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  1. eddiefishtaco

    Trolling for Sea bass with deep diving lures

    Fun. That's what fishing is all about. I like your kayak set up I'm thinking in buying one with pedals to bring my beer belly down. Try trolling a Krok spoon below the repala Heres a video close to what I'm talking about, but with a squid spoon, use a long Kroc instead. Cheers
  2. eddiefishtaco

    Speed Jigging on low gear 2 speed fathom 40

    In one of the fast mechanical jigging techniques, we do a oval movement as you jig,( lift and lower the rod while you cranck ), that can cause the braided line to tangle at the foot of the first guide, the braided line companies made stiffer line but the problem was solved reversing that first...
  3. eddiefishtaco

    Speed Jigging on low gear 2 speed fathom 40

    Here's another jigging rod picture Notice the first guide is I upside down.
  4. eddiefishtaco

    Speed Jigging on low gear 2 speed fathom 40

    The first guide on jigging rods is upside down to prevent tangles on high speed jigging. Hers a pic of another jigging rod. Go fish
  5. eddiefishtaco

    Speed Jigging on low gear 2 speed fathom 40

    Custom Rainshadow jigging blank 300 grams , spiralwrap
  6. eddiefishtaco

    Speed Jigging on low gear 2 speed fathom 40

    Long story short, we were speed jigging on yellowtail they showed no interest in all color and jig sizes until I grabbed a Penn Fathom 40 N, 2 speed and set it on low gear, started jigging fast on low gear, and they loved the action. I switched back to my 35 N jigger and nope They were not...
  7. eddiefishtaco

    Knot to add some stretch when rising braided line

    Since braided line has no stretch, here's a very strong knot that works as a spring on your leader to help you boat that monster. It's called the chain knot, there's many different videos on you tube with slightly different ways, this one is with a sleeve. - I do it without sleeve and 2 turns...
  8. eddiefishtaco

    Braid snapping test

    For Dodo 80# Daiwa J Braid = 90 yards cast on a trinidad and a Calstar 800 H , 80 yards in a Terramar Mh Trinidad 16 gold Yes I caught that fish in my picture Jigging with a butter knife . Go fish!
  9. eddiefishtaco

    Okuma Cedros Jigging Rod for flat fall jigs

    I think that Cedros rod is kind of stiff for jigging as mechanical jigging, but for Flat fall is good, because the Flatfall jig does not require rod action, since it is a free falling jig, like a leaf falling action, but if you want to use the rod as a slow jigger push the jig forward as you...
  10. eddiefishtaco

    What do you use your Fathom 40nld2 for?

    To beat the seal
  11. eddiefishtaco

    Braid snapping test

    Believe me I have seen him cry For his lures since were hard to find plugs
  12. eddiefishtaco

    Braid snapping test

    Believe me I have seen him cry
  13. eddiefishtaco

    What makes a SPJ Reel?

    Most slow pitch reels are for Rock fish to dart the jig then flutter down. Deadly for lincod too If you jigged for lincod , the "in place" jigging is similar Jig speed jigging, butterflying jigs at mid water or fast 45° angle jigging require a fast reel that can reel 35 to 45 inches reel turn...
  14. eddiefishtaco

    Braid snapping test

    Here is some information Braid. Lbs. Thickness Kastking 50= 0.40 Hércules. 50=.037 Onyx 50 = .037 J braid 50=0.36 50=0.33 Agepoch 50=0.32 Monster w8 50= 0.32seaknight Jason material pe 50=32
  15. eddiefishtaco

    Braid snapping test

    Yes, Many years ago I told my buddy to I use 80# braid to avoid both, birdnest and the line breaking, a couple of "know it" all made fun of my suggestion (he he he)they though back then 80# braid was too much for casting, The line breaking on my buddy was 40# . His plugs anywhere from 50 to 200...
  16. eddiefishtaco

    Braid snapping test

    Dodo is a good fisherman he can cast the iron pretty far, but casting it's not the point . The question is the rate at what braided line breaks when snapping it, if any had tested it There are made with different materials: Dynema, polyethylene, Dacron Spectra Witch one has better results...
  17. eddiefishtaco

    Nice jigging day

    That was my backyard growing up
  18. eddiefishtaco

    Braid snapping test

    Does anyone have an idea or tested braided line breaking point while snapping the line instead of constant pressure?? My buddy dodo has lost so many lures, casting a 6oz plug, he gets a overrun and..snap ! So I wonder if there's a chart or if anyone knows about why braided lines are so weak when...
  19. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    A friend once told me How many fish I'd your life worth?? How many fish I'd your life worth?? You got be that old by being wise. Like that old smart fish that nobody can catch. I would wait for a vaccine or go on a private party with family or friends. Yes they need money but this is...
  20. eddiefishtaco

    I hate to fish alone!

    I am a big striper fisherman too. And love fishing yellowtail. However I can't fish until next month. 😬
  21. eddiefishtaco

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    The way he talks it doesn't sound like a reputable guy. He attacks opinions like a junior high little girl that got caught. He's not the seller. I don't know why he got offended. All I said is make deals in person See the reel of junk your buying And It is better to buy new. I am going to ad...
  22. eddiefishtaco

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Wow. I have Cash to buy stuff new. Not the junk that you sell. Guys take care
  23. eddiefishtaco

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Guys buy in person. Never by Mail It's not worth it. Or buy new. It's always better, from a licensed seller, a store or a dealer
  24. eddiefishtaco

    Jigging rod- the Puppeteer -

  25. eddiefishtaco

    Beware this scammer!

    Like a said the "escrow service " can be one of your friends when he gets the goodies releases the money. * A rat won't go for that* but any other seller won't mind. So it is a way to find out
  26. eddiefishtaco

    Beware this scammer!

    You could use a mutual friend to hold the payment. When they see that they won't go for it. It's just like a filter 🤔
  27. eddiefishtaco

    Beware this scammer!

    The solution to get rid of all this rats is easy. All buyers and sellers agreed to putting the payment on a escrow type of service, where the escrow person holds the payment until delivery and acceptance. Our something like that 🤔
  28. eddiefishtaco

    Calstar 800M & heavier models (50-120lb)

    Both for $250 First come first served In in Fontana. The calstar alone was that much to wrap. Hurry before I get my paycheck 😂 they won't be for sale then 909two79 88one8 eddie
  29. eddiefishtaco

    Calstar 800M & heavier models (50-120lb)

    This is the calstar L very pretty and both can out a surfacr jig like 80 yards or more depending on reel, line and caster technique
  30. eddiefishtaco

    Calstar 800M & heavier models (50-120lb)

    NO in that size only a Penn International 7 ft casting MH I think
  31. eddiefishtaco

    Calstar 800M & heavier models (50-120lb)

    I have 3 jig sticks you may want to see Calstar 800 L Calstar 800 H Terramar 800 MH -New and just collecting dust - Take a look and make me an offer
  32. eddiefishtaco

    Calstar 800 L Custom surface jig rod with torium 16 nice Yellowtail slayer

    Up for grabs a beautiful rod the Calstar 800 L Custom with a New Torium 16 loaded with Daiwa smooth braid. $250 both. This combo casts a country mile, better to keep it together but will separate. Located in Fontana 92337 7
  33. eddiefishtaco

    Calstar 800m rod

    I have a Calstar 800 L Custom with a new Torium Daiwa braid it puts the surface jig farther than most. You could Test it at the park before you buy to see the distance😉
  34. eddiefishtaco

    San Diego Yellows, 2/27

    Lots of baby fish. Should let them grow to summer then we can fish them 😜
  35. eddiefishtaco

    Mid water jigs

    The butter knife kills too. 😂🔪🍴
  36. eddiefishtaco

    Striped Bass Lures

    Crazy video 🤣.. the biggest fish at Silverwood for me was about 24# Also nice fish at Diamond valley but the biggest fish is still at Silverwood. I think that monster won't chase anything that is not close to the bottom. Seen it at certain spots of the lake at certain time, but I didn't fish...
  37. eddiefishtaco

    Mid water jigs

    Those get destroyed by blue perch and small rockfish and other little critters. I wish they were stronger
  38. eddiefishtaco

    Deep jigging line type?

    It's called a mystery fish 😂 I had a few of those over the years I never knew what they were. Most yellowtail jigs must be fast or crazy moving, to engage them, Think of them like, cats Cats go backwards and hide and then attack, and then back to position. The yellowtail goes deep and then...
  39. eddiefishtaco

    Deep jigging line type?

    Basically yellowtail
  40. eddiefishtaco

    Mid water jigs

    You can use a 2 oz Krock, tady, BA, tady 9 Move it like a floating butterfly with a medium rated rod Cheers
  41. eddiefishtaco

    Deep jigging line type?

    When they stop the jig is not a big deal, you feel it pretty good, but it's not like you get stuck, they're in water, and they keep on swimming up, they don't have breaks to stop in a dime 😂🐟 it's a great feeling when they stop the jig. A medium heavy is perfect for that, a medium light is the...
  42. eddiefishtaco

    Sold - Spinning Penn sold - d $0

    Hey both for 130 in cleaning the garage 🤣
  43. eddiefishtaco

    Deep jigging line type?

    Good opinion, however, I fished with crazy tight drags, straight braid, never, ever, broke a fish due to tension. Why? (A) I have arms, and I can move them up and down to make up for the overrated 'shock absorber ' also (B) have Legs to follow the fish, and back and knees that bends (C) the...
  44. eddiefishtaco

    Sold - Spinning Penn sold - d $0

    That's the reel on popper/yellowtail
  45. eddiefishtaco

    Sold - Spinning Penn sold - d $0

    The reel it's spinning, Penn Battle 8000. I Don't know the brand of the blank it looks like a 20-50# line 7 ft, spinning, ceramic guides, the line on the reel is 50# braid used for popper, jig and bait Asking $150 or best offer. Located in Fontana CA
  46. eddiefishtaco

    Sold - Spinning Penn sold - d $0

    Some pics, the line is sufix 832 50# braid
  47. eddiefishtaco

    Sold - Spinning Penn sold - d $0

    Fontana. When I get home I'll post some pics
  48. eddiefishtaco

    Mid water jigging, swinging jig "columpio" jigging, AKA.. floating butterfly jigging

    Just a fast note on mid water jigging.. - The floating butterfly style.- The Captain said he didn't know what kind of fish was boiling, it was not responding to live bait or surface jigs to the fisherman's desperation, so I went to mid water jigging, to see if I could catch one. You can use a...
  49. eddiefishtaco

    Swimming jigs vs jigging jigs.late report

    Super Sorry for the super late response, I forgot my password and finally I am back. Basically, bottom weighted jigs are fast jigs for fast predators you could just reel fast, but to get the right action, jerk the rod up and crank up, bring the tip down and crank down, half cranks up and down...
  50. eddiefishtaco

    Sold - Spinning Penn sold - d $0

    Used Spinning reel Penn 8000 loaded with 50# braid, custom 7ft spinning rod 20-50 line $150 OBO combo
  51. eddiefishtaco

    UC jig stick 8' recommendation for surface iron?

    Daiwa braided line and a torium 16 😉
  52. eddiefishtaco

    Deep jigging line type?

    It depends of your presentation. Or speed, If you're are jigging with a long knife you could use straight braid, the fish will never see it because of the speed the jig is moving, but If you're good at butterfly jigging, slow jigging or any other slow presentation, it is like bait fishing they...
  53. eddiefishtaco

    Walk the dog Jigging rods are too stiff why?

    This type of jigs. 120 to 150 grams -the tip of the rod must be flexible to give the jig the right action, otherwise it's just a boring yo yo rod
  54. eddiefishtaco

    Walk the dog Jigging rods are too stiff why?

    I think that most of them are made with big big fish in mind, groupers, giant trevally etc. But I target yellowtail, so finding the right rod to move properly a 120 to 150 gram yellowtail jig is hard to find, one must search in Australia or make your own. I choose to make my own, found a old...
  55. eddiefishtaco

    Surface Iron Rod Question: 690j vs Teramar 90h vs Seeker Classic vs Proteus

    I like them all I would fish them with Daiwa J braid 80# 90j with the heavier surface jig you have, a 7x light? 690 j for the Tady 45 or a 3 Oz popper I like catching yellows with poppers😬 the terramar for Tady C or swimbait all with a new style torium 16. Try it at the park you'll see what I'm...
  56. eddiefishtaco

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    Prayers for a fast recovery
  57. eddiefishtaco

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    Slow jigging can weed the skippies out Can't jig ?? paint a 2 oz krock white and cast, let it fall like 30ft if no bites jerk the spoon to dart like 5 ft up and let fall again keep that 5 ft up and down jerking(jigging) you'll fill your Sac quick
  58. eddiefishtaco

    300 pound blue Finn

    And on a Butter knife?
  59. eddiefishtaco

    Horseshoe action?

    Fish are cruising the usual spots get a Rapala xrap 20 in spotted minow color and troll it at 75 years away, 5 mph you'll catch something
  60. eddiefishtaco

    Reel for Jig Stick

    You're missing the point. I used to cast with a Penn senator, but with 50# line, again, thick to avoid digging into itself, the reel it's not a casting reel but I had no problem on a 540, then I got me a Newell 332 and it was a big difference, however today a smaller spool reel with braided...
  61. eddiefishtaco

    WTB SHIMANO TRINIDAD 20a Help me out

    Ulua on a Trinidad 20 are we in 2003 again ? Theres better choices for a surfac jig in 2018 for a newbie, instead of going trough the old school search and Match madness on the big sick surface jig and the old bird nest. I miss those bird nests I got good at undoing them
  62. eddiefishtaco

    Using flat jigs

    My dad used to rig the baits like that, big things, tuna, Marlin in Nayarit waters were the people who fly to Puerto Vallarta goes to fish
  63. eddiefishtaco

    Using flat jigs

    You may want a solid hook on those slow pitch, flat falling Jigs. Meaning no strings but a 200# split ring to a 9/0 hook. Because... The jigs are slow! .. The strings are for fast moving jigs and turning fish like the Yellowtail, Amber Jack etc But other species like it slow Tuna, white sea...
  64. eddiefishtaco

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    Nice machine, the last Parker i went on I took a beating, it was rough and with a loco Captain.
  65. eddiefishtaco


    I have a DX the smaller Salas jig I'll sell it's just collecting dust Along with other old style collective Jigs
  66. eddiefishtaco

    Paluka Witch Doctor Brand New Never Use

    That's the secret weapon Get it offshore fisherman
  67. eddiefishtaco

    Avet jx raptor or penn torque 30nLD2

    The answer your looking for is in the handle. Yes! Test the reels put them on a rod and in your hands, crank them fast, slow, listen to the noise they make and how smooth they feel, your hands will pick for you. Everybody has a different feel And taste in color, etc. And how long the handle feels
  68. eddiefishtaco

    Best jig or lure for the slide??

