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  1. T.Bui

    How long until the Fluorocarbon will deteriorate?

    Still catching fish on 15-20 year old fluoro.
  2. T.Bui

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    I haven’t done this since college but how many signatures do I need on a petition to change the classifieds back to how they were? Or has anyone setup a yet?
  3. T.Bui

    Pairing rod w/Fthm 40LD2

    If you must, the xh out of the three. If you can spend $200, PCH 741xxh.
  4. T.Bui

    60-80lb rod options

    Another thought: if you can fish 80, fish 100.
  5. T.Bui

    60-80lb rod options

  6. T.Bui

    60-80lb rod options

    Centaur is more of an 80, 100 in a pinch, rod. The 76 Raptor is a 60, light 80, rod.
  7. T.Bui

    Blank ID 1155M-9

    Prototype R&D rod?
  8. T.Bui

    Reviews of Tern 600XN - thinking of buying

    I've been also thinking about the Tern 600XN for mainly wahoo and a backup yoyo. I think the NN might be good for just wahoo and not yoyo, I kind of like the versatility because I'm not made of money.
  9. T.Bui

    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    I have the same Centaur setup as you and I also have a Viper with the Mak 20. I bring both on long trips. It’s a little bit of insurance to have overlapping rigs. I use the Viper for mostly dropper loop and the Centaur rigged up for trolling. I’ve used both for flat fall and sinker. I would add...
  10. T.Bui

    Has anyone added a reel seat to deckhand jig stick?

    Super easy. Did it on my 900 Wahoo. Thin blank, no big taper so the reel seat doesn’t look oversized on the rod.
  11. T.Bui

    What do you use your Fathom 40nld2 for?

    To kill and kill, it did.
  12. T.Bui

    Alps lxn for 20 lb rod

    I used mxn’s on my last 20# rod. Wrapping another 20# with mxn’s.
  13. T.Bui

    San Diego Fish Processing

    For a PM return, call fast and easy fish pickup And five star.
  14. T.Bui

    100lb setup on a budget

    Avet HXW Raptor and an Okuma PCH 741XXXXH or XXXH. $800, add on line and you’re OTD for $1k. Personally, if I didn’t have 1k to spend on a new 100# setup then I would wait until I have the funds. I wouldn’t feel comfortable fighting a huge fish on gear that’s borderline.
  15. T.Bui

    Need help with color scheme Green, brown, gray
  16. T.Bui

    Which Okuma Rail Rod?

    Maybe this will help your decision making. The PCH rods are a great value.
  17. T.Bui

    Rod Builders / Repair in East Bay Cali

    Does he have a website of social media?
  18. T.Bui

    Rod Builders / Repair in East Bay Cali

    I live in Castro Valley, Jon in San Jose is who I hit up when I need some rod work done.
  19. T.Bui

    SKB 7200 custom

    I used a small SS hog ring to to make my connection, only because I had it or I would have just tied it too.
  20. T.Bui

    SKB 7200 custom

    I liked the way you did it and changed mine out to copy yours. Thanks.
  21. T.Bui

    SKB 7200 custom

  22. T.Bui

    SKB 7200 custom

  23. T.Bui

    Socal Arsenal

    Where’s your 40# setup? Right now I’m fishing: 20# bait TX-300 or TRX300a; 80 XF 25-30# bait TN16A; 80 Mega 40# bait A5II; 80 Monster 40-50# bait MK10; 80 Tilefish 40# surface iron TRX500; 900 Wahoo TN20A; 900 Reaper 60# yoyo/bombs JX Raptor; 76 Predator 60# bait 15T; 76 Raptor 80#...
  24. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    The Tilefish is a beast. I fish 40 on it but most of the time it’s 50.
  25. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    UC have said before that their brochure has typos, I think the line rating for the 76 Predator is wrong too. The 80 Monster is a 30-60. The R is the designation for factory wrapped.
  26. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    Actually I did do 35# on the Viper.
  27. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    I only went up to 30#. I don’t have a 4X PCH, would love to see how it pulls.
  28. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    10 and 7 pounds.
  29. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    40# line options
  30. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    The Tilefish is a beast of a rod.
  31. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    Rods named first are the ones on top (faster action) or darker in color. Shadows made some of the images difficult to look at.
  32. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    Surprisingly, the Phenix was almost identical to the Raptor.
  33. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    I posted some pictures of me pulling on some of my rods yesterday but I wanted to directly compare them in a static position and overlay the differences. So here are some of them so far.
  34. T.Bui

