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    boating related......

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    I found a use for my Crocs

    Merry Christmas from Central Oregon, everyone.
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    New 14 day quarantine requirement

    Does this include multiday trips returning from Mexican waters...
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    time for college FB trash talk?

    c'mon you guys. dont let the chinese virus get in your way.....
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    Conception: new safety regulations?

    Di Fi proposes 2 emergency exits...…. no placement, mind you. just 2 emergency exits There are other proposals, also.
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    for you married guys....

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    too soon?

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    Smoke Detectors

    I never thought about this much before, but I have this week: Are Home Depot-type smokies certified for marine environment/ocean boat usage? I read an article where a crew member of the boat that just burned said that the smokies that were installed on the boat were "Home Depot-type". I googled...
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    Hook and Hand

    When did this become such a hugely mandated requirement? I don't recall it being a requirement before this millennial generation came of age. Or was it always just a San Diego thing?
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    Extreme paddy hopping?

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    Finally. CDFW tells the world that the MPAs were unsurveyed.

    "Surveys were video-based and provided a first look at the many recently established MPAs throughout the state"...
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    Anyone up for a skiff trip?

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    Be....the fish.

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    BFT - central oregon style

    I'll be mounting one of those marlin chairs on the bow and should be good to go. See ya'all at SCI in a week...….
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    Trolling for cows.

  16. wils


    one of your ex-es keeps fucking with BD. will you PLEASE give her back her fleshlight??????
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    Another Yeti cooler issue

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    All it needs is a tower......

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    Why are gilnets still in the water?

    I know its a rhetorical question, but......
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    Epoxy garage floor

    I need some tips for a 4 month garage slab in my latest spec house here in Central Oregon. Basic prepping of the concrete. Acid wash is out? or go ahead and open all doors? Brands for the various epoxies? There is the normal minor cracking outside the control joints. Should I do anything with...
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    update: oregon rockfish closure

    Since the closure was mentioned in another thread here, scroll down to the first article for the latest update....
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    conor v floyd is pay-per-view.....

    but under what "category" of ppv is the question.....
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    Is this what I've missed?

    Does anyone remember when you saw your first GoPro on a guys head and all of a sudden the fish you were on made a run in that direction just so you could knock off the guys GoPro while performing a perfectly timed "over"?
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    SoCal Great Whites......

  25. wils

    Time for high country bassin'

    Here in Central Oregon, our spawn is a couple months later than SoCal.
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    Just add white deck booties.......

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    "Horse wins 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby"

    Actual AOL headline..........
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    Things I am glad for today

    I am DAMNED glad that I didn't lose my psychiatrist and my GYN today! :puff:
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    FishFinder Recommendation please.

    Its time for me to get a new FF for my freshwater bass boat. My current FF is 10+ years now so I'm kind of out of touch with what is happening with todays finders. Here in Central Oregon I don't need the combo chart plotter. Just the fishfinder. Color. Hi-def. 100' maximum depths Any advice is...
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    for the married BDers.....

    To my darling husband, Before you return from your long range trip, I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the Ford F-150 when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately it was not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me. I was coming...
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    Saltwater Fun with Albacores

    seeing how washi-guys are usually a few years behind others, this may be "new" to most of you. :D
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    Edible hammerhead

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    Tackle boxes with rocket launchers

    To this day, I can only see two reasons to have multiple rods at the tackle station: 1. Lazy-ass angler who cant walk 20' to exchange rods between stops but who can magically appear from stern rail-to-appetizer platter in less time than it takes the chef to take his finger off the mic. pig: 2...
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    weekend is over....time for fun

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    I cant find the regs on this.....

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    Ochoco 5-10

    topwater is starting to heat up.
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    Just for the Washi-Googs

    How could I resist NOT posting this? :puff:
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    am I dreaming??????

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    Indy Christmas 5-day?

    Was anybody on this trip? Got a report as to where you went, what you caught, weather you had? I had to deal with family health issues this fall or I would have signed up in October.
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    Drone vs Drone

    Too cool. Looks like an eagle or hawk going after a sea gull.
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    Hey RandyV!!!

