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  1. BrianS

    For Sale Bruce 10kg Anchor

  2. BrianS

    For Sale Bow Rail

  3. BrianS

    Here we go again.........

    After selling the Ando last year I decided I wanted something smaller. I ran across this 18' Stringari and after looking at it decided the price was right and with some TLC would be a great little boat. The plan is to pull the Volvo that is in it and go with a bracket and outboard. Started...
  4. BrianS

    Another launch ramp.................

    We have all seen a ton of these floating around the web but this is the first time I sam this one..........
  5. BrianS

    SOLD Simrad Radar Dome with Processor and Mount

    Simrad radar dome with processor and mount $1000. Mounted this on my boat but never finished wiring it up and now I am going a different direction. RDR 1042 NKE-249 4KW
  6. BrianS

    For Sale Volvo D4 300

    Selling a Volvo D4 300hp diesel. I decided to change directions so I will not be using this engine. It has a cracked intake manifold but the mechanic that pulled it out told me it had great compression but ran rough. Not sure what all is wrong with it so plan on putting some work into it. $8000...
  7. BrianS

    For Sale Brand New ZF 286 IV

    I have a brand new ZF 286 IV. It has never been installed and in fact is still in the crate it came to me in. It also has the Vulkan coupler. $9000 OBO. Delivery to SoCal possible
  8. BrianS

    SOLD Simrad AP 14 parts-SOLD

    I pulled this unit out of my boat because of the broken gear and decided to replace the entire steering system. If you have this unit and need parts this is it. I also have the electronic compass and could sell it separately if you are interested. $125+ actual shipping.
  9. BrianS

    SOLD Bravo II Drives

    I have 2 Bravo II drives for sale that were removed from my boat, no issues worked fine just repowering. $3000 each
  10. BrianS

    For Sale Mercruiser diesel control panel and fuel filters

    I have 2 control panels (corners chipped) and fuel separator filters for a 220hp Mercruiser diesel for sale. 2 Control panels and 3 filters. Control panels $50 each and filters $10 each, will ship for actual shipping costs
  11. BrianS

    SOLD Bravo Transom assemblies-Parts

    Bravo Transome assemblies for parts $1000
  12. BrianS

    For Sale Tie bar for Bravo II

    Tie bar for Bravo II $275
  13. BrianS

    SOLD Bravo II props for sale

    I have 2 sets of props both are 18x19P right and left. $325 each for the stainless and $125 for the aluminum. I will ship for the cost of actual shipping
  14. BrianS

    Please Delete-no longer for Sale

    Moderator please delete
  15. BrianS

    Furuno Radar cable

    I removed the old radar from my boat and the dome was shot but I saved the cable. It is about 18' long and all the connections look good. Not sure what models it will fit. $20. I will ship but buyer will have to pay actual shipping costs.
  16. BrianS

    SOLD Mercruiser 4.2L Diesel Parts for sale

    I am parting out a spare engine I had. Heads $400 Oil Filter Housing $50 Fuel Filter Housing $40 Wiring Harness with Box $100 Mercathode $25 Waste Gate Valve $100 I will ship buyer pays actual shipping
  17. BrianS

    Furuno GP30

    Pulled this out of the boat when I upgraded, complete with power cord, mounting bracket. As you can see powered it up and it works. $125 + shipping
  18. BrianS

    WTB Rocket launchers

    Looking for rocket launchers for my boat. I would like one to fit at least 6+ rods and mounts on top of the pilothouse, shoot me a PM if you have one.Thanks in advance
  19. BrianS

    Meet Maverick.......

    I have been looking for a new rig for a while now and ran across this Anderson 26 sitting in storage. Dropped an email to the Harbormaster asking if they would contact the owner and out of the blue 2 months later I get a call from the owner who is interested in selling. Worked out a deal that...
  20. BrianS

    25 Skippy

    Not mine but if I lived closer I would go check it out.
  21. BrianS

    Anyone ever heard of a Jerry Boat?

    I have googled this thing but no luck. Anyone ever heard of one of these?
  22. BrianS

    Is it a Radon?

    Took a drive up the coast today just to get away and found a small storage yard in a small coast side community. It only had 5-6 boats in it that were all rotting away but one caught my eye. I snapped a couple of pics of it and called the storage yard manager. She had no info on the boat but was...
  23. BrianS

    Wilson and Anderson History?

    I have searched all the old threads here and on HTH and information on Wilson and Anderson boats is really hard to find. I know they always seemed to be mentioned at the same time Radon boats are discussed but information is scarce. I know they are/were custom and commercial boats built in SoCal...
  24. BrianS

    V drive or Direct Drive

    I have always owned either outboards or I/O boats but I have been looking at several boats over the last couple of weeks and one has a V drive and one has a direct drive. What is the significance of a V drive vs a direct drive. I did google it and I end up with a bunch of ski boat links and not...
  25. BrianS

    Is a 1979 Farallon worth rebuilding?

    As some of you know I have been in the market for a decent priced 25' Farallon for a while now. During the holidays I was working a ton of OT so I put it on the back burner and forgot about it. Work has settled down and I am now back to looking again. I found a couple here in NorCal, I looked at...
  26. BrianS

    Diesel I/O

    I hope I am not duplicating a thread but I did a search and found nothing..............As I mentioned on another thread after selling my Grady a couple of years ago to pay the ex off I am now back looking for a boat. I have decided on a pilothouse since we don't have the weather that you guys...
  27. BrianS

    Skipjack Pilothouse by Farallon

    I have seen a couple of mid 80's 24' Open Skipjacks with pilothouses made by Farallon and they looked pretty sharp. I also ran into a pretty good deal on a mid 80's Skippy that was in pretty good shape and priced to guys know where I am going so anyway I called Farallon and talked...
  28. BrianS

    WTB Farallon

    Sold the Grady a while back and looking to get another boat I have been looking at Farallons but have not found one that would work for me yet. I want a 22' or 25', I would love to find one with a bad engine so I could swap in a diesel but I will take a good running gas engine. Project boat is...
  29. BrianS

    Yanmar Diesel Opinions

    I sold my Grady a while back and have decided to start looking for another rig. I decided this time I wanted a pilothouse boat since the Northern California weather can be a little nasty outside the Gate. I have been looking at several different brands but really would like a Farallon and with...