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  1. punted coho

    bean bags. what's the go to.

    I have a west marine one that does the job just fine. The ocean tamers are definitely nicer though.
  2. punted coho

    Halibut rod for electric reels

    Thrasher HTR. Rainshadow ts66mh. I’ll be testing a Thrasher Crowbar this weekend.
  3. punted coho

    Saltwater Costco has Scotty 1106 downriggers

    Definitely 2, better balance.
  4. punted coho

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    D bag bi-hull tuna fisherman can’t even get his blackmouth troutriggers mounted right....
  5. punted coho

    Tanacom Recommendation

    750. 65# power pro.
  6. punted coho

    Weather May 6th Westport

    I’ll keep in touch man. Westport or sekiu. Unless you like jigging up dogfish in area 11 and getting in fights at the takeout.
  7. punted coho

    Weather May 6th Westport

    Negative. In true bd fashion it’s now a thread about swim steps, shitting off swim steps, shitting off goatrams swim step while talking about the weather and fingers crossed we’ll start arguing about trucks soon.
  8. punted coho

    Weather May 6th Westport

    I spend a lot of time on the swim step. Not usually by choice. Typically to shit or untangle 20 yards of braid from a prop or whatever the dong beaters get tangled up in. Sometimes I like to step back there to piss as well. I feel like at least once in my life I need to fish with @Hard Chargin'...
  9. punted coho

    Any high end Saxophone players out there?

    I keep losing my dabs. They keep getting eaten by lings.
  10. punted coho

    King 5 Article

    My take is that the tribes have a lot of money and own our governess. There’s a lot of factors to the declining fish populations. Tribal over fishing and mismanagement, state not putting out enough hatchery fish and mismanagement, sport fishing groups fighting amongst themselves- douches like...
  11. punted coho

    Change Tanacoms to Feet

    I’m a little curious how this works? I’ve never really cared with mine because you know, the whole halibut and ling cod on the bottom thing. But it would be cool to read the reels in American. Got any kind of source for the rest of us tards to learn how to get out of meters?
  12. punted coho

    1981 SeaRay 255SRV Flybridge Refit

    Yeah, just poking at ya a little. I’ve been there. On both sides of it. More than a few buddies new drift boat and sled maiden voyage trips that I’d like to forget. I’ve also been involved in some pretty stupid shit in the ocean over the years too. Only difference is I didn’t get blasted for it...
  13. punted coho

    Weather May 6th Westport

    That’s just a windy app.
  14. punted coho

    Fat Ass Girl gets a new shiny Bed

    It’s mother was an airstream...
  15. punted coho

    Weather May 6th Westport

    🌈✊💦 LIL’ BIT....
  16. punted coho

    1981 SeaRay 255SRV Flybridge Refit

    Lookin’ good. This one going to have a good fuel gauge? Or just installing a nice eye for a good tow point.
  17. punted coho


    I’ve seen them at night in the straits in the marina lights in spring/ summer. Only ever fished them late fall into winter in the sound though.
  18. punted coho

    Boat ideas - help me spend money

    Another thing fwiw with a 21’ deep garage you’ll be pretty limited by overall length of a boat on a trailer. My 19’ alumaweld needed a swing tongue to fit in my 23’ garage. That’s after sliding the boat a few inches forward on the trailer and “clearancing” the drywall where my motor hit.
  19. punted coho

    Boat ideas - help me spend money

    I put a swing tongue on my little 19’ sled, it was 1” too long for my garage without it and had to remove my hitch coupler to close the door. It has a little slop in it but it’s fine for my needs. I look at the pins and bolts every time I hoook up to it. 1 buddy of mine had a bolt break in his...
  20. punted coho

    Any high end Saxophone players out there?

    @Hard Chargin' will trade him a custom glasply and a spool of braid for it. Otherwise there’s a few guys on here that just play the skin flute.
  21. punted coho

    Remember when this happened ?

    It’s almost like we have elected officials who are bought and paid for by the tribes. but that would be stupid......
  22. punted coho

    Spot Shrimp Season

    Bend over, here it is. 2021 Puget Sound recreational spot shrimp seasons are as follows: Marine Area 4 east of the Bonilla-Tatoosh Line: Remains closed until further notice. Marine Area 5 (western Strait of Juan de Fuca): Open daily from May 19 through September 15, daylight hours. Marine...
  23. punted coho

    Need a little help wrapping a Calcutta bamboo gaff

    Another option I’ve done that I really like is doing a little cross cross x wrap and then putting shrink tube over it. Also done it with the x wrap and wrapping over it with the Atwood cord. I use a spar urethane on mine usually. Feel free to get ahold of me if you have any questions or want a hand.
  24. punted coho

    New tech

    Salmon mostly. Sometimes a rack of ribs.
  25. punted coho

    New tech

    Ali: And while you’re at it give Vance another gay avatar, like gayer than aids. Jason: say no more, I know a thing or 2 about gay. How’s this?
  26. punted coho

    New tech

    With all these new changes I’d like to see a forum specifically for arguing about trucks, and maybe one dedicated to picking fights with @G-Spot
  27. punted coho

    New tech

    This part looks like something I saw online once...
  28. punted coho

    Bait Utility Knife

    I have some of those stainless morakniv ones that I take poor care of. They haven’t rusted out too bad, not any worse than any of the cheap stainless fillet knives.
  29. punted coho

    Fillet/Rigging table

    I checked out one of nick rudnicks tables in person and it was pretty bitchin. I also remember the one @Reel Hooker posted pics of a while back on his pursuit being pretty sweet too.
  30. punted coho

    New Bottom fishing info

    I didn’t read all your words. There was a lot of them. Guessing it’s about the wdfw email about the 5 additional flatfish? Aka- the 5 dabs allowed for ling bait are no longer counted as bottom fish limit so you can catch dabs, use them for your lings, get your rockfish and halibut without...
  31. punted coho

    1106 Scotty Downriggers Pair (matching)

    Actually a fairly decent deal with all the shit. I have 4 of these so not in the market right now.
  32. punted coho

    Need electric expert knowledge

    Glad there’s people on here that know what they’re talking about. I’m mainly here to get whiskey drunk, make dick jokes, and tell bducky to fuck himself.
  33. punted coho

    Simms wading boots 14

    Nice pair of slippers, little bit big for me. Hung like a size 12....
  34. punted coho

    Weird looking aluminum cat

    If I recall, @Hard Chargin' got his dick kicked in for a drawing and an idea for a boat with a similar shape.
  35. punted coho

    Get your cigars out! New boat needing marketing team

    This was the video that popped into my head when I heard “cigar guy”. And now we’re going to go out and fuck some shit up!
  36. punted coho

    albacore trolling gear

    @wdlfbio is going to have a strong troll game on the thigh gap 2.
  37. punted coho

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Hah! I didn’t even realize how old this thread was till I realized I was typing a response to a post from clockwork. Whatever happened to that guy? Maybe @Captain Decent has heard from him.
  38. punted coho

    Not impressed

    I watched Yellowstone and drank shitty whiskey. I am content with how I spent my evening.
  39. punted coho

    info alert for Duramax owners

    It’s pronounced gub’mint juice...
  40. punted coho

    info alert for Duramax owners

    Seems like this def tank on the newer trucks is taking the place of the old LB7 duramax injectors. Which coincidentally is my other vehicle.
  41. punted coho

    WTB 5-7” Ray Marine/Lowrance/Simrad

    I’ I think I have a spare one of these with ducer. No gps unless you buy a new antenna. Depth only and it may need power cord replaced, I’ll check it if you’re interested. I’d let it go for a 6er of rainier if the cords good, tall can if it’s not.
  42. punted coho

    Cancel your big boat builds

    And petrified whale turds...
  43. punted coho

    info alert for Duramax owners

    Mines been done under warranty twice now on my 15. 50k and 100k. I’m getting close to 150k. Cant fail if it’s not there.
  44. punted coho

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    If you come across any plugs with excessive tooth marks I’ll take them.
  45. punted coho

    Fish NW garage sale

    Maybe, is it seasoned? Looks hard to split.
  46. punted coho

    Fish NW garage sale

    $4 for the petrified whale turd thing...
  47. punted coho

    Rod building - grip recommendations

    I think I heard him say it’s perfect for electric reels too.
  48. punted coho

    Rod building - grip recommendations

    It comes down to personal preference that’s the beauty of building your own. You can look at previous rods you’ve owned or used and take what you love or hate about them and apply it to new builds accordingly. Personally I like pretty much 12” and 12” of some sort of foam, I just use Eva grips...
  49. punted coho

    The Goat Arsenal

    Wanna drop a couple off for me? I can come to you for my drop off.
  50. punted coho

    Sharkhide, where to find local ?

    May as well be. The rest of this shit show doesn’t seem to be working out.
  51. punted coho

    Sharkhide, where to find local ?