    UC bent rods

    Sold a lot of my Seekers and Calstars a couple years ago. I have some left, will pull on them some other time.
  35. T.Bui

    UC bent rods

    Last ones for the day...
  36. T.Bui

    UC bent rods

    And more...
  37. T.Bui

    UC bent rods

    Some more...
  38. T.Bui

    UC bent rods

    Here’s a Phenix and a Seeker to compare to the 80XF.
  39. T.Bui

    UC bent rods

    Yup, I fish 30 on my mega. It does fine.
  40. T.Bui

    UC bent rods

    Here’s a few more UC’s and some Okuma’s to compare. I can post up some more later, 76 Pred- Raptor-Centaur-Viper, 741 2X and 3X, 90 Monster, 900 Wahoo and Reaper.
  41. T.Bui

    Offshore Cobalt Sport Fishing

    I think they were mentioned on Let’s Talk Hookup today.
  42. T.Bui


    A lot of my mods were ones that I found online. Still need to find a way to make use of the bottom of the jig area.
  43. T.Bui

    UC bent rods

    No but saw a video of one. I think it was an 85 Mag. No idea what the cause was, likely operator error.
  44. T.Bui

    composite blank recommendations

    Maybe take a look at the US 70 Monster or Wahoo Jr?
  45. T.Bui

    76 Centaur for Bui

    Just saw this. Thanks, Jake!
  46. T.Bui

    Bogus fish counts

    Thanks for the laugh. BTW, aku makes killer poke.
  47. T.Bui

    Coldest bunk room

    I was in the Pacific Islander last month. It was warm but I always bring a small battery powered clip-on fan with me on smaller boats. Of course, LR boats like the Excel or Searcher are always nice and cold. Last week I was in room 11 on the Searcher, top bunk in the left, vent points right to...
  48. T.Bui

    Phenix Black Diamond hybrid VS UC Raptor

    My money goes to UC, made in the US, here in CA. I have over 10 UC rods and pull hard on them. They have not let me down yet. I have a 76 Raptor that I fish 60# with, used to fish 80# on it.
  49. T.Bui

    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    For example, FTH400LP versus Revo T3 BST60-HS versus SQL400LP.
  50. T.Bui

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    Got my check yesterday too. No refund for braid. Your braid will come back with the reel when it's fixed.
  51. T.Bui

    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    That's true.
  52. T.Bui

    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    What's up with the huge difference on the 400? Considering getting a 400 for my dad to use with 30# line, will be using 40# braid backing and about 100 yards 30# mono.
  53. T.Bui

    First 1.5day trip - Rod/Reel Help

    I'm also from the Bay Area (Castro Valley) and make it down there a few times a year. Gone on an 8, 1.5, 2.5 so far this year, 3 day this weekend. Every trip is different and it depends on where the boat is going. Last trip the boat didn't go for the dorados, we went to Tanner for half the day...
  54. T.Bui

    Sell me your 30# Setups

    I have a used UC US 80 Mega that I will let go for $200. I'll be down at the landing Friday morning. Some scratches on the finish, pictured, does not compromise the blank.
  55. T.Bui

    Roberts wrap on a graphiter?

    Acid wrapped 9’ jig stick casted this wax wing just fine.
  56. T.Bui

    1-8 Day Quiver what do you NEED?

    30# bait, TN16A, 80 Mega 40# bait, A5II, 80 Monster 50# bait, MK10II, 80 Tilefish 60# bait, MK15TII, 76 Raptor 80# bait/troll, MK16II, 76 Centaur 100# bait/dropper, MK20II, 76 Viper 40# jig, TRX500HG, 900 Reaper 40# jig, TN20A, 900 Wahoo 50# yoyo, JX Raptor, 76 Predator Of course, my friend on...
  57. T.Bui

    Upgrading a Tackle Bag During Covid

    You’re giving me ideas on how to improve my SKB backpack. Would it be easier using rivets instead of screws?
  58. T.Bui


    Just measured the bag. It’s 5” X 8”.
  59. T.Bui


    I used the rubber wall mount door knob stop.
  60. T.Bui


    I just found two molle pouches on amazon around 4” by 6”. Cut the vertical straps off the back and screwed it in with short screws and fender washers.
  61. T.Bui


    I copied you and also added two molle pouches on each side for bigger spools of fluoro.
  62. T.Bui

    9" Blanks?

