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  1. eldplanko

    Puget Sound Conditions Forecasting

    High pressure = building N wind in the afternoons
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    Saltwater Mystery alarm

    Maretron USB Gateway and N2KAnalyzer software? Or, just unplug things until it goes away? Seems if it was a real error, it would be logged somewhere.
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    1990 Shamrock Mackinaw

    For what it’s worth… I’m very happy with the boat’s big brother, the mackinaw 270, shamrock had some very seaworthy hulls.
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    Just Noticed....

    That’s some funny shit...
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    Fishing sunglasses

    Turn your finder 90 degrees
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    Stay tuned...

    Glass those two scallops up and you’ll have some bitchin skimboards.
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    Saltwater Kicker on 30+ft

    More derail.... You’ve got enough into your boat, I’d spend the extra 150 for the Victron smartshunt, then you can know for sure the net amp state of your batteries... if you want to splurge, also do the cerbo then you can network that data with your mfd, else you have to use your phone. On...
  8. eldplanko

    Which forecast do you rely on?

    Bumping this... this is heavy weather nerd stuff... but the more you know... haven’t seen LuckGrib mentioned yet, but basically has accesses to GRIB files from just about every weather model in existence, with an interface better than any of the other mentioned apps. For wind our area short...
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    Stay tuned...

    I like the idea of twin straight shaft diesels on this boat... the way the politics in this state are, who knows what the future of gas will be, red diesel will never go away.
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    Which forecast do you rely on?

    Nerd alert...
  11. eldplanko

    Auto Pilot install Woes

    The money I saved goes right in a charter captains pocket...
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    Auto Pilot install Woes

    If you get as far as getting the compensator line run, your next hurdle will be correctly purging air from the system and compensator line, run a temporary long hose from the ram fittings back to a reservoir to fill at the helm. Open and close the ram nuts turn the helm/cycle the autopilot (per...
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    Is the WA Classifieds Issue Fixed

    Only a Cali would think Northwest was 2 words
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    Saltwater Couple questions. 1 electrical, the other bait tank.

    You can always just go full add a panel... it’s nice to be able to know you can pull all riggers at max current at once without a voltage drop.
  15. eldplanko

    Garmin Rep? Electronics build

    Here’s a tip, use label maker for the labels then cover in clear heat shrink.
  16. eldplanko

    Puget Sound from Shore

    I hear sculpin holds up real well if you can get it to seal without the spines puncturing the bag.
  17. eldplanko

    Ocean 2021

    Anyone have a link to the latest list of agreed fisheries?
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    WA boat seized in Nootka

    The sad part about all this is everyone here also has effectively had a 2 year prohibition of holding a Canadian fishing license or fishing in BC as well... does Hoover and Magee’s covid years off count as time served?
  19. eldplanko

    Good news Ladies! Remmington Ammo is Back!

    Good thing they still have my 12 ga. “flares” in stock... sometimes I’m in distress when a seal gets to close to my boat
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    Stereo head unit recommendation?

    I scrapped the hard wired systems and switched to bluetooth speakers (JBL Flip5) and just stream from my phone or iPad... recharge with usb.. now I don’t feel like a boomer.. get the iPad streaming the hawks game, and I can spend all Sunday in my mobile living room
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    Let's talk batteries.

    Did your store the battery fully charged and with no parasitic loads, or was it discharged? The trickle thing is that you want the majority of the bulk charge at high current, as fast as the battery can accept, trickle does the damage causing sulfation. This is a good explanation targeted to...
  22. eldplanko

    Let's talk batteries.

    I finally installed a victron shunt and gx box this weekend to track discharge, bulk, absorption and float, as well as alternator charging, and feel a lot better with real information on what’s going on with my batteries: time curves of current and voltage, the victron gx tracks all of that, and...
  23. eldplanko

    SS table/sink

    In this we’ve officially been invaded by CA with the website change... ‘As others have stated commercial table with overhead sprayer is what you want, if you can’t find used, any restaurant supply store will have what you want new for around 1k. I got the Advance Tabco from Dicks and am happy...
  24. eldplanko

    Spot Shrimp Season

    Looks like they’re doing a test fishery right now...
  25. eldplanko

    Dinghy Build Thread

    Most importantly, you’re the kind of man who can sand fiberglass in his dining room! No one can take that from you!
  26. eldplanko

    Topshot - Mono vs. Fluoro

    Hi-vis yellow mono, I like to be able to see my lines, the salmon don’t care.
  27. eldplanko

    Classified Ads

    I guess what I meant to say was the classifieds can be wherever you want them to be... I’m posting mine Iin WA fishing rights, at least they’re still at the top
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    Classified Ads

    It’s now moved to “Washington Fishing Rights,” right at the top of your screen... just where it’s always been.
  29. eldplanko

    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    One fish two fish red fish blue fish.... officer, I’m red blue color blind, I though it was a trout.
  30. eldplanko

    info alert for Duramax owners

    Does GM cover spiders in the tank?
  31. eldplanko

    Best Boat Wash Moss/Mildew

    I’ve used this also, it works as well... it’s acid so will f you up if your not careful as described above, it also eats barnacles.
  32. eldplanko

    Need a Volvo diesel/drive

    For what it’s worth, I got real world fuel flow numbers on the 6lpa if that helps at all, not sure how these compare to spec, but measured with maretron’s so they’re accurate. 3200: 11.6 gph 3400: 13.4 gph 3600: 14.1 gph
  33. eldplanko

    Folding rear fishfinder screen recommendations?

    Ram mount... plus you can switch it up and hang an iPad off it while you at the dock and use it as TV
  34. eldplanko

    Ever wondered what sunfish meat looks like

    The orange totes are the “for soup” parts.
  35. eldplanko


    Second time I said this this in a week... “It’s always good to have a little on the side set away just in case you need to pay for a hit or order some synthetic oxy from China off the internet.”
  36. eldplanko

    Security suggestions

    Try this plugged into your existing ADT for monitoring... it sends a text, once you figure out how to DIY the Honeywell/ADT equipment, it’s no longer expensive.
  37. eldplanko

    Shrimp Pots and Davit

    Sorry sold... was an old thread and didn’t update.
  38. eldplanko

    Transmission porn...

    For me it was time vs cost... new got me back in the water in a week, vs wait for rebuild, I think the price difference was 1-2k more for new; my guess 50:50 parts, labor... I’ll check with Mike, he was helpful in getting the right dampening coupler also.
  39. eldplanko

    Transmission porn...

    Quick turnaround on a ZF63 saved me my vacation over summer, Harbor Marine had exactly what I needed. I tore down the my old tranny, at this point is it worth rebuilding or selling for parts, it’s just sitting in a pile in my shed.
  40. eldplanko

    Off season arts and crafts

    Work in progress... Sage/Islander combo #3 in the works
  41. eldplanko

    Machine shop recommendations (kicker motor)

    You don’t want to break an extractor out in there by using something too small, hardened steel, will be a bitch to drill out... been there before.
  42. eldplanko

    Machine shop recommendations (kicker motor)

    Been there many times... heat the cylinder block, dust buster spray can of air to cool the bolt, hope for differential expansion, penetrating oil are your friends, try to drill out, pull the power head to work on it easier... screw extractors suck, I’ve had good luck with the Hanson extractor...
  43. eldplanko

    Customer service sucks

    It’s a fuckin haiku... I think I just found the meaning to life.
  44. eldplanko

    Double Ooops

    There’s big government that’s supposed to deal with this shit... our tax dollars at “work.” Get on it Franz:
  45. eldplanko

    Double Ooops

    At least 1 of 2 has currents tabs....
  46. eldplanko

    Scotty digital display

    Just give the wide open 10 count on one side and 7 count on the other and call it good... it will still fish .
  47. eldplanko

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    WTF, bummer!
  48. eldplanko

    Saltwater Weather conditions?

    I think you need a bigger flag
  49. eldplanko

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    I count 3 transom mounted transducers
  50. eldplanko

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    I didn’t notice the first I saw this, the Lehr has a 20 lb propane tank on sitting on the swim step!
  51. eldplanko

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    That must be where all the hot kickers go... the downriggers are probably hot too! Propane, gas, and electric,, that's a whole new level of redundancy.
  52. eldplanko

    Shrimp Pots and Davit

    All still for sale, won’t ship.
  53. eldplanko

    Captain’s license courses

    Log your time, you’ll need a year of sea days (365), 4 hrs minimum a day.. I’d be interested on others experience on how much you can really get by on the honor system; apparently you can count back many years worth. I think more important is the tonnage and near-shore vs off shore (demarcation...
  54. eldplanko

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Mag north... otherwise my computer shit don’t match my compass!
  55. eldplanko

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    I was actually just joking around... it is a good skill to learn and makes you a better captain... now sextant.. forget it!
  56. eldplanko

    Anyone going out in this crap?

    Radar and common sense, visibility was 1/2 to 3/4 mile in a10 yesterday, more than enough. Big boats sound every minute. Not enough heating to burn fog off until much later in the day.
  57. eldplanko

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Dead reckoning is great if your crossing the Atlantic on the mayflower, not realistic in coastal waters, especially if your doing visual navigation. Heavy fog and no electronics, how you going to get a fix? Plus, who fishes in a straight line? For the OP, sometime shit breaks on your boat, it...
  58. eldplanko

    Post Feedback

    Oil docks or West Point/meadow point is like the kiddie pool for coho, I don’t see a downside in keeping most these boats clustered in a 1/2 mile circle.
  59. eldplanko

    Seattle Parks and Boat Ramps Closing

    Grinder... not the Seattle kind
  60. eldplanko

    Seattle Parks and Boat Ramps Closing

    Dude, it’s Seattle, you can do what ever the fuck you want... no rules, unless your a lemming.
  61. eldplanko

    Post Feedback

    How about add “how to land a coho”, you don’t need a net for a fish under 5 lbs, just wrap your arm around the line and hoist them in. They’re easier to bonk also instead of spinning and tangling up in a net. I get a good chuckle seeing boats net little fish.
  62. eldplanko

    Bouncy Mess? Tekonsha Brake Controller

    Old tow rig is being donated, so pulled this out for someone to use. Fix up that bouncy mess! Tekonsha P3 proportional brake controller with wiring harness and mounting bracket. $60
  63. eldplanko

    Set of 4 Chevy/GMC New Stock Steel Wheels 17” 8-bolt

    Dammit... wrong section, mods please move.
  64. eldplanko

    Set of 4 Chevy/GMC New Stock Steel Wheels 17” 8-bolt

    Bought these as spares for my truck, but never used. Stock steel wheels from 2016, 17x7.5, 8x180 bolt pattern. Includes TPMS sensors, and Chevy hub caps, not sure of the battery status on the TPMS sensors, as I never paired them with my truck. On Craigslist for $200, $100 on BD, I really just...
  65. eldplanko

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    I’d post a random spot we’re I’m not fishing, just to clear the novices out of the area I’m at... radio fish!
  66. eldplanko

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    Total hijack.,.. I have my Q cove extra breakaways to give away also now. PM me and I'll mail them to you.
  67. eldplanko

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    Any ideas on what to do with these besides run as dummies? Maybe drill a hole and add a ring/swivel?
  68. eldplanko

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    Even worse, whopper king, under boat, line on trim tab... snap... I'm pissed more about the flasher than my wife's fish! I'm converting my other flashers over using the clevis pins.
  69. eldplanko

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    Finally lost my last qcove today... time to get creative.
  70. eldplanko

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    I've got a white one and a marbled one also this year in A10, they look like Fraser River fish, somehow those genetics/feeding patterns or fish are drifting south.
  71. eldplanko

    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Before focusing too much on mpg, look at your fuel flow per rpm, and whether that’s different than the spec curve; looks like you’re a little high; fuel issue.
  72. eldplanko

    Free bottom half Shimano Convergence

    I broke another one today myself, if anyone else I looking for these, I have 2 bottoms also to give away; BC grips
  73. eldplanko

    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    No recommendations... but I got a cool pic to keep the theme going!
  74. eldplanko

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    PM sent... I'm no lawyer though
  75. eldplanko

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Oddly enough, the run comes in at slightly different times each year... who would have thought; we’re close.
  76. eldplanko

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    The bottom can be deep also
  77. eldplanko

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    The bait is more likely where the solo boat is hanging out, the traffic jam is where all the followers are... resist the temptation.
  78. eldplanko

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    If you’re not in thick bait, you’re in the wrong place, there’s tons of bait at JH right now, find it, and follow it around with the tide.
  79. eldplanko

    Navionics accuracy

    My votes for local gps disturbance... Bermuda Triangle like activity or alien abduction definitely in play
  80. eldplanko

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    There’s a fine line... bleed out doesn’t take more than 5 min; I was thinking all this rockfish bycatch can’t be good...
  81. eldplanko

    Advice on loading reel with heavy braid

    All-thread, couple nuts, big fender washers, Teflon washers and a spring. Go nut, fender washer, Teflon washer, fender washer, spool, fender washer, Teflon washer, fender washer, spring, fender washer, nut, nut. Tighten second nut to correct amount of drag on the spool, then jam it in place...
  82. eldplanko

    Old Merc reliability?

