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  1. eddiefishtaco

    Speed Jigging on low gear 2 speed fathom 40

    Long story short, we were speed jigging on yellowtail they showed no interest in all color and jig sizes until I grabbed a Penn Fathom 40 N, 2 speed and set it on low gear, started jigging fast on low gear, and they loved the action. I switched back to my 35 N jigger and nope They were not...
  2. eddiefishtaco

    Knot to add some stretch when rising braided line

    Since braided line has no stretch, here's a very strong knot that works as a spring on your leader to help you boat that monster. It's called the chain knot, there's many different videos on you tube with slightly different ways, this one is with a sleeve. - I do it without sleeve and 2 turns...
  3. eddiefishtaco

    Braid snapping test

    Does anyone have an idea or tested braided line breaking point while snapping the line instead of constant pressure?? My buddy dodo has lost so many lures, casting a 6oz plug, he gets a overrun and..snap ! So I wonder if there's a chart or if anyone knows about why braided lines are so weak when...
  4. eddiefishtaco

    Jigging rod- the Puppeteer -

  5. eddiefishtaco

    Calstar 800 L Custom surface jig rod with torium 16 nice Yellowtail slayer

    Up for grabs a beautiful rod the Calstar 800 L Custom with a New Torium 16 loaded with Daiwa smooth braid. $250 both. This combo casts a country mile, better to keep it together but will separate. Located in Fontana 92337 7
  6. eddiefishtaco

    Mid water jigging, swinging jig "columpio" jigging, AKA.. floating butterfly jigging

    Just a fast note on mid water jigging.. - The floating butterfly style.- The Captain said he didn't know what kind of fish was boiling, it was not responding to live bait or surface jigs to the fisherman's desperation, so I went to mid water jigging, to see if I could catch one. You can use a...
  7. eddiefishtaco

    Sold - Spinning Penn sold - d $0

    Used Spinning reel Penn 8000 loaded with 50# braid, custom 7ft spinning rod 20-50 line $150 OBO combo
  8. eddiefishtaco

    Walk the dog Jigging rods are too stiff why?

    I think that most of them are made with big big fish in mind, groupers, giant trevally etc. But I target yellowtail, so finding the right rod to move properly a 120 to 150 gram yellowtail jig is hard to find, one must search in Australia or make your own. I choose to make my own, found a old...
  9. eddiefishtaco

    Flat fall jigs and the old King

    Before the flat fall jig there was the big Krocodile spoon it was the King of the slow jigs, falling leave action and slow retrieve, deadly wobble, the trebble was replaced for big 9/0 or fished as is for school tuna only a handful of guys knew how to fish it, most guys were distracted by the...
  10. eddiefishtaco

    Swimming jigs vs jigging jigs.late report

    I took my nephew jigging I mean fishing, the kid obviously is not familiar with jigging so I set him too up with some swimming jigs, Tady and Salas and a flat fall slow jig, the target was yellowtail and he landed a few with the Salas but the cabrilla bass and rock fish were all over the flat...
  11. eddiefishtaco

    Thinking in Fishing Sunday, yellowtail what boat??

    I am thinking in fishing for yellowtail. This Sunday, any body recommendations.
  12. eddiefishtaco

    2 combos. Popper and Tuna vertical / bait

    I have 2 Tuna fishing combos 1 $230 popper combo with a penn Battle 800 loaded with 50 #braid and the Rod is the Elite Braid series, Tsunami best, 8'6" 40/80# line Fun to cast at boils, landed yellowtail with poppers on this can toss small surface jigs with ease. Strong and smooth 2...
  13. eddiefishtaco

    Seeker $200 combo rod and reel Torium 50

    Blue fin tuna set up for jig/ Flat fall or live bait offshore. The Torium 50 reel is loaded with new 80# hollow braid and 60# mono, the rod is A Seeker American 6ft 40/80 stand up. $ 225 both. text 909 5492327 Fontana
  14. eddiefishtaco

    FS Newell P332F, torium 30, Terez rod 8f MH, black moon bag

    I have the following items for sale. Reels NEWELL P332F Clean $200 Torium 30 old style with power handle $80 Rods Shimano Terez Wax Wing, 8 ft MH $145 surface Lamiglas - Sold Bag Shimano Black moon - sold Eddie 9095492327 text for pics
  15. eddiefishtaco

    Marbling questions

    I am about to embark on a rod marbling mission. I am not picasso. So to save me time and headaches decided to ask you guys For some advice. In brands to use plus What's the best epoxy for this The best colors brand Powder color? Worst colors to work Easy colors to work And, Does anybody have a...
  16. eddiefishtaco

    Wanna be the Surface king?? For sale new Shimano Terez MH 8' Wax Wing rod and Lexa400 Hs