    Is my boat iced down sufficiently? :D
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    Reading the fish report for the trip you were just on

    Why? Werent you there and already know what you did?
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    Why do all the SBs of SoCal need to view this every year?

    :Singin_In PS: can you imagine "frozen rain" event in socal? :rofl:
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    Albacore weather!!!

    Anyone remember "albacore weather"? OR&product1=High+Wind+Watch&lat=43.9869&lon=-124.1029#.VeDqJ_ZVhBd Albies should be WFO this weekend .................... from central oregon...
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    polyurethane on porcelain tile?

    Will oil-based polyurethane bond to the factory edge of porcelain tiles? People want a shiney edge but its already installed.......
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    Trip/Vacation Insurance

    We all know (or most of us know. or some of us know. or only I know?) that we can buy "vacation insurance" where if your trip/vacation falls through for various reasons (but not all reasons), you get your monies/some of your monies/not all of your monies back. Question: Does this insurance...
  47. wils

    Maybe these investigators should hit the SD landings/boats....

    ....and clear up the question of the landings/boats charging for Mexi permits/licenses but not then having them onboard. "OSP is accusing the company of charging customers for daily angling licenses, but never bought them from the ODFW and never provided them to customers."...
  48. wils

    Butcher block counter top guys, please

    I'm going to be installing a bb counter top on an island in my current house. I have found a huge difference in price from workbench tops vs counter tops. Whats the difference between them so I can let my customer know why the extra cost? If there is no difference, is it just a matter of final...
  49. wils

    Whats the number for Debbie Dootson School of Trucking?

    Joke for the day I was sitting at a long stoplight yesterday, minding my own business and patiently waiting for it to turn green, even though there was no on-coming traffic. A carload of bearded, young, loud Muslims, shouting Anti-American slogans, with a half-burned American Flag duct-taped on...
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    Popper bassin' @ Prineville Res 6/14/15

    6AM..................... I could have photo-chopped my hand out and made claims about tossing 12" poppers? What the heck. This little guy barely classifies as "post spawn" :D 7:30 - 9AM: when the water gets rough, head for wacky-country.... Landmark (who needs GPS?): Look...
  51. wils

    Prineville Res 5/31/15

    I sure would like to find the size and take limits on these. I have a popper just itchin' to hit a noggin or two. For those who have forgotten what SMB and LMB look like, heres what I been catchin'.....
  52. wils

    Ochoco is warming up

    57 degrees - water temp; not morning air....brrrr. half dozen cookie cutter male smallies before 10am. females should be showing up after the next full moon.
  53. wils

    ooops....left the plug in.

    last time i went fishing, i left the plug in when i got back. :Beat_Them 2" of rain is now draining out of the boat. :idiot:
  54. wils

    California Sportfishing League

    I believe that the current annual licensing system is fine just the way it is. Now take your e-mail phishing polls ON BLOODY DECKS and stick them UP YOUR ASS!!!!!
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    Fingerless gloves

    Does anyone know of fingerless gloves that will keep the rest of your hands warm in low-30s temps? They dont have to be waterproof; just easy to fish with.
  56. wils

    New trailer guides from Amazon

    Beautiful day for some pre-planned boat/trailer upgrades for the coming season. Ordered a set of trailer guides from Amazon to help get the boat back on the trailer without the need for swimming.... unopened shipping box from Amazon? check tools? check boat & trailer? check coffee? check cigar...
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    simple question

  58. wils

    bloody decks = todays' allcoast.

    taking a break from the casinos and perusing the latest greatest @ bd. yep. looking more like allcoast re-born every day. :D
  59. wils

    Nonsense!!! ........Guilty of not being guilty

    Kids walk home from school....just like most of us did when we were kids. Parents get charged with neglect. Parents are found guilty of unsubstantiated charges. WTFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...
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    Banner ad in rightside column messin' with the program!

    This one: it has "un" in a little blue box @ the upper left corner of itself. its auto-sound is ALWAYS on with no way to turn it off. and it (or another ad) is freezing the board.
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    To paraphrase a classic BD line.....