    Did I win?
  63. T.Bui

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    You guys make lures?
  64. T.Bui


    That looks great. I may have to remove the picture hanger loops that I have on my lid and do this.
  65. T.Bui

    New American Tackle CRSD-18-1K & 3K Reel Seat

    I have a Fuji reel seat on my 900 Reaper and the hood started to rust after only one trip. Going to try out this next week.
  66. T.Bui

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    I just got the call too.
  67. T.Bui

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    Did anyone get a call from Okuma today? I got an email from Scott at Okuma asking for my number to fill me in on something about parts for the reel.
  68. T.Bui

    Factory UC Raptor 7'6 rod

    I’m in NorCal and stopped by Island Tackle off the 405 to pick up the sane rod for a friend the other day on my way down to SD. They had 3-4 of them.
  69. T.Bui

    UC blank selection help

    I have an 80 Mega that I use for 25-30, an 80 Monster that I use for 40 and probably could do 30 on it if needed. I have a 80 Tilefish for 40-50. Also getting an 80 XF soon that will be for 20.
  70. T.Bui

    Other Tuna Fishing advice/ setup/ reels

    Why don't you just rent from the landing or see if the RP has loaner gear?
  71. T.Bui

    JX Raptor Line Capacity

    I have 400 yds of 65# JB.
  72. T.Bui

    Looking for a New Lefty HX Raptor

    Anyone know where I can find a new on in SoCal? TIA.
  73. T.Bui

    Looking for a New FTH30LD2LH

    Anyone know where I can find a leftY 30LD2 in SoCal? TIA.
  74. T.Bui

    United Composites RCE700 H-C 30-50

    I have one but I’m in NorCal.
  75. T.Bui

    Offshore Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc I like this one, not too expensive
  76. T.Bui

    Is the 15TSea enough?

    For that rod at least a Mak 16, Mak 20 would be better.
  77. T.Bui

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    Does anyone have an Alijos that works? They should take these reels off the market and refund everyone.
  78. T.Bui

    Daiwa Lexa 400 HD Lube Instructions

    WTF. I’ve never heard of this before. Fished my Lexa straight out of the box just fine. Disassembled and cleaned every year.
  79. T.Bui

    My blue camo 15T for your silver or gunmetal 15T

    Anyone in the SF Bay Area have a Mak 15T in silver or gun metal and some cash that wants to trade for a blue camo 15T? BNIB, never fished. The reel is spooled with 60# JB hollow. Not looking to trade for anything else. I’ll be down at Fisherman’s Landing on 8/10.
  80. T.Bui

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    I went with graphite on my Reaper to keep it light and slim.
  81. T.Bui

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    How long have you been waiting? I just sent my Alijos 5 in last week. When going from freespool to strike, sometimes it would be at 12#, but sometimes 10 or 14#. I also noticed the preset knob with one click clockwise or counter clockwise the drag would change by 4-5#. I opened up the reel when...
  82. T.Bui

    SS OSP 1X3 or PCH 7'4XXXH?

    They use PCH and Seeker. My dad uses the 741xxxh for 80-100, works, no issues.
  83. T.Bui

    New To Tuna Fishing

    Just go, you can rent gear that you need. If you want to buy a new rig then a Fathom 40NLD2, $300, and a PCH 741XXH, $200. That should cover your 50-60# bait/flatfall and 80#, if needed. Next rig would be something for 20-30#, a Fathom 15SD, $200, and a PCH 801MH, $175. Or a Fathom 25NLD2...
  84. T.Bui

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    Get a Davis Cortez/Bahia or a Farallon Walkaround.
  85. T.Bui

    Mak 15Tii SEa Matte Black - OC or Ship

    Charkbait has no matte black 15T’s. I asked yesterday.
  86. T.Bui

    Advice on ice chest ...s

    Four of us drove back to NorCal last month with processed fish from Fisherman’s, almost 1000# of YT and 200# of BFT and YFT before processing. We made it back at 9pm with very little ice loss. Fish were in a couple kill bags, roto molded coolers and one 120qt Igloo.
  87. T.Bui

    Rod clamp?