    I have a never used shimano Terez rod 8ft MH Wax wing, and a matching also new Lexa 400 hs power handle. For long, smooth casting. Both for $350 pics by text 9095492327 fontana ca eddie
  17. eddiefishtaco

    Where are those mini yellowtail

    Planning to go fishing the minis I am armed and loaded with 10# test barbie spinning outfits but where are they?
  18. eddiefishtaco

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    I turned 54, We know it sucks to get old, So a fter some Thanksgiving turkey decided to run to San Carlos Sonora to fish the Knife jig and poppers with catch22 Mexico sportfishing. And celebrate with the yellowtail, We went to the island to search for yellowtail. I took 2 set ups, one for...
  19. eddiefishtaco

    Live bait combo $175

    $175 The reel is a penn may 2 (squall 15) with braided line top 20# mono The rod is a 7 ft versatile /live bait rod by Triton, astrong 2 piece where the handle is solid and the rod is ideal to carry sardines or small jigs like megabaits. 909 549 232seven text . Eddie
  20. eddiefishtaco

    Looking for Barefoot jiging rod

    If you have any Barefoot jiging rod s pm me or text 909 549 two 32seven Eddie
  21. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Barefoot jiging rods

    They stop making them years ago but is a personal choice if you have one pm me or text 909 549 two 32seven eddie
  22. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted 60outfit stand up

    Looking for a 2 speed reel, 60# class, stand up rod or a seeker black steel Thanks
  23. eddiefishtaco

    Black Pearl, 3/4 day, Catalina

    I took my brother fishing, He hasn't fisk in a long time, so instead of taking him on a boat ride looking for blue fin I decided to take him on a fun and cheap 80 bucks trip. he had a blast with the bonito and the calico,barracuda and even a darn Cochito came to play (trigger fish) from south...
  24. eddiefishtaco

    Jigging on a Penn Squall 25 Narrow

    Jigging. Freestyle jigging or mechanical jigging, Oriental jigging is all about light and strong parabolic rods, and Narrow reels, I have the Torsa, the Avet jx, The Saltist, But then a saw a Penn Squall 25n, Baby! it has jigging written all over it not expensive, light to jig all day and ...
  25. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical Jigging stuff, rods, reels, jigs

    Hi everyone. I am selling some awesome, versatile jigging rods that can also be used as yoyo and bait, school tuna trolling etc. But are designed for mechanical jigging or MJ. $100 each for more info or pics text 909 five 49232 seven. Also some jigs and reels depending what you're looking for...
  26. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Barefoot jigging rods

    Pm me or contact me at 909 549 23 2 seven Looking for Barefoot jigging rods. Thanks
  27. eddiefishtaco

    blue fin tuna reel 2 speed Daiwa SaltistSaltist

    Oops double post Please delete
  28. eddiefishtaco

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Once again we fished the San Carlos Yellowtail tournament, 4 in our team 2 guys from California, me (Eddie fishtaco) and my buddy Walt, (Yessokk) one guy from Arizona (Ironman) and captain Fernando Almada (PQ) in the boat Chanoc. This time we were lucky and won. Most of the fish came on the...
  29. eddiefishtaco

    popping rod for yellowtail

    Hi guys I use the Okuma GS swimbait rod to cast swimbaits and plugs to stripers, I love it, but I am looking to buy a Okuma saltwater popper rod. We will be targeting Yellowtail in 2 weeks, I need a 2 piece since were flying to MeXico the poppers we use are 3 to 4 oz Witch model do you recommend...
  30. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging rod and jigs for sale.

    Jigs, rods and reel for yoyo and knife jigging.Used Yoyo 10 jigs $40 Vertical knife jigs 10 jigs $ 40 Vertical or yoyo rod $ 60 Light and strong unknown brand Similar action to a Trevala xh Black. P/u Near bass pro shops, Rancho Cucamonga
  31. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    You don't know what you are going to get . Be ready I was told, It is a Pandora's box. Jumped on a boat a few days ago, we were supposed to be going to punta Colnet area, but the captain told us a day before that we may go to the Cortez instead, But we went to the Cortez Live bait is king at...
  32. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging in San Carlos Mexico

    Some pics from San Carlos The vertical knife technique, And yellowtail Iron man Collins
  33. eddiefishtaco

    Seeker stand up rod Xh 5 1/2 $ 80

    Great shape tuna slayer Seeker standup rod x H First $ 80 takes it !! :-) :-) :-) Great for stand up fishing, trolling feathers, marauders, cedar plugs and chunk bait for bigger tuna, live bait Rock cod deep fishing, etc Pic by text 909 549 232 seven Eddie Pic up? meet bass pro shops or...
  34. eddiefishtaco

