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  1. a7ewizard

    single or twins for farallon 2600 walk around

    Farallon's website is garbage. They need to add build specs and performance specs. You said 5100 dry weight. What is the beam and deadrise? More beam and deeper V both require more HP. My boat is about 26' 6" (discounting the bow pulpit). 8.5 foot beam. 19 degrees at the transom. Hardtop and...
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    single or twins for farallon 2600 walk around

    Given the options you outline, I'd go 2x200hp. Adding a kicker with controls and steering and AP? All that stuff adds up quick. Twin 200s shouldn't be that very much more than a Df300b plus kicker and accessories.
  3. a7ewizard

    Electronics upgrade.

    I've been running an Axiom9rv for the last 4 years. I don't recall ever losing GPS position. First edition with internal antenna. I also run an A78 and A50d on a different boat. One or the other occasionally drops position but quickly requires. Since those units are obsolete, that point is moot...
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    Help picking a boat?

    Pro-Line 251 or 27 Walk. 1997 and newer are wood free hulls and decks. My 1998 251 is still going strong. 8'6" beam. 175 gas tank. Enclosed head. Stove top and fridge. That said, there are some compromises. Sitting on the head is tight to the knees. Filler cushion required to sleep 2 in the V...
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    Raymarine Axiom 9 RV question

    I run Navionics.
  6. a7ewizard

    Raymarine Axiom 9 RV question

    Yes. The radar has a unique address that you enter into Axiom.
  7. a7ewizard

    Raymarine Axiom 9 RV question

    It is Wi-Fi between the MFD and the radar. Not Comcast or ATT.
  8. a7ewizard

    Raymarine Axiom 9 RV question

    I don't ever lose GPS but it seems like it is taking longer to get a fix than when my Axiom was new. I have mine paired with a Quantum Wi-Fi radar ( only run a power cord to it), Evo 100 autopilot, CP370 sonar module and TM260 transducer. I would add another Axiom 9 but I'm out of room.
  9. a7ewizard

    Raymarine Axiom 9 RV question

    I installed mine in 2017. Trouble free. Very fast chart re-draws. Pages and data boxes are very customizable. Chirp sonar and Downvision are very good. I don't use side scan or 3D much. One thing I don't like is the chip slot is in the back; pita to do updates if it is flush mounted. What...
  10. a7ewizard

    What should compression results be on 2013 Suzuki 250 with 600hrs

    Not to open a can of worms.......But, My 2006 had an ECU recall. I don't remember the reason for it. That said, your 2005 probably did also so the hours read off the ECU may be less than actual on the engine. Your compression test is good. The mechanic gave the engine his endorsement, right...
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    What should compression results be on 2013 Suzuki 250 with 600hrs

    My other boat has a 2006 Df225 with about 1800 hours. I have never done a compression test on it. But, I can assure you that engine is far from tired.
  12. a7ewizard

    What should compression results be on 2013 Suzuki 250 with 600hrs

    I have a 2017 Df300ap with 800 hours on it. I did my first compression test at 200 hours to establish a baseline. I didn't have a service manual at that time to follow but this is how I do my check. Engine is cold and all plugs removed. I thread in my compression gage and hit the starter button...
  13. a7ewizard

    Custom hardtop

    Pacific Yacht Towers in S. Cal. Well designed framing. Custom rocket launchers and hand rails.
  14. a7ewizard

    Simrad fluid level sensor

    First of all, the Simrad sensor can only be connected to the nmea 2000 network. You can not connect it and also have the older analog fuel gage also hooked up. It also needs to be calibrated by using a Simrad/Navinco based MFD or display ( Suzuki C10 engine display works in this regard).
  15. a7ewizard

    Portable bait tank/ tutorial help

    "Anchovies for albacore...?" Unless you have 4 or 5 guys on the boat, the troll to bait stop is hard to accomplish. I made a bait tank out of a 35 gallon plastic barrel. 800gph pump. It worked great! Near zero anchovie losses. Go to a good plumbing supply store and ask for tank fittings. These...
  16. a7ewizard

    Where to buy Coosa board?

    Not when I bought some in 2017. Maybe 3 sheets total. Delivery charge was nominal too.
  17. a7ewizard

    Where to buy Coosa board?