    Nice antique... can you get parts for it? You worst friend is NLA when something breaks.
  83. eldplanko

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    Just sold my old boat on Craigslist... lots of tire kickers, and AK buyers, expecting to deliver by barge or Coastal (at their cost). Seatrial with deposit only. Deposit gets it under contract for an agreed price with inspection contingencies if they want a survey or mechanical inspection. Close...
  84. eldplanko

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    You’re very wrong on this, innocent passage goes away once you start fishing. You can’t conduct espionage, pollute, or cause economic damage, or a bunch of other things either while in Canadian waters. If the boarder was open, it would be a different story (reporting system, etc). Go ahead and...
  85. eldplanko

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Innocent Passage goes away as soon as you start fishing, you don’t mess with that.
  86. eldplanko

    Test tank

    I’m not good at math... but what gph=2.0 kts?
  87. eldplanko

    Shrimp Pots and Davit

    5’H x 4.5’W x 1.90”OD
  88. eldplanko

    Shrimp Pots and Davit

    Seasons over for me, This is like buying fireworks after the 4th... 3 spot round shrimp pots: two 3 tunnel and one 4 tunnel (needs rot cord) $50/ea Discovery bay davit: SOLD 200’ 5/16 lead line, new: $20 Two 195’ 5/16 lead line, used good shape with eye splices on each end; $15/ea
  89. eldplanko

    Let the games begin

    Spray nine is the shit!
  90. eldplanko

    Fuel flow meter for V8

    If you want to spend big bucks, Maretron, you’ll need the sensor, module and NMEA gateway to program it, close to a grand for everything, but super accurate (each sensor is individually calibrated) and rock solid. Just be glad your non diesel, then you’d need two sensors for supply and return...
  91. eldplanko

    Let the games begin

    I thought I was crazy with the label maker on my heat shrink, that shits pretty classy.
  92. eldplanko

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Hell.. even all my kitchen knives are dexter sanisafe, I never understood paying big money, except for cool pocketknives; sort of like buying guns.
  93. eldplanko

    Raymarine Evolution AP Install?

    Got it thanks!
  94. eldplanko

    Raymarine Evolution AP Install?

    Posted this to the raymarine forum, but waiting for their mod to allow it on there.. I’m Installing an EV-1 / ACU 150 / p70Rs and have an existing NMEA2K backbone with micro connectors between the place where I want to mount the EV-1, the ACU and the p70Rs, and currently have no seatalkng or...
  95. eldplanko

    Etec’s toast....

    My prior can was the OMC shit, maybe next year it will have a merc label on it
  96. eldplanko

    Etec’s toast....

    The best thing evinrude/Johnson ever made, this one’s lasted me 10 years... hope I can still get it or something similar
  97. eldplanko


    I initially thought radar reflector, but would like to know also. Not that a boat that big needs it.
  98. eldplanko

    Saltwater best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    I’m making mine up now... I have an old hand crank meat grinder that I run fish scraps through, with a 1/4” plate, mix with cat food, pellets, oil, and the secret ingredient freezer burnt salmon roe. Make up a few day before, and make sure you dog doesn’t get into it... you don’t want to know...
  99. eldplanko

    Garage Sale-Ballard 2020

    Bump, added shrimp line and boat hook
  100. eldplanko

    Garage Sale-Ballard 2020

    Nice meeting you driftfisher
  101. eldplanko

    Garage Sale-Ballard 2020

    Bump, added vhf and prawn traps
  102. eldplanko

    ‪BREAKING: Good news for anglers and boaters as City of Seattle is finally reopening Don Armeni ramp

    For Shilshole, unless they’re also opening the park parking lot, expect every trailer parking spot to be be filled with a car unless you get there early AM. Yesterday by 2pm, parking on Seaview ave was full all the way to the middle of the marina.
  103. eldplanko

    Ace Pot Puller Wiring

    The fuse/breaker protects your wiring/plug. Wire those for 40A, as noted Scotty has internal protection for overload. Also, use the awg/current chart for your circuit length, remember to calculate based on round trip wire length.
  104. eldplanko

    Exhaust Manifolds Risers and Elbows

    Resurrection day! I also have some 8 year old mercruiser 4.3 elbows... free... use these to weigh down your shrimp pot! I’ll even throw in the axles!
  105. eldplanko

    Canada going to be iffy this year

    A lot of lodges closed for the season... even the upscale ones, imagine the bank these guys are losing:, the villa is $7K a night CAD
  106. eldplanko

    Scotty Pot Puller!

  107. eldplanko

    Garage Sale-Ballard 2020

    Added shrimp lines and boat hook Shrimp Lines: 2 x 195’ 5/16” leaded line with eye splices on both ends. $20/EA West Marine aluminum boat hook: $20 Garelick Kicker Pad: $30 Danforth Anchor: $20 4 x Adult Type IIs: Free-get legal 2 x Adult Type IIIs: $5/ea Stearns Workvest: $20...
  108. eldplanko

    Scotty Pot Puller!

  109. eldplanko

    Scotty Pot Puller!

    Damn it... wrong section... admin please move!
  110. eldplanko

    Scotty Pot Puller!

    Scotty pot puller, good condition. Only selling because I bought @Kool-Aid’s green hula puller. SOLD
  111. eldplanko


    My second boat... hull was rock solid... ford 302 on a pre-alpha mercruiser, no so much. Hopefully it was eventually repowered by whoever’s has it now, I’d love to see it again.
  112. eldplanko

    Two Scotty 1106

    Your number 3, don’t hold your breath.
  113. eldplanko

    Two Scotty 1106

    Well... my new boat isn't your Parker... ended up with a Shamrock 270 Mackinaw. New guy is going to get a shot at these.
  114. eldplanko

    Two Scotty 1106

    No bases or swivels.
  115. eldplanko

    Two Scotty 1106

    Two Scotty 1106s, one like new (came with my new boat), the other my old back-up. I want these to go to a good home, so not trying to make anything off them. Pick-up in Ballard. Will post pics later, and no they're not hot. Update, one is braid, other is wire. Update, sold.
  116. eldplanko

    2020 Shrimp season

    I didn't snap a picture, but Shilshole ramp had 3 refer trucks pulled up to the ramps taking offloaded shrimp today around 1pm. Couldn't count, but there many boats with "no reg" numbers, and there were 10-20 rigs/trailers in the lot. This was all behind the red "boat ramp closed" sign...
  117. eldplanko

    New style transom lights

    Red means stop, green means go, yellow means speed up, you can make it before it turns red.
  118. eldplanko

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    That’s what my buddy does also... he’s got his 9.9 mounted in the center of the swim step for what it’s worth. Wondering if it’s worth trying to plumb something more elaborate... likely not.
  119. eldplanko

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    Modify to a 3/4 swim step with transom mounted Garelick mount? I was thinking of this on a project i’m working on, the transom mount on the opposite end of the door. How do you handle dual fuel?
  120. eldplanko

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    If I had a big heavy gun safe, I’d move it Egyptian style on pieces of 1” EMT, and rotate it on a bunch of golf balls, on concrete of course. You can do some crazy shit with a pry bar as a lever and some cribbing blocks.
  121. eldplanko

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Send that shit to the state patrol, got tags and WN.
  122. eldplanko

    cooler comparison

    Finally something useful, that’s a great idea on a cooler hinge, those shitty plastic hinges keep breaking!
  123. eldplanko

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    Also... the ultimate fuck you from the city; I guarantee you show up at that boat ramp at 7pm this Friday, and the ramp will be full of low rider Hondas with G wannabes smoking dope... pathetic.
  124. eldplanko

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    I launched at Shilshole on Friday to get the boat in the slip, guess lucked out and I just missed out on the Seattle fuckery. Officially though the Port Shilshole marina is open for rec use, they sent an email out on that last week; maybe they can apply some pressure to the city... I sort of...
  125. eldplanko

    Outdoor Activity Requirements and Recommendations for Washington and Alaska

    WA defies all logic again... hiking, boating and fishing requires all groups to be of the same hous4hold, but golfing allows two-somes of players from separate households!
  126. eldplanko

    No holds barred opinion

    While we’re talking about numbers, the other two I that are important are jobs lost per death, and federal bailout per death. I haven’t looked recently, but a few days ago were in the range of 1000 jobs lost per death, and $50 million federal bailout per death.
  127. eldplanko

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Any other inside scoop?
  128. eldplanko

    Any help on where to Ling Cod fish in the puget sound areas that will open on the 4 May.

    Cut this guy some slack... here’s what you need to do. Get yourself a chart, find and area that looks real flat and sandy. Not too deep, you don’t want to be working real hard or end up buying an electric reel jigging at some ungodly depth like 80 feet. Shit, you can’t fish deeper than 120 feet...
  129. eldplanko

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    Aren’t there a core group of full time fish checkers that work full time, and they hire up seasonally temp workers... I’m sure they’re finding some work for the core folks to do.
  130. eldplanko

    Petition to Impeach the Chi-Comms from Olympia

    This better not take me to some gay porn if I click it....
  131. eldplanko

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    could have been a brown trout...I’m like, that shit looks like my Jump n Carry
  132. eldplanko

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    This shits so awesome. I lost track of what this thread was about, although I need to know: Why does bducky has a set of jumper cables on the mouth of a ling?
  133. eldplanko

    Since you have time

    Surf and turf!
  134. eldplanko

    Ran outta Fish today...

    Nice idea... I’m making chicken wings
  135. eldplanko

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    I said this on the original fishing closure... it’s not about the act of fishing, it about WDFW being able to monitor catch (I.e. ESA blackmouth), or halibut quota, without putting their fish checkers at risk. Interestingly, I forgot where I saw this (either US or Canada), but the requirements...
  136. eldplanko

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    You can have the 109, I’d rather someone fish with it than it just sit in a box. I think I disassembled it and cleaned/rebuilt it since I last used it, so it should be in pretty clean shape. I used to cast with that in the Snohomish as a kid, those handles spinning around around were original...
  137. eldplanko

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    I’ve actually have an old 109 and squidder sitting in the pile I don’t use anymore... I’d be willing to pass these on to someone who would actually use them... pm me if interested.
  138. eldplanko

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    I vaguely remember in Rainier Valley in Seattle, but that’s second hand info, never been there myself.
  139. eldplanko

    BGE, Kamado, or Costco knockoff?

    How’s does BGE hold up to our weather over the years, are people leaving these out, covered or under cover? It’s basically ceramic and painted steel right?
  140. eldplanko

    Fishing closure statewide

    Yeah it’s in the 5 to 10k per 100k range... kind of make you wonder why we’re worried about an extra 200... rounding error?
  141. eldplanko

    Fishing closure statewide

    Another way to look at this is the unemployment to death ratio.. right now both WA and US are at ~1000 unemployed per 1 death
  142. eldplanko

    Fishing closure statewide

    Since were talking numbers, maybe an internet wizard can tell us what the all-cause death rate is for age 70+, it’s a lot more than 200 per 100k
  143. eldplanko

    Imagine rolling in this...

    You’re all missing the point... it not about having a gun on your boat, it’s about having a gun mounted on the bow if your boat... screw the 50 cal, maybe go full on cannon
  144. eldplanko

    Imagine rolling in this...

    I don’t think there’s any reg that says you can have a 50cal mounted on the front of your boat... just keep it unloaded when you’re under way. Maybe some cool black letters that say GOAST GUARD and a flashing purple light on the top... not like you’re out fishing anyways
  145. eldplanko

    WTB Islander reel

    Islanders knock off.. made in China, may contain virus, may not creep... if your spending that kind of $ on a reel right now, support the BC guys good luck getting across the boarder anytime soon also lfs had them at one time, and they can deliver to their commie store in seattle for pick up...
  146. eldplanko

    Imagine rolling in this...

    I know, no craigslist ads, but imagine rolling in this, 95k It even had a pedestal on the bow to mount something on... can’t tell from the pics, maybe a downrigger goes there?
  147. eldplanko

    Gotta love this place

    Imagine ordering food for your buddy, and having it delivered when his wife’s home.
  148. eldplanko

    Fishing closure statewide

    The right numbers to look at are the population adjusted case and death rate.. last two columns
  149. eldplanko

    Fishing closure statewide

    Here’s another take on this... not much freshwater fishing right now... blackmouth is still open, which means they need fish checkers out... no fishing means no need for fish checkers... how come they aren’t closing hunting also... maybe they should have just closed blackmouth... this is all...
  150. eldplanko

    Fishing closure statewide

    Now that’s funny!
  151. eldplanko

    Fishing closure statewide

    Fuck it... I’m still going on a boat ride! Maybe take my shit out in the middle of lake union and drive around real slow in circles staring at my fish finder and drinking beer.
  152. eldplanko

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Fish checker was out at Shilshole ramp yesterday... haven’t checked today yet... I’m flying my yellow quarantine flag, it exists for a reason, might as well use it. I’m assuming on the water common sense will prevail and anyone that knows what their doing (WDFW or coasties) will leave me alone...
  153. eldplanko

    Corona Rockfish

    Everyone knows you can’t call a rockfish based on where’s it’s from... that’s clearly offensive to some, and a no no in today’s world.... I’m also proposing renaming the pacific halibut the brown halibut... luckily the p-cod is safe for now.
  154. eldplanko

    Saltwater Covid-19 Shuts Down Local Charter Fishing Fleets

    Time to make sure you have your yellow quarantine flag!
  155. eldplanko

    Boat Land

    Dagmars is where old boats go to die.... then off the their funeral at the boat races at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe
  156. eldplanko

    Islander service?