    WFO long range tackle box for sale $40

    Pick up at bass pro shops $40 ? Eddie Sold Sold Sold Thanks
  35. eddiefishtaco

    tuna jigs ,yo yo jigs, colector jigs, and surface jigs

    Hello I have 4.bundles of jigs to sell #1 Is Chrome jigs, ideal for tuna and species that like shiny. 5 jigs $ 25 including shipping picture coming up #2 yo yo jigs 6 fish catching jigs small to.large sizes got you covered$ 25 #3 five collector jigs sea strike, ironman, Ufo jigs $25 #4...
  36. eddiefishtaco

    Channel Islands Ghostbusters... and Halibut

    Jumped on the Pacific eagle, out of Ventura sportfishing. And it was pretty cool. Great people and hot fishing this month in Santa Rosa Island. The first part of the day was White sea bass and Halibut I was lucky to land 2 ghosts, lost one near the gaff, the fish spitted the hook And a mystery...
  37. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna reel rod trolling lures etc.

    I have some tuna stuff TLD 20. 2 speed With trolling skirts and a stand up penn all $150
  38. eddiefishtaco

    blue fin set up on a budget? 2 speed Shimano TlD 20 with stand up rod

    Hi I have a 2 speed Shimano Tld 20 Great for trolling or stand up fishing Comes with a free stand up rod, $200 Catch a blue fin Pics by request Pm if interested and 4 pics
  39. eddiefishtaco

    Shimano Calcuta 400B. and TLD 2 speed

    Hi I have 2 reels for sale, R H Both in great shape, Both cosmetic and mechanical Calcutta 400 b $140 SOLD SOLD TLD 20 2 speed $ 160 obo Nice reel for trolling school tuna, dorado and live bait for the fat schoollie blue fin STILL AVAILABLE
  40. eddiefishtaco

    Fishing tomorrow Yellow tail or skunk

    Hi guys I am planning to fish tomorrow out of San Diego Probably a 3/4 day boat, don't know witch one yet, the goal is to catch a yellow with a popper, Not on surface or vertical jigs, and not on live bait, I skunked on the popper on my last trip, but scored on surface and vertical knife jigs...
  41. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted Calstar 900 m Graphite

    Wanted Calstar 900 m Pm me Thanks
  42. eddiefishtaco

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Coronados update- Jigmasters heaven April 25 Jumped on the San Diego 3/4 day Boat Great team, captain, cook and deck hands Just awesome. We fished South of the islands in the morning and north in the afternoon. The bait Was big mackerel, no sardines, we used 1/0 treble hooks To scare the seals...
  43. eddiefishtaco

    yellow, white sea bass tuna set up, Terramar/ Daiwa

    SOLD ! First $150 takes it, rod and reel with braided line, top spot 30# p line Sold/ Rod Terramar 8 ft xh. Sold/ Reel Daiwa Sealine x 40. Ha Can do surface jigs, yo yo jigs, live bait, slide and swimbait Very versatil. Sorry it it sold Meet at bass pro Rancho Cucamonga ?
  44. eddiefishtaco

    Yoyo jig rods and reels. back ups. cheap

    Rods / reels jig Yoyo back up set ups super cheap 1 . Sold 2. - $120- Avet 8 ft rod. H great for Yoyo jigs, paired with a Daiwa 40x Sealine Casts long and smooth. Includes 2 killer custom yo yo jigs. The reel has right speed for the yo yo jigs on that reel. not too fast or too slow...
  45. eddiefishtaco

    San Diego3/4 Day51guys /85 Rockfish

    Eww I am glad my alarm failed. What happened? Was the Swell up And fished the calm side of the islands Or to many people on the boat Makes it an automatic Rock fish trip? Just wondering.. info please
  46. eddiefishtaco

    No Mexican license-Vertical jig fishing Yellowtail. / Jan 5 14

    No Mexican license-Vertical jig fishing Yellowtail Jan 5 2014 We were told that a bunch of home guard yellowtail were patrolling the Coronado islands without Mexican license, we had to go and teach them forkies, That we all must have a permit to fish in After presenting our driver's...
  47. eddiefishtaco

    Wanted to buy Saltiga 35

    Looking for a saltiga 35 2 speed Pm please
  48. eddiefishtaco

    Attention big yellow hunters

    San Carlos Sonora is the spot The big yellows are pilling up At the island (San Pedro) I fished with Fernando at catch 22 Mexico sport fishing on his 28 ft shamrock center console for big yellows they are deep But easy to reach with the jigs A cheap short fly to Hermosillo And arranged with...
  49. eddiefishtaco