    Unless you mean like, smuggling drugs or something. In which case carry on.
  52. punted coho

    FS GLoomis GL2 1265-BC 10'6"

    Looks like they put the handle on backwards, bummer....
  53. punted coho

    Sharkhide, where to find local ?

    I got it either 3 rivers or auburn sports. May be worth a phone call. Don’t remember, Would have been in 2007.
  54. punted coho


    Public service announcement for those buying their 1st cod jig- if you’re expecting a magical super lure, or even one that is effective in the sound you’re going to be dissatisfied. Anyone who has buyers remorse with their 35 oz is welcome to message me and I’ll remove them at a reduced rate.
  55. punted coho

    Deleting 2016 Duramax stuff

    I am interested in this as well. My ‘15 has been doing some super gay emissions stuff. Been shopping parts for it. Harder to find after epa crackdown but not impossible.
  56. punted coho

    Westport Charter Recommendations - April Bottomfishing

    ....who posted it on the internet, so you know it’s official.
  57. punted coho

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Couple NW deep water halibut rods I’m working on now. Top one my wife picked the color (her rod) and it has grown on me, so has the butt wrap. red and white rainier rod is a test wrap that I may redo- it’s next up after I finish the wife rod. PIcs/ posts to come when I get them completed.
  58. punted coho

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I don’t like the patriots but I like that fade. I’ve had a similar build planned with white instead of silver, same fade otherwise. Looks good.
  59. punted coho

    ALPs footpedal

    Probably a wire or connection somewhere. Call or email Batson and see about getting a replacement pedal. Can’t imagine they’re too expensive and they have excellent customer service.
  60. punted coho

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    I find those interesting, and I’m a bit of a diesel junkie on land, but just can’t make heads or tails out of those things. Cool technology and concept. There’s like a belt change option on them to go more low end torque. Probably be cool for like a Puget sound crab boat with outboard power. I...
  61. punted coho

    Replacing Glued on drag washers?

  62. punted coho

    Replacing Glued on drag washers?

    What reel is that? Maybe try some good solvent like brake kleen or something and do some prying/ whacking? Can you stick a screwdriver or something in it and pry/ chip it out? *(not responsible for reel damage if you spray it with brake kleen and whack it) prolly just do whatever @Rougarou...
  63. punted coho

    Here we go again NB 2021

    Less whales in may....
  64. punted coho

    New to Avets Need some info on small bait reels

    I use sx and mxj (all non-raptor) some G2 with 50 lb braid and a 30 mono/ flouro top shot for live anchovie albacore fishing with 9lbs at strike and am very happy with how they perform. We run 20 lb on some, usually late season with smaller bait and they’re good then too. My preference? Mxj. I...
  65. punted coho


    I love them and so do the lings. only the real solvkevorkian ones though. The Gibbs and other knock offs don’t compare. We still run pipes and pour our own cod jigs in bare lead too.
  66. punted coho

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    I’d probably need to actually go with a smaller handle. I’m not opposed to modding one of these. I have a few others too they’re all just collecting dust since buying electric reels for deep halibut.
  67. punted coho

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    Yeah it all seems a little different. We have our little albacore fishery dialed in pretty well but looking for something more (and longer). I’ve been an avet whore for the albacore stuff and a shimano guy in the salmon/ freshwater world but certainly leaning towards penn for anything bigger...
  68. punted coho

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    This one just kind of fell into our laps so what the hell. One of those friends of friends sending a hey do you wanna text. So we went for it. Already interested in a proper long range trip too.
  69. punted coho

    WTB TLD20

    I think I have a 20. I’ll check the size when I get home tonight. Older single speed I don’t need anymore.
  70. punted coho

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    Thanks. I feel like I have a pretty solid comparable setup to match right up to about #5 on that list. Then it gets a little fuzzy with what I already own.
  71. punted coho

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    Thanks for the responses and sorry for the long winded post I wrote after a few whiskeys.
  72. punted coho

    Help ID'ing this custom wrap

    That picture sucked. Every time I tried to zoom in it got blurry. But yeah, classic shimano wavy pattern.
  73. punted coho

    Help ID'ing this custom wrap

    The waves are definitely shimano. I don’t know fuck all about a teramar, but the trevallas are pretty popular around here and they have that same “wave” pattern on them.
  74. punted coho


    After the first time I stopped into the Batson warehouse/ factory on my way home from a halibut trip. Took a little tour, pulled on a bunch of rods, talked to bill Batson for a few as the “tour” ended in his office/ largest collection of custom rods on the west coast and the things I’ve seen...
  75. punted coho

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    So a handful of us Washington googans are headed out on the pacific queen next November for a 3 day. I know it’s small time shit comparatively but I figure it’s like a gateway drug to the 14 day trips and such. I’m trying to sort out what gear to bring and what to buy still. It’s not all about...
  76. punted coho

    A simple, green, Rainshadow.

    Rclb70l I built my Dad for Christmas. Nothing too fancy but I really liked how it came out and thought I’d share since I’ve never posted a rod on here. Everything is size A thread except the black over wraps on the guides (D) and all the components are alps.
  77. punted coho

    Hope you

    Same question as @Wild Bill. I have 1 or 2 heading your way soonish. Can I ship ‘em or do I need to take a road trip?
  78. punted coho

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    Fish the bottom. Fish the bait. The line counters on my riggers will rarely read a smaller number than my depth finder. Bring a couple extra DR balls and any color will work as long as it’s green glow...or a herring. The way this year is shaping up there should be no shortage of boats to help...
  79. punted coho

    WTBorrow 2" outside thread chaser

    Have you tried beating on it with a hammer? If that doesn’t work than I’m out of suggestions.
  80. punted coho

    Killing fish one tire at a time

    This topic popped up a few years ago and then just vanished. Like it was disregarded and nobody acknowledged it.
  81. punted coho

    Get your hip waders out .

    The whole thing is fucked. Every year we lose more and more fishing opportunity. The rivers that don’t get hammered by closures or hatchery shut downs just get more crowded. It’ll be interesting to see how busy the very few rivers that didn’t make the list get. I’ve cut waaay back on the amount...
  82. punted coho

    Get your hip waders out .

    This is Washington. Keep your science to yourself...
  83. punted coho

    Squid questions...

    That’s what she said...
  84. punted coho

    Cruising boat remorse

    If you do a search on here on kingfisher there are some horror stories and some dude that created a website dedicated to how bad his sucked. That was the one with concrete ballast tubes. I don’t know where to find it now but I think on BD somewhere is where I saw the link to it.
  85. punted coho

    Cruising boat remorse

    If pvc tubes full of concrete rattling around in the hull for ballast, hulls splitting in half and pilot houses almost falling off are deal breakers for you. Then you might not want a kingfisher.
  86. punted coho

    Survey says....

    Without rods. Cheap reels.
  87. punted coho

    Machine shop recommendations (kicker motor)

    Just put the cowling back on, check on your insurance policy, and leave it parked outside for a week. Problem solved.
  88. punted coho

    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    Notepads been on hand since I started working on a Volvo....
  89. punted coho

    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    I know of 1 bounty, I think it’s a 257 as well that is converted to a single Merc 300 and the owners happy with it. I think his bracket is a custom/ 1- off. I’m looking at a Swap next winter on a very similar boat and am leaning towards having PDR build a bracket.
  90. punted coho

    A pile

    might as well add the broken insert troll rod on to my order.
  91. punted coho

    Fuel at Westport

    Nope. Don’t want to leave before the bait dock opens. And it’s nice to have a little daylight at some point in the run.
  92. punted coho

    boat bottom width?

    I’ll weigh in on the skinny end of the spectrum for bottom width. I’m at 27’ with an 8’ bottom, big chines, about a 20 ° deadrise at the stern and about 12K With a low center of gravity. Rides nice but tippy at rest sometimes if it’s not squared up to the swell and pretty sensitive to weight...
  93. punted coho

    Tuna 10/3?

    Half the distance they were a couple weeks ago and hungry enough....
  94. punted coho

    Tuna 10/3?

    Seems like only a year ago (dam near to the date actually) they were basically out of chovies and pat was being labeled as a rinky dink asshole for some reason. I’m not ready to call it yet. I’ll bring Sabiki rigs for everyone or finally get the opportunity to mooch one up on a cut plug if I...
  95. punted coho

    Tuna 10/3?

  96. punted coho

    Saltwater Weather conditions?

    Forecast looks fine to go coho fishing. In the marina....
  97. punted coho

    Glowing tuna carcass...

  98. punted coho

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    You guys are just jealous of his Sportfisher with triples. I wonder if that’s my old 8-horse on the port side.
  99. punted coho

    Retrofitting a Hook Keeper to an Existing Rod

    And anyone can learn to install one in about 15 min.
  100. punted coho

    18# Downrigger Balls For Sale

    Yes they do. I have Scotty 1106. Not the HP. I run 15’s on them.
  101. punted coho

    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    I should have a few packs of green and red label left in my private stash. I’ll start the bidding at a sixer of rainier per herring...
  102. punted coho

    Saltwater Fun trip to Sekiu last week

    Far as I know everything works up there nowadays. Years ago some didn’t. I’m on Verizon and I run Music apps, inter webs and other crap all day out there. Lately I have had some cell service out to the far end of the C closure too.
  103. punted coho

    It started off good but.....

