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  1. Shimano Penn

    On the day boats and overnights. Being heavy gear

    Been fishing in one form or another since I could walk, maybe before. Never ever in my life did I think I would ever complain that the fish are too big :rolleyes: Seen it so many times already this year, a whole boatload of anglers waiting around for some guy who brought a knife to a gunfight...
  2. Shimano Penn

    7' spinning rod choices 30-40-50

    Awesome thought and an ideal I work to enforce daily. But... Do you have a microwave oven? A dishwasher? A refrigerator? A coffee maker? An alarm clock? A toaster oven? Vacuum cleaner? Look around your house dude :oops: It's sad but true, we just don't make a lot of things. I am a Quality...
  3. Shimano Penn

    7' spinning rod choices 30-40-50

    Looking to upgrade my spinning rod, reel is a Penn Slammer 3 5500. Currently have a 7'-6" rod best suited for 30# , I want a heavier 7' model. What I'm looking at is Phenix Black Diamond PSW700XH 30-80 and United Composites Elite Composite RCE700XH 40-60. Both at the same price point $309 and...
  4. Shimano Penn

    Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130

    In the good old days you could bump, up or ttt your FS or WTB add, I guess not any more :( But what does happen???? Does it show up in "latest"? Let's find out... bump, up and ttt :D
  5. Shimano Penn

    Rod for Penn Fathom 40NLD

    Lots of choices. Budget PCH, Grafftech or Proteus. Calstar and Seeker are the old school standards, can’t go wrong. I like United Composites myself. Don’t forget Phenix, Rainshaddow and probably some more I can’t think of right now 🙄
  6. Shimano Penn

    Who can explain “In Possession” ?

    Yea I was thinking the same thing, he must leave one hell of a tip 😉
  7. Shimano Penn

    Fishing the BVI area?

    November is more about wahoo than anything else 😎
  8. Shimano Penn

    Fishing the BVI area?

    BVI = British Virgin Islands? Fish out of St Thomas, USVI. Call Neptune Fishing Supplies in Red Hook, Stuart (if still the owner) will hook you up. Was $1200 / day 20 years ago, no idea what it is now 🙄. Or you could see if the Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club website has listings for charters.
  9. Shimano Penn

    K.I.S.S.... Keep it Simple Stupid.

    If that is a true story it’s one of the most awesome tales I’ve ever heard ! 👍
  10. Shimano Penn

    130lb is the new 100lb...

    There it is right there :D There is a point at which I do not need a bigger reel, heavier rod or stronger line because I have max'd out the one crucial component that is difficult to upgrade, ME. :rolleyes:
  11. Shimano Penn

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    geebe, perhaps we got off on the wrong foot here. It was not me who aggressed upon you but rather you who called me out in post # 33. I now completely understand that you are trying to have a serious discussion on this but in post #2 you actually put up a chart for determining % values of...
  12. Shimano Penn

    Screwed by Fishermans Landing

    Okay enough ragging on this guy, yes he's wrong but only because he doesn't really know how it works. Years ago I got to the landing and couldn't find parking, I had to lug my stuff from like a mile away. The boat was gone, I was pissed that they didn't wait for me :rolleyes:. Boo hoo ...
  13. Shimano Penn

    Fathom 40lnd2: work horse

    You are correct sir. Additionally as far as I can tell they have changed the series. The 70xxhf I have has an aluminum gimbal butt and was $20 or $30 more that the rest of the series. Now is has a molded rubber butt and is the same $199 as other Proteus rods. I was the biggest Proteus fan...
  14. Shimano Penn

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    WOW !!!! Five straight years of 40 hour weeks setting drags on fishing reels? I defer, that is impressive. I was just thinking about old salty sportfishing captains who have been fishing for 30-40 years so I guess not "professionals". You win.
  15. Shimano Penn

    Fathom 40lnd2: work horse

    I have taken a couple 90’s with the PRTB 70xhf easily but not sure how far past 100 I’d want to go. I have the 70xxhf but haven’t caught anything over 55-60 with it yet.
  16. Shimano Penn

    Marking spectra

    Similar to how I do it, two rods facing each other 25’ apart. Sand spike holding main rod and my buddy (milk crate full of lead with a pvc rod holder) with the other 😉.
  17. Shimano Penn

    Who can explain “In Possession” ?

    Okay everyone seems to confirm what I thought, no more than 2 fish with my tag on them at any time 😎. I have seen guys with 4 or 5 laid out at the dock and thought they were talking a big chance 🙄. So far I’ve been fortunate enough to hook a third fish twice but both times handed off to someone...
  18. Shimano Penn

    Who can explain “In Possession” ?

    Often there is a difference between law and enforcement, we all know that. We are each allowed (2) BFT per day but we fish “boat limits” and even if the boat limits out you typically have some guys with 4-5 of them, some with 1, 2 or 3 and a bunch of folks with none 🙄 1). If there are 4 fish in...
  19. Shimano Penn

    Donate Bluefin to SD Food Bank?

    Awesome thanks, that’s how I figured it worked but wasn’t sure.
  20. Shimano Penn

    Screwed by Fishermans Landing

    Speak to me more of this annual insurance I know nothing about, it sounds like a good thing as sometimes “‘it happens “. 😉
  21. Shimano Penn

    Donate Bluefin to SD Food Bank?

    Great thread, I have been looking into this myself. The thing that is not clear to me is who pays for the processing? If I donate a fish do I pay the processing fee as well? Does the food bank pay? Does 5 Star do it for free? I’ve been catching more than I need this year and want to...
  22. Shimano Penn

    Saltist LD20 2 Spd

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Saltist LD20 2 Spd - Saltist LD20 2 Spd Learn more about this listing...
  23. Shimano Penn

    Southern California Saltist LD20 2 Spd

    Thinking about buying one of these, thought I’d check here first.
  24. Shimano Penn


    It’s amazing how much product is packed into that little shop. 😎
  25. Shimano Penn


    You can get absolutely everything you need at Anglers Choice on Rosecran’s near the landings. Personally I like to use everything from one line including tool, crimps and fluorocarbon. All my stuff is Jinkai which they have, but there are other choices and I’m sure that mixing and matching is...
  26. Shimano Penn

    Top shot and backing poundage.

    There are charts that show internal and external diameters of HC and solid braid as well as mono and fluoro. They show optimal / compatible combinations. Look at Basil’s site, I think you can find the chart there but I’m sure it’s elsewhere as well if you look for it. Actually I think...
  27. Shimano Penn

    Older Shimano TLD30

    I was on the Pacifica 1.5 this weekend, I noticed several TLD 30’s on the boat, old and tired looking ones. Then I noticed the tell tale rent rod markings on the rods 😆. I didn’t ask but it seemed obvious that the boat or landing or some tackle shop are renting them out as “heavy gear”.
  28. Shimano Penn

    Looking for 2X rated fishing rods for tuna

    Here is the link but I am in Chula Vista, as far South as you can get and still be in California :oops:
  29. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 06-18-21

    We left Seaforth at 9pm and were fishing by 12:00. Weather was great, calm conditions but unfortunately no sunshine all day Saturday. Easy to keep line straight up and down, made finding depths simple. I Hooked up at 4 am, second fish of the night. I was using a Savage Gear 280g Squish, 70...
  30. Shimano Penn

    UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap

    I edited the original post for two reasons, 1) I bought a Raptor 50-80 so no need for the XXH and 2) I am an idiot and did not realize I already have the 700M 20-40 I asked for. It's a custom wrap and all along I thought it was a different blank. Was looking at it and realized it's exactly...
  31. Shimano Penn

    UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap

    I have a line on one very close to me, if that falls through I'll be giving you a shout. Thanks!
  32. Shimano Penn

    Looking for 2X rated fishing rods for tuna

    Have an 720HAX 3X if "your friend" is interested.
  33. Shimano Penn

    UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap

    Thanks I did see that one there, fishing Pacifica tonight so I’ll check to see what others they have.
  34. Shimano Penn

    RCX76RAptor 7'6"

    I would like to come and get that right now ! Sending PM.
  35. Shimano Penn

    Wellcraft Airslot boats

    I remember more now, it was 2015 and I was boat shopping. I had owned a Wellcraft 248 Sportsman previously, I'd definitely buy another Wellcraft. There was an Airslot for sale, a 24. What I learned was that people either love them or hate them :rolleyes: . I remember reading a lot about...
  36. Shimano Penn

    Wellcraft Airslot boats I also saw several posts on The Hull Truth about them. A few years back I know I read some threads on BD.
  37. Shimano Penn

    Pacifica 1.5 tonight?

    Anyone on this trip leaving tonight from Seaforth?
  38. Shimano Penn

    UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap - UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap Learn more about this listing...
  39. Shimano Penn

    Southern California UC RCE 700L and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap

    Long shot but why not try? Looking for these two rods, the plus (+) versions with hypalon grips and Alps reel seat. 15-30 and 30-50.
  40. Shimano Penn

    1st 3dayer, How much $

    On my recent 3 day it was $73, even though I have an annual Mexico permit. Something called an “excursion” fee 🙄
  41. Shimano Penn

    1st 3dayer, How much $

    You can easily estimate all costs except the processing if you are going that way and keeping everything you can. On a 3 day you could very possibly come back with six fish totaling 700 lbs or more 😲 $850 +/-.
  42. Shimano Penn

    Looking for 1-2 day trip out of San Diego. Which boat?

    At this point take whatever you can get, they are all good and probably all booked, if you can go mid week you have a better shot 😉
  43. Shimano Penn

    But why?

    Couple years ago pulled into the Aliso Creek rest stop on southbound 5. There was a motor home towing a car with a boat towed behind it. Totally illegal in California, how the f’ did it get all the way to the coast ?????
  44. Shimano Penn

    Any 2 night "weekend" trips in early Dec. ?

    You should be able to find a 1.5 Friday night to Sunday morning, what I’m seeing is the local boats just aren’t scheduled out that far. Pick a landing , Seaforth or Big 3. Pick a boat, call and see what they have to say.
  45. Shimano Penn

    Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130

    No thanks on the Mak, price dropped to $325.
  46. Shimano Penn

    Sea Watch or Excalibur full day.....San Diego

    Can we get some photo's please? :D
  47. Shimano Penn

    7ft or 8ft Rod for half days?

    Daiwa VIP rods and Sealine X-SHA reels. Cheap, reliable and tough as nails 😎
  48. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa SK jig reccomendations

    He said he is renting heavier gear from the landing.
  49. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa SK jig reccomendations

    The SK’s are really hard to find right now; Nomad Buffalo, Tady Tuna TSP, Daiwa Mr Slow and of course Shimano flat fall all work just fine are easier to get in the sizes and colors mentioned above. Right place, right time is what counts 😉
  50. Shimano Penn

    Questions about flat fall set up and sinker rig set up..

    Certainly no expert but I do all right :D FF rigs are braid to a short fluoro leader 130/ 200/ 300 depending on jig size. Flyline/ sinker rigs are braid to 25-30 feet of fluorocarbon, wind on style. I use a short section of HC braid to attach the fluoro to the solid braid.
  51. Shimano Penn

    Boat Hoist Service for Getting Boat in San Diego Bay

    Probably one sold with a boat intended for fresh water use :rolleyes: I do think the car wash idea is solid though, that should work :D
  52. Shimano Penn

    UC Centaur 70 or 76 - factory wrap preferred.

    Yea the UC site sort of indicates they aren't really the same rod offered in two lengths but actually two different rods. :confused:
  53. Shimano Penn

    UC Centaur 70 or 76 - factory wrap preferred.

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: UC Centaur 70 or 76 - factory wrap preferred. - UC Centaur 70 or 76 - factory wrap preferred. Learn more about this listing...
  54. Shimano Penn

    Southern California UC Centaur 70 or 76 - factory wrap preferred.

    Like it says, just checking here before I lay out the $ for a new one.
  55. Shimano Penn

    Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll.

    2 sold, 2 still available. $400 for the pair.
  56. Shimano Penn

    Large Kill Bag

    Damn... a not-too-large guy who wants to overnight on his center console could use that for a stateroom :D
  57. Shimano Penn

    WTB - 60-80 rod
  58. Shimano Penn

    Zihuatanejo - June 5-12 2021 report

    Nice! Any dorado being caught down there right now?
  59. Shimano Penn

    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    Anyone know why seaguar has so many? Black, blue, red … WTF?
  60. Shimano Penn

    A New Pair of Knot Pullers I Made

    Nice. What is the hook for? Now I’m gonna have to put shrink wrap on mine 🙄
  61. Shimano Penn

    Fish cleaning on board

    I would call the landing about this, if it’s strictly a big BFT trip cutting up the fish on board may not even be an option. I don’t recall any fish getting cut on my last couple trips, they Gill and gut before dropping them into the RSW and that’s it, next time you see them they are laid out...
  62. Shimano Penn

    WTB: Phenix Axis 720 2XH
  63. Shimano Penn

    Okuma pch 741xxxxh rail rod (4x)

    What, posted 12 minutes ago and it hasn't sold yet ????? :eek:
  64. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Kite fish question

    I have no issue with "charity", either giving or receiving. I have taken a hand off from a Rock Star when I was having a bad day (although he was using my gear so I didn't feel too awful about it) and handed my rig to an unfortunate angler multiple times when I was kicking ass. Recently I made...
  65. Shimano Penn

    Fish cleaning on board

    As stated you will still have a lot of work to do especially if the fish is big. This is what you will get; “Onboard deckhands will now only be able to offer their fillet services by cutting tuna into six pieces, and keeping skin attached: four loins (two upper and two lower), belly fillet...
  66. Shimano Penn

    Full-Day, Open-Party - Tuna & Yellowtail - Tactics, Tips & Tackle ?

    Pay no attention to those men in the corner, stay forward and flat fall ‘til your arms fall off 😉
  67. Shimano Penn

    Furthest you've fished on 1-3 day trip

    A few weeks ago I was on a Liberty full day, we went to SCI. 8 hours boat ride for 6 hours fishing. Yes it was worth it 😎
  68. Shimano Penn

    What Ever Happened To Stand-up Rods?

    More opinions here:
  69. Shimano Penn

    Penn Int'l 30SW2 Super Clean $350

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Penn Int'l 30SW2 Super Clean $350 - Penn Int'l 30SW2 Super Clean $350 Learn more about this listing...
  70. Penn Int'l 30SW2 Super Clean $350

    Southern California Penn Int'l 30SW2 Super Clean $350

    This reel looks like it has had very little use, probably been in storage for 20 years or so. :rolleyes: I bought it a while back from another BD member, was going to have Cal Sheets modify it (I have two others he's done) but never did. I really don't need three of them so I'm asking for my...
  71. Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130

    Southern California Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130

    Too much rod for me!!!! Bought 4-5 weeks ago and taken on one trip. Caught one 125# BFT. Not the action I was looking for, I bought it to fish 60 and it's waaaaay too overkill for that. Probably better at 80-100 but I'm old and weak and can't handle that kind of drag :rolleyes: Anyway...
  72. Shimano Penn

    Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130 - Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130 Learn more about this listing...
  73. Shimano Penn

    Setting drag at full instead of strike

    ^^^^^ What he said. I do set my drags at strike but always record the full drag setting and mark it on the reel. Most of us have way too many reels to rely on memory :rolleyes:
  74. Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll.

    Southern California Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll.

    I have four (4) TLD 30 2 speed reels in A-1 perfect condition with fresh service and new line (50lb hi-vis mono), new bearings and Carbontex drag washers. Serviced at Squidco 10-25-2019 and unused since, kept cool and dry in my storage unit. These were my trolling reels when I had a boat, I was...
  75. Shimano Penn

    Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll.

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll. - Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll. Learn more about this listing...
  76. Shimano Penn

    Thoughts on going old school on these BFT?

    Nice to have friends around to talk you down when you get too high 8-) I've already pretty much talked myself out of it, might bring it along next weekend just in case I'm feeling sporty :rolleyes:
  77. Shimano Penn

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    I do it at home... wearing safety glasses ;)
  78. Shimano Penn

    WTB shimano tld 30

    There was recently one posted here with a rod for $175, a screaming deal. Search is your friend 👍
  79. Shimano Penn

    Thoughts on going old school on these BFT?

    Please if you are too young to have ever actually used this gear keep your thoughts to yourself, I am asking guys who actually have used it. I still have my 90's era gear including a couple IGFA 80# class Penn Int'l 2 5'-6" stand up rods paired with 30SW2's blueprinted and hot rodded by Cal...
  80. Shimano Penn

    2 day trip out of SD

    Shane, depending on the quality of the gear you listed you have what, +/- $6-7000 invested in equipment? You paid IDN maybe $750 for a 2 day trip? You're gonna buy drinks, food, snacks? You're going to tip the crew? You're going to maybe spend $1.15+ per pound at a processor? Do you really...
  81. Shimano Penn

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    You might enjoy this old thread. Sorry but you have to scroll to the end to see the pics.
  82. Shimano Penn

    Setting Drag Spring Scale : straight off reel Vs Bendo pull...