    Your guy break my guy!!!!
  62. wils

    Inches per turn

    OK. Now I'm really confused. I've been reading and learning about these new fangled 2-speed line winders......and paying close attention to this winter-doldrums "inches per turn" exactness discussion. Question: what size line is this referring? 2#? or 100#? mono? or Dacron?
  63. wils

    Crooked River @ Bowman Dam

    Went out to get my fishing "fix" this morning. Irrigation season is over so the reservoirs are back to reserving water. The water is shallow and slow. Caught a couple rainbows on the pink mini-rooster tail. Raised a few more on the yellow/white color. Beautiful morning in the 60's.
  64. wils

    Loving my horoscope for today

    You've got to get out there and deal with your personal life, like it or not, so you might as well like it. Don't waste a second wishing you were at the office. If you're out of practice, use today as an opportunity to pour on the charm. I'm on my way to charm some local small mouth bass.......
  65. wils

    Talking redfish......

  66. wils

    WSB & tuna on the same overnight trip?

    Will it happen during the full/new moon cycles late-July, August, September?? Anchor up at Clemente/Catalina/San Nic for pre-dawn WSB then head out for tunas...
  67. wils

    before you throw out all your tuna gear.....

    Since all fishing has been eliminated via the bft closure in mexi waters...... Since we have all been told recently that todays 'fisherman' cant tell the difference between species....... Since todays 'fisherman' is complaining about not being able to just ask "where are the pens?" and drive...
  68. wils

    LMBassin' Crane Prarie style

    I've got a bit of competition for topwater popper LMB at this lake: Between the bald eagles, ospreys, and cormorants I've had to change up my strategy. So I went to the dam to wiggle my worm: There is always ONE bass under this log jam --- never more, so off I went to "paddy hop" This paddy...
  69. wils

    Ochoco smb LOVE SoCal perch crack

    got tired of throwing the popper for smallies at ochoco lake, so I switched to ventura perch crack (gulp sand worms cut in half with a tiny split shot a foot or so up). instead of 20 smallies before noon, I got probably more than 30. Most were in the 1/2# - 1# pound range, but scratched out a...
  70. wils

    Central Oregon SMB

    Someone told me that SMB don't take the popper. Someone forgot to tell the fishies. 20+ yesterday by 10AM and another 15+ today before getting blown off at 9AM Selfie with another: typical smallie terrain: Probably just "beginners luck" as these were my first two days ever fishing...
  71. wils

    The switch from open-water BFT to pen-BFT

    What day this year will the now-accepted switch-over take place?
  72. wils

    Roofing idea for the true BDer

  73. wils

    if one of these hasnt happened to you.....

    .....then you aint fishin' enough.
  74. wils

    carls fish

    watchin' nascar and........
  75. wils

    This guy doesnt need his name in a book for killing big fish/sharks

    Maybe he should investigate C&R records for future trips?
  76. wils

    BD Trophies?

    Wahtsupwitdat oh colored ones?
  77. wils

    I'm getting extra websites when I click on BloodyDecks

    Just to let the BD Geeks know - when I click on BD (and also when I switch boards @ BD), in addition to BD loading I am also getting other websites loading and over-powering BD. If it was Salukis porn sites, I wouldnt mention anything. :D
  78. wils

    LED vs Plasma tv

    I'm going to buy one or the other this weekend. Do you guys have opinions on one or the other....that you could share?
  79. wils

    Note to Danika

    When running 7th at Talladega, passing the 6 cars in front of you is a darned good thing........EXCEPT when entering pit road for a green flag pit stop. :rofl:
  80. wils

    My new fishing grounds...........