    But after catching a couple hundred salmon it’s nice to mix things up a bit instead of using a coffee grinder. @OP, the islander guy has some YouTube videos... it’s really not that complicated, not sure why you’d even bother shipping them off.
  157. eldplanko

    Elec-tra-mate Deep water setup ! $350 OBO

    Just plug it in backward and flip it upside down! Actually, I don’t really know but it seems like a good idea!
  158. eldplanko

    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    Who cares about cell coverage, metal roof will keep MLB from reading your thoughts!
  159. eldplanko

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    Anyone ever try the one with the magnet release... I forgot where I saw it, but seemed like a good idea..... Edit... didn't read far enough ahead... maybe the magnet ones need a better magnet, but clevis looks the way to go!
  160. eldplanko

    Garmin 3D vision card w/relief pics

    Looks cool for scouting or exploring a new area, but for places you already know and love, I’d rather have the contour lines. Can you overlay those on the shaded relief?
  161. eldplanko

    Mustang HIT PFD deal

    I sure hope when they test these things the average user is overweight male.
  162. eldplanko

    It was a great day, turned bad

    But at the same time, WDFW will drop off poached and seized fish, deer or elk at a local food bank for donation... it’s likely not the food banks concern, more like the processors.
  163. eldplanko

    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    Like the Cutwater that sunk... doesn't look plugged. It's surprising folks forget their boat doesn't have infinite power when left at the dock.
  164. eldplanko

    Crabbing In Marina Questions

    Don’t have any educated info to add... my uneducated guess be all the copper and other heavy metals in sloughed off bottom paint can’t possible be good to eat, and marina crabs would have more... who knows if that’s even something to worry about though, I wouldn’t eat em
  165. eldplanko

    Made an app

    My vote is for instantly share when, where, what gear, what depth and what you wife was wearing when you catch a fish for everyone in the world to see.... oh wait, I'm thinking of the reports section
  166. eldplanko

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    These guys don’t stand a chance in gold river provincial court... glad they threw the book at them.
  167. eldplanko

    WTB Yamaha T8 or 9.9 electric start power tilt

    Saw this on CL... hooked on a boat... less likely to be hot Looks like remote throttle, panther t4. If you go this route, I have some extra panther parts it’d let go for close to nothing.
  168. eldplanko


    Bonus downrigger! What’s the plan for the transom, I’m trying to picture 300s hanging on the back?
  169. eldplanko

    Winter Rod Building Projects

    Great thread... I just got another sage blank I’m building up... I’m inspired by this guys grip design
  170. eldplanko

    WTB Sage Blank

    PMd you...I’m putting in an order with blueheron soon.. never use him but look alike he’s a us distributor
  171. eldplanko

    Commercial Netters in Elliott Bay

    Saw the seiners out there the AM also, chum, p. 34 ( They were east of 4mi rock/alkai pt, so tribal
  172. eldplanko

    WTB Sage Blank

    Just wrapped my 3106... got it at sea run in BC a few years ago, there’s a guy in Oregon that may have what you want. I used his numbers for the speed / weight.
  173. eldplanko

    Saltwater 9/19 area 10 report

    You can do whatever you want... I don’t give a shit. To me or perhaps others, it could look like this: I’ve been fishing a long time, with a lot of...
  174. eldplanko

    Saltwater 9/19 area 10 report

    Think of what a game warden would think. From a sportsmanship perspective, what possible reason could one have for keeping a salmon alive in a live well?
  175. eldplanko

    Saltwater 9/19 area 10 report

    Not sure I’d put that on the internet... the appearance of high grading salmon is generally frowned upon.
  176. eldplanko

    Saltwater 9/19 area 10 report

    What do the eggs in the females look like?
  177. eldplanko

    Bad News For Westport Fishing To Save Orca's???

    A lot of good science in there. It’s sad how so much gets glossed over when the NGOs try to spin this to advance their agenda. A few point I’ve always tried to remind folks of: Main population decline of SRKW is driven by decreases in L pod, J and K have been relatively stable over the time...
  178. eldplanko

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    Well... you’re gonna want to drive on the beach, unless you drive a Prius. Park where everyone else does with respect to the high tide line. Depending on the time of year, the transition from pavement to sand can be iffy. If it’s squirrelly, we use a jack light on the transition getting back on...
  179. eldplanko

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    I love it! And to think I laughed when I saw the pontoon boat with twin 300 yamahas driving down the road earlier this summer. The ultimate cat is the pontoon boat!
  180. eldplanko

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    Depending on the shows or if it's raining, you might need the light off on an angle from where you're standing, it helps to have a holder a few feet away.
  181. eldplanko

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    Propane or white gas lantern, night and day vs electric light. Also, put a strobe on your rig so you can find your way back.
  182. eldplanko

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Thread on BC forum on this... these guys are doing their best to piss the locals off.
  183. eldplanko

    Trolling squid for salmon

    In BC, they call the hoochie version “the brown turd.”
  184. eldplanko

    Saltwater Westport Albacore 9/5

    I know you! I'll PM ya.
  185. eldplanko

    Replacement Rod Tips

    Utmost... get in the game, soon you’ll be wrapping.
  186. eldplanko

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Free and you call dibs on the catch

    Way to go! You know you’ve reached the next level when it’s not about how much fish you catch, or dicking around over a few bucks, but how much of good of a time your guests have on your boat.
  187. eldplanko

    Saltwater Westport Albacore 9/5

    225/9 is a pretty big per person take! Any chance you used to work for Foss?
  188. eldplanko

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Here's a hint... you don't need a net to land a pink or coho, just hoist them in the boat.
  189. eldplanko

    Saltwater Selling Tuna

    There's going to be an efficiency piece that will depend on your system, you'll never get 100% of the BTU cooling from your ice.
  190. eldplanko

    Weekday fishing buddy needed but I split everything even-steven.

    Gas, grass or ass? Are hot wives allowed as non-fishing passengers?
  191. eldplanko

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Your boat your rules! Good luck!
  192. eldplanko

    Saltwater First Plugging

    I thought it said first pegging
  193. eldplanko

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    $80 for gas and bait from EB Marina to Westpoint seems a bit steep
  194. eldplanko

    Saltwater Selling Tuna

    I posted this is the failure thread, estimate 50 BTU/lb of fish of heat removed to get cooled to just above freezing. You’ll need to do some math to see if you can achieve that in a reasonable time or even at all.
  195. eldplanko

    Ice failure

    Bump for science:
  196. eldplanko

    Saltwater Selling Tuna

    Ice is for amatures, you need to blast freeze, maximize your fuel burn and stay out for a week. I recommend towing a barge out with a big ass sea anchor, that can serve as the mothership, and working it with the stabicraft as a tender.
  197. eldplanko

    A new West Marine in Seattle?

    Worstmarine... don't waste your time unless you like getting bent over, try Fisheries or Seamar
  198. eldplanko

    1106 or 2106 ???

    I'll try to describe how I do it, and maybe take pics. This is for braid. On the end of the braid tie an figure 8 knot to make a small loop, trim the tag end. On the gangion cord, make a big loop that's slightly longer than the length from the autostop trigger to just past the end of the...
  199. eldplanko

    1106 or 2106 ???

    Autostop is no issue... do the gangion cord with a knot, and it's bullet proof.
  200. eldplanko

    Saltwater Meanwhile in the over sound...

    Did you get that fish weighed... that’s a pretty big pink!
  201. eldplanko

    Anyone have access to Tribal netting schedule for PS?

    Should be in the NOF agreement:
  202. eldplanko

    4200/5200 out on ice.

    Call me cheap... I slowly work my way down the tube cutting slits in with a razor blade and squeezing shit out the new hole.
  203. eldplanko

    Saltwater Puget Sound Chinook

    If your going, get out now. I’ve got a feeling we’re very close to quota on MA10 after today.
  204. eldplanko

    Saltwater Puget Sound Chinook

    37” / 23 lbs
  205. eldplanko

    Saltwater Puget Sound Chinook

    I've kept my mouth shut, but this AM was likely our last day as I'm heading up north, so I no longer have skin in the game. Best King year I've had in A10 in a long time, 15 fish to including 23 lbs (a killer 37" chrome fish, caught right before sunset) and 20 lbs (35" chrome fish caught a...
  206. eldplanko

    Any salmon die this weekend ?

    Yup, another two this AM before 7.
  207. eldplanko

    Any salmon die this weekend ?

    In the Sound my boats kept 13 chinook 7-23 lbs over the last 10 days on two rods; 5” tomics on both sides, we ditched the flasher/hoochie/spoon on the one rigger two weeks ago when the plug out fished 10:1. Best day was fish in the boat in 8 min, and limited in 35 min. Both religiously kept at...
  208. eldplanko

    Saltwater Race for the Blue 2019

    What's the side pot on Leather Back turtle?
  209. eldplanko

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    Same... 145 ft in 280 water, plug no flasher.
  210. eldplanko

    A7 Pink salmon tips?

    Worked fine, crabs don’t care. I had the herring in there to give it a bit more of a fishy scent trail.
  211. eldplanko

    A7 Pink salmon tips?

    Funny... that’s the same way I cook dead rat.
  212. eldplanko

    Freezer thermometer alarms with WiFi connection?

    More likely scenario is someone doesn’t close the door all the way and shit starts to thaw... I like the idea of the WiFi one, I’ve come home a few times to a beeping freezer alarm.
  213. eldplanko

    Ocean Chinook There’s a press release by DFO also somewhere
  214. eldplanko

    Ocean Chinook

    Could be worse... BC just got hit with a slot limit in areas supposed to open 7/15.. 80 cm max, basically a 12 lb fish.
  215. eldplanko

    This is killin’ Me

    Another marketing pic... cmon, you’ll be so much cooler with this reel.
  216. eldplanko

    Wtb: Mooching setups

    I get the impression a knuckle buster and 10’6” BC style rod wasn’t what we was looking for... too bad, cause once you’ve played a salmon on that you’ll never go back, especially on a plug with no flasher.
  217. eldplanko

    Canada question

    Well... there goes the neighborhood.
  218. eldplanko

    WDFW Fish Checkers @ Neah Bay

    Not sure how may really care, but when they take the head to read the CWT, you can get a code from the checker to call or email up later and they’ll tell you which hatchery and year your fish is from, I’m all for supporting that. Knowledge is power.
  219. eldplanko

    Radar/gps/sonar combo

    Probably close to $3k
  220. eldplanko

    Radar/gps/sonar combo

    Been happy with my raymarine system, if your looking for alternatives to gamin. Finally got everything dialed in with the nmea heading sensor, radar overlay, AIS overlay... here’s my standard trolling view... got the radar overlay on th chart half (purple mark), notice the tide’s pushing me, so...
  221. eldplanko

    Box of fiberglass matting, tape, rollers

    Slap that shit around some foam insulation, glass it up, and sell it on Craigslist as a stand up paddle board. I bet you could get some millennial to pay $500 for it.
  222. eldplanko

    Turn Key 2320 Parker extended cabin

    Let’s put it this way, I have my wife convinced a Parker 2530 in our very near future.
  223. eldplanko

    Turn Key 2320 Parker extended cabin

    I’ll chime in as one of Benjamin’s perspective buyers from over the weekend.... it was very, very difficult to say no to this boat, it’s very clearly a hardcore fish killing machine! Whoever buys it will not be disappointed. I wasn’t even shopping for a boat when this came up, and almost pulled...
  224. eldplanko

    Rich Passage

    In summary... don’t eat where you shit
  225. eldplanko

    Freezer free

    Temp controller... keep it set between 34-38, I don’t think I have room for a second one though.
  226. eldplanko

    Freezer free

    I just bought the same one to build into a kegerator... how long before it crapped out?
  227. eldplanko

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    You said “flight control wad.”
  228. eldplanko

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    Slow night last night, so I actually took the time to skim through the permit app, apparently they’re going to trap, then transport to a vet, and then humanly euthanize... no shooting! Typical WDFW, they take something simple and figure out a way to make it cost 10-times as much.
  229. eldplanko

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    Smoke a pack a day.... oh wait, wrong mammal. Maybe we should just dump the wolves in the river and let nature take it’s course.
  230. eldplanko

    Updating wiring question

    If you do it yourself, spend the $ on a good crimper, use tinned wire at the correct AWG, with good heat shrink connectors, and make your work nice and tidy (zip ties, wire looms, etc). ANCOR/BlueSea are your friends, go to the marinco website, and read the PDF catalogs of their products front...
  231. eldplanko

    Pair of 2017 mercury 115 command thrust 4 stoke 25" leg (almost new)

    Any idea what kid of duty these would incur getting them across the border?
  232. eldplanko

    Yamaha 9.9 tach signal output

    AlbaCombi, I’ve been happy with it... it does my fuel level, main tach, main oil pressure, main water temp, kicker tach, battery 1 and battery 2 voltage.
  233. eldplanko

    Yamaha 9.9 tach signal output

    Just thought I’d share in case anyone else finds this useful. I figured out on the Yamaha 9.9 on how to get a tach signal out, as I haven’t seen this described elsewhere, and took some digging in the wiring diagrams. I was able to tap into the unused double green bullet connector and get a a...
  234. eldplanko


    Here’s a tip for those doing software updating... took me two hours last night to figure why it wouldn’t read my SD card/USB drive with the newest lighthouse 3 software on my Axiom. If you have a Mac, make sure you format the SD/USB to a FAT filesystem first, else the MFD won’t recognize it...
  235. eldplanko

    Crazy tides in PA

    Magic math, time to buy a lotto ticket. The AM tide is as flat as it gets, its being counted as a single high tide. It must be a quarter moon, time to stop doing pull-out, else I'll have another kid!
  236. eldplanko

    Has anyone seen this pic?

