterday----no bait, no feesh. There were 4 other boats out, all came back empty-handed, one guy said they got 2 around 10-12#, both were "natives" and were released. Beautiful day though, flat water and sunshine ain't all bad!!
  121. kallitype

    Wanted: Small Lefty Everol , Accurate or Alutecnos.

    THnaks for the info, OG. I'll cross Duel off the list....
  122. kallitype

    Wanted: Small Lefty Everol , Accurate or Alutecnos.

    Ooops---forgot the most important part---needs to be a left-hand retrieve.
  123. kallitype

    Wanted: Small Lefty Everol , Accurate or Alutecnos.

    Lookin for a nice used Italian reel---whaddya got?? I'm on an island in Puget Sound, so need shipping.
  124. kallitype

    No longer for sale

    A watched pot never boils over.
  125. kallitype

    Fishing for Blackmouth in Sooke BC area

    YOUr regs are almost as confusing as ours!! Wait----i take it back, nothing is a f*&*&ed up as the WADFW regs. On the bright side, you guys have more fish than fisherman, down Stateside it's the other way around. I was fortunate to fish Langara Island the first year Langara Lodge was open...
  126. kallitype

    MA 11 and a "first." 2-23-2015

    I lashed COlvos passage to a froth Sunday with hoochies , nuttin. Was pretty choppy with the north wind. Marked NO bait, and no fish.
  127. kallitype

    MA 11 and a "first." 2-23-2015

    No excuse fr not looking on your dash. Call Art Tachell at the boat house and raise hell with him, he's a good guy.
  128. kallitype

    gardiner derby

    Wow--I'm blown away by the number of nice fish entered!! And $10 grand is nothing to sniff at....for a nearly 19# feesh. I'll be there next year fer sure!
  129. kallitype

    Avet Left hand

    Been there done that with a halibut rig----rod holder snapped and the whole works followed....friend has an MX LH, will see if he wants to sell.
  130. kallitype

    Accurate 870 converted for left hand

    Hi---did yu ever sell this one?? Thanks
  131. kallitype

    WP Bass Run & the 1st 2015 Ocean King?

    NIce fishi, but that table really kicks ass....
  132. kallitype


    Most exciting game in years!!! Lost my voice, but never doubted Russel and Marshawn coud pull it out. They made it a real nailbiter.....and it took 2 really low-percentage plays, the onside kick and the 2-point conversion, to get us to overtime. Muat have been a pretty gloomy flight back...
  133. kallitype

    MA 13

    Who got the big 'un???
  134. kallitype

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 for left hand use

    Cost shipped to seattle (98070) ???
  135. kallitype

    Accurate BX2 30. Reduced.Phenix PHD 700XH

    If it was only a lefty.....
  136. kallitype

    A7 Opener

    Scotty---I'm envious, love italy! Where are you??? Pleasure rather than business, I hope....
  137. kallitype

    Resurrection derby

    [pics don't come up...
  138. kallitype

    Elliott Bay squid

    ONce caught a couple off the gas dock at Point Defiance boathouse, jigging for herring---in the middle of an august day!!!
  139. kallitype

    Area 9 & 10 Winter Blackmout/Driftwood

    You need more gear, especially spoons!
  140. kallitype

    MA 11 and MA 13......

    Never used to see these in the Sou th Sound, now getting more coon. Awesome sight! Interesting that it took the herring,
  141. kallitype

    WTB Lefty Italian reel

    Looking for Duel, Alutecnos, or Everol with left-hand retrieve, about the size of Speedy 12.
  142. kallitype

    Saturday Tuna - Wasn't meant to be

    Geeze, great vid----pls post and let us know how things turn out for the crew member. I am 6 weeks post quadruple bypass, a pretty gnarly experience, started wih chest pains in the dunes at Florence....great job getting the guy offloaded, big kudos to the CG!!
  143. kallitype

    MA 9 Blackmouth

    Those are chrome beauties!! Nuttin wrong with a sunny day and nice water, too!!!
  144. kallitype

    Area 9 & 10 Winter Blackmout/Driftwood

    Nice fish, and kool idea with the straw.
  145. kallitype

    MA 10 is (NOT) shakerland...

    OK----I was wrong. Apologies to the OP....
  146. kallitype

    MA 10 is (NOT) shakerland...

    In pic #2 I see an adipose fin, and the fish is out of the water. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it and shut up...
  147. kallitype

    MA 10 is (NOT) shakerland...

    MPIZZLE---this is what I was referring to: from the regs: FRESHWATER: “It is unlawful to totally remove salmon, steelhead, or Dolly Varden/Bull Trout from the water if it is unlawful to retain those fish, or if the angler subsequently releases the salmon, steelhead, Dolly Varden/Bull Trout.”...
  148. kallitype

    MA 10 is (NOT) shakerland...

    Great pics, great report! But why boat an unclipped fish??
  149. kallitype

    Crab Poachers MA-9

    I've had good results with soak time of 1 hour---but that's with a lot of oily bait and added "crab nectar". Get at keast 10# of weight in your pot, and add a big buoy to the red/white one, for good measure on big tide swings. 100 ft is minimum for the bigger males// YMMV
  150. kallitype

    Could 1 July be any slower getting here

    Damn. Paid $50 deposit to Wildrivers for the Chetco opener Oct 1, got some angina in the dunes at Florence Sept 15, and on Oct 1 was on the table getting a quadruple bypass! NExt year, fer sure, Chetco Hawg Derby....winning fish this year was 42#, last year's fish (50#) is on the cover of...
  151. kallitype

    Poor crab, MA 13 carnage....

    Admin Leave---love your boat name! My old buddy Tom had a 15ft Arima named "Sick Leave"...
  152. kallitype


    You ain't kidding on the power outages!! We had one that blew our heat pump at 0200 Sat Am on Vashon Wahoo! Great eating fish, and a big one at that!
  153. kallitype


    Wow, great! Beautful water conditions....
  154. kallitype

    Still plenty of tuna in westport.

    World Cat is an awesome boat.
  155. kallitype

    Any Sekiu Reports???

    They have a buyer who's trying to get finiancing, but nothing has gone through ....yet, as of today.
  156. kallitype

    WP 9-18-14

    wow---fillet and release
  157. kallitype

    MA 13 shrimp 9-5-14

    Don't need no stinkin' Hood Canal!!!
  158. kallitype


    And///it's a hatchery fish!!
  159. kallitype

    First Blood

    First fish in the "new " Coho Special this AM, 57feet down in the Colvos Passage. Been very slow in MA11 this year, I'm almost ashamed to turn in my catch record. This guy fought like a much bigger fish, look at the tail and see why!!
  160. kallitype


    White Lightning CK on the west side of VAshon, green or purple haze hoochie on the east side, with mini-b2 a second favorite, 90=105 feet of wire out in 120 feet of water. Limited success in Colvos, fish on the small side---10 to 16#..the rain should make changes, hopefully bring the coho down.
  161. kallitype


    Things warming up at POint D---if you can get them past the seals and sea lions, 16# on CK
  162. kallitype

    A7 any reports? where to go?

    Picked up a 16# hen Thurs at Dalco, a mess of boats out there, picking up in MA11 this past week.
  163. kallitype

    No fish and Down 2 riggers.

    That braid ain't free, either...
  164. kallitype

    13ft Whalers vs 14ft LIvingston

    I'm looking for a small boat for the Sound----Have had in the past a 14ft Livingston (tiller) and saw a 13ft Whaler on Craigslist. Opinions on seaworthyness and suitablity for the Sound (MA11 and 13)??? I troll for kings, occasionally take a buddy, and live on Vashon. I know the Livingston is...
  165. kallitype

    The Big Boys are Here WP

    MY old fishing bud Tom had a 15ft Arima named "Sick Leave"....
  166. kallitype

    A10 Kings: Do you know the struggles?

    Nice fish, the plank stuff is awesome. Makes me hungry!! Few years back had a big king at the mouth of the Puyallup in Commmencement bay pull the hook off a Pt Defiance spoon, it was my sister's only bite of the day!!
  167. kallitype

    Humility we all need it

    Eagle bait is right---when I kayak-fished in Barkley Sound back in the 1980's, we'd toss the dogies on the beach, eagles would swoop down and fight over the damn things!! Hard to believe that's almost 30 years ago!!!
  168. kallitype

    Puget Sound Chinook Pics

    Tomics or 5 1/2inch Ace High white plugs work in MA11, drug along the bottom. Meatliners been cleaning up with them for deacdes, esp the 602 and 109 colors.
  169. kallitype

    Puget Sound Salmon Seasons- Report your Catch!

    Mark Twain's definition of a good politician: "One who stays bought"
  170. kallitype

    Area 7 suckage?

    MA11 today (east side Vashon Island) was a mess of brown water, eelgrass/weed and jellyfish soup. Ugh. Pull the gear every 5-10 minutes and clean off the ropes of snot. Not for the faint of heart---no fish, either!!
  171. kallitype

    Port Angeles Report 7/1

    Nice work Rhino!!! Musta kept you busy crankin those Penn D/Rs....using bait or other?
  172. kallitype

    Area 7 on the the 4th

    nice going----gear?
  173. kallitype

    Down rigger question

    I always rinse my Sampos in fresh water while rinsing the motor, then a shot of WD40 for good measure.
  174. kallitype

    Could 1 July be any slower getting here

    DJFISH----Right on, I love the prep---tying leaders, changing out rusted hooks on CK's, dreaming up new hoochie--b2 squid combos, etc etc. Gonna go down to Brookings Oct 1 for the Chetco derby (won last year with a 50# king) and already starting to gather the weapons!!
  175. kallitype

    Westport 6/21

    It was so easy a dog was chasing a cat and they were both walking...
  176. kallitype

    Point Defiance report

    Fished Dalco Monday, no love but had fun watching a Pacific White-sided dolphin run circles around and under the boat for 15 minutes, bigger than the Dall's porpoise, about 7-8 feet long, gray back, pronounced dorsal fin. Could keep up with me at 15mph!!
  177. kallitype


    Great set of pics, Tommy!! Love the "Surrounded by Butts" pics. Looks like it was little too sporty for my 14ft Duroboat, though....
  178. kallitype

    Left hand retreive reels...