    This is just one spot within an easy bike ride of my new locale - upper Deschutes between Bend and Benham Falls The gooses seem to like it, too. The lakes will have to wait until spring 'break'
  81. wils


    They didnt move the entrance to pitroad after the race started. Its still where its been for quite a while now. :rofl:
  82. wils

    To the spoiled bitches of SD

    you have a bunk. you have a place to stash your gear. you have a place to stash your tackle. you have hot galley service. you even have a head to P&S and brush your glowing white teeth. you DONT get a 'spot on deck' for your sleeping bag. you DONT get a spot on deck a small cooler filled...
  83. wils

    Simple question for the loan guys

    HELOC for 20% of appraised value on a 100% owner-owned house. What are my chances?
  84. wils

    you guys are being slackers

    Science Chronicles: Deer Overabundance and Ecosystem Degradation: A Call to Action now get out there and save our hardwood forests!
  85. wils

    'skimword' ads

    is there going to be a jackpot for the post with the most 'skimword' ads in it? :rofl:
  86. wils

    sometimes youre just not meant to have a good day

    freaky accident but what the heck. at least they got to fill their freezers with mako steaks Mako Shark Stuck in Propeller Costs Crew $63K in Tournament Winnings | Field & Stream
  87. wils

    this just has to be posted at BD

    :D <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  88. wils

    Construction Loans?

    Anyone have a contact for residential construction loan/line of credit? If so, PM me contact info, please. Thanks, Bill edit: this is for new construction; not home improvement
  89. wils

    Sprague River?

    Anybody have any contacts in Klamath and/or Sprague? I'm going to be passing through there in a couple weeks checking out some property I bought 30+ years ago and would be interested in a little background before I head up.
  90. wils

    Pacific Northwest guys

    Any of you guys know of this company: I'm restoring this diplay case and it would be nice to find out a little history about it: Its approximately 5' long x 2' deep x 1' tall and kind of old. It would make a nice display case for guns or reels and will be available after I find a...
  91. wils


    They're looking pretty good this year. They must have moved out of Chicago, eh? :D
  92. wils

    GoDaddy to change its name to...

    ....GoCougar,,20676411,00.html good'ol boy (literally 'boy') holding up the 'neck tradition and breakin' up that ol'ladies' marriage. oh yeah!
  93. wils

    They're BAAAAAAACK!!!!

    GO, SMOKE, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. wils

    mantis' gf takes a shower

  95. wils

    fully rigged hoop nets

    5 danielson rigged for inside the breakwalls and 1 promar with bridle. used $125 for all 6 ventura area
  96. wils

    Prop - suzuki stainless steel

  97. wils

    Hey Saluki!

    PM me your address and I'll have Allcoast send you some stickers.
  98. wils

    raffling off a lobster for $$$

    There is some minor detail about exchanging a sport-caught lobster for cash that is sticking in the back of my mind here. Any of you DFG lurker guys care to chime in on this:
  99. wils

    Property Management?

    Does anybody know anyone in the property management business in the ventura area?
  100. wils

    Braid for LMB?

    After my latest mono failure, its time for me to switch to braid-type line on my spinners. I have always used 8# mono. What are you guys using in a braid that will give me small diameter and "limpy" line?
  101. wils

    Hell froze over this afternoon

    Danika took responsibility for taking herself out at Richmond. :rofl:
  102. wils

    Intrepid 8/5-8/12

    Sorry for the late "report". work has been busy and I needed some time to recollect and rethink. Loading: 1 "red shirt" loading the carts 1 angler at a time x 5 minutes each x 26 anglers. We still left the dock about 10AM Sunday morning and had lunch after clearing the harbor. Sea conditions...
  103. wils

    GoPros mount where?

    Do those things mount on top of guys' heads? :confused: If so, do these guys know to duck even that much more when I'm coming 'over' with a hot fish? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Do GoPros float? :rofl:
  104. wils

    27 people on a 34' silverton?

    Whats the worst that could happen.....and did. :finger: this should be criminal.....
  105. wils

    Mirage 6/30

    It was a wee bit bumpy going out but the fishing grounds were nice. I got my limit for the year on squid dropper loop:
  106. wils

    your best guesstimate re: fuel surcharges

    How many threads will be started this season regarding fuel surcharges?
  107. wils

    casitas 5/14

    Shad. shad. and more shad. more shad than I've ever seen up there. both in school size and numbers of those schools. If I ever catch a bass this year, :eek: its gonna be a fattie!:D
  108. wils

    soft porn for the vertically challenged

  109. wils

    caption time

    This picture is just begging for one or two BD captions.
  110. wils

    Will danika get her pee-pee whacked?