    I think we can all agree common sense prevails. The whole purpose is to minimize fish handling, so do what you need to do to get the fish back down. Snapping a photo is just gratuitous.
  237. eldplanko

    Has anyone seen this pic?

    Agree with others there's no debate on this... take the test till you get 12/12 (, then spend some time on the water, there's no substitute for experience. This is a chickenshit move on these guys part, and no excuse for fishing in the CA...
  238. eldplanko

    2 legit 2 quit

    I was hesitant to post this up... but if we’re talking pontoons, I saw this rolling down the road in Seattle the other week, twin 300s. Ad says 70mph:
  239. eldplanko

    WTB: gaff

    I’ve got a 48” aluminum one I found on the side of the road that I’m not using. You can have it if you want. PM if your interested, and I can send some pics.
  240. eldplanko

    Fill an ice tote in Everett area???

    Find a seafood place with flake, get to know them a bit, you’ll get all the ice you need.
  241. eldplanko

    Actisense NMEA0183/NMEA2000

    Shit... now I want to go to Roche this weekend, why’d I look at this?
  242. eldplanko

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    Amateurs. The best part is when dude is ready to cut the harness, and the kid reminds him there’s wires and he should flip the battery switch. Gas, spark, boom. I’ve seen Shockwave owner Dave Smith haulin’ ass around Nootka, it’s a sight to see how the pros do it:
  243. eldplanko

    I need a tractor, w backhoe

    Stop posting links to the murphyauction, I’ll end up in a bidding war with someone on here for the firetruck I have my eye on.
  244. eldplanko

    Replacing Trailer Brake Rotors

    Stainless calipers with slip on rotors over galvanized hubs... hubs and calipers are 3 years old, and fine except bearing seals that are getting replaced also. I’ll hit them with a wire brush, it’s hard to tell if it’s just heavy surface rust, or it’s starting to flake away in chunks.
  245. eldplanko

    Replacing Trailer Brake Rotors

    What’s the collective wisdom on trailer brake rotors. I pulled mine, Kodiak/dacromets.. they’re pretty rusty, despite by best efforts to rinse off with salt away after each use. Trailers been sitting for a few months, but I’m doing bearings and at this point have everything off. Is it worth...
  246. eldplanko

    Road grime removal

    Different strokes for different folks... I drive my 2016 Duramax into the brush every chance I get to work on my redneck racing stripes. I took pride in my old 98 that I never washed it! Still has the “reclement” road tar in the wheel wells from trip to Montana in ‘09.”
  247. eldplanko

    Deck Boot Reviews

    Resurrection.... if you’re going for style, go Canuck with the Vikings with the lace up back!
  248. eldplanko

    Bait jars

    Put the bait jar in a bait bag
  249. eldplanko

    ***FREE*** Descender Devices!

    Not fancy, but free and in Oregon, plus you get a cool sticker and rockfish ID chart
  250. eldplanko

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    Call me superstitious, but twoboats ago I had a boat with vinyl decals and shit on the side... the day after peeling tthem off all kinds of shit went bad on the boat, including a catastrophic main failure. Look up “boat renaming” before messing with any thing boat name related.
  251. eldplanko

    Good Price on DR balls..

    That’s a good idea... suprised no one has a mold like that. I weigh my pots with 12” sections of EMT filled with lead, pipe jig style, but they’re a bitch to remelt down if needed for something else. $1.33/lb is a pretty good deal for lead balls, or just clean lead in general. I wouldn’t be...
  252. eldplanko

    Polishing Aluminum

    The Jenna thread quickly turned into crotch shot, what’s in your other hand?
  253. eldplanko

    More Illegal Fishing Charters

  254. eldplanko

    18# Downrigger Balls For Sale

    I have the same one, got it at Harbour Chandler in Nanaimo. In5hink there’s a guy in Victoria that makes this mould, I’m not sure his name though.
  255. eldplanko

    18# Downrigger Balls For Sale

    Nice mold... I bought the same one, but have had a hell of a time casting with it. It leaks like a sieve. I was going to try casting it in sand, but would be happy to know how you got this to work. That’s a badass casting pot by the way!
  256. eldplanko

    Marine Batteries - What Brand and Where to Buy?

    I like my dyno batteries, but I only use lead acid, so I don’t know about agm. I think you can roughly go by weight, the heavier (for the same group) the better. If you can’t get them direct from Dyno (near fisherman’s terminal), you can get them from Fisheries.
  257. eldplanko

    Jump box recommendations

    Jump n carry: JNC 660
  258. eldplanko

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    I’ve still got my 98 2500 suburban, vortec 5.7, 4L80E, 4.2 read end, 8 lug, I’ll never give it up. Biggest concern towing heavy would be lack of power on grades and shitty fuel economy... like 10 mpg unloaded, 7-8 loaded You’ll be the guy going 40mph up a grade holding everyone up, not a problem...
  259. eldplanko

    Alaska or BC for anniversary?

    If looking at QC, don’t forget Hippa Lodge is out for 2019. Also, I’ve heard Sonora Resort is really high end... it’s on the inside on VI, just in case the wife isn’t down for the ocean experience.
  260. eldplanko

    Alki launch mahem

    Yeah, Seattle boat launches suck. At least there wasn’t some homeless dude’s derelict vessel also tied up blocking a whole lane sitting there half the summer (shilshole). Every year the drop keeps getting deeper.
  261. eldplanko

    Worst boat names

    When I was a kid, I briefly lived in a subdivision. Some dude had a Bayliner runabout he named “Master Baiter.” Later in life, my second boat was a 21’ Glasply hardtop, previous owner named “Fish-iz-nit.” I thought the name was dumb, scraped the decals of, and didn’t bother doing an proper...
  262. eldplanko

    Laurence?? This should be yours!!

    Major price reduction on a boat in South Carolina, what could possibly be wrong with it?
  263. eldplanko

    Transducer install help - Anacortes

    You lost me at “flare out the hole.”
  264. eldplanko

    Boat Sinks

    I’m suprised the NE wind didn’t rip the guys entire float off the main part of his dock with that big heavy boat tied on it. He has no pilings, and it’s unclear how well the float is cabled and anchored.
  265. eldplanko

    Boat Sinks

    SFBC thread mentions Yamaha Canada requires the dealer install and rig the motors.
  266. eldplanko

    Boat Sinks

    Yeah the thread on THT is catching fire. Everyone there zeroed in on the inconsistencies on the deck plates on the pod, pictured open in some pics, different colored in others from the surveyer. Something definitely fishy going on there. I’m thinking more and more about shore power, I assume...
  267. eldplanko

    Boat Sinks

    I think this one has the possibility of making 30 pages, but a mod has to move this to the reports section first. I’m curious on who rigged the engines, Cutwater or the shop in PA?
  268. eldplanko

    Boat Sinks

    The two surveyors reports are a good read! I didn’t see shore power on they guys dock, my bet is water leaking into the pod ran the batteries ran down, and the bilge pump in the pod finally died, leading to flooding from the pod into the main hull.
  269. eldplanko

    another dead furbag...

    Slightly off topic... I saw one washed ashore in BC two years ago with no head, my first thought was someone took it for a euro mount of the skull, like you’d do with a bear.
  270. eldplanko

    Night clamming tips

    Or back at the truck feeding firewood into the fire to warm up by when your done.
  271. eldplanko

    Night clamming tips

    Imagine coming back from offshore with no GPS or radar... you see land, do I go north or south? I use MOB strobe on the dash of my truck, you can see that from a long ways away. As for light, nothing compares to a mantle lantern, especially if it's rainy and the shows are real subtle, you need...
  272. eldplanko

    Just dodged a bullet.

    Replace it with something that won’t catch on fire, like a smokehouse!
  273. eldplanko

    Just dodged a bullet.

    Someone should post this thing for sale in the Cali classifieds
  274. eldplanko

    Just dodged a bullet.

    My LJ big chief is getting to be about 20 years old now also and don’t want this happening to me (I do run it on a patio). For the electrically inclined, what would cause this to happen? Is it increased resistance where the plug connects to the element (voltage same, resistance up therefore...
  275. eldplanko

    Oxe Diesel Outboard Demo Boat

    What do folks think about the belt driven lower unit... on first thought it seems like a weak link.
  276. eldplanko

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I really thought this thread was going to finally die, now it’s just getting good. I guess there was no point posting this on the WA classified thread when you can cast your net in Cali. Simple question for Rick... would you have gotten a bigger settlement from insurance if the boat was never...
  277. eldplanko

    Lowerance Elite 7 settings

    For what it’s worth, the orca draft document claims that apparently the low frequency (50/83) fucks with the orcas... not sure there’s any real truth to it. It it looks like there may be a push to recommend folks use 200 by end of 2018. I know someone with a furuno, and it can do split screen...
  278. eldplanko

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Dumb question... or maybe not. Did salvage dude remove the plug?
  279. eldplanko

    Expired Transderm Scop patches

    Only one way to find out.... roll em up and smoke em!
  280. eldplanko

    Battlefish on Netflix

    You guys have an awesome business model... wish you the best!
  281. eldplanko

    Battlefish on Netflix

    I watched with my 1st grader, right we both watched Deadpool 2. I guess by the 4th kid you don’t care anymore. The best quote was “sporties can suck my dick!”
  282. eldplanko

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Ditch the matching outfits :supergay:
  283. eldplanko

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Give this guy a break... sounds like he’s trying to do the right thing. At this point, if he had anything to hide, why would he be posting all these details on the internet, he’d be telling your insurance to talk to his lawyer. Why would he risk his captains license at this point?
  284. eldplanko

    Collection fo Old Reels for Sale

    Good luck with the sale... I have some these same reels (109 and squidder) as my first reels I bought with my own money as a kid... I don’t fish them anymore, but they sit on the memory shelf. Anyone that can cast a 109 with no backlash is a real baller!
  285. eldplanko

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    I’m no mechanical engineer, but here’s my two cents. These are fucked with serious galling, common with SS. You may be able to clean the threads up enough to get the nut back to where it needs to be, but there may not be enough left to hold it there. This is steering... why fuck around. Pull the...
  286. eldplanko

    Saltwater Puget Sound Coho Reports

    I don’t normally post fish pics, but today was a memorable day... I lost my first custom made rod I built.... rainshadow bp1264 top of the line guides, reelseat, cork etc... oh well... I was like fuck it... you loose shit fishing, lots of good memories with that rig. Slept in... launched at...
  287. eldplanko

    A2 7 days a week...2 kings. Starting tomorrow.

    Maybe the mods can change the topic name of this one to “A7 2 days a week...2 kings” just to mix things up a bit. Or better yet “A2 2 days a week... 7 kings.” I’m pretty sure the math works out the same. I think I’m going to just start making up my own seasons.
  288. eldplanko

    Saltwater Scotty plug o-rings

    Try -018 7/8x3/4x1/16
  289. eldplanko

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    We’re all native, I self identify. I live in Seattle, I guess that also make me a commie, so I get twice as much.
  290. eldplanko

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    I saw that same boat hauling ass south in the shipping lanes near bush point last Sunday. Must burn a ton of fuel keeping clients happy.
  291. eldplanko

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    Just throwing this out there if anyone wants to look at real data on these critters. Bottom line, J pod and k pod are flat as far population over time, all the “decline” is in L pod, which apparently spends the least amount of time in these waters. Ten year predictions for reproductive age...
  292. eldplanko

    Fillet and Release: A How To Video

    Isn’t this the guy that went to HS in Lake Stevens?
  293. eldplanko

    Lowrance Link 8 VHF AIS receive

    In case anyone’s wondering, I just figured how to reset the MMSI on this thing, hold exit+scan while powering on to get into vendor mode, pin is 1700. It was a bitch to figure out, turns out link8, simrad rs35, and b&g v50 are basically the same radio
  294. eldplanko

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    On an older rig, I just spliced 450 feet of braid onto the end of my existing stainless wire using a modified albright (fold the wire back on itself). Fished that rig deep and heavy, and never crushed a spool. I suppose the calibration on depth might be slightly off, kind of like not...
  295. eldplanko

    Salt ice

    This is your place... 20 minutes off the inland highway, they have totes of salt ice, and a machine so I’ve never seen them run low or be out out. I think it’s $20 CAD to fill a 150qt cooler, and they close at 5pm. Why waste a day of hauling melting ice from king county across the border and on...
  296. eldplanko

    Salt ice

    If you’re driving north on the island, Salish Seafoods in Comox has chipped salt ice in large quantities.
  297. eldplanko

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    I use a loop to loop, never had an issue. Same on the other end of the gangion cord, easy connect to the ball or snubber. Scotty must have noticed lots of folks were doing this and started selling $15 kits.
  298. eldplanko

    Anyone interested in 19lb DR balls

    A bit of a shit-show, but I got at least one done. Didn’t get a full pour, and weighed out at 18lbs. Thanks to those interested, I’ll need some time to work out the kinks before I go into production mode. Round two I’m going to need to set the mold in a bucket of sand, hopefully that helps...
  299. eldplanko

    Looking for rims and tires

    No prob, still got em if anyone’s interested.
  300. eldplanko

    Anyone interested in 19lb DR balls

    Test run is this weekend, I'll keep folks updated on how it goes. I've poured plenty of 15lbers, how much harder could it be? I'm noticing my mold has some small gaps (i.e. the two surfaces aren't machined perfectly flat against each other). I hope it doesn't leak.
  301. eldplanko

    Looking for rims and tires

    I have 4 175/80/D13s on mixed (3 painted, one galvanized rims) I need gone. PM me for my phone # and I can txt you pics. 4.5” x 5 bolt pattern. Priced to move!
  302. eldplanko

    Anyone interested in 19lb DR balls

    I just scored a 18 lb marked DR ball mould, and am told it pours 19 lb balls. I’m planning to make a few up for myself in the next few days to dial it in. I know big balls are a rarity, I’ve been looking for years. I’m not looking to go into full production mode, or to make a big profit... just...
  303. eldplanko

    Salmon scale aging

    Doea anyone know any bios trained in salmon scale aging? I have a little side project I’m working on.
  304. eldplanko

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    Looks to me like a process server... maybe you’re getting sued
  305. eldplanko

    Tomic, Silver Horde, Lucky Louie plugs

    You should think about posting those lucky louies on the BC board, there’s a big demand for them there!
  306. eldplanko

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    I'm planning on embarking some fish!
  307. eldplanko

    RIP Patrick

    Same here... I knew my wife was a keeper when she thought “gunrunning past the wife” was funny.
  308. eldplanko

    Need a quick measurement of Scotty mounting bolt?