    Ditto----grew up using spinning reels so reeling with the left hand makes sense, and you can control the rod much better with your dominant right hand. I'd absolutely love it if the Makeira and the Okuma Cedros were available in LH retrieve. I had a nice RH Pro Gear Albacore but sold it and...
  179. kallitype

    FS: Alutecnos Gorilla 12

    Apparently sold???????
  180. kallitype

    FS Alutecnos 20

    still available???
  181. kallitype

    FS Alutecnos 20

    Gerat price but too heavy for my Loomis salmon rod. But geeze, GREAT price!!
  182. kallitype

    FS Alutecnos 20

    What # test is the mono, please???
  183. kallitype

    Scotty - Great Customer Support

    Ditto---I have a 10year old downrigger that needed new pulley, Tom at sportco provided one---NC!!! I'll never use anything but Scotty.
  184. kallitype

    Blackmouth closing in A7 - Fact or fiction?

    bout 20 years ago I read about a couple who went up to Rivers Inlet, the Mr. went off in the AM with the guide to fish, the Mrs. fished from the dock---she nailed a 60 pound king, it was hanging from the scale when the guy got back with a couple 20-25 lb fish. He took a look at her fish and...
  185. kallitype

    Who needs wind?? A7 blackies today!

    take some pix next time--we're dyin on the vine down here in MA11.
  186. kallitype

    Smallest Boat for Tuna

    No way. My pal Dave (Jigger Dave) was coming back from Blue Dot 2 years ago in his 20ft Wooldridge and a rogue wave capsized them and the boat sank in 30 seconds, they were swimming for it 12 miles out from Neah Bay when the buddy boat plucked them out of the drink. He said it was so rough...
  187. kallitype

    Rivers Inlet - Need some advice on where to go and stay???

    Wow---you prefer that to RI??? I knew Ucluelet was good, but that's awesome!!
  188. kallitype

    Area 6 Blackmouth

    Nice work?!! But why didn't you get a big motor? ;-)
  189. kallitype

    Seeking 14-15 ft console boat, aluminum

    Got a Valco, Smokercraft, or Duroboat with side or center console and 4-stroke you no longer need? Need a trailer too! Seattle area. Have a $4,000 budget, cash in hand.
  190. kallitype

    Fishing gaff's

    Man, that locker down there is getting full!! Doug C. sent down a 6hp Evinrude--running, but not for long.
  191. kallitype

    Kaiden's Adventure, Area 7

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful story, and stimulating some memories of my own!!
  192. kallitype

    Accurate B-270 for sale

    And the asking price is....?????????
  193. kallitype

    MA-9 Facepalm

    I use braid, but put a 50 foot "topshot" of Trilene Big Game 30#, which is a pretty stretchy mono, never had a problem with that combo. Very forgiving, keeps the advantages of both types of line. Only drawback is learning the Bimini Twist/Improved Albright knots==takes some practice. Some guys...
  194. kallitype

    limits every day ma 9

    seems like the pinks are bigger this year than 2011, but fewer, I think they're shotting right up the rivers.
  195. kallitype

    The Canadian invasion of Ilwaco, WA Sept. 14th, 2013

    Great story with very pice pics, thanks.
  196. kallitype

    Area 10 and 11

    and the exploding hooks....
  197. kallitype

    8/25 MA-9 Possession Bar

    precious memories, wish my old man were still here....
  198. kallitype

    Any Willapa ocean reports?

    Anybody planning to be there next week? I am taking my Hobie kayak for s couple-3 days, hope to catch the Beast of the Bay.
  199. kallitype

    Any Willapa ocean reports?

    Russ is the gold standard harbormaster, a great guy with real integrity.
  200. kallitype

    Any Willapa ocean reports?

    Russ is the gold standard harbormaster, a great guy with real integrity.
  201. kallitype

    Kings and bananas

    saweet!!! Love those little squirt lures. Available anywhere??
  202. kallitype

    dead thread

    Great story, thanks for the report. Love all the detail!!
  203. kallitype

    Port Angeles Fishing is hot.

    What kind of size for the silvers????
  204. kallitype

    Sekiu Salmon 8/26-8/29

    How far out did you have to go for the silvers??? Into the shipping lanes?
  205. kallitype

    Any Willapa ocean reports?

    Wow, nice nookie!!!!
  206. kallitype

    Any Willapa ocean reports?

    RU fishing the derby???
  207. kallitype

    Area 7 gave a gift

    29 is about as good as it gets in PS> Nice job! The green combo works wonders, those look like short leaders???
  208. kallitype

    Humpies in area 8-2

    Pinks here now, got a 5 and a 6# pink today in MA11, that's pretty big for pinks...
  209. kallitype

    Big Kings

    He's from Grayland, prolly fishing WP. 38 is a nice fish, wish there were some like that in MA11 !!!
  210. kallitype

    MA 11 8.4

    MY wife always topped me (at fishing, c'mon now....)
  211. kallitype

    MA 11, August 5. A weeks worth of meat.

    Yep---MA11 is pretty slow. 2 nice ones caught at Dalco this AM, though....but not by yrs truly!! Skunked again....lots of jellyfish and weeds today.
  212. kallitype

    Why be zipper lipped about Humpies?

    Right on, Matt!!! See you in the Strait next week??? OOOps---just noticed, this is a 2011post we're getting replies to!!!
  213. kallitype

    First (& last) shot at Area 9 kings this past Saturday

    Doesn't get any better----kids and fish!! I fished for pinks in MA11 with my grandson this weekend, his first trip with Papi-----skunked but still a great time. He said "We'll get 'em next time, Papi!" and I con only hope.
  214. kallitype


    Another one out of the gene pool...
  215. kallitype

    MA11 Sun / Mon

    Nice, Dave!! See you out there.
  216. kallitype

    MA11 6.7

    Nice to see you at Point D, it was pretty choppy going back to Dockton launch at 2. Wind came outta nowhere!! Just after I left Dalco at 1:45, guy in the little Salty got 2, both high teens. Shoulda got him to plug-cut my bait!!
  217. kallitype

    found lost nissan keys at possession point on seafloor.

    If you drag up a 6hp Johnson that's still running, it's Doug Carter's.
  218. kallitype


    Especially when you factor in the lost pots (we lost 3 last year to the big minus tides...)
  219. kallitype

    Scotty Pot Puller

    Scotty makes great stuff, with good warranty service. Pricee???
  220. kallitype

    Did anyone else get skunked at PA? baseball terms, that's batting 020. About like the Mariners this year with MOB....
  221. kallitype

    Area 10, Spot Prawn Opener

    Area 11---rougher than a cob going from Point Robinson to Point Beals, turned tail and ran, back to Pt Robinson, 3 empty pulls before finding the depth (275 ft), nasty current and wind made it hard to get vertical with the line----had to pull with one hand and backtroll with the other. But got...
  222. kallitype

    Area 6 Lings

    Good for you, Ted.
  223. kallitype

    mad about on keeper in area 7

    Maybe a bad day for BV....
  224. kallitype

    A7 Straits!

    maybe the GF's were in the bow???
  225. kallitype

    Never see this in Pudget

    area 7 fishers are a breed's a tough spot to learn.
  226. kallitype

    Anacortes Derby VICTORY!!!

    Way to go!! Bet you'll replay that fight for a long time to come---as well you should.. Long after the $$ is history, the great memories and pics will still feed your soul. Wonderful post!!!
  227. kallitype

    Decent day in 7

    Dang, nice fish, bro!!!
  228. kallitype

    Derby Scouting

    Knock knock Who's there? Emerson. Emerson who? Emerson nice blackmouth!!
  229. kallitype

    Super Strait

    Nice! That Black Dragon is a real sleeper.
  230. kallitype

    Any reports from Sekiu?

    40 lbs of fish, $30---that's 75 cents a lb. OTOH, if one gets skunked, it's a different story! How was the water, it was wild and wooly down here. Supposed to be nice this weekend, I';m thinkin about it.....
  231. kallitype

    San Juans

    well done, glad you got some decent break in the weather. Has been pissing down here on Vashon for days. Sun?? What's that?
  232. kallitype

    Bluebird day on Friday

    NAmed after the Pogie Tavern in west Seattle!!!
  233. kallitype

    Bluebird day on Friday

    Did you fish the Derby????
  234. kallitype

    Beautiful day in Paradise (A7)

    Thx for the recipe, Kurt---looks yummy!
  235. kallitype

    MA7 Another First

    too kool!!!
  236. kallitype


    Welcome---that boat is making me thirsty!!
  237. kallitype

    San Jauns on fire

    A true sportsman--great post.
  238. kallitype

    Who bought a boat at the show?

    I missed that 16ft Trophy center console at $14K, debated too long. Damn. It had a 60hp Merc 4stroke, if it had been a Yama or Honda I;d have pulled the trigger instantly.
  239. kallitype

    Converting Conventional Flasher to Breakaway

    I met Ken at the Outdoor Emporium booth, bought some swag he recommended. Nice guy!!! But I paid more there than they were selling from Sportco! You're right---this thread is good advertising for the Q-cove flashers. They Work!!!
  240. kallitype

    San Jauns on fire

    Damn, this popcorn is making me thirsty!!!
  241. kallitype

    MA7 hawg

  242. kallitype

    2013 Neah Bay halibut opener

    OPener is May 9...
  243. kallitype

    MA7 Derby Winner!

    BEautiful fish---and a very nice pic, too.
  244. kallitype

    Can you spot a 20 pound fish?

    18# ?? 20#?? Scale at Point Defiance said 29 with guts and gills in...I've cut up 18# that looked bigger on the table than this one!!
  245. kallitype

    Non ethanol fuel a thing of the past soon

    More daggers in our gut from the ethanol lobby. sick!!!
  246. kallitype

    Converting Conventional Flasher to Breakaway

    What about the Gold Dragon Breakaway? I converted some crummy old HotShots by buying Ken's GD mylar tape and covering the worn out flasher with it. But it is a different critter than the Betsy, which has sort of a pearlescent gold. That said, I lost my nice Betsy to a sea lion, who snapped...
  247. kallitype

    The troika kills fish too

    Geeze, those are nice nookies, and twice as sweet to have the boys along!!
  248. kallitype

    San Juan Clipped Fins

    Nice fish!!! Looks like it was a little breezy out there....
  249. kallitype

    another day in ma7

    Wow, that water is AMAZING!!Never seen it that glassy in MA7. Wonder what the water temp is now?? Great work, by the way---sure beats sitting in an office!
  250. kallitype

    ma7 bm

    winter bm are the best tasting, IMHO. Nice work!
  251. kallitype

    No Love A7...

  252. kallitype

    New to the board.

    See you around Point Defiance in June!!! For winter blackmouth, area 7 rules!!
  253. kallitype

    ANybody used Baitrix???

    T hat would be Sat the 30th----not the 5th!!! As for the Baitrix, I'm gonna order a few of the strips, and a few of the herring. And plan to go more with 5 and 6inch plugs this year. In about 2001, i caught a 29 and a 25# king the first day of the Seiku Derby using a Tomic 602 , but all...
  254. kallitype

    ANybody used Baitrix???