    Two laps after McClures' hit into the infield wall, (dont miss the replays today. it was the hardest hit that I've ever seen) danika tried to take out Hornish JR when he was having handling problems due to a tire going down...
  111. wils

    Nationwide Bristol

    Whats the over/under on danika getting spun out for being in the way? lap 20? 30?
  112. wils


    I read somewhere that - with these new cars - you have to put your foot on the brake while turning the key for it to start. :(
  113. wils

    NFL bounty-hunters

    Its not surprising that a few players might get in on "who can hit the guy the hardest" kind of stuff, but bounties being offered to the entire defense by the coaches for "game ending" injuries deserves, IMO, a bit more than a slap-on-the-wrist few game suspension and/or menial fine. Greg...
  114. wils

    casitas 2/22

    No moon - just a sliver and still a few weeks out from the first full moon of spring Late February - still winter Cold water - 56 Pre-spawn fish are still out in deep water - for the most part so why am I fishing here anyway?????????????????????? . . . . . . . . . ...
  115. wils

    Intrepid question

    How is the sound insulation in the rear staterooms? I'm paid up for my first intrepid-trip in august and need to phone in to reserve a bunk.
  116. wils

    Credibility in the sports world.....

    ....and why I'm loving college football more and more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abnormally tall millionaires acting all butt-hurt: Lamar showed the lakers. He arrived "socially late" late...
  117. wils

    DFG admits ocean changes are responsible for fishery declines

    Tom Raftican is petitioning the DFG to actually do some fish management by looking at the bag and size limits for calicos and sandbass. (this is not about "yes the fishery is vs no the fishery isnt" declining. read on. there is a link to the full article below.) But I guess when it suits the...
  118. wils

    the 800# BFT guy

    for the 800 or so threads here at BD about the 881# BFT that the feds confiscated for being caught illegally..... read more about this guy: Raphael owns New Bedford's...
  119. wils

    GO, SMOKE, GO!!!!

    4 wins out of 8 races in The Chase and only a few points behind Edwards. and kyle bush? what a typical punk-ass stunt he pulled. The public statement from MARS Co. sure makes it look like KY might need some KY to keep his seat and contract with Joe Gibbs Racing.
  120. wils

    I'll kill my fish, thank you

    Anyone remember the days when deckies came over to help only when asked? I miss my "bass thumb". I miss figuring out how to get the hook out my fish. I miss showing off my fish while taking it to the stern. I miss reaching in and tearing out a gill. I miss the click, click, click, click...
  121. wils


    Tip for the day (and the other 364 days of the year): popper and the tules. if you aint landing your popper within 12" of the tules in the morning glass, you aint catching bass. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By-passed the gym and its collection of nubile college coeds this AM for a couple dozen...
  122. wils

    Offshore Success 8/31-9/1

    2 1/2 day trip with the same results as everyone else in the 50 mile zone. what worked: 3' of 25# floro and a cheap-o 2/0 mustad. 15/30 stardrag with the drags set-up by Hawk. what didnt: the first few yards of my 25# izorline 50 yard topshot. after having the new line snap on a light...
  123. wils

    "Honey? Wheres the boat?"

    I've learned that the best jokes are based on real life experiences. This jet boat owner has left himself wide open for a variety of jokes...not to mention the legal ramifications......... PS: I couldnt...
  124. wils

    Ceramic tile in Riverside?

    PM me name and phone # please.
  125. wils

    Plumber in Riverside?

    PM me name and phone # please
  126. wils

    Drywaller in Riverside?

