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    San Diegan here. Fred Hall Long Beach is worth finding a hotel in the area, and plenty of time ahead to plan it. As Skrilla above mentioned, if you have a chance to do the Day At The Docks, it's small, it's free- except for parking which isn't too bad to find- and if you are the raffle kind of...
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    Ensenada Charter Recommendations

    I've fished with dozens of the boats there through the years, and of all of them I recommend No Limitz with Captain Charro. Big time numbers when no other boat gets 'em. Look up his past numbers on Very well liked and solid reputation in all the...
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    A "What If" question

    (Smacking my forehead!) I completely forgot about that. I get that all the time, too. Thx
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    A "What If" question

    A friend is asking me a question I have no info 9r experience with. If we make flight and hotel reservations in advance, and a hurricane or major storm ends up forming just prior to our departure date, can we cancel and rebook in most cases?
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    Florida has so much to offer the angler

    The problem I have with Florida is it's in Florida.
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    Flying Volaris to Cabo

    Re: blue wrapping of check-in baggage, NOT necessary OR mandatory. It can give you peace of mind if you are, for ex. putting reels/terminal tackle or other items of value in check-in, things you cannot carry-on. It is offered very near the Volaris counter at TJ airport for a cost of $300/bag-...
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    Tijuana Airport to Loreto

    I recently travelled to La Paz and Loreto. Though I can't speak specifically on Mijito Sportfishing, I'd like to suggest to leave the rods, but do take your checked in reels and terminal tackle. Once in TJ airport, as you start to line up at the check-in counters, bring your checked baggage to...
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    Ensenada Intel request

    (No intel for you, but post this to Baja Mexico Reports forum.)
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    La Paz & Loreto, 4/12-19th

    Tunahead, this is La Paz speaking. Come back and fish with us. We miss you!
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    Baja Sur Mexican License Site Down?

    You'll find some that have had luck, and some that haven't. Last trip, a friend was able to get his at Squidco. Maybe call Joey to see if he can help you out.
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    Cedros Island report

    Thanks for the report. It'll be good to hear on Cedros again this year.
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    Headed to Loreto May 11-15

    Just got back. Took my reels and X-Raps. Didn't need the X-Raps bc they're big on trolling live bait. Your choice, tho. I will suggest taking a few Sabikis, and maybe plan on leaving a couple. (Cheap to us here.) As already said, reels and hooks of any kind go in check-in bags. Recommend (if...
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    stealing fish from freezers ?

    I've been hauling my own Craig's List purchased freezer for a few years when driving down. That, along with my older, little vacuum sealer so I process the fillets from the boats when I get back to my room and freeze them for storage. Now that I'm flying down though, I'm trying to find freezer...
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    Back AGAIN from CABO 4/26/21

    Sammy V. leave some fish for other people, Dude. WTG!!!
  15. smokinwater

    Loreto 4/24

    NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!! She slayed that beast! Glad to hear it went so well!
  16. smokinwater

    La Paz & Loreto, 4/12-19th

    Asking him to take you somewhere good to eat. He then says "Where do you want to eat?" In so many words, I remind him he lives there, not me! Emphasize- "in so many words!" I thought he took it well because, well, I mean after all he did take me back to my hotel!
  17. smokinwater

    Loreto 4/24

    Have to agree they were less enthused about my arsenal i put together than I was excited putting it together. The YT are def there. Was there a week ago and boils all around. We trolled them on a twelve (?) oz sinker. Hopefully a better day coming. Congrats to the daughter!!
  18. smokinwater

    La Paz & Loreto, 4/12-19th

    Craziest thing was having lunch on the Malecon: my friend was returning from the banos, when he spots a former co-worker sitting at a near-by table. He'd moved down 5 years ago! For you, it's sure a lot closer to Cabo! Let me know if you end up getting a boat for hire.
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    La Paz & Loreto, 4/12-19th

    One year after COVID cancelled our original trip, me and a partner finally headed down to La Paz to try finding the YT. I had snuck in a very short trip late fall to check out the city for hotel and fishing outfitters. We opted to stay off the Malecon at HBlue. There are little to no specific...
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    Where to go in Mexico

    Have to second East Cape- anywhere! There are some really nice all-inclusive operators there, but what is most attractive is the serenity of East Cape. There are no crowds to overwhelm the experience. Where the image of pool-side drinks at the swim-up bar and great on-site dining comes to mind...
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    Targeting The Strongest Fighting Fish In The Ocean - Jack Crevalle!

    Just like that... but a little smaller!
  22. smokinwater

    Loreto Hotels

    First time going. Looking at the Oasis or the Mision. Anyone with info?
  23. smokinwater

    Maui Jim Lens Advice

    Have been in the market for good sunglasses when I came across this thread. The three take-aways I found most helpful was 1) Maui Jim customer service! Believe it or not, never thought of sunglasses having to be sized. I would just throw them on and be done with it. Well, a woman at their...
  24. smokinwater

    Expired Passport???

    X2 on taking whatever else you have to verify who you are and place of birth. You know, when you think about it for moment, there have been tons of others in your current predicament.
  25. smokinwater

    Loreto Marina Puerto Escondido

    Heading down in one week! I'll leave you a couple...but that's all! LOL
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    La Paz boat Rec'mds

    Heading down to La Paz in 2 weeks. Had a panga set up to fish from, but now someone joining the trip that will need us to upgrade to a boat with seats. One can't stand very long and panga fish. Any recommendations. Last trip I called Jonathan, but he wasn't able to help us unless we bought the...
  27. smokinwater

    BOLA Fishing 3/8-3/11

    Didn't appear to be any fun at all.... from my computer screen! This was awesome! You all looked like you enjoyed yourselves, but each other's company as well!
  28. smokinwater

    East Cape advice - April

    Are Puma and Coyuyo out of East Cape or...? Looking for rec'ds.
  29. smokinwater

    BOLA mixed bag with Guillermos

    couple of your pics look like you were in the cold. what were your temps?
  30. smokinwater

    What can/should I do

    If this is your first big money reel and you find you like it, my guess is that this will not be the last big money reel you'll own. Do a little maintenance on it as was suggested, fish it, fish it some more, and keep your eyes open for the next reel! Most guys are never satisfied with one big...
  31. smokinwater

    Winter doldrums making me a tad stir craszy

    Here in san Diego, I was bitchin because I couldn't remember where I put my sweater back in November. Now I could go back outside wearing flipflops and not be cold.
  32. smokinwater

    Bahia de Los Angeles in June

    You are a Man of Culture! There, fixed that for you!
  33. smokinwater

    What’s the setup for releasing rockfish?

    I try not to get caught up in the (smaller sized) bite. When we're in a drop and most of the fish are medium to smaller size, I just pull my line up and sit it out. I've also tried using larger artificials to somewhat target bigger bites. In Mex, all the under sized stuff goes to the...
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    Where are the sales in OC/LA?

    Ain't the same as FHS where I buy 16 oz cup of flat beer for $12-.
  35. smokinwater

    Driving down....border crossing

    It's unfortunate you got pinged so hard on (sounds like) one of your first trips down to your place. Whether it's their import law, most of the people I know or have heard trying to bring stuff in the quantity you described tend to break it down into smaller, less obvious loads. Even some of the...
  36. smokinwater

    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    Not mine, but was shown a pic of a salmon caught on an Ensenada charter.
  37. smokinwater

    Mex Ped crossing for visa

    Guys, can he tow his boat across and back thru SY, or will he have to go thru Otay or Tecate? Just a general question, not that I tow a boat.
  38. smokinwater

    I'm clueless

    I suggest don't over think it, especially from the spots you describe. Take what you have- think bass set up- and go down to the pier. Plenty of people will lend a hand or idea when you get there. There's a forum for shore fishing that you may want to check out. A few You Tube vids and check for...
  39. smokinwater

    Zooboys In the Bay 02-10

    You guys look dressed for cold weather. What was that like?
  40. smokinwater

    Found rod n reel in San Diego Bay

    Crazy how many have lost their set-ups over the side. Hope I never join the club.
  41. smokinwater

    Casting lure for kids?

    My granddaughter has a Moana by Shakespeare and practices her cast in the backyard pool with that thing! It's perfect weight for her.
  42. smokinwater

    Covid Tests at Los Cabos Airport

    Per the CDC order signed January 12, 2021, a negative COVID-19 test, taken within the 3 calendar days prior to flight departure, or documentation of recovery from a COVID-19 infection within the last 90 days, is required for air passengers entering the United States on or after January 26, 2021...
  43. smokinwater

    Help with identifying a rod . Possibly old Sabre

    Without regards to what it would be worth, I picked up a rod that had similar customizing over any factory labels & markings. Carefully removed the wraps to find it was in fact a Sabre! Can't figure why someone would have it wrapped as they did, but I scored! Good luck with yours!
  44. smokinwater

    Covid Tests at Los Cabos Airport

    So, SammyV and others, is Bosco correct for now that travel through CBX is still unimpacted by the new regs?
  45. smokinwater

    Covid Tests at Los Cabos Airport

    Thx all. This def adds another dimension of planning for my next trip to La Paz.
  46. smokinwater

    Covid Tests at Los Cabos Airport

    When and what changed that I missed. testing now a requirement for return travel? Seriously not aware if this is the case.
  47. smokinwater

    Recondition or polish my Xtratufs

    Gawd, someone please tell me this ^^^ guy has his own boat! otherwise, I'm just gonna go back home and mow the lawn.
  48. smokinwater

    Fishing loreto

    This is a common personality trait I've come to see with a lot of Capitans. they don't seem to be bothered outwardly with us that do things like this. Certainly, they've all seen this stuff before, but that's why I would expect them to throw some of (me) overboard. Knowing they'll be getting a...
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    Excuse my ignorance, but what is the basket for?
  50. smokinwater

    How Honest is COSTCO?

    The demise of the polish dog hurt! That was flat out wrong, I don't care how "unhealthy" or "less-healthy" it was! And now I have to show my membership card to carry away two hot dogs and two sodas??!! Clutch the pearls!
  51. smokinwater

    Christmas light rant

    You forgot to mention the kids riding their skateboards up and down the sidewalks! And them damn birds that have no consideration by chirping for no reason. I mean, after all, you've obviously lived there longer than anybody else!
  52. smokinwater

    Do Chihuahuas Snore?

    don't know about snoring, but their farts are horrible! Then they always look at the cat!
  53. smokinwater

    Planning a trip in February...

    ... but I just sent in my passport for renewal by mail. Anybody ever fly down to Cabo with only their birth certificate? Hoping the new passport arrives before then, but want to be included in the trip the guys are planning. For the return, I have SENTRI, so I figure less of a concern northbound.
  54. smokinwater

    A few Baja questions

    Thank You for this. I would seriously question that some Ex-Pat on a retirement speaks for Mexican Nationals who depend on a stimulated economy. As much as he believes it is, it is NOT his Mexico to dictate what's good for Mexico. Living there does not make you a Mexican National!
  55. smokinwater

    How much does a fella pay to his host on a private boat?

    Not a boat owner, but I do remember this being asked before. At that time, someone said they know roughly how much a typical trip costs them, so they tell people joining the trip money would be collected up front, used t pay the expenses, and remainder split evenly back to everyone.
  56. smokinwater

    Fred hall 2020 contest winner question

    Uh, if I remember right, FH was cancelled this year. So, yeah, he won!
  57. smokinwater

    Identify a shitbird

    He needs to be on the Missing Persons list next.
  58. smokinwater

    Identify a shitbird

    I got no gripes with that!
  59. smokinwater

    La Paz, November 9-13

    So I finally got a chance to go try LP, although it was a little cooler than I'd hope for. First time there, and unfortunately ended up going solo. If you read my pre-trip post, there were a few issues I had to over come, but over come I did! First was to find out how to freeze any fish I would...
  60. smokinwater

    Head on a swivel

    Read this then moved on. Came back after not being able to get the image out of my head. Damn, so glad it didn't turn out for the worst.
  61. smokinwater

    Tackle Day 11/7/20

    When I last went, I parked across the street from Pizza Nova. Short walk and you're there. If it's your first time, be informed, for the best deals on raffle prizes, it will be a long day. Must be present to win, but some very interesting seminars to keep you there.
  62. smokinwater

    Looking for a Boat Recommendation in Los Cabos/Cabo

    I've posted about a bad experience with one of the Dona Meche boats out of San Jose del Cabo. I know you said Cabo, but just putting it out there as a point of info.
  63. smokinwater

    Fucking Stan! Honouring Surfdoc at the graveyard

    Never met him, but very cool how you show him the Love.
  64. smokinwater

    I want to go to La Paz

    This was my first thought, but they kinda don't want solo fishermen; they don't "pair up" well, which I can see.
  65. smokinwater

    I want to go to La Paz

    Struggling to pull the trigger and go to LP solo fishing. My worry: freezing any catch. Anyone with an idea?
  66. smokinwater

    Need whole house re-pipe in San Diego

    Glad to hear it got done. Pain in the butt, but I'm certain you're glad it's over. Thx for posting the outfit here!
  67. smokinwater

    Bring down for aid and giving

    Did their schools open? I had heard they were closed (in Mex).
  68. smokinwater

    Need whole house re-pipe in San Diego

    I didn't have the slab leak, but I did happen to find some very questionable corrosion on a water line penetration when I did a remodel of a bathroom. I did exactly what you are now looking to have done: abandoned everything under the slab and ran PEX through the attic & down. Had to put the...
  69. smokinwater

    WiFi offshore/baja

    I think once you're on the chew, it'll be real easy to miss school.
  70. smokinwater

    Fishing in Cabo - Updates?

    Use only boats that are recommended here.
  71. smokinwater

    Mexicali to San Quintin and back

    Was in Cabo last week. The place was very thin on tourists. What was very noticeable was it was difficult to find anyone NOT wearing a mask. Glad to hear it was a smooth trip for you.
  72. smokinwater

    Guides in Cabo

    I just got back from a quick turnaround to SJDC. A buddy called me to fill a spot that opened up on his reserved Dona~ Meche charter. Stay as far away from this boat. Number of reasons, but rather than go point by point, follow the guys here, as long as its not on this boat. My buddy regretted...
  73. smokinwater

    Info wanted on Cabo Covid situation

    Just got back from SJDC today, Tuesday. As all the above, COVID precautions were everywhere! Hand sanitizer, shoe rinse pads before going into buildings, everyone everywhere wearing masks. TIJ airport was crowded with MEX National travelers. When some would be closer behind me in any of the...
  74. smokinwater

    anyone headed to Cabo soon favor needed

    Yes. Need info ASAP. Was a short lead time for this trip.
  75. smokinwater

    wide open yellow tail bite in SQ

    Awesome! Thx for the report!
  76. smokinwater

    Traveling down Hwy 1 Baja

    So true that it hurts. It's like a "few" cops are holding the entire State hostage. I'd rather spread that mordida amount to as many other people just trying to make a living and survive. I don't have a problem spending, or tipping for that matter. Mind you, I'm not a flashy sort, but mordida...
  77. smokinwater

    Traveling down Hwy 1 Baja

    Before COVID, I was a regular in Ensenada. Now that I'm thinking about getting back down there, I'm frustrated at the problems cited with the police literally targeting tourist, specifically us fisher-people, for their mordida. I don't see how the border towns, much less BCS, can recover with...
  78. smokinwater

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    What a beautiful post to honor your wife. My take away is that you two had a wonderful life together, and I want to pass along my thanks for sharing so we all get to know what a wonderful person she was.
  79. smokinwater

    Newbie with questions

    I say fish what you got. Maybe not on the charters, but if you're staying inshore, especially from a pier or shore, use it. On a charter, you can always rent what they have so you can get a feel for what you want in an arsenal. That will also give you a chance to check everyone else's gear and...
  80. smokinwater

    Erendira 8/1 8/2

    It must suck for the cops that they have to keep taking down that sign!
  81. smokinwater

    Economical fishing?

