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    Kelp Paddy Yellowtail Out Of Oceanside? is currently predicting 6 knots of wind or less until noon. I plan to launch early and be back at home before the wind pics up. That's the current plan, anyway.
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    Kelp Paddy Yellowtail Out Of Oceanside?

    I plan to launch my Waverunner on Monday to look for kelp paddies out of Oceanside. I will not be trailering down to SD because predicts a little less wind in North County on Monday morning. Does anyone have any reports of yellowtail on paddies within 5 to 10 miles on Oceanside...
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    Recent Malihini Experience?

    Thank you for all the positive feedback about The Malihini.
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    Recent Malihini Experience?

    The company I work for is chartering The Malihini for a full day trip in a few weeks. I would appreciate any feedback from those who have recently fished her. And if the feedback is not positive, please let me know via PM. I see no reason to bash a business publicly. Thanks, Paul
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    Carlsbad Canyon Tomorrow

    I was targeting thresher sharks, and I did not find any. The water was green and dirty after the recent winds, but other than that the signs were pretty good. There were birds working the area and dolphins feeding. I did stop on one good looking kelp paddy with no one home there. If the water...
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    Carlsbad Canyon Tomorrow

    I did not mean I would take another angler with me on the Waverunner. But if someone in another PWC or a skiff wanted to buddy boat that would be cool. Paul
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    Carlsbad Canyon Tomorrow

    Unless is wrong on its weather prediction, I will be launching my Waverunner tomorrow morning at Oceanside and will work the Carlsbad Canyon for a few hours. There is a good tidal change at around 10:30 AM. Let me know if you would like to join me. Paul
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    LR rock cod methods

    I am very impressed with the OP for having such a positive attitude. If I was on a long range boat that had to stop for rockfish to salvage the trip, I would not be a happy camper at all.
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    Top Choice fish market - North County - fish processing

    Thanks for posting your positive experience at Top Choice Fish. Paul
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    Big Squid At 88 Ranch Market In Oceanside

    I like to use large squid strips to sweeten my thresher/mako shark lures rather than mackerel, as the squid holds up well to trolling and seems to get bit at least as well as mackerel. I will also troll large whole squid for sharks or marlin. The 88 Ranch Market on College in Oceanside had...
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    Top Choice Fish In Carlsbad, CA Offers Fish Processing

    My wife actually asked Top Choice Fish about fish processing. She tells me the first 100 lb is one dollar per pound. Paul
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    Top Choice Fish In Carlsbad, CA Offers Fish Processing

    Up until recently, I do not believe that anyone in North SD County was offering professional fish processing. But Top Fish in Carlsbad will now process your fish and vacuum pack it for what seems like a reasonable price to me. I cannot comment on the quality of their service, as I have not...
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    Any Thresher Shark reports?

    Oops! I would C&R any thresher...
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    Any Thresher Shark reports?

    I would absolutely C&R and thresher I would be lucky enough to catch. Paul
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    Any Thresher Shark reports?

    I am considering launching in Oceanside and working the Carlsbad Canyon in an effort to troll up a thresher? Any recent reports would be greatly appreciated. And yes, the recent changes to really do suck. Thank you, Paul
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    Karloff Calstar

    I love the Universal horror classics! My personal favorite is The Bride of Frankenstein.
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    Freshwater Thinking of moving to Southern Washington

    I grew up in Olympia, WA and love the Pacific Northwest. That being said, after 30+ plus years living in the San Diego area I do not think I could go back to the PNW weather. I suggest you visit the area for an extended time in the winter before moving up there. If you enjoy that time, you will...
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    The total number of covid-19 deaths (406,000) has now exceeded all US military deaths in WWII. 1941–1945 Combat Deaths: 291,557 Other Deaths: 113,842 Total Deaths: 405,399 I know that there are many people who frequent this board that believe these numbers are completely bogus. I also...
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    Fenwick 9' Seahawk Californian 30-60 jig stick

    I have and 8.5 ft Seahawk Pacific, model # SP 85 I would be willing to part with. It is rated for 20 -50 lb line and the blank is black with red and gold wraps. PM me if interested. Paul
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    Protests at the Capital

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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Will Trump declare martial law?
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.
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    Harbor gear

    Almost any rod and reel will work in the SoCal bays- spinning or conventional. You will even see people fly fishing. Light tackle will get bit better and allow you to enjoy catching the most common bay species. I use 6 or 8 lb test.
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    How Honest is COSTCO?

    I am still pissed that they dropped the polish dog!
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    Offshore Great way to end 2020

    Wow! The catch of a lifetime on a small aluminum boat! I salute you, sir.
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    UFO Lures / Jigs / Irons

    That is the one!
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    You clearly believe that the mortality figures for covid-19 are bogus. Fair enough. May I ask how many deaths in the US you think have been legitimately caused by covid-19?
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    According to Wikipedia, more Americans have died from Covid-19 than died in combat during WWII. And in a few months we may exceed all US military deaths during WWII: years: 1941–1945 combat deaths: 291,557 other deaths: 113,842 total deaths: 405,399 And these numbers will be exceeded in less...
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    Fish the coronados tommorow

    Unfortunately, I am boat less, except for a PWC and a kayak.
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    Covid 19 idiot free thread

    According to Wikipedia, more Americans have died from Covid-19 than died in combat during WWII. And in a few months we may exceed all US military deaths during WWII: years: 1941–1945 combat deaths: 291,557 other deaths: 113,842 total deaths: 405,399 And these numbers will be exceeded in less...
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    Making bait at La Jolla

    Here's a trick I learned from an article by Mike "the Beak" Hurt: you can attach a Rapala to the Sabiki and slow troll it. This gets the Sabiki below the surface and works great.
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    seeking advice - kicker motor necessary?

    I believe it will be most useful when trolling live bait at the local kelp beds.
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    Which Of These Fly Rods For Mission and SD Bays?

    I ended up buying the 7 weight TFO Axiom II. What would be a good, but moderately priced reel to pair with it?
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    Anyone working in Hvac

    I have sold HVAC for about nine years in SoCal. While I am not a tech or an installer, I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Paul
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    Which Of These Fly Rods For Mission and SD Bays?

    I can purchase either of these 7 weight rods used for $150: an Echo Boost Salt 9 ft 4 pc or a TFO Axiom II 9 ft 4 pc. Both seem to be very high quality rods in like new condition. For mostly fishing our bays, which do you think would be best for a rookie fly fisher like myself? I will primarily...
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    time for college FB trash talk?

    The Apple Cup between Washington and Washington State has been cancelled due to Covid-19. Washington has been trying to set up a game with BYU instead but the reports are that BYU is not interested. Chickens. Paul
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    Newbie Saltwater Fly Fishing Questions

    Thank you for the great responses. I will likely be purchasing a used 7 wt Echo Boost Salt or TFO Axiom II fly rod. Would one of these be better than the other for a newbie like myself on Mission and SD Bays? Paul
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    Saltwater Fly Fishing Questions

    Thank you for the great responses. I will likely be purchasing a used 7 wt Echo Boost Salt or TFO Axiom II fly rod. Would one of these be better than the other for a newbie like myself on Mission and SD Bays? Paul
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    T REX - R&R hall of fame

    "But you won't fool the children of the revolution, no you won't fool the children of the revolution..."
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    Newbie Saltwater Fly Fishing Questions

    Thank you for the info. I will be looking at a couple of used fly rods this weekend.
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    Newbie Saltwater Fly Fishing Questions

    I am considering getting started fly fishing on saltwater. I will start out on SD and Mission bays, mostly fishing in 20 ft of depth or less. The target species will mostly be our local saltwater bass species. Here are a few questions: 1. Is an 8 weight rod the right size for this? I have been...
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    Saltwater Fly Fishing Questions

    I am considering getting started fly fishing on saltwater. I will start out on SD and Mission bays, mostly fishing in 20 ft of depth or less. The target species will mostly be our local saltwater bass species. Here are a few questions: 1. Is an 8 weight rod the right size for this? I have been...
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    Fly Fishing Rod Holders?

    I think this should do the job:!/FLY-ROD-HOLDERS/c/12956611 Thanks to all who offered suggestions. I will likely have lots of other questions, as I will be buying my first fly rod/reel very soon. I am leaning towards an 8 weight. I will mostly...
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    Fly Fishing Rod Holders?

    Thanks, but the rod needs to be held vertically on my PWC. Paul
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    Fly Fishing Rod Holders?

    I am considering trying fly fishing from my Waverunner in Mission and San Diego Bays. One big question- how do you stow a fly rod? I have 6 conventional tube style rod holders on my PWC, but a fly rod with reel attached will not fit into them. Any ideas? Paul
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    isla cerrevalo, outside

    Dropping back a mackerel, squid, or ballyhoo can turn a shy marlin into a biter. This works well with both live and dead (rigged properly) bait. Paul
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    Colorado meat trip

    What a trip!
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    La Jolla Tomorrow (11/2)

    Ok, well...I got up this morning and went back to bed! Sorry. Paul
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    From the Austin Statesman:
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    La Jolla Tomorrow (11/2)

    I will be launching at Dana Landing and heading up to La Jolla around 7 tomorrow morning. I plan to fish the La Jolla area and then cruise a few miles offshore and work my way back to Mission Bay, hopefully stopping on kelp paddies. is predicting calm conditions all morning. Paul
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    Clearing Intake Of Obstructions While On The Water?

    Thanks for your response. I hope I do not have to go over the side when I am well offshore by myself. Paul
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    Clearing Intake Of Obstructions While On The Water?

    First off, I love fishing from my Waverunner. There is only one significant problem I have encountered. The intake can suck up debris and cause the PWC to cruise very slowly. This has happened a couple of times. Fortunately, I was fairly close to the bay at the time. I carry a set of swim...
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    Got Tax/Bookkeeping Needs?

    Wow, that post is a blast from the past. My wife is now retired. Paul
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    Offshore Frank jr on The Producer !!!

    How do you refill your gas tank out at sea?
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    Havasu next Tuesday

    What species will you be targeting? I will be at Lake Mead next weekend with my kayak to try for striped bass.
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    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    The hits just keep on coming.
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    Looking to meet up and Jet Ski Fish.

    Nice work! I fish on a Yamaha Waverunner but going to the Coronados seems a bit too much for me at my age (62). You guys that make that run on a ski definitely have some cajones. I mostly fish the bays, Pt Loma, and La Jolla. Paul
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    La Jolla 10/5

    I launched in Mission Bay a little before 7:00 this morning, and was at the LJ kelp around 7:30. I C&R'ed 10 calico bass. 8 were caught on a Warbaits head with a 4 inch red Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet, and two were caught with the Warbaits head and a dead squid. The yellowtail continue to elude...
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    Shogun - Police

    Who was Rollo?
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.
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    Shogun - Police

    The Shogun sounds like a total party boat! A Russian hooker, drugs...The only thing missing is home made explosives. Oh, wait...
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    La Jolla 8/24

    For calicos I mostly cast plastics. I also throw iron and troll Rapalas. Paul
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.
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    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    And people have a hard time understanding why I do not like to fish on the sport boats.
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    Did captain lose my yellow?

    In answer to the OP's original question, yes.
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    Bait and Launch

    Dana Landing Deli and Fuel Dock on Mission Bay usually has frozen ballyhoo. I would give them a call to see if they still have some in stock. Paul
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    Opportunity at work

    Our son is currently 21 and will be starting his Sr. year at UCR in Bioengineering later this month. When he was an infant I left a job where I was traveling extensively for one with much less travel, as well as less money, so that I would be home more with my son and wife. It was the best...
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    UFO Lures / Jigs / Irons

    That is my all time favorite casting lure, with a fixed single hook. Anyone know where I could find one? Paul
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    From Fox News: TRUMP SAYS HE DOWNPLAYED CORONAVIRUS THREAT WaPo: “President Trump’s head popped up during his top-secret intelligence briefing in the Oval Office on Jan. 28 when the discussion turned to the coronavirus outbreak in China. ‘This will be the biggest national security threat you...
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    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    If you will be spending significant time in the garage consider adding a ductless mini split system for heating and AC.
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    TRUMP boat Parade in San Diego 06SEP2020

    Traditional family values...
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    Boat Parade in San Diego Bay
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    Threshers galore!

    For years I have stated that we sport fishermen are often our own worst enemies. I will reserve judgement on whether this is an example of that until more information is made available. Paul
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    Saltwater Thinking of moving to Washington

    I grew up in the state of Washington and I love the entire Pacific Northwest. That being said, after living in the SD area for about 30 years I do not think I could go back to the NW weather. I suggest you visit the area in February before making your decision. If you like cold, grey, and wet...
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    La Jolla 8/24

    I launched my Waverunner at about 6:30 this morning at Dana Landing, and left Mission Bay at around 7:00. I was able to cruise up to La Jolla at an average speed of around 15 mph. There were not a lot of good signs at la Jolla, but I was able to C&R 4 calicos in about an hour and a half. The...
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    2nd trip everything was good.,til it wasnt

    Great job on the yellowtail. I am sorry that you had problems with your fuel line. Were you fishing the La Jolla area? Paul
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    Favorite sun hoody?

    Columbia makes some PFG hoodies that are light and relatively cool in hot weather. I wore one to an afternoon CFB game at Sun Devil stadium in Tempe a few years ago. Despite the oppressive heat, I stayed relatively comfortable, even if my Washington Huskies once again lost in the desert.
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    Temple Bar Marina On Lake Mead In AZ- Info Request

    My wife and I are considering a trip here in October. Any information on fishing and facilities would be greatly appreciated. I will likely take my kayak and fish from it. Thanks, Paul
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    Back From Lake Mead!

    Thanks for the report. I have been trying to make a trip up to Lake mead for years. Looks like a great time.
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    Wtb light spinning

    Rod is rated for 15-40 lb test. Reel holds 270 yds of 20 lb mono.
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    Wtb light spinning

    I have a Shimano Baitrunner 6500 on a Cal Star 870S. Will sell for 350. Paul
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    Newport Mako 8-8

    Those are parasitic copepods on the dorsal fin.
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    The Coming Civil War

    I cannot help myself, I have to comment. I do not see any way how articles or posts of this nature do anyone in this country of ours any good, regardless of which side of the aisle you tend towards. There, I said it. Feel free to flame away. Paul
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    No CFB

    I love CFB, but I really do not see how they can play any sort of a season in 2020.
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    Carlsbad Canyon 8/3

    I launched at 6:00 AM in Oceanside Harbor. The ocean was flat calm the entire time I was out. I came upon a kelp paddy at the head of the canyon around 7:00 and hooked a quality 20 lb class yellowtail on a blue Rapala CD-18. Unfortunately, he did not stay hooked. That was the only action for...
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    Anything Happening In The Carlsbad Canyon?

    Any recent reports for this area? Thanks, Paul
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    RIP Herman Cain.
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    Offshore Check out this guy!

    There is a fine line between being bold and being foolish. I think this gentleman may have crossed that line. JMHO
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    Offshore Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    Congratulations! What did you use for bait?
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    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    Not a movie, but I have been binge watching the Epix series, "Get Shorty," which is very loosely based on an Elmore Leonard book.
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    RIP Peter Green...

    ...One of the great British blues guitarists, a great singer/songwriter, and founder of the original Fleetwood Mac. here is just a taste:
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    Where Are The Inshore Yellowtail In SD County?