    I need a drywaller in Riverside. PM me name and phone #.
  127. wils


    brief update: the launch ramp has been moved to the low-water area. the fish are pretty near-sighted in the pre-dawn fog but when the sun comes out, they hit the Pop-R dead-on instead of just jumping over it. this years' spawn is starting to come out to play and are pretty comedic chasing a...
  128. wils

    Casitas 7/6

    Went up for another session of "mind clearing" this morning from 5:30-10:30. (too many saluki videos clips lately) caught a handful of these in the 2#-5# variety before the sixth one bent the hook: they were all caught within sight of this terrain in about 1'-2' of water rising out of...
  129. wils

    typical danika

    takes out half the field at lap 99.9 of 100 and blames it on mike wallace. :rofl:
  130. wils

    Commercial poaching in mexico

    If you need yet another reason why the Mexican Navy/Mexican Govt is checking US boats...... Two commercial skippers have plead out in Federal court for poaching 100+ miles into Mexcian waters. They were told in 2008 that what they were doing was illegal. It was then in 2010 that they finally...
  131. wils

    redneck skeet paintball

    I saw this and ya'all know which group of "hunters" I immediately thought of..... I dont know how to imbed the video but heres the link:
  132. wils

    which BDer wont be posting for awhile?,0,2014924.story SANTA ANA -- A man accused of ejaculating twice into a co-worker's drinking water has been convicted of assault and battery. Michael Kevin Lallana "felt that was as close as he could get" to the...
  133. wils

    They're baaaaaaaaaaaack

    NASCAR!!!! shoot-out!
  134. wils

    surf booties

    I'm looking for a pair of booties that will keep my feet somewhat dry, somewhat warm, and protect from the pebbely/shelly/reefy beaches we have up here in the ventura to carpenteria area. I was originally thinking something in a surfers' neoprene bootie but I think they might not last long...
  135. wils

    LA NFL Name

    LA FARMERS? :rofl:
  136. wils

    RP 12/26-12/ needed

    Similar to Johns' Shogun report. Bumpy and cold. I dont think we had water as warm as 58. Day 1: We left the dock about 8AM. Running downhill and out was still a bumpy ride Day 2: arrived at benitos before 10AM. The fast run downhill could only mean a hard ride running home uphill...
  137. wils

    RP christmas/new years 5-day

    How many of us are on this trip? I'll be down christmas late afternoon and staying at the vagabond for our 7AM check-in on the 26.
  138. wils

    Response to HP customer service

    Dont mess with military 'southpaws'. :Death_To_Above: Soldiers Have Crappy PrinterVideo
  139. wils

    Looking for a rod belt without the butt cup

    I've seen rod belts with just the pad only and no cup for holding the rod. Does anyone know where I can find one? I've tried searching Braid, Meltons, Cabelas, Google... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After I find one, THEN feel free to let loose with the expected comments.....:2gunsfiring_v1:
  140. wils

    nice move KY!

    Thats some hot bush, right there. :rofl: Go, Harvick, GO!
  141. wils

    Any BDer missing a missile?

    Since this missile obviously came from the ocean and it aint the navys missile, maybe keith finally "blew up" on a sword? Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast - CBS News
  142. wils

    only a $50K fine....

    another reason why I've taken to enjoying college football... Dudes' team was ahead in a 35-7 rout of the downspiraling cowboys primetime sunday night and he drops his head into the receivers' head for an intentional helmet-to-helmet KO. These hits were "illegal" BEFORE the NFL said that...
  143. wils

    Get your termite inspections

    Just a reminder. Most termite companies offer free inspections to homeowners. They WANT to find termites in your house so they can make money killing those SOBs. It will save you money in the long run. They also identify current and potential dryrot "situations". My house was treated for...
  144. wils

    These people have "The Bomb"

    pre-coffee post. my bad....
  145. wils

    5-Day end of December?

    Has anyone ridden the Royal Polaris for their end of the year 5-day trip? Expectations - run down to Cedros/Benitos then back up the beach? Weather?
  146. wils

    Your guy squirt my dog!!!!

    So I'm into another property renovation. I got a guy working on a block wall that borders a neighbor with a barky dog. I'm at home working on the plans for a patio cover for the house when the neighbor calls..... (no exageration here) "Hello. This is Bill." "I'm your neighbor at the...
  147. wils

    Where's the fries?