    You also need to be able to pay for fuel! As above, fishing is not cheap, especially for the boat owners. Paying, or at lease chipping in for fuel, may sound pricey, but being on someone's boat that's not a charter, is highly sought after. Cleaning the boat- and their personal gear- shows...
  82. smokinwater

    Nor cal albies

    Just to be clear, we're not throwing Gumby, right? That would be a travesty!
  83. smokinwater

    Ignoring Members

    Naw, just scroll faster. You kinda learn there's not much offered after about 4 political spins, then move on to the next thread. Besides, nobody's got anything fishy to talk about. I also mute commercials when I watch tv.
  84. smokinwater

    La Salina trip planning? Thinking of towing the boat down and launching at the marina?

    He's gotta be retired, given how much that guy is gone! I bet he's using this pandemic to straighten out his tackle box and chart his next adventure. Livin' the life!!!
  85. smokinwater

    Fishing BOLA 6/8 and 6/10

    I want to head down so badly, but willing to wait to see what the opening brings.
  86. smokinwater

    I got some spar varnish to seal paracord wrapped dykes and duckbill pliers

    Everything in all pics look very nice! One question though: do they tend to slip more when varnish is applied?
  87. smokinwater

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    (What came to mind when I read this was how that one boat ran down and filed bankruptcy when it caught fire and a bunch of divers died.)
  88. smokinwater

    What’s on this old Penn?

    That you inherited that reel with the lead core line probably speaks to it not having been fished in many, many years. The reel itself, if unfamiliar, is a good reel with some TLC. I've picked up some older fresh water set-ups with the same line, lead core. As Red says above, it's better left...
  89. smokinwater

    Ken's Custom Reels is closed. WTF

    Call ahead. I started calling ahead to pretty much everyplace that I need to go to. Easier than driving down and finding a place locked up.
  90. smokinwater

    Anyone going out these days?

    Aw, Man, why you wanna hurt us like that?
  91. smokinwater

    Volaris 60% off right now?

    I would be that one person you mentioned. Not exactly ripped off, but highly doubtful on getting a refund or rebook. Wish I would have seen this before midnight Sunday night! Would have eased the pain, for sure. Edit: got word late yesterday that Volaris is giving us one year to use the tickets...
  92. smokinwater

    I really mess up

    My trip to La Paz is off. Would have been my first time. Hoping things open up after summer. As much as I want to go, I feel its right that the Locals are barricading their towns. So far, haven't heard from Volaris whether they're gonna credit, refund or just keep our $$. Hotel long ago refunded...
  93. smokinwater

    If only it were true (NFR)

    Guys, can you try to post this type of stuff in another forum, please. This forum is intended for Fishing Chit Chat.
  94. smokinwater

    Fishing Jacket

    My $.02: see if it comes in a long cut. There are times when I didn't pack my long swerater, and that colder air eddies back across the deck and on my back.
  95. smokinwater

    Heading home, Corona affects plans

    Oh yeah, we forgot to tell you about that. While you've been gone.... Bidets are coming into fashion! So is $8 single rolls of toilet paper. We're hoping for emergency legistration for open season on price gougers. Welcome home!
  96. smokinwater

    Gonzaga in April

    Supposed to be going to La Paz mid-April, but I'm starting to think it ain't happening this year, which is suckie! Hope I can at least get a rain check. I don't want to ask for a refund when their resources are limited and dependent on our dollars. If we all here are hurting, many loosing jobs...
  97. smokinwater

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    Three weeks ago I sold all my stocks, and bought up in Charmin toilet paper. Naw, just wishin!! Keep everything as is! 5 yrs is plenty of time to recover and then some!
  98. smokinwater

    One and a half that got away

    Gonna need a bigger boat! or better yet, Land!
  99. smokinwater

    Heading home, Corona affects plans

    Frank, if possible, you might want to call your surgeon here to see if they are cancelling and rescheduling surgeries because of the virus. This might make your travel frustration a mute point. Good luck to you and yours!
  100. smokinwater

    Don't do this with your fishing rod

    Makes for a great Kodak moment! Especially with a borrowed rod!
  101. smokinwater


    I have a brother that lives in China. Out of the clear blue sky, he called me today (he never calls, and we don't really talk except at funerals). I let it go to voice mail. Wants to make sure we're doing okay. (???) You'd think he would have left an apology, but NO apology. Was right to let it...
  102. smokinwater

    St Patrick’s Day Snapper and Jack Fun

    Where is this from? Inside or outside? I have plans and am tracking weather fronts.
  103. smokinwater

    Mex Insurance

    Good catch! Toss this MF!
  104. smokinwater

    Toilet Paper Craziness in Hawaii - Again!

    Quit using pineapples and try a bidet!
  105. smokinwater

    Toilet Paper Craziness in Hawaii - Again!

    Well, time to share: I installed my new Amazon bidet last night. Went in fairly smoothly. Today was my first run on it, and it's not too bad. I ordered one with hot & cold water hook up since my bathroom sink is next to the toilet. Found a bidet with metal fittings and braid hoses. Some have...
  106. smokinwater

    covid-19 and sport boats

    (For all those people hoarding TP, the doctor's letter saying to stock up on TP was on page two.) :frehya2:
  107. smokinwater

    Anybody can their fish?

    Jer Dog: what is the difference bt the various cookers? Why the All American?
  108. smokinwater

    Anybody can their fish?

    Wow-zers! The last post to the original thread was in November, and I never saw it! That was some amazing reading material! I'm going for it!
  109. smokinwater

    Sea Launch going to Russia

    Seems like that barge is awfully low in the water for such a long trip.
  110. smokinwater

    Anybody can their fish?

    Looking forward to another great fishing season as the water warms up. I'm thinking about canning some of my catch to ease room in the freezer. I did the You Tube thing and see that it seems easy enough, but their was a 'caution' that it should be done with "oily" fish. Trying to figure out if...
  111. smokinwater

    Alternative to FlexxRap

    I went down to the Feed Store today to check out the tape suggested. It feels a wee bit thicker, but it is definitely much wider, maybe 3". I can see why one roll could last at least a season or two, depending on how it holds up when fishing, but for the price, it was worth buying as roll. $3.50!!!
  112. smokinwater

    I care about your health

    That Bryant Gumbel HBO show said last episode Japan Olympics where in jeopardy because some sites for games were contaminated from that nuclear reactor that blew after the earthquake/tsunami. Japan and OOC just didn't want to admit there was a hazard there bc of all the money that has been...
  113. smokinwater

    Need help with to find out what some of this old fishing gear is worth.

    Maybe repost to the Vintage forum. Those guys might have some idea for you. Problem with gear is it just sometimes comes down to what people are willing to spend on it, or how badly you just want it gone. The other guys will give you an idea how many of your items are still available on the...
  114. smokinwater

    Greeting Other BD 'ers

    I'd been Saluted a time or two. As old as I am, and forgetting I have BD stickers on my car, I just thought it was my driving!
  115. smokinwater

    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Yeah, Carl, I need to get up to a few more of the events that are organized. On this one, it was good to support Sunny, which is why I made my way over there in the middle of the early morning downpour. left kinda quick so others could work on trying to keep stuff half dry. Congrats to all you...
  116. smokinwater

    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Team Sunny may end up having another go at it as described above. If so, maybe a thread in addition to the sticky.
  117. smokinwater

    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Was down at the auction for Sunny this morning. Yeah, kinda of rainy, but absolutely fantastic time, and, without question, some fantastic deals. Fearing that some of you were not going to show, they were already starting to plan for a re-do because of low turn out. IF there's another date...
  118. smokinwater

    Looking for a fishing buff

    I just tried on my BD ballcap, and its a L/XL fitting snug. I might end up cutting a (Walmart knock-off) buff I have and sewing a lengthwise strip on it to loosen it up if no other option.
  119. smokinwater

    Looking for a fishing buff

    I've tried several different buffs, but the problem for me is "one size fits all" doesn't. Need a large-headed buff. Ideas?
  120. smokinwater

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Take the offer above for the patch. Have him put it on the night prior. THEN, use any/all the other suggestions. It's hard to tell what works specifically on whose system, so go with everything for the trip. You're a good Man for trying to look out for him!
  121. smokinwater


    Hi, All. Bit confused: is the event THIS Saturday, as in the 15th, or as the flyer says, on the 22nd? And where to drop off stuff? Thx
  122. smokinwater

    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    … or the fast ones that got tripped by the slowest ones!!
  123. smokinwater

    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Okay, Kid. First off, be glad this got posted in this forum vs. Fishing Chit Chat. It woulda been waaaay more brutal. Next, that story about someone telling you someone went to jail blah blah blah… my guess urban legend at best. Being a whoppin' 18 years old and having to go to Court...
  124. smokinwater

    Cory And His Wife Update

  125. smokinwater

    Update-02-03-20 The Power of Prayer!

    Cory, so sorry I missed that she was ill! Glad to hear things are looking much better for both of you.
  126. smokinwater

    Going to Ensenada this weekend 2/7 - 2/9

    Am I missing something or did you just answer your own question?
  127. smokinwater

    Freezer emergency

    Was gonna say I have a small bar-height freezer for loan, but then noticed juuust a little ways away. Hope the fix works!
  128. smokinwater

    Are these rods collectors?

    Love using my vintage gear. Well, maybe not the reels, but I have several rods I've had rebuilt and they look and fish great!. Get lots of good comments and looks from others. It's certainly a matter of taste.
  129. smokinwater

    20% of yeti coolers

    Check out Kuta Gear. Also not affiliated. San Diego local company, found them at the FH show last year. ^ Product, v price!!
  130. smokinwater

    Thank You to H&M Landing

    Very cool, H & M!
  131. smokinwater

    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    You got a real nice haul for the freezer there. Great report!
  132. smokinwater

    BOLA 8-8-19 to 8-11-19 Chili Pads for All! (many photos)

    A very fun packed trip! Great report and pics! I been-there-done-that as far as not taking care of myself on multiple-day fishing trips. Plus, I think my scopolamine patch dried me out faster than my hydration technics. In addition to plain H2O, I now pack electrolyte drinks to keep up. Glad you...
  133. smokinwater

    Trying to move down south?

    If you don't mind shit water from TJ flowing into your beachfront community, the County closing the beaches bc of said shit flow, then try Imperial Beach! It's worked for some people on this thread!
  134. smokinwater

    11/24 pirate attack

    Thx, Mrkrabs, looking for my bottle of eye bleach now!
  135. smokinwater

    Film - Sea of Shadows

    I just happened to catch this docu on NatGeo last week. What a shame to see all those warehoused bladders just sitting on the shelf. Fast forward to last night, watching 60 Minutes air a piece on the race at harvesting nodules off the seafloor. Right now, at least one company is actually trying...
  136. smokinwater

    Update on wife

    Cindy & Tom, what a read first thing this morning. My heart got heavier as I got thru your letter. Thank you both for sharing this with us, me, and know that I am saying a tearful prayer for you both and all that your family and friends you sent this to. May you enjoy the coming anniversary, and...
  137. smokinwater

    Trying to move down south?

    Mark, what is your idea of "SoCal"? L.A., Orange, San Diego counties? I live in Chula Vista, and there are some homes available in that price range. Decently close to the water, but then most of SD is decently close to the water, say 20 minutes, more or less. San Diego proper, I think, is way...
  138. smokinwater

    Masked Lobster Bandits

    I got a neighbor that pulled off the attic vent on his house and places a ladder to the opening so they can have a warm place to live. Actually puts cat food at the base of the ladder. You'd think this is some old lady gone senile, but he's probably 50 y/o, no life or family, and has been doing...
  139. smokinwater

    Lots of fish in Ensenada anybody want to fish this week

    Just got back. Left on a spur of the moment. Bait barge is done, as in no more bait. Joined a small group on a private. Capt didn't want us to make bait, trying to beat anticipated winds. Used cut squid. Really rough seas Monday and into Tuesday. Leaving this morning, seas appeared much better...
  140. smokinwater

    Lots of fish in Ensenada anybody want to fish this week

    I never count on that barge. Sabiki's are easy enough to tote.
  141. smokinwater

    San Quintin Charters

    Do a search in the Baja Mex forum. Tons of info there. Also has recent intel that you might be interested in.
  142. smokinwater

    Lots of fish in Ensenada anybody want to fish this week

    Following. Can't this week, but next week I'm a maybe. That's why I'm following...
  143. smokinwater

    Captain Juan has a NEW website...

    Capitan, you still gonna keep posting here? I like catching up with your posts here. You also have very good insight and contributions such as that boat that seemed to pump out bilges in coastal waters.
  144. smokinwater

    Our Florida as seen through the eyes of a Florida Native

    What a truly beautiful tribute. Thank you for letting us be a part of it. Many wonderful years!
  145. smokinwater

    whiteseabass with mr ron gomez hoff,sq.

    Get them all, Capitan, but just leave some for us!
  146. smokinwater

    Free Fishing Club for Kids

    Bump for The Man
  147. smokinwater

    Ensenada bait barge

    When down there last month, was told it had been "sold" and needed repairs. "Repairs" is an understatement for those of us that have seen it. Suggest you load up on Sabiki's.
  148. smokinwater

    Just realized I am hopeless..Upper Owens

    Glad to hear I'm not alone in this department
  149. smokinwater

    Cedros Sportfishing with Rosie Flowers - 9/2-6/2019

    Wow, what a great trip! Collars are the bomb! You make the whole experience sounds so effortless and easy! Bucket list for me!
  150. smokinwater

    Crown Spinning Rods

    So I recently picked up three rods at a yard sale, grabbing them before the others there got to them. From a short distance away, they looked very much like the collection of vintage Sabre, which is why I grabbed them. At home, I found that they are not Sabres, but Crown of Taiwan. A little...
  151. smokinwater

    Tape Affecting Reel

    I've given up on the tape, just out of not wanting to use tape. I tie the loop.... or sometimes just go Commando.
  152. smokinwater

    How where to donate saltwater fishing gear rods reel in San Diego

    I'm sure Dan appreciates all the props, but IMO after meeting him and having fished with him, He's just Dan, and doing what he likes to do: 1) fish, 2) promote fishing with kids through his foundation. He's got a lot of vids on YouTube, but in particular, look up his fishing days on the lakes...
  153. smokinwater

    San quintin 9-1 & 2

    Nice mix you have there!
  154. smokinwater

    natulas gallant lady,cleans its bellows in bola.

    Where's the Sea Shepard when we actually need them?!
  155. smokinwater

    Bahia De Los Angeles mini Vacation

    That mini-vacation looks like it had juuuust enough of what you need for a vacation!
  156. smokinwater

    3.5% credit surcharge or service charge ?

    Think of it this way: do you really want to pay that just to be elbow to elbow with someone that hasn't fished a party boat before? Do a search thru the forums to find charters that will take you out with a smaller group. More $$, better time on the water. You can always look to see if there's...
  157. smokinwater

    Looking for multiday trips near Central CA

    Morro Bay, Monterey Bay. Monterey was a lot of fun for us. Very deep, colder waters, really beautiful scenery fishing off the shore of Pebble Beach (?) golf course. Of course, lots of kelp around there. Although I listed Morro Bay, I actually didn't fish there as we were passing thru northbound.
  158. smokinwater

    whiteseabass back in sq,8/28/19.

    you took so many out of there, water level went down! WTG!
  159. smokinwater

    toll booth advice to Ensenada ?