    Matt--you were right, have an auto link to reports. Thanks for the tip!!! Speaking of reports, got out in MA 11 in the wind and chop Sat, no dice at the usual haunts, virtually deserted around the Clay banks and Camp Sealth. A couple little shakers and a ratfish...guys are doing OK for crab...
  255. kallitype

    Match This Hatch

    as in "Saury about that"??? ;-)
  256. kallitype

    ANybody used Baitrix???

    Doug could you describe how you hook the strips up, pls???
  257. kallitype

    Islands 1-6-13

    Looks like it was a litte chilly out there!! Way to hang in there.
  258. kallitype

    ANybody used Baitrix???

    Now that herring are about $5/dozen at the Point Defiance boat house, sounds like it might be worth a try. Coat them good with Smelly Jelly in anchovy or herring, and ....????
  259. kallitype

    4 fer 4 in ma7

    MMM....Interurban is great, here's the best 8:: Two Beers Evo IPA Boundary Bay IPA (reigning champion) Harmon Point Defiance IPA Georgetown Lucile IPA American Brewing Company&#8217;s Breakaway IPA Black Raven Trickster IPA Sound Brewing Reluctant IPA Fremont Interurban IPA
  260. kallitype


    Yeah, Charlie and his "Bilge Water"!! And those blue crankbaits. Good U/W vids of salmon attacking his lures/ Nice fish, good going!!!
  261. kallitype

    ANybody used Baitrix???

    I've been looking at these---anybody used them??? They make fullsize herring, anchovies, and strip baits, anise or "bait" flavors.
  262. kallitype

    4 fer 4 in ma7

    Maybe plugs would be good now???
  263. kallitype

    MA7 11th Hour Tugging

    little sporty there, nice fish!!
  264. kallitype

    On a roll in the Juans!

    tasy lookin fish!
  265. kallitype

    Good 'ol Area-7

    Dang, green with envy!
  266. kallitype

    MA7 Was good to us today

    whatza "Bubbablade"???
  267. kallitype

    Fish PORN

    33 INCHES is still a damn nice winter fish, and bright as a proof nickel.
  268. kallitype

    Back From Panama, Fishing Report Heavy Picts

    great trip, nice pics. Unforgettable for the little guy, I bet1
  269. kallitype

    Area 13 Crab

    thanks, nice day on the water!!!
  270. kallitype

    big ebb blackie

    Damn! Great fish anytime of the year. Way to go.
  271. kallitype

    ma7 fishey fishey

    Geeze, that's a super nice bm!!! Way to hang in there, wish there were some action down here in MA11 (tacoma).
  272. kallitype

    any area 11 reports

    He trolled from the Talequah ferry dock around Neal Point, up into Quartermaster harbor to the buoy.`Started getting into the shakers inside QM harbor....
  273. kallitype

    any area 11 reports

    Joel went out Sat and caught a bunch of 8-12 inch shakers on a white Coho Killer.
  274. kallitype

    San Juan Island/ Gulf Island Crab, Shrimp, and blackmouth

    What are the Canada regs---license cost, limits, etc???
  275. kallitype

    Seabeck Snow Crab

  276. kallitype

    Oregon DFW ban gillnets in lower Columbia

    Thnks---I did not know where to file it!!
  277. kallitype

    Oregon DFW ban gillnets in lower Columbia

    Headline in the Oregonian today "Gill nets get heave-ho" Commission vote was 4-2, gillnets moved to side stem tribe, rec fishers get additional 5% of allocation of spring chinook in 2013. They expect big pushback from the tribes and commercials.
  278. kallitype

    A9 Blackies

    around here (Vashon) the seals at Point defiance key on your net, when they see a net waving they rush the boat. Solution is to get the fish on its side and at the last instant pull out the net. I've pulled kings up with a seal or sea lion about a foot behind them! Spent a crazy /2 hour...
  279. kallitype


    Wow, real beauties!
  280. kallitype

    Not So Worthwhile Bay Blackmouth

    Hmmmm, how do you get hold of him? I'd love it if he could make the Red Racer Moonglo, assuming it's not a Gibbs patent.
  281. kallitype

    What a day! Area 7

    Green with envy!!!
  282. kallitype

    Not So Worthwhile Bay Blackmouth

    For winter blackmouth, would you use a 36inch leader for a Coho KIller??? For a hoochie??
  283. kallitype

    Not So Worthwhile Bay Blackmouth

    Duly noted, thanks. I got plenty of the Q-coves, too---great colors, wish they made one like the Gibbs Red Racer Moonglow UV: Gibbs now has a quick release flasher---the "Farr Better"--- that uses a little ball and chain gizmo. Doesn't look as good as Ken's quick release pin system.
  284. kallitype

    Beat up for 1

    NIce! Looks like a sporty time out there!
  285. kallitype

    Converting Conventional Flasher to Breakaway

    John---I did catch one on a converted flasher, gotta post a pic:--the hooknose coho was caught early this month, with that ratty-looking plaid UV OKI flasher and white Coho Killer.
  286. kallitype

    Not So Worthwhile Bay Blackmouth

    Well, that's your opinion--you can flush it. Nobody's getting ripped off--I paid good money for those OKI and Hot Spot flashers. I have bought 7 of the Q-Coves, as well as 3 extra pin assemblies. If Q-cove is the only one making a flasher color---as I stated in the how-to---I got no problem...
  287. kallitype

    Kitsap Sun newspaper says the BMs are back!

    Caught some real nice kings in the Strait on my old 109, one day put a 24 and 29# in the boat with a white plug, stayed at the old Clallam Bay Silver King marina. Miss that place!!! All the advantages of Seiku without the crowd. Guys would bring a trailer and stay all summer.or until their...
  288. kallitype

    Not So Worthwhile Bay Blackmouth

    See "Converting Conventional Flasher to Breakaway", I just posted the guide. Prolly put it in the wrong section of BD,'s in WA saltwater Fishing reports. If it gets moved, pls put in a link to the new location!
  289. kallitype

    Converting Conventional Flasher to Breakaway

    The Breakaway flasher is a really effective solution to the leverage the conventional flasher gives the fish to throw the hook. The flasher is released when a decent size fish hits, the flasher pulls away from the lure and floats up the line---it is still captive to the line, but does not offer...
  290. kallitype

    Not So Worthwhile Bay Blackmouth

    Joel and I developed "Ter's flasher"---basically cut a slot in the bottom, taking out the rivet and swivel, then superglue in a spacer ring that will take the pin. I have a photo essay over on Captain Downriggin's site, I;ll copy it here. Costs about $3 for the pin assembly from Qcove, and 30...
  291. kallitype

    Skunkbay Pig

    Hmmm...coho killer in WHite Lightning oughtta knock 'em dead!!
  292. kallitype

    Not So Worthwhile Bay Blackmouth

    Everybody's already using them!!! Or they're converting regular flashers to breakaway, with Ter's method.
  293. kallitype

    Skunkbay Pig

    Might be good to just name the area, rather than the spot--ie, caught this nice little piggy in MA 11, rather than --caught this 30# pig just off crab point on the ebb at 120 feet trolling north with 160 feet of wire out.....just sayin'
  294. kallitype

    Skunkbay Pig

    NIce job with the fillet knife. too bad about the seahawks, heard Browner and Sherman facing suspension on drug policy. If so, that makes the secondary even more suspect, after the loss to Miami---unable to stop them after going up 21-14. And after missing out on a field goal, really a...
  295. kallitype

    MA-13 Puts Out Crab/ Blackies

    Wow---just noticed the Video in your post----you guys got leather cojones, fer sure!!
  296. kallitype

    MA-13 Puts Out Crab/ Blackies

    After seeing how brittle the Matzuo hooks are, I switched to Mustad 9510XXstrong stainless for open-eye, and 92553SS octopus for mooching rigs. Only thing about the 9510 is it's a straight point, not a curved point, I always felt curved point hooks work better---an old commercial troller told...
  297. kallitype

    MA-13 Puts Out Crab/ Blackies

    WOw---those are some honkin big crabs!! I too have noticed extremely high tides this week, about 14 feet Fri/Sat, today still very high, the listed high is 11.8, but the posts that are submerged at 12.5 are boit to be seen. Wonder whassup with that? Wind surge?? (See Hurricane Sandy). Matzuo...
  298. kallitype

    Passing the "Bar" exam...

    Around $2500----it's only money!!
  299. kallitype

    Stay at home or GO!?

    Must be nearly time for the herring to spawn??? Way to stick it out---what size boat are you running?
  300. kallitype

    Possession 11/6/12

    Salmon Univ reports say about a fish/boat this week./
  301. kallitype

    8.1 Info??

    "coho killer and herring"---does that mean you put a bit o herring on the CK???
  302. kallitype

    LH Salmon trolling reel

    x2 on the Avet. 6501 great reel for freshwater, not so much for the salt. I love my LH Canyon lever drag, but it's about $250. You might consider Shimano Cardiff, it comes in LH retrieve, about 12oz, 5 ball...
  303. kallitype

    Bayside Blackmouth Derby

    yippee, rough water means the bite is on! Nice fish, great pics.
  304. kallitype

    Port Angeles still going...

    Wow---what an incredible year. Nice fish!! How about a deer pic?
  305. kallitype

    westport 2-2

    Love that knucklebuster reel!!!
  306. kallitype

    MA- 13 Big Dungies

    hand over hand----about 1/2 the depth of a shrimp pot!! Nice pics, thnx for sharing.
  307. kallitype

    A couple more ho's from MA-9!!

    Nice work! I better get out there before they're all up the river
  308. kallitype

    MA9 still going

    Is that a "spoochie" ????
  309. kallitype

    2012 What a year! (so far)

    blackmouth starting already in MA11 -- 10 checked in at Point Defiance last week.
  310. kallitype

    MA 11 out of the blue; could it last a while longer?

    Muki, made a short trip : Went out at 3pm, headed over to Colvos Pass, trolling a breeakaway flasher and Coho Killer. I hooked 3 small blackmouth---about 12 inchers, so switched to an old Abe&Al metal flasher with a green spatterback hoochie, about the time I passed Camp Sealth naliled a 5#...
  311. kallitype

    Area 9 still producing

    WOw----and that after all the rain! Nice work.
  312. kallitype

    Grays Harbor net schedule

    thanks guys. Had to stay at home, wife got back from Portland with a loooooong list of honeydoos.
  313. kallitype

    Year In Review

    I would hate to have that wolf eel latch onto my fingers!! How was it caught??? Nice pix...
  314. kallitype

    Grays Harbor net schedule

    Can anyone help me out with finding out when the nets are going to be in at grays harbor? Going out on Wed to see if we can catch a fish. Thanks
  315. kallitype

    Any reports from Sekiu?