    Also, using only security head bolts is still only a deterrent. The 100 piece security bit set at harbor freight is only $10, definitely in the tweakers price range.
  309. eldplanko

    Need a quick measurement of Scotty mounting bolt?

    5/16 coarse. I picked up security head bolts from Tacoma screw. Mine were 1”, and they’re just barely long enough, 1-1/4” length is probably what you want.
  310. eldplanko

    I/O servicing

    Good luck, I had a tow truck pull mine, and used a telehandler lift to reinstall. Also replace the motor mounts while it’s out.
  311. eldplanko

    I/O servicing

    I used to have a pre-alpha on one of my first boats, so hopefully can help. Hull truth is a good resource, I learned a lot there. I think on the side to side play there were some models that needed to be drilled, others not. On mine I didn’t (I think there was a special tool), but I had the...
  312. eldplanko

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    It’s been 12 hours and nobody’s given this guy the coords to Safeway yet.... wtf!
  313. eldplanko

    Stolen Kicker - 2015 Merc 9.9 Bigfoot XL shaft

    Update for anyone that’s had something jacked recently, this guy just got picked up in Oregon wanted on a string of property crimes in Snohomish and King county. He sure looks like the guy that jacked my motor...
  314. eldplanko

    what is the best gun safe?

    American Security BF series... the more steel (heavier) the better.
  315. eldplanko

    Anyone fish the Islander Mooching Rod?

    I picked a blank up last year at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle in Vancouver last year. Grip is done, Just need to commit to guide spacing.
  316. eldplanko

    Keg to Crabcooker conversion

    I got a bunch of these. Tie a string in a loop and put it around the bung. Use a marker to draw a perfect circle where you want to cut. If you ever want to cover it, make sure hole size is the same as your cap. Cut with a grinder and cut off wheel. I have a natural gas line with a hose barb I...
  317. eldplanko

    10-12k winch

    I've been happy with my harbor freight 12k. I mostly use it to winch firewood and pull stumps, but the one or two times I've had my suburban stuck in the snow, it's been a lifesaver.
  318. eldplanko

    Anyone fish the Islander Mooching Rod?

    Shimano convergence... get the “BC style” grip
  319. eldplanko

    Islander tr3

    Fur sure!
  320. eldplanko

    Islander tr3

    I've messed with the line creep a bit on these and have come to two conclusions. 1. Don't over oil/graphite the cork. The less there the better. 2. Live with the creep. It's really no big deal. Realistically, each time it creeps all the way around, it like an extra foot of line out, that makes...
  321. eldplanko

    Go ahead and laugh, then answer... Kite GoPro

    If only that balloon was in coppertone brown, it would be like a sir mix-a-lot video.
  322. eldplanko

    Go ahead and laugh, then answer... Kite GoPro

    I think you need some sort of gimble to keep it steady, else it will be all jittery lead to puking!
  323. eldplanko

    Help with Link8

    i could never get my gps over nmea2k from my lowrance hds to my link8, i had to use 0183 for gps position. I was able to get 2k to work for the ais from the link8 to the lowrance. I ended up running both networks to make it work right. I recently changed to a Raymarine MFD, and the Link8 talks...
  324. eldplanko

    Best deal on a kicker you've seen

    Sent you a pm...
  325. eldplanko

    The State wants your opinion on Sand Dabs oppurtunities

    That shit’s funny... for some reason you keep catching lingcod everytime your release your sand dabs.
  326. eldplanko

    New Years clam diggin

    What a way to end 2017.
  327. eldplanko

    Stolen Kicker - 2015 Merc 9.9 Bigfoot XL shaft

    Yes... hopefully someone recognizes the face or they can run that against DMV photos for a match. I’m probably dreaming.
  328. eldplanko

    Stolen Kicker - 2015 Merc 9.9 Bigfoot XL shaft

    White male, 30-50, large build, dirtbag
  329. eldplanko

    Stolen Kicker - 2015 Merc 9.9 Bigfoot XL shaft

    I finally got hit... luckily he only took one of the two game cams I had pointed on this. Possibly locked and chained to half a Garelick bracket. Please keep an eye out for a 2015 Merc 9.9 Bigfoot XL shaft: SN 0R600771. The cowl has a big star shaped crack in the top sealed up with epoxy.
  330. eldplanko

    Summer of 2018 Vancouver Island Tyee hunt suggestions

    Awesome video! If only every day was like one of those. Must have been late summer in a fjord with that cloudy water like that. What was the lengthxgirth on the last one?
  331. eldplanko

    Looking for a Car

    Got my 16 year old girl a 91 Volvo station wagon, big, heavy, rwd, lots of steel. She hated it at first because it was a wagon. She smashed in the door in the first 2 weeks on a pillar on a parking garage. She was freaked, I was like, no big deal, the car only cost 800, and got a new door the...
  332. eldplanko

    Not news to anyone that fishes

    It doesn’t take a scientist to realize that at a minimum 1 lb of sea lion = 1 lb or fish eaten, probably a lot more. That’s a lot of fish on those floats! I do like the middle pic with the boat though, a bull with his harem!
  333. eldplanko

    Saltwater Tahsis BC November 9th

    Very cool, I’m not a diver, but I bet it’s really trippy, especially knowing some of those fjords go straight down. Do they even have fuel in November?
  334. eldplanko

    Not news to anyone that fishes

    Figured I’d dig this out of the summer archives... was fresh, someone already took the skull. We joked about cutting out the penis bone, but no one had the balls to dig into the bloated mess.
  335. eldplanko

    Has anyone figured out how to buy from Canada, Canadian made products ans NOT pay huge import fees

    DUI, DV, and I think a few other misdemeanors will get you banned from Canada also
  336. eldplanko

    Has anyone figured out how to buy from Canada, Canadian made products ans NOT pay huge import fees

    I ended up having a similar experience with customs coming back after picking up my back ordered downriggers from cabelas Canada when they were on sale last year. Didn’t spend the night, told the customs guy I was in Canada for a few hours just for that. A few questions, and I was on my way...
  337. eldplanko

    Saltwater Raymarine Axiom/Lighthouse 3 - Custom Dashboard

    Still figuring it out, since it’s a novelty to me. My prior system was b/w radar on one display and chart on the other.... AIS is the pink boat in the upper left corner with a crossing heading vector. Radar overlayed on it pretty well. The faint echo just west of my boat is a small bouy (red...
  338. eldplanko

    WTF ??

    Reminds me of this Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Champions T-shirt I bought for my buddy on e-bay a few years ago, I made him wear it on blue fridays.
  339. eldplanko

    Saltwater Raymarine Axiom/Lighthouse 3 - Custom Dashboard

    Here's a screen shot from a today with radar overlay and AIS.... still haven't figured out how to make custom dashboards yet... I can edit things that are are on there, but I want to remove items like trim and gear (which I don't have on my nmea2k, and replace with something useful like fuel...
  340. eldplanko

    Saltwater Raymarine Axiom/Lighthouse 3 - Custom Dashboard

    Dunno on birds or performance in the rain havnt tried yet. Like most radars it has a rain clutter adjustment and you probably have to tinker with that and gain in the rain or just leave them on auto.... there’s a $500 rebate deal on the radar/axiom going on right now if your buy both
  341. eldplanko

    Furuno 1715 Radar

    My old radar... works great, black and white display that can interface with NMEA 0183... I had it set up to also show speed, gps cords and depth off the network. Come with radar, all cables, mfd, cover and manual if I can find it. $600
  342. eldplanko

    Saltwater Raymarine Axiom/Lighthouse 3 - Custom Dashboard

    Sure, but won’t do justice without pictures, hooked up with WiFi, but have the wire also, just didn’t use it. I dont have the digital compass, but when I was under way, the radar overlay on the chart was perfect. Didn’t try there ais/radar target overlay yet on chart mode (I think that works...
  343. eldplanko

    Saltwater Raymarine Axiom/Lighthouse 3 - Custom Dashboard

    Damn... wrong section, someone please move this. Here's a cool pic of a spawned out pink in the Snohomish from last week I didn't catch! Now it's a report!
  344. eldplanko

    Saltwater Raymarine Axiom/Lighthouse 3 - Custom Dashboard

    Loving my new Axiom/Quantum radar... does anyone know how to create/upload custom dashboard layouts: (p. 134/194 in the advanced user manual).
  345. eldplanko

    What is it? Fish id

    Should have told them you caught it fishing, and got your name in the record book next to the 1.2lb sanddab.
  346. eldplanko

    Stinky clothes

    Oxyclean and vinegar, soak in a bucket of that for a week.
  347. eldplanko

    Drilling hole in boat for Sonar cord

    Drink a few beers, and let'r rip... it's the only way I know to feel comfortable drilling a hole in a boat. Plus when I drilled holes I the transom of my old glasply, I found out the transom was rotten.... drank more beer at that point, and ran the boat for 3 years till the outdrive seized on...
  348. eldplanko

    HDS 5 Gen 1 / Navionics Fishin Chip

    Finally upgraded, so selling my old HDS 5 Gen 1. This unit has treated me well, it was just time for something a bit bigger. Includes mounting bracket, wires, transducer (50/200), and Navionics chip with Puget Sound sonar charts (1ft contours) $250 here first, it goes on Craigslist next week.
  349. eldplanko

    Saltwater Beautiful Day at West Point

    Season is getting late, so I'll give up the goods... We found out 3 weeks ago that army truck hoochie at 75-80 with a plain green flasher, on both rods was the ticket. Fished that exclusively since then. Hit a school off of westpoint, get doubles... circle around to the same spot, get doubles...
  350. eldplanko

    Definitely not in Washington

    Very cool, but the guy needs a better rod... I didn't seem to be doing much work.
  351. eldplanko

    Saltwater Edmonds fishing on 9/17 is gonna be windy

    I find the WSF wind readings to be pretty accurate. I don't go out if it's showing over 20. I was on this ferry run from Kingston to Edmonds back in the spring of 16... it was really blowing. Water was blowing into the car decks.
  352. eldplanko

    Saltwater WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    I was on Patrick's boat... these guys know how to get it done! Now I have a Sunday of drinking and canning tuna to look forward to... first batch in the cooker now.
  353. eldplanko

    Anybody have boating friends in SF Bay Area?

    Nice boat, Looks like a perfect crew boat for a BC logging camp... would be better off coming home and doing some real work instead of shuttling rich techies around.
  354. eldplanko

    Anybody have boating friends in SF Bay Area?

    I don't suppose they left their AIS on?
  355. eldplanko

    Scotty High Speed WTF

    Lifting your balls... sometimes both at once.
  356. eldplanko

    Saltwater Crab Bait

    I know of two separate instances of people using raccoon... like a big rabbit
  357. eldplanko

    Saltwater Elliot Bay opener

    If it was me, that top pic would be my obituary photo.... those were the good old days.
  358. eldplanko

    EB Cords

    Here's a blast from the past.... I don't feel like I'm giving up any secrets here, this stuff is pretty basic. There once was a day this was open basically every weekend in a June and July. Good luck in the shit show this weekend, I'm fishing somewhere with less pressure.
  359. eldplanko

    Calling All of you Sockeye Wizards...

    Up in BC they fish for sockeye in the salt..... think Kokanee, lots of flash, dummy flashers, etc. Here's some notes I copied and saved from a BC forum, I think from a Port Alberni run thread. I haven't tried yet yet, but if you get this dialed in, you'll be in rare company here. "or some...
  360. eldplanko

    Elliott Bay Gillnetting 8/9 Sport Fishing 8/11-13

    8pm-8am... because hey, what's the point of setting a gillnet at a time when the good people of Seattle would would possibly notice
  361. eldplanko

    Shark bit salmon?

    Definitely grizzly bear
  362. eldplanko

    Area 9 quota

    Filling the quota with blackmouths... that's one hell of a way to save the sea-run fish.
  363. eldplanko

    Bucket List Trip

    That's the biggest ling I've ever seen, it looks like a Komodo dragon!
  364. eldplanko

    What happened in Everett today?

    Won't be the first duck boat to go down in flames. This one will kill a bunch of locals instead a bunch of foreign exchange students.
  365. eldplanko

    It's come down to this...