    Revchem composites
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    autopilot suggestions please

    I have 2 Raymarine systems in my 2 boats. S1000 autopilot connected to a C97 MFD. Evo-100 connected to an Axiom 9RV in the other. The S1000 is quirky; the wireless controller not always connecting and the computer needing time to "warm up". But, mine works pretty well but not without some...
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    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    John, It's hard to tell from the photos but it looks pretty low. This is my setup with a 30" bracket. I think I could come up a notch or 2. That said, I have good bite and don't blow out ever. So, I haven't played with my height (harder to do with a Zuke)
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    Electronics DIY

    Being handy and doing it well can be two different things. Use good ring and butt connectors that have adhesive heat shrink with a quality crimper. Think about your layout before hand. Fused or switched? Do you need to add a buss bar or fuse (Blue Seas) panel to keep wires neat and tidy. Most...
  21. a7ewizard

    Volvo DP-S service/repairs in Baja Sur?

    I use Hector Diaz in La Paz. He rebuilt my outboard's gear case after some water intrusion and internal corrosion after a 6 month sit. No problems since. I don't know if he works on VPs. But, he would know who does. [email protected] Tell him Mr. Warren referred you.
  22. a7ewizard

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    Terrific progress! Until you do one, a conversion is an unreal amount of thought, time, and effort.
  23. a7ewizard

    Floscan that pairs with RayMarine Axiom Pro?

    Raymarine NMEA connectors differ from Simrad/Lowrance; they don't simply plug and play with each other. My Suzuki harness and digital engine display is Simrad based. When I turn the engine key, this energizes the engine display NMEA 2000 network. For simplicity sake, I wanted to run my Raymarine...
  24. a7ewizard

    Chart Selection Assistance

    Navionics charts around La Paz are severely lacking in bottom detail. I run Raymarine so I don't think the brand of chart plotter has anything to do with the lack of detail.
  25. a7ewizard

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    I used a template. Placed it against the bracket and drilled holes. Then placed the template against the hull. Once properly aligned, I drilled the mounting holes through the transom. Then, I did a dry fit to make sure it was perfect. The backing plates worked over the bolt threads and the bolts...
  26. a7ewizard

    New Grady-White 208 Hardtop w/ Tuna Tower! PYT

    My PYT hardtop is 12 to 13 years old. The frame has held up well. No problem there. The problem I had was rotten balsa core in the hard top itself. Shaking and vibration breaks open the sealant allowing water to penetrate the core. The balsa delaminated from the fiberglass shell and removed...
  27. a7ewizard

    Transducer Question B75M vs B75H

    If your 585L supports 1kw, I suggest you replace that P66 with a TM260. The returns will amaze you. I run mine in 50hz most of the time due to its wider cone. I use traditional over Axiom high Chirp most of the time. This picture shows both 50k and high Chirp side by side. This is 50khz in...
  28. a7ewizard

    The Highjacking of Dana Point Harbor By a Wall Street investment group and what we can do about it.

    That sucks! We have a very similar situation here in San Rafael. Loch Lomond Marina. Housing and development plans were approved years ago. The Plan called for an improved marina. The developer dressed up the breakwater and created some green areas. Fuel dock has been shut down for 5 or 6...
  29. a7ewizard

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion. did a video of fiberglassing to plywood. Worth watching. I believe he rolled resin onto the plywood as a separate step to ensure good penetration. Are you adding trim tabs? I found that I use them more now with my bracket/outboard than I did when it was I/O.
  30. a7ewizard

    Kodiak Trailer brakes

    I watched that video. Cleanest brake caliper I've ever seen! Funny thing is my pads came last week so I'll be doing this soon. Can you wedge a door shim or chisel between the rotor and pad so you can bend that tab over?
  31. a7ewizard

    Raymarine Element fuel level connection.

    I have an Axiom based network spliced into the Suzuki/ Simrad backbone. I also have the Simrad digital fuel sensor. The engine's C10 engine display is Simrad based. I needed to calibrate the fuel sensor with a Simrad based device (C10 qualifies) to get it to work. Maybe your Garmin sensor...
  32. a7ewizard

    Raymarine Element fuel level connection.

    Is the Element recognising the Garmin sensor in the network? In SETTINGS or NETWORK there should be a page that lists all components. Could be that you need to manually select the sensor.
  33. a7ewizard

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    I doubt you will find a WA or cabin boat over 24 feet long that gets 3mpg at cruise. If it does it is either very lightly loaded or not much deadrise. I've looked at Parker's. I think they lack storage spaces and in- deck fishboxes. Wood construction. All turnoffs for me. Others mentioned...
  34. a7ewizard

    21-23' center console or walkaround?

