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    Something to Look Forward to....

    Well, the last trip out finished with a bang! They had tough fishing down South and horrible wind coming up the line, but got some payback yesterday on the final day of LR fishing in SD for the time being. Just thought I would share...
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    American Angler Calstar 5-Day 6-29 to 7-4

    Day 1: Got signed in and left the dock at 9:45 am for Guadalupe Island! The stars aligned for us on this trip as this would be the first permitted trip to Guadalupe for the AA. We got a great load of bait at Everingham Bros. and cleared the point at 11:30 am headed to check-in at Ensenada with...
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    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    This should be interesting....How might the Black Hole react to this for 2 Seasons?
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    Fiberglass bait tank 45 Gal

    150.00 obo bought a few weeks ago, too big for my boat. 24X24X26 needs a little work- easy clean up. Plumbed through the bottom, pump not included. Located in Santee for pick-up.