    I guess this is what WDFW is really pushing now for the Puget Sound Fisheries! You have to love the linked "fishing for flatfish" promotional video they link to also: . WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091...
  366. eldplanko

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    Seals.... before the nets went in I saw a bunch with big bites taken out of the back, basically the size of a seal mouth. I figure with the nets in, seal predation probably goes up too. I asked the dude picking nets one night about it, and he said a bunch in the nets were also eaten up.
  367. eldplanko

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    If you stare hard enough, the gillnet almost looks like the shape of a heart
  368. eldplanko

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    It's the mysterious ceremonial and subsistace fishery that sneaks its way into the list of agreed fisheries... it could be worse, at least there are no kings showing up yet. The daily numbers took a dive yesterday when the nets first went in (5.5k per day to 2k per day).
  369. eldplanko

    Didya No?

    You might want to go a bit further and demand a retraction from the author.... ST writing has gone downhill, big time. Unfortunately, the damage is probably done in the eyes of their target audience.
  370. eldplanko

    Saltwater Couldn't wait to catch a Chinook...

    I had to go north to get some nookie myself... 60 lbs of fill-it in the freezer
  371. eldplanko

    Made in Washington USA Coolers

    I'm writing in my will that I want to be buried in yeti 350, it's cheaper than a coffin!
  372. eldplanko

    Puget Sound Boat Ramps North of Everett?

    I swear this works... it ain't no BS. Dock up at Roche, take you 10 foot fiberglass tender with lehr propane outboard, motor about 5 min out of the resort, drop your danielson pot baited with a single turkey leg, wait, pull up a crab, motor back to dock, find a mega yacht and make new friends by...
  373. eldplanko

    Pimpin for Shrimpin

    Seattle store caters to the commie and tribal crowd, good place to buy knives. I've had them ship rec stuff down from the Bellingham store for pickup though, just ask.
  374. eldplanko

    Saltwater Crabbing spots in Marine area 6 near Deception Pass?

    Under the bridge, wait for a big tide to really move the scent, let it soak 6 hrs minimum, you might want to use two buoys, but most get by with one.
  375. eldplanko

    Sharing Fishing Expenses

    I guess when I take my wife on as a passenger, she's "indirectly" contributing to the costs, even thought the boat is only in my name.... guess she needs to stay at the dock next time.
  376. eldplanko

    Saltwater Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    Didnt you watch finding Nemo? That's how I learned shrimp like to eat the shit oozing out the sewar pipes? I'll have to share my secret bait recipe one day, it starts with a bag of frozen burritos.
  377. eldplanko

    Trolling for halibut?

    Biggest butt I've caught was while trolling for salmon on a hoochie in BC... The single action reel made it interesting, but it can be done.
  378. eldplanko

    RIP Bob Heirman

    A beloved old timer, I remember him when I was a kid growing up in Snohomish, cutting my teeth bank fishing bank fishing before I had a boat. Our old fishing hole got turned into Bob Heirman Park. RIP
  379. eldplanko

    Pipe Jigs in shallow water

    Many a ling has been caught by a normal jig in "shallow" water. It's probably more important that your jig is heavy enough for the depth you're fishing. Why complicate things?
  380. eldplanko

    Shrimp bait

    Bumping this to get it back on track... I mixed up mine today, added a bunch of ground flatfish to the mix!
  381. eldplanko

    Shrimp bait

    Blend up some salmon eggs and add that to the mix... crap just saw that was allready mentioned... I guess to add, I used old cured eggs, not sure that makes a diff... I still blend them
  382. eldplanko

    Saltwater MA 10 en Fuego

    Chovie helmet is a dead give-away.... those are BC fish!
  383. eldplanko


    Off topic, but I always just assumed the natives priced their gas lower than local retail, and pocketed the portion that would have gone to gas tax. It's not like you see native gas the full 60cents per gal below retail or whatever that the tax is. On topic, I've used the new internet system to...
  384. eldplanko

    PT Barnum eat your heart out.

    Does it come in a hat to prevent the government satellites from reading your thoughts?
  385. eldplanko

    Hopefully this was one of you

    Is this a hoax... the boat's name is Naptime!
  386. eldplanko

    Good things can happen with teamwork

    Best part of the vid is the the boat shed made of two shipping containers and a roof at 0:36! I love that clever shit! Honestly though, do we do anything remotely like this... hell no! I know of multiple places up in BC that do this community/FN joint egg take and hatchery, because they know it...
  387. eldplanko

    Two Scotty 1106s

    After looking at Craigslist today, my BD special isn't so special. New price: SOLD for the pair, including swivel bases, rubber snubbers, and I'll throw in a backup drive belt.
  388. eldplanko

    Scotty 2106B for a great deal

    As far a I can tell... complicated. I've always just told the boarder guys I'm bringing back fishing gear, and they don't ask any other questions. There are some tables of duty taxes for different categories of things, but it's too complicated for me to figure out.
  389. eldplanko

    Two Scotty 1106s

    BD Special, I have two scotty 1106s, SOLD, I'd prefer to sell as a pair SOLD and comes with two new style receptacles. Right now they have abut 250' of braid on each with rubber snubbers. I'll throw in two brand new swivel bases for an extra fifty. Will be going on CL in a week or so, but...
  390. eldplanko

    Scotty 2106B for a great deal

    Bringing this one back from the dead... finally got my DRs today after a 2 month back-order and wrecking my wife car on the way up last Saturday. Picked them up today in Abbotsford BC, didn't need to pay any duty at the boarder coming back home. t'm posting my old 1106s in the Classifieds, I'd...
  391. eldplanko

    Razor Clam Opener Rollcall

    I was still going to go until I just realized there would basically be a +3 foot storm surge lined up with low tide, basically making it a +2.5 tide
  392. eldplanko

    Erotic Boat Porn

    That's Dave Smiths boat... owner of shockwave seats, he fishes, son is a guide Westview marina.
  393. eldplanko

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    The steering wheel is on the wrong side of the boat, total deal breaker! What is this, England?
  394. eldplanko

    Razor Clam Opener Rollcall

    It's a bitch to look for clam shows in the rain.... If they open twin harbors, I just might still give it a shot Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  395. eldplanko


    Looks like an enforcement sting.
  396. eldplanko

    WDFW data breach update.

    My wife and I got our letters... Can I just ask the state to give me a new drivers license number?
  397. eldplanko

    Fresh comercial caught CoHo salmon $4.00 lb in Ballard

    Telltale gill net marks on the sides of these fish... Nuff said. We sportys should be demanding to know if the tribes are providing their commercial fish tickets to the co-managers (state) as required.
  398. eldplanko

    Cool weather site

    It looks like these wind speeds are the raw output of the weather models: ECMWF, GFS, and NAM. They're probably good for offshore stuff, but maybe not as accurate for small scale local stuff like the always windy stretch between Edmonds and Kingston. I use the Fishweather app, basically same...
  399. eldplanko

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    A rough estimate: without the nets, assume 2k fish per day x 10 days, right now (half way through) the run would be at 35k compared to a pre-season forecast of 4.4k total; and 3.5 times the 10 year average. Is anyone checking the fish tickets for these guys, they claim they provide that info to...
  400. eldplanko

    Stuck on land

    Drove around on logging roads looking for grouse... It's kind of like trolling.
  401. eldplanko

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    I'm not a bio, but I am a scientist. My guess is they have a protocol they need to follow so that the data is valid for inputs into the model, and the sampling protocol is take X number of fish that enter the ladder over Y amount of time... Just a guess, who knows.... Don't get me wrong, this...
  402. eldplanko

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    I took the time to talk to these guys, they're bios checking for coded wire tags and taking scale samples for aging. It would actually be a good thing if we could find out if the big run is comprised of 4 year old fish.
  403. eldplanko


    Are the nets still out, I'd hate to accidentally get my 50 pound downrigger ball tangled in one.
  404. eldplanko


    If anyone's looking for some fun this weekend, the 24th annual native "salmon homecoming" is going on Sat and Sun at Seattle Waterfront Park, including pow wow and salmon bake. I have a feeling coho is for dinner.
  405. eldplanko

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    Lots of activity at the Muckleshoot fish docks on the Duwamish on S. River street right now. Same at Float A at Shilshole. Keep an eye out for the shitty old white 70s cargo van with the name "Coho Moe" written on the sides in black electrical tape driving around Ballard... Follow it, and...
  406. eldplanko

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    I thought that was a trendy dude in a man bun.... She's a man, man! But seriously, I saw the blue boat camped out in that 24 hrs before their opener, I thought they could only reserve their spot 3 hrs ahead of time.
  407. eldplanko

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    It's like I'm looking in the mirror..... That shit just blew my mind.
  408. eldplanko

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    When I saw them talk about this on the news last night I was under the same impression; that they would do something cool and respectful for the flag in unity; basically the opposite of the colon k thing.
  409. eldplanko

    Coho fuckery

    Stopped by the Ballard locks this evening... Coho were as thick as sockeye in the ladder viewing area; best run in decades! Cmon WDFW, get'er done and get a marine opening... A solid case for an in season adjustment.
  410. eldplanko

    Prop help, I think there is some cavitation going on here

    I wonder if that foam is any good on the motors cooling system.... I suppose it eventually gets flushed out.
  411. eldplanko

    Anniversary in Friday Harbor | Hotel Recommendation

    Was just up there three weeks ago, we slept on the boat, but the "penthouses" at Friday Harbor House looked pretty nice when we were walking around. You could always run another hour north and stay at Roche.
  412. eldplanko

    Just in From WDFW

    So much for buying my state migratory bird stamp for doves Sep 1.... I'll just mail a check
  413. eldplanko

    Just in From WDFW

    Oh shit... That system has all our SSNs in it.
  414. eldplanko

    West Marine manual inflate PFD failure.

    Same here, I had a Mustang auto-inflate pop when I left it in the sun also, I figure it got to hot. $80 mistake for the recharge kit.
  415. eldplanko

    Scotty 2106B for a great deal

    Also, if this goes through, I have a pair of 1106s for sale, bargain priced at $325/ea!
  416. eldplanko

    Scotty 2106B for a great deal

    I bought two last Friday at the 373 price, got the email from Cabelas today that it would be an additional 110 to ship to US plus duty. I'm trying to do in store pick up in Abbotsford... We'll see how it goes. I think for the 800 duty exemption, you need to stay in CA for 48 hours.
  417. eldplanko

    Islander Reel parts?

    Mikes Reel Repair on the mainland has mail order too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  418. eldplanko

    Nootka advice, leaving Thursday.

    In that case, get your ice at Thasis ice co in town (north of the store), they won't tell you about it at Westview, they want you to buy their bags. If you're planning on taking your own boat in the future, be sure to stop at the Gold River launch on your way to Thasis, that way you can get...
  419. eldplanko

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    Xtratufs or flip flops, only women need more than two pairs of shoes.
  420. eldplanko

    Rockfishing Inquiry -Seattle Area

    Should be the back tail of the king run, so there should be a few. I live close by and keep an eye on what's going through. Heck, it's also fun to listen to everyone and their uncle turn into fisheries biologist at the viewing area. I got to listen to one lady explain how these fish were...
  421. eldplanko

    Nootka advice, leaving Thursday.

    Bring a big cooler, get shave ice on the way north on the island (there are a few places). Depending on where your coming from the Tsawwassan to Nanaimo ferry is the quickest way there and back, plus the BC ferry is a bit better food, seating, etc than the WSF. You might need 3 days fishing to...
  422. eldplanko

    Saltwater Fishing with vets and thieves.....

    Also an extremely effective way to fish through the mid-week closure; probably why they're banned.
  423. eldplanko

    Need ideas-crab pot repair

    I have a banged up round commie style pot I found on the side of the road a few years back. I might be good for parts. PM me for pics if interested; I'm in Seattle, but it's free if you need it.
  424. eldplanko

    Tuna canning

    My old aluminum canner is also bowed out... more likely from getting it too hot. I had it on my 100k BTU turkey cooker, I figure it started to soften the alumnimum with too much heat. As mentioned, gauge can read all over the place. If you read the instructions with your canner, they should say...
  425. eldplanko

    And its over before it really began.....

    I took a walk to the fish ladder at the Ballard locks this evening, 4 of the 5 kings in there viewing area were sockeye sized.
  426. eldplanko

    And its over before it really began.....

    So is 9 open tomorrow? I didn't get any rule change email yet and it's after 5... Maybe the data guys had trouble crunching the numbers.
  427. eldplanko

    Tuna canning

    Tablespoon of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt
  428. eldplanko

    They tried...

    I was recently alerted by the neighbor that my kicker was being cased early in the morning.... Set the game camera out so it was very obvious it was pointed at the kicker; added an extra big heavy chain around the mounting bracket and around the kicker (I.e even if they got the lock bar off the...
  429. eldplanko

    Across the border .

    Google: "dfo tidal BC"
  430. eldplanko

    Area 9/10 opener

    Cable angle, I was fishing against the big ebb just so that I could spend some quality time over the decent structure/bait without blowing past it hauling ass with the current.
  431. eldplanko

    Area 9/10 opener

    1 for 2; 25-incher; 180 on the rigger in 330 feet water. White hoochie, green flasher; 8 am somewhere MA 9 blowing S15-20
  432. eldplanko

    Fuel Tax Refunds

    I've been doing this also... I just save the receipts in a separate envelope with my bills and stuff and send them in once or twice a year. Supposedly they changed the system this month and everyone needs to re-register, and there's an online system too. I couldn't get the new online system to...
  433. eldplanko

    Shaker (release) hooks

    I use a 30" gaff, it does double duty grabbing the release clip line so I don't have to hang my ass too far overboard; that and it's handy for poking holes in cat food cans while shrimping. Looks like you could use two of those things to pick up a big block of ice.
  434. eldplanko

    Fish Bra - its a thing

    God bless America, this is why we're the best country in the world.
  435. eldplanko

    Deeeeeeep water crab?