    Was talking about this with Apple Harbor a bit back. My concern is not whether they're asking for donations. The pesos I had ready to give the booth attendant I just gave to the donation seekers. They weren't rude or aggressive. On occasion, they even just smiled and waved me on. My question to...
  160. smokinwater

    San Quintin Sunday Special

    Simple, and to the point: Sounds like a great trip. can't ask to too much more than catchin' a good mix.
  161. smokinwater

    Erendira 8/15/2019

    A true ling fest
  162. smokinwater

    La Paz Recommendations

    Try looking for flights out of TJ. You can do the Cross Border Bridge, leaving your vehicle on U.S. side, then walking over. Do a search here on reports where guys do just that. Just a thought...
  163. smokinwater

    Popotla BFT ,YT,YFT 30 miles out

    Yeah, I hear you about there not being anything to catch. On the party boats- I had to finally get out on the water a few weeks back- they don't even bother making bait with you. Cut squid is all. At least on a hired boat or panga you can make bait to give you a better chance. I'm just gonna...
  164. smokinwater

    Deformed BFT

    Yeah, it's bad. Better to give it to me.
  165. smokinwater

    Popotla BFT ,YT,YFT 30 miles out

    A.P. isn't that pricey for a panga out of Pop? For that price, i'd been fishing a charter out of ENS. Is it bc of being closer to the north?
  166. smokinwater

    San Quentin panga fishing

    ^ What Arturo said
  167. smokinwater

    Where have all the cowboys gone? Mag Bay 8/9-8/12

    WOW!! The small ones are huge! The huge ones are...HUGE-R!
  168. smokinwater

    Suspicious rod/reel for sale at Shelter Island

    ...and when someone does say they got their shit lifted, some on here immediately throw blame on tweekers! You all need to stop the insanity of blaming tweekers! You know there are some good tweekers out there, and some not so good tweekers. Just like there are clean thieves, and some not so...
  169. smokinwater

    Suspicious rod/reel for sale at Shelter Island

    JoshInSD, I get your intent here, trying to look out for possibly someone who's stuff got lifted. Thanks, Bro, for thinking of a possible victim. I recognize no malice was intended. Thanks for posting the alert here.
  170. smokinwater


    Really good to know info! Would never have considered HD as a place to re-up on pesos
  171. smokinwater

    Charter for 5- 6 folks in Ensenada

    Azteca fleet, Amigo, Coco Loco, did I say Azteca?
  172. smokinwater

    Recommended Fishing Trip

    If your family members are younger, I would only suggest setting up your fishing for 1 maybe 2 day trips at the most, and the rest doing other stuff. When my son was younger, we went up to Alaska, fished a couple of days, but were there just over a week. That's a lot of time for up there bc the...
  173. smokinwater

    Where to fish next?

    Try kayaks?
  174. smokinwater

    Where to fish next?

    (forehead slap, smh)
  175. smokinwater

    Where to fish next?

    Can someone tell me what just happened? How did this turn from fishing to catching?
  176. smokinwater

    Where to fish next?

    Last year, No Limitz Supreme got 'em for sure. I like Azteca, Party & Sun; Might check Last Cast to see if he goes after them.
  177. smokinwater

    Bye bye sea lion.

    If I were an orca or gw, I'd probably find them sea lions tasty. Lord knows they've eaten enough of my F'en Yellows and lings not to taste good.
  178. smokinwater

    Good Luck Rituals

    Not as funny as ^ contributions, but was on a party boat out of ENS. Everybody killing 'em except for a Dad & 18 y/o son team from Germany. "You guys gotta do something stupid to break the juju." Son talks to Dad in German, and they both stick their heads into the bait tank. Each caught 4 yt...
  179. smokinwater

    fishing hook inserting fishing swivel

    Funny how nobody has clicked on the "like" for that pic. As for me, I will after I have a cigarette...
  180. smokinwater

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    Like Avery above, very good info- pros and cons- about this bs we have to endure from time to time. I used some backbone on two bs stops I had, backbone from having read threads like this before hand. Was respectful- of course because I was alone- but held my ground. These experiences shared DO...
  181. smokinwater

    San Quintin

  182. smokinwater


    With the blood line on its head, looks like you had to choot it to land it!
  183. smokinwater

    fun night out tonight

    Been on vacation and took in similar races in Hawaii, Idaho and Alaska! Almost missed our flight from Alaska because we were having a blast and forgetting there is no sunset up there!!!
  184. smokinwater

    Boat Tax no more...

    Non-boat owner here: I never even knew this was a thing!!!
  185. smokinwater

    Ensenada 7/23: Tried to Do My Share

    ...even harder doing it solo. There will be time this season to get it right. We've all been there...
  186. smokinwater

    the end of my summer season in bola.

    Shannon, that dang Yellow was almost as big as Brady!! Good on him!! Capitan Juan, as always, great report and pics! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!
  187. smokinwater

    Ensenada 7/23: Tried to Do My Share

    It's been a couple of months since last fished here. Followed reports and counts which were not very promising, but still had to get my fix. Waters were very flat thru-out the day, little wind late afternoon. Since I go fairly regularly, I've started to try different techniques and targeting...
  188. smokinwater

    Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort 7/18-7:23

    Brings to mind a funny story when the wife and I were there couple years back: she opted for something light for lunch. Picked a tuna sandwich. They bring her a slab-cut of fresh caught & grilled tuna between slices of bread! Can't wait to return! Thx for the report.
  189. smokinwater

    Prayers needed - Been very ill the last 17 mos

    couldn't agree more with two posted above: consider giving up the weights and the pills. Bad ju-ju the both. Best to you, My Brother.
  190. smokinwater

    Share a boat at San Quintin

    (Following thread)
  191. smokinwater

    Custom pilot house

    As they say: it's not stupid if it works!
  192. smokinwater

    Ensenada fishing

    I feel your pain. Party boats are only $70- or so, and the number of people on them vary from a very few to manageable. Week days are best. I might end up doing that, but watching the count numbers makes me hold out just a bit longer. Maybe next week for me.
  193. smokinwater

    Please ground your boat

  194. smokinwater

    CL Scam - how does this work

    Got that right! I just delete shitbags like that and move on.
  195. smokinwater


    Attention to detail on the ship. Very impressive
  196. smokinwater

    Question on 2-rod endorsement

    I'd like to take the grand-daughter fishing at one of the local lakes with her kiddie rod for her b-day. I have a 2nd rod endorsement license, so we should be able to use 3 rods to get her a fish before she looses interest and we move on. Is she only entitled to the one rod, not a second rod for...
  197. smokinwater

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Been following for a while. Keep the faith! That needle looks no Bueno, sorry for that. Positivity sent your way.
  198. smokinwater

    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Many happy and fantastic years to you newly weds!
  199. smokinwater

    Barney style, please tell me how to catch Yellowtail off San Clemente Island/Catalina!

    Patience, Grasshopper. And more time on the water.
  200. smokinwater

    Which Circle Hooks for Bluefin???

    Out of curiosity, why do you prefer ring-less? Is it the baiting that you find problematic?
  201. smokinwater

    Best way to clean reels?

    I tried looking this up as well, and couldn't find it. Went back to the pic and saw this person actually is from New Zealand.
  202. smokinwater

    Proud Father!

    Thanks to you both (all!!), and congratulations, Marine!
  203. smokinwater

    Loreto Yellowtail - April 2019 (Torres Sportfishing)

    Bookmarking your report! Good info, great post!
  204. smokinwater

    Who in La Paz

    Is that strictly panga fishing with David Jones? Bad back here.
  205. smokinwater

    Northern Baja Pacific side fishing

    Your in the right column to start your Search in. Ensenada, about an hour south of the border, has decent YT, but sporadically until it lights up steadily about July or August. Read up on San Quintin here. Lot of guys drive the extra 4-5 hours (never been YET) with very good reports. In ENS...
  206. smokinwater

    Dead Bait...

    Holy Shit!!
  207. smokinwater

    Looking for an Investigator... San Diego

    Need some sleuthin' done to prop up a case. At a point that I may have to hire someone. Recommendations?
  208. smokinwater

    The final Sluester Kill It and Grill It – April 13, 2019

    Very nice tribute, All. Peace be to the Besaw Family.
  209. smokinwater

    RIP Tony Pena

    Condolences to the Family, and may he rest in Peace
  210. smokinwater

    safety for tijuana border

    ^ What Scoop said^
  211. smokinwater


    Wow, ...I guess just Wow. I have yet to keep my own promise to drive further than ENS, a big city by the measure of some destinations I read reports from on here. I try to keep safety in mind as best as I can, which is important b/c I'm usually down there solo. One thing I've noticed for sure...
  212. smokinwater

    Mag Bay, "Day Two"

    Phats, what an awesome report! Congrats to the Lovin' couple, and may they always have the same good fortune going forward. If I was as lucky to bring those numbers to the boat, I might have to think about giving up fishing; I'd never be able to out do that trip!! Ah, never mind, scratch that...
  213. smokinwater

    Fishing san bruno Dec21 thru Dec31

    Wow-zers! Very sweet!
  214. smokinwater

    I know I'd been scared

    Now how is it she doesn't look like a seal with that wetsuit?!?! Dannng!
  215. smokinwater

    What is your fishing obsession?

    Collecting older rods and having them rebuilt. Silaflex, glass, Kunan, Sabres. My problem is I don't fish what I own, just stick to my go-to's. Maybe this New Year...
  216. smokinwater

    Show your Bloody Deck

  217. smokinwater

    ENS, Nov 24-27

    Fishing was bad to suck-bad. I knew that going down, but haven't done anything since back in May, and wouldn't have another serious chance until next year. Actually only got two day trips in. First one was ok: open party boat with a couple from Oakland, and the wife half was drunk sick before...
  218. smokinwater

    Castro's Camp info.

    $20- to clean a cooler of fish is a damn great deal!! I def would be all over that while sitting back and having something cold to drink!
  219. smokinwater

    Asylum Seekers In Tijuana

    Article is in Spanish. I don't read Spanish.
  220. smokinwater

    Vehicle Gender ID

    That is sooo messed up, but LMFAO!!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  221. smokinwater

    11/12 SQ Report

    Nice mix you guys got there. Very nice considering it was a short day for you!
  222. smokinwater

    Catalina rockfishing lures

    Never fished there, but B-52's have always done me good else where.
  223. smokinwater

    Surfperch Pics

    Very cool pics.... up until that birds nest! Still, looks like a fun day!
  224. smokinwater

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    Thanks for posting this. Very informative, makes it look easier than I thought it would be.
  225. smokinwater

    How fishermen properly stack firewood.

    That's just flat out cool!
  226. smokinwater


    Why are you yelling?
  227. smokinwater

    Where but fresh large squid in San Diego

    Also Google search Seafood City. Both are Asian food market chains. (It's 99 Ranch)
  228. smokinwater

    Non Stinging Sunscreen?

    Had my first Mohs surgery this last week. B/C of the diagnosis, been using sunscreen instead of aftershave anymore, and today had the burning eyes that you talk of. Thanks for the pics of products that wok for you. My next surgery should be in about a month. Guys and gals, I think I knew I had...
  229. smokinwater

    Best way to introduce newbies to offshore?

    Southbaykiller and Surfgoose have very good suggestions. At the risk of sounding like a party-pooper, gonna add one of my own: recommend they do not drink the day/night before, nor while on the boat. Doesn't help a queasy stomach. Sierra Mist, Powerade and water are your friends' friend. Oh...
  230. smokinwater

    Somebody go have great weekend!!!!

    Ditto. One car got totaled, my Baja car is in the shop for failing smog, insurance agents, attorneys, lions & tigers & bears, oh my! What a waste of a good month. For you that go, pls add pics for us staying home!
  231. smokinwater

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    Been a while since I ordered mine; fortunate I have a stock of patches. I think I ordered my Kwells from Canada. Actually found them on line, called them before placing the order. With this Trump tariff pissing contest going on, anybody's guess.
  232. smokinwater

    La Paz Sept 3rd-8th

    Very sweet mix of fish there!
  233. smokinwater

    Nike Kaepernick Ad Meme

    These players just don't get it: at this level, football is a business, not a sport. They are (too) highly paid to do the Owners bidding: sell tickets and WIN. Their contracts have clauses that players' agents need to remind the player of. I don't get the "collusion" claim. If an Owner doesn't...
  234. smokinwater

    Tribute to a very special man & fisherman. Please watch this Video

    That is the coolest video I've seen a long time! Thx!!
  235. smokinwater

    Sept. 5th will never be the same

    I remembrance of our military's commitment to us all.
  236. smokinwater

    Punta Banda 8/28

    If you keep making it sound simple, everybody's gonna do it!! LOL
  237. smokinwater

    The next fish fry 9-15-18

    Had to do a double take on those white fish!!
  238. smokinwater

    portable vacuum sealer

    I got the same one in white. Had to replace the foam seal rings last year ($12 for 2 sets). Works great! Def towel dry first, a tip I got from here. Less than $5- at a thrift store about 6 years ago. Paired it up with a small freezer, about the same size as those "dorm" refrigerators for when I...
  239. smokinwater

    Punta Banda 8/15

    Ivan is a solid Man! Great operation there.
  240. smokinwater

    First time EVER.....

    Good suggestion, JoeZee. I always have cold waters and Powerades- I'm not a soda drinker- but they probably are!! Adding Cokes to my ice chest now!
  241. smokinwater

    Just doing a drive by !

    Stick around a while. We missed you.
  242. smokinwater

    Local Ensenada Trip

    Charro's No Limitz fleet is a well run outfit. They all fish hard, and find 'em when no one else seems to! WTG!!
  243. smokinwater

    Pops went to be with Jesus,(Tough week)

    So sorry for your loss.
  244. smokinwater

    trouble getting it up? try a spandex thong

    ...oh, you mean for fishing.... !!
  245. smokinwater

    Thought I wast just going fishing...

    Very cool! Congrats to the whole bunch of you. Be sure to tell that son in law to be we all approve and applaud him!
  246. smokinwater

    Marina Coral Or Puerto Salina Marina?

    The numbers - if you trust them- show increasing YT being caught, along with barrie & bonito. My take on the lack of feed back is too early for sizable yt. Probably smaller guys. Most guys are more into heading south to warmer waters, larger sized catches and more abundant species. Hey, its...
  247. smokinwater

    Little something I have been working on.

    Very cool pics with the ladies! Nice project.
  248. smokinwater

    Prayers appreciated

    Prayer sent, and take care of yourself as well as do her.
  249. smokinwater

    Shoulder issue. Need advice

    We're all still pulling for you, Mike. And don't sell anything...……….without a P.M. to me first! LOL!! Keep the faith!
  250. smokinwater

    Had a stroke..back home....luckiest man alive..please read

    The only symptom I had was a very small loss of vision in my right eye- approx. at the 3-6 o'clock area. Couldn't figure what the heck. Wife "suggested" we drive to ER. when I wasn't even thinking what it could be. Stroke is no joke, for sure. We all should know what on bp is, and follow...
  251. smokinwater

    Early fathers day present

    Very cool.
  252. smokinwater

    BOLA June 4, 5, 6

    Sweet!! Thx!
  253. smokinwater

    Transmission Work Needed

    Some years back, I needed my F-350 4WD checked out. Did a search on Yelp for transmission repairs. Came up with CDO, near the RCP in Lemon Grove. Called Art, who said he'd need it a day or 2 to go thru it. Turned into a extra day because of his workload. When he called me, he asked if I drove it...
  254. smokinwater

    The StingHearse

    California plates??? Not Kentucky?!?!
  255. smokinwater

    One of the coolest walkouts yet!!

    A guy with that fight record can play anything he wants!!
  256. smokinwater

    Shoulder issue. Need advice

    To add to the organized confusion, I just went through the surgery, and I'm glad I did it. I totally understand others' recommendations to avoid surgery- bottom line, only one person can decide for you. Yeah, it sucked pain-wise at the post-surgery timeframe, but I describe the pain as a...
  257. smokinwater

    took the crew out for a little rappelling today

    Personally, I never liked that shit. Did it, but no mas! Happy to leave for those with bigger ones than me!!
  258. smokinwater

    Fishing Modified Metal Spoons!