    Sure, the offshore bite has been pretty darn good, but I cannot venture very far offshore on my Waverunner. I am tired of bass, I want something that will pull drag- preferably yellowtail. There have been very few of them in the landings' counts for the inshore fleet. Any suggestions as where to...
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    SD Bay fishing help

    There is also a free app you can get for your phone called Fish Legal which will help keep you out of the closed areas.
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    7/18 West of Mission Bay & La Jolla

    Dorado can be very confounding. I once pulled up on a patty that had hundreds of dodos on it. They did not want to touch live or chunked bait. I finally gave up, put out my trolling lures, started drive off and immediately got a double hook up. I trolled by that paddy multiple times, and would...
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    La Paz - Landbased/shore

    I have done well casting Krocodiles from the breakwater of the marina in front of the Hotel Marina. Small leopard grouper, leatherjackets, golden jacks, and needlefish. Paul
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    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    "Do you find it at least somewhat disturbing that all deaths are now covid instead of yearly flu deaths in order to beef up the numbers?" I would find that disturbing. Could you please provide your source for this information? Thanks, Paul
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    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    It is true, many people die each year from influenza in the US. This is from the CDC's website: "CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010." Since we...
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    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    With all due respect, Captain Ekstrom wrote, "And, due to the Covid nightmare and hysterical fear mongering by the media who are intent on destroying America's morale...." That sounds pretty political to me, although I suspect the boldfaced type was added to Captain Ekstrom's original message...
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    Bahia De Los Angeles Kayak Fishing Questions

    Thanks to all for your comments. I have heard stories of LA Bay's winds and will stay very close to the beach! Paul
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    Bahia De Los Angeles Kayak Fishing Questions

    Assuming covid-19 allows, I am considering a fall trip to Bahia de los Angeles to fish from my kayak. I am looking at an early October trip. Any information that could be provided will be greatly appreciated. Should I stay at the Villa Vita? At this stage of my life I enjoy a shower, bed and AC...
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    Masks or no masks.

    This confuses flattening the curve with shifting the curve to the right.
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    Great Day On The Water, But Few Fish

    I launched and cleared SD Bay around 7:00 this morning. I cruised south for about 7 miles and started looking for paddies. There were a couple of sportboats in the general area- I do not know if they were looking for surface species or dropping down deep for rockfish. I did not find any kelp...
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    Knife Sharpening Service

    If you are not satisfied with the degree of sharpness you can achieve on your knives with a sharpening stone, you might consider calling Edgware Sharpening Service in Oceanside. The bulk of his business is mobile sharpening of scissors for hair salons, but he does sharpen knives in the afternoon...
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    Any Recent La Jolla Reports

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. It sounds like the yellows outside the kelp beds have been pretty tough. Wind and waves permitting, I may cruise a few miles off the coast and look for kelp paddies. Paul
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    Any Recent La Jolla Reports

    I am thinking of launching my Waverunner and fishing La Jolla this weekend. Does anyone have a recent fish report? Thanks, Paul
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    Best Tides To Fish San Diego Bay?

    I have fished Mission Bay many times over the years and, in my experience, fishing the incoming tide with a tidal exchange of several feet or more is by far the most productive. I am just now getting into exploring SD bay and have also done well there on the incoming tide. I usually fish on...
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    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures

    I did fill out the form.
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    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures

    How about monitoring and lobbying what those morons in Sacramento are doing to prevent a bogus bill like this from passing I am by no means an expert on marketing or lobbying. However, it seems to me that CCA spends more time soliciting funds than actually doing anything positive to insure...
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    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures

    Great job on this one, CCA. Maybe you should spend less time soliciting memberships and more time monitoring the morons in Sacramento. JMHO
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    Any Pt Loma repoprts?

    I launched at SI around 7 this morning, and immediately cruised out to the whistler buoy. There was a significant swell, but no breaking waves, and there was a good amount of time between swells. The water outside was green and dirty, but there were some terns working the area, and I did see...
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    Any Pt Loma repoprts?

    Yeah, if it isn't calm I will definitely stay inside the Bay!
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    Trump to open Atlantic marine national monument to commercial fishing

    Rip Cunningham, the conservation editor at Saltwater Sportsman and former chair of the New England Fishery Management Council, criticized the move. “As a recreational fisherman, it troubles me to see the monument opened to commercial fishing,” Cunningham said. “These are fragile and vulnerable...
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    Any Pt Loma repoprts?

    I will be launching my Waverunner at Shelter Island tomorrow morning. Does anyone have a recent Pt. Loma fish report? Thanks, Paul
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    Dana Landing PWC Mechanic Now At H & H Marine...

    Why did I add the second battery? My Waverunner has no neutral, only forward and reverse, so I find that I am turning the engine on and off a lot when casting plastics. I have a large fuel tank and will likely not run out of gas, so my main concern is a dead battery. Having two batteries with a...
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    Dana Landing PWC Mechanic Now At H & H Marine...

    I will take a couple of pics and try to post them this weekend. Anthony built a small battery tray for both batteries to sit in. He alsi installed a battery switch located in the small hatch directly in front of the seat. Paul
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    Any Recent Pt Loma Kelp Reports

    Thank you to all for the excellent reports. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be a little windier tomorrow than I would like for hitting the kelp beds on a waverunner. Maybe next weekend. Paul
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    Dana Landing PWC Mechanic Now At H & H Marine...

    ....On Garnet in Pacific Beach. Anthony knows more about maintaining and rigging PWCs than anyone I know. He set me up with a second battery/battery switch on my Waverunner and did a great job. Paul
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    1 1/8 bilge pump hose
  119. P

    Any Recent Pt Loma Kelp Reports

    Well, I had a great time on Tuesday catching bass in SD Bay on my Waverunner, so I now am considering trying the Pt. Loma Kelp Beds on Monday. I have fished La Jolla extensively, but have very little experience at Pt. Loma. Why Pt. Loma? Well, it is much closer to SD Bay than La Jolla is to...
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    Any San Diego Bay Or Mission Bay Reports?

    I launched the Waverunner at Shelter Island around 7:00 this morning, and pulled her out around 11:00. I caught 4 calicos and 4 spotties by casting artificials on 6 and 8 lb spinning gear. The hot lure was a 4 inch Berkley Gulp! swimming mullet on a 3/8 oz Spro bucktail. The ramp was not very...
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    Professor Says Human Race Must Go Extinct to Fight Climate Change

    "Fiscally - Conservative"? Are you kidding me? Neither party is in any way fiscally conservative nowadays! JMHO
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    I have a Penn 50SW and a Shimano 50W that was modified to a 2 speed, I believe by Cal. PM me if interested. Paul
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    Any San Diego Bay Or Mission Bay Reports?

    It sounds like SD Bay is the place to be! Thanks for the great reports. Paul
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    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    This not only works for yellowtail, but any other species as well. Paul
  125. P

    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    This is what works for me- only keep what you can eat fresh and release the rest.
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    Any San Diego Bay Or Mission Bay Reports?

    I am thinking about launching the Waverunner and fishing one of the bays on Tuesday. If anyone has a recent report from either location I would appreciate it. Thanks, Paul
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    While California’s Economy is Crashing, Newsom is on Vacation

    I am no fan of Newsom (or any other politician for that matter), but jeez guys. Use your heads before posting. Steve (the OP), I know you are a very sharp and educated man, but we all make mistakes...
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    What is this fish called

    I am not a fan of eating tilapia, but they are a species that is easily farmed. Perhaps the best thing about them as an aquaculture species is that they can be raised on a plant based diet.
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    MLPA - Huge Success

    Have the MLPA's been a success? I sure do not know. I am not sure anyone else does, either. How much censusing of fish populations was done before implementation of the closures? What has been done since? Again, I sure do not know. And what were the stated objectives of closing these areas to...
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    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    In a reply to the poster's original question, it is likely most of that information is already available if you buy anything with a credit card. So yes, if I was willing to "dine in," at a restaurant, I would be willing to provide that information.
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    Down to wahoo

    "I usually use the YT for the cats and use the Wahoo and grouper for me." I hope this is supposed to be a joke.
  132. P

    So you wanna catch a thresher?

    "I usually hook and land a few per trip. " If this is true you are one helluva angler.
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    Upgrading trolling reels, what do you think?

    I have spent many days in CSL trolling 50 pound line with a set of TLD 30's. I have never had any issues with them. I do recommend using spectra backing to increase line capacity, in the event of hooking a large tuna or marlin. Paul
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    San Diego Boats opening

    There is one cure I can think of- we can now cure hepatitis c.
  135. P

    Winter boat projects...

    It's not a major project, nor is it a major boat, but I installed a new automatic bilge pump with inline fuse and toggle switch on my Waverunner.
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    B52 bucktails anyone?

    There is nothing really special about the B-52. A bucktail is just an old school lure that has caught untold numbers of fish in any number of species. Try slow trolling or casting a large bucktail with a dead ballyhoo around a kelp paddy this summer. Deadly on dorado!
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    Floro other than seaguar?

    Thanks for pointing this out. If Ken says it's a quality product you can take that to the bank.
  138. P

    Floro other than seaguar?

    Ken's Custom reel at Oceanside Harbor sells Izorline in addition to Seaguar. If it wasn't a good product, Ken wouldn't sell it.
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    Red tide SD

    This is the first I have heard about a fish die-off, but I am not surprised. The entire coast and all the bays in SD County are greatly impacted by this red tide. I live live 2-3 miles inland from the Carlsbad coast, and I can smell the foul red tide smell at my house this morning. That has...
  140. P

    San Diego County Red Tide

    Red Tide Q&A with Scripps scientist Michael Latz: Why is the ocean brown? There is a bloom of the dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedra, which is a common member of the plankton community in Southern California. Each cell of this microscopic organism is only 35 µm in diameter. So there are lots...
  141. P

    San Diego County Red Tide

    I have lived in the SD area for over 30 years and I do not remember ever seeing it this bad. I drove from Carlsbad to Chula Vista yesterday. The ocean water is the color of chocolate milk and the smell in some areas is quite foul. Has anyone heard of any significant fish die-offs yet. And as...
  142. P

    Red Tide Chart

    Oops! Intense..not inyense.
  143. P

    Red Tide Chart

    Nope- It is a very inyense red tide.
  144. P

    Red Tide Chart

    The ocean and bays in San Diego are currently the color of chocolate milk and smell very foul. I have never seen/smelled it like this in the 30 years I have lived in the area. Paul
  145. P

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Trey Gowdy @TGowdySC · 4h Just want to alert folks there is a fraudulent post attributed to me circulating on social media. Not the first time, likely not the last. We have enough going on in our country right now without propagating misinformation. Stay safe and strong.
  146. P

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I am speechless.
  147. P

    This coming Saturday, Shelter Island Launch Ramp....
  148. P

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money
  149. P

    The day is fast approaching...
  150. P

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    The basic business model for spotboats has remained largely unchanged for decades. I could see an increase in private charters and 6 pack boats.
  151. P

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    "I once had to fillet over 700 Sand Bass in a day for 25 cents each. At that point in time it was all about getting people to stuff their sacks. Not so much anymore. " And people wonder what happened to the large sand bass spawning agregations.
  152. P

    Maybe BS or maybe be the judge...

    Thank you for posting this. It looks right to me.
  153. P

    The day is fast approaching...

    To anyone planning to attend a rally/protest regarding the covid-19 restrictions, please stay in your vehicles and leave any weapons or confederate paraphernalia you may have at home. While I may not agree with you, I support your right to protest safely. I also do not mean to suggest that...
  154. P

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Just to let you know, those of us with insurance are already paying for the healthcare of the uninsured. The concept is called "cost shifting". The hospitals do not just eat the cost of treating the uninsured. To cover these costs, they charge exorbitant rates to the rest of us. That is why...
  155. P

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    With regards to pharma, the moving of R&D and production to China was not driven by consumers' demand for lower prices. Despite the lower costs, prices of name brand drugs have continued to rise much higher than the rate of inflation. Greed, pure and simple.
  156. P

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I can tell you that within the pharmaceutical industry, many felt it was a bad idea from the start to offshore R&D and manufacturing. C level executives and shareholders loved the idea, knowing that it would result in higher profits and stock prices (so that the execs and shareholders made more...
  157. P

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    The results of doing this could be catastrophic. China controls a large amount of our government's debt and does much of the manufacturing of essential goods (including pharmaceuticals and hospital supplies) used in this country. We would probably agree that it was unwise to let that situation...
  158. P

    Need an outboard motor for Montauk 17...

    This is a great point! The older boats were not meant for the extra weight of some four stroke outboards. That being said, the newer four cylinder 90 HP Yamaha only weighs 353 ponds, which is comparable to a 2 stroke. Paul
  159. P

    Need an outboard motor for Montauk 17...

    That is about the same yr as my old Montauk. Great boats.
  160. P

    Need an outboard motor for Montauk 17...

    90 HP worked very well for my old Montauk. How old is the boat and what brand outboard is currently on it? It is always easier and less expensive to replace an outboard with the same brand engine. And, in my opinion, all of the major manufacturers are making high quality outboards at this time...
  161. P

    Anyone Remember Herter's?

    From the Minneapolis Star tribune: Among the more unusual products George Herter sold was a fish call. “That’s one of my favorites,’’ Lodermeier said. “It was a can painted like a lure,’’ and operated like a bell. “You put it down in the water and pulled a string. It was guaranteed to attract...
  162. P

    Anyone Remember Herter's?

    If ever we needed George Herter, it is now. I am sure the NY Times article will put a smile on your face. Paul
  163. P

    Fred Hall Show and Covid-19

    I went to the FHS show in LB on Sunday with my wife and two friends. One of my friends got very sick about a week later, but was not tested for covid-19. He did display the usual symptoms of covid-19. Fortunately, he has recovered. Paul
  164. P

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    Oops! I left out the million. Sorry guys, I am a terrible typist!
  165. P

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    The 1918 pandemic killed about 50 people world wide before it finally fizzled out in 2019/2020.
  166. P

    Possible Positive Unexpected Consequences

    I suspect the closure will not be long enough to have a huge impact on fish populations. Then again...
  167. P

    Tailhunter Report April 5th, 2020

    Wow! I am very impressed with your generosity towards your workers. You have definitely earned lots of good karma on this. Paul
  168. P

    SUP fisherman arrested

    Thank you for your very honest opinions on this issue. I freely admit to knowing almost nothing about virology, and I have no idea if Dr. Prather is correct in her statements, or if they are wildly off base. But she does seem to have some pretty impressive credentials, and does appear to have...
  169. P

    SUP fisherman arrested

    I do have a BS in Biology with a Chemistry minor, and I worked in pharma and biotech sales for many years, so I do have a science background. This is from Dr. Prather's CV: 200. Michaud, J.; Thompson, L.; Kaul, D.; Espinoza, J.; Richter, R.; Xu, Z.; Lee, C.; Pham, K.; Beall, C.; Malfatti, F...
  170. P

    SUP fisherman arrested

    Also from the San Diego Union Tribune: “If you don’t care about your own life, that’s one thing. But this can be a matter of life or death to other people. I’m really worried because the coronavirus is so contagious,” added Prather, who specializes in viruses and bacteria that arise in the surf...
  171. P

    SUP fisherman arrested

    "She is working collaboratively with a team of interdisciplinary scientists including in the Health Sciences to study the potential health effects of these ocean-derived natural microbes and anthropogenic pollutants under changing climate conditions. " Covid-19 would fall under the category of...
  172. P

    SUP fisherman arrested

    From the UCSD/Scripps Institute website: Kimberly Prather is an American scientist who is an Atmospheric Chemist, Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry, and a Distinguished Professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC San...
  173. P

    SUP fisherman arrested

    From the San Diego Union Tribune: "Kim Prather — a UC San Diego atmospheric scientist who studies how viruses and bacteria are ejected from the ocean — pleaded with surfers on Monday to stay out of the water to minimize their chances of contracting the coronavirus. Prather urged people who...
  174. P

    SUP fisherman arrested

    According to what I read, this individual and several others were ordered off the water by the lifeguards. The others complied, but this fellow chose to ignore the order. Paul
  175. P

    Train Wrecking

    Federal prosecutors allege train engineer Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro intended to hit the ship, saying he thought it was "suspicious" and did not believe "the ship is what they say it's for.'" We are likely going to see an increase in mentally ill people acting out, as well as an increase...
  176. P

    Trip Roomate from Hell...