    Flat fall 160 grams . No Assist hooks. A #9 owner split ring, and a 9 /0 owner hook. The flat fall is a good "falling leave" jig. Or a big krock would do
  69. eddiefishtaco

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Tail weighted vertical jigs you do fast pitch, long or short strokes. -With jigs with the weight in the middle you do medium speed jigging, longer stroke on the rod , for yellowtail. For tuna -Flat falls, krocks and other falling leave jigs you let them fall to the strike zone, if no hits, pick...
  70. eddiefishtaco

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Basically you more hits that way, tuna you barely move the jig and they take it Yellows like it slow and fast but more hits on fast moving, or medium speed
  71. eddiefishtaco

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    But on the video he is not slow pitch jigging. He is on fast pitch. "Pitch' reffers on how fast you move or lift the rod while jigging. Slow pitching is way slower that that. I fish with Fernando a lot, for years And the Tsunami rod can be used in different ways. But tuna likes it slow
  72. eddiefishtaco

    Puerto Lobos Sonora 4/25-4-30

    Nice catch. I also fish in Sonora. Great times
  73. eddiefishtaco

    CA aqueduct and San Joaquin River report.

    Nice jail bird ! Great catch, nothing beats time with the family
  74. eddiefishtaco

    Looking for Fishing Bodies

    Did you find your buddies? Lol Just kidding I'll go fishing w/u anytime
  75. eddiefishtaco

    Catalina on Friday 5/25 out of LB. Two seats available.

    Next time I'll go with you split cost 1/2 I think I can find them forkies
  76. eddiefishtaco

    Reel for Jig Stick

    Squidder was before Newells. And 65# braid is not a small line, However, toss a 8 oz plug say a lunker Punker, a wide guiding surface plug, it will snap the 65# braid and you'll lose the plug , heavier plugs are tossed with 80# braid, again, less overruns due to the bigger diameter. The...
  77. eddiefishtaco

    Reel for Jig Stick

    Something is wrong, you think and feel about the torium on your surface jig rod, your instinct is right. you need a surface jig reel..Not a jig reel...That's the confusion for lots of people, Let me Specify... A jigging reel (vertical) is narrow, with a long crank, and strong with a heavier...
  78. eddiefishtaco

    Black Marlin in Puerto Vallarta

    I love guayabitos I grew up swimming there
  79. eddiefishtaco

    Black Marlin in Puerto Vallarta

    A mini 300# blue kicked my butt for 2 hours until released, what do they freaking eat? Spinach ?
  80. eddiefishtaco

    Sayulita in July

    There's no big fish in Puerto Vallarta. The airport is there. That's it. But from there you have to go north in a boat past sayulita to the maria islands for the big tuna. But if you want some fun right there in sayulita get live bait with a net, practice or learn to toss it, and use the bait...
  81. eddiefishtaco

    Which flat fall jigs for tuna???

    Is this a trick question? That's like asking what squid for white sea bass ? Like any jig they have a action You must master the action Here's a clue: it is a slow pitch jig. Not a slow jig, but a slow pitch jig -Homework kids
  82. eddiefishtaco

    Can't Stop Thinking of Fishing

    Start thinking in jigging.
  83. eddiefishtaco

    Acid wrap rods

    For slow or high pitch jigging the acid wrap on Jigging rods is awesome.
  84. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore New Lo An - Blown Out - Late Report 4-28-18

    Dropping a flat fall hoping to get bit ?-increase your chances by jigging it, it's a slow pitch jig it gets bit on the drop but also on the slow pitch. When the fish is active and not suspended it works better. Get a slow pitch rod to make it swim
  85. eddiefishtaco

    Recommendations - CA Yellowtail setup

    I have a used Squall 25n with a penn international 20/50 7ft with line, you can have for $160 both , cast, jig, bait all around set up let me know if interested
  86. eddiefishtaco

    Need different jigstick...

    What reel and line you're using, Try a penn mag 2 on 65# power pro My buddy Walt converted a okuma guide select swimbait rod heavy, to a small surface jig for me, it launches the jig like a rocket and the rod can handle yellowtail and school tuna, doubles as a swimbait rod for calico, small...
  87. eddiefishtaco

    Rigging poppers?

    Perfection loop to tie the poppers we can talk later about different action popers spiders, walkers, pencils etc
  88. eddiefishtaco

    Trip coming up

    For jigs weight it depends on current , how strong it is on the area you're fishing Most Rock fish are targeted with squid Strips, sheepshead like shrimp, small hooks, drop a loop rod, the flat fall jig was made for rock fish, so that's a fun way to catch them without bait, 160,200, 250 grams...
  89. eddiefishtaco

    Why does a potential buyer drive 300 miles just to low ball?

    It may have looked better on pictures
  90. eddiefishtaco

    Flat fall jigs and the old King

    Before the flat fall jig there was the big Krocodile spoon it was the King of the slow jigs, falling leave action and slow retrieve, deadly wobble, the trebble was replaced for big 9/0 or fished as is for school tuna only a handful of guys knew how to fish it, most guys were distracted by the...
  91. eddiefishtaco

    ahi assassin rods

    Guys. A real jigging rod it's Not strong . It would break at about 30# . A jigging rod is designed to make a jig dance with the tip action, and fight it with the parabolic action , you can not lift it up high like a glass rod when fighting a big fish. They are "fake" jigging rods made strong to...
  92. eddiefishtaco

    Talica 10 vs Avet Jx

    Talica is like a expensive ladies purse. Ugly ladies like them, pretty girls don't need them.
  93. eddiefishtaco

    Trolling Catalina Island

    One x rap 20 can get you plenty of fish Use 2 at 4 mph, far away fron the boat, my preferred color is a boring plain, grey spotted minow
  94. eddiefishtaco

    Flatfall techniques

    The flat fall is a slow pitch jig. With that said, what's slow pitch jigging? Well ,to make it simple it is the speed of your rod, how fast or slow you lift it or jerk it when jigging. Fast jigging is done with fast pitch jigs, those are long and bottom weighted. But the flat fall it's a slow...
  95. eddiefishtaco

    Favorite knife for fish

    Lol just jig it fast. Tail Thanks boss.I learned from all of my friends, including you Walt
  96. eddiefishtaco

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Nice boat congratulations
  97. eddiefishtaco

    Favorite knife for fish

    The rigging
  98. eddiefishtaco

    Favorite knife for fish

    Butter knife
  99. eddiefishtaco

    60# rod and reel combo

    You'll find out
  100. eddiefishtaco

    60# rod and reel combo

    Old school rail rod ,a 7 ft Calstar xh or a custom rail rod you'll need the rail if a big one puts you on your knees, a big tuna may spool the Fatom or Torque 40 on a long run, you won't stop it, you'll need line capacity for a big Big tuna. And they are out there. For the reel I would get me a...
  101. eddiefishtaco

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    I'll buy the 16 or the 40
  102. eddiefishtaco

    Fathom vs. Squall

    Penn Squall 15 is all thou need for what we fish around here except fish over 50
  103. eddiefishtaco

    Reel for Jig Stick

    Penn Mag 2
  104. eddiefishtaco

    Black Hole USA trip to Three Kings Island, NZ starts.

    Come with me to Mexico. Sea of cortez, my jigging bodies are over 72 , you don't have to fly that far for nice yellows and jigging . You'll love it Eddie
  105. eddiefishtaco

    Swimming jigs vs jigging jigs.late report

    actually they say the butter knife started the speed jigging many decades ago
  106. eddiefishtaco

    Swimming jigs vs jigging jigs.late report

    Yes that turkey slider and the river 2 sea knife jig, even the home made butter knife had action
  107. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados on Open Party Boat, ever try trolling for Yellowtail between stops? What Lures What Luck??

    I caught so many yellowtail with poppers till I get bored , for like 5 minutes then I fish them again, yes they love poppers you got to know how to pist them off with the popper
  108. eddiefishtaco

    Swimming jigs vs jigging jigs.late report

    I took my nephew jigging I mean fishing, the kid obviously is not familiar with jigging so I set him too up with some swimming jigs, Tady and Salas and a flat fall slow jig, the target was yellowtail and he landed a few with the Salas but the cabrilla bass and rock fish were all over the flat...
  109. eddiefishtaco

    Alternative Hook Rigging for Surface Irons

    One Assist hook in the front, 11/0 get a monster assist our similar, make your own with wire , they swallow the whole jig don't worry about short bitters, and the swimming jig will swim better.
  110. eddiefishtaco

    Reel for Black Hole 801H

    Hi, I am a jigging guy I fish Slow pitch, high speed knives, medium speed Jigs, and the basic swimming jigs, hooking tuna with a knife feels awesome, you know you have crazy tight drags big line, big hooks, so they take less line and get tired faster, problem is you tire faster too,a long rod...
  111. eddiefishtaco

    San Juanito Isla fishing

    Shhh Leave Juanito's tuna alone. Go fish at Puerto Vallarta
  112. eddiefishtaco

    UC CE 900 Monster and Daiwa Lexa 400 HD HS-P

    Wanna trade I have a big popper rid and reel you may want to try at the park I'm in Fontana
  113. eddiefishtaco

    UC CE 900 Monster and Daiwa Lexa 400 HD HS-P

    Wanna trade? I have the preferp rod and reel set up for what you want.. Inbox or text edit 909 five492327 Fontana
  114. eddiefishtaco

    Oh, Missing the good old days!

    I see myself doing what you did in 20 years from now. Who knows how things will be, I'll wear football gear just in case
  115. eddiefishtaco

    Just a few rants that have been bothering me.

    Catching a fish with a sardine is like sex with a prostitute, easy to get. But catching a fish with lures is like seducing a lady to love you.
  116. eddiefishtaco

    Just a few rants that have been bothering me.

    For me is the technique to catch a fish what impresses me, not the size. All live bait caught fish are to me like whatever, who cares, boring, the lively sardine does the catching. However a popper fish, a swimbait fish or a jig fish gets my attention, I am right there congratulating the...
  117. eddiefishtaco

    Change out hooks on iron for long range?

    For yellows Remove the Trebble in one jig and use only one assist owner hook 7/0 on the front of the jig, it will swin better and faster, don't worry about the hook being on the front, the fish swallows the whole thing.
  118. eddiefishtaco

    Seafloor control

    That's a slow jig
  119. eddiefishtaco

    Yellowfin Tuna - Jigs?

    Shiny, bouncing slow in place at the strike zone, until you learn more about manipulating jigs, Freestyle or mechanical jigging
  120. eddiefishtaco

    RP knot failure

    The Rp failed, did the braided line broke? Or the mono. That's important info
  121. eddiefishtaco

    6xJr for wahoo?

    Orange/glow with a wire assist 9 /0
  122. eddiefishtaco

    Thinking in Fishing Sunday, yellowtail what boat??

    I am thinking in fishing for yellowtail. This Sunday, any body recommendations.
  123. eddiefishtaco

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Wow what a beauty. Put me on your fishing hoes list
  124. eddiefishtaco

    Want to try popping

    Jigging? Try a Black hole 300 grams yellowtail to 450 y tuna no need to speed jig when you're on a big school just move it like a squid moves and hold on
  125. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore 9-6-17 offshore victory at Sea!

    Blame it on the moon. "Mucha luna poca pesca"
  126. eddiefishtaco

    2 combos. Popper and Tuna vertical / bait

    I have 2 Tuna fishing combos 1 $230 popper combo with a penn Battle 800 loaded with 50 #braid and the Rod is the Elite Braid series, Tsunami best, 8'6" 40/80# line Fun to cast at boils, landed yellowtail with poppers on this can toss small surface jigs with ease. Strong and smooth 2...
  127. eddiefishtaco

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    Next time when fishing with so many boats around you and you got a yellow, hide the rod, put the tip down into the water, fight it with drags mostly have your buddies stand between you and the other boat facing at them, blocking you. No yelling like girls do, it's a circus outhere with plenty...
  128. eddiefishtaco

    Seeker $200 combo rod and reel Torium 50

    Still avalibale can deliver today $200 909 5492427 eddie
  129. eddiefishtaco

    Seeker $200 combo rod and reel Torium 50

    Bump $200 for the combo this weekend meet a bass pro shops
  130. eddiefishtaco

    Seeker $200 combo rod and reel Torium 50

    Blue fin tuna set up for jig/ Flat fall or live bait offshore. The Torium 50 reel is loaded with new 80# hollow braid and 60# mono, the rod is A Seeker American 6ft 40/80 stand up. $ 225 both. text 909 5492327 Fontana
  131. eddiefishtaco

    Best Budget Yoyo Reel?

    Yo yo is boring. Try jigging. Instead of reeling like crazy try moving the jig like a squid, small pulls and cranks, medium speed, get the rhythm and you'll catch more yellows. Reels, any 25N I like the Saltist 30t, and the squall 25N, similar reels on 65# braided line 10 ft short top 40#*mono .
  132. eddiefishtaco

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    Stay away from Seaguar. Try blackwater or p line Sensei
  133. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore The Skunk is off!!! Dorado in my backyard.