    I do this too with spliced loops on the ends of my lines, 100 ft each, and I use the same lines for crab or shrimp, just vary the length, and the go through my Scotty puller.
  436. eldplanko

    Big Halibut

    Is my 22' aluminum boat big enough to get out to the 131 line? It has a nice v... Seriously, the first thing I thought when I saw that pic was "did he forget to crop out the cords ?"
  437. eldplanko

    Anybody Tried One of These?

    I can vouch for the rtic beer coozy... Pretty nice when the monkey piss at the bottom of the can is still cold. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  438. eldplanko

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    I was wondering if the quota idea would come back up again.
  439. eldplanko

    Need pot puller help

    Can you elaborate on how you got a Scotty to work with a Davit? I also have both a Scotty and a davit, and have been trying to use them both at the same time. Maybe I'm just retarded, but I couldn't figure out the angles as it seem the Scotty likes the line to come from below not above.
  440. eldplanko

    Salmon Seasons announced!

    Wonder if the MA 10 quota will be met by chumps catching blackmouth before the sea-run fish even come on. I seem to remember that happened two years ago, quota was met before fish were even showing up at mid-channel. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  441. eldplanko

    Craft night

    My wife gets pissed when I let the kids do that with her fingernail polish Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  442. eldplanko

    Get your salmon gear ready....

    Interesting timing for Maria Cantwell to send out her form letter email response to all those that sent out the action alert email. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  443. eldplanko

    knife sharpener

    I use Dexter sanisafes and a chefs choice sharpener. I don't care if I grind the blade away, the knife was like $20 and it's always sharp. I yelled at my wife when she spent like $150 on the sharpener, but now I'm a believer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  444. eldplanko

    Crabbing in Shilshole

    I saw a flatbed heading to Shilshole marina loaded with about 50 commercial crab pots this afternoon. I like it when they load gear and launch and retrieve at the public boat ramp despite the signs that say the ramp is for recreational use only, and "commercial use is prohibited." On the flip...
  445. eldplanko

    Looks like round 3 didn't work either...

    DC Cenci is hardly a great guy according to a bunch or retired game wardens, ( If there's one thing he knows, it's how to play politics; I doubt he'd jeopardize his career pulling an enforcement stunt without the Director's backing.
  446. eldplanko

    Canadian Salmon

    This might all be moot... The rumor on the BC fishing forum is that DFO is considering closing areas 19 and 20 for kings this summer. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  447. eldplanko

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    Here's a trick if your like me with an old body style Chevy truck... My daytime running lights stay on, even if I turn the headlight switch to off while backing down the ramp in the dark. To avoid blinding everyone, just barely engage the emergency brake, not enough to to actually engage the...
  448. eldplanko

    Beer Salmon

    Saw this on another site and had to share
  449. eldplanko

    fish processing

    True story... Once while Manila clamming on hood canal we ran out of "individual containers," I threw a limit of clams in the shit/piss bucket. I think there was still a turd remnant in it. Steamed those clams up when we go home, no one got sick.
  450. eldplanko

    fish processing

    This is for salmon... I'm pretty anal about this, but at the end of the day, I have frozen fillets that everyone thinks is fresh. After catching, bonk and bleed. I cut the gills, put a rope through the mouth and gill, and dangle overboard for about 5 min. By the way, I've never had a seal grab...
  451. eldplanko

    More Ocean Salmon info

    I'm no fisheries expert, but it seems coho are more likely to burn them selves out on the fight that kings, so even with safe handling after landing they're still probably doomed. Isn't the coho mortality rate after encounter higher that for kings? Better practice would that if hooked, horse...
  452. eldplanko

    Best local price on an Ace or Trac puller?

    That's a good price... I like loading up in goodies up north, binoculars, inflatable life jackets, islander reels, downriggers; you know the expensive stuff. When the boarder agent asks if your bringing anything back just say "fishing tackle."
  453. eldplanko

    island clamming frustration

    Varnish clams are nasty.... Funny thing though, I saw one of the hood canal shellfish farms selling them at the Ballard farmers market, and these yuppies were scooping them up. They had a funny name like silverbrite. I'm not giving up my clamming spot.... Somehow the word got out on my last...
  454. eldplanko

    The Best "Post Building" software! Thank you, BD!

    I thought this was about some software for building a post building.... I thought I was going to design my dream workshop / garage / covered boat storage.... Damn, back to pencil and paper. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  455. eldplanko

    Any NOF updates

    Doesn't it mean commie get 24k?
  456. eldplanko

    Any NOF updates

    I think maybe the non-tribal needs to be back calculated out of the 10% exploitation rate for the puget sound coho?
  457. eldplanko

    Any NOF updates

    Clever stuff... I log into the NOF webcast; they're on recess; and the background music is Genesis's Mistake, reminding us all we have left is blackmouth; waiting in the rain for hours.... There must be some misunderstanding There must be some kind of mistake I waited in the rain for hours, you...
  458. eldplanko

    Any NOF updates

    Supposedly this was covered last Sunday.... not sure what was finally adopted. A. SEASON ALTERNATIVE DESCRIPTIONS North of Cape Falcon Supplemental Management Information 1. Overall non-Indian...
  459. eldplanko

    Any NOF updates

    Anyone know what happened in oly today?
  460. eldplanko


    Radio is the only way to go. Whose got the time to actually watch a game on tv. Put it on the radio, and keep on doing whatever your doing... This time of year, fix the boat.
  461. eldplanko

    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    Guess I'm lazy, I pull a link from the chain onto the aft side of the cleat next to the roller, it seems to stay there during moderate chop. The pin in on the forward side of the roller
  462. eldplanko

    WTB: Everett Blackmouth Derby Tix

    It was a win win, plus I fixed the wife's dryer... Got my nookie after all.
  463. eldplanko

    WTB: Everett Blackmouth Derby Tix

    Luckily I signed in... I was going to go fishing this morning but the dryer broke.... I'm thinking I'm whipped. Sickpup PM me your info and I can txt or call you.
  464. eldplanko

    WTB: Everett Blackmouth Derby Tix

    I bought and have to bail, although I'll be hating it. 1 kids sport activity just turned into 2 kids sporting activities... The scale has tipped, so nookie is a no go. Kids are getting old enough that they won't be around much longer, got to keep my priorities straight. There'll be more derbies...
  465. eldplanko

    West Side Vancouver Island Trip Info Needed...

    Oh yeah... You might want to call is "West Coast Vancouver Island" at risk of sounding like a ferener.
  466. eldplanko

    West Side Vancouver Island Trip Info Needed...

    The other tip is that (at least last summer), BC Ferries did discounted rates for trailers on off days (think tues evening). Also don't forget you pay per head in your rig. You could probably hide a few guys in the cabin of the boat to save some CAD, but at a 1.3 exchange rate you can roll like...
  467. eldplanko

    Ocean options posted on WDFW.

    Very true, but BC also has a lot more real estate to cover, and it's easier to find unpressured fish if you know where to look. Plus, if you ask me, they do a much better job on the management side.
  468. eldplanko

    Ocean options posted on WDFW.

    I'll be getting my coho in BC this year... Planning three trips... Might need to do few more.
  469. eldplanko

    Helm Chair Replacement

    Dave's shockwave seats are awesome, I sat on one of the early models on one of the lodge boats in Tahsis... They're worth the $ is you have it.
  470. eldplanko

    is AIS worth it?

    Probably worth mentioning that the AIS app only shows boats that are in range of the app's receiving stations. Take a look at the inside passage up to AK, plenty of AIS traffic there that doesn't show on the app. Guess it depends on where you'll be.
  471. eldplanko

    Who has been out in area 10?

    27" is a pretty good size for this year!
  472. eldplanko

    Pot Puller Motor Needed

    There used to be someone on craigslist that would sell 12V wheelchair motors converted to pot puller to mount on the standard AL davits. I think they were in Shelton. edit: This is the guy:
  473. eldplanko

    Who has been out in area 10?

    This worked two days in a row… Thurs and Fri: Go to Jeff's Head… watch the birds… salmon push bait ball to the surface, hundreds of birds kamikaze bomb the bait… do circles around the birds, bait… fish on.
  474. eldplanko

    $450.00 REWARD

    Never a dull moment here...
  475. eldplanko

    Fetha styx gone?

    I like to think if it as only a few tanks of gas. Makes it easier to justify.
  476. eldplanko

    Fetha styx gone?

    Doesn't everyone have one or two of those yellow eagle claw rods? I use one with the eyes stripped off and a coat hanger taped to the end to fish wires and stuff though the right spots of the boat when I got a new transducer.
  477. eldplanko

    Fetha styx gone?

    I built a rainshadow 10'6" downrigger rod with a bp1264 blank last year. You won't be disappointed. Pair it up with an islander moocher, you'll be in trolling heaven. I was never one for buying a high end rod outright... If I was going to spend that kind of dough, full custom is the way to...
  478. eldplanko

    Pin bone removal

    Cheap pair of stainless hemostats, under $10 on amazon. Beyond that I don't know... my wife deals with the meat after I clean and fillet them.
  479. eldplanko

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    I don't have it, but I think T-mobile is mostly for people that never leave the city/freeway. Verizon is the only way to go.
  480. eldplanko

    Everett Coho Derby

    I think we can be certain that fish doesn't weigh 10 lbs.
  481. eldplanko

    Walk around 45 knots plus, cabin, catamaran 62' for Wdlfbio

    Isn't that boat near the Hooters?
  482. eldplanko

    Saltwater Puget Sound Coho

    When trolling, I've always thought that if I needed to I could claim the "limited mobility" rule, especially with a spread of 3 or 4 sets of gear out the back… "I can't turn sharp w/o risking fouling my prop." I yelled that to back a sailboat down before, especially if I was only going 2-3...
  483. eldplanko

    Saltwater A9 coho

    They don't look like they're getting any bigger… I went "way north" in A9 in search of bigger fish yesterday… nada, but only fished for 2 hrs.
  484. eldplanko

    Scotty mounting screws (yes a screwing question)

    I never take my bases off either... screw the swivel mount in with some security head 1/4 bolts. I got mine at Tacoma screw.
  485. eldplanko

    Saltwater Area 9 Silvers

    I like the weights everybody is quoting in their fish... Let's hear some lengths to go along with em... Wife caught one yesterday (top 20 in the derby)... 25.5". My biggest of the year was two Saturday's ago. 27.5".
  486. eldplanko

    Saltwater 2015: The Summer of Tiny Puget Sound Silvers and Pinks

    I was going to try to ask a fisheries bio on this... I was wondering if for some reason they come in as 2 year fish instead of 3 year fish?
  487. eldplanko

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    I had razor clam juice leak through to the carpet inside my suburban once.... Then there was the time I forgot to close the drain plug on the 165qt cooler.... After that never again; the stink lasted for weeks.
  488. eldplanko

    Edmonds Coho Derby Saturday, September 12 win $5000!

    I usually weigh-in in Edmonds, but it's usually a big cluster to get the boat docked in there around 2. It's been a while since I've been to Everett, anyone know how long it take to get from the Everett entrance to the boat launch at no-wake speed?
  489. eldplanko

    Saltwater Silvers

    This is similar to the old trick for coho for those one the troll when checking gear: pop off the rigger, but dont retreave until your gear gets to the top of the water... you can get plenty of hits on the way up.
  490. eldplanko

    Saltwater Silvers

    I've been into silvers also last two times out (off the boat not the beach). Both times one bigger and one smaller. Honestly, I don't target either silver or pink, I just troll like I usually do (green or purple flasher, spoon, hootchie or plug), and seem to catch both. Pinks will take whatever.
  491. eldplanko

    Anyone need a repower?

    Sorry if this in in the wrong place… this isn't my ad, but I just came along it today. Hard to tell if it's legit or not… could be a good excuse to take a trip to AK to check out.
  492. eldplanko

    Tulalip Tribe fish and wildlife director arrested in poaching investigation

    Hope the show this one on Rugged Justice... Greedy Mofo better get more than a slap on the wrist. Knowing our "system" they'll probably get away pretty lightly.
  493. eldplanko

    Saltwater Fishing no good in WA??? Make a run north of the border.

    That's a lot of gull crap on on the dock... Oh yeah, nice fish too.
  494. eldplanko

    Scotty Downriggers from Canada

    I was just planning to do the same thing when I head back up there in a few weeks. I picked up an Islander reel last month for dirt cheap after the exchange rate. While you're at it, load up on "normal" gas cans without the crappy spout. I always bring a few of those back for friends as well...
  495. eldplanko

    Saltwater Fishing no good in WA??? Make a run north of the border.

    Out of Tahsis but fished Nootka, all taken inside. Too windy outside.
  496. eldplanko

    BD Salute

    Sharing his position info the old fashioned way… 1 over 1, 11 feet on the rigger
  497. eldplanko

    How do you share position info?

    I'll use my navionics app as a backup... Sometimes it's quicker to scroll around on the chart while trolling around on the app then messing with the split screen on the finder. Also use it for tides and currents. Handy for plotting tracks / trolling areas on a buddy's boat (with skippers...
  498. eldplanko

    Saltwater Fishing no good in WA??? Make a run north of the border.