    And people wonder why I do not like to fish on party boats.
  177. P

    Last trip out? - China Virus

    I will support your right to believe whatever you choose to. But if you still think that covid-19 was created in a lab, I do not think you are being rationale on this issue. Good luck and God bless, Paul
  178. P

    Last trip out? - China Virus

    Thank you for posting this. When the world class scientists at The Scripps Research Institute state that covid-19 is a naturally occurring virus it should silence the many conspiracy theorists out there. Unfortunately, it likely will not do so.
  179. P

    Last trip out? - China Virus

    "Credentials are important, but I think we all know where he's coming from. " Are you referring to me, or the gentlemen on the video? If you are inferring that I am anti-religion you are way off base. I am a believer and pray multiple times a day. I suggest all who believe do so. Paul
  180. P

    Last trip out? - China Virus

    Thank you for the correction. But it still begs the question- what credentials do these fellows have? Paul
  181. P

    Last trip out? - China Virus

    From Wikipedia: "Don Stewart (born Donald Lee Stewart on October 25, 1939, in Prescott, Arizona) is a Pentecostal minister and purported faith healer. He is a televangelist who hosts Power and Mercy on Black Entertainment Television,[5] The Word Network,[6] and other television channels. He is...
  182. P

    Covid-19 : How it kills you

    Thank you for posting this. Dr. Vuong does an excellent job of explaining the disease state and epidemiology. Unfortunately, the skeptics out there will likely not take the time to watch it. Paul
  183. P

    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    Here's a few I have recently watched and enjoyed. Please note some of these are a little offbeat and may not be for everyone. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood- Another home run from Quentin Tarantino. Blinded By The Light- This movie is based on the true story of a Pakistani-Brit teenager in the...
  184. P

    Comfort Food

    Wikipedia defines Comfort food as, "food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone, and may be characterized by its high caloric nature, high carbohydrate level, or simple preparation. The nostalgia may be specific to an individual, or it may apply to a specific culture". During...
  185. P

    BD un-official Community COVID 19 Help Resource page

    I sell HVAC in the San Diego area and would be happy to consult with anyone regarding their HVAC needs. Please keep in mind that I am not a tech, but I could offer recommendations based on 10 yrs of experience in the industry. Paul
  186. P

    Does anyone actually know? Launch Ramps, etc.

    The Oceanside Harbor ramp is open, as per the harbor office.
  187. P

    Is The Oceanside Harbor Launch Ramp Open During The Pandemic? NFM

    I just got a callback from the harbor office, where the employees are working from home. Yes- the ramp is open!
  188. P

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    I am in commission sales, so while my income has been decimated, I will probably not get laid off and will likely get nothing from the government. Paul
  189. P

    Whale in LA harbor??

    I once had a grey whale calf surface right next to my kayak just inside the mouth of Oceanside Harbor. Paul
  190. P

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    In fact, some of the posters on this board, such as Biggest T, are much better educated than most financial advisors. I wouldn't be in this situation if my advisors agreed with my opinion that the market was over valued even before the coronavirus became an issue (and if I hadn't let them...
  191. P

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    Thank you all for the very reasonable responses. I actually felt the market was over valued before the virus hit, but my financial planners all assured me that this wasn't the case. Unfortunately, I listened to them. Paul
  192. P

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    I am 62 yrs old and planning to retire in 5 years. Like many people, my investment portfolio has taken a major hit recently. I would be interested in hearing from people that work in the financial industry. Should I cut my losses and dump all stock, or should I ride this out? Thanks, Paul
  193. P

    ETEC 300

    Thanks for the reply. The SeaVee is an awesome boat!
  194. P

    ETEC 300

    What size/model/brand boat are you running the 300 Etecs on? Paul
  195. P

    NCAA Cancels March Madness...

    ..and all other NCAA championship tournaments for winter and spring. I feel very badly for the kids who would otherwise be participating.
  196. P

    Where To Catch Striped Bass Or Striped/White Bass Hybrids In SoCal, AZ, Or NV?

    Thanks for all of the great information, everyone. Right now I am leaning towards starting close to home at Lake Elsinore for a shot at a hybrid on my kayak. Paul
  197. P

    Where To Catch Striped Bass Or Striped /White Bass Hybrids in SoCal, AZ, And NV?

    I have a sit on top kayak and a Waverunner, neither of which are allowed on DVL.
  198. P

    Where To Catch Striped Bass Or Striped/White Bass Hybrids In SoCal, AZ, Or NV?

    I am becoming obsessed with catching these fish in freshwater. So far I have heard decent things about Lake Havasu, Lake Mohave, Lake Mead, Lake Pleasant (AZ), and, for the hybrids, Lake Elsinore. Which of these would offer me the best shot at some good action? I am hoping to hear from some...
  199. P

    Where To Catch Striped Bass Or Striped /White Bass Hybrids in SoCal, AZ, And NV?

    I am becoming obsessed with catching these fish in freshwater. So far I have heard decent things about Lake Havasu, Lake Mohave, Lake Mead, Lake Pleasant (AZ), and, for the hybrids, Lake Elsinore. Which of these would offer me the best shot at some good action? I am hoping to hear from some...
  200. P

    Lake Elsinore Fishing?

    Thanks for the response. Can you suggest areas or techniques to try? Thanks, Paul
  201. P

    Lake Elsinore Fishing?

    Is there decent fishing in the lake? I am particularly interested in catching a striped bass/white bass hybrid (aka a "wiper bass'). Any information that could be provided will be greatly appreciated. I would like to fish it from my Waverunner. Thanks, Paul
  202. P

    La Jolla Report Requested

    Has anyone been out at La Jolla recently? If so, are there any signs of surface species- yellowtail, bonito, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  203. P

    Going to Cabo by myself.

    The dredge teasers are definitely effective. Renegade Mike was pulling one when I was there in early February and it did seem to help raise fish. Paul
  204. P

    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    For the record, Captain Tony's opened at 5:00 both days we went fishing. We had breakfast there each day and purchased our box lunches from them. The breakfasts were great. Paul
  205. P

    Senor Greenberg's

    I am heading down to Cabo tomorrow. Is Senor Greenberg's sti;; open at the Puerto Paraiso location? Thanks, Paul
  206. P

    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    What time do they open in the morning?
  207. P

    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    Hey Kraig, Good luck fishing. I am up with meeting 3 old friends from high school who have never fished offshore. Please let me know how it goes fishing wise, and also where you end up going for breakfast and for your lunches. Paul
  208. P

    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    Thanks for the info. We will be staying at Mar De Cortez and fishing with Renegade Mike. Paul
  209. P

    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    I am so stoked to be returning to Cabo for the first time in many years at the end of the month. I was hoping to get a recommendation for where to eat an early breakfast before heading offshore and where to order/pickup box lunches on the days we will be fishing. Gracias, Paul
  210. P

    Honey Hole for reds! Near MLPA and Dana Point

    How close is this to the MLPA? While highly unscientific, your video suggests to me that the MLPas are having the desired effect. JMHO
  211. P

    Side by Side comparison of mahi mahi and pompino dolphin
  212. P

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    Hey Gary, I posted it because I was honestly interested in hearing other people's opinion. I really do enjoy talking with people that I may or may not agree with, as I find it educational. I may even change my opinion after hearing a well thought out opinion that differs with my own...
  213. P

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    I would like to thank everyone for their very appropriate comments. People stated their opinion, no names were called, and everyone stayed on topic. Paul
  214. P

    Cabo San Lucas Airport Transfers?

    I sure am old school. I am meeting up with three old friends from high school. We have not seen each other since 1986.
  215. P

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    I actually agree with you. I would have liked less of the political stuff included and more, "Just the facts, maam," but I was unable to find one with a quick search this morning. Paul
  216. P

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    Please keep all comments on the matter at hand. I really am in no way commenting on our current president, or anyone other than the individual who did the shooting. How do you shoot a big game animal and get a retroactive permit to do so...
  217. P

    Cabo San Lucas Airport Transfers?

    At the end of Jan. I will be making my first trip to CSL in about 8 years. I just wanted to get some current info on transportation from and to the airport. I will be staying at the Mar de Cortez and fishing with Renegade Mike. What can I expect to pay for a cab in each direction? What sort of...
  218. P

    Let’s get this

    Go Utes! Beat the Evil Empire!
  219. P

    Boston Whaler Montauk Re-Power

    I used to have a Montauk 17. I would not recommend going any lower than 70 HP on the outboard.
  220. P

    Auburn Fan Today

    I was very happy to see Auburn pull out the win. Best of luck to the Utes in the Pac 12 title game. Hopefully they will then make the CFP. Paul
  221. P

    Keep fishing or not ?

    I am actually not unsympathetic to the OP's thoughts. One of the reasons I have switched to circle hooks when using bait is to try to avoid gut hooking fish. That being said, fish do not seem to feel pain in the same way humans do. I have actually caught and released the same fish multiple...
  222. P

    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    I would love to hear how you rigged the squid and your whole deep drop set up. Paul
  223. P

    San Quintin On The Kayak- Info Request

    Thanks to all for the info. I may just go to Ensenada and launch at the Base of Punta Banda.
  224. P

    Broker Recommendation

    I sold my last boat pretty quickly through Seaforth Yacht Sales. Paul
  225. P

    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    I find this thread very disturbing.
  226. P

    San Carlos Report

    That wasn't us, we went offshore on the Albin. Paul
  227. P

    San Quintin On The Kayak- Info Request

    Hey Ross, Thanks for the great info. Any ideas on where to launch with a Camry? And is it worth going down there in Feb. or March ?
  228. P

    San Quintin On The Kayak- Info Request

    I am thinking about taking a road trip to San Quintin with my kayak. I have taken it to San Carlos in Sonora, but have not been further south than Ensenada in Baja. Is it worth going in the winter? Or should I wait until spring? Good place to launch near the mouth of the bay? Species...
  229. P

    San Carlos Report

    Our trip started off great with an impressive come from behind win by the Washington Huskies over the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday night, 10/12. The following morning we drove down to San Carlos. Our plans to fish Monday were cancelled due to a storm, so Tuesday was the first day we were able to...
  230. P

    Requesting Recent San Carlos Fishing Reprt

    I will be driving down on Sunday from Tucson. Does anyone have a recent fishing report? Thank you, Paul
  231. P

    Screw hole fiberglass repairs, what’s your method?

    When the screws for snaps would strip out on my boat I would coat a wooden match with superglue, insert it into the hole until the glue dried, and then break the match off. You can then reset the screw.
  232. P

    400+ pound Blu Marlin in Kona

    Great catch! Did you catch it on a lure or bait? If a lure what model and color? Thanks, Paul
  233. P

    Has anyone fished skippies for the cow BFT?

    Skipjack will not normally live in a bait tank on a private boat, but you could keep one alive in a tuna tube.
  234. P

    Some pics from Cabo fish caught on El Diblo Loco 9/28 - 10/3/2019

    Does this panga run out of San Jose? Paul
  235. P

    Limit out or keep looking?

    The crew would not allow catch and release fishing after the boat limited out?
  236. P

    Offshore Tuna 0 Marlin 1

    Great job on the C&R!
  237. P

    Ensenada bait barge

    I assume you mean the Hotel and Marina Coral. While I do not have a pic to post, both the hotel and marina are beautiful. My wife and I have stayed at the hotel around a dozen times. I usually take my kayak and throw plastics just outside the marina for bass. Paul
  238. P

    Offshore G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    I am boatless, so unfortunately, no. But they catch a lot of bluefin tuna by trolling on the East Coast, often with rigged dead bait. Paul
  239. P

    San Carlos On 10/14 and 10/15

    Wow! Yellowtail in close. Thanks for the report. Paul
  240. P

    Offshore G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Here is a video showing how to rig a flying fish for trolling:
  241. P

    SDSU beats UCLA

    Great win for the Aztecs. UCLA is really struggling under Chip Kelly. I have always felt that a CFB coach should be given four years to institute his program and bring in his type of recruits. That being said, you have to wonder if the rest of CFB hasn't caught up with Chip Kelly. It also...
  242. P

    SDSU beats UCLA

    Great win for the Aztecs, particularly after a horrible showing in their opening win against Weber St.
  243. P

    2005 Mako 171 Bait Tank

    Does the light in the bait tank work? One of the things people often do not consider is that bait needs light to orient itself properly in a bait tank.
  244. P

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    With all due respect, my suggestion would be to, in the future, only keep the fish that you can eat fresh, and release the rest. JMHO
  245. P

    shears to cut braid?

    An empty dental floss container cuts spectra very well.
  246. P

    NFL Combine - Fastest Punter Ever

    Florida just demonstrated against Miami what a fast punter can do for you. They went from what would have been a 3 and out to a successful fake punt that led to a TD. Their punter can really run!
  247. P

    San Carlos On 10/14 and 10/15

    I am scheduled to fish two days with Fernando of Catch 22 Sportfishing. What should I expect, both offshore and inshore? I will fish one day inshore on my kayak. Am I likely to run into sierra inshore? Thanks, Paul
  248. P

    Question About Fast Pass And Kayak

    Here is the official answer: Good Afternoon, Thank you for your inquiry. You are allowed to have a kayak strapped on top of a vehicle, but if the kayak is obstructing the inspection of the officer, you will be sent to secondary to finish the full inspection. Thank you again...
  249. P

    Question About Fast Pass And Kayak

    Hey Brandon, Thanks for the very helpful information. I will be driving to San Carlos in Sonora in October. We will charter for a couple of days and snorkel/kayak on another. Paul
  250. P

    Question About Fast Pass And Kayak

    I have Global Entry, and my car is registered with the program. I am allowed to use the SENTRY lanes with this registered vehicle. May I use the SENTRY lane with a kayak strapped to the top of said vehicle? The handbook states that, "NO trailers or boats may be enrolled in the program"...
  251. P

    Knotty, that great prognosticator of talent

    The fact is, a significant number of highly touted CFB recruits do not live up to expectations. We are talking about kids, many of whom are away from their parents' home for the very first time. You never know how 18- 22 yr olds will perform on a given day. To me, that's what makes college...
  252. P

    Average Size Of Blue Marlin Caught In San Carlos?

    I will be making to trip down to SC in mid October. I understand this is usually prime time for dorado, striped marlin, and blue marlin. Could anyone tell me the average size of the blue marlin caught in that area? Thanks, Paul
  253. P

    CFB Preview

    I do think there is a good chance that Utah could break through and make some noise on a national level this year. But the Huskies are still my choice to win the Pac 12 title. But I do admit to a Husky fans' bias.
  254. P

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    I strongly suggest trolling a ballyhoo off an outrigger. Paul
  255. P

    La Paz Recommendations

    In terms of shore fishing, I have caught many jacks and small cabrilla by casting krocodiles from the marina breakwater next to the Hotel Marina.
  256. P

    Mackerel Out Of Oceanside?

    Thanks for the info. I was hoping to get out today to catch some mackerel for future trips but I will be driving my kid back to college instead. Paul
  257. P

    Mackerel Out Of Oceanside?