    Nice catch. Next time I'll go with you and give you some tricks to catch them with swimbait in case the bait is dead or not working
  134. eddiefishtaco

    1999 Parker 2520

    You're so insecure. The expression is about how nice it's the boat. Not you or your price. Go fish
  135. eddiefishtaco

    Which reel for poppers

    Penn Battle. The rail is for girls
  136. eddiefishtaco

    Casting Lures for Dorado...

    Swimbaits in 1 oz jig head. White/pink "you must jig the swimbait in a up and down motion white you reel to make a S pattern. Have fun
  137. eddiefishtaco


  138. eddiefishtaco

    Best casting mono for jig reel?

    No Izorline xxx for a reel bigger than a 400. Or You'll be in a bird nest. 4 Small spool reels is ok.but I'll stay away from it. Listen. The bigger the spool of the reel, the bigger the line diameter. Repeat that 3 times . Why because it unwinds easier without buring itself. So it comes off...
  139. eddiefishtaco

    My Parker 2120

    Put me on your boat-hoe list. I'll pay my share and can fish, I think
  140. eddiefishtaco

    Cheapest Rod/Reel Suitable for 20-40 lb YT, YF, BF, DODO

    Penn squall reel, 7 ft Penn international 20/50. Long, long cast to the beach, bring it medium speed. And hold on. $200. But catching fish in front of the masters, priceless
  141. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    Tuna Atún Ceviche
  142. eddiefishtaco

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Guys just come with me to San Carlos Sonora Mexico. 4 hours from the border, no federales robbing people, smooth fishing and return. You drive 8 hours in the US side to's better than bola
  143. eddiefishtaco

    Cheapest Rod/Reel Suitable for 20-40 lb YT, YF, BF, DODO

    Best lower rate, used Penn Squall 25N braid 65# 15 ft 40# fluorocarbon. Penn International 20/50 7ft braided line guides. All around Set up. Bait soaker, yo yo, looper, even cast the big surface jigs line the 7x a good 80 yards.say $220 Used Newell 332/ rod graftech 800m $300 Daiwa saltist...
  144. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano What rod for Tranx?

    Graftech MH 8ft is a rocket launcher with the Tranx
  145. eddiefishtaco

    "Sold" Please delete Blackman Outerbanks

    I am buying a superlotto ticket right now
  146. eddiefishtaco

    Thoughts on Newell reels vs newer reels

    It's like dating. You go out with a beautiful, light, easy maintenance and hot lady that brings you memories from youthful days vs. A high maintenance, made in China, easy to scratch, el niño famous, and everybody has her on their poles, heavy, stuck up, sand Hater
  147. eddiefishtaco

    Where's the 2017 YTSO results?

    With rats
  148. eddiefishtaco

    FS Newell P332F, torium 30, Terez rod 8f MH, black moon bag

    Shimano bag sold, neptuna rod sold, Available NEWELL P332F Clean $200 Torium 30 old style with power handle $80 Rods Shimano Terez Wax Wing, 8 ft MH $140 new surface
  149. eddiefishtaco

    New to fishing

    Text me your phone to 9095492327 I'll send you pics and prices
  150. eddiefishtaco

    New to fishing

    I got some stuff for sale, tackle bag, rods and reels,I'll give you the line, hooks, weights etc. you need to get started. Eddie 909 5492327 I am in Fontana CA
  151. eddiefishtaco

    FS Newell P332F, torium 30, Terez rod 8f MH, black moon bag

    I have the following items for sale. Reels NEWELL P332F Clean $200 Torium 30 old style with power handle $80 Rods Shimano Terez Wax Wing, 8 ft MH $145 surface Lamiglas - Sold Bag Shimano Black moon - sold Eddie 9095492327 text for pics
  152. eddiefishtaco

    June 15 Coronados

    That's a big bonito dude
  153. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Terez Rods!! What do you really think!!??

    I have the Wax Wing 8ft black MH Terez, it casts a country mile, handles yellowtail like a champ. I will del it for 150
  154. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Tranx 500PG Spooling?? 65# vs 80#??? Was wondering what the best home bread would be for it

    I been telling the column writers about that. 80power is best for surface iron, for bait 50# yozury braid
  155. eddiefishtaco

    Coronado Islands - 5/25/17

    Nice report. I bet the yellows are close to the rocks trying to get the bait that is hiding in the rocks, maybe squid, toss a big popper near the rocks, I bet you get them, Specially in the afternoon, before sunset
  156. eddiefishtaco

    Best Surface Iron Setup for YTs in Mexico?

    But Is like having a balloon :)
  157. eddiefishtaco

    Best Surface Iron Setup for YTs in Mexico?

    Hold your horses. Think about line to spool diameter ratio first. The bigger the line diameter in comparison to the spool the less prone to overrun. Less birdnest, the main cause of surface jig dropouts. So with that said, we used 40 or 50# mono in the good old days, now with braid. Some say 65#...
  158. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Terez Rods!! What do you really think!!??

    Nice casting rods, a big fish may turn them, twist them, use caution when fishing a big fish, you may break them, don't lift too much
  159. eddiefishtaco

    If you could only have 6 Jigs to throw this summer?

    Surface: Popper 150 Subsurface: tady 45 Subsurface :tadyC 45° jigging :Turkey slider 170 grams Vertical knife: Knife jig 200 Fall action, flat fall. Yoyo: Candybar glow
  160. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

    I have my poppers Custom made, wire trough, long casting 3 oz all Wood.
  161. eddiefishtaco

    Cuda Time

    Any sub surface medium size jig will be better, they don't eat mackerel too much, preffer sardine, so a much smaller jig than the 7x will catch more, learn to cast the smaller light jig, tady C, AA, fast reelling if you can't jig, And if it gets boring after a few fish, try a lure, a popper, a...
  162. eddiefishtaco

    Cuda Time

    Flat fall and colt sniper are for girls. Cool report buddy
  163. eddiefishtaco

    What do you pack for your trips?

    Take a guy that owns a boat
  164. eddiefishtaco

    1 spot for BOLA June9-12 available

    I wish I could go, maybe next time
  165. eddiefishtaco

    Fathom 15 for #15 do I want the 2 speed???

    15 If you find a find a bigger one you need more line capacity
  166. eddiefishtaco

    Catalina WSB 5/4/17

    15 minutes? I can only last 5 tops
  167. eddiefishtaco

    Tribute or pac Queen ?

    But you can pist them off to attack jerking a white jig in their faces
  168. eddiefishtaco

    Good surface iron combo?

    The Squall 15 is a good caster too. Aka Mag 2 designed for long casting, it can land a nice yellowtail. Same rod Shimano Terez Wax Wing 8ft easy 80 yards with one hand tied behind your back
  169. eddiefishtaco

    Good surface iron combo?

    Here's what you're looking for. 1,-You got to pay attention to spool size to line diameter, a bigger line diameter unwinds easier from the spool with out getting buried and over running. That's why you see legends casting with 40# mono Not all mono is the same. Look for the right one I like p...
  170. eddiefishtaco

    Flat fall set up

    The original are small because those jigs are for rock fish.
  171. eddiefishtaco

    Cheap 10 oz jigs

    They look too heavy and long
  172. eddiefishtaco

    Marbling questions

    I am about to embark on a rod marbling mission. I am not picasso. So to save me time and headaches decided to ask you guys For some advice. In brands to use plus What's the best epoxy for this The best colors brand Powder color? Worst colors to work Easy colors to work And, Does anybody have a...
  173. eddiefishtaco

    surface iron rod

    For me no other rod casts better with the Lexa than the the Shimano Terez Wax Wing medium heavy. Cast up get a ballistic curve
  174. eddiefishtaco

    Wanna be the Surface king?? For sale new Shimano Terez MH 8' Wax Wing rod and Lexa400 Hs

    I have a never used shimano Terez rod 8ft MH Wax wing, and a matching also new Lexa 400 hs power handle. For long, smooth casting. Both for $350 pics by text 9095492327 fontana ca eddie
  175. eddiefishtaco

    Where are those mini yellowtail

    Yeah but anyone with location on the kinder Garden?
  176. eddiefishtaco

    Where are those mini yellowtail

    Planning to go fishing the minis I am armed and loaded with 10# test barbie spinning outfits but where are they?
  177. eddiefishtaco

    SOLD. Please delete

    How much text me 909549232seven eddie
  178. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Tranx or Trinidad

    Tranx is not for jigging but for casting/cranking or surface iron. And poppers. Jigging is actually jerking the rod to manipulate a jig like you do lingcod jigging or freestyle jigging, with knifes or butterfly jigs. For that the Trinidad was originally made as ocean jigger back in the day. Cheers
  179. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    Why have a jackpot. If the tip is going to the crew. Why. A couple of students won a jackpot they were happy they would pay their mom the loan to go fishing. And fisherman are harassing them to give the jackpot to the crew. I told them keep it All.Pay your mom. And finish school so you...
  180. eddiefishtaco

    puerto vallarta with the osuna brothers, 3/20-3/22/2017

    Cool report and pictures. Thanks for sharing. Next time invite me. I grew up in that area chasing tuna
  181. eddiefishtaco

    How many Rods do you need?

    Most fish live bait. Worth that said,nice fish bite 20# 25# 30# For jigs 40
  182. eddiefishtaco

    Caivo Jigs

    Personally I like to make my jigs swim. It's called jigging. There's no pride in Wanting the jigs to swim, and catch fish for them like live bait. When are we going to learn to fish for real.
  183. eddiefishtaco

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    Let me know I'll be happy to join either way. Coronados vertical jigging should start soon on the San Diego out of Seaforth landing with captain booger.
  184. eddiefishtaco

    Colnett: Dominator or Pacific Queen??

    The key for a fishing trip like that is a light load, the less fisherman the more chances you wife has to catch one. Happy wife, happy life. Over 25*people is too much way too much IMO, Currents change and the fish moves it is all random, nothing you can do, but the number of jigs going up...
  185. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical Knife jigging, surface poppers, surface jigs, swimbait fisherman. Saltwater and...

    Vertical Knife jigging, surface poppers, surface jigs, swimbait fisherman. Saltwater and freshwater fishing buddy
  186. eddiefishtaco

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    Or I'll be glad to drive to San Carlos Mexico overnight with a group and jig and pop the yellowtail.
  187. eddiefishtaco

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    I am in but slow pitching will collect rockfish for the most part We should go to colnet. No bait medium and fast knive jigging
  188. eddiefishtaco

    Best Black Hole (or ?) blank for yo yo/vertical YT?

    They're 2 Basic Ways to use a jigging rod. 2 kinds of rods # 1 Is for using the rod action, that rod is mostly matched to the jig used. # 2 Is stronger stiffer, it is used pointing the rod down and cranking while moving just the tip, fast that is ideal for yoyo or for speed jigging knives...
  189. eddiefishtaco

    Irons Gear & Tips! Help! 1st post too!

    Bill, Surface Irons on the Lexa with a stiff rod, you want 80# braid, power pro or 832 sufix, the thicker diameter unwinds better on the spool without burying itself and causing overruns. Nothing to do with the line strength. Just thickness. Old guys can't get over that. Ok I fished many...
  190. eddiefishtaco

    Post your best PENN-related photo here

    PENN MAG2 (SQUALL 15) Penn International Rod.. JIG N SQUID
  191. eddiefishtaco

    Post your best PENN-related photo here

    VERTICAL KNIFE JIGGING. Squall 25 Narrow
  192. eddiefishtaco

    Serial Number on Baja Special 113HN

    The marks on my reel are caugth fish counts, just tell him the reel is a serial killer
  193. eddiefishtaco

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Welcome aboard. Don't over think it.Just have fun. The fishing is good in Mexico, for the most part of would be live bait fishing, basic stuff, for jigs I'll fish a glow in the dark / chrome deep, Move it like a squid, not crazy fast. And take a pic for me
  194. eddiefishtaco

    Suggestions on casting rod - $180

    I have 2 rods that fit your description, a penn International rod, I landed 50# tuna on it on plastics, it has backbone and it is high module graphite like the Phoenix, Smooth casting guides $120, 7 ft, black gold, red And a Parabolic thick glass original Neptuna blank custom ironmam...
  195. eddiefishtaco

    Attractants for swimbaits

    Pro cure gel in Squid. 7 bucks at bad pro shops. Lube the belly. On vertical knife jigging lube the assist line (braid or keplar)
  196. eddiefishtaco

    Inshore/islands reel

    Penn Mag 2, this long casting surf reel Is known as Squall 15 on the west coast. Hot for inshore species fish to 50# good for live baits, swimbaits, Surface iron, poppers . Comes with a magnet on it set it 1/2 way and forget about it. No I am not a penn pro staff, just that it it the...
  197. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    170 to 200 grams for yellowtail For Tuna I prefer r 150 grams. Colors? Charteruse/white, Pink/white and silver/white. Darker early, lighter colors when the sun is up.
  198. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    Try to immitate a squid movement. That's the easiest way to jig them. Good luck
  199. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    Other rod is Rainshadow blank 300 grams. Custom wrapped by Walter And a 5.5 speed jigging old stock blank. NO NAME But it has great action
  200. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    It is a JigStar 350 designed by the late master John "Kojak" Goffin. 5 ft, I use it mostly for speed jigging bigger fish with heavier jigs 200 to 350 grams
  201. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    Mine too, it is addictive
  202. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    Thanks buddy
  203. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    The knife jigs killed them all. Nothing on the butterfly Nothing on the heavy iron, yoyo Bottom fish on the Flat Falls. Big yellowtail on the Knife, bottom weitghted
  204. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    It is a turkey slider from my collection. But i added some paint and glow, the ones I repainted worked a lot better and also a prototype super yoyo was pretty awesome too
  205. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    I turned 54, We know it sucks to get old, So a fter some Thanksgiving turkey decided to run to San Carlos Sonora to fish the Knife jig and poppers with catch22 Mexico sportfishing. And celebrate with the yellowtail, We went to the island to search for yellowtail. I took 2 set ups, one for...
  206. eddiefishtaco

    Catalina Yellowtail report question

    I have the record of the smallest yellowtail ever with a surface iron. lol Actually a mini Kastmaster. I went on disability after that grueling, bloody fight
  207. eddiefishtaco

    Catalina Yellowtail report question

    The yellow tail spawn during the early summer months under kelp offshore, and during fall the young fish finds the shoreline and islands. That answers several questions. Empty kelp patties offshore, micro Yellows
  208. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Tanner bank 11/18

    they always bite the smaller reel.
  209. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano What Size Trini for Wahoo

    It depends on the size of the wahoo A big one will spool your 20
  210. eddiefishtaco

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    I hope the weather lets you find shine nice fish. The of glory has big bunk beds funny captain and they catch fish, is more roomy. The New LA is smaller but also a good boat. For a 1.5 day I need some elbow room. Old Glory
  211. eddiefishtaco

    Which reel for surface jigs

    Pass I got me a Saltiga 2 speed
  212. eddiefishtaco

    Which reel for surface jigs

    For island fishing i Like the Penn Squall 15. On 80#"pp braid straight Calstar 900 h
  213. eddiefishtaco

    Which reel for surface jigs

    How much pm me
  214. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Tanner Bank 11/3

    Want fish? to go costco They have a special deal on Albacore . Going on a moo moo boat is always a gamble. Regardless of the boat's name. But Costco ensures you catch something at the fish section and there's pizza outside
  215. eddiefishtaco

    Which reel for surface jigs

    Match the reel to the rod . If you have a big glass rod Use a bigger reel, slower cast to load the rod , big line to unwind from the bigger reel spool.Newell 300 size , Trinidad 30 , 20 , Penn 25 etc If you have a graphite rod go with the bait caster models tranx or Lexa 400 .
  216. eddiefishtaco

    Surface iron setup?