    I saw another pic where it looked like he was pulling that thing with a 1/2ton. Surely had nothing to do with it though.
  104. punted coho

    Saltwater Beached Boat In Grayland

    I read it lost power and rolled over coming into willapa last night and everyone made it to shore.
  105. punted coho

    Need a little ATV education

    Nothings as money thirsty as boats. An atv is going to feel like it’s free compared to maintaining a boat. Any name brand is fine. I lean towards a Yamaha or Polaris. Don’t even consider the off brand stuff, parts are a nightmare. I’ve been running a couple of the can am defender 800 utv for...
  106. punted coho

    The Goat Be Angry

    And just like that, you get a fucked up goat avatar too...
  107. punted coho

    Area 4

    Looks only open on thurs, fri, sat. Regardless of the end date of the season. Which I believe (and I don’t know a lot on this) has to do with our permit in wa or whatever only being good through end of sept.
  108. punted coho

    Area 4

    I believe the way it’s written open “through” the 30th means closed on oct 1st. Making the last day it’s actually open to fish being sat the 26th. That’s how I read the quiz.
  109. punted coho

    Westport slip available starting Saturday

    @jasper hickman might need a slip until the tuna leave. Ha! I started to tag you in this and was going to text you but got distracted by work.
  110. punted coho

    Any North Enders going to CQ this weekend?

    Not a north ender, north pierce county I guess. But I’m in Sekiu and willing to get something a little bit closer if it helps. Guessing it’s a Furuno?
  111. punted coho

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    Can we crash your butt stop though?
  112. punted coho

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    Oh it’s fucking on....
  113. punted coho

    WTB Upright freezer

    Is it for whale meat?
  114. punted coho

    WP slip aug

    @jasper hickman
  115. punted coho

    Calstar Blanks in Washington

    If your dead set on calstar it will probably have to be shipped. Only a couple rod building shops in wa and I don’t know of any that would have calstar on the shelf. Hansville, your located pretty convenient for a thrasher or rain shadow probably though...
  116. punted coho

    Squid Jigs and Hot Spot Flasher clips

    You mean the big snap on the bottom of the hot spots? I remove that as soon as I take them out of the package. If that’s what you’re referring to . And I should find a new place for squid jigs too since I bought mine from Lincs. probably going to be sportco now.
  117. punted coho

    The BEST gear sale in Washington history.... package sale Wednesday only!

    Fuck me. I pay attention in one meeting at work instead of looking on here and I miss out on some cool shit...
  118. punted coho

    Getting a brother back on the road

    it’s like the chazz. The Westport Autonomous Tuna Zone? Or “TWATZ” for short.
  119. punted coho


    If you send me the cords of where this halibut incident took place, I’ll keep an eye out for your flasher when I’m there.
  120. punted coho

    boaters safety card replacement

    Has anyone ever actually been asked for one? Mine never came in the mail years ago when I did it and I’ve been boarded many times since. I’ve never been asked for one.
  121. punted coho

    Which Electric Reels

    I use tanacom 750’s and am happy with them.
  122. punted coho

    Saltwater A-10 Crab Report, Accidental Nookie, and Likely Crab Poacher Alert

    For anyone who wants to know. Not saying what I have or haven’t done, or taking a side on the matter. But no, not allowed to bring inside the boat. There’s a page in the regs on handling.
  123. punted coho


    Finally some good news.
  124. punted coho

    Minus Tide - Everett & The Crab Opener

    Should make for a good show.
  125. punted coho


    So, hookers and blow at the monkey dick center?
  126. punted coho

    Bloodydecks gear review

    I use those. I’m pretty happy with them for the price. I buy about 1 each year to add to the pile I rinse and clean really well after use and they don’t rust much. Wipe it down with a scotch brite and most of it comes off.
  127. punted coho

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    Pleasant harbor was pleasant. Launched ahead of the crowd, and parked in the lower lot. Landed on the shrimp and had a quick morning. Visited with some friends, had lunch and beat the rush taking out. Looked like a looong walk and a long launch line for those that got there later though.
  128. punted coho

    New entrant for WTC 2020

    It’s all fun and games till someone shits in the bait tank.
  129. punted coho

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I have changed my plans to pleasant harbor as well. Parking scared me off too. Also I have friends running out of there.
  130. punted coho

    Free stuff pick up in Lynnwood

    I got excited about the free golf balls till I remembered I haven’t golfed in 10 years and I think I lost my clubs.
  131. punted coho

    Halibut dates, coast

    Copper plug.
  132. punted coho

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I have a twanoh question, never been there as I usually run from Potlatch. Is there plenty of room for a guy to beach his sled when launching alone and waiting? And do they open up before 6:00 on shrimp days?
  133. punted coho

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I’ll probably be around if you want a hand. I’ll be launching alone early and waiting for the wife.
  134. punted coho

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I’m going to give it a shot Monday. Just trying to decide if I’m going to try getting there at 7:00 after dropping the kid at daycare, or drive separate from the wife and solo launch early.
  135. punted coho

    Canal launches for the 11th

    I am also interested in the answer to this question.
  136. punted coho

    New Facebook post from Big Salmon at Neah Bay

    I looked in the current WDFW fishing reg pamphlet and it said area 4 was open. I don’t have any internet access to have heard otherwise. Also couldn’t see any closed fishing signs at the area 4/5 boundary this weekend. Must be good to go.
  137. punted coho

    Free lowrance gps puck

    Sorry. Been in sekiu and forgot. If @Sockeye71 needs one I was just going to grab as an easy spare for the old unit in my sled. He can cut ahead of me in line.
  138. punted coho

    Free lowrance gps puck

    I’ll grab it for a spare. Live in Buckley area should be easy. I’ll send a pm in a bit.
  139. punted coho

    Fuck inslee swag

    I’m sure the mask could be converted to a bitchin’ banana hammock for those who don’t want it on their face.
  140. punted coho

    South Sound Reel Repair

    @Redzwulf does reel repair that people seem really happy with. Look him up at rougarou rods on the google. I think he’s in the area you’re looking too.
  141. punted coho

    Fuck inslee swag

    I approve this message.
  142. punted coho

    New style transom lights

    The new metabo hands free flash light.
  143. punted coho

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Looks so good without the Volvo.
  144. punted coho

    Sekiu halibut opening

    It’s after 3:00. Any updates for this 16 yr old eager to be disappointed?
  145. punted coho

    Building a couple albacore rods

    Alps aluminum reel seat and mxn guides. I usually do Something like 20, 16, 12, 10, 10, and finish it with 8’s. Sometimes I’ll go smaller on the guides. North fork should have a guide spacing chart on their website for a good starting point. If you ask @☆THRASHER☆ He Just may Know a thing or 2...
  146. punted coho

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    So you went out and caught a whole box of dicks?
  147. punted coho

    cooler comparison

    It was designed out of necessity. Lol.
  148. punted coho

    cooler comparison

    I take a similar approach. Got other coolers but the one with the homemade hinge from a ratchet strap and leaded line handles spends a lot of time in my truck.
  149. punted coho

    2020 halibut

    Also, got mine and the wife’s butt punch cards today with license. not on line, work sports. Same place Rod found his.
  150. punted coho

    2020 halibut

    June? Hmmm. That’s our hint huh?
  151. punted coho

    Gunwale rail systems

    I have the miller marine ones on my alumaweld. Mostly just because it’s a pain to fit a Scotty base on there. They work well but are fairly new. A buddy has the cannon setup and uses sliding downrigger pedestals that can be removed with it too.
  152. punted coho

    A-2 Buoys

    I’ll take At least the 2 that aren’t spray painted if @Sockeye71 doesn’t for some reason.
  153. punted coho

    Getting the boat set up...

    Nice ride. I’d be happy to have a cornquest any day. I’m just a couple years and 50% behind you with the red headed fisher kids. This is how far mines come along as of this morning.
  154. punted coho

    Lake Washington Troll

    I’d be in. Can we spend the night before getting hammered and have a shotgun start?
  155. punted coho

    Lake Washington Troll

    Colors may vary. The Kokanee cut plugs. From planter rainbow to springers, it’s ridiculous. Also The f-4,5 gold flatfish used to be a standby. Now I use the smallest maglips... killers. Any time a night crawler can be incorporated with trout as well....
  156. punted coho

    Outdoor Activity Requirements and Recommendations for Washington and Alaska

    Or just go and fish with the same buddies you will for butts, tuna, and such. You’ve probably been hanging out together anyway.
  157. punted coho

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    You know what @bducky ? Fuck off for bringing someone’s kids that you Facebook creeped into an Internet argument you perv. The fucks wrong with you? You got your feelings hurt online? I wasn’t going to say anything, just try to ignore your bs like always, but I guess I drank on it for a bit so...
  158. punted coho

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    I am into my cups as well. A lot of them.
  159. punted coho

    Cleaning my shop. Lots of free shit

    So there’s no free shit then?
  160. punted coho

    Sorry boys had to go with out you

    Got one too...
  161. punted coho

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    As far as the Seattle part. Linc’s tackle used to do those conversions back in the day. I can’t help on the hippo part.
  162. punted coho

    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    Won’t open for me, but I get the gist. Seasons are fucked and Some assholes will burn the coho quota up early when they weigh 3 lbs. I’ll do my part and wait till august to murder coho after they’re fat and in the straits. Maybe Later if any rivers are open this year.
  163. punted coho

    RIP blackmouth fishing

    I may have to try using a pipe jig for tuna this year on the edge of the canyon. I hear they like to hang out on the bottom. Guess I’ll know For sure in a month or so....
  164. punted coho

    Finished wrapping my first rod!