    Here's a correctly processed 2 person salmon limit from Nootka… the fishing is good! Belly iced in 2 165 qt coolers till I got home, then filleted, vac sealed, and froze hard. Even turned in the heads on the hatchery marked ones.
  499. eldplanko

    MA9 MSF Math

    I talked to the fish checker last night, he also confirmed... It wouldn't be reopened as another day would go over the quota. I'm a geeky math guy, I'd like to know the +/- error in the quota estimate.
  500. eldplanko

    MA9 MSF Math

    In case anyone's interested, I did some quick math and estimating of the MA9 King quota in hope that there may be some leftovers after the weekend… my guess is probably not. This if kind of geeky, so bear with me: If anyone has ever read it, WDFW's fish model is complicated, factors in total...
  501. eldplanko

    1/4 turn shut off valve

    I thought seacocks were supposed to be nst threaded, and usually the pipe fittings at the hardware store are npt threaded. It might be worth figuring out what type of threads there are on the male fitting of the thruhull. Practically, I'm not sure how much difference it really makes though.
  502. eldplanko

    frozen anchovy packs

    Off topic, but if your looking to save $, BC ferries is doing a reduced price rate (save around $4/foot) for trailers on the Tsawwassen to Namaimo ferry run on off hours this summer.
  503. eldplanko

    frozen anchovy packs

    Don't forget to factor in the awesome exchange rate right now... 1.3:1
  504. eldplanko

    A9 Quota status - Saturday

    I've been giving this a bunch of thought… and think I'm ready to throw in the towel on retaining kings. I was ready to take the day off of work today thinking I got to get me king before the close it. Now I'm thinking, screw it. If I want kings in the freezer, I'l just go up to Canada or the...
  505. eldplanko

    Canning question

    30 QT All American takes about 5 minutes on a 100k wok burner running natural gas to go from tap to boil. I do 10 minutes purge/vent, add the weight, and it's another 5 till it's up to pressure. Like said above, depends on the BTUs and size of the pressure canner. Mine is hard to control it...
  506. eldplanko

    Suspension seats

    I can second that these are top of the line from a great BC company.
  507. eldplanko

    Lake WA Sockeye / Ballard Locks

    I posted this on the "other" site… thought I'd give it a shot here in case anyone knows the answer: Looks like the tribes have the gill nets out again. Two sets right in front of the dam / fish ladder entrance. First set covered about 90% of the spillway, the second covered 100% of the...
  508. eldplanko

    Lowrance Link 8 users

    My link 8 randomly resets off and on every once in a while. My HDS also randomly looses the AIS signal from the link-8, off and on fixes this one also. Let's just say the unit seems buggy to me. If I ever need mayday, I'm doing a voice call before I hit the button.
  509. eldplanko

    What knot for braid to dacron backing on downrigger?

    I wouldn't use any backing... I did tie my braid directly on the last 2 to 3 feet of old DR wire though using the modified albright. I don't expect to ever spool my DR anyway, so I doubt the knot matters. Think of it like a winch, after a few wraps around the drum, it will hold itself on. I...
  510. eldplanko

    Washington / Oregon coast SST map (Tuna freeway is open!)

    Ever since I started looking at these SST maps, I've started to wonder why the Straight of Georgia is so hot. Anyone know?
  511. eldplanko

    Crab pot weight

    I have a hard time paying more than $2/pound for anything lead... someone's making some serious $ off these.
  512. eldplanko

    Crab pot weight

    I try to buy the pots when they're on sale for like 15 or 18, the rest of the gear is less than $10, so probably $30 total not including line, bouys, etc. Look for the hardware where the commies shop. It probably take 20 minutes to rig up a pot for first use, but I haven't done it in a while...
  513. eldplanko

    Crab pot weight

    I'm in a give up my tips mood. I also use only danielsons, but do some extensive modifications. I take out the grinder, and cut off the clips that hold all the panels together, replacing with stainless hog rings on all sides, leaving one side open as the "door side." On the door, use inner tube...
  514. eldplanko

    Crab pot weight

    I run a mix of 100' and 50' lengths. Splice eyes on each end, then loop the eyes through each other (looks like a square knot when). Maximum versatility in lengths, and no need to mess with a bunch of hardware.
  515. eldplanko

    Bottom fish westport

    Isn't that what radar is for?
  516. eldplanko

    Oh Canada

    Oh yeah... and bring up as much beer as they let you take across the border.
  517. eldplanko

    Oh Canada

    I go up north each year to fish... here's some additional tips: Get a credit card with no foreign transaction fee (else that additional 3% really cuts into the benefit we're getting by the exchange rate being in our favor). Figure out what your bank's ATM up there, again best exchange rate...
  518. eldplanko

    Crab pot weight

    3/4 EMT cut to about 10", pour in hot lead (like making a copper pipe jig), wrap in electrical tape so they don't rust up. If you're good at math you can figure how may pounds per inch of EMT, I think 10" is around 5 pounds
  519. eldplanko

    Sand dab fishin'

    Use the rigs described above, go to the grocery store and buy $1 worth of the tiny cocktail shrimp from the fish guy. Cut the smallest piece you can fit on the hook... the dabs will eat that up all day.
  520. eldplanko

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    I'll give up the tip I learned from the commies since it's already brought up here: Single stainless siwash, crimped into a big barrel swivel. The barrel swivel then acts as the gumpuckie for the hootchie.
  521. eldplanko

    Saltwater Clalum bay butts

    Those pacific cod are good eating, a pain to pull up though!
  522. eldplanko

    Cutting board/gear tray

    From experience on the home made tray... don't forget a drain hole (bloody water sloshing around in the tray when you're bobbing around is only fun for a little while until you realize there's no way for it to get out).
  523. eldplanko

    Moored outboards flushing routine

    Got to let them run long enough for the thermostat to open.
  524. eldplanko

    Shrimp / Crab Bouy Regs Question

    I guess I shouldn't be so damn cheap....
  525. eldplanko

    Shrimp / Crab Bouy Regs Question

    Anyone know the answer to this or if I've been doing it wrong all these years. For both crab and shrimp I use the same string of bouys; basically goes like this on one rope: big loop --> little gillnet bouy -> yellow shrimp bouy --> red/white crab bouy --> yellow shrimp buoy ---> little...
  526. eldplanko

    Saltwater Area 9 reports?

    Here's a report... lost a ball on the horseshoe at Posession on Monday afternoon. Perfect weather, only 2 other boats out. No bait. Released a 20" marked king off Jeff's head last Friday afternoon. Perfect weather, no other boats out, no bait. Blue meanie hoochie off the bottom.
  527. eldplanko

    That'll smoke up just fine...

    Looks like that fish could have already spawned. The adipose fin looks as big as a grown man's hand!
  528. eldplanko

    Westport boat launch

    Not Westport... but I had to use the PA system on my rig yesterday morning to "steer" some fool at the launch in the correct direction.... i.e. the back of the line.
  529. eldplanko

    scaling salmon

    Probably depends on if you're going to cook it whole or in steaks: scale (as it take them off). Fillets: don't scale em (as in leave them on). I do fillets, cook on foil, don't scale, skin sticks to foil anyways.
  530. eldplanko

    Saltwater Edmonds Silvers

    I've been out in the same general area the last 5 days in a row. The reason you're not seeing nets is that the fish are so small (5-6ers) you can just hoist them into the boat by hand. Just wrap that leader around your arm and pull... and avoid the death roll/net tangle.
  531. eldplanko

    Best price on a new yamaha 9.9?

    I recently bought a Merc 9.9 bigfoot from these guys, lowest price around, free shipping, no tax, and had it in less than a week (they have another website for Mercury). You just have to get over the fact that you're not supporting your local boat dealer's mark-up. Only bad thing is the mfgr...
  532. eldplanko

    Saltwater Tuna, Gas and Westport

    I think the Spirit on 24th/Market has E-free gasoline. Else, go to the Shilshole fuel dock.
  533. eldplanko

    Building a pot puller....

    Not sure if cross-posting is a no no... but here goes: Post #12:
  534. eldplanko

    Building a pot puller....

    I read on the bc sportfishing forum of using two stainless steel IKEA plates or pans bolted together back to back... talk about cleaver in theory. Haven't tried it in real live though.
  535. eldplanko

    Saltwater Why's my "Native" Chinook got a chip in it's head?

    Is it possible this fish didn't even originate from a Washington hatchery?
  536. eldplanko

    19th anniversary. Dinner ideas. Looking for wow factor. Update! Not good.

    If your're in Ballard... go to Rays. At least that way you can look out the window at your brethern getting skunked in MA10. But seriuosly, the food, the view, and the total experience is awsome.
  537. eldplanko

    Saltwater MA9 Explained.

    Looks like your graham crackers are broken. Don't you know that's bad luck? At least I went 3/3 on flounder.
  538. eldplanko

    Sheriff checking crab pots

    2 per person.. no limit on how many pots you could have on the boat. I seem to remember there was a time you could only have 4 pots on the boat, I guess they silently changed that at some point. Name and address is required, I use duct tape for quick change ups. I'll also admit, I only use...
  539. eldplanko

    Saltwater A9/10 Survey/Sampling for Quota?

    I hear what your're saying, but the point I'm trying to make is that most folks really don't understand how the back end works. I don't want this thread to go too sideways... but did you read the WDFW methods report that explains how the calculations and in season assessment is done? I've seen...
  540. eldplanko

    Boat Ramp Follies

    It crossed my mind... but I was in awe of his giant rudder. He must be compensating for something.
  541. eldplanko

    Boat Ramp Follies

    I was debating on whether I'd post this or not. Shilshole, yesterday, ~noon. I asked the guy if he was going to put that on a trailer... he just looked at me with a puzzled expression.
  542. eldplanko

    kicker steering

    Used the EZ-steer on the old boat with no problems. New boat has power steering, and I have little girl arms, and don't want to idle the main while I troll. I'm switching to the Panther with the remote you can wear around your neck, I've fished on other boats were this was used, and it's a...
  543. eldplanko

    Saltwater A9/10 Survey/Sampling for Quota?

    Thanks for the info also, this is very refreshing when compared to the uninformed BS people are spewing. Maybe someone can help me understand better, but by my reading, reports of wild or undersize at the ramp have NO impact on how they calculate the total or wild encounters. The only thing...
  544. eldplanko

    Waiting on a fish...

    Waiting on a fish...
  545. eldplanko

    Saltwater Puget Sound Chinook Pics

    Gaff makes the perfect de-hooker for undersize and natives, especially if you use larger hooks. If done correctly, the fish never touches a net and often doesn't leave the water. I'm no fish expert, but isn't knocking the scales and slime off considered the part most likely to cause mortality...
  546. eldplanko

    Saltwater Puget Sound Salmon Seasons- Report your Catch!

    Appreciate sharing the mortality figure that's applied in the model. I was wondering what this was... I had seen other values in other non-WA fisheries that were closer to 30%. I think most people don't appreciate all the variables, and "inputs" into the model that can influence the "output."...
  547. eldplanko

    Area 9 close calls

    Two girls one cup.... or something like that. Maybe the other's in the forward V.
  548. eldplanko

    area 9&10 fish porn for us working people??

    Fish checker at Shilshole said 17 for 75 boats in the evening last nigh. Creel reports should be posted next Monday or Tuesday.
  549. eldplanko

    Saltwater Area 9 & 10

    It sounds unfortunate that you let that one experience turn you into a poacher. You do know that most of the fish checkers aren't even full time WDFW techs, but seasonal temporary staff (usually college students that you'll see at most 2-3 years in a row) that don't know jack . Do you know for...
  550. eldplanko

    Saltwater Area 9 & 10

    How's being a braggard any different than telling the fish checker you got skunked? Either way, they don't have the correct information on what impact you had on the water during your trip. Now I don't know what happens to the numbers after the check passes them on, and how the impact the...
  551. eldplanko

    DR Snubbers

    I go Canada style, around 5 feet or so of gangen cord tied directly to my braid. A simple overhand knot trips the downrigger stop, and a loop on the other end goes on the ball.
  552. eldplanko

    The reason I fish.....

    Net or gaff?
  553. eldplanko

    Jackhole(s) tried to jack me.

    Similar situation happened to me a few weeks ago, thieves made off with my kicker gas can. New can and connectors ran me like $80. Now I have my game camera back there, hopefully this will be enough deterrent.
  554. eldplanko

    Saltwater MA 10 to close for kings

    Ok, I'll give up my secret spot, Elliot bay, just south of the grain terminal, near the rocks. That area is smokin and they'll bite anything you put out.
  555. eldplanko

    Saltwater MA 10 to close for kings

    Just got back to the ramp at Shilshole, fish checker just got the email that MA10 will close for kings. I think he said Sunday. Anyways... Went 3/5... It took the second one lost (deep) to realize trailing hook on the hoochie was bent. Took home a 29" king and two humpies. For the week (M, W...
  556. eldplanko

    beer in boat while fishing

    It's not a case; it's a two-four.
  557. eldplanko

    Saltwater Had my first date with Mid-Channel Bank

    I'm in the same boat as you... fished jeff head last night; lot's of bait; no fish. It's a tough call when everyone says it's hot somewhere else. All I know is that it's a long run up from Shilshole; I can't possibly think of justifying it; we all know there's no guarantees fishing.
  558. eldplanko

    Free primo fresh crab bait

    PM sent
  559. eldplanko

    StarBoard Supplier Help!

    Agree w/ Tap plastics... Plus they have a great remnant bin that might have what you need dirt cheep (ie downrigger backing sizes). I think they sell the remnants by the pound.