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  1. eldplanko

    Bouncy Mess? Tekonsha Brake Controller

    Old tow rig is being donated, so pulled this out for someone to use. Fix up that bouncy mess! Tekonsha P3 proportional brake controller with wiring harness and mounting bracket. $60
  2. eldplanko

    Set of 4 Chevy/GMC New Stock Steel Wheels 17” 8-bolt

    Bought these as spares for my truck, but never used. Stock steel wheels from 2016, 17x7.5, 8x180 bolt pattern. Includes TPMS sensors, and Chevy hub caps, not sure of the battery status on the TPMS sensors, as I never paired them with my truck. On Craigslist for $200, $100 on BD, I really just...
  3. eldplanko

    Shrimp Pots and Davit

    Seasons over for me, This is like buying fireworks after the 4th... 3 spot round shrimp pots: two 3 tunnel and one 4 tunnel (needs rot cord) $50/ea Discovery bay davit: SOLD 200’ 5/16 lead line, new: $20 Two 195’ 5/16 lead line, used good shape with eye splices on each end; $15/ea
  4. eldplanko

    Raymarine Evolution AP Install?

    Posted this to the raymarine forum, but waiting for their mod to allow it on there.. I’m Installing an EV-1 / ACU 150 / p70Rs and have an existing NMEA2K backbone with micro connectors between the place where I want to mount the EV-1, the ACU and the p70Rs, and currently have no seatalkng or...
  5. eldplanko

    Garage Sale-Ballard 2020

    Added shrimp lines and boat hook Shrimp Lines: 2 x 195’ 5/16” leaded line with eye splices on both ends. $20/EA West Marine aluminum boat hook: $20 Garelick Kicker Pad: $30 Danforth Anchor: $20 4 x Adult Type IIs: Free-get legal 2 x Adult Type IIIs: $5/ea Stearns Workvest: $20...
  6. eldplanko

    Scotty Pot Puller!

    Scotty pot puller, good condition. Only selling because I bought @Kool-Aid’s green hula puller. SOLD
  7. eldplanko

    Two Scotty 1106

    Two Scotty 1106s, one like new (came with my new boat), the other my old back-up. I want these to go to a good home, so not trying to make anything off them. Pick-up in Ballard. Will post pics later, and no they're not hot. Update, one is braid, other is wire. Update, sold.
  8. eldplanko

    Imagine rolling in this...

    I know, no craigslist ads, but imagine rolling in this, 95k It even had a pedestal on the bow to mount something on... can’t tell from the pics, maybe a downrigger goes there?
  9. eldplanko

    Yamaha 9.9 tach signal output

    Just thought I’d share in case anyone else finds this useful. I figured out on the Yamaha 9.9 on how to get a tach signal out, as I haven’t seen this described elsewhere, and took some digging in the wiring diagrams. I was able to tap into the unused double green bullet connector and get a a...
  10. eldplanko

    Replacing Trailer Brake Rotors

    What’s the collective wisdom on trailer brake rotors. I pulled mine, Kodiak/dacromets.. they’re pretty rusty, despite by best efforts to rinse off with salt away after each use. Trailers been sitting for a few months, but I’m doing bearings and at this point have everything off. Is it worth...
  11. eldplanko

    Anyone interested in 19lb DR balls

    I just scored a 18 lb marked DR ball mould, and am told it pours 19 lb balls. I’m planning to make a few up for myself in the next few days to dial it in. I know big balls are a rarity, I’ve been looking for years. I’m not looking to go into full production mode, or to make a big profit... just...
  12. eldplanko

    Salmon scale aging

    Doea anyone know any bios trained in salmon scale aging? I have a little side project I’m working on.
  13. eldplanko

    Stolen Kicker - 2015 Merc 9.9 Bigfoot XL shaft

    I finally got hit... luckily he only took one of the two game cams I had pointed on this. Possibly locked and chained to half a Garelick bracket. Please keep an eye out for a 2015 Merc 9.9 Bigfoot XL shaft: SN 0R600771. The cowl has a big star shaped crack in the top sealed up with epoxy.
  14. eldplanko

    Furuno 1715 Radar

    My old radar... works great, black and white display that can interface with NMEA 0183... I had it set up to also show speed, gps cords and depth off the network. Come with radar, all cables, mfd, cover and manual if I can find it. $600
  15. eldplanko

    Saltwater Raymarine Axiom/Lighthouse 3 - Custom Dashboard

    Loving my new Axiom/Quantum radar... does anyone know how to create/upload custom dashboard layouts: (p. 134/194 in the advanced user manual).
  16. eldplanko

    HDS 5 Gen 1 / Navionics Fishin Chip

    Finally upgraded, so selling my old HDS 5 Gen 1. This unit has treated me well, it was just time for something a bit bigger. Includes mounting bracket, wires, transducer (50/200), and Navionics chip with Puget Sound sonar charts (1ft contours) $250 here first, it goes on Craigslist next week.
  17. eldplanko

    EB Cords

    Here's a blast from the past.... I don't feel like I'm giving up any secrets here, this stuff is pretty basic. There once was a day this was open basically every weekend in a June and July. Good luck in the shit show this weekend, I'm fishing somewhere with less pressure.
  18. eldplanko

    It's come down to this...

    I guess this is what WDFW is really pushing now for the Puget Sound Fisheries! You have to love the linked "fishing for flatfish" promotional video they link to also: . WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091...
  19. eldplanko

    Two Scotty 1106s

    BD Special, I have two scotty 1106s, SOLD, I'd prefer to sell as a pair SOLD and comes with two new style receptacles. Right now they have abut 250' of braid on each with rubber snubbers. I'll throw in two brand new swivel bases for an extra fifty. Will be going on CL in a week or so, but...
  20. eldplanko

    Beer Salmon

    Saw this on another site and had to share
  21. eldplanko

    Anyone need a repower?

    Sorry if this in in the wrong place… this isn't my ad, but I just came along it today. Hard to tell if it's legit or not… could be a good excuse to take a trip to AK to check out.
  22. eldplanko

    MA9 MSF Math

    In case anyone's interested, I did some quick math and estimating of the MA9 King quota in hope that there may be some leftovers after the weekend… my guess is probably not. This if kind of geeky, so bear with me: If anyone has ever read it, WDFW's fish model is complicated, factors in total...
  23. eldplanko

    Lake WA Sockeye / Ballard Locks

    I posted this on the "other" site… thought I'd give it a shot here in case anyone knows the answer: Looks like the tribes have the gill nets out again. Two sets right in front of the dam / fish ladder entrance. First set covered about 90% of the spillway, the second covered 100% of the...
  24. eldplanko

    Shrimp / Crab Bouy Regs Question

    Anyone know the answer to this or if I've been doing it wrong all these years. For both crab and shrimp I use the same string of bouys; basically goes like this on one rope: big loop --> little gillnet bouy -> yellow shrimp bouy --> red/white crab bouy --> yellow shrimp buoy ---> little...
  25. eldplanko

    Saltwater MA 10 to close for kings

    Just got back to the ramp at Shilshole, fish checker just got the email that MA10 will close for kings. I think he said Sunday. Anyways... Went 3/5... It took the second one lost (deep) to realize trailing hook on the hoochie was bent. Took home a 29" king and two humpies. For the week (M, W...