    Looks good man. Don’t overthink it just go for it Take your time, work small, Do a couple coats. Don’t worry about wasting a little finish. Keep it rotating for a couple hours and it will help smooth itself out more than you think.
  165. punted coho

    Epoxy glue

    I bought it on accident From amazon recently. Had a gift card, in a hurry, thought it was regular flex coat for guides. Realized when I started mixing it something was wrong. Found a rod that needed handle put together and used it. Works Just fine. I like rod bond.
  166. punted coho

    Best offer. 40 ocean yacht sportfish

    Flavor of fruit roll up? Still in the package?
  167. punted coho

    Sunday Funday

    Cleared out my side yard, moved a drift boat out of the way and drug my dads boat to my house for some scrubbing and maintenance.
  168. punted coho

    Seaborg or Tanacom

    Ive run tanacom 750’s for a few years now. Been very happy with them. I keep extra cords on hand too.
  169. punted coho

    I want to trust the government, really

    I don’t want people to think I’m weird, so I’m just going to start lining my regular hats with foil.
  170. punted coho

    Paint stripping recommendation

    I used that stuff, in a spray can from oreileys. Worked ok on spray paint. Overspray burned a little on my bare legs from what I remember.
  171. punted coho

    Canopy for long bed Chevy

    I’ve thought about it a couple times. I’m interested but I drug my feet and might have to wait till corona panic is over now.
  172. punted coho

    Protect your supply!

    You t.p. Hoarding S.O.B’s. I just had to drop $10 on a 6er of gas station ass wipe
  173. punted coho

    First time making pipes

    Maybe you have some monster sausage fingers but those look kinda skinny to me. My pipe jig recipe sounds pretty much the same as pats. I’m about 12-1/2” of 3/4” pipe with 10/0 ish hook centered and always on a swivel. I’ve been dabbling with siwash hook shit lately too. If yours are 3/4” they’re...
  174. punted coho

    Avet HX single speed silver RH reel 200.00

    I may be interested in the LX’s.
  175. punted coho

    Honda BF250D’s for sale

    Trade for a Volvo diesel?
  176. punted coho

    Canopy for long bed Chevy

    That might look better on my truck than the current canopy... I’ll send a lowball pm tonight after a few cocktails.
  177. punted coho

    Downrigger Upgrade

    Had to replace a rusted out Scotty motor after 10 years of regular use. I don’t really do any maintenance to them though.
  178. punted coho

    Downrigger Upgrade

    Since nobody’s mentioned it yet, Scotty.
  179. punted coho

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    Big lings offshore. I’ve caught some nice ones inside there as well. I’ve never used live bait for them either.
  180. punted coho

    Thunder jet lighting options

    Whichever brand you go with, led floods for the deck. Any that are forward facing I try to go as far forward as possible. Roof mounted ones tend to light up and reflect off the bow. I like a couple pointing sideways too. You won’t see the water but most anything in the water will light up.
  181. punted coho

    DIY Tuna Tail Mounts

    Looks good. I read up on similar process a while back using borax for a couple large pacific halibut tails. Mine are buried in the freezer though as I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  182. punted coho

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    We just make the drunkest guy drive the boat anyway....
  183. punted coho

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    We’re probably leaving from the other side of the sound thurs afternoon, but Should be driving through black diamond to get there. Could probably help you out if you don’t find something more convenient.
  184. punted coho

    BD late winter/early spring swap meet

    I’d show up with a truckload and leave with 2.
  185. punted coho

    Salmon rods/reels for sale

    I’ll take a pair of the 1062h. Those make good Columbia River trollers. Not sure what day I’ll get to boat show. Or maybe @jasper hickman could grab them from you at the boat show for me if I don’t make it. Or maybe I could catch you at Friday harbor derby.
  186. punted coho

    Shrimp set ups

    It’s different now. Left corner. Never mind. I turned my phone on it’s side and it’s in the right corner.
  187. punted coho

    Transporting Cummins diesel

    I vote good insurance and poor tie downs....
  188. punted coho

    Transporting Cummins diesel

    You could rent a 5,000 lb warehouse forklift that would do it for a day pretty cheap. Couple hundred ish. More money, more easy.
  189. punted coho

    Salmon/ling jig reel

    Tran x high speed model for salmon jigging. I run 401 size but will be picking up A 301 for dedicated salmon jig rod.
  190. punted coho

    Yamaha vs Honda

    That was easily the gayest video I’ve ever seen.
  191. punted coho


    I have a pretty basic Kenwood setup in my alumaweld. Nothing fancy but it’s going on 4 or 5 years in a soft top.
  192. punted coho

    Boot Dryer's, What's Good & What's Not

    I used to shove snow gloves on top of them with no fancy attachments and they dried fine. Gotta position them just right though. Growing up at a ski resort we had like 6 boot dryers lined up in the house year round.
  193. punted coho

    Saltwater Neah Bay

    Best to just avoid the desert between Neah and Westport.
  194. punted coho

    Any of you guys know the story behind this salvage?

    Fuck career day. How much do I have to pay to do it recreationally, and when are we going.
  195. punted coho

    Boot Dryer's, What's Good & What's Not

    The old school peet for me. I’ve tried the forced air ones with a timer that shuts off long before the boots are dry and was not impressed.
  196. punted coho

    Happy 49th Oregon!

    Seemed like a good idea at the time....
  197. punted coho

    WTB: Fetha Styx downrigger rod 10’ 6”

    I was in a pawn shop in auburn a few months back that had 4 of them. Cascade loan & sporting goods I think is the name. Might still have a couple? Chrome series with cork handles.
  198. punted coho

    reel grease, and Oil, bearings

    Cals for drag grease. Penn grease Smooth drag or eBay for washers and parts. Been using the corrosion x oil lately and liking it. Haven’t tried the Yamaha grease yet.
  199. punted coho

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    Uh, it got run over....
  200. punted coho

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    If you look up their Facebook page there’s a bit of info and more pics.
  201. punted coho


    Motors look good pat. I was surprised at first to see Honda’s on there but makes sense. Should be killer.
  202. punted coho


    You can stay but your Evinrude has to go wait in the car.
  203. punted coho

    Saltwater swim baits

    Yes. Albacore.
  204. punted coho

    Saltwater Westpoint report - week of 9/16

    West Point- area 10. Seattle.
  205. punted coho

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Bad ass. Ditch the wrap for bare aluminum and it would be very badass.
  206. punted coho

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Finally we’re getting somewhere. I love it when a thread gets to the arguing about trucks stage.
  207. punted coho

    Looking for a Kent area fence builder

    So you signed up on bd just to motherfuck some dude mentioned in a 1-1/2 year old post?
  208. punted coho

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    In all seriousness though. What are you actually going for? There’s a few guys on here that do killer work.
  209. punted coho

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    This, but in tin?
  210. punted coho

    Logging in

    Did you click the stay logged in box? If not every time you go back it will make you log back in.
  211. punted coho

    Interesting story

    The fucks a blue halibut?
  212. punted coho

    Trolling squid for salmon

    More trolling talk..,,
  213. punted coho

    United marine SEAMASTER, time to sell the boat!

    This thing never would have hit the market if I’d had a little more dough or a little less baby.
  214. punted coho

    Downrigger Rod Holders

    I have scotty orcas mounted on the booms on extensions. Moves rod inboard a bit and you don’t have to slide the rod out, just grab it and pull. Short wife has no problem. Pay no attention to 8-1/2 month pregnant wife in the pic.
  215. punted coho

    Last seen shopping at the Shopping Kart in Westport

    I hope that’s nobody’s crew. Because there’s bananas in the cart.
  216. punted coho

    On The Way to Home Depot Today

    Stopped in once to check it out. I think I left with 5 as well.
  217. punted coho

    A little piece of bloodline...