    Brilliant! and looks very nice!
  259. smokinwater

    I've Known This Kid For Years...

    I was a Fire Captain heading to a house fire when a saw a small boy running up the street with his two younger brothers. He held onto their hands with a strong grip, especially the smallest one. As all kids, big eyed and watching every move. At the end of the fire, I called them over to let them...
  260. smokinwater

    Punta Banda Reports?

    Really recommend anyone wanting to fish at Vonny's call for reservations. They fill fast. Missed out my last time down there.
  261. smokinwater

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    Found a listing for Sabre on C/L. Met the guy at a 7/11 parking lot. Opens his truck and has 4-5 boxes and a bunch of fly rods (I don't fly fish). "I'm here to see the Sabre". I dig through the rods and find the Sabre is a fly rod." Well, since I'm here, how much for the Sabre?" $100-. But you...
  262. smokinwater

    LynDeva could you some positives vibes and prayers

    Thoughts and prayers for you. Please keep us posted.
  263. smokinwater

    I taught my kid to weld

    That is some funny shit!!
  264. smokinwater

    local LEO's doing their job

    While watching various reports, I kept hearing "...a lot of these kids have anger issues..." Juvenile system has got to come to terms that that ol' line isn't a free pass until they turn 18y/o. Society and our schools have got to be protected. I don't give a shit about that anger issues bs. See...
  265. smokinwater

    Keep the faith

    That is great!! Especially the ending!!! LOL!!!
  266. smokinwater

    Made me laugh

    Especially after the Women's' hockey team took the gold!!
  267. smokinwater

    Anyone here CHP???

    ... I stayed at a Holiday Inn before... You got us all wondering, now? Wazzup?
  268. smokinwater

    Fred Hall - Long Beach or Del Mar?

    You will likely not be able to see all that's there at LB. And as far as crowded...YES. I've made the drive up and enjoyed it more than DM. The impression I got was those that are there to sell, are just as eager to see the crowd, so they work more for those dollars. I did notice there seemed to...
  269. smokinwater

    Looking for charter advise out of Ensenada in April

    Look up Sergio's Sport fishing. That's who would be the ship's point of contact. There's a number of charters that he can help set you and the family up with. Being in MEX, and wanting your business, if it's do-able by MEX law, they can make it happen. Sounds weird, but they- the reputable...
  270. smokinwater

    Looking for charter advise out of Ensenada in April

    That I've heard, the cruise ship will have contact info ready for you. They're fairly regular down there (ENS), and the local charter outfit (Sergio's) tries to rotate the charter boats with the port-stops. It will be a very short taxi ride from the cruise ship pier to the fishing marina. Might...
  271. smokinwater

    sheena was a man!!

    Invictus ^^ is right. SD County is better at doing what they can; Supervisors are more receptive to complaints of us taxpayers. SD City officials suck at dealing with this mess. If the place has a license as a care home, the best is the fire dept has to do a (fire) inspection. Nothing earth...
  272. smokinwater

    Need help guys! Picking a trip this Friday...

    I'd go for the sure-est thing: Colonet.
  273. smokinwater

    Clearing Stuff Out...

    Don't know what a Barrel guide is. Actually trying to unload them, but I'll do is try to pair them up as best as I can in the meanwhile. When I find a rod that I like at the swap meet or a yard sale, I very often get these as unsolicited add-ins. I know sellers mean well, so I take them and smile.
  274. smokinwater

    Saltwater Fishing Trip Recommendations

    ...or find out if wherever you choose rents gear for the particular fishing they do.
  275. smokinwater

    Clearing Stuff Out...

    Posted this in the Vintage forum as well: Clearing out my fishing stuff, and want to find out about my assortment of cane or bamboo fly rods that I've collected. Some are mis-matched, some complete, many need TLC. Ideas??
  276. smokinwater

    Clearing Stuff Out...

    First time posting in this forum. I'm going thru a bunch of my fishing stuff that I've collected (read "hoarded"), and have a bunch of cane or bamboo fly rods from yester-year. Many are mis-matched, some are complete, most need some TLC. Is there a market for this? I do not do restoration, so...
  277. smokinwater

    Lets see those old irons

    ...not yet, but I saw that same video... Definitely gonna give it a try!
  278. smokinwater

    Credit card fraud

    X2 on Conapesca office. Word of advise: they ask you to bring cash, and you may want to check their hours of operation before making the trip. Almost got locked out Friday before my last trip down to MEX.
  279. smokinwater


    Wow, didn't know this. Glad I've been buying the 6-month visa last few years! Thx!
  280. smokinwater

    Hip Replacement

    ... and while you recover, you can keep an extra close eye out for your points!!!
  281. smokinwater

    Hip Replacement

    Sorry- or glad!- to hear about this. And actually, very timely for me to see this. My hip pain is starting to be more constant. My parts are starting to show my age! Best to you for a rapid return to action!!
  282. smokinwater

    Are The Deals at FHS Really Deals?

    Haven't been to the FHS in a couple of years, but am already thinking about going to this years'. In the early years, I enjoyed going up and down the aisles looking at not only the long range trips, but also the camps and resorts, such as Alaska. I've done a few trips booked on my own to MEX and...
  283. smokinwater


    ...popcorn down this way, please...
  284. smokinwater

    Targeting halibut on a 1/2 day

    Come to think of it, it does sound affectionate! I think her name was Sarah...
  285. smokinwater

    Targeting halibut on a 1/2 day

    Ok, I'll ask..."turd rollers"...?
  286. smokinwater

    Medical insurance in Mexico, tourist.

    If flying and have the option to buy medical insurance, DO SO! We didn't, and had to pay out of pocket. Reimbursed later by Kaiser, but hassle should of- could of been avoided.
  287. smokinwater

    F*&#, Freezer died!

    Some homeowner's insurance companies will cover your loss if you care to call them. Never had to do this myself...thank God!
  288. smokinwater

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    I saw your title and jumped right to here to read. All this did was piss me off at my own stories like yours. I hate these guys, and there are sooo many of them out there. I absolutely have a much better time fishing alone now days, and just meeting whoever on the boat. Oh, believe me I still...
  289. smokinwater

    A Christmas Miracle

    Keep the good karma going; pay it forward! Glad to hear this stuff.
  290. smokinwater

    Fresh frozen Squid ?

    There aren't any Asian markets in the area up there? Try there for starts. Even if you have to drive a little, might be cheaper than having some shipped.
  291. smokinwater

    attorney needed

    I hate courts; more specifically, the magistrates that preside in them. Couple times I've had to file in Small Claims Civil court, their attitude was very demeaning and condescending. Didn't matter that I would never have gone thru the trouble to file if I didn't think it was important to me...
  292. smokinwater

    Just got home from hospital

    We're like a soap opera... miss a couple of months, same story lines!! Welcome back, and welcome home!
  293. smokinwater

    great dicember fishing in san quintin.

    Capitan Juan, I'm surprised the bite is that outstanding since there are those red crabs floating around. The bite shut off when those were here at Ensenada earlier this year. Glad to see you're doing fine!
  294. smokinwater

    The 14 Mile Bank, 10 Hook Gangions and Grandpa….

    Thank you for sharing your memories and loss with us. It does make one stop to "smell the coffee" of Life.
  295. smokinwater

    Looking for a good Northern Baja fishing charter

    If you can only go as far as Ensenada, research Vonny's as others recommend. It's an hour drive past downtown ENS, staying along the bay towards La Bufadora. In town, Sergio's fleet bookings are catching mostly bonito right now (see his webpage for fish counts). Call Vonny's, talk to Ivan (owner...
  296. smokinwater

    TJ Dentist

    For Cubeye and others: Yes, had to pay for my treatment and stay in the PV hospital before being released. Got to figure: doctors/dentists in Mex don't know me. For all they know, I'm gonna skip out once I can clear their doorstep and make a run to the SENTRI line. Took a call back states-side...
  297. smokinwater

    TJ Dentist

    I think those of us that have asked for or offered a recommendation for a dentist in TJ, which is the title of this thread, have done so based on out of pocket expense, knowing we are not dealing with the type of technology, sophistication or educational costs of a US dentist. We...I... just...
  298. smokinwater

    TJ Dentist

    I think those of us that have asked for or offered a recommendation for a dentist in TJ, which is the title of this thread, have done so based on out of pocket expense, knowing we are not dealing with the type of technology, sophistication or educational costs of a US dentist. We...I... just...
  299. smokinwater

    CBX Border Bridge, Aero Calafia review and Loreto fish report 4/8.

    Have been wondering about that bridge as well. Thanks for all the info. Thinking I just might head to Loretto or La Paz for my next trip into Baja Sur. Looks like your kids hated every minute of the vacation :) Great report!
  300. smokinwater

    TJ Dentist

    Recognized this thread as one I previously contributed to. Walking across in TJ, the yellow cabs are gone, the entrance now the area for a new taxi service, but the same applies. Jump in, tell the driver you want to go to Washington Dental, and the clinic pays them the $5- fare. The wife and I...
  301. smokinwater

    Mortgage Refi

    Might want to slide this over to the Business Hook-ups forum. Sounds like a keeper contact!
  302. smokinwater

    Porcelain God Fishing

    That is F'en unbelievable!! I would have thought for sure they were gone for good! And, if its a trick that I've been scammed into believing, I still loved it! Very cool! "Turn the handle" - LMFAO
  303. smokinwater

    Go to for lings

    Pictures, please.
  304. smokinwater

    Found a Good Salmon Fishing River

    Wow!! So much for hiring a charter!
  305. smokinwater


    My vote is Stay Black!! Good gawd, it's a frigin' avatar! ...and it pisses people off at the same time!
  306. smokinwater

    Ensenada 3/4 day?

    Sergio's Sport fishing is "good", but you can do better going directly to the boats. Pangas are available, but, IMO can get uncomfortable quickly. Sergio's has a website that shows right now mostly bonito are being caught, but lots of them. Most guys don't keep them, but that's a whole different...
  307. smokinwater

    Vacuum Sealer Machines

    Doug, I started a similar thread because of dis-satisfaction with my Food Saver. One of the replies I got (after re-reading some months later) was to check the foam seals and the Teflon strip over the heating element. SOB, my foam seals were nicked and compromised the vacuum being pulled. Just...
  308. smokinwater

    Fishing out of Puerto Nuevo or Popotla, any contacts?

    Panga at the Coronados? Might want to re-think that one. Could be dicey in a panga. He can probably put you on the yt from where he fishes.
  309. smokinwater

    How many agree to this legislation....

    Fingers crossed
  310. smokinwater

    Oldman sees black

    VERY nice!
  311. smokinwater


    What a great trip! Lots of biggies there!
  312. smokinwater

    Found These New Fishing Shoes Anyone Try Them

    I'm 6' 2", my Son is 6' 5". And, unfortunately for me, size ends there.
  313. smokinwater

    Advice on freezer type requested ???

    When I recently returned from MEX fishing, the family pitched in and bought me/us a new (up-right) freezer. What ever prompted me to- I'll never know- but after doing the vacuum sealing, I put a bunch of same-fish in brown paper bags and paper wrapped other packs. Think I'll keep up this freeze...
  314. smokinwater

    DOJ and US Marshall in my driveway and informed that the Sheriff is in route CHP over head??WTF

    Like everyone ^^ has said, WOW! 2 1/2 hrs of basically not knowing what is going to happen next! These guys are our Nation's "children", in the aspect that we as a Nation cannot do enough, spend enough, have compassion enough, and say thank you enough for what they've done for us, and what they...
  315. smokinwater

    Tackle to give away question.

    I give a bunch of stuff to Dan Hernandez for his foundation to sell at their quarterly swap meet, but he can certainly give it to the kids he takes out fishing on hired charters. Either way you go, take the time to snap pics and assign a value to catalog your gift as a donation for your taxes...
  316. smokinwater

    Found These New Fishing Shoes Anyone Try Them

    Called the company to find out if they have larger sizes. I need a 14; my son needs a 16. They have two shoes and a sandal up to size 19. It costs an extra $10-, but reasonable if they're as comfortable as you guys have said!
  317. smokinwater

    Roofer and Mold Remediation

    Happened to just see your post here. Had a mold issue in a condo rental. Contacted Christian Bros, who sent Roberto out to check my problem. Confirmed -among other things- I should do it myself. CAREFULLY was the key here. Common sense stuff like filter masks, very minimum dust as possible...
  318. smokinwater

    Alaska for the first time next year

    Gawd, I gotta get back up there! It's been years! Following this thread...
  319. smokinwater

    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    Ok, to re-visit this thread I started because it's taken me so long to actually HAVE fish to seal: I take a FS V2222 with me when I head South to fish; I do almost all of my processing when I get back in at the end of the day. Started having problems sealing. Gave up, zip lock bagged the rest...
  320. smokinwater

    Need a charter in Ensenada August 26th.

    This question has been asked quite a bit in the past, so if you do a search within this same section, you should get a good idea of contacts. Wahoo, No Limitz 1, 2, and Supreme, Selena, J Red, .... If you can possibly be down there at least one day before you already intend on, go directly to...
  321. smokinwater

    Best place to launch a panga in the ensenada area...

    Maybe have Ivan launch it for you to save on your truck?? Shoot him an email or FB. His place is secure, great fishing,...
  322. smokinwater

    Newbie questions. Help a brother out?

    Surf: try using some of your Idaho stuff. Do a search in the Surf Fishing forums for what others are using and where they go. 1/2 days: start with the ol' stand-by of a Penn 500 Jigmaster. Find them on Craigs List used with line for about $30-, probably with the rod.
  323. smokinwater

    Rod guide repair

    Try calling Tony Alva in Clairemont down San Diego way. In fact, do a search in this same forum to see other's recommendations on him and others. Bit of a drive from TV, but solid work, good prices. 858-395-3722
  324. smokinwater

    Ensenada Todos Santos Island Fishing Report 7/31

    Ed, what's the contact info for these guys? If I'm correct, you've been out with this boat a time or two before, right?
  325. smokinwater

    BOLA Report 6/18 - 6/24

    WOW!! Awesome report!
  326. smokinwater

    The latest on SB 187 (Annual Fishing License)

    Thx for bringing this info to us here. I'll be sending her my input. Again, thank you.
  327. smokinwater

    Cheap reel for sabiki rod?

    Penn 209. Small level-wind.
  328. smokinwater

    homeless tweeker thief gets a dose of reality

    To you I say: Thank you! I hate these thieves.
  329. smokinwater

    TJ Border Entrance Closed Sept 23rd

    Would this be that stretch after the turn? Sure chokes down there.
  330. smokinwater

    Dan Hernandez Fishing

    My $.02 ..... I've gone fishing with Dan a few times, just as I've gone fishing with a couple of my personal friends a few times. I see it as "going fishing", not to size him up (no offense, Dan). As ^ pointed out, Dan's made a living off of fishing. I imagine he's also had his share of lean...
  331. smokinwater

    Fishing boats

    Hit up Spize909 for more on his limited load charters. When I get the itch to fish, I head down to the docks earlier than when others on the charters show up. I'm ready with as little as I can make it with, and start hitting up those on the charters to let me buy my way on. Often I get the...
  332. smokinwater

    Great customer Service

    Now THAT'S customer service! That is the stuff that gets people like us coming back as repeats! WTG!!
  333. smokinwater

    Great customer Service

    Now THAT'S customer service! That is the stuff that gets people like us coming back as repeats! WTG!!
  334. smokinwater

    Great customer Service

    Now THAT'S customer service! That is the stuff that gets people like us coming back as repeats! WTG!!
  335. smokinwater

    Great customer Service

    Now THAT'S customer service! That is the stuff that gets people like us coming back as repeats! WTG!!
  336. smokinwater

    Bringing frozen fish from cabo to US as a carry on.