    I have always used a spring scale and constantly hear hear people (actual real professionals) disrespecting digital scales so there's that. I have always set drags through the rod at ~90 degrees (your "bendo") but even though I've never tried it I suspect you are right, probably not a huge...
  83. Shimano Penn

    2 day trip out of SD

    It's all about the BFT right now and you can't selectively fish for the small ones, and btw "small" means under 100 lbs :rolleyes: . I have not used anything under 50 lbs on my last 4 trips. Still, you may encounter a paddy they just can't resist so I'd say take one or two lighter bait/...
  84. Shimano Penn

    Looking for 60-80lb stick

    My 40n’s are at Cal’s for blueprinting so I have an HXW Raptor on the rod right now. Handled a ~120 BFT last weekend at 20# drag at strike with room to spare, rod was not taxed and I felt like it had plenty more to give 😎. If you do find one in a shop can you post here? I’m looking for...
  85. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Kite fish question

    Recently on a 3 day two things happened related to this discussion. I personally am not interested in kite fish for some reasons mentioned above, if I didn’t hook the fish on my own with my own rigging I feel like it doesn’t count, that’s just me. But I did notice that they called the same...
  86. Shimano Penn

    Looking for 60-80lb stick

    A brand new Proteus 70XXH is only $199 if you can find a shop that has one . It’s under rated at 40-60, it will match well to a FTH40NLD2 and fish 60-80.
  87. Shimano Penn

    Any advice croix usvi

    Better off on St Thomas, it’s a short cheap flight. I lived there 11 years (90’s), July is mostly about dolfin (dorado). Call Neptune Fishing Supply in Red Hook, they can probably “hook you up” on St Croix or certainly St Thomas. If you want to run with the big dogs July is also hard core...
  88. Shimano Penn

    Specs for older TLD 30

    Easy to find specs for the current 30A model but I have the older ones. Probably very similar or even the same but I’d like to verify.
  89. Shimano Penn

    TLD 30 2 Speed and Saber Stroker

    Super deal actually, people usually ask $150+ for just those reels 😉
  90. Shimano Penn

    Fathom freespool - beating a dead horse :)

    Awesome, gives me courage 8-)
  91. Shimano Penn

    Fathom freespool - beating a dead horse :)

    Yup I have the Alan Tani tutorial up and have been reading through it, was sort of hoping for a video. Carburator cleaner? I bought brake parts cleaner, that's what I thought I remembered from the SmoothDrag site. It probably was carb cleaner, my memory isn't so great any more :rolleyes:
  92. Shimano Penn

    Fathom freespool - beating a dead horse :)

    In another thread I complained bitterly about the out-of-the-box freespool on some FTH40NLD2's I bought for primarily flat fall and flyline use. It's terrible. I sent them off to Cal Sheets for blueprinting as I have done with (2) 25NLD's and a 30. The modified reels are awesome. I was...
  93. Shimano Penn

    What makes it a "rail" rod?

    That is SO COOL, :D , you answered yet another question I have always had but never asked :-) Never understood that 1x3, 2x4 stuff :rolleyes:
  94. Shimano Penn

    Is this a thing? (photo)

    D'oh :rolleyes:
  95. Shimano Penn

    What makes it a "rail" rod?

    Great responses, thanks to all.
  96. Shimano Penn

    Is this a thing? (photo)

    Look at the top rod in the photo, there is something beneath or attached to it, THAT is what I'm asking about !
  97. Shimano Penn

    Is this a thing? (photo)

    Crap, trying again...
  98. Shimano Penn

    Is this a thing? (photo)

    Top rod in this photo, is this a thing? If so what is it? I saw it again in a random google search but can't find it now.
  99. Shimano Penn

    What makes it a "rail" rod?

    Okay so I just know I am asking for it here, I know how you guys love to shame people :( , but seriously we all know that any rod can be laid on the rail. Is it simply a matter of the foregrip? Length? Material? Or is there something in the actual construction of the rod? I ask because I...
  100. Shimano Penn

    Flat Fall sink rate

    I know you believe you understand what you think he said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what he meant.
  101. Shimano Penn

    Rod & Reel

    Asked and answered many times, search is your friend. Most will answer “choose not to fish”. Skip a few trips and use that money to buy some gear, there is no one size fits all in this fishery, especially this year 🙄
  102. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus 70xxh Capabilities

    Just got off Polaris Supreme 3 day, we killed 'em 8-) Had an HXW Raptor on my Proteus 70XXH, drag scale set to 20lbs strike which came out to 28 at full. Used as a sardine sinker rig, caught a 97# no problem. I never pushed past strike so 20# plus whatever increase there was as the spool...
  103. Shimano Penn

    Handle upgrade for Fathom FTH40NLD2

    FWIW, JMO and YMMV :rolleyes: but I "upgraded" the handle on one FTH40NLD2 (T-Bar/ Tiburon??? Don't recall and it's not here for me to look at) and honestly it just wasn't much of an "upgrade". Not really much difference at all. Definitely not worth it to me, I have another 40 and (2) 60's and...
  104. Shimano Penn

    Offshore 9 mile BFT busting out!

    I'm going to print this and pin it to my hat. Next time someone gives the "that guy" look rolling his eyes when I bring an 80 on a 3/4 day I'm gonna say "read this chump" 8-)
  105. Shimano Penn

    Latest versus New Posts?

    I give up, what is supposed to be the difference? I see the same threads under both 🙄
  106. Shimano Penn

    Tiagra 50W LRS + Rod - How much is this worth?

    What he said, nothing at all wrong with it there are just so many younger, slimmer and sexier choices nowadays 😎. People fishing at cow tuna level are less likely to be extremely price sensitive so would rather pay more for the latest and greatest, which at the current rate of increasing...
  107. Shimano Penn

    Tiagra 50W LRS + Rod - How much is this worth?

    A thing is only "worth" what someone will pay for it, and unfortunately there is a ton of that type of gear collecting dust here in So Cal. It's basically obsolete for the type of fishing we do here. Maybe as a kite reel? However it is still popular and used heavily on the East Coast by the...
  108. Shimano Penn

    Torque free spool?

    Okay sorting through all of the above I think I understand now and was ignorant before :rolleyes: I thought it was the actual components (bearings) that were the determining factor, did not really understand about the "care and feeding" aspect of it all: grease vrs oil, too much grease, etc...
  109. Shimano Penn

    Torque free spool?

    I can see that potential but have not experienced it. My personal experience with this is that dropping a FF jig with insane free spool causes one to involuntarily yell BITER !!!!!!! 8-)
  110. Shimano Penn

    Torque free spool?

    Interesting, I have all those reels plus others. The "straight stock" free spool on my HXW Raptors is WAAAAAY better that than the straight stock free spool of the Fathoms. Granted they are almost twice the price so there's that. My OP was a question about Torques ( not Fathoms) which rival...
  111. Shimano Penn

    Torque free spool?

    You are correct sir, but what I DO need to do is drop Flat Fall type jigs with as little resistance as possible :D
  112. Shimano Penn

    Torque free spool?

    I have always been a loyal Penn enthusiast and still have all my older INT II reels, but ever since FathomLD2's showed up that is pretty much all I fish. I have 8 of them 8-) However I feel that the "out-of-the-box" free spool leaves much to be desired compared to other brand reels and so far...
  113. Shimano Penn

    Considering Kayak Purchase

    Just remember that there are only three really good spots to fish a kayak locally; La Jolla, La Jolla and La Jolla. 🙄
  114. Shimano Penn

    Advantage of Fish Processing?

    Learned something fantastic last night, Five Star has after hours self- service drop off! I did not know this but it's totally awesome :-) Came in around 8PM last night after fishing Liberty all day, no processors at the dock. Really didn't want to f around with fish after the long day...
  115. Shimano Penn

    Havasu striper derby

    Damn... I thought it said stripper 🙄
  116. Shimano Penn

    Recommendations for SD overnight or 1.5, May 26-30.

    That is a Holiday weekend, book whatever’s available NOW 😉
  117. Shimano Penn

    Advantage of Fish Processing?

    It really comes down to how you view the overall hobby of sportfishing :D For some it's all inclusive, everything form servicing your own reels to making your own wind-ons and re-rigging all factory rigged tackle, so yea for those guys processing fish is part of the fun. For others the...
  118. Shimano Penn

    Sardine sinker rig for larger BFT?

    The sinker rig is pretty popular so far this season, my problem with it is trying to impale a sardine with a hook worthy of a 60-120 lb BFT and then actually expecting him to live, much less swim :rolleyes: No one is going to take the time to bridle a bait on a sportboat so I'm wondering if...
  119. Shimano Penn

    30# Inexpensive 6 or 7' Rod

    West Marine (I know, I know...) has a lot of inexpensive Penn combo's and so does Bass Pro.
  120. Shimano Penn

    Opinions on the o side 95?

    Location, location, location... The SCI comment is right on but if the fish are South it's a loong ride. On the upside it has a HUGE deck, you can bring your lounge chair and play a little basketball if you like :D I normally fish it 2-3 times per year with a charter group but missed out this...
  121. Shimano Penn

    Finally decided on boat name...

    Half of the blow boats in the Caribbean are named Star Chaser or Sun Something nobody cares 🙄
  122. Shimano Penn

    If you get to the landing tonight missing rods/rod socks

    Ouch :( Oh man say it ain't so :oops:
  123. Shimano Penn

    Can you tell fluorocarbon from nylon monofilament ?

    I have always wondered if there is a way to tell fluoro from regular mono, maybe some trick with light or involving submersion in water? Sometimes I pull out a jig or something I rigged two years ago and can't for the life of me remember how I rigged it, hate to throw away perfectly good fluoro...
  124. Shimano Penn

    Hollow Core Braid and Wind on Leaders

    It might matter what you intend to do with the 60 which I assume is a FTH60ld2. There is a recent thread that claims solid braid has less drag in the water and is therefore better for jigging, flat fall fishing. It’s fun to learn how to splice hollow core but it’s not necessary for you to use...
  125. Shimano Penn

    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    I would totally be up for that but I’ll be on the Grande all day 😎
  126. Shimano Penn

    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    I want to learn how to solder solid rings on jigs. I'm guessing there are U-tube videos :rolleyes: What about supplies? Tools, correct torch, open rings, solder... School my ass, how do I learn this?
  127. Shimano Penn

    Bluefin in April

    2 of 3 on the fall deep, at least 100'. The first one was "in neutral" :rolleyes: I was all the way out and ready to start retrieving when a hooked up angler headed my way. I chose to do nothing until his fish decided which way to go, while I was waiting the line went tight :D The weather...
  128. Shimano Penn

    Bluefin in April

    Flat falls worked well for me last Saturday on the Polaris Supreme , 3 for 3 @40-45 lbs. Also guys were doing well with colt snipers.
  129. Shimano Penn

    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    Can't really comment on the food as I had just come off oral surgery and was pretty much living on over ripe bananas and oatmeal :rolleyes:
  130. Shimano Penn

    Requested advice from seasoned professionals

    X2 and I would even go a step further and say a TLD 30 or 50 will handle anything you find here except maybe the occasional incidental marlin strike. :eek:
  131. Shimano Penn

    Reel for Axis 7’8” 30-80#?

    FTH40NLD2 on sale at Turners $269, just bought one yesterday and they gave me a good deal on 80# braid as well.
  132. Shimano Penn

    100lb. braid recommendations

    Curious to know why you guys say solid for flat falls ?????
  133. Shimano Penn

    Turner's: Walked in to pull on rods, walked out with a new reel.

    So the truth is I've never really taken Turner's seriously as a tackle shop, I've always sort of thought of it as a Big Box type store like Bass Pro or something. However I wanted to compare some Axis rods and was right near the Clairemont Mesa store so I went in. They had the rods I wanted to...
  134. Shimano Penn

    The Night Before Fishing

    Gatorade bottle 👍
  135. Shimano Penn

    Easy on the wallet 60 lb 7' rod ?

    Website says out of stock :rolleyes: and from what I see online the Graftechs are all 7-8" ??????
  136. Shimano Penn

    Easy on the wallet 60 lb 7' rod ?

    And there it is. Never even been there though I hear it's nice :D
  137. Shimano Penn

    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    Yup, 24. It did not feel crowded at all. Plenty of rail, huge salon/ galley, heads laid out nicely. Only issue was a couple of guys who brought chairs and seemed to think it was okay to place them right in front of the tackle stations and inconvenience everyone else :rolleyes:. Some people...
  138. Shimano Penn

    Easy on the wallet 60 lb 7' rod ?

    I want to buy a 7' rod for 60lb FF/ LB use. I have a bunch of reels that could work; (1) 40NLD2, (2) 60LD2s and (2) HXW Raptors. Also a couple Cal'd out 30SW2's from the 90's. I did have M&M wrap a couple of UC's for me, one Centaur and a Viper both 7'-6", but I never used them and sold them...
  139. Shimano Penn

    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    Just got home, resting up while I wait for my call from 5 Star 8-) I believe the final count was 24, mostly in the 38-45# range but one hit 94+on the scale. Nice fish. Cap't and crew rocked, boat is awesome, I will definitely fish it again. It was a tad nautical out there, downright...
  140. Shimano Penn

    The Night Before Fishing

    A few $ a night at the Big 3 landings parking lot or free at Seaforth. Cars and trucks coming and going at all hours, no one is going to even notice much less say anything. Throw some fishing themed bumper stickers on your truck or van and you blend right in. I do it all the time and I'm...
  141. Shimano Penn

    Please explain how 2-3-4 day trips work.

    This is what everyone says and it's what I'm looking forward too :p: Like I said above I'm not much for the boat rides, I like the travel at night .5 trips, but I want to try this boat so I guess I'll tolerate the ride out and see how I like it :rolleyes: Thanks to all for your comments.
  142. Shimano Penn

    Please explain how 2-3-4 day trips work.

    I normally take trips with a .5 at the end, drive by night and fish by day. I am looking at several Polaris Supreme 2-3 and 4 day trips that leave at 10AM ??? So do you actually fish on the first day or is it literally drive all day and night to get somewhere? I know... call the landing. I...
  143. Shimano Penn

    Best price on Reliable Kill Bag?

    Ordered from Hartlyn, thanks. $238.50 with free shipping :)
  144. Shimano Penn

    Best price on Reliable Kill Bag?

    I tried both of those codes, no suck luck. Just hate paying retail when I just missed that sale....
  145. Shimano Penn

    Best price on Reliable Kill Bag?

    I want one, probably 28 X 48. Unless anybody wants to sell one used in good condition I'll just buy a new one. Who has the best price?
  146. Shimano Penn

    Any one got any tips for catching striper from the surf?

    Well it's been 35 years but I used to catch them in SF Bay along the Emeryville coastline using 3-4 ounce chrome/ blue Kastmasters with the red thread/ white bucktail as mentioned above. Never really tried anything else as that worked just fine.
  147. Shimano Penn

    Backpacking Fishing Rod and Reel Suggestions

    A couple summers ago I spent a lot of time fishing rainbows and Kokanee up in Shasta county. The thing about salmon eggs and power baits is that they are almost always gut hooked, you can’t release them. Kast masters and Super Duper’s worked well and always lip hooked.
  148. Shimano Penn

    Full Day VS. Overnight

    For me it's always going to be something that ends in .5 8-) Sleep on the way out, fish all day, sleep home. Get off the boat fresh and rested (and sober) for the drive home, clean up and fish processing. Always. Also a few posts back someone touched on something that may a tad offensive to...
  149. Shimano Penn

    Off Topic---Need a Place to Stay

    Extended Stay America at Hotel Circle ?
  150. Shimano Penn

    60 ft-69 ft Pilothouse or Similar (Flybridge and Lower helm)

    Probably just read the title but not the actual post LOL
  151. Shimano Penn

    trolling distance advice please

    There is no one size fits all here, it will vary depending on conditions, what you are pulling and what you are fishing for. You mention wahoo, where are you fishing? Generally when targeting wahoo sub surface and fast are your best friends. There are endless articles on the web about this. As...
  152. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus 7.5 Black model.

    I checked my storage yesterday, didn’t see it and then remembered selling it. Sorry.
  153. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus 7.5 Black model.

    I might have one I don’t use, at least I think I do 🙄 I’ll need to go check at my storage place.
  154. Shimano Penn

    Wire Line Halibut

    This ^^^^^^^^^ True in St Thomas as well. I used a short bent butt Rod made especially for fishing wire and a 9/0 Senator, it never leaves the rod holder, you just sit on the gunnel and crank. Not much sport but puts wahoo in the boat all day long. Downside is occasional “bycatch” like a...
  155. Shimano Penn

    Trolling BD for Trolling Pictures and stories

    Local when they were here in 2015, got two that day. Would have been either a black/ orange Yo Zuri Bonita or a large chrome jet head with dark skirts like black/ red or black/ purple. Those are pretty much my go-to wahoo offerings. The jet head is usually fished off a poor mans downrigger...
  156. Shimano Penn

    Mint penn senator 9/0 with hand crank

    Still planning to get it today, just need time and place.
  157. Shimano Penn

    Mint penn senator 9/0 with hand crank

    I will take it but can’t pick up until Saturday unless you happen to be coming to SD/ Miramar/ Chula Vista in the next few days. Will PM when I get home tonight.
  158. Shimano Penn

    Table top propane grill ?