    I thought about doing the same after the way they swarmed on me trimming up loins last time. I got the spray though. More hands on.
  218. punted coho

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    I’m curious about the getting a double while fishing solo part. 2 pole in the sound?
  219. punted coho

    Saltwater Live bait

    I think the rest of the guys on the boat would first.
  220. punted coho

    Saltwater Live bait

    I imagine they’d tell me to get fucked at the bait dock if I said give me 3 scoops but do it 60 times with a bucket?
  221. punted coho

    Saltwater Selling Tuna

    Let’s not get math involved in this now.
  222. punted coho

    This year's tuna lures

    whatever stops the boat.
  223. punted coho

    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    I just fucking chop at it with a hatchet till blood comes out.
  224. punted coho

    Saltwater Ice at west port

    You just walk up to the big side door where people are dropping off their hatchet wound albacore and ask for ice. $20 fills a big cooler.
  225. punted coho

    Saltwater First Time Tuna

    They do make bigger hewes...
  226. punted coho

    Saltwater First Time Tuna

    Probably going to be an expensive winter for you.
  227. punted coho

    Tactical Strike is for sale

    Wish I could swing it now but I’m about a year out.
  228. punted coho

    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    Sounds like a cool run.
  229. punted coho

    It has happened!

    Was there a pink jig in its mouth?
  230. punted coho

    Gradywhite Seafarer twin Yamahas

    Is that house and added bow flare aluminum?
  231. punted coho

    Is this considered Hypothetical

    Should buff...
  232. punted coho

    Saltwater 8/25 Westport Express Tuna There’s a few in here.
  233. punted coho

    Saltwater Garibaldi OTC report

    You spelled balls wrong...
  234. punted coho

    Saltwater Garibaldi OTC report

    Maybe a set of oars then?
  235. punted coho

    For The Avet Team

    Can I get just a couple stickers avet?
  236. punted coho

    Kill bags and trailer lights

    It better be cold!
  237. punted coho

    Kill bags and trailer lights

    Also I typed that while driving, no seatbelt. Maybe a tail light out....
  238. punted coho

    Kill bags and trailer lights

    I just pay attention to my surroundings and assume everyone’s going to do something stupid
  239. punted coho

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    Just troll as close as you can when someone’s on fish.
  240. punted coho

    6.7 EGR/DPF Delete?

    I’m going to delete the same shit on my duramax due to an emission code with the cat pee tank.
  241. punted coho

    Saltwater Tuna Off The Hook

    Excellent. They’ll be in surf fishing range soon enough.
  242. punted coho

    PSA Ocean Meeting - Sat 8/24

    I may have to stop in since I’ll actually be in town for one of these.
  243. punted coho

    Saltwater WA Albacore :-))

    Are you saying there’s a Cali guy in Westport?
  244. punted coho

    Roof rod rack

    Sorry, all I could see in your photo was slap shot lurking in the background.
  245. punted coho

    Saltwater MA-11 King

    No kings in area 11. Move along.
  246. punted coho

    Calstar 610 for Steve

    Looks great as usual. I love how well the sdpw matches the colors in the rod.
  247. punted coho

    Show off your handles

    What do you want to see Eva with slick butt? Woven? Shrink? Cork?
  248. punted coho

    Saltwater Shark week out of Ilwaco with a side of tuna

    You get a pic of the bite it took out of the boat?
  249. punted coho

    Advice? Packing gear for away trips.

    I pack my own gear for Alaska trips. Built rod tube out of pvc, glued a cap on one end and threaded cap on the other. Drilled a hole at an angle through the lid for a tsa lock. I wrap the rods with extra clothes and stuff. Reels in the checked luggage and try not to take too many heavy lures/...
  250. punted coho

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    Better start packing around a scoop of chovies and 1,000lbs of ice just in case.
  251. punted coho

    2019 PNW Lake Pacific Big Fish & Exotic Pics

    I just wanna see more sexy fish and big ladies. maybe I got it backwards.
  252. punted coho

    Rod Dog Arches in Anacortes

    Cool, thanks. Looking at maybe doing something similar soon. Checking out all the brackets I can.
  253. punted coho

    Rod Dog Arches in Anacortes

    Not a bad looking little glasply. Did it come with the motor bracket or know who built it?
  254. punted coho

    Saltwater Race for the Blue 2019

    If I remember right, one of them had a whole shit pile of gas cans on board to make the run too.
  255. punted coho

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Coming along nice. Looks like you do good work. Trying to decide if I have room in my life for a project boat to do something similar.
  256. punted coho

    Saltwater WP Tuna Sunday

    Nice. how are those electric reels trolling? Thought about trying it.
  257. punted coho

    Kill or no kill

  258. punted coho

    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    I thought tuna was expensive enough. Now we all gotta start buying 50 wides and shit?
  259. punted coho

    95 lb Bluefin Caught "up here"

    Oh shit it’s getting real....deep that is. Pics.
  260. punted coho

    WTC results 2019

    What the fucks with the pussy shit censorship? I’m seeing words like cockpit and glass partially censored elsewhere. I’m just trying to see if what I type changes or not.
  261. punted coho

    Be Careful of skipjack fisherman for sale O.C.

    Wow. I thought about looking at it up here when it was cheaper.
  262. punted coho

    Boner Rods

    So she handed him a boner rod, but then it was clearly bent.
  263. punted coho

    Ice management on Tuna trips

    Yep. That’s more like it.
  264. punted coho

    family friendly fishing boat advice needed

    I’d look at going smaller before going older/ shittier for what I’m guessing is a first boat. Cheaper to buy and cheaper/ easier to maintain. Figure out if you want glass or tin and do your research on what it takes to moor a boat in the salt. Especially if you end up going tin.
  265. punted coho

    Saltwater 2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    That’s the “I heard they bite on the turn” trolling pattern.
  266. punted coho

    family friendly fishing boat advice needed

    If you need it to fit in your garage, depending how tall your door is a lot of the glass walk arounds, trophy, striper etc.. may be too tall. Also pay attention to the overall length with the trailer. My 19’ Alumaweld was about 1” too long for my 24’ ish garage before I put the folding tongue on.
  267. punted coho

    Saltwater Fishing Albacore

    This time of year, whoever has an open spot. Now that the fish showed up they’ll all be fairly booked.
  268. punted coho

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    full spread of clones, Couple cedar plugs simple effective and takes up little space. big hammers and a handful of irons so you can turn a fish into several fish without bait or when you see jumpers. Pink/ white 140 butterfly if I was only to pack a few.
  269. punted coho

    Saltwater Too Much Tuna

    Yet here in Washington it is.
  270. punted coho

    Freshwater Sturgeon for an AZ kid

    That’s awesome. I miss sturgeon, it’s been a while.
  271. punted coho

    Half Tote Capacity

    Definitely more than 10. We haven’t had the pleasure of topping the half tote off with tuna yet as it just got added into the mix last season. The smak 1/2 tote I believe is 285 quart capacity so that may help you judge what fits in it since you probably know what you can get into coolers.
  272. punted coho

    Best DR replacement braid

    I started researching cheap braid when it became time to spool a pile of big reels. I’m a #200 power pro guy on my drs but if the knockoff brand line is made with actual spectra it will have a Honeywell label somewhere in the mix. I think this link had some good info on braid if I remember right...
  273. punted coho

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    So I’m a little bored in the hospital right now. Waiting for the kid to crawl out.
  274. punted coho

    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    Oh shit! Bayliner down.
  275. punted coho

    Tekota 500LC handle is tight

    I have 6 or 7 of them and it happens to about 1 each year. I’ve always had good luck dripping a little oil in between the handle and spinning it. I use the corrosion x stuff.
  276. punted coho

    Air Travel with rods - how do you do it?

    6” home built pvc rod tube. Reels and gear goes in checked luggage so I don’t have problems with hooks or line. I’ve heard sometimes line has to be removed from reels for carry on, depending on airline or who’s checking it. Also fly Alaskan and rods are on their list of sporting equipment with...
  277. punted coho

    Tuna tuna tuna

    bieber I like the tunas.
  278. punted coho

    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    It’s a dark blue attempt at an America wrap. But pretty much came out black. You could probably sneak in a little USA on the Canadian with it.
  279. punted coho

    Freezer thermometer alarms with WiFi connection?

    I need to get one of these too. Had a close call from a tripped breaker that went unnoticed a day or 2.
  280. punted coho

    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    The black one is what happens to black and white cord if you put spar on it straight. It’s faded out a bit and looks kinda cool now, but definitely not white. I put rod bond around the hook to secure and smooth everything out. Let me know if you want a hand. I’m kind of close.
  281. punted coho

    More shrimps

    Yeah. Week days. Lame.
  282. punted coho

    Interesting Launching Technique - Crab Opener

    No that’s just Everett...people do dumb shit there. It can be a great show. Especially at low tide. I think that’s where they test out the mercruiser mud skipper motors.
  283. punted coho

    First time for everything

    Bummer with the wife on board. Saw an adult doe fighting against the current hard trying to get towards vashon a couple years back. Deer are real good swimmers but don’t know shit about tides.
  284. punted coho

    Carolina style sport boat Center Console

    Cool looking boat. Keep the pics coming, I like these kind of threads.
  285. punted coho

    Cinnamon’s new dance floor

    Holy shit that’s a lot of room. She’s coming along nicely.
  286. punted coho

    Baker Lake Charter Recommendation

    Cal would be the guy
  287. punted coho

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Finally a thread dedicated to arguing about trucks.
  288. punted coho

    Avet vs. Tranx vs. Ryoga?