    "rain could be heavy at times. SE wind 14-21 mph. Chance of rain 100%" Guess I'll stay home and watch the Seatrollops struggle with the Patriots! Loooks decent Weds-Thurs.
  316. kallitype

    Any reports from Sekiu?

    Olson's was begging people to come up, $500 random drawing prize. $15 ticket. said there was not much wind and the big silvers were numerous. Wish I'd gone!!!
  317. kallitype

    Any reports from Sekiu?

    It seems over in area 11, unless it's the low pressure that's turning things off. Fish are now in the Puyallup river--fished hard thursday in 11 and marked zilch on the DF.
  318. kallitype

    Does anyone still use WD40 for a scent attractor?

    Some do--in the current issue of Salmon/Trout/Steeheader, there's a article about cleaning your plugs using a bucket of WD-40 to dissolve gunk and oil and previous scents. Guy leaves the plugs in overnight, then hangs them to drain, some guys use the plugs as is without a water rinse. I...
  319. kallitype

    P.A. 10/10/12, OW!! Hate it when you lose one due to knot failure! Glad you recovered and got fish!! Is that the 742 hoochie? It's a Point defiance standby.
  320. kallitype

    Westport Red/White Meat 10/06

    Gee, those kings are super bright---no old boots here!! Great work and nice post.
  321. kallitype

    Westport Red/White Meat 10/06

    Holy Geeze!!! by South channel, do you mean in Grays Harbor?? Near the Johns River?
  322. kallitype

    area 10 reports?

    roflmao !!
  323. kallitype

    area 10 reports?

    Good Lord!! 185 feet of wire out!! Fer sure that was not on a manual downrigger----that's the deepest I've EVER heard of anyone taking a silver. Wow.
  324. kallitype

    area 10 reports?

    I got a 7# in area 13 this AM, out in the middle of the Narrows. Trolled thru Point D, nada, saw no nets out.
  325. kallitype

    Area 6 giving it up!

    Nothin better than giving the kids a great fishing experience, memories that will last.
  326. kallitype

    area 10 reports?

    Pal got a 9# silver off the Slagpile at 09:15 today, 90 feet down, hoochie behind UV flasher.
  327. kallitype

    something old something new

    That's what happens when there's no rain to pull the fish up the river, they metamorphose into spawning form out in the salt. Surprised that one bit----looks like it's long past feeding. You must have pissed it off!
  328. kallitype

    Despite the Odds, I got the Skunk off

    Good for you for getting the sknk off!!
  329. kallitype

    Do you smell Skunk in MA!!?

    Oh no! Any particulars???
  330. kallitype

    Do you smell Skunk in MA!!?

    Yeah, Dave, I still get the willies when I think of you guys in the drink 12 miles out!!! Glad you're still with us, still optimistic and still racking up the fish! When do you get your new boat??
  331. kallitype

    Ma-9 .....still fishin!

    Wow, nice fish, define "short", please!
  332. kallitype

    Coho ho ho - Merry Fishmas

    Welcome! Nice post and nice pics, good for you.
  333. kallitype

    westport 2-2

    Tommy---ocean or Bay??
  334. kallitype

    Do you smell Skunk in MA!!?

    Tom, you must have long arms!! How much water was in the boat when you discovered the problem???
  335. kallitype

    Do you smell Skunk in MA!!?

    Muki---sorry to hear about the theft. Hope there was nothing too valuable, or irreplaceable. You can get me on VHF channel 69, Serenissima is the boat name. Will prolly be fishing Thursday. Great tip on the extra plug!!!
  336. kallitype

    Thought I'd seen it all

    Hooked a gull thru the wing a couple years back, did not have a towel, was shirtless when I tried to unhook it. Talk about a clusterf*** !!
  337. kallitype

    2012 report - pic heavy!

    Wow! Great pics, great fish!!1 Only one quibble --- Hate to see all that delicious belly meat go to waste!
  338. kallitype

    Do you smell Skunk in MA!!?

    I launched at Dockton Park at 0600 this AM, pushed the boat off the trailer and parked the truck. Got in the boat, fired up the Honda, and noticed there was about 1/2 inch of water in the cockpit. Oh [email protected]!! Forgot to replace the plug when I scrubbed the boat out last nite. Ran up to the truck...
  339. kallitype

    They're at it again

    If past history is a guide, DFW will not lift their feet until the shit's waist deep.
  340. kallitype

    What does a 16lb piggy look like next to a 6lb cookie cutter?

    Wow, way to go Ronny!! Green with envy, I am....
  341. kallitype

    Huge shoutout for ted!!

    You're ace, Ted!!
  342. kallitype

    Another Skunking

  343. kallitype

    They're at it again

    right on!!!
  344. kallitype

    MA 11 hooknose

    Picked up this feisty 9# hooknose at low tide today, off Piner Point. It jumped 3x about 4 feet up out of the water, roared around the motor, took off on a nice run, and finally came to the net. 50 feet with Coho Killer and usual Q-Cove setup. Makes up for getting skunked in my kayak at...
  345. kallitype

    Last weekend at Everett derby

    Nice work! Good luck getting the boy hooked up.
  346. kallitype

    Another Skunking

    right on---I have noticed that after going through a red jellyfish, that's the end of catching on that gear and that downrigger.
  347. kallitype

    Monday Night Football

    Thing to remember is not the zany last play, but the way our offense struggled in the second half, and the way the Pack changed gears to the running game and almost succeeded. Carroll said it well---"we didn't adapt to their changes very well"....we gotta have more consistent offense. I...
  348. kallitype

    Monday Night Football

    Makes up for the Hawks getting pimped by the refs in the Super Bowl, that phantom offensive interference in the end zone!! Karma!
  349. kallitype

    Post derby STILL lights out

    There was an old guy at Pillar Point back in the day (1992) who would rig the head of a cut-plug herring as a spinner----it spun like a bullet! Wish I could remember how he rigged it, I seem to remember one hook though a gillplate and the other down through the nose, but I've never been able...
  350. kallitype

    9/22-23 ma9 everett derby

    Nelly, you're a class act---as always!!
  351. kallitype

    2012 Coho Season

    Beautiful mess of fillets!
  352. kallitype

    Post derby STILL lights out

    That's typical of silvers---they throw the hook most of the time, last year on one day I hooked 11 and landed 2!!!!
  353. kallitype

    final trip to cq this weekend.

    THose are real keepers! Gorgeous boat, is that a 22ft?? For sure different in the chop than a deep V, but you;re gonna save on gas.
  354. kallitype

    Sons first Salmon trip

    Geez, I[m green with jealousy!
  355. kallitype

    Ilwaco 9/22

    No Pics????
  356. kallitype

    Coho Mojo Olympia

    NIce work, good to see there's still some fish in the area!! We were skunked in MA11 yesterday.
  357. kallitype

    Ding, ding, ding - Sekui another bell ringer!

    GEEZ, talk about flat water and sunny weather!! Nice fish!
  358. kallitype

    Sekiu 9/22

    Great weather, looks like. Nice ho's!!
  359. kallitype

    Area 9 & 8-2: gillnetting killed my run?

    The really sad thing is that they put it to us with the help of WADFW. I can't say as I hate the commercials and the tribes, they're just looking out for themselves. What grinds my ass is the Dept of Fish and Wildlife, who should be looking out for the health of the resource and favoring the...
  360. kallitype

    Area 9 & 8-2: gillnetting killed my run?

    THe tribes and the NT commercials are on a timetable, they don't know or don't care about sport derbies. The only way we'll ever get parity is through NOF and greater participation by sporties in those talks, as well as supporting CCA ---with $$. That's our lobby.
  361. kallitype

    Area 9/Salsbury Pt. beach fishing

    8# silver is a great fish, congrats on not having to get up at 0400 to nail a nice one. 2012 has been my best salmon year this decade, mostly kings.
  362. kallitype

    No Hawgs in WP this year

    Not hawgs? Hell, I'd take a pair of those lil piggies!!!
  363. kallitype

    Great weather, good fishing MA9

    Nice pics, nice fish.
  364. kallitype

    Johns River opener a little slow

    That gal with the tuna and the hog king knows how to fish!!! Where was the big king caught???
  365. kallitype

    20+ LB Coho posted on FB by John Martinis!!

    Are things still hot at Shipwreck, or have the NT nets put the skids to the fishing?
  366. kallitype

    9-16 Johns River area 2.2

    Right on! The time to hit it will be Tuesday!! Supposed to be rain Sat, chance of rain Sunday, should bring a lot of fish into the bay and get things moving. Are you going to be at the Derby Sat?
  367. kallitype

    Area 11 Coho

    I got skunked at Point Rob a couple days ago in my kayak, dragging a Coho Killer behind a Deep six. saw one caught---6# or so, I heard the nets are in at MA 9. CQ still putting them out.
  368. kallitype

    20+ LB Coho posted on FB by John Martinis!!

    JOhn mostly fishes the northern part of the Sound, would not be surprised if this hog came from the Strait. CQ, anyone???
  369. kallitype

    Area 9/Salsbury Pt. beach fishing

    Hi Tim---wondered where you'd gone, retirement is great----every day is Saturday. Tight lines!
  370. kallitype

    9-16 Johns River area 2.2

    Nice size fish, and not too dark. LOts of boats there???
  371. kallitype

    Area 9/Salsbury Pt. beach fishing

    hot one day. cold the next---hang in there.
  372. kallitype

    Mukilteo 9/18 limits

    WHere's the orcas when we need 'em???
  373. kallitype

    Mukilteo 9/18 limits

    Man, you can't win! we need harpoons for those bastards--put a little fear of boats in 'em. Maybe paintball guns, with frozen paintballs??
  374. kallitype

    Mukilteo 9/18 limits

    Beware, the sea lions cue on a waving net ---unless there's a fish making commotion on the surface. Whip out the net at the last moment.
  375. kallitype

    Nissan 4-stroke 6hp SS

    bump for a nice motor
  376. kallitype

    Mukilteo 9/18 limits

    Ain't it nice not to have to drive 1/2way to eternity to get fish?!?!
  377. kallitype

    Area 9. Getting FATTER!