    I own a Pro-Line 251 WA. Stern to bow pulpit measures 27'4". It has a separate head compartment. It is the smallest boat I know of that does. It is a waste of space IMO. I think you are better off with a porta potty under the V birth to be used for dire circumstances. Easier to thoroughly clean...
  35. a7ewizard

    What company for new electronics

    I assume you will network these devices. If you stick to one brand, they will all update via the MFD ( Raymarine for sure). I am very happy with my Raymarine! Axiom 9RV, EV100 auto pilot, Quantum WiFi radar and Ray50 vhf. Those are about 3 years old and without issues. I recently added a 1kw...
  36. a7ewizard

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    I own a Pro-Line 251 WA. One of the best features is the open back that allows you to manuver and play a fish when fishing solo. You can't do this with most pilothouse designs unless there is an aft helm station. My hardtop has handrails which makes it easier and safer to get to the bow to fish...
  37. a7ewizard

    Yamaha vs Mercury

    Suzuki! Compare features over the competition. Troll mode. Lighter. Lean burn. Timing chain vs a belt. Price will probably be better also!
  38. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Congratulations on splashing it! So much work and time involved in just the conversion, let alone the electronics and layout and steering... You will see performance and MPGs improvement as you get more hours on it. Trimming and tabs will affect performance also. I find it more sensitive than...
  39. a7ewizard

    Cracked Transom

    Assuming you have $4k at hand, I'd spend it to get those engines running. Look on YouTube for methods to salvage outboards that have gone under. I hope your mechanic at least squirted some oil into each cylinder after he pulled plugs. Once they run, you'll get better money for them if you decide...
  40. a7ewizard

    Raymarine Axiom 7

    No. My Axiom 9 has the RV transducer. So, I can't tell you about the sonar performance of the sale combo you pictured. I do like my A78/CPT-100 combo.
  41. a7ewizard

    Raymarine Axiom 7

    I run an Axiom 9. The machine has blazing fast chart re-draws, highly customizable displays (data sizes, options, location. Change spilt screen ratios. Pull out data windows) and intuitive software. My only complaint is the location of the micro SD card. It's in the back of the unit which is a...
  42. a7ewizard


    The price should reflect the non running condition and the inherent risks of purchase. If you end up checking the boat out alone: Pull the dip stick and inspect engine oil. Have an metric Allen set and open the gear case drain screw a bit. Check for milky gear lube (not good). Take along a spare...
  43. a7ewizard

    Stolen Boat Recovered

    Crash, I don't know you but I feel your pain! Really heartbreaking with all the heart and effort you poured into her. Start a go-fund-me or post your PayPal and I'll send some $$ your way. I'll donate a typical fishing trip cost to get you back on your feet. Finish it👍🐟
  44. a7ewizard

    Chirp transducer question

    I added a CP370 and TM260 to my Axiom 9. This is traditional sonar and cheaper than the CHIRP option. I have not yet used it in a deep water environment but it should have good deep drop/ bottom reading capabilities. For shallow fishing, the marks are sharper and more distinct than the RV100...
  45. a7ewizard

    26ft Osprey I/O Converstion

    You will love the new dance floor! She should plane easily with that hull extension. Are those twin 200s? No trim tabs!? I look forward to reading of your sea trial.
  46. a7ewizard

    In need of help

    OP, Sounds like your almost starting the entire project over. Cabin demolished and rot in the decking. And poor transom work. Is that right? How are the bones? Is it time to reassess? Too much time and expense involved? Beyond your skill set? Any buddies willing to give you a hand? I'm not...
  47. a7ewizard

    In need of help

    Lots of potential there to really dial in what you want. Also, potential for a long build time. Reason to point out shelf life issues. I learned a lot about glass work during my conversion and hard top re-core. I wish I had watched Andy's videos before hand. Would have eased my doubts and sped...
  48. a7ewizard

    In need of help

    Go here for some cost and resin info Boatworks today did a side by side test of epoxy vs poly vs vinylester. Vinylester also has a shorter self life. My opinion. Use a high strength poly. You will use a lot more resin than you imagine. The cloth and...
  49. a7ewizard