    I can cast much farther with my TranX 400 than any of my avets.
  289. punted coho

    Tackle Store in Japan... What to buy?

    I believe most do. I put such items in checked luggage to avoid difficulties.
  290. punted coho

    Porta porty

    Bucket. Porta potties are a nightmare.
  291. punted coho

    Time for new tabs

    ive Finally learned to buy it early, when trailer tabs expire on both boats. Last year I forgot to put the sticker on my boat till someone pointed it out on Labor Day.
  292. punted coho

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Yep, great deal on a tiderunner...not such a great deal for a major project tiderunner. Cool little boats though.
  293. punted coho

    New HALI DAYS!!!

    So can we get extra punch cards then to go with our extra days?
  294. punted coho

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Out of curiosity, what was the asking price?
  295. punted coho

    Fresh Pavement on the Tuna Highway

    I was going to ask who’s going exploring after Hali next week. I may bring a few clones and irons just in case. But I’m not too optimistic just yet.
  296. punted coho

    Saltwater Piggy Lingcod

    You’re not supposed to talk about lapusshhh. Now people will know there’s lingcod somewhere in the ocean.
  297. punted coho

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    those half totes in the half hulls are killer.
  298. punted coho

    2019-2020 WDFW Regs Are Out

    Co management obligations and test fishing huh? Sounds like it’s going to be great.
  299. punted coho

    2019-2020 WDFW Regs Are Out

    I’m scared to look....
  300. punted coho

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    Unless you have cannons then braid. 200lb power pro.
  301. punted coho

    reel for UC Monster

    Love my tran x for irons. I run 400 size for albacore in wa.
  302. punted coho

    Anyone looking for a fun charter?

    guns, rum and an extended trip? Where do we sign up?
  303. punted coho

    Upload error

    Got it trying to post response in classifieds. Don’t you fuckers realize that some of us like to get drunk and buy shit on here?
  304. punted coho

    Maui Jim’s

    Ok, fuck it. Been over ten years since I lost my last pair of these. Pm sent.
  305. punted coho

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Still haven’t seen it. Running work iPhone that has always had the gps shit turned off. Guess I’m paranoid of being tracked. In my garage drinking again if anyone cares yet.
  306. punted coho


    Rod if you want to try building your own I get Calcutta for gaffs from master garden supply in auburn. Only a couple bucks for an 8’ stick. They only had stained/ painted stuff last time I was in so I bought some black ones. I’ll probably try my hand at making a few at some Point.
  307. punted coho

    26 osprey repower

    Nice looking boats. Guess I need to start shopping for an osprey now.
  308. punted coho

    VanStaal Fighting Chair

    Right in the middle of the fucking living room. Oh it’s tempting.
  309. punted coho

    Starboard bait table

    I’ve mounted some things with these. Looks same or at least similar. Can’t tell. Also Miller marine makes some cool looking stuff to mount tables if your into spending money.
  310. punted coho

    Electric Reel choices

    I really like my Daiwa 750’s.
  311. punted coho

    Constant request for “My Location”

    I feel left out now. Haven’t been asked. My current location is in my garage though.
  312. punted coho

    Canada fishing trip up for grabs

    This place is on my list of fisheries to visit. Not this year though. Childbirth instead or I’d be on it. Hope you fill some seats and find some more commited dudes to fish with.
  313. punted coho

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    I’m looking for a bigger boat but that may be a bit excessive. Do like 50 guys want to go halves on it?
  314. punted coho

    No floaters!

    Missed one dammit. I was cautious and released the one I wasn’t 100% certain on. I didn’t look at the pics really before I started. Wanted to see how well I knew them already.
  315. punted coho

    No floaters!

    If the fins have black, send it back. They do look really similar. I too was impressed only to see a few floaters out there as opposed to years past.
  316. punted coho

    Trouble with tilt mechanism on f 9.9 yamaha Most recent thread I recall on these if it helps. Sounds like some years had worse tilt motors than others. Not sure where you took it but if a mechanic at a reputable shop suggested it, combined...
  317. punted coho

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    Thanks for putting this out there and keep the pics coming. I love these build threads. These boats are on my short list as well. Wife picked out a 28’ version for the next ride so i think I’m gonna let her have the win. Hope that shitter in the open doesn’t gas you guys out too bad.
  318. punted coho

    Neah Bean Bag?

    That’s awesome. And funny. Nice save.
  319. punted coho

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    we didn’t get checked at lapush either halibut day, but we did on Friday.
  320. punted coho

    Time Travel

    Can’t wait to see people’s responses to 10 yr old threads.
  321. punted coho

    Its in His blood!

    That’s awesome. Looks like some nice water too.
  322. punted coho

    Saltwater Help planning a Westport Albacore trip...

    I’d look at going in August. Just need to figure out if you want to do the big boat/ overnight trip or fast day boat in and out. Hard to go wrong with any of the 6 pack boats out of there. I can’t really say on the big boats as I don’t have much experience with them Don’t wait too long to...
  323. punted coho

    Saltwater Mutiny bay Halibut

    Yeah nothing new. They go right before us every year now. Wish there was a little more time between long line and sport season.
  324. punted coho

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    The go to colors for my personal rods however.
  325. punted coho

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Rookie here, haven’t shown any off yet but here’s a couple colors I’ve really liked. Black and green trout rod was for a 2 year olds birthday gift. This is my halibut rod I just finished. And my wife’s salmon rod, it’s all dirty and and she’s already probably caught a couple hundred coho...
  326. punted coho

    WTB: gaff

    I could probably set you up with something Calcutta if you’re not in a big hurry.
  327. punted coho

    Fishing reel covers

    I use a couple of the generic bass pro “ocean master” on my daiwa electric reels. Work fine for what I need and cheap. Come in a few sizes too.
  328. punted coho

    Boccaccio rock fish

    We ate some like 10+ years ago, no worse as table fare than true cod or sea bass, that has been forgotten in the bottom of the freezer, wedged behind some crab bait for a couple years
  329. punted coho

    Edmonds has one less fish eater.

    Fake news. Good shot though.
  330. punted coho

    Some Advice on antenna and placement

    I run an 8’, 6 dB on the 19’ alumaweld but mounted it on the side of the windshield so it lays down flat out of the way when I’m in the river. Plenty of range for where that boat goes.
  331. punted coho

    Advice on antenna and placement

    Probably best just to leave it here and wait for people to start fighting about trucks or something.
  332. punted coho

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    We burn through these annually if not more on my dads dreaded Volvo diesel. Had 1 blow up on the raw water cooler and it was a nightmare to chase down all the chunks, took several attempts to find all of it. Good catch. Probably Saved yourself a lot of headache.
  333. punted coho

    Rebuild begins

    Man that thing just looks awesome.
  334. punted coho

    BD Ad

    Looks like Ali eating a churro.
  335. punted coho

    Looking to borrow 15# finned downrigger mold + also have a few molds to lend myself

    I got a 15 you could use but I’m in Buckley work in Bellevue though.
  336. punted coho

    question re. prop guard vs trolling fins

    Mac’s x2. I can’t see any of them making much difference steering though.
  337. punted coho

    School Me on Moorage

    My dad keeps his boat at Tyee in the summer month to month. Pretty nice facility and not too expensive. 30’ slips are available. Not sure on their longer ones.
  338. punted coho

    MXJ use

    Live bait Albie reel. Sometimes shallow water lingcod.
  339. punted coho

    polarized glasses

    Hard to beat Maui’s great warranty too but doesn’t cover losing them so I’ve been rocking natives lately and like ‘em. Have had Smith, Oakley, Maui Jim, bunch of cheapies in the past. So far Other than Maui’s I like the natives the best.
  340. punted coho

    New BD Diamond Jig stickers

    Hey look there’s 1 on the trash bucket for my truck.
  341. punted coho

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    At least he’s not handing out bannanna hammocks.
  342. punted coho

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    Hide your rainiers, Copenhagen, and homely strippers Everett. The south Puget sound chapter of red beard crew is looking to fuck some shit up.
  343. punted coho

    Duckworth crapper

    Not a duck, but I have a 5 gallon holding tank that gets dumped with each use.... Someday I’ll have a boat where I won’t have to shit in a bucket anymore.
  344. punted coho

    Another moving to Washington thread

    It’s not too bad of an area man. I’m two towns over and about 10 miles from enumclaw. Product of the enumclaw school district and grew up at the local ski resort, about 45-1 hour away. Cross the river and your in a cheaper county. Local elk huntings not too bad if you go archery or muzzle loader...
  345. punted coho

    El Niño officially announced

    Man bear pig is a half man, half bear, half pig creature from South Park.
  346. punted coho

    Get em while they last!