  88. T.Bui


    I expected the Fathom 15XN, but I expect to see a new 8XN. Tell me more.
  89. T.Bui

    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    No power knob on the Fathom 400?
  90. T.Bui

    September 3 day set ups....

    Get a Fathom 12 star drag for 15-20# line. You don’t need a lever drag for that. In fact, I have a 15LD2 that is setup for 30# that I have never used.
  91. T.Bui

    Intro to LR rods

    Torium 16 is a 30# bait reel or a 40# surface iron reel, and too much for the 900L. I wouldn’t throw iron with that rod. I would spend money on a 25-30# and a 40# bait rig before getting into throwing jigs. You can use almost any of your bait rigs if you want to throw a Colt Sniper, no need for...
  92. T.Bui

    Offshore United composite RCE Monster or Wahoo in an 8 foot model for throwing jigs

    I have a CE 900 Wahoo, US 90 Monster, GP 900 Reaper. I have a TN20A, FTH25N, and Tranx 500HG on them. I pulled on a CE 900 Monster, too, and a Lexa 400 could work. I'm getting a 85 Mega and would probably put a Lexa HD 400 on it. If it's a deckhand rod, get a DFP clamp.
  93. T.Bui

    Trinidad 20a handle knob clicking

    Might as well change the white knob to black while you’re at it.
  94. T.Bui

    Trinidad 20a handle knob clicking

    Super easy to service that part. I ordered parts from Shimano in May and got them in about a week.
  95. T.Bui

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    I’m about to join the club... sending my Alijos in. Drag is inconsistent at strike, sometimes it’s 13# and sometimes it’s 10#. One click counterclockwise on the preset knob, it’s 7#. Then two clicks on the knob clockwise it’s 15#.
  96. T.Bui

    Anyone fish the new Cavalla yet?

    Excel has Cavalla's for their loaner gear. Works fine, just like Metaloids.
  97. T.Bui

    UC 76 Centaur 60-100

    You ever make your way up to SF Bay Area, I'll take it.
  98. T.Bui

    Big Bluefin sport boat reel options

    I've seen these big bluefin landed on small 40# gear with 350 yards of braid, and two big BFT over 120+ landed with TLD20 rental gear. For 60# line, a HX Raptor, 80-100# line, HXW Raptor.
  99. T.Bui

    Rail Rod for LR trips

    I have UC rods but I bought an Okuma PCH 741 XXXH for my dad to use for big BFT and dropper loop. He pulled on 8 30-40# YT down at the rocks a week and a half ago, I was very impressed with the rod and will be buying a few more.
  100. T.Bui

    40 Ominous Storm Photos

    Link’s broken.
  101. T.Bui

    Mod delete today

    Amazon had the 3X down to $174 a few weeks ago. Okuma PCH Custom Lightweight Carbon Fishing Rods- PCH-C-741XXXH
  102. T.Bui

    SOLD ------ Custom Calstar Grafighter 800XL

    Tempting. I’ll be in San Clemente on Sunday.
  103. T.Bui

    Brand new Makaira 30 and 20 for sale

    Is the Mak 20 Spooled and is it an sea?
  104. T.Bui

    Setting up boat for SF bay

    Get a fortress anchor. I’ve had that and a Delta but the Fortress is easier to store. I like running braid on my downriggers, Scotty 2106 or 2116. EZ Puller for crab, Ace is ok but EZ is a lot better. Both have option to mount on your DR bases. Mine was through the gunnel and a deck base...
  105. T.Bui

    Tuna water?

    The guide is about 50 miles from HMB, Davidson is about 65 from the point in Monterey. Guys look every year and cover a lot of ground. Beyond Pioneer, Guide, Gumdrop, Dogbone, there’s rarely anything reported out past those spots.
  106. T.Bui

    Advice on fishing small circle hooks

    Here’s a demon next to some mutus. The 1/0 demon next to a 1/0 mutu is significantly smaller, it’s closer to a 4 mutu.
  107. T.Bui

    What brand outrigger is this?

  108. T.Bui

    What brand outrigger is this?