    Any tips on where to jig up some mackerel near the harbor? Thanks, Paul
  258. P

    Bluefin To Billfish keep Baja Byte alive

    Hey Gary, Any chance you could start posting regular reports from San Carlos in Sonora? Perhaps Fernando of Catch 22 Sportfishing or another charter captain would be willing to provide you with regular updates. Thanks, Paul
  259. P

    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    Thanks for all the comments, gentlemen, but let's try to stay on topic. Should CA seriously consider banning commercial fishing with nets? Paul
  260. P

    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    It is a difficult topic because I don't think an outright commercial fishing ban is realistic or beneficial to the greater population. You know not everyone can go out fishing, some have to buy fish in markets. Thank you for your response. As I stated in my original post, I am not advocating or...
  261. P

    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    Thanks for all the comments, gentlemen, but let's try to stay on topic. Should CA seriously consider banning commercial fishing with nets? Paul
  262. P

    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    Thank you Fishkilr, for your response. Perhaps the commercial bait fleet could be exempted from a ban. Outside of the bait situation, would you support a net ban? Paul
  263. P

    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    I am speaking about banning commercial fishing using nets. This has been credited with saving sport fishing and its huge economic impact in the state of FL. I understand this would mean that we sport...
  264. P


    I know that the fishing is great in Florida. One of the main reasons for this is that Florida eliminated all commercial fishing with nets 20 yrs ago. Paul
  265. P

    Renegade Mike Sortfishing

    Thanks for the excellent report. I am happy to hear that Mike has not lost his mojo. Paul
  266. P

    7-16-19 A.M. half day

    Why in the world do the sportboats not have descending devices?
  267. P

    Tying the Circle Hook

    In fact, many of the top West Coast marlin skippers do snell their circle hooks when live baiting marlin. From SNELL YOUR CIRCLE HOOKS HELPS Sure, you can just toss a perfection loop or an clinch knot at that circle hook, but it won't be as effective as it should be. By snelling...
  268. P

    Kill em' all big and small

    It is unlikely that sport fishing has a significant impact on offshore species, but I do agree with the OP in that I feel the SoCal sport anglers kill too many fish. Do we really need to keep yellowtail under 10 pounds? Do we really need to keep a five fish limit? I think not. JMHO Paul
  269. P

    Aztec went looking at new area.

    Unfortunately, not all of the fleet found fish that wanted to bite. I just got in from a 1.5 day on the Condor with only a few small yellowtail and a few 30-40 lb bluefin for the whole boat.
  270. P

    Mold craft lures

    Moldcraft lures may not be pretty, but they sure do catch fish.
  271. P

    Hotel coral boat launch

    When I was at the Hotel Coral in March there was a huge gate blocking the launch ramp in the morning until the marina office opened up at 8:00. If you want to launch early I suggest you call the marina ahead of time to make the proper arrangements. Paul
  272. P

    T Shark 7/6/19

    Great job on the C&R!
  273. P

    Need Cheap Hotel In Ensenada

    Just Booked Best Western El Cid.
  274. P

    Crew Members Fishing

    If you think about it, tipping really is bogus. It is a way to keep prices artificially low by allowing businesses to underpay employees, with the hope that customer tips will make up the difference. I would much prefer a system whereby employees are paid better. I understand that this would...
  275. P

    Chunking For Local Bluefin?

    The long range boats used to do a lot of chunking at the Islands when they were open. I am surprised none of them has tried the technique locally this summer.
  276. P

    Need Cheap Hotel In Ensenada

    I think I will go with the San Nicholas. Thanks to all who offered suggestions.
  277. P

    Need Cheap Hotel In Ensenada

    My wife and I are looking to do a weekend in Ensenada in August. We usually stay at the Hotel Coral, but they really jack up their prices in the Summer. The place does not need to be fancy, just clean, comfortable, and not too noisy. Thanks, Paul
  278. P

    Chunking For Local Bluefin?

    Has anyone tried chunking for the bluefin we are seeing all over the place? Seems like drifting and setting up a chunk line might be worth trying. Paul
  279. P

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    This thread is starting to scare me. I have done very little fishing on sportboats, but since my days of boat ownership are over, I recently did an overnight trip and have a 1.5 day trip booked for next week. I like the idea of taking a ditch bag.
  280. P

    Renegade Mike Sortfishing

    Any other recent updates on Mike?
  281. P

    New Lo-an Layout and Boarding process

    I recently rode the New Lo-An. Boarding was pretty much by mob. There was a line, but a number of anglers chose to walk to the front. I found the bunk room pretty comfortable. I was surprised that I was actually get a little sleep on board. The skipper worked hard and put us on the fish, but it...
  282. P

    Help ID weird Merc 2 stroke issue.

    Perhaps it is a fuel line issue.
  283. P

    Plan a billfish safari - every species, one year

    Okay, this is just off the top of my head with no research. Blue marlin: Rio de Janeiro Striped marlin: Cabo San Lucas Black marlin: Great Barrier Reef Swordfish: Miami White marlin: Ocean City, Maryland Sailfish: Loreto
  284. P

    Renegade Mike Sortfishing

    Oops! The Title of this thread should read, "Renegade Mike Sportfishing". My typing sucks.
  285. P

    Renegade Mike Sortfishing

    I have not fished with Mike in many years, but I will be heading down to CSL in early 2020 and would like to get feedback from folks that have fished with Mike recently. If your comments are not positive, please PM me rather than posting for all to see. I do not see any reason to publicly bash...
  286. P

    Overnight On The New Lo-An, Departing 6/21

    The grade of fish caught on the trip was outstanding. Outside of one bluefin of about 30 pounds and one yellowfin of about 15, all other fish were the larger grade of bluefin that we were looking for. The boat was probably never more than 35 miles from Pt Loma. I do not remember seeing any fish...
  287. P

    Overnight On The New Lo-An, Departing 6/21

    I just signed up for this trip. Any other BDers going to be on board? Paul
  288. P

    Anything Happening At La Jolla

    I have to drive my wife and son to the SD airport tomorrow morning, so I was thinking about jumping on the New Seaforth PM trip after dropping them off. But the reports from yesterday (Friday) show only rockfish being caught. What's up with that? Any calicos or anything else happening? Thanks...
  289. P

    strong fuel smell in cabin

    I had a similar situation on a Grady White I used to own. It turned out to be the gasket for the fuel sensor. Paul
  290. P

    La Jolla On Easter Sunday- Seeking Buddy Boater (Or Skier)

    Sorry for the confusion. I will be launching at Dana in Mission Bay. Dana Pt to La Jolla is too far for me. Paul
  291. P

    La Jolla On Easter Sunday- Seeking Buddy Boater (Or Skier)

    Weather permitting, I will launch my ski this Sunday at Dana Landing and fish La Jolla. Paul
  292. P

    Stasis Dernatitis

    Oops Dermatitis!
  293. P

    Stasis Dernatitis

    It looks like I may have this condition in my right lower leg. I would be interested in hearing from others who are living with this with regards to treatment and how it has impacted your lifestyle. Growing old really sucks. Paul
  294. P

    Question About Mexican License

    Here in the USA, a fishing license is specific to a state. Does Mexico have a similar system or will the licenses we buy here in SD allow an angler to fish anywhere in Mexico? I am going to Sonora later this year and want to make sure I am in compliance. Thanks, Paul
  295. P

    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    I just received the 4 to 1 gears for my 113H from Mystic Reel Parts. Once they are installed I will let you know what I think. Paul
  296. P

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Name: Paul Location: Carlsbad Availability: Mostly weekends, possibly some weekdays Contact Info: [email protected] 760-419-8056 Smoke/Drink?: I do not smoke, but I will enjoy a couple of beers, and I will bring the beer. References: Ken's Custom Reel, John at Dana Landing 61 years old...
  297. P

    La Jolla On Easter Sunday- Seeking Buddy Boater (Or Skier)

    It looks like it will be a little too windy on Easter for this trip. Oh, well...
  298. P

    La Jolla On Easter Sunday- Seeking Buddy Boater (Or Skier)

    I plan to launch on Mission Bay and head up to La Jolla to look for yellowtail. If anyone is interested in buddy boating please PM me. Low tide is at 5:20 AM and the high is 11:38, with a good sized exchange. Paul
  299. P

    What Wet Suit?

    I got the O'Neill Reactor. I won't say in what size. Getting old really, really sucks. Paul
  300. P

    What Wet Suit?

    What wet suit should I get for wearing on my PWC? I was looking at an O'neill Reactor III, but if anyone has other suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks, Paul
  301. P

    painter pole outriggers

    Those look great. How did you attach them to the boat? Paul
  302. P

    Louisiana Redfish In May?

    Unfortunately, it does not look like we will be able to get down to LA this May. Thanks to all for the great info and I hope to get down there next year. Paul
  303. P

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    I believe the Renegade Mike has cockpit controls.
  304. P

    31 March Oside

    I am very impressed. I would not think of running my ski from Oceanside to La Jolla. May I ask what you wear on a trip like that. A wetsuit?
  305. P

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    I am sorry that you were not happy with Captain Mike. I will let others comment on that. But I have to ask- since you were not planning to keep the fish you caught for food, why in the world did you not release them? Paul
  306. P

    San Quintin Info Request

    I am considering a trip to SQ for Memorial Day weekend. I have the following questions: Is the Old Mill where I should stay? Is K&M Sportfishing a good outfit? If they are booked, who else should I consider? What sort of activities are there for my non-fishing wife? Thanks, Paul
  307. P

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    I know you mentioned you would prefer yellowfin to bluefin, but the winter bluefin tuna fishery out of Cape Hatteras can be epic. The weather can be very iffy, however.
  308. P

    Any Way To Minimize Wind Noise When Driving With Kayak?

    Thanks for the replies. The noise is so loud that you cannot hear the stereo. I will try putting a twist in the tie down straps. Paul
  309. P

    Any Way To Minimize Wind Noise When Driving With Kayak?

    Whenever I take drive my Toyota Highlander with my Cobra Fish N Dive strapped to the luggage rack on top, a very loud and annoying buzzing sound is generated by wind resistance when driving on a highway. I am wondering if others have experienced this and found a way to minimize this annoyance...
  310. P

    Ensenada and Hotel/Marina Coral

    My wife and I had a great time in Ensenada this last weekend. We arrived late Friday afternoon and departed for home Sunday morning after breakfast. I fished on my kayak just outside the breakwater Sat. morning. The hotel remains first rate in both facilities and service. I caught 3 calico bass...
  311. P

    What fish is this caught at south point?

    Difficult to fillet due to tough, leathery skin, but they make great ceviche.
  312. P

    Snappers and Sierras Cabo San Lucas

    One of the best meals I have ever had was in CSL. I had caught a sierra that day and took it to the sushi bar on the harbor that was located next to the Nowhere Bar. They sliced in thinly, seared it, and served it with a chili/cream sauce they made especially for sierra. Amazing!
  313. P

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    I have not lived in the Pacific Northwest for many, many years. Can you explain why you believe it is a good thing that gillnets will be allowed for the fall Columbia River salmon fishery? Thank you
  314. P

    Reel Service at FHS?

    Ken's Custom Reel. Great guys and they do a great job.
  315. P

    NFL Combine - Fastest Punter Ever

    Many years ago the Dolphins beat the Steelers in the AFC championship because the Dolphins' punter, Larry Seiple, saw an opening and ran for the first down. It was not a called fake punt. Paul
  316. P

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    The commercial interests are very well connected and funded. This finding can then be used to legally buy off politicians. Unfortunately, in this country our elected officials basically serve the interests of those that fund their election and subsequent re-election. JMHO
  317. P

    Can you legally sell all that fish?

    All right, I cannot help myself. I have to say it. Please do not keep more fish than you and your family can easily consume in a reasonable period of time. Catch and release the rest, please. Feel free to flame away. JMHO Paul
  318. P

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    I hope this works out better than puting Sherman on the SD City council did. JMHO
  319. P

    Top Gun 80 and Condor- Feedback Requested

    That three day on the Condor in October sounds great, but I will be taking a road trip to Tucson and San Carlos at that time. Paul
  320. P

    Fish 3 times the line test

    I C&Red an estimated 450 lb blue marlin in CSL on 50 lb main line, with 200 lb leader on my Sevenstrand bleeding mackerel softhead lure.
  321. P

    Top Gun 80 and Condor- Feedback Requested

    I have done very little sportboat fishing, since I have owned boats for over 30 years. I am now boatless and looking to plan some multi-day offshore trips this summer with the San Diego fleet. Planning this is complicated by the fact that I sell air conditioning, and am not allowed to take time...
  322. P

    Best travel rod?

    The Fenwick travel rods will probably not fit in a suitcase but they will definitely fit in an overhead bin. One cool feature is that the three piece rod comes with two tips. Each tip is rated for different line classes- so it is almost like having two rods in one. They come standard with a...
  323. P

    Just trying to park the new sport-fisher

    Geez, I couldn't park my Toyota that well.
  324. P

    Jaime & the Jessica - Another Great Trip

    I am getting old and am tired of lugging my own gear through airports. What sort of tackle does Jaime have on his boat? Thanks, Paul
  325. P

    best San Diego saltwater tackle shop

    All of the above are excellent stores, but for the private boater Dana Landing has got the best tackle, lures, and rigging section in town. Also the best for bay fishing. JMHO
  326. P

    San Carlos Kayak Fishing

    Correction- I launched at the Marina Real on day two.
  327. P

    San Carlos Kayak Fishing

    My wife and I drove from our home in Carlsbad to Tucson and then south to San Carlos. The drive went well in each direction with no significant issues. We very much enjoyed the town of San Carlos. There were very few tourists in town, mostly snowbirds and expats from Canada and the US. I fished...
  328. P

    Anyone ever used pre-rigged deadbaits for trolling?

    The pre-rigged ballyhoo tend to be a bit costly, but some of the top marlin skippers in SoCal and Cabo have been trolling rigged ballyhoo for a while now. They often buy them frozen and then rig them .Since you posted it on the long range board, it should be pointed out that most, if not all...
  329. P

    Louisiana Redfish In May?

    I am planning a vacation in May and am considering a trip to New Orleans and Venice. Redfish is a species I have not caught but is on my bucket list. How is the redfishing expected to be in Venice in May? Thanks, Paul
  330. P

    Bodies in the cockpit

    I had a 23 ft Grady White for many years. It fished four very comfortably. I would think a GW Sailfish could easily fit another 1-2 people. Paul
  331. P

    Parker Windshield Leak

    Are you the original owner? Seems like this should be covered by the warranty.
  332. P

    Multi-part question: Gricelda's, shorefishing, how much fish can fly home...CABO

    I used Griselda's once in Cabo to freeze and store some fish. The fillets were expertly cut and packaged. I did not utilize their smoking services. Paul
  333. P

    San Diego Bay Bass Tournament, Feb 2, 2019

    Is this a catch and release tournament?
  334. P

    Game Prediction: Utah vs Northwestern

    The second half just called. It wants to know when Utah is going to show up.
  335. P

    What trips are you doing in 2019?

    Road trip to San Carlos in the state of Sonora in Jan. to fish from my kayak. Also flying to Miami and driving to Key West in May for some shore fishing and possibly a charter in Key West.
  336. P

    PAC 12 Bowl Prediction Record

    I cannot remember a bowl season where this many players have been suspended. I suspect some of this relates to players not wanting to play in some of these meaningless games. JMHO
  337. P

    Local island action 12/23

    Please tell us more about the shrimp. Are you just buying them from a local fish market or...?
  338. P

    Heavy stranded leader crimp or knot?