    There's 2 kinds of rods, old school rods developed from surf casting rod so they're big, heavy and parabolic, slower casting speed to load the rod. With practice at the park you'll get used to them . The other rod is Graphite heavy or xtra heavy. It is stiff , light, made of high modulus...
  217. eddiefishtaco

    Live bait combo $175

    $175 The reel is a penn may 2 (squall 15) with braided line top 20# mono The rod is a 7 ft versatile /live bait rod by Triton, astrong 2 piece where the handle is solid and the rod is ideal to carry sardines or small jigs like megabaits. 909 549 232seven text . Eddie
  218. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Gearing up for my new boat and have questions for trolling reels.

    I have a Classic penn Senator hs on a Seeker American rod you can have for $150 both. Both in good condition the reel was serviced and the set up is very very lucky With the x rap 15 ft, divers, you see a stiff rod just sits there implies no action on a swimming lure , most are used...
  219. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Barefoot jiging rods

    Bump looking for Barefoot jiging rods text me 909 549 232seven
  220. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Barefoot jiging rods

    Any jigging rod by barefoot text me 909 549 232 seven eddie
  221. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Barefoot jiging rods

    Text me 909 549 232seven eddie
  222. eddiefishtaco

    Looking for Barefoot jiging rod

    If you have any Barefoot jiging rod s pm me or text 909 549 two 32seven Eddie
  223. eddiefishtaco

    What Else Can I Fish with a Popping Rod?

    Its is all in the wrist. lol It depends on your skill to manipulate lures and your lure knowledge. popper, loud, bubbler, pencil, sppiter, chuggers, splashers, walkers , gliders,many different lures and actions the rod action is to manipulate the lures, way beyond than just cast and...
  224. eddiefishtaco

    Imagine casting this to yellowtail.

    Knife jigging
  225. eddiefishtaco

    Connections: Fluoro to Mono

    Try this . Tie any of the above and pull on it if it breaks at the knot. It sucks . Smaller lines break , so use a bigger line on both until you find the right size that can hold a knot . I use 50# minimum in braid The leader 40 to 50# Don't use Seaguar it SUCKS. try Blackwater or P...
  226. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Barefoot jiging rods

    They stop making them years ago but is a personal choice if you have one pm me or text 909 549 two 32seven eddie
  227. eddiefishtaco


    Pesos, Dólares , yens , libras?
  228. eddiefishtaco

    What reel for Phenix 809XH hybrid

    It's called Squall 15 in California but it is too small . However it can can cast a country mile , set the Magnet 1/2 way
  229. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Yellowfin finally acting like yellowfin - 267 to 209 October 22

    It's sad that you keep going because we're out off bait. Toss some jigs, swimbaits a shoe, anything
  230. eddiefishtaco

    PENN Slammer III Spinning Reels: new for 2017

    The rookie myth is that you can't cast a conventional reel if they see you with a spinning reel. But the reality is that we old folks can cast a trolling reel of we have to, been in surface jigs most of our lives depending on a jig to swim and catch a fish for us, but then we look into a...
  231. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Was 0 for 4 this year...Not anymore...

    Great job! to big or go home. I can imagine the pain fighting the Yellowfin
  232. eddiefishtaco

    RP knot

    I have been using different lines to connect knots and the results vary a lot on the same knot. I use the FG knot or the Tony Peña/Bob sands. Good lines have been power pro and 832 suffix over 50# for saltwater fish. The problem is that a lot of information on the Internet is about...
  233. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados 10/7 on the San Diego

    Cool I have a few vertical jigging knives I want to put to the test. Nice catch
  234. eddiefishtaco

    What reel for Phenix 809XH hybrid

    Penn mag 2 or similar
  235. eddiefishtaco

    Trinidad TN20a

    Don't over think it. It is easy, a thicker line unwinds easier than a smaller diameter line and it is less prone to bury itself and overrun, 80#braid. I'll go with power pro. Leader one to 3 ft 50# mono FG knot. Chances are you get spooled with that reel at that area. But give it a shot
  236. eddiefishtaco

    Stacked some clips for my wife...

    She can be a movie star. And she fished lures that puts her above the 90 % of live bait fishermen in BD
  237. eddiefishtaco

    CalStar 800m?

    That's why a long rod is better on big boats to go around and prevent the line from touching the hull, but One thing I hate on my 8 ft is when a big fish takes the lure and my back pain cries for a shorter, more parabolic rod, so I share the fight on long rod/big fish with my buddies, let...
  238. eddiefishtaco

    New Lo-An. MIA???

    The weather is changing hope you guys find a nice school
  239. eddiefishtaco

    CalStar 800m?

    That rod is right in the middle, lol If your fishing on a big cattle boat is fine, if your on a private smaller boat I'll go 700 m
  240. eddiefishtaco

    Dana point tuna

    They don't seem to like lures, if they stink the old torpedo/rubber band will work
  241. eddiefishtaco


    Cuanto sale el viaje a pescar
  242. eddiefishtaco

    Rod rec

    A stiff rod like the Phoenix can cast very far but it sucks at fighting the fish, I have seen them break trying to bounce a small yellow, but again nice and smooth casting, the Calstar 800 m or 900 m are also Good choices, I have a Seeker black steel and it can bounce a nice fish without...
  243. eddiefishtaco

    Finally going down to San Diego to fish the San Diego

    If all you want is fish the San Diego do 3 days, fuck it, one more. Have nice dinners and support the the local stripers. Or if you want the tuna, 1st, Find out how far the tuna is if it is far go in a 1.5 day boat, you'll have more time to look for them torpedoes, remember to use 20#,and...
  244. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Tn 16a or 20a?

    I am a jigging guy, for speed jigging yoyo or freestyle, the 16, for surface and bait the 20 it depends what you do more, vertical jigging in California is limited, most Captains drift away from the schools, so live bait is the way to fish that, get the 20 for line capacity and you can...
  245. eddiefishtaco

    Rod recommendation needed

    I have one custom made by a friend I kept on saying it was out fishing me because of the action on that rod so he trade it to me, it bends nicely and it's a 6. 6 ft medium spinning action black and orange marble yours for 100 it can land a big fish, yet it can maneuver a 150 to 250 grams...
  246. eddiefishtaco

    Have room for one north 9 and 182 and possible 181 from Dana Landing

    I'm go with you next time Roger, fishing has been tough today a little cooler conditions but you'll find something for sure.
  247. eddiefishtaco

    25' Skipjack Flybridge Diesel SOLD 5-2-17 Thanks BD!

    Whoever buys this boat I'll be a client on a six pack ! let's go buddy set the hook
  248. eddiefishtaco

    Which Seeker Blanks are for me?

    Pretty basic stuff, casting jigs and casting bait, nothing special, to go Turners with your reels, ask the salesman what they recommend, if you fish from a big boat, minimum 7ft rods, if you are on a small private boat 6 ft parabolic would be easier to fish and easy on your back.
  249. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Agressor..Newport Landing 9/9

    Man I'll go to SCI in a dingy, pee in my pants, and be soaked all day for a chance to catch one of those big blue fins
  250. eddiefishtaco

    Flouro top shot length?

    Oops 3 yard
  251. eddiefishtaco

    Flouro top shot length?

    It depends how many fish you plan to catch with that leader, you see after a fish you must re-tie, specially on small line cut a piece about the size of the fish you caught and re-tie the knot, if not, you may loose the next fish, so a nice 3 year leader can land 3 fish re-tying the...
  252. eddiefishtaco


    Costco has some nice prices Tuna albacore and skip jack salmon and you take the boys for pizza afterwards
  253. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore And then this happened.... Bluefin limits

    They run and empty spools like In 10 seconds. So the question it's not how deep but how far they run on20#Drag
  254. eddiefishtaco

    Clicker on Bx2 dawg reels

    A dog collar can be adapted, when the spool runs the angler gets shoked awake buzz jk
  255. eddiefishtaco

    Saltwater Sometimes the cat gets the tuna

    Cool report I'll pay you to take me fishing on that boat it probably flyes like a rocket. How much one on those catamarans cost?
  256. eddiefishtaco

    Technique if you're about to get spooled?

    Pray.. Hard ! LOL and try to pull in the opposite direction the fish is running Man is a great feeling to get spooled if you do rise that beer to the fish.
  257. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Broke a Black Hole 801h on 200 pound plus.

    A popper rod breaks when lifted too much and the tuna is deep bellow because The tip of the rod is for casting not fighting, babysit the angles you may need to point the rod at the fish some times, the oti is beefer but heavier to cast all day The halco hooks must be replaced with a...
  258. eddiefishtaco

    Catalina front side yellowtails 8/13

    The bigger ones are deeper
  259. eddiefishtaco

    YOYO/Surface Iron techniques

    Try a popper when they are boiling Long pull off the rod, reel the slack as you cost to 3 and pull again BOOOM
  260. eddiefishtaco

    YOYO/Surface Iron techniques

    Their are like cats. Have you seen how the cats attack? They "hide" in position then launch, attack and go back to starting position, the fish do the same, they go deep launch to surface and go back deep to position, with that said toss your tady 4/0 far away and let it sink, like...
  261. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted 60outfit stand up

    Looking for a 2 speed reel, 60# class, stand up rod or a seeker black steel Thanks
  262. eddiefishtaco

    WTB: Jig Stick

    Have a Conlon 9ft old school jig slingers know what that rod can do Eddie fontana ca 909*549 two3two7
  263. eddiefishtaco

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    kids Spinning gear is for fast, top water lures crazy, skipping action have you seen a fireball in action? a cabo killer? a ranger ? a pencil or a glider ? Hard to do it right with conventional, the short Crank of a spinning reel helps increase the crazy action of a skipping lure, a lighter...
  264. eddiefishtaco

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Compare?? They are different tools. with the spinning you can manipulate lighter, faster plugs like skippers, the conventional is for straight pop high bubble trail, more power and longer runs , Spining is finesse, conventional is straight Machete. lol
  265. eddiefishtaco

    Fathom 25N Two Speed Big Enough for These BF?

    they are on water their weight is lighter than when they're on deck lol yes, crazy tight drag let them feel the rod power too, just don't lift the rod too high when they are close to the boat. Deep baiting, speed jigging on 150 grams knifes, or if can't jig drop a flat fall
  266. eddiefishtaco

    jig stick

    Get a parabolic rod they are better on your back for those big tuna. you'll last longer fighting them a Graphite will kill you in 30 minutes you'll be done.
  267. eddiefishtaco

    Hot jig colors for YT at Catalina

    They are on squid, so we jiggers try the glow jigs early, pink silver during the day, medium speed frestyle jigging
  268. eddiefishtaco

    looking for people to fish

    I am calling in sick right now let's go buddy ha ha ha eddie 909 5four9232seven
  269. eddiefishtaco

    Poor free spool on squall 12

    take a good look at the bottom rod clamp screws sometimes they come loose
  270. eddiefishtaco

    Yoyo set up advice

    Get a jigging rod, do both techniques with one rod light and strong to jig all day Rainshadow Blank 300 or phoenix megalodon
  271. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore A little bft tuna popping video to keep you fired up

    that music sucks !! want a good pooper? pm me.
  272. eddiefishtaco

    Black Pearl, 3/4 day, Catalina

    That was the plan, I wanted him to have fun, lots of action instead of just trying to catch a big fish, and you know that's always a big gamble, and he won't have much of a chance, I highly recommend that kind of fishing trip for kids and friends that don't fish as much as we do
  273. eddiefishtaco

    Black Pearl, 3/4 day, Catalina

    I think he bounced that little thing probably didn't know what kind of fish he was landing free lining Anchovie
  274. eddiefishtaco

    Black Pearl, 3/4 day, Catalina

    I took my brother fishing, He hasn't fisk in a long time, so instead of taking him on a boat ride looking for blue fin I decided to take him on a fun and cheap 80 bucks trip. he had a blast with the bonito and the calico,barracuda and even a darn Cochito came to play (trigger fish) from south...
  275. eddiefishtaco

    Fly fishing albacore.