  109. T.Bui

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    It was a false alarm, PQ updated their post. We're still waiting for Sacramento.
  110. T.Bui

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    I can’t find anything either. Nothing from other boats, no evidence on the county’s site or in the media. I don’t want to get my hopes up.
  111. T.Bui

    Question for you defiance owners

    An accessory outlet?
  112. T.Bui

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    Can you ask your bro in law when they expect to hear back from the governor?
  113. T.Bui

    Offshore Did June heat leave on rr3 leave

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it did.
  114. T.Bui

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    The board sounds confused as I am.
  115. T.Bui

    Sponsored by U.C 3 DAY

    UC rods to use, rod and swag giveaways
  116. T.Bui

    Copyright infrin

    I have both, to me, they don't feel the same. Very similar, it's like Chevy vs. GMC.
  117. T.Bui

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    That trip is still on?
  118. T.Bui

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Just find a trip on any boat that fits your schedule. I have never had such a horrible experience on any LR boat that would make me not want to come back.
  119. T.Bui

    Charkbait customer service

    It might be Covid-19 related. A lot of businesses laid off their workforce when SIP started so employees can collect UI. Online sales likely increased significantly but staffing didn’t.
  120. T.Bui

    2 Meter Radio Recommendations

    Icom 2300 and do the mars mod. Digital dual band 8’ antenna.
  121. T.Bui

    BNIB Trinidad 20a and Tranx 500HG

    Inverted eyelids are a real thing?
  122. T.Bui

    San Diego full day boats $200

    $200 and 30 pax vs 50 is muy bueno.
  123. T.Bui

    Jig stick/Trinidad question

    My 16a came with a clamp. I like the 20a more than my 16a for surface iron.
  124. T.Bui

    Charkbait customer service

    I did the same thing last Sunday and emailed them right away. To my surprise, Sergey emailed back within 15 minutes, at 1am, that they will take care of it.
  125. T.Bui

    Braided line to mono then to fluorocarbon why?

    Mono is a lot easier to untangle than braid, especially on a sport boat.
  126. T.Bui

    Tranx to Lexa 300

    I have both and like both, the Lexa HD 300HS-P and the Tranx 300HG. Both have been used for the past few seasons to fly line bait on 20# line. The Lexa has a little more line capacity, wider and shorter spool than the Tranx. It has a mag cast control and stainless gears, smooth enough for me...
  127. T.Bui

    Switch to UC

    My current lineup for 20-50: 20: a Seeker but getting a 900xf 25/30: 80 mega, might get a gp90mega 40: 80 monster 40/50: 80 tilefish Yoyo: 76 predator Iron: 900 wahoo is my favorite right now and I’m also getting a 900 reaper wrapped but the best advise I can give is to call Jamie at bobs sands.
  128. T.Bui

    powerpro maxquattro - any feedback/reviews?

    Going to buy a spool of 80 MC for my Tranx 500. Should I get the 300 yard spool or 500?
  129. T.Bui

    Line and rod for torque

    That’s exactly how I have mine set up. 80# solid with about 100 yards of mono. It’s on a HAX720X2H, 40-100 rod.
  130. T.Bui

    Okuma pch xxh

    If you’re ever up in sf Bay Area I’ll buy it.
  131. T.Bui

    Feedback on "Beyond Braid"

    That braid and this reel. Killer combo.
  132. T.Bui

    1st choice for yo-yo reel

    JX Raptor
  133. T.Bui

    Glass Calstar BT90J Unfished Custom $200

    If youre up in SF Bay soon then I’ll buy it.
  134. T.Bui

    Gear help.!!

    Just get an 30# ugly stik for salmon trolling up here. No need to get fancy with the kind of fishing we have.
  135. T.Bui

    Rod for Daiwa lexa 400

  136. T.Bui

    What to do if reel got submerged the water?

    Complete tear down service.
  137. T.Bui

    fishing setup recommendation 1.5 day trip

    I have a 300hg that I use for 20#. It’s spooled with 40# braid and a short 3’ flouro leader. However, if you’re inexperienced fishing on a sport boat then I would caution using straight braid. That reel is also limited in capacity so spooling with 100 yards of mono may not be a good idea...
  138. T.Bui

    UC 700H

    I bought an RCE700H and a 25NLD2 for my dad to fish 40#. It's a thin and light blank.
  139. T.Bui

    Adhesive tape on the reel

    Drag positions
  140. T.Bui

    Anyone fished an Okuma Alijos yet?