    Heavy multi strand wire will require a crimp. Personally, I prefer single strand for sharks. I once had a big mako bite through multi strand. JMHO
  339. P

    Need Repair For Leak In Tile Roof

    I have a very small leak in my tile roof above my garage. Licensed roofers please PM me if interested. Paul
  340. P


    It was a very tough season for the Aztecs. They started out 6-1, but things then went very wrong. They lost 5 out of their last 6 games to finish 7-6. Rocky will need to evaluate everything- coaching staff, scheme, players, etc. He has earned a pass on this season IMHO.
  341. P

    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    I am a member of CCA, having signed up at the Fred Hall Show this year. The post from Luke Burson, the VP of the Orange County chapter, who stated their top 2 goals were to increase membership and to raise money speaks volumes to me. I will not reup my membership next year. JMHO
  342. P

    Trolling White Seabass

    Slow trolling a dead rigged squid off a downrigger. Paul
  343. P

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    I have been married to my first and only wife for 22 years. We have had some tough times, but we have always been able to work things out. The best advice I can give you: Unless your wife is involved, keep it in your pants. Easier said than done, I know...
  344. P

    PAC-12 Championship Game

    Hey Steve, I grew up in the state of Washington and am a lifelong Husky fan. I also feel that the current Utah team is much better than they were early in the season when Washington beat them. I expect a very tough game. Paul
  345. P

    San Carlos Sonora Mexico

    Is a tourist card required for driving to San Carlos?
  346. P

    San Carlos Sonora Mexico

    Thank you, Andrew, for the great report! I am planning to head down there in January with my kayak. I have heard San Antonio Pt is a good place to start. Any other suggestions? Paul
  347. P

    Looking for transport from Los Cabos airport to Cabo san Lucas

    I have never had a problem just taking a cab, particularly if there are several of you to split the charge. Paul
  348. P

    What knot do you use for spectra to terminal tackle

    I have not fished a lot with spectra, but I do have one reel I use for deep jigging with 80 lb spectra and a 50 lb fluorocarbon leader. After doing some internet research I settled on the reverse albright. This is easy to tie and makes for a fairly clean connection.
  349. P

    Kayak Transport Rack Recommendation Request

    I have a Cobra Fish N Dive that I usually strap to my old Toyota Highlander. However, I need to use my Camry for a longer trip (the Highlander has lots of miles on it) and am looking for a rack for the Camry. The ideal rack would be easy to install and easy to load the kayak off and on by one...
  350. P

    Elsinore 11/1

    Sounds like a great time. Did you catch any striped/white bass hybrids?
  351. P

    San Carlos, Sonora Fishing Near Marina San Carlos

    Thank you for your responses. Would the inshore fishing around Marina Real be better than Marina San Carlos?
  352. P

    San Carlos, Sonora Fishing Near Marina San Carlos

    I am planning to take my kayak down to San Carlos in mid January. How is the inshore fishing near Marina San Carlos? What species will likely be available at that time? What lures and techniques will be especially effective? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that...
  353. P

    Sunday Morning On Mission Bay

    I have not been able to fish much this summer, as I sell HVAC and we were busy as Hell through Sept. I decided to try fishing Mission Bay this morning despite there only being a 2 ft tidal exchange. It was a beautiful day on the bay in all ways but one- the fishing was dead. No birds working...
  354. P

    Any love for rapala countdown magnums anymore?

    I have caught the following species on CD Rapalas: Calico bass sand bass bonito yellowtail thresher shark mako shark barracuda sierra yellowfin tuna skipjack tuna albacore bigeye tuna wahoo dorado I am sure that I am forgetting some other species.
  355. P

    Guatemala Blue Marlin Bite- July 4th, 2018 Report

    What bait or lures were the blue marlin and sailfish cauhjt on? Paul
  356. P

    Got Ballyhoo?

    And here is the easiest way I have found to rig them:
  357. P

    Got Ballyhoo?

    Well, they have them at Dana Landing on Mission Bay, both rigged and unrigged. I bought a dozen medium sized ballyhoo of the Baitmasters of South Florida brand. The ballyhoo are in the outside walk in freezer. Ask for help and they will take you out there and help you find what you want. Paul
  358. P

    Baja Stripers Linger

    Hey Gary, Is there any chance you could start including La Salina/Ensenada info in your excellent reports? Thanks, Paul
  359. P

    Mission Bay On The Ski

    Launched at about 7:30 AM on 7/4. This was low tide, and the fishing picked up as the tide rose. Caught four spotties on 6 lb spinning and 8 lb baitcasting gear. 2 fish on Gulp! 3 inch New Penny shrimp and 2 on a 3/8 oz Warbait swim jig with a single curly tail plastic added. I have not fished...
  360. P

    Trolling Idea

    I would suggest trolling rigged dead squid. It has worked very well for me in the past, although not on bluefin. Paul
  361. P

    Where to Get Mexican Insurance For Waverunner?

    Planning to trailer my waverunner down to La Salina in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for Mexican insurance on the ski? Thanks, Paul
  362. P

    Where to Get Insurance For Waverunner In Mexico?

    Planning to trailer my waverunner down to La Salina in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for Mexican insurance on the ski? Thanks, Paul
  363. P

    Marina Coral Or Puerto Salina Marina?

    Anyone ever fish the salsipuedes canyon?
  364. P

    Marina Coral Or Puerto Salina Marina?

    I am planning an Ensenada trip for July. I will be trailering down my Waverunner to fish from, and my friend will be fishing a kayak. I have spent quite a few days kayak fishing outside the Marina Coral, and have done very well on inshore species, but I am hoping to have a good shot at...
  365. P

    TIP Needed In Ensenada For Jet Ski?

    Thanks, no TIP needed! Paul
  366. P

    TIP Needed In Ensenada For Jet Ski?

    I am considering trailering my Yamaha Waverunner to Ensenada and launching at the Marina Coral. Do I need a TIP for a weekend trip to Ensenada? Thanks, Paul
  367. P

    What about trolling for Bluefin

    LOTS of bluefin are caught on the East Coast by trolling rigged dead bait, particularly ballyhoo. Paul
  368. P

    sheena was a man!!

    Ya gotta love Hemet....Not!
  369. P

    Oceanside 6/16

    What brand and lb test line were you using? Paul
  370. P

    Yo-yo's for the surface?

    I have caught many fish at the surface using a heavy iron and cranking it in fast before it sinks too far. I especially like to use a raider jig this way on offshore kelp paddies. Paul
  371. P

    Late SD BAY REPORT FOR 6/10/18

    Is the Shelter Island ramp still closed? If so, where did you launch?
  372. P

    Buddy Boaters (Or Skiers)?

    I have only fished inshore off my ski so far- Oceanside Harbor, Barn Kelp, Mission Bay, and La Jolla. I hope to venture offshore this summer in pursuit of kelp paddy yellowtail, tuna and dorado. Buddy boating with another angler on a ski would greatly increase the fun and safety of an offshore...
  373. P

    Bait Tank Mods

    This will likely greatly improve the situation. Bait needs light to properly orient itself in a tank.
  374. P

    Bait Tank Mods

    Does the light in the tank work?
  375. P

    Oceanside Tomorrow (Sunday)

    There lots being caught in the Coronado Islands and a very few in La Jolla. Paul
  376. P

    Oceanside Tomorrow (Sunday)

    I only managed to catch and release one calico, but a Bayrunner fishing nearby caught a huge white seabass on a mackerel. It might have gone 50 lb. Paul
  377. P

    Shimano TLD's Still in use?

    I C&Red the largest fish I have ever caught, an estimated 450 lb blue marlin on a TLD 30 two speed with 50 lb line in CSL. These are still great reels. Paul
  378. P

    Oceanside Tomorrow (Sunday)

    Oops! Calicos
  379. P

    Oceanside Tomorrow (Sunday)

    I plan to launch in Oceanside Harbor tomorrow and fish the Barn Kelp in hopes of catching some caicos. Paul
  380. P

    Accommodations in La Paz

    I haven't been to La Paz for quite some time, but my wife and I used to stay at the Hotel Marina a couple of times a year and we loved it. Paul
  381. P

    Pepper Park- National City Fishing Info Request

    Thanks to all for the great information, especially my fellow Carlsbad resident, Jay. It sounds like CV will be a much better option than Pepper Park. Paul
  382. P

    Pepper Park- National City Fishing Info Request

    How about Chula Vista?
  383. P

    Pepper Park- National City Fishing Info Request

    Since La Jolla has been relatively dead the Shelter Island ramp remains closed, I was thinking of launching my Waverunner at Pepper Park. I have fished Mission Bay extensively and the area around Shelter Island but never the South Bay. What is the fishing like around Pepper Park? Spots...
  384. P

    Looking For A Recent La Jolla Report

    I am planning on checking it on my Waverunner tomorrow. The Seaforth half day boats are mostly reporting rockfish. Any recent private boaters get into any surface action? Thanks, Paul
  385. P

    If You Have Repair, Maintenance, Or Rigging Questions About A PWC...

    Anthony recently installed a second battery with switch on my Waverunner. Very clean installation. I highly recommend his services. Paul
  386. P

    Replacing Trebles With VMC Singles On Rapalas

    Replaced the treble hooks on two CD 18s and two CD 11s. You need a good pair of split ring pliers to do this, as the VMC hooks are pretty heavy duty. Paul
  387. P

    Adding Waypoints In Driveway?

    Just to be clear, this is a combined fishfinder/GPS/chartplotter. Paul
  388. P

    Adding Waypoints In Driveway?

    My Waverunner has a Lowrance Elite-5 HDI combo. I have always been told that you should not run the fishfinder when the boat/ski is out of the water, but I want to load in some waypoints into the GPS. Can I safely add waypoints while the ski is on the trailer, or should I launch it and tie up...
  389. P

    Replacing Trebles With VMC Singles On Rapalas

    There is an excellent article about this now on BD. Has anyone tried this yet on Rapala CD's or X Raps? Ifso, did it impact the swimming action of the lure? Thanks, Paul
  390. P

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Kurt Cobain is the most successful person I can think to come out of the Grays Harbor area. Despite his immense talent and success he became a horrendous drug addict and took his own life. Not my favorite area. By the way, I grew up in Olympia, WA, went to college at WWU in Bellingham, and...
  391. P

    Gday guys

    And on your feet?
  392. P

    Gday guys

    Okay, here's a very basic question- what do you wear on your PWC when fishing? On cool days? Hot days? Thanks, Paul
  393. P

    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    ....That is the question. A marine mechanic recently recommended I spray the 4 stroke engine on my Yamaha Waverunner with WD-40. I have always heard this can degrade the hoses, so I have used silicone instead. He dismissed my concerns and said WD-40 would be better because it will displace...
  394. P

    Gday guys

    Hi Pete, Fishing on a PWC is just beginning to become popular here in Southern California. You Kiwis, the Aussies, and South Africans are miles ahead of us in this arena. I welcome you to BD Outdoors and look forward to learning from you. I recently bought a Yamaha Waverunner and have lots to...
  395. P

    Mission Bay Small Bait Scoop?

    I recently installed a bait tank on my Waverunner. I plan to try it out this weekend. Does the Mission Bay bait barge sell small kayak or jetski scoops for less than the price of a normal half scoop? I know the bait barge in Oceanside harbor will do so. Thank you, Paul
  396. P

    Why are gilnets still in the water?

    Oops! "allowed"
  397. P

    Why are gilnets still in the water?

    Why are commercial fishermen all owed to rape and pillage? Very simple. Our country now allows special interests to buy off our government. JMHO
  398. P

    Wanted Center Console w/Diesel

    May I ask why you are looking for a diesel? Outboards have gotten so good that unless you are using a boat commercially on a daily basis, a diesel may not be advantageous. JMHO, Paul
  399. P

    First trip to Baja in may

    You cannot go wrong with Renegade Mike. Paul
  400. P

    Best Las Vegas Hotel For Boat/PWC Parking?

    My friend and I are planning a weekend trip to fish Lake Mead. We are going to take our wives and plan to stay in Las Vegas. Each of us will be towing a PWC and we are looking for ideas on where to stay. Which hotels have parking areas that would be conducive for a PWC/trailer? Thanks, Paul
  401. P

    Swordfish RAW

    Has anyone gotten the daytime deep drop method for swordfish dialed in here on the West Coast? Paul
  402. P

    If You Have Repair, Maintenance, Or Rigging Questions About A PWC...

    I was lucky enough to meet the fellow who does the maintenance for the rental fleet of 25 Waverunners at Dana Landing on Mission Bay today. His name is Anthony and he spent quite a while with me going over general maintenance and rigging issues. He has rigged lots of Waverunners with second...
  403. P

    Ken’s fixed my Fathom 40LD2 drag issue!

    In my experience, if Ken and Wes cannot fix a reel, it isn't broken. Paul
  404. P

    '69 at the Salton Sea

    I find the decline of the Salton Sea fishery very sad. I remember hearing stories of the great fishing there for orangemouth corvina, but never made it out to the Sea before it all collapsed. I understand that all that is left currently are the tilapia. Here is an article from Saltwater...
  405. P

    Fishing Without Neutral On A PWC

    Of course, no PWC has a neutral setting. I took out my new (to me) Waverunner and cruised around Oceanside Harbor and out a little onto the Pacific today. Tossing plastics in the bay is not great with a ski moving at about 3 knots. Do you turn the engine off to drift, or do you just deal with a...
  406. P

    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    I bought a Yeti- it fits perfectly in the cooler rack on my Waverunner. Paul
  407. P

    Bringing the candy to PV

    I have taken squid to Baja many times and been inspected multiple times with no issues at all. I do know that you are not allowed to take produce into Baja. I am puzzled as to why the customs guys in PV would not allow squid into the country. Perhaps they were just looking for a bribe? Paul
  408. P

    Shimano What to use a TLD 30 for

    I have largely fished my own boats over the years, and I have 3 TLD300 II's in my arsenal. With spectra backing it makes a great trolling reel for 50 lb. I have also used them to cast to marlin and for dropper loop fishing on the bottom. I have never had any issues with the drags. The largest...
  409. P

    Islander Mothership Trips?

    Anyone done of these? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  410. P

    Islander Accommodations?

    How are the state rooms/ bunks on this boat. My friend and I are considering a 2.5 day kayak mothership trip on her and my friend is 6 ft, 6 inches tall. He wants to make sure that he will be able to sleep fairly comfortably. Thanks, Paul
  411. P

    Nomad Lures Are Here. These Lures Are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, but I really like the 165 and 200, both due to their larger size and, especially, their single hooks. I do not like trebles. Paul
  412. P

    Nomad Lures Are Here. These Lures Are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will be trolling from a jet ski. I expect to mostly troll dead bait. How slowly can the DTX Minnows be trolled and still be effective? My ski trolls at 2-3 knots at idle. I would like to troll a rigged dead bait at the surface and a DTX Minnow deep. Thanks, Paul
  413. P

    Another "need advice on gear thread" for Baja thread.

    Assuming you will be panga fishing in La Paz/Las Arenas, I can tell you that you will likely be slow trolling sardinas the great majority of the time. You could actually get by with only two rigs- a 30 lb and a 50 or 60 lb. Should you want to add another rod, a 15 lb rig would complete your...
  414. P

    Pacific Star might lose it license?