    Vertical jigging for yellow tail nov26

    Vertical Jigging San Carlos, Mexico Nov 27 2013 Drove down to San Carlos Mexico Were the Sierra and Bonita are boiling near shore by the mystic tetakawi Hill but this time my mind was set on practicing vertical jigging and Target big yellow tail, no trolling and staying away from using live...
  50. eddiefishtaco

    Looking 4 a fast jigging rod

    Trevala or similar for 150-200 gram knife jigs 50/ 65# braid 6 ft max Targeting big winter yellows
  51. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Old Glory 9/24/13 Eddie fishtaco

    Old Glory Overnight 9/24/13 My first time on the Old Glory The people running the boat is the best part, the captain and crew are just amazing, and the boat is big roomy, plenty of room in the galley, great bunks with air conditioner, man, I loved the boat so much I will be a regular, hope...
  52. eddiefishtaco

    8 ft iron and stand up 2 speed tld 20 tuna reel

    I have 2 jig rods that can cast the jig and the swim bait pretty far away. One is a Terramar xh cut to 8 ft the other is an Avet Also xh and 8 ft. Both $150 Pm me for details. Also a Tld 20 2 speed and matching stand up rod $200 both used but not beat up The reel has 50# -line
  53. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Daiwa Pacific-1.5 day Mexican nookie

    There was a song blasting on the speakers.. We've come too far, to give up who we are, So let's raise the bar, and our cups to the stars. She's up all night 'til the sun, I'm up all night to get some, She's up all night for good fun I'm up all night to get lucky. We're up all night to get...
  54. eddiefishtaco

    Yellowtail 5/10/13 who cares-reload /top guns report

    I was driving the wife’s new car, when the music stopped, and Water’s voice sounded on the speakers, hello? Eddie, let’s go fishing, Automatically, the wife frowned and gave me the look, when Walt? –Tonight, fishing tomorrow- It has been the norm lately, short notice...
  55. eddiefishtaco

    Only one yellow and it is mine! Coronados 4/24/13

    Went to Coronados on the ¾ day boat San Diego, to chase Yellowtail, The weather turned cold pretty fast and we had a hard time finding the Yellows, The water was flat and nice, but the fish was missing, only one " Jurel "was caught and I was the lucky one to land this beauty, near 30 # of...
  56. eddiefishtaco

    yellowtail and the new moon today

    Looking at the moon and fish calendar, new moon, wow, fishing will be great, it says, but yellowtail is not a largemouth sunfish they move as they please Long story short, 103 fisherman on San Diego top boats landed 3 yellow tail. 100 got the cold shoulder wow just...
  57. eddiefishtaco

    Trulines for Sale $189 an up

    My buddy has a bunch of trulines he wants to sell and asked me to post some them for him from left to right. Truline DH 3x 6'8" tip repaired, beautiful marble $189 Live bait rod ideal for 15# 20# line, finiky fish Truline 4x 7ft line 10-80 $200 albacore decal ideal for live bait 20-30 #...
  58. eddiefishtaco

    Cheap Yellowtail hunting stuff rods reels jigs, truline

    Skunk no more- a: Versatil set up Rod avet 8ft / reel sealine 40x/ line 25 to 40 ideal for yoyo, surface and live bait, nice casting combo I even hooked dorado and bf tuna on swimbaits with this set up. $ 220 b: surface jig Terramar/Penn pathom 25n this is a nice set up that can...
  59. eddiefishtaco

    Offshore Bait? Who needs bait, Cortez 10/2/2012

    Had a great day fishing on the Cortez, overnight out of Seaforth landing Great captain and crew probably the coolest boat to fish out there $185 plus food fuel and great entertainment, jokes, fish stories, the whole enchilada also a hard working female deckhand/2nd captain that chewed our butts...
  60. eddiefishtaco

    Reel for dorado tuna yellow 20# Daiwa Sealine 20x

    Daiwa sealina 20 x in used twice, in great condition, free shipping $85 hurry
  61. eddiefishtaco

    Tuna, dorado, yellowtail rod/ reel set ups for sale

    1 A trolling set up almost New Shimano 2 speed TLD 30/ Fenwick tuna stick $ 245 new 50# line a perfect tuna/big dorado/sailfish/striper m trolling combo 2 A jig stick set up (surface) Modified for long distance,Terramar xh clean job to 8ft, straight cast for the easiest surface cast ever, no...
  62. eddiefishtaco

    4 Jureles de un tiro

    Jajaja! suena como pelicula de vaqueros no fueron de un tiro, pero si con el mismo anzuelo La misma caña y carrete..que no pasan de moda para mi Esta fue una de esas veces que tienes una premonicion que sintes que va a llegar el pescado, despues de varias semanas en las cuales no ha habido...