    I’ve experienced this before with a new reel from Okuma. The culprit was a very small piece of metal shaving in between the drags. Kind of sucks having to open up a brand new reel but it’s a quick 5 minute fix and avoided sending it in.
  141. T.Bui

    Alijos Braid Capacity?

    I had 300 yards of solid 50# PP on my old Metaloid 5N. Okuma lists 300/15 mono(0.37), 50# PP is a similar diameter. Get Maxcuatro for more yardage if you’re worried about capacity. Btw, I just got a new Alijos 5 and the shop said they got 300 yards of 60# hollow izor on it.
  142. T.Bui

    Level Wind vs Non LW, star vs lever drag for CA coastal Fishing

    Yup, what he said. You should take a look at the pinion bearing at minimum to make sure it hasn’t shit the bed. A few of my Avets has this problem. I have a old 5.0:1 Avets, that’s old.
  143. T.Bui

    Anyone fished an Okuma Alijos yet?

    80 Monster for 40#. I had a Metaloid 5II before I got this. I also have a Mak 10 on a 80 Tilefish that I use as a backup for 40 but it mainly serves as my 50 outfit.
  144. T.Bui

    Update from the American Angler

    I have an 8 day in mid June. Haven’t heard anything publicly from the boat. Getting a little nervous.
  145. T.Bui

    Anyone fished an Okuma Alijos yet?

    Collecting dust so far.
  146. T.Bui

    UC Rod for Mak 15T, Predator vs Raptor

    I’m going to be buying a 15T for my 76 Raptor and getting a centaur for my 16. I have a 76 Predator that I use for yoyo with a JX raptor.
  147. T.Bui

    Trindad 16A

    I wish I live closer
  148. T.Bui

    Floro other than seaguar?

    Closed. I still have some 35# spools.
  149. T.Bui

    California SF Bay Halibut, Lingcod, Sturgeon, striped reel?

    Hey Steve, What size is equivalent to the old 320GTi? Used to use them a lot either on the downriggers or dragging 2.5# balls in here in SF/HMB/SC area.
  150. T.Bui

    Floro other than seaguar?

    I’ve used Sunline FC100 30 and 40#. Caught fish, no issues. They come in 33 and 110 yard spools and a little less expensive than Seaguar premier.
  151. T.Bui

    Level Wind vs Non LW, star vs lever drag for CA coastal Fishing

    If you’re going to be using downriggers, the 807 would do fine. I have several Daiwa Saltist levelwinds for downrigger rods. I like the faster retrieve to pick up the slack when the clips pop.
  152. T.Bui

    Level Wind vs Non LW, star vs lever drag for CA coastal Fishing

    For an Abyss 807, a Lexa 300 or Avet SX, single speed. I bought the same rod for my dad to use and honestly it’s barely a 20# rod to me. As far as mono top shot or braid, it depends. For salmon I like having mono but if I’m rockfishing I like full braid. Also if I’m rockfishing between 100-300’...
  153. T.Bui

    UC MH76 “Operator Ed”

    I always thought about rattle canning a blank. Would it fade over time?
  154. T.Bui

    Reel Suggestions for throwing Irons

    I'm just changing out the white Shimano knob to a black Shimano knob. I throw 45's, JRI's, Caivo on the 20a. It's loaded with 80# braid and about 125 yards of 40-50 mono on top.
  155. T.Bui

    best way to mount a Lexa 400 HD to deckhand rod

    I have Duran's. Works well, no issues.
  156. T.Bui

    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    Did a 3 day on the Searcher last year, had a great time. Can't go wrong with any of the LR boats. Just pick a schedule that fits with you.
  157. T.Bui

    Reel Suggestions for throwing Irons

    I primarily use a 25n and a 20a for surface irons. The Penn had better free spool out of the box but I upgraded to abec-7’s in the Trini and it made all the difference. The Trini feels a little better now with the spool bearing upgrade. Getting rid of the white handle knob is next.
  158. T.Bui

    Daiwa Lexa 300 HD for Rockfishing/coltsnipers

    I use a Tranx 300 and LEXA HD 300 for 20# fly line. For what you’re talking about I would go with a LEXA 400, HD.
  159. T.Bui

    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    No rail
  160. T.Bui

    Opinions before I pull the trigger

    Buy once, cry once. Get one setup for yoyo and another one for surface iron.
  161. T.Bui

    BCSW 808-8’T

    That’s clean. I have to same rod with the T no trigger.
  162. T.Bui

    Or trade United composites reaper last price drop

    No. I have a few rods acid wrapped, including a 9’ jig stick. Casting distance is the same. One of the reasons why I like acid wraps is because my ocd kicks in and I’m always trying to line up my reel to my guides on conventional rods and it drives me nuts.
  163. T.Bui

    What’s the point of a wind on leader?