    Thanks all, I went with the Weber Q2200 with temp gage, should be here by next weekend 8-)
  159. Shimano Penn

    Table top propane grill ?

    Overall sounds like the Weber Q is the answer, thanks for the input.
  160. Shimano Penn

    Table top propane grill ?

    Figured this was an okay forum for this, apologies if not. I need a new table top propane grill, I live alone and cook for one so I don't need a big grill and I have a Traeger for serious work. For years I had an Aussie Grill which was perfect. It finally died and when I went to replace it it...
  161. Shimano Penn

    Using a Downrigger in Mexican Waters ?

    I have noticed that Z-wings are pretty popular in Puerto Vallarta. I always used one when I lived in St Thomas, especially effective on wahoo run at 10-12mph. A number 5 planer works too but the Z-wing is easier to work with.
  162. Shimano Penn

    Pair of Calstar 655XH

    Thank God, I nearly broke down yesterday and don't know how much longer I could have held out :rolleyes: Happy for you !
  163. Shimano Penn

    Why are women's clothes ads on BD?

    Okay smart guys, riddle me this... I get the whole "search history" thing but why do I keep getting pop up ads for things I searched for once and bought. I already bought the damn thing, don't they know that too ?????
  164. Shimano Penn

    Lake Skinner advice

    No fishing advice but... Maybe 8-9 years ago I was camping there in late November, weather was cold and hardly anyone there. The coyotes moved in around sunset and even a mountain lion walked through one evening !!!! It was cool to see but I'm glad I didn't have kids or pets with me :eek:
  165. Shimano Penn

    Oceanside 95 2.5 day. 10/22-25 2 open spots

    Bump for a good group, I have fished with this group several times. Big tailgate party in the parking lot (there is always ample parking too) before boarding, spacious deck with tons of room for your gear. Food has always been good and generally do pretty well on the fishing. I have to work...
  166. Shimano Penn

    St. Crotch, USVI

    Stuart Loveland had these made many years ago.
  167. Shimano Penn

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    Pardon my bluntness but YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT :-) Okay I apologize but that was my first reaction. NO! Don't do it. I have been out there in a 24 WAC with PLENTY of fuel and realized it was a mistake (the second time). An 18 CC? Not me brother, you must have some BIG hairy balls :oops:
  168. Shimano Penn

    St. Crotch, USVI

    I lived there in the 90’s, St Thomas actually. There is a reason the VIGFC holds it’s annual wahoo tournament in November, they are thick this time of year 😎 As for YFT when I was there (over20 years ago) I never saw or heard of one over 85 pounds, now there are cows ??? Climate change? Oh...
  169. Shimano Penn

    Van / RV insurance ?

    Thank you I will look in to that.
  170. Shimano Penn

    Very clean Phenix/ 'gosa popping set up

    Bumpity bumpity bump. Around all weekend, have Monday off.
  171. Shimano Penn

    Van / RV insurance ?

    Really? Crickets? Nobody here has an insured RV ????? C'mon fellas, help a guy out :confused:
  172. Shimano Penn

    1.5 Light Load Tomahawk Tonight

    Stupid job :mad:
  173. Shimano Penn

    Hand held GPS recommendations?

    So for a long time I have thought about buying a hand held GPS just to toss into my bag and have for emergencies when fishing friends boats. Also I thought it would be fun (and a bit crafty) to track the voyage of party boats I fish :cool: Then weekend before last I found myself adrift on a...
  174. Shimano Penn

    What reel to use with this rod
  175. Shimano Penn

    What reel to use with this rod

    Another vote for FTH25N or 30 LD2. Can't go wrong. I also have and love a Daiwa Saltist STTLD40-2SPD but I think the price point is little higher and it's harder to find a used one. Go with the Fathom.
  176. Shimano Penn

    Van / RV insurance ?

    A few years back I bought a 1994 dodge conversion van and added it to my existing AAA auto insurance policy. Then I made a camper out of it. It does not have running water but it does have a propane camp stove, a propane heater, solar panels and shore power with an inverter/ charger and a...
  177. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay Sunday Oct 11th, sold out?

    Looks like everything in MB and SB is booked :(
  178. Shimano Penn

    Very clean Phenix/ 'gosa popping set up

    This thing is immaculate with very little use and no fish ever. It's a style I tried but did not get into so it's just been sitting in the shop last two seasons. Phenix MPX-S 800H Megalodon spinner and Shimano Saragosa SW10000. Loaded with 80lb solid. Bought and spooled at Fisherman's so...
  179. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay Sunday Oct 11th, sold out?

    I got all excited because I just found out I have a three day weekend coming up and Saturday is my birthday, I finally have a chance to get back up to Morrow Bay and fish the Avenger or Endeavor. Bubble burst... both are sold out for Sunday. Is there another boat/ landing I might try?
  180. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay 5-6 and 5-8

    Well I FINALLY have an opportunity to go back, have a three day weekend coming up and Saturday is my birthday 8-) ! I haven't checked that landing website yet, I hope there is a trip for me on Sunday. Is this a good time of year? Expected conditions, weather?
  181. Shimano Penn

    Gold HXW Raptors like new with 100# J braid

    Yea well my bad, there were some adult beverages involved :ele:
  182. Shimano Penn

    Fighting Big wish on Walkaround

    Uh, yea, THIS !!!!!!!!!! Boat in gear, work the fish to about a 5 o'clock position so it's on the starboard side where the helmsman can see where it's going. Adjust the boat to keep it there. When/ if it goes deep back down on the f'ker to gain line, when it stops pulling ease forward to...
  183. Shimano Penn

    Creative ways to hide fishing related purchases

    What has worked for me in the past was divorce 👍
  184. Shimano Penn

    Gold HXW Raptors like new with 100# J braid

    Wow those pictures are really bad, I promise they look better than that 8-) I can take new photo's today after work.
  185. Shimano Penn

    Gold HXW Raptors like new with 100# J braid

    So back when I had the boat I bought 2 HXW Raptors thinking I would use them as trolling reels. Yea, right. Ever hear the clicker on these reels? Pretty weak, it's a bait reel, NOT a trolling reel :rolleyes: So they have been pretty much sitting in my shop for 3 years, occasionally going on...
  186. Shimano Penn

    Torque 60LD2 or VISX 16 ?

    :rolleyes: Thanks, I had not actually considered the harness lugs as an issue but again I will probably use the "old school" internationals for larger models. The smart thing to do is buy 2 more Fathoms... but I have been told I'm not very smart :rolleyes:
  187. Shimano Penn

    Does anyone know what this fish is???

    You had me at "gill net" :eek:
  188. Shimano Penn

    trailering my boat down to punta mita

    Well hell, my week in Barra hardly compares to your six years, I bow down to you sir. So we are maybe back to talking about La Cruz? 8-)
  189. Shimano Penn

    Torque 60LD2 or VISX 16 ?

    How is the Torque as a trolling reel? Is the clicker audible? I can see that both the 60LD2 and VISX16 are in many ways comparable reels but I do like the lighter weight of the Torque and the difference in gear ratios doesn't really matter to me. What about the physical size? Is the Torque...
  190. Shimano Penn

    Wind-On Supplies - Blackwater Jig, JB Hollow, etc

    Oh snap I got bumped to third in the time it took me to post ????
  191. Shimano Penn

    Wind-On Supplies - Blackwater Jig, JB Hollow, etc

    Wow that was quick, next in line if it falls through please :D
  192. Shimano Penn

    PENDING...Weber Performer Grill...great condition.

    I have cash and can come right now ! 😆
  193. Shimano Penn

    trailering my boat down to punta mita

    Going to take this thread a bit sideways but have the OP's best interest at heart. I spent six weeks along that coast last summer looking for a place to retire. The above statement is true, Banderas Bay is not a place for small boat in-shore or near shore fishing. If you are a big game hunter...
  194. Shimano Penn

    Wind on’s

    Exactly how I feel. I am new at it, bought all supplies from BHP and talked to Basil about it. Great guy. Still if I was fishing a tournament or going on a once a year trip I wouldn’t trust my own shit🙄 Not yet anyway😉
  195. Shimano Penn

    Diawa Proteus 76XH, 76H and 80H

    My bad, Chula Vista. I edited the original post.
  196. Shimano Penn

    Diawa Proteus 76XH, 76H and 80H

    I also have reels for these rods, not sold separately as I was planning to keep them but I would sell with the rod. Penn Fathoms blueprinted by Cal Sheets, not used since the service. (Like I said I don't fish these rigs). 25NLD2 tuned to 30 for the 80H 25NLD2 tuned to 40 for the 76H 30LD2...
  197. Shimano Penn

    Diawa Proteus 76XH, 76H and 80H

    I have settled on the rods I actually use and have no need for these. I have pretty much the entire line of Proteus rods, I do not believe there is a better rod for the price out there. Better rods maybe, but no better value. Do a search and you will see that it is generally agreed that these...
  198. Shimano Penn

    UC Centaur and Viper Blacked Out custom by M&M

    Actually looking at these pics I think they f'd up on the Viper, I believe it's rated 80-130. Right?????
  199. Shimano Penn

    UC Centaur and Viper Blacked Out custom by M&M

    Like most tackle ho's here I buy way too much stuff that never gets used. Such is the case with these two rods I had built in 2018. Thought I was gonna be a cow slayer, never happened. I have never used these and doubt I ever will, I do need some new trolling gear for Mexico so I'd like to...
  200. Shimano Penn

    Offshore 1.5 Day 9/24, Big Dorado on the Popper

    Uhh... unless you were catching them in the dark the first night how does that work? :confused:
  201. Shimano Penn

    shimano tackle backpack medium

    Really? That has not been my experience. Had mine 6 years now and no issues with the straps. In fact the only reason I went to a rolling bag last year is that I made is SO heavy it was too hard to pick up and strap on :rolleyes:
  202. Shimano Penn

    trailering my boat down to punta mita

    Check out La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Really nice marina and as of last year had lots of space available.
  203. Shimano Penn

    Dorado still around?

    Didn't make it off the dock last weekend but trying again Saturday. Two weeks ago we saw plenty of dorado and last week there were plenty of reports here on BD. Pretty quiet this week, are they gone? How about those marlin they were seeing on 181-182 ridge? Edit: I can see the sport boats...
  204. Shimano Penn

    Thinking of doing Overnight trip for first time

    Jump straight to a 1.5, skip the "overnight" trips. Anything with a .5 means drive all night (you are sleeping) and fish all day into the evening. Drive home all night (you are sleeping) and arrive fresh in the morning for the drive home and clean up. 8-)
  205. Shimano Penn

    Portable solar panel

    Check out Renogy Solar, they have a portable unit they call a "suitcase" (I think), I believe it has a built in charge controller. Yes you will need a battery and possibly an inverter depending on your needs..
  206. Shimano Penn

    Best way to sell reels and rods

    Try listing it here and see what happens. Can't hurt.
  207. Shimano Penn

    First time using 25NLD2

    I don't think so. I have (2) 25NLD2's and in my view they are waaaay too much reel for 30, better fished at 40 and 50. At 50 I feel the 30LD2 is a better choice (same reel, wider spool = more line capacity) so really I see the 25 as a 40# reel. I went with a different brand single speed star...
  208. Shimano Penn

    Changing wind on leader

    Oh crap getting old sucks🙄. I used to do that 20 years ago but haven’t used loop to loop since. Thanks for the reminder 😎
  209. Shimano Penn

    Changing wind on leader

    Any tips or tricks for loosening a loop to loop connection to change wind ons? Toothpick? Wet line or dry line? I don’t want to damage either the main line or WO if I can help it🙄
  210. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Liberty dorado 9/8

    Can you find the hook?
  211. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Liberty dorado 9/8

    You gotta hold ‘em right 😎
  212. Shimano Penn

    FTH 60LD2

    Bump. Any suggestions as to who might have one I can pick up today? Squidco, Anglers Choice and Fisherman’s are all out.
  213. Shimano Penn

    FTH 60LD2

    New or like new- used. I’d just get one at Squidco but they don’t have it in stock. Before ordering online I thought I’d check here.
  214. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Jumbo's at the 43 9/9

    Next time you’ll be ready for yesterday🙄. I’m always prepared for my last trip 😆
  215. Shimano Penn

    If thinking of fishing in Morro Bay

    I’ve been dying to get up there all summer, just can’t seem to get away. I fished the Avenger and the Endeavor in 2018 and had a blast, loaded my freezer too.
  216. Shimano Penn

    “Life Jacket” flyer

    I rig mine with a tiny little epirb 😉
  217. Shimano Penn

    Need help with trolling lures...

    Kite fishing = spectator sport. The crew fishes, you finance it 🙄 Oh no did I just say that? 😆
  218. Shimano Penn

    Off Grid Solar Free Labor

    Hey folks, I was an electrician for over 40 years doing residential and commercial new construction and service. I spent about two years installing grid tied solar systems both small and large scale but that was 6-8 years ago and the tech has changed since then, I'm out of date. About two...
  219. Shimano Penn

    Leaving California? Where Do You Go ??

    I have lived in Florida and could do it again. Also St Thomas USVI but if you think So Cal is expensive you would be in for a shock. Hawaii? Probably can’t afford that either. I have been to Kauai a few times, have a friend there, it’s beautiful but the sea is rough, very rough. it’s going...
  220. Shimano Penn

    Kayak Fishing Leffingwell 8/13

    I did really well there a couple years back, really nice reds and lings. It was my first time ever in a kayak on the ocean. It was awesome. Then Mr White passed by, DFW said 18’ from reports and I didn’t question it. After changing my shorts I decided it was my last time ever in a kayak on...
  221. Shimano Penn

    Best Trolling Rod and Reel set-up

    I bought (2) HXW Raptors intended as trollers, used them once. Clickers are so lame I could not hear them over the outboard (yes 4 stroke).
  222. Shimano Penn

    ***FOR SALE: Pair of (2) Brand New Stainless Out-Rodder Type Rod Holders - Adjustable!***

    Damn, always a bridesmaid... been looking for this post for a year🙄. Anyway I call next in line if everybody flakes 😉
  223. Shimano Penn

    Need Dentist in Algodones

    Guys I need help. I am 62 and have serious dental issues, quoted $30-$60K here in San Diego. That is simply not an option. Have used dentists in TJ for minor stuff, looking for references to Algodones for major dental work.
  224. Shimano Penn


    And I might add that's it's a bitch to get rid of even after you sell a boat. My boat sold to a guy in NorCal so of course not re-registered in SD County soooo.... every year I'd get the tax bill. It took three years to straighten that out.
  225. Shimano Penn

    Penn Intl II 30SW 2-spd -Sold

    Sent PM and text. Can p/u early tomorrow if still available.
  226. Shimano Penn

    Inverter setup

    I have a 300w solar system on a converted camper van. After much research I went with Aims inverter/ charger ( also Aims charge controller) and 6 volt Interstate batteries from Costco. System installed December 2017 and no issues so far.
  227. Shimano Penn

    Black and Blue Daiwa saltist 20h & 35h

    Bump for great reels, I’m mostly a Fathom guy but the 20H has become my go to 15 and 20 lb live bait reel, buttery smooth and a joy to fish.
  228. Shimano Penn

    Fenders out

    I like to radio the boat ahead of me and tell him his port side fender is out. Wait a moment while the wife fumbles around and then call back and say “no, your other port side” 🙄
  229. Shimano Penn

    Rock fishing Channel Islands ?

    A couple years ago I took my little camper van to Morrow Bay and did some rockfish trips, really enjoyed it. It’s a hike though, 5-6 hour drive. Oxnard/ Channel Islands Sportfishing is a lot closer, same or similar experience? Better options? Looking at Cobra or Sea Jay for full day islands...
  230. Shimano Penn

    Low to mid budget rods

    Let me add one thing about Proteus, most people seem to agree that they are under rated, they fish towards the top of their stated range, not the lower end. Best to pull on one before buying, you might find yourself dropping down a model to get what you are looking for 🙄
  231. Shimano Penn

    Low to mid budget rods

    X2 for Proteus 😎
  232. Shimano Penn

    Upgrading trolling reels, what do you think?

    I have (4) older TLD30/2’s unused since last service and new line (last summer). I am headed to Zihuatanejo, Mexico for a couple months when things open up. 40-50 lb wahoo not uncommon. 1) Do you think it’s necessary to upgrade ? 2) If so do you think going to FTH60LD2 is enough jump...
  233. Shimano Penn

    Offshore First time offshore

    You should probably post up some details on your boat, 50 gal fuel capacity would indicate a rather small boat and smaller boats typically get better fuel economy than 1MPG (in fact that's terrible). Give details on make and model, LOA and motor. Also electronics and safety gear. Also I'd...
  234. Shimano Penn

    Do You Use your Slipped Boat More Than Your Trailer Boat?