    Good point on the duct tape! I remember some years back taping my ice chest shut, looking at the roll of duct tape, and leaving it on top of a trash can in the airport. No need for last minute hassles.
  337. smokinwater

    Fished Ensenada on wednesday

    Gotta say, Carl, you are right on target re ENS. Every time I head across the border fishing, I manage to not make it past ENS, and spend a couple days there. I'm sure I'm missing a heck of a lot by not getting down to SQ and points further south, but I have found that mid-week in ENS is...
  338. smokinwater

    How do you prevent getting sunburned from the neck up ???

    Buffs & me don't get along. To me, they're too tight on me. The wife came up with the goofy-est idea, and I've been using it for years now. She looked at the buff, and found one of the grand-baby's shirts of the same material. Cut the neck a little larger, sewed up the sleeves, and I'm set...
  339. smokinwater

    Anyone been fishing Ensenada

    Let us know how you do.
  340. smokinwater

    Dockside breakfast Mitches

    Good stuff out of Mitch's.
  341. smokinwater

    Ab poacher sought, Cabrillo National Monument tidepools (pix)

    I noticed a stamp on the pictures saying National Park Service. Wouldn't it mean, if caught, he's got an appearance in Federal Court? Poaching is poaching, same as hunting in Yellowstone National Park, right?
  342. smokinwater

    Guys, take care of yourself

    Mike, so sorry for your family. I do want to thank you for sharing your tragedy with us all so that we might learn and take heed from your pain. Prayer for all sent. Jon
  343. smokinwater

    San Diego reel repair

    ^^^^^ X2!! I'll be hitting him up for couple of rod re-wraps before long. He's got my reels dialed in.
  344. smokinwater

    Coco's corner guy died

    Very cool bio. I could see why travelers find him "...the most interesting Man...".
  345. smokinwater

    What's considered bad weather?

    I use a personal factor of will it be more fun, or work. "Work" to me means if they're likely to be sick, can they comfortably stay fishing on the rail, can they walk safely to the toilet. Talking to people that have told me they've "tired fishing and it's not for them", other than not catching...
  346. smokinwater

    Coco's corner guy died

    For those of us that don't know who he is, can someone please fill us in. Thx
  347. smokinwater

    Pt. Loma Sandbass

  348. smokinwater

    SQ report

    Looks like you had a blast!
  349. smokinwater

    Penn Jigmaster

    Like those already posting, if you are thinking of using the gift card for that reel, my $.02 is don't. Too many on the secondary market for cheap, than to pick up a new one. Very good reel, easily repaired and maintained by you, and just an all around great reel that's easing into retirement...
  350. smokinwater

    Found this cowling in French Valley area on the way to lake Skinner.

    ...or they're still out looking for it...
  351. smokinwater


    Still have a streak of male chauvinist in me, and when I got to the Mid-way store, I was asked by some very young kid to wait for this younger, surfer-looking girl to answer questions on an outfit purchased there as a birthday gift. Wow, was I totally impressed! She knew stuff that I'd never...
  352. smokinwater

    Can't Go To FHS

    Thanks, LL, for doing that for me. Gonna have to start looking on Ebay. You Da' Man!
  353. smokinwater


    Sad situation for sure. With so little resources all the way around, destiny is upon the area. Management seems to have been mis-applied. I have no sympathy for any Americanos going South and taking advantage of the poor state of management. THOSE people should be thrown in MEX jail and left to...
  354. smokinwater

    Can't Go To FHS

    Fingers crossed. Thx
  355. smokinwater

    Can't Go To FHS

    Went to bed last night knowing I was going to FHS at Del Mar Thursday. Woke up Thursday now knowing I won't be going at all. One thing I really was hoping for- and needing to replace- was a hoodie from the guy that has those looong back, thick hoodies, with a minor embroidery logo on the front...
  356. smokinwater

    RIP Chuck Berry

    Sitting here thinking I saw him 30 yrs ago, then realize it was probably closer to 40 years ago. SFV, Van Nuys (?) High School football field. School didn't promote the concert well, lost $$ on attendance, and opened the gates to us listening from outside the fence. Man, what a show! One song...
  357. smokinwater

    I need a Mexican getaway...

    East Cape. Several resorts there and excellent fishing opportunities. Fairly easy by air into Cabo, then shuttle over. Haven't (yet) stayed in Barilles, but plenty on here if you do a search of previous threads. As already suggested, plan around the hottest months. No a/c unit will cool you down...
  358. smokinwater

    Need some tips on a couple of things

    As above, big bait, big weight for lings. If you are able to score live bait on the way out, send that sucker down, draw 'em back up couple turns, and depending on currents, repeat to keep 'em down within a few turns from the bottom. Learned by wasting a lot of time letting current drift my bait...
  359. smokinwater

    Fishing spikes from Japan

    Excuse my ignorance, but what are these "spikes"? Did a Youtube, but doesn't look like what you have here.
  360. smokinwater

    Looking to donate gear to somone in need.

    Beware the rebound effect! Makes room to buy more stuff!! I fall victim every time! You guys are awesome...good karma to you!
  361. smokinwater

    Stardust or Channel Island Sportfishing??

    CI. Fished them a bit back, and nothing but fantastic! Fishing was tough, but crew was THEE BEST I have ever been with. Light gunny sacks for us that trip, but it wasn't because of the crew! If you got decent fish counts, I say go with them!
  362. smokinwater

    BAJA bound from Oregon- reports?

    Start your search query here with San Quintin or SQ. That will be a good start for your research.
  363. smokinwater

    ENS, March 5-6, I didn't get the memo...

    Ah, man, could have save myself a lot of grief. Might fish with Vonny's this season and check it out. It'll be easier on the Tahoe, for sure,
  364. smokinwater

    What's happening on 3/4 day Coronado's Trips?

    Returned from a very non-productive Ensenada trip, and saw very large clouds of red crab as far north as Popotla. The few bottom fish we caught were fat with them. Zero surface action for us.
  365. smokinwater

    ENS, March 5-6, I didn't get the memo...

    So, finally made the time to shoot down to ENS and get on the water to see what's biting. Been locked up like everyone else because of the crappy rains, winds, and all things keeping me from fishing. Usually the drive down is relaxing, checking out the water, swells and wave action, telling...
  366. smokinwater

    Fish Bling- WSB Stone

    Never knew these things existed. Thinking back of when I got my WSB, now I know why the deckhand asked if I wanted the head. His gain!
  367. smokinwater

    Santa Rosalia

    Google Map the freeway exits at are just prior to crossing into MEX and you'll see the exit he refers to. Lots of money exchanges on SY Blvd before you cross. In MEX, they have attendants that pump your gas and clean your windows. They will tell you how much $$ gas your vehicle took. Those are...
  368. smokinwater

    You know when your wife loves you !!!

    Sounds like you've provided the right recipe her whole life!
  369. smokinwater

    Redondo break wall gets a cleaning!

  370. smokinwater

    Guys, take care of yourself

    That's a shame, Mike. Just like you're trying to alert us here, he could do even more for others. It's the tragedy of dying that we cannot begin to understand until we are in his position though. My heart aches for him now, and for his family when they finally learn his prognosis.
  371. smokinwater

    Mexican Navy sinks Panga...

    WTF? Possibly dealing with illegal fishing in protected area??
  372. smokinwater

    used rods

    Assuming you are just starting a saltwater collection, be on the lookout for a Penn 500 Jigmaster for the reel. Great, all-around starter that can go for as little as $20-25. Picked up a good one Saturday at a yard sale for free.
  373. smokinwater

    Received a treasure!

    Looks like with a little bit of sorting, you got some good stuff. Fishable anyhow. See another thread about a "lead party". If that happens, those guys might be able to give you other ideas.
  374. smokinwater

    Any Ensenada reports?

    Thanks, Joezee. I think most of us that are going to fish understand the factors that influence the bite, and a big factor is SQ is flat-out warmer this time of the year. If we want respectable yt or better, probably not going to happen Norte. BUT, if we just want to fish, ENS can be really fun...
  375. smokinwater

    Juan San Quintin

    Congrats Capitan. Very beautiful family.
  376. smokinwater

    Any Ensenada reports?

    ^^ Good point, Ola ^^
  377. smokinwater

    Trip for end of Feb

  378. smokinwater

    Trip for end of Feb

    The numbers I have are (c) 011 52 1 646 117 5171, and (h) 011 52 646 120 1670 In the past, I was asked to make half deposit to a Bank of America acct here to hold the reservation. If you do some research on-line, you can find pics of his three boats to better see what will fit your needs. I also...
  379. smokinwater

    Any Ensenada reports?

    If you put any faith in on-line reports, this is one from Sergio's. I think I'm gonna head down there next week, but may not be back in time to post. I'm taking set ups that will include bottom fish, specifically lings. By the sounds of the reports...
  380. smokinwater

    WTB Leadheads

    PM me
  381. smokinwater

    Some help re: pier fishing near Santa Barbara

    Pier fishing is a great start to bigger & better things! I'd say don't over think it- no offense intended. Just go! Cut squid, peas, dough; have your daughter youtube to find other simple ideas for bait. I'd also try a sabiki that you can get from Walmart. If you catch a couple of small...
  382. smokinwater

    Looking for house/cottage to rent Punta Banda or La Boufadora

    Tommy, I took a few guys down there some time back, and Ivan pointed us to a pretty comfortable "cabin" located in a trailer park- same side of the road as his store/lot. In the past, he's offered free stays in campers he has on the same lot, of course when you fish w/ him. I'd definitely...
  383. smokinwater

    San Diego fish market

    Tommy at Catalina.
  384. smokinwater

    Trip for end of Feb

    Hit up Jozee on Last Cast (?) or Charro on No Limitz. They are in ENS and might be able to work with you on those plans. Might be others but these two come to mind.
  385. smokinwater

    from blue on blue to gray on grey,sq.

    Seas must have dropped after those were pulled out of the water!
  386. smokinwater

    July/August SQ Trip Planning

    Re: SENTRI, consider it an advanced U.S. passport that is in addition to the book. Basically, you apply same method as regular passport, and undergo a background check, mostly on-line. A vehicle also can be pre-authorized as approved to cross back into U.S. The application - in essence- is the...
  387. smokinwater

    Need a Military opinion

    Not sure if you still wondering where to take it, but here's a thought: Pretty much all of the bases have thrift stores on-base that benefits soldiers/sailors/Marines in need. Seems like someone maybe retired, and had no desire to maintain his uniforms. See about donating them to the base thrift...
  388. smokinwater

    July/August SQ Trip Planning

    My $.02 is, since your trip is months off, you guys might want to look into getting a SENTRI for your passports. Saves a lot of time coming back States-side. Still need your passports; Mex reserves the right to check your passport. Check your cell phone provider for international package for...
  389. smokinwater

    Guys, take care of yourself

    Totally agree with Brad ^. Not a rant. With no family history, we should be getting checked out not later than our 50th birthday. Most uncomfortable thing about getting scoped is the serum you have to drink to clear out before you go in. As for the sun, I've followed the advice of our brothers...
  390. smokinwater

    Freezer Filler Fun!

    ^^^X2! Very nice sheephead. A real nice mix. Joezee' been doin' it pretty good! Seems like he's finding them for several of the trips reported on here. Great post.
  391. smokinwater

    Fish Vacumn sealer

    Like Bman, I loved my original FS. Don't care much for "this new fangled contraption" FS, but came about owning two! I started a thread sometime back and asked for input on problems I was having, thinking it was time to up-grade ($$). Although I still have plenty of rolls, I'll be doing what...
  392. smokinwater

    "Go-To" Lingcod Rig

    My best go-to has to include live bait kept as close to the bottom, without jigging.
  393. smokinwater

    new member

    Welcome! Lots of good info you'll find ( guess you already know that) and can add to here. The site is ours to make, so pls contribute as you can. Lots of funny stuff, and not so funny as well. Highly recommend going thru the complete site to find out all the variety of areas of interest posted. Jon
  394. smokinwater

    New Lo-An. MIA???

    F I S H I N G !!! Might try google to find a CATCHING blog. You'll have a hard time getting sympathy from guys (and gals) here that have been skunked after putting a lot of $$ out on equpt., gas, time, ect, only to get skunked. Sorry for siding with the masses here, but we've been there, ALL of...
  395. smokinwater

    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    It took some searching the Food Saver web site, but found these bags & rolls are 3mil thick vs 3.5 & 4 mil on your recommended site on Ebay. Thx for the lead. Jon
  396. smokinwater

    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    Good ideas, Everyone! Never even thought of gasket maintenance or that "TFE" part. And that simple step to try putting rough side up. Next outing, think I'll try some with and some without the Saran wrap after marinade. Again, never even thought of using marinade/moisture to help preserve. It'll...
  397. smokinwater


    Holy moly, you folks had to put in work on this trip!! WTG!!!
  398. smokinwater

    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    Although I've got plenty of the rolls, beginning to question the Food Saver vacuum bag rolls. When going thru the freezer for what to defrost for dinner, I find the occasional bag that is sealed, but burned from the inside. Seems like small holes puncture thru and air gets in the bags. Haven't...
  399. smokinwater

    just killing some time, todays project

    ...and I'm practicing now on folding paper airplanes for my new grand-daughter! Lookin' good there, Kindafishy!
  400. smokinwater

    Need Help ASAP Troubleshooting a Chest Freezer

    Definitely NOT an appliance guy here, but that being said, I would have been thinking vacuuming coils- which you already covered. I had a unit that had a plugged drain (condensate??) line. The drain I'm referring to would drip sweated condensate (??) down into a very small drip pan in the motor...
  401. smokinwater


    That Chino, man, hard to believe he's, like nearly 70 yrs old! Works his butt off! ENS is fantastic for fun fishing, close to home, quick getaway!
  402. smokinwater

    Ensenada fishing trip September 12 & 13

    Hell yeah. Looks like fun!
  403. smokinwater


    Wow, completely forgot about the holiday! Could have been bad if I went forth with plans to go South this week. Thx, Rat. Jon
  404. smokinwater


    It's been fun, that's for sure. Found the open party boat Coco Loco to be outstanding, boat, crew and Captain! Walk straight past Sergio's- no need to check with him- and Capt Arturo will welcome you. $70- has to be the best price for open party. Couldn't agree with you more, J, Ensenada is fun!
  405. smokinwater

    I need REEL advice

    X2 ^^
  406. smokinwater

    Looking for an Ensnada Report

    Was out twice last week in the bay. Mixed bags each day: few yellows, fewer bones (for us this trip), decent reds and calicos. No lings- damn it! Was fun, but not wide open. Water was like glass 'til about 1130, then light winds- no biggie.
  407. smokinwater


    Fun time there, Capitan!!
  408. smokinwater

    Not cal

    ^^^ Great advise. Been years for me, but the one thing I remember was very rough waters up there. Might ask & prep for that in your planning.
  409. smokinwater

    Am I Acting Weird?

    Don't own a boat, but have similar experiences when I'm asked to include others on trips to Baja and charter down there. I have to pay for the gas, tolls, zip lck baggies, leave the tip.... One "friend" was pissed I rented a double room at the hotel for myself. Seriously, if you can't come up...
  410. smokinwater

    I think we need bigger bait...