    Need help With Raymarine Axiom

    Vertical lines sounds like noise interference. Are you running another transducer? Or something like a pump or alternator causing problems. Shut things off separately to try and isolate the problem. Select the sonar page. Top right of the screen will be a menu icon. Tap on this and there will be...
  50. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    No, I don't think a 350hp is needed. I've seen 47mph with about 1/4 fuel. My boat gets some porpoising around 40mph. It's worse with more fuel in the tank. Trim in and/or bow down helps but it is very sensitive. I've tried 4 props but I haven't solved it. Best cruise is 27 to 30mph at 2.3 to 2.7...
  51. a7ewizard

    Neep help with raymarine hs5 network switch

    You can find manuals at I don't know the e127 sonar capability. Or, if it's chirp or not.
  52. a7ewizard

    Neep help with raymarine hs5 network switch

    I don't think you need the network switch. The e127 manual shows 2 network sockets and a transducer socket ( plus others). Assuming all components are compatible. The CP100 transducer plugs directly into the MFD. The 1kw transducer plugs into the DSM300. A network cable connects the sounder...
  53. a7ewizard

    ID Rocker Switch Please

    That is a Carling switch. The rocker cover pops off easily. Buy the replacement at
  54. a7ewizard

    New boat for use in so cal

    I've fished pangas ( I don't know anything about the brand you are looking at). Simple. Fuel efficient. Stable. Low freeboard. Hard to leverage a big fish. No stand up because sides are too low to brace against. Not self bailing. Keep saving. A used 20+ center console with newer reliable power...
  55. a7ewizard

    Auto-Pilot Suggestion for 2120 ?

    Buy the same brand as your networked MFD so it's software can be upgraded simultaneously.
  56. a7ewizard

    SKIPJACK 24 OPEN bait tank mount and plumbing!!!

    Sorry. I don't have a picture. I made a couple of wood brackets that bolted to the front of engine box. These had slots in them to accept web strapping. The poly barrel was pushed up against the brackets and strapped tight. Never had a problem with it moving around. The inflow line went through...
  57. a7ewizard

    SKIPJACK 24 OPEN bait tank mount and plumbing!!!

    I had a 35 gallon tank mounted in front of the engine cover. Plumbing went through the front of the box. Mine was removable so not in the way when not used. You are looking at about 400 pounds! Where do you plan on mounting it? I hope not on the swim step.
  58. a7ewizard

    Proline Sport 23’ 2014 help

    I think I just responded to you on the other site. I own 2 Pro-lines. Take it for a test. Compare your options.
  59. a7ewizard

    Parker Fuel Tank and Other Fun Projects

    Nice write up! Outstanding workmanship is hard to find.
  60. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Are you glassing the 2 pieces together? Hinged in front? It would be sweet for fast access.
  61. a7ewizard

    Marine Deep Cycle Batteries vs. Car Batteries for Boat + How they effect Downriggers

    Do yourself a favor. Buy either a Blue Seas fuse panel with integrated positive and negative buss bars or West Marine switch panel with integrated circuit breakers. Mount it in a protected area. Run each downrigger thru its own circuit. It's much harder to seal a 3 way splice. Use 14/2 insulated...
  62. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    I'm reliving my experience! A lot of thought goes into the new layout. The transom area fills up pretty quickly. This is one of my favorite customizations! Convenient location with no more getting down on my knees.
  63. a7ewizard

    Boats out of the water, need to pick a transducer

    This is my experience with networked electronics. I installed all Raymarine (Axiom 9RV, Quantum radar, EV-100 auto pilot, Ray50 vhf) networked with Suzuki C10 (Simrad based) engine display. Lesson learned was different brands may have different connectors. In my case, I had to splice the 2...
  64. a7ewizard

    ETEC 300

    You are correct! I have the Suzuki service manual. It specs 87 octane. BUT, a later supplement amends fuel requirement to 89 octane ( also spec in owner's manual). I read 87 in the service manual and that stuck in my head. However, I've been running 87 for at least my last 200 hours. No adverse...
  65. a7ewizard

    Boats out of the water, need to pick a transducer

    Budget? Stand alone or networked? Electronics upgrade/overhaul in the near future? New through hull or replacing older unit? CHIRP or traditional? Side/down/3D capabilities? Depth capability? You have opened a can of worms!
  66. a7ewizard

    24 year old Proline walkaround refurbish

    Looking good Danny! Maybe you pack better than I do. Or, you don't carry as much stuff. Seems to me that you might need more storage areas. I use that shelf you removed for PFDs, spare gaff, some emergency gear. Tool bag, spare fuel filters, flares, spare jacket, overnight stuff....where does...
  67. a7ewizard