    Absolutely. Loose the lines, turn the key. Done.
  235. Shimano Penn

    Vintage Alluminum Uni Butts

    Not “vintage” but I have a couple all black AFTCO UB2’s I bought maybe 3 years ago and never used. PM if interested.
  236. Shimano Penn

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    But I tested negative !
  237. Shimano Penn

    Amazing beautiful women, Encinitas protest 4/19

    It’s true everywhere, it’s because the gyms are closed 😉
  238. Shimano Penn

    Volaris 60% off right now?

    Thanks for the heads up 👍. I just booked round trip to Zihua with all the bells and whistles (upgrades) for under $120, could have been under $100 with standard seats and no checked bags. Awesome 😎
  239. Shimano Penn

    Looks like Rancho Leonero is for sale

    That HAS to be pesos, right 🤔
  240. Shimano Penn

    This is what you should be doing

    Very informative, I will study this closely to ensure I’m doing it properly. Thank you your service to the community 😎
  241. Shimano Penn

    5 shimano tiagras 50wlrs

    interested in two of them, post photos please or text to 619-865-1295.
  242. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay in March (like next week)

    My bad, I was referring to the Cape San Martin trip which I signed up for but they said it was too rough to go.
  243. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay in March (like next week)

    I fished both boats (Avenger and Endeavor) in May 2018. Mid week, not crazy crowded. Too rough to go to the island. Awesome fishing; drop, hit bottom, start cranking. Fish on every drop that didn't get rocked. Big reds, some lings. After losing a handful of $$$$$ jigs I switched to shrimp...
  244. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay in March (like next week)

    Okay that sounds like a plan. And the salmon and chips sound great !
  245. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay in March (like next week)

    So in all likelihood I will receive confirmation later today that I am about to have a little unplanned time off. I am on a project at MCAS Miramar and someone sneezed yesterday so they sent us home and will likely shut down our jobsite :( If so I'm taking a road trip to visit a friend up...
  246. Shimano Penn

    WTB 60lb rod for my Talica 16

    If you are still looking I saw a Proteus 70xxh on here recently for $140 iirc, good deal if it's still available. Under rated at 40-60, I have one and also a 76xxh and they are solid 60# class rods.
  247. Shimano Penn

    can ya feel it ?

    How the hell do you get that out ???? 🤔
  248. Shimano Penn

    Anyone used the cross border xpress?

    I used it twice last summer, once in July to PV and again in August to Zihua. It was awesome! I flew Volaris both trips and they have a full service counter there unlike some other airlines. The only drawback for me was the parking situation, they don't (or at least didn't then) have any true...
  249. Shimano Penn

    Anyone here a CHST ?

    I have been a construction Super/ QCM/ SSHO for the last 4-5 years, was an electrician/ electrical contractor for 40 years prior. I want to go for a CHST certification, not sure where to start, there are Soooo many study guides and courses offered on the interweb. Would appreciate some...
  250. Shimano Penn

    Mazatlan fishing recommendations

    Sad to hear. I had a similar experience farther South. Got into 25# class dorado at about 1:00 PM, boated 4 and the pangero says it’s time to go home. WTF? It’s not like I was taking the fish with me, I’d think he could sell as many as we could catch. Must be more to the story or something...
  251. Shimano Penn

    Which of these reels for jigstick ?

    Wow, not much debate going on here :rolleyes: X40 it shall be :D Thanks all.
  252. Shimano Penn

    Which of these reels for jigstick ?

    So a friend of mine who hasn't fished for years but was born and raised here (SD) is slowly reducing his collection. Today he gave ne a 9' stick that I'm sure is 20+ years old. It's a custom wrap and he is sure it's a Calstar but has no clue which blank. It seems to me to be a 30-40 rated...
  253. Shimano Penn

    1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    This was posted 40 minutes ago and it’s not sold yet ??????????
  254. Shimano Penn

    Super Deal - 2 spots on Intrepid 16 day trip Feb 16-Mar 3

    Stupid job ... damn it 🙄
  255. Shimano Penn

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Tackle, Boat, & Travel Show

    Website says $15 general admission, military and kids 12 and under free. $10 parking.
  256. Shimano Penn

    Shore Power Plug?

    If it is indeed a “male” connector then it sounds like you set up for shore power. Is there an on board battery charger? I’d follow the wiring to see where it goes before energizing anything 🙄. Maybe post a photo, You want to be sure. If it is set up correctly you just plug the female end of...
  257. Shimano Penn

    Question about IGFA rod rating

    Yup that was my plan :)
  258. Shimano Penn

    Rock Fishing Set up??

    Daiwa VIP rod and X40sha. Cheap and bulletproof.
  259. Shimano Penn

    Question about IGFA rod rating

    I have (4) older International 2 IGFA 50# rated stand up rods from the 90's. (2)IGFA1755ARA and (2)1760ARA. I have always wondered about the standard, is it "light" or "heavy" ? In other words are these considered to be more like a 30-50, 40-60 or 50-80? To me they are beasts, I'd say 50-80...
  260. Shimano Penn

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

  261. Shimano Penn

    Penn International VSX 16 w/ Line - NEW w/ Shimano Talus Rod - $550

    Yea I might be but unfamiliar with that rod. I’ll look it up and let you know.
  262. Shimano Penn

    1996 trophy 2002

    Brace yourself, might be a question or two coming 🙄
  263. Shimano Penn

    AFTCO unibutt question

    I have four older Penn Int’l 2 IGFA 50# stand up trolling rods, I wanted to make two of them bent butt. I have determined the butts are UB-1, which apparently AFTCO does not offer in a bent version. Does anyone know if there is another manufacturer that makes a compatible product? Also AFTCO...
  264. Shimano Penn

    Cal Star 700L Spinner Set-up.

    Tasteful and elegant, I love it. I’ve had a few rods wrapped “blacked out” but this one is making me re-think how I might move forward 😎
  265. Shimano Penn

    Penn international 2 speed 30 sw

    Location? If local I’ll most likely take it.
  266. Shimano Penn

    Colonet Lings on Swimbaits

    Sand dabs 👍
  267. Shimano Penn

    Baby Sailfish.

    Oh hell no, that has to be some kind of video photoshop magic.
  268. Shimano Penn

    Bait tank plumbing - big boat

    That is what I told the owner :)
  269. Shimano Penn

    Bait tank plumbing - big boat

    Ahh... didn't even think of trying it with the generator on. Thanks guys.
  270. Shimano Penn

    Bait tank plumbing - big boat

    Yesterday we replaced a pump on my friends 48' Mikelson, in the process I learned a couple things. My experience so far has been only with much smaller boats so this stumps me. The pump I replaced was a Rule 17A, 3800 gph 12VDC pump. In following the plumbing and locating the seacock I...
  271. Shimano Penn

    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    I spent a couple weeks there this summer and have been there a few times in the past, no expert on PV but here is my take. The coast is lined with nice hotels that offer panoramic views, pools and beach access with palapas and lounge chairs you can rent by the day. Let your wallet and a map be...
  272. Shimano Penn

    Vallarta area launch ramps?

    La Cruz de Huanacaxtle ? Much shorter run to get out of the bay.
  273. Shimano Penn

    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    I agree it’s a 50 lb reel and would be wasted on a 30 lb rod, total mismatch. Mine is on a Proteus 70xh, rated 30-60. 65# braid and 50# mono top shot.
  274. Shimano Penn

    Any groups that fish and camp Baja cost?

    Check out big waters edge, kayak site.
  275. Shimano Penn

    It is done

    Awesome, I used to dream about the 28TE. Bow thrusters?
  276. Shimano Penn

    still taking offer though...Xmas tree

    Bunny is hollow core, not solid.
  277. Shimano Penn

    still taking offer though...Xmas tree

    Would you consider partial trade plus cash? I have a mint 2018 Easter basket with like new green plastic grass , some colored eggs and one NIB chocolate bunny.
  278. Shimano Penn

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    I should add that he is theoretically really BIG :eek:
  279. Shimano Penn

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    So me and this masked bandit have been at war over my vegetable garden for almost a week now, then last night around 10:30 I heard him at war with some of the local domestic pets, it was quite disturbing. I'm sure there are laws about releasing wild animals wherever one feels like letting them...
  280. Shimano Penn

    FishID -- what is this around my hoopnet?

    Ocean whitefish?
  281. Shimano Penn

    Swordfish Deep Drop Rigging Question

    Many years ago fishing the old bridges in the Florida keys I used to tie a float to my sinker via a lifesaver candy. The current would carry it away from the bridge, the lifesaver would melt, and my bait would drop to the bottom. You could reverse this idea to get your bait to the desired...
  282. Shimano Penn

    House and or boat in Baja

    How about a car, truck or jeep in the deal? :D Sending PM, interested.
  283. Shimano Penn

    Zihuatanejo fishing going off

    Sounds awesome Greg! I just found out last night that my new job has been delayed until after the first of the year so today I'm looking at flights and hotels, if it's not stupidly expensive last minute in December I might head back for a week or 10 days.
  284. Shimano Penn

    Portabote (folding boat)

    Stoked to read all the positive feedback on these boats. I have a camper van with solar on top and little room inside so kayak doesn't really work, was thinking about doing a modified SUP of some stripe because I could slide it inside between the bed and cabinets. Thought of buying one of...
  285. Shimano Penn

    85 wellcraft 248 sportsman 07 250 Evinrude

    Bump for a great find here on the left coast. I used to have one of these, an '87. Great ride, fish killer. I had a 200 on a cut transom and was happy with the performance, a 250 on a bracket ? That was my dream upgrade! I even considered buying this one (Jolly Mon) when it was for sale...
  286. Shimano Penn


    Well others may see it differently but to me it indicates that someone has made a comment or statement that is at best highly controversial and at worst absolutely pointless. It is likely to inspire an endless list of conflicting personal opinions, none of which are actually "correct" or in any...
  287. Shimano Penn


    Don't forget to add what it means when a posters only response is "making popcorn" LOL
  288. Shimano Penn

    What scale for setting drags

    Oh crap, earlier this summer there was a similar thread and everyone was saying digital is the only way to go. I put it off, still using my trusty old Mustad spring scale. Ironically while doing some house cleaning I came across my 25+ year old Manley, it looks pretty bad. Now, with this...
  289. Shimano Penn

    Adventure 16 closing/ everything is on sale

    I went to A-16 today and found out they are closing. Too bad, I've always liked that place. Sort of like REI without the arrogance, more like a Mom and Pop shop. Anyway I thought since I didn't know maybe you didn't either, just a heads up. All merchandise is 20-55% off, looking around it...
  290. Shimano Penn

    got one done

    Maybe just put a price on the 30SW and sell it, then look for the reel you want ?
  291. Shimano Penn

    Two Penn 30SW and Seeker Combos

    Very fair price sir, most people ask $350 each for those reels. Wow is right !
  292. Shimano Penn


    True story, you can NOT make this shit up :rolleyes: When we lived in St Thomas, USVI my wife worked for a bareboat charter company. They got a radio call one morning from a client who was livid, he was somewhere in the BVI demanding that they send the chase boat with another anchor. He was...
  293. Shimano Penn


    True story, you can NOT make this shit up :rolleyes: When we lived in St Thomas, USVI my wife worked for a bareboat charter company. They got a radio call one morning from a client who was livid, he was somewhere in the BVI demanding that they send the chase boat with another anchor. He was...
  294. Shimano Penn

    Ex30 or hxw

    HXWR has a virtually inaudible clicker if you care about that. Not a great trolling reel IMO. I bought two of them for that purpose but was very disappointed and just use them as bait reels. I do believe the EX has a grown up, big boy clicker but I'd check before buying :rolleyes:.
  295. Shimano Penn

    Electrician in South OC

    I have been a licensed electrician for 40 years so kind of know what I'm talking about :rolleyes:. GFCI outlets fail, it's common. Even new out of the box sometimes. What do you expect for ~$8? I'd replace it and see what happens. Also, did this just start happening when all this hard rain...
  296. Shimano Penn

    Why is Santa so jolly?

    Because he knows where the naughty girls live :p
  297. Shimano Penn

    60 lb. ROD FOR A OLD GUY

    Budget conscious ?: Proteus 70XXH.
  298. Shimano Penn

    Who knows UC blanks?

    I suspect you are right and that I really won't notice the difference. However these are intended for larger grade tuna, dolfin and wahoo in Mexico, not local schoolie tunas.
  299. Shimano Penn

    Coleman 4 person tent

    Sorry this is gone, thought I posted here already.
  300. Shimano Penn

    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    That was my thought. I've seen it work for a few folks who bought an old beater trawler or blowboat, more living space than a SF. Just understand it will never leave the dock. I considered it 3 years ago but thought about groceries, looking for dock carts, rain, etc. I bought a travel...
  301. Shimano Penn

    Who knows UC blanks?

    Specifically CP (Platinum series) versus CX (Extreme Composite series). I am looking to buy or build a pair of 6' 50-80 or 50-100 trolling rods, most factory wrapped stand-up trollers come with RS/RT or all roller guides. I have plenty of those and want something different. I am looking at...
  302. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus WN or Phenix Black Diamond

    What he said. I have ONE Phenix and SEVEN Proteus. Just sayin’
  303. Shimano Penn

    Trying to move down south?

    I have to second these words on CV. I moved here 3-1/2 years ago mostly for price/ convenience and have found it to be a surprisingly awesome location/ value. It feels safe and comfortable and offers everything I need within a reasonable range, including sport fishing.
  304. Shimano Penn

    Best rod for 60 lb

    Here you go... Edit: Sorry I was posting this before your last comment, probably not the right rod for you. Check out UC, more forgiving.
  305. Shimano Penn

    Best rod for 60 lb

    Budget conscious look at Proteus XXH, technically rated at 40-60 but it’s a solid 60. Fast action. If $ is not an issue how about those Phenix HaX rods?
  306. Shimano Penn

    Zihuat Questions

    Yea trolling in Zihua sucks
  307. Shimano Penn

    Family Camping Tent

    Tent is gone.
  308. Shimano Penn

    Asking for recommendations for rod purchase for beginners

    I am a spinner fan and own several but I think in general if you look at the cost of two reels with equal performance levels you will find the spinner is much more expensive, as well as maybe bulkier and heavier. I do like them though and I do use them, they have their place.
  309. Shimano Penn

    San Blas Nayarit???

    If you mean La Cruz de Huanacaxtle that is a pretty good hike from San Blas :eek: Of course there are a lot of places in Mexico know as "la cruz" :D Junior, why San Blas? I did a lot of exploring over the summer and found Zihuatanejo to be pretty much the perfect spot. However I did not...
  310. Shimano Penn

    Asking for recommendations for rod purchase for beginners

    Look at Daiwa Proteus rods, most are under $200 OTD. I have 6 or 7 of them now, love 'em :D Pair them up with Penn Fathom reels and you have a high quality combo that does not break the bank.
  311. Shimano Penn

    Is this your hoop net?

    Yea but I'll bet he ate the lobster that were in it LOL
  312. Shimano Penn

    Family Camping Tent

    That tri-fold mattress is up for grabs too.
  313. Shimano Penn

    Family Camping Tent

    Not sure what size this is but pretty big, maybe 9 X 14 ? Haven't used it in years but it should be in good shape. IIRC it has a divider so two room tent. Chula Vista, come get it today or tomorrow before 5PM. No wise cracks about the third photo :rolleyes:
  314. Shimano Penn

    Coleman 4 person tent

    Small tent is gone, big one still available.
  315. Shimano Penn

    Coleman 4 person tent

    I also have a HUGE one, not sure the size but it's pretty big, maybe 10 X 14 ? I also think it has a room divider, two room tent. FREE come get it !
  316. Shimano Penn

    Coleman 4 person tent

    9 X 7, I know the bag looks a little beat up but the tent itself is in good shape, only used it a few times. Chula Vista today and tomorrow before 5 PM.
  317. Shimano Penn

    Best On board fish handling??

    WTF? I am totally unfamiliar with this, can someone explain? Yea I know, search is my friend, on it now... ;) Edit: found it here
  318. Shimano Penn

    Hollow, I know nothing about Hollow, Splicing???

    Been there done that. F'ing latch needle... >:(
  319. Shimano Penn

    Dorm sized freezer $20

    Freezer is gone.
  320. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Calm Water Kayak $150

    Kayak is gone, thanks to all for your interest.
  321. Shimano Penn

    Hollow, I know nothing about Hollow, Splicing???