    Or retirement....
  378. kallitype

    A report from the bowels of Area 9

    There a gal on Vashon who got similarly hooked, now she has---are you ready for this--a 22ft HewesCraft with 200hp Yamaha!!!
  379. kallitype

    Sekui - bangers

    How far out did you have to go for them? Is it within range of a kayak???
  380. kallitype

    A7 Blackies

    Nice fish, nice water, good buddies---what more could you ask? OK OK, a 20# silver would be nice!!
  381. kallitype

    9-15 ma 9

    Huh?? AMbiguous post---what really happened??
  382. kallitype

    Trip of a lifetime

    great report!
  383. kallitype

    Area 11 Coho

    Dogfish not really much of a problem at PR, as opposed to Dalco and Pt Defiance.
  384. kallitype

    We finally got into the money

    Way to go!! Funny how the female side often outfishes the men!
  385. kallitype

    Area 7

    Wow, nice! Are you cating from shore???
  386. kallitype

    Sekiu 9-3-12

    Nothing like fishing with Dad!!! Wish mine were still with us....
  387. kallitype

    The good ones

    Great response Steve, to a provocateur. FWIW, I always wear a vest or float coat, I've pulled a guy (in my Hobie kayak) to shore who spent 20 minutes in 43 degree water at Point No Point in january 2011, who'd be dead if he hadn't worn one.
  388. kallitype

    area 9 sept 2-3

    hee hee hee!!!! Hook,line and sinker!
  389. kallitype

    Westport 9/2/12

    Love those bluebird days on the salt! Nice going.
  390. kallitype

    Labor Day weekend area 9

    glad you finally got right!!!
  391. kallitype

    Rivers Inlet...little late but better then never

    Great read, can't wait to see the vids---esp the U/W.
  392. kallitype

    MA11 8.29

    Sweet! See you at Chambers Creek.
  393. kallitype

    Sekui round #3

    mmmmm... nice fish and calm seas!!
  394. kallitype

    AREA 7 Waiting for the Fraser pigs

    MY buddy and have about 2 dozen of them. Work like a champ!! So nice to be connected directly to the lure with the flaher riding up the line and out of the way. Love the pearl'glo and gold dragon...
  395. kallitype

    AREA 7 Waiting for the Fraser pigs

    Fraser pigs??? I saw a vid on Youtube of how to make breakaway flasher from regular ones, we are fine-tuning the process, made one and caught a 25# native on it, the spacer to (hold the pin) I glued on stayed on throughout. When we get it fint tuned I'll post a tutorial, I us 80# steelon...
  396. kallitype

    no love on the willapa

    ditto the golf tee thingies
  397. kallitype

    working MA 11

    nice work, the bothaya
  398. kallitype


    gorgeous day, great fish. life is good---unless yer hanging over the rail!! Been there, no fun.
  399. kallitype

    MA7 The Big Bite

    what general area??
  400. kallitype

    new guy here in Sekiu with Badandy

    I"m looking sideways, some sweet fish! Looks like the weather was kickass too...
  401. kallitype


  402. kallitype

    AREA 7 Waiting for the Fraser pigs

    tell us more about the "Fraser Piggies", pleeze!!
  403. kallitype


    Shawn, that's a nice Arima! My little 15ft Sea Hunter does 22mph cruise at 4500 RPM with 50HP Honda, you should beat that easy!!
  404. kallitype

    kings are getting bigger! my personal best!

    All balls, alla time! Great landing!
  405. kallitype

    8/16 MA9 31lber.....

    great report
  406. kallitype

    Heart of Area 9

    Steve----nice fish!! At least 20#....
  407. kallitype

    MC Bank report

    OR switch to braid for your downrigger.
  408. kallitype

    MA 7 report- Sad Sad..

    What's usually shakin in MA7 in Mid-September? Silvers???
  409. kallitype

    MA9 lots of action 22lb king

    Great report! Lots of good eating there.
  410. kallitype

    New member here says HI!

    Welcome to the cure...what size is your Arima? They're a real fishin machine.....
  411. kallitype

    MA 11

    What time did they hit at Brown's??? Goin out tamale.....
  412. kallitype

    Freshwater bay ma

    We saw you----I think. How did you do?? MOst boats limited Weds.
  413. kallitype

    Freshwater Bay 8/8 to 8-10

    Headed up to the Strait Tues nite with buddy Joel's 14ft Hi-Laker in tow, camped at Salt Creek and went out at 0600 Weds, a couple guys were coming in with limits already! Trolled west of Bachelor rock and Joel nailed a pig that broke off his swivel. Had 4 in the boat by 09:30, got out earlier...
  414. kallitype

    found a nice one

    You're a lucky guy, my kid didn't much like to fish.
  415. kallitype

    White King

    We used to use them as fertilizer, back in the 1970's, before they were discovered to be even better tasting than red kings---now they command a premium price.
  416. kallitype

    Sekiu Fishing and Hiking

    Great report, thanks
  417. kallitype

    Neah Bay

    Nice report--wish I 'd been there!!! Skunked that day at the Hobie kayak, the bite was about 2 miles farther west than I could manage against the strong incoming tide.
  418. kallitype

    MA 9 July 28th, 2012

    use 50# leader, but not fluoro----TRilene Big Game or Maxima or CXX.
  419. kallitype

    Morning bite @ PA

    Was at Freshwater Bay this AM, the fish checker was there and said it's been lights out hot at Ediz hook all summer.
  420. kallitype


    nice!!! Great multi-generational experience.
  421. kallitype

    First report

    nice first post, thanks for the finny porn!!
  422. kallitype

    Downrigger Cable VS Braided line?

    Although I use braid, and would not go back to wire, there were at least 2 occasions when I was trolling on my Scotty electric with the black box, and noticed that the box was not turned on, and got a strike within a second of turning on the black box!! Just sayin'.....
  423. kallitype

    Downrigger Cable VS Braided line?

    Braided easier on the hands, does not impart a charge to the line, so no black box needed.
  424. kallitype


    kool beans, Dave!!! Skunked at Point Richmond today, saw an 18# caught.
  425. kallitype

    Freshwater Bay kayak fishing

    Glenn, am coming up again this coming Weds, will call you---maybe we can hook up??? ;-)
  426. kallitype

    Freshwater Bay kayak fishing

    I went up to Freshwater Bay last Tuesday, determined to catch a king from my Hobie pedal-drive kayak. I got out to Bachelor Rock about 8 AM, to see guys already coming back with limts of nice 18-22# kings!! The bite was ove by 0700, while I was still doing camp dishes. I know, I know---be there...
  427. kallitype

    Best jig for the Straits

    Best size/type/color jig for Freshwater Bay to CQ????
  428. kallitype

    Wanna See my 9 inch...............

    Is it lunchtime yet???!! Great pix.
  429. kallitype

    Sekui on 12 and 13 of July...

    very encouraging, nice pix. I"ll be up there this week!!
  430. kallitype

    Life is good in MA7

    Do you think the Lopez flats would be good about now?? The north end of Lopez????? I'm thinkin about bringing my Hobie kayak up for a few days, camping at Odlin. WHAT DO YOU AREA 7 experts think???
  431. kallitype

    Lost my best friend

    Not dry eye in our house, after reading this. It will get easier as the months go by....condolences to you and your family!
  432. kallitype


    MAn, that takes the cake!! Looks like a lot of Nootka fish! Great post, thanks
  433. kallitype

    Sekiu 7/8-7/10

    Great post, nice touch to incude pic of your GPS track. Kudos to the wife for hanging tough----we all know women are tougher than men!!! Mine always outfishes me...
  434. kallitype

    area 11 report

    Fished east side of Vashon yesterday, one takedown that was was on for about 10 seconds, then gone....saw an 11# boated at Pt Robinson at 10:am. Water cleaner this week than las, not much of that red algae. A fair amount of bait at TRampo Harbor.
  435. kallitype

    area 11 report

    Ditto---I fished Dalco at 0600, then Gig Harbor, picked up a 20inch shaker, then down to the Narrows Bridge(s) and one little shaker. Home by 11, tail between my legs---saw a crowd at Point Defiance, stayed away from there. On the upside, these huge tides usually bring in some fish during...
  436. kallitype

    8-2 Crab

    Same down here in are 11----the commercials pulled their pots last week, after leaving about 100 pot for the better part of a month----pretty well cleaned out Quartermaster harbor, left all the runts and females for us. Thanks, tribes and commercials---for nuttin!!
  437. kallitype

    wanted: Left hand reel

    Whaddya got??? Something like Tekota, only LH....
  438. kallitype

    MA7 Sharkfest 2012

    dogfish in MA11 are almost as thick as the seals!! I caught one on a 5inch Tomic plug, of all things----no scent added (no sense, either....)
  439. kallitype

    A-10: Pesky sea-vermin wouldn't leave us alone

    good omen for kings in area 10---catch 'em on Coyote spoons???
  440. kallitype

    Any PA/Freshwater reports?

    about 1.5 salmon per boat, kings to silvers 2:1
  441. kallitype

    Balls, Beer, Blue Water Bullets and BBQ!!

    Damn----I'm hungry, seeing those pics of perfectly grilled fillets!1
  442. kallitype

    Opening Day Area 7

    wow, nice fish!! Caught on...????? Deep or shallow??
  443. kallitype

    MA 11 6/28/12

    I"m in a 12-step program to quit Point Defiance!!! Too many educated seals, they see a net waving and they're under your boat, getting breakfast----your fish!! Switching to Gig Harbor, less of a crowd and the same fish....
  444. kallitype

    MA 11 6/28/12

    I'm going to Portland for a few days, back on the 4th. Will look for you! Cellfone 852-4372.
  445. kallitype

    MA 11 6/28/12

    Launched from Dockton at 04:45, ran to Point Robinson under pretty sunrise.. The tide was ebbing, and the surface was cluttered with "spinach" type weed. Trolled a flasher and Coho Killer around into Tramp Harbor, very little bait showing on depthfinder. Water was turbid with little...
  446. kallitype

    MA 11 6.27

    That's normal for tsunamis!
  447. kallitype

    MA 11 6.27

    Happy B-day, Dave! Thnks for the jig advice, see you next week. Luck at WP!!
  448. kallitype

    MA 11 King 3 year shut out over

    Say HI next time!!! We had a nice fish taken by a seal.
  449. kallitype


    Those look really tasty!! Nice work!
  450. kallitype

    Ilwaco salmon with the kids

    Nothing beats fishing with the kids, especially when it's catching!!!
  451. kallitype

    MA11 6.19

    Oh Boy, butter the popcorn!!!
  452. kallitype

    July 1,2012 Where to go?

    retarded? "Heards" would be herds, scret would be...??
  453. kallitype

    MA11 POint Defiance

    Good tips, thanks guys!!
  454. kallitype

    MA11 POint Defiance

    I counted 96 puyallup pots when I went out a couple days ago, it looked like they were pulling some---maybe they'll all be out by the 4th, leaving us the undersize and softshells to fight over. You h drop your pot inside the buoy, all the commercial pots are outside the buoy.
  455. kallitype

    MA11 POint Defiance

    went out to POint Defiance at 0600, at 0700 hooked a big king, he/she/it made a nice initial run, about 50 yards, then ran at the boat, i caught up with it and was horrified to see a big spotted torpedo come right under the boat and nab my fish! Damn the seals, anyway! I tried to play the big...
  456. kallitype

    MA11 6.19

    Hi Matt---have you fished the Strait this spring??? ---Ter
  457. kallitype

    MA11 6.19

    were you jigging today??? color jig?
  458. kallitype


    -Area 11 had fish checked in over the weekend both at the ramp and the boathouse. Jigging point wilson darts has been the ticket for getting them to bite.
  459. kallitype

    Great day in MA11

    nice work!! See you tamorrow on the ebb...
  460. kallitype

    Neah Bay Opener!