    Holy Shit!! Amazing!
  411. smokinwater

    Ken's and Cal's

    Never used Cal's as of yet, but have dealt with Ken at FHS. Stand up group there. A little far from me for routine stuff, but, yep, I totally agree for sure.
  412. smokinwater

    LAX Hotel/Motel recommendations

    The Hacienda. EVERYBODY where I used to work used this place. Stay the night before, and you can leave your car for a week free. Some would leave it longer by asking for the extra park days. Hotel was pretty economical as well.
  413. smokinwater

    Rust on guide feet

    First I'll say that I've never tried this before, but after reading what you are trying to do, this came to my mind as something seemingly safe to try: notch a beer can so you can put it under the rod as it lays on a couple pieces of 2x4's on a workbench. Pour vinegar over the guides until the...
  414. smokinwater

    Suprize at the Hotel Coral in Ensenada

    X2 on the lomotil! I keep it handy so I don't have to squirt on the way to the farmacia.
  415. smokinwater

    stolen rods

    My vote: Post! but your stuff, your call.
  416. smokinwater

    Recommendations in Ensenada

    I stay at the Bahia out of convenience. Very close to the harbor, the strip and very safe for you and your vehicles. (Look for the tall flag pole as you get into town; Bahia is right across the street.) 4 rods per person, plenty of range with the 4. Figure bottom rig (lighter action), trolling...
  417. smokinwater


    Wow, you did real well!!
  418. smokinwater

    What to bring to East Cape mid August?

    Air conditioner or lots of patience. Gonna be warm so do the best to brief the family. It'll be fun, there's plenty to do. Just pace yourselves.
  419. smokinwater

    San Felipe 7/26/2026...

  420. smokinwater

    Its on WebMD!

    Ah, Guys, many of us might be in trouble and not realize it: it appears Dramamine and meclizine has the potential to cause impotency. Thank goodness for me scopase and scopolamine didn't make the list.
  421. smokinwater

    Here come the parking meters, Shelter Island

    Isn't the launch a Port area of responsibility?
  422. smokinwater

    San Felipe 7/26/2026...

    Beautiful pics. Looks very serene.
  423. smokinwater


    You guys got quite a few yellows there!
  424. smokinwater


    Great topic as I'm going out my first outing of this season soon. Gonna kick up my release program, but here's a question: on larger fish I particularly don't want, i.e. bonito, can I just cut my line and re-tie? Never asked this before? couple seasons back, I called it a day early b/c of...
  425. smokinwater

    Baja Fishing Adventure

    Don't 'cha hate it when you only have ONE LARGE cooler for your catch?!?! Awesome pics!!!
  426. smokinwater

    Anyone Fishing Ensenada Next Week?

    Looking to join up and share a boat or panga. All my regulars are not able to go.
  427. smokinwater

    Pabellon Beach Camp San Q

    Just saying what everybody is thinking: ANOTHER example of Capt Juan sharing his knowledge, and being generous to other families trying to make a living by putting us on fish, fun & memories! Capitan, you are a true ambassador of all that is beautiful in Baja! Gracias, and I hope to meet and...
  428. smokinwater

    your welcome

    You, Sir, are awesome!! Can't overlook the police for letting you clear the problem before getting him towed. Big of you and them!! Tow trucks would have loved that job.
  429. smokinwater

    FISHED POPOTLA 7/14/16

    Nice sized catch there.
  430. smokinwater


    Gotta keep this in mind! Looks great.
  431. smokinwater

    Anyone Ever Use The Shuttles...

    Apparently one shuttle does. I need flexibility in traveling there. Question for you, Hilltop: did they cram people in the shuttle, or did they leave at a scheduled time?
  432. smokinwater

    Castro's Fishing Camp?

    SQ, hands down. Capt Juan, Thumbs up!
  433. smokinwater

    Anyone Ever Use The Shuttles...

    ... at the San Ysidro border behind the Mickie-D's? Trying to find a shuttle to Vegas area. Flights would require me to book in advance for cheap rate, but trying to find something one-way relatively short notice.
  434. smokinwater

    Best Mackeral Sabiki

    I carry dry dogfood (no cats in our house) in a ziplock baggie and toss some over to chum. Then I use the sabikis I find on sale or at Walmart. 20 minutes and we're baited up.
  435. smokinwater

    Fishing out of Puerto Nuevo or Popotla, any contacts?

    Ed, last season I had a deckhand on our charter that turned to shit about 10:30 in the morning; couldn't get him to do shit for us. In my broken Span-glish, I had his ass, then lit into the captain. Cap't offered to pick up the slack, but I called bullshit on that. Tore into them both on the way...
  436. smokinwater

    Fishing out of Puerto Nuevo or Popotla, any contacts?

    Do a search here on "Wahoo" pangas, owned by Edith. Surprised by your bad exp in ENS, but suggest giving it one more try. Lots of good boats down there, first hand personal exp. I only can rec'md "Wahoo" for pangas, but I know there are others there as well. Sergio's is good for open party...
  437. smokinwater

    Wed at the Nados

    (It's a good thing, and your secret is safe with us. Wife calls me constantly cause she's the one that signed me up w/ Verizon.) Nice catch there!!
  438. smokinwater

    In the hospital this 4th of July

    Temps still a little cool, so you're not missing anything. Now you have plenty of time to do "research" for when you get released. Best to you!
  439. smokinwater

    What today really means....4th of July

    Thx for the big huge dose of reality. I realized late in the day the IS a meaning to celebrating the 4th. For me, it came when I heard The Star Spangled Banner during the fireworks display. As dysfunctional as our country seems from time to time, we are still the best country in the world! May...
  440. smokinwater

    Rod repair

    DIY job, but for your first replacement, go to local tackle shop and watch them heat the tip, slide off old tip then re-glue new tip on. Tip replacement is super easy when you see how it's done. Usually only costs the price of the tip + a buck: $5-6.
  441. smokinwater


    Have never tried to bring reels, and am constantly surprised when I read here about this "no reels in carry on" rule. Then to read some reels never make it to the final destination. Sounds like crossing took longer than the flight. I can say been there done that. Took last hour flight to Cabo...
  442. smokinwater

    Rod Repair

    Easy DIY job. Saves on travel-out-of-your-way-time. Don't even need a gun, just heat the glue stick.
  443. smokinwater


    "Chubby"! Someone out there knows me!
  444. smokinwater

    Ensenada Report 5-18

  445. smokinwater

    Gonzaga Military Inspection....Approved!

    I recently posted that I'm not a fan of scrutiny when crossing at the border. That being said, I LOVE seeing and being inspected by these guys! Not too much makes me feel safer than knowing they are not gonna let shit go down without a response! Not a personal fan of guns (have them, but not...
  446. smokinwater

    San Quintin/ Ensenada fishing report?

    Hi Jacob, although a lot of guys posting on here do fish ENS, because it is so close to the US/border, unless there's a spectacular bite on, ENS is almost seen as still fishing in San Diego. Almost "no big deal". You ask about tuna. Hmmm, not quite yet in mass, and even then you'd have to head...
  447. smokinwater

    LFS Reel Service...

    Rods, I've heard of. Reels, ??? Maybe he rec'mds his clients to spray or wipe anti-salt corrosive on their reels.
  448. smokinwater


    Hey Rat, I remember sometime back - I want to say Yellowklr/Derek- said there is some MEX customs rule, loosely enforced, but still a rule- that 2-3 rod limits per person. That being said, I usually travel with closer to 5-6, depending on # of days I'm going down south for. Assuming most of us...
  449. smokinwater

    Seasickness question????

    Better living through Chemistry!! Scop patches for sure! I also took the (advanced) time to buy the pill (Kwell) on line, but have yet to give them a try. Supposedly you can take the pill ALMOST right before getting on the boat. As stated, if you get dry mouth, you'll be golden. I put mine on...
  450. smokinwater

    Live Bait Service returns to Ensenada

    While that is good news, my guess is that a lot of us regulars will continue to bring sabikis with us. Usually took me 20 mins to bait up the tanks. Not a huge burden on the time available for fishing, and I've come to enjoy it about the same.
  451. smokinwater

    Border Crossing: Labor Day Weekend

    Yep! I came across that ice house by accident. East side of the road, some where between Maneadero and Ensenada. If I remember right, on the up-side of a short grade. Filled my ice chest with chipped ice for near-nothing.
  452. smokinwater

    Border Crossing: Labor Day Weekend

    Apply now for SENTRI. Worth every penny, but could still be a wait in line.
  453. smokinwater

    Yellows and Calicos with Capt Juan in SQ

    Wow-zers! Em are some biggies!
  454. smokinwater

    I lost my best friend

    I hope your pain passes quickly, and your fond memories last forever!
  455. smokinwater

    Ensenada Yellowtail

    Edith's husband, can't remember his name, passed couple of years back. Real solid, well liked Captain & owner of a boat and panga. She's done good keeping the legacy alive. Glad to see a post on her operation!
  456. smokinwater

    sunday day at the docks..I gotta vent

    Yep, you got me good!
  457. smokinwater

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

    Just used water and dish soap. Vinegar sounds like it would help.
  458. smokinwater

    Need sheath advice

    Haven't been in the search for a sheath, but that may have just changed my mind. Very practical looking, and THAT'S what I'm about. Thanks for the pic.
  459. smokinwater

    Trailer parking in San Diego?

    Unfortunately, PL is a destination for many out-of-towners, and parking is at a premium for the area. As Bill says, might want to stay or park out of PL. Just had the very same issue with friends down from Idaho. Expecting them in a car; showed up in 32' motorhome towing flatbed with their SUV...
  460. smokinwater

    Rod repair

    Assuming you are reluctant about gluing another guide tip on, look up Tony Alva in Kearney/Clairemont area. He does reels & rods. (858) 395-3722. Others may have someone closer to you. You might want to take other stuff for him to look at as well. He's fairly reasonable in prices.
  461. smokinwater

    gifted combo

    Randy V is right on the money. It gives them a feel for what they will want to change to given what they are likely to fish for. Besides, on just about any boat, private or charter, if they are too over/under classed, there's always an extra set up as a loaner on board.
  462. smokinwater

    Worth fishing with??? Old sabre

    When you decide to have the guides replaced, be sure to talk to whoever you take it to about having an extra guide or two put on. There's a formula that is used to determine whether it can be added. Get some input here and from the wrapper on IF it may help your personal style using it. I love...
  463. smokinwater

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Mike, about that 'not a hero' attitude, are you serious!!! Dude, YOU ARE DA' MAN!! What an awesome thing you did for her. And, guarantee, she'll remember this one well into the year she makes you a Granddad! (Of course, we hope that's MANY years away!) Way to go, Bro. I salute you!
  464. smokinwater

    Going on a cruise to Mexico

    Hey, Derek, what about Sammy? He's got a good boat, too. Def, do not book thru the Cruise. There are sooo many options available, and no reason to pay the mark-up. Point already made about what to do with your catch, but if you don't care, any boat- or panga for that matter- will certainly be...
  465. smokinwater

    Please wear your life vests

    Hate to read/hear about these incidents. Frustratingly preventable. I know others will be commenting on the kids not wearing them, but just so damned preventable.
  466. smokinwater

    La Jolla tackle shops?

    Google search Turner's, I think on Clairemont Mesa off of 163. Kinda sorta on the way.
  467. smokinwater

    Ensenada 3/20/2016

    There's some fish tacos there! My guess is the guy in the Beatles hat got skunked. He looks pissed!!
  468. smokinwater

    Where to Retire Up North

    We got a seasonal house in Idaho, and find it a nice change from San Diego. Wouldn't make the move totally, but there's one place- well, maybe two places that you might want to look into. Rexburg & Island Park. Rexburg would make your 1hr to hospital and (smaller commuter) airport do-able in...
  469. smokinwater

    RIP Mama

    Very beautiful post. Awesome smile of a true ambassador for Baja, and all of Mex.
  470. smokinwater

    youth revisited

    Thx for posting. Been a while since there's been any updates on Castro's. That mold issue really hurt them. Hope they have a better summer than years past.
  471. smokinwater

    Big Mama YT

    WOW-zer!! Doesn't look like it fit in your kill bag. WTG!!
  472. smokinwater


    Awesome report, as always Capitan. Huuuge whitefish there. Quite the visual on the pinnacle there too. Love the office!
  473. smokinwater

    Castro Camp

    First off, I have not been to SQ yet. My $.02 is head to Vonny's over Castros'. Ivan is the owner, speaks perfect English, has awesome panga skippers, i.e. Beto, and has great chances for bottom and YT. Basically, follow the roads around Ensenada bay to Bufadora and you're there...
  474. smokinwater

    I have a bulging disc, now what?

    As a "member of the Club", I appreciate the number of guys that try to utilize the non-traditional remedies as much as possible. I've tried to limit pain meds to as short of time as possible over the recmds posted already. Mike, what I've come to learn is that every BODY is different and no ONE...
  475. smokinwater

    Proud Father

    So cool!! Congratulations to him, and to you as parents! May he always be safe.
  476. smokinwater

    Est cost to re-wrap

    When I've shopped around, I've found a number of guys that charge about $10/ guide, on the high end, but have never taken a rod down further than guides. I, too, like older, classic rods that have withstood the test of time.
  477. smokinwater

    Cooler to bring fish back from baja ?

    My white Costco cooler did us fine, but we did have the fish processed when we were at Buena Vista. In place of the towel, as suggested, a friend got me to try using newspaper as a blanket top before closing & sealing the cooler. I now prefer that in place of the towel.
  478. smokinwater

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    My $.02> if going and you are from out-of-town, don't forget to call your credit union and let them know you may be using your debit/credit cards there. One year in Long Beach, our account was frozen because one of our purchases was run thru an outfit from Florida. (We drove up from San Diego.)...
  479. smokinwater


    Condolences to you and the family. Dogs are special "people", full of personality, warmth and love. I hate seeing these threads, but read each one because they remind me how special all of our pets are. They've seen our kids grow. They've sat with us for comfort, but end up giving the comfort...
  480. smokinwater


    Knotty: my ins agent didn't want to touch this issue, but was telling me to line up a lawyer. I said thanks, and hung up. The way I figured it, #1 I'd be suing myself, and #2 as long as the HOA Board wants this done, suing would bring the project to a complete halt.
  481. smokinwater


    The complex is mid-70's era. Only thing that comes close to how that much soil got above the slab/bottom plates is years of planting and re-planting, never removing the soil. That wired in black siding paper and concrete was completely broken down, viewed from inside the unit. Wils, one board...
  482. smokinwater


    Met with 3 board members and their general contractor. They all agree association will have to be the lead on this project. They're talking permits and soils survey & engineering to deal with the moisture in the soil from contacting the structure above the slab line. I think I'm gonna be OK...
  483. smokinwater


    Gil: since me and mud (and stucco) don't play well, I was thinking that IF a consensus here said it would be a good thing, the guy I have doing the hanging would be the one to- I guess- smooth coat it. Wils: the association Prez was telling me our Head Maint guy (owner of company) is a general...
  484. smokinwater

    Who is the best Dorado Fishermen in Los Barriles?

    I fished with that same father/son team as you, Zane, but didn't come close to your dodo. They are very good to fish with, though. Definitely, X2!!
  485. smokinwater


    Wow, jackets and sweaters and caps because it was cold, but yet there's a bunch of YT there. Awesome, Capitan!!
  486. smokinwater

    Ensenada "BD" Charter on the "Amigo"...

    When I take the family, we stay just a bit further south (maybe 1 1/2mile) at Corona. Nice restaurant, very secure parking, professional front desk help. About $100-. First time we stayed there, I booked thru Trip Advisor, and they offered a free Ready Pass to get back across the border. We now...
  487. smokinwater

    Ensenada "BD" Charter on the "Amigo"...

    Sammy's a good guy, and his boat is very comfortable. I don't remember it being named the Amigo though. Neither here nor there, still good outfit.
  488. smokinwater

    What's the real deal with rental car insurance?

    To add $.02, I have MEX car ins for when I drive to ENS to fish, but was told it is NOT an acceptable ins when I fly to East Cape/Cabo and rent. Different type of policy is required.
  489. smokinwater


    This topic has raised its ugly head on me: found out my condo exterior wall has mold in it. Always would smell what I thought was the toilet from the adjoining bathroom. The complex is 70's vintage, and has that ol' rustic rock glued to the bottom 2ft. Opening up the interior wall and I find it...
  490. smokinwater


    When the repairs were last made after the huge collapse couple years back, I stuck by my promise not to use this road again. I get off at (think it's La Mision) where they set up the detour. Only adds about 20 minutes to the drive. Draw back is it's a single lane each direction. Not too big of a...
  491. smokinwater

    Rpt.-12-19-15 Salsapuedes Lings, Critters and a Tail!