    ETEC 300

    Suzuki without a doubt! Proven reliability. No timing belt to change. Easy routine maintenance. No crazy expensive 2 stroke oil to buy. Runs on 87 octane. Quiet. .67 gallons per hour at idle troll. Less expensive. I own a 2017. Now have 520 flawless hours on it. I rigged it. I maintain it...
  68. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    No forklift?! That video used 4200 I think. I used 2 caulk gun tubes of 5200. If I ever need to remove it..... I hope you have someone to help you with the permenant mounting. A couple extra nuts and bolts in case the aluminum boogers the threads.
  69. a7ewizard

    Catalina back to Long Beach at night

    26 posts and not one mention of life jackets! Maybe not during daylight, but mandatory in the dark.
  70. a7ewizard

    Ray marine autopilot to older sea star helm

    Go to the SeaStar web site for confirmation. I believe they changed the threads on the helm pumps. The hose ends are still the same. Meaning the new T fittings have an orb thread and won't fit the old helm pump. Again. Please confirm.
  71. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    I recently watched a YouTube video on mounting a bracket. Good stuff about finding the transom vertical center line and transom angle and adjustments. Yes, the forklift made it much easier! Search "born again boating". Pretty sure that's where I saw it.
  72. a7ewizard

    Fish finder, transducer suggestions. Please

    In your budget, Axiom 9RV with the RV-100 transom transducer. Wait for a WM sale as the transducer is often free. I have been running this package for over 2 years. Mostly use the high frequency chirp sonar. Very good returns on bait balls, halibut just off the bottom and albacore. Down vision...
  73. a7ewizard

    Will Raymarine Transducer work on Simrad GO9?

    Go to You can find out exactly what transducer you have. Wire diagrams are available. You may need to replace the plug to work with Simrad. I have been researching options to upgrade my Axiom RV which has the high chirp sonar, side scan, down vision and 3D capabilities like you have...
  74. a7ewizard

    Advice Please On Replacing All Electronics 2005

    I installed an all Raymarine network 2 years ago, Axiom 9 RV with RV-100 transom mount, Wi-Fi Quantum radar, Ray 50 vhf, EV-100 autopilot networked to Suzuki C10 engine display. I'm very happy with the system. All works perfectly. Easy to update software but SDmicro slot is in the back...
  75. a7ewizard

    Who to fish with - La Paz

    Fishing this time of year is iffy because of the North winds. I was able to fish just 2 days during my last stay of 2 weeks ( I have a CC there) over New Years. Baja Pirates runs a good operation out of La Paz. Tailhunter can run you out of Muertos Bay, which offers more protection from the...
  76. a7ewizard

    Restoring a neglected Pacific Trailer

    I think I would air the tires and fill the brake reservoir. Hook up the trailer and try to get it rolling. Rock back and forth if necessary. I doubt the pads are frozen to the rotors. Pull it around the block a few times. See if there is any brake action and knock more rust off the rotors. Maybe...
  77. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    I was looking more closely at your engine opening; does that gutter run around all 3 sides? Do you plan to build a cover that is flush with the rest of the deck? Mine is 1.5 inches higher than the deck. Building in a gutter and drain was taking on more work that I wasn't in the mood for.
  78. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    I agree! Keep that transom clear for the bracket installation.
  79. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Good progress! That grinding inside the hull is a miserable job! The dust gets every where no matter how you try to clean as you go or tarp off areas. Use a 4 to 6 inch short nap roller for resin and gel coat. Much faster and better finish (gel coat) than with a brush. Multiple layers as gel...
  80. a7ewizard

    La Paz Dec 30 to Jan 11

    It's been crazy windy. Finally had the chance to get out on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Seas were calm and 71 to 73F. Bait was hard to catch. We took 6 mackerel to Bajo on Wednesday. We caught 4 small dogtooth snapper on iron. Skipjack on mackerel that we cut for bait. Trigger fish were...
  81. a7ewizard

    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    More info: Places I like along the way: Don Eddie's in San Quintin. Boat and trailer friendly off the Baja 1 in a fisherman friendly cluster of hotels and charter operators. Inexpensive rooms and restaurant on site. El Morro hotel in Santa Rosilia. Just off highway but has high walls and keeps...
  82. a7ewizard

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Check the oil pan near the dip stick fitting for corrosion. Coat the oil pan while you have the engine out.
  83. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Thanks, I hope my post was informative. There is a learning curve to the NMEA 2000 networks. I thought all manufacturers were compatible...but NO! Btw, the fuel level sender needs to be calibrated. You don't need the fuel line pump like the old 2 strokes of yesteryear. The Suzuki will fully...
  84. a7ewizard