    Probably has to do with this deal for the saltwater sportsman’s show coming up. Wonder how many they have in stock for that.
  347. punted coho

    Navionics question I’ve never understood the ducks.
  348. punted coho

    Tanacom 750

    Boat battery. Scotty Downrigger plugs.
  349. punted coho

    18# Downrigger Balls For Sale

    I don’t know if my riggers have enough balls for those balls but I like that lead melting apparatus.
  350. punted coho

    Tanacom 750

    I run the Scotty plugs on mine and keep a spare set of power cords with the alligator clips still on them. 1 fucker out of 6 or so boats I fish on had to buy cannons. Also I’m covered when there’s more electric reels than plug ins or cord failure. I may rig an extension for 1 of the power cords...
  351. punted coho

    Tanacom 750

    I got a couple 750’s. Work great for what we do in that 500’ to 800’ range. Mine are spooled with 65lb and I’m pretty happy with the whole setup. Anything under $500 isn’t a bad deal. I used other people’s 1000’s before buying 750’s.
  352. punted coho

    Worst boat names

    Saw a ski boat a few years back called “the shitter”
  353. punted coho

    Load question with lumber

    If it were me, with a shop like that I would skip the elevator shelf all together and get a forklift and some pallets. But that’s me and opinions are like assholes.
  354. punted coho

    We need your help Washington

    When does my reel arrive?
  355. punted coho

    2 dog crates and 2 150-165 quart coolers

    I’ll take 2nd cooler off your hands if it’s still available.
  356. punted coho

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Been playing around with it. Landed a few tuna on a jig rod with it this year, and quite a few coho with it. Easier to cast than a blood knot.
  357. punted coho

    Cost of New Outboards?

    The power on my drift boat can be shitty and unreliable, with steering issues. Much like the force 120’s of my childhood.
  358. punted coho

    Deck Boot Reviews

    Xtratuf for me. Buddy bought the grundens and they seemed really slippery.
  359. punted coho

    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    That was the first name to pop into my head.
  360. punted coho

    Guess what fish

    I hope it’s a tuna.
  361. punted coho

    Guess what fish

    Cod? I’ve caught a couple this year on the surface.
  362. punted coho

    Shimano Torium HGLH new in box sealed.

    What size? I might know a guy that uses reels with the handle on the wrong side.
  363. punted coho

    fishing Coho without the downriggers ??

    I always run a delta diver out the back for 3rd rod. Lot of the time it’s the most productive rod for coho. Last weekend the diver rod was on fire running so shallow I could see my flasher in the prop wash.
  364. punted coho

    Speaking of Tuna

    Yeah that’s it. Can’t miss it. Right in the middle of everything.
  365. punted coho

    Boat Launch on Puyallup River?

    Sent you a pm. Turned into lots of words. I’d be Leary of all the bank traffic and getting flossed unless in the tide water.
  366. punted coho

    Saltwater 8-25/8-26 tuna boat ride, mackerel, salmon

    Didn’t realize they were mackerel at first. Threw swimbaits, pink/white butterfly jigs and live chovies. They hit everything.
  367. punted coho

    Saltwater 8-25/8-26 tuna boat ride, mackerel, salmon

    Those mackerel are going to taste great after soaking in a pot for a couple hours.
  368. punted coho

    Saltwater It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,sort of

    I carry spares bearings, tools, fully loaded spare hub now. Problem I keep having is salty lug nuts breaking or stripping. Been on the side of the road without even a jack before and that sucked (took toolbox out of truck for camper in a hurry) never again. Wheel bearing Boy Scout now. Also...
  369. punted coho

    Brad’s Super Baits and Coho

    Trolling around the CR buoy right now catching coho on brads and chovies on divers. Naked and with a flasher. If you want to cast them try smashing pencil lead flat and close it inside. Seen guys do that for river coho with the smaller ones.
  370. punted coho

    EGR Delete

    My dad deleted all the shit on his 6.4 and has had good results. I’ll be doing away with all my unnecessary bullshit next year. Still got a few miles left on the warranty.
  371. punted coho

    You may be hardcore.....

    Thanks to a wife that thinks a week of fishing in Alaska is an appropriate honey moon. also to the guys that come straight to a wedding in Buckley from la push. With boat in tow.
  372. punted coho

    Saltwater 6-30 MA 3

    Nice work even with lower than average beard content. Sorry I couldn’t contribute to this one. She would have shit a chicken if I went to la push day before our wedding.
  373. punted coho

    Bellevue/Maple Valley to La Push

    I’m headed to la push fri night. Work in Bellevue. Pass through maple valley daily if you still need a drug mule.
  374. punted coho

    Using iPad for a plotter

    Ram mounts with the suction. Or I just toss it on the dash. I tote my iPad w/navionics US&canada on several different boats I fish out of. App isn’t quite as accurate as the real deal, there’s been some structure we’ve located on the iPad that couldn’t be found in real life. It’s a handy backup...
  375. punted coho

    Intersting Math

    what a joke. Considering a lot of guys either stayed in fri, or fished inside. And I didn’t hear much happening inside.
  376. punted coho

    Some boat stuff

    Also I heard stainless toe rail pipe jigs work good too. Not just copper.
  377. punted coho

    Some boat stuff

    Gimme the old bait table. I’ll put it in the alumaweld. I meant to ask about it when I saw the new one.
  378. punted coho

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    Also ling cod cheeks. I’m guilty of wasting those as well. Most of my carks go in garden or crab pot.
  379. punted coho

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    I read that in a magazine or something years ago. Never tried it either. It’s feeling like I throw half the meat away.
  380. punted coho

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    Makes sense. Never tried it. Got a friend who raves about doing the same with salmon carks. That’s probably more common though.
  381. punted coho

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    I didn’t hear exactly how or where they got into trouble and my post may seem misleading. I mean to say the boat that spotted them had arrived in the area to fish. Not sure how close the one that went down actually was or what led up to it. Don’t want to spread false info. It made sense in my...
  382. punted coho

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    I had a friend on the rescue boat as well. Or one of them? Thought he said a 2nd boat pulled in one survivor. I don’t know. Not really the part of the story I focused in on. The way I’d heard it they pulled into hole in the wall to fish sea bass and heard “something” and started spotting debris...
  383. punted coho

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Happened about 5:00 pm.
  384. punted coho

    Saltwater Mission Outdoors LaPush Lingcod Derby - Huge Success!

    Great times for sure. This event will most likely be an annual one for us.
  385. punted coho

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Excellent. My dad was trying to pick one up a few weeks back. They were out. I need another one too.
  386. punted coho

    Rod Holders for Electric Reels?

    Oh. The clampy thing. Yeah. My bad. That reel hasn't even been spooled with line yet. It will have the clamp and live on a different rod. And probably won't fit in that holder afterwards.
  387. punted coho


    I had to go back and see what looked like a urinal. Didn't notice this boat has 3 sinks the 1st time through. Thats a lot of hand washing. At least it appears through my tiny shitty cell phone pictures that hewes finally put a self bailing deck in one of their boats.
  388. punted coho

    Rod Holders for Electric Reels?

    Hands..... if your into that whole pipejig and catching fish thing. But my tanacom 750 fits nice in Scotty striker.
  389. punted coho

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Also, I heard sportco is sold out of tanacoms at the moment. Apparently everyone wanted one with their 20% off coupon.
  390. punted coho

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    i thought electric reels were gay, or for old or disabled people. Until I used one. If I'm fishing shallow water I go as light of gear as I can. Butts are actually kinda fun on salmon rods. Offshore though 500+ feet? Fuck it. I'm grocery shopping with a 3lb pipe jig.
  391. punted coho

    Boat Combo Rod Help

    The thrashers are sick. And I've been meaning to get one or two. One spinning rod for rockfish to tuna seems like a pretty wide spread. I look at it as an excuse to buy more rods, but I might be fucked up. I like to use bass spinning rods for targeting rockfish. Or salmon rods sometimes too.
  392. punted coho

    Shop recommendations

    I'd check with auburn sports.
  393. punted coho

    Owner Cutting Point vs Mustad Ultrapoint for Salmon?

    Haven't tried the mustards. I've been using cutting point owners for a while now.
  394. punted coho

    Spring Cleaning!!

    I go one day without looking at the classifieds.
  395. punted coho

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    No problems with my 9.9 so far. Only a couple years old. Had t-8 before with a lot of hours till someone wanted it more than me. Only problem it ever had was starter relays after 10 years of abuse.
  396. punted coho

    As We Say Goodbye to Pacific Motel & RV Park

    That place was/is a piece of my childhood. My family spent a lot of weekends at the rv park 20 some years ago. I don’t get as many Westport trips as I’d like these days but I remember as a kid being greeted with “hi-hi” every time we checked in, the clean facilities, and the old pool table they...
  397. punted coho

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    Beneath the port side bench seat in my boat is my tackle box. But when I ho myself out on other boats, which happens a lot. The green cabelas magnum tackle bag has been going strong and making me happy for Years. And a bucket. Sometimes I just throw some shit in a bucket.
  398. punted coho

    Halibut WTF

    $100 weekend? I think you spelled "day" wrong.
  399. punted coho

    iPad for year helm?