    YouTube - WhoStoleMyFries
  148. wils

    california homebuyer tax credit

    You or someone you know might be interested: 2010 Tax Credit for New Home / First-Time Buyer
  149. wils

    Topwater bassin'

    A little reminder: For those who love topwater popping for LMB, the next two full-moon cycles are "prime time". Pre-dawn through late morning. Personally, I prefer the Pop-Rs in the "frog" coloring cast in to about 6" of water in and around "sticky-ups". or over submerged "stuff" and...
  150. wils

    bulging dick causes withdrawal?

    turn it up - YouTube - Reporter slip up "Tiger Woods Has Bulging Dick" the story - Win McMurry Makes Tiger Woods "Bulging" Gaffe - CBS News yes. I need to go fishing...........
  151. wils

    Todays' "Saluki Special"

    This screams "SALUKI!" on sooooo many levels. Enjoy...... YouTube - Chinesinha siliconada - Lauro
  152. wils

    What did I do?

    I'm not known for my electrical prowess, but I've always been pretty sharp at disconnecting and reconnecting existing stuff. I pulled the 2 batteries out of the whaler for annual service. I hooked everything back together like it was before. I replaced the cable that tied the negatives...
  153. wils

    Skeet shooting...from a tank

    I dont know how to imbed the video so heres the link: YouTube - Tank Skeet Shooting
  154. wils

    Any SFV HVAC guys out there?

    I need to replace a 4-ton roof top A/C condenser, fuse/junction box and thermostat. The original unit was removed by an amateur. Single story. easy access
  155. wils

    Now that you discovered that it CAN happen to you...

    Saltwater Fishing Discussion Board Including Inshore Fishing, Offshore Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing and Kayak Fishing
  156. wils

    Does your auto-bilge pump actually pump?

    I discovered today that my auto-pump cycles when dry and it cycles when covered in water. but it doesn't pump...after a run in semi-choppy water to anacapa. Add to pre-launch checklist: fill boat with water to verify that the auto-bilge pump works. or screw that. I can see the water in...
  157. wils

    DFG must be slow this morning

    Took about 10 minutes for my multi-day permit to get processed and faxed back. Thank you DFG office lady! :loverz: now if the fish will be just as cooperative for my crew and I on thursday thru saturday, I'll have wood all day sunday.
  158. wils

    Fishing shuts off. Was it the earthquake?

    Damn! wide open fishing from 150 miles south of SD (TUNAS) to 150 miles north of san diego (building bite of WSB & YT at the channel islands) simply shut off the same time that the offshore earthquake hit. HUGE schools of fish and very few biters. same thing happened last mid-august when an...
  159. wils

    MLPA South Coast Summer Public Open Houses

    can one of our BD representatives please explain to the good people here at BD what these Open Houses are? and what they are for? Please expand on the fact that these are more in the format of a "trade show" (for lack of a better description as obviously 'open house' hasn't worked) where...
  160. wils


    Saluki----why didnt the title change when I fixed it? junior to his pit boss: "I found the pit box but I can't find the brake pedal" as jr gets pushed backwards by his pit crew....
  161. wils

    NASCAR Question

    If half the cars are "taken out" in Lap EIGHT at the Taladega 500, do they only run 250 miles and give the fans half their money back? OUCH!!!! JR now has 21 more pit stalls to land in. :_smack_:
  162. wils

    Joe Niemechek

    Takes a flippin' and keeps on kickin'! Nice flip & recovery at 180+/- and keeps on driving. :beerbang: Highlites on ESPN.
  163. wils

    song for a rainy day

    or for any other day (or night) for that matter YouTube - 99 words for boobs Robert Lund
  164. wils

    not a report; my apologies

    My apologies as I couldn't find the correct board to ask my question, so here I am. SoCal Dorado question: What jigs are you guys using successfully for the dorado mixed in with the schools of porpoise?
  165. wils

    Hey, SNEEKEE

    Do you think you might be able to do some "spot lighting" with this rig? turn up the sound The President's Car - AOL Video
  166. wils

    and now for the weather report....