    Always amazes me that a king that's full of candlefish will hit a lure! Nice work, great pix.
  461. kallitype

    MA11 Salmon

    looks like he tried to post a pic, busted link. "Good as usual" ???? fish checker sez: -Area 11 had fish checked in over the weekend both at the ramp and the boathouse. Jigging point wilson darts has been the ticket for getting them to bite. Thanks for the post, Tidechaser---assume you work...
  462. kallitype


    No love form thr salmon at Point Beals and Dolphin point yesterday, incredible amount of algae----great spread of redding/orage stuff on the surface, and not very clear at 1-5 feet. Did not mark much bait, and marked no salmon. At least it wan't pissing down rain!!
  463. kallitype


    Fantastic pics, great story. Wonder if that buoy is flotsam from the tsunami???
  464. kallitype

    Halibut over 100 tops off the season!

    WOW!!!!!! Whack em and stack em....excellent work!
  465. kallitype

    Good halibut season for the Killer Jake

    wow, nasty cut!! Lucky you didn't get it in a more tender spot:
  466. kallitype

    MA 7 6/1

    pretty sweet!! Did he tell you where the king migration route is???
  467. kallitype

    Area 12 Shrimping

    What were you using for bait---cat food???
  468. kallitype

    Spearfishing Lings and puget sound king crab

    Wow!! Nice work, great crab---are they keepers??? nitpick---no apostrophe in videos. Keep up the good work!!
  469. kallitype

    Lingcod Time

    Gotta love that---flat water and a big ling!!! Nice work.
  470. kallitype

    Kayaker nails 71 pounder in MA4 on opener (Video)

    HAY FG----Fantastic work! Did you post the vid on NWKA???
  471. kallitype

    Thanks Ted (Lapush opener)

    Wow, great read guys!!!
  472. kallitype

    Rolled the dice in La Push

    Good on ya!!! Green with envy, those filllets look delish!
  473. kallitype

    Biggest Catch of the Day?

    We had good luck at 225 feet in area 11....pellet bait. Thanks for cleaning up that derelict!!
  474. kallitype

    Big Fat Butt!

    green------with envy!!!
  475. kallitype

    MA 6 cherry buster but

    Dang---nice work!!!!
  476. kallitype

    pilot pt

    Nice fish!! Irish cream spoon is a hot one.
  477. kallitype


    nice report, bet it was a nice dinner...
  478. kallitype

    Belly full of bait

    Scott, save me your carcasses, pls!!
  479. kallitype

    Hein Bank Friday the 13th

    Perfect day, perfect outcome!!
  480. kallitype

    Belly full of bait

    smoked belly strips = Nirvana.....with a homebrew, that is!!
  481. kallitype

    Friday 4/6 PNP groceries

    Fire up the grill--those are perfect eatin size!! Congrats.
  482. kallitype

    Hein Bank 4/4 and 4/5

    Not to mention the busted knuckles!!
  483. kallitype

    3-31-12 MA11 BM really do exist!!!

    You stimulated me to get my 15' Arima washed and waxed this pm, ready to hit the salt in area 11. Nice report, way to hang in there!!
  484. kallitype

    Lapush Lings

    wow----all we've had down here on VAshon is rain wind rain wind rain....sunny today. Great pics, thanks for the post!!!! Some great fillets fer sure.
  485. kallitype

    wow what the hell did I do wrong.....

    Wow what a story!!! Get 'em next derby!
  486. kallitype

    Lazy Summer Day at Lapush

    Is that blue rod the Okuma speed jigger???
  487. kallitype

    BNIB Canyon HS-15 jigging reel LH

    Never fished---brand new, loaded with 100yds 30# mono, 300 yards Jerry Brown solid braid spectra. 13.4 oz, lighter than Avet with more drag: Lever drag will pull 25# with freespool. CarbonTex drag washer treated with Cal's grease. with nice neoprene reel cover, receipt, 2 year warranty...
  488. kallitype

    3/13 ma7

    and the water looks pretty nice!! We had wild weather down on Vashon, snow and wind and rain.
  489. kallitype

    shimano Trinidad 10A

    Clark Kent--hang in there, sometimes it takes a couple days.
  490. kallitype

    My first post.

    Nice fish!! I used to fish the Strait in a Livingston 14, many happy memories. Keep up the good work!
  491. kallitype

    But be on the look out in Area 7

    Guess it takes all kinds. Good for you for following up on these dickheads!
  492. kallitype

    Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby Report!

    NUmber of entries? Number of fish caught???
  493. kallitype

    Accurate BX2-50

    OOops--my bad, I typo'd the Google inquiry to the reel---so consider it a free bump11
  494. kallitype

    Accurate BX2-50

    do you mean BX2-500???
  495. kallitype

    ProGear Alby Special 545, Lamiglas 7025CGH

    rod sold, price drop on reel to $200 + shipping
  496. kallitype

    Little Everol or JiggingMaster

    well, I[d swap the PRoGear540 for one of the 6/12's.
  497. kallitype

    Little Everol or JiggingMaster

    Thanks Tom----That Oceanus is about as big as the PG 540 I'm trying to sell. I need something small, like the little vertical jigger Everol, but holy cow, $550 is outta my budget!!
  498. kallitype

    Little Everol or JiggingMaster

    thanks Lou! Only Everol at present is a big trolling reel for $750.....
  499. kallitype

    Little Everol or JiggingMaster

    Looking for slilghtly used Everol vertical Jigger 6 or 10, or jiggingmaster pe-3
  500. kallitype

    Area 12 Hood Canal Blackmouth

    Wow. Nice work!! And what a weekend of weather, best in years.
  501. kallitype

    Hood Canal

    Green with envy---good thing the game was exciting!!
  502. kallitype

    Pro Gear

    Nice bit of history, maybe I'll hang onto my 540, even though it's overkill for salmon
  503. kallitype

    ProGear Alby Special 545, Lamiglas 7025CGH

    OOps... thanks for the correction!!! 540, indeed.....
  504. kallitype

    ProGear Alby Special 545, Lamiglas 7025CGH

    This is a great setup for tuna, pretty much overkill for salmon. Albacore special 540, gunmetal satin finish with clicker and rod clamp, spooled with 30# CXX with custom black Tiburon Hammerhead T-bar handle for great leverage or for those with large hands. Very pretty reel, only a tiny rub...
  505. kallitype

    MA 7 1-28-12

  506. kallitype

    More MA7 Blackmouth

    A people who trade their freedom for security will soon have neither. report her!!!
  507. kallitype


    What test PP, please??
  508. kallitype

    MA 11 ---30 inches of coho!!

    Sat 10/8----trolled in the Hobie kayak around Point robinson on Vashon, 30 inches of coho----3 10-inch shakers !!! :rofl: Saw a nice one jumping, looked to be around 8-9 pounds, and as we pulled the kayaks ashore a huge sea lion started thrashing a salmon, just to show us who's boss. Were...
  509. kallitype

    MA 6 19/1/11

    F'water bay ideal for small boats----mostly 12-16 feet, including kayaks, I see mostly 14 foot Valco, Hi-Laker, inflatables and cartoppers, etc. Personally I think my 15' Arima is too heavy for the Bay, but some guys will launch such craft at high tide with trailers that slip the boats off with...
  510. kallitype

    MA 6 19/1/11

    It's west of Port Angeles, about 10 miles, nicely protected from either east or west winds, launch is nice in 4-8 feet of tide, but ramp very shalllow sloped at the water end, you need to drive onto the sand at less than 4 feet of tide. Shallow bay4 to 20 feet until you get out by Bachelor Rock...
  511. kallitype

    MA 11

    Thanks for the report! Heading out to Browns Point today...
  512. kallitype

    MA 6 19/1/11

    Lots of hos off freshwater Bay, in 400-500 foot depth. Most guys coming back with limits of 8-9# coho. I fished in my kayak in the Bachelor Rock area, to a mile or so to the west. Caught a chicken halibut, which was lots of fun but sorry to release it, and 2 blackmouth, around 5#. One...
  513. kallitype

    Area 10 Ho

    Nice fish! Thanks for the generous attitude, yer right----better other fisherman than the nets!!
  514. kallitype

    Tuna Illwaco tues 9-20

    great story, congrats on the sweet fish!!
  515. kallitype

    MA 11

    Sucked, basically---fished from dawn till 11 in area 11, from Gig Harbor to Pt Neal on Vashon---2 small shakers. no boats at Point Defiance, 1 at Gig Harbor who cauight decent silver, none at Dalco or Quartermaster. Slooooooow!!! Dragged a coho killer from 35 to 90 feet. Will try again...
  516. kallitype

    Area 11 fishing with the girls

    Glad to see they're finally getting down our way!!
  517. kallitype

    Looking for a sekiu report???

    What's the story on the kayak fisher????? I'm taking my Hobie up there Monday.
  518. kallitype

    Am I wrong??

    There aren't really any "secret holes" out there,and there's a hell of a lot of water to cover. That said, why be ultra-specific---"troll from the white rock to the camp in 90 feet of water, 55 feet down" is more info than necessary. I'd say "troll the Gig Harbor shoreline, but don't get too...
  519. kallitype

    MA7 the big one

    Hmm....single action reel, eh??
  520. kallitype

    MA 11 no joy

  521. kallitype

    MA7 Fraser River Kings

    No need to go all the way to Langara for beautiful big tyee!!!! Congrats on the king of a lifetime!
  522. kallitype

    MA 11 no joy

    yep---everything south of the Narrows bridges is 13. But, I fished 11 on Friday, no love, saw 2 nice silvers from Owens beach area
  523. kallitype

    When are they coming?

    Damn!! Tuna past, kings over (never made much of a show in MA 11), are there silvers coming down from the Strait?????
  524. kallitype

    : Accurate Boss Mag 270, pristine

    Just serviced by Alan Tani, spooled with 65# Jerry Brown Spectra, 100yds CXX mono topshot. Clamp and bag, custom red handle knob. Want good star drag reel in trade----Pro Gear Albacore?? Or...??? I'll be in the San Juan Islands all week, email may be spotty!!!
  525. kallitype

    MA 7 kings & silvers---ORCAS???