    Overtime? What's that? Those of us in the private sector (aside from a relatively small number of people who are members of a union) are routinely expected to work more than forty hours per week, usually with no additional compensation. Paul
  415. P

    Flushing A Yamaha Wave Runner

    I hooked up my new (to me) Waverunner to flush the engine today. As per the manual and youtube videos, I started the engine, then turned the water on under low pressure. I could see water coming out of the jet in the craft's stern, but no water coming out of the pee hole on the port side of the...
  416. P

    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    Thank you for all the great responses. It sounds like any of the roto molded coolers will do a great job. I will base my decision on which cooler seems to fit best in the rack area of my Wave Runner. Paul
  417. P

    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    Do these higher end coolers really make an appreciable difference for a days fishing? I especially would be interested in hearing from folks with experience in areas like the desert or Baja where it gets really hot. Thanks, Paul
  418. P

    Salton Sea lately

    I really regret that I never made it out to the Salton Sea when the corvina were supposed to be as thick as thieves. Paul
  419. P

    Where To Get Cedar Plug Hooks?

    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Looks like Charkbait will work well for me. Paul
  420. P

    Where To Get Cedar Plug Hooks?

    I do not need the cedar plugs, only the hooks. Anyone know where I can get some of these? I live in North SD County. Thanks, Paul
  421. P

    Taco Grand Slam Outriggers

    I had a pair of these on my 24 ft Pursuit that I used to own. They were a great fit. Paul
  422. P

    Yamaha or verado?

    I have no opinion on this issue, but please keep us updated on your experience with the Verado. I like the concept a lot, but have always wondered about all the high tech aspects of the engine when used in a harsh marine environment. Paul
  423. P

    Wish list fish.

    Swordfish Black marlin Cow tuna Opah Striped bass Snook
  424. P

    what will you in the new year.

    A jet ski for fishing.
  425. P

    Witch Doctor Teaser

    The Witch Doctor definitely raises fish. I pulled one extensively in CSL when I had a boat down there. Paul
  426. P

    Jet Ski Fishermen In San Diego

    It sounds like you VX Cruiser handles the ocean very well. What sort of range does it have at cruise? Paul
  427. P

    Jet Ski Fishermen In San Diego

    I also have been fishing the kayak and am interested in moving up to a jet ski. I love the kayak in the bays but I would like to get into the yellowtail grounds a little easier. I have heard very good things about the Yamahas and Kawasakis. I have owned a number of Yamaha outboards, so my...
  428. P

    Personal Watercraft (Jetski) Recommendations?

    Thanks for your response. I am looking for a Yamaha FX HO or a Kawasaki ULtra LX, but will consider other models. I am not concerned about top end speed, but fuel efficiency, range, and rough water ability will all be very important to me. Paul
  429. P

    6-6 and bowl eligible, not a great season, but there's this.......

    Well, there's always next year. My Washington Huskies blew the Pac 12 North championship when they lost by eight points to ASU in Tempe. Their loss included two missed short field goals (21 and 27 yards) and a blocked punt that resulted in an ASU field goal. Average special teams play that...
  430. P

    Personal Watercraft (Jetski) Recommendations?

    I am considering buying a PWC for fishing. What features should I look for, and what models are best suited for fishing? I will be looking for a used PWC. Thank you, Paul
  431. P

    Jim Mora fired at UCLA

    Where will Chip Kelly wind up coaching next year? He has been linked to a number of jobs, including UCLA and Florida.
  432. P

    Lure/Fly Advise

    I cannot speak regarding what flies to bring, but the same casting luers we use here in SoCal will work great in Baja. Heavy iron, surface iron, poppers, plastics, and crocodiles will all catch fish.
  433. P

    pakula witch doctor

    The Witch Doctor can definitely work to bring marlin into the lure spread. When I kept a boat in Cabo we would often pull one. Paul
  434. P

    San Diego State Football

    So far the Aztecs have exceeded my expectations. Next up: Northern Illinois University, who beat Nebraska in Lincoln the weekend before last. They were idle this past Saturday. Go Aztecs!
  435. P

    SDSU vs Stanford

    They kick off at 7:30 tonight in San Diego. This is the biggest game for SDSU football in many years. I cannot remember being this excited about a college football game in San Diego in a very long time. Go Aztecs!
  436. P

    La Jolla On The Kayak Report 8/27

    I launched at La Jolla Shores this morning at 6:15. I was only able to C&R a quality calico bass on a flatfall. Back at the beach around 11:30, however, I spoke to very nice fellow that told me he and his friend just "killed it" today. He showed me three yellowtail, all of which looked to me...
  437. P

    Oceanside 1/2 Day Yellowtail- Where Are They?

    According to Ken at Ken's Custom Reel, the fish are being caught off Encinitas. I plan to launch tomorrow at Moonlight Beach. Paul
  438. P

    Oceanside 1/2 Day Yellowtail- Where Are They?

    I saw that the Helgren's 1/2 day boats picked up a few yellowtail yesterday. Does anyone know where these fish are being caught? Are they inshore or under kelp paddies? Maybe Buccaneer Beach or the Golf Balls? I plan to launch my kayak early on Sunday and would greatly appreciate any...
  439. P

    Dana Point Info Request

    Posts: 18 I launched this morning at around 6:00. The line at the bait barge was long, so I opted to go without. I paddled out to the headlands and worked this area from the rocks to the red buoy for no action at all. On the way back in I caught and released my only fish of the day, a 12 inch...
  440. P

    Attention bald guys..........

    I use Lubriderm as well. It works very well. Paul
  441. P

    San Diego State Football

    With the Chargers having moved to Los Angeles I hope that many of you former Charger fans will lend your support to the SDSU football program. Coach Brady Hoke took a moribund program and made it respectable, and now Coach Rocky Long, building on Hoke's foundation, has lifted the program to a...
  442. P

    Dana Point Info Request

    I plan to take my yak up to Dana Point tomorrow. I have launched boats there before but never a kayak. Will the bait barge there sell a kayak scoop? If so, what would be the price? How long of a paddle is it from the harbor to the point? Specific spots to try? Any helpful information will be...
  443. P

    Marking MLPA Closed Areas

    I have always wondered why the state will not mark the areas that are closed to fishing. I have had people tell me, "Just use your GPS." This assumes that all boater have a GPS system, that the system works, that the angler knows how to use it, and that said angler knows the lat. and long...
  444. P

    Saltwater SHARK WEEK IN TUNA TOWN!!!

    Fresh mako is delicious. Paul
  445. P

    San Diego Bay 7/9

    I launched at Shelter Island a little before 6:30 this morning. The first sand bass was caught within five minutes. The daily totals were 1 calico, 2 sandies, and 4 spotties. All fish except one sand bass and one spottie were caught on plastics. The sand bass and spottie which were not caught...
  446. P

    Ensenada 6/27

    In answer to a couple of questions: Yes, I will absolutely do this trip again, although I would prefer spending at least one night in Ensenada. I need to clear that with the Boss (my wife). WE used to go down there together quite a bit, prior to Mexico becoming very troubled. I was only asked...
  447. P

    Ensenada 6/27

    I left my home in Carlsbad at 4:45 yesterday morning and drove straight to Ensenada with no issues at all. However, the road has several places where construction has caused it to be only one lane in each direction. This could cause backups on a busy weekend. At the entrance to the Hotel/Marina...
  448. P

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    The whole fried rockfish stuffed with seafood ("De ja jewel") at Emerald Chinese Seafood on Convoy in San Diego. OMG! Paul
  449. P

    La Jolla Newbie Questions

    Thank you for your response. I did not know thst the MLPA closed areas were marked. Paul
  450. P

    La Jolla Newbie Questions

    Okay, for the first time in many years I am boatless, and will likely remain so for a very long time. I got out my old Cobra Fish and Dive this morning and caught a few little bass in Mission Bay, but I really want something that will pull drag. Although I am 59 yrs old, I am thinking about...
  451. P

    Offshore Liberty Late report.

    Beautiful! The fish look good, too. Paul
  452. P

    Bucktails in Baja?

    For light tackle slow trolling you can pin on a squid. The squid will not spin at low speeds.
  453. P

    Going Fishing in Cabo

    I have had great experiences with Renegade Mike. This is a Bertram 31.
  454. P

    Kayak Fishing Ensenada

    Hello? Anyone out there?
  455. P

    Kayak Fishing Ensenada

    I am thinking about a quick Ensenada trip with the kayak. I have previously fished around the Marina Coral and done very well on inshore species. Are there any places with easy launches and paddles where I would have a good shot at yellowtail? Please keep in mind that I am 59 years old. I simply...
  456. P

    Dana Thresher 5-27-17

    Great job on the C&R!
  457. P

    With All The Talk Of Closures...?

    Is it possible that some of the long range fleet could be registered as Mexican vessels and operate out of Ensenada? And would this allow them to fish some of the areas they are in danger of being banned from? Paul
  458. P

    If you could target 1 exotic...

    Grander Black Marlin outside the Great Barrier Reef.
  459. P

    4 th July in cabo

    Well, none of us has a crystal ball, but early July is usually a good time for fishing in the Los Cabos area. Paul
  460. P

    Thresher shark recipes

    I have killed three threshers in over twenty years of pursuing them. Here is my favorite recipe: After catching the thresher leave it in the water. Put the boat in forward and slowly pull the fish forward to oxygenate it. Once revived, release the fish to fight another day. The feeling I get...
  461. P

    San Diego Soccer City

    I live in Carlsbad rather than the city of San Diego, so I will not be able to vote no on this development in Mission Valley. I think it is a very bad idea and view it as a major land grab by private developers. While the plan does include a soccer stadium, the real reason for the project is the...
  462. P

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    Update: I did fish the Liberty on Tuesday. I was very impressed with both the boat and crew. In particular, they did the best job of filleting fish that I have ever seen on a boat. We're talking professional grade processing. We did not find the bluefin, but caught lots of rat yellows and a...
  463. P

    That's Dr. Dexter Holland to You

    He isn't first to do this. Gregory Walter Graffin, Ph.D (born November 6, 1964) is an American punk rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, college lecturer, and author. He is most recognized as the lead vocalist, songwriter, and only constant member of the noted Los Angeles band Bad...
  464. P

    Re power help

    It is always easier and less expensive to repower a boat with the same brand motor it currently has. Yamaha now makes a four cylinder 200 HP four stroke that would work very well on your boat. The new four cylinders have a weight that is pretty similar to your existing two stroke. JMHO
  465. P

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    Thank you to everyone for the great information. It sounds like I cannot go wrong on any of these boats. I will likely base my choice on which one has the lightest load that day. Paul
  466. P

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    Well, it had to happen eventually. I have sold my boat and will be boat less for the foreseeable future (except for my kayak). I am interested in getting a shot at the bluefin that are currently local. I like the idea of fishing out of Seaforth due to the excellent parking situation, but the...
  467. P

    Off Shore Guy Needs Help re Fishing Mission Bay w/ 7 yr old Son!!

    You want to fish an incoming tide with some significant water movement. I have done best drifting between the Ingraham Street bridge and Fiesta Island. The 2 inch Berkley Gulp shrimp rigged with a small sliding egg sinker works great in Mission Bay. 6-8 pound test line will get bit significantly...
  468. P

    Canvas Boat Cover Repair

    The canvas cover on my 24 ft center console needs repair, so I am looking for a referral to a company that does good work at a fair price. I live in Carlsbad. Thanks, Paul
  469. P

    Canvas Boat Cover Repair

    The canvas cover for my 24 ft center console has three rips and needs repair. The fellow who made the cover is no longer in business. I am looking for a company that does good work at fair prices. Any referrals will be appreciated. I live in Carlsbad and would like to use a company that is...
  470. P

    Entertainment Attorney Needed

    Here is an update- I contacted a number of the lawyers that were recommended by Bloody Deckers, and settled on one in the greater LA area. I was advised by this individual to not sign the contract with the original independent producer. I currently have this person reading the scripts. If they...
  471. P

    In Conjunction to "Do Colors Matter" Where to Position Colors in the Spread...

    To paraphrase Peter Pakula: fish the Pakula Sprocket off the long rigger in the lumo color all day long. That is all I know/practice about colors and how they relate to lure positioning for marlin. That lure/color/position combination gets bit! Paul
  472. P

    Entertainment Attorney Needed

    Many thanks to all who have responded to my request, whether it was in this forum or via PM. BD is truly a great community. I wrote this trilogy of horror films a few years ago largely for fun, with little hope that they would go anywhere. They are, however, registered with the Writers Guild. I...
  473. P

    Entertainment Attorney Needed

    Thanks for the help, Steve. I am very sorry to hear about your mother. May she rest in peace. Paul
  474. P

    Entertainment Attorney Needed

    An independent producer has expressed interest in making a series of movies using some scripts that I have written. I am a novice in this area and am in need of representation by a lawyer that specializes in entertainment law. Any referrals or guidance that could be provided will be greatly...
  475. P

    Washington Dominates Colorado In Pac 12 Title Game

    I was very surprised at how well the Huskies handled Colorado. I was expecting a very close game. Certainly, Lifau injuring his ankle hurt the CO offense. Next stop: the playoffs! I do not know if any team in the country can beat Alabama, so I am rooting for VA Tech to beat Clemson tonight...
  476. P

    The Apple Cup...

    ...or the annual Washington/Washington State football game, to those of you not familiar with this in state rivalry. For the first time in many moons the game will have significant meaning to people outside the state of Washington, as the winner will be the Pac 12 North champion. They will kick...
  477. P

    Trailer Brakes

    Thank you for the recommendations. I am planning to try WOT Marine in Carlsbad. Paul
  478. P

    Washington Versus Southern Cal

    USC was definitely the better team yesterday. Congrats to the Trojans and their fans.
  479. P

    Trailer Brakes

    El Cajon is about an hour away from me. I was hoping for something closer. Thanks, Paul
  480. P

    Trailer Brakes

    The brakes on my boat trailer are badly in need of service. Can anyone recommend a place that does good work for reasonable prices? I live in Carlsbad in North San Diego County. Thanks, Paul
  481. P

    Washington Versus Southern Cal

    Petros knows the Pac 12 football scene like no one else. I hope his prediction is accurate. Paul
  482. P

    Washington Versus Southern Cal

    One of Washington's best defensive players, Joe Mathis, will miss the rest of the regular season with an injury. This could open things up for USC's offense, but I sure hope it does not. Good luck Trojans, Paul
  483. P

    Washington Versus Southern Cal

    The weather forecast for Saturday in Seattle predicts temperatures in the 50's at game time and light rain. Historically, the Trojans have not done well in Husky stadium during bad weather. Go Dawgs!
  484. P

    Washington Versus Southern Cal

    Another big Pac 12 game this weekend. The game will be in Seattle, where the Huskies are always tough, particularly in November. The Trojans have been playing like a completely different team since changing quarterbacks, and my Huskies remain unbeaten.
  485. P

    Big Game In SLC

    A great game! Utah played tough and battled to the very end. Who knows, these teams could meet again in the Pac 12 championship game.
  486. P

    Big Game In SLC

    Hey Steve, If the Utes make the Pac 12 championship game, will you be attending? I plan to go if my Huskies make it. Friday, Dec 2nd. Good luck today, Paul
  487. P

    Big Game In SLC

    Next week my Washington Huskies will be playing Biggest T's Utah Utes in Salt lake City. The Utes are coming off an impressive win against UCLA and feature one of the most compelling stories in college football with the "retirement" and subsequent spectacular return of running back Joe Williams...
  488. P

    Chefs suck...

    The Chargers would go 16 and 0 if they had a new stadium.
  489. P

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    The lure in the picture looks like a Pakula sprocket in the lumo color. Paul
  490. P

    I am Going to Retire

    Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. Consider yourself one of the lucky (or more likely forward thinking) ones who planned ahead to make this possible. The new reality in this country is that most people will have to work until they are physically unable to continue doing so. A very...
  491. P

    UFC about to be sold for 4+ BILLION $$.....