    What's an Albacore o_O
  276. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Congrats on the comeback, the boat, the weight loss and most important, the kid, he is just precious. When you're ready to go on a six pack I am in. Eddie
  277. eddiefishtaco

    Jig stick trini 20a

    A reel should match a rod, like a fat kid matches cake. What that said there's a lot of great rods to cast surface iron, but not all match your reel, they may be to big or too parabolic, I'll go with a new school high modulus grafite probably a Phoenix, stiff and light may be the direction u...
  278. eddiefishtaco

    Thought this was a good place for this!!!

    Is calling someone Pilgrim and Naming a boat Mayflower offensive ?
  279. eddiefishtaco

    Jigging on a Penn Squall 25 Narrow

    Jigging. Freestyle jigging or mechanical jigging, Oriental jigging is all about light and strong parabolic rods, and Narrow reels, I have the Torsa, the Avet jx, The Saltist, But then a saw a Penn Squall 25n, Baby! it has jigging written all over it not expensive, light to jig all day and ...
  280. eddiefishtaco

    Xmas Boat

    it's my boat !
  281. eddiefishtaco

    Best rod for tranx

    buddy, try a xh swimbait rod like Okuma Guide Select xh great for those GT poppers
  282. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore GROW little yellowtail GROW!! video

    Yellowtail Spawn during the summer months under Kelp .. with that said, what do you expect to find during the fall under kelp ? babys
  283. eddiefishtaco

    1996 Grady White Adventure 208 - San Diego

    awesome looking boat will send the link to my buddie jaime
  284. eddiefishtaco

    Casting Spectra

    try 80# braid to cast, power pro. When it comes to casting, the larger the diameter on the line, in relation to the spool, the better. Simply because the larger diameter line unwinds better from the spool. I would install a magnet near the spool of your 600. It helps on windy days
  285. eddiefishtaco

    The FG Knot for catching Cow Tuna - A video demonstration

    I use the fg knot for jigging it never fails
  286. eddiefishtaco

    What's been the goto wahoo trolling lure this year

    I would get a color easy for them to see, paint a glow in the dark line along the lure belly about 1/4 wide.
  287. eddiefishtaco

    Jig Box

    What kind of jigs
  288. eddiefishtaco

    Brand New In Boxes Saltiga Z20, Z30 & 30T PRICE DROP(AGAIN)

    Awesome reels, i just got me a Torsa16 n Otherwise I'll buy one of them bad mfs
  289. eddiefishtaco

    Rod recommendations

    Yoyo is basically just cranking Why not get a jigging rod instead ? And use it for both yoyo and jigging Plus bait and bottom fishing white sea bass Etc. I have one for sale and I'll give you a couple of jigs to get you started
  290. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical Jigging stuff, rods, reels, jigs

    Having trouble loading pictures Text for more pictures Left, 6'6 custom yoyo and jigging Right 6 ft Custom speed jigging rod Both ideal for 200 gram jigs $100 each Reel and fish are not included lol
  291. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical Jigging stuff, rods, reels, jigs

    Rods have 2 one is 6 ft. The other 6.6 Pics below
  292. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical Jigging stuff, rods, reels, jigs

    Hi everyone. I am selling some awesome, versatile jigging rods that can also be used as yoyo and bait, school tuna trolling etc. But are designed for mechanical jigging or MJ. $100 each for more info or pics text 909 five 49232 seven. Also some jigs and reels depending what you're looking for...
  293. eddiefishtaco

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    Great read. I still have some primitive Tady and salas, and a old Conlon 9 ft rod. Lately i am making my own vertical knife jigs and poppers.
  294. eddiefishtaco

    2015 is it over

  295. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Solo wahoo mission a success! 10/23

    That fish was waiting for you You keep your appointment. And there's your price
  296. eddiefishtaco

    YOYO YT Action ... Sunday Report

    Nice ! I am going to hire you to take me and a friend jigging we need to practice some freestyle jigging. Pm how much
  297. eddiefishtaco

    Torque 25

    The Narrow reel helps us freestyle jiggers to control the line a you jig fast (mechanical jigging, freestyle jigging, or what some call butterfly, but it is actually squid movements ) some the other reel should be good for live bait more line capacity. :)
  298. eddiefishtaco


    I have jigging rods ideal for 200 grams $80 used, And a couple of live bait rods, Custom One of a kind Neptuna ( glass, parabolic ) 20-(30)-40 jig or bait $ 100 new wrap, Ironman colors And a bird nest free, Surface jig caster, rod and reel , a Avet Jx (modified) on Avet 800 h rod $ 250 just...
  299. eddiefishtaco

    Daiwa saltist bg35 or penn fathom 25n

    Daiwa If you get a penn, get the Torque
  300. eddiefishtaco

    I need a meat stick for Southern Cal party boat fishing

    I have some cool used rods for Jigs and bait all below $100 pics by request can meet at bass pro rancho Cucamonga Eddie 909 549 two3 2 seven
  301. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Barefoot jigging rods

    Pm me or contact me at 909 549 23 2 seven Looking for Barefoot jigging rods. Thanks
  302. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Rpt.-Thur.-07-30-15 Do Do's and kick ass Tuna fishing!

    Awesome report, cool pictures man. It puts me right on the boat fishing with you guys. Great times. This year has been splendid
  303. eddiefishtaco


    How much for the reel
  304. eddiefishtaco

    wtb sealine 30 shv model

    I have 2 saltist 30 h
  305. eddiefishtaco

    you buy the gas and bait tuesday AM

    You're welcome, is all good Yellowtail Here i commmmme!
  306. eddiefishtaco

    Live bait reel.

    Depends on the size of the bait And hook goes accordingly
  307. eddiefishtaco

    you buy the gas and bait tuesday AM

    I am in a diet 20 pounds to go and I'll be 180 I want to fish with ya One rod, one reel, one jig Let's do this
  308. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna Jig Recommendations?

    Jigs come in top center and bottom weighted. Tuna likes bottom weighted jigs imo If you know how to used them. (Frestyle) If not try a drop jig Those you just let them drop (free fall, etc,) Reel like 50 ft above the fish and let them drop. They'll catch it. A center weighted jig you can...
  309. eddiefishtaco

    Talica II for Jigging?

    4 Slow jigging is ok But a narrow spool o a line wind reel For speed jigging
  310. eddiefishtaco

    GT with a large side of Omilu's

    Nice fun trip Never stop jigging the popper Specially the smaller ones, piss off the fish And engage the boat to move them away from the rocks or They will cut off you in seconds.
  311. eddiefishtaco

    Nose hooking sardine for tuna flylining

    I am not a master baiter But I would use a Small hook And hook it on the throat fins. Hide the hook for better catch ratio. ...Master baiters !
  312. eddiefishtaco

    blue fin tuna reel 2 speed Daiwa SaltistSaltist

    Oops double post Please delete
  313. eddiefishtaco

    Dana Point weekend yellows 5/23 - 5/25

    That's a cool looking yellow
  314. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Rpt.-Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip 05-25-15

    Cool report Cory I like all the pictures and the description of the whole trip. A couple of questions Any lures used besides Salas style jigs? Poppers, Knife jigs, butterflies, gliders ? Great trip Next time I'll tag along Eddie
  315. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Sunday 5-24-15 YFT BFT Offshore Report

    Why is unbelievable to see tuna On the surface ? They jump pretty high too
  316. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Found those mysterious bluefin yesterday

    That's it !! I can't take it anymore I am calling stick tomorrow who is going what boat ?
  317. eddiefishtaco

    Saltwater Mahi Mahi report

    I have quite a few butter knife jigs And in my personal opinion outffish the Shimano jigs 4 to one the fish can't resist a bottom weighted, shiny jig, they don't know it is a butter knife, they have no table manners
  318. eddiefishtaco

    Redondo kelp patty yellowtail

    I think he may be talking about a flying gaff.? The fish was hooked with a Tady (a caveman's cranking jig) Therefore a flying gaff or any other type is legal.
  319. eddiefishtaco

    wtb or wtt 10ft jig stick

    Why so big you're going old school?
  320. eddiefishtaco

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I wanna get seasick ! I wanna fish.. my darn work schedule got me tied up. For me Bonine 24 hrs chewed works better (starter bros) like$7 and does not get me Dizzy Listening to music And staying outside the cabin Away from smokers No coffee ☕
  321. eddiefishtaco

    wtb setup swim bait fishing

    Rod : Okuma IM8 GS Heavy swimbait rod. It cast very very far away. Reel:. Shimano Curado 200 Bantam 40# braid some calico swimbaits $ 175 both
  322. eddiefishtaco

    Avet Magic Cast Magnet

    Buddy the reel may be to big for live bait casting, get a darn Penn Squall 15 to cast sardines a country mile, set the magnet 1/4 On a 700 m, and watch them fly, and, they will run like it was the fastest sardine in the tank on the Squall's light spool. Try a1/0 hook and fill the sac fast...
  323. eddiefishtaco

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    Ok guys Who wants to go in a expedition to catch Blue fin yellowtail ? Or white sea jacks ? Seriously, I want to go I'll drive And fish the same place
  324. eddiefishtaco

    Coronado Islands Info Requested

    I am in. :-) Let's go
  325. eddiefishtaco

    Favorite Poppers and Stickbaits for GT?

    Sebile poppers have a little "kick" The belly shape gives them than small swing. It is better to change action when a popper is ignored than to change colors. My 2 ¢
  326. eddiefishtaco

    Light jig stick blank recommendations...

    I have a Custom Conolon 9 ft rod $150
  327. eddiefishtaco

    Whats your favorite halibut bait??

    Bait? You mean what color jigs Pink and white Vertical speed jigs
  328. eddiefishtaco

    Favorite Poppers and Stickbaits for GT?

    I like the 3 to 4 oz big butt poppers, I like big butts and I can not lie.. Lol Also Big mouth to make lots of bubbles to disguise the hooks and imperfections I have been making my own lately but if I was you, I would try to find a glider to spice things up change action. Good luck buddy.
  329. eddiefishtaco

    Enter the Dragon

    Hot. Hot hot
  330. eddiefishtaco

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    Green and yellow kills the fellow LoL and that popper does not swim
  331. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical Jigging Setup for Deepwater YT

    By the way I'll be selling this set up Rod and reel asking $ 470 obo
  332. eddiefishtaco

    Iron Colors for 1/2 day?

    Basic colors Early am, darker colors, your choice I like green/gold, green bird poop, etc When the sun is up, the fish is up, lighter colors. I like chrome, white/pink, mint/white Stick to the pattern and the fish will come Every day is different, give the fish what they expect to find. just...
  333. eddiefishtaco

    Coronado 4/24 Yellowtail Tunas

    Sashimi !! :-) :-) :-) :-) Save me a filet
  334. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Reel for the Shimano Trevala Butterfly Jig System

    On this picture shows the Trevala heavy Paired with the Daiwa Saltist 35 2 speed And another style of jig, we call the fang or spike, deep searching jig on strong current. When the yoyos get swept away by current and the butterfly misses the mark due to conditions. They're is a lot of little...
  335. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Reel for the Shimano Trevala Butterfly Jig System

    A narrow spool is the key. I don't like butterfly jigs, I rather use knife jigs, I get better action on longer jigs, but that's just me. I don't like loading the line all the way to the top of the spool to lay down better when fast jigging. But everyone fishes different. Picture Daiwa 35 2...
  336. eddiefishtaco

    anyone headed out this weekend???

    Guys Stay home The cold front will kill the bite Why risk your safety on strong winds when the fish will be inactive due to the child's front ? Go watch a movie with the family
  337. eddiefishtaco

    San Carlos Mexico

    San Carlos Sonora? Marina Terra. And Fish with catch 22, Fernando
  338. eddiefishtaco

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    Who needs sardines?
  339. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano New Shimano TN16A vs used gold Shimano TN16

    What for jigging?? The gold Bait the A
  340. eddiefishtaco

    OK, who was the idiot

  341. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna Jigging knot

    I use the slim beauty 10 turns up 10 down use gloves and wrap the tag around your pliers handle to tie the knot. A buddy carries sticks to pull the line to cinch down his knots, I use the tuna knot for the jig, the 700 h may get you tired,I have a couple of used jigging rods you can have for $...
  342. eddiefishtaco

    Can we fight back???

    It happens more than animal lovers want to believe They are called sea LIONS ! :-) They love Mexicans they are more spicy Yum yum
  343. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Yes ! We had a blast San Carlos is like Cabo was 25 years ago. I would contact catch 22 (Fernando) to arrange a trip or pm for info.
  344. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Is a lot of fun The yellows compete for the lure The zig zag across it and miss a lot of strikes, Can't stop the lure or they will just stop chasing it They're like cats. Anytime buddy !
  345. eddiefishtaco

    Please delete

    Pictures ? Where the beef?
  346. eddiefishtaco

    Catalina Island Marlin Spots

    I have seen them south the island Small stripers I guess this year will see more than other years, we hooked, but lost one a few years back with a pakula micro Uzi In Crystal color, no ballyhoo, naked, long corner
  347. eddiefishtaco

    irons and other tackle

    I have a 9 ft Conolon jig stick ! :-)! Interested? It casts long and steady
  348. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna In US Waters-Video

    Ha haha you crack me up buddy That was funny stuff, where's the beef ha ha ha
  349. eddiefishtaco

    Got my new reel today for surface irons

    I have an very old school Conolon 9 ft With a Newell 332 and a Avet jx (custom) with a Avet 800h (gift)
  350. eddiefishtaco

    We just won the San Carlos Yellowtail tournament. No bait what so ever, no trolling. Thanks...