    I run an iPad as kind of a backup / extra unit. Navionics app and it lets me have my cords no matter which boat I'm on. I use my work iPad so not really much $$ into it. Not as good as installing another display but it's nice that it's separate and one more kind of backup to get me home in the...
  400. punted coho

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    I Hope I see someone holding a downrigger in their hands winching up a butt someday.
  401. punted coho

    New Yamaha 9.9

    and it doesn't match my main.
  402. punted coho

    New Yamaha 9.9

    Got Yami 9.9 after my t-8 got stolen. Love it.
  403. punted coho

    A true American Hero

    Sorry, I'll try harder next week
  404. punted coho

    A true American Hero

    It's here's a WA steelhead from last week.
  405. punted coho

    Saltwater Rod/Reel Advise

    You don't need a real fancy rod to tow divers around. can run pretty much whatever rod as long as it's stout enough that the diver doesn't bend the rod in half. I use 10'6" med-heavy rods with tekota 500lc for that type of fishery. I'm kind of a rod snob but for the money the okuma sst or...
  406. punted coho

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    broke a different brand rod holder 10-15 years ago and lost a rod. I don't set the drag as tight any more and that seems to help. Haven't broken any of the scottys yet.
  407. punted coho

    Smoke salmon dip

    I use the amazing smoker tray as well for my smoked cheese. I just put cheese on the top rack of my BBQ since my smoker racks add a fishy taste for some reason. Couple hours of smoke and about a week wrapped up in paper towels in the fridge to make it not taste like a campfire.
  408. punted coho

    Lowrance gen 2 sonar hub???

    Less sonar, more outboards.
  409. punted coho

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    Coho like punk rock, Kings like metalica, butts are more about some Johnny cash. Steelhead the stereo is off. My boat can't tuna, so whatever tunes are on I'm just happy to be along for the ride.
  410. punted coho

    Lowrance LMS 525 Sonar/GPS Combo

    I'm still running that model on my sled.
  411. punted coho

    Halibut dates are out.....

    I really miss that coho fishery.
  412. punted coho

    Weird trim issue on Yamaha 8hp

    I had switch problems on my t-8 before it got stolen.
  413. punted coho

    2012 Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin

    Fine looking vessel. Can't say I've seen one of those before.
  414. punted coho

    Halibut dates are out.....

    Looks like same bullshit dates as last years. Is this years bullshit quota the same as last years too? 11 day season with quota to last a few days.
  415. punted coho

    Storing fishing rods in garage

    The ones I use most tend to stay in garage for convenience. But I live in WA, and I don't think my garage has ever hit 80*
  416. punted coho

    Multi colored braid?

    Top shot. Braid color doesn't matter much with enough flouro between it and the fish.
  417. punted coho

    Would you use Salt Away for your reel?

    Many years of spraying reels with the garden hose after every trip while rinsing the boat off and no problems. I'm pretty hard on gear and have several reels with 10+ years of abuse with a freshwater rinse minimal maintenance in the off season that are still going strong and work as they did...
  418. punted coho

    Vacuum Sealer Machines

    I have a Westin, don't remember the model couple hundred bucks ish. It has a wider sealing strip than food savers I've had in the past and I've noticed it stays sealed better/longer because of the wider seal. I'm happy with it, going on a couple years. Sealed a lot of fish with it.
  419. punted coho

    Braid under mono?

    Decided to learn the fg. Will have to test my ability to tie seeing how it holds up throwing spinners and jigs for coho. Not likely to get another tuna trip this year.
  420. punted coho

    is anyone missing a t8?

    I'm missing one. But not that one.
  421. punted coho

    Beautiful Boat

    Great, now I'm shopping for old Bertrams online. Like I have time for this kind of project in my life.
  422. punted coho

    Jig mold

    I got the 3/8 and 1/2 round one for twitching jigs. You're welcome to use it. I'm in Buckley, work in Seattle. Shoot me a pm if ya want.
  423. punted coho

    No Yeti products for me

    $40 bucket? Finally a yeti product I can afford
  424. punted coho

    Saltwater Bloodydecks Tees & Hats are 25% Off for 1 More Day

    Will there be stickers available again?
  425. punted coho

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    Looks better already.
  426. punted coho

    Saltwater I heard a rumor

    No fish in area 11. They all have moved into 13.
  427. punted coho

    Saltwater Atlantic Salmon

    Has anybody eaten one yet? Saw a few hit the dock at sekiu this weekend. One clos to 15 lbs.
  428. punted coho

    I'll just leave this right here.
  429. punted coho

    Shimano Shimano tekota baitcaster

    Great reels. I have 5 of the 500 size. Not great to cast though. Mine are mostly used for trolling.
  430. punted coho

    Where to post discussion topics here again? Westport jetty

    I've caught salmon very close to the jetty and know people who catch salmon casting from other jetties with big spinners, so probably doable. I think it's open till the 22nd.
  431. punted coho

    Product testers wanted

    What weight do they come in?
  432. punted coho

    Saltwater Area 11 advices?

    Like others have said. Go early and fish the tides. Clay banks on out going tide. Most fish I have caught this year have been between 5 and 7 am. I still fish around the tides when I can. Find the bait ball and get below it. fish will be there. (Probably) don't be afraid to go deep. and troll...
  433. punted coho

    It's come down to this...

    My phones a piece of shit. "When lings are open"
  434. punted coho

    It's come down to this...

    A kid at work did a charter in the sound that his family booked recently and said they went flounder fishing. I did not know that was a thing....... I offered to take him sand dab fishing next year when area open.
  435. punted coho

    Duramax help

    i have a beater 01 spare truck that does the same sometimes and it has a leaky injector and possible bad fuel pressure regulator. Leak in fuel system or water in fuel can cause it too. Any codes or check engine light on? Not a mechanic but I've had about every problem possible with that truck.
  436. punted coho

    Macs on a t9.9

    I didn't read the words on mine. Guess I fucked up. Mine will probably just get stolen again before it can corrode.
  437. punted coho

    Boat tabs ?

    My dads boat is documented At the time thought it was to get out of tabs. Not the case.
  438. punted coho

    Macs on a t9.9

    Or drill it from the top? Pretty sure that's what I did. I eyeballed it held it with my hand and drilled through the holes in the macs with the 1/4 bit and bolted as I went.
  439. punted coho

    Macs on a t9.9

    I went on top with mine. Just kinda wiggled it around till I liked the clearance. Got it away from zinc though.
  440. punted coho

    Does anyone know if you get in trouble for towing deer around in the bay?

    I've seen them swim a ways before. Never watched one fight the current for so long backtrolling though. Figured I'd do more harm if I tried to duck with it. Just had me wondering what the law was thing looked pretty buoyant.
  441. punted coho

    Does anyone know if you get in trouble for towing deer around in the bay?

    Out in area 11 today there was a doe swimming and struggling in the current. Thought about trying to tie back towards shore. I thought it was coming from vashon to the clay banks and was getting close so I figured it was almost there. Saw it later as we were pulling up and it eventually turned...
  442. punted coho

    12-digit HIN # requirement

    Right on the top of ass end for my 06 alumaweld sled if it helps. 12 digits on mine. I got worried but I bought tabs in feb when trailer tabs expired. This may be the first year fishing 4th of July without expired tabs.
  443. punted coho

    Saltwater MA 11 Report

    We hit area 11 for an evening cruise. Only got a shaker 2 sand dabs and a derelict crab pot. Nice work.
  444. punted coho

    Saltwater Red Butt

    Fukushima butt.
  445. punted coho

    Bottom fish descender

    seaquilizer for sure.
  446. punted coho

    Edmonds Kingston ferry closed

    That's gayer than shit.
  447. punted coho


    Staying at sekiu next week and burning some fuel.
  448. punted coho

    Electric reel recommendations?

    Daiwa tanacom 1000 do a pretty good job. Probably most affordable one that isn't junk.
  449. punted coho

    Boat decals

    looks good. I pinched the barbs for ya.
  450. punted coho

    Back-bouncing rod question

    I use cheap lamiglas x-11 one piece 8' 15-40lb rods for wa chinook. they're also my "light" lingcod rods. Been holding up well abusing them over last few years.
  451. punted coho

    Calling BloodyDecker's to get off your ass!!! House Bill 1229

    Done. A week ago. Haven't received any reply yet.
  452. punted coho

    Winter boat projects.

    Winter project.....keep the boat running and catch steelhead
  453. punted coho

    Boat stuff, make offer

    Yeah but it makes kind of a whining sound in rough water sometimes.
  454. punted coho

    Boat stuff, make offer

    Bummer you don't have the ez steer anymore.