    I am just getting in to playing with hollow braid and it's actually (for me at least) a lot of fun :D Lots of good you tube videos out there, check out Northwest Topshots for good demo videos. Plenty of others too. BHP tackle website has all the tools you need as well as braid, I use the Daho...
  322. Shimano Penn

    Dorm sized freezer $20

    FREE, come get it.
  323. Shimano Penn

    Winter Storage - Reels

    My gear is all kept in a storage unit I am getting rid of, I need to stow everything away and have limited space. I got the rods figured out, the reels will probably get individually wrapped in towels and placed into something breathable like an old suitcase which will be kept in a closet. I'm...
  324. Shimano Penn

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Sage advice. My Wellcraft 248 had a cut transom and I'd take a brutal uphill run over a nasty following sea any day, I was always more afraid of going down sea than up. :rolleyes:
  325. Shimano Penn

    Older TLD 50 LRS

    There is at least one and I think maybe two on here for sale right now, search is your friend :D
  326. Shimano Penn

    Cal'd out FTH25NLD2 for stock 60LD2

    I decided to keep it for now and use my TLD's for trolling. Thanks for the offers.
  327. Shimano Penn

    Dorm sized freezer $20

    This is a freezer not a fridge. Get your bait out of your wife's refrigerator, happy wife = happy life :D 18 x 18 x 18. Not sure the capacity, 1.5 cu ft sound right?
  328. Shimano Penn

    Ryobi Table Saw with stand $75

    I bought this to do one project 2 years ago, has been collecting dust ever since. I'd say it's in excellent condition, no rust and the blade should be nice and sharp. Clearing out storage unit, it has to go. I think it was around $300 at HD.
  329. Shimano Penn

    Contico Tuff Bin storage box

    Clearing out storage unit, this has to go. 36" x 23" x 21"H.
  330. Shimano Penn

    120 quart Igloo cooler - beater - $20 or trade?

    Old and ghetto but gets the job done. 40" x 18" x 18". Clearing out storage unit, gotta go. $20 or trade for trolling lure(s).
  331. Shimano Penn

    Man Cave Art - Mermaid $20

    Bought this print years ago when I had a marine tropical fish hatchery, had it professionally mounted. It's nice, not tacky. I am clearing out a storage unit so it needs to go. 21" X 17". .
  332. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Calm Water Kayak $150

    ttt… I need this gone. Fun for the kids? $100?
  333. Shimano Penn

    Railrod vs harness

    Agree^^^^^ I am 6'-2", I hate rail rodding but on a crowded party boat I see how it makes sense. Over… under... over.... Harness really doesn't cut it especially if you have the rod strapped in.
  334. Shimano Penn

    Halibut tips please?

    Yea I thought it best to just leave that alone, was kind of hoping he was just having a bad day or something. In all honesty I believe I have contributed a ton of prime, high cost (hard earned) info and added considerable value to these forums. I try to contribute when I know what I'm talking...
  335. Shimano Penn

    Penn International ll 50sw

    A pic of the serial number will tell the year of manufacture. I believe it's the first two numbers. I don't think it really matters though, an Int'l II is an Int'l II as far as I know. Maybe there were some design changes along the way, I don't know. Bobby let us know if he doesn't buy it, I...
  336. Shimano Penn

    Zihuatanejo 10/19-10/26

    Nope, guess again. Or you can cheat and read here
  337. Shimano Penn

    Zihuatanejo 10/19-10/26

    I met a guy who knows a guy... :rolleyes:
  338. Shimano Penn

    Zihuatanejo 10/19-10/26

    Zihua is awesome! I'm a little sorry I spent all of August in and around PV/ Sayulita & Barra, had I known about Zihuatanejo I'd have spent more time there. I plan to go back for sure. I only got out once for about 5 hours but slammed 4 really nice dorado and a couple small sharks that looked...
  339. Shimano Penn

    Balloon Question

    This is the problem with your idea. Are you even the slightest bit environmentally conscious? It doesn't "go away", it eventually lands somewhere. This is a bad thing. Plus, as others have mentioned, it's an expensive thing. Get a second rod for the balloon.
  340. Shimano Penn


    "Tailgater" model? Same here. When it works it's awesome but you can't rely on it. I can not in good faith recommend buying one. sgwill do you know about the auger speed switch you adjust with a paperclip? They don't really tell you about it but it's there. If you don't know what I'm...
  341. Shimano Penn

    Mono to mono connection using hollow core braid?

    Well you guys are right of course, I'm just bored and overthinking it. :rolleyes: I'm just gonna keep practicing my bimini until it's perfect :p
  342. Shimano Penn

    Mono to mono connection using hollow core braid?

    I'm upgrading my old trolling gear to take to Mexico and leave there. In the past I fished straight 50# mono with a bimini twist to either a snap swivel or a wind on. The problem is that the bimini is awkward passing through the rollers, it does work but it's tight. I don't really want to...
  343. Shimano Penn

    Roller guides and braid, your thoughts?

    Ding ding ding ! This is basically what motivates me to look into my alternatives. I have an old set of 50# trollers, there is nothing wrong with them, they are International II IGFA class rods and I like them a lot. They have standard sized AFTCO rollers. In the past I fished straight 50#...
  344. Shimano Penn

    Roller guides and braid, your thoughts?

    Roller guides are out of fashion, I get that. Yet still the vast majority of trolling rods manufactured feature them. I have read about braid getting caught between the roller and the guide frame but has anyone actually seen this happen? It's really hard to find a quality stand-up trolling...
  345. Shimano Penn

    Halibut tips please?

    Sorry. Not my place to invite someone to fish another guy's boat. :rolleyes:
  346. Shimano Penn

    Halibut tips please?

    Well I'm sorry to say that none of the sage advice here helped us, we suck. We are filling out our applications for the Sorry Ass Fisherman's Club today. We managed two shorts, a couple of sculpin and a whole mess of spotties. Oh and even a couple maceral. We mostly fished the harbor...
  347. Shimano Penn

    Please dont touch my drag

    I have been setting drags by scale for over 30 years. I'm no pro but I'm a pretty experienced angler and I have to admit I can't "feel" the difference between 14 and 16 lbs of drag and I'm pretty damned sure the 20 y/o deckie on a sportboat can't either. I go on the heavy side, 30-33% of line...
  348. Shimano Penn

    Clean rod wrapping

    Probably best to make yourself a helpful active member of the BD community before you start trying to sell something here. Add some insightful comment and help the newer anglers, get a reputation for being a decent, knowledgeable guy. When your first few posts are basically "for sale" you...
  349. Shimano Penn

    is bimini twist a 100% knot ?

    I'd have to agree with this. Spent 11 years trolling in the Caribbean, double line to snap swivel. Seen all kinds of failures (knots, crimps, swivels, hooks...) but never seen the bimini fail :cool: Edit: I should add that was all mono, can't speak to the bimini with braid.
  350. Shimano Penn

    Why So Many 2 Day Trips Instead of 2.5 Day Trips This Fall?!?

    I’m with you buddy, .5 trips for me. I like the full day fishing and getting in fresh in the morning to deal with driving, cutting fish and cleaning gear. No fun late at night when you’ve been up since 5AM drinking beer, uh, I mean fishing
  351. Shimano Penn

    Halibut tips please?

    Thank you, I forgot all about the three-way swivel thing ;)
  352. Shimano Penn

    Halibut tips please?

    A friend with a nice boat wants to take some people out to fish for halibut in the bay this week, I honestly know nothing about fishing for halibut and believe he knows even less :rolleyes:. I'm guessing 20-25# gear with Carolina rig and sardine? Look for flat sandy areas? Grass? Any...
  353. Shimano Penn

    Cal'd out FTH25NLD2 for stock 60LD2

    Cal Sheets blueprinted FTH25NLD 2 speed, I have two and don't need both. I want another 60LD2 for a trolling reel, don't care about braid but it's a plus. Needs to be in 10/10 condition. The 25 has 65# Daiwa J braid to 100 yard 30 mono t/s. Check out this freespool !
  354. Shimano Penn

    Any comments on the new daiwa saltists?

    Understatement of the year! Don't know how else to describe it though. Last year early in the season I bought a 40LD2, within weeks I had both a 20 and 30 star. The 20 was my go to reel all last season and this year for schoolie YFT and such. The 40LD I use for yo-yo and flat fall, got some...
  355. Shimano Penn

    Morro bay 1/2 or 3/4 boat recommendation

    Yea I was just about to talk about that. I was there in May and fished both Endeavor and Avenger. We fished deep in wicked current, 16oz was needed. No need for fancy $$$$ rockfish/ lingcod jigs, just shrimp flies and squid will do the same job and when you get rocked it's no loss. The fish...
  356. Shimano Penn

    Believe it or not! Post your impossible catch stories here.

    Just got these photos via whats app from Zihua, from the OP above ^^^^^^
  357. Shimano Penn

    Believe it or not! Post your impossible catch stories here.

    In another thread here... … there are some good stories of impossible catches. Well I have a fresh one from just last week... Last Tuesday I hired a panga to fish dorado in Mexico, we were trolling along and...
  358. Shimano Penn

    Offshore 2 Fish, 1 Hook... and a Gaff Gaffe 10/11

    How about 1 fish, no hook? Again female angler, this one experienced. Yo-yo fishing at Colonett (Liberty maybe?). Woman brings a YT to gaff and when it hits the deck the crew starts laughing, it wasn't hooked at all! The jig had wrapped around the fish under the gillplate, the treble hook...
  359. Shimano Penn

    Rod for Fathom 40N and New Penn Torque Questions

    Bought one, hated it, sold it.
  360. Shimano Penn

    New To Crimping

    Tagging along on this thread I was hoping someone would talk about this. Any advice, photos or links would be greatly appreciated. All I have right now is a cheap Mustad spring scale, willing to upgrade but need some direction.
  361. Shimano Penn

    3/4 day out of Virg's Landing on 10-7-19

    I fished up there last summer and immediately removed one of the two hooks on my rig because I didn't want to limit out so quickly. Seriously, it's like that. Quality fish too.
  362. Shimano Penn

    Oct 10 How to gear up Overnight Aztec

    It is better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it. Take 'em all :D
  363. Shimano Penn

    Acid Wrap trolling rod problems

    Blotter, no question.
  364. Shimano Penn

    Deckhand jobs southern CA?

    You guys realize this thread is 3-1/2 years old, right? :p:
  365. Shimano Penn

    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    Next time you’re on the water take off your shirt and wrap yourself up in wet towel. Wait five minutes and tell us how you feel. Just sayin’...
  366. Shimano Penn

    How to legally sell charters in Mexico

    I'd like to bring some new life to a very old thread I found while searching the interweb for information on running a charter fishing operation out of Puerto Vallarta. It was pointed out above that most working class Americans are not willing to work for the wages associated with captain/ mate...
  367. Shimano Penn

    Zihuatanejo 10/19-10/26

    Hey thanks, I booked a room at Arena Suites on the beach with kitchen, I'll look at BLM while I'm there for next time. PM coming.
  368. Shimano Penn

    Zihuatanejo 10/19-10/26

    Greg, I will be in Zihua next week 10-14 to 10-21, our trips overlap. Would you be interested in splitting a trip? I'm more interested in dorado than sailfish but I'll go with whatever the better option is. Eric, any thoughts on hotel vs Airbnb? I'm thinking of going total low budget, it's...
  369. Shimano Penn

    octopus swim bait

    That was awesome, the guy is awesome, the bait is awesome. Thanks for sharing !
  370. Shimano Penn

    Hot rodding a 30sw

    After weighing the pros and cons of having Cal upgrade my old 30SW’s vs buying new versions I went with Cal. To me the weight difference just isn’t enough to justify the cost of new reels.
  371. Shimano Penn

    114H2 ?

    Thanks. That is the only info I could find online as well.
  372. Shimano Penn

    114H2 ?

    Was on a boat yesterday that had a 114H2, never heard of that one before. Can anyone tell me what the "2" signifies, what's different about it ?
  373. Shimano Penn

    Cambria Kayak Fishing For Lings and Rock Fish

    Yea that place is pretty awesome. Campground just North of there too so a nice little vacation for cheap with great fishing. The lings and reds up there make ours look like baitfish :D
  374. Shimano Penn

    Need 2 or 3 fishing Friday 10/4/19

    Mark I am usually available even short notice. Enjoyed fishing with you guys last week.
  375. Shimano Penn

    Smoking fish question.....

    I'm going to try that just to do something different. No complaints about the brine I've been using though, got it off Char Broil site (CB #1 I think): 4 cups water 1 cup soy sauce 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup kosher salt I add garlic powder and Jamaican Jerk seasoning. Sometimes add hoisin...
  376. Shimano Penn

    215 Aquasport Explorer

    ^^^^^^^ … sigh... You KNOW what I meant :rolleyes:
  377. Shimano Penn

    Penn 2/0 Never Used $ 75.00

    Offering $25.49 ! :D Seriously I'd think it would be worth more than $75 to a collector but maybe there are lots of them out there?
  378. Shimano Penn

    215 Aquasport Explorer

    Looks great! Can we get a couple more zoomed in, close up shots of the bow and that belly hoop up top? :D
  379. Shimano Penn

    Charter Masters; Cancelations? Coming up short?

    Responded. I was already looking at your thread. As I said above I'll be out Friday and doubtful I can make your trip. That is exactly what I'm looking for though, thanks for the offer.
  380. Shimano Penn

    Charter Masters; Cancelations? Coming up short?

    El Bumpo. Looking to fish this week or weekend or next week. Set for Thursday/ Friday but open around that. PB or sportie, ready to rock and roll.
  381. Shimano Penn

    Limit out or keep looking?

    Yea I know, personally I bounce as many as I can but I'm talking sporties with a lot of green anglers and deckies who just want to kill fish and load the numbers.
  382. Shimano Penn

    Need help with gunwale flush mount rod holders

    Most people here do not fight fish with the rod in the holder, that is more of a rough water technique. So Cal natives who have not traveled much may not realize that the sea conditions here, even on "rough" days, are actually pretty "mill pond" :rolleyes: In St Thomas I had bent butt rods that...
  383. Shimano Penn

    Limit out or keep looking?

    Standard practice on a private boat, I agree. But a sportie… the captain wants numbers and it's pretty tough to CnR a gaffed fish :(
  384. Shimano Penn

    Limit out or keep looking?

    What would you do if you were in charge? Recently on two separate 2 day trips I found myself and my fellow anglers killing it on a WFO bite of small grade 12-20lb YFT very early on the first day. Everyone was having a blast and no one was thinking about the "now what?" we were about to face...
  385. Shimano Penn

    I don't think she's coming back.

    My girlfriend left me, we had an argument about money. She told me we couldn't afford to buy beer anymore. Then I caught her buying some expensive makeup. I said "Hey, how come I can't have beer but you can buy makeup?" She said she needed the makeup to look pretty for me. I told her that's...
  386. Shimano Penn

    Another FMM question.

    A guy I know with a nice boat wants to go fish the Coronado's, he is asking each angler to obtain his own FMM online. I didn't think it worked that way, IME the captain gathers all the angler info and gets the FMM's. Does his way work? I recently visited Mexico by air and was able to set up...
  387. Shimano Penn

    One man's trashfish.....

    When I was a kid my dad used to take me trout fishing on the Kern river out of Lake Isabella. I'd look down and see these huge carp, asked him Can you eat those? His answer was... If you're hungry enough, yes. LOL
  388. Shimano Penn

    Logging in

    Same issue here on my PC. Frustrating. If I have to choose between porn and BD, well, it was nice knowing you guys :rolleyes:
  389. Shimano Penn

    One man's trashfish.....

    Well I'm one of those guys that always considered skipjack and bonita to be garbage but I changed my tune after buying a smoker and learning how to use it :D Now I still can't bring myself to simply toss a filet on the grill, sear it and eat up but smoked... I think it's awesome !
  390. Shimano Penn

    Need 1 for Friday 9/27

    Yea that Chapo guy must be a total noob to fishing, probably thinks they are going after yellow tail tuna. Still it’s always good to teach new people so someone should show a little mercy and take the poor guy out. Maybe beginners luck will show up?
  391. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Kite policy on sport boat

    Just saw that done on Pride last week. Fresh flyer barely alive hanging limply on a J hook, wings rigged out. No floats. Looked pathetic in the water. Head down, tail up. Bam! 150# fish on the boat :D
  392. Shimano Penn

    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    Maybe they work like duck decoys :D I LOVE it except for the unnecessary trash in the ocean, hazard to navigation, waste of time and general childish nature of it all. Hmm... maybe I don't love it so much. :rolleyes:
  393. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Kite policy on sport boat

    Kite fishing on private boat, fun for everyone. Kite fishing on sportie, spectator sport. :rolleyes:
  394. Shimano Penn

    Large round fender $25

    Need to hear from you please, Chad wants it too.
  395. Shimano Penn

    Puerto Vallarta Inshore/Marina/Beach Fishing

    No joke, I was just there. Didn't find much in the way of good surf fishing but it was mid summer, should be getting better soon.
  396. Shimano Penn

    Offshore 9/18 late report Pride 2 Day

    It's all true, I know… I was there :D Great captain, boat and crew, definitely on my go to list now. Personally I went 9 for 11 on YF and put a couple skippies on the boat too, can't complain. Thanks Adrian for putting the trip together and letting me tag along. How did you rig it so you...
  397. Shimano Penn

    Morro Bay Yakin this 9/28 9/29

    My first time EVER in a kayak in the ocean was at Leffingwell. Solo. When he came by (BIG boy too) I just thought "oh, so this is what kayak fishing is like". It wasn't until I got back to the beach where 50 people where gathered and DFG was there asking questions and taking statements that I...
  398. Shimano Penn

    Spooling Reels near landings, any recommendations?