    We just won the San Carlos Yellowtail tournament. No bait what so ever, no trolling. Thanks Fernando, Walter, Craig
  351. eddiefishtaco

    Trinidad 12A and 14A For Sale

    Hot stuff ! Cool looking reels buddy. I wish a ihad cash but I just came back from a yellowtail tournament in Mexico and I an still fishing coins from the sofa. (We won first place by the way)
  352. eddiefishtaco


    Cool looking boat Enjoy
  353. eddiefishtaco

    Mission Belle 3/30 First trip to the Coronados

    Love the mission belle Great memories,I am taking my kids fishing On that boat pretty soon
  354. eddiefishtaco

    Penn Fathom vs Daiwa Saltist black gold

    I just think there are better reels, than fathom, the Daiwa is one of them, And for live bait I like a smaller spool Unless I am fishing sea bass or blue fin above 40#. But for small tuna and schoolie yellows a Penn Squall 15, or similar reels on 30# braid 10 ft 25# fluorocarbon the sardine...
  355. eddiefishtaco

    Penn Fathom vs Daiwa Saltist black gold

    The Saltist is smooth I use it for vertical jigging and boy, for that style of fishing the reel must be trouble free Smooth and strong, for yoyo you want a bigger spool to crank the iron. No jigging, just cranking. I like the Penn Torque is up there with the best. But I am not fan of the fathom
  356. eddiefishtaco

    Surface iron rod/yoyo rod

    I have a couple used rods you can try Glass or graphite stiff or parabolic For big reels or small reels Cheap to rare I am in Fontana
  357. eddiefishtaco

    Phenix rod for popping

    Depends on what size poppers I use the big monster poppers Stay near 8 ft with backbone to pull them away from rocks
  358. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Thanks Fernando You're a great captain and fisherman, and a teacher too.Thanks for helping me and my buddies become better fisherman. Like always you found the fish, and that's 99% of the job. The rest was up to us. And we just keep on chopping the tree down. Fishing the Vertical jig knife, the...
  359. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Two Yellowfin Tuna in 3 minutes and 15 seconds Grand Dad Style (video)

    Very forgot What I was taking about Too old
  360. eddiefishtaco

    Avet jx raptor 2 speed mc or Talica 16ii

    For live bait ?
  361. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    :-) Let me look for more pics
  362. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Thanks Want more popper porn ??
  363. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Thanks all Here's a pic of the t shirt Zombie yellowtail
  364. eddiefishtaco

    Surface and yoyo iron. One blank two purposes.

    If Big if, it will Never happen I had to use one rod to cast the surface iron And yoyo too on the same blank Probably be a Shimano Trevala Heavy or extra heavy What reel? Probably go with a spinning Accurate 20 twin spin And use it as a mechanical jigging machine Popper machine too.
  365. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Fish on Walter hooks up
  366. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    I hope to fish with you one of these days Bullshiper I hear you on the radio all the time
  367. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    nice Fish, but You would have to catch 9 more The tournament was 10 fish, most weight wins. That would have won the prize of single big fish for one day there was a prize for big fish each day, Our total weight was 370 pounds 20 fish for 4 guys, we landed more but smaller fish than we did not...
  368. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Yes! They gang up on the popper The explosions are huge very violent The poppers must be wire through They break them in pieces
  369. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    The team has different styles of jigging and popping. Just like a baseball team has different positions, we covered the water column. All sizes, speed, angles, on the first day the fish was found hugging the bottom The slower, short jigging near the bottom was key to put fish on the boat. The...
  370. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Once again we fished the San Carlos Yellowtail tournament, 4 in our team 2 guys from California, me (Eddie fishtaco) and my buddy Walt, (Yessokk) one guy from Arizona (Ironman) and captain Fernando Almada (PQ) in the boat Chanoc. This time we were lucky and won. Most of the fish came on the...
  371. eddiefishtaco

    WTB vintage sabre rod for 40 lb line: FOUND&BOUGHT THANKS!!

    I have a Nep-Tuna hard to find Thick like Trulines just wrapped for braided line, parabolic for deep jigging $130
  372. eddiefishtaco


    Ship it to Walt That reel in the wrong hands can kill all the yellowtail in California
  373. eddiefishtaco

    Let see you best yellowtail

    This incredible yellowtail gave me hell ! Was caught with a XXXH sponge bob rod/reel . Short stroke jigging On a massive kastmaster 1/12 oz live bait ! I still have nightmares about that monster
  374. eddiefishtaco

    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    2 speed Daiwa Saltist 35 It is one of the smoothest reels Also the Shimano Torsa 16 n Penn Torque , same size The 2 speed.comes handy when a big fish wants to take you to the rocks
  375. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano New 2015 Shimano Torium A model

    They look like cool JIGGING reels
  376. eddiefishtaco

    Surf fishing? How will these lures work?

    Medium Slow retrieve.. Bam
  377. eddiefishtaco

    popping rod for yellowtail

    Hi guys I use the Okuma GS swimbait rod to cast swimbaits and plugs to stripers, I love it, but I am looking to buy a Okuma saltwater popper rod. We will be targeting Yellowtail in 2 weeks, I need a 2 piece since were flying to MeXico the poppers we use are 3 to 4 oz Witch model do you recommend...
  378. eddiefishtaco

    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    Daiwa 35 t narrow Shimano Trinidad 16 narrow Shimano torium 16 narrow Penn torque etc etc A narrow reel helps you with line winding. Need jigs pm me
  379. eddiefishtaco

    Penn Torque 25NLD2 or 40NLD2 NIB F.S.

    The torque 25n is very smooth for jigging Awesome reels
  380. eddiefishtaco

    Yellow on the Iron, and a Whale on the Sonar

    nIce fish Your rod looks very long Like for fishing on a cattle boat. Try getting a Trevala heavy for what you do Or similar, you'll love it. Congrats
  381. eddiefishtaco

    best place to fish in mexico

    San Carlos Sonora Mexico Charter: Catch 22 Fernando Almada (Facebook) October is Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Sail fish And San Carlos is like a gringo town in MeXico. South of Arizona, sea of Cortez, mainland. Like Cabo was 25 years ago, awesome town and fishery
  382. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna in the freezer fishy tase wtf

    The Lazy way. Defrost with milk. Cut and remove all the dark meat Cut small chunks of prime meat Fry with lots of pepper . Lots both sides Add salt Cut some bell peppers And onion toss them in, Once it looks a little cooked Add Tomatoe sauce Add some water Cover the pan for 7 minutes Serve with...
  383. eddiefishtaco

    WTB local tuna popping rod.

    We Can't be master baiters the whole life
  384. eddiefishtaco

    Knots for big game

    Is Sailfish the fastest fish in the Ocean ? Idunno, but it seems that way when they're spooling a reel, about the knot, Try the " Slim beauty" Look it up on the internet, your tube, forums One day we hooked 5 sails, lost them all We called it a early release.cheers
  385. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging rod and jigs for sale.

    Jigs, rods and reel for yoyo and knife jigging.Used Yoyo 10 jigs $40 Vertical knife jigs 10 jigs $ 40 Vertical or yoyo rod $ 60 Light and strong unknown brand Similar action to a Trevala xh Black. P/u Near bass pro shops, Rancho Cucamonga
  386. eddiefishtaco

    What's a good yo yo rod in San Diego

    Good morning all. The yoyo reel is basically a cranking jig. not much jigging here, a 40# reel With over 40 inches per crank to move the that style of jig properly, with that said, the rod must accommodate a reel that size and with backbone to stop the fish from running to the rocks. 7 to 8ft...
  387. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    Start by just cranking the reel with the rod under arm watching the tip move up and down by the cranking of the reel, drop a 150 to 200 grams jig with weight at the bottom, it kicks beautiful...You'll see
  388. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    The Albacore or the blue fin ? The Albacore was on a jig The blue fin on swimbait Girls fish live bait. LoL just kidding
  389. eddiefishtaco

    looking for a yoyo rod

    A heavy rod will Kill your back Look for a new school parabolic xh Like the Trevala xh or similar The parabolic action puts the stress on the fish and not your back Yoyo is Cranking jig, no rod action is needed. But with the Trevala you could actually do some real jigging, one crank, one small...
  390. eddiefishtaco

    Not happy with okuma

    Okuma has great customer service. Since this post is open would like to tell them that I love the big swimbait rods "guide select " Heavy and extra heavy for long casting light iron, swimbaits, poppers, gliders. Awesome for calico snipers. But I wish the vertical jigging rod's reel seat was...
  391. eddiefishtaco

    American fisherman missing in the Philippines....

    That sucks I hope they find them somewhere in a island The Philippines have some radical Muslims That according to my buddy Edwin are very dangerous and hate Americans
  392. eddiefishtaco


    F everything I am going fishing
  393. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    Give them old fish to your neighbors If you have Asian neighbors they'll love you. My wife said the freezer was full because all she wanted is keep me home watching soap operas. But most of it was chicken !! LoL don't be fooled guys go fishin'
  394. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    Pm me your address and I'll send you a couple of the best jigs ever, you don't have to jig them crazy fast , just move them up like a squid moves going up. Your swimbaits got me a 50# blue fin and a nice bull Dorado last year. I love them specially the pink one at my feet. Look ma' no bait
  395. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    LoL Is all good Hope I entertained you somehow
  396. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    Buddy I did not landed Any out of season fish. In the pics my tag is# 9 shows 3 bf tuna one yellow, one bonito. Over kill? no names. the white fish is tag # 10 I have no control over that and don't know who what or what I fished the vertical jig as practice, and the tuna that was killed was...
  397. eddiefishtaco

    Blank recommendation

    Calstar 700 m or similar
  398. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging in San Carlos Mexico

    Rada has a small boat, I dint think he has a charter boat, we normally fish with fernando almada at catch22 Mexico sport fishing
  399. eddiefishtaco

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Cool Estaré en San Carlos del 19 al 20 de Marzo En el torneo de jurel Pescaré con craig collins,fernando y wild Walter Fast eddie
  400. eddiefishtaco

    Who is "That Guy"

    The bow is for jig masters. Jigs are not allowed in the bait tank area. Master baiters stay on the back of the boat. Don't be that guy.
  401. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    . Thanks for fixing the picture Tag #9 are my fish to the left. The white fish and other are with tag #10 Confusing hu? Some of the jigs used
  402. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    the white fish on the right belong to lucky angler #10. I was number 9 get some reading glasses. I only kept those since my freezer is full of fish I gave away most of it, it is not about the meat or size, But getting outhere and have fun And practice the knife jigs ! Pm me for the best outhere
  403. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    I didn't kill any white fish They didn't like my jigs.. To fast and to high in the water column for them
  404. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    :-) My wife told me not to bring anymore fish That the freezer was full. That's why I kept just a couple. The fishing is not wide open But appears like the species take turns If planning a trip to the Cortez bank Bring live bait outfits,a bottom fishing outfit And the iron jigs that you can...
  405. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    You don't know what you are going to get . Be ready I was told, It is a Pandora's box. Jumped on a boat a few days ago, we were supposed to be going to punta Colnet area, but the captain told us a day before that we may go to the Cortez instead, But we went to the Cortez Live bait is king at...
  406. eddiefishtaco

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Fernando es mi amigo! I Fish with him all the time and I am Part of his team on the yellowtail tournament Last year I invited Walt( yessokk ) for his first time on San Carlos and he loved it I trained Walt on the art of jigging and he is now unbeatable. We need more jigging masters let's go...
  407. eddiefishtaco

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Yo vivo en Fontana también :-) :-) Let's go fishing
  408. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical Jigging Setup for Deepwater YT

    2 speed daiwa 35 Saltist Trevala xh 50# power pro color indicator @ 25 ft 50# , Blackwater.leader 200 grams will do Pm for jigs 6/0 assist, one hook works Better Have fun
  409. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Sorry about that, it is a old report that got bumped. LoL but were fishing the same way, and today the 1/2 boat New Seaforth Landed lots of yellows, so get busy, they are still there, deep
  410. eddiefishtaco

    tady 4/0

    Just one side, a little bit of glow in the dark works better
  411. eddiefishtaco

    tady 4/0

    Just don't use too much some jigs have it only on the belly And the eyes
  412. eddiefishtaco

    tady 4/0

    Paint a 1/4 inch stripe of glow in the dark Along one side of the jig and watch how it out fishes the rest.Eddie
  413. eddiefishtaco

    WSB + YT - 1/30

    Nice catch Matt
  414. eddiefishtaco

    How to make jigs swim better

    Probably the best way is to bring it medium speed and watch the jig like a hawk. Adjust your speed like suggested above. My best surface jigs don't spin at all, but fish likes them a lot, the weight on the tail plays an important part in the swimming action. If the treble or hook is too heavy...
  415. eddiefishtaco

    Yo yo with a low profile?

    Lexa is more for surface fishing. Like a Phillips screwdriver is for Phillips screws. Use the right tool for the job. Yoyo and vertical knifes sometimes require A 2 speed reel, the high speed to move the jigs, and low speed to keep the away from rocks in very deep water cranking. But A...
  416. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    I can't wait to do this again I may jump on the fortune 1.5 day To colonet next Friday. Let's go
  417. eddiefishtaco

    Free Fall jigs for Wahoo?

    A different approach, I would try a Long stroke jig, elongated with weight in the middle, Say 200 grams, with one 7/0 owner assist hook crimped w wire. Jig Color Pink/gold, blue/gold Orange/ gold You can cast it far away on a trinidad40 or a high speed senator. 50# line or 80# braid. Cast, Let...
  418. eddiefishtaco

    Don't be stupid

    ETL English as third language
  419. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging in San Carlos Mexico

    Yes the rain shadow is good. And a Trevala heavy will do too. Many choices in jigging, for many species, small to huge, but for yellowtail I'll stay on 300 grams action blank. It moves the jig sweet and steady. And the fish comes up o And yes on the daiwa 35 Probably one of the best for...
  420. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging in San Carlos Mexico

    There is no live bait in SC. No bait barges, making bait but easy either. Forget bait, it is gay they say. So jigging is the way to go. I use 150/ 200 grams in my lures, my favorites are one I call red fire and a gold green knife jig A daiwa 35 /2 speed but you can use a narrow reel life a...
  421. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging in San Carlos Mexico

    Rada From the dingy Red Baron
  422. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging in San Carlos Mexico

    Some pics from San Carlos The vertical knife technique, And yellowtail Iron man Collins
  423. eddiefishtaco

    Advice needed on boat

    I don't think so Actually I sold my money pit to try to become a better fisherman and stay away from live bait. Buying your own boat limits your budget and your time. Period. I am a mechanic and feel sorry but I also worry for the safety of some boaters. I feel it limited my chances to learn to...
  424. eddiefishtaco

    Advice needed on boat

    Save your cash Jump on a moo moo boat Wherever the bite is Fly to Mexico, stay in a hotel Get a hair ending massage and fish all you want with the cash you save from buying a boat. Stay a fisherman, don't become a boater
  425. eddiefishtaco

    Back from fishing in Esteros Nayarit

    Awesome. I hope to retire in Mexico too
  426. eddiefishtaco

    Seeker 7X, GG690J or GG90J for 40# jig stick?