    So you can change out your leader
  164. T.Bui

    Okuma Metaloid 5NII $170 Shipped

    SOLD Excellent condition. Loaded with 40# solid. Comes with box and reel clamp. $170 includes USPS shipping from NorCal. PayPay FF or Venmo. No trades.
  165. T.Bui

    Okuma Metaloid 5II $190 Shipped

    Excellent condition. Loaded with 60# JB Hollow. Comes with box and reel clamp. $190 includes USPS shipping from NorCal. PayPay FF or Venmo. No trades.
  166. T.Bui

    Slowing my troll? Halibut bounce balling question

    Throw out a 5 gallon bucket on each corner. I saw a few commercial skiff guys do this.
  167. T.Bui

    Real seat aluminum or plastic???

    Fuji for me on a rod in that class
  168. T.Bui

    Reels and Rods Pairings

    I don’t know about the rods but the first three reels in your list I would use them for 30# work. The 25NLD2 would be for 40# bait.
  169. T.Bui

    PQ got 2 BFT

    Is this BD or Plenty of Fish or Did Brokeback Mountain 2020 just happen?
  170. T.Bui

    Beginner Setup

    I would do an 800H instead of the M with that 25NLD2.
  171. T.Bui

    Any sign or details of Andros replacement yet ?

    Any news on this reel? Will it be at Fred Hall?
  172. T.Bui

    Booked an August trip on the Condor, but just got bounced for a charter

    Fished the Legend last Labor Day on a 3 day. Chuck is a fishy guy, I had no issues with the operation. Will fish again in a heartbeat.
  173. T.Bui

    Phenix axis 909h (help please!!)

    Maybe slap a Lexa 400 on it, go out and throw different jigs with it to see how you like it? I would never make any kind of determination based only on what the internet says. That 909H should sling a Tady 45 just fine. Later on down the road if you feel like you need a beefier stick for...
  174. T.Bui

    How is Grady White 216 in Santa Cruz chop/snot?

    My buddy has a mid-2000's 228 and it rides fine in our waters. There are a quite a few GW's up here. I've ridden on 208's and 228's in Monterey Bay, HMB, out the Gate, and offshore for albacore without any issues.
  175. T.Bui

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Seal bombs
  176. T.Bui

    UC Terminator, Predator 80 or Tilefish 80?

    I use my 80 Tilefish for 40/50# and my 76 Predator for 50/60#, this also doubles as my yo-yo.
  177. T.Bui

    White Tiger Seeker 7x never fished

    I would pick this up so fast if I lived down there.
  178. T.Bui

    Most used size tuna hook?

    When we were using 20# gear, I was using Mustad #4 or Gorilla Light #2. Pulled a lot of hooks with the small size, even saw a Gorilla Light break. Switched to #1 Gorillas and did pretty well. Used Mutu 2/0 or 1/0 on my 40-50# gear for sinker rigs or when they would bite heavier line.
  179. T.Bui

    What’s your Yo-yo set up?

    76 Predator with a JX Raptor HAX720X2H with a FTH40NLD2
  180. T.Bui

    Avet JX Raptor fill up

    Mine is filled with 400 yds of solid 65# on a 76 Predator. I use a short 50# FC leader.
  181. T.Bui

    Grady 208 or Whaler 21WA

    I prefer BW for center consoles and GW for WA.
  182. T.Bui

    Advice for a n00b

    8 feet.
  183. T.Bui

    Starting my okuma collection

    Is that Mak on backwards?
  184. T.Bui

    76 Centaur and Raptor Reel Choices

    Quick question, I currently have a: 76 Viper with a Mak 20 SEA for 100#, and a 76 Raptor with a Mak 16 SEA for 80#. Considering a 76 Centaur for 80# and bumping the Raptor down to 60-80# work. The Raptor will also serve as a loaner for my dad when/if he goes on trips with me. Should I keep...
  185. T.Bui

    Penn Fathoms, Visx, and Senator priced to sell!