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    You will kick yourself for not doing this sooner! Check your transom to make sure it is flat to accept your bracket. Mine had some warp and concave about 1/2 inch. Suzuki uses a Simrad based NMEA network so upgrading your electronics with Simrad will make the installation easier. I love my...
  85. a7ewizard

    Looking for a custom built-in baitwell builder in SD

    First question is the 16 gallon one functioning properly? Does it feed off a scooped thru hull? A flush thru hull will not flow water when the boat is on plane; killing the bait. No problems and you still want more capacity. I like having a FW system on my boats so I'm not in favor of removing...
  86. a7ewizard

    Davis Boat Owners

    If you like your Davis and plan to hold on to it for a good number of years, then I say do it. Read about my Pro-Line conversion: I'm at 510 hours in just over 2 years and have zero regrets! I read...
  87. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    Yeah, my buddy doesn't like my labels either.
  88. a7ewizard

    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    Crazy amounts of time and thought to make a one off bait tank! Very rewarding however. FWIW, I have not had any reason to retorque my bracket bolts in 500 hours of use. I understand your desire for access though. Could you glass in a platform/legs to elevate the tank to give you access to the...
  89. a7ewizard

    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    Great build! You will love all the cockpit room the bracketed outboard gives you. I did this conversion: Maybe you have read through it? Yours being a heavier boat, I expect you will see a 25 mph...
  90. a7ewizard

    La Paz quick and dirty report

    That's my buddy not me..... "Why would you fish for Wahoo barefooted?"...............Yeah, I should have just cut it loose.
  91. a7ewizard

    La Paz quick and dirty report

    We fished last Sunday, Mon and Tuesday. Great water conditions. Temp was low 90s and a bit humid. Water 84 to 86F becoming bluer by Cerralvo. Sardinias available at Tecolote. No Marlin either jumpers, tailers or in the spread. Schoolie Dorado on bait and trolling feathers. Catch and release. One...
  92. a7ewizard

    WSB advice needed...

    No experts?!
  93. a7ewizard

    WSB advice needed...

    Ok, I've never caught one and don't know enough to target them. Situation here in the SF Bay, they are caught incidentally. Some on live bait in the Bay. Some while salmon mooching. I know they will bite squid, anchovy and live macks. I've read of fishing iron with squid pinned on near the...
  94. a7ewizard

    Temporary Import Permit - TIP - Question

    I stopped in TJ to obtain a TIP for my I/O Pro- Line. This was 2006. They asked me for the engine serial number?! We jumped on the boat and removed the plastic cover to reveal the ECM. The agent spotted the decal and it's part number. Took that as the serial number they require! I thinking...
  95. a7ewizard

    La Paz Recommendations

    Also, Baco out of Costa Baja marina. More express and cats boats if you don't want just a pangas. Take the wife on a Fun Baja snorkeling trip to the sea lion rock. They will also take you into Espiritos island for lunch and some kayaking. They have moved and now run out of Marina Palmilla. The...
  96. a7ewizard

    La Paz wahoo!

    My first wahoo came on an Excel 2005 trip. I had a Seeker rod which I built myself. I mounted a virgin Accurate magnum reel that was untried and saved for this trip. I tossed a bait and the wahoo bit. I remembered thinking at that time, that no matter what happens on this trip, this trip is a...
  97. a7ewizard

    La Paz wahoo!

    Thanks guys! Probably 2 years since I stuck a 'hoo. Always a surprise. And never when I'm trying for them. This was a mid-day fish. On a squid clone. Not a marauder or a rapala . Wahoo do seem to play by their own rules
  98. a7ewizard

    La Paz wahoo!

    I have the family with me so I haven't fish too hard. The water is pretty green close in. Not doing anything on the troll. We left the other day around noon for a beach trip. We ran past a pangero who offered us some live bait. Turned those into a couple of small dorados the kids reeled in...
  99. a7ewizard

    Offshore 1.5 day trip on the Endeavor

    Nice write up. I'm heading out on a 2.5 day in early August. So, getting prepped for the trip. About chrome.... I was on my first long range trip; Excel 2005 for a 10 day. The boat was on a stop. I threw this banana shaped chrome jig; let it sink then got bit on the retrieve. Wahoo over the...
  100. a7ewizard