    Your trip reads awesome! Fantastic pics as well. We all know you guys are true sports-fishermen. Thanks for sharing. Was looking for your post in the Baja forum, so thanks for the re-direct, Derek. Jon
  492. smokinwater

    How do I check weather for a Colnett trip?

    Scopolimin or some of the remedies offered at top of Baja Reports thread should also be in your arsenal, especially with the little guys/gals. Keeps fishing fun!
  493. smokinwater

    Looking for Rod Holders

    I get them at the Fred Hall Show, usually the best prices for them there. If your project can wait and you need more than a couple, you can save a few bucks, depending on how many you need.
  494. smokinwater

    Ensenada Squid FWIW 12/19

    Been wondering how its been down there. How was the water, swells?
  495. smokinwater

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    I bought all 3 of us PFDs years back after following others recommendations here. Haven't taken them when fishing on SD charters, but always when fishing ENS boats. Put them in our carry-on bag when flying further south, but remove than CO2 cartridge because I can't get a straight answer about...
  496. smokinwater

    Have you seen this? Divers beware too funny!

    Funny stuff! She's a sweetheart, just looking out for others!!
  497. smokinwater

    We won a battle....Not the War

    I commend you for being of character enough to accept the position. It's bothersome when someone brings issues forward, then turn around and lets/expects others to do the work. Good on ya, and, yes, your wife can congratulate you now. You've impress the group you are not going away, so it is in...
  498. smokinwater

    Is it me? Yes, it must be me....

    Weird, yes, Funny, Even more YES!! Thx.
  499. smokinwater

    Ever get that feeling of getting older?

    So I start to notice that I'm seeing "specks" and haze in the vision of one eye. After a couple of days I call for an appointment to get my eye checked. Receptionist says it might be a month or so because of vacations for the doctors. I tell her to schedule the appointment, but likely I'll be...
  500. smokinwater

    Yellowtail Jig Recommendations

    X2 on blue & white with a fast retrieve.
  501. smokinwater

    Cedar plug keeps twisting my line?

    ...maybe that's why I never catch anything with them.
  502. smokinwater

    Question: "ashy" build-up on rods

    Gotta really look closely at the discoloration, maybe even take it to a rod builder for an opinion, but very likely coating will be needing to be stripped. Get some rec'ds from who in your area is reputable, even if you don't get the work done right away. Been there, done that, and was better...
  503. smokinwater

    Shelter Island Launch ramp upgrades- Looks like it will happen this time!

    On this point, wouldn't this be a Port of San Diego project? Might address the shortage b/c Port does do a better job at funding/managing than City. (Fingers crossed!)
  504. smokinwater

    San Diego trip

    New Lo-An
  505. smokinwater

    Coronado Islands - What to Know?

    ... if anyone going likes seals, that person will have a blast! Take patience with you, for sure, and you should still be able to fill an ice chest.
  506. smokinwater

    Get It Checked!

    The wife and I decided to do it together, and it was both uncomfortable and a relief all in one: colonoscopy. We're in the upper-55year old bracket and did the lower half about 10 years ago. This time we went for the full monty. Prep starts by avoiding certain minor food items about 3 days out...
  507. smokinwater

    Looking for a long range trip based in Baja

    Just to chime in early, because you'll already be in prime fishing grounds- not needing to travel from SD south- a lot of the fishing you are targeting could be as easy as getting to which ever docks you choose at about 3:00am. and doing the day-trip thing 2-or-3 times in the time span you...
  508. smokinwater


    Congrats to USMC, world's finest! Thank you all!
  509. smokinwater


    Do I get my penny back?
  510. smokinwater


    Wow. Thanks for catching my bad. Goes to show my $.02 isn't worth $.02. Still might want to get the FMM though. (My $.01)
  511. smokinwater


    My $.02: get the FMM. It's good for months. Why chance Mex Navy confiscating your shit. Minor inconvenience for more peace of mind.
  512. smokinwater

    Reel Servicing needed.

    Found Tony Alva from a bunch of recommendations here. Lives in Clairemont area. Very nice work at a very good price. I saw that he also does guides and rod re-wraps. Quick turn-around time as well. 858-395-3722. Bought a re-conditioned reel from Ken's at the FH show some years back, and a couple...
  513. smokinwater

    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    I'm more of a drive-and-park-there kind of guy, but if you do park in US side and follow PoolMan's recommendations, which are very good, once across the border, look for guys with luggage dollys or carts to help you to the taxi stands. It might be just a few more steps, but for the tips they...
  514. smokinwater

    R&R New Motor

    Don't know shit about boat motors, but will be following this thread in case there's something I CAN help with. Pls continue to post on the details.
  515. smokinwater

    Condolences to Mikey Likes It

    Condolences to you and your family. Prayer sent.
  516. smokinwater

    Police recover stolen boat

    ...what would make it even nicer is if they get a cellmate named "Bubba".
  517. smokinwater


    (Type in a "search" for the place at the top of the page.)
  518. smokinwater

    Looking for charter yacht

    X2 on Hornblower. If you pop into a hotel lobby, might possibly find a coupon for them.
  519. smokinwater

    California's new Prop. 47 tax

    Read a news item about a woman who's brand new Jeep honked and lights flickered when she locked it with the remote. Following morning, it had the same type of theft occur. Turns out, Jeep told her that her brand new car had programing software that had to be "updated", and unless she had asked...
  520. smokinwater

    FMM and and credit card fraud

    In the scenario that you got hacked when you bought your FMM, did you/are we suppose to pay with a card, or can we pay cash, i.e. U.S. dollars? Haven't been down since the mandatory FMM rule in effect. Impression I get is the bigger banks don't really go out of their way to help you get your $...
  521. smokinwater

    Seal gets an e-ticket

  522. smokinwater


    OK, question here: when I do any work where I rip into a wall, I always buy and use pressure treated wood 'cause of this very subject. Am I wasting my money? Would I do any better just following the "Kilz" route? Hope all these questions don't amount to thread-jacking; sorry guys.
  523. smokinwater

    Another friend on his way home from the warzone...

    Really stunned by this. As you say, coming back after his tour. Fricken shame to have lost him at that point. Very sad.
  524. smokinwater


    For my info, why would you need to identify the particular mold? Would still need to take precautions anyhow, wouldn't you? And I have been under the impression that people that get really sick or die from mold would be more sensitive than those that come in contact with the same spores and...
  525. smokinwater


    I tried looking, but quickly gave up when prices were described. I ended up doing a search and found those paste-on plastic magnifying lenses to put on any pair of sunglasses. Actually turned the receipt over to my insurance provider, who fought me over the $20- lenses. Appealed and won my...
  526. smokinwater

    Los Barriles in November

    If you rely on a Google search for your info, you'll miss a wonderful time. Glad you came here for your source for info. You won't regret your trip!
  527. smokinwater

    Quadruple bypass surgery

    Thank you for the update! So happy for you, Dad and all the family! Great, big , (soft) hugs all around! ok, and a few tears of joy!
  528. smokinwater

    10 daze SOB

    Didn't read your write up. Pics were too awesome to wait any longer! Other than that scorpion, really neat trip for sure!
  529. smokinwater

    pin head looking for work

    100% of the time, there's something that needs taken care of. Figure out what "it" is, and see it through. Better to just keep working so the crew can judge your ability to be self-directed, instead of asking them what needs to be done. Good luck!
  530. smokinwater

    San Felipe 10-12-2015

    Is this your place? Absolutely beautiful. I keep putting off going, but sure moves up on my list.
  531. smokinwater

    Quadruple bypass surgery

    Have to echo what's already been said here. Although I don't know anyone personally that have undergone the procedure, in my career as a first responder I've contacted many who have had the surgery. There's no way to minimize the gravity of by-pass, but the very reasons why a person/your father...
  532. smokinwater

    Oldman baboom on yellows

    Very nice yellow there!
  533. smokinwater

    Sept. 5th will never be the same

    Update: Thank you all for the very kind words. What they tell me is that the true story- that of Msgt/1st Lt Combs- is a worthy story! I really wanted to connect my friend with the Dad he, and MANY others didn't know, and it worked. I got together with my friend about a week or so after I...
  534. smokinwater

    Gordo bank...targeted wahoo

    That hoo was niiice!! Glad to hear you convinced the skipper to fish your way! And glad he stepped it up! Great pics, and fantastic report.
  535. smokinwater

    Sept. 5th will never be the same

    This is a repost from a few years ago. Let's not forget. I have a friend that lives across the street from me, and we were shooting the shit over some beers. He's a private kinda of guy, and rarely speaks of his Dad. He's told me bits and pieces: His Dad was a Marine, and is buried in...
  536. smokinwater

    RIP Marty

    Always thought it very cool he was probably better known for his fishing than his acting, which was fun "back in the day". Good guy there, I'll remember him!
  537. smokinwater

    Well, fuck me.

    We all feel the pain you're going thru. On a better note: you can rent out your boat for some of the catch.
  538. smokinwater

    Deep Sea Fishing noob

    (I'll be watching this one!) If you are the newbie you say you are, Welcome!! Over a year here, I'm sure you've picked up a few pointers already. Start by doing a "search" in the forum that closest resembles the location of fishing you want to do and go from there. Currents and winds play into...
  539. smokinwater

    Advice on circle hooks

    When using circle, I've fished under the impression that the "swim-away-while-chewing" action of the fish translates into no-need-to-rush on my part. I needed to exercise much more patience- longer than the 3-4 seconds Fishingggg describes- and basically let the fish run. What has been very cool...
  540. smokinwater

    ...what the heck just happened...???

    Could be, MAY-be I did? Hola!!
  541. smokinwater

    ...what the heck just happened...???

    I like this idea, simple and cuts to the point of shared expense. And, no, Victor never did pitch in for gas. Chalked up to the never-invite-back list.
  542. smokinwater

    Advice on circle hooks

    X2 on wrong size. At least, that was my problem. Went back to J, and letting them chew longer.
  543. smokinwater

    ...what the heck just happened...???

    A friend of mine has asked me to help him get back into fishing now that we're retired. Went last season and did well in Ensenada, so we were going to head back for more. One of his (mature) friends, Victor, showed interest, so on his recommendation that guy came along as the 3rd to help pay for...
  544. smokinwater

    penn 112 repair?

    Agree with Ken's, but there's another option I got from here: a guy named Tony Alva. Where Ken is in O'side, Tony is in Clairemont. Lot of recommendations here so I tried him and found him reliable. 858-395-3722 Basically, I-805xBalboa. Should be an easy fix like johndtuttle said above, and any...
  545. smokinwater

    Shimano Torium 20hg Upgrades?

    That's what I'm thinking as well. Try giving a call back to the company, and they'll certainly take a look at it under warranty. They'll probably end up replacing your drag washers anyhow once apart. Expect to have it mailed and insured outgoing at your expense, but they'll take care of you.
  546. smokinwater

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Prayers for you both tonight for sure. May you be blessed with peace in your hearts, minds and souls. As for cancer: F*** cancer!
  547. smokinwater

    Sea World releases seals in San Diego if we don't have enough of them... Thanks, Sea World.
  548. smokinwater


    If you got the $$ it's worth it, sometimes less pricey during the week. Better yet: network and buy onto someone else's boat. ....just say no to kayaks!
  549. smokinwater

    found fishing gear Shelter Island 8/19/15

    I'd love to see gear & rightful owner reunite! Fingers crossed.
  550. smokinwater

    Ensenada. 8-17-15

    Sounds like a good mix!
  551. smokinwater

    Where can I find rubber rod clips?

    Where is "locally" for you? Don't remember if Turner's has them if there is one near you. Recmd getting them at the FHS or the Day At the Docks-type event at Fisherman's Landing, usually in the fall months, if you can hold out. Paid about 1/2 price at FHS for them.
  552. smokinwater

    Ensenada Panga Style! (Finally get to make a report)

    You got to look up a recent thread and discussion on grinders/spinning reels!! You just proved a whole bunch of guys' point on spinners!! Welcome, and hope to read many more of your posts!
  553. smokinwater

    Gut Saver?

    At FHS, I got a device that's made out of a yellow, durable foam cushion with a tennis-ball size mold that fits over the butt of the rod. It's called Cush-It. Only problem is you cannot use a rocket launcher to stow the rod.
  554. smokinwater

    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    I might try spooling a spinner after all this discussion. Can't say I've seen/noticed spinner as a combo before, and I have some braid laying around.
  555. smokinwater

    Fred Hall LB vs. DM

    Took the suggestion from Slater here and made the drive to LB. Now I won't go back to DM unless I absolutely can't make Long Beach. Lesson learned though: don't try driving back same day!
  556. smokinwater

    Huge 61-pound roosterfish from East Cape surf

    Looking at the pic, the tune "I Love This Bar" comes to mind. Great looking addition there.
  557. smokinwater


    Well, just renewed our annual auto insurance thru Baja Bound and asked about medical travel insurance. In addition to Travelex as mentioned by bparker, was given Medex, linked from Baja Bound's home page, and also found IMG Global, which seems to have a lower premium for us cost conscious...
  558. smokinwater

    Dana Point Boat Fire

    Todays' SCBA's have a lot of electronics to 'em. Had a friend jump in the Bay while wearing one. Figured out fast it wasn't a good idea, but the protection from the smoke is still a must. Water resistant vs water proof?
  559. smokinwater

    Spear fishing at the Coronados?

    (I'm hopin' someone from that group reads this. I kinda thought this was the case.)
  560. smokinwater

    Spear fishing at the Coronados?

    Was talking to some at the CONAPESCA counter when buying my license today. (I might be the only one to not have got the word, but the location has changed.) Anyhow, he was saying he and some friends were heading out to spear fish at the islands. He sounded new to it because he wasn't certain if...
  561. smokinwater

    A little good news...

    Very cool!
  562. smokinwater

    Trying to get in on the action...

    For me, I am my own worst enemy. I can't cast (more like don't try), so I am limited to whatever comes in close to the boat. Secondly, I tend to grab the bait that's easiest to grab. Big no-no! Be patient and get the bait that's most lively! And keep getting out there!
  563. smokinwater

    Newbie needs advise for Cabo trip this fall.

    Lots has already been suggested in this forum on East Cape (X3!), so do a search in this section. Keep an open mind about the all inclusive-thing; you'll find some folks have input on simple hotels that are comfortable and less pricy = more fishing!! You'll also find info on whether you should...
  564. smokinwater

    Santa Rosaliita 7/25-7-30

    Really nice sized whites and calicos! Hoping this month will be my first outing of the season, and will be trying to release more than I bring back, too. Picked up a couple pacs of circle hooks for the cause.
  565. smokinwater

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    X2 on that Weston. Have a (newer) Food Saver that's frustrated me a lot, and hoping this thing falls off my table and breaks! I know from previous posts these Westons are top notch, but what do you find as the biggest difference with them? And will the FS bags work with them? Still have a full...
  566. smokinwater


    WOW!! Your smaller one is plenty large!! WTG!
  567. smokinwater


    I posted earlier this year of a trip to PV. My wife tripped and broke a wrist: $200- was do-able. Following day I fell and blew my knee, to have it rebuilt with the hospital stay: $5000-. Actually, very impressed with the care, but as I've been saying since: not too many vacationers travel with...
  568. smokinwater

    Sorry, Costco, but I had to do it!

