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  1. T.Bui

    UC Rod Comparisons

    I posted some pictures of me pulling on some of my rods yesterday but I wanted to directly compare them in a static position and overlay the differences. So here are some of them so far.
  2. T.Bui

    Looking for a New Lefty HX Raptor

    Anyone know where I can find a new on in SoCal? TIA.
  3. T.Bui

    Looking for a New FTH30LD2LH

    Anyone know where I can find a leftY 30LD2 in SoCal? TIA.
  4. T.Bui

    My blue camo 15T for your silver or gunmetal 15T

    Anyone in the SF Bay Area have a Mak 15T in silver or gun metal and some cash that wants to trade for a blue camo 15T? BNIB, never fished. The reel is spooled with 60# JB hollow. Not looking to trade for anything else. I’ll be down at Fisherman’s Landing on 8/10.
  5. T.Bui


    I expected the Fathom 15XN, but I expect to see a new 8XN. Tell me more.
  6. T.Bui

    Okuma Metaloid 5NII $170 Shipped

    SOLD Excellent condition. Loaded with 40# solid. Comes with box and reel clamp. $170 includes USPS shipping from NorCal. PayPay FF or Venmo. No trades.
  7. T.Bui

    Okuma Metaloid 5II $190 Shipped

    Excellent condition. Loaded with 60# JB Hollow. Comes with box and reel clamp. $190 includes USPS shipping from NorCal. PayPay FF or Venmo. No trades.
  8. T.Bui

    76 Centaur and Raptor Reel Choices

    Quick question, I currently have a: 76 Viper with a Mak 20 SEA for 100#, and a 76 Raptor with a Mak 16 SEA for 80#. Considering a 76 Centaur for 80# and bumping the Raptor down to 60-80# work. The Raptor will also serve as a loaner for my dad when/if he goes on trips with me. Should I keep...
  9. T.Bui

    Looking for Andros 16 and 76 Centaur

    In Nor Cal, Bay Area.
  10. T.Bui

    WTB US 80 Tilefish

    Blank or wrapped, doesn't matter.
  11. T.Bui

    FS: Penn International II-16S - Cal Sheets - $320

    This reel was blueprinted by Cal's ( to fish up 80 lb. test line. Includes all original documents, reel bag, clamp, and box. It's spooled with 80 lb. spectra with room for top shot. Some cosmetic scratches but the reel works flawlessly. Asking $320, will ship...
  12. T.Bui

    FS: Galvan Rush Light (R-12) Reel and Lefty Kreh TFO BW LD 9' Rod

    I have only used this rig 2-3 times in hopes of landing Albacore, never did and I give up. Comes with everything you see in the pictures. Reel: Galvan Reels, R-12 LT in black...