    Thanks guys for the great info!!!! Will post pix when I get back home.
  526. kallitype

    MA7 Eagle point

    Nice nookie!!1 18# or so???
  527. kallitype

    Kings in MA Area 10 - Any luck?

    Fished Dalco this AM with a couple other regulars there too, nada----and slooow at Gig Harbor also. Pinks up the wazoo in Quartermaster harbor, though. Had 3 big dogfish hit my white coho killer at 55 feet!!!
  528. kallitype

    MA 7 kings & silvers---ORCAS???

    IS MA 7 done for kings? We are going to be staying on the north side of Orcas Isl for 2 weeks, starting Weds. Any kings left? Any silvers yet? I'm fishing out of a kayak (Hobie Adventure), so no deep trolling gear. Advice??? Where to put in??, tides to fish??/ Thanks in advance...
  529. kallitype

    BC fishing Black Velvet Style

    Sweet! THanks for all the great pix, esp the mouthwatering grillfest!
  530. kallitype

    MA11 report 8/9

    Dunno what the results for today's derby are, but I fished Gig Harbor yesterday, saw 2 guys nail two nice kings about 20-25# down west of the Harbor, they were using spoons. pm me for depth and other info.
  531. kallitype

    Freshwater Bay 8/5

    Did really well in the AM, kings 8-25# from 0600-0800, then silvers (all unmarked :hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli: . Later in the day, a lot of pinks, about 25-40 feet on the downrigger. Parking lot full by 0700 Saturday, repeat of Friday----kings on the bite early, 57 feet the magic number...
  532. kallitype

    MA11 report 8/9

    Has been really slooooow around Vashon Island, friend Nate has fished without a hit 6 days in a row at Pts Beals and Robinson. I had a 10-12 lb up to the boat but it was not clipped, so in-water released it (Gig harbor side of Colvos). Switched to pinks just to put some meat in the smoker...
  533. kallitype

    The humpies......

    Got a couple today in area 11 that were between 4 and 5 #----already humped
  534. kallitype

    Fishing report MA11 (Vashon)

    OOops--almost forgot the fish porn:
  535. kallitype

    Fishing report MA11 (Vashon)

    Went out at 8 am yesterday, fished Point Defiance and nailed a nice 13# hen chinook on a home-made hoochie, blue with black stripe and a UV twinkle skirt underneath. The fish hit the gear at about 40 feet, as it was coming up from 90 for a gear change. Guess I'll stick with the blue hoochie...
  536. kallitype

    Dolphins in Puget Sound

    We were out TUesday, there were HUGE schools of krill---look like shrimp spawn, transparent, about 3/4 inch long, little black eyes and a sort of pointy proboscis There were millions of them over about 200-300 acres between points dalco and Defiance,and the herring were feasting on them by the...
  537. kallitype

    Copper River Salmon is BS

    Copper river sockeye are pretty good---not worth the $$$ they get at the local Thriftway, though. I like a 12# fall coho caught at the Caves or Pillar Point, and grilled right away over driftwood coals on the beach, washed down with an icy Labatt's Blue, or any porter..
  538. kallitype

    Neah Report/Didnt even need the Brass Balls

    Wow, nice work!!! (If you call fishing work....)
  539. kallitype

    Daiwa Saltist 40H, updated, 6.4:1

    Nice condition, just rebuilt by Alan Tani, carbontex drag and updated bearings, 6.4:1 high-speed reel, 400 yards 25# Trilene Big game mono. 45 second freespool!!! Ideal for jigging, big kings, etc. $110, plus postage from 98070. This is the silver finish, not the black/gold. A little boat...
  540. kallitype

    Accurate Boss 270 Magnum, pristine

    Just back from Alan Tani, Carbontex drag washers, custom red metal handle knob, updated bearings. Spooled with 65# Jerry Brown spectra, ready for up to 50 yards mono topshot. Like new, Team Accurate bag and updated rod clamp (philips head instead of allen head screws). $300 plus postage and...
  541. kallitype

    kayak advice desperitely needed

    Register at NCKA.ORG, the California Kayak angler's site. Tons of advice and info from the guys who kayak fish in your area.
  542. kallitype

    I lost a good friend today

    They really are family members, hang in there....time heals all.
  543. kallitype

    Underwater lure action video

    Awesome! Thx for posting.
  544. kallitype

    Cascadian Megaquake - WA COAST

    we keep 3 handheld VHF at home, and keep them charged up. I started a disaster kit for Y2K, and it has pretty much been absorbed by daily life. Time to start thinking about an earthquake preparedness "kit", I have a 275 gallon tote for potable water, but need to get food and drugs and other...
  545. kallitype

    Qcove flashers...I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid yet

    Actually, your post is welcome, I'll check the ones I have not opened yet. Thanks.
  546. kallitype

    Tsunami? Good night to spend offshore....

    Friends of mine on the big island say---All OK.
  547. kallitype

    Fishermen to departing Locke: 'Good riddance'

    Locke was a do-nothing loser in the governor's office, why expect anything different in the other washington? Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  548. kallitype

    Bill to allow lethal removal of Sea Lions

    At least you're not bitter.....
  549. kallitype

    Monster Tuna Double up

    Great story, so insightfully written---loved the very personal notes. Congrats, you'll savor the battle for years!!
  550. kallitype


    Wow---gear porn!!! So.....what the address of the shop????
  551. kallitype

    Just seen on the news

    You mean no boats on the west side SJ except commercial trollers???
  552. kallitype

    Voter Voice for SB 5661 Derelict Gear Removal Bill

    Sharon Nelson has her head on straight, she is the bill sponsor: Terry: Thank you for contacting me on this important issue. As the sponsor of the bill, I worked hard to see it through the committee process and tried to get a vote on the Floor. Unfortunately, the bill did not get a vote. I...
  553. kallitype

    MA 7 3/8

    That's the kind of gorgeous day when it hardly matters if you get bit or not!
  554. kallitype

    WDFW License price hike coming

    Of course mg't wants to break the unions. That's so they can give you the shaft, and you have no collective bargaining rights, or union to stick up for you. If private sector pay for equal jobs lags behind public sector, which I seriously doubt, it's because after Reagan showed the way by...
  555. kallitype

    Big Halibut in Big Water?

    My buddy BobT. and I hooked an estimated 200# flattie off the Twin Rivers, 60-90 feet of water, but were unable to land due to stupidity----cleated it off to give my arms a rest and it broke off 80# braid.....
  556. kallitype

    Tangereen Dream

    Love the underwraps----nice work1
  557. kallitype

    Spooling braided with mono

    Anything will do---just a few feet to provide a footing for the braid so it doesn't slip. Be sure your braid gets wound on pretty tight, not loosely, wind it thru the guides, have a buddy hold the spool and put some good tension on the spool as you wind it on.
  558. kallitype

    Hurricane is comin

    Did anybody hit the coast yesterday for the big waves???
  559. kallitype

    Hurricane is comin

    Guess I'll not be taking the kayak out for surf practice tomorrow as planned!!
  560. kallitype

    Maiden Voyage

    Wow---sweet boat!! No name on stern?? I'll look for you in area 11....
  561. kallitype

    Epic Day of Springer Fishing 2/26/11

    WOW---what chrome beauties! Congrats.
  562. kallitype

    Army Goes Rolling Along

    I want one!!!
  563. kallitype

    Knot Wars

    Thnks Dave ----I have switched form the "eye-crosser" (twice thru the eye with a 3 turn Uni) to the Spangler, as the Spangler consistently beats both the Trilene knot , improved clinch, and eye-crosser when tested head-to head . I tie the spangler to a 100# barrel swivel with an 18inch piece of...
  564. kallitype


    Thanks you guys! Glad they're still doing business, a real icon in the PNW salmon scene. I had a close call there a few years back---took my little 9.9 Honda and rented an old skiff from Olsons, went out and was drift fishing for halibut when the east wind and fog came up strong, pulled the...
  565. kallitype

    Olympic Peninsula Derby

    you guys rock!!! Nice work.
  566. kallitype

    US Customs Inspection at SI Ramp

    US Customs at the Canada border are rude, arrogant, and hypersensitive. Ask any questions and you'll be held up for hours in a hot room....Where do they get these jerks??? Makes me ashamed to fly Old Glory. And don't tell me they've got a tough job; They should do foot patrols in Watts for a...
  567. kallitype

    MA 7 2/20/11

    Nice work, Brock!! Doesn't look as choppy as it was down here in area 11.
  568. kallitype

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Ed, Tyler at King Salmon Marine in TaCOMA is good.
  569. kallitype

    Kinda Slow Day

    That's a great link!! Wish I'd had some of that Celox when one of the flintknappers at Glass Buttes put a big obsidian shard thru his thigh, top to bottom...he was busting a boulder on his lap, did not get the break he wanted----but did get an ambulance ride with a tourniquet on his leg!!
  570. kallitype

    Field and Stream tip

    Some people have more of the amino acid L-Serine in their fingerprint residue, this is a potent repellent for salmonids, including trout. Wash your hands with Joy before tying up gear, not only gets rid of the serine (for awhile) but is fish-attracting by itself, as is garlic.
  571. kallitype

    Knot Needed

    It's not braid to mono ---it's mono to fluoro. Uni-uni fine, goes thru guides well. Does Seaguar need a short lenght of the fluoro ? (pass end thru loop....)
  572. kallitype

    Deterring Seals and SeaLions

    Ooooh, man I like this one: This ammo is a yellow tip Incendiary ammo that will explode with a bright white flash and emit a shower of titanium sparks upon impact. This ammo will burn a little hotter and give you more sparks and fragments, than regular incendiary ammo, due to the added Sponge...
  573. kallitype


    My URL to Olson's showed a 404 NOT FOUND today. Is Olson's still in business???
  574. kallitype

    Kayak Fishing from Aliso Beach to Dana Harbor

    Pretty gnarly surf launch---did anybody huli???
  575. kallitype

    Mega Moose!