    Over the last few months, I been competing with the wife to see who gets to the coupon book (advertising book now) from Costco. I been taking advantage of the sales on Kirkland-brand clothes so much, I really haven't even tried them on, so they just been stacking up on the dresser. I've been...
  569. smokinwater

    help! First time on 3/4 day

    X(however many) on the "follow the deckhands' advice". Run up and down the rail to keep the line straight out to prevent those nasty tangles. "Please", "thank you" and a sincere smile to the deckies goes a long way!
  570. smokinwater

    Freezing fish

    I do the pre-freeze thing, but gonna have to try the plastic wrap thing. Makes a lot of sense. Good call.
  571. smokinwater

    What does yellowtail and white seabass taste like.

    Actually, I've had that and was pretty surprised at how good it was.
  572. smokinwater

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Been off the board here for a couple of months and come to find out things worked out in the end!! Really happy for you and the kids. I want to say stupid stuff about what you have been through, but right now, stupid doesn't matter. It's done, and over! Enjoy your daughters.
  573. smokinwater

    It's a small World after all

    A little late to enter this fray, but when ever I call a company and get a rep that's got an accent that sounds like an off-shore call center, I always ask for someone in the U.S. I have heard there is a Federal law that requires companies transfer back to U.S. if it is requested. Of course...
  574. smokinwater


    Very cool report, Capitan.
  575. smokinwater

    La Salina

    There's a couple of guys down there now- or soon will be (Yellowklr), so you may want to check back for one of his reports. Or shoot him a PM; he's familiar with the area.
  576. smokinwater


    Always a pleasure to read and see your reports, Capitan'.
  577. smokinwater

    Evening Drinks?

    I understand why that size shot glass! :appl::appl:
  578. smokinwater

    A conundrum

    Pour what you can out. Add a few ounces of water, swish it around, dump into pot, then recycle.
  579. smokinwater

    Legal Bait

    Been there, done that.
  580. smokinwater

    Evening Drinks?

    Very good tequila- but not Patron because I'm cheap like that- and Coors Light chaser.
  581. smokinwater

    Barriles or La Paz in July?

    Couple months back, this question came up and received a bunch of input. Feedback included hotels and places to eat. Try the search option in this same forum. Never been to La Paz, but Barriles is slow paced, easy getting around. I found everyone friendly. As I offered before: make sure the...
  582. smokinwater

    newbie need some help

    All good advice here, but the one thing I would recommend is this: research to the fullest, go to tackle shops, do all that stuff, compile a short list, then see if you can find your gear either here under the classifieds or on Craig's List. Might be able to stretch that $300- to a $500- or...
  583. smokinwater

    Fishing Popotla This Sunday any suggestions or recent reports?

    Weather reports should be taken into consideration, particularly heavy swells and strong winds. It can be fun when conditions are tolerant.
  584. smokinwater

    rosarito panga advice

    Do a search in the Baja Reports forums on Popotla. Closest fishing to Rosarito. Never been myself, but plenty of others have posted on good times there.
  585. smokinwater

    Last Cast sportfishing Ensenada 5/2

    Now that's the kind of report I like reading about! Good boat, hard working crew, doing what they can to make the customer feel like they matter. We've all been on trips where the catch is light, but this proves it's the captain, crew and condition of the boat that makes for a good day on the water.
  586. smokinwater

    My son.....iPad nerd to Sports Star!

    Very cool picture of him! He sure looks proud, and he's got every reason to be! WTG!
  587. smokinwater

    Vintage Tackle? What do I have?

    X2 on the man - cave decor. Get one of those types of frames that people make "shadow boxes" with and go at it. Nice stuff there.
  588. smokinwater

    Recommendations for a few days fishing, anywhere!

    My $.02: head to Alaska, particularly if you have never been. Astonishingly beautiful destination with a chance at some of the best of Northern world-class fishing that many of us on this site can only hope for. The warm water destinations will always be warm, and the catch is pretty much...
  589. smokinwater

    Question: Help with yellowtail bellies.

    Like Whammy, I also like the collars. The fillets are good, but no question, the bellies and the collars are best! Hopefully you got those, too.
  590. smokinwater

    Captain Recommendations

    (Commenting to keep your post at the top.) Can't speak specifically on Rancho, but at Buena Vista they had a small fleet owned/operated by the resort. The Captains were very good and knowledgeable, and had nice boats and very well maintained equipment. Likely the same type of deal going on at...
  591. smokinwater

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    X1,000 to Lynndeva and Momo comments. Stay composed. Come across professional. Judges will ask for an explanation of her request WITH RESERVATION. They've heard this shit before and will question her (evil) intentions as soon as the judge reads her papers. Remain calm. Answer direct, not long...
  592. smokinwater

    Rpt.-Wed. On a Sergio Panga in Ensenada!

    Great report, Cory! Sounds like you all had a blast!
  593. smokinwater

    South of the Border: Fishing in Ensenada or Rosarito or OTHER

    ENS is good for doing multiple day fishing trips. Don't know if Rosarito has boats to hire, but there's a town called Popotla that you can do a search here on. They launch from the beach. Usually half day trips...again, do a search here. Another option is to travel an extra hour around the bay...
  594. smokinwater

    Summer Fishing Destination

    East Cape, but it'll be hot! Plenty previously posted here, just do a search on rec'ds. You can do the resort-stay or hotels in Barrilles. Exotics, surf, good mix to target. If you follow leads in your search, you'll find out that it's pretty cost-effective as well. Lot of info on whether or not...
  595. smokinwater

    New Eagle Scout

    Wow! Way to go! I've only met a couple of Eagle Scouts in my life time, or maybe others never shared. Certainly a rare breed of person to see the task through. Very cool! Congratulations!
  596. smokinwater

    Helping To Sell A Boat

    Never even thought of that! A straight forward sales approach. Thank you for the idea.
  597. smokinwater

    Helping To Sell A Boat

    A friend of ours has asked me to help her prep her late - husband's boat for sale. She actually told me more than I knew in that the husband had a guy come to the house and do regular maintenance so it was ready to fish. What I figure would be a good start is to have similar maintenance done...
  598. smokinwater

    My Son with the greatest catch of his life

    Congratulations on gaining a daughter! Jon
  599. smokinwater

    Condolences to Nunya

    Condolences for your loss, Maggie. I, too, recognize times have been rough on you. Prayer sent. Jon
  600. smokinwater

    DO drink the water . . .

    Great timing! At a point where I am giving up on beer as a primary good - past time drink. Going to liquor, and know I want good liquor! Been a long time proponent of water hydration while fishing. Surprisingly, friends that chose to join me fishing seem to welcome water (and some powerade)...
  601. smokinwater

    Passport Renewal

    SENTRI is a type of passport issued only after the applicant has passed an upgraded, comprehensive background check. It essentially is the "who are you" portion of the questions that you are asked when you return into the States. When crossing back at the border, the greatest advantage is your...
  602. smokinwater

    Passport Renewal

    X2 on the SENTRI! You'll be glad you did!
  603. smokinwater

    Ahhh, the lowly Bonito

    Have to admit it, but I'm one of those who doesn't know how to prep Bonito, so just give it to the crew. I cut one outing short because we were big into a Bonito bite along with the yt, and I/we didn't have a plan to use them. Gonna have to try your technique. Does it process and freeze as well?
  604. smokinwater

    Free healthcare for Americans - OOPS, I mean seals

    No scientist here, but my thought is that, by protecting them, these homegrown naturalists are over populating the "herds" beyond the natural supply of available food. Yep, we'll be the ones that are accused of over - fishing. As I've been saying for some time, what's next: protecting the...
  605. smokinwater

    How do you store your hooks?

    X2! And I will be using your idea. Thx!
  606. smokinwater

    First time to East Cape, looking for advice

    We fished (& stayed at Buena Vista) and we're really pleased with not only what we caught, but with all the fish being brought in each day. All the boats seemed to have very capable crews. As for staying there, might save a few bucks using other recommendations (do a search for previous threads...
  607. smokinwater

    Summer Salmon Trip Planning

    Will do, Swanny and Northerners! Because we are so flexible on when we do go, I think your collective posts will be used to do the planning. The wife has gone into Mexico fishing with me a bunch of times, and enjoys it. But ever since a salmon fishing trip to Alaska a number of years back, she...
  608. smokinwater

    Summer Salmon Trip Planning

    Our intent is to charter and use their gear- don't want to fool around with airline baggage hassles. Hopefully going to get in 3 days over a week. So I gather we should try to get to Westport or, more likely Neah Bay. Do some of the charter captains drop crab pots for us, or is that not permitted?
  609. smokinwater

    Summer Salmon Trip Planning

    Very much appreciated info! Gives us an idea on "what and where" to plan. I'll use Barracuda1 suggestion to look up regs in April. Thanks again, guys!
  610. smokinwater

    Summer Salmon Trip Planning

    Thx for the link! Got it bookmarked, and find it very informative! Jon
  611. smokinwater

    Summer Salmon Trip Planning

    We're wanting to head north to get into some salmon this summer, probably towards Whidbey Island since it seems to be centrally located. I've previously posted requests for info on Neah Bay, but now the planning has shifted east. Where can I find info on what MA and open seasons for MA...
  612. smokinwater

    Ever try these hooks?

    I think I got the bunch I have at FH Show. Price was right and I like 'em!
  613. smokinwater

    Question fishing rock fish south of the border

    When bottom fishing in Baja, I've found consistently good quality fish as common. As such, I've actually changed my rigs to three hooks plus lead, 8-16ozs. Makes my day last longer, and a lot less pull-back to battle. Of course, Mex charter captains/deck hands will turn over their catch to you...
  614. smokinwater

    jimmy & friends,sq.

    Love your reports, Capt Juan!
  615. smokinwater

    Getting in-shape for offshore?

    Maybe on one of those boards that have that half ball under it for strengthening balance as well? I'm definitely not trained in exercise therapy- and have the body to prove it- but just trying to throw an idea out
  616. smokinwater

    Dorado and hoo

    Nicely done!
  617. smokinwater

    baja hotels

    That time could be heating up, so may want to also ask what places have good working a/c. I have a friend that rented on vrbo (or similar), but didn't ask about a/c, and regretted it. As long as you ask, you'll be prepared. Then slay 'em when you get there!
  618. smokinwater

    Okay another Newbie question, how to yoyo?

    So true, sounds easy, but in my case, bad habits are hard to break! Very hi "landing %" when I can avoid setting the hook. % drops way down when I break this pearl of advice. Practice constraint.
  619. smokinwater

    Airline Ticket Add-on Attitude Changer

    Oh, for sure on that!
  620. smokinwater

    Airline Ticket Add-on Attitude Changer

    The wife and we're invited to spend 10 days as guests at friend's condo in PV. All it was gonna cost was airfare. First time booking on Volaris, so called with questions about the add-ons. Only one that didn't make sense was insurance, which was described as if we die to or from the airport...
  621. smokinwater

    New Greenhouse NO I'm not growing weed

    As a kid, my dad drew me a picture of a weed he pulled from his tomato bed. Yep, sure looked like mj weed to me. We figured people smoking pot threw the roach over from the alley fence. Later I told my brother, who turn white and ran out to the backyard! How does one smoke tomato?? :D
  622. smokinwater

    Ensenada, 1/28/15, HELP!

    X2 with Apple Harbor. Taking a taxi to the panga gangway will save you bucks. There's always pangas there ready to go, particularly for your short stay there. One thing though: after your fishing, a bit more traffic getting out of the area of the docks. Not a deal buster, just not as quick as...
  623. smokinwater

    Prayers please

    Prayer sent for all your family. CPR is a good thing to learn, but any CPR started right away is beneficial, and may have been the case here in sustaining life until medics arrive. Please All, class or no class, just do it. Again, best thoughts and prayers. Jon
  624. smokinwater

    Vibes, thoughts, prayers........

    Hey, Mike, first I/we want you know we never would address this or ANY family situation as "rambling". Our Brother, we would say you are sharing your pain, and we welcome you to share as often as you need. MJB/"Mark" offered he hates to say it but.... Having been in this same position, we do...
  625. smokinwater

    RIP Mom.

    My compassion goes out to you, Brother, as I lost my mom a couple of years back. Hardest thing was being the one to make final decisions after having been the one- mostly my wife- that provided end-of-life care to her. Her now being in a better place doesn't make the pain of losing her any...
  626. smokinwater


    Wow-zers! Great one-hour day of fishing!
  627. smokinwater

    Need Help: Esmeralda in PV

    Thanks, ??, I don't feel quite as lost now. And now, will there be boats & pangas there for hire, or do I have to head south?
  628. smokinwater

    Need Help: Esmeralda in PV

    How I managed to delete the email with my info will be a mystery. Where the heck is this place located in PV? In any event, will be there beginning next week and wanted to start lining up a boat, but until I know where Esmeralda is, I don't know who to start with. My wife is gonna kick some...
  629. smokinwater

    second rod Stamp question

    Only time I fished two rods on a lake without the second rod stamp, a truck sat up on a nearby hill in the sun so I couldn't make out if DFG. Thought about bringing in one of them, but didn't thinking it would be too obvious if it WAS a DFG. Soon the truck drove down and turns out it was The...
  630. smokinwater

    Sergios 12/27-28 Ensenada

    Yep on Sergio's services offered for the price, and X2 on US boats, although I do fish them every so often. To all concerned what Sergio might make, its more often what you'd be paying for those "little services" out-of-pocket to us fishing, i.e. parking, tipping for loading ice chests and...
  631. smokinwater

    second rod Stamp question

  632. smokinwater

    Just Jigs

    I wish I could overcome my fear of bird nest syndrome and throw. Sometimes its frustrating when the bites on but I can't reach it. Maybe that can be my New Years resolution; practice, practice, practice.
  633. smokinwater

    Fly with Rod ???s

    Take a look at the top of the threads posted for links to buy your license on-line. Never had to do it; live in SD and just drive to the MEX tourism office in town here. Enter a search query for other's input for the on-line purchase. As for the rods/tackle/reels, I've been following previous...
  634. smokinwater

    Need one for Friday&Sat Ensenada fishing

    This is the second trip you've posted about that I'll miss. Last one was your Mainland trip. Heading out to PV next week so gotta pass again, but pls post how you do. Jon
  635. smokinwater

    Hearing aids at Costco

    Like a previous poster, my recent experience is somewhat different in that I needed eye glasses. Had a new prescription from Kaiser; had glasses made at Costco with very fast turn around time, maybe 10 days. Took the same prescription to Sharp Hospital Optometry Clinic (employer was buying me...
  636. smokinwater

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    This topic has been on the boards a number of times before. I think it's fair to say there are reasons to be cautious when we travel to MEX... IF we travel to MEX. FRESHWON has a good point: long-range! As for me, I don't see my fishing trips into MEX changing anytime soon. Yeah, crime hurts...
  637. smokinwater

    Best Christmas Ever!

    Your title says it all: Best Xmas Ever! Congratulations! And congrats to the kids, soon-to-be-parents!
  638. smokinwater

    Fishing Gear as Family Heirlooms...???

    I agree with Walkerman: pics of you using whatever you decide to buy & use yourself. Advances in the products we all use today will probably make much of it less desirable, but the pics will keep. I agree, though, make whatever you go get now high(er) end quality. My first-ever rod was a...
  639. smokinwater

    Where to take cheap Mini-Vacation with wife???

    There's a hot springs destination in the mountains east of San Diego that might be worth google-ing. Never been, and don't know much more than it is there. Anyone know of it?
  640. smokinwater


    Have not stopped going, but in no hurry to use the toll road anymore. "Scenic" free road is fine for me. Agree though, Apple, ENS could use the boost to their economy, along with the rest of Baja.
  641. smokinwater

    Inflatable Life vest Questions

    As you might have figured by now, they come either manual activated (pull cord), or manual/auto-activated, thus the "recharge" kit. Each also have a tube to self-inflate by blowing into the bladder. I still sometimes wear one similar to what you're wearing when it's colder out b/c it keeps me...
  642. smokinwater

    Baja yellows!

    Well done! Love those pangas down there.