    Do you mean Angler's Choice or is there someplace I don't know about? Not being funny, I'm serious.
  399. Shimano Penn

    Morro Bay Yakin this 9/28 9/29

    Cambria/ Leffingwell. Can't go wrong. Just watch out for Mr. White :eek: He's been known to break bad.
  400. Shimano Penn

    Spinning combo

    Dude you should buy this, if he'll take your $200 it's a good deal. I fish that same combo. I know it's not close for you though, too bad.
  401. Shimano Penn

    Bluefin or yellowfin? I can’t tell...

    If it's over 200 lbs its probably a blue fin. :D Or look here
  402. Shimano Penn

    Replacing rod butts with gimble butts

    :D That is rich, I didn't even really look at his photos :rolleyes: Yep er, pull that sucker off of there :p
  403. Shimano Penn

    Replacing rod butts with gimble butts

    Depends on how busy they are. I usually expect to drop it off and come back in a day or two.
  404. Shimano Penn

    Replacing rod butts with gimble butts

    I have had Squidco put aluminum gimbals on 6 or 7 Proteus rods because they don't come with them. Usually around $10-$12 I think.
  405. Shimano Penn

    Large round fender $25

    It measures something like 28 X 22 but from looking at the Taylor list on West Marine I think it's a size 21.
  406. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Calm Water Kayak $150

    I bought this last summer when I was up in Shasta/ Trinity fishing lakes and wide, slow rivers, this is NOT for La Jolla. Maybe Mission Bay. It's a Lifetime Tamarac Angler, you can buy one brand new for ~$300 but this has many extras and upgrades. I think it's 10', forgot to check that...
  407. Shimano Penn

    First Custom Rod

    :D I went in for ONE rod. That was shortly before Day On The Docks and what I did not know is M&M entered my name in a drawing, which I won. $100 gift certificate, of course I had to order up another rod. Then a buddy traded me a blank I liked for something I had so … three rods wrapped. I...
  408. Shimano Penn

    Info on Fisherman's Paradise rods?

    If they were built in Florida you could try contacting Captain Harry's Fishing Supply or Dru (Rods by Dru), one of them might be able to help you identify the builder and hence the blank. I have a rod (by Dru) that is so special to me I never take it out anymore for fear of damaging it :rolleyes:
  409. Shimano Penn

    First Custom Rod

    I'm no expert but have had three rods built by M&M in San Diego. At a minimum you should know what blank you want and what it will be used for. From there you can get all "type A" about the guides, reel seat, grip material, etc. If you are not that guy and will take advice just go to a...
  410. Shimano Penn

    All sold for now

    What I like is the buttery smooth retrieve, it's a joy. I use both a Cal'd out FTH25NLD2 and a Saltist 40LD2 for yo-yo/ 130g FF and the Saltist is my preference. I do believe the 25N is a better reel overall and if a larger grade fish picked me up I'd want it but the Saltist is just so much...
  411. Shimano Penn

    All sold for now

    Free bump. FWIW I bought three of the Daiwa Saltist last year, 20 and 30 star drag and 40LD2. I love them. I was fishing all Fathom LD2's but the Saltist 20 and 30 make great LB/ sardine reels and the 40LD2 is now my go to yo-yo reel for YT.
  412. Shimano Penn

    Cal Sheets

    Yea that's what I said :D I had him do (2) 25N's and a 30. Also (2) older International 30sw2's. When season ends I will send him a 40N. It takes time, they get really backed up. Don't do it until season ends.
  413. Shimano Penn

    Cal Sheets

    Cal'd FTH25NLD2 ...
  414. Shimano Penn

    Shimano Baitrunner question

    BTW, I am from SF and don't recall a big sardine bait fishery there. :rolleyes:
  415. Shimano Penn

    Shimano Baitrunner question

    I guess I forgot to mention I'm not an idiot :D Notice I said "even at the lightest setting" :rolleyes: But hey, thanks for all your help ! ;)
  416. Shimano Penn

    Custom Rod Wrap

    I have used M&M in San Diego, very satisfied.
  417. Shimano Penn

    Fathom LD Size recommendation

    ^^^^^^ What he said :D One reel will not do both, 25N or 30 for 40-50, 40N for 50-60. General consensus is that the 40N is NOT an 80 lb reel. Bear in mind that 25N and 30 are the same reel, 30 is just a wider spool (more capacity). So... 25N for 40 and 30 for 50 is how I set them up :cool:
  418. Shimano Penn

    Shimano Baitrunner question

    Does anyone know if the selected drag setting on the reel affects the baitrunner drag? On my 6500 I have 40lb super slick to the brim and fish a short 30lb fluoro leader, I set the drag at 10#. Even at the lightest setting a sardine really can't pull so the BR function is useless. Would...
  419. Shimano Penn

    New spinner for wife, Saragosa or slammer

    I have Baitrunner 6500, Slammer 3 5500 and 'gosa 10K. Of the three I mostly use the Slammer. Any of them will catch schoolies (saragosa is overkill). However even at the lightest setting a sardine really can't pull the baitrunner, now a makeral... that is a different story :D The only thing...
  420. Shimano Penn

    Seeker osp 1x3

    They were marked 60-100 iirc, what I really liked was they also gave a drag range rating (don't remember what is was though).
  421. Shimano Penn

    Seeker osp 1x3

    I was eyeballing a couple of those on the Pride (boat gear) this week, I'm totally into black on black. Nice looking rods. I have custom wrapped blacked out Centaur and Viper but still those 1x3's looked tempting :rolleyes:
  422. Shimano Penn

    Tiagra 30W LRSA reel

    I dunno know man, I don't know what you know but he offered a super deal that I myself would have taken but I knew I was too far away, and I'm talking 95 miles. You are across the country. Did you expect him to turn down an immediate local cash sale for the hassle of e-payment and shipping...
  423. Shimano Penn

    Tiagra 30W LRSA reel

    Damn! I’d almost drive to Riverside for that deal :D
  424. Shimano Penn

    Pet - pair of Turtles and Aquarium

    Not sure if the laws have changed but if those are under 4", which they certainly look to be, they are pretty hard to find (legally at least). I'm surprised someone didn't snatch them up right away.
  425. Shimano Penn

    quick question bout pq

    Verizon has service at SCI :D
  426. Shimano Penn

    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee - broken

    Motor blew up, mechanic says it's not worth fixing. ~170K miles on chasis. If you have one it may be of value to you. Leather seats, CD changer, K&N cold air intake, magnaflow exhaust, almost new set of BFG AT ko2's, sunroof etc etc, this is the Limited version and from what I can tell was top...
  427. Shimano Penn

    Small smoker for beginners

    Yes this, not sure if they tell you to but it’s what you do
  428. Shimano Penn

    9/16-9/18 Pride 2 day

    Thanks for the call, see you tomorrow :D
  429. Shimano Penn

    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    Good tip, thanks. I like that idea !
  430. Shimano Penn

    Charter Masters; Cancelations? Coming up short?

    I'm not working right now but a job could pop up any day so I'm trying to fish a lot while I can. Mostly interested in 1.5 or 2 day trips but will entertain anything. Short notice is okay too, even same day for evening departures. I am rigged and ready. Not tonight though, got some business...
  431. Shimano Penn

    Small smoker for beginners

    X3 for Little Chief, a classic. My dad had one when I was a kid and after I got married and bought a house he got tired of making jerky for me so he gave me one for Christmas :rolleyes: Now I have a Traeger 8-)
  432. Shimano Penn

    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    I have been making depth marks on mono with a sharpie for years, I'm convinced it does not affect the line. I'm assuming the same for braid but thought I'd ask if anyone knows differently.
  433. Shimano Penn

    9/16-9/18 Pride 2 day

    Sent text, waiting to hear from you. Will Mario's be open for drop off when the boat comes in? I've never been on that boat but have been looking at it. What is the bunk layout like?
  434. Shimano Penn

    Boat "Trailer" storage?

    Which KOA? That sounds pretty cheap!
  435. Shimano Penn

    25N, 30, 40N, 60 reel clamp cap screws

    Talking about the female threaded cap screws that hold the reel clamp. Are they the same for all models? Maybe there is a better (proper) term for them but you get the idea, right? Anyway I'm now in the habit of completely breaking down all my gear after fishing since the "new order" of...
  436. Shimano Penn

    Car guys need advise

    Okay thanks guys, it was just a thought. Looking at Honda Elements, I have two friends with them and they both drank the koolaide, they both say it’s the best car they ever owned. Toyota? Highlander?
  437. Shimano Penn

    Car guys need advise

    Is this a good deal? Do I want this? My beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee died, it's beyond reasonable repair. Don't need AWD or 4WD necessarily. Was thjinking of going smaller and lighter than the big...
  438. Shimano Penn

    N00b tips for a 3/4 to full day trip...

    Not familiar with the area but suggesting you try to find a "buddy boat" for your first offshore explorations. Just someone to tag along with and keep in touch via radio. Lots of good folk here, shouldn't be that hard to find.
  439. Shimano Penn

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    FWIW I was on the Liberty 3/4 day yesterday and it was NOT hard to find fish. Our first stop was not productive so we moved on, second stop (maybe ~9am, I really didn't check) lasted pretty much all day, we were there until 2:00 with a constant steady bite going, 5-6 fish hanging at any given...
  440. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    I’m going out with them tomorrow, hoping for a similar day Thank for the after hours tip on 5 Star
  441. Shimano Penn

    carp 101

    Ditto on the canned corn, seems to work pretty well.
  442. Shimano Penn

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Any thoughts about gear for this? I have been away for a month so not up to date, I'm guessing 20-40 as a focus and 50-80 "just in case" ? Yea I will be "that guy" with 7-8 rigs, don't hate :rolleyes:
  443. Shimano Penn


    I so totally had to bite my tounge… just sooo tempting... but no, I'm staying out of it :rolleyes:
  444. Shimano Penn

    Fishing rod and tackle storage in garage options

    Set your priorities man, what is wrong with you? :confused: Get RID of any crap that interferes with access to your fishing gear ! And if you mean "across the rafters" like above them then no, too much work. Go to HD and buy some lag type J hooks, screw them into the rafters. Your rods...
  445. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    I did stay 3 nights at Pepe's Sunset Bungalow, it was great. Perfect location, close enough to the beach and action but just far enough to be quiet at night. A/C helped. I did not fish except for the surf, there are no fish to be had right now. Very few if any boats going out and those that...
  446. Shimano Penn

    Screwed up, license expires 08-12 !!!!!!

    I am leaving in a couple hours for CBX-TIJ-PVR. Thought I had covered all my bases for a 4 week trip. Just realized my Mexican fishing license expires on Monday. Squidco doesn't open until 8:30 so I'm screwed. Does anyone know where in Puerto Vallarta I can renew my license tomorrow...
  447. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    Flying in to PVR later today Juan, see you on Saturday. I just realized (last minute, no time to fix) that my Mexican fishing license expires on Monday, will I be able to get one (assuming I need it) in PV tomorrow?
  448. Shimano Penn

    Saltwater Fish ID needed!

    Whatever it is it looks well fed! Look how small the head is compared to the body, are they all like that?
  449. Shimano Penn

    Boat ads: hours vrs years

    As much as I am trying to resist I look at all the ads for boats, owned a few already and try to say "never again" but then something comes along...:D Anyway I am always skeptical of 8-10 year old motors with 3-400 hours on them. Really? The boats I've owned suffered 100-200 hours a year...
  450. Shimano Penn

    What Lures do you run?

    I am an absolute believer in "right place, right time", all those beautiful colors and designs hanging on tackle store walls are for us, not them. Sales and marketing... not fishing. One of the most successful lures in history is the cedar plug, yea, fish will hit a block of wood. I lived/...
  451. Shimano Penn

    Tackle Shop Getting Closed Down By The City

    Don’t know the place but can imagine, seen lots of public pier bait shops. This is a real shame, any public hearings on the matter or is it strictly internal?
  452. Shimano Penn

    20' Shamrock Cuddy Cabin

    Must... resist... damn...
  453. Shimano Penn

    Anything but Tuna!

    Fighting words to SD anglers I know... The thing is I miss my old life in St Thomas where we always caught mahi and often caught wahoo, king maceral, white marlin and blue marlin. In a couple other threads here I have talked about my impending trip to PV area and I'm still looking for advice/...
  454. Shimano Penn

    Haven't caught a white seabass in 20 years till now

    Don't know which I envy more, the fish itself or the mill pond conditions you were fishing in, I dream of days like that! :rolleyes:
  455. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Dorado 7/30

    Is it just me or does seeing a guy bundled up in jeans, a heavy jacket and a hoodie holding up a dolfin seem odd ?
  456. Shimano Penn

    Good Luck Rituals

    For PB fishing I like to have a magic chicken on board.
  457. Shimano Penn

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    I'm in, money sent. Lets go kill some fish! Tomahawk is an awesome boat, would have booked it several times this year if it hadn't moved. Seaforth rocks :cool:
  458. Shimano Penn

    Shimano Baitrunner 12000D $100

    Bump for a heck of a deal, I love my 8000.
  459. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    Just booked 3 nights with Pepe, 8-10 through 8-13. Thanks for the "hookup" :cool:
  460. Shimano Penn

    PV area (Barra to Sayulita) 08-08 to 09-05

    Now THAT is the kind of intel a guy appreciates, thanks, I'll look him up :D
  461. Shimano Penn


    What he said ^^^^^
  462. Shimano Penn

    PV area (Barra to Sayulita) 08-08 to 09-05

    I am going to spend 4 weeks in the area. Plan to do both surf fishing and panga fishing. Any one going in that time frame interested in splitting costs hit me up. Any intel on spots, techniques or pangeros please comment. Hotel in Sayulita? I have Barra and PV covered. Basically any and...
  463. Shimano Penn

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    Yea I’m feeling priced out now too. Last year I did 7 or 8 1.5’s, this year I booked 2 and a 4 week trip to Mexico. Probably spend less overall. Just too many people with money to burn, prices will continue to rise until they can’t fill the seats, just how it is.
  464. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    Stickbass I'm sure there is a bus, that is my plan :cool: See my dates above, if you can swing it I'll split a panga with you :D
  465. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    SOLD ! August 10 to August 13 or Sept 1 to Sept 4, you pick for me. I am in Barra 08/15 to 08/22 and PV 08/24 to 08/31. Have a few days before and after. Hook me up with a pangero or I have gas money for your boat :D
  466. Shimano Penn

    Surf fishing Mexico

    Curious to know if these "sierras" I read about are actually Cero mackerel, I lived in the Caribbean where this species got called both cereal and sierra :rolleyes:
  467. Shimano Penn

    Surf fishing Mexico

    PV and points North and South of there. Planning to explore from Punta Mita to Barra de Navidad, more or less. Barra for sure. 4 weeks, I’m calling it retirement research!
  468. Shimano Penn

    Surf fishing Mexico

    What lures should I take? I have some 2 and 3 oz kastmasters, what else? Have a 8'-9" travel rod and a Slammer 3 5500.
  469. Shimano Penn

    Need a place to leave my car for a month.

    I have two vehicles, parking for one. Can't leave it on the street over 72 hours. I am getting a ride to the border and doing that cross border bridge thing.
  470. Shimano Penn

    Need a place to leave my car for a month.

    Wasn't sure where to post this. I am going to Mexico for four weeks 08-08 to 09-05, I need a cheap or free (safe) place to leave my car. It's a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, not a beater, not hard to look at. It won't bring down your property value :rolleyes: I live in Chula Vista so hoping to...
  471. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    Booked my flights, August 8 to Sept 5. Will start another thread to see if anyone else wants to fish.
  472. Shimano Penn

    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    Two things you should never do: name your boat after your wife or get a tattoo referencing her ;) Both have a way of lasting longer than marriages:rolleyes: I named my first "real" boat after my (ex) wife, it was called "Patty's Permission". I thought it would make her feel like she had some...
  473. Shimano Penn

    Looking for a solid 60-80lb Rod

    I'm no expert on rods of that class but I notice you don't mention the action you are looking for. The rods listed above are all quality but you may want to ask about performance. The Phenix rods are possibly faster than the UC's, does that matter to you?
  474. Shimano Penn

    Where are all the single "fishing Chicks"?

    Mods close this thread … PLEASE !
  475. Shimano Penn

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    I am the OP, had no idea this would get so lively :D What I believe I'm hearing here is that in general you guys think it's okay to go with what you enjoy and ignore the pressure to conform. Yes I will try to learn new tricks but I am an old dog and I know what's comfortable for me 8-)
  476. Shimano Penn

    Torium or Fathom

    Not trying to be a d(u)ck but curious to know how you arrived at that comparison ???? FWIW I dumped the only two Toriums I ever owned and have 6 Fathoms, I really can't see mentioning them both in the same sentence. :rolleyes:
  477. Shimano Penn

    Which rod for Penn 40nld2?