    Will you ship the 12 visx? I have $400
  186. T.Bui

    7'6" Custom Centaur/UC rail rod

    If you’re heading up to NorCal, I’ll take it.
  187. T.Bui

    Swordfish weights

    Fancy window weights
  188. T.Bui

    $40 Amazon Prime for Vets

    Thanks for the heads up!
  189. T.Bui

    Makaira 15T, Chronarch, Trinidad 16na, RCP70-XHC

    If you’re ever up in NorCal, Bay Area, I’ll take the 15T.
  190. T.Bui

    Custom UC Centaur 7'6" for $450

    If you’re ever in NorCal, I’ll take it.
  191. T.Bui

    Tady rod blank. Pics up

    I wish, live too far.
  192. T.Bui

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    The greenie weenie
  193. T.Bui

    looking to contact old crew members and others

    Matt Bui from the Star, easy to remember bc we have the same last name. I saw that he skippered the Legend a while back before Chuck Taft bought it.
  194. T.Bui

    UC Rail Rod Grip Length Needed

    Does this help? 76 Viper
  195. T.Bui

    Newbie to socal fishing

    I have been on two 3 day trips so far this month. Last trip I caught all 12 yft and 1 skippy on my 20# outfit, Tranx 300 spooled to the top with 40# braid, white on a 8’ Seeker 808. The trip before, I caught yft on my Lexa 300, another 20# outfit. They were biting really small #4 j hooks, mainly...
  196. T.Bui

    Searcher 3-day report; 9/12 to 9/15, 2019

    Never liked Skippy’s until yesterday. Thanks, Steve!
  197. T.Bui

    Penn FTH15 Star Drag For Sale

    Where are you located?
  198. T.Bui

    Legend 1.5 day 5-25-19, opions on the boat?

    I just got off on a trip with the Legend. Fishy boat, will fish with Chuck again.
  199. T.Bui

    Okuma Metaloid 5ii vs Penn Fathom 15ld2

    I use my metaloid 5ii for 30# bait on an 8 foot UC and my fathom 25n on a 9 footer for throwing irons.
  200. T.Bui

    Accurate Announces its Valiant line of Rods

    So they're made overseas
  201. T.Bui

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    I get enough whiners at work
  202. T.Bui

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    I was booked on that 2.5 trip that got cancelled. Just booked for this one leaving on the 24th and want to introduce myself. -Bui
  203. T.Bui


    Wow, that didn't take long. :-)
  204. T.Bui

    Looking for Andros 16 and 76 Centaur

    In Nor Cal, Bay Area.
  205. T.Bui

    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    Trade for a case of Macallan 25?
  206. T.Bui

    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    Does this boat have a wakeboard rack?
  207. T.Bui

    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    Trade for an unlimited spot to fish?
  208. T.Bui

    Offshore My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    One hell of a write up. Congrats man. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  209. T.Bui

    WTB US 80 Tilefish

    Blank or wrapped, doesn't matter.
  210. T.Bui

    Shimano jigs?

    This BFT was caught yesterday using a Waxwing JR. For me it's a lot easier to work than an iron or popper while the adrenalines pumping during the minute window of opportunity they're up before 10 other boats crash the party. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  211. T.Bui

    Yamaha 9.9 tilt/ trim switch

    Did you hear anything when pressing down on the switch? I ask because sometimes that support rod for trailering gets bumped in preventing the motor from lowering. I would check the wiring next - green grass (wire) down, blue sky (wire) up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  212. T.Bui

    FS: Penn International II-16S - Cal Sheets - $320

    This reel was blueprinted by Cal's ( to fish up 80 lb. test line. Includes all original documents, reel bag, clamp, and box. It's spooled with 80 lb. spectra with room for top shot. Some cosmetic scratches but the reel works flawlessly. Asking $320, will ship...
  213. T.Bui

    FS: Galvan Rush Light (R-12) Reel and Lefty Kreh TFO BW LD 9' Rod

    I have only used this rig 2-3 times in hopes of landing Albacore, never did and I give up. Comes with everything you see in the pictures. Reel: Galvan Reels, R-12 LT in black...
  214. T.Bui

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    Sick. Stumbled on the series a couple weeks ago, told all my friends, can't wait for the next episode.