  167. wils

    Generator update

    Last July, I posted about casually looking for another generator for my trawler. So here's what finally transpired: I checked out generators in the 5KW range - both for price and from personal experiences...
  168. wils

    Casitas Friday 9/28

    I know that there are some BDers up here in Ventura...... No pics; just tips My Pop-Rs still work. If the fish aren't biting where you are, go find fish that want to bite. If the fish you are catching are small, go find fish that are bigger. If you see shad swimming around without...
  169. wils

    Jeffy chokes and Tony wins.

    NASCAR Watkins Glen :fighting0061: Jeff Gordon saw Tony Stewart spin in turn number one earlier in the race. So what does he do at the end? He spins in the same turn while heading to victory after Stewart came back and was sitting on his bumper. Does Tony in your rearview mirror make you...
  170. wils

    Compass vs. FishFinder

    How close can I mount a compass to my Furuno 600L? The existing dash layout pretty much dictated that my FF be mounted inches away from where the existing compass location is. Will this affect the compass readings? I'll be installing a new compass (the old one was long gone before I...
  171. wils

    Un-buttoned troll fish

    I have PBed marlin but never tuna. I am reading a LOT of reports about un-buttoned troll fish/tuna. With marlin and straight mono, we always hit the throttles to compensate for mono stretch and then let the boat set the hook. No light line here. 80# all the way. How are you guys reacting...
  172. wils

    Looking for: Diesel generator

    I'm casually looking for a diesel generator. New or used. 3.5KW to 4.5KW. maybe 5KW. Please PM me if you have any info. Sorry if this might be the wrong board, but I didn't think the "classified" board is appropriate??? If it is, please let me know.
  173. wils

    so its another cat video.....

    turn up the volumn.... Funny Cats Compilation Video
  174. wils

    Pre-work @ casitas

    5:45 - 7:45 am. surface popper with the barbs pinched down on total glassy conditions 5 - lipped at the boat 2 - 'deepcolor' release 3 - hit 'n split Here's some pics for Lend-a-Fish. first one coming to the boat: second one had a nice lip-hook: third inhaled the...
  175. wils

    Casitas 5/9

    Limit of bass to 4# plus one dink. 1 crappie about 3#. Biggest crappie I've ever seen. All on 4" roboworm and all by 10am then I had to go to work.
  176. wils

    HOLY UPSIDE DOWN, Saluki!!!

    Just as I was going to point out ABCs' creative graphics department abbreviating "Kyle Bush" to "Ky Bush", Kyle goes stupid in Stewarts' grill. Definitely the BEST highlite this year! That darned kid was out of his car FAST
  177. wils

    Is it illegal to feed the crocs in China?

    I didn't know where to post this so keep your yappers shut about "where are the pics & clips" :104167739 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Updated:2007-04-22 14:57:35 Missing Boy's Remains Found in Crocodile AP BEIJING (April 22) - A crocodile shot to death in south China during a search for a...
  178. wils

    My Holiday Contribution

    Knowing how much Richard Simmons is idolized around here, watch the whole thing and make sure you're not sipping adult beverages at the end: LiveDigital: Home
  179. wils

    Why keggar parties dont work at the dock PS: Been there; done a few of those. :rofl:
  180. wils

    Offshore 2-days 8/1-2

    Tuesday- 115+ miles from seaforth. 6'-10' swells at short interval with 20-30 knots of wind ALL DAY. This is the same area that had been a "lake" the previous day. Lots of sonar albacore out there but they didn't like the change in conditions, either. equals ZERO albies A few paddy YT...
  181. wils

    Offshore 3/30-4/2 rockfish

    Three days on the Pacific Voyager out of Seaforth for rockfish, big squids, lings (and a few extra pounds. pig: ) This was my first ever pre-planned "rockfish" trip. WSB trips that turn into rockfish trips don't count. This was also my first ever trip on the PAc Voyager. What can I say...