    I have a old 9 ft Conolon (Custom) rare surface jig rod for medium to large size jigs For 30/40# or braid, it cast long and it has backbone to bounce yellow tail. I am thinking in selling it, I am not sure about the price, any old jig casters with info on this rod ?
  427. eddiefishtaco

    Hey Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I want under the tree.

    A Freestyle jigging reel Please, please, I'll be a good Boy
  428. eddiefishtaco

    WTB or build Japan-style jigging rod--Birthday today

    I have a 200 grams spinning jigging rod With a penn battle $150 used but in good shape. Eddie
  429. eddiefishtaco

    Seeker stand up rod Xh 5 1/2 $ 80

    $80 909 549 232seven. Eddie
  430. eddiefishtaco

    WTB or build Japan-style jigging rod--Birthday today

    Man you reserve a Custom Acid Rod ergonomic, and super effective. $200 Featuring armpit comfort, 200 to 400 grams Slow to fast jigging Parabolic to save your back Reinforced guides Awesome.
  431. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    Was the marauder trolled Upside down?
  432. eddiefishtaco

    Horseshoe Yellows

    Somebody take me eeeeee I'll pay gas etc Monday Tuesday Wednesday Pleasssssssdeee Lol
  433. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore CONDOR HaloweenEve Ripper=Dorado Limits 10/30

    Awesome !! I was sick but next time I'll be there LoL
  434. eddiefishtaco

    Seeker stand up rod Xh 5 1/2 $ 80

    Great shape tuna slayer Seeker standup rod x H First $ 80 takes it !! :-) :-) :-) Great for stand up fishing, trolling feathers, marauders, cedar plugs and chunk bait for bigger tuna, live bait Rock cod deep fishing, etc Pic by text 909 549 232 seven Eddie Pic up? meet bass pro shops or...
  435. eddiefishtaco

    Local big YT dropper loop questions

    When I get cramps in my forearms From jigging them jureles, I'll take a break and soak bait like a girl. :( I use a strong 3 way swivel 30 fluorocarbon on the leader The main line braided line 50# On a 8# torpedo 4/0 hook. Get them forkies !
  436. eddiefishtaco

    Newell P-322f Trying to get more drag pressure

    You may need a new Belville washer I'll get the 5 stack kit from
  437. eddiefishtaco

    Wahoo Dana point tomorrow

    I am in next time bro,
  438. eddiefishtaco

    WTB rod. 9ft

    I have one, unknown blank it cast the swimbaits like rockets it has a trigger and it should be ok for Calicos and bonita I am not sure if it can handle big yellows they may turn that rod and twist your wrist, and make you cry
  439. eddiefishtaco

    Yellows are back chewing on rock fish

    how big were those rock fish ?
  440. eddiefishtaco

    Best live bait reel?

    A pink reel because... Live bait fishing for girls !! :-) :-)
  441. eddiefishtaco

    WFO long range tackle box for sale $40

    Pick up at bass pro shops $40 ? Eddie Sold Sold Sold Thanks
  442. eddiefishtaco

    Best live bait reel?

    Ok The reel has 25#' drag max You set the drag at 6# Is live bait fishing, so easy a caveman can do it
  443. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore 10/15 DORADO

    Dodos are extinct
  444. eddiefishtaco

    Best live bait reel?

    Penn... Squall 15 !!! :-) 30# braided power pro 25# black water leader 1/0 mustad, belly hooked dines On a Calstar 700 m Unbeatabe, light, casts a mile, even anchovies, light jigs, poppers you name it Drags at 25# :-)
  445. eddiefishtaco

    WTB 40lb-50lb yo-yo rod

    Buddy get a Trevala xh It is very light and super strong 50# blue fin came like a small bonito
  446. eddiefishtaco

    Bait wrap lures

    I like them too, i use the wrap on lures for striped bass. And they like them lunkers wrapped
  447. eddiefishtaco

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    Mmmmm Lexa 400
  448. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Ocea jigger 2001?

    nice. Have you tried the Shimano Trevala heavy rod ? It is very light and super strong You can cast and jig the fly jigs And it is not expensive
  449. eddiefishtaco

    One Day Sale! Daiwa Saltiga 35 $300

    that's an amazing reel for vertical jigging look for a rod in he 300 grams area and you're good to go favorite jigs are 200 grams for me and when the live bait fishing for small tuna gets boring drop a jig for a bigger fish great buy
  450. eddiefishtaco

    Hog Yellows 8 miles from Long Beach

    Tell your neighbor I am next
  451. eddiefishtaco

    Deep water SW Vertical Jigging Rod Recommendation

    Check the black hole , or the Oti Australia ? Check the Jig star rod Amazing rods
  452. eddiefishtaco


    The Seagate is a good choice. The penn squall 15 (Penn mag 2) is also another new school reel than has a great price, cast very long and has nice drags Don't let the small size fool you. I bounced many yellows with it But it is loaded with power pro 65# Instead of mono. It's not to big for...
  453. eddiefishtaco


    We use big mono so it can unwind easier From the spool, with that said, the guys are giving you some nice choices on reels Remember the mono gets burn out after a few casts even with water, so have an extra spool with fresh line all the time. Practice at a park or empty field With a jig without...
  454. eddiefishtaco

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    LoL Wait, I got to change this stupid sardine It not swimming .. duh.! Depending on a sardine and fluorocarbon Is for idiots ? or not... wait The bait died, were doomed. 50/50 ? Depending on how much spectra you have.
  455. eddiefishtaco

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    I am tired of idiots fishing Live bait. LoL :drool:
  456. eddiefishtaco

    tuna jigs ,yo yo jigs, colector jigs, and surface jigs

    Beach casting Seas strikes (2) Ufo 1 / (Barracuda/ bonito/ tuna) ufo 4 and straggler
  457. eddiefishtaco

    tuna jigs ,yo yo jigs, colector jigs, and surface jigs

    Tuna jigs left to right Tady tlc chrome/ purple Megabait style 3 oz Sume c2 Chrome/blue Ironman 5 Chrome Lakers tuna
  458. eddiefishtaco

    tuna jigs ,yo yo jigs, colector jigs, and surface jigs

    Hello I have 4.bundles of jigs to sell #1 Is Chrome jigs, ideal for tuna and species that like shiny. 5 jigs $ 25 including shipping picture coming up #2 yo yo jigs 6 fish catching jigs small to.large sizes got you covered$ 25 #3 five collector jigs sea strike, ironman, Ufo jigs $25 #4...
  459. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore BS fish count reports

    Like my dad used to say, fish have fins and tails, and tuna have turbo. They move around fast. So The boats work very hard to find tuna schools willing to bite. And that is not easy on that big ocean. Lots of overnight boats are moving long distances to catch some fish. From San Diego to...
  460. eddiefishtaco

    Thanks Rick, I saw this too late Since I am addicted to have book lol Next time bro

    Thanks Rick, I saw this too late Since I am addicted to have book lol Next time bro
  461. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados 9-25-14

    Cool. thanks for the report
  462. eddiefishtaco

    Novice with spectra

    I use 30# spectra and 12 ft of 25# fluorocarbon on my light spool reels for live bait, the sardine runs better with that set up. And I retie the knot after every fish, I use "small" but capable reels. A penn squall 15 and a Newell 229 Never had a problem but if you tangle, chances are you'll...
  463. eddiefishtaco

    Knife Jigging in it's Purest Form

    I have some of those Mexican butter knives, and are very effective, the Rhythm is very simple, but takes practice, when the rod is up the reel handle is also up, and turn the handle down, pointing the rod down, One turn, one lift ratio. It is called mechanical jigging. The Shimano flat fall...
  464. eddiefishtaco

    BOLA Update

    Cool report We call the jack crevalle Toro
  465. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore impeccable form

    The moron is putting his crew in jeopardy When the intake gets plugged with keep And gets wrapped around the propeller A few yards of thick fishing line on the shaft too, His motor will get hot and blow up In the middle off nowhere. With the motor down a boat can turn upside down easy.. wait...
  466. eddiefishtaco

    Fishing Monday 9/22, one open spot.

    I think I am calling in sick
  467. eddiefishtaco

    Jig Reel Recommendations

    I had the same rod, here's my 2 pesos With the Avet jx mag I get the most distance for Surface jigs like Tady45 and Salas 7x The big spool allows the line to unwind without problems. No top shot. Power pro 65# Or 80 for huge plugs, nothing to do with drag, the big line is for easier casting...
  468. eddiefishtaco

    Curado 301e

    Nice striped bass Reel
  469. eddiefishtaco

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Every day is different some better than others on the San Diego. I grew up fishing on pangas and reeling fish by hand, so the worst party boat in the fleet is for me, a luxury. All I want is a shot at the fish. And I like the San Diego's Aggressive style, they are hunters, I don't pay much...
  470. eddiefishtaco

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    When I get older I'll shoot a turkey At Costco, or will be my fist turkey Yes sir! :-)
  471. eddiefishtaco

    Pencil poppers vs open face poppers

    LOL wet don't sand a chance. The lure is similar looking to the fish, and dives to one side, comes up and dives to the other side, gliding action. It is big 9 ". so I use to target big stripers. Long pulls and reel to make it swim in a extra wide gliding action Or short, fast pulls to make it...
  472. eddiefishtaco

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    The season never ends You just follow the fish wherever they go Also fish freshwater striper, bass, trout Learn to vertical jig for yellows Fish at places like Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, Puerto Vallarta San Carlos or. Cabo
  473. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Ocea jigger 2001?

    I always wondered about the ocean jigger Does it jig as well as a Torsa? Or Daiwa Saltist? Please don't tell me you use it for live bait
  474. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    What we have is a communication issue... LoL That's what my boss says all the time. I have been on that boat and they work hard just like any other moo moo boat in so cal In my very personal opinion they should go back to the same kelp at least twice, we all know dorado returns to the kelp or...
  475. eddiefishtaco

    Pencil poppers vs open face poppers

    I think it would be similar to the seducer
  476. eddiefishtaco

    stolen gear!!!!

    Do you have pictures of your rods?
  477. eddiefishtaco

    Pencil poppers vs open face poppers

    I have never used an Orca It looks like a glider not a popper And is to big for a walker Different action lures
  478. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Give me a Break!

    Tuna moves on quick Unless you keep them entertained with chum But if you're just fishing and hooking them They learn quick that is not a good deal. And say adios amigo
  479. eddiefishtaco

    Popping rod

    The tuna we are fishing is small, I say try a Trevala heavy It's the Terez father, it is parabolic and all around rod Works the poppers fine and the vertical jigs excellent can cast Live bait and it's very strong I have landed nice yellowtail On it and it is very easy on my messed up back...
  480. eddiefishtaco

    seeker hercules vs phenix black diamond

    Black Hole 450 grams Save your back.
  481. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore YFT until Paddy Crashers 8/30

    Some of my friends are Asian and great fisherman, they would never do that. But it may be that the bite just shut off, it happens like that. We have to keep chumming, keep them going, Keep fishing fast, one fish after another quick, no pictures or wasted time if they are biting, because they...
  482. eddiefishtaco

    All Coast Website???

    Dammm you Facebookk !!!
  483. eddiefishtaco


    Catching a fish with a popper is a personal thing, a personal challenge, you can catch a lot more with live bait But nothing compares with the feeling of seeing the fish chasing your lure. I have a few home made and some Rosta poppers, they work the same, the idea is to make then look like a...
  484. eddiefishtaco

    Trolling for tuna

    They seem to bite a little deeper this season That's why the deep divers are working Marauder, halco 130 etc The cedar in dark colors is easy to find in the wake and all tuna love the action of the plug
  485. eddiefishtaco

    island YT

    Fish next week It would be better
  486. eddiefishtaco

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    What ? My wife will kill me if i bring 10 more tuna. The last time she was clear Do not bring more fisht or else So my buddy Scott smoked the tuna for me And brought them to work. Not all of us want to catch a lot of fish Or the biggest fish, some of us get 2 And play with the poppers, jigs...
  487. eddiefishtaco


    We saw a striped Marlin swimming casually Just minding his own business everyone tried to cast the trolling rods, it was comedy. I had 50# big game on the Penn 113 Light. high speed, it cats just like a big Newell.when the bearings are lubed properly, belly hooked the Mack and Zzzzz fish on...
  488. eddiefishtaco


    Penn 113 L High speed You can even cast with it and will land everything in our waters
  489. eddiefishtaco

    Freedom- Cat Island 8/16

    Awesome! Great pics and report
  490. eddiefishtaco

    Can a JX Raptor 2 spd stop a 150 lb class ahi?

    You don't stop a fish You tire the fish
  491. eddiefishtaco

    last call to san quintin

    Can't I signed up on a overnight
  492. eddiefishtaco


    Back to back Tony peña on same size 1ft mono.
  493. eddiefishtaco

    While many fished for money, some fished for fun...

    Man, very cool the pics and report
  494. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado Jumping on ( Video ) 8-9

    Awesome good times bro We share the tequila with dorado or they will trash the boat Specially the big ones, tequila in a spray bottle, two shots gets them drunk Like a college girl at spring break, loose and limp and they taste better. Use cheap stuff, Save the patron for the ride back
  495. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna/Yellowtail on Iron?