    We flinknappers use moose antler for making points and knives from obsidian, that beast would outfit a lot of knappers with primo hammers!!!
  576. kallitype

    South King County PSA Big Meeting

    Directions, please!
  577. kallitype

    How to identify a Meth Lab.

    very funny!!!
  578. kallitype

    Halibut from the yak

    Are you registered at NCKA?? (North Cal Kayak Anglers)---tons of useful info specific to kayak fishing, including butts....
  579. kallitype

    Great Handjob....Bad Blowjob

    those bass rock!! Nice work!
  580. kallitype

    Bristol Bay Mining Petition

    That revises my opinion of the EPA===strong work!! A lot of the time they are hamstrung by corporate lobbying.
  581. kallitype

    Some additional infor from the Hali meeting

    Calling in the catch is a good idea!
  582. kallitype

    Fishing Report Browns Point 2/7/11

    Did not make it out yesterday, counter-top guy came to install new bathroom countertops. And a beautiful sunny day it was!! Back to winter normal today, but will fish Quartermaster harbor in the AM, friend says he saw lots of bait and birds yesterday.
  583. kallitype

    Area twelve report: moocher heaven

    might have been texted from an Ipod??? In the dark??
  584. kallitype

    Stripper for sale!

    and the 'breaks" are new, too!! Actually a pretty decent price.
  585. kallitype

    Double Bluff Blackmouth 2/9/11

    Beauties!!! Looks like this might be a good year for kings----hope they're heading down toward area 11, and not up to the Strait....
  586. kallitype

    50 Caliber riccochet to the head...

    Kurt---gotta URL for that info, thanks???
  587. kallitype

    Dennis with a nice catch

    WoW!!! weight?
  588. kallitype

    Dana Laguna Fishing/ Dalphin under water video report

    sunshine, having one's kid along----doesn't get any better than that!! Thx for sharing.
  589. kallitype

    Fishing Report Browns Point 2/7/11

    :nopity:Got a late start and launched from Dockton Park at 0800, zipped over to Browns Point. Marked some bait but was scatted, not balled up. Trolled a Ken's yellowtail glo flasher with green Coho Killer, covered the area between Browns and Dash points from 90 to about 120 feet, no bumps...
  590. kallitype

    Kings For Orcas

    If the feds would take the nets out of Puget Sound, that would help both the salmon and the orcas----and us rec fishers!!!
  591. kallitype

    Knot Wars

    I've been using the eye-crosser (basically a 3-turn uni going twice thru the eye) but the Jansik and Spangler are pretty intriguing. Green Jeans----what was the breaking strength of the Spangler in your tests???
  592. kallitype

    Man Overboard at Point no Point 1/31

    Black Velvet---did you guys hook up at Double Bluff last Monday?>??
  593. kallitype

    Kings For Orcas

    THe Orcas have been around Vashon the past few days. Am going over to Browns Point in the AM to see if they left me a blackmouth or 2.....
  594. kallitype

    Man Overboard at Point no Point 1/31

    He's OK---bought a dry suit Sunday. Points taken!!
  595. kallitype

    Man Overboard at Point no Point 1/31

    Near Tragedy at Wintry Point-No-Point - Kayak Angler - The Kayak Fishing Magazine
  596. kallitype

    PNP Puts Out

    Here's a formula that is salmon specific, and takes both length and girth: Weight Formula for Salmon & Steelhead - Length and Girth to Estimate Live Weight of a Fish Your fish was a real football, with some shoulders to it, my estimate of the weight before gutting and gilling is 13# 4 oz !!!
  597. kallitype

    PNP Puts Out

    Dang, I let the forecast scare me off. Shoulda woulda coulda!! Nice fish!!! 30 inch fish about 11-12#. Here's a calculator for weight by length, without girth: salmon nomograph
  598. kallitype

    Roche Harbor Salmon Classic Results...A Hog Wins It...Pics Attached

    What a nice result for some lucky folks---although with that total weight, I don't think luck had much to do with it. Casey---what were you using? Thats a really nice catch!
  599. kallitype

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

    Good suspense, I love it when the game goes right down to the last minute. Good fer you, Aaron Rogers! The Stealers got the breaks when the Seatrollops played in the SB back in (was it only 5 years ago???), there was some better reff'n this time.
  600. kallitype

    first post ever smashed at nopoint

    Well done? What time was the bite????
  601. kallitype

    Voter Voice Now Available on PSA and CCA sites. Stop the dismantling of the WDFW

    Thanks for putting in the link, Johnny $. I am about ready to give up on WA and trudge north to CA where they still have some kings. Unfortunately, their regs are almost as convoluted as ours.... Downside is, I live on Vashon and it takes 2 ferry rides at big $$ to get my Arima to Nanaimo or...
  602. kallitype

    New Knot

    The Spangler is a Star!! Easy to tie with wet or cold hands, at least in the 20-30# mono I use up here in Puget Sound. Have not tried it with braid--yet!
  603. kallitype

    freindly oregon neighbor

    WA area 11 now open for salmon---fished yesterday AM, nothing at point Dalco, heard of one legal fish caught at point Defiance, but all in all a beautiful day on calm and sparkling Sound!
  604. kallitype

    freindly oregon neighbor

    BlackVelvet, check yer email....
  605. kallitype

    Newbie (sorta) to BD

    Matt, I think we met at Point Defiance last summer, I was ogling your beautiful Boulton, in my little Arima named "Serenissima" (Italian for "most Serene")
  606. kallitype

    How to kill a Sunday afternoon

    10 or 12#???
  607. kallitype

    Newbie (sorta) to BD

    Have lurked a couple months, made a couple posts, but have not introduced my self,'s Terry Roth (kallitype) Age 68, live on Vashon Island, retired 2009 from 28 years working for the Vets at Seattle VAMC. I have fished for many years in Barkley Sound in my sea kayak, and in a...
  608. kallitype

    Last Day for Area 10!

    Nice fish!!! Fished PNP this AM with no action....Black Velvet was over at Double Bluff, don't know if they hooked up.
  609. kallitype

    Big Native released in MA7

    Mike---assume you're fishing the Roche Harbor derby?/ Good luck, nail a big hatchery king!!
  610. kallitype

    Big Native released in MA7

    Derby comin up----Roche Harbor next weekend. Big prize money, about $10K for top fish. Downside is $750 to enter your boat with up to 4 fishers. gotta moor the whole weekend at Roche Harbor Marina. Not for the faint of heart, but 1st prize would be a pretty nice down payment on a new boat!
  611. kallitype

    Sister passed 12/23.. Need shoes, please read..

    I'll send some to ....where??? A sad story, there but for the grace of god ... Peace to you in the dark time, brother!
  612. kallitype

    Big Native released in MA7

    BY carry-over, you mean fall kings?? Not an early springer??
  613. kallitype

    combo fish finder/gps

    Depends on the quarry----if you're fishing bass in lakes or walleyes in rivers, they're fantastic for revealing structure in a pictorial, lifelike way. But if you're after kings and silvers or hallibut in the salt, or halibut, the side-scan is pretty much an afterthought, the size of the image...
  614. kallitype

    Big Native released in MA7

    Wow!!! That's a great way to start the new year, Mike. Assume you were around Orcas??? It looks like area 7 is going to have a banner year for kings. Is that a glo/green hoochie? What color flasher??
  615. kallitype

    Double @ Double Bluff

    MAn, those are beauties!!! Excellent work! Were there any seals in the area? We'll be fishing the PNP side tomorrow in our kayaks, seals are a real problem in my home waters (Vashon Island).
  616. kallitype

    Kingston Area 10 Blackmouth

    That would be toward the end of the incoming tide, yes???
  617. kallitype

    Jigging at Point No Point??

    Thanks Jim---assume you fish around 90-120 feet depth????
  618. kallitype

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    I'll toss in for the 332 Newell, 2nd would be MXJ. Out of the box, I got just under 2 minutes freespool with the Avet, no bearing work done, no line on the reel. from Charkbait: If I'm doing some serious fishing the Newells go with me. If I'm acting as tour guide for a bunch of first...
  619. kallitype

    3 downriggers no tangle

    It help to have a wide beam (the boat, not yours) and long arms on the 'riggers. Instead of running your gear back from the weight 20-25 feet, run it 6-8 feet. At that short distance, an 8 inch flasher might work better than an 11incher.
  620. kallitype

    Jigging at Point No Point??

    I've not fished PNP but once since the 1990's, and always mooched herring. Question for those who jig---what jigs, and what depth? Assume the bite is on the ebb, as it used to be??? Thx in advance!
  621. kallitype

    Kingston Area 10 Blackmouth

    Nice post of a nice dinner! Friend Rob and I will be in our Hobie kayaks at PNP on Monday, if the weather gods cooperate. What time was the bite???
  622. kallitype

    MA10 Manchester~~Another blackmouth cherri poped....

    that's one sweet DF/GPS!! Looks like about $1600--the high-price option....
  623. kallitype

    Looking for a video showing a guy getting spooled

    Around Point Defiance, a noisy clicker calls in the seals to steal your salmon, kinda like a dinner bell. Savvy anglers do not use a clicker in Puget Sound. Damn sea lions also catching on.
  624. kallitype

    Lost a BIG ONE Today!

    Hate when that happens! Nice to hear there''s some fish down here, though.
  625. kallitype

    MA7 1/17/11

    Here's another quick stinger hook, no snipping or rigging Gamakatsu G-Stinger Hook 4pk
  626. kallitype

    PNP/SkunkBay 1/18/11-1/19/11

    Charlie, we're kayak fishing PNP on Monday Am, hope there's a good AM bite for you----and us!!
  627. kallitype

    MA 7 1/22/11

    I've been told it's legal to paintball seals that are "in the process" of taking your fish.
  628. kallitype


    We don't need no stinkin' reels! Fluorocarbon, hah!
  629. kallitype

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Jason---here's a question about fluoro: Do I need it? I fish around Seattle in Puget SOund for king and silver salmon, they range from 8-10# for 2 salt fish, up to about 22-28# for 4 salt fish. Using Shimano Tekota 600 and Saltist 30, with 20 or 25# mono for trolling on downrigger. Thanks!
  630. kallitype

    PNP/SkunkBay 1/18/11-1/19/11

    beautiful (and tasty) results! What time was the bite???
  631. kallitype

    accurates and avets...270 4.6/1 & SX 5.3

    I'll take the accurate with the ventilated handle!!
  632. kallitype

    Pro Gear 545 and older model AVET SX

    PM sent---Mike, would you say the Pro Gear is better for 15-20# salmon than the Avet, or the other way around???
  633. kallitype

    MA7 1/17/11

    THx--nice pix, happpy Dad! Check your PM, BW....
  634. kallitype

    cleaning my reel

    Clamp down the drag and hose it off with fresh water---gently. Shake water off, release the drag and let it air dry.
  635. kallitype

    New Knot

    Neat-lookin knot! Tie 20 of them with 10 or 15# mono and pull against good scale until the line breaks, record weight at breaking and whether the line breaks at the knot or the running part of the line. Be sure to spit lube the knot, as it will be tough to tighten smoothly with the doubling...