    I am a big Daiwa Proteus fan, have my 40LD2 on a 70XXH and call it a solid 60. In all honesty I have not caught a fish with it yet :rolleyes:, my pairing is based on my other 6 Fathom/ Proteus combinations. In theory it should be good even as a "light" 80 :D
  478. Shimano Penn

    Stepping up in class (6 pack?)

    So let's just say for argument's sake that you are an experienced angler who has decided he can't afford to keep a boat but still wants a better experience than the cattle boat fleet has to offer. You have tried to find a "boat ho" niche but it's random and not reliable. You tried "charter...
  479. Shimano Penn

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    So I'm having a really hard time adjusting to this "rail rod" thing, anyone else hear me? I'm 61 years old and 6'-2" tall. My flexibility is not great and that f'ing rail is at my knees. I came up offshore fishing on fast nimble boats so I get that being strapped into a harness on a barge at...
  480. Shimano Penn

    Fishing options in Kauai??

    When in Rome … In tourism based economies like you'll find in the Caribbean and Hawaii it is common for the fish to go to the boat. If you want the fish you need to establish that up front and possibly be willing to pay for it, that's just how it is. In places other than here there is a grey...
  481. Shimano Penn

    Where are all the single "fishing Chicks"?

    Uhh... While I do believe this thread is not politically correct it does inspire new insight into the often exclaimed fisherman's yell "HOOK UP !!!!!!!!" :rolleyes:
  482. Shimano Penn

    Selling All My Gear - All Sold - Thanks And God Bless

    Guys this is an insane deal! Huge discount on the reel with free JB 130 (very pretty too) and a free rod :eek:. Plus it looks in the photos like there is +/- $40 wind on leader in the deal o_O No tax either!!!!! What are you waiting for, a 200 lb tuna attached? :rolleyes: Fleet keep it as...
  483. Shimano Penn

    Slammer Three bail issues

    That's what I want to do, how do I do that?
  484. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    I stay at Hotel Villa Del Mar (traditional). NOT the Gucci beachfront resort of the same name, this is an older hotel in the heart of the Romantic Zone; walk to shops, restaurants, Malecon and beaches. It's clean, safe and inexpensive and the décor/ ambiance is "old Mexico" which I happen to...
  485. Shimano Penn

    Slammer Three bail issues

    Last year I bought a Slammer 3 5500 and spooled it full with 40lb super slick, I usually fish a short 30lb fluoro leader and set the drag at ~9#. I mostly use it for tossing colt snipers, megabaits and that sort of thing, sometimes I'll flyline a dean with it. I also plan to take it to Mexico...
  486. Shimano Penn

    Rod nomenclature ?

    Hey rod geeks, are there words I want to learn for talking about fishing rods? Specifically I am wondering... if I am holding a conventional rod as if fighting a fish am I looking at the "top" side of the rod? The "front" side? The guide side???? Is it even reasonable to call it a "side" ...
  487. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus - Scam?

    Those are not Proteus, they are the WN versions. Is there an emoji for "finger down throat" ? :D
  488. Shimano Penn

    Seaforth Landing....RV Parking

    I have a conversion van/ camper I have parked in the lot 2 nights at a time with no issues. It’s no “stealth” van, it LOOKS like a DIY camper.
  489. Shimano Penn

    Hotel coral boat launch

    Dead Presidents
  490. Shimano Penn

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    Okay I knew I'd take crap for that :rolleyes: You are right of course. I like to tell people (young people) that the most money I ever made was $10 per hour. When they balk I tell them I made $10 per hour in 1979 :D That was some serious scratch LOL
  491. Shimano Penn

    Gear for Fishing Monterey

    I was at my shop today so I checked the rods, they are 6' rated 25-60. I have 65 braid on the Sealines and I put 20' or so of 30# mono at the end for the terminal tackle, easier to break off when you get rocked, which you almost certainly will :rolleyes: Dropper loop, shrimp flies and squid...
  492. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus w/ Avet LX

    Lightweight rig ? Hardly, that's a serious combo and a super good price. The rod alone with tax OTD would cost a guy $200+!
  493. Shimano Penn

    Gear for Fishing Monterey

    I fished the Endeavor and the Avenger out of Morrow Bay, both fished very deep with 16oz weights, add a couple hefty reds or a fat ling on there and I would not want to be pulling it up with a tiny reel :eek: I don't like to use my expensive gear for rockfishing so I have a couple of Daiwa VIP...
  494. Shimano Penn

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    Jeff do we have a game plan for this trip? Organizing gear tomorrow. 15-20-25 or 60-80-130? Can I bring 12-15 rods? :D
  495. Shimano Penn

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    Yea yea, it's costs more to fish now than it used to. You should be earning more now that you used to so what's your point? Has anyone noticed parking at the Big Three is now $10 per day? Yea they put a piece of tape over the $8 sign and scribbled it in with a Crayola, gotta Love it LOL
  496. Shimano Penn

    Need Cheap Hotel In Ensenada

    Cheap? In town they have rooms by the hour! :D Okay had to get that out... I have stayed at Villa Fontana a few times, in town and a bit noisy if you get a room on the street side but reasonable and I always felt comfortable there. And safe.
  497. Shimano Penn

    Which rolling tackle bag?

    I looked at one at Walmart today, seems awkward and some of the bunks on these boats are pretty skinny, not sure but yea I am looking into that. Tomorrow I am going to cannibalize and old suitcase and see what I can come up with. I checked out the Calcutta Explorer in person today, that thing...
  498. Shimano Penn

    Have Never Caught A Fish

    Practice, patience and you tube videos, you will start catching fish :) I spent some time last summer trout fishing for the first time in 30 years, one thing I quickly learned is that while those power bait type baits do work almost every fish I caught with them was gut hooked and could not be...
  499. Shimano Penn

    Cheap trolling rods (set of four) and gaff(s)

    A friend recently bought a boat that I will probably fish a few times but he is not a hard core fisherman and there isn't much gear on the boat. I will be carrying a ton of gear back and forth on each trip. I'm thinking I could save my back a little if I just put some basic stuff on the boat I...
  500. Shimano Penn

    Which rolling tackle bag?

    The backpack just keeps getting heavier as I get older, what's up with that? I want a rolling tackle bag. I only fish 1-3 day trips but I bring the kitchen sink so larger sizes preferred. Calcutta? Nomad? Some other? Likes? Dislikes? Pros and cons? Quality? Features? I figure there...
  501. Shimano Penn

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    Yea well last time I went with this group the parking lot “pot luck” left me a little slow in the morning, IF you know what I mean.
  502. Shimano Penn

    Calcutta Large Tackle Bag (rolling)

    Post is a year old but I am looking for one if anyone else has one to sell :D
  503. Shimano Penn

    Trolling reel 12-50

    TLD 30/2’s pop up here pretty frequently, search this forum and you should find a couple. Good all around local water trolling reel IMO, I have four of them from the 90’s, no issues.
  504. Shimano Penn

    Life Span of Hooks

    I have a bunch of Mustad 3412 C’s I’ve had since the 90’s, still using them although we don’t really do that much trolling here.
  505. Shimano Penn

    New Lo-Ann late report

    Personally I’m not too concerned about where my rods and tackle go but being an older guy I do care about the bunk. Some boats (very few) allow you to reserve a bunk when you pay, they get most of my business. I don’t know why they all can’t do that, would certainly eliminate the fluster cluck...
  506. Shimano Penn

    Any Tribute or Aztec intel ?

    Now that Tomahawk is no longer at Seaforth I'm going to try Tribute and probably Aztec as well. Any tips ? Pros/ cons? Bunk selection? I mostly do 1.5's. I do fish Tomahawk, PQ, Liberty and occasionally Grande but sometimes I just don't want to deal with the parking/ congestion at Point...
  507. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    Well for me, mostly because it isn't dark, wet, windy and freezing-ass cold in July, August or even September. I go fishing to enjoy some time on the water, make some new friends and relax. The tally isn't really my goal.
  508. Shimano Penn

    Fishing the Tribute tonight missing one

    Why is life so cruel???? I just saw this (4:53 PM) and could make it if departure was 9pm like EVERY OTHER 1.5 on their schedule but this one leaves at 7:00 ????? Arrgghhh ......
  509. Shimano Penn

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    Bump for a great group. I am on this trip and another later in the year. Went out with these guys last year and had an awesome time. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!
  510. Shimano Penn

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    Anyone tried Lexel on starboard? Just curious, I guess if 5200 wont do nothing will
  511. Shimano Penn

    Big Fish? Penn Fathom 30 Star Drag

    Quick nimble private boat? Sky is the limit. Barge fishing with 25 other people who are waiting on you? Get a heavier rig for the larger models.
  512. Shimano Penn

    New rod belt

    I got mine fixed at 24 Hour Fitness ;)
  513. Shimano Penn

    Bachelor Party Locations?

    Never know what you might catch there. IMHO the water is cleaner at Adelita’s.
  514. Shimano Penn

    24' Grady White Offshore

    That is exactly what I had (see avatar), was very happy with it. Very seaworthy boat. I did feel slightly under powered with the F225 and dreamed of a 250. This boat should be just about perfect.
  515. Shimano Penn

    1.5 day suggestions/recommendation

    I’m not so sure Tomahawk is a good choice for a first trip. You are setting the bar too high. Once you go out with them every other boat in the fleet ( with a few exceptions) is going to be disappointing;) Seriously, excellent choice, you will have a great time!
  516. Shimano Penn

    Fresno Ca. lakes to fish .... and fishing gear needed

    Lake Success has camping and bass, don’t know if there’s any trout in there. You could go look at Leffingwell Landing/ Cambria and try launching there, I’ve seen it done. Mostly a kayak launch but I’ve seen some small boats put in there. Awesome rockfish/ lingcod close to shore. Just beware...
  517. Shimano Penn

    Looking for the Penn Fathom of fishing rods

    Fathom/ Proteus is a hard to beat value and a very effective rig.
  518. Shimano Penn

    Single strand wire leader for BFT?

    “Old school”. Yea, that’s me. Been using ss wire for trolling forever. However I’d think it would seriously inhibit the action of a live bait ????
  519. Shimano Penn

    Sabiki PIA

    Everyone loves my sabiki rig :) I zip tied a length of clear 1" vinyl tubing on to the back side of a 7' spinning rod. I use a torpedo style weight so it fits inside the tube easily. The whole thing just slides down into the tube between uses, no more tangle and lots of action with the rod.
  520. Shimano Penn

    Caribbean line question

    Cool. Didn’t even know there was reef in the Bahama’s, thought it was all sand ;)
  521. Shimano Penn

    Caribbean line question

    I think you want something easy to break at the terminal end, rocks and coral will eat some sinkers :) Also depending on where you are you probably don’t want to eat any reef fish out there. Ciguatera.
  522. Shimano Penn

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Doesn’t matter if I say yes or no, keeps popping back up.
  523. Shimano Penn

    Hang a door

    PM me, I know a good door guy.
  524. Shimano Penn

    Stand up Rods or Trolling Rods

    Rollers or rings? Gimbal butts? Location? Price each? Photos? ... geez... Funny thing is I’m actually looking for a 80-100 stand up rod so this is extra frustrating;)
  525. Shimano Penn

    Top Gun 80 trip tips and bunk info request?

    Avoid the aft stateroom in the main quarters, I want to say it’s #9 but not positive about that. Very cramped. Also, “salty” is an understatement They do catch fish though
  526. Shimano Penn

    Proteus vs pch

    That is EXACTLY how mine is set up, fished at 50 with mono topshot and fluoro leader. No trouble thus far with BFT to 90lbs.
  527. Shimano Penn

    Proteus vs pch

    I know nothing about PCH rods but might be the biggest Proteus fan here on the boards. I have a LOT of them ;) Proteus is a fast action rod that shuts off in the upper third, not "stiff" just fast. Also most here agree that Proteus is underrated and fishes best at the mid to high point of the...
  528. Shimano Penn

    Any Insight on PQ’s or Tomahawks Layout?

    Both are top notch and that is a tough call. They are by far my top two local trip boats. Pick the one that fits your schedule and you'll be happy.
  529. Shimano Penn

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    Not trying to pick a fight, honestly curious. I’m in the “who cares?” boat, going to buy a license once a year and don’t give a hoot what month it is. What is the advantage of the 365 day license? They are pretty cheap, I’m not buying the idea that people will pass on sport fishing just...
  530. Shimano Penn

    Size 4 Unibutt in silver

    I believe I have two of those in my storage somewhere but honestly haven’t seen them in a while. I’ll go look for them today. They are new with Ferrell’s, I was going to have some rods made but never did. Remind me in case I forget;)
  531. Shimano Penn

    fathom 30, rod and braid setup

    My FTH30LD2 ( 65# braid, 50# top shot and 50# fluoro) is on a Proteus 7’ xh and I’ve taken BFT to 90# with it however that was on a pb. Did get a 55# on the TG80 but it took some time
  532. Shimano Penn

    Rods??? How many

    Oh and don't forget to bring a spinner too! I love watching the haters feel stupid when I'm already hooked up at the paddy and they are still on their third bait trying to get one to swim away from the boat LOL
  533. Shimano Penn

    Rods??? How many

    Well I usually do bring “too many” but most times you don’t really know what you will need until the fish show up. What I do is rack the 2-3 I expect to use in a prime spot and put the rest as far out of everyone’s way as possible.
  534. Shimano Penn

    C- Hawk

    I lived in St Thomas and noticed that 1/2 or more of the local commercial fleet were C-hawks. Most popular boat out there among the trappers. Conditions are generally rougher there than here so I’d think they would make great local boats but rarely see one here.
  535. Shimano Penn

    Fenders, docklines and rope

    This items were stored on board as backup, emergency equipment so some wear but no actual use. (2) Taylor fenders 6.5" X 22" one new with tags the other like new. 100' X 3/8" three strand twisted nylon rope new in package. (2) 1/2" X 15' braided docklines with spliced eye loop at one end...
  536. Shimano Penn

    San Diego full day boats...

    Not sure I understand the “obvious reasons”. You are already fishing first class, why move down to coach?
  537. Shimano Penn

    Grande vs Liberty

    You're kidding right? If not in my view there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Grande, it's a fine boat and I would fish it again if I couldn't get a spot on the Liberty. 8-)
  538. Shimano Penn

    Tackle suggestions for overnight and 1.5 day

    Since you never know what you will get into I always bring something light and fun for schoolie size fish like a 20-25 lb rig.
  539. Shimano Penn

    8’ 30-60 rod proteus/pch rod

    Ah, I see you are correct sir, looks like they added several rods to the series since I last checked. Crap, now I have to buy more rods !
  540. Shimano Penn

    8’ 30-60 rod proteus/pch rod

    Diawa does not make an 8’ 30-60 Proteus, there is a 70xh and 76xh, both solid 50# rods. Also there is 70xxh seriously under rated at 40-60, it’s more like a 50-80 # stick.
  541. Shimano Penn

    Travel rod, cal star

    Nomad looks to be conventional in the photo, I’ll take it if we can arrange meeting.
  542. Shimano Penn

    Big Three Parking, Crazy Talk?

    Nor with the wealthy and influential residents on the hill who enjoy their view :cussing:
  543. Shimano Penn

    Big Three Parking, Crazy Talk?

    Come on man, I’m bored at work;)
  544. Shimano Penn

    Big Three Parking, Crazy Talk?

    Remote lot and shuttle during peak season? Or does that just make too much sense?
  545. Shimano Penn

    Overnight tuna trip

    Noooo, stay away from Tomahawk, you will hate it! Tell all your friends, NEVER book Tomahawk, it’s terrible. Make sure they always have plenty of open spots. I will suck it up and go out with them just so they can get by but I’m just that kind of guy.
  546. Shimano Penn

    Tomahawk has LIMITS of Bluefin

    In the other thread it says “I heard” 40-60.
  547. Shimano Penn

    Tomahawk has LIMITS of Bluefin

    Website says no passport required.
  548. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Tomahawk 4/16/19

    There here???? Where? There? Or here?
  549. Shimano Penn

    In between set up

    Same reel or 60ld2 with Proteus 70XXH.
  550. Shimano Penn

    A device to keep bait alive

    Don’t use a high speed twist drill bit, they are for metal. Get a plastics bit (Ridout has them) or maybe burn the holes with a soldering iron or something.
  551. Shimano Penn

    NIB 12 AMP Dual Bank Marine Battery Charger

    Sunny weekend bump. Will be at DOTD tomorrow, will have it in the car.
  552. Shimano Penn

    Free fishing for 3 days

    I’ll bet the fishing is great, can you imagine the chum slick?
  553. Shimano Penn

    Blue Dorado

    Ditto that for St Thomas, lived there 11 years and probably saw 1000+ dolfin, don't recall ever seeing a blue one. Didn't even know they came that way until I moved here. Last season I caught three as "by-catch" on tuna trips, all 3 were blue females ~12-14 lbs. Three different trips.
  554. Shimano Penn

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    Im surprised it didn’t sell within an hour of posting. I had to tie my own hands to stop myself from buying it. Don’t need it, have no place to park it, but... damn! I WANT it
  555. Shimano Penn

    San Diego Trailer Storage

    Call Champagne Lakes and see if they have a spot. It’s a hike but cheap.
  556. Shimano Penn

    NIB 12 AMP Dual Bank Marine Battery Charger

    Pro Mariner Pro Sport 12, they sell these at West Marine for $170 normally or $136 on sale. This one has been sitting in my garage for 2-1/2 or 3 years, I never installed it and sold the boat. Never been out of the box. $75 in Chula Vista or by other arrangement.
  557. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus 70xxh Capabilities

    The 70XXH is way under rated at 40-60, it’s a beast. Fast action (which I like) but may or may not be your thing.
  558. Shimano Penn

    Wanted: 22-25 ft Pilothouse or walkaround fishing boat

    I’d go look at that 22 Cape Dory, that thing looks sweet
  559. Shimano Penn

    Bahia de Navida?