    How to setup and connect NEMA 2000

    You would hope all brands are plug and play. Not the case! In my refit, I was re-powering with Suzuki ( Simrad type connector) and using all new Raymarine electronics. I had to cut and splice their different backbone cables so the system could talk. Yes NMEA 2000. But different connectors. Warren
  101. a7ewizard

    Rods, reels and tackle to Cabo info needed

    No hooks in carry on luggage leaving SJD. I regularly bring home reels in my carry on for maintenance. Never a problem. This is on American or Alaska.
  102. a7ewizard

    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    Who said anything about "American standards"? The road is not up to Baja expectations. I'm sure the big rigs would appreciate at least a level of grading to forego flats and strandings.
  103. a7ewizard

    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    To be clear, that's 4 hours from San Filipe to the 1.
  104. a7ewizard

    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    My first time driving this in 3 years; since the hurricane damage. In my Durango and not towing. Other reports suggested that it is still a better route than south from TJ. Maybe depends on time of day.... Mexicali border crossing: There is a few block re-direct which takes you to a new...
  105. a7ewizard

    Help Understanding wood stringers

    Post 97 Pro-Lines are entirely wood free. I own 2 of them; absolutely zero structural or fuel tank issues. You should be able to find one in your price range with an older 2 stroke.
  106. a7ewizard

    La Paz 3/31

    In my experience, Bajo is hit or miss. I tried it on Tuesday 4/2 and it was a miss. I caught 1 cabrilla and a skipjack. 6 other boats there and I didn't see any other hook ups. I tried live macks, chunked skipjack, iron and trolled lures. Just no biters. Decent marks and had a marlin follow an...
  107. a7ewizard

    La Paz 3/31

    Nice load! Good to know Bajo is hitting on all cylinders.
  108. a7ewizard

    La Paz 3/31

    Good action today. A bit sporty out at Cerralvo Is. Made bait this morning. EZ mackerel with a couple caballitos. Worked the Bay for a couple dorado; kept 1 and some hits that didn't stick. Ran out and worked La Reyna and other high spo ts. Released 2 toothy bonitas. 4 or 5 pulled baits. Landed...
  109. a7ewizard

    Need to Re Power

    I'm biased as hell. I own 2 Suzukis and have zero complaints. My 06 Df225 has over 1600 hours and the only engine related issue has been an IAC valve. EZ to service. Plugs, oil filter, zincs, thermostat and the IAC all ez to get to. Problem with the Df225 is it is in Baja or it would have a lot...
  110. a7ewizard

    San Diego Heading South Road Conditions

    Not anytime soon. Probably in June
  111. a7ewizard

    San Diego Heading South Road Conditions

    Nice report. Do you have any Intel on the San Felipe to Chapala route?
  112. a7ewizard

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    Now's the time to ditch the I/O Hang a bracket and go twin outboard. Cheaper, faster and more reliable. All I have ever heard about D4/6 with the outdrive are horror stories.
  113. a7ewizard

    Bay of La Paz 3/18

    I've fished the local waters a few times over the last 2 weeks as winds allowed. Water is green but decent clarity and 72F. Mackerel are ez to sabiki. 1-2 small Dorado per trip. Most on the live bait but also on yo-zuris. Yesterday, I took out a guest who reeled in his first ever dodos. 75 years...
  114. a7ewizard

    DIY hardtop build

    Consider this idea..... Lay the divinycell directly on the framing with some overlap. You can trim to fit later. If the foam sags too much between the framing, you can add thin wood stips for additional support. Use zip ties to secure the foam to the framing. The holes will be filled in later...
  115. a7ewizard

    Canvas to fiberglass hardtop conversion? Also, powder coat existing alum tower.

    No Balsa! I had to re-core my top because the balsa got wet and rotted. I used 20# 1/2 inch Coosa for the job. Top will shake and flex leading to water intrusion at mounting points.
  116. a7ewizard

    Contura panel switches

    Allied Electronics has the switches cheap. The toggle covers pop off easily.
  117. a7ewizard

    stolen boats

    I returned from La Paz the first week of December. Word is two boats were stolen in Oct time frame. One from marina Costa Baja. The other from Marina Cortez. Both with twin outboards and on the water.
  118. a7ewizard