    You can drop it and just lift the rod slow up and down, they like it slow. Or Cast let sink about 50 ft Retrieve slow lift the rod a bit And bring it down making the jig Swim in a S up and down pattern And check your drags
  496. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna/Yellowtail on Iron?

    Dorado on swimbaits and different irons. Yellowtail on poppers, surface iron, vertical iron, yo yo iron and swimbait. Tuna on iron, swimbait, vertical iron, yo yo iron, poppers and gliders Striper on poppers, gliders, swimbait, flyes Roosterfish on swimbait, rangers Snook on swimbaits etc etc
  497. eddiefishtaco


    Match the hatch Small bait like the mini sardines we are getting Sx or squall 15
  498. eddiefishtaco

    Friday Friday Friday, fresh intel

    I Was there and we hooked yellowfin Lots of fun on live bait and some of us got them on metal knife jigs, slow long stroke for those who know, and for live baiters, it was 25# Line 1/0 hook, belly. They played for a while then poooof ! Give A boring boat ride the rest of the day Eddie
  499. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Firsts--A Yellowfin and Yellow Tale

    Man, You're blessed with such cool boys, And a boat to top it off. Great report
  500. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Anchovy Combo?

    Accurate 12 Penn battle 6000 Both great vertical jigging reels, Small bait reels .. (insert anchovies here) And popping reels
  501. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore CONDOR July4th 350+ Yellowfin,Yellowtail Trainwreck2

    Like Like Like Like Good to see you guys fishing and having a great time
  502. eddiefishtaco

    20lb tuna setup?

    You are going to fish the mini yellow tail back yard. Bring the curado. The minis are fun on Bass gear. No fish runs 300 yards..a blue marlin maybe. So you're ok, with the line. The minis will turn that swimbait rod, hold it with a firm grip, don't lose it. Small yellowfin tuna will also be...
  503. eddiefishtaco

    jigged up an Opah

    Flat (ass) jigs kill many species Designed to flutter in zig zag or spiral Many manufacturers, I like Jimy jigs, black dog, but my favourite is. river 2 sea, bass pro makes a flat jig also. Live bait is for girls. Jk
  504. eddiefishtaco

    Channel Islands Ghostbusters... and Halibut

    Next time boss. The ocean eagle doesn't have refrigerated fish hold, so I got me an Ice bag but the day was kind of cold, overcast. Gave lots of fish away, brought home enough for 2 weeks. So I can have an excuse to fish again.
  505. eddiefishtaco

    Channel Islands Ghostbusters... and Halibut

    Next time boss. The ocean eagle doesn't have refrigerated fish hold, so I got me an Ice bag but the day was kind of cold, overcast. Gave lots of fish away, top gun style.
  506. eddiefishtaco

    Channel Islands Ghostbusters... and Halibut

    Thanks dude it was fun, and Ventura is closer than what I expected There is a lot on big lingcod, jig bouncing was productive as well as the big grub. The White sea bass in the freezer, now is time to chase tuna, Let's go
  507. eddiefishtaco

    Channel Islands Ghostbusters... and Halibut

    Mostly drifting over spots, I used 8 oz.sinker and 1 foot loop 1 yard away from the sinker, live or fresh dead squid worked fine The halibut riggs were closer to the bottom.
  508. eddiefishtaco

    Albacore 2014

    I forgot how they look like
  509. eddiefishtaco

    Channel Islands Ghostbusters... and Halibut

    Jumped on the Pacific eagle, out of Ventura sportfishing. And it was pretty cool. Great people and hot fishing this month in Santa Rosa Island. The first part of the day was White sea bass and Halibut I was lucky to land 2 ghosts, lost one near the gaff, the fish spitted the hook And a mystery...
  510. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore I am a HATER :Trip Report

    Rosita swimbait on yf tuna: Come pick some swimbaits at my place, Walter rr Eddie.
  511. eddiefishtaco

    Anchovies or jigs?

    Get jigs. P LINE or Sumo dragonfly 2 oz Swimbait, 1.0 oz jig head, hammer 5 inch Practice casting at a park. Steady retrieve, you don't want to depend on live bait.
  512. eddiefishtaco

    White Sea Bass

    White you wait bait soaking, Instead of just sit there looking dumb, Cast a jig head 1 oz, 6/0 hook With a squid, let it sink And reel it slow, jerk it, let if fall, and reel it again, try to imitate a dying squid Cast it all around the boat To cover more water And do some chuming to attract...
  513. eddiefishtaco

    Enter the Dragon

    Awesome blank, awesome job
  514. eddiefishtaco

    TUNA Advice: How to Read the Water (SST/Chloro)

    Mi last Albacore was a 44# on a 2 oz Jig Made by Dragonfly lures packed by Sumo I casted out let sink 20 seconds and reel it straight no jerking and Wham !!! Hell broke loose
  515. eddiefishtaco

    TUNA Advice: How to Read the Water (SST/Chloro)

    Let me know when albacore arrive I want one on a jig this year :)
  516. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    That rod is custom made. $$$ pm want one? Call me 909 549 242seven email eddie1martinez @ Or, You could use a Trevala Heavy it works fine a little off balance to jig but can do the job. Eddie
  517. eddiefishtaco

    PB WSB!

    Nice ! a big mama
  518. eddiefishtaco

    vamos a bahia de los Angeles June 1-4

    que van a pescar? atun?
  519. eddiefishtaco

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    I loved the upside down guides comment made my day thanks
  520. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna reel rod trolling lures etc.

    I have some tuna stuff TLD 20. 2 speed With trolling skirts and a stand up penn all $150
  521. eddiefishtaco

    blue fin set up on a budget? 2 speed Shimano TlD 20 with stand up rod

    Hi I have a 2 speed Shimano Tld 20 Great for trolling or stand up fishing Comes with a free stand up rod, $200 Catch a blue fin Pics by request Pm if interested and 4 pics
  522. eddiefishtaco

    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    The best? American, Accurate has some bad ass reels. Happy memorial day
  523. eddiefishtaco

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    Albacore route from the south is a gamble The ones from Japan end up north Keep an eye on the counts up north And let's just drive up, like trout fisherman do
  524. eddiefishtaco

    New JX 6/3 Raptor

    I love casting with a old Avet jx On the 8 ft Avet 800 h
  525. eddiefishtaco

    need help picking a boat for summer 1.5 day

    The top gun 80 scored big Great job guys
  526. eddiefishtaco

    need help picking a boat for summer 1.5 day

    Do you believe me now ?? May 26 report Top Gun 80(2 of 2-1/2 day) 25 guys 250 Bluefin (30-60 pounds,) 50+Yellowfin
  527. eddiefishtaco

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    A Graphite rod does not load up like a glass rod, it is stiffer. So we have 2 different styles of casting. The rod must match the reel This is important. A have great casting reels that perform better on stiffer rods. And some Glass rods that require a bigger reel, and bigger line. So look...
  528. eddiefishtaco

    Which are the best vertical jigs for tuna.

    Tuna sometimes are focus on small bait, a short stroke slow jigging On a short jig, many come to mind, chrome /good/ green colors
  529. eddiefishtaco

    Saltiga 15 or 20

    For ? Live bait.?
  530. eddiefishtaco

    Distance casting video

    I had Penn mag in the 80s It was a 970, it was Awesome
  531. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Calcuta 400B. and TLD 2 speed

    Calcuta Sold Sold sold And shipped to Carpenteria CA
  532. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Calcuta 400B. and TLD 2 speed

    Hi I have 2 reels for sale, R H Both in great shape, Both cosmetic and mechanical Calcutta 400 b $140 SOLD SOLD TLD 20 2 speed $ 160 obo Nice reel for trolling school tuna, dorado and live bait for the fat schoollie blue fin STILL AVAILABLE
  533. eddiefishtaco


    Why are we so in in love with Newells Must be the memories
  534. eddiefishtaco

    What a day of fishing.

    Cool report And great job guys
  535. eddiefishtaco

    Fishing tomorrow Yellow tail or skunk

    We got big Sardines and some mackerel No Chovies. They got bit mid water Belly or nose hooked I pulled the book many times Give them time to eat it
  536. eddiefishtaco

    Fishing tomorrow Yellow tail or skunk

    It became a live baiter paradise In the afternoon,a boat ride in the morning So bring your 25# p line or fluorocarbon The surface iron landed a few, But most fish was caught by the sardines :)
  537. eddiefishtaco

    Which Knot to use

    I would use Small piece of mono And tie Tony Peña knots
  538. eddiefishtaco

    2014 Yellowtail ShootOut registration NOW OPEN!

    This looks like fun But I don't have a boat
  539. eddiefishtaco

    Fishing tomorrow Yellow tail or skunk

    Hi guys I am planning to fish tomorrow out of San Diego Probably a 3/4 day boat, don't know witch one yet, the goal is to catch a yellow with a popper, Not on surface or vertical jigs, and not on live bait, I skunked on the popper on my last trip, but scored on surface and vertical knife jigs...
  540. eddiefishtaco

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    For Calico? Okuma guide select xh swimbait rod On a Penn Squall 12 or 15, braid 65# stealth. Smooth like a weasel. For yellowtail I like the Saltist 30h or similar reel, with a 800h 900m rod, also straight spectra 65# stealth My favorite old rod is still The legendary Conolon 9ft. What ever...
  541. eddiefishtaco

    Okuma Makaira 20 SEA WOW!!!!!!

    What happened to buy American ? It's all Obama's fault
  542. eddiefishtaco

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    Torium casts good it is a newer reel with old school feel Originally designed for vertical jigs, buy can do the job. Compare tip stiffness on the rods, to cast long, You want the stiffer, not the longer like in the old days A 8 ft graphite h in the right hand, can cast better than a long glass...
  543. eddiefishtaco

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    What reel? Line?
  544. eddiefishtaco

    need help picking a boat for summer 1.5 day

    Old Glory, Top Gun 80, Josie Lynn if you want a 6 pack
  545. eddiefishtaco

    San Pedro overnighter

    They Probably fish San Clemente That island gets the summer fish first, before Catalina. Live bait 25# p line 2/0 hooks A kelp cutter rig. Jigs- Surface iron rig tady 45 Sun block, Bonine and you're set
  546. eddiefishtaco

    Yellowtail poppers

    Any BIG poppers will do 3 to 4 ,0z I use an Avet JX/800m graphiter Stealth spider braid, 65# Tight drags to keep the yellows from running to the rocks.
  547. eddiefishtaco

    HXJ Raptor for 'hoo bobmbs?

    I have jx mag That reel can cast a light iron 80 yards on a 8 footer. On braided line I am a Newell guy but casting on the JX made me a believer.
  548. eddiefishtaco

    Need Help Getting Tackle Box Ready For Cedros

    Sun block, spray Bonine pills Tylenol Tequila Ear plugs How much is that fishing trip??
  549. eddiefishtaco

    05/03/14 Coronado Islands Assassination part 2!!!

    Looks like you guys had fun That's is what is all about
  550. eddiefishtaco

    4/30/14 M/V San Diego Yellows!

    Cool report and pictures
  551. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Calstar 900 m Graphite

    Wanted Calstar 900 m Blank, factory, or custom
  552. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Hop on a boat asap it will be crazy the next 4 days Thursday will be hot
  553. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Calstar 900 m Graphite

    I'll pick it up Or send my hot niece to pick it up Lol
  554. eddiefishtaco

    Iron throwing questions...& Yo yo

    Well said, find the speed for your jigs before tossing them out Have fun, that's the idea
  555. eddiefishtaco

    Iron throwing questions...& Yo yo

    Yes to both questions. Spider stealth is copolymer coated, so it helps but mag your reel for better results. For vertical jigs spectra is a must But I use a 10 ft shock leader, Black water fluorocarbon. 40#
  556. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Calstar 900 m Graphite

    Wanted Calstar 900 m Pm me Thanks
  557. eddiefishtaco

    WTB Trevala Jigging Rod MH or H Conventional

    I have a heavy How much used twice, strong and awesome to cast and jig, you know Make offer, meet at bass pro ?
  558. eddiefishtaco

    Iron throwing questions...& Yo yo

    This is what I use, follow my advice at your own risk. I have old school and new school set ups. If your reel has magnets go for 65#braid Straight. But use Spider stealth, or 832 Suffix,.power pro is ok but kind of rough. If your reel is without magnets use mono I like copolimer lines...
  559. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Another nice color Pink !
  560. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    I forgot The fishing área is around 150 ft deep So the fish comes up with chum Don't be caught reeling a yo yo when they start boiling on bait. After this cold front it should pick up again
  561. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Here's another picture of that rod
  562. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    It's a killer on amberjack That is the way a Vertical jigging rod is designed, short very strong and parabolic. The bottom guide is upside down in the center and the next guide is to the left To start the spiral wrap, if you're right handed, the spiral goes to the right. Eddie
  563. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Nemo jig notice the figure 8 ring The line goes on top to protect the line, the assist hook on the bottom ring and also the split ring The jig on the split ring, no hooks on the jig One assist hook gets bit better than 2 Eddie
  564. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Coronados update- Jigmasters heaven April 25 Jumped on the San Diego 3/4 day Boat Great team, captain, cook and deck hands Just awesome. We fished South of the islands in the morning and north in the afternoon. The bait Was big mackerel, no sardines, we used 1/0 treble hooks To scare the seals...
  565. eddiefishtaco

    Need one guy 4/19 fishing YT at the Nados

    It is Common for a fish chasing a kicking jig to get fail hooked Specially if the jig is moving fast, they miss the bite and get it on the check, the side, belly, etc. Great video next time invite me, I'll help with gas etc, yellows are my obsession Eddie
  566. eddiefishtaco

    Ensenada 3-20 to 4-12-14 - Yellows still biting the surface iron

    Louie a lo mejor el jueves voy a ver quien se alborota