    Awesome, PM sent. If you have some time please respond.
  560. Shimano Penn

    Outrigger line attachement

    #64 rubber band
  561. Shimano Penn

    Bahia de Navida?

    Anyone fished or spent any time in Barra de Navidad? I'm planning an extended trip to PV later this year and that bay looks interesting, was thinking about going down there to check it out.
  562. Shimano Penn

    What reels?

    Best thing to do is put me on your boat . I have gear and lots of trolling experience, lived on St Thomas for 11 years .
  563. Shimano Penn

    Question about travel rods

    Figured you guys would know... is a travel rod made by taking a standard blank and cutting it up? If so is it reasonable to think I can take any rod I own and make it into a travel rod? Or is that just crazy talk? To be more specific I have some older Penn Int'l 2 trolling rods with Aftco...
  564. Shimano Penn

    Fathom reels

    On a budget go look at Proteus 70XXH, great match for that reel. Ignore the stated rating of 40-60, it’s way under rated. If not price sensitive go pull on some UC rods and pick one
  565. Shimano Penn

    Tomahawk out of Fisherman's Landing

    This is very sad news. I fished the T-hawk last fall and planned to make it my “go to” this season for a variety of reasons but the location was big on the list. Great boat, captain and crew but if they fish out of FL I’ll keep looking for another boat
  566. Shimano Penn

    Best travel rod?

    Thanks so much for all the replies. Most of these rods are less expensive than I thought they would be, and figuring that there would be "show special" sales going on over the weekend I stopped by Charkbait Saturday and pulled on the two Toro Tamer Surf Explorer rods they had in stock. For...
  567. Shimano Penn

    St John's/St Thomas

    I lived on St Thomas for 11 years back in the '90's; had a boat, fished a lot and was active in the VI Game Fishing Club. I'm sure a lot has changed but probably not the seasonality, March is a little late for prime wahoo fishing and a bit early for prime dolphin time. Don't get me wrong, any...
  568. Shimano Penn

    Found rod/reel - Dana Point 2/27

    Nice catch, I’d have it mounted and hung over the mantle.
  569. Shimano Penn

    liveaboard slip for a 50'

    Chula Vista
  570. Shimano Penn

    Best travel rod?

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, I’ll have time Saturday to check them out. I was sort of hoping to find something that will fit inside a suitcase rather than a separate bag to check so that will be a factor. Of course I could buy a bigger suitcase
  571. Shimano Penn

    Best travel rod?

    Any suggestions for a quality telescoping or 3-4 piece spinning rod for 15-20 # work? I’m not that price sensitive, willing to pay for quality. Would be used for surf/ bay fishing on a planned trip to Bahia de Navidad.
  572. Shimano Penn

    Retiring in Mexico/ Central/ South America?

    Couldn't figure out which forum would be best for this so I guess "personal news" will do ;) I have been doing some preliminary research online looking at low cost yet tropical retirement destinations. The two biggies for Americans seem to be Ecuador and Costa Rica. Cost of living...
  573. Shimano Penn

    PENN Senator Rod n Reels

    Wow that looks like some truly classic gear! The gimbal on the second rod actually looks like after market in the photo. Hoping TunaNorth will provide some info but meanwhile if it were me those rigs would be hanging up on display and probably never take another boat ride, ever If that’s not...
  574. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus Rod 70XHF 30-60 (70-120 braid)

    Super deal! I already own all three plus three other Proteus, no better rod for the money (at full retail) and at $120 each he is giving them away
  575. Shimano Penn

    Leopard shark fishing from shore LA

    Serf perch? Or leopard sharks?:eek:
  576. Shimano Penn


    I doubt it really matters, more of a "right place, right time" thing :D I caught a nice one at Colonette while yo-yo fishing a red crab colored jig for YT. :rolleyes: Whenever I accidentally catch a sand dab down it goes and usually comes back in a ling's mouth. :cool:
  577. Shimano Penn

    Saltist 40ld vs Fathom 40

    In my view one is an apple, one is an orange. Just because the names are similar does not make them similar reels. I have both and love both but for me the Saltist is a dedicated yo-yo reel and the Fathom is for bait fishing tuna. I believe the long range guys like it as a wahoo reel too but...
  578. Shimano Penn

    Schoolie Rig

    I have not tried this but have read here that if you practice casting with a clothes pin clipped on to your line and are able to toss it out without it coming off you will be an anchovy casting Zen Master
  579. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Proteus Rod 70XHF

    Funny how people’s preferences vary so much. I LOVE the fast action of Proteus so much I own six of them, including the 70XH. Bump for a great rod at a great price
  580. Shimano Penn

    20' Seacraft

    Really glad to hear this, happy for you! I really wanted it but have no place to store it without paying $$$. My buddy had a 23 years ago and it was an awesome sled.
  581. Shimano Penn

    GMG V's Traeger

    I have the Traegar tailgater as well but my experience has not been so great. The first one really didn’t work at all, temp fluctuated wildly. CS sent me a new temp probe but no change so I returned it and got another. This one works great when it works but you have to constantly monitor it...
  582. Shimano Penn

    16Ft Klamath 60Hp Mercury

    What do you guys think, enough boat to launch at Mission Bay and scoot up to La Jolla safely (decent weather of course)? I’m pretty salty but last two boats were 24 WAC’s so not used to smaller cc’s.
  583. Shimano Penn

    Reel Recommendation for 1 Day and Overnight SD Trips

    I am a HUGE fan of the FTH LD2 reels and own 5 of them 25N through 60 but in all honesty I disagree with the above posts recommending them for your application. They are overkill and lack the freespool I think you are looking for. Even the 25N is a 40lb reel at minimum IMHO. I am also a big...
  584. Shimano Penn

    19 ft MAKO for sale

    Need more pics please (of the deckhand)
  585. Shimano Penn

    I love craigslist...

    Not a great deal... no trailer included. However the BBQ will be great for overnights at SCI !
  586. Shimano Penn

    20' Seacraft

    Chapo from Tomahawk ????? Put me on the interest list, I'll start looking for a place to store it.
  587. Shimano Penn

    New bait store start up, Where to buy wholesale ?

    Just be aware that every tackle shop owner I've ever met laments the fact that they had to give up fishing to do it :eek:
  588. Shimano Penn

    Rod rating

    I wasn't even going to go there but OF COURSE !!!!! Last time I brought this up I got bashed for it, all the BD "know it all's" telling me the entire industry isn't going to change now :rolleyes: But yes, it seems to me an optimal drag rating for a rods performance would be more useful than a...
  589. Shimano Penn

    Rod rating

    Rod ratings are not consistent across manufacturers or product lines. As a general rule I figure the lower third of the rated range is about right but again product lines vary and only time and experience will aid you in selection. I think it's one reason people tend to be brand loyal, you get...
  590. Shimano Penn

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Very sad, how does this happen? I've never felt at risk out there in the dark or fog, they all have radar right? Now I may become some geek wearing an inflatable all day :rolleyes: I'm guessing a captain or two may be losing a liscense over this.
  591. Shimano Penn

    Recipe for Bonito or Skipjack

    I used to hate getting a fish to color only to see it was a bone or skippy. Then for about the same cost as a decent rod and reel I bought a Traeger pellet smoker. Now those “garbage” fish can make my day! Both are excellent smoked, better than YT in my view. Cuda too, I now look forward to...
  592. Shimano Penn

    How people get "hooked" on sportfishing :)

    So I was on the Tomahawk this past weekend, a 1.5. Was talking to a guy, maybe late 20's, early 30's, who has NEVER been offshore before but likes to fish. I dunno, maybe bass? Anyway we get into the most incredible WFO bite I have seen in a long time, total bloodbath mayhem for over an hour...
  593. Shimano Penn

    Anybody on Tomahawk 1.5 this Friday 10-19?

    Okay guys, DO NOT EVER book this boat!!!! You will hate it!!!! Stay away!!! Make sure there are always empty spots and they have to go out with minimal passengers. It's terrible... trust me :rolleyes: Not. Tamahawk is now at the very top of my "yes please" list :D The boat itself is...
  594. Shimano Penn

    San Diego Shops - Quick Ring Brazing Turnaround

    Squidco does it on the spot. Walk in, walk out with welded rings. At least in my experience but then I'm pretty much putting Joey's kids through college so that may be a factor. :rolleyes: YMMV
  595. Shimano Penn

    Infectious disease killing local sea lions!

    Report I heard on NPR said the "problem" is Central to Northern Cal, no mention of the epidemic in So Cal. It's cyclical, they say every 5-7 years. Nature's way of contolling the population? Damn GWS's obviously aren't doing their part :D
  596. Shimano Penn

    Anybody on Tomahawk 1.5 this Friday 10-19?

    This will be my first time on the T-hawk. Really looking forward to it, read so many good reports here. AND my first adventure at Seaforth, looking forward to easy parking. :D
  597. Shimano Penn

    No electronics....

    Probably more of a battery issue than an idling issue. If you have two batteries, "start" isolated from "house" then you should be good. Motor off- no charging. A single battery running the FF and radio while the motor is off could be a problem depending of course on the time duration and...
  598. Shimano Penn

    re-frozen fish

    Yes that's what I was counting on, processed professionally and vaccum sealed by Mario's.
  599. Shimano Penn

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    I'm not deeply in to this but have been told that the somewhat wealthy and influential PL homeowners on the hill do not want a multi level parking structure devalueing their homes/ views. I get that, remains to be seen how much juice they have.
  600. Shimano Penn

    re-frozen fish

    As always Dan you are a true friend, always there for me when I need you.
  601. Shimano Penn

    re-frozen fish

    It was delicious, I can't say I really noticed any real difference. Maybe a tad less "tender". And I didn't wake up the middle of the night running to the bathroom :D
  602. Shimano Penn

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    Morro Bay, like shooting fish in a barrel
  603. Shimano Penn

    re-frozen fish

    I came home with a 1/4 share of a cow BFT processed at Mario's in August. I placed 8-10 big chunks into a "dorm sized" freezer I have. Came home from work last week to see the door seal had failed and everything was completely thawed yet still ice cold. I sealed up the door and re-froze the...
  604. Shimano Penn

    Possible theft at H&M Landing this morning.

    I'm gonna go out and look for a PINK duffle, tackle bag and reel bag now. Years ago working construction we had similar problems all the time. I spray painted all my stuff pink and never lost a tool bieber
  605. Shimano Penn

    Bonito for smoking - stupid me removed the skin...

    Is this it ?'s-Sauce-Original-Gourmet%2C-86-oz.product.100381601.html High Fructose Corn Syrup... no thanks. Or do I have the wrong product?
  606. Shimano Penn

    Bonito for smoking - stupid me removed the skin...

    If it's on the internet it must be true right? :D I did the exact same thing, totally ruined my first batch ever using that stupid "equal parts" recipe. What I did to save it is make a dip, diced it up and mixed with mayo, black peper, dill relish... Came out pretty good, just don't use salty...
  607. Shimano Penn

    Best way to secure rods when trolling

    For the light stuff that doesn't have harness lugs I zip tie a 'D' ring to the rod just above the grip. THREE zip ties.
  608. Shimano Penn

    10/12 Overnight this weekend tackle questions...

    Which boat? I'm on Liberty Overnight 10/12. My last two trips were all about the bait, nothing else really worked well. So every single swinging duck on the boat ends up in the corner, one fish takes out 7 lines :rolleyes: Spend most of the day untangling and retying. By the time you're...
  609. Shimano Penn

    Bonito for smoking - stupid me removed the skin...

    Ive tried both ways and prefer skin off but it doesn't really seem to make a huge difference. I use a pellet grill, Apple, 140-180 3 to 4 hours depending. Basic brine off the internet; water, soy sauce, brown sugar, kosher salt. (Char Broil #1). Then experiment with spices, garlic, hoisin...
  610. Shimano Penn

    1.5 DAY LIMITED TO 25. ONLY $225!

    This seems contradictory on a 1.5, can you explain? I'm just thinking the actual game plan might generate interest. Flat Fall at night and "hop" by day? Or "kite hell" in the aftrenoon after the hopping?
  611. Shimano Penn

    7'6" Proteus MHF 15-30#, Okuma cz10csPENDING

    Yes, I picked it up this morning though. Hard to find now as most retailers have the "new" WM Proteus rods. If you can find one buy it, no better rod for the money out there... anywhere. I have UC, Phenix, Seeker and more. All excellent rods but not nearly the value of a Proteus that retails...
  612. Shimano Penn

    Solid vrs. Hollow

    An old thread I know but if I post a new one some wise arse is going to say "use the search function" so I did :D I just got two 30SW's back from Cal and he put 130 JB hollow on them and spiced in loops. Okay great, but I really don't see the big advantage to hollow??????? I can tie a bimini...
  613. Shimano Penn

    Anyone know the owner of this 23 Grady White for sale?

    Trolling, bait or yo-yo?:D
  614. Shimano Penn

    Jump on an Overnight Trip for YFT Now or Wait for a Better Grade of Fish

    Get out every chance you get. You will have great days, you will have disappointing days, you just can't predict them. :D If you don't simply enjoy the opportunity, enjoy a day on the water and enjoy the new friends you will make well... perhaps another hobby is the way to go. :rolleyes:
  615. Shimano Penn

    Sold proteus PRTB80HF $170

    uhh.. perhaps Daiwa Proteus? :D Awesome rods, I have 5 in the series.
  616. Shimano Penn

    7'6" Proteus MHF 15-30#, Okuma cz10csPENDING

    I want the rod, just have to figure out how to connect. Sending PM.
  617. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Tomahawk Chop

    I just keep hearing (reading) so many good things, I am really looking forward to my 1.5 Oct 19th. Problem is I haven't even looked to see where this boat is docked. Seaforth? Oh and I'm now expecting to see some boobies on my trip too. Way to set the bar Tomahawk :D
  618. Shimano Penn

    Mustang/ Diawa Pacific/ Relentless

    Wow that was like 6-7 trips ago and I don't honestly remember any specifics. I do know I came away saying "next..." and put the boat on my "no thank you" list ( as opposed to my "never again" list). I honestly don't remember why, could be as simple as small, uncomfortable bunk or something...
  619. Shimano Penn

    Charter boat deck hand etiquette/behavior

    Yea I hear good things, want to try it. Which landing?
  620. Shimano Penn

    9/22 Lj with a plot twist

    Ding ding ding... I'll bet you're on to something there ;)
  621. Shimano Penn

    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    Awesome, still some good folks out there :D
  622. Shimano Penn

    First trip on a SD boat question ?

    Faced this problem a few times in the past 6-8 weeks. So many skips (or bonita) you can NOT give them away. I like to keep 2-3 for the smoker but that's it. I like to fish yo-yo. Changed out all the trebbles to single hooks, much easier to release. Wear a glove, if it's too big to bounce...
  623. Shimano Penn

    9/22 Lj with a plot twist

    Okay this doesn't really make sense. The boat would have been handling like a pig long before this, you didnt notice? Not dissin' you man, just curios how this could be?:eek: And yea your'e about to get slammed by everyone telling you how many primary and back up pumps they have :D
  624. Shimano Penn

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    For rockfish I use Daiwa VIP rods and X-sha reels. Definately under $300. 40 class is suitable for everything they have to offer in Morrow Bay like big reds and lingcod, 30 class for local SoCal grade.
  625. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    That boat is at the very top of my "Never Again" list.
  626. Shimano Penn

    Weekend Warrior Once Again

    Well after 4 glorious months of freedom camping, hiking and fishing all summer long I am back in the hampster wheel doing the M-F thing. Got bills to pay ya know. Sucks but it's my life. For me the best way to maximize my fishing time at this point is to seek out 1.5 day trips that leave...
  627. Shimano Penn

    Charter boat deck hand etiquette/behavior

    Wow, I don't think it's nearly as extreme as the OP suggests. Yea sure some of those things are true on some boats some of the time but certainly not all, there are some great crews out there. I do agree about the fish cleaning, they do a pretty fast and crappy job because it's all about...
  628. Shimano Penn

    Love the Liberty...........

    Nice work son, however I’m a little pissed you didn’t invite me.