    At the rate that MMA fighters seem to be dying, this may be a very risky investment. Paul
  492. P

    Puerto Los Cabos Marina?

    Blowncar, I would expect to make mostly four day trips to San Jose, with 2 days of fishing. I would have the boat launched in the afternoon or evening of my arrival and fish the following 2 days, with the boat hauled out at the end of the 2nd day's fishing. Would this work with their current...
  493. P

    Puerto Los Cabos Marina?

    Gracias, amigo!
  494. P

    Puerto Los Cabos Marina?

    Thanks for your quick response! Could you recommend a cheap hotel nearby? I would be looking for something along the lines of the Mar de Cortez in Cabo San Lucas.
  495. P

    Puerto Los Cabos Marina?

    Around ten years ago I was fortunate enough to have been part owner of a boat which we kept in Cabo San Lucas. For years after selling that boat I have been trying to get back into the Cabo game. My financial situation has improved recently and I am considering storing my boat in the dry stack...
  496. P

    Trolling for BFT

    On the East Coast they catch lots of BFT, largely by trolling rigged ballyhoo. Paul
  497. P

    Oside thresher tournament

    And no "threshers", either! My typing sucks.
  498. P

    Oside thresher tournament

    I was just in Ken's a little while ago. He informed me that there were no threhers caught in the tournament. Paul
  499. P

    Since you asked.............

    What size and model hook are you using for your ballyhoo wire/pin rig? Thanks, Paul
  500. P

    Since you asked.............

    Hey Tom, Thank you for the great and quick response to my ballyhoo question. I also use circle hooks when rigging them and rig them as in your first photo. I have always used mono or fluoro when rigging this way. When the wahoo are around, have you tried this same rigging with single strand...
  501. P

    Since you asked.............

    Slightly off topic, but may I ask how you rig your ballyhoo? Paul
  502. P


    I generally go around 3- 5 knots.
  503. P

    Slow Trolling Bait

    Slow trolling a live bait off the downrigger with the release clip set lightly will sometimes work when slow trolling at the surface does not. Paul
  504. P

    Lo Ballers

    Sometimes it makes sense to consider the low ball price. Around 10 yrs ago there was a sweet Grady White for sale that i liked and I made a low, but not crazy low, offer. The owner got very upset. The boat ended up selling a couple of years later at around the price I proposed. The owner ended...
  505. P

    Rapala size

    The Halcos do work great, but a Rapala will run deeper at trolling speeds. Sometimes this can be a significant advantage. Paul
  506. P

    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    Worked the Carlsbad Canyon this morning early until around 11:00 AM. Did not catch anything, but we did get one knockdown on a bleeding mackeral Bait-O-Matic with a mackeral bridled onto a circle hook. Water was green and around 63-64 degrees. A few birds and dolphins were in the area, but the...
  507. P

    Offshore go BIIIIGGGGG or stay home? - Monster Mako in April

    Great job on the catch and release of an awesome fish! Congrats! Paul
  508. P

    Chargers want Downtown......

    A stadium with an attached convention center makes no sense at all. Conventions are often booked out 4-7 years in advance, but the NFL schedule does not come out until the spring before the season. Good luck hosting conventions in the facility from August- Dec. And by the way, despite what the...
  509. P

    Mako/Thresher Report For SoCal

    I will be giving it a try tomorrow. If I get anything I will post a report. I have caught makos this time of year. Paul
  510. P

    Mako/Thresher Report For SoCal

    I am getting itchy to get out on the water and am planning to go sharking out of Oceanside on 2/7. Has anyone been out looking for sharks or heard any recent info? Thanks, Paul
  511. P

    There is fishing and there's catching.this is catching!

    Nice fish! Was it caught on a lure, and if so, what model and color?
  512. P

    Chargers and Raiders got hosed!

    The vote among the NFL owners exposed Dean as an entitled rich kid who is way out of his depth. The front page photo on the Union Tribune was a classic " deer in the headlights" picture.
  513. P

    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    Update: While I should definitely qualify for a variance, the city of Carlsbad makes it extremely difficult to get one. I did find a storage facility the is convenient to my home, but it is not cheap. Paul
  514. P

    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    The variance costs a one time fee of $767, plus 49 cents per mailing to all homes within a 300 ft radius. The All homes within a 300 ft radius of mine will be notified and can comment, but they cannot reject the variance if my situation does not conflict with the law. There are many documents...
  515. P

    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    I just got off the phone with the City of Carlsbad. It seems that if you cannot park your boat in the backyard or side yard you may keep it in the driveway, provided you purchase a "variance" from the city planning dept. I was not able to speak to anyone in the planning dept, so I do not know...
  516. P

    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    One of my neighbors had a visitor over Thanksgiving who parked his mammoth RV on the street for several days. I suspect this was the target of the complaint, but that the compliance officer then saw my boat and decided to notify me (incorrectly, it seems) that I was in violation of the law. I...
  517. P

    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    Thanks, Bman. It is not possible to park my boat in the back or side yards. I will contact the City of Carlsbad and let you know what they tell me. By the way, how did you know which of your neighbors complained to the city? The "Courtesy notice" I received from Carlsbad only stated they had...
  518. P

    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    After living in my house for 18 years and keeping my boat in the driveway for about 10 years, I have received a notice from the City of Carlsbad that I must move the boat by 12/17. They claim to have received a complaint, and that parking the boat in the driveway is a violation of Carlsbad City...
  519. P

    All Those USC Fans

    Here is how I think things will eventually play out: There will be 4 super conferences, each composed of 16 teams. Each conference will have two divisions and a conference championship game. The four conference winners will enter the national championship playoffs. It may take a while to get to...
  520. P

    Repower question

    I would recommend you re-power the boat with whatever brand outboard is currently on it. Easier and less expensive to do this than to switch brands. In my opinion, all of the major manufacturers are currently making very good motors.
  521. P

    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    Hey Steve, Good luck to your Utes as they take on my Huskies in Seattle tomorrow. Of course, Utah is favored. College football rocks! Paul
  522. P

    Too soon?

    The Chargers needed one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history to beat the Lions, a team that just fired their President and their GM after a 1 and 7 start. With regards to the Browns, Lambo made a field goal on the last play of the game after missing one and getting another chance due to a...
  523. P

    Too soon?

    With the Chargers' season effectively over, I am now rooting for them to lose the rest of their games. My thinking is that the NFL will not move a 2- 14 team to Los Angeles. Paul
  524. P

    Too soon?

    What you say is true, but they could also very easily be 0 and 8. Paul
  525. P

    California Fish Stocks Declined by Over 70% Since 1970

    I have not perused the study in question, but my highly unscientific observations from 25 years fishing in the San Diego area has led me to conclude that most of our inshore species' populations have declined significantly. The major exceptions to this would be Black Sea Bass (protected)...
  526. P

    Go Chargers !!!

    If we had built them a new stadium they would have won.
  527. P

    Offshore A Couple Firsts... A Day I'll Never Forget - DP Wahoo and Marlin 10/24

    It is great when a plan comes together. Super job on the C&R.
  528. P

    Calling all Hoo killers..

    I heard about some wahoo caught off the domes on Wednesday.
  529. P

    Targeting Wahoo On Wednesday

    I trolled all day around the 209, 267, and 279 for one small dorado, which hit a green and gold squid strip/Billy Bait combo at 7.5 knots. It sounds like a few miles off The Domes was the place to be. I finished the day there and heard about a few wahoo caught there in the afternoon. The water...
  530. P

    Targeting Wahoo On Wednesday

    Thanks for the info.
  531. P

    Targeting Wahoo On Wednesday

    I may try faster if I go to a spread of all artificials.
  532. P

    Targeting Wahoo On Wednesday

    6-8 knots.
  533. P

    Targeting Wahoo On Wednesday

    I will be launching in Oceanside Wed. morning. I plan to start out trolling the following spread: Long rigger: chrome head Billy bait and short tinsel skirt with a squid strip Short rigger: Large Moldcraft Hooker head/trimmed outer skirt with a squid strip Short corner: Large Maurader Long...
  534. P

    Giant SoCal Wahoo – Can it Get Better?

    Any word on what lures the 3 wahoo bit?
  535. P

    Offshore 2 Hoo Day 10/16

    What did they bite?
  536. P

    Offshore 2015 "West Coast Wahoo Challenge" Results!!

    What did you catch your hoos on and what general area were you fishing? Thanks, Paul
  537. P

    Too soon?

    Unfortunately I think the owners are going- to LA.
  538. P

    Offshore 2015 "West Coast Wahoo Challenge" Results!!

    3 wahoo for six private boats in San Diego is pretty amazing. Any information on what the fish were caught on- Mauraders, iron, bait, marlin lures? Paul
  539. P

    Too soon?

    I do not think McCoy is a bad coach, but there is one thing I am certain of- his act WILL NOT play in the Los Angeles market. If the Chargers do move, I would expect them to leave McCoy behind in San Diego. JMHO
  540. P

    How do I rig dead Macks for trolling?

    You can either slow troll them whole or as fillets. If you are new at rigging dead baits I would recommend bridling them and fishing them whole. You will need a rigging needle and some dental floss to do this. 1. Using the rigging needle, run the floss upward through both lower and upper lips...
  541. P

    USC Trojans - London Calling, Meltdown Expected

    I am a huge Husky football fan and I have never been able to understand the hatred many of my fellow fans have for Sark. He took over a Husky team that lost every game the year before and brought the program back to respectability. Sure, he left the UW for USC, but how can you hold that against...
  542. P

    F me here we go again. Oregon shooting

    If the weapon in question was properly stored in a gun safe or with a trigger lock, and the wrongdoer still obtained the gun and uses it in a crime, the gun owner should not be held responsible, in my opinion. Paul
  543. P

    F me here we go again. Oregon shooting

    I grew up shooting rifles and shotguns in the state of Washington and support the right of law abiding citizens to own weapons. That being said, I believe that gun ownership should carry significant responsibilities. It often turns out that the perpetrators of random shootings used a family...
  544. P

    fliers off IB

    Possibly ballyhoo?
  545. P

    RIP Marty

    Marty was married to the same woman since 1957. Very impressive in the entertainment industry. RIP
  546. P

    Mercury or Yamaha?

    As I have said many times on this board, it is always easier and less expensive to replace an old outboard with the same brand new outboard. All the major players are making good outboards today. JMHO
  547. P


    The hospital is a dangerous place- infections, human error, etc. If your daughter does not absolutely need to be there you do not want her there. Patients are normally discharged from the hospital within a week of bypass surgery.
  548. P

    Rigging a 26oz Catchy Tackle Jig

    I cannot help you with your specific question. I rig all of my offshore trolling lures with a single hook placed near the end of the skirt. The hook up ratio seems to be as good or better than double hooks, and it is significantly safer. JMHO
  549. P

    Listen Up

    Thanks for the tip. I actually wired up most of my trolling lures a couple of weeks ago. Any info as to where we might have the best shot at running into the elusive wahoo in SoCal? Paul
  550. P

    Oceanside Inshore Yellowtail- Where?

    I am going to take this week off from offshore fishing and work the coastline around Oceanside. Can anyone tell me where the yellowtail are biting in this area? Thanks, Paul
  551. P

    Blue Marlin Caught And Released Out Of Ventura Sportfishing

    I have heard that there are tons of striped marlin near Anacapa Island right now.
  552. P

    Stuck in forward gear, won't shift into neutral or reverse

    Any word on what the problem turned out to be? Paul
  553. P

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Positive thoughts sent to you and your wife. Paul
  554. P

    Offshore In Memory Of My Brother

    Sorry for your loss. May your brother rest in peace. Paul
  555. P

    Offshore 8/19 Wahoo sighted near the 267

    I think I spoke with you on the VHF about this on Wednesday. I just started a thread about wahoo rumors before seeing your post. Thanks for the info. Paul
  556. P

    SoCal Wahoo Rumors?

    I spoke with a fellow on the VHF Wednesday who claimed to have seen a wahoo just off his stern while fishing. Any other rumors of local wahoo? I am wiring up my trolling spread, just in case. Paul
  557. P

    O'side bait dock hours?

    It is now $30 for a half scoop and $50 for a full scoop. Paul
  558. P

    Stuck in forward gear, won't shift into neutral or reverse

    I had a pair of 1989 two stroke Yamaha 150's for many years. At that time the shift rod on this model was not made of stainless steel, and over time this rod got tweeked on both engines. This resulted in each outboard being stuck in forward. I do not know what year your outboard is or if this is...
  559. P

    Rancho frozen bait

    Frozen squid and ballyhoo would be a good idea.
  560. P

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    And the Spanos family will sell the team after a couple years in LA.
  561. P

    Ballyhoo Common In Southern California ?

    That is definitely a saury. But in answer to your original question, it is highly likely that there are ballyhoo in our waters at this time. Maybe not a lot of them, but they are probably present in the current warm water.
  562. P

    Offshore Grand Slam 8/10

    Great job on the catch and release! Paul
  563. P

    Spyanid Raider Irons

    They work great for yellowtail locally. Paul
  564. P

    chunking squid for bft

    I caught a 20 lb yellowtail recently on a trolled dead squid. I also chum with chopped up squid. It works well for all offshore game fish.
  565. P

    Offshore WFO tuna Dana 7/22

    A fish killer indeed.
  566. P

    Line size- local giants!

    A fluorocarbon leader will also help prevent the line wearing through on the tuna's teeth, since it has better abrasion resistance than monofilament.
  567. P

    Ensenada over the weekend

    That looks like a great trip. Does the boat run open party or charters only? And what is the cost? Thanks, Paul
  568. P

    Repower Would you go with a Mercury 115 or a Yamaha 115 4 Stroke

    I would repower the boat with whatever brand of outboard is currently on it. This will make rigging easier and reduce overall costs. JMHO
  569. P

    Kencraft Challenger 206 - Any information?

    The Kencraft is known as a solid boat. Look into the Optimax carefully. From what I hear, the early years of those motors had some serious issues (as did all manufacturers' high pressure, fuel injected outboards). The later models have been good performers. How many hours on the outboard? Paul
  570. P

    Offshore 182 yellow fin

    Great fish! What pound test line were you using? Thanks, Paul
  571. P

    Offshore Gary Catches a PIG on JD's Breakaway...7/4/2015

    Great job, Gary! What size Marauders did you catch the fish on? And what sort of leader, if any, were you running? Thanks, Paul
  572. P

    Tough day on the AM New Seaforth

    Thanbks for the report. Did you fish the La Jolla kelp beds or take a short trip outside looking for drifting kelp paddies?
  573. P

    Offshore Murder and Mayhem on the Santiago-Yellowfin off O'Side near the 209

    I was a few miles away from you folks and heard you a several times on the radio. Unfortunately, the tuna I found did not want to bite. Great job. Paul
  574. P

    Offshore Skunked Out Of Oceanside

    Headed out early Monday morning and cruised due west for 20 miles. I found an area of tuna that were actually leaping out of the water feeding but could not get them to bite. Even after they sunk out there were quite a few meter marks. Worked the area hard for a few hours. I even tried trolling...
  575. P

    Oceanside West Marine Has Ballyhoo
  576. P

    Oceanside West Marine Has Ballyhoo

    Basically all offshore gamefish.
  577. P

    Oceanside West Marine Has Ballyhoo

    I just rigged 6 ballyhoo for fishing tomorrow. It took me around 30 minutes.
  578. P

    License purchase for Baja California Sur

    If you could please tell us where in the major sportfishing areas of BCS we can purchase licenses it would be very helpful. I have always bought mine in SoCal and taken it down with me because when I first started visiting BCS, it was difficult to buy a license locally. I suspect that this is no...
  579. P

    Offshore 6-25 Dodo's save the day

    It's great to see the dodos showing up. About how big were they? Paul
  580. P

    Need A Plumber

    I have a leak in my main water line to the house. It appears to be leaking where the main shut off valve attaches to the line to the house. Any licensed plumbers out there? Paul
  581. P

    Oceanside West Marine Has Ballyhoo

    They now have 6 dozen frozen ballyhoo in stock. These are the Bionic Bait brand and seem to be of high quality. They had seven dozen before I went there. Paul
  582. P

    Cabo San Lucas fishing report from RenegadeMike

    Hey Mike, What size and style circle hook are you using on your ballyhoo? Thanks, Paul
  583. P

    Offshore Oceanside 6/22

    I first started using this technique when I was part owner of a boat in CSL about 10 yrs ago. It works great for all gamefish- for larger species such as sharks, Marlin, or swords you could buy the bigger squid and use single strand wire as leader. You can also pull the squid on a downrigger...
  584. P

    Offshore Oceanside 6/22

    I launched at about 5:00 AM with plans to cruise outside and look for the elusive bluefin. I worked the 209 area for a few hours for no fish and decided to head inshore to look for yellowtail under kelp paddies. I caught nice 20 lb yellowtail (on the scale) about 6 miles off the beach outside...
  585. P

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    The Chargers have dropped Hank Bauer from their broadcast team. I was never a fan of his- he seems like too much of a homer to me. But he was loved by a great many Charger fans and promoted the team through many lean years. Connect the dots, San Diego Charger fans. The whole situation does not...
  586. P

    2006 250 E-TEC, SOLD

    What are you replacing the Etec with?
  587. P

    FS – Taco Grand Slam 280 Outriggers.