    Fiberglassing Tools

    A small wet/dry vacuum is your best friend. Too big and it will constantly be in your way. Grind and suck it up. Otherwise you will just kick up and re-throw the fiberglass crap everywhere. Cheap plastic sheeting to try to contain the dust. Mixing containers by the bulk. Crazy how many you...
  119. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    :-) Thanks for the complements. I'm no pro. Look closely and there are some 8/10 spots. Takes alot more time and effort for a back yard guy to reach professional results. Just completed a 300 hr service on the Suzuki. I'm still extremely happy with the entire refit; engine, raymarine...
  120. a7ewizard

    Mex a car/FOX rent a car Los Cabos Scam

    IMO, forget about Hawaii for fishing... The charters I've done out of Maui are more boat rides than fishing charters. The boat keeps any fish you happen to catch ( they did offer us some Skipjack. LOL). No restaurant will cook fish for you.
  121. a7ewizard

    Mex a car/FOX rent a car Los Cabos Scam

    I just finished a 10 day rental with Fox. It could not have been easier! I use Fox or Ace ( i think they share cars.) 4-5 times a year. Mexican SLI is included in the rental fee. No hard pressure to purchase additional insurance; although they did ask. The car was ready. Probably my fastest...
  122. a7ewizard

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Here is a take out: "I have a great running 5.0 gxi and duoprop outdrive with most of the helm and steering if anyone's interested. 960 hours with many new parts. Dave" It may be worth checking out..
  123. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    Hour meter counts only when the engine is running. I thought about powering the NMEA 2000 network from 2 sources and adding a power isolator ( network can only have a single power source to any component) but realized I only needed the network to work with the engine on anyway. Simple system...
  124. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    I don't think the ride is any different. The OB is lighter. Similar to the difference between full fuel and less fuel. A heavy boat rides smoother. The OB requires more trimming is the main handling difference.
  125. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    I wired my Raymarine electonics backbone into the Suzuki NMEA 2000 network. With the key in the on position, the network stays energized even when the engine is not running. A word of caution. Suzuki network is based on Simrad type connectors. Raymarine requires splicing backbone cables.
  126. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    The 7.4 broke down; came to a sudden stop after a loud bang. I never tore into it to find the cause. Repowered with the 5.7. Size and weight wise it was a better fit for the boat. Better on gas too.
  127. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    Over the winter, I needed to re-core the hardtop. Over the years, water had penetrated and rotted/delaminated the balsa core. I used 20# Coosa board for the new core material. Pictures to tell the story:
  128. a7ewizard

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    I took my '98 PL 251 and converted it from an I/O to a bracketed OB. There was some project creep and some other modifications along the way. I am very happy with the end result. A bit of history...... I took delivery in January 1998. I ordered it with a 7.4 Gi Volvo Penta duo-prop. Engine and...
  129. a7ewizard

    Northern CA bluefin

    I trolled out the Pioneer Canyon yesterday. Beautiful and flat. I hit 59F and put out the lines. Water was all mixed with temps going up and then back down and colors from green to rust colored. I worked out to 133, 16W and then trolled downhill about 6 miles. 4 hours of trolling with no hits or...
  130. a7ewizard

    Accurate vs. Makaira

    I have 2 Boss Magnum 870's. I run 50# spectra with 30# top shots. I keep these reels in Baja and troll and live bait with them. They have caught alot of stripers, YFT, and dorado. A great reel when they are fresh....... Unfortunately, they are very problematic. After each use, I will give them...
  131. a7ewizard

    Fishing with plastics inshore

    They might if the trigger fish don't destroy them first. I have tried soft plastics in the La Paz area though not successfully.
  132. a7ewizard

    La Paz 22-30 April

    I fished hard for 5 of the available days I was there. Some mornings started out white capped and rolling .....but usually layed down for beautiful afternoons. Sardianias were hard to come by. The bait panga was out at the E. Santos Island. I looked for it one morning to no avail...and bummed...
  133. a7ewizard

    Don Eddie's burned

    Pictures from a happier time!!
  134. a7ewizard

    best time to go to las arenas, la paz??????

    I fished Las Arenas/Ceralvo Is. in July last year. We had 3-4 dorado to about 15 pounds, 7 YFT to about 20#, and a 40# wahoo. Not a bad day of fishing for two of us. Also lost what was probably another 'hoo to a bite off on a trolled jig. July/August will normally catch dorado, stripers...
  135. a7ewizard

    Lopez Mateos

    I fished out of LM in Nov 08. The concrete ramp was complete then but we used the bank....I can't remember the tide. The bank is hard packed and we didn't have any problems. Most Baha ramps/shores are a shallow slope which requires the truck to back in a long ways. My boat is a 24 center...