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  1. t. pouw

    CR 8/30 WFO tuna fishing.

    See you guys out there.
  2. t. pouw

    CR 8/30 WFO tuna fishing.

    We are planning to go out of Westport. I see the warm water had moved more south. What latitude south are you aiming?
  3. t. pouw

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I agree with you that during normal situation such as flushing your deck off fish blood, you would have slow drain of water down the hose and given time, the top level of the water column would be at the same level of the boat's waterline. So, if these scuppers are to sink the boat, it would...
  4. t. pouw

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I see it the same way. The only way the water could go down from the deck is when the pressure above is greater than below. Being submerged and under all this boat weight and pressure, it would be a hard to see how it would flow down. On the other hand, having a leak in one of these connecting...
  5. t. pouw

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I don't see how under-water scuppers would serve to drain anything as the pressure would be too high. Any drainage could only be accomplished may be when the transom deck is completely filled with water creating the needed pressure differential. I just could not understand who would put scuppers...
  6. t. pouw

    albacore - ilwaco, washington - august 15-19, 2018

    I have read your report before and enjoyed it. Great write up and videos!
  7. t. pouw

    Thursday 9/15 roll call

    I think i may have saw your boat on Thursday out there. You did better than we did. We gout out to 36/52 and trolled for about two hours before we got a bite. Got only one other in a short-lived bait stop. The other four fish were caught in the rest of the day in the similar fashion . Tough to...
  8. t. pouw

    Thursday 9/15 roll call

    Well, that is a bit more south than what i was planning. May be see you on the way down there.
  9. t. pouw

    Thursday 9/15 roll call

    We are going Thursday. Looking at that the warm water has moved farther away. What heading and how far are you all going?
  10. t. pouw

    Who will be out Saturday?

    Garret: Meant to connect with you for buddy boating last year. (heard about you Donna from West marine in Olympia). We are launching at 6am this Sunday morning and headed for SW direction. Don't know what this max ebb tide will look like around 7am but will go anyway. We are in a 20ft. Grady...
  11. t. pouw

    Found these fish 1 hour from Westport

    I just called Westport Seafood at 360-268-0133. They have "lots of healthy Live baits" So, it is not true that they are not carrying anymore live bait.
  12. t. pouw

    Best tuna video yet!

    incredibly well-put-together video!
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  14. t. pouw


    Ken: I think you saw me in my 20' Grady Monday morning as i was heading out to GH. I did see the smooth water on the south side of the submerged jetty but did not want to cross the submerged jetty. I have read a post a few days ago that it could be unwise unless you know what you are doing. i...
  15. t. pouw

    WP: TUNA, heading out Tuesday 8/10/15

    Wind will pick up afternoon 15-25 knots.
  16. t. pouw

    When I started my boat was white...

    A bloody happy mess :D
  17. t. pouw

    Is there a cannery in Westport that will do fresh Tuna exchange?

    I heard that in the past one can exchange freshly caught Tuna for freshly canned fish( 50% in quantity) in Westport. Does anyone know if it is still available? I love catching Tuna but not carting and canning.
  18. t. pouw

    5 Aug tuna report

    I get it! Looks like a good plan to win :D
  19. t. pouw

    5 Aug tuna report

    77 miles out? Why so far?
  20. t. pouw

    7/23/15 First successful tuna trip!

    Having looking over the SST and Chlorophyl charts carefully and determined the place to target for our just about first real tuna trip, my friend Steve and I picked up our live anchovy and headed 220 degree SW from the Westport bar. It was reassuring to see that the Pros Darrel on his "Far...
  21. t. pouw

    WP Tuna 7-10

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Thinking of trying tomorrow though it is still a distance of 40NM.
  22. t. pouw

    WP TUNA 7-7-15

    I am new to Tuna fishing, can you tell me when will be it be about right time to try it?
  23. t. pouw

    Westport 7 8

    "About 10 we went SW to 46. 40, 125. 40 area". That is long way west. You mean 124.40?
  24. t. pouw

    went catching in westport

    So, any size to the fish? Must be pretty rough water.
  25. t. pouw

    New boat and first blood

    Nice fish! US Open at Chamber Creek?
  26. t. pouw

    A little Salmon action in Westport this weekend

    Fished from 9am till 3pm Thursday and had only three bites. One shaker, one wild, and one keeper about 10 lbs. Fished at the bottom with flasher and Coho Killer at the depth about 120 ft. The area is around GH buoy. Good luck on the weather.
  27. t. pouw

    I thought Westport opened today.

    Trolled around from 6am till 10am and had both down-rigger disabled by crab pots! Not a single bite. May be someone else had a better day?
  28. t. pouw

    Ocean Temperature warming up! I am new to this site. Fun to read about the fishing and I am planning to go for the Albacore myself. Here is the temp site. Is the warming real and does it mean an earlier albacore season?
  29. t. pouw

    Crab 8-2 - boat pics

    Brabo 1432: Great photos of the catch and your daughter. Also great looking boat. Just wonder if you have any problem with your compass being pretty close to your Lowrance GPS/Fish finder. I am planning to put mine closer to the steering but read that it should be 17'' away from the compass.
  30. t. pouw

    Edmonds Coho

    Trolled 7 hrs yesterday between oil dock and Edmond Marina. A very slow day. Kept one silver about five pound and threw back two little ones so small that I didn't even know were there behind the down rigger.
  31. t. pouw

    MA 13 shrimp 9-26-14

    Yummy! What re these shrimps called? I live here in Olympia and thought our waters here are just transitory place. Nice dog by the way!