    I have a set of these outriggers mounted on the t-top of my center console. I have been very happy with them. Paul
  588. P

    31 FT Fountain Sportfish Cruiser

    Reggie Fountain really knows how to build an offshore boat. I wish I could buy it. Paul
  589. P

    Go to knot for mono ?

    There are many good knots out there, but it is tough to beat the improved clinch knot for ease of tying and knot strength. JMHO
  590. P

    Chargers reject San Diego election on new stadium

    It seems clear that the Chargers want out of San Diego. Paul
  591. P

    Offshore Fish Report for 6/11/2015

    Thanks for the report, Gary. By the way, what was the brand, style, and size of the hook that straightened, and what pound test line were you using at the time? I no longer use the Gamakatsu light wire circle hooks on line heavier than 15 pound test after having a yellowtail straighten a hook...
  592. P

    Offshore Dead Bait Trolling Around The 209
  593. P

    Offshore Dead Bait Trolling Around The 209

    In this thread Capt. Fred Archer (RIP) tells how to rig a squid strip on single strand wire. You can finish the strip with a skirt.
  594. P

    Offshore Dead Bait Trolling Around The 209

    I rigged the ballyhoo in what this author calls the "Deadly Dink" style: I used half ounce egg sinkers. I think 3/8 oz might fit into the gills a little better next time.
  595. P

    Offshore Dead Bait Trolling Around The 209

    I was able to troll this spread at 6-7 knots all day. When I approached a paddie or was working a meter mark I would slow down to 3-4 knots. At one time I ran the Williamson/squid strip combo off the downrigger at about 3-4 knots. The squid strips were cut from a large squid I purchased from an...
  596. P

    Offshore Dead Bait Trolling Around The 209

    I launched in Oceanside at about 5:30, and left the harbor entrance right at 6:00 this morning. I cruised out towards the 209 and trolled around until the wind began to pick up in the early PM. Found 3 paddies with no fish on them, but did see some very good meter marks under two of them...
  597. P

    Better Technique Needed

    I will be launching out of Oceanside and searching tomorrow. I currently have 3 rigged ballyhoo, two rigged dead squid, and numerous squid strips. I plan to troll dead bait exclusively. Paul
  598. P

    Better Technique Needed
  599. P


    Great job on the C&R's. Are you chumming and sight fishing for these brutes?
  600. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    The idea that the University of Phoenix stadium hosts huge numbers of events is highly questionable. I just looked at their own website, and they have 12 events listed for June- December of this year. 9 of these are Phoenix Cardinal games. They have another 3 events in January of 2016, including...
  601. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    I do not think that the stadium in Arizona is a good model to emulate. The city of Glendale is almost bankrupt, largely due to the money it has spent on professional athletic venues:
  602. P

    Anyone Trolling Ballyhoo Locally?

    Boat maintenance and honeydoos have kept me off the water for a couple of weeks. With all of the bluefin schools moving around quickly it seems to me that this would be an ideal time to be trolling rigged ballyhoo at 6-8 knots. Anyone giving this a shot? By the way, I have a dozen quality...
  603. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    It should also be pointed out that many of the events that are being touted as possibly using a new stadium are things that could be hosted at Petco, the Sports Arena, or the current Qualcomm stadium.
  604. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Just a small correction. The new stadium will not be a multiuse facility, it will be a football stadium. Yes, it could host other events, but it will be designed and made for professional football. We currently have a multiuse stadium in Qualcomm. Unfortunately, few professional sports teams now...
  605. P

    Blackfin 29

    Very, very solid hull. Few of them were sold with gas engines. Most people who were willing to pay for Blackfin quality chose diesels.
  606. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Thank you, Sherm. Paul
  607. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    May I ask you how many dollars in campaign contributions you have received from the Spanos family, Chargers employees, the Chargers organization, etc? I am not being accusatory, I am just wondering. For all I know the answer may be none. Paul
  608. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Even Mark Fabiani says the Super Bowl rotation is no longer a given. He actually called it a myth: “Washington D.C. wants a Super Bowl, Chicago wants one. San Francisco is getting one. Atlanta will get one with its new stadium. Same for Minnesota,” he said. And his kicker: “The idea of a...
  609. P

    Mercury's Introduces OptiMax Diesel Outboard

    I know very little about them, but Yanmar made diesel outboards at one time. These were never available in the US, but they were sold in Canada.
  610. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Unfortunately, I believe your entire premise is wrong. Sports economists that are not hired by the NFL or individual franchises have repeatedly stated that the overall economic impact of a franchise leaving a city is minimal...
  611. P

    East Cape, Hawaii, or...?

    I love Hawaii, and there is some good fishing to be had there. But in general, the fishing is much better in Baja. Paul
  612. P

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    As expected, the CSAG proposal raises a great many questions. The reason that the NFL has not placed a team in Los Angeles is that it has been much more profitable for them to leave the area vacant and allow teams who want new stadiums to threaten to move to Los Angeles. Now that nearly every...
  613. P

    Found a grady...good deal? Or no...

    Those outboards will last for quite a long time. Repowering would certainly give you better fuel economy, but the price of a repower would pay for a lot of gas for the current two strokes. Make sure the surveyor looks at the Grady bracket. They were known to leak and hold water in the foam. (At...
  614. P

    The San Diego - 92 Yellows for 24 Anglers 5/13/2015 - Where were you ?

    I fished the islands on Monday and it was totally dead there. None of the sport boats out of San Diego were fishing the area. Paul
  615. P

    Cabo same-day report 2 Marlin released on a five hour half day trip

    When you use a shirt and the belly hook with your ballyhoo, are rigging them on wire or mono? If wire, does this seem to get bit about the same as mono? Thanks, Paul
  616. P

    Looking for a good boat in Cabo

    Lots of good choices down there, but you cannot go wrong with Renegade Mike, a Bertam 31 ft sport fisher. Paul
  617. P

    San Diego got 64 Yellows for 24 people - Today 5/10/2015

    I fished the Coronado Islands yesterday for nada, zip, zilch. There were no sportboats in the area, so I do not know where the San Diego got their yellows. Paul
  618. P


    I wish the DFG would actually check the shore anglers on Mission Bay once in a while. I suspect that many, if not most of them, are not properly licensed. Paul
  619. P

    Coronado Islands Info Requested

    Thank you for your very insightful response. I hope I will be able to return the favor some day. Paul
  620. P

    Cabo same-day report 2 Marlin released on a five hour half day trip

    Thanks for the great report Mike. What size egg sinker are you using when rigging your ballyhoo? Paul
  621. P

    Coronado Islands Info Requested

    Well, for the first time since Mexico started requiring the FMMs I will be fishing the islands tomorrow (Monday). A big thank you to all who provided information on how to purchase the FMMs. I would love to hear some information on where in the Coronados the yellowtail have been biting. Pukey...
  622. P

    Need To Replace Raymarine C 120 Transducer

    I decided to replace the entire transducer.
  623. P

    Need To Replace Raymarine C 120 Transducer

    I ordered the part from West Marine in Oceanside.
  624. P

    Need To Replace Raymarine C 120 Transducer

    The transducer says Airmar P 66 on it. Paul
  625. P

    Need Help, Looking for recommendations on GPS/Finder Combo

    I am no expert, but I have been very happy with my Raymarine C 120. I have it flush mounted in my center console. The only thing I do not like about it is that the temperature sensor is part of the transom mounted transducer. When the sensor goes bad, you need to replace the entire transducer. Paul
  626. P

    Need To Replace Raymarine C 120 Transducer

    I have a Raymarine C 120 GPS/chartplotter/fish finder/temperature gauge. Everything works fine except the temperature reading is not accurate. I have been told that this is caused by a bad sensor, which is located within the transom mounted transducer. Any suggestions as to where to purchase a...
  627. P

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    I am very happy to hear that the new Etec seems to be a great outboard. I still believe there is a significant place for two stroke power on the water. Choices are good for the consumer. Paul
  628. P

    Dead Battery

    I just replaced the battery, and now the power trim/tilt does not work with the battery switch off. It does work with the switch on. I guess the problem was just the battery. Paul
  629. P

    Dead Battery

    Hey Gary, Thanks for your reply. I normally cannot use the power trim and tilt with the battery on, so I still think there may be a problem with the isolator. I will be going to Batteries Plus this morning to get a replacement battery. Paul
  630. P

    Last Drop is a Winner

    Great catch! What pound test line did you bring that monster in on?
  631. P


    It originally had Yamaha two strokes? And they were replaced after only 4 years? Thanks
  632. P

    Dead Battery

    I was planning to head down to the Coronados very early today but my battery was dead, despite it being charged up yesterday. It needs to be replaced, but I think there may be a larger issue. My boat has an automatic battery isolator and I think it may not be functioning properly. This morning...
  633. P


    What model year is the boat? What engines was it originally equipped with? Paul
  634. P

    Morrissey, Always Hated His Music

    I do believe that Morrissey is a douche, but I have always liked his music, both his solo work and with The Smiths.
  635. P

    Fishing the Coronados Friday need suggestions on tackle No bait tank available

    It wouldn't hurt to take some squid with you.
  636. P

    who's got the best deal on outboard for repower

    To the OP: What sort of outboard does your boat currently have? It is usually easier and less expensive to repower a boast with the same brand outboard that it was originally rigged for. Paul
  637. P

    Purchasing FMM Online or Across Border- Help Requested

    My friend and I purchased our FMM's across the border early this AM. We did have to produce passports and it took a little while for the immigration officer to understand that we would be entering Mexico by water in the near future, but we got it done. Thanks to all, particularly Otto, who...
  638. P

    Purchasing FMM Online or Across Border- Help Requested

    Thank you to all who have provided incite. It looks like I will be driving down to the border to get my FMM. Paul
  639. P

    Purchasing FMM Online or Across Border- Help Requested

    One other question- Can I purchase FMM's for the other anglers that will be fishing with me? I suppose I would need their passports as well as my own to do this. Paul
  640. P

    Purchasing FMM Online or Across Border- Help Requested

    Thanks for the info, guys, I really appreciate it. Paul
  641. P

    Purchasing FMM Online or Across Border- Help Requested

    I have repeatedly tried to purchase a FMM online. After I enter my personal information and hit next, the following message always comes up: "It can not continue with the process because they have lost the session data, try again." Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I want to...
  642. P

    Planning a trip to Coronado's island

    I have not been able to buy the FMM's on line. I have been trying since yesterday afternoon. Paul
  643. P

    Yellowtail Tuna on the powerbait at the Coronados 4/22

    Aren't the Coronado Islands supposed to be closed to commercial fishing?
  644. P

    FMM Permit Info

    I just tried repeatedly to get a FMM online. It kept saying "Data error. Please try again". Do high volumes for the weekend cause these problems? I have not fished the Coronados since they started requiring the FMM visas. Paul
  645. P

    Monster from the beach

    Nice fish and some very good eating.
  646. P

    So Cal trolling dead bait....

    West Marine on Shelter Island currently has some high quality ballyhoo in the freezer. $17 for a dozen Just Rite brand baits. These are vacuum packed and frozen. Paul
  647. P

    So Cal trolling dead bait....

    I will sometimes troll whole dead bridled mackerel. You must keep your speed down however, to about 4 or 5 knots tops, or the bait will not last long. Paul
  648. P

    Favorite CA Sheepshead Recipes?

    I caught a decent sheepshead over the weekend and was wondering the best way to cook it. At this point I am leaning towards pan frying it. Almost everything related to sheepshead on the internet covers the Atlantic sheepshead. How do you guys like to prepare the CA species? Thanks, Paul
  649. P

    San clemente . Go Now

    I will be doing this trip Saturday night. Paul
  650. P

    San clemente . Go Now

    Most of the Island will be closed on Sunday. Is it still worth taking the trip? I have only fished SCI three times and am considering taking the Oceanside 95 over there on Saturday night. Paul
  651. P

    What to bring to Rancho Leonero?

    I have never been to Rancho Leonero, but I would suggest taking some frozen ballyhoo down with you. Many skippers in the area now know how to rig ballyhoo for trolling. On my last trip to Cabo we fished for two days on the Renegade Mike. His crew likes to troll a ballyhoo on the long rigger at...
  652. P

    Sherm's proposal for Chargers Stadium

    Okay, here is my idea... Well, it isn't actually original. I first heard it from Roger Hedgcock it during the stadium remodeling issue of the 1990's. How about the city sells Qualcomm to the Chargers for a very nominal fee? The Chargers would then be able to build the new stadium on their own...
  653. P

    Look at these curves

    Hydar Sports makes a very high quality boat. I am sure that you will be happy with your purchase. Paul
  654. P

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Here is a question that I have never heard asked during all of the debate about the stadium: If we build a new stadium for the Chargers, what will prevent them from demanding a newer stadium in 20-25 years? A number of teams that have gotten new stadiums have done this, including the St Louis...
  655. P

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Here's the deal- professional football stadiums and the associated development around them never come close to paying for themselves, regardless of what the NFL and their mouthpieces in the media say. The economic benefits of hosting Super Bowls are also grossly exaggerated. Any new stadium will...
  656. P

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    I am not a big fan of Carl's Jr., but I do love their commercials.
  657. P

    Did this grouper herd or follow?

    How do they eat lionfish without being stung? The spines are quite venomous.
  658. P

    Chargers to Mayor....Oh it's on for reals

    Please note that all of the stadium proposal in LA, including the joint stadium in Carson by the Chargers and Raiders, are privately funded.
  659. P

    Downrigger Trolling For Yellowtail?

    Thanks for the info about Australia and NZ Gerry. There are several videos on Youtube showing anglers trolling for yellowtail Down Under using live squid and a downrigger. I plan to try trolling rigged dead squid off my downrigger on Monday. Paul
  660. P

    Downrigger Trolling For Yellowtail?

    Thanks for your responses. I will likely try it on Monday, weather permitting. Paul
  661. P

    Downrigger Trolling For Yellowtail?

    I went out briefly on Monday